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    The EMPEROR strikes back!

    As the raging BATTLE OF JAKKU goes on, the reborn SNOKE prepares for the endgame with the half-completed SECOND STARKILLER.

    The heroes of the RESISTANCE have no choice but to embrace the leaders of the GALACTIC EMPIRE as allies before the SITH destroy all hope that remains…

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    Character Sheet

    Age: The Game is Set in 57 ABY, sixteen years after the Episode VII and VIII, fifteen years after Episode IX, and six years after Episode X, one year since the beginning of Episode XI
    Affiliation: First Order, Resistance, Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: Y/N.
    Personal Effects:
    Personal Starship (if any):
    Personal Weapon:
    Bio: I will merrily accept a link to Wookieepedia article for Canon characters, or indeed Legends ones.
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    The Rules

    1. All sheets to the GM for approval first!
    2. Snoke, Phasma, Thrawn and Rey are non-player characters. Ditto Ben Skywalker.
    3. Let the fun begin!
    4. All sheets will have an intro before it goes up!
    5. This is a cinematic game. In that, the show must go on, and actors can and will be recast. Missing two TAGs without prior notice returns your character to the GM.
    6. No more than four players each will be allowable. Any Legacy characters from prior games will be completely authorised.
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    OOC: As a note, Episode XII takes place six months after the end of Episode XI.
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    OOC: All three sheets GM Approved!

    Name: Admiral Tiberionel “Tiber” Ordwgal
    Age: 40
    Species: Lexrul Human, demi-human
    Homeworld: Lexrul
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: No


    Personal Starship: T70 X-wing

    Personal Effects: Survival gear, flight suit and helmet, pair of blasters and a blaster rifle, and the clothes in his rucksack and on his back.

    Personal Bio:

    Tiber, the grandnephew of Feral Ordwgal, grew up on his grandfather’s stories of his uncle. From an early age he heard them as he seemed to have many of the same characteristics as that noteworthy. His flying skills were almost on par with what Feral had demonstrated in his early life.

    When he was 15 he received a mysterious grant to attend the planetary defense force academy. Upon arrival, he found that he’d been placed in the flight program and when he traced back the source of the grant, plain clothed men who reeked of the military and the Republic appeared at his dorm and told him to not question where the money had come from. Understanding the severity immediately he agreed and dove into his studies.

    He graduated near the top of his class and chose star fighters as the path he wished to follow. He immediately fell in love with the T70 X-wing when he first flew it and the R2 unit that came with his craft he dubbed Bones II after the astromech Feral used. He flew for a pair of years before he became involved with more and more Black Ops missions.

    And that was when he met Poe Dameron. Having assisted the man before, when he was called upon again he immediately set everything else to the side and flew to the rendezvous point to meet the others. Whilst involved in the mission he found himself growing close to one of his fellow pilots, Zara Chrischa. After the mission, Poe kept them together and they grew even closer, as he discovered she was his One. 6 months later the war was over and they had married. His uncle, Finnefrael Ordwgal, having been party to all their mission reports, offered them both positions in his company, basically a private military company. For about ten years they shared their time between his home on Lexrul and her home on Bakura for their jobs as Military consultants.

    6 years into their marriage, after being told they’d not be able to have Children, Zara fell pregnant. Amethyst was born, Amy for short. Their only child who resembles her mother and has her fathers’ eyes and ears. At this point, when they make the hard decision to return to assisting the galaxy and saving it from darkness, they have been married for 15 years and Amy is 9. Since ‘retiring’ from Finnefrael’s company Tiber still flies regularly as the liaison between the Bakuran government and that company but Zara keeps her skills up in a SIM mostly these days as she’s resumed her Royal Duties.

    The following takes place during the events of The Road to Episode XI

    Tiber, Zara, and their daughter Amy, had been enjoying their life on Bakura when, in the middle of the night, an old friend, Poe Dameron called them. After a short conversation, they told him they’d consider his offer but wanted a little time. They discussed things with their former employer, Tiber’s uncle Finnefrael. After that discussion they reluctantly agreed to join the Resistance, especially as their old ship, the Rancor, as well as Finnefrael and their old squadron were also joining them.

    Zara had been made the squadron lead, Tiber taking the second position. Before too long, after they joined the Resistance, they found themselves in the Battle of Yag’Dhul where the squadron performed well, if even with some damage to their fighters and the Rancor. They managed to outperform the First Order and Tarkinate forces in the battle. However, it did cause strife between Tiber and his wife as he’d gone off without her orders, doing what he knew needed to be done but he had done so without her command.

    The friction between them was still unresolved by the time they found themselves at Bilbringi and an ambush set by the First Order. Zara surprised them all as she removed herself from the squadron lead position and returned it to Tiber, as it had been for years. He recovered quickly and set Black Squadron to keeping themselves and their ships alive against the forces arrayed against them.

    The battle was harrowing and they almost lost Delta in the fight, luckily she managed to eject before her X Wing was destroyed. With some creative solutions by both fighters and capital ships they managed to pull through a battle that should have destroyed them all. At the end of the battle, Rey requested that they dock on the SSD Liberator.

    Tiber and Zara were able to reconcile the friction between them after the battle before everyone was called to a ready room on the RSD. A briefing was given, a touch of friction seen between the two of them and Admiral Babo. A briefing which got worse when Rey collapsed, a major surge of Force energy that most of the pilots didn’t feel having done so. While they were dealing with that a small but powerful SSD entered the system and drove them into further shock when it destroyed the Rancor before their eyes.

    This battle was even more lopsided, in its way, than the ambush had been, 144 TIEs against two small squadrons of X Wings, Black one short even as Delta had remained on the capital ship. Tiber had had to give Zara a shock to her system to make her come out of shock about the destruction of the Rancor. The battle went on, creative flying on the part of the crews and the commanders. Finally, as the fighters ran out of fuel, they landed on the Liberator once more, just before it escaped through hyper.

    There was a tense moment on the hangar deck as Finnefrael had to deal with what Tiber had done before the battle. It almost ended with the disbanding of Black Squadron but he managed to salvage the situation and almost reveal how he felt for Delta. Soon, they found themselves in another briefing, another tense one as they found out about the New Order and it’s hidden SSDs that were turning the tide against them once more.

    The discussion was long but ended as the Liberator, Finnefrael, and Black Squadron chose to stay with Rey to follow her instincts that they were needed at Coruscant. They made the jump but in the course of the battle there, the Liberator was shot down and now all of them, their fighters needing fuel and ammunition, which survived on the RSD, but with New Order forces around, were trapped on the surface of the world city.

    The following takes place during the events of Episode XI

    After a major falling out with Admiral Babo, and the appearance of Tiber and Zara’s daughter, Amy, Black Squadron departed the Resistance, left to protect each other and the young girl. Returning to Tiber and Feral’s homeworld of Lexrul, they tried to settle in as the galaxy roiled with war. While battling family tension, specifically Tiber’s mother’s dislike of both Zara and then Delta, the planet fell into it’s own discord. The Governor, believing the people would agree, asked for Imperial assistance after trying to route out what he thought were traitors.

    FO forces, under Warlord Gherlid, arrived, beginning to occupy the planet even as the Squadron formed the core of a planetary resistance. The battle raged across the planet, the few loyalists to the governor being overwhelmed by citizens that still remembered the guilt of being associated with Orson Krennic. The squadron came up with a plan to stop the orbital bombardment of the SDs after sneaking to the base where their fighters and the rest of the squadron called home.

    Their plan succeeded, stranding some of the nonhuman stormtrooper forces as the SDs were sent off on random paths through hyper. Due to their work the squadron were hailed as heroes, especially Tiber, who had reluctantly become the face of the resistance on Lexrul. Due to that, and other factors, his uncle Feral was proclaimed governor. The galactic Resistance called them asking for aid and the Squadron, led by Tiber and his pregnant wife took ship aboard an Aquitens cruiser, along with the stormtroopers who had given their loyalty to Lexrul.

    Following the freighter that had come to fly them to the Resistance, should it be needed, they arrived and found themselves in the Jakku system, just before massive gravity generators cut the system off from the rest of the galaxy. The following six months began with intense combat, as their forces strove against the FO forces and the four Tho Yor that dominated the space around the desert planet. As the months wore on and Zara’s pregnancy progressed, the battle devolved into skirmishes at random times, a semi state of stalemate.

    It has been six months now, Tiber and Zara’s son has not yet been born, causing both to worry more and more that it will happen while they are still there at Jakku. They are, likewise, hoping their forces can find a way to lift the imposed exile by their foes. They miss their daughter dearly and desire only to get home to reunite their family and see what progress has been made to rebuild Lexrul.


    Name: Admiral Finnefrael “Feral” Ordwgal
    Age: 92 Standard years, physically appears and has the energy, stamina, and such of a human in their mid forties.
    Species: Lexrul Human, demi-human
    Home Planet: Lexrul, Trax Sector
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: No


    Personal Effects: His uniforms, his casual clothes, and many suits now that he was Governor of Lexrul
    Personal Weapon: Pair of daggers and a blaster rifle kept nearby, these days in a safe by his desk
    Personal Starship: Does the entirety of the LDF count?


    Finnefrael grew up on Lexrul,learning, at a very early age, that if he were put behind the controls of a flying craft he could pilot it. His skills at piloting were very quickly recognised and his intelligence allowed him to survive in the cutthroat competition of flight school. He joined Razor Squadron and fought alongside them throughout the Clone Wars. When Order 66 was enacted he happened to be the only member of his ARC-170 crew, besides the R4-C7 droid, by the craft.

    Unwilling to go home as there was nothing left there for him to go back to, he headed out toward the Outer Rim. Having used his pay during the Wars to invest and grow his wealth he managed to find an out of the way planet where he was able to modify and rearm his ARC-170. He defended Outer Rim natives from attacks from pirates, as the newly formed Empire rarely did so, especially with the humanocentric viewpoint of the leadership of the Empire. With the destruction of Alderaan, he left his beloved ship in a heavily secured, but remote hangar, he took transport to Coruscant, where he touched base with others he’d known from the Clone Wars period, which led him to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

    He ended the war with the Black Sheep Squadron, as the Empire fell. After the war, he returned to Lexrul and found himself unable to return to civilian life. Using the credits he had in various banks, he used familial connections to be able to form a private military company. He reached out to other veterans and they vetted every candidate.

    The company grew over the years, eventually snagging his nephew Tiber and his new wife Zara, after the time they spent in the resistance. The following fifteen years the company alternated headquarters between Lexrul and Zara’s homeworld of Bakura. When comms across the galaxy failed he was there, as they were, them having retired from the company five years prior.

    The following takes place during the events of Road to Episode XI

    Feral offered them the services of their old command, the Rancor as well as his aid. He commanded from the bridge for Black Squadron as well as Dancer and Rogue when they worked in conjunction at the Battle of Yag’dhul, of Bilbringi as well. It was as he had to confront his nephew that he finally allowed how he felt about one of the pilots, Delta, to be let out, even minutely. He took command of the RSD Liberator and chose to take the ship and his people to aid Rey on Coruscant.

    They made the jump but in the course of the battle there, the Liberator was shot down and now all of them, their fighters needing fuel and ammunition, which survived on the SSD, but with New Order forces around, were trapped on the surface of the world city.

    The following takes place during the events of Episode XI

    After a major falling out with Admiral Babo, and the appearance of Tiber and Zara’s daughter, Amy, Black Squadron departed the Resistance, left to protect each other and the young girl. It was during this time, fighting for the Resistance and their departure from it, that Feral finally admitted to his long time aide Delta that she was his One. Returning to Tiber and Feral’s homeworld of Lexrul, they tried to settle in as the galaxy roiled with war. While battling family tension, specifically Tiber’s mother’s dislike of both Zara and then Delta, the planet fell into it’s own discord. While dealing with the fallout of the planetary unrest Feral and Delta married, causing the family strife to take on new meaning as Delta became the matriarch of the family.

    The Governor, believing the people would agree, asked for Imperial assistance after trying to route out what he thought were traitors. FO forces, under Warlord Gherlid, arrived, beginning to occupy the planet even as the Squadron formed the core of a planetary resistance. The battle raged across the planet, the few loyalists to the governor being overwhelmed by citizens that still remembered the guilt of being associated with Orson Krennic. The squadron came up with a plan to stop the orbital bombardment of the SDs after sneaking to the base where their fighters and the rest of the squadron called home.

    Their plan succeeded, stranding some of the nonhuman stormtrooper forces as the SDs were sent off on random paths through hyper. Due to their work the squadron were hailed as heroes, especially Tiber, who had reluctantly become the face of the resistance on Lexrul. Due to that, and other factors, Feral found himself proclaimed governor. The galactic Resistance called them asking for aid and the Squadron, led by Tiber and his pregnant wife took ship aboard an Aquitens cruiser, along with the stormtroopers who had given their loyalty to Lexrul.

