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Saga - PT Snips and Snails and Bantha's Tails - OC Revolution Pet Challenge - Family of Scoundrels fic

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    Those two are good together, in fact they are probably my favourite Master/padawan OC pairing. Poor Heilan though, he didn't want to be a healer - he wanted to be in the agricorp but Kirsh wouldn't let him! [face_rofl]

    Yeah, I think being enigmatic is something that the Temple would run a class on. "How to confuse your enemies and friends by making flippant conversation in order to hide the truth"... :p:D

    It actually wasn't my intent but now you've pointed it out I'm going to claim that it totally was my intent and it's all really Kirsh's fault. Damn him and his flippant conversations! :p

    I'm a little bit anxious about how that whole thing will go and my muse is not being co-operative at all. Hopefully she'll come around and some inspiration will strike but I don't know what. Most of my lessons as a parent and a teacher are more akin to taking a baseball bat to the problem (not the child - just the problem!) than any sort of subtly. [face_love][face_laugh]
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    I hope people are still enjoying this particular story arc. I promise I will eventually get back to smaller stories, but this one has been really enjoyable in introducing Kirsh again and Heilan too and making Del deal with some of his inner demons (and Zallie some of her outer ones :p )


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (9 years and 364 days exactly) - Part 7

    “I don’t like this,” Del frowned as he raised the cup of caff to his mouth.

    “Don’t like what?” Kit was putting the plates back into the shelves after dinner. The younger children were all in bed. The late afternoon and early eventing had been filled with confiscating sticks from the twins who had both decided that they were now Jedi and needed to go into battle, and listening to Zallie talk non-stop about riding the Guarlaras. The three older children had gone out together to see the nightlife of Naboo with promises that they would make no noise when they came home late and that they would stay out of trouble. That had left Kit and Del alone for once to make plans of how they would return the tiny box to the Queen without implicating their daughter.

    Kithera slid another plate into the right slot, trying not to let it smack against the other plates in case the noise woke Quin who was sleeping soundly in the sling against her chest. She had discovered she liked tidying the kitchen, it was strangely meditative to make sure everything found its rightful place and there was an odd sort of satisfaction when the place was clear.

    “Don’t like what?” She repeated when it was clear that Del wasn’t going to answer immediately.

    “I don’t like taking help from the Jedi.” Del’s face was set as his frown deepened. Kit sighed and made her way over to where he sat. The dishes could wait.

    “Why? Kirsh is a friend. He’s been my friend since, well, since forever. I trust him.”

    “It’s not Kirsh,” Del reached out and grasped Kit’s proffered hand, “he seems nice. It’s just that…” He trailed away. Kit closed her eyes wishing that her partner could get past his fear of being held accountable for things that were never his fault to begin with.

    “I know this might sound like the pot giving advice to the kettle?”

    “The what?” Del looked at her bewildered all of a sudden.

    “It was one of Master Zahalin’s favourite sayings. I’m sure you would have heard it.”

    He shook his head. “She must have picked it up after I was gone.”

    This time it was Kit’s turn to shake her head, “it doesn’t matter. Basically I know I’m going to sound hypocritical but you have to stop blaming yourself for stuff outside of your control. For what happened to your Master, for what happened to Namia, for what happened to me.”

    He scowled, and clenched his free hand and she could see his nails dig in to his palm.

    “I can’t do that. Maybe for my Master but not for you and Namia. Not yet.”

    “Fine.” It was an old argument and one she would eventually win, but not this night. “But you have to let it all go. For Quin’s sake. Let Kirsh help us. Neither Leona nor An-Paj are going to report either of us to the Council if Kirsh sets up the meeting. You heard what Kirsh said today, if Quin doesn’t get this operation then she dies.” Her voice trembled on the last words and she wiped furiously at her face, suddenly almost angry that he couldn’t see what his reluctance would cost them all. He looked at her and his shoulders slumped.

    “I’m sorry my love,” he said squeezing her hand gently. His eyes looked miserable and all of a sudden really tired. “I am just scared at being found out is all. My Master would have told me to release my feelings into The Force,” he gave a low chuckle, “but I can’t even do that anymore.”

    She smiled at him and stood back up as the baby stirred. Quin liked it if she kept moving. She went back to stacking plates and cups away in the broody silence of the mess, so when Del next spoke it surprised her.

    “How about we take Kirsh and Heilan back to Coruscant,” Del said softly. She glanced towards him but he wasn’t looking at her, still just staring at the last dregs of the coarse brown liquid that coated the inside of his mug. “We have no more jobs in this sector and the kids have always wanted to go to that planet.”

    He glanced over at her as she stared at him head on the side, bewildered at this sudden turn of events. He shrugged, sliding out of the bench and dumping the remains of his caf into the sink before washing the cup. Realising she was still staring at him, he continued, “If we take them with us then you and Kirsh can help both Zallie and the twins get a bit more control over their abilities. I’ll look after Quin and you and Kirsh can catch up properly. Also it’ll give Nicco a bit more piloting experience too and we can make a holiday of it.”

    She bounced over to him, ignoring the plaintive complaint of the baby. Her face was wreathed in smiles as she threw her arms around him.

    “You would do that?” She asked quietly.

    “For you, I’d do just about anything. And you never know, maybe it’ll get me over my apprehension,” he said softly, “and give us time to plan what we do when we get there.”
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    Love the deep love and honesty between Kit and Del. They truly listen and validate one another's feelings. @};- The trip sounds like it will be good for a lot of reasons.
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    Caught up at last! Oh, oh, uh-oh... looks like a potentially sticky situation might be about to arise with the puzzle box! But Amidala’s a good-natured sort in the end (right?), and I’m pretty sure Kirsh will be able to turn it into a teaching moment for both Zallie and Heilan. Color me very curious to see how a meeting with Amidala and the Family of Scoundrels—especially Kit and Zallie—will go! And I love how this pretty much a perfect description of Zallie! :D

    And I am very intrigued at the prospect of this trip to the Jedi Temple. Given Del’s initial feelings and his own past troubled history with the Jedi, it’s great that he and Kit could come to a compromise about it—and it sounds like one that will make the whole family happy, as Nicco will get more piloting experience, Quin will get lifesaving help, the twins and Zallie will learn more about their abilities—and the whole Family will get a holiday! Everyone wins. [face_dancing] Though I know there’s still the business with Amidala and the puzzle box, too; I’m raring to see how everything will turn out! Great job once again, and keep it coming! =D=
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    Thank you :) I like this point in their relationship. They are comfortable with each other and actually see each other as partners. It's actually going to be rather hard now to go back and write them as they were earlier, because they don't exactly meet under the *ahem* best circumstances and there is a lot of trauma and guilt that both of them need to deal with over the years.

    I'm really glad you are enjoying it. :) This particular arc has become bigger than Ben Hur, but it's also been really good to get a more consistent view of the characters and showing some less explored areas of their lives. Also is making me actually deal with canon characters which I must admit, I avoid like the plague as I'm so terrified of getting them wrong.

    Yeah, that's going to be interesting. I have it mostly planned out in my head and it's going to make Del have to deal with a lot of the demons of his past. Poor bloke is going to tie himself up in knots the closer it gets.
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    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (10 years exactly) - Part 8

    Kit looked across at her family. Every one of them had ‘scrubbed up well’ as Del’s friend Gazz’a would have put it. The Lady had been a flurry of activity that morning as best clothes were found and children were washed and scrubbed. The rest of the morning had been filled with presents and cakes for Zallie’s naming day with the Zallie declaring the best presents to be the riding jacket that Estra had made for her and the Guarlara toy that Nicco had found at the evening markets. Kithera grinned at her daughter who was still twirling around in the jacket while hugging the toy and chatting at high speed to a rather bemused Nicco. Kithera wondered, and not for the first time, if she and Del should find a place for Estra to actually study the craft she did so well. Most of their clothes and costumes came from her ability with a needle and thread. Often the believability of a character or their ability to fit in for a job came down to how good Estra’s material stash was at any given moment.

