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OOC Star Wars: Episode VI: Twilight of the Force III: A Son’s Destiny - Library Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Sinrebirth , Apr 27, 2021.

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    Guess I can put this up now

    Approved by GM.

    Name: Leia Skirata-Linnett
    Photo: [​IMG]
    Age: 21
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Personal equipment: Lightsaber,
    Personal ship: Jedi Starfighter
    Faction: New Jedi Order
    The Force: Yes- Jedi Knight
    Bio: Leia has grown much from the young Jedi Padawan who was born on Mandalore. Under the guidance of the Jedi, including Master's Vhardia and Master Renn, Leia has grown into a capable Jedi Knight. She shows courage when needed, and kindness and understanding. Although, Leia does have a bit of a temper when she feels like she is in danger or threatened. Leia has kept contact with her parents, her mother being a Jedi Master and her brother Alfred nearing the end of his training as a Padawan Learner. Her father spends his days studying, and giving her advice on her Mandalorian identity, though she does not associate with that much anymore. She is also a very capable pilot, loving to fly around the galaxy on missions in her Jedi Starfighter. Leia has high hopes for herself, wanting to earn a seat on the Jedi Council and eventually, she hopes rise to the rank of Grand Master. This, in some people's eyes makes her seem rash, but Leia is determined.
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    OOC: GM Approved [face_devil]

    Name: Bernael/Zas’Tel/Nevet (The Hidden Emperor, God of Death)
    Given Name: Irto Sikrar


    Age: ?? but at least 2500 standard years, Age no longer matters when you're immortal
    Home world: Anzat

    Height: 1.75m tall
    Weight: 110 kg
    Physical Attributes: Human tan with grey base, hair is black, eyes are silver-grey with black sclera, hidden proboscises in recessed cheek pouches, dense musculature, Anzati physiology which includes dispersed into nodes around the body brain and heart, ability to regenerate from almost any wound, given time.
    Languages: Anzat, Basic, Sith, easily picks up other languages in the course of a hunt


    Constantly wears specially designed light armor that makes no noise when moving,
    Chameleon cloak with a hood that assists with blending into the surroundings.
    When necessary will change clothes to those appropriate for the occasion while hunting.
    1 Set Phrik/Beskar/Obsidian Light Battle Armor; Light weight; Extreme resistance to lightsabers and blasters; Sigils cover every centimeter, absorbs 99% of Force energy directed at it; Obsidian only in the sigils to reduce weight; Current paint scheme Black on Black; Gifted to another Anzat from The Son, poached in my territory, spoils of victory
    Featureless black mask, openings for eyes, slit mid cheek, each side.


    Has a collection of lightsabers from both Sith and Jedi he has hunted across the years but prefers 2 pistol grip (like Count Dooku) black bladed lightsabers
    Collection of knives covered in Force Runes to penetrate shields and get in close in battle that he keeps on his person
    2 proboscises kept coiled in cheek pouches to appear more humanoid until use for draining a victims "soup"
    1 Pair Combat Lightsabers; Color-Black Blade; Solari and Heart of Darkness crystal embedded, Doubles blade width, More effective at blocking blasters and other lightsabers; Pistol Grip style, i.e. Count Dooku style; Solari and Heart of Darkness crystals taken from same Anzat that the armor came from. As well as the usual controls that would be associated with this assembly, there is also added a Force manipulation switch and a Cell Recogniser, so that he could activate the blade with his mind if he chose and so that only he could activate the blades
    2 Blackened Blade Kukri with similar strengths to an ancient Sith swords. Enhanced with runes of Essence Drain, Hunger, and Shatterproof, becoming aware.
    When going into battle, Bernael wears his combat armor, has a brace of daggers in various locations, and has his 2 kukri sheathed at the small of his back, for most missions, duels, or battles.

    Fury Class Interceptor, heavily upgraded and modified, Black on Black paint scheme
    4 fore and 4 aft Heavy Laser Cannon
    6 fore and 6 aft Medium Laser Turrets
    2 fore and 2 aft Missile Turrets
    Upgraded Military Grade Shielding
    Experimental Stealth Unit
    Class 0.5 Hyperdrive (Class 2 Backup Hyperdrive)


    Eternal Fleet Flagship, the Elysian Fields

    Eternal Fleet assets, approximately 20,000 Eternal Fleet cruisers and associated small craft

    Faction: Eternal Empire
    The Force: Yes, GrandMaster level


    Often seen as cold and calculating. He is not a “people person”. He has a strict code and does not tolerate foolishness when he works. He can appreciate humor and can joke if necessary to blend in but prefers to stand alone.