    Since their departure, there had been no word from the ships that Lexrul sent, a long six months of silence. All reports that reached Feral’s desk suggested that something had locked out access to the Jakku system, making him suspect that his family and people he’d sent into danger were stuck there. With little he could do to aid them, he and Delta focused on rebuilding Lexrul and strengthening their defense forces, knowing that the likelihood of battle returning to their world was high if many of those who were fighting against the Emperor were trapped in one system.


    Name:Jeanfra Gruandr
    Age: 34
    Species: Lexrul Human, slightly longer lifespan
    Home Planet: Lexrul, Trax Sector
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: No


    Personal Starship: T70 X-wing
    Personal Effects/Weapon: Flight suit and helmet, pair of blasters, her uniforms, and a currently inoperable secure comm to LDF headquarters on Lexrul.

    Personal Bio:

    Jeanfra is still a pilot, now a squadron commander, in the Lexrullan Defense Forces. When their great-uncle Finnefrael had the Phoenix Corporation take almost permanent station at Bakura both she and Jesryl returned to Lexrul and from their assignment by the planetary government to assist Finnefrael.

    The following takes place during the events of Episode XI

    When Black Squadron returned to Lexrul, Jeanfra happened to be the commander on the spot, in orbit. Understanding, quickly, that her family and their people wanted to return quietly, she had her personal squadron, Lightning Squadron, escort them down to the surface. She didn’t think much more of it until she attended her great uncle’s wedding. It was there that she met the pilot, Dan Messina. As one of the senior officers of the LDF she had files on all the pilots but the file only told so much.

    Intrigued to see how he’d react to a strong woman, even though he was surrounded by strong women in the squadron they hadn’t had a relationship with him. And she seemed to bowl him over as they began to see more and more of each other, even as chaos began to spread across the planet.

    She soon realized why he seemed so important to her, it hitting her that he was her One. The fact he was that to her caused some friction between them as he was not ready for such a commitment. But the oncoming battle caused them to have to keep those worries at bay. Her boss made her the advisor to the Squadron and she soon became all but an active member of it.

    She supported them in all their endeavors as they assisted the LDF to work against what the Governor was attempting to do. Even her people, some more rudely than others, tried to assist and she was there when they finally drove off the FO forces. Black Squadron, now basically the flagship squadron of Lexrul was requested and she took her Lightning Squadron with them. Partially because she wasn’t going to let Dan go off to war without her, worry would gnaw at her otherwise.

    Six months of battle, even as it slowly settled into an almost stalemate had kept the worries of her relationship with Dan to a low simmer, although they had grown closer in that time. She’d shown to him and the others that not only was she madly in love with him but was also an excellent pilot, invaluable to whatever their future battles might be.[/spoilers]
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    GM Approved

    Name: Zara Ordwgal

    Age: 37 standard years

    Race: Twi'lek - Raised on Bakura

    Image/Description: 167cm tall. Her skin is a mix of a soft lavender and a shimmery blue with keen blue eyes. She speaks Basic, no Twi'lek accent with a smattering of Twi'lek, which often confuses people. She's shapely with full lips.

    Starfighter of Choice: T70

    Personal Effects: She carries a blaster - DH 17.

    Personal Bio: Raised on Bakura from the age of 2, Zara is named after one of the women her mother served with during the Rebellion, Zara is adopted. She was raised in wealth but told the truth about the Rebellion and the subsequent situation re the First Order. She is intelligent and clever. Both her parents were Rebels and her mother flew X Wings so she learned to fly at a very young age. Zara was never comfortable staying home and studying like her sister and brothers. Much to her mother’s horror, she joined the Resistance and as a pilot met Poe eventually. She's a little cocky, but she is good. She won't give much attitude or smart mouth but she will snipe sarcastically and won't take crap from anyone. Good with her hands, she tweaks her ship often having learned about how they run early.

    6 years into her marriage to Tiber Ordwgal (who she met through the Resistance), after being told they’d not be able to have Children, Zara fell pregnant. Amethyst was born, Amy for short. Their only child who resembles her mother and has her fathers’ eyes and ears. Now married 16 years now and Amy is 10.

    The threat to her home world was real and as an adopted member of the Bakuran royal family, Zara knew she had no choice but to step back into her role as a fighter pilot and defend the world they’d settled on and made home. So, leaving her daughter behind she joined her husband and the Resistance, again, leaving Bakura on their home ship, the Rancor.

    While out fighting, an ancient X Wing appeared and her and Tiber’s over achieving daughter had managed to steal her grandmothers ship and come in search of her parents with the help of an equally ancient R2 unit. This even caused she and Tiber to leave the Resistance instantly, their daughter in tow, and go to ground on Lexrul. Leaving Amy with Tiber's family they went underground and there they start a rebellion against the First Order leadership and are drawn back into the Resistance again. During their time on Lexrul, Zara discovered to her horror and joy all in one, she was pregnant again and due to this being the second chance at a miracle in her mind, is now currently 9 months gone and her due date looms after 6 months of hell. The battles had been minor and irregular causing great stress to her and her unborn child, add to that her husband was part of many of those battles, leading them mostly. This was her dreaded fear that he’d not live to see the child born.


    Name: Delta Oriana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 35 standard Galactic Years
    Race: Chandrillan
    Affiliation: First Order, Resistance.
    Force Sensitivity: None. She wishes
    Personal Effects: Her mothers ebony wedding ring, worn to scare off suitors.
    Personal Starship (if any): She had an X Wing…………
    Personal Weapon: DH-17 Blaster, which she is good at using, vibroblade and hold out blaster

    Description: 164cm tall, Long dark hair usually tied back at the nape of her neck. Very dark almost black eyes with overly long lashes. Unique tattoos around one eye and on her neck and shoulders. Hot shot pilot who met her best friend Zara Christa on her first assignment, when she was 19. Zara was her senior officer and guided her in the Phoenix Organisation where she met her soon to be boss, Finnefrael Ordwgal. Never knew her father, her mother never mentioned him and wouldn't speak of him, mother died when she was 24 leaving her alone.

    Wanting to stay close to Zara, Delta took a position working closely with Finnefrael Ordwgal, and over the 15 years she did that, she fell desperately in love with him but her not so subtle hints were being ignored. For a long while she decided it wasn’t reciprocated so she kept it to herself. Then one day he noticed her, or had acknowledged her. It was a whirlwind after that, as they knew each other well, the next step was easy. She would follow him to the ends of the Galaxy, and so into war made sense. Now married, Delta is openly passionate, expressive and is not afraid to show everyone how she feels, on any given topic. The stalemate is messing with her personal plans and she wants it over so her life can begin.

    Name: Dan Shawn Messina
    Age: 37 Standard Galactic Years
    Homeworld: Coruscant - Good family there
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitive: Hell no

    Ship: T70 X Wing, or whatever he's given.
    Been a Black Squadron from the start, and during the lull in things was sent elsewhere but when the call to come 'home' went out, Dan was more than happy to be with those he knew best.

    When the Blacks scooted out due to the arrival of an unwelcome junior pilot and arrived on Lexrul, he wasn't looking for anything. At the wedding of Delta and Feral, he saw her across the room, found her interesting and talked most the evening as they had a lot in common. She was forward and when she said she was leaving, Dan was surprised when Jeanfra asked if he'd join her. Having 'been around' he wasn't sure where it was leading but when he discovered the night was the start of something much heavier and deeper for her, he was skittish.

    The underground resistance on Lexrul had him occupied, but she was always there, and somehow he noticed he was coming to rely on that, not to mention look forward to it.

    When deployed again, he did worry she'd be left behind, and for the first time in his life, that mattered. When she came with them, Dan was more than relieved, as he realised he'd formed a connection. The skirmishes still worried him, but she'd proven she was more than a match to his skills, and that of the oppositions.

    Name: Chrystella Stein
    Age: 35 standard years
    Homeworld: Pamarthe
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Starfighter: Anything she's Given as her race are born pilots
    Force Sensitive: Not at all
    Another Black Squadron from the start, disbanded and reformed, she was there. Married with two children, Chrystella fights for their freedom knowing they will become weapons for the FO if she doesn't. Her wife keeps the children safe and the contact is limited for everyone's safety. She learned slicing and is a wizz with data outlets and computers despite the fact she hardly uses the skill. She, like most from her world, learned on watercraft at a very young age, and the progression to starfighters was natural, she could essentially fly an SD if needed, its in her blood.

    She trusts Dan as her wing, always has and knows he won't let her down, or at least she did. Things have changed and now she starts to think about her six as he is focused on someone else's. The stalemate is wearing her down and her trust in her wing is wavering as he's made a few choices of late that have her questioning him.

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    Both Sheets GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Settu'asol'rerrist (Lord Sabel), Tuasolr for short

    Age: 88
    Species: Chiss
    Homeworld: Csilla
    Affiliation: Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: Yes.

    Personal Effects: When commanding from the bridge of his Secutor, he is often found wearing a dark grey outfit somewhat reminiscent of a Fleet Admiral but of looser weave with a darker grey cloak denoting his status as a Sith over it. When he chooses to go on individual missions he wears something similar but designed to more easily blend in to whatever terrain he finds himself in. A light cortosis weave fabric is what the outfit, aside from the cloak, is made from. On his person usually, wristpad/comm with encrypted channels to keep in communication with his command ship and fleet. Equipment belt with a secondary comm and several thermal detonators attached.

    Personal Starship (if any): His fleet, slightly reduced over the last six months of battle.
    Personal Fighter: TIE Advanced x1


    Personal Weapon: Several knives tucked around his person, two crimson bladed sabers that can interlock if needed. A pair of holdout blasters for ranged defense/attack.


    Settu'asol'rerrist grew up among other Chiss, but as he aged, he began to realize he was somewhat of an anomaly among the race, a male with Force abilities. He kept them hidden as much as possible and followed one of his fellows into Imperial service. While not as brilliant as Thrawn he was a very good tactician and soon rose to command small fleet actions under his fellow Chiss. During this period his rank meant that he was introduced to the Imperial court and that was where his Force abilities were discovered.

    The Emperor, always one to have as many plans as possible to ensure his victory allowed him to hide his abilities from those around him, while at the same time training him in the ways of the Dark Side. His tutelage meant that Settu'asol'rerrist was often splitting time between command of his Task Force and the Imperial court, until he passed his final training under the Emperor. Once he had, he returned to full duty, with secret orders, to be opened when the Emperor commanded.

    As the strength of the Resistance grew, the now Lord Sabel kept an eye on it. Eventually the communique he’d awaited was received, shortly before the Battle of Lothal, and he opened the sealed orders. The Emperor gave him full command of his command ship Megarea, a dozen Imperial II SD’s and a half dozen Onager SD’s and ordered him to carve out a base in the Unknown Regions, as the Emperor desired a unit, separate and relatively unknown in case there were threats to the Emperor’s plans.

    When he took his fleet into the UR the orders also allowed him to fully reveal himself and the fleet realized that their leader was not only a decorated Chiss officer but a Sith Lord. The loyalty he’d cultivated in them meant that none of the fleet retreated from his command and he found a small, underpopulated planet upon which to carve out the base the Emperor had demanded.

    Having spent the time since the defeat of the Galactic Empire tucked away in the UR Sabel has spent the intervening time ensuring the small fleet he was granted by Emperor Palpatine has stayed in readiness and kept the dream of the resurgence of the Empire alive. He has sent forays to many worlds away from where Imperial remnants or other polities, such as his fellow Chiss, exist so as to collect Sith artifacts to increase his power and knowledge of the dark side.

    He works to spread his influence across the UR and build up the forces he was given so as to prepare for the day that the Empire would rise once more. He had loose interactions with Imperial Remnant forces as well as those of other Imperial Admirals and Moffs who had fled, but they knew only that there was another former Imperial force somewhere in the UR. He also knew of the Chiss keeping an eye on such forces but whenever there were interactions with them he always entered the mind of a subordinate and used them as a puppet so that the Chiss did not realize that one of their own was involved.

    He also kept tabs on the many criminal and other, darker, organizations that ran throughout the UR plaguing both the former Imperial forces as well as the Chiss and the rising New Republic. Soon enough he would begin rallying those loose Imperial forces into something cohesive to reunite and rebuild the Empire. Even if the reuniting took time, he would ensure they were built into something the former, possibly, Emperor would have wanted to bring the galaxy back under the sway of the Dark Side.

    The following takes place during the events of Road to the Final Episode and Episode XI

    Sabel had spent the last forty odd years expanding and claiming as wide a swath of the UR as was possible. He’d fought battles, individually as well as with his fleet, in that time, honing himself and his people into a well oiled machine. That wasn’t to say that they won every battle or war they fought but even defeat taught them lessons and the bounty they had taken from Iokath, the technology they’d used to improve the fleet, had been of great assistance in that time.