    “You did a good job,” she said as Estra came to stand beside her. The teenager gave a tight-lipped smile.

    “If I had more time…” she said quietly pursing her lips as she appraised her handy work.

    “She loves it. You did an amazing job. You’re a good big sister Essie,” Kit smiled again but Estra just shook her head.

    “I almost didn’t give it to her because yesterday I was about ready to kill her. She literally brought Jedi to our door. It was Nicco that convinced me and he’s the one who bought the Guarlara doll. He’s a lot more forgiving then I am and a much better sibling.” Her mouth twisted as she bit the inside of her lip.

    “You can both be good, it’s not a one or the other thing,” Kit said gently patting Estra on the shoulder, “also sometimes things that look bad at the outset work out for the best in the long run. She looks up to you Essie. You have done a wonderful job.”

    “Thanks,” Estra shrugged, her body language showing how much she didn’t believe the compliment. “So now we’ve just got to go have afternoon tea with a Queen and Zallie needs to return that damn box without being seen. This is going to be an amazing naming day party, assuming we don’t all get caught and hanged.”

    Kithera sighed at her adopted daughter’s seemingly eternal cynicism.

    “Yep, but I have faith in The Force that some sort of solution will present itself without having to resort to trying to escape from jail. Kirsh will have figured out something and we’ll make it work. I’ve heard many things about the Queen and none of them say that she’s anything other than gentle and kind.”

    Estra smiled tiredly and Kit wanted to remind her that she was only seventeen and that she wasn’t responsible for everything in the world, but she knew Estra wouldn’t listen. The girl had been made to grow up too young through no fault of her own.

    “Just enjoy yourself today, okay Essie?” Kit said quietly, “let your Da and I take care of the lock box and the Queen. You just hang out and enjoy the hospitality. Maybe stick close to F’kisi, he’d like that.
    .” She watched as Estra glanced over at the boy and felt the music that surrounded Estra change slightly as the girl coloured. Kit tried to hide her grin, it looked like Del was going to have to have a conversation with both of them.


    Kithera closed her eyes and breathed out, letting The Force flow around and through her, listening to the music for any dangers. There weren’t any. Instead the music trickled and sung gently, a soothing, calming melody that seemed to soak through the entire essence of the planet. Inside the swaddle, Quin stirred and Kit glanced down at the baby’s pink face nestled against the blanket. Kirsh had met them at the gates of the palace. He had seemed slightly more stressed than normal as he strode down towards him. He’d greeted each one in turn, his padawan following behind him, a slight frown on his face. He had left her until last and swept her up in a bearish hug, at odds with the more formal bows he had given the others.

    “How’s my little patient?” He asked as he put her down. Kithera grinned at him.

    “She slept properly last night and so did I,” she said after a moment, “so thank you.”

    “Ah, I did think you were looking rather less old and haggard,” Kirsh said motioning the family to follow after the young palace guard who’d escorted them. Kithera poked out her tongue at him and he grinned cheekily at her. As the family turned and started to walk up the long drive, Kirsh’s grin faded.

    “We have a problem,” he whispered. Kit felt her heart drop. Kirsh smiled again although it didn’t reach his eyes and took her arm. She played along, trying to make it look as if were simply two old friends talking after a long absence. Ahead of them, Zallie was already interrogating Heilan as the family followed the young Jedi padawan and the palace guards up the gravel drive. Nicco was trying to run interference while Del carried one twin on his shoulders and F’kisi and Estra held the hands of the other, making him jump and giggle as he walked along between them. It wasn’t hard to drop back and be at the end of the rather large and boisterous party.

    “The box does indeed belong to the Queen,” Kirsh said softly, “and she’s noticed it missing.”

    Kithera only just managed to stop herself from cursing. She had almost fooled herself that they would just be able to put the box down on a shelf somewhere and hope that a servant found it before the Queen had even noticed it was missing. Obviously, that wasn’t going to be the case.

    “Please tell me that it’s not something that’s vital to the continuing survival of all Naboo,” Kit groaned even as she tried to keep the smile on her face.

    “Not really, it’s just the key to a jewellery box but it seems to hold great sentimental value to Amidala.”

    Kit grinned at Kirsh even though her thoughts were racing and she knew it wasn’t the time to be flippant.

    “Amidala is it?” She grinned, “look at you ring on first name basis with royalty.” He scowled at her and she sobered again. “I’ve told Zallie that she must return it but I also told her that she has to listen to The Force and be guided by you and I as to when she returns it.”

    “There might be consequences if she just hands it over,” Kirsh said his face worried. Kit shrugged even as she felt the tight knot of anxiety she’d been carrying since yesterday tighten in her stomach.

    “I know that and I’m willing to face that if there are.”

    Kirsh’s eyebrows shot up.

    “Sorry,” he said feigning surprise, “are you sure you’re the same person I knew at the temple Kithera what can I do to avoid all the consequences of my actions Rinani?”

    She punched him lightly on the arm.

    “Being a parent has changed me, okay?” She said putting on an air of fake superiority, then she sobered again. “Zallie has to learn. It’s one thing I’d wish Master Zahalin had done more for me, that is actually let me feel the full brunt of the consequences of my actions. I just hope that Queen Amidala is as kind and just and temperate as they say she is.”

    Kirsh reached out and took her hand, squeezing it gently.

    “She is and I’m sure whatever happens will be for the best,” he said as they joined the rest of the family at the palace doors. Kit smiled at him trying to push the knot of anxiety away and realising it was useless. Despite her assurance to Kirsh, she knew that whatever happened she would protect her daughter even if that meant taking the punishment for herself. Get
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    Great banter between Kirsh and Kit. It definitely is worrying that Amidala noticed the missing box :oops:
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    Ooh, hmm, a delicate situation indeed! Now, you know and I know that Queen Amidala is a kindly sort, but I can understand Kit's misgivings; the fact that the queen knows the box is missing does change things, and even if she personally ends up being forgiving about it, it can't be good for the family if it becomes known that one of their members tried to swipe something from the monarch of Naboo. At the same time, as Kit points out, it's very important that Zallie learn to be honest and own up to her actions. I can only hope Kirsh has some kind of idea for effecting the return in as diplomatic a matter as possible, à la "The Adventure of the Second Stain" (one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories, incidentally), but in a way that will also get across that very important lesson. And even amid that delicate balance, I hope teatime with the queen will be overall a pleasant experience for the family, a fun reason to get dressed up and enjoy some luxury! (Even Estra... I'm guessing some time with F'kisi might improve her mood! ;) And as someone with a seamstress OC myself, I'm intrigued by the idea that her sartorial talent might have a Force component behind it! [face_thinking] ) Don't keep us waiting too long for the teatime scene--I'm raring to see how everything will pan out! :D
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    I'm caught up now on the last two updates. Great job! I'm glad to see that Del is open to trying to get the help they need for Quin, and even looking at it in a positive light for all of the family members. I hope the trip is able to help him heal his internal wounds and move forward, even a little. If everyone else can benefit from the trip, why not him too? ;)

    It looks like it'll be an interesting teatime with Amidala. Kit is learning from this experience as well, based on her talk with Kirsh about learning lessons and how she would have benefitted from something similar herself when she was younger. That's not an easy thing to realize or swallow, and I'm sure it's even harder when seeing it reflected in your child. I hope it works out for them (and Amidala too) in a positive way.

