Beyond the Saga Star Wars Episode 14: The Resistance Strikes Back SPOILERS!!!!!

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    My 10, The Ordu Menace, is the beginning of the long awaited reimagined Thrawn Trilogy. This is the second chapter following that, which I was moved to write second. And also it will be told in supplementary canon material how Akbar survived. Enjoy.-BLS"study3600"KV

    I invite comments only after the last part of this Script is posted. Thanks.

    Title: Star Wars Episode XIV:The Resistance Strikes Back
    Author: Brent Lee Sohlden "study3600" Koivopolo V
    Characters: own creation: Rasa Lem, Kolap Hu, Jedi Master Klon, Jedi Master Leersa, Fawn Mothma, Jedi Padawan Tal, Jedi Padawan Nalsa Li, King Hlatto of Toydaria, Corso Bibble, possibly more. Established: Jedi Knight Grogu, Ben Solo-Skywalker, Rey Skywalker-Solo, Finn, Poe Dameron, Admiral Akbar, Mon Mothma, Palpatine Clones, Kaminoans, Lumpy, Chewie, Lando Calrissean, Admiral D'alla, Boss Nass, Luke and Sarah Skywalker-Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, D-O, BB-8, possibly more
    Genre: Drama, Action, some humour,Fantasy
    Rating: PG for violence.
    Timeline: After TROS
    Approx. Runtime of film once made: 2 hours.

    Summary: I have provided an opening crawl by way of an introduction. The story picks up from where Episode 13: The rise of Palpatine left off.
    Notes: Again, this thread is closed to all comment until the last scene of the script is posted.

    PS According to Google, "The Hosnian system was a star system in the galaxy's Core that contained the planets Cardota, Courtsilius, Hosnian, Hosnian Prime, and Raysho." Rumors of Coruscant's death, for any Wars fans who still believe the planet was destroyed by Starkiller base, are also greatly exaggerated, to my GREAT relief! It is a key player in my Star Wars trilogies. Had Starkiller Base I destroyed it in SW 7, I would have had to replace Coruscant's place in the Scripts with another World, such as Chandrilla, which I am also glad was not in the Hosnian Prime System destroyed by Illum Base, for Chandrilla features heavily in Episode 10 at least.

    Star Wars Episode XIV:
    The Resistance Strikes Back

    Screenplay by: Brent Lee Sohlden Koivopolo V

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

    SC 01 EXT. SPACE



    A TITLE ROLL APPEARS, which crawls into infinity....

    DARKNESS clouds the sunshine of the Galaxy as solar system after solar system falls into IMPERIAL hands. The ENTIRE SURFACE of Coruscant has been obliterated and the Chancellor of the New Republic, Mon Mothma, rules from the Rebel held world of TOYDARIA. AHCH-TO has been destroyed and so have countless worlds holding Jedi Temples by the SECOND STARKILLER BASE, whose location remains a MYSTERY, cloaked in the shadows. REY SKYWALKER-SOLO and her HUSBAND BEN are headed toward the planet of TATOOINE to give RESISTANCE FORCES a speech and visit a newly- constructed JEDI Temple there....

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    SC 02 EXT. SPACE

    A MODIFIED A-WING with R2-D2 in the side and an old style JEDI STARFIGHTER with BB-8 in the side rocket down diagonally and forward across the screen and we see them from the top down. They descend through the atmosphere of TATOOINE and come to a nondescript building, and land.


    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    The RESISTANCE FIGHTERS stand at attention when REY and BEN walk in.

    REY: At ease, Gentlemen and ladies. It may look like the Empire has the upper hand, and we have no hope, but I tell you, all of you, that as long as we have breath, there is always hope!

    Cheers and applause

    REY(CONT'D): And because there is always hope, we can pray for a better and a brighter future for our children and our children's children and on until a thousand generations!