    So, when Eleodie, or who he found out in the first few moments was Eleodie’s offspring, called him, asking for assistance he was willing to do so. Especially given zher age and coloration he was certain that her calling him uncle was the wrong name for what he was to zher. But zhe insisted, even though others in the fleet were coming to the realization that zhe, most likely, was his child.

    He’d set up a meeting point, a world somewhat between what had been the territory of the Pirate Queen and his own. What he had not known though was that that world had been set up as a forward base, both for research as well as, most likely, the staging area to expand the First Order’s territory out into his and what had been Eleodie’s.

    He arrived at the world after Eleodie, to find that it had become a fortress world, ringed by minefields and orbital weapons platforms. When he arrived, it was to find zher being attacked by the minefield. The mines went after his ships as well, as he had his people work to rescue zher. In the end, it took him having to destroy one of the platforms with an overpowered shot from the Onager he’d brought along, to get zher out.

    They hypered to a nearby system, where they concocted a ruse to return to the system and discover why it was as it was. Zhe took on the role of a FO Legate and he the guise of an old friend, Grand Admiral Thrawn. A combination of their bluff and the Governor of that world wanting them on the world found them on the surface.

    They had been brought to what appeared to be the Governor’s residence but, in reality, was a massive warehouse to find that all of this was a cover for a massive operation utilizing Kyber. It was here that what appeared to be the Governor let loose what he thought was his trap. A massive battle ensued, one where Sabel found himself fighting both physically and mentally. The first was against a biot that had been the one in the form of the Governor, the second was against the essence of Snoke, that had inhabited the massive Kyber crystal in the center of the warehouse.

    By the time the battle had ended, Sabel was battered, bruised, injured, and his armor had thousands of shards of the, now, destroyed Kyber embedded in it. As he passed out the word Jakku entered his mind. His people were able to get him mostly healed as they left the system, leaving an occupying force in their wake. His Red Guard, on his orders, had half the fleet assemble, wisely leaving the remainder to secure the borders of his territory. His techs, fawning over the high quantity of Kyber they’d acquired, made good use of it. His armor in particular was renovated to a high degree, both with the integration of the kyber and to assist with his recovery. It would have to wait to be seen what use he could make of it, in the future.

    The fleet had taken flight to Jakku, finding themselves in the system with a massive force that had come to destroy what they believed was where the Emperor had set up his last stand, as it were. His force, to his relief, was in a region of the system away from the rest of that massive armada, thankful as all of his designs were of Imperial or Chiss origin and he doubted those that had come would believe they were allies.

    As soon as they’d arrived, the system had been locked out of hyper by a massive gravity field, just before an announcement was broadcast over every comm channel, revealing the system was a trap. When the message ended the large Tho Yor, the only ‘foe’ they faced, began firing on the fleet and releasing TIE fighters to attack. After initial losses, including the ship he and Eleodie were on having the front third sheared off, the battle became a fierce engagement, at least for the first few weeks.

    It has been six months now and the battle devolved into strategic attacks from both sides, both trying to find the key to ending the threat of the other, Sabel’s people studying every aspect of the Tho Yor, interested in how it was, seemingly, interacting with the small nodes of Kyber that they’d taken. The battle had to end soon, he knew his people would be concerned by the lack of communication from him.


    Name: Atin-Kot Kouwr
    Age: 3641, counting the last 3600 years in Stasis
    Species: Taung
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: Yes
    Appearance: 2 meters tall, grey skin, yellow eyes, typical Taung features


    Personal effects: Robes and armor, taken from the hidden Jedi temple.
    Personal Weapon: Detachable double bladed, yellow colored lightsaber

    Bio: Born on Mandalore, Atin-Kot was typical of his race until approximately the age of 10. He had grown up learning to hunt with the adults of the clan, learning the skills necessary to hunt any sort of game on the planet. He likewise had spent many hours learning all he could of all the species those of his clan had faced as they ventured out among the stars.

    All of that changed shortly after his tenth birthday, when on a hunt he thought how the hunt would be simplified if the mythosaur they were after would appear so they could take it. Suddenly the creature they had been stalking reversed course and stepped out directly in front of them. Dismissing it as a fluke he continued taking part in the hunts for another year before it happened again, in the exact same way. At this point he realized it was he that had caused it to happen, which amazed, disgusted, and terrified him.

    His amazement was due to the fact he had never heard a single story of his kind having any Force powers. The disgust came from the disgust his kind had for those that used the Force, and the actions that had driven them from their homeworld, which may also account for why there were no stories of his kind using the Force. He was terrified because he knew that as soon as he was discovered he would be cast out.

    He began preparing for that day, ensuring he had all his gear and weapons prepared and hidden in a remote location far from his clan's homes. His fear came true two days past his thirteenth birthday and his advancement to adulthood. The clan chief himself and a handful of warriors physically manhandled him from the village and under the penalty of death exiled him from the tribe and swore to disseminate news of his exile and the reason why to all the clans.

    He had managed to make it to his gear, retrieve it, and slip offplanet before they had cordoned the spaceport. He managed to work his way from planet to planet until he reached the planet of Taris. It took much convincing to get any Jedi there, from any rank to take the time to search him for any evidence of Force Powers, but eventually he found one of sufficient rank that believed and saw the Force ability in him to get him accepted to the Taris Academy.

    He worked hard, his physical strength and hardiness served him in good stead as he naturally drifted toward the path of a Sentinel. As he graduated, and crafted his sabers, he finally realized he’d found a new clan, one that accepted him for what he was, not just a Taung, but a Jedi. Such belief was tarnished to a degree when the Mandalorian Wars began. He knew his people, and those who had flocked to their banners and become Mandalorians, were ravaging worlds and the Jedi, the clan he’d come to believe as his, did nothing.

    That is, until a pair of Jedi, Revan and Alek, managed to convince the Council to allow them to fight and end the war. He had gone with those who would be known to posterity as the Revanchrists and fought in the wars, his armored form, double bladed saber in hand came as a shock to those of his race that he fought. After the Battle of Dxun, and all he’d seen there, he could not continue, he could very well see where this was headed and so he returned to the Temple, and the Council’s judgment.

    Following Malachor, and the return, then the departure of the Exile, the council realized they desperately needed information, needed to know what Revan and those who had followed him were doing. Called to the Council chambers, Atin-Kot was given sealed orders direct from the Council that he was to become an agent of the Council, and rejoin those he’d fought alongside in the Wars, reporting back to the Council as needed. He followed Revan and the others into the Unknown Regions, and rejoined their ranks. And returned with them, a ‘Sith’, to wage war against the Republic. But now he’s been called back, by the Council, to join a team, for a mission of the utmost importance, targeting Lord Revan himself.

    The following takes place during the events of Turning Point - The Betrayal of Darth Revan

    Atin-Kot, and those others that had been called were drawn to Sernpidal, where they met for the first time. They were an eclectic group and it was evident in how they could barely call themselves a team. Even after meeting and beginning to know each other, they were at odds, partially not helped by the fact he, himself, was a Revanchrist.

    After a violent encounter at the cantina they had gathered at, they had to set out, on their own routes, to rendezvous at the manor of Colonel Scherp, someone Ati-Kot knew. One of their own had been taken captive and they had to breach the security, finally work as a team. They finally reached the Colonel and, after the Taung had to use tactics the Jedi would find abrasive, he managed to get what they needed, the codes and their companion, from the man.

    After departing, on Scherp’s own shuttle, they returned to Bastila. The plan was, of course, to board Revan’s flagship with the codes they had, and capture him. After the briefing, they were given a chance to catch up with those they needed to, as it was basically a suicide mission. Atin-Kot, following all the various orders he had, spoke with Darth Malek, by comm, to ensure that that Lord knew that Revan would soon be off the board.

    Bastila knew of his second orders and, after a discussion, they set up the ambush, her to lead one team and he the other. At Nouane, the ambush began, Atin-Kot leading his team toward Security Command, while Bastila headed for the bridge. His team ran into Darth Voren, just outside their objective. The fight was short and bloody but left their objective in ruins. They were called to the bridge, through the Force, to assist Bastila.

    When they arrived, a tremendous battle ensued, between all of them and Darth Revan. The tide of the fight only truly turned, when Darth Malek fired upon Revan’s ship, betraying him as planned. After a discussion whether to kill him or bring him back unconscious, the Jedi chose the latter, secreting him between them and rushing off the Dark Protector just before it exploded.

    They brought Revan to Dantooine and were all summoned before the Jedi Council there, to report on the mission. Or so they thought. Instead they were held to account for their actions as most taken had to have been outside the norms of what the Jedi, the ones attempting to remain out of the war, expected. Each of the team was ‘punished’ in various ways and Atin-Kot worst of all.

    The Council refused to accept his explanation or offer and instead stripped him of his Force powers. He was cuffed and remanded to the custody of Zeseem. The entire team was sent off, ostensibly to return to Coruscant, Atin-Kot now a prisoner. However, things changed. The ship was wrenched out of hyper as they were enroute and taken by a Sith ship, lead by Darth Igrol.

    Atin-Kot was able to use his minimal previous exposure to those Sith to keep the Jedi from being killed outright, although he himself was beaten to appear as though he was still on the side of the Jedi. He attempted to get the Jedi to recognize that letting the Sith ‘turn’ them was the best option, before they arrived at Dromund Kaas.

    They were taken by the Imperial Guard, led into the Emperor’s throne room. Where they were almost immediately overwhelmed by the presence of a Darkness. He set them in a space they did not know where they were taken apart mentally, again and again, for years. Torture and pain, their minds stirred by his hidden fingers, for years until the pain and torture was nothing but background noise.

    After that period, they found themselves awake, in what might have been a workshop, dangling from the ceiling. There were three children below, that the three of them managed to convince to release them from the physical constraints they were in. The children, who it turned out were the Emperor’s children, scattered when they suddenly realized their father was there.

    The Jedi faced him, realizing he didn’t seem to be present at the moment, in his body. An attempt to kill him and the Emperor came back into himself. Without any effort, he immobilized them and rendered them unconscious. All they knew, as they slipped into unconsciousness, was where he was taking them, Atrisia. Unknown to them, he did just that, sending their stasis containers and other items to that world, where they have been sequestered for the last 3600 years, waiting for someone to wake them.

    The following takes place during the events of Episode XI

    Atin-Kot and his brother Zeseem were finally released from stasis 3600 years after the Sith Emperor had placed them in the pods, by a small group of mostly Jedi. Weakened by the millennia of stasis, aware the entire time, both had to recover as quickly as they could to assist in battling the creatures released from traps of the hidden storehouse they had been placed in.

    After a fierce battle, both ancient Jedi exhausted from the ordeal, they had escaped the planet. Their rescuers had taken them with as they returned to what was called the Hidden Temple of the Jedi. When they arrived, most of the Jedi had left on a surprise attack on the Sith. It turned out, however, that the surprise was in both directions as, soon after their arrival and the initial talks with the Jedi Council, the Sith attacked the system.

    One event, among the madness, was of great import to Atin-Kot, the spirit of Revan had touched him, well both him and Zeseem, and removed what the ancient Jedi Council had done, restoring his connection to the Force. Which soon proved beneficial as the Sith themselves made it to the surface.

    He found a giant Sith as Zeseem dealt with others that had attacked, the battle drawn out and energy taxing, once again. They truly hadn’t had an opportunity to fully rest since they’d been recovered and, before that, had spent over three and a half thousand years awake, as it were. But, the battle was finally won or was perhaps a draw as the Sith departed the system suddenly.

    After consultation with the Council, a battle plan was formed to try to end the battle with their foes, the location of which had been found. He and Zeseem were put in command of a small contingent of troops for their assault, paltry compared the numbers they’d fought alongside in the days of their ancient battles.

    When they arrived at Jakku, the battle had begun in earnest in mere moments. Before they had even truly gotten a chance to engage, they had lost half the force they were to command and were in flames headed to the surface of the desert world. Since that time they had fought and defended in countless battles, almost a reminder of their old days, with no real end in sight, the sense of time fading again as they strove to end this latest war they found themself a part of.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Natasi Daala
    Age: Daala would like that question submitted with a valid reason for the information. She’s managed to erase any documented history of her exact year of birth.
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Irmenu
    Affiliation: Maw Irregular Fleet
    Force Sensitivity: No.
    Personal Effects:
    Personal Starship (if any): The ISD II Chimaera and it’s fleet
    Personal Weapon: Blaster pistols, a hold out vibroblade if she absolutely needs it.
    After a failed marriage, a young Daala applied and was accepted to the Imperial Naval Academy at Carida. She thrived there and would have gained promotions, but was often passed over because she was female. Rather than being dismayed, she fought thought menial assignments until she her work came to the attention of Moff Tarkin.
    He recognized her capabilities and removed her from Carida and placed her under his command.