    One thing that must be explained before one learns of Bernael’s current life. Yes, current life as his story, or rather Nevet’s story and the Living Force’s story, goes back many more eons than this current being has lived. As discussing such could turn this bio into an epic links to the stories that cover those periods are shared here.

    Zas’tel/Nevet’s life as a Protector and the ‘birth’ of the Balance.

    A portion of Zas’tel’s soul and the Balance move on, opposing the Master’s plan.

    The Balance at work, with one of it’s agents.

    The Balance and Nevet’s soul once again opposing the Master, the Black Coat.

    Once the Change occurred the Balance split, the Dark side and Chaos, as well as the darker half of Nevet’s soul stayed within Bernael, fusing with him in their joint madness. The other half, well that is discussed elsewhere.

    Bernael was born on Anzat as all Anzati are. He was trained during his first two centuries, the youth of an Anzat, to be a hunter of any being by his sire. He respected both his sire and grandsire as he was raised on the stories of them associating with some of the greatest Sith, such as Exar Kun. His sire had trained in the double bladed Form of Jar Kai while in the company of Exar Kun.

    When Bernael left at a young age to travel the galaxy and hunt he chose his given name to blend in with other races. While out and hunting he began to realize that much of the truth or learning that had been passed of his species had either disappeared entirely from the galaxy or had been spun into myth and legend. In some ways this made it easier to survive as all Anzati do by draining life essence and “luck” or “soup”, also known as the mind and force essence. Because of his nature he quickly learned he had to move from planet to planet as once found out most societies would willingly scorch their own planet to destroy him.

    At one time, during a hunt he was discovered by a Sith assassin, named Darth Kwaad, while in the process of draining said assassin’s apprentice. He fought the Sith to a standstill before agreeing to become his new apprentice to learn his Sith arts. On a mission his master perished and he continued across the galaxy seeking out more Force users to drain. During his studies under the assassin he learned that the best meals were Force users and that doing so increased his own strength in the Force.

    For many of the following centuries he was an emissary, an agent if you will, of the balance, ensuring that neither Light nor Dark took prominence. In relatively recent history he had worked to ensure the rise of the Dark Side so that the balance returned, the Rule of Two had been a necessary evil when he’d worked to have it enacted but over the next thousand years he’d regretted being part of what caused such an imbalance.

    In the 200 years prior to the ascendency of Palpatine, Bernael had been guided by the Presence to ensure the light did not falter as the Dark reemerged and grew in strength. He had to work subtly and discreetly, occasionally assisting the Dark but most often working with the Light to keep the balance. As time went by, however, he saw that those who were charged with guarding the Light had become too static, to drawn into their rituals and the mysticism of their order. The period of the Clone Wars and what occurred then truly unsettled the balance, too many of those in the Light began skirting the darkness and as such he retreated from the galaxy.

    And then Paplatine was assassinated and Order 66 enacted. The ascendency of the Dark, without its guiding light was complete and almost all of the Light had gone out of the galaxy. All the centuries of work, the many years of solitude, the need to be such a being that was needed and disliked, kept at a distance by both sides crashed down on him. In a relative eyeblink everything he was, all he worked toward mutated as the Presence itself, the balance, went wild, completely turbulent. What emerged was no longer the balance seeking, mostly stoic Anzat but rather a true child of Cold Danda Sine. The balance itself had warped completely in the time of its initial madness and as it reconnected with Bernael the Dark Side flowed into him, claiming him as its own, changing him to become it’s living avatar.

    The following is a spoiler for events in Twilight of the Force II

    Bernael was gone for 33 years, emerging finally from the Farlax Sector. He emerged at the head of a Yevethan armada which proceeded to lay waste to the planet of Metellos. After destroying that world his fleet was met by that of Thrawn as a test by the Grand Admiral. He left the fleet to seek out a sensation of the familiar, with instructions to them to continue the conquest. The feeling led him into the Maw where he encountered Abeloth.

    After a whirlwind courting they were mated and a child grew in her. They continued deeper into the Maw and encountered the Supremacy. After causing the near full destruction of the First Order several Jedi, led by two Neti, one he recognized as his ‘Twin’, the vessel of the Light Side, appeared in the hangar of that craft. A battle ensued that cost him his ‘wife’ and ‘child’, but ended in the death of the Jedi Grandmaster and him almost destroying his Twin.