    More cheers and applause

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    REY (CONT'D):There are still over 10,000 Jedi Temples left in this galaxy, and Sideous has not succeeded in killing many Jedi this time, but only a relative few. There are over 500 Rebel bases scattered throughout our galaxy. We are not weak. We are strong. We are not cowards. We are brave! We will stand up to the Empire! We have been working with the Geonosians, once betrayed by the Empire, on a secret project which should turn the tide of this war. But using this weapon must be done with care, and no one must know of this, not even your own families. We have millions of probe droids scouring our galaxy in search of the new Starkiller base, and when we find it, it shall be summarily destroyed, along with each and every of the millions of clones of the Dark Lord.

    Cheers and applause

    REY(CONT'D): I have come seeking volunteers to man our new Geonosian projects. This is not a draft. Anyone who wishes to man one of our many projects may sign up immediately after our meeting.

    Murmuring among the crowd

    REY (CONT'D): Now, soon we must leave you and be present at the dedication of the newly constructed Jedi Temple in this place.


    We see a Jedi Temple dedicatory prayer to the God of the Force and when the temple has been dedicated the Force glows blue and surrounds and fills the temple and shoots up into the air, and an older GROGU says something to another JEDI and points up, and we see through the glass ceiling set against Tatooine's
    Twin suns a giant symbol of the Rebellion that fills the sky. The Jedi start to sing a hymn of praise and worship to the God of the Force and their Lord who the Jedi have always more or less carried in their hearts since time immemorial.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    SC 05 EXT. SPACE

    We hear UPBEAT REBEL SCORING reminiscent of the Return of the Jedi Space battle as we see first X, A B and Y wings and other kinds of Rebel snub fighters, some new, then larger frigates, cruisers, battleships, blockade runners etc, but this only serves to show the sheer massive scale of a FLEET OF RESISTANCE DEATH STARS, in V-FORMATION.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    A group of RESISTANCE SOLDIERS stand at the ready as the P.A. announces:

    PA(V.O.): HOPE STAR SQUADRON 1, HOPE STARS A-F, We have acquired our first seven targets. Sending coordinates now. After we have evacuated our targets, save for the Dark Lord clones on them, split up, blow the planets, and meet up in the Delta Quadrant. Let's make our first strike count. This should take out nearly 209,000 palpy clones. HOPE STAR SQUADRONS 2-10 will soon get their turns, then our probes will find new targets.

    The RESISTANCE OFFICERS look at each other with grim looks, steeling themselves for what they must do.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    A PALPATINE CLONE is giving a SPEECH Hundreds of thousands are in attendance.

    PALPATINE: And so, nearly every citizen of this planet has evacuated this planet, leaving behind their great and fair cities to join the pitiful Rebellion they say! Well good riddance to them! More room for my clones! There can never be enough of your EMPORER! The Rebellion may still be holding out, but soon you will hear no- oh, my-

    The sky goes Crimson and all around the earth shakes mightily and suddenly the most huge and local ICAVE enhanced explosion in cinematic history makes Crystosis into space dust.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    THE FORCE GHOSTS of LUKE, HAN SOLO, and a young OBI- WAN stand together with BEN AND REY.

    BEN: MASTERS, I feel that hundreds of thousands of shadows cried out in terror and fled into outer darkness forever! I feel something wonderful has hapened!(edited)

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, D-0 and LUKE AND SARAH SKYWALKER-SOLO are playing a space style game of Reversi on the ship's game table. CHEWIE only observes, barking advice.

    We hear a beep beep beep.

    REY: We're coming up on TOYDARIA.

    SC 10 EXT. SPACE -

    HYPERSPACE LANE around FALCON shifts into outer space as we see TOYDARIA, with several DEATH STARS orbiting it.


    BEN: Just how many moons does TOYDARIA have, dear?

    REY(giggles): Those aren't moons, those are space stations.

    BEN: Oh, our Death Stars, of course, of course. Its just that I've never seen a death star before, not this close anyway, only a Starkiller Base, and that looks WAY different.

    REY: I have.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    The newly elected king of Toydaria, and Chancellor Mon Mothma, Akbar and an entourage of Royal Guards wait to meet the crew of the Falcon.

    The FALCON lands.