    During the time she served under Tarkin, she rose in rank on duty, and off duty she became his lover. Daala ventually earned the rank of Admiral under Tarkin, the rank was bestowed outside the naval hierarchy, he knew that they would never grant a female that title.

    Tarkin wasn’t the only man she’d been with to advance her career during her younger years, and that could have led to his decision to place her in charge of his secret Maw Installation. It was an important assignment, and she was in charge with the top scientists in the galaxy. But, it wasn’t lost on her that she was tucked out of sight.

    She had a difficult time after Tarkin’s death, but after some setbacks she again found her footing and expanded her own military.

    Later she launched a carefully planned attack to murder a large group of Imperial remnant Warlords, when they preferred to argue rather than negotiate. She had the plan in place for such an occasion, and had protective masks for herself and Gilad Pellaeon when the chamber filled with poisonous gas. With the elimination of those Warlords, she set about building her own Empire.

    In 49 ABY Daala joined Chancellor Aryan Graul to lead his military, but she later discovered that Graul was being held against his will and controlled by Snoke. Daala and Graul escaped Snoke’s clutches and went to Wavett to rescue Graul’s wife and son.

    Once the Graul’s were reunited, Daala joined Jagged Fel and Graul at Bastion to form a collective assault on Snoke. While there Daala had a matinee with Aryan Graul, which was later approved by his wife and the Graul’s agreed to an open marriage.

    After a devastating defeat at Kamino, and the loss of Jagged Fel and the destruction of his flagship, Daala was furious that she had no form of assistance from Graul.

    Later, she grudgingly agreed to meet Graul at Jakku where he arrived with the Megador, which Fel had left for the Empire to use against Snoke.

    Once Daala met with Graul, they realized that they’d been lured there and trapped by Snoke. Daala also found out Aryan had been in contact with the Sith Lord Darth Krayt.

    “Natasi Daala has been an erratic officer, a laser cannon with a malfunctioning actuator if you will, since she was an ensign in the Imperial Navy, and her recent actions bear out this diagnosis. Of course she is a hero—she has fought all her enemies, real and imagined, with bravery and ferocity. But she needs to be held, and cured, before ever being allowed to take up any sort of command again. The Alliance was foolish to elevate her to a position of power.”
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    Name: Jaina Solo Fel
    Age: 40
    Species: human
    Homeworld: Coruscant, anywhere Jagged is.
    Affiliation: unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: Y
    Personal Effects: vibroblade, her droid Cappie,
    Personal Starship (if any): X-Wing
    Personal Weapon: lightsaber - violet blade

    After spending years on Korriban feigning insanity while chasing Sith. Then Jaina took off in search of Ben Skywalker, and has so far been unsuccessful in locating him.

    Jaina returned to Bastion after Kylo Ren’s ship tried to kill her. Jagged seemed happy to see her, but his actions at Kamino destroyed their lives.

    She was on the Bloodfin with Jagged and during the trip to Kamino, Luke Skywalker appeared and told her she was carrying Jagged’s son. Jag Fel sacrificed himself, and his flagship, with a suicide mission to protect Jaina’s shuttle from the celestial weaponry above Kamino. Jag’s ship was destroyed and he perished in the devastation.

    The scene on Kamino was a total waste because Jaina didn’t get to face Snoke or her brother.

    Jaina is now haunted with knowing she Jag would still be alive if she had told him about their child. She believes he would’ve never made such a foolish maneuver that would leave her alone to raise his son. Currently she is defeated and has all but crossed the line between light into darkness.
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    Name: Talia Kestis
    Age: 12
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Lothal (or at least that's what she tells people)
    Affiliation: Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: Yes.
    Personal Effects: A BD droid thats painted red and white.
    Personal Starship (if any): X-Wing
    Personal Weapon: A small dagger she conceals in her sleeve.
    Bio: Talia has been alone for as long as she remembers. A scrapper, a thief. Doing anything she could to survive. She wasn't born on Lothal of course, but ended up here after holing one too many ships. It's where she met her BD droid, thrown to the scrapper and saved him. And where she lives in alleys and empty buildings. Talia is good at sensing when things aren't good, most if the time. She however doesn't trust people easily, and often wants to be left alone.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Adrias Stark
    Age: 40
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Affiliation: New Republic
    Force Sensitivity: Yes
    Personal Effects: Jedi Robes, lightsaber, datapad
    Personal Starship (if any): E-wing
    Personal Weapon: a lightsaber with a silver colored blade


    Bio: born on Corellia, somehow his parents managed to avoid his Force sensitivity being detected by the Empire. He grew up in the streets of Corellia, once showed some latent abilities when facing a bully. That forced his parents to relocate before the Empire caught up with them and took him away. They set up a repair shop in an Outer Rim world just before the Battle of Endor.

    That gave them hope that their ordeals would be over. But that was hardly the case. Imperial Remnant forces, pirates, gangsters all fought over the scraps from the body of the dying Empire.

    A then young Jedi, the legendary Luke Skywalker needed repairs to his X-wing. So the honor to service the craft fell to Adrias’ parents. If Skywalker realised the irony of the situation that he found a Force sensitive boy in the middle of nowhere, he never showed it.

    Stark’s parents were reluctant to let him go, but the prospect of a better life swayed them. Adrias learned whatever he could about the Jedi, especially the ones from his homeplanet, hence his tunic and robes were green.

    And one day, after Adrias became a knight, Master Skywalker called upon him and several others to be sent on an important mission that was going to change his life forever…

    Upon completion of his mission he arrived at the specified location only to find other Jedi and TIEs. The battle that ensued was brief and the Jedi were able to take care of the Imperials. He and the rest landed on the planet where they met Jaina Solo, the niece of Master Skywalker, who gave them the most disturbing revelations about the state of the Galaxy during their absence.

    They had to leave as a First Order vessel was approaching, so they joined Jaina to the Imperial world of Bastion, where they had their vessels repaired and refueled. Adrias did not want to stay with the Empire and he opted to find the remaining Jedi.

    That turned into disaster as his companion Ohali got killed by a Dark Side practitioner. Grief stricken, he jumped into hyperspace towards Jakku following an ominous voice. There he was met by the biggest armada he had seen. Lucky for him he remained undetected when New Republic forces attacked.
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    All character sheets are GM approved, secondary characters to be revealed later

    Name: Nadia ke Mattino
    Age: 45
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Adumar
    Affiliation:Adumar, Unaligned, somewhat reluctantly supports the Reige/Fel Empire
    Force Sensitivity: N.
    Personal Effects: holos of her family.
    Personal Starship (if any): Tie Defender Elite, however, if she desires go leave with a capital ship, she can
    Personal Weapon: powerful holdout blaster, blastsword


    Bio: A pilot during the Second Galactic Civil War, she met Trec shortly after the attack on Adumar itself. The two quickly fell in love, and despite the attention on the two of them, had a quiet marriage. When pressure for Trec to lead occurred again, Trec recommended Nadia to take the lead. When she asked him, he merely told her his uncertainty in himself was only matched by the confidence that he had for her to lead. She quickly grabbed Adam to advise her much like Teren Rogriss advised Perator Balass, and it led to a build-up, especially when the First Order was discovered on their doorstep. It hasn’t been easy, but suddenly the pressure on Adumar has lessened, and now is time to find out who their friends are…and if any previous ones are left.

    There was change which was difficult to figure out the most important solution to unprecedented problems that Nadia had to face in a way to protect her people. Worse yet events led to more dramatic reactions leading to the evacuation of Adumar. The decision was proven correct when Mortis appeared over Adumar. She lost her mentor in Teren Rogriss and struggled to not lose millions more Adumari. Now she was on a journey to a planet to meet a leader who might actually save the galaxy with Briana and Kael.

    Getting the Adumari to their colonies in the Unknown Regions reduced the planet Adumar to an increasingly toxic battlefield which used fewer ships and more updated Rogriss-class stations which now includes K-wing squadrons. It required that a continual convoy codenamed Pedestal, while at the same time increasing the construction, infrastructure, and production capacity of the colonies with a dramatically reduced manpower limit. Now she had to deal with Adam's new idea.

    Name: Trec ke Mattino
    Age: 47
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Adumar
    Affiliation: Adumar, otherwise Unaligned though supports the Reige/Fel Empire
    Force Sensitivity: N
    Personal effects: Holo pictures of his parents and grandfather Liak ke Mattino
    Personal starfighter: Assigned a T-85Ad

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: The grandson of Liak ke Mattino, Trec has a lot to live up to. Growing up most of his life hearing about his grandfather, along with the ideals of the New Republic pilots, he’s not like many other Adumari when it comes to honor. He is always proud when even in sims, his pilots survive the scenarios.

    However, he has a new assignment direct from the Perator of Cartann, Balass ke Teldan. Find Wedge, or at least someone who can get to Wedge. He isn’t convinced signing up with the Confederation was the best idea, so if he can find information on where Wedge is and what he’s thinking then the Perator might know what to do. The perator is willing to lend Trec a mixed squadron of starfighters and a flight of four K-wing bombers.

    After the war, Trec was one of the few heroes left on Adumar, however, there were a couple of things that could be done. One was a regency council to see if better leadership could be found. Secondly, Trec met and married his wife Nadia and had three kids, Carrie,( Tanya, and Ryan), however, only Carrie is seen publicly.

    Trec went from having authority and not using it, to reminding people just how much authority he had, especially after Adam had been removed from command. That authority included a promotion to Grand General within the Imperial Remnant and participation in the Battle of Jakku.

    Trec decided initially that there was little hope of a quick victory so he decided to take Jakku's moon. It was used as a supply hub for the sector allowing the attackers to keep up the siege. He also considered small scouting missions down to Jakku in search of a weak spot in the defenses or an ideal place for them to gather.

    Name: Adam Lyons
    Age: 55
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation/Former Affiliations: Adumar, Twin Suns, Shadow Sabers, Wraiths, Supports the Reige/Fel Empire

    Force Sensitivity: Y (training mostly with Force Powers, not a lot with a lightsaber though he has one.)
    Personal effects: Blaster pistol, Semi-Standard flightsuit (green instead of orange). Twin Suns and Shadow Sabers battle patches are attached. Non-descript sneaking clothes.
    Personal starfighter: A prototype E-wing Mk VI being developed by Corraidhin. Generally painted like the night starfield of the planet that he happens to be spending a lot of time around


    Personal History: Spent some time with the Wraiths in Intel as one of the pilots and one of the better marksmen with blasters, but left them to get more flying time eventually ending up with the Twin Suns.

    Adam was ordered to investigate the Wild Knightz by commanded by Adalia Tehanis, which led to a working relationship, which led to friendship and respect between the two squadron leaders.

    Eventually, his Twin Suns and her Knightz would be combined to form the Shadow Sabers. High Command found their antics...unconventional, to say the least, and the whole squadron was retired.

    He joined a somewhat new company building starfighters, became very disillusioned with the company after it changed ownership, and resigned immediately when he received a distress message from a former squadmate. It didn’t initially go well.

    At the beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War, he’s now living on Corellia where he can talk with several other well-known Corellians all he needs now are some of his former squadmates from the Twin Suns or Shadow Sabers.

    Currently works as a senior consultant for Corraidhin Inc. A small starfighter company currently using most of its business for modifying current designs, though it hopes to produce unique designs in the future.

    After the war, Adam married Rachel and had a kid…or two, became an advisor to the Adumari government, particularly for the Perator of Cartann, and a more senior member within Corraidhin Inc., he flies less and has at times become a very reluctant Fleet Admiral. Now that it seems that the First Order has been dealt with, it’s time to reestablish contact with former friends, and when the time is right enemies.

    Adam insisted on preventing Snoke's Empire from prosecuting their strikes on Halmad and Mon Calamari. They were largely successful at the former and less so at Mon Calamari where they first faced off against the Tho Yor.

    Unfortunately, due to the work schedule that he had been working for the years since Palpatine's demise led him to make decisions that he probably wouldn't have, which led to his removal. However, he wasn't left alone too long on d'If, joined by his wife Rachel and his children…along with the Perator's children. He got some minor revenge by encouraging Trec's only son to pursue his interests, especially if they were sneaky and slightly underhanded.

    Face Loran brought Adam back to Hope Station to help out with the Wraiths' project. Unfortunately, Ben Skywalker decided to try to break the living calculator that was Piggy sa'Binring which led to the abandonment of Hope Station with the data and everyone else mostly intact. They had the data, but they lost the station and Mortis had appeared over Adumar and they were needed. There he witnessed Teren Rogriss sacrifice himself for Adumar. Elsewhere a very important person was on his way to one of Adumar's colonies.