    Looking forward to more! =D=
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    Thank you :) Those two love each other like siblings and hopefully it shows. Returning this box is turning into a headache for both Kithera and for me too!

    Well, they do swipe stuff from nobility all the time, but it's usually at night and not normally done by the 10 year old :p

    I do like that story. I started listening to Stephen Fry narrate all the various stories via Audible. It was good but they did start to blend a bit after a while when they all had the same narrator.

    Sorry, I didn't realise it had been two weeks since I last posted. I've just been caught up doing everything else and I didn't know how to keep going (I still don't). This has brought up all my insecurities about writing with non-OC characters. i'm terrified I'm going to get them wrong so I don't write them at all.

    That trips going to be rather interesting for Del. He's avoided Coruscant and the Temple for almost 30 years and so going back there now is terrifying for him. He's managed to catastrophize everything that could possibly happen (and stuff will happen)

    Hopefully it works out okay (I wish I knew but it's taken me two weeks to get down like 500 words so anything could happen at this point. I think this version of Kit is wise enough to reflect that maybe if she'd had a different Master she would have learnt to take responsibility for herself at a younger age. Unfortunately though, it's also hard to parent what you weren't taught...
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    This is super short, but like I said above it's taken more than two weeks to even get this down. I guess I freak out a bit when I have to write non-OC characters because I'm terrified of getting them wrong (which is silly because no-one literally cares and I can never write anything worse than the fanfic I was deleted when I was mod that stared a cross-dressing Yoda and his lightsaber)...


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (10 years exactly) - Part 9

    The door opened to reveal a young man in a starched red jacket embroidered with gold trim. He bowed to them and then smiled.

    “The Queen is expecting you, this way please.”

    They were lead through opulent halls and out into a wide and spacious garden, ringed with trees. Various people were standing together in small groups eating canapes and drinking from tall glasses. The tables were richly arrayed with food and drinks. Del dropped back to where Kirsh and Kithera were standing.

    “I thought you said this was supposed to be a small intimate gathering?” He asked the Jedi. Kirsh shrugged and made a face.

    “That’s what I was told. Perhaps the Royal Naboo have a different opinion of a small and intimate gathering then we do. Perhaps it’s because of the festival that there is so many people.”

    Del frowned in consternation. The young man that had led them in went to talk to an extremely well dressed young woman. The woman turned and smiled at them. She was wearing an exquisitely tailored dress of deep blue, and thousands of pearls decorated the bodice in intricate patterns. Kithera grinned at Del as Estra sighed in longing, loud enough to hear.

    “This must be the Queen,” Del said softly. Zallie looked over her shoulder at them and gave them a look as if they were stupid.

    “That’s not the Queen,” she said. She skipped forward before anyone could stop her and went straight up to another young lady who the young man was now heading towards. The young lady, dressed plainly in jodhpurs and a riding jacket looked down as Zallie skipped up to her. Zallie curtseyed and grinned at the lady.

    “When are we going to go and ride Laluna?”

    “Zallie!” Kithera admonished her daughter, hurrying forward to grab the girl by the hand. She’d only gone two steps when the young woman smiled down at Zallie and then glanced up at the family as they stood frozen on the stairs. Kithera stopped to watch them. The music that surrounded the young lady was soft and melodic with the deeper notes that The Force always used to designate when someone was important, but whether she was important to the Naboo, or The Family or the future of the Empire, Kithera could never tell.

    “Is that a new jacket?” She asked Zallie softly motioning the young man who had been heading towards her away.

    “Yes,” the girl wiggled on the spot and then looked back, “my sister Estra made it for me.”

    “She’s very talented,” the young woman looked towards where the family was arrayed across the steps, “can you take me and introduce me to them?”

    Zallie grinned again and took the Queen by the hand. As they reached the stairs the family bowed and curtseyed.

    “Your Majesty,” Kithera said smiling, “thank you for inviting us, it is a great honour to be noticed by such a lady as yourself.” She felt Kirsh's eyes on her and could almost see him raise an eyebrow as she slipped back into the formal way of talking they'd all been taught at the Temple.

    Amidala smiled and nodded her head, “it’s I who have to thank you. I only met your daughter yesterday but she’s quite intrigued me.”

    Kithera smiled again, trying not to think of the tiny box that was nestled in her pocket. Intriguing was one word to describe Zallie, but so was precocious, terrifying and worrisome and that was just the words and she would use. She didn't want to know what Estra, Del or Nicco thought. Zallie tugged on the Queen’s hand again.

    “You’ve met them. Can we go now?”

    Amidala laughed softly and face lighting up in amusement.

    “Zallie!” This time it was Estra who snapped, frowning at her sister, “you don’t talk like that to a Queen.” F'kisi grabbed Estra's hand and the girl let out a pent up breath. "Sorry your Majesty," she said softly still glaring at her sister, "just Zallie knows better than that."

    Amidala smiled at Estra. "You are a good sister. You remind me of my own in that you are always looking out others." She turned and bent so that she on the same level as Zallie. “Lunch first and I’d like to talk to your parents. Then we will go riding. I promise.”

    Zallie frowned for a second and looked at Kithera who nodded at her. Eventually she turned back to the Queen and gave her own nod.

    “Lunch, then riding.” She said solemnly, scuffing her boot against the grass. She glanced at Estra who raised her eyebrows in an unspoken rebuke and Zallie gave a half smile at the Queen . “Thank you, your majesty.”

    Amidala rose again and smiled at the rest of the family. Kithera could see the amusement in the young lady’s eyes as she surveyed the family.

    “So it’s sorted,” she said after a minute. “In that case, let me welcome you to the royal residence of Naboo.”
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    Snips and Snails is almost 20000 words which is insane for something that was supposed to be so short. Also my muse has decided to co-operate again so here is a much longer section. Enjoy. :)


    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (10 years exactly) - Part 10

    Kithera stood at the long tables filled with food and tried to work out what to put on her plate. Behind her she could hear the burble of conversation as the adults mingled as well as the occasional shrieks and giggles of the children as one of Amidala’s handmaidens read them stories and used silly voices. Another one of the handmaidens was playing hide and seek with some of the older children. Their own large brood luckily hadn’t been the only children there, but Kithera was supremely aware of the differences between her own children’s modest dress and rougher attitudes and the gentler Naboo. Kithera felt a tap on her boot and looked down to see Zallie’s grinning face peek out from underneath the tablecloth. She carefully put the plate down and squatted to be on eye-level with her daughter.

    “I hope you are behaving yourself.”

    Zallie grinned.

    “They haven’t found me in three rounds.”

    “That is because you’ve picked a good hiding spot isn’t it, and not because you are using other talents to your advantage.”

    Zallie blushed and Kithera closed her eyes, reminding herself yet again that she and Del needed to take a firmer hand on their daughter’s ability.

    “You aren’t being fair Zallie,” she reminded her, “and people won’t want to play with you if you aren’t fair.”

    The girl bit her bottom lip and nodded. Kithera figured that now was as good a time as any and dug through her pocket to find the box. She palmed it to Zallie who instinctively put it in her own pocket without looking at it – just as she had been taught to do.

    “You need to find a way of returning this,” Kithera said quietly thinking about her earlier conversation with Kirsh, “but you need to return it without getting caught.”