    The main door opens. Out walks first REY and BEN, hand in hand, then FINN, POE, LANDO, TENDRA, CHEWIE, LUMPY, 3PO, R2 and BB-8, D-0 with the two Jedi children and LANDO Jr., and an entourage of RESISTANCE SOLDIERS.(edited)

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    BEN: M'Lady Mothma, REY and I would like leave to visit the central of this planet's five Jedi Temples.

    CHANCELLOR MOTHMA(nodding): Granted. Welcome to our Rebel base and seat of the New Republic.( Nods to King Hlatto the Great.)

    KING HLATTO: All of Toydaria welcomes you. (Nods to MOTHMA)

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020
    MOTHMA: REY , you have stood up to a clone of your grandfather before and overcome. We have word that three clones have fled to his homeworld of Naboo for sanctuary, a planet which we cannot in good conscience destroy. All the Jedi Masters here seem to be of the opinion that you are to go to Naboo and seek these clones out and slay them. They say you are not to take your husband Ben, but instead must travel with Grand Master Klon and the two Junior Jedi Knights, who have a great affinity with each other that could quite possibly develop into a romance, TAL and NALSA LI, who are all on this planet, in the Temple you wish to visit, and you may go in the Falcon, with its regular crew rendering what assistance they may. But Tendra must stay on Toydaria. However, Master Klon seems to be of the opinion that my daughter, FAWN, travel with you. She is old enough to make her own decisions, and she has agreed to go. Masters Lonko, Gornee and HIRATH and some Knights and resistance fighters and spies have already gone to Naboo before you to try to lay the groundwork of ferreting out the Locations of the Dark Lords and find out what their plans are. So far the search has turned up cold.(edited)

    FINN: It'll be nice to see their progress on rebuilding Theed after 6 years. I'm kind of looking forward to going back.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020


    The company enjoys their last rich repast, probably for a long time.

    MON (To REY): I understand LUKE and Sarah have become almost as adept at using the Force as my Jedi protectors NALSA and Tal were at their age.

    REY: I believe, Chancellor, even more so. We have trained them well.

    MON: They've never been in real danger before. This is their first mission, is it not?

    Brent Sohlden — 11/27/2020

    BEN: M'Lady, Luke is older than Sarah by two years. That makes a lot of difference. Luke is a Knight, Sarah is a Padawan. Both have been to over 50 worlds apiece, with us, and have faced numerous dangers. Sarah, 9, can do just the most amazing things already and Luke couldn't have achieved knighthood without going through the trials and facing the mirror. That alone is real danger. Don't underestimate our children. They may be young but they are bright eyed, full of knowledge and loaded with experience and wisdom.

    MON: My mistake, then.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020


    Everyone is boarding the Falcon.
    King Hlatto, MON MOTHMA and others are seeing them off.

    HLATTO: May your journey be a huge success!

    MOTHMA: May the Force be with you all!

    TENDRA: Farewell, dear husband, and dear son. Hopefully we shall see each other again soon!

    LANDO: Oh, we'll be back in a jiffy! You won't even be able to tell we were gone. Right, Chewie?

    CHEWIE: (Barks).

    TENDRA: I love you!

    LANDO: I do too! Love you right back!
    (Waves goodbye)

    CHANCE: Love you, Mom!

    TENDRA: Love you too, Junior!



    Millenium Falcon flies off into space, jumps into hyperspace from rear angle.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020

    POE: I saw you at the dinner last night but I don't believe we've been properly introduced. Poe Dameron.

    FAWN MOTHMA: Fawn Mothma.

    POE: You look awfully young for your age if I do say so.

    FAWN: You are not hard on the eyes either, Poe. I like that name, by the way. I'd like to ask your opinion about something. How do you feel about the Force?

    POE: In my early years I was a doubters but I've see too much of what the Force can do to disbelieve anymore, Fawn.

    FAWN: Because of my position in the government and connections with the Jedi I have access to a lot of their records. From studying the Force, my midichlorian count has been increasing and I have been able to tap into its power somewhat. I'm no Jedi but I think I certainly have the potential to be someday. I am working toward that goal.

    POE: Your aspirations impress me, Princess. I hope you do reach your goals.