    Adam spent quite a bit of time trying to solve Adumari problems, along with the problem of how to bring Jagged Fel back to the known galaxy in a way where the odds were evened. He'd wait on visiting Ahch To until the remaining Skywalker family had a chance, though Zakuul was a possibility. Also he wanted to see if there was a way to interrupt the Celestial signal with one of your own. It would make him a big target, but he wasn't fighting for himself or even Adumar, he was fighting for something far more important. A chance.

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    Episode XII GM Approved Characters

    : Zeseem Dunkel
    Age: 38 standard years, plus a few millennia.
    Species: Nautolan
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Pike saber - detachable & reversible hilt top made with Force Weapon techniques upon the 'blood wood', comm gear, medium scale armour, emergency nutrient cubes and medkit.

    Born on Glee Anselm it was an idyllic life. Raised by loving parents who were dedicated mates to one another, plenty of open ocean and tiny islands to play on, life couldn't have seemed more perfect as a child. Of course this covered the fact that his parents were poor, his freedom an illusion of currents he was never allowed to try. Not truly for reasons of safety, but of what they could afford. They swam so much not for the fun and freedom, but because they couldn't afford to buy a transport, but that all changed when his parents finished training programs and got jobs off world.

    Coruscant was dry, metallic, harsh. But he tried to make it home, only here the dangers didn't respect emitting far reaching scents in the waters, they didn't respect distance and timidity. They sought power and were harsh task masters. There was little his parents could do, and little he could ask of them as one of six children.

    It was by chance, or the Force, one day when he was discovered being beaten up by a group of punk kids tugging on his head tails to spin him around into position for a punch when a Jedi. . .a rather lost Jedi, stumbled upon the situation. When the Jedi had Force pushed a couple kids back it had been the strangest feeling, like the currents of home were back again. Now nobody spoke what he was used to except others of his kind, so he understood very little of what anybody were saying. Words like 'alien' 'freak' and 'tentacle sleemo' didn't really register yet, nor words like 'What's going on here?' or 'Jedi'. It was only when the aggressors fled that he did the same albeit opposite direction, and when the Jedi tried to stop him. . .by instinct and desperation he mimicked the Force Push he had felt. It hadn't done more than make the Jedi stumble, likely more in shock than anything and he was quickly caught by his head tails once more.

    Only this time he wasn't beaten by his sensitive organs nor swung about. Taken in for weird medical care at a place that was far too clean and shiny, blood tests were done, and eventually his parents called in after after he showed the weird symbols he had had to memorize when they moved here, he thought he was in trouble for getting beaten up truth be told. It wasn't until his parents translated that the Jedi, a holy monk of the galaxy, saw potential in him and wanted to take him for training to their temple on Coruscant. It wasn't anything he really wanted, but when his parents had such watery hope in their eyes after hearing the free educational opportunities for their son and money he could send home if he got a job outside the Temple. Well, what was a young boy to do?

    For the next seven months he had a tutor droid that lived inside his families two bedroom apartment and provided free language lessons for all the children in basic. Crash courses in galactic history, biology, economics, and logic were also included as his siblings were tested. In the end only one other had the gift, but all were given that short leg up into society. A couple Jedi tutors came by for his sister and him to teach them about the Jedi, the Sith of old, and the basic mysteries of the Force. At the end of that time, he and his sister left for the Temple to rarely ever see their family again. To learn to eschew attachments and love in any non-generalized way, and to be lights in the galaxy.

    He found his path upon age with the Counselor's, meditating on the Force itself and the how's and why's ancient methods worked verses the newer norms. All that book learning made the war a hard thing, first with the Mandalorians, he had abstained and chose to follow the Council. Spending the war in intense study of combat aspects of the Force and unique ways to subdue enemies either organic or mechanical, preparing for what may never come. Or so he thought when Revan had won, much to his joy.

    Only that joy turned to horror when he was finally called to fight, not the Mandalorians, but the hero, Revan. As the war raged, he found his private studies more and more needed. Sometimes as teacher at first, and then as a warrior. Now he was called up for something worse, worse than fighting Sith in a losing battle, worse than training children to twist the Force to fight for their lives. He was called to face his hero of yesteryear. And win.

    They did, they won that impossible battle, they turned Revan over, and he watched as the Taung was stripped by the Masters and a shady voice whispered gifts to him. Leaving to return home after that insanity with his secret status as Knight retained and tasked to watch the others. Unfortunately they were ambushed and taken hostage, taken to the true Sith Emperor where they were imprisoned in Kyber and tortured until time lost meaning. Until pain was the only hold on sanity that he clung unto.

    After an 'escape' attempt they were once more imprisoned, his pain hazed mind after loosing his hand the only thing keeping him barely aware in his prison. As the shadows danced and the ages past, he wondered if this new hell would ever end. Could ever end.

    Eventually it did. He and his now 'brother' were rescued by spelunking Jedi that really didn't want to save anyone or at least weren't trying to. Freshly thawed they had to fight, not just for their lives, but their sanity. Considering the vision they shared and the mission they felt called to, that more than likely should of been called into question. They didn't of course, they trusted it and their new Jedi allies and joined them in seeking and laying siege to the new Sith threat that the galaxy was loosing against.

    That saw them to Jakku, and ultimately. . .to something they have yet to figure out.


    Name: Tirran Huxley
    Age: 48 cycles
    Species: Gallusian
    Homeworld: Cato Neimoidia - Although no allegiance for his place of emergence
    Affiliation: First Order or Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: N
    Personal Effects: Self Sustaining Transport Tank, Exo-suit made from a repurposed SE8 Waiter Droid, various flakes and music collections.
    Personal Starship (if any): Modified H-2 Executive Shuttle, One Belly Turret disguised as sensor pod, and one rear facing turret, as well as rear shoot with 'emergency unloading' capabilities.
    Personal Weapon: Exo-suit which has been modified to double as a body guard with scalpel fingers, rotary saws, palm scanners, scomp link, and wide array of personal defense technologies.
    Bio: When your one spawning parent is a famous singer that left money to provide and promote his offspring, one of which was left on the cut-throat world of Neimoidia during anti-alien sentiments and turbulent times - well, one tends to invest heavily not only education but in personal protection. Although complimented on his talented singing voice he never had the chops to make it in the music industry and instead set out to make a name for himself in the underworld.

    He became a fixer. You needed disintegration rifles? Bo-staffs? That holo-recording that was expunged from the net decades ago? Passage to a system that most don't know exists and you don't have the coordinates? Maybe just a way to get a good dry martini on Mon Cala? Whatever you wanted Huxley knew a guy, gal, or thing that could fulfill your need.

    Liking underdogs he had even helped out the First Order from time to time before they took over the Galaxy, which meant his business never really suffered. It did help of course that his business technically didn't exist. That all changed when he made major deals and had a couple fall through as well with the First Order. This led him to the stars away from his shop and a few back room deals with the powerful and addicted. With the gained wealth he purchased a planet, played with Jedi, and inadvertently shared some tales with a crystal that restored the ancient Kyber transmission system to see a reversal of fortunes for the Rebels.

    Retreating he made some market plays and new grain deals. Finally having an opening he headed to take care of his main shop that he had been cut off from on Coruscant, unfortunately the world decided to be decimated by the new Empire in Black! He had a little droid rebellion and lost a Sith artifact, but the true painful moment was loosing his old and trusty exo-suit and having to remove to a backup unit. But that was yesterday, and the new day would tell what new deals could be forged. Albeit with a Jedi in tow profit would likely remain elusive.

    Planets bought, worlds lost, the galaxy went through a rough initiation of the latest recession. This saw him paying back a Jedi by offering the ex-partner special on a life threatening travel plan to what ultimately was a death trap. A trap that saw his ship and suit crashed by ion pulses as people babbled gibberish while they plummeted to their deaths.
  16. adaml83

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    OOC: These characters are all GM approved
    Name: Medb Ra-oon
    Age: 24
    Species: Valon Human
    Homeworld: Unknown, but strong heritage from Valo
    Affiliation: Tearmann
    Force Sensitivity: Y (Knight/Master in Force powers though would be barely a Padawan with a Lightsaber)
    Personal Effects: Robes, an ancient set of gold and white Jedi Robes, modified and updated rescue droid
    Personal Starship (if any): Vector modified and updated

    Personal Weapon: None, the Force is enough

    Bio: Medb is from a family that left Valo shortly after the Nihil attack and eventually found their way to the Tearmann which still maintained an outpost on lightly inhabited planets at the time. Medb however has spent most of her life in the Unknown Regions. She kept her Valon heritage of dark skin, green eyes, and red hair.

    She quickly showed an affinity for Force powers while equally and oppositely showing no skill at all with any weapon, lightsaber or otherwise, that the Tearmann used. This has advantages and disadvantages, though more so in Known Space.

    Name: Briana “HQ, Angel” Odan
    Age: 52
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Wraiths, otherwise Unaligned (Empire of the Hand)
    Force Sensitivity: N
    Personal effects: Blasters, vibroblades, some communications equipment
    Personal starfighter: None, tends to steal one



    Bio: Briana joined the Wraiths a couple of years before the Vong War, and quickly established herself as a troublemaker even by their standards. During the war, she teamed up with Adam and Kael to bust up various Peace Brigade outposts usually from a combination of sneakiness from Adam, explosives from Kael, and Briana’s ability to get information from vain men.

    One of her favorite hobbies is to find the weaknesses of her colleagues and torment them with them. For example, she loves to play the insult game whenever Piggy was around, especially in the early parts of the Vong War. She’s a part-time communications expert, a part-time slicer, but a full-time creator of chaos, and one of her friends is in need of someone like that.

    After the war, she was retired, however, she was asked to join Jag to set up communications with the leadership of the Imperial Remnant, Jag Fel. Then helped set up the Intelligence network at Halmad, Adumar, and Oracle Base. Currently, she is at Oracle Base trying to get her father Aren, to behave.

    Briana observed Gherlid's attempt to destroy Halmad and almost completely stopped it with only a relatively minor damage done to the planet. She and Kael joined the rest of the Wraiths with an attempted attack on an Eclipse around Coruscant with a distraction from an orbital bombardment from the cruisers of Group Two. Unfortunately the attack was too slow and Snoke, with others, were already on board. They managed to escape with very significant damage done to the ship though suffering enough casualties that would be unacceptable in normal circumstances. The Wraiths then went to Hope Station to figure out the Celestial signal. Something tall, dark and Ben Skywalker showed up to stop them which forced them to escape aboard a shuttle with relatively light casualties, but they lost the station. Now she was flying with the Perator and Kael to some point in the Unknown Regions.

    Briana spent the next few months either guarding Jag or searching for something that would help Jag even the odds against Snoke. She isn't sure what to think about guard duty.

    Name: Kael “Swift” Swiftflight
    Species: Human
    Affiliation: Wraiths, otherwise Unaligned (Empire of the Hand)
    Force Sensitivity: N
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Blasters, vibroblades, and all sorts of things to make explosives.
    Personal starfighter: None, tends to steal one

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: One of the Wraiths explosives experts, Kael also joined up shortly before the Vong War. Occasionally getting into explosives competitions with longtime Wraith Kell Tainer, Kael is almost Tainer’s equal when it comes to explosions. He teamed up with Adam and Briana to add an explosive element to their raids on the Peace Brigade.

    He gained his callsign “Swift”, partially from his last name, but mostly from what you should be when you hear him counting down. He also happens to be pretty good with a variety of blasters, and is certainly the best ground fighter amongst the three. Rumors of the crazy E-wing pilot at Kuat has reached Kael’s ears and he quickly brought in Briana to find that if she’d ever say no to trouble...him either for that matter.

    After the war Kael helped set up the Intelligence network around the galaxy, helped Adam rescue Face from would be assassins on Coruscant, and invited the new Wraiths to join Adam’s Intel network. Currently, he’s at Oracle Base helping set up the base and run Stealth X missions from there with Briana.

    Kael spent most of his time on missions with Briana whether it was around Halmad, on board an Eclipse class Star Destroyer, or at a space station trying to figure out a signal. By the end he was on his way to the Unknown Regions for a new assignment.

    The assignment was that of a guard, or a scout. If he wasn't guarding Jagged Fel, he was scouring the area for ways to counter Snoke. This area being more aligned with the Force, and neither Kael nor Briana being Force Sensitive meant that they needed some help.

    Name: Rachel Nezuma-Lyons
    Age: 53
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity:N.
    Personal effects: Mostly her tools and clothing.
    Personal starfighter: N/A



    Bio: Mechanic known mostly for her positive personality and cheerfulness. Assigned to the Mon Mothma in General Antilles’s Fleet Group 3 during the Vong War. So positive she can make the meanest Dark Lord of the Sith have a good day. After the events of the Second Galactic Civil War, she joined Corraidhin Inc and became a senior mechanic.