    As the heroes of the galaxy approached a planet, the planet Exogol, where Darth Zorn was located, he slipped in among them unseen. He sought a power, one that would ensure success for his endeavor after the Yevethan fleet had been decimated. While Zorn fought his father and Mace Windu, Bernael discovered what he needed to take the power he desired. A battle, ranging along and into the surface of the world ensued but he retrieved the final piece of the formula. But he still needed a Throne.

    He managed to sneak away in the chaos of the battle raging over Exogol, even as he felt the death of the two Chosen Ones, heading for Ziost, where the Throne should be. When he arrived he discovered that the Throne had been moved, to Odessen. He made his way there swiftly where he was confronted by the spirits of Satele Shan and Darth Marr. After confronting them he entered what appeared to be the ruins of the base.

    Inside, he found the Throne, having already injected himself with the formula, he sat upon it, taking control of the Eternal Fleet. As he did, another did the same, on another Throne. In that moment he recognized the other, a brother across the millennia, his brother Sistros. Between them, the GEMINI system divided the fleet in two. And their campaign to create their Empire began.

    After initial conflicts which saw the destruction and damage of a decent portion if both halves of the fleet, they had carved out the Eternal Empire. At which point, at the moment of their physical meeting, as it were, two worlds, the homeworld of Aryan Graul/Sistros, Nubia, and the world of Naboo fell into revolt. Utilizing fleet elements the revolts were quashed, their power shown to the galaxy at large. And then the galaxy quaked in fear and terror as Bernael delivered the final punishment to Nubia, feeding upon the 1.5 billion souls that inhabited it, eating every one of them, and in the process welding the Saarai-Kaar to his side.

    The following is a spoiler for events taking place between Twilight of the Force II and III

    Soon after the events at Nubia, the Saarai-Kaar, Marana, found that she was with child. When it was born it was evident that much of Bernael’s own genetics were involved as it was as close to fully Anzati as was possible. Because that was the case it was raised as any Anzat spawn was raised. At it’s fourth birthday it was taken to the training creche and began to learn those skills Anzati found necessary.

    Over the next eight years it trained, learned, and ultimately survived the training regime. Shortly after it’s twelfth birthday it was called by the Circle of Masters to it’s Final Trial. Somehow it survived the ordeal, even fighting Bernael in a duel as a part of the last two Trials before finding itself in a fight for it’s life with Bernael against what it discovered was technically it’s older half brother. The battle ravaged Anzat in it’s aftermath, Celestial energy having let loose many of the souls of Nubia that had survived in his Sire’s mind. After assisting his Sire to return to sanity, he was granted a name, Kigrael and took his place by his father’s side.

    It has been 14 years since the Empire returned and much has happened in that time…


    Name: Marana Sukarr (Saarai-Kaar, Minister of War for the Eternal Emperor) (NPC most often)
    Age: 50 but appears 30 (approximate age when Bernael granted her immortality)
    Home world: Lettow

    Height: 1.74m tall
    Weight: 72 kg
    Physical Attributes: Pale skin, long blonde hair, blue-green eyes. Fit and athletic from year upon year of lightsaber training.
    Languages: Basic, Sith, Anzat


    Golden Jensaarai armor
    Dark, silk like clothes when not in battle, matching her husband
    Dark armor of a similar style to Bernael’s


    Golden bladed lightsaber, a brace of daggers in various locations, a blaster


    Hardly ever found far from Bernael’s side, whatever ship he is on is where she would be found.

    Faction: Eternal Empire
    The Force: Yes, Senior Master


    She is a strong warrior, fierce and untrusting of anyone outside her small circle of trust, which basically extends to the pair of Eternal families. She is protective of the Knights, which she knows grew from the original Jensaarai that came with her. Worships her husband and is his voice when involved in public gatherings where the pair of Emperors are expected.


    The widow of one of the founder of the Jensaarai’s apprentices she took up the mantle of the Saarai-Kaar and built up those that remained, teaching them as Nikkos Tyris had developed. When the ‘God of Death’ Bernael offered to teach her and her followers, protect their world, and lead them, she led the Jensaarai off world.

    The following is a spoiler for events in Twilight of the Force II and before Chapter III

    When she met with him and learned the depth of the darkness she fell into love and worship of her ‘God’. Almost immediately after the formation of the Eternal Empire she gleefully accepted becoming his Consort. A short time later he gifted her with near immortality and as a result of the changes he wrought in her she found another miracle, she was pregnant with their child.