    CUT TO:


    ARTOO, LUMPY and FINN are playing a holo version of a Jenga -like game on the GAME TABLE. C-3PO is advising R2. BB-8 ovserves. LUMPY pulls out a piece, then FINN, then ARTOO. LUMPY is left with no option but to make the tower collapse. He hollers.

    C-3PO: I suggest you put that last piece back, Artoo. Unless you want one of your arms ripped off.

    FINN: Yeah, Artoo. I hear Wookiees hate to lose.

    ARTOO beeps a blue streak as he puts the piece back, then leaves LUMPY an opening.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    CUT TO:


    All the Jedi, JEDI MASTER REY, JEDI GRAND MASTER KLON, and JEDI KNIGHTS TAL, NALSA LI and LUKE, and PADAWAN SARAH who are 6 years older now, spar.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    We hear a beepbeepbeepbeep sound

    KLON: Jedi Knigts of the Order and Padawan Sarah, time for a break. Rey and I have been called to a council meeting. I'm afraid by the coding on this signal, you two may not observe this one.

    TAL and NALSA, SARAH and LUKE de-ignite their sabers.



    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    The JEDI COUNCIL is in session with GRAND MASTER KLON, MASTER REY AND MASTER BEN, LONKO, GORNEE and HIRATH in hologram form only, transmitting from the Millenium Falcon,Toydaria and Naboo, respectively. There are two new members of the Council, a female Wolfman like alien, MASTER WUR-SU JIGFRA, and a male SHELL HUTT, MASTER FRUMRUM THE HUTT.

    TWO UNNAMED JEDI MASTERS from the previous COUNCIL scene are no longer on the council.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    GRAND MASTER LEERSA: The matters before us are of utmost importance. We all sense the shadow growing within young Jedi Knight Tal, and he is currently headed to a world where he can be under the direct influence of not one, but three clones of the Dark Lord. And his attachment to both his master Klon, and his friend and fellow Knight Nalsa Li makes him more susceptible to the Dark Lord's influence.

    MASTER JIGFRA (In her native tongue, subtitled): Does not Nalsa Li have these same attachments? She is just as attracted to Tal as he is to her, and you, Master Klon once took to yourself HER as a Padawan apprentice as well.

    GRAND MASTER KLON: It is not attachment alone, we have found, that makes one susceptible to the Dark Side, otherwise where would be lawful procreation for a Jedi? No, Master Jigfra, we have found that the Dark Lords of the Sith single out potential apprentices and call out to them in their minds. This has been going on for some time between Palpatine and young Tal. Tal had been putting up a lot of resistence but lately has been giving in a little at a time to the Dark Lord's call. It is the same thing that happened between Snoke and a young Ben Solo so many years ago.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    MASTER BEN: What is this other matter you speak of?

    GRAND MASTER LEERSA: We all, or most of us, sense in the Force that Rasa Lem is still alive, and that he hides in the shadows from the Dark Lord in fear of reprisal for failing every mission that Palpatine, or his clones, gave him. We need to divert the mission immediately of Tal and Nalsa Li to go to Mustafar where we sense that Rasa Lem is hiding. We feel he is close to returning to the Light but if he cannot be brought back to the Light then their orders are to terminate him. We feel the danger is less for young Tal to turn to the Dark Side on Mustafar tracking down Rasa Lem than with helping in the Clone hunt, for we well remember what happened with Maul and Ezra Bridger.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020

    LANDO is looking at some holo star charts. POE sits in the co-pilot's chair, reading a paper book. REY walks in and starts switching switches on the ship's navicomputer.

    LANDO: What in the wide Universe-!?

    REY: We're making an alteration in our course. Jedi business.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020


    KLON: This is a very important assignment. Can I trust you to accomplish your task?

    TAL: I thought we were going to Naboo to hunt the Dark Lord himself? Why can't you handle this, Master?

    KLON: We are brothers. I will not condescend to you as if you were still my apprentice. However I will say that the entire Council are agreed that you and Nalsa are best suited to this task because you have dealt with Rasa Lem before. I'm sure you will make me proud, Tal. Both of you will. Always stay in contact with me and Master Leersa. Give us regular reports. (We hear a beep beep beep) We're coming up on the Mustafar system now.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020

    Millenium Falcon lands. Ramp opens and Tal, followed by Nalsa Li, walk down. They watch as the FALCON flies off for Naboo. Tal looks at Nalsa, grinning.

