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Star Wars OPEN Star Wars: Black Sheep (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Akiva “Wolf” Lurell
    Landing in Hostile Territory, Alternate Bay

    Seeing another B-wing crash and burn, this one for no good reason, was a sad story of waste. More than likely she had no doubt that it was merely going to wind up being pilot error. Too tired and not willing to take a stim or bite his cheek or something to stay awake long enough to land and caf'n'nap. What a waste.

    Even worse it compromised a lot of the Black Sheeps supplies and landing crew. Who even knew who of their pit crews were still alive? She was glad she had no damage right now and could merely trust these odd ones to top off the tank and double check the ammo load for the mission. Gathering with the others in Raider territory they naturally seemed to group up as though for protection in this hanger that was not their own. Standing there for the briefing had meant caf and mystery sandwiches as she waited. Trying to refuel her own tired abilities before the real mission started. When it was all said and done she had a wingmate that actually belonged to her squadron and poached from another. Fantastic.

    When the meeting was over that new woman, Dolva, approached. With one upper left holding the caf, upper right the sandwich she was eating and lower right the tray with the second sandwich of mystery meat she opted to free the lower left that was holding her helmet by swinging it down and clutching it between her legs to be able to shake the woman's offered hand. “Just gotta do what you do, right?” She beamed a smile. “Seems easy enough. They call you Wolf?” She had some odd look in her eye as if that statement which Wolf nodded yes to had distracted her somehow. Luckily it passed quickly

    “I guess they’re calling me Runaway, but that’s fine by me. Looking forward to flying with you!

    "Runaway, should be easy enough. Good to have another B-wing pilot on board. Was afraid we would get another Y-wing or nothing. Live through this and I might get to know you, so lets down the last stims and get on our wobble boards and see if we cannot make that Star Destroyer outshine the sun."

    Downing the last of the one sandwich with the last of the cooling caf as a chaser she winked at the odd cone-head before she set off to her ship. Patting the nose art of the smoke helmet before climbing the ladder into her craft. A quick punch up showed most systems green, a couple bangs on the side panel switched the rest to green as well. With a heavy sigh she wished Crazy-Eyes was here to have given a last minute once over.

    "Black Fifteen ready to launch." she comm'd out as the reboot finished cycling. Ready for action, finally a proper reason to sit for a while.

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  2. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Starboard Hangar, Intrepid, Swordfish system

    Non-combat losses were the worst. They gave the feeling of futility… of lack of purpose, of wasted opportunity. They will mourn their fallen afterwards, if there is one that is. A fighter squadron against a Star Destroyer, the odds were not that good. Jocelyn thought about formulating a strategy, but had to remind herself that she was not the flight leader, Lou was.

    The problem was that the plan depended on things happening precisely as intended. Also the two other elements needed for success were speed and surprise. Given the Sheep’s track record that did not bode well for them. But on the other hand they had a surprising success rate, given how dysfunctional they are. Good thing they were now paired depending on fighter type.

    Joy thought about their target. It would be hard to hit the hangar, the missile should be guided. She thought about that Rebel pilot Jal Te Gniev who destroyed an Interdictor Star Destroyer over Jazbina. The story was that he flew a X-wing into the main hangar of the destroyer and unleashed his full supply of missiles destroying the ship in the process. The problem was that there was no way to do that unless wanting to kill herself. Even then it would be doubtful whether or not it will succeed.

    Back in the Empire she had heard about potential baradium missile, but it was all theoretical. But the article she had read said that it could potentially wield very destructive power. If only they had one… or more… that would have made the mission easier. Maybe even help the Rebellion win the war by levelling the playfield.

    ‘Jocelyn, you need a life… or at least a hobby...’ she thought, stifling a snort. Joy had been recently thinking that she must be looking really stuck up to the rest of the squadron. ‘All work and no play...’ she remembered another classic holomovie. Though she wouldn’t end up murdering everyone with an axe… hopefully. That illicit a small smile, which she covered immediately. After all she had a reputation to keep.

    She almost visibly cringed as she remembered that her only hobby from before was playing the violin. Jocelyn was a competent violinist, her mother had insisted that she learn to play an instrument. Though that was a thing she wouldn’t divulge with her squadron mates.

    Joy nodded to the new pilot, hopefully this one would survive at least one mission. This seems to be the norm nowadays. There was no time for pleasantries. So she headed for her Y-wing. The preparation had finished, but the large Togorian was nowhere to be seen. ‘Maybe he is fighting the fire?’ she thought. They were not exactly friends, but she was used to him and knew that he is professional enough.

    Jocelyn shrugged, there was no time for superstitions. She climbed the ladder and sat in the cockpit. As the canopy was lowered she put her helmet. Shadow, her astromech, greeted her by telling her that it had already done the preflight checks. Hearing Lou and Ianna on the comm made her smile again. At least she was among friends.

    “Black Twelve, ready to launch.” she told flight control and as she got the green light the Y-wing lifted…

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  3. Bacta Bubble Bath

    Bacta Bubble Bath Jedi Padawan star 1

    Aug 29, 2019
    IC: Shi-Lara "Runaway" Dolva

    Outboard hangar deck, Starboard flight pod, Rebel carrier Intrepid.

    “Ooh hugs! Looks like we’re hugging now!” She gave Ianna a few pats on the head as she had been suddenly grabbed and embraced. Shi-Lara didn’t mind, of course. It was one of the friendliest welcomes she had received since joining the Flock.

    When she heard how dim things had been for the other pilots, it made her wonder if the turnover rate was really as high as it was rumored to be. ‘That won’t be us. We’re gonna get through this and make sure we stay with this team. They’re a family. Just like the one you left back home… and the one on Nar Shaddaa… and the one Snorts wanted to start with you… oh boy….’ Her minds were racing and soon one of her brains had kept her body on autopilot long enough to put her body in the cockpit.

    With the flip of a switch, both metaphorically and literally, Shi-Lara’s mind was back to focusing. Anyone watching the pilot would have seen her move mechanically to the B-Wing and ascend the ladder, plopping down in the seat like a droid until she shook off whatever stupor she had self-induced.

    “Ah! Right… pilot things.” She flipped a few switches, the dash lighting up as the engines began humming to life. She wasn’t sure what her ship designation was, so she piped up with the best thing she could come up with.

    Blackety Sax, spirits lifted and engines revved.” She pumped her fist and shrugged. ‘I think that’s how that works. Pretty sure. If not, I’m sure they’ll say something…’ Shi-Lara felt the engines hum around her, eyes closed as the B-Wing lifted off and followed the rest of the Flock.​

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  4. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Amber Tehanis

    “Blackety Sax, spirits lifted and engines revved.” Amber looked down at the comm and frowned. That had to be the new girl, she'd not introduced herself, probably didn't matter. At this point she was exhausted and had almost come to the conclusion her number would be up soon. She gave her head a shake only to be reminded of her melted hair, which made her look down again at the damage to her ship. It'd not even been addressed let alone repaired, she hoped beyond hopes that it wouldn't be a determent to the up coming mission. She didn't want to die, there were things she wanted to do in this life, and more immediately in the coming days to her lifeday. Looking forward she sighed. "Ok Squirt, let's do this and let's make it messy for the Imps."

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  5. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    GM Update Part I:

    Operation MIDWAY

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Leading Delta Flight, launching from the Intrepid.

    Taab listened in on the comms traffic as each pilot announced their readiness to launch on the Delta frequency. "Black...14?" Harley's report came in more as a question than anything else. "Ready to launch." She at least sounded sure about that part. The Zeltron pilot had been shuffled around a bit Taab had to admit, which might have led to her questioning herself. So long as she remembered her role in all of this, and to protect Taab's wing he could overlook her momentary lapse. They'ed be using their informal callsigns out there anyway once things got hot.

    "Black Fifteen ready to launch." The report in from Wolf came after a slight delay, sounding much more professional about the entire matter. Taab was counting on that professionalism as she would be leading the newly assigned, and not even integrated, Runaway. “Blackety Sax, spirits lifted and engines revved.” Taab rolled his eyes behind his faceplate. Looked like they had two of them in this flight then. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised given the nature of the squadron.

    "You're Black Sixteen, Runaway," he informed the new pilot, a tinge of exasperation in his voice. She hadn't been briefed on any of this, so it wasn't like he could be angry at her for the lapse in protocol. Besides, like with Harley, they would be going to their informal callsigns once the mission was officially underway. In the meantime he sent her a data burst of the Black Sheep's roster, containing both the official callsigns for each flight and the unofficial ones used by the pilots themselves. Hopefully that should help avoid any confusion out there. With that done he switched radio frequencies to the squadron wide and commed out to Boss. "Delta Flight, ready to launch..."

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Leading the Black Sheep

    "Delta Flight, ready to launch..." the words rang out in Flagg's bionic ear unnecessarily. The Black Sheep commander had been monitoring all four of the various Black Sheep flight frequencies as well as the squadron wide one. He shrugged as much as he could within the restraints of his flight harness. They were all ready, it was time to go. Commander Flagg patiently awaited his launch authorization from flight control, and then he and his fighter were off into space joining the others as Operation MIDWAY finally got underway.

    "All right Black Sheep, form up by flights." He ordered once all 16 fighters had emerged from the Intrepid's starboard side hanger bay. The fires appeared to be out in the port bay now, and Flagg had to wonder if any of their own plane crews had been injured in the crash of the former Black 16. He knew that many had to have taken part in the fire and damage control efforts, and losing any of them would further affect the efficiency of the squadron. But now wasn't the time to dwell on such matters, their current mission wouldn't abide any distractions if they were to be successful.

    The squadron commander watched as the four flights came together, each with it's own unique craft. Able flight, made up of space superiority X-Wings, Baker flight of the speedy A-Wing interceptors. Charlie by the Y-Wing fighter bombers and last Delta flight and the B-Wing attack craft. They had the tools, they had the talent, and they had a plan. Flagg was utterly confident that they could see it through to completion.

    Next he looked over towards the Intrepid again as the Black Sheep orbited around her several kilometers distant. Her own A-Wing escort, fighters from Viper squadron, had already jumped away ensuring that the carrier's next destination was clear of any Imperial interlopers. Once Captain Husk had that assurance, he put the next part of MIDWAY into motion; the fake "spy signal" sent towards the Swordfish system and the Bith Marquis itself. With that sent, the Intrepid flashed away into hyperspace, intent on following through with the deception. With any luck the Prince Eugene would be there moments later, waiting to destroy the non existent attack package she expected to be launched from the Intrepid. The presence of the carrier itself at the expected point along with the message should be enough to keep the Prince Eugene occupied while the Black Sheep accomplished the actual attack of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Captain Husk was putting his own ship at risk to help better the odds for the Black Sheep, and Flagg didn't intend to waste the opportunity. So moments after the Intrepid made her jump, the Black Sheep followed up with one of their own, to the Initial Point for the actual attack.

    Arriving in Swordfish system the fighters of Black Sheep squadron began to fan out as per the plan. The A-Wings of Baker flight accelerated out in front of the others, acting not only as scouts for the rest of the squadron, but screening the fighters from any picket ships that might encounter the group. Well behind them the X-Wings of Able flight fell into a finger four formation, with Flagg out in front. These would provide close escort for the attack craft behind them the Y-Wings of Charlie and the B-Wings of Delta flights which flew alongside each other rather in in trail of one another. The two flights would break and attack according to their own assigned mission goals once the Bith Marquis was within visual range.

    Speaking of which, Flagg looked out in front now, towards where the Star Destroyer was, she was still just out of sensor range, though he knew they were speeding towards her, just skimming above the accretion disc, like torpedo bombers over the oceans of a bygone era. It was at that moment that his sensor screen lit up like a life day tree. Out in front of the Black Sheep were a decent sized fighter screen, much larger than he had anticipated. "Black Sheep, this is lead, counting 14 bogey's on the nose..." he wasn't close enough yet to identify types, though he was sure that Baker flight was...

    Phalanx 13 (NPC)
    Leading Hoplite Flight

    As per usual the four Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats that made up Phalanx wing's junior element had drawn the short straw and had been deployed to picket duty first. While the other three elements were able to land on the Star Destroyer they had been tasked to protect, enjoy some downtime, sleep and get a hot meal, the four pilots that flew for Hoplite flight had been tasked to remain out here, even after their long deployment flight. It wasn't fair, but that was life in the Imperial Navy. Phalanx 13 suppressed a yawn as he led his four ship element out on their extended picket patrol. They were expecting an attack on the Bith Marquis, though they didn't know the how or when. So it was up to his patrol ships to be the massive Star Destroyer's first line of defense.

    "13, 15, got a sensor hit bearing 135..." A radio call came in on the Phalanx frequency. Phalanx 13 slewed his sensor system to that bearing, but got nothing in return save interference from the accretion disc which dominated his display in a burst of static and electronic fuzz. "You sure 15? 13 has nothing," he replied, weary yet now alert. If there was someone out there..."

    "Confirmed 13, 16 has them too. Looks like a four ship of A-Wings..." 13 tuned his sensor systems, he was still just seeing static, but for a moment thought he saw the same thing. Turning back the gain dials on his sensor suite he again got the same signal. It was weak, and they looked to be flying "on the deck", just over the disc, to mask their signature, but it was (relatively) clear. A four ship of probable A-Wings, with signature's behind them denoting other fighters, though they were too far away, or too obscured by the accretion disc below them, to make out the type. "That's them then..." he reported back a contact report to the Star Destroyer and was greeted with the news that the Bith Marquis was launching her entire fighter complement to meet them.

    The gunboats fanned out now, trying to get missile lock at long range on the incoming fighters. Normally he would have waited, tried to save his missiles for the lumbering attack craft no doubt streaming in behind the more nimble fighters, but he was more worried about breaking up their formation than destroying the bombers. He would leave those to the TIEs, he knew there were just ten of them in all of various type, and to the remainder of Phalanx flight which he knew would launch as soon as they were ready...

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    OOC: The 14 enemy fighters (some will be described in the second half of the update, I suggest all pilots make sure to read the second half of the update as well as it will contain vital information for the entire squadron) are all free use for you all as we make our way through the mission. These are first come, first served and you may damage/destroy them at will. Other enemy fighters may be added from the Bith Marquis as events unfold. Please remember our flight assignments, and each flight's/your own character's objectives under the mission plan. I'll break down the next update and organize it by flight.

    The 14 enemy fighters can be broken down as follows.