    After the establishment of the two capitals she often spent her time on holo, discussing events or other things that needed the attention of both Emperors. Her husband was often present but she learned and knew his mind, was connected to it on a deep level, and often was able to reply as he would before he had to suggest his own thoughts. Even when it was not necessary for an Emperor’s attention she was often busy as the ‘Minister of War’.

    Their child grew and trained upon the secret capital until his Final Trial. She was witness to it and what she saw terrified her at the danger that her husband and son went through. That they both survived was due to their godhood, she was sure, and she celebrated their return when the Trial was over.

    In the following years she has continued the work she has done the entire time since Nubia, preparing the Eternal Empire for whatever treachery that the New Republic was certain to embark upon when they knew they needed to reduce the amount of foes they faced. She swore that she would have her people prepared for her husband.


    Name: Kigrael (Heir to the God of Death) (NPC most often)


    Age: 16 but appears 22 (And will remain so for eons)
    Home world: Anzat

    Height: 1.77m tall
    Weight: 110 kg
    Physical Attributes: Pale with grey base, hair is black, eyes are silver-blue with black sclera, hidden proboscises in recessed cheek pouches, dense musculature, Anzati physiology which includes dispersed into nodes around the body brain and heart, ability to regenerate from almost any wound, given time.
    Languages: Anzat, Basic, Sith, easily picks up other languages in the course of a hunt


    Light armor that makes no noise when moving,
    Cloak with a hood that assists with blending into the surroundings.
    When necessary will change clothes to those appropriate for the occasion while hunting.
    Featureless black mask, openings for eyes, slit mid cheek, each side, similar to Bernael’s.


    2 proboscises kept coiled in cheek pouches to appear more humanoid until use for draining a victims "soup"
    1 Pair Combat Lightsabers; Color-Black Blade; Pistol Grip style, i.e. Count Dooku style; a brace of daggers in various locations

    TIE Whisper, Black on Black paint scheme
    Wingtip laser cannons (4)
    Wing bracket-mounted cannons (5 per wing)
    Heavy weapons turret[2]
    Sensor-confusing technology[1]
    Class 0.5 Hyperdrive (Class 2 Backup Hyperdrive)

    Faction: Eternal Empire
    The Force: Yes, Knight level with Senior Master level possible


    Often seen as cold and calculating. He can appreciate humor and can joke if necessary to blend in but prefers to stand alone. Much as his Sire is but the last few years have allowed his mother to bring out more emotion in him, even though most of it is for him to use in the course of any mission he may take.


    Soon after the events at Nubia, the Saarai-Kaar, Marana, found that she was with child. When it was born it was evident that much of Bernael’s own genetics were involved as it was as close to fully Anzati as was possible. Because that was the case it was raised as any Anzat spawn was raised. At it’s fourth birthday it was taken to the training creche and began to learn those skills Anzati found necessary.

    Over the next eight years it trained, learned, and ultimately survived the training regime. Shortly after it’s twelfth birthday it was called by the Circle of Masters to it’s Final Trial. Somehow it survived the ordeal, even fighting Bernael in a duel as a part of the last two Trials before finding itself in a fight for it’s life with Bernael against what it discovered was technically it’s older half brother. The battle ravaged Anzat in it’s aftermath, Celestial energy having let loose many of the souls of Nubia that had survived in his Sire’s mind. After assisting his Sire to return to sanity, he was granted a name, Kigrael and took his place by his father’s side.
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    GM Approved 3 of 3, the original, the one and only

    Name: Han Solo
    Age: 61
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Personal equipment: DL-44 blaster pistol
    Personal ship: YT 1300 CEC freighter the Millennium Falcon
    Faction: Formerly independent (smuggler) now General of the New Republic
    The Force: No

    Smuggler, scoundrel, rogue.

    This was quintessentially Han Solo.

    Born on the mean streets of Corellia Han made his name in this rough and tumble world. Firstly with Garris Shrike’s crew then with the White Worms street gang ruled by Lady Proxima. There he met Qi'ra, a fellow scavenger who became his closest friend and confidant. Sadly he had to leave his first love behind after a job gone wrong and Han vowed to return to Corellia to rescue her.

    Taking on the surname “Solo” he joined the Imperial Academy on Carida to become a pilot. However his independent streak expelled him from the Academy and he ended up on Mimban as a mud trooper. There he rescued the Wookiee named Chewbacca who swore a life debt to Solo and would form an unbreakable bond and friendship which would last for years to come.

    From there his life as a smuggler began after deserting the Empire. After a job with renowned underworld figure Tobias Beckett and a reunion with Qi’ra which turned out worse than he could ever imagine Han won the Millennium Falcon from fellow smuggler Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc, the ship he had piloted himself in the now famous Kessel Run. Han and Chewbacca formed a famous partnership and the jobs kept on coming.
    The Hutt named Jabba eventually heard about Han and brought him under his employment. He and Chewbacca barely got by but they were earning credits to help modify the Falcon and keep her running. However a job came up that was too irresistible to refuse. A call had gone out for pilots to assemble at Mimban to try and grab an artefact. A massive payday was on the cards.

    Forced to work with Mandalorians, Jedi and a rogue archeologist, Han was thrust into the world of galactic politics and indeed a fight for his life. He also lost good friends along the way, Lando, Maz and the most shocking of all Chewbacca, slain by Darth Maul. At this time he also lost his beloved Millennium Falcon. Disillusioned with it all and deciding not to join the fight at the Battle of Mandalore he fled much to the consternation of those allies he had befriended.

    During the fourteen years that followed he kept up the life of a smuggler, continuing to do jobs for Jabba and purchasing a new ship called the Erevana and with a crew to go with it. Along for the ride was an exotic woman named Xaverri, a travelling magician and illusionist. He and Xav as he called her became lovers, rekindling a romance that had started years ago on the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

    Han never regretted his decision to leave during this time, but he had by the New Republic been labeled a war criminal and had a price on his head, namely for the crime of smuggling.

    As the galaxy remained at peace, Han, Xav and the Erevana crew took on a job smuggling beskar off of Mandalore, a planet that held bad memories for Han. After picking up the cargo, and an explorer they headed to Jabba’s residence on Nal Hutta. After a standoff with Jodo Kast, Han received a signal he never thought he would never receive. Someone had the Millennium Falcon.

    After arriving in the Unknown Regions they arrived to find several ships in orbit including the Millennium Falcon painted black and now piloted by none other than Mace Windu. A battle ensued between Sith loyal to Darth Zorn, two Jedi, Han and the explorer, eventually the Sith were killed. Another surprise was to come, Ben the son of Darth Zorn had been grabbed and was now aboard Han’s ship which meant Zorn’s sights would be set on him.

    Their next stop was Kashyyyk where they would use Ben as bait to try and lure out Darth Zorn, and Han was pleased to be back aboard the Falcon. Upon arrival he heard the news that Mandalore had been consumed by Zorn and his thoughts turned to Madelyn and Ka'rta, his former friends hoping they had escaped. The New Republic were there too but he slipped down without any trouble.

    There he decided to take Ben with him and asked Lumpy, Chewbacc’s son, if he would take his father’s seat on the Falcon as copilot. Knowing that Zorn would be after the child he decided to head to Mandalore thinking that hopefully little Ben would be kept safe there. But after seeing what Zorn had done to the planet Han knew that Zorn had to be stopped...and he knew just the person who could do it.

    Arriving at Dagobah he had a disastrous meeting with Qi’ra in a mindscape before finding Anakin Skywalker himself. After a verbal sparring match and with Anakin throwing him around Han managed to stun Anakin and take him to see Mandalore to see the extent of Zorn’s power and to convince him to join the fight to stop him. Anakin then joined the crew of the Falcon and they headed to Coruscant, leaving Xav to look after Ben back on Dagobah knowing he would be safe from Zorn there.

    There they had a meeting over the comm with Chancellor Organa where he learned of two new threats: the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Yuuzhan Vong alien technophobes that had decided to infiltrate the galaxy. Han also volunteered the Falcon to lead a combined fleet to Exegol to take on Zorn feeling that he owed something to Feyna after what happened fourteen years ago and resolving to stop Zorn whatever the cost.

    Before leaving for battle he also managed to convince Jabba and his fleet to join the fight but only on the condition that the Hutt got rewards in return. There was also a brief encounter with a Sith ship and Qir’ra’s former right hand man Arb.

    The Battle of Exegol would be one of the toughest battles of Han’s life. After dropping Anakin off so he could deal with Zorn, Han teamed up with Madelyn and Ka’rta to take on the fighters, walkers and Star Destroyer protecting a tower they needed to take out. After taking out the Star Destroyer Han moved on to trying to protect the flagships of each fleet. Unfortunately he failed, the fleet lost two: the Avenger representing the Imperial Remnant and Home One representing the New Republic.

    With Prince Isolder of Hapes also losing his ship Han managed to rescue the Prince. But just when hope seemed lost the Jedi arrived and turned the tide of the battle as did Zorn’s death. However the Sith fleet was still not finished and it was now up to Han now receiving a battle promotion to General to lead the depleted fleets and fighters on to a final victory. Han had truly joined the New Republic.

    However a new threat had arisen. Aryan Graul, a politician, had announced himself to the galaxy as a Lord of the Sith, Darth Skelm. Knowing he needed to be taken out as well in order for the galaxy to be safe again he joined Madelyn, Ka'rta, her daughter Tor, and Isolder in a special Council of War to decide how to take out Skelm and to rescue Chancellor Organa. After repairs at Bilbringi they headed back to Coruscant minus Ka’rta.

    He managed to rescue Feyna and with the remaining members of the fleet escaped to a world he never thought he would see again….Corellia his homeworld. There he had a tense comm call with Aidel Saxan the Prime Minister of Corellia and his cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo who was making waves in the Corellian system. However, with no contact from Madelyn or Tor, Han decided to head back to Coruscant to rescue them.

    Han was shocked to see Coruscant in such a state with most of the planet in ruins. However he found Madelyn and Tor aboard Boa Fett’s ship Slave 1 and together they took on the Eternal cruisers that were still there. After defeating them with the help of the native Coruscanti, Han received a message from Feyna and after a brief conversation was invited to her and Isolder’s wedding. After stopping off quickly to pick up Xav and Ben Han arrived at New Alderaan after christening the baby Ben Luke Solo as he felt it was his responsibility to look after the child and feeling that he should have Luke’s name after his father and the man he used to be.

    After introducing Ben to his new aunt, Feyna Han led Feyna down the aisle, a proud moment for the smuggler. But afterwards he, like many others, learned the horrible truth: Palpatine was in fact alive and now leading the alien Yuuzhan Vong on a quest to take over the galaxy.

    Fourteen years passed and Han continued his work with the New Republic finding his work rewarding after all those years of trying to make ends meet and on the run as it were. His main focus along with Xav and Lumpy was to raise Ben like he was part of their family. Han taught him to fly and help fix the Falcon and he was proud to have someone like him who could potentially take over from him one day and fly the Falcon as well as he could. But the shadow hanging over them was regarding Ben’s parentage.

    When Ben reached fourteen Han was called on a mission by the New Republic to investigate what was called Vector Prime, the place where the Yuuzhan Vong may have entered the galaxy. Before the mission Han explained to Ben his true parentage and he hoped at least it would help the boy understand where he had come from, who his father was and who his family was now.

    Thankfully Ben accepted Han as his father and he, Ben and Lumpy started on their mission. They were pulled out of their hyperspace jump early and found a Yuuzhan Vong fleet greeting them. Trying to warn the New Republic Second Fleet their comm signal was swallowed and Han knew he was stuck.

    However help was at hand thanks to scouts who were there as well, scouts for the Empire of the Hand. Han tried to forge an alliance with the ship but instead the Chiss pilot of the ship decided to stop a warship trying to get to the planet of Artorias. Han promised to get their message as well as their own to the galaxy announcing that the Yuuzhan Vong had arrived.

    Making it to Artorias they sent the message which was acknowledged by Artorias….but after a few moments there was no response. Han suspected a problem or Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators and so resolved to try and help. But the Yuuzhan Vong fleet arrived and the invasion was about to begin.

    Now Han has not only an investigative mission but potentially a rescue mission to deal with….
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    Name: Ka'rta

    Appearance: Short black hair with grey eyes, fair skin and facial features one could describe as pretty if they ever saw them, she usually wears her buy'ce (helmet), around 1.74 meters tall, though a slightly stockier build than most.

    Age: 49

    Homeworld: Tra (Space)

    Personal equipment: Standard beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor) with a main color of dark red accented in black, her family crest is on the right shoulder, three stars above a beskad (Mandalorian sword) with the family motto "Dar Solus" (No longer alone) written in the blade, has a white stripe that runs down the center of her chest. She has an assortment of weapons on her person, wrist mounted rocket launcher that can be fitted with different warheads, Jetpack with a concussion missile launcher in it, two Mandalorian style blaster pistols, one vibroblade in a sheath attached horizontally at the small of her back.

    Personal ship: Her ship is a TL-1800 called the “Hettyc Osik” (I’ll let you look that up)

    Faction: Mandalorian (The Iron Empire)

    The Force: No

    Bio: Ka'tra was born to two proud Mandalorian Warriors and bounty hunters, Kot and Ka’ra. they were declared dar'manda (Not Mandalorian) shortly after their verd'goten (Mandalorian right of passage). Cast out and abandoned, they found comfort with each other, forming their own nameless clan. When Ka’rta was born it was the happiest day in their life, their little clan had grown by one.

    She was raised as any Mando’ad would be, taught how to fight, and how to hunt. Even after her verd’goten Ka’tra stayed with her parents. One day they let her go on a mission alone, that’s when she killed her first being. When she commed her parents to pick her up, there was no answer, lost and alone on a foreign planet She did her best to survive, running into two former Republic Special Forces operators, that had become mercenaries. After a fight that ended in a draw they offered to help her search for her parents. After about a week they found their ship, empty, blood all over the deck. The scanners picked up several different DNA signatures, including her parents’. There was so much that the two mercenaries, Owen and Jerrod, said that her parents were dead. While not completely satisfied with that explanation, Ka’rta knew she couldn’t devote her whole life to the search, she needed money.

    For the next few years she worked with Owen and Jerrod as a small merc company, until she decided to go her own way. She still looks for her parents but, has found it took second place to her work as a freelance merc.

    She took what she thought would be a routine mission on Mimban just open a way for the smugglers to get weapons to the natives fighting against the empire. That mission snowballed on her until she was facing an old god of the Sith. It made an offer to her, one of fantastic wealth if she stepped aside and let it possess a young woman whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was injured, tired and angry so she lashed out at the creature, letting off bolt after bolt until is was pushed back.

    The young woman she'd saved suffered with amnesia and Ka'rta should have just let her go on her way and never think about her again. However she couldn't leave her, something in her heart was aching again, something she kept buried deep down.

    Their adventures led them, against Ka'rta's very loud objections, to Mandalore, to the place that had cast her out. She was battered, hurt and angry looking at the ruins of the Capitol. She snapped let all of her anger out on the idealistic woman that had dragged her out here, to the place she would most surely die, where they both would die.

    Somehow, someway, the survived, rallied the remaining Mandalorians and crushed the Seperatist Army, a short lived victory as the Empire came down to try and overtake and steal away the hard fought victory. That was ended at the point of a blaster.

    Peace, well peace by Mandalorian standards reigned under the new Manda'lor the same woman Ka'rta saved in that temple. Now the Mercenary is her right hand, the one that keeps the peace they both fought for. She feels less alone now. In the battlefield she found someone, someone to share her life with, someone to come home to. They never expected to survive, never expected to be together after the stress and fear of combat subsided.

    Yet they are still together, and are starting their own family. Something they never expected either.

    Then Zorn returned, he swallowed up Mandalore, her home taking her husband with it. Separated from her daughter and grieving the loss of her love, she set out on a mission of vengeance. She would track down Zorn and kill him herself. She gathered a group of like minded mandalorians, breaking away from Madelyn. They laid waste to Entralla with all her mandalorians in tow. All the while a burning vengeance in her heart for Zorn, and in the end she never got to kill him to run him through or shove a grenade into his mouth and watch it take his head from his shoulders.

    Her true revenge was denied to her, but she had other worries, the Mandalorians were wounded and needed someone to lead them while the Republic continued fighting. A fateful choice was made. Madelyn chose to protect the Republic, taking Tor with her. That was the moment Ka'rta became Mandalore the Vengeant. She returned home, a home restored to them after the death of Zorn. If Madelyn had returned, if she had come back after the fighting, Ka'rta would have stepped aside. But she didn't, she joined the Jedi becoming their Grand Master. It was a betrayal. It made everything Ka'rta had done for her a mockery. Then naming Tor her heir, it stung even more. They were sisters, if the crown was too heavy for Madelyn why wouldn't it pass to Ka'rta? When Tor returned home, it was not a loving caring buir waiting for her. It was a harsh taskmaster. If her child was going to be Mandalore, she would be a Mandalore of the old ways, the strongest fighter of all of them. It was hell for the younger warrior, but she toughed it out, coming out tempered and skilled. Though it would be hard to deny that there wasn't just a little spite in Ka'rta's actions. An insult to name her daughter heir when she was right there.

    Not that it stopped her and the clans, they installed her as de facto Mandalore, Mandalore the Vengeant. With their Bes'uliik fighters forming the tip of their spear they conquered their space forming a bulwark between them and the incoming invaders, New Republic be damned. Ka'rta herself has changed, there is a cold icy presence around her. Her armor is darker, with splashes of red, reminiscent of the Death Watch she once killed at the Battle of Keldabe. Though she still has the clan mark of Dar'Solus. It is still her family.

    Her and Tor have become estranged, her daughter took the route of Hunter, not Warrior. She never took her rightful place, and she hadn't returned in many years. Ka'rta waits for that day, knowing what must happen. A fight, a return to the old ways of succession, single combat to decide who will lead, who is stronger.

    Until then Ka'rta looks to expand her Iron Empire forcing more planets into the fold, and looking for others that would be useful to the defense of Mandalore.

    All that matters is Mandalore, the galaxy can burn for all she cares.

    Name: Tor

    Description: Short dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. Is tall and strong, a body shaped and molded for combat. Her skin is tanned having spent some time out in the mandalorian sun. She has strength beyond that of many of her peers, and even could rival trandoshans for pure power. Her body is not covered in scars, owing to her armor protecting her, but she does have a few. Her wrists have been slashed, a scar under her armpit that nearly hit an artery, and another across her neck that nearly ended her. Each one brought her to death's door but she survived. She is a survivor. Something her and her mother have in common.

    Age: 28

    Homeworld: Mandalore

    Personal equipment: Full Beskar'gam altered from a set left in the Slave I, colored a deep emerald green though with scuffs and marks of use, and a blaster pistol given to her by Fett, one of his father's paired pistols, along with an arsenal of both lethal and less-lethal weaponry. She has a knife made of mandalorian iron, a gift from Madelyn, that she keeps in a sheath in the small of her back, just like her mom.

    Personal ship: Salve I

    Faction: Independent

    The Force: No

    Bio: The daughter of a woman that never expected to survive, that never expected to have a family. Tor was loved, but also not coddled. Ka'rta raised her like a warrior, starting with small things, some light weapons training, a little blaster shooting, getting her fitted for some armor. Soon it became more and more, hand-to-hand combat, hunting tactics, and training with bounty hunting equipment. Some might have disagreed with how she raised her child but she knew how dangerous this galaxy was and that she would need to be ready for them. There was also the fact that she had inherited her mother's rage and anger. No better place to put that anger than into training and preparing for the Galaxy that would chew you up and spit you out was always good.

    As she grew up she found herself playing with Leia and Alfred, being a sort of big sister to them given that their mothers were so close. She took on the role of protector, and defender of them at times.

    As she was about to undertake her verd'goten Zorn returned and the galaxy was at war. Not that she noticed having absconded with Leia and Owen heading to Courscant to kill Graul, not the first time she would try to eliminate the now Emperor of the Eternal Empire. On her adventures she lost Leia, only thinking about her mission and the burning desire to make her mother proud. On the Galactic Capital she met Boba Fett, out of luck or some duty to her he took her under his wing showing her the ropes of Bounty Hunting. It was also during this time she took her first life. And she felt the thrill of the kill. It both invigorated her and disgusted her. Part of her liked the killing, another detested it.

    It became a whirlwind as the contract was rescinded, and Graul started consolidating power. Tor had a moment to end it, but Boba Fett stood in her way. She killed him, or at least she thought she did. But in that moment her target escaped. She couldn't follow him any more, and that failure stayed with her. Her single minded drive to hunt him was broken by her Aunt, the Mandalore at the time, explaining that Tor would be her successor. This news blindsided the young woman. She was just becoming a Mandalorian, and now she would have to lead them. It was a lot of responsibility, too much almost.

    After reconnecting with Leia at the Wedding of Feyna and Isolder, Tor returned home for more training to become the perfect Mand'alor, the strongest of all mandalorians to defeat challenger after challenger, but first she would have to defeat her mother. It was a hellish four years of intense training that would have killed anyone else besides the daughter of Ka'rta. She came out hardened in body but, not in mind. There was still a bit of kindness in her, something her mother's training couldn't beat out of her.

    Once freed from her mother's training Tor instantly joined the Bounty Hunter's guild quickly rising up the ranks, becoming the best hunter in a little under a decade. This was helped by Boba Fett, a man she'd been given the moniker of, being out of the picture.

    Then he returned, demanding a shot at the Heir to Mandalore. One She granted. In a hard fought battle Tor won, but a new challenge was laid before her. To kill Graul once again, though he was stronger now, more in tune with the force and evil, she wouldn't give up. With a team and a plan she can see this mark on her soul wiped out.

    She wants blood, regicide is on her mind. You know what they say.

    When you take a shot at the king you'd better not miss…

    And she doesn't intend to waste any shots.
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