    Zallie nodded again. There was a call that the next round of hide and seek was about to begin and Zallie ducked her head back under the table. Kithera stood and picked up her plate, putting two of the vol au vents that she’d been eyeing off earlier. She moved slowly down the table slowly filling her plate. It had been a long time since she’d seen such a variety and plethora of food. The Family’s finances ran hot and cold and there was always the stress of the next job or the next mark and whether The Lady would last that long before the next repairs. She was so off in her own little world that she almost bumped into the Queen.

    “I’m sorry your majesty,” she said smiling awkwardly. Amidala smiled at her and Kithera was reminded about how young the girl was. She was two years younger than F’kisi and Estra but she was expected to lead an entire planet. Something she apparently did with dignity and aplomb. She briefly wondered if Estra or F’kisi were up to the task, but it wasn’t a fair comparison. Amidala had been trained to lead, the other two had been trained to steal. She wondered how the Queen would go if she had to pick pocket nobles to survive.

    “Oh please,” the young woman said softly, “don’t apologise. How are you enjoying the party.”

    Kithera winced as she heard one of the twins squeal in delight at something.

    “I think the family is enjoying it very much your majesty,” she said motioning around, “although I must admit we were a little surprised by the number of people.”

    This time it was Amidala’s turn to blush.

    “I think that was my fault. I mentioned something to one of my handmaidens and she was so taken with the idea that she organised this whole party as a way of ending the anniversary commemoration.”

    “Ahh,” Kithera nodded and then paused, thinking, “did you know Jedi Master Qui-Gon well?”

    Amidala smiled shyly, “a little. He was a great comfort to me during the blockade and very brave. I was most upset when he died fighting that monster.”

    Kithera nodded, her mouth twitching at the memory of feeling his death through The Force. Amidala smiled again, sad this time and patted her arm.

    “Kirsh said you are a Jedi, did you know him well?”

    Kithera nodded and wet her lips, wondering about how much to tell the Queen.

    “I was a Jedi,” she corrected and then looked around, “although that life was long ago and I would prefer it be kept quiet. Sometimes being a former Jedi can get you into far more trouble than it’s worth.”

    Amidala nodded frowning and patted her arm again.

    “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

    Kithera reached out gently and tentatively with The Force but found the same soft melodic music. The Queen was telling the truth, she would not betray her confidence.

    “I knew him,” Kithera said glancing towards where Zallie had finally let herself be found at the end of the table, “we were good friends for a long time and he was also a great friend of my Master’s too. Master Jinn was very wise and very kind.”

    “Like his padawan, or should I say knight.” Amidala smiled, “did you know him as well.”

    “Only as a padawan,” Kithera said grinning, “he was very cheeky.” She thought about Obi-wan’s misadventures during the last exchange and the way that her and Qui-Gon’s relationship had affected him. She sobered at the thought. That was one relationship that was never going to be repaired. “From memory, he was a bit more head-strong and political than his Master, but I believe that it will serve him well as a knight.”

    Amidala grinned, “and he’s very handsome.”

    “He was a child last time I saw him,” Kithera said giving a tiny shake of her head, “but I do believe there were many female padawans who would agree with you.”

    “He’s coming here tomorrow you know,” Amidala said and Kithera felt her stomach drop. She didn’t want to see Obi-wan again. There was too much history there. Too much bad blood and memories. She was suddenly glad they were leaving sooner rather than later. That way there was no way that she could bump into him.

    “Unfortunately, we’ll be away by then,” she said, “Master Aleski has organised for Quin to have medical treatment on Coruscant and it can’t be delayed.” She motioned to the carrier where Quin was still sleeping soundly. “She was an early baby and that means her heart and lungs are not as well developed as they should be. Master Aleski said it’s an easy fix but it needs to be done by the Healers and Doctors on Coruscant.”

    “Oh,” Amidala looked sad, “I could have introduced you to Senator Palpatine. I’m sure his services and connections could help you.”

    Kithera shivered suddenly without knowing why and shook her head at the young Queen, even as she smiled.

    “Thank you for your offer your Majesty but our family is normally very private. We wouldn’t want to intrude or put others out.”

    //Or get ourselves more noticed then we already are.// Her brain added.

    “I understand,” Amidala said, “sometimes privacy is the most important treasure of all. She suddenly looked sad and Kithera wondered about how much the strain of ruling had put on her, even if she did make it look so effortless. Amidala patted her arm, “I imagine life as a former Jedi must be somewhat of a balancing act between the life you knew and the life you have now and keeping on the right side of both of those. I often wonder if that's the life I too will face when I am no longer Queen. Never fear, I will keep both your identity and your mission quiet.”

    Kithera nodded her thanks and there was a pause as both women reached the end of the buffet and turned to survey the crowd. From the sling on her chest Quin made a tiny hiccupping noise and then settled again.

    “Is she awake?” Amidala said curiously, “may I see her?”

    “Sure.” Kithera put her plate down and unclipped the sling from a shoulder, “would you like to hold her?”

    The young woman’s face lit up, reminding Kithera once again about how young she really was. “I would love to.”

    Kithera smiled and carefully took Quin out of the sling. The tiny baby’s fists clenched against the movement and she opened two blue eyes to regard her mother. Beside her Amidala had already put her own plate down and hand cleaned her hands. She took Quin gently as Kit passed her over and held her close.

    “She’s tiny,” Amidala said softly brushing the side of the baby’s cheek with one finger, “and beautiful.”

    “Now, don’t go getting any ideas.” The voice came from behind her and Kithera turned to see an older, plump woman smiling at her and Amidala. The music that surrounded Amidala changed to a slight hum of annoyance and when Kit looked back the young queen’s smile had turned brittle and bright.

    “Lady Shals, I hadn’t expected you to be here today.” Amidala’s smiled broadened but Kithera noticed it never reached her eyes. The lady bobbed her head, making her jowls wobble, and smoothed a crease from the front of her rather loud jacket. Kit had the sudden image from the twin’s books which showed an olden-day water craft under full sail. The woman glanced briefly at her and then swivelled her attention back to Amidala.

    “Ah, I flew in a day early. I wanted to beat the rest of the traffic. However, I think even I left it too late. The spaceport is literally teaming with off-worlders. I know you welcome trade your majesty, but honestly from the look of some of those ships there won’t be much trade happening. Lady Tessè was just telling me about the number of things that some of the nobles had stolen yesterday. It’s quite shocking. I hope you are planning on coming down hard on the offenders if they are caught.”

    Amidala smiled again and bent down to where Quin was stretching and fussing. Ignoring what Lady Shals had just said, Amidala unhooked her finger from Quins grasp to bob her gently on the nose. She smiled at the baby again and gently handed her back to Kit who shushed her as Quin complained softly at the movement. Kithera mentally crossed her fingers that Zallie, Estra and F’kisi wouldn’t be recognised from their little outing yesterday, while kicking herself that they’d even accepted the invitation in the first place.

    “Lady Shals, I haven’t introduced you to my companion,” Amidala said motioning towards Kithera in the perfectly polished way that almost made Kit forget how young she really was. “Her family has flown in for the ceremony.”

    This time it was Kithera’s turn to do the polished, saccharin sweet smile that Master Zahalin had made her practice so many years ago. She inclined her head towards Lady Shals.

    “Kithera D’ladame,” she said still smiling and using the name that Estra had given them yesterday, “apologies for not greeting you more warmly but as you can see, my youngest daughter has me rather tied up.”

    “Uh, yes, of course.” Lady Shals looked rather discomforted, “and what brings you to Naboo?”

    “Why the commemoration day,” Kithera said still smiling, “we heard about it and how fabulously welcoming the people of Naboo are.”

