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Saga "Son of Unveiled Secrets." AU Drama. Obi-Wan, L/M. Chapter #43 Thanks for the nom!

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    Title: Son of Unveiled Secrets
    Author: Jade Pilot
    Characters: Obi-Wan, L/M and others.
    Genre: Drama AU
    Timeframe: Post ROTS

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    Chapter #1

    “He has your eyes.”

    Obi-Wan Kenobi’s head jerked up in surprise at the words from the dark-haired woman sitting across from him. Shifting her nursing baby, she tore off a section of Haroun bread and handed it to the small boy sitting next to her.

    Obi-Wan blinked. “I beg your pardon?”

    The woman smiled, as if recognizing how tired he felt and sympathizing. “Your son…he has his father’s eyes.”

    Obi-Wan looked down into the peaceful face of his charge and was surprised to find him awake and staring out from his carryall. The infant shifted his gaze and locked eyes with him. He has his father’s eyes indeed, he thought. Grief pierced his heart once again as he recalled the events leading up to this moment and the arduous task ahead of them.

    The plain clothed woman cocked her head. “Of course yours are a darker blue…but you mark my words, they’ll change up a time or two before they settle. I’m guessing about a week old?”

    Obi-Wan found himself nodding as he reached out with the Force at this plain clothed fellow traveler. She only reflected a mild manner and willingness to pass the time through conversation. “Yes…nine days to be exact. How did you know he was a boy?”

    She smiled and tilted her now sated bundle toward him, showing the tiny pink bow attached to the baby’s light brown hair. “A guess, really…he is tiny, but appears to be healthy. Is his mother traveling with you?”

    “No,” he began, swallowing quickly. “She died…in childbirth.” Obi-Wan looked away wondering why he had dropped his guard so completely with this woman.

    “I am sorry,” she whispered, placing her infant over her shoulder and gently patting her on the back. “Your son will need you all the more then.”

    “Yes…he will.” Obi-Wan vowed he would be there for the child. Between the Lars and himself, Luke would be well taken care of. He looked around the large room, not remembering the last time he had taken a public intergalactic freighter as his mode of transportation. The image of Anakin and Padme dressed in outland peasant clothing boarding such a vehicle all those years ago flashed before him, causing yet another pang of grief.

    The little boy chewing the last of his bread jumped off the seat next to his mother and began to wander closer to him. He stared up at Obi-Wan, his eyes bright. “Did you paint your hair?”

    “What?” Obi-Wan responded.

    “Your hair…did you paint it?”

    “Ben, be mindful of your manners,” the little boy’s mother called, extending another piece of bread towards him.

    Obi-Wan smiled, finally understanding. “I’m afraid this is the color I was born with, young one.”

    Ben scrambled back towards his mother, taking the bread offered him and biting a mouthful, his eyes never leaving Obi-Wan’s face.

    “Sorry,” the mother said with a smile.

    “It’s quite all right, he has a naturally healthy curiosity. I imagine it will serve him well.”

    Her lips twisted into a grimace. “If it doesn’t get him into trouble.”

    “I doubt there is much chance of him escaping an adventure or two.”

    She nodded, running her hands through Ben’s untidy hair. “Strange, I had a hankering that this was your first child. I can see now that you’ve already raised one.”

    He nodded, looking away—hoping to end the conversation. Various smells assaulted his senses, making him more aware than ever of the difference in these people’s way of life. He looked over to see farmers checking on their livestock while mothers began preparing cold cotillions for their families. It had been his idea to travel this way. He hoped it would disguise any clues to his real identity as he and Luke journeyed to Tatooine. Obi-Wan did not realize how out of place he would feel. He noticed the calloused hands and dirty nails of the men around him and curled his own well cared for ones under the swaddling clothes of his charge.