    Rachel spent much of her time making sure of the early Corraidhin move which allowed them to continue their R&D at a mostly normal pace. Production couldn't keep up. The rest of the time she spent managing both her kids and that of the ke Mattino family. She thought Carrie was partially entertaining and would make a fantastic leader in the future. However at one point she also had to keep an eye on the troublesome kid she married when he had been permanently temporary removed from command, she noted a change where he felt more at peace and…connected once he had a chance to rest.

    She spent much of the time working on upgrades as required by the Adumari. The second priority was getting a more heavy hitting starfighter out and in production. The problem was that the other companies that concentrated on production had not yet finished their move from Adumar by the time Mortis had arrived which led to a severe lag between finalizing a prototype and starting production. Fortunately, Nadia was kind enough to allow Carrie to help Rachel out. She had to tackle the increased automation in the larger ships and even among starfighter maintenance crew.

  17. HanSolo29

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    GM Approved

    Aryan Graul [Sistros]
    Age: 92
    Species: Human


    Homeworld: Nubia
    Affiliation: Imperial Remnant/Empire
    Force Sensitivity: Yes
    Personal Effects: Hand-crafted walking cane from the artisans on Nubia; personal datapad and wrist comlink; a worn and tattered hand-written journal; a red pyramidal Holocron that he keeps concealed from public view

    Aryan’s walking cane, reminiscent of many of the styles on his homeworld

    Personal Starship: Refurbished Corellian Engineering CR90 Corvette Stardust; the Star Dreadnought Megador
    Personal Weapon: A blaster pistol attached to a shoulder holster and concealed within his jacket; a vibroblade sheathed to the inside of his boot; a custom-built lightsaber with a silver and black hilt and a blue blade

    Aryan's personal lightsaber

    Bio: For many, particularly in more recent times, Aryan Graul remains an enigma. Other than a few general notes sprinkled along a timeline that spans back decades, very little is known about his history. His refusal to talk about certain aspects of his past only amplifies this perception. Perhaps he even prefers it this way.

    The first public record begins with his military career in the Republic Navy. Aryan served as a pilot during the Clone Wars, commanding one of the elite, non-clone squadrons assigned to the Mid Rim. His fortitude and determination led to many successful missions, which ultimately convinced him to go career as a commissioned officer. However, his dreams came to a crashing end when a scuffle above Kashyyyk resulted in a serious injury. His wounds were extensive enough that he lost his left leg, forcing him to medically retire from the military.

    While he was in the Navy, Aryan met his first love, a young woman named Sybelle. It wasn’t long before the two grew close, resulting in a whirlwind relationship that would surpass anything either of them had ever imagined. But where the war had brought them together, it would also serve as the catalyst that would tear them apart. Circumstances beyond their control, arising from class and social politics, forced them to separate. However, they did not depart without making a personal vow to find one another once the galaxy allowed them to do so.

    Sybelle; a holo from Aryan's personal collection, circa 16 BBY

    Unfortunately, Aryan received a report that the war had claimed Sybelle before their reunion could come to pass.

    Amid his grief, another woman entered the scene—Lyzia Eross. She was the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur who worked closely with his father and had been a part of Aryan’s life since he was a child. Although they had known each other from afar, he was unaware that his father had promised to betroth them once they reached the legal age of marriage.

    Still reeling from Sybelle’s death, Aryan initially rejected the idea and held firm on his decision for several months, but it was impossible to remain adamant in the face of such an alluring woman. The two eventually married in 11 BBY, with their only son, Arek, being born two years later. Their daughter Jalynn came along three years after that. It was Lyz who became Aryan’s lifeline and moral support during the intervening months following his injury.

    Lyz Graul, circa 44 ABY

    The next available record highlights Graul’s achievements in politics a few years later, a career shift that blossomed from the ashes of his military service. After a short stint as a Councilman at the local level, the people elected him to serve on the Galactic Senate as the Senator from Nubia during the height of the Galactic Empire. His tenure lasted 9 years, and during that time, his charismatic personality helped him to become an influential force across the vast political stage.

    Many assumed that he would eventually ascend to greatness as the leader of the Empire…

    But then Emperor Palpatine disbanded the Senate in 0 ABY.

    Senator Graul during a public debate in 1 BBY

    It was at this point in the timeline that Aryan seemingly vanished from the galactic map. Some say he fled the Core to seek refuge in the Outer Rim after the Empire labeled him as a fugitive. Others insist that he returned home to Nubia to take over his parents’ mining and shipping company, working in isolation and contributing to the war effort in secret—there are rumblings that he even had a short stint among the pilots of the Resistance. Or perhaps he simply became a recluse. Whatever the case, there is no clear narrative outlining his fate. Only 44 years of rumors and heresy.

    Until recently.

    Aryan Graul, with Lyz at his side, emerged from the shadows to help lead the First Order, having been appointed by Armitage Hux to serve as Vice-Chancellor and Speaker for the new government. It was an odd choice considering the uncertainty surrounding his past, particularly the rumors that he had a tendency to become unhinged under certain conditions—some tied directly to an alleged drug habit—though Aryan vowed to separate himself from those negative connotations. He affirmed to rule with a strong hand, exercising the power, authority, and influence his position afforded him.

    Vice-Chancellor Aryan Graul of the First Order, circa 44 ABY

    However, he never fully adhered to the more totalitarian tendencies of Palpatine’s regime. It was the sort of government that Hux and Kylo Ren aspired to uphold—and one that Aryan hoped to overcome. The newly appointed Vice-Chancellor aimed to peacefully spread Imperial influence across the galaxy by providing aid to those planets ravaged by the last war. It was his goal to instill a stable Imperial hierarchy that would promote goodwill and security. That was how his campaign to establish a ‘New Order’ came to fruition.

    Over the next ten years, Aryan accumulated fleet elements, equipment, and weapons—many of the assets stolen from Hux’s own coffers and written off as a loss—in preparation to defect from the First Order. He had intended to wait for the perfect opportunity to proceed, but the death of his daughter at the hands of a terrorist accelerated his plans.

    After a period of mourning, Aryan and Lyz set out to the Expansion Region to accomplish their goal—partly to honor Jalynn’s memory. Under the guise of a goodwill tour to neighboring systems, the Grauls recruited member states to their cause. They began with Wavett and their shipyards, which became their unofficial capital, and later brought Admiral Yage and her fleet into the fold.

    But when Aryan went to retrieve the assets that he had gathered within the Ghost Nebula, they were gone. A mysterious man known as Snoke had uncovered the Vice-Chancellor’s plan and claimed the fleet as his own. He later revealed his vision to form his own regime to supersede the beleaguered First Order. The self-proclaimed Supreme Leader named Aryan as the Chancellor of this new government… though, it was merely a ruse.

    Aryan Graul had no choice. If he refused to serve, Snoke had promised to destroy everything that he held dear. This included his family, his reputation… and his legacy. He had become a captive—a slave to the Supreme Leader of the New Order.

    For the next five years, Aryan worked from the shadows to fulfill Snoke’s bidding. With Captain Phasma acting as his personal bodyguard, he traveled around the galaxy to recruit more systems and regional polities to their cause. He met with the likes of Jagged Fel and Natasi Daala, eventually convincing the latter to serve as military commander for the fleets.

    It was Daala who also saw through the ploy and recognized Aryan’s plight. When Snoke finally revealed his grand plan in a coordinated attack that devastated Coruscant, Chandrila, and Concord Dawn, the Admiral took matters into her own hands and became Graul’s savior. She defied the Supreme Leader’s orders and fled the scene of the battle, freeing Aryan from his bondage.

    After a brief respite, which included extensive planning for the upcoming offensive against Snoke—and a budding romance with Natasi Daala, a relationship that led to an open marriage agreed upon by Lyz and all parties involved—the Remnant fleets assembled at Jakku to terminate the Supreme Leader’s secret contingency. Prior to the battle, Aryan had assumed command of the Star Dreadnought Megador, a generous gift provided by the late Jagged Fel. Along with Daala’s Maw Irregular Fleet, he hoped it would be enough to turn the tide.

    Chancellor Aryan Graul aboard the Megador

    Unfortunately, Aryan did not account for Snoke to spring his trap, revealing the hidden Sith Temple buried beneath Jakku’s sand-swept plains.

    Nor had he anticipated a confrontation with the Bringer of Chaos; the Beloved Queen of the Stars; Abeloth. The ancient Force entity had possessed Daala’s body, unveiling herself in the midst of battle to reclaim her sovereignty over the galaxy. The ensuing conflict between light, dark, order, and chaos was unprecedented. It wasn’t merely a struggle to save Natasi’s life—the universe itself hung in the balance.

    It was during this encounter that Aryan experienced an epiphany; an awakening in the Force. Memories and dreams, previously shrouded and buried to the whims of time, came rushing back to fill him with their knowledge. Once he recognized the identity of his true self—that he was Sistros—he became enlightened beyond the reach of basic human understanding. This revelation afforded him the physical strength to deliver the decisive blow to finish Abeloth…

    But now, six months later, Aryan still isn’t entirely certain what had transpired that day. The details remain blurry, seemingly concealed behind a luminous haze that refuses to dissipate. While the veil is not as dense as it was at the beginning, there is still plenty to unearth and discover.

    Aryan reflects on it daily, consulting both the Force and his Holocron for guidance on his spiritual journey. Not only does he hope to find answers to better understand the events of that day, but he hopes to uncover the truth about himself.
  18. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    GM approved


    Age: around 24 years old
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Affiliation: One Sith
    Force Sensitivity: Y
    Personal Effects: datapad,
    Personal Weapon: Red lightsaber
    Personal Starship (if any): none
    Appearance: Much of her hair has now been shaved to a severe undercut of fuzzy brown, brown roots are now clearly visible in the black hair that remains.

    Picked up as a lost young adult, and apprenticed under Darth Cor'rut for a time, Tajana is now a sort-of henchman to the One Sith. She specialises in delicate operations that mostly involve killing civies getting cold feet about partnering with the only true darkness.
    Recently she was asked to seek out Lord Kryat, who had disappeared. Clues lead her to Coruscant, where, along with her not-so-trusted companion HK-47T, she stumbled into an experimental attempt to scientifically transfer essences into superhuman bodies. Despite Galen, Juno and Rose crashing the party, Tajana managed to take down the brains of the operation and the secret lab was destroyed in the chaos.
    The suddenly much larger group now search for Snoke, a likely sponsor of the operation, in an attempt to end him, or at least part of him, once and for all.


    For the first time as a standalone character, thank you @darthbernael ;


    Age: appears to be in his late teens/early adulthood
    Species: Neti/Human hybrid
    Homeworld: Hapes? Sort of?
    Affiliation: Unaligned
    Force Sensitivity: Y
    Personal Effects: datapad, empty packet of sweets, pendant made of Renn's green amber that was originally given to him by his mother.
    Personal Starship (if any): None
    Personal Weapon: Silver lightsaber from his mother, green lightsaber from his father.

    Tamus remembers little of his early life, although he vaguely recalls playing in some bright, airy and plant filled spaces with his mother and father. He is well educated in sith force technique but as he has matured, his ability to shape-shift has become increasingly stifled, and while unspoken between them, he suspects the slower maturation of his mother's DNA has interfered with his quicker maturing and longer lived Neti genetics.

    As much has he loves his parents, he has long felt the need to strike out on his own and explore the galaxy a bit. The final trigger was finding a confidential medical file in which the medical staff had described him as a 'literal half-breed freak'. He left the same night, and although still in frequent contact with his mother, has no desire to give up his new-found freedom.

    For the last few years, he has hitch-hiked around from planet to planet, soaking in local culture and looking to join in with any festival or party that looks like a good time, finally settling for a longer period on Jakku, mainly because he's struggling to catch a lift off it again.
  19. Silvertough

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    GM Approved

    Name: Ap'Lek/Iudex
    Unclear. Repeated cloning has inflicting degenerative damage to each successive body
    Species: Humanoid, Faleen-like
    Homeworld: A Resurrection Ship. His Host's homeworld has been forgotten (or been deliberately erased) over several cloning generations.
    Affiliation: Unaligned, Former Knight of Ren
    Force Sensitivity: Yes
    Personal Effects: None, Ap'lek/Iudex is a freshly birthed clone.
    Personal Starship (if any): None
    Personal Weapon: Formerly favored a Beskar-plated executioner's axe. Presumed lost or destroyed.


    Ap'lek and the other Knights of Ren were dispatched to Ahch-To by Kylo Ren to locate and eliminate Resistance Leaders Han Solo, Rey Skywalker, and Chewbacca. After massacring the local inhabitants in a bid to draw out the Wookiee Chewbacca, both Ap'lek and Trudgeon fell in combat, before ultimately being resurrected within their cloning ship.
    The history of the being known as Ap'lek Ren is mired in a mixture of deliberate and accidental obscurity. For the better part of thirty years there has always been an axe-wielding member of the infamous Knights of Ren, a humanoid garbed in hobbled together black armor always slinking within the shadows. Official sources are unclear, contradictory on nearly ever facet of his life, that is, if he even is a he. There have been numerous eyewitness accounts of Ap'lek's death, ranging from as early as 28 ABY to as recent as 35 ABY. Yet time and time again, the same black cloaked figure re-emerges from the shadows, intent to carry out his mysterious Master's bidding..