    • Out in front, closest to the leading Black Sheep fighters (Baker flight): Four (4) Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats
    • Several kilometers behind them, still out of missile range but closing fast: Four (4) TIE Interceptors
    • One kilometer behind the Interceptors: Four (4) TIE Fighters
    • Two kilometers behind the TIE Fighters: Two (2) TIE Bombers.
  6. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    GM Update Part II:

    Operation MIDWAY

    OOC: Still splitting this up so everyone gets the appropriate tags. Again any questions, you all know how to reach me.

    IC: Lance Corporal Manx "Terminal" Bane (NPC)
    Aboard the Valkyria, beginning of Operation: MIDWAY

    From their place below the Bith Marquis, enveloped within the accretion disc, the crew of the Valkyria intercepted the expected signal from the Intrepid. The signal purported to be from a spy alerting the Imperial Star Destroyer to an immanent attack to be launched from elsewhere in the system. This was the diversion the Black Sheep had concocted to lure the Prince Eugene, the Lancer class frigate escorting the Star Destroyer, away from the battle area to give their own assault a better chance at success. It would of course warn them of the real attack that was now en route, but still the misdirection should better the odds.

    Within moments of the Valkyria intercepting the signal, there was motion from the Bith Marquis, obviously the Star Destroyer had received the same signal. "Power spike, their shields just snapped into place," Corporal Manx Bane reported from the upper gun turret he had reoccupied as he looked at the readout at the gunnery station. He doubted his report was necessary, the readouts in the cockpit of the Corellian transport would be more detailed than the ones he was looking at, but it seemed to help to have something to do.

    Of course raising their shields wasn't the only action taken by the Imperial vessel. The crew also picked up an increase in engine output, as the lumbering starship slowly began to pick up speed. Additionally from the hanger bay launched a series of fighters, first a quartet of standard TIEs, followed soon thereafter by aa foursome of TIE Interceptors and finally a pair of TIE bombers. These all headed off, out of Bane's view. That bothered the Duros. He was just a simple marine, so he wasn't well versed in such matters. Even so he would have expected that the ship would launch some sort of defensive fighter screen at the mention of an immanent attack. He just didn't think it would happen so quickly. Clearing his head of the bad feeling he was starting to get over all of this he looked aft, and it was then that the feeling returned, and with a vengeance.

    It was the form of the Prince Eugene. She was making no move to jump away into hyperspace as the Black Sheep's plan had called for, but was instead surging forward slightly as she maintained her position aft of the Star Destroyer she was tasked to protect. Meanwhile, the fighters launched by the Star Destroyer were setting up a BARCAP patrol out in front of the ship, which was now covered from her front, flanks and rear. It looked like the Imperials had called the Black Sheep's bluff.

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  7. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Lioness Defender of the good! star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Meili Han, Kio Daume Lughdyt, Jeen Talgana
    Flight Deck - Hangar - The Intrepid.
    Burning burning, Disco Inferno?

    The return of the pilots after a mission always brought with it a certain sort of relief. Damage was to be expected after their time in the accretion disk and Kio had intended to get to work immediately on clearing out any microdebris from the A-wings that was his charge. But plans changed.

    Alarms immediately followed the B-wing's crash, and alongside many of the other deck crew, Kio rushed for the fire equipment. There wasn't really time to think, to consider the pilot's error and loss-- the fire could easily spread across the ship and they were the front line to contain it.

    The happy news of the squadron returning without any losses was quickly overshadowed by a B-wing coming in hot and sparking a fire. The burly pantoran got to her feet from sitting near the bay for her Y-wing. She grabbed a fire extinguisher and started working on the area near her, pushing it back.

    "Stop it before it gets to the fuel!" She called out gesturing to the barrels of fuel in the corner thankfully some distance away from the flames but, if the didn't act now, the consequences would be catastrophic.

    His tools were clean, he'd made sure of it, as he fully expected to have to rewire her ship, again, when he heard they were coming back, he smiled as he dropped his head, she was coming back, and his pilot as well. Turning he watched the ships coming in when things suddenly went sideways. It was like a nightmare in slow motion as the craft collide with the deck and burst into raging flames. He'd had training for this and duly swung grabbed the extinguisher from the wall near his tool kit and the mask set beside it, these fumes could be poisonous, before bolting to assist anyway he could. He noted the fuel nearby, the flames were a good distance from them but they needed get this under control before it was too late. Reaching the edge of the flames he noted he was not alone in his reaction to this.

    Lughdyt couldn't spare any breath for the curses bottled up inside him. He was panting and straining as he dragged a big portable extinguisher forward. Longer-legged maintainers and droids immediately overtook him, reaching the fire well ahead of the slow-moving Ugnaught. He slowed and let them take the lead. What else was being forgotten in the mad rush toward the flames?

    Off to one side, the pile of parts that was beginning to resemble a Naboo N-1 seemed to beckon the fire toward itself. Lughdyt had spent too many hours on that project to let it go up in smoke. He turned toward the old starfighter, dragging his extinguisher along, prepping it to make a firebreak between the flaming B-wing and the N-1 project.

    The immediate issue of the fuel going up seemed to be under control as more and more hands joined in to fight the fire. B-wing's were not Kio's strength, but he'd perused the schematics more than once. In his mind, he retraced the angle the ship had crashed at, trying to mentally track where each piece had smashed or crumpled into the deck. The starfighter's payload was going to be a problem, potentially very quickly, if they didn't get this under control, and the torpedoes were likely at the heart of the blaze.

    "If you have this side under control, we need to move in to the ship's torpedoes," Kio called, barely noting the faces fighting near the fuel barrels, squinting against the heat and smoke. It was hard to turn away from the defense of the partially-constructed N-1 fighter, one of the few ties he had to his homeworld on this cursed ship, but the others seemed to have that side under control. The industrial extinguishers were powerful, not the sort of tools found in a home, but it was going to take a lot to get into the heart of the crash. With half an idea, Kio moved in towards where he was certain the torpedoes would be, choosing whatever spot was raging the least, pushing back what he could with his extinguisher. Thank the Force for flame-resistant coveralls.

    Jeen turned as he could hear someone talking about the torpedoes, he glanced over, it was Kio. The man had the ability to even be calm and controlled in even this situation. Putting his mask on he followed him but stopped when he saw him head into the flames in his fire resistant coveralls, something Jeen was not wearing. So he chose to help by using his extinguisher to attempt to clear a path for Kio, shooting hit past him to dampen the flames around the torpedoes. 'If they go, we all go.' he thought adding 'Not ready to go, got plans!'

    Meili had pushed the flames away from the fuel stopping that particular disaster. But a new one was cropping up, the torpedoes. Kio and Jeen were battling it back but, they would need more support. Meili with help from other techs cut a path forming part of a ring around it trying to contain the blaze, on their side. Hoping that the others could handle the torpedoes.

    This wasn't working, Jeen knew just but looking. He wasn't wearing the required gear for such an event and despite his need to do his best, he couldn't get close and he was very concerned about Kio's proximity. He stepped back and scanned the walls, there had to be some sort of system in place for this kind of thing. He saw it! Running to the wall nearby he grabbed the hose, and began to undo the straps securing it before dragging it out a little. Checking the nearby buttons he was able to see the one that set the foam going and he duly thumped it before dragging the hose toward where Kio had gone in. Moments later the foam began to spew forth, but the power of the hose was hard to control. He glanced sideways and saw Meili. "Meili!!! HELP!!!" he knew the woman had more than enough strength required to help him control this hose. Looking back he saw Kio's long hair hanging out of his suit, and swinging dangerously close to the flames. "KIO!!!"

    Meili was doing her best to fight back the flames, though her extinguisher was running low, she could feel it getting lighter in her hand. They would need something more substantial to beat back this fire. Her section was contained but it was growing out of control.

    She heard Jeen's voice over the roaring flames. Looking his way she could see him struggling with a hose, trying to throw him around like a ragdoll. She dropped her extinguisher and rushed over to him taking a place behind him steadying the hose.

    "Got ya' Lady Killer." She said with a little bit of humor. With a wide swath of foam they tamped down a wall of flames. "What is Whisper up to?" She asked looking towards Kio as he dove further and further into the flames.

    "No Idea! The Torps, I think he knows they are going to over heat, but we can stop that!" Jeen called back, eternally grateful for her assistance and a little amused at her turn of phrase. "His hair! It's gonna catch!!" It wasn't as long as Ianna's but it was at least as long as Amber's and experience told him that people who grew their hair like this were very attached to it.

    "Well," Meili pushed them forward guiding the spray from side to side putting out as much of the flames as she could. "We need to get to him quick..." With another step she urged Jeen forward. "Don't fancy the smell of burnt hair."

    Jeen glanced back, his eyes wide as she semi-pushed him forward. "I don't fancy the smell of burnt ME!!" He called back over the roar.

    "If we stay back here, we'll have more to deal with than just some scorched flesh." She roared right back. If they waited, those torps could go off, and take them and likely the whole hangar bay with them. The foam quenched the flames, but there was still a raging fire between them and the burning wreck.

    Jeen wasn't known for his courage, but push had come to shove. For a fleeting moment he had a feeling he knew what Ianna faced out there every time she took off and a great appreciate was suddenly gained. 'If she can do it, I can do it.' he thought before taking a deep breath and pushing forward with Meili, they had to stop those torpedoes from blowing up, or a bit of burnt flesh on his part would be the least of his worries, he'd actually have no worries at all anymore! "Let's do this!"

    "Idiot!" grunted Lughdyt as Kio pushed forward into the flames. Jeen and Meili moved up fast behind him. "More idiots!" He took a deep breath and heaved his extinguisher forward; if they all got themselves trapped in the fire, they'd need help to get out of it. Moving up behind Jeen and Meili, he triggered short bursts of foam to either side of them, trying to knock back the flames on their flanks as they pressed ahead. The heat was so intense he could feel his whiskers curling. Must be Galactic Idiocy Day, and I haven't even started gift-wrapping my own idiot presents.

    It was definitely the dumbest thing Kio had done in some time. Fire retardant clothing, while handy for a small electronic fire, weren't going to slow down this blaze. But over the roar, he could see them making a difference; better to risk one than have them all go up when the ordinance blew. Overhead he could see flecks of foam, bigger than what he carried-- someone had gotten a hold of the main hose, so this wasn't entirely a losing battle. And better yet, the hot metal beneath him, while burning at his boots, was cooling from his ministrations: if they could get the hose line here, before his own extinguisher ran out, they might beat it.

    "Keep at it!" he shouted over the roar of the fire, trying to clear a space for them to work and move in to the heart of the fire.

    Jeen gritted his teeth, this was dangerous, and he knew it could end badly for them all but that didn't stop him surging forward, dragging the heavy hose. "We need to get to the torps, cool them down!" he yelled over the sound. He did wonder what Kio thought he could do in there, "Get out of there Kio, we can hit them better if you're not in there!" he yelled.

    "This ain't whipped cream we're throwing around." Meili roared before looking behind her at the ugnought following behind them muttering about idiots. They might be idiots, but they would have to take risks to save their ship and their skins, that were getting more and more in danger as they pressed deeper and deeper into the inferno. They were getting close, but with Kio in the way they couldn't do much.

    The tank was out anyway, as Kio ducked and sprinted through the opening in the flames to where the other two were hauling the hose. He tossed his smaller tank aside and joined them, helping drag the heavy hose deeper.

    Jeen wished he wasn't in the lead, he wasn't good at doing that, but desperate times called for desperate measures. With that the need to survive in mind he push forward, the foam was reaching the torpedoes now and they were starting to cover them, cool them, and douse the nearby flames. "Keep it up guys! " He encouraged wishing someone else was first.

    There was a sigh of relief as she watched the foam fall upon the wreckage. The orange flames had died down, being pushed away from the torpedoes. The immediate threat was handled the ship wasn't going to blow up. However, casting an eye around they were surrounded on three sides by fire, its heat causing her to sweat. It was like a oven, trapped in the middle of the flames.

    They were idiots, pushing too far to try and save the ship. Now they had to find a way out. Ahead of her Jeen seemed just a little hesitant to continue. Taking another look she scanned for some kind of way out.

    Bringing up the rear, Lughdyt could see that the leaders were in a pocket of flame. The shots of foam he was shooting alternately to either side of the group weren't doing much to help; he'd need to concentrate on one side to make a real difference. He aimed to the right and held the nozzle open. "Shift right!" he yelled. The flames by their right hands began to recede, opening up a space for them to move more freely. They shuffled to the right... closer to the B-wing's cockpit pod.

    They were making progress, and that was what buoyed Kio to another push to quench the flames. Lughdyt was clearing one side of their path, and he could see the other deck crew hard at work all around the flames. They could win this battle. Later, they would examine their losses and damage, but if they could stay focused... but beside them, moving into the opening Lughdyt had created, he could see the remnants of the cockpit, where the pilot was certain to remain. His heart sank, but he chided himself. Focus, we're almost through.

    Stepping ever closer, only tiny steps at a time, Jeen dragged the hose and his 'back up' team with him. They needed the torpedoes to not only be out of the flames but cooled, and they were close. "Just a bit more guys!! We got this!" he was feeling ever more confident. He hoped this would be over soon, Jeen was no hero.

    Meili pressed on behind Jeen, sometimes pushing him just a little further than his small steps took him. She was careful not to shove or push too far. Foam started seeping into the magazine hopefully cooling the explosive ordinance. A gap in the flames opened up made by the diminutive tech behind them and they took it. Their allies had contained the flames pushed them back. They had craved a path right to the heart of them and dealt with the biggest issue. The crisis for the most part had been dealt with, now...hopefully it was just time to mop up so to speak.

    Seeing the torpedoes being covered with the foam was a relief to Jeen, his heart was pounding so hard it almost hurt against his chest wall. Around them the others fighting seemed to be getting the upper hand and the flames were dying down. The encouragement, and that's what he'd decided to call it, from Meili behind him made him appear to be an awful lot braver than he actually was. Maybe she'd tell Ianna? he mused as the danger level reduced and the torpedoes almost disappeared beneath the foam. An cursory glance at the crafts cockpit gave him cause to consider the pilot for a moment. He'd not known the man, but every loss should be acknowledged.

    They were still pushing back the fire, making a space for them to operate. Looking to the cockpit it was streaked with soot and who knows what else though she could see a body one clad in armor, the pilot. It was hard to see through the fogged trasparasteel, but it didn't look like he was moving, squinting just a little she though she could see blood running down the front of the armor. She hoped he went quick, wasn't suffocated by the smoke, or burned alive in his armor. They couldn't leave him here.