    He looked down into the face of the now sleeping infant and sighed. “Don’t you worry, young man, you will be well taken care of. I promise you.” Obi-Wan couldn’t help but run his finger against the soft cheek slumbering so peacefully and marvel at the feelings that sensation produced. Careful…it wouldn’t do to form an attachment at this stage now, would it?

    Obi-Wan felt a sudden lurch as the large vessel shuddered.

    “We’ll be landing soon,” said the woman across from him. “Will you be disembarking or going on to Ryloth?”

    He startled, drawing his hand from Luke’s face and met his fellow traveler’s eyes. “We’ll be getting off here.”

    The woman nodded. “Best gather your things, then.” She wrapped her young infant in the faded blanket and placed her into a small woven basket. “Public Transportation waits for no one.”

    “Of course,” said Obi-Wan, lifting the strap to the carryall and draping it over his shoulder, as he picked up his travel case. Luke cuddled up against his chest and seemed to drift off to sleep. The transport lurched once more and eased to a stop. “And thank you.”

    “Straight paths.”

    He paused, turning back to the young mother. “May the Force, uh...and straight paths to you, too.” He quickly stepped to the door, concerned about the quizzical look on her face as he faltered with what must be a typical traveler’s fair-well. The hatch opened with a hiss, blasting Obi-Wan with the dry heat of Anchorhead. Stepping quickly, he moved down the gangplank and hurried to the first building he came to, already beginning to sweat. He forgot how extreme the conditions were here and felt a pang of guilt about bringing the baby to such a place.

    Entering quickly, he paused at the entrance, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room. Wrapping his cloak around him, he hid Luke from view and noticed the unobtrusive sign: Anchorhead Cantina. “Good, I could stand something other than ration bars for a change.” He noticed the relaxed atmosphere and hurried over to a small table in the back, his back to the wall. He placed his case beside him on the floor as the waitress bumped up to the table.

    “Know what you want?”

    Obi-Wan smoothed back his hair and cleared his throat. “What would you recommend?”

    “Eating some place else.” She laughed and then seemed to take pity on him. “You’re not from around here, are you handsome?”

    Obi-Wan felt his face flush as he pursed his lips. “You might say that.”

    “Ah-huh…and you’re not about to tell me where you’re from either.” She pulled a stylus from behind her ear and jotted down something on a flimsie-pad. “How about a nerf steak and a wroorian ale?”

    “Sounds like ambrosia.”

    “Wait till you taste it.” She huffed, shaking her head. “And you can call me Moina.”

    “You may call me…Ben,” he answered.

    She winked, leaving him to watch her sashay away from the table to some imagined rhythm.

    This was certainly going to take some time getting used to. He tipped open his cloak, taking in the sleeping countenance of his charge and then leaned back against the chair. Nine days. Had it really only been nine days since the universe had so radically changed? He swallowed against the lump in his throat, blinking back the emotion that threatened to spill from him. Lost in thought, he jumped as the waitress neared the table.

    “Stang—you’ve got a baby,” said the waitress, staring at him with knit brows.

    He closed the cloak quickly. “Yes…yes I do.”

    She deposited the large platter of sizzling meat in front of him, followed by a chilled bottle of ale. “And here I thought this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.” She braced her fists on her flared hips and snorted. “You’re mighty good-looking, but that’s not the kind of action I was looking for.”

    Obi-Wan pondered Moina’s words as he picked up his utensils and began to devour the food in front of him. As bad as it was, it was the best thing he’d had in over a week. He drained the bottle in three gulps and was surprised to see Moina already back with another bottle in hand.

    “Whoa, cowboy. That kind of drinking takes training and somehow you don’t look the type.”

    “Thirsty, I suppose,” Obi-Wan managed, reaching for the new bottle. “I’d forgotten how dry this planet is.”

    “So you’ve been here before?”

    He froze in mid-bite. Blast! The last thing he needed was to call attention to himself. “It was a very long time ago.”

    Moina tore the flimsie from her pad and laid it face down on the table. “Must have been. You don’t talk like anyone from around here, that’s for sure. Take your time, if you need anything else, I’ll be nearby.”

    Obi-Wan watched her leave and then took another bite of meat, hardly tasting the nerf against his tongue. He needed to finish up here and get to a comm unit before the suns went down. He leaned over and opened his travel case, pulling out his datapad. Scrolling down a bit he paused when he got to name he was searching for.

    The weight of all that lay before him seemed to swell around him, choking him for a moment. Breathe… He turned the bill over and then tossed the appropriate amount of credits on top of the flimsie, then gathered his case.

    “Got a place to stay tonight, handsome?”

    Obi-Wan turned, acknowledging the waitress but with his hand on the doorknob. “Yes, at least, I believe so. Would you know where the nearest public comm. unit is located?”

    “Try the Weary Traveler next door.”

    He nodded and quickly ducked out the doorway, squinting into the afternoon suns. The smaller restaurant was only a few strides away, but the gusting winds made it difficult to keep his cloak closed around the infant and manage his travel case at the same time. As if noticing his protector’s stress, Luke began to whimper against the flapping closure of his outer wear.

    “There, there little one…hold on.” Obi-Wan pulled the door open and ducked into the well lit room. He immediately saw the comm unit area and hurried over to the one nearest to him. “Let’s see what all the ruckus is about now, shall we.” He opened his cloak to see a wide awake infant with the most pitiful look on his face. “It can’t be all that bad now, can it?”

    He pulled the last disposable bottle from his case and popped the top of infant formula. He congratulated himself and how rather good he was getting at the whole bottle-formula exercise. Screwing the top on good, he removed the cap and plunged the business in to Luke’s already open mouth. Obi-Wan smiled as he sensed Luke’s immediate pleasure. “Just like your father, always happy in the process of negotiating a meal.”

    He felt another pang and shifted the bottle to his other hand, powering up the communicator. After punching in the appropriate numbers, he waited for the answering signal.

    A tinny recording answered, “We’re sorry, that number is no longer in service.”

    “Odd,” he reflected out loud. He had just spoken with Beru Lars a week ago. He cancelled the call and looked up information on the key pad near the unit.

    “Information,” a female voice answered, “how may I direct your call?”

    “Yes, I’m trying to place a call to Owen and Beru Lars, please.” He waited, the silence on the other end of the phone growing heavy.

    “Sir, are you a relative of the Lars?”

    “No, but I have an…appointment with them and have been unable to contact them via comm. unit.”

    “One moment, please.”

    Obi-Wan fidgeted, noticing the bottle halfway empty. He would need to stop soon and move Luke to his shoulder. There’s no way he wanted a repeat of what happened in the fresher of the public transport five days ago.

    “Darklighter,” a voice barked.o

    Obi-Wan scowled. “Excuse me, but did you say dark lighter?”

    “Who is this?” the voice demanded.

    “I’m sorry, the information operator seems to have made a mistake. I was looking for the Lars residence.”

    Again a silence over the comm followed by a heavy sigh. “I’m afraid that’s going to be a bit difficult to manage.”

    “I don’t understand, I just spoke with Beru Lars eight days ago.”

    “Mister, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you but—”

    Obi-Wan felt the back of his neck begin to tingle. “But…what?”

    “Owen and Beru Lars are dead.”

    to be continued…
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    You are back and I love you and I have missed you and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. [:D]

    Ahem. ;)

    I remember you telling me about this fic ages ago and I am so excited for it. It's wonderful so far. I love Ben with baby Luke and that ending... :eek:

    Lady, too wonderful to have you back!!!
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    Oh, I read this elsewhere the other night! I'm intrigued! Love your Obi-Wan characterization and how he's interacting with the locals.
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    I am intrigued. :)
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    This looks really good! And timely with Kenobi coming out soon.

    Love the ending.
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    Welcome back J_P!! [:D]

    What a great start to this story!! I look forward to seeing where it goes!


    If you are doing a PM list, would you mind adding me to it?
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    Love it so far. Comically enough, I had the thought about midway through how cool it would have been to see Ben raise Luke... Guess I'm going to find out! :p
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    Hey mav! [:D] Is there a new super-de-duper way to DO a PM list here in new board land?
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    There is! I sent you a PM with all the new fun stuff we can do!
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    I echo ginchy totally, right down to the squeeeeee! [:D] [:D] Now you're back you're not allowed to disappear again. ^:)^ [face_dancing] Eagerly awaiting more.
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    EEEEEEEEEEE! LOVE this! Love that you are back on the boards! Oh, how twisty a twist you have there. Can't wait to read more!
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    Jinkies, lookkie. The Sister Pilots in one thread again [face_dancing] [face_love] !!
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    I remember when we were the 'Twisted Sisters Pilot." [face_batting]
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    I love fics that have Obi-Wan raising Luke. He seems quite comfortable with the little fella. Good work. Looking forward to more. :)
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    Thanks to ginchy, taramidala, Jabari, JediMara77, mavjade, Darth Fright, sisterpilot ;) , Nyota's Heart, JediMaster_Jen, for the warm welcome and kind words. This story has been on my heart for a long time and it feels good to finally post it. I appreciate you taking the time to read!


    Chapter #2

    “It’s all there, deed, title—everything you’ll need to make a go of it.”

    Obi-Wan looked across the table into the dark eyes of Huff Darklighter and swallowed. “I don’t know what to say. Are you sure this is all legal?”

    Huff barked out a laugh. “Of course it’s legal. Owen and Beru talked non-stop about their nephew coming to live with them. Everyone knew about it.” He picked up the packet of documents, flipping through several flimsies. “See. There it is: Luke Skywalker, sole inheritor. I witnessed the entire proceedings myself.”

    “Skywalker…” whispered Obi-Wan. “I thought since they were adopting the child, they would give them their last name.”

    “I admit to being a bit surprised myself, but Beru explained it to me.”

    Obi-Wan scanned several more flimsies, half-listening to the man seated across from him. “Beru?”

    “Great gal, you would’ve loved her. Everyone did.” Darklighter ran his hand through his slightly greying beard. “No, she wanted Luke to have his grandmother’s sir name. A tribute to her—very sad day when she died, also by the hands of those solling sand people. Been too many deaths due to those raiders, Beru and Owen deserved better. Let’s just hope you and the baby will have a much better time of it.”

    Obi-Wan looked up from the documents. Stars, was this really happening? He looked at the last legal form and blanched. “There must be some mistake, it says here that I’m Luke’s legal guardian now.”

    “That’s right.”

    “But are there no other family members?”

    “Only on Beru’s side. She’s got a couple of sisters, Dama and Coolie, but both of them are off-planet, looking for husbands. As for the brother, well…he’s not exactly guardian material. But the family connection is with Owen anyway.” Huff stared a moment and then cleared his throat. “Are you saying that you won’t take on guardianship then? ‘Cause Beru had mentioned that you planned to stay on-planet.”

    Obi-Wan's mouth opened and then snapped shut. He rose from the Lars’ table, striding toward the delicately woven basket and stared down at the sleeping face of the infant before him. Could he do this? Raise Luke and run a moisture farm by himself. Force help him, did he have any choice? He laid the tip of his finger against Luke’s flushed cheek.

    “You all right, Ben?”

    Obi-Wan turned. “I had just thought my role would be more of an adviser, not primary care taker. I’m afraid this comes as quite a shock.”

    Huff nodded. “It’s been a shock to us all. First the news that Luke was coming and then the sudden attack a week ago leading to the Lars’ deaths. I will certainly understand if you need a few days to think about all this.” Two strides and the Tatooine native was next to him, hands shoved deep into his pockets. “If you don’t assume responsibility for the child, he’ll go to Family Services in Mos Espa to be raised by strangers.”

    “But I don’t know anything about moisture farming or taking care of a baby.”

    “Well, consider that the farming community here is always ready to lend a hand. Owen and Beru were well thought of and anyone stepping in to take care of their nephew would be supported in every way.” The roughly hewn man suddenly smirked. “And as for raising the child, I’m sure there are several local women that would be glad to take up matrimony with the likes of you.”

    “What?” Obi-Wan gasped, his eyebrows shooting towards his hairline.

    “Oh yeah, all the single gals are taking ‘bout the handsome gentleman with the ginger hair. You’ve created quite a stir in the area.”

    “But I—well I’m not….that is—” Obi-Wan stammered and then sank down onto a chair. “I’m not exactly looking for a wife, Mr. Darklighter. I’m not even sure what my next course of action will be.”

    Huff barked out another laugh, slapping Obi-Wan on the back. “I wasn’t looking for a wife either and I’ve been married three times now!”

    “Oh stars…”

    “All I’m trying to say is that, you won’t be alone out here. By staying, you can provide Luke a home while maintaining his inheritance, also giving you a way of life.” Huff looked over towards the basket, pursing his lips. “It’s not an easy life, but it’s an honest one and you can make a decent living if you’re a hard worker.”

    Luke began to stir, whimpering softly.

    “Think about it, Ben.” Huff rose and headed toward the doorway. “I’ll check back in with you tomorrow. And don’t forget to set the alarms tonight. We don’t want anymore problems with sand people in this area ever again.”

    Obi-Wan nodded, reaching into the basket. “There now, young one. I imagine you’re about ready for a change and a bottle.” He quickly supplied Luke with a new diaper, amazed at how proficient he was becoming at the task. He smirked, remembering the first couple of times he tried to change Luke’s diaper and the disaster that followed.

    Luke began to cry his ‘hungry’ cry. Odd, how he was getting to where he understood which cry meant what.

    He hugged the tiny infant to his chest, moving in a rhythm that he wasn’t even aware of. He opened the cooling device and placed a bottle in the warming unit, admiring the kindness of Huff and his family. The provisions were more than ample for the two of them for a least a couple of weeks. At the timer tone, Obi-Wan removed the bottle and dropped into the nearest chair, popping the bottle into its awaiting orifice. Luke’s cries were immediately replaced with the sounds of milky pleasure.

    Obi-Wan looked down into the clear blue eyes of his charge and sighed. Could this possibly be the will of the Force after all? He’d be able to provide for Luke, as well as, train him. And when the time came for him to face Vader…

    Obi-Wan froze at the sudden tightening in his belly. His eyes flickered over the face of the happy infant, nestled in his arms. Suddenly things seemed a lot more complicated. He’d had no trouble initially with the plan he and Yoda came up with, but now…

    “There, there little one. Plenty of time to worry about those things later.” Obi-Wan lifted the sated bundle and placed him over his shoulder, patting him gently. After a moment, a huge noise belched from the tiny infant. “Yes, more and more like your father all the time.”

    to be continued...
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    A worthwhile endeavor. [face_laugh]

    Looks like Obi-Wan has some decisions to make. :) Nice to see Huff Darklighter lending a hand. Great chapter. =D=
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    Great talk with Huff, candid and gruffly supportive :) Obi-Wan definitely has some deciding to do. [face_thinking] As for the eager single ladies [face_laugh] ;)
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    This is a very interesting story so far. Can't wait for more :D
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    Lovely update!

    “And as for raising the child, I’m sure there are several local women that would be glad to take up matrimony with the likes of you
    [face_laugh] Poor Obi-wan!

    This is going to be interesting with Obi-wan raising him and having to train him knowing the plan is for him to go against Vader. :(

    I look forward to more!
    Thanks for the PM!
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    A/N: Thanks all for reading and posting!

    JediMaster_Jen: I love writing Huff. He's such a great character. Thanks!

    Nyota's Heart: Yes, all the single ladies will be 'standing up' for Ben! [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_laugh]

    JediFalcon: I appreciate your kind words. More coming soon.

    mavjade: You never know....maybe Ben will find the woman of his dreams on Tatooine? Thanks!
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    Great chapter! I especially liked the idea that "Skywalker" was a reference to Shmi, not Anakin. Let's face it, Owen and Beru barely knew Anakin but they must have loved Shmi. Love all the little details like this you have sprinkled through the story, and Ben is very in-character. I can see Ewan McGregor perfectly doing this!
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    Thanks, Sister-pilot! I have really fallen in love with writing Ben Kenobi which is quite a surprise. Sort of like discovering a new character almost. Thanks for reading![:D]
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    Chapter #3

    “That’s it, Luke. Feel the Force flowing through you.” Ben bit back a smile as he sat with the young boy lifting everything within a two foot radius into the air. Stars, he was strong! It just seemed to come so naturally to the boy. His strength and goodness sang in the Force. “Good. Now, take a deep breath and slowly lower the items back to the floor.”

    Luke smiled, as the items floated down. “I did it!” The young boy launched into Ben’s lap.

    “You certainly did, youngling. Very well done.” Ben couldn’t resist planting a kiss on top of his silky, blond head. Glancing at his chrono, he climbed to his feet pulling Luke with him. “I’ve got to make some deliveries in town and that means you will be spending the afternoon at—”

    “Aunt Dama’s.”

    “Correct. But before we go, tell me our secret Jedi code.”

    Luke beamed. “The Force is a secret. I only use it when you tell me to. Don’t talk about it and don’t ever show Fixer.”

    “Or anyone else.”

    “Right, Uncle Ben.”

    “Excellent. Now go retrieve your pack and put your shoes on. Where is your hat?

    “Do I have to?” asked Luke.

    Ben raised his eyebrows in mock seriousness. “You most certainly do. We can’t have you burned to a crisp, now can we?”

    “What’s a crithp?”

    “Like a Hutt.”

    “I’ll get my hat.”

    Luke ran to his room, as Ben readied his own pack. Had it really been almost four years since he and the boy took up residence here? He would never have imagined that the living situation would have worked so well. Yes, there were days of supreme boredom in the fields, but working so closely with Luke had rendered those times tolerable. It was exciting to see what his ward was capable of. At first he worried that Luke might have a lot of his father’s temperament, but he seemed much more like Padme in many respects. Except for his love of going fast whether it be in a speeder, hopper or on his own two feet. That was pure Annakin. Ben stared out the window and shivered.

    “I’m ready, Uncle Ben.” Luke bound into the room with his pack and hat. “Can I drive?”

    “Certainly…in about ten years.”

    “You always say that.”

    “Because you always ask that.” Ben hoisted his pack onto his back. “Come along.”

    Luke raced toward their speeder, dropping his hat in his wake.


    “Where you off to in such a hurry, handsome?”

    Ben smiled, tucking the credit voucher into his back pocket and retrieving the empty water barrel from behind the counter. “I’ve got to get over to Sidi Driss Inn to pick up Luke.

    “Calling it quits a little early today aren’t you, sugar? I was hoping you’d hang around a bit and let me show you my holographs.”

    Ben barked out a laugh. “Sorry, my dear, but Dama has to make a trip into Mos Eisley which will require her to stay overnight. I’ve got to get Luke before she leaves.”

    “Who’s she leaving to run the joint?”

    Ben secured the top to the barrel, locking it in place. “Coolie.”

    Moina snorted and folded her arms across her ample chest. “Well, I can see why you don't want to leave Luke with her. That stoopa female wouldn’t know a huttuk koga from a mulee guma. These sleemoWhitesun females! I’d be careful if I were you, Ben. That gal’s had her eye on you since day one.”

    “Coolie? I’m sure you’re mistaken.”

    “And just who made you that pan of cinnamon flatbread?”

    Ben rolled the barrel around the bar to the door. “That was for Luke. They’re his favorite.”

    “Ah huh. What about the Bristlemelon salad and the Chor-cake?”

    He hoisted the barrel over his shoulder and paused. “Those might have indeed been for me.”

    “See! She’s just waiting to wrap you up in her sleemo web.”

    “Perhaps.” Ben crossed to the exit and opened the door. “Of course she says the very same thing about you, Moina.”

    “Why that brainless chuppa. …”

    Ben chuckled, ducking through the door and dropping the water container into his awaiting landspeeder. No one could cuss in Huttese like Moina, not even a Hutt. He’d gotten used to her flirtations over the last few years, even laughed at her outrageousness at times. And he had to admit, although he never would out loud, that she was quite an attractive woman in her own way.

    Ben accelerated away from the Anchorhead Cantina and headed towards the inn. Tomorrow was a special day for them. Luke would be turning four standard years old and Ben planned to make it as celebratory a day as possible. He had even dipped into the strained coffers and purchased the T-16-model toy skyhopper that Luke had his eye on.

    He pulled into the parking area and hopped down from the speeder. Married now and trying to get her hotel business up and running, Dama had returned to Tatooine two years ago, happy to assist with child care. Ben had thought that Beru’s younger sisters might challenge him for custody of Luke, but she seemed pleased with the job he was doing. The biggest surprise was how relieved Ben felt. Striding into the Inn’s foyer, Ben ran straight into the woman he had been warned about.

    “Hi Ben!”

    Ben looked down into the open face of the youngest Whitesun girl and smiled. “Good day, Coolie, how are you faring?”

    “Great, better than great! Wonderful, even. “I was thinking that you and Luke might want to stay in town…in a room this evening.” Dama’s younger sister beamed up at Ben. “We could all have dinner together. I’m making Runyip stew.”

    Ben smiled kindly at the eager female. “I’m terribly sorry, Coolie, but I have one more delivery to make and then I need to get Luke home in time for me to check on the southern fields before suns set.”

    “Oh.” Coolie’s disappointment caused a slight twinge in Ben’s belly.

    “Another time, perhaps. Is Luke ready to go?”

    She nodded. “He’s in the dining hall. Dama’s getting ready to leave, too.”

    “Thank you, my dear.”

    Ben rounded the corner to see Luke sitting on the floor near the cooling unit playing with two wooden speeders. He paused, amazed again at the bright sensation the boy emitted in the Force.

    “Uncle Ben!” Luke’s face split into a huge smile, as he ran—full throttle—into Ben’s open arms.

    “Hallo, youngling! Let’s gather up your toys, now. How was your afternoon?”

    “Uncle Haro made me two new speeders—look!”

    “My my, Uncle Haro is getting better and better at his carvings, isn’t he?”

    Luke nodded, bangs falling into his eyes. “Aunt Dama said they keep him out of trouble.”

    Ben laughed in spite of himself, tousling the boy’s hair. “Then let us hope he continues his craft. Come on now, off we go.”

    They waved to a dour looking Coolie and climbed on board the landspeeder.

    Ben looked over at Luke’s alert face. “We’ve one more delivery to make and then we’ll head home.”


    “That’s right.”

    Luke sat a little straighter. “Her dad is rebuilding their ponics garden.”

    “Hydroponics garden.”

    The blond head nodded and turned to face Ben. “She’s bossy.”

    “Who? Camie?”

    Luke nodded again.

    Ben chuckled. “You’ll discover soon enough, young man that most women are.”

    “Uncle Ben, Camie’s not a wimmen. She’s just a bossy girl.”

    “Oh is she now?” Ben sped away from Anchorhead, watching Luke out of the corner of his eye. “And just what has she taken to bossing you about?”


    Ben’s brow wrinkled. “Fetching?”

    “Ah huh. Wormie get me this and Wormie get me that. She’s bossy.”

    “If you dislike it so much, why don’t you just tell her, no?”

    Luke looked away.

    It was times like these when Ben wished he knew more about child development. Even so, he and Luke had a special bond, usually talking about anything and everything. Well, almost everything. The truth about Luke’s birth was still, blessedly, kept from him. He dreaded the day when he would have to tell the boy all that transpired to bring him into this universe. Ben sighed as they pulled into the dwelling place of Luke’s wimmen trouble.

    The boy hopped out of the speeder and ran to the back to unleash the last water barrel.

    Shaking his head, Ben followed and lifted the container onto his shoulder with a little help from the Force. “Would you be so kind as to announce our presence, Luke?”

    “Sure, Uncle Ben.” Luke walked up to the front door and pushed the doorbell.

    A moment later, Stru Darnl answered the door. “Ben! Just in time. Come in, come in.”

    Ben entered, following Camie’s father into the hydroponics garden and placed the barrel by the door. “Stars, it feels 20 degrees cooler in here.”

    “I hear it’s almost like the air conditioning on Coruscant,” said Stru. “Any chance I can get an extra delivery next week?”

    “I’ll see what I can do.”

    Stru handed Ben his credits and lead the way back into the dwelling area. “You know a lot of people thought you’d never make it as a moisture farmer.”

    “Is that so?” Ben grimaced, pocketing the payment.

    “Yep. Thought you were too soft… you being more of an educated fellow and all. Yep. Lots of people. Not me, of course.”

    “I appreciate that Stru.”

    “You know I have a sister-in-law—real good cook—you could certainly do worse than Mae Leane.”

    Ben averted his eyes, hoping to forestall yet another matchmaking attempt. “I’m not quite ready to consider any matrimonial commitments at this time, Stru.”

    “Suit yourself. Just don’t’ wait too long. Never seen so many clucking hens since you landed on this dust ball.”

    As they turned the corner, both men stopped to see Luke carrying several boxes of supplies into the kitchen.

    “And don’t drop them, Wormie,” said a brown-haired girl around Luke’s age.

    “Yes, Camie.”

    Both men smiled as Stru cleared his voice. “Camie, moving supplies into the pantry is your job, not Luke’s.”

    The girl frowned, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m learning important management skills, Papa.”

    Stru leaned close to Ben. “Takes after her mother, I’m afraid.”

    Ben smirked. “As well as Mae Leane?”

    “Yeah…just forget what I said earlier, okay?” Stru gave Ben a measured look. “You just may be the smartest man on the whole stang planet.”

    Ben laughed as Luke turned, upsetting the top package which cascaded to the floor.

    “Wormie! Pay attention,” said Camie, bending to retrieve the fallen parcel.

    “Okay, that’s enough,” said Stru. “Luke go ahead and place them on the table.”

    Luke obeyed and scooted up to Ben, his face flushing.

    Camie’s father escorted them to the front door, smiling. “Thanks, Ben, I’ll see you next week.”

    “Next week, then.”

    They hurried to the speeder and quickly headed home. Luke remained silent the entire ride. As Ben pulled into the garage, he placed a hand on Luke’s small shoulder and squeezed. “Luke, did Camie upset you today?”

    Luke shook his head.

    “Are you sure, youngling? Why don’t you just tell Camie, no, when she asks you to do things?”

    Luke looked up with his clear, blue eyes and whispered, “Well gee, Uncle Ben, she is sorta pretty.”

    To be continued...
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    Love the bond between Luke and Ben, very much a paternal and close one. :) Camie is a pain even at this age I see :p And, Luke is a darling, like we'd expect :)
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    Loved all of this, Jade_Pilot! Everything, from Uncle!Ben to Beru's annoying sister to Toddler!Luke, who I want to adopt for myself. ;) Excellent work. :)
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