    Personally, not even Ap'Lek truly knows who he is, not any more. The Ap'Lek of 49 ABY is the result of several generations of cloning, each generation slightly more unstable than the last. The original Ap'Lek is long dead, or at least, that's what the current clone believes. The host's life before becoming a Knight of Ren is as illusive to the current Ap'Lek as it is to the few outsiders who know of him. All he knows is that one day he awoke aboard a First Order Resurrection Ship, a stranger's memories forcibly implanted within his mind. Any personal ideals, fears, hopes or dreams have all been handcrafted by Snoke. Ap'Lek, above all else, desires to enact his Master's Will, whatever that might be.

    He knows he's a clone. A force sensitive one at that. His very existence is a blight on the Living Force, a fact he his reminded of every time he calls for its aid. There won't be an afterlife waiting for him after his next death, instead, all he knows will simply be pumped into yet another blank slate. His consciousness therefor will be left to the empty void as his memories and experiences are drained away to be used by another. A husk damned to an enteral purgatory of nothingness.

    The Ap'Lek of 49 ABY is terrified of such a fate. But he believes he made a bargain with Death itself. For every kill, his own purgatory is delayed, ever so slightly. Snoke's Will, therefor, is the path of greatest slaughter. Ap'Lek treads this path without hesitation, unaware that even this simple ideal may itself been implanted into him by Snoke to keep the Ap'Lek line loyal to him alone.
    Ap'lek awoke once more upon the Resurrection Ship along with his fellow Knights of Ren, following their collective failure on Ahch-To. Each Knight had secretly suffered some form of degenerative affliction due to their DNA's repeating cloning. In Ap'lek's case, he began to quickly experience the effects of a form of Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia. Unwillingly, false memories would take overwhelm his senses, momentarily causing the Knight to forget who he was, or who he served, It was only due to his sheer devotion to Snoke which kept him focused on the mission at hand.

    Ap'lek played a small roll in the Battle of Mon Cala. After somewhat successfully repelling Resistance boarders on the SSD Eclipse with the Sith known as Vestara, the pair were ordered by Grand Admiral Tharwn to hijack the Resistance vessel "Pride of Selenia". Unfortunately, the vessel had been rigged to explode the moment the pair attempted to dock. The pair survived, before proceeding to board the Sabaton, a Bothan Assault Cruiser. Another trap awaited them, yet through sheer force of will, they survived, and Ap'lek even managed to assassinate the Bothan Admiral, Babo in the process.

    Ap'lek's degenerative disease had begun to show its affects. On Numerous occasions while aboard the Sabaton, Ap'lek would slip into alternative personas with vastly different personalities. Each time, lasting just a little longer than before. Such transitions were exhausting, with each incident having multiplicative effects on his ever weakening psyche.

    Throughout the events aboard the Sabaton, Vestara had been scheming for a way to dethrone Snoke, or in the very least, steal a portion of his power. After Babo's assassination, she took her chance and killed Ap'lek, banking on Snoke resurrecting him within a secret facility on Jakuu. She did not take into account Ap'lek's mental fragility. This latest clone of Ap'lek was broken, defective. No longer bound to the will of Snoke. He awoke within a cloning facility to find other reject clones of the Knights of Ren, each worse off than the ones before. In a fit of rage, Ap'lek slew them all, including a freshly birthed clone of himself.

    Each kill brought further damage to his mind, until, near the end, an alternate mind calling itself Darth Iudex began to fully replace his own. However, Snoke had become aware of Ap'lek/Iudex's massacre of the Ren clones, and attempted to dominate the pair's mind. The mental assault broke down the barriers between the two minds, and they merged, along with a combination of the minds of the felled clones, resulting in a being that was both the Knights of Ren and Iudex, and yet neither.

    The being once known as Ap'lek still remains within the Jakuu cloning facility, trying o figure out who, or what he now is. What he is certain of however, is that Snoke had to die. For the sake of his fellow Knights, and selfishly, for himself. For once Snoke was dead, he himself could finally perish for good.
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    @Sinrebirth Approved

    Name: Rhoen Aquilla
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Chandrila
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: N.
    Personal Effects: Working clothes, a holo of his family,
    Personal Starship (if any): An old T-80 X-wing that he doesn't fly much anymore.
    Personal Weapon: A heavy blaster pistol in a shoulder holster he still wears even on the bridge of the command ship.
    Bio: He was once one of the most promising pilots in the New Republic. High marks at the academy, a proven skill in combat, he was already being looked at as a candidate for Rogue Squadron, the second generation of pilot following in his mother's footsteps. Then the First Order attacked, destroyed Hosnian Prime, killed his mother. After that he threw himself into the Resistance becoming one of their best pilots. During the fighting he met another pilot, a woman around his age, Syal. They fought together, alongside legends like Dameron and Antilles. In that year they became close, very close. It was a war, they didn't think they would live to see tomorrow, so they wasted no time.

    Then the war ended, or so they thought. The First Order and their warlords took over, making all their fighting worthless. They saw that the fighting didn't mean anything, and they couldn't fight the First Order on their own. Not when Syal was with child. So they retired, hung up their helmets and returned to his home, Chandrila. It wasn't the best under the FO rule but it was still peaceful, still his home. For nine years they've iked out a living farming and doing other jobs to make ends meet.

    Soon the drums of war came to them begrudgingly and after much protest Rhoen to the fight, being a pivotal player in the battle of Coruscant that drove out the First Order, for a little bit.

    After the war he kept his commission, he and Syal both did, though he was the one that was promoted again and again, reaching all the way to Colonel. He and his wife brought another life into the galaxy, Tiom. While it was peaceful the fight never stopped. And Valerie was growing up and acting out, being a headache for him while he was on Campaign. He was near to hanging it up for good, then an Eclipse appeared over his home, and he went up to fight it. He gave everything, and he failed, then he went to Mon Cal, and gave even more, and still failed, then he went to Jakku, gave all that he had left and then some, and failed again. The fight has dragged on and on and on. Six months and not even a hint of it slowing down.

    He'd destroyed so many fighters that there wasn't enough room on his fighter to hold them all. He started to get the Antilles treatment, but it all meant nothing. The fight has asked everything of him, and he'd given it. And it had meant nothing in the end. He couldn't keep doing it. He couldn't keep going out there and destroying the enemy only for them to come back twice as strong the next day. In the end, he had to step out of the cockpit. He couldn't do anymore good behind the stick. He'd been behind the stick for years and the war kept going. It was time to make a change. He accepted a promotion to General, taking command of the Starfighter corps in the Jakku campaign. Maybe, just maybe he could find another way out of this war.

    But, with every new change came new challenges. Now he was sending his daughter into war. He accepted that she wouldn't have it any other way. But it pains him inside ever time he sends her out.

    It doesn't help that she is one of the best Pilots he has, and is reckless as he was in his youth. A dangerous mix of Antilles and Aquilla, skill and bravery all wrapped up in a single girl.

    Name: Valerie "Val" Aquilla
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Chandrila
    Affiliation: Resistance
    Force Sensitivity: N.
    Personal Effects: Flightsuit, workout clothes, pajamas, a holo of her family (as is tradition)
    Personal Starship (if any): Not her personal ship but, might as well be, the latest X-Wing (or the latest the Resistance could get there hands on) everything set to just how she likes it.
    Personal Weapon: A very similar heavy blaster pistol to her father but, has an overcharged powerpack giving it a bit more punch. A glob grenade she keeps in her cockpit and a very special knife made of lightsaber resistant metal...just in case.
    Bio: In any other world Valerie Aquilla would be back home studying history, going out with her friends, having her first kiss, in short, a normal life. But she doesn't live in that world, that world was taken away from her when she was 5 years old. War took it away, a war that has never stopped, and that had her family at the center of it since she was a child. She first took flight when she was 15 six months ago, now 16 and already she has more than confirmed kills than pilots twice her age. She was blessed with innate skills sharped by constant war and constant training.

    The war doesn't stop for her once she gets out of the cockpit, it is always there in the back of her mind. Something else lurks there too, hate. In the six months she's been fighting, she's also been thinking, in the brief quiet moments before launch, in the hour before she falls asleep, she's been thinking about who took away her idyllic life, who robbed her of the normal life she could of had. One answer kept coming up:

    Force Sensitives.

    It was always them, every war that took her family away from her, every fight that got another member of her bloodline killed, every friend she'd seen killed on the battlefield was dead because of a Force Sensitive. Their wars sent good men and women to their deaths every generation, her grandmother, the man her brother was named after, and so many others whose only crime was being on the wrong end of a superweapon.

    She'd gotten a taste of that level of destruction at Mon Cal, the Monoliths that tore the planet apart. Sure they saved millions of lives, but the planet is still dead. She didn't even know if her home was still around, last she saw it was under threat of an Eclipse, it's deadly superlaser pointed right at it.

    This hate has grown and grown, she no longer sees Jedi or Sith, they are all the enemy one can't exist without the other. The galaxy would be so much better if both of them were gone. It was too late for her, but maybe it wasn't too late for her brother. He could still have a normal life, if there were no more Jedi.

    But, for now, the jedi are the only thing that can stop the sith, a problem they created. Just because they are necessary doesn't mean she has to like them.

    She will do everything in her power to avoid flying with them, to avoid being in the same room as them. She's even gone so far as to work with mercs and former bounty hunters that once hunted jedi, just so she can be ready to kill them if the time came for it.
  21. CosmoHender

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    GM Approved!


    Name: Barriss Sunrider

    Age: 87 (Born 38 BBY)

    Species: Mirialan

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Affiliation: Unaligned

    Force Sensitivity: Yes

    Personal Effects: Green hooded cloak, credits, basic supplies

    Personal Starship: Ghtroc 690 light freighter (destroyed)

    Personal Weapon: Three lightsabers (two white and one blue)

    Bio: Barriss Offee was once a Padawan trained by the old Jedi Order prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. She was apprenticed to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and for a time she was considered a seemingly ideal example of a Jedi Padawan. However, everything changed after the Clone Wars began.

    Barriss had a problem with attachments. She did see her master, Luminara Unduli, as a mother figure. But she was never as close to Luminara as she wanted to be because her master, wary of attachments, kept Barriss at an arm’s length. Luminara was a strict master who internalized the code and the creed of the Jedi, so she couldn’t allow herself to care for Barriss as much as she wanted to. When Barriss was exposed to the traumas of war, she had no emotional support other than Luminara and as the war went on Barriss found herself working on her own more and more. So while the Clone Wars continued, Barriss began feeling more lonely and isolated. These feelings were bottled up inside her and Barriss’ friendship with fellow Padawan Ahsoka Tano brought up her attachment issues once again as she developed feelings for Ahsoka. However, it was the Jedi Order that failed to recognize her increasing loneliness, disillusionment, and trauma.

    Then there was the Battle of Drongar, where Barriss aided Republic forces in battling the Separatists over a miracle cure called bota. Casualties were heavy. During the battle, Barriss was accidentally injected with bota, which opened up the Force to her in new and powerful ways. Barriss was unable to resist the luring pull of bota and secretly became addicted to it, an addiction that would lead her toward the dark side. In the aftermath of the battle, she was made a Jedi Knight due to the demand for Knights during the Clone Wars despite her not being ready for Knighthood. This was another failure of the Council, promoting her too early and not realizing their mistake until it was too late.

    Barriss’ disillusionment with the Jedi Order and journey to the dark side wasn’t complete until the Battle of Umbara when she came across a not-so-abandoned Sith Academy. Now believing that both the Republic and the Jedi Order had lost their way, Barriss acted on her concerns and orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple as a means to foment further distrust of the Jedi. Despite their previous friendship and her own feelings for her, she allowed Ahsoka to be framed for orchestrating the bombing and Ahsoka would have convicted had Barriss not been exposed and brought to justice. While Ahsoka was cleared of the charges, Barriss was imprisoned by the Republic for her crimes.

    After a visit from her former master and Luminara’s new apprentice Madelyn, Barriss began to reflect on her actions and regret what she had thought was necessary at the moment. However, before the final stages of the Clone Wars she was freed from her prison by a group of fallen Jedi that shared her views. They wanted her to join them, but Barriss realized that their methods were even more extreme than hers and she turned against them. Luminara led a team to recapture Barriss and saw the woman she had once trained seemingly die in an explosion. Barriss survived though and would resurface after Order 66 had been enacted.