    TAL: OK, let's go Sith-hunting.

    NALSA: Sith Hunting? If at all possible, I sense we are to try to turn Rasa back to the Light. So while we ARE to find him, let's not call it "hunting", kay? (She speeds off. )

    TAL also Force-speeds to keep up.



    SARAH is meditating.

    SARAH: (V.O.) Don't listen to him, Tal. He wants to use you for his own ends.

    TAL: (V.O) But he promises so much.

    SARAH: (V.O.) Empty promises. Has the lore taught you nothing at all? You must rely upon that which is written.

    LUKE: Sarah, sis? You there?

    SARAH: What is it, brother?

    LUKE: Supper is ready. Even Jedi have to eat.

    SARAH: I'll be there in a moment, Luke.

    SARAH: (V.O) Tal, come closer to the Light to expose the darkness that is within you......Tal, have I lost you? I will always be your friend, and so will Luke. Oh, do come closer to the light...

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020


    Boss Nass and a council of the other Gungan Bosses meet with the Jedi and the rest of the crew of the Falcon.

    NASS: Wesa no liken da Sith. After what the Empire did to arsen planet, da Sith and the Gungans no friende. Three of da Sith here yousa say? Hmmmm....Wesa willing to help yousa find them. They no expecting usen as spies.

    KLON: We already have several Jedi and non-Jedi operatives down on this planet searching. We expect you will be working with them?

    NASS (Grins and blubbers, shaking his head back and forth rapidly and blubbering) Of coursen we will worken wit dem.

    KLON: Expect to hear from one of our operatives in three days. If you don't, then forget this whole meeting ever took place.

    NASS: (Bows) As yousa wish. (Blubbers)


    FINN and KLON are sparring with sabers and FINN is practicing wielding the Force.

    KLON: I will retire for the night.

    FINN: I want to enjoy the night air.

    KLON: Goodnight, Padawan.

    KLON goes in.

    As FINN continues to focus on sparring techniques, a blue blade meets his. FINN looks up to see CAPTAIN PHASMA. The duel is fast and exciting, as FINN struggles in vain to vanquish this phantom. Then he suddenly realizes the best thing to do is not to fight, but to submit. He kneels. CAPTAIN PHASMA removes the helmet only to reveal LUKE SKYWALKER'S FORCE GHOST, who Knights him, using the traditional Jedi knighting phrase.

    LUKE smiles, phony armor gone, and says:

    LUKE: Before this night ends, additional training I have for you, Jedi Knight Finn.


    KLON is talking with the Queen and her guard. FINN calmly walks up to them.

    FINN: MASTER KLON, I am now a Jedi Knight.

    KLON: However did that come about, Jedi Knight Finn?

    FINN: Luke Skywalker knighted me. I'm so happy!

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020


    TAL: (In native Mustafarian, subtitled, handing a female native a piece of flimsiplast): Have you seen this man around?

    Everyone gives each other nervous glances.

    FEMALE NATIVE: (In native Mustafarian, subtitled) You must be on the wrong planet, sir. We have not seen him, nor do we know who he is.

    Suddenly, out of the shadows, we see a foot under a robe step forward, and a red halberd blade with a regular blade ignite.

    VOICE: Looking for me? Here to finish what you started on Coruscant?

    Slowly, subtly, duel of the fates music starts up as RASA LEM full on assaults the two young Jedi still with their sabers undrawn, as they both ignite theirs at the same time to meet the assault together. Then dual of the heroes and dual of the fates music starts to be blended harmoniously as the furious fight continues outside. There had been some collateral damage as Rasa Lem had carelessly ended the lives of a few native Mustafarians in his wild assaults.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    NALSA LI: The Dark Lord doesn't care about you or anyone but himself and his own self-preservation! You are only a shadow of your former self because of him! Let go of your hate, your malice, your rage, your fear, and join us back on the Light Side! Otherwise face certain destruction!