    “Of course, of course. I mean before when I was speaking – I – ah – didn’t mean you of course.”

    “Of course, I would never believe such a thing.” Kithera’s smile broadened and she felt Amidala’s music ripple with what sounded like supressed laughter. She was suddenly glad of what she’d seen as endless training by Master Zahalin about how to conduct herself in political circles. She hadn’t had the patience for it when she was younger, but today, right now, she was very glad of it. “I can see how the people of Naboo wouldn’t want anyone to take advantage of their hospitality,” she continued.

    “Well yes.” Lady Shals stuttered awkwardly, a red flush creeping across her mammoth bosom, “It was – ah – the younger generation of travellers I was referring to of course.”

    There was a commotion that took the attention of Lady Shal’s increasingly red decoltage, and then Zallie was flying up towards them, her hair undone from her braid and giggling as Nicco chased her. She reached Kit’s skirts and clung onto them as Nicco reached them panting. Lady Shals eyed them all suspiciously and Kit felt her heart sink as Nicco grabbed his sister who whooped in mock surprise.

    “Give me back my cake you little sneak thief.”

    Kithera winced at Nicco’s wording as he scooped his sister up into the air and managed to disentangle a rather crushed piece of chocolate cake from her hand. Kithera glared at Nicco, who dropped Zallie to the ground and stood awkwardly.

    “These are my children,” she said by way of introduction, “Nicco, Zallie say good afternoon to Lady Shals.” Kithera said blinking rapidly and tried to remember to smile as she struggled to ignore Zallie’s chocolate smeared face and unkempt air. Nicco bowed low and graceful and Kithera was torn between cheering his sense of theatrics and slapping him for it. Taking her cue from her brother, Zallie curtseyed and then wobbled to the ground giggling.

    “Are you almost ready for the ride Zallie?” Amidala asked, relief and amusement briefly flickering across her face before disappearing behind the impenetrable mask of the politician.

    “Yes!” The girl squealed and then saw Kit’s look and repeated the answer in a much more serious tone.

    “Let us go and see the groomsmen then,” Amidala said then looked at Lady Shals, “forgive me Lady Shals, but I did promise young Zallie here that I would take her riding on the Gurlara.” She glanced at Kithera, “are you going to coming riding Mistress D’ladame? I was rather hoping to talk to you more about your – ahh – life.”

    Kithera shook her head. “I am afraid not, my lady. I do not have my daughter’s love of very large animals. I did hear that Master Aleski and Nicco here were going to join you though.” That had been Kirsh’s suggestion, that there would be a family member to accompany Zallie whenever she might be alone with the Queen just to make sure she didn't get it into her head to do or say something foolish.

    “Very well then, hopefully I will see you later.”

    “I look forward to it, your majesty.” Kithera’s smile this time was a genuine one. She might be young, but Amidala had already shown more aplomb then many accomplished politicians.

    “Come Zallie,” Amidala held out her hand and the young girl practically leapt forward to grab Amidala’s hand with her chocolate covered fingers.

    “Nicco, please…” Kithera brushed the young man’s arm, but he was already nodding.

    “I’ve got her Rin,” Nicco said softly. Kithera watched the young man trail after a skipping Zallie and the Queen, trying to squash her sense of foreboding. With a smile she turned back to Lady Shals who was also watching them go.

    “So, Lady Shals,” Kithera said politely, “I believe you were about to tell me all about your family and trade on Naboo.”
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  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb undertones between Amidala and Kithera throughout! And a great contrast with the tone when Lady Shals shows up [face_laugh] =D=
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  14. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Caught up now! What a beautiful and elegant lunch gathering, though I'm not sure if the more-grandiose-than-expected atmosphere is will work to the Family's advantage or disadvantage in returning the stolen box, and of course the presence of that Lady Shals definitely throws a wrench in things--she doesn't sound anywhere near as accommodating about the whole thing as Amidala seems to be. (And wow, Zallie's got some pretty impressive untapped Force talent if she could spot the decoy vs. the real queen so easily!) I'll be curious to see how Amidala's ride with Zallie will go, and if that's when the box will be returned--but also to see how Kit gets on (or gets out!) with Shals, because she definitely seems to have a plan in staying and talking with her, in true Family of Scoundrels fashion. Intrigued and looking forward to seeing how this will all come to ahead! :)
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    Aww, thank you. I'm so terrified of getting Amidala wrong that I keep second guessing myself. I can't imagine any non-fantasy world thinking a 14 year old ruler was a good idea (when it's not hereditary) so I kept thinking how heavily it would weigh on her.

    Yeah, Lady Shals is definitely one of the...uh...less tolerant members of Naboo society. Her reaction to the whole family and to Zallie's attempt to return the box is going to be quite interesting.

    I think I stuffed up on this then... I figured that she would be able to tell her apart given that she and her 'double' actually look quite different. However, now you've said that I'm a bit worried that I got it all wrong. Zallie's Force ability is good but it's not that good - especially untrained. I think I've got to dial it back a bit before she turns into too much of a Mary-sue. Thank you for noticing that - it's a good reminder about what is in my head as opposed to what ends up on the screen.
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    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (10 years exactly) - Part 11

    Kirsh watched Zallie grin with pure joy as the massive Guarlara trotted through the lush paddocks that abutted the stables. Amidala held the long lead rope and coaxed Laluna into a pattern of wide circles. Nicco stood beside her holding Zallie’s Guarlara toy that she had insisted on introducing to Laluna.

    “You’re very lucky Miss Zallie,” Kirsh called, “only royalty are supposed to ride the Guarlara.”

    Zallie blushed and looked down to where Amidala was letting the rope play.

    “Is that really the case your majesty?” She asked breathlessly.

    “Yes, normally.” Amidala smiled, “unless we give permission to someone else and the Guarlara accept them. I think Laluna is so smitten with you that she would have been grumpy with me if I had not allowed you to ride her.”

    Zallie leaned forward to lie across the giant animal’s shoulder and stroke its neck. The Guarlara snorted softly and Zallie grinned again.

    “Did you find the box your majesty?” Kirsh said walking forward to stand next to Amidala and marvel at the huge beast as it trotted slowly around the ring. He kept his voice conversational but loud enough that it carried to where Zallie was riding. Amidala shook her head and her shoulders tensed.

    “Not yet. I thought it would have appeared by now. I and my handmaidens have searched everywhere, but it’s like it has vanished.”

    “What box your majesty?” Nicco asked looking perplexed. Kirsh watched him knowing that all Kithera and Del’s children had been taught to lie, but he also found it disconcerting that they seemed to do so, so effortlessly. If he hadn’t seen Zallie produce the box and known that Nicco had been there he would have sworn that Nicco was just politely interested. From her perch on top of Laluna, Zallie’s grin faltered.

    “It’s nothing of consequence,” Amidala said but her eyes betrayed her lie, “It’s just a small trifle.”

    “You said your father gave it to you,” Kirsh pushed glancing at Zallie to make she was still paying attention. “It must be precious. How old were you again?”

    “It was my twelfth birthday,” Amidala smiled, “we had air cake and played games and then my father produced this tiny little carved box.”

    Kirsh watched Zallie’s had stray down to the pocket of her coat. She wasn’t smiling anymore, just clinging tightly to the reins of Laluna with one hand and fumbling in her pocket with the other. She glanced at her brother who shook his head and Zallie gave a tiny nod.

    “What did you do with it?” Kirsh asked softly, watching both the little girl and the teenager lost in her dream. Amidala laughed.

    “Not what he’d expected. I thought it was just a nice trinket. My father loves giving me puzzle boxes as challenges. I tried to open it for ages but it wouldn’t work. Then he told me it opened something and that it was the final puzzle piece.”

    “What was it?” Zallie asked curiously. Amidala looked up at her as Laluna, sensing the change of pace, slowed to a walk.

    “A jewellery box,” Amidala smiled at the memory, “a beautiful wooden jewellery box and the tiny box was the key. Inside was my mother’s first jewels that her mother had given her. I loved that birthday and that box. I always keep it with me because it reminds me of how much my parents love me. Even when things are challenging it is always there so losing it is like…” Amidala cast around and then obviously spotted the stuffed toy in Nicco’s hands, “like you losing your little Laluna.”

    “Oh,” Zallie frowned and Amidala looked up at her, the smile fading into a look of concern.

    “Are you alright, Miss Zallie?” The young girl nodded.

    “Can I hop off now?” She asked biting her bottom lip. Amidala looked puzzled.

    “I would have thought you would want to stay of Laluna longer.” Zallie shook her head. Kirsh could see her bottom lip wobbling and landscape of The Force that surrounded her had turned mottled shades of sea blue.

    “No thank you. I just want to go back to Mama now.”

    Kirsh glanced at Nicco who was frowning at his sister. Amidala brought Laluna to a halt and Kirsh reached up to help Zallie down. The moment both feet touched the ground Zallie burst into tears.

    “Oh no Zallie!” Amidala gathered her close as the tiny girl sobbed, “why are you crying?”

    “I took it,” she said between sobs, her hand going into her pocket. Behind his sister, Nicco’s face went pale and he took a step forward but Kirsh held up a hand.

    “I took it and I’m sorry and…” Zallie was hiccupping with sobs between each word, “I took it your majesty.”

    “What did you take?” Amidala knelt down so she was face-to-face with the girl.

    “Your little box.” Zallie fumbled in her pocket again and brought out the little box which she thrust at Amidala. “It was just so pretty and I wanted to have it so I took it.”

    Kirsh watched the interplay of colours around Amidala carefully. First the blanch of white-silver that always designated shock and then streaks of red and gold as the young woman frowned at Zallie and pursed her lips. Zallie drew back, her face downcast and looked at the Queen.

    “I’m sorry.” She turned and put her hands out towards one of the nearby guards, “you can take me to jail now.”

    Amidala face blinked and then laughed, a peal of sound across the wavy grass. Kirsh watched as the red-gold of the anger peeled apart and fled and the colours around the Queen’s flowered into their normal teal, raspberry and royal purple.

    “I’m not going to send you to prison Zallie.” The girl looked relieved and hopeful. “But I am disappointed in you.”

    “I’m sorry, it’s just so pretty.” She reached up and pointed at one of the designs. “Each of these are different. What do they mean?”

    “Oh.” Amidala smiled again, “they are all symbols of my family. Do you want me to tell you.”

    “Yes please?” Zallie nodded. Amidala handed the reins to a stable hand and sunk down into the grass still holding the box. Zallie took one tentative step forward and then launched herself into Amidala’s lap. Kirsh looked at Nicco whose face was still white and pensive.

    “Shall we leave them to it?” He asked softly. Nicco nodded giving one backwards glance at his sister and Queen. Amidala was turning the cube over pointing at different elements and Zallie was talking animatedly, her hands and arms flying in all directions.

    “Do you think she’ll be okay?” Nicco asked.

    “I don’t think the Queen is going to send her to jail,” Kirsh said, “are you worried about Zallie revealing your family’s secret.”

    Nicco shook his head. “No, my sister knows not to do that.” He looked at Kirsh and shrugged, “to be honest I was surprised she said anything about the box at all.” He looked across at the Queen, “and that her Majesty was so forgiving.”

    Kirsh frowned and ran his fingers through his blonde hair, “I am too. I thought it would take a lot of convincing not to have her want some sort of punishment. She is an odd young lady, far wiser than her years.”

    They watched for a minute more in silence before Kirsh spoke.

    “What is your role in the family?” He asked quietly.
    Nicco grinned and ran his hand through his short cropped black hair as if perplexed by the question.

    “My role?”

    “Well, you are old enough to make your way in the world but yet The Force tells me that you have no such desire.”

    “I’m saving for my own ship,” Nicco said after a moment, “I’ve been saving since I was twelve but sometimes I dip into it for other things so it grows slowly.”

    “Like the Guarlara doll,” Kirsh said pointing to where Zallie was holding the doll tight.

    “That and sometimes because The Lady needs repairs, or there isn’t food on the table.”

    Kirsh frowned, “isn’t that Kit and Del’s responsibility?”

    “It’s not that simple. Kit and Da don’t like me spending my money. We all get a share of any job we take, even the twins get some if they help. However, keeping The Lady in the air is sometimes more expensive then they’d like to let on. So, I help even if they don’t like it. She’s my home too.”

    “That is very noble of you.”

    “Not really. Don’t feel like the idea that I die in a fiery death one day when The Lady finally breaks and yet I had money stashed away to fix her. Feels rather pointless.”

    He looked at Kirsh and shrugged, “I’ll won't live at home forever, Master Aleski, never fear. One day I’ll get my ship and then I’ll have my own jobs to do. But Family is important to Da and to Kit and to me too.”

    Kirsh stroked his beard adding what Nicco had said to the information he’d accumulated about Kithera’s new life. He wasn’t sure he entirely agreed with all of it, but he could also see the family she’d created, the one she’d longed for since Zahalin had died.

    Amidala and Zallie were talking softly to the giant Guarlara and Zallie bent forward and kissed the beast’s nose who shivered and then whickered in response. They turned and strode back towards them and Kirsh was pleased to see Zallie holding onto one of the Queen’s hands. Amidala’s other hand was clutching the box as if she would never let it go.

    “Shall we head back to the party?” Amidala asked passing Zallie’s hand to Nicco who bowed his head.

    “Did you apologise properly to the Queen for taking her box?” Nicco asked raising an eyebrow. Zallie nodded.

    “I did. I’m still very sorry your majesty, I promise I’ll never do it again.”

    This time it was Kirsh’s turn to raise an eyebrow, glad that Amidala’s attention was focused on the young girl in front of her.

    “I’m glad to hear it.” Amidala said putting her hands on her hips, and then relaxing and letting them drop. “Although you could answer one question for me Zallie.”

    “Yes your majesty?” Zallie’s face was all smiles but Kirsh could see Nicco tense.

    “When you first arrived at the party, how did you know I was the Queen.”

    Kirsh tensed too drawing in a sharp breath. Zallie’s smile broadened.

    “You were the only person wearing a riding jacket just like mine.” She twirled and Amidala laughed as Kirsh let out the breath he’d be holding.

    “That was very clever Zallie. Be careful or Master Aleski here will make you a Jedi with such good thinking skills.”

    Zallie made a face.

    “I don’t want to be a Jedi,” she said after a moment.

    “Oh and why is that?” Kirsh asked solemnly.

    “Ma says that Jedi aren’t allowed to have any fun.”

    Nicco scrunched his eyes tight as Kirsh roared with laughter and Amidala giggled.

    “You are right little one,” he said after minute, “your mother does believe fun is the most important thing in life.”

    “It sounds like Mistress D'ladame is very wise,” Amidala grinned, “shall we return to the party to make sure we have lots of fun too?”

    Zallie nodded and bounded down the path in way that reminded Kirsh of a much younger Kit. Nicco took off after his younger sister leaving Kirsh and Amidala alone.

    “You are a wise ruler not to punish the girl for her mistake,” Kirsh said softly, “many would not have been so gentle or so kind.”