    Her survival was eventually discovered by the Empire, who hunted down and captured Barriss Offee. She was then tortured physically and mentally until she broke. For a brief time, Barriss served the Empire as an Inquisitor. It was her worst fears realized, fueling her self-loathing. When she did try to sabotage the Empire’s efforts to hunt down the last remaining Jedi, Darth Vader discovered her treachery and responded by taking off one of her arms with his lightsaber. However, he did not kill her. Death would be too quick and he may still have use for her. Her arm was replaced by a mechanical one and she was taken to a cell to await further torture. But before that happened, she was rescued… by Luminara Unduli, who sacrificed herself so that Barriss could escape. Luminara was ultimately killed by the Grand Inquisitor and years later Barriss would learn that her old teacher’s remains were being used as bait to lure other Jedi survivors to their deaths. Despite the risks, Barriss managed to retrieve the remains and give them a proper burial while keeping possession of Luminara’s old lightsaber.

    Barriss tried to stay under the radar and not attract too much attention after her escape from the Empire. At one point she heard rumors that Ahsoka was alive and fighting against the Empire, but she never sought her out because her guilt and shame wouldn’t allow her to face the friend that she had once betrayed. However, when the Emperor and Darth Vader died she did decide to become an anonymous intelligent agent for the New Republic and try to save young Force sensitives from the Empire’s “Project Harvester” that was responsible for creating new Inquisitors and other agents of the dark side. It was during this time that she encountered Madelyn, who was a member of the Emperor’s Hand.

    Barriss never forgave herself for her fall to the dark side or her acts of terrorism during the Clone Wars. She believed that she was still tainted by the dark side as a result and even turned down an offer by Luke Skywalker to join his New Jedi Order, though she continued to search for redemption. After the end of the Galactic Empire, she spent the next few decades as an aged healer who wandered the Outer Rim helping people in need while occasionally spending time at the village Aurila on the planet Bonadon where she became friends with Nomi Da Boda, last of the Sunrider clan.

    Barriss had sworn off violence at that point, afraid of the dark side’s temptation and how easy it could be to succumb again though she is in possession of the lightsaber that once belonged to her old master. Barriss also had with her a Jedi holocron that she had failed to open due to how she betrayed her teachings and became corrupted by the dark side. She did her best to stay out of the conflict with the First Order, since she had enough of war and preferred to help those affected by it rather than get directly involved.

    That changed five years ago. While on a task given to her by Nomi, Barriss got sidetracked and ended up on Coruscant for the first time in decades. There she entered the ruins of the Jedi Temple that she once called home and with help from the ghosts of her pasts she put on the path to peace and recovery. After healing the corrupted lightsabers of Ventress and Palpatine, reuniting with Madelyn and meeting her family, embracing the attachments she had felt toward Luminara and Ahsoka, fighting with the Resistance on Coruscant and giving a kyber crystal to Finn, earning the forgiveness and love of Trace Martez, and adopting a new last name to honor her friend Nomi after she passed away, the holocron finally opened up to Barriss and gave her a new mission… finding the Bogan Collection, forbidden artifacts associated with the dark side. Wanting to prevent these artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, Barriss and her new partner Trace set off on a search for the Bogan Collection. In the five years that followed, Madelyn passed away and Barriss lost the closest thing she had to a little sister.

    The search eventually led Barriss to someone she never thought she would get the chance to apologize to… Ahsoka Tano, though she soon vanished. However, when Barriss found the Bogan Collection, it turned out to not be what she expected. Instead of finding artifacts, she found other Force users: Atin-Kot, Zeseem, and surprisingly another Ahsoka. Soon after this, Barriss found herself summoned to the Hidden Temple of the Jedi, which she then helped protect from a Sith attack (after she accidentally led the Sith there thanks to the deception of Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett). Following the Sith attack, the Jedi and their allies prepared to leave for Jakku. During this, Barriss came to terms with the feelings she had both for Ahsoka Tano and Trace Martez, the three women agreeing to a polyamorous relationship. However, their life together would have to wait for after Jakku. But of course, it was a trap. Barriss's ship went down during the fighting and Barriss was separated from Ahsoka, though she managed to keep herself and Trace alive.

    And for now, that is her priority: survival.



    Sith Outfit

    Name: Talon

    Age: 27 (born 22 ABY)

    Species: Twi'lek

    Gender: Female

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Skin Color: Red

    Homeworld: Ryloth

    Affiliation: Herself

    Force Sensitivity: Y

    Personal Effects/Weapons: Credits, lightsaber (yellow blade), blaster pistol, fast-acting poisons, various other blades (including concealed ones), smoke bombs, comlink

    Ship: None

    Bio: The woman now known as Talon was born into a life of slavery, like many other Twi'leks, as just Tann. Her earliest memories were far from pleasant and one of the first lessons learned by Tann as a young girl was how to hate. Hate for those who sold her off like an object, hate for those who desired her as a possession, hate for those who put her through demanding physical labor, and hate for those who would beat her at the slightest provocation. Her anger and hate was all that she had after the only family that she remembers died when Tann was still just a child. Her anger and hate was all that kept her alive.

    Tann’s luck started to change after she was made the domestic servant of a wealthy household. The masters of the house were patronizing and condescending toward her, but Tann realized that she could use that to her advantage. Tann learned how to manipulate people, using their assumptions and expectations about Twi’leks against them. By playing the part of the “good slave girl” her loyalty was never doubted and she even learned how to read during this time since her owners pitied the “poor alien child” who did everything that she was asked and never complained. They believed that they were being kind to Tann in their own way, but Talon hated them regardless. Slave owners were still slave owners in her mind.

    Eventually, Tann was able to make her escape after some careful planning and a lot of patience. She never looked back. While being homeless wasn’t ideal, she still preferred it over being enslaved. As she tried to survive on her own, Tann crossed paths with an older con man who saw potential in her. He took Tann under his wing and with his guidance Tann became even more skilled at manipulating and playing other people to get what she wanted out of them. While she did start to feel comfortable around the con man who had been mentoring her, that all came to an end when she realized that he was planning on betraying her after he had learned there was a reward for a runaway Twi’lek slave girl. In order to stop him from turning her in and sending her back to the life she had escaped from, Tann murdered the con man. It was her first kill.

    After ensuring her freedom, Tann got onto the first ship that was heading off-world and started traveling the galaxy. She joined crews from all walks of life during this time, using them and the planets that they visited to acquire new skills. This included hand-to-hand combat and the many ways that there are to kill someone. Once she was knowledgeable enough, Tann knew just how to put her talents to use. Because even after all this time, Tann still had her hate and anger. She had never forgiven, nor had she forgotten. So since she was now able to do so, Tann intended to get her revenge. As a way to reflect on how she was now a dangerous predator instead of just a helpless slave, she took the name Talon.

    And so Talon began her killing spree against the galaxy, targeting those who either sold or owned slaves and murdering them while usually just conning and stealing from those who didn’t. Most of the time she got close to her victims by pretending to be exactly the Twi’lek woman that they wanted to be, using it as a mask to hide her disgust and hatred for those that she killed. The more that she killed as she tried to satisfy her hatred, the further she also fell to the dark side. Talon was Force-sensitive, though she lacked any formal training. Her use of the Force was subtle and most of the time she didn’t even realize that she was using the Force. But her connection with the dark side did grow over time, as did her dissatisfaction with what she was doing. Killing these slavers did not do anything to give Talon any closure or feeling of purpose like she had hoped, but she kept killing since at that point it was all that she knew how to do. She continued her hunt, not just for more to kill but also for a purpose in a galaxy that she had been conditioned to hate from birth.

    This led to her crossing paths with a woman named Dician four years ago. Dician was Sith and after Talon interfered with her mission, the Twi’lek was given a choice… join the secretive One Sith or die. Talon chose the former and in the years that followed she played the part of the “good apprentice” of her current master just like how she had played the part of the “good slave girl” of her former masters, all the while learning more about the dark side, the One Sith, and her own potential. Under Dician’s tutelage, Talon took her assassination skills to another level with her new mastery of the dark side. After a successful mission where she assassinated Grand Admiral Yage, Talon was brought back to the Sith homeworld of Korriban where she was ordered to execute her so-called master. Talon did so swiftly and without hesitation, separating Dician’s head from her body. And with Dician dead, Talon was promoted to Darth.

    Another successful mission later, Talon was once again promoted. This time she was assigned the role of the Hand, the personal blade of the One Sith’s Master. Then she was sent to Coruscant on a mission of stealth, her expertise, to find the enemy who sabotaged the First Order five years ago.

    But of course, it was all a lie. Talon only feigned loyalty to the One Sith while gathering information on the One Sith that she could use to take them down when she had the chance. And eventually she did get the chance, betraying the One Sith and allying herself with the Jedi, using their resources to wound the One Sith. Later she went with them to Jakku in order to confront Darth Krayt. But when he seemingly died, their target became Darth Wyyrlok and they managed to board her ship. Currently, Talon still has her doubts about Krayt really being dead. Time will tell, of course...
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    Name: Abba “Abbs” Kaze (Formerly Abba Trencher)

    Age: 30

    Species: Neimoidian

    Homeworld: (Not very open to clients on the subject of her homeworld, save for those who earn her trust and can keep deep, deep secrets.)

    Affiliation: Independent Mercenary

    Force Sensitivity: N/A

    Personal Effects: Mk-45 Protective Vest, Pilots Clothing, and reek-hide boots.

    Personal Starship (if any): “The Revolution” (A Antique AIAT/i)

    Personal Weapon: JND-41 percussive cannon and “Snubble Special” Pistol

    Bio: Abba Kaze is an enigma in this current era of galactic strife, she’s a mercenary who only works for the highest bidder and yet, those clients are those who are less fortunate than those she claims to work for. She first became prominent in the mercenary scene around the near-end of the Rebel/Imperial war; loaning herself off to planets still in occupation from Empire-sanctioned warlords. The jobs were simple, assasination of political figures and lending arms to small resistance groups; until it led to full-scale murder of political planning on wholesale alliance with the grey-suited tyrants. Many who have questioned her contempt for the Imperials were often dashed save for her constant answer of “They’re a threat to the cause that could’ve freed us” and such versions of it. However, rumors have spread through that she is a separatist sympathizer with ties to a few hardliners still hiding out.

    If there was one thing for certain; she seems to hold deep hate towards the Empire and it’s legacy, The First Order.

    Appearance: Abba Kaze is a Neimoidian female garbed in a protective vest, grey tanktop, spacers trousers, and reek-hide boots. She has small leather holster on her right hip for the pistol, the cannon has a rope to keep it bound to her.

    Personality: Abba is a professional mercenary, keeping to her own honor code and those imparted by her clients contracted terms, although she has been known for breaking some of the rules in order to achieve success. Brash, laconic, and terse to a fault; Abba tends to be the exact opposite of what her species was stereotyped back in the Galactic Republic era. In fact, that alleged stereotype is one of the few things capable of making her break her stoic terseness for that pure violent rage. Aside from the brashness, Kaze has a compassionate side for those who desire freedom and justice for crimes done by those in high power, more than often sacrificing her own scruples for the lives of others. She also, tends to look longingly at a holo-locket behind the scenes, often muttering a small prayer for the distorted figure that erupts from its projector.

    Likes: Money, Violence, Aiding Those Who’re In Danger, The CIS, Justice, And The Person In Her Holo-Locket.

    Dislikes: Neimoidian Stereotypes, The Empire, The First Order, Tyrants In General, And Lack Of Thrills.
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    IC: Poe Dameron



    The Battle of Jakku had raged for six long months. After the initial ambush, it became clear that the Tho Yor were present to keep them contained, and separated. The Resistance, the Imperial Remnant, the Jedi and the Sith, trapped by Celestial weapons in the command of the distant Emperor Snoke. A single enemy Star Destroyer had triumphed the initial engagements, using the brains of gunners and pilots bathed in the Force; they’re frightening accuracy brought pinpoint accuracy even to turbolaser fire.

    The landers had all been shot out of the sky, bringing damage to the ships of Barriss, Tirran and the transport carrying Zeseem and Atin-Kot. They’d been separated, divided, and even the Millennium Falcon had been cast into a sand-drift. Imperial walkers and Stormtroopers had advanced, and though most of the walkers were gone, the Jedi lines were broken, and they’d been long on the run.

    Today the dust-storm was settling on the surface to allow Barriss, thirsting, baked by the suns and desert, carrying the oft unconscious Trace into the Jedi camp. K’Kruhk, Tirran, Ennic, and others had a makeshift camp in the desert, the enemy base - a Sith Temple of some kind - in the visual distance. The storm had coveted their movements, and now it was subsiding, they would be vulnerable. K’Kruhk looked over as he saw Barriss emerging from the sand, called out. “Medic!”


    Ahsoka was nowhere to be seen, and the tent opened to T’ra Saa, looking worn, having been driven from the Sith Dragon they’d boarded and crashed with the surviving Jedi. Inside the tent were the droