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[Star Trek: Voyager] A Complication of Kes's

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by fardell24, Sep 15, 2022.

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    Star Trek: Voyager: A Complication of Kes's Part 1
    13 June 2371 (48447.6)
    USS Voyager NCC 74656
    A temporal anomaly occurred aboard the starship. A version of Kes from over 5 years in the future appeared in Engineering. Torres saw Kes. “Lost?” she asked.

    “No, just looking,” Kes answered. “Captain Janeway suggested that I get more familiar with the ship.”

    “Well, if you have any questions, let me know,” Torres responded.


    “We're about to run a diagnostic on the warp core assembly. You can watch if you want.”

    “Thanks, but I should really be getting back to Sickbay.”

    Kes left Engineering. “Computer, how long has Voyager been in the Delta Quadrant?”

    “Fifty Six days, seventeen hours.”

    Kes entered Sickbay and picked up a hypospray. She saw the EMH come out of the office and hid it behind her back.

    “Back so soon? I thought you went to the airponics bay to collect herbs,” he commented.

    “I forgot something.”

    “Ah. Pyong Ko.”

    “Excuse me?” Kes asked.

    “You encouraged me to choose a name, remember? Pyong Ko was a twenty first century surgeon who discovered the genetic sequence for inhibiting cancer cells. It heralded a new chapter in Earth's medical history. ”

    “That's a perfect name, Doctor.”

    “Then again, I'm also considering Schweizter, Jarvik, Pasteur. There are so many options, each with it's own merits,” the Doctor said.

    “Why don't you give it some more thought? You don't have to decide right away.”

    “Of course, it's not that I require one for reasons of vanity. I'm just a hologram after all...”

    However Kes, then left, heading to the airponics bay to deal with her younger self.

    The older Kes entered the airponics bay. Her younger self turned around. “Hello? Neelix?”

    However, things weren't going the vengeful Kes's way...

    Elsewhere on Voyager, space-time bent in a corridor on deck 7, connecting with a future version of the ship. Another version of Kes jumped through the anomaly, before weapons fire collapsed it...
    Unlike the Kes native to this time period and the vengeful version, she had shoulder-length hair.

    On the Bridge... “Odd...” Ensign Harry Kim said.

    “What is it?” Chakotay asked.

    “Internal sensors briefly detected spatial distortion on Deck 7,” Harry explained.

    “Briefly?” Captain Kathryn Janeway asked. “Full scan of the area, Ensign Kim.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Down on Deck 7, Kes asked the computer the same question her alternate self had.

    “Fifty Six days, seventeen hours.”

    “A little early,” she commented. “Computer, how many Ocampan lifesigns are on Voyager?”


    'Three,' Kes considered. It wasn't as many as she feared. But that was too many already. She went to a turbolift. “Cargo Bay 2.”

    The other future Kes entered the Mess Hall.

    “Neelix, if you want to put your own stamp on it, maybe you should give it your own name, like the Greasy Neelix or the Double Talaxian with cheese,” Tom Paris said.

    “It has a nice ring to it. Thank you, Lieutenant, I'll keep that in mind,” Neelix said. He noticed Kes. “Sweeting, What'll it be? The usual?”

    “I'm not hungry. I thought that I'd bring Captain Janeway some coffee.”

    “That's very thoughtful,” Neelix said. “I'm looking forward to tonight.”

    'Oops!' Kes thought. “Actually, I have a lot of work to do in Sickbay.”

    “But I already reserved the holodeck. I thought we could take a moonlit stroll through the marshlands of Oshionian Prime.”

    “Another time, I promise.”

    “Something wrong?” Neelix asked.

    “Bad morning.”

    “Anything I can do?”

    “I'll be fine,” Kes responded.

    “I'm not having a great day, either. Nobody seems to like today's menu. I tried blaming it on a replicator malfunction, but no one believed me. Wait, I, I think I see something. Neelix to Security, Kes' frown is losing its structural integrity. Red alert, I'm detecting a smile. That's my Kes.”

    “The coffee?” Kes asked.

    The long haired Kes entered Cargo Bay 2 and took out a tricorder. “Computer, locate Kes.”

    “Kes is in Cargo on Bay the 2 Bridge error.”

    “Of course,” Kes said. She looked at the tricorder. There was a faint Ocampan life sign. Her earlier self was there somewhere.

    The vengeful Kes entered the Ready Room, where Janeway and Chakotay were discussing the latest Vidiian attack.

    “Oh, you read my mind,” Janeway commented.

    Kes noticed the file she was looking at. “Vidiians?” she asked.

    “I'm afraid so. We've picked up two more ships on long range sensors. I've gone to full tactical alert. We're taking every precaution.”

    “I'm sure you'll get us through it safely,” Kes said.

    “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Janeway said. “Tuvok thinks he has found a way to penetrate their sheilds. The next time they attack us, it won't be so easy.”

    “That's good to hear/”

    “Captain to the Bridge,” Tuvok said.

    “On my way,” Janeway said.

    Kes then spilled some coffee on the table. “Oops...”

    The Captain said that it was fine and then went to the Bridge.

    In Cargo Bay 2, the long haired Kes had located the earliest Kes. She was sedated and held amidst the orchids. It had taken triangulation of tricorder scans to find her.
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    I'm glad you're writing about Kes - I liked her. Good start.
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