    RASA LEM: All this from a little brat who only six years ago tried to KILL me? It wasn't YOU who tried turning me back to the Light then! Oh, no! It was Master Klon, then Jedi Knight Farja! As far as you two were concerned, I was just a nasty Sith Lord you had to kill. Where was your concern for my soul THEN?!

    Before the two Jedi can answer, as they continue to fight fast and with fury, two whirlpools of lava come out of the river of lava behind LEM and assault the JEDI PAIR from two sides. The Jedi, back to back, together put up a Force shield to block the molten assault.





    A DIFFERENT QUEEN than we have before seen, sits with some of the same, some different Handmaidens than we have seen in the previous film. A new GOVERNOR, SIO BIBBLE'S SON , CORSO BIBBLE, a concerned look on his middle-aged features, is addressing the Jedi and Commando team.

    CORSO: The treachery of the former Security volunteers' families runs deep. It was all we could do to root it all out of this palace,.and this city and planet. Our new security volunteers have no connection to the former Palpatine-controlled families. That we know of. And we constantly monitor all of our current ones.

    We hear a beepbeepbeepbeep.

    KLON: Luke, Sarah, come along.



    GRAND MASTER LEERSA Sits with two other female MASTERS, as holograms of KLON, REY, LUKE and SARAH fill the holotable.

    LEERSA: Master Gornee reports unusual activity in the planet's VALORN province. Guidance from Jedi Grand Master Obi Wan Kenobi suggests that we send a crack team of Rebels
    led by Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker-Solo to investigate, while Padawan Sarah continues to train with Master Klon here as he keeps an eye on things in the palace. Kenobi senses that there may yet be spies in Theed, and that the treachery runs deeper than the Queen could ever know or find out.

    Brent Sohlden — 11/30/2020
    KLON: What of Rey?

    LEERSA: She is to go immediately to Otah Gunga the capital city of the Gungans. The final Sith clone that has taken refuge here, the third, may seek to take over the underwater cities, as he is always seeking something to rule and reign over. On this point Grand Grand Masters Yoda and Qui-Gon seem to be in hearty agreement.

    SARAH: I hope I don't seem like I'm speaking out of turn, Masters, but what of the third clone?

    LEERSA: (Looks at her and smiles.) You're not out of turn at all, young one. There is no fear among Jedi. Facing the third clone will be both your trial and your mirror: It shall be your passage to knighthood, and I believe you've been trained well enough to succeed. But he cloaks himself in the shadows so well, it could be some time before our spy network can ferret out his location. You are to take what rest you can at the palace and wait patiently for your opportunity to face off with the Sith.

    SARAH: I would be honored, Master.


    The fighting is a blur of blue and red as the Jedi continuously beat back Rem, and then, he drives them back, then they him. Then as he fights, a wall of lava comes up behind him and pours itself on top of them and it is all they can do to create a strong enough Force shield together to stop any of the lava from burning them. But by the time they break out of the bubble of lava, RASA LEM is gone.(edited)

    TAL: Well, should we go find him, or wait for him to come back to us?

    NALSA LI: Patience. That fight took a lot out of us. We need to find a village somewhere and rest. THEN we'll come up with a plan.

    TAL: Agreed.


    TAL(in native Mustafarian, subtitled): Separate rooms, please. (Hands over some credits).(edited)

    December 1, 2020


    A Palpatine Clone and three First Order Officers are in conference. In the background some Gungans are apparently enjoying recreational activity, minding their own business.

    PALPATINE: As always the Jedi reveal their treachery, once more plotting against me. As far as I can tell, our interests are in danger here. My spies reveal that they have fingered this province as the location of one of my whereabouts and they also know about my activities in Otah Gunga. However, not even YOU are allowed to know where my central hub of operations is here on this planet. Soon Rasa Lem will be arriving, for I have called him. Together, he and I will turn a new Apprentice of mine to the Dark Side of the Force and Lem will be eliminated, for he is a useless Bantha casting to me. Then I will have an emissary to do my bidding three times more powerful than Rasa Lem and able to end the Jedi for good. I know Rasa and I will be able to turn the boy for Rasa has no attachment to him. That was the mistake with Vader and Luke.

    D'ALLA: I think those Gungans over there should be eliminated. If they heard your plans....

    PALPATINE: Go and slaughter them. They pose no threat.

    At this the Gungans have already discreetly exited, nonchalantly, but D'alla and two other officers go out to pursue them. One is impaled by a Gungan blue energy ball and the other trips a wire and tumbles headlong to the earth.

    PALPATINE: Don't let them escape!


    The Gungans flee fast on their BEASTS OF BURDEN as they toss energy ball after energy ball behind them. The Lead Gungan scrambles into the woods as the other two are incinerared.


    Palpatine and a contigent of First Order Stormtroopers stand before the woods.

    HEAD STORMTROOPER: We've searched for three hours and found no trace of the Gungan spy.

    PALPATINE: Triple your search!

    December 9, 2020


    A Gungan hurries up to the court. He looks exhausted from running.

    GUNGAN: Exqueeze yousa servant, but I havsa news from Valorn province. Isa lost two brothers to brings yous this information.

    Master Klon hugs him, comforting him.

    MASTER KLON: That is terrible. Please, go on with your news.


    Two FEMALE JEDI MASTERS are meditating when the holo table sparks to life.

    Brent Sohlden — 12/09/2020

    MASTER KLON: Rasa Lem is coming to Naboo. Palpatine has called him. He plans to have Tal kill Rasa and take his place.

    MASTER LEERSA: I believe strongly that we should send Nalsa and Tal after him. They need this test.

    KLON: But if Tal falls to the Dark Side he could become the most powerful Sith Lord this galaxy has ever seen.

    LEERSA: I have a plan.


    Otah Gunga underwater music starts up as we see Rey taking a Naboo submarine to Otah Gunga and has a new twist as we see Palpatine in another sub as he calls out to two huge
    SEA MONSTERS to do his bidding and tear tear her sub apart. She jumps out of her sub and puts in a Jedi breather and swims, accelerated by the Force, to Palatine's sub. With her saber she slices it open and Palpatine and Rey lock sabers.

    PALPATINE: I am still every Sith!

    REY: I am still every Jedi! But I am stronger now, and dividing yourself has only made you weaker.

    As they fight in close quarters, the submarine goes back into the city and crash lands in the hangar. Both Rey and Palpatine back-flip out and then clash sabers again.


    LUKE, LANDO, LANDO, JR., CHEWBACCA, LUMPY, FINN, POE AND FAWN, and KLON sneak around the complex with the most IMPERIAL TROOPS around it. An AT-ST stands guard as well. With the Force, Finn manourves a CHARGE onto the AT-ST's side. After a small pause, the AT-ST blows up and a firefight ensues. Some Rebel troops go down but the core group remains and then FINN and LUKE and KLON make short work of the IMPERIAL SENTRIES and ROYAL GUARDS just outside the Emporer's throneroom. Then KLON, FINN and LUKE step in. The throne swivels to reveal Palpatine, a wicked grin across his face.

    PALPATINE: Go ahead and strike me down with your anger, your hatred, rage and malice. There are many more of me and I can use allies such as yourselves.

    Brent Sohlden — 12/09/2020

    FINN: (lowering his saber): No. You will have to attack us and we will have to defeat you in self defense.

    Palpatine steps off of his throne and starts to pump lightning into the three of them but all three absorb it with their sabers.

    LUKE: Where'd you learn to do that?

    FINN (Winking at Luke): Your Great Uncle Luke taught me.

    PALPATINE: It is obvious this contest can't be won by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with a lightsaber.(cackles as he gestures to his right, a panel opens up and he calls a lightsaber to his hand and ignites it then jumps and twists at the three JEDI).

    The fury and dazzle of saber crossing saber crossing saber is intense.


    SARAH rides a two legged Gungan Beast of Burden seen earlier, led by two GUNGAN GUIDES.

    GUIDE 1: For a longo timo we didsa not know about dissa sith temple desa build heresa.

    GUIDE 2: Den boom, itsa come outta desa shadows, and pow, here tis.

    SARAH: Keep a watch round abouts. I go to contend with this Sith Lord and his temple.