    She left her post moving closer to the canopy, it was jarred loose by the impact, but the hinges must have been jammed or bent. Getting her fingers under the lip she heaved with all her considerable might hearing metal shear and tear. With another grunt she tore the canopy away. Reaching down she unclasped the harness, and lifted the body out. He was heavy, likely from the armor he wore, but she was still able to set him on her shoulders, in a Firefighter's carry. She returned to the hose, a mournful look on her face.

    "Let's go." she said in a low tone.

    He watched Meili move past and take on the task of retrieving the pilot. 'Better her than me.' Jeen thought as he knew he'd not be able to lift a Mandolorian in full Armour. The torpedo's were in the clear now and the fire mostly out, with smaller patches being dealt with by others. Jeen struggled but was able to turn the valve to closed and lower the hose. He was exhausted, not being used to such physical exertion. He turned to watch the pilot being carried out but the man looked like he'd not made it. At least the hangar was saved and the N-1 had been spared. There was a mess now, but it could be salvaged hopefully before the Black Sheep returned. He turned back and lowered his head saying a silent prayer to the Force to bring Ianna back in one piece.

    Meili carried the man away from the wreck looking around at the mess that had been created. It would have been worse had they not intervened. Most of the fires had been put out, the crisis fully over now. On the deck she gently laid out the body crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Anyone know Mandalorian funeral rights?" She asked the crowd, given the number of Mandalorians she'd seen, maybe someone knew. He should be honored in the manner of his people.

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  8. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    IC Cassell (Skipper), MacKenzie (Flanker/Fox)
    Cockpit Valkyria

    The message came through. The forces outside started to move in response to said message. Observing through the veiling mists, Cassell sighed. "Just like Dejarik." He gestured with his hand to the movements. "And soon it shall be our part to move..." Matey warbled a warning. The shields that came to life. "Eh... who could blame them since they're here sulking and licking their wounds. We need an alternative plan for our approach... how friendly can we be?"

    "We're pretending to be friendly. Honestly, no one's ever friendly with the Empire, scared, wary, avoiding, or dealing with, but never friendly." MacKenzie muttered as he scanned his screens. "Ideas?"

    Leaning back in the pilot's chair. Arms folded, hands clasped behind head. Cassell thought things over. "We look like a prospecting craft... our transponder registers the same..." he furrowed his brow. "Hang on... do you know names of any Imperial support craft similar to our dimensions?"

    MacKenzie smiled to himself, and idea has struck him. "I do actually, and it would fit this ship." He sat back slightly and looked down to Cassell, "It depends on if you want to play that game though."

    Cassell looked up at Holly and arched his brow as he noted the smile. "Oh pray tell. I'm all ears."

    Tag @Bardan_Jusik (marines will be informed soon)
  9. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    OOC: I'm still getting caught up since my time away, sorry, this is now a slight flashback along with @The Vanguard

    IC: Yov "Blackbone" Jaqa, Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Intrepid Approach

    The Mirialan exited his hyperspace path en route to point Luck, he made his jump before Ianna was fully powered up, he should have waited for her to make the jump at the same time but his fuel issue had him spooked. He hoped she was right behind him. A sigh of relief washed over Jaqa as he emerged with some of the other Black Sheep Squadron members also exiting hyperspace. Yov quickly checked his fuel gauge. 38%. Whew. Now he could get someone to look at his faulty fuel pump.

    As the flights approached, the lead B-wing pilot was still radio silent despite the LSO crackling through the comms, "Wave off, wave off!" Confused, Yov tried getting a visual on the craft but couldn't see him until moments before the inevitable. "What is he doing??" "Eject, eject!" "Eject you bantha!" Yov said to no one but himself, trying not to lose focus on maintaining his flight pattern. There was no sound from where he was sitting helplessly as the B-wing flopping like a pancake before exploding on deck. Yov eased his thrusters off, shock in his eyes. This wasn't the first time he'd seen a friendly die, but to do so needlessly. Yov shook his head and tuned back into the present, expecting whatever order that should be following the accident.

    "OK Black Sheep." The commanding officer's voice was matter-of-fact and moderate, as if this wasn't the first braindead pilot to collide with the docking bay. "New orders, land in the outboard starboard side pod. We'll let the 'Raider's gas us up..."



    "What do you mean no one knows how to work on an A-Wing? It's an A-WING!" Yov's voice was starting to raise and he didn't like losing his temper. "Look just fuel up and do what you can," he finished before going to look for his flight lead, Lt. Balzroth, among the bustle of incoming craft landing. The Raiders side of the hangar bay was just as unfamiliar as the Sheep's side to Yov.

    Kayn was happy to see three other A-wings landed safely without any more crashes or fireballs. Two with standard black markings, one in all black. That was a relief. I'd hate to lose another wingmate today.

    He spotted his second element leader, looking tense, apparently searching for him. Waving to catch his attention, Kayn called out, "Blackbone, over here, what's the problem?"

    "Sir! Apparently no one on this blasted deck knows how to repair a faulty fuel pump on my bird. I'll be restricted to some short flight coverage with the range I'm looking at." Yov shrugged his shoulders in disappointment, "I know I just got here sir, I don't mean to be a squeaky wheel or anything. I just don't know how far I'll be able to cover for the impending mission."

    Kayn already had a multi-tool in hand and he popped open an access panel on Blackbone's ship without bothering to ask if he minded. "Probably just a blown fuse for the aux fuel tank pump. Of course it's one that we don't have a spare fuse handy; not in this bay. We could hotwire it so the pump works and you'll have full fuel available, but that means it's more likely to catch fire. Or we could just leave it as is. We're not planning on any long-range jumps today, just a quick out-and-back smash-and-run. You've got plenty of fuel for that even without the aux tank, assuming it all goes according to plan. You've got about half a minute to make your choice."
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    May 6, 2018
    Ic - Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari + Major MacKenzie ‘ Fox’ Hollymander, Zehpyr
    Marines - Tech Sergeant E-6 "Kraken" Kradkans, Corporal Mullen Shetland, Gunnery Sergeant Tyrone Clark, First Sergeant Genevieve Lehrsherr
    Location: Valkyria - Do we need a bigger boat?

    The idea that came from their discussion was, to put it simply, ingenious. With the little time they have before the squadron arrives, they need to get everyone on this ship up to speed.

    The three amigos… Cassell, Holly and Matey convened at the main hold and call all to join them by the holotable to go over the plan for insertion. Matey took control of the dejarik holoboard controls to present visual data while Cassell presented the assessment of the enemy movement, the deployment of fighters, arrangement and shields before going into the plan.

    "…as you can tell, there be a lot of ways this all can go wrong before we even reach our destination. We are, after all, merely a harmless, prospecting craft" Cassell said with a chuckle. "I think its time we change careers and go pirate." He looked to Holly and gave a nod as he gestured him to step forward. "The stage is yours."

    "This is a simple plan that requires Skipper and I to be creative but you all will not need to do more than what you do." MacKenzie nodded to Matey to display the docking port he'd pointed out to to Skipper earlier. The Star Destroyer appeared, focused on the command tower and then zoomed in on the port. Midship, high and below the Bridge and Officers quarters. He pointed briefly.

    "This port is special, its reserved on all SD's for the Officers use only. Using codes I still have we will be docking there." he announced knowing his codes were only two weeks old and the chances of this ship hearing about his defection were low. Imperial communications weren't really that good. He knew that. "This dock is reserved for …" he paused to find the correct description. "Personal Stress Relief and Gratification deliveries." he paused for a moment. That needed to sink in.

    "Once docked, Skipper and I will greet the Officer who is assigned to greet these deliveries. Usually one Officer and two troopers. I plan to get them on board, that's where you will come in. Once on board, I need them jumped and stunned." he stopped again and frowned. "Rather not kill them, but if they fight back………." he trailed off. "Once they are taken care of, I will be keeping watch, and you all will be on board to do your job." He turned to Digger. "And I want you to find the nearest terminal and download everything you can. Any questions?"

    The young marine remained quiet looking to his superiors and his elders waiting to see if they had anything to say. There was a little worry in him, it relied on codes that while the spook assured them were still good could very well not be. As well if they were making a delivery what's to make them want to step foot on this ship, and who is it for? With no one speaking up yet he took his chance.

    "'re sure your code will work?" He asked looking around, "Cause if they don't we're going to be atoms before we can blink. Who would be the recipient of this delivery and how do we convince them to step foot surely they would just have us leave the item at the airlock then have us turn and fly away. Seems like the smart move to make there. Not sure they're going to fall for the "Could you give us a hand with something."

    "How far is it from the docking port to the bridge? Do we have deck plans that show the route we'll have to take, or does someone here know the way?" Kraken was eyeing Major Hollymander suspiciously. He hated walking into traps.

    Clark grunted as the other Marines chimed in, The bridge is our primary objective. If we get trapped fighting our way up that could get ugly. The corridors, the sight lines, this could go south quick. I agree with the others. We need assurances and intel.”

    Foxxy grunted silently. It was typical for the pampered "classes", the officers, to have a way to bring in items that are not part of the inventory. She wondered if there were such things in the Alliance? The Sergeant mentally shrugged. There was a time and a place to think about such things.

    MacKenzie shook his head briefly. "No specific recipients. There never is and the codes will work. I'd like to say trust me, but I doubt that's enough. Time is of essence here. We need to be docked before the Black Sheep arrive. They will be our distraction once they arrive. Our opposition will no doubt thin out. We plan to come in from the rear of the SD along the hull, like we trust them. Its how it's done and the codes will get us in. The Docking port is high and close to our objective." He said with confidence before turning to Matey. "Next schematics please?" The next programmed were the corridors and turbo lifts to the bridge. "Matey is going to help, hook into the SD and shut down some of the access corridors to aid you. Blocking potential incoming and access to the tower, he won't disable the alarms. If we time this right, the Sheep will be coming in. We need the alarms to drive the attention from us." He turned to the group folding his arms over his chest. "Look we're running out of time. If anyone's got a better plan, now is the time. The squadron will be here soon, we need to get in before that."

    Kraken leaned in closer to study the deckplan of the corridors and lifts. "Looks like it matches what I know of ImpStar layouts. You willing to lead the way, Major?"

    He'd known this was a risk he'd have to take. Despite his lack of Ops Training, it was the only way they'd trust him. He drew a deep breath. "Yes."

    "You have a suit, or just a mask? We may find ourselves crossing hard vacuum." Kraken was doing his final checks on his armored vac suit as he spoke.

    Cassell flashed a tight smile. He'll temporarily lose his copilot and repair droid, leaving him with the Nosaurian. Though, for the sake of their survival, it has to be done. Cassell went over to one of the storage lockers and opened it up. He was looking for gear to fit the role Holly would be playing. He took out an electro-whip and stun cuffs and paused. There was a chirping sound. At the corner of his eye, Zephyr was staring wide-eyed up at him, an innocent smile as best her species could muster.

    'No.' Cassell mouthed.

    "Can I have one?" She grinned.

    Cassell shook his head. "Now is not the time, Zephyr."

    "Neither is getting vaporised. Tell me how does going pirate gets you close to the Imperials?"

    "Our transponder will name us as the Passing Fancy. A ship I've been told they should be familiar with."

    "Brilliant! I'm sure everyone here will get a date. Gives new meaning to sleeping with the enemy…" She gleefully chuckled. "Usually that phrase means sharing the bed with a snorer."

    Cassell shook his head, bemused as he returned to the holoboard. He handed the cuffs and whip to Holly. "Trust you know how to work these." He said before turning to the others. The question was raised regarding hard vacuum.

    "You're not space walking over, unless someone is intending to break a few windows. The Valkyria shall remained docked with the destroyer for as long as our cover lasts. If not, there's bound to be a bank of escape pods nearby, especially near the bridge. Make your way there, I'll swing by and retrieve you if need be."

    Mullen's eyebrow arched seeing the stun cuffs and electrowhip. His mind already trying to find some use of them other than what was obvious. He chose to keep those thoughts to himself, for now. It seemed the plan was in place though he still worried about them even taking the bait. They were in the middle of nowhere, and somebody decided to order up some fun for the evening? It didn't sit well with him...not at all.

    He was no stranger to death, is surrounded him every day, his records showed enough of it to fill casualty lists. He just never thought he would die in attempting to hoodwink a Star Destroyer into thinking they were making a 'Special Delivery.'

    "I'm still not sure but, if everyone else thinks we can pull it off," He looked around a bit of grim determination on his face.

    MacKenzie was focused on the Marines and absently took what was handed to him. He assumed he'd get a blaster. He was somewhat surprised and actually gave Cassell a double take. "Um......yeah, sure,.... I do." he raised an eyebrow.. He understood where the older man was coming from, but wasn't entirely comfortable with it. He stepped closer to Cassell and muttered into his ear. "Can I have a blaster if I have to lead this lot?"

    Cassell did a double take at Holly. A blaster? It was as though the man was disappointed or ungrateful with the equipment given on loan to him. The cuffs a souvenir from the last squadron mission on Naboo mission while the other was taken from a more darker time.

    Clark didn’t say much. He never did before ops like these. There were a few choice thoughts that fluttered across his mind at the whip and cuffs. It was a reminder of this one port of call on Ryloth. Stories he had heard but never personally experienced.

    He had more simple tastes.

    Clark give a curt nod and made eye contact with the others he was ready.

    Foxxy tried not to groan. Were those guys serious? This will surely get them all killed. Suddenly remembering that she was the only female in the group made her self-conscious.

    "Just keep those things away from me..."
    she growled.

    Kraken had been staring off into space. He abruptly refocused on the others and spoke. "Let's make this a pincer maneuver. When we dock, I'll wait in Valkyria's opposite airlock. As soon as I hear things get interesting, I'll go EVA up the superstructure and cut my way in through the bridge windows. GC-17 can come with me, it won't be bothered by zero G or vacuum. It means dividing our forces, but that's not so important in narrow frontage combat zones like ship corridors. And if the rest of you can't push your way through, we'll have a second route for some of us to reach the objective. Anyone else care to step outside?"

    "I'll go," Clark offered, "I prefer zero g combat over claustrophobic ship encounters."

    Kraken nodded at Clark. He hoped the human really was good at EVA; some humans adapted to space like they were hatched to it, others just got vertigo and nausea. "Sounds like we have a workable plan. We'd better put it into action now. The squadron will be arriving soon."

    Mullen nodded to the others, it seemed they were moving ahead with this plan. There was nothing left to do but, execute it. Though he had his reservations about splitting their forces, and trying to talk their way in, he didn't have any better ideas. He found the spot closest to the airlock planting his rifle butt between his feet on the deck, resting his head against the barrel, and began to mutter his prayer...his good luck mantra...he wasn't sure what it was anymore.