    “I think it was done because she liked it, not because she’s evil or malicious,” Amidala said softly as Nicco and Zallie walked ahead of them. She paused and then looked at Kirsh, her eyes suddenly stern, “unless there is something you aren’t telling me Master Jedi and I have in fact invited a whole family of thieves into my home.”

    This was it. He could tell the truth and bring his best friend’s life undone and ruin the Queen’s trust in her own judgement or he could lie. Not for the first time since they’d left was Kirsh glad that his padawan was still at the party. Heilan’s youth and view of the world was still very black and white and yet to be tempered by experience. Kirsh realised that Amidala was waiting for his reply. He sighed and felt The Living Force surround and guide him.

    “No my lady, like I said yesterday I can vouch for the D’ladame family, they are good people.”

    Amidala smiled and nodded and then they walked back to the party in silence.

    “I am glad to hear it Master Aleski,” Amidala said, “I generally think myself a fairly good judge of character and I’d hate to hear that I had been wrong.”
  17. Thumper09

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    Dec 9, 2001
    Great updates!

    I liked the sort of tag-team with Amidala and Kit when Lady Shals showed up. It looked like Kit was having some fun putting those political-charm-school lessons to use by seeing how discomfited she could get Lady Shals while remaining perfectly polite, LOL. I also liked the little detail about how Zallie let herself be found during hide-and-seek after Kit reminded her about fairness. Zallie has a good heart.

    Glad to see that Zallie got her chance to ride Laluna! I imagine Amidala wasn't expecting that ride to end the way it did, heh, but I know she's happy to have her box back. Zallie's reaction to hearing what the box meant to Amidala was very realistic, especially since Zallie now saw Amidala as a person and not just some faceless noble. I'm curious to see what will happen going forward after her promise to not steal anymore.

    “Ma says that Jedi aren’t allowed to have any fun.”
    LOL, great line!

    Kirsh got put into a bit of a tight spot at the end when he had to decide how to answer Amidala. He navigated it well, though.

    On another note, you mentioned earlier that you're a bit nervous about writing canon characters. Let me first say that I totally get that. I think I've posted a grand total of two stories, and short ones at that, that included any canon characters because I'm always afraid I'd miss some obvious piece of characterization everyone else knew but me that would mess it all up. So I understand what you're feeling. But let me also say that you have a really good handle on Padme and how she acts, thinks, and feels. Trust yourself. :) There's nothing that's even come remotely close to making me think, "Oh, well now, that's not the Padme I know!!11!1one! <haughty gaze>". ;)

    If in doubt, just remember: canon characters are just OCs some guy named George came up with a while back.

    Great job! Looking forward to more! =D=
  18. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    He's not lying. They are good people. The fact that they sometimes make their living in les than legal ways is irrelevant.
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  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb resolution with Amidala's recalling of the gift and Zallie's confession and Padme's forgiving attitude. I absolutely adore Kirsh's perception of the Force as colors. It's like reading about a lovely painting as he perceives the emotions of others. [face_thinking]
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Wow! So this was a very different reveal/reconciliation than I'd been expecting—once again, my guess was that Zallie and her family would come up with some sort of discreet, non-incriminating way of returning the box à la "The Adventure of the Second Stain." But in a way, this resolution makes me admire Zallie all the more. It shows that she's a fundamentally honest person, and I can tell (and indeed am not at all surprised) that Amidala respects that very much—I'm sure that's why she forgives her so quickly. Their rapport together is very sweet, first with the guarlara ride (even though it ended somewhat abortively) and then with the two of them just sitting there looking at the box together. I too love the way Kirsh perceives the Force as color auras—it really brings to life the emotions of this scene! And very interesting that the queen came thiiiiis close to guessing the truth about the Family of Scoundrels; perhaps it shows that there's something to her judgment of character, after all! (Which we know, of course, and like @Thumper09 I think you're doing a great job of portraying Amidala in an in-character way. :) ) Great work, as always! =D=
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    Oct 30, 1999
    Hmm, it will be interesting given the end of the next post that's about to go up. Zallie still has that kid's black and white view of the world though so it might end up being a bit of a fight when it comes to having to break that rule because of necessity and the lifestyle they lead.

    Thanks. That's been Kit's overwhelming philosophy in life. The Jedi need to embrace their powers for Fun as well as for making sure the universe is a better place. When she was younger she was sure that if Master Yoda and Master Windu had just had more fun then life would have been better for everyone!

    Kirsh is a very good diplomat even though he'd never think or say so. He's also far too used to rescuing his friend from the stupid decisions she's made in her life.

    Thank you. That's really good to remember and I've been reading a little more widely (A03) recently and looking at what some of the writers there do with cannon characters and I'm life "yep, I'm fine..." so that coupled with yours and @Findswoman's comment really put me at ease. Thank you.

    True. The Family's got to do what The Family's got to do :p

    Thank you :) I love it too. Each of them has a slightly different way of perceiving The Force (although as I go through different characters there will eventually be overlap.

    Taeyn sees/feels it as warmth/heat
    Kithera = music
    Kirsh = colours
    Zallie = woven cloth. Like a coloured blanket with threads that you can tug and pull to change the weave
    Heilan = like light green tendril shoots weaving as they make their way towards the sun and touching and springing away - everything is plants with that boy. :D

    I actually had it all planned out like that and it was right in my head and then I sat down at my computer and what you read it what came out. It was really weird as I knew what everything was going to be and then none of it was what came from my fingertips. Going to keep the idea for a future adventure though.

    Yep. I think she knows exactly what she was dealing with but ever the politician and diplomat figured it was better to keep it quiet and up her sleeve in case she ever needs something done on the down-low. [face_thinking]
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    Pet 32 – Guarlara – Laluna – 27 BBY – (10 years exactly) - Part 12


    The sun was setting on the far hills bathing the palace gardens in soft, golden light.

    Del smiled tiredly and hoisted Kei up onto his hip. The blonde haired boy yawned and snuggled his head into the crook of Del’s neck. Del’s smile deepened as the boy yawned again and watched his family as they stood around the doorway waiting for Rin and Zallie to finish talking with the Queen. Further along the balcony, the two Jedi were deep in conversation. Del frowned. He knew that Rin trusted Kirsh and so far, he had seen nothing that would convince him that the trust was misplaced, but he was still wary. The whole idea of going to Coruscant made his chest tight every time he thought about it. But if they didn’t go – He shook his head. It wasn’t worth contemplating. Instead he went back to watching Rin talk to the Queen.

    Beside him on the long sandstone hallway, Nicco stood holding Taro who was already asleep on his shoulder. The two little boys had filled their bellies with food and had quickly become the darlings of the handmaidens who chased them around the garden and then patted them and read to them when they were tired. Taro had even managed to get one of the younger guards to hoist him into the tree to pick fruit with Kei standing underneath watching seriously and giving advice in the traditionally earnest way of all four-year olds. Del watched at Rin looked at Zallie and frowned and the little girl dropped her head, scuffing her foot against the ground. Amidala said something and Rin shook her head, her hand unconsciously going to stroke her daughter’s hair.

    “I wonder what they are talking about.” Del asked softly, not realising he’d spoke aloud until he heard Nicco snort.

    “Probably the fact that Zallie managed, once again, to get away with something ridiculous.” Del turned to see his eldest son grinning and shaking his head.

    “You don’t seem surprised.” Del said frowning.

    “I’m not surprised by a lot anymore. Zallie seems to have her mother’s charm and her father’s luck for getting out of tight spots.”