    PALPATINE sits on a raised daias. SARAH steps in. PALPATINE cackles.

    PALPATINE: I have been expecting you, young one.

    SARAH: No doubt.

    PALPATINE: Only your hatred and rage can destroy me. Give into your anger.

    SARAH: Righteousness will destroy you.

    SARAH leaps up to dethrone him immediately, but Palpatine sends a small bolt of Force lightning, which, she absorbs with her saber, but cannot reach him at the same time, so tumbles to the floor. Then PALPATINE leaps off his throne and starts to spar with her, toying with her.

    PALPATINE: I could squash you like a bug. Give into hate. It is the only way to defeat me. Give into your anger.

    SARAH: I only have love in my heart That is why you must be destroyed. You are pure hate. God will help me defeat you.

    PALPATINE: Your God doesn't exist.

    Suddenly, SARAH force pushes Palpatine to the floor and locks sabers with him

    SARAH: Yes he DOES!

    PALPATINE: Good, good, that was anger. Use that more!

    SARAH (backing away, covering mouth): oh,my. (Recovers composure): No more anger. You can believe what you want. But you will be destroyed. All of you. Mark my words.

    PALPATINE: (continuing to spar): no, no I didn't mean to correct you, young one, I meant to encourage you.

    SARAH: I too have not been showing you my full range of abilities.

    Suddenly she starts a full barrage of Jar'Kai style attacks with some vapad as she duel wields with the saber she had until now kept concealed under her cloak.

    Soon Palpatine ceases to spar and toy with this girl as he has to start actually defending himself.

    Then Palpatine decides he's had it with defense and goes on the attack, and just as Sarah is starting to lose, we see a robed foot step in.

    PALPATINE: Why, Rasa Lem, my old apprentice, so good to see you alive and well. But why did you come WITH Nalsa Li and Tal??!?

    RASA LEM: Apprentice no more. I have a new Jedi lightsaber. Things other Jedi have said to me really got me to thinking and I have regained my faith. I will not let you destroy this little girl. I know what the truth is. You were using me. Klon and Leersa told me everything. I believe the words you called me were 'a useless Bantha casting'. Now I am back on the Light Side and I will not be turned again.

    The ensuing lightsabre duels, cutting from one to the other to the other, continue for about 15 minutes, until all three Palpatine clones, plus the additional 4 in Otah Gunga, are vanquished by the Jedi.

    Brent Sohlden — 12/09/2020

    A FLEET OF RESISTANCE DEATH STARS meets up with another fleet of Death Stars.


    PA(V.O.): We have reached the coordinates given in the records of the Sith Palace on Naboo.

    Brent Sohlden — 12/09/2020
    Suddenly Starkiller base 2 decloaks. It is more massive than all the deathstars combined. Also a massive fleet of Imperial ships and SHADOW AND FLAME-like vessels decloak to protect it. A fifteen minute battle of death stars exploding from shadow and FLAME-like vessels culminating in the destruction by multiple hopestar blasts of Starkiller base 2 commences and ends with a huge explosion. Rey, POE and Finn, Lando, Chance, Chewie, Lumpy, C-3P0, Artoo, BB-8, D-0 and Luke and Sarah are heroes in this war. Rebel pilots keep the shadow and flame like vessels off the backs of the Hope Stars so that they can do their job, and as the rebel fleet contends with many TIES and destroyers.

    Brent Sohlden — 12/09/2020

    Gungans and Jedi and Naboo are overseeing the deconstruction of the Sith Temple.

    A Naboo HOLY man marries POE DAMERON and FAWN MOTHMA as FAWN'S parents give FAWN away. C-3PO, CHEWBACCA R2, BB8, D-0 and Rey, Ben, Rasa Lem, Luke, Sarah, Finn, Lando and the rest are in the audience. Klon is in the back, looking at Leersa with admiration, arms crossed, a big grin on his face. Leersa looks with adoration at Klon. Rasa Lem, Tal and Nalsa Li also stand in the back. Tal looks at Nalsa lovingly. Nalsa looks back.



    NEXT: Episode XV: Destruction of the Sith
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