    "Imperial bolts will avoid Mullen Shetland's body, Imperial bolts will avoid Mullen Shetland's body, Imperial bolts will avoid Mullen Shetland's body..."

    He'd kept and ear on the discussion and had listened enough. Moving away from Cassell he addressed them. "Clearly the respect and trust here is completely absent" He looked down and pursed his lips in thought "I didn't want to pull rank." He glanced at Cassell, "But the fact is we both outrank you all." He let out a exasperated and annoyed sigh. "If I were Flagg, you'd be listening. There simply isn't enough of us to be splitting forces." He snorted. "Do what you want. I have a sound plan and you are making your own rules. Believe me, it will show in my reports. We simply don't have time for this." He gave his head a shake and headed to the cockpit. Communication had to be made now. There was no more time to waste.

    Occ I hope I have this correct.

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: LT Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    As the Poodoo Hits the Fan

    All was as it should be in Kayn's world. In the cockpit of his A-wing Rebel Rouser, he skimmed just above the accretion disk, leading the way toward the coordinates where he expected to find the crippled Star Destroyer, Bith Marquis. A glance back over his right shoulder confirmed that B Flight's second element was nearby, and a dark shadow off to his left reassured him that Zara was in position. Any minute now, and they'd be merrily blasting away at Imps. Life is good. He linked his neural implants to Rebel Rouser's systems, becoming one with the fighter, preparing for an intense dogfight.

    Sensor blips appeared in his head, highlighting the location of the Star Destroyer, right where it was supposed to be... and right in front of a Lancer-class frigate. Frack! Prince Eugene wasn't taking the bait. Was it worth the risk to continue the attack, or should he call for abort?

    A comm frequency crackled to life, a transmission broadcast on the Common Traffic Channel. Kayn recognized Skipper's voice, even though he was calling in as Passing Fancy. It seemed that Valkyria was moving forward with the plan. Aborting now would leave Skipper and his crew twisting in the wind. Not an option, Skipper is one of our good ones, and we owe him. So how do we deal with PE... plus a flight of gunboats and ten TIE's?

    Schemes and ideas flickered through his imagination for a moment. He switched his transmitter to the squadron-wide frequency.

    "Sheep Squadron, Black Five. Papa Echo is not taking the bait. The frigate is positioned close behind the destroyer. Four gunboats are guarding their outer perimeter, ten TIE's in close support of the capital ships. Bravo Flight can deal with the gunboats and frigate. Alpha, Charlie, and Delta Flights, keep under cover in the disk and we'll tell you when to begin your attack run on the Bith Marquis." Kayn stopped speaking abruptly, realizing he was giving orders to his CO. "... if you don't mind, sir." Not the most diplomatic phrase, but we're in combat and Boss knows I'm the one who sees the big picture right now.

    He switched the transmitter to B Flight freq. "Bravos, Lead, here's our plan. Shields and engines at full power, minimum power to weapons. We're closing in to knife fight range with the gunboats, so close that the big boys can't target us without hitting their little friends. We're a lot faster and more maneuverable than they are, we'll dominate the maneuver combat, and force our dogfights to go where we choose. We'll fight our way through Eugene's defense perimeter, drag the gunboats all the way in to her hull plating. When we're at point blank range to Eugene we'll concentrate our countermeasures on their targeting antennae, interfere with their aiming while the rest of the squadron moves in to attack the BM. Try to stick together, but stick as close as you can to the bad guys. Everybody copy?"

    Kayn's mind lit up with hostile red waves. His sensor warning system was already detecting Imperial targeting transmissions. The gunboats were ready to play the game with missiles. He adjusted the frequency of his jammer and calculated the optimum moment to activate it. Time to go to work.

    TAG: @Rebecca_Daniels @The Vanguard @BobaMatt @Corellian_Outrider @Vehn and all the other heroes of the Rebel Alliance in general and the Black Sheep in particular

  12. The Real Kyp Durron

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic - Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari + Major MacKenzie ‘ Fox’ Hollymander, Zehpyr,
    Location: Valkyria - It's about to go down.
    Special thanks to @Bardan_Jusik for the Communications and the arrival of a Captain and his Stormtroopers, we promise to treat them with respect.

    Standing with his arms folded against his chest, there was a lot of things Cassell could say however, right here and now, they all have a job to do. Beside's the ball will soon be in their court.

    "I'll get you all aboard, one way or another. Until then…" Cassell flashed a tight smile to the marines and gave a small bow, then left for the cockpit. Matey disengaged from the holotable and rolled along beside him.

    It be all done and dusted before they knew it, otherwise it'll be more than just a long day. Glancing to the treadwell droid. "You better get to the transponder rigged up."

    It gave an affirmative warble and changed course.

    Dropping down into co-pilots seat, MacKenzie knew he'd have to slip into this character well enough. Glancing behind he saw Matey connecting to the ship, he assumed he was changing the ships transponder as discussed. He knew the Captain of the Passing Fancy. He'd met him on two occasions and had spoken to him several more times. He would use Captain Jitin Leong's name to get on board. He would use his 'co pilot' as his physical presence, Aaron Kay. Aaron wasn't too dis similar from himself. Older of course, but few would question that. He didn't wait for Cassell, time was running out. He cleared his throat and put on his best Imperial Accent, it felt strange going back.

    "Imperial Star Destroyer Bith Marquis, let me introduce myself. I am Captain Jitin Leong of the Passing Fancy. I am sure if you check your records, you will know of me and my cargo." I come offering relief and company for the Officers of the Empire. I am at your service."

    As Cassell approached the cockpit, he could hear Holly had already made a start on their phase of the plan and in communications with their target.

    The officer at the communications console on the bridge of the Bith Marquis heard the words coming through his system even as the sensor officer reported the new inbound contact. Looking up from his seat to the to the Executive Officer who towered above him he wondered what would happen next. They had encountered another small freighter such as this just a day ago or so. They had claimed to be asteroid prospectors, and indeed their paperwork had seemed to be in order. Even so, the Captain had ordered their immediate destruction. They had all been informed that an attack on the Star Destroyer by a rebel squadron was immanent, and to take no chances. The wreckage of that light freighter still floated about the system even as The Star destroyer awaited the arrival of the repair ship headed their way.

    This was different than that though, the Passing Fancy was well known to the officers of the Imperial Navy, for being in the right place at the right time as much as for the special cargo she carried. The ship wouldn't be destroyed out of hand, though the situation dictated that precautions were taken. The First Officer cleared his, about to issue an order when the captain stepped up behind him.

    "Where is that vessel going?" He asked in an ominous tone. It was clear he was wondering why it hadn't simply been destroyed yet. "It's the Passing Fancy sir," replied the XO, clearly thinking that was all the explanation needed. The Captain raised an eyebrow at that before asking thoughtfully. "Do they have a code clearance?" the XO nodded even as he gestured to the communications officer. "It's an older code sir, but it checks out."

    The XO nodded along with the statement. "I was about to clear them..." he trailed off as the Captain leaned over the sensor officer's shoulder. "Very well," he stated a slight flush to his cheeks now that the other bridge officers well understood "I will meet them myself."

    MacKenzie smiled as clearance came through and a destination to dock. It was the usual upper deck docking port, just as he'd predicted. He responded "Thank you good Sir. I must warn you though, I have been unwell of late. My cargo at times carries, shall we say, aliments. Sadly I seem to have contracted one. Please rest assured my second in Command Aaron Kay will be there to greet you. I trust he will deliver everything you and your staff require." Standing up as he closed the connection. He then turned an picked up his newest acquisitions, attempting to attach them to his belt in a manner that may make the appear threatening, or at least controlling.

    "Just make sure you don't accidentally hit the activator." Cassell warned as he observed Holly, then smirked. "Otherwise… well, I don't have to tell you what the shock might do." He moved past and settled back into the pilot's chair. "Wonderful performance though."

    "Wonderful indeed." Another voice remarked behind them both. Zephyr walked it. "I couldn't help but notice that you be short staffed for your charge, Ody."

    MacKenzie looked over to Cassell with a shrug. Then too Zephyr, she was smiling. "Are you offering?"

    "If you value your life, Holly." Cassell grumbled. "Don't do it."

    "That's sweet talk from someone whose rear I pulled from a fire once." Zephyr shook her head.

    "And I, yours. We're about even in the IOU list." Cassell remarked then looked to Holly. "Did I say life? I meant sanity."

    "Sure you did." Zephyr placed a hand on Holly's shoulder. "Afraid I'll lure your boy away from the cause?"

    Cassell glared at her for a second then waved a hand to indicate to drop it. "Bah!" He turned around to face the viewport and controls. He grumbled to himself about lost causes from the yesteryear's as he flicked the switched harder than normal.

    "I heard that." Zephyr growled. "It's not my bark you have to worry about."

    Cassell looked back over his shoulder to her. "If you feel up to it, I cannot stop you." His gaze shift. "Your call, Holly. Think Zephyr will be a help or hindrance."

    MacKenzie glanced between the two of the during the exchange. 'we don't have time for this' he thought. "Some help is better than none. With the way those Marines are dividing, I can't really refuse help."

    "Matey can unlock the lockers for you." Cassell offered. "You best gear up… and keep safe."

    MacKenzie gave a single nod. "Will do."

    The Captain of the Bith Marquis waited impatiently as the airlock cycled, ignoring the air of Stormtroopers at his side. They of course knew of the debauchery the arrival of the Passing Fancy portended, but their lowly status meant they wouldn't partake. Still they knew that their discretion in this matter would lead to their elevation in rank, or rather, their indiscretion here would lead to their loss of it.

    All three had heard that they would be meeting the pleasure ship's second in command, a person the Captain did not know personally, though it matters little. It wasn't the ship's officers he was interested to see. The hatch finally opened and they were greeted by a tall blonde man, and a Nosaurian woman, who both seemed to be armed and in possession of several devices used for containment and control of their cargo.

    "Captain." he inclined his head. " First Officer Aaron Kay at your service. Captain Leong extends his humble apologies. Believe me when I say we are in a better situation than he at this point in time." MacKenzie gave a warm smile as he indicated his companion. He spoke with a clipped aristocratic tone, one he'd used many times before. "My trusted associate who 'contains' the cargo for us." He turned back to the Captain. He gave a light chuckle. "To business? We have a wonderful array of entertainment for you, from the most obliging to the ......shall we say ......less inclined to play the game."

    The Captain nodded himself, greeting the Passing Fancy's first officer, a predatory grim beginning to form on his face when his comm link chirped. "Captain, this is the XO. We've got inbound enemy fighters." The Captain looked down to his comm link in horror, forgetting who was standing in front of him for a moment. He didn't have a chance to respond before the XO continued on. "Launching the alert fighters..."

    MacKenzie noted the report, the Sheep were coming. He cleared his throat. "My associate will make an appropriate selection for you and deliver them to the regular location if you desire, I can see you are a very ......busy man. I would prefer your Troopers accompany me and the cargo so may return to your duties." He indicated for the Stormtroopers to follow him on board. As he turned to face Zephyr, he indicated with his eyes for her to act on the Captain. He was unsure how she'd react, but once the troopers were on board, it mattered little. He hoped they followed.

    Irritated, the Captain nodded curtly. He had his duties to return to but these two troopers could at least secure tonight's entertainment as this Kay suggested. "Very well," he grumbled, allowing the troopers to move forward and board the Passing Fancy as he turned on his heels to leave.

    MacKenzie allowed himself a slight smile as he led the Stormtroopers into the ship. "This way gentlemen."

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  13. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil]
    Doing What He Does


    The leading gunboat launched a missile salvo. Alarms shrilled in Kayn's mind as hostile sensors locked on. He tracked the missiles' progress, judging the moments, then finally lit up his sensor jammer. Another brief pause, then his engines opened up wide and the missiles flashed past, vanishing behind him.

    "Fight's on! Let's get in there, Bravo Flight!"

    Rebel Rouser leaped ahead, closing the distance to the gunboats, getting in too close for missiles, slipping and skidding to avoid energy beams, still closing, reaching blaster range and peppering his target with weak plasma bolts that didn't even penetrate the shields. Then he was close enough to count the rivets on the lead gunboat's hull. The A-wing's hull creaked as he yanked it around into a punishing high-g turn, looping around his opponent, staying as close as he could. His blasters pivoted, firing again and again, a weak hit and a clean miss. The gunboat pivoted, trying to get the A-wing back into its field of fire. Kayn rolled out of his loop, recovering in the direction of the Lancer-class frigate, working his way closer to the threatening anti-starfighter ship.

    For a moment he was stable and he took the opportunity to scan the area, trying to see where the rest of B Flight was, hoping that they were engaging nearby. Their A-wings should be able to evade the sluggish Imperial gunboats in a close-in combat.

    Sluggish or not, the Imp on his tail was locked on and Kayn jinked away, a little too slow, a glancing hit knocked his shields down by 30%. A quick barrel roll threw off the targeting lock momentarily, and he managed to cut in a little closer to Prince Eugene.

    A burst of fire from the frigate illuminated the space between A-wing and gunboat. Kayn's comm scanner picked up activity on a scrambled Imp tactical frequency, a transmission from the gunboat, probably a sharply worded comment about the advisability of shooting at ships dogfighting at point blank range. Friendly fire isn't.

    Kayn was sweating bullets by the time he had dragged his foe through the Lancer's outer defense perimeter. More comm signals flashed between frigate and gunboat, presumably Prince Eugene was telling the fighter to move clear so the ship's artillery could open fire. Too late, he was already close enough. Rolling out of a loop, Rebel Rouser zig-zagged and moved in on Eugene.


    The frigate loomed over Kayn as he throttled back, turning to match its course and speed. The A-wing slid into the gap between the primary ventral sensor arrays. Jammer reset to match the Imp's targeting frequency, pop a handful of chaff and flares right in front of the antenna, and pivot the blasters straight aft. Kayn blasted the fragile looking sensor dish. His plasma bolts were absorbed by secondary shields surrounding the antenna. It's almost like they designed this ship just to defend against starfighters!

    Resetting the blasters for alternate fire, Kayn continued his barrage. Even if he couldn't destroy the antenna, he doubted it would be able to sense much through the plasma pummeling the shielding right in front of it, plus the random chaff and flares he was ejecting, and his jammer at max power and point blank range. He switched his transmitter to squadron-wide freq.

    "All Sheep, Black Five is poking the guard in the eye with a sharp stick. Everybody come running in while it's blind. Make it quick, I can't hold out for long here."

    The gunboat he'd been sparring with was moving in from his left. Not long at all. Rebel Rouser rolled left, blasters pivoted upward, and he loosed a burst that glanced off its shields.

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  14. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Ethan Malek, Amber Tehanis (combo with @Adalia-Durron)

    Amber glanced at her starboard wing, as always Ethan was there. They'd skimmed above the disc and now the target was in sight. Things were about to get hot and the bad feeling she'd had earlier was there still, but had somehow been redirected. Her comm opened, it was Kayn, internally she groaned. He was doing what he did best, showboating. She had to admit it was once again a brassy bold and ballsy move, and so him. She opened to Veteran. "Stick close Vet, let's make a mess."

    "Right behind you," Ethan responded, a part of him was glad that they were finally here, after all the sneaking around and waiting the battle had finally begun. He concentrated keeping his mind focused, he couldn't allow himself to get distracted again, this battle would be harder than the last one he felt, a single mistake, a single slipping of his guard could mean his end out here.

    Kayn reported that he was 'poking the guard' in the eye, Amber frowned as she worked through that. "Vet, he's jamming the Prince, let's go and go hard." She said to her wingman.

    "Great, another suicide assault," Ethan muttered to himself as he stayed above Amber's position to give her some cover while they made their way towards the smaller one of the imperial ships. "Okay, though I suggest us saving our torpedoes for the moment," he told his wingmate over com, "I feel this will be a long battle."

    "Noted, will do." She banked port and decided the underbelly might be a good start. "I'm going in." She flipped a switch, "Shields front Squirt" she ordered as eh hunched over her control yoke into her normal attack position and began single constant fire.

    Ethan joined Amber in fireing their lasers at the ship, he knew that with their turbolasers they had little hope to cause any lasting damadge but it might at least prove a distraction. "R7, not much engery on the lasers, can't scrach them with those anyway, we should save what we can."

    Amber noticed the laser fire beside her was insipid, weak and not even splashing on the shields. 'what was Ethan up too?' She glanced over her shoulder at his craft. 'Was it because of his heart? Was he not fighting because he didn't want to be there?' She opened a comm channel to him. "Vet? You ok? You're fire is weak!" she asked the question direct.

    "Just attempting to save energy for the big one, better not take too much of a risk here," he responded even if it only was half of the truth. He wanted to preserve engery for his shields, to make sure he would get out of this alive. Up until this battle he had allways accepted the possibility of dying in battle, his parents were dead and his old friends long gone, he had taken many lives during war, it was okay if he would suffer the same fate. But now it was different, there was someone waiting for him, someone he wanted to return to.

    Amber didn't believe him. She knew he was holding back, and knew he was in fear of dying now and to be honest with herself she understood. "Get in behind me Vet, watch my six, I'll take the heavy stuff." She wanted him to know that she'd take the hit if it came, she give him the chance to get out alive.

    Ethan didn't need to hear R7's disapointed bleep to feel ashamed of himself at this suggestion. For a brief moment he saw the face of his old drill sergeant before him, calling him a coward, an unreliable wingmate. He saw other faces as well, his parents, Tanya, even Tarkin all looked at him with disgust. With his selfish actions he might had enhanced his own chance to survive this battle but he wouldn't let Amber take the fall from it. "R7, full engery of the turbo lasers," he ordered and the little droid was happy to oblidge. "Negative," then told Amber over com. "I'm staying at your side not behind you, we do this together."

    She smiled. There was a part of her that had already decided she was going to do her best to make sure he made it, but the fact he'd made the call himself swelled her heart. "Be where you need to be, lets go again, while Streaker is blinding the Prince!" She said with a good deal encouragement. "I see the targeting coms array, wanna take a dive at it?"

    "Alright, can be an unpleasant suprise for them if we get." Turning around to R7 he said, "we shoot in quick salvos, one after the other, maybe we will be able to get through the shields with at least a few of them."

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    May 6, 2018
    Ic Mullen Shetland, Genevieve 'Foxxy' Lehrsherr , MacKenzie 'Fox/Flanker' Hollymander, Cassell 'Skipper' Wystari, Zephyr, Tyrone Clark
    On board Valkyria docked with SD Bith Marque.

    "...Imperial bolts will avoid Mullen Shetland's body." Priest continued his prayer hearing the airlock hiss he quieted immediately, moving out of sight. He brought up his rifle ready to end the next people to come through the door. He looked to the other marine opposite him, nodding his head. As slowly and quietly he could he put his rifle on a strap and drew his knife. He didn't activate the vibro blade the distinctive hum would be a give away. It was still sharp, sharp enough to do what needed to be done.

    He waited for his moment, and struck with terrifying efficiency. He stepped behind placing pressure on the forehead of the trooper pulling it back and exposing his neck. The cut was quick and clean across the throat, the body crumpling quickly afterwards.

    Clark saw the first trooper go down. It was well done. Priest was talented. He should be. After all, he was a Marine.

    Clark crept up behind the other storm trooper, wrapped his strong arms around the helmeted neck, and gave a ferocious twist. The satisfying crunch of the clam shell hitting the deck lifeless was enough to make him feel the surge of combat adrenaline. He knew he was ready now for what was to come. He gave a nod to Priest.

    It was time.

    Foxxy grimaced at the cutting of the throat. She was not squeamish per se but still it was a nasty way to day. Then it was Clark's turn to kill the second buckethead. The Sergeant took position allowing her to observe whether more Imperials would come in. She lifted her blaster and pointed it at that direction.

    MacKenzie heard the bodies fall behind him and there was no time to waste. Turning sharply he pulled the blaster Zephyr had given him from its holster and returned to the docking connection in time to see the Captain slumped at Zephyr's feet.

    "You all too loud for me." Zephyr remarked. "You want the uniform intact? Are the marines going to dress up as bucket heads?"

    He was amazed "How'd you?..." he gave his head a quick shake. "Don't tell me. No uniforms needed, I do however need your skills." He turned to the droids. "You two, out and do what you need to do, Matey, shut down all access corridors to the Turbo lift. Try not to alert them to our presence. Digger, everything you can get, download it!" Turning back to fact Zephyr he added, "I need to put the entire bridge crew to sleep, we can shut the bridge off. I need you to do what you do best." Cassell had mentioned her Alchamist past.

    "Sure, Ody, lead the way." Zephyr remarked as she watched the droids roll out. "What do you want done with the Captain?"

    He removed the binders from his belt and tossed them to her. "Use these, and gag him, take his comlink too." He was distracted as he was attempting to think a few steps ahead. "How do you want to deliver...." he had no idea what she had, "What ever it is you are going to do?"

    Zephyr bound and gag the Captain as instructed, she explained to Holly what she needed. "Access to the atmosphere regulation systems… disable the filtration system, up the humidity and add the concoction to the mix. That should spread it through this section of the ship. They'll be all nodding off to dream land with one shake of a nerf's tail."

    He listened and gave a single nod. In his mind he was going through the corridors and schematics of this particular ship. "OK, will get that all sorted, you get started. Make it fast." He turned and approached Matey, bending down beside the droid who'd found a input to which he'd connected. "Can you do what she just asked Matey and find an place to add it?" he asked.

    Matey's head swiveled as its photoreceptors looked to the two of them. It's manipulator arm waved as it warbled back a series of instructions.

    "Of course the safeties need to be disabled for it to work. What am I?" Zephyr exclaimed. "An idiot? Don't answer that! Just find where we need to go and we…"

    Matey conveyed the location of the maintenance zone relating to the systems they need to affect.

    "…really? I knew they like the Republic decor but didn't think they'd continue using the same configuration. That should make it easy."

    Getting up he turned to find only two marines. Giving his head a shake he waved them forward. "Cover the entrance. As soon as Zephyrs ready, we move out." He then strode down the now locked down corridor, stopping about 15 meters in. Pushing sharply and hard on a panel, it popped open to reveal breathing apparatus. He pulled out three sets. The Marines had this covered, but Zephyr, himself and possibly Cassell would need these. Heading back he tossed one to the woman before reaching the cockpit. "Just in case." he said passing one to Skipper. "We're almost set."

    "We're going to try and gas them?" Priest asked checking the respirator on his armor. It wasn't full EVA, he could operate in low oxygen, or no oxygen environments. Gunny and Kracken split off, leaving only him and the First Sergeant to cover the spook and the smuggler. Shetland nodded moving in step with the Sergeant keeping his rifle across his chest and head on a swivel. He wasn't going to say anything to make this go south. He'd been on too many missions where he'd lost everyone, he didn't want this to be another one. Taking his post he waited for the order to go.

    Foxxy grimaced, she did not like putting the gas mask on. Good idea to gas the crew of the bridge as given the dwindling number of people that remained on the team would have made things difficult. She put her cowl on to cover any skin showing, just in case. She turned to Priest "Need any help? Also cover yourself better."

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  16. Mitth_Fisto

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    IC: Akiva “Wolf” Lurell, Black Fifteen
    Flying into Hostile Territory,

    The hyperspace flight in and the flight along the accretion disk had been boring, uneventful and just the way they should be. Things were a little off balance with the loss of the new pilot to what was likely high compensator settings and the auto pilot Zzz's. Still, like lead had said, it was doable and the plan was still intact with little changed. That was until she was finally close enough to start getting some data off her passive sensors. Actually the scope set to visible light was the best piece of equipment right now with all the background radiation.

    Seeing what they were up against made her feel a little bit more comfortable. This meant that their plan had gone wrong before they had contact with the enemy. Most plans waited that long at least, but not this one. She felt a sigh of relief at that. Now if anything went right it would be a bonus. Lead flights sped up ahead, Alpha and Baker going in to mess up the defensive screen as Charlie and Delta lumbered their way in. Being bombers made for a slower ride, so there wasn't much she could do from back here unless that fighter screen showed interest.

    "All Sheep, Black Five is poking the guard in the eye with a sharp stick. Everybody come running in while it's blind. Make it quick, I can't hold out for long here."

    Well, that changed things. "Acknowledged. Fifteen and Runaway spinning up." Flicking switches she set her S-foils to attack position and began speeding up for a run on the Prince Eugene. "Runaway, stay loose and take shots of opportunity. Just make sure your fire lines are clear, we don't want to hit the others. We'll stick to the deck until as close as possible for attack break on target. Might make us harder to hit."

    With that she activated her full thrust and began plowing ahead. Time to see if she could add some ion cannon and laser damage to the large boat before it was ready to fight back. She only hoped they would make it in time or this might become a massacre for the wrong side.

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  17. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Maxime "Max" Pallas
    In position

    Max eyed the fighter array coming towards them, and glanced back over her shoulder. The Sheep were all in position, for the moment, and no nasty surprises popped in to challenge. B flight surged forward, Kayn at the fore, ready to cause trouble. To the left, Amber and Malek were peeling away, launching an attack run. She had a leader to follow, her weapons were hot, and after a quick look around (ignoring Belgium's grumbling through her earpiece), she commed Flagg.

    "Okay, Boss," she said. "Whadda ya wanna blow up first?"

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  18. Bacta Bubble Bath

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    Aug 29, 2019
    IC as Shi-Lara "Runaway"
    Flying into Hostile Territory,

    "Loose, got it."
    Shi-Lara made sure to flick all the necessary switches, checking her guidance systems to ensure that she could pop off a few shots where needed. "Roger that Wolf. Runaway, popping some rocks." She kept her hand loosely on the controls, flipping on a targeting computer to take any opportunistic shots on the enemy should their fighters get too close.

    A roll here, a bank there, a quick loop for good measure... keep the enemies on their toes.

    She would continue to keep Wolf in her peripheral, watching her from the corner of her eye while her dual brains split up tasks accordingly for her.

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  19. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: I know there are still at least a couple of combo posts in the works here. Hopefully none of this negatively impacts any of your work too much and you're able to fold your works in progress without too much effort. However, we've waited here long enough and it's time to move us forward a bit.

    GM Update:

    Operation MIDWAY

    Able Flight:

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Leading the Black Sheep

    As the squadron raced towards it's target the impressive bulk of the Star Destroyer Bith Marquis soon began to resolve itself, looming large even though they were still several kilometers out. "Sheep Squadron, Black Five." The voice of LT Balzroth, Baker flight's leader and the senior pilot at the forward edge of the engagement commed back to them all. "Papa Echo is not taking the bait. The frigate is positioned close behind the destroyer. Four gunboats are guarding their outer perimeter, ten TIE's in close support of the capital ships. Bravo Flight can deal with the gunboats and frigate. Alpha, Charlie, and Delta Flights, keep under cover in the disk and we'll tell you when to begin your attack run on the Bith Marquis."

    The Lieutenant stopped speaking abruptly, realizing he was giving orders to his CO. "... if you don't mind, sir." Flagg had no issues at all with the orders as given, even though he was the squadron's commanding officer it was Mean Streak right now who was leading this intercept. His element was out in front, and it was typical for the lead element to take over an engagement once contact made with enemy regardless of rank. So for now Flagg deferred to the junior officer's judgement as he kept Able flight just out in front of the bombers of Charlie and Delta flights as they all skimmed in just over the accretion disc.

    Looking to his front he saw that the fighters from Baker flight had managed to disrupt the enemy fighter formation, scoring hits, though it appeared they hadn't actually scored any kills. No matter, they had done their job and the disruption of the enemy formation was allowing the bombers to sail through relatively unmolested, at least for the moment. Baker flight meanwhile screamed in towards point blank range with the Prince Eugene, managing to bring the gunboats along with them as the slower Imperial fighters tried to protect the escort ship. That left just the myriad of TIEs that were left trying to organize their own attack on the bombers, though they were quickly being left behind.

    "All Sheep," Another message came in from Balzroth, and though it was somewhat garbled Flagg could just make it out. "Black Five is poking the guard in the eye with a sharp stick. Everybody come running in while it's blind. Make it quick, I can't hold out for long here." Flagg watched as the wingpair of Vixen and Vet raced ahead, their own throttles must have been pushed to maximum even as the TIE's began diving down on the bombers.

    "Frak," Flagg said to himself. That was one issue with delegating authority, sometimes you delegated too much. By calling in all the Black Sheep to attack the frigate, Balzroth had left the vulnerable bombers open to attack. "Okay, Boss," a message came in from his won wingman, Max. "Whadda ya wanna blow up first?" The commander paused for a moment as he watched Black Three and Four accelerate away, under the Star Destroyer and past it to attack the Lancer frigate behind it. The bombers lagging behind as they started to set up their own attack runs. "Stick with the bombers, protect their rear from fighter attack," he commed out to his wingman even as a pair of TIE's dive down on the B-Wings of Delta flight...

    Delta Flight

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Leading Delta Flight, Swordfish system

    Too long, Taab thought to himself as he and his flight skimmed just above the surface of the accretion disc below them. "Too long," he now muttered to himself, this was taking too long to develop. The plan had called for the marines assigned to the operation to board the Star Destroyer and at the very least lower her shields so the squadron could come in and blow the star destroyer to bits. Sadly, that hadn't and he wasn't sure if it was even now an option. The boarding team had either gotten a late start, or been bogged down, it didn't really matter which. What mattered was that the Star Destroyer's shields were still up, and the ship was not yet vulnerable to their attack.

    The failure of the boarding team wasn't the only thing going wrong with the plan at the moment. The Prince Eugene, the Lancer class escort frigate that was supposed to be lured away had not been. The ramifications of why were not something currently occupying the Mandalorian's mind, that could be dealt with later. What mattered now was that the anti fighter capital ship was still here, and protecting the vulnerable aft section of the Bith Marquis. Worse yet, her position was also covering the belly of the beast so to speak, including the lower hanger bays that were to be the primary targets of both Delta and Charlie flights. Attacking those now was a total no go, even with Baker flight distracting the frigate, the bombers of Delta fight would be sitting ducks down there, though the bulk of the massive Star Destroyer did at least screen any fighters out in front of the Bith Marquis from the escort frigate's laser fire.

    Of course down here skimming over the accretion disc they weren't in much better straights either Taab thought as a pair of TIE fighters dove down on them. The Starwing gunboats had been dispersed and disorganized by Baker's initial blow through of their formation and had purseued the A-Wings back towards the frigate. But the TIEs had remained behind, intent on attacking the bombers as they tried to punch their way through to the destroyer.. Worse still, Taab could see that more gunboats were launching from the Bith Marquis. Four. Eight. Twelve now... It seemed the whole of Phalanx flight had managed to launch pitting the Black Sheep against a total of 16 gunboats in addition to the 10 TIEs of various types (4 TIE Interceptors, 4 TIE fighters, 2 TIE Bombers).

    Even now, a pair of standard TIEs dove on Delta Flight, splashing green laser bolts against their upper shields. Taab watched as Black 16, the new pilot called Runaway, pitched up her B-Wing's nose and taking a snap shot as a second pair of TIE's rolled in. Her shot connected, damaging the craft which pulled up off it's attack run. Meanwhile Taab and his own wingman Harley engaged the first pair in much the same manner, pulling up hard at them. The maneuver served to not only throw off the aim of the Imperial fighters, but put them squarely in the B-Wing's sights.

    Taab mashed down on the trigger on his B-Wing's yoke, sending out a stream of fire from his nose mounted quad auto-blasters. The stream of fire quickly shredded the unshielded vessel which erupted in a short lived bright explosion. From the back seat of the Iron Cross, Boomer watched as Harley did the same. Those auto-blasters might not do much damage to a shielded target like an X-Wing, Boomer thought, but they ripped apart unshielded targets like a TIE fighters as if they were tissue paper. She arched an eyebrow, wondering if she should offload the laser cannon on her own B-Wing in favor of them.

    Taab meanwhile pushed his yoke back forward, causing the Iron Cross to porpoise a bit as it headed back down to the deck. Still out in front and above him was the huge form of the Bith Marquis, while still further out, behind the Star Destroyer, was the Lancer frigate Prince Eugene. Above him, the fighters attempted to reform, even as a pair of Interceptors moved to try to get in behind his group. A warbling tone in his helmet signaled worse news. "TIE Bombers going for missile lock," Boomer announced from the back seat. Taab scanned the sky above him, looking for the source of the scanning beams, but couldn't identify it through the chaos of fighters rolling around above. "The disc directly below us is scrambling their sensors I think, they can't get a tone." She breathed a sigh of relief even as a new problem emerged. "Twelve gunboats on the nose."

    "shab," Taab swore to himself. The XG-1's that had launched from the Bith Marquis had not joined in on the fight going on above, nor were they moving towards the rest of their group supporting the Prince Eugene. Instead they made a bee line for his own flight, skimming along just over the accretion disc just as Delta flight was. There was no way his flight of four was going to withstand a head on assault from twelve gunboats he thought and they couldn't turn tail and run. Nor could they head down into the disc, there was no telling what that would do to their shields, comms or sensors. That meant the only way out was up.

    "Delta flight, Delta leader," the Mandalorian commed out to his flight. "We're going to get shot to pieces if we hang out down here." He noted that Wolf and Runaway, were setting up for attack runs on the frigate, but he had a better place to put their heavy ordinance. "Leave the Lancer to Charlie flight and follow me," he ordered as he pulled his attack fighter up off the hard deck created by the accretion disc and out in front of the Star Destroyer. Almost immediately he was greeted with heavy fire from the vessel that splashed off his shields causing the B-Wing to shudder.

    "You know what you're doing?" Boomer asked, from the back seat, her voice tinged with concern. "You better hope so," Taab replied through gritted teeth. Their maneuver had brought them under the guns of the Star Destroyer, but had screened them from the newly launched gunboats which were still screaming to get out from "under" her hull. Likewise, being out in front of the Star Destroyer, the B-Wings of Delta Flight were screen off from fire from the Lancer as well due to the destroyer's bulk. Now they just had to worry about any fighters behind them, and of course the big guns of the Star Destroyer.

    Taab switched his shields to double front and poured his stored laser energy into them now reinforcing them. "It will take a few minute for the guns to recharge..." Boomer warned, but Taab shook off her concern. "I want the laser generators devoted to engine power now." He called back as another turbo laser bolt impacted his forward shields. That would give them more speed, though the guns wouldn't be available for even longer. "Black Sheep, Delta lead, we are rolling in for the Bith Marquis shield generators... cover our six." With their shields set to double front, their rear was now vulnerable, fortunately the Star Destroyer was in front of them, but if any fighters got in behind, it was game over...

    IC: Commander Flagg (NPC)
    Following the Black Sheep

    "Dupes going for missile lock on Delta." The electronic whistling of ROBO, Flagg's astromech droid warbled through the cockpit. So that's what the pair of TIE bombers were doing hanging back from the main fight. They would lob missiles at long range at the bombers, if they could get a lock. So far the rebel bomber's own approach vectors just above the accretion disc seemed to be scrambling the TIE bomber's targeting scanners. Still, they were a threat that would have to eventually be dealt with, after the TIE fighters and Interceptors were taken care of.

    Two of those fighters had been dispatched by Delta flight while a third had been badly damaged and was doing ti's best to limp away from the battle. Flagg let it go for now, they had bigger fish to fry. The four TIE Interceptors left behind by Baker flight had managed to get their act together and had formed up. Right now they were well behind the bombers and attack craft, but with their speed it wouldn't take long to make up the distance. With Baker flight engaged with the Lancer, along with two Vixen and Vet from his own flight, it would be up to him and Max to take on the fighter threat. Flagg looped his fighter back around, headed in the opposite direction of the B-Wings now, knowing his wingman would follow. "Max, four squints on the nose, ten klicks." On the nose for them meant behind the bombers, but they were closing on them fast. Looking up and over his shoulder Flagg could see the imposing form of the Star Destroyer, a form which was still blocking any fire from the Prince Eugene which he knew was still behind her, even if he couldn't see the Lancer. So far the anti-fighter fire from the larger vessel had been largely ineffective, Flagg hoped that was a result of the marine landing party supposedly on board, though he had heard nothing from them.

    "Black Sheep, Delta lead, we are rolling in for the Bith Marquis shield generators... cover our six." The words from Major Taab gave even the normally stoic Commander Flagg pause. They were supposed to wait until the Prince Eugene had been dealt with before attacking the primary target. Then again, they were all winging it at this point, and Flagg had to admit, it made more sense to spend their heavy ordinance on the Bith Marquis than on the Prince Eugene. The mission could still be called a success if the latter survived so long as the former was destroyed.

    "Black one and Two have your backs Delta flight." He commed back, though he didn't get an acknowledgement in reply. He didn't have time to worry about that though. The TIE Interceptors were fast approaching. "Setting up my run," he called back to his wingman. It looked like the Interceptors were content to do a head on run with the rebel fighters, and that suited the Commander just fine. His and Max's X-Wings were shielded, the TIE Interceptors were not. Setting his lasers to sequential fire he let off a torrent of laser bolts as soon as his targeting icon went green, signifying the fighter in his sights was in range. He was immediately greeted with a stream of incoming laser fire from his target that hammered at his forward shields before being abruptly cut off as his target exploded under his own fire. "That's one." ROBO warbled even as Flagg tried to switch targets to another fighter, but it screamed past him before he could even get a snap shot off.

    Pulling hard on the control stick, Flagg struggled to bring his X-Wing around as quickly as possible. The craft groaned in protest around him. So focused on his own target, he hadn't seen how Max had done at the merge, though he could at least see her fighter was still there with him. That was good news. The bad news was that there was at least one TIE Interceptor behind them, and that wasn't a recipe for a long life. Finally pulling his fighter around he saw that the Interceptor that had flashed past them was ignoring them though, and instead of turning to engage the X-Wings, seemed intent instead on intercepting and destroying the B-Wings of Delta Flight from behind...

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata

    OOC: Flagg got one of the TIE interceptors and at least one got away and is moving towards Delta flight. I leave to you hwo many of the remaining two max destroyed on the initial pass, or if any survived for follow up attacks from us. In any case, any survivors (including the one that got away from Flagg) are free use to damage/destroy as you see fit.

    IC: Major Beskaryc Taab/Major Grace "Boomer" Valor (NPC)
    Leading Delta Flight, on attack vector...

    Unaware of the danger behind him, and trusting that the X-Wings would handle it eve if he was, Taab went about the task of setting up their own attack run. "Wolf, Runaway, target their starboard side shield generator...we got the port side." Taab called out to the rest of Delta flight as they B-Wings now raced just over the upper hull of the Bith Marquis, hopefully too close for her big guns to track them. Still they put out a barrage of withering fire which rocked the Iron Cross again and again.

    "Front shields down to 115%"
    Boomer reported as Taab activated the torpedo systems of the B-Wing, locking on to the port side shield generator located atop the Star Destroyer's bridge tower. Taab grunted an unintelligible reply, not bothering to ask how bad off the aft shields were at this point. "Target lock," his gunner now reported, though he held off of firing just yet. He wanted to get as close as possible before rippling off his ordinance. Flicking another switch he set his twin torpedo launders to simultaneous fire, he would probably get just one chance at this and he wanted to put as much explosive power as possible on target as quickly as possible during his run.

    "Almost there..." he grunted. "Almost there..." He didn't even notice when Harley fired her own first torpedo, opting to salvo them one at a time for a more continuous fire. "Firing," he announced as he mashed down on the pickle switch launching his first pair of torpedoes. One of them almost immediately exploded directly in front of him, hit by enemy fire. "Forward shields at 87% now" Boomer reported worriedly. Taab meanwhile was tracking his remaining torpedo, and noticing the three now that Wild Card had launched before pickling off another pair. He watched as first Harley's initial torpedo and then his own struck home, though neither exploded.

    "Shab," the Mandalorian cursed again. Two duds? Even one would have been unexpected, but not outside the realm of possibility. Two suggested something far more nefarious at wor... his thought was interrupted as the delays fuses in the torpedo warheads finally exploded against the shield generator, even as Quin's third torpedo (her second likewise having been shot down by enemy fire) struck home. A moment later and the next pair of Taab's torpedo's hit and exploded after their own short delay, followed by another and yet another from Wildcard. Taab meanwhile hit the pickle switch a third time, sending one last pair of torpedoes out into the void. Taab watched as they tracked, trailing a blue ionizing trail behind them before they too struck the spherical shield generator and exploded, this time finishing off the target which imploded slightly before exploding outward, leaving just a jagged half sphere behind.

    Taab immediately pulled back on his yoke, pulling the Iron Cross up and over the star destroyer's rapidly approaching bridge tower. From this close he saw what he thought was a trio of marines going EVA along it's forward section, though he could have imagined it. Harley followed just behind, signaling to Boomer who gave Taab an update. "She's got one torp left, we have a pair." Taab didn't even have time to reply though before his and Wildcard's fighter were bracketed by laser fire from the Prince Eugene. In pulling up and over the bridge tower, the pair of B-Wings were now fully within the frigate's own field of fire. Rolling rapidly to port, Taab tried to push the Iron Cross back below the Star Destroyer, in an effort to once again place it between himself and the Lancer targeting them, though he knew it to be a wasted effort. There was no way they could get to safety before their own shields gave out. Their only hope was that the rest of the Black Sheep could rid them of the Prince Eugene before that happened.

    "C'mon Charlie flight, don't let me down."

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto @Bacta Bubble Bath The starboard side shield generator of the Star Destroyer Bith Marquis is free use for you both in terms of posting damage to/destruction of it.

    OOC: I did a few test runs in X-Wing Alliance, and discovered that it takes roughly ten proton torpedoes to take out a single shield generator of a Star Destroyer. While I know that's not a definitive source I figured it would at least give us something to go on. That gives us a baseline to work off of, each B-Wing can carry eight proton torpedoes. Taab fired six total while Quinn fired seven but I figure some would have been shot down by the Imperial flak and of course given their nature there was a bit of overkill from the two rebels. :p

    IC: Lieutenant Commander Zresk'etoth'auzze (GM restricted use NPC)
    Command deck of the Imperial Lancer class frigate Prince Eugene

    Standing stolidly at the command deck, Lieutenant Commander Zresk'etoth'auzze, called LT Commander Ketoth or sir by most Imperial officers watched as the Rebels continued on with their attack despite it obviously not going at all as planned. The red eyed blue skinned Chiss smiled sardonically at that. It was a failure of these rebels, the desire to fight against impossible odds. Even when the plan failed and it made sense to retreat, they came. It would be their eventual undoing of course.

    The Imperial plan meanwhile was going like clockwork, something he wasn't sure would be the case. His superiors after all were no Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo. His planning, his attention to detail had been meticulous. As one of the few other Chiss in Imperial service, Zresk'etoth'auzze had done his best to emulate his now disappeared mentor, though he knew he had far to go before he could be called the Grand Admiral's equal. Still, this plan, hastily put together after receiving intelligence reports, seemed to be one that would assure them of success.

    Still, there was some cause for concern. He hadn't been getting any replies now from the Bith Marquis for the last several minutes. It could be due to enemy jamming, or perhaps the Star Destroyer's commanding officer felt no need to signal his intentions to a subordinate command. At least she launched the remainder of Phalanx Flight. Those were moving forward to help establish a protective cordon there while the Prince Eugene continued to protect the Star Destroyer's vulnerable rear. From here they could also defend from attacks coming from above or below the star destroyer.

    "Fire effectiveness degraded by enemy jamming..." a gunnery officer reported. "Minor damage to shields," this from a damage control officer. Ketoth raised an eyebrow. These rebels were indeed persistent. Still even with the targeting sensors somewhat degraded, the main sensors remained mostly unaffected and it could still be seen that the rebel attack force seemed to have split, with the A-Wings and Y-Wings headed for the Prince Eugene while the quartet of B-Wings attacked the Bith Marquis. Oddly enough, the group's X-Wings seemed to have split as well, with a pair attacking his vessel while the other pair acted as a fighter screen for the B-Wings attacking the Bith Marquis. Curious. He found it odd that they would split at all, and was even more surprised to see that his vessel was on the receiving end of the brunt of the attack. Yes the Lancer class frigate was the more dangerous of the pair of ship's to the rebel squadron, but the Bith Marquis was the far more valuable target. Better to use their limited resources attacking it in a strike and fade attack, taking whatever losses it meant they would incur from the Prince Eugene, than waste time, energy and lives attacking the escort vessel.

    "Maintain fire support of the destroyer," the Chiss commanding officer of the Prince Eugene ordered. They hadn't destroyed any enemy fighters yet, though several had been hit. Their destruction was all but inevitable. Still he furrowed his brow at his previous thoughts. Perhaps this was just the first part of a two prong attack? The first squadron hitting the Prince Eugene to clear the way for a second? He shook his head. No, it couldn't be that. Intelligence reports suggested it would be an attack from a single squadron, and that they were to ignore the signal from the rebel carrier that was to initiate the assault. So far that intelligence source had been right, that signal did indeed portend the launch of an attack, though not from the co-ordinates the Prince Eugene was to be drawn to. So if they had been correct so far, why should they be wrong now? Likewise, a two pronged attack wasn't supported by the fact that the squadron had split their resources here. If there was to be a follow up wave, surely the B-Wings, the heaviest hitters the Rebel Alliance could muster, would have pressed the attack on this vessel, to eliminate the escort for the supposed second wave rather than waste their time attacking the Star Destroyer

    No, there was no second wave. This was it, all the rebels had to muster against the might of the Empire. And it would not be enough.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron @Anedon @Sarge @BobaMatt @Rebecca_Daniels @The Vanguard @Vehn @TheSilentInfluence @TheAdmiral @galactic-vagabond422

    OOC: Split it up this way as it looks as tough these were the fighters going after the Prince Eugene. Remember there are still a number of Imperial fighters in the battle area which are all free use for you to damage/destroy as you see fit in your posts (including posting maneuvers for them as necessary).

    Now for an overall rundown

    There are now between 20 and two dozen Imperial fighters can be broken down as follows.

    • Four (4) Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats engaging fighters near the Prince Eugene. these will all have some degree of battle damage/shield degradation
    • At least one (1) TIE Interceptor being pursued by Max and Flagg (this could be as many as three TIE Interceptors depending on Max's next post).
    • Two (2) standard TIE fighters. One is damaged and is moving away from the battle area. The other is in formation with it.
    • Two (2) TIE Bombers. These circling above the Bith Marquis and are now actively trying to get missile lock on any bomber/attack fighter from afar.
    • Twelve (12) additional Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing gunboats which have launched from the Bith Marquis. These are currently underneath the Bith Marquis between it's underside and the accretion disc headed forward along her lower hull away from the Prince Eugene.

    The Prince Eugene is still not free use in terms of damage, though any of you may certainly continue your attack runs upon her. I'll post damage for her forthwith upon those posts.
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    OOC: Still splitting this up so everyone gets the appropriate tags. Again any questions, you all know how to reach me.

    GM Update Part II:

    Operation MIDWAY

    IC: Lance Corporal Manx "Terminal" Bane (NPC)
    Aboard the Valkyria

    Lance Corporal Bane frowned as the marine away team began to split up, prepared to go their separate ways. It looked as though Gunny Clark and Sergeant Kraken were going to go EVA along with the droid called Circuits. That left him, Priest and First Sergeant Lehrsherr to infiltrate the Star Destroyer the old fashioned way. That caused his frown to grow even deeper. It wasn't his place to disagree with a non com, but splitting their already small force seemed like a way to get cut down even faster. of course the group was already so small, that perhaps splitting the party was a better way to make it seem like they were there in greater numbers. He shrugged, either way he had the same job to do.

    "I have my own breathers..." he mentioned to others as they split up the pair they had requisitioned from the Imperials. The death of the stormtroopers barely registered with the seasoned marine, though he had to wonder at the ease with which the ship's captain had been detained. "Or did you want me to just stay back and guard the ship?" So far they had gone undiscovered, but that surely wouldn't last long.

    The ship shuddered suddenly as the lights on the star destroyer flickered several times before stabilizing. "I think the squadron has started their attack..." the lance corporal opined as the deck shuddered several more times beneath their feet. That was unnerving to the marine. This was a large vessel, huge really. The impact of fighter cannon fire, or even a few torpedoes, would not have affected the entire ship like that. The impacts must have been close, danger close. He looked over to where the Valkyria was docked, knowing that the trio of EVA marines were probably already outside. He hoped they were OK and hadn't been caught up in the rebel assault, the thought of blue on blue casualties made him sick, as he wondered if perhaps their own part in all of this had already been superseded. His frown grew deeper still. Yeah, good luck winning that argument he thought as he addressed the pair of officers, Hollymander and Wystari.

    "We should get going."

    IC: Executive Officer of the Bith Marquis (GM restricted use NPC)
    Bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer Bith Marquis, confused and alone.

    Were was the captain? The portly human executive officer of the Star Destroyer questioned himself, not daring to verbalize his growing concern. He had gone down to meet the captain of the Passing Fancy, and see the merchandise for himself. The XO didn't begrudge the captain that perk, first choice was a fringe benefit of command. However, the ship's commanding officer had yet to return, even after being told of the rebel attack. Since then calls for him over the ship's internal comm system had gone unanswered, and even though the XO had managed to launch the few remaining fighters left aboard the Bith Marquis, his actions since then had been mostly haphazard. His attention was simply divided among too many things for him to effectively organize within the confines of his own small mind. Captain missing, responding to a fighter attack and issuing orders to defend the ship, calls from the Prince Eugene to co-ordinate their defense and trying to organize the group's ineffective fighter screen. It was all proving too much for an officer who owed his position more to political influence and favoritism than leadership ability. The ship needed her captain, but ordering a search for him may cause him embarrassment later on, embarrassment that could trickle down and affect his own career.

    The bridge shuddered for a few moments as a bright flash from above them flashed through the bridge's forward view port. "Port side shield gene..." the damage control officer began before being cut off by another slight tremor, one that soon became a roaring series of them. "It's gone." the DC officer amended his report.

    "Portside shield generator is gone, shields now at 47%." At that the XO panicked, now wasn't the time to worry about embarrassing after action reviews or the wrath of a superior officer. They were going to die if something wasn't done, and the XO simply didn't know what that was. "Sir, do we intensify forward firepower?" The gunnery officer asked, though the XO's panicked mind was elsewhere.

    "Issue an internal security alert, find the captain." The orders went out without question, and soon a general alert was heard throughout the vessel's internal PA system asking all personnel to be on the lookout for the captain and ask him to report to the bridge immediately. With that, the ship's security officer went into his own panic mode, calling for a security alert, and for all stormtroopers to stand ready...

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider @The Real Kyp Durron and other marine characters @TheAdmiral @Vehn @galactic-vagabond422 @The Vanguard @Sarge and @Mistress_Renata for Digger

    OOC: Feel free to encounter stormtrooper patrols as need be in your posts as well as deal with them as necessary. If you don't encounter any (or even if you do :p ) I'll make sure you encounter some as we move forward. The EVA team should also feel free to move forward as well.
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    OOC: Combo with @Vehn. At last, we have joined forces and combined our powers!

    IC: Clark, Kraken
    Care to Step Outside?

    The work done Clark rendezvoused with Kraken and have a nod as he suited up.

    “Don’t worry this old Gunny will be fine. Used to do zero g patrols over Fondor. Real prestigious job. Just a grade above trash collector. Was a beautiful sight seeing the Impstars being built. Might of the Empire.”

    He finished suiting up and checked his rifle. “We smoking the bridge out or what? 50 credits on who kills the Captain.”

    Kraken stepped behind Clark and double-checked the vac suit, ensuring the seals were properly fastened. This was not the time to rush things and experience rapid decompression due to a helmet or glove coming loose outside in the black. Satisfied with Clark's suit, he patted the other marine on the shoulder and turned his back. "You're ready for vacuum, check me, please. What's going on in the other airlock? Is it time to step outside?"

    Clark examined Krakens suit and after a thorough inspection tapped his gloved hand on Krakens shoulder.

    “Good to go,” Clark said as he stepped near the airlock. “Two stormies are down and they are preparing to board. Priest got one and I got the other. We need to move.”

    Kraken nodded to Clark and GC-17, then tapped the control pad to depressurize the airlock. He felt the subtle change in the feel of his suit as the air vented from the chamber. No popping in his ears though, which indicated his suit pressure was holding steady with no major leaks.

    The outer hatch opened. The Mon Cal dove out of the freighter's artificial gravity and into outer space as casually and gracefully as an experienced swimmer diving into a lake for an easy swim. Blackness and stars loomed over him, somehow simultaneously awe-inspiring as infinity, and as homey and comforting as a dark blanket on a cold night.
    No time for sight-seeing now. He glanced back at the others, waved all-clear, and a gentle push of his maneuvering jets sent him up the face of the bridge tower.

    Clark followed suit and trailed Krakens forward momentum. He allowed himself a brief moment to take in the beauty of the situation. Far away he could see flashes of a firefight which must’ve been the Sheep. He returned his attention to making the ascent to the bridge windows. Wouldn’t they be a nasty surprise?

    The Star Destroyer was huge. Gargantuan. He tried to not let his mind get carried away. The mission. The objective. All that mattered.

    He goosed the throttle and eased forward. The bridge was close. He could almost peek through.

    Clark eased off on his forward momentum as the command tower loomed before him. He maintained his focus as he navigated just below the bridge windows not ready at this juncture to be seen by the crew. He knew timing was of the essence. The other Marines were operating from inside the Star Destroyer.

    "Kraken," Clark whistled as he peered up again toward the bridge module, "would you look at that."

    Kraken had seen the sensor recording of the Sheeps' torpedo barrage as it impacted the Bith Marquis's bridge module. But those images were taken at long range and showed no details of how much damage had been done to the structure; the star destroyer's subsequent actions had certainly implied they had done significant harm to its control systems. This was their first chance to get a good look and actually see what had happened.

    Would there be gaps in the armor, weaknesses that the boarders could exploit to enter the bridge unexpectedly? Surely the crew had been busy with repairs in the days after the action, but the fact that the star destroyer was crippled, hiding, and waiting for a repair ship made Kraken hopeful that any repairs would be incomplete or improvised.

    TAG: @Vehn @The Vanguard @The Real Kyp Durron @Corellian_Outrider @Mistress_Renata and all the other blood-and-guts Marines
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    OOC: A little tidbit for the EVA marines since a mistake on my part there had me overlook them almost entirely. :p Sorry about that.

    IC: Damage Inspection and Control Party 1138 (NPCs)
    Attached to the outer of the Bith Marquis, Bridge tower section, forward

    Short lived sparks flew from one of the droid's torches as it cut attached yet another piece of hull plating covering the damaged section below. There were three droids on this section, A-LT utility droids, assigned to inspect and repair any damage they encountered along the forward section of the star destroyer's bridge tower, and they had encountered a lot of damage. Most of it seemed superficial, though there was a good deal of armor plating that would need to be replaced. The worst of it was a cracked and pitted section of the transparisteel window on the far starboard side of the bridge. It hadn't broken all the way through and there was no danger of atmospheric venting from within, but it had unsettled the bridge crew enough that they had ordered it patched. So the trio of droids had cut an irregular sized and shaped section of spare hull plating (patches designed for just this sort of work) and one was now affixing it in place.

    It was tedious, thankless work, just the sort prefect for droids such as these, though it didn't lend itself to the kind of neat repairs that could be made in drydock, or even those made by an Imperial Repair Barge. One such vessel was reportedly en route to the Bith Marquis even now to effect more permanent, and higher quality, repairs. For now though the patch job done by the droids should do.

    As the patch repair went forward, the second droid of the trio conducted an ongoing damage survey of the tower. So far that survey had shown there was other minor damage to the tower, mostly cosmetic, but the droids were there to take a look anyway, and patch the areas where the armor around the bridge port had failed. Some control lines had likewise been ruptured, and those were being re-routed by the third of the trio in concert with damage control droids assigned to other areas areas of the ship. They would be given a final look once the droid's repairs to this section were complete in order to ensure functionality of the repair.

    As the three worked, they ignored the battle raging around them. Fighters darting this way and that, green and red laser bolts criss-crossing one another in some sort of ghastly light show. It had nothing to do with them, unless of course it caused further damage to the bridge tower. Naturally one attack did just that. The bridge tower rocked beneath their magnetized treads, shaking them this way and that, though their lock to the hull held for all of them. That was fortunate, they had no means of propulsion other than their treads, and if they came unlocked form the hull, they would simply float away. Forever.

    Less fortunate though were the damage reports now transmitted to them from the Damage Control. The port side shield generator had been hit, and shield effectiveness was severely reduced. As the pair of droids continued their the respective repairs, the droid assigned to damage survey work looked "back" over its shoulder to see that not only had the port side shield generator been hit, the globe was now reduced to that much slag. It reported this information to damage control, along with a visual. Immediately the droids were tasked with new orders, reroute shield controls and boost power to the remaining generator. They immediately halted their repairs, even though the patch job to the window was only half finished, and jumped to their new task. In their eagerness to follow orders none of the three noticed the trio of rebel marines approaching them in the vacuum of space along the hull...

    TAG: @Vehn @Sarge @The Vanguard

    OOC: Edit to add, the three repair droids are free and fair use for you. Damage/destroy them as you see fit.
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    Combo with @Rebecca_Daniels , so brace yourselves

    IC: Kayn [face_devil], Zara

    Underbelly of the Beast

    As the gunboat moved in on him, Kayn transmitted, "Zero, Mean Streak, I know you're dancing with somebody else, but I'd love it if you'd cut in on my partner right about now." His instincts, training, and experience were all screaming at him to take evasive action, but he had to stay in front of the Lancer's sensor antenna until the squadron had transited its fire zone.

    It was hardly a surprise when Kayn's call for assistance came through; as per usual, he was exactly where he needed to be, right in the thick of trouble. The heavy hitters were starting to move in as the jamming opened up the way, but Zara was occupied with one of the gunboats currently ahead of her. This one had been distracted, looking less at sensors than out the windows, and hadn't seen her coming; score one for the paintjob. But these fighters weren't TIEs, wouldn't disintegrate at the slightest laser blast, and this one had certainly noticed her the moment she opened fire, now dodging and trying to throw her off the tail.
    She had a choice, then, to try and take this one down or back up the wingmate she'd gotten separated from. One last blast, sparking against the gunboat's shields but not penetrating, and she broke off, pulling tight to come in at the fighter giving Kayn trouble from an angle that wouldn't put him in the line of fire. And then she opened up from a distance, making herself known in an attempt to scare it off.

    Kayn's opponent was suddenly spattered with laser cannon fire lancing in out of the black. The gunboat swerved, trying to avoid the long-range sniping. I'm putting Zero in for a raise as soon as we get back.

    The momentary respite gave him a chance to scan the area. D Flight was rolling in on Bith Marquis, and C Flight seemed to be setting up an attack run on himself... or the Prince Eugene, which was just a few meters away. A Flight had split into elements, trying to cover both bomber flights. As for B Flight's second element... He transmitted, "Bravo Flight second element, where are you? What's your status?" Tangling with Imps and shooting at them, I hope.

    His own wingmate was now getting bracketed by two gunboats, both of them out of range of his blasters. But one was cutting between the frigate's bow and the star destroyer's stern, putting itself in line with Rebel Rouser's nose. In a moment Kayn had target lock and launched a concussion missile. Surprisingly, the gunboat ignored the incoming threat, maybe the BM's ion exhaust trail was interfering with the smaller craft's threat sensors? The missile detonated against the gunboat's shields and blasted off one of its S-foils. The Imperial tumbled out of control, dropping toward the accretion disk, out of the fight at least for the moment.

    One of the troublemakers was out of business but it seemed she'd attracted more trouble than necessary. Really all they were doing was buying time for the heavy hitters and whatever the Valkyria was up to... but that didn't mean they weren't going to cause trouble of their own. Zara looped down, out of sight of her wingmate for the moment but dragging along the remaining gunboat hassling her. If this guy was as interested in her as she hoped, the ship would keep tight even as she brought him back around for a repeat of Kayn's last shot. If she could give him a clear sensor lock they'd at least have a few moments to breathe before the TIEs hit.

    "Trying to give you a clear shot on this one, Streak. Coming up... now."

    Kayn locked sensors on the gunboat on Zara's tail. Would the same trick work twice in a row? Well, it's the only trick I've got right now. He launched another missile. Good lock, homing in...

    Suddenly his sensors and vision were splashed with red. Laser cannon fire was spattering off the frigate's underbelly shields, and a pair of X-wings tore past him. Kayn had never been so happy to see her.
    Never ever.

    "Vixen, Veteran, this is Mean Streak! We need your firepower against those gunboats! Take 'em out!"

    TAG: @Rebecca_Daniels @The Vanguard @BobaMatt @Adalia-Durron @Anedon
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    IC: Akiva “Wolf” Lurell, Black Fifteen
    Flying into Hostile Territory,

    The response had been prompt from Runaway and she was satisfied with the evasive maneuvers she was seeing, especially as in her moment of distraction she hadn't seen the dive bombing TIE's that decided to splash her shields with green laser bolts. "Right, eye on the wing, but mind your own safety." A quick dive and side wiggle before pulling up saw that one overshooting her and diving into the accretion disk. She wished she had snapped like the rest of D-flight and destroyed the first attackers outright, but hopefully that wouldn't come to bite her in the exhaust.

    Above them, the fighters attempted to reform, even as a pair of Interceptors moved to try to get in behind his group. A slow blinking light caught her attention for a moment, attempted target lock, one. . .two. . .three. . .ignore. Looking back she saw as a new problem emerged. Twelve gunboats, the XG-1's that had launched from the Bith Marquis had not joined in on the fight going on above, nor were they moving towards the rest of their group supporting the Prince Eugene. Instead they made a bee line for Delta Flight, their own flight, skimming along just over the accretion disc just as Delta flight was. Which probably meant her own torps were useless to shoot them down. Now they also faced a nasty situation where both sides had shields, unlike with TIE's where they held a descent edge. Now they were matched one to one and outgunned four to one. In other words this just became a suicide mission, and she does not do those. She quickly was running down her options, below the disc. . .where she was pretty sure she had just seen that dive bombing TIE blow up, perhaps her imagination. Running wasn't an option as they were slightly faster, so an even worse death choice. Left or right was a stalling tactic same as running, so. . .threading the gauntlet to the the Lancer. Fun.

    "Delta flight, Delta leader," the Mandalorian commed out to his flight. "We're going to get shot to pieces if we hang out down here. Leave the Lancer to Charlie flight and follow me," he ordered as he pulled his attack fighter up off the hard deck created by the accretion disc and out in front of the Star Destroyer. Almost immediately he was greeted with heavy fire from the vessel that splashed off his shields causing the B-Wing to shudder.

    Taking note she waggled her B-wing before following. Shields double forward as she drained energy away from her wing laser cannons. "Runaway, let's dance through." She called back, making sure to set up a spin and pivoting maneuvers up. Hopefully to reduce her damage as she passed through the Star Destroyers wedge gauntlet before leveling out for whatever the new attack run was going to be. It did have advantages, being out in front of the Star Destroyer, the B-Wings of Delta Flight were screen off from fire from the Lancer as well due to the destroyer's bulk as well as the gunboats still gaining ground on the other side. Now they just had to worry about any fighters behind them, and of course the big guns of the Star Destroyer.

    "Black Sheep, Delta lead, we are rolling in for the Bith Marquis shield generators... cover our six." So that was the plan? Alright. She could get behind that.

    Taab went about the task of setting up their own attack run. "Wolf, Runaway, target their starboard side shield generator...we got the port side." Taab called out to the rest of Delta flight as they B-Wings now raced just over the upper hull of the Bith Marquis, hopefully too close for her big guns to track them. Sadly bombers were not racers, but B-wings were dancers. Wolf kept her craft zig-zagging and flipping her wing up and over from one side to the other. She still took a few hits, but luckly with the chin lasers being dumped into shields power she was keeping them in the green. Checking her programming in spare moments she armed and toggled for manual control of her Torps. The good news with all the maneuvering of course, was that her target was a giant ball, so getting target lock wasn't too hard. Know what to use. . .that was a different story. She couldn't recall practicing a run on destroyers shield generators without heavier ordnance loaded.

    Setting the torps for rapid fire she noted as she finally got a delay that lead hadn't fired at his yet. Which meant wait until the last moment. So, "Runaway, staggared torp launch! Leave room to unload a few, watch and unload again if needed." Seeing someone fire a torpedo from the side canopy she pulled her own trigger, one away, wait, two away.

    She watched as the second was picked off, to which she flipped her top before firing one, partial flip fire second, zig-zag bang bang, fire two more. . .that explosion had taken a while. She didn't have time to really ponder that she spun away from another tower and sprayed ion cannon blasts at the tower to confuse the gunners as she staggered her torps in. She saw at least one dazzled pop as blaster cannon and ion cannon shots connected. It was almost pretty if not for the terror that scene held right in front of her face. And the shimmer when they hit the tower was delightful at least.

    "Save last and ring the tower." she commed Runaway. Last she wanted to do was give anyone a clear shot at her now. Either accretion disk below or hug the enemy to keep the enemy from shooting, that was her tactic now. She didn't even have time to pay attention to the Shield Generator as she fanned out to the side to loop and immediately took fire. She had a pair left and she wasn't sure she could jump the gap. Down was gunboat filled and she didn't even know what behind looked like. Hopefully Lead had a plan immediately.

    "Hug the deck." she cried out as she angled down and across. Hoping she could make it far enough to put the engines behind her of the silent Star Destroyer so at least the misses would damage the larger craft and perhaps give her some breathing room. . .that or Charlie Flight time to finish off the beast swatting her like a dung beetle in the open as she watched her shields steadily drop.

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  25. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Gunny Clark, Kraken, GC-17
    Breaking and Entering, Now With Extra Breakage!

    “Contact,” Clark whispered as if the nascent threat of Imperial repair droids could hear him.

    He pointed with a gloved hand at the droid so Kraken could see. At first his eyes were fixated on the droids vacating their position but then something caught his attention. One of the windows to the bridge looked dangerously vulnerable.

    “I think we may have found our way in,” Clark mentioned as he zoomed closer to get a better look.

    Kraken was eyeing the unfinished repair job and readying his plasma cutter. "It will only take me a few seconds to cut this open. Circuits can yank it clear as soon as I finish the cut. I expect there will be an atmospheric containment field to keep the bridge pressurized, but we should be prepared for explosive venting just in case. Gunny, I'd feel better about this if you covered us while we worked."

    The Gunny trained his weapon on their surroundings while Kraken went to work. He waited. Waiting for his chance to get to work.

    "Don't look directly at the plasma torch," warned Kraken as he went to work at the edge of the hull repair plate. If the bridge crew noticed the flaring light of the cutter - unlikely with starfighters zooming by and shooting at the deflector domes - he hoped they'd assume it was just the repair droids still at work. In a few seconds he had opened enough of a gap to peek through. "Looks like the windows are still there behind the patch, but they're damaged. I'm going to set charges."

    He had enough room to reach through the gap he had just opened, being careful not to touch the hot, freshly cut edges. Just to be sure, he decided to set all four of his heavy charges against the thick transparisteel windows. Placing the charges between the repair plate and the windows would effectively multiply the power of the explosion, trapping it in a small space. He armed the charges, then moved to the side.

    "The armor plate is going to fly that way," he pointed. "Stay clear." With no more warning than that, he pressed the button on his remote detonator.

    A bright flash sent the plate flying away from the hull, followed by a quick puff of air as atmosphere vented from the bridge for a moment, then the emergency atmosphere containment fields activated to keep the bridge crew's air where they could breathe it. But the force fields wouldn't do anything to prevent solid objects from passing through.

    "Knock, knock," said GC-17.

    Clark watched as the breach was successful. The emergency atmosphere containment fields held around the bridge but they wouldn't stop him. They wouldn't stop him from exacting a measuring retribution for all the Empire had done. He glanced down and double checked his energy cells. They were stocked and he was on a mission.

    Clark gave a sharp nod to Kraken before easing toward the containment field. He could see the shimmering outlines of humanoid forms beyond. He would have to be quick. He set his weapon to stun, which wasn't like him, only because the bridge crew might be instrumental in using the Bith Marquis to the Rebels advantage. Plus, if he went in guns blazing who knew what systems he might hit.

    Clark placed one heavy foot in front of the other as he penetrated the containment field. The field enveloped him briefly and then he was through.



    With Clark and GC-17's big guns covering the bridge, Kraken slipped in behind them. Transparisteel shards littered the deck, sparkling from scattered pools of blood. He didn't bother to check if the crumpled bodies were dead or just wounded; if his mission succeeded, any survivors were likely to die within minutes anyway. And there were more living Imperials than dead; as the element of surprise faded, weapons began swinging his way.

    He dove prone to the edge of the starboard bridge pit and tossed two flash-bang grenades down, one forward and one aft. Their concussion sent a quiver through the deck where he lay flat. He instantly somersaulted over the edge and down into the pit, cushioning his fall with a conveniently placed technician. All the personnel in the pit seemed dazed and stunned, most of them slumped over their consoles.

    He heaved one body aside and checked the console. This one was life support. Tempting, but sure to be protected with multiple failsafes and passwords; not enough time to hack through that. Besides, if the other boarding party was still alive, they were planning to use the ventilation system. Next console had inertial dampers and artificial gravity control. "Brace yourselves for gravity," he transmitted. Hopefully the commlink would reach the other team as they infiltrated from the airlock.

    The bridge console had overrides for the ship's gravity generators. He selected all of them shipwide and activated the max gravity mode. That was designed to lock down all the loose gear in the ship for a few moments in case of collision. A warning flashed on the screen. "MAX GRAV FOR MOMENTARY USE ONLY."

    He ignored the warning and kept the power at full. He moved on to the next console, struggling to move as his knees buckled under his own multiplied weight.

    Damage control, and fire suppression systems. That would make life difficult for the crew. He selected all decks, all compartments, then deselected the bridge and superstructure tower. No need to make their own life difficult, or the other boarding team. Master fire suppression activated. Alarms blared and lights flashed, both on the console and in the bridge. Kraken wasn't sure what kind of systems this ship utilized for fire suppression; could be foam, water, inert gases, or simply venting compartments to vacuum. Any of them would keep the crew from performing at full efficiency.

    He almost fell as he turned back to the gravity console. "GRAV GENERATORS OVERLOAD" was flashing on the primary display screen in big bold letters. Good. "Prepare for zero g," he transmitted. A quiver ran through the deck as the ship's structure vibrated slightly, reacting to a gravity generator burning out, probably several decks below. He was abruptly slammed to the deck by a graviton surge, then bounced and floated. A quick burst of thrust from his vac suit kept him down in the pit. Equipment, bodies, and debris floated up around him.

    An officer was flailing about in midair, and trying to aim a pistol at him. Kraken seized his laser rifle and squeezed off three quick shots, two to the chest and one to the head, just as he'd been trained.

    Which console is the helm? Not here, must be in the portside pit. How dangerous would it be to float out of the starboard pit and cross the catwalk to the port side? Blaster bolts were ripping across the bridge above him, multiple single shots going both ways, and a hail of full auto fire from GC-17 and his borrowed Big Fracking Blaster. "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" yelled the droid.

    Clark switched to kill the moment the first errant blaster bolt flew his way. He ducked, rolled, and brought his rifle to bear on a black clad Navy trooper trying to play the hero.

    Clark pulled the trigger and ended his life sending him sprawling into a nearby control console. He was aware Kraken had taken out the starboard crew pit, now it was his job to clear the port.

    He flung two flash bang grenades into the pit and heard them explode in a blinding flash of sound and light. He leapt into the pit and opened fire on the desperate Imperial crew scrambling to get out. Two fell quickly and one pulled out his blaster pistol and narrowly missed Clark’s head.

    Clark was about to take him out when the gravity alarms blared. He groaned against the sudden change of gravity, the pressure, the strain and then just as quickly the gravity dissipated and he was floating again.

    The gravity issues were the least of his concern as he floated toward the wayward Imperial officer and shot him before he could fire again.

    “Clear!” Clark growled.

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