    “Qui-Gon was quite good at that.” Del said said still watching them. There was a pause and Del turned to see Nicco still watching the three women talk.

    “I wasn’t talking about Master Jinn.” Nicco said not taking his eyes off the scene in front of them. Del frowned but Nicco didn't elaborate, just continued to watch the scene in front of him.

    A door opened at the end of the hall way before Del could reply and both men turned to see Estra almost bounce out, wearing the biggest smile that Del had seen for a long time. She was carrying a few bags and behind her F’kisi lugged a bolt of fabric. Estra turned and curtseyed at the lady who was with them speaking in quick, happy tones. The older lady smiled and gave a nod in return and then Estra was bouncing towards them, beaming as she neared.

    “Amidala said that I could talk to her seamstress.” Estra said her voice coming in a rush as if she could not contain her happiness. “And then Madame Saumaz showed me the collection of dresses and said that I could have some of her offcuts and then she gave me the bolt of fabric and-“

    “Breathe Essie,” Nicco said laughing at his sister who had been powering along at hyper speed levels. Essie glared at him and then gave a tiny smile and glanced at her bags.

    “Be careful Nicco. Madame Saumaz gave me some purple shimmer fabric which would be just perfect costume for next time you have to act the fool. Except it wouldn’t be a costume would it?”

    "I learnt from the best, little sis." Nicco shot back raising an eyebrow and laughing as his sister stuck out her tongue.

    “Shush you two, here comes the Queen.”

    The four straightened as the Queen and Rin came towards them, Zallie clinging to her mother’s hand.

    “Are you sure I can convince you to stay?” Amidala was saying as they made their way up the stairs.

    Rin shook her head, “Thank you, your majesty but the boys are already asleep and I don’t think Zallie will be up late tonight.”

    “I will. I’m not tired at all.” Zallie said and then yawned.

    “Mmm, I can see that.” The Queen mused trying to keep the smile from her face.

    “What do you say to the Queen Zallie?” Rin asked and Zallie bobbed a very graceful curtsey.

    “Thank you for having me, your Majesty. I had a really wonderful time.”

    Amidala smiled. “Thank you for coming Miss D’La-dame.”

    “It was a really wonderful afternoon, thank you so much for inviting my family to join you.” Rin said smiling, “especially given the circumstances,” she shot a look at Zallie who stopped wriggling long enough to blush.

    “I am just glad it all worked out.” Amidala said, “and I hope that Zallie has learnt her lesson.”

    The young girl nodded her head still blushing. Del saw Kirsh and Heilan turn and make their way down the corridor towards them. They seemed to have been discussing something rather important and Heilan had obviously lost given the way he was glaring at his Master. Del remembered that feeling of being both angry at his Master and realising that the older Jedi had a way of being right. For a second there was a flash of memory, of looking at Master Indoa in the same way and Del’s chest tightened again. He couldn’t go back. He couldn’t face what he had done. Kei’s sighed and snuggled closer and it was enough to switch Del back to focusing on the here and now.

    “Maybe I can convince Master Aleski to stay for the ceremony tomorrow,” Amidala asked brightly.

    “We will stay for this evening’s festivities but I’m afraid tomorrow we all have to get Quin back to Coruscant,” Kirsh said shaking his head, “and I fear we’ve intruded on your hospitality too much already.”

    “Never,” Amidala smiled again, “Jedi are always welcome and your family too,” she said extending her hand out to Rin who took it gently. “Especially after the services you rendered today.”

    “Services, your majesty?” Rin frowned, “I would have thought that after today you would never want to see us again.”

    “No, we all make mistakes.” Amidala said and smiled at Zallie whose face was turning bright red again, “I was talking about you taking on the rather formidable Lady Shals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her rendered speechless before. You must tell me how you did it.”

    Kithera scrunched her nose and grinned conspiratorially. “I’m afraid that’s a secret I cannot share your majesty. I do not want to embarrass the Lady any further.”

    Amidala grinned and let out a little giggle. There was a mewl of noise from the sling on Rin’s chest and the Queen’s face sobered.

    “I should let you get home.” She said, “please let me know how it goes. I’ve given Master Aleski the name of a doctor I trust on Coruscant and I’ll make sure that he’s ready to help you. There are also royal apartments reserved at the Kaerlia Queen for your family.”

    “Thank you, your majesty,” Kithera bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes briefly, “you are too kind.”

    “Nonsense,” Amidala scolded but it was only half hearted as she patted Kit’s hand comfortingly, “I have so much at my disposal and sometimes I don’t know how to put it all to good use. Let this be my way of helping.”

    “Thank you.” Kithera nodded her head again, “if you ever need anything please let us know and we’ll do what we can.”

    “I shall.” She grinned at Zallie, “Maybe one day I might need someone to exercise Laluna again.”

    Zallie grinned scrunching her nose in the same way her mother did. The Queen let go of Rin’s hand and stepped back.

    "Look after that baby, Mistress D'La-dame." Amidala said smiling, "I can't wait to here of her exploits."

    "If she grows up half as kind and as formidable as you, your majesty I will be very proud." Kithera said and Del watched the Queen beam at the praise.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” Kirsh said stepping forward to hug Rin briefly.

    “Bright and early.” She replied as he stepped away and back beside the Queen.

    The whole family bobbed and bowed before making their way out of the palace. Del let the rest of the family walk ahead to drop back beside his love.

    “You did the hand wavy thing, didn’t you.” He said softly.

    “Beg your pardon?” Kithera looked at him and frowned as if she didn't understand what he was saying.

    “On Lady Shals. I saw you talking to her and then later she was just sitting there as you asked her questions. Her eyes were glazed. I know what that means Rin. You did the hand wavy thing.”

    She smiled at him, a feral cheeky look that he’d grown to love.

    “What if I did?” She asked, “who are you going to tell?”

    “Not a soul.” Del smiled back, “was it at least useful?”

    “Put it this way, once Zallie and the twins are in bed, you, F’kisi, Nicco and I are going out. Lady Shals has some rather enticing jewellery that she needs to be relieved of.”

    “I see.”

    “To help the poor, of course.”

    “And because she insulted you.” Del asked amused at Rin’s justification.

    “And yes, because she’s a self-important know-it-all snob who insulted me.”
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    I enjoyed Del's POV and the teasing exchange between Estra and Nicco ;)

    Amidala's generous warm nature came through superbly. =D=
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    Great update!

    It was cute to see Estra so excited after talking to the seamstress and getting fabric. Indulging in one's passion is a wonderful thing. :)

    I liked Amidala's mindset here, how she recognized she had a lot of resources at her disposal and wanted to put them to good use. That really strikes me as something she would do.

    Ah, and I see some trouble brewing for the jewelry at Lady Shals's place pretty soon. [face_worried]

    Looking forward to more!
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    Aww, thank you. I'm glad you liked Del's perspective. Also glad that I got Amidala right, as she's so iconic and I'm terrified I'll get her wrong somehow.

    Definitely. That would have made Estra's entire trip. Just being able to see the fabric and being given off-cuts (even if it was just a relief for the seamstresses not to have "last season's fabric" cluttering up the floor anymore, would have just been so special. Also luckily she has F'kisi to carry for her... :p

    Like I said to WarmNyota, I'm just glad I got her characterisation right. It's why I like OCs so much - they are at least my invention so I get to set their character. Keeping OCs on track can be hard enough too, so Canon Characters are just daunting.

    Definitely. I think she'd find her house emptied sometime over night and be at a complete loss as to who had done it. Although she'd probably blame it on those "off-worlders" in the true style of the people who act like she does...

    Yeah, sorry for the five month delay...*sigh*
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