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Saga Star Wars: Boba Fett - A Movie Script Treatment (Updated 3/24)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Med_21B, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Apr 21, 2004
    Hey guys! Below you'll find the beginnings of a Boba Fett movie script treatment I'm working on, meant to take place shortly after the fall of the Jedi Order. I would love to get some feedback, and I'm open to constructive criticism. Please let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy!

    Title: Star Wars: Boba Fett - A Legend Born
    Author: Max Nicholson (Med_21B)
    Characters: Boba Fett, Bossk, Aurra Sing, Cad Bane, Darth Vader and others
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Timeline: ~16 BBY

    Logline: Shortly after the Clone Wars, a young Boba Fett joins in a rat race across the galaxy, as the evil Darth Vader puts a top-dollar bounty on a mysterious fugitive.

    PART I

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    Four years have passed since the fall of the JEDI ORDER and EMPEROR PALPATINE gave rise to his evil GALACTIC EMPIRE. All that remains of the Republic are small pockets of resistance scattered across the galaxy's Outer Rim. While these groups are few and far between, they have become a nuisance to the Empire.

    However, the Emperor's righthand man DARTH VADER has made it his mission to eliminate these rebels and any remaining Jedi they follow.

    The scene opens on the vastness of space. A giant Star Destroyer creeps into view: Vader's flagship, the EXECUTOR.

    Inside the ship, alarms sound, as various stormtroopers run to their posts. Five of these troopers break from a larger formation and sneak off to a narrow corridor concealed in shadow. Silently, the LEADER of the pack instructs the others to head in different directions.

    Now alone, the leader breaks into a large room -- an archive filled with Imperial files and artifacts. The leader soon comes upon what he's searching for: a SITH HOLOCRON. It idles above a pedestal in the very center of the room.

    The leader pulls out an ordinary, similarly sized cube and, very carefully, trades it out for the Holocron (à la Raiders of the Lost Ark). He then leaves for his getaway ship.

    Coming out of the archive, the leader is immediately seen by Darth Vader, who takes notice of the Holocron in the leader's hand. Using the FORCE, Vader clutches the leader by the neck and pulls him close. "That does not belong to you, trooper," Vader says.

    The leader gasps for air, but grips the Holocron tightly. Vader peers behind the leader's dark helmet visor. "I know you," he mutters.

    Just then, the leader whips out a detonator. Before Vader can react --


    The Executor explodes into giant pieces, pulling Vader, the leader and everyone else out into space. Again using the Force, Vader guides himself to an escape pod. Looking out across the debris, he spots the leader, who's already being picked up by his fellow saboteurs.

    Helpless to do anything, Vader can only watch as the leader's ship blasts off into HYPERSPACE.

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    Apr 21, 2004

    Elsewhere, amidst the sandy dunes of TATOOINE, a young bounty hunter called BOBA FETT arrives at JABBA'S PALACE with a WOOKIEE captive.

    Once inside, JABBA THE HUTT is pleased to see Boba. When Jabba inquires about the Wookiee Chieftain, Boba pulls back his poncho to reveal a fresh Wookiee scalp hanging from his armor. "He's no longer your concern," Boba remarks.

    However, Boba then mentions that he wasn't expecting to find the Chieftan's brother with him and requests double his rate for the Wookiee captive. "It wasn't easy bringing in this one alive."

    Jabba tells Boba that the bounty is nonnegotiable. Boba counters, "Too bad. He'll fetch a good ransom on Kashyyyk then, I'm sure."

    As Boba begins to leave with the Wookiee, Jabba opens a concealed trap door in the floor that sends Boba and the Wookiee plunging into Jabba's deadly RANCOR pit.

    Sadly, the Chieftain's brother falls to his death, but Boba immediately turns on his jetpack and soars back up to the surface. He hovers above the trap door and aims his twin blaster pistols at Jabba. The rest of Jabba's posse quickly retaliate by pointing everything they have at Boba.

    Jabba chortles, and his posse lower their weapons. "I like you, kid," Jabba rumbles. "I'll give you an extra 20 percent for the entertainment." This time, Boba takes the deal.

    Later, over at the bar, Boba is greeted by an old friend and fellow bounty hunter, a Trandoshan named BOSSK. He tells Boba that he's heard word about a bounty posted by Darth Vader himself. Bossk suggests to Boba that they "get the old band back together" and team up.

    Boba denies Bossk at first, reminding him that he now prefers to work alone (and would rather stay out of the Empire's affairs). It isn't until Bossk tells him that Vader is offering 10 million Imperial Credits for the fugitive's head that Boba agrees to Bossk's proposal -- albeit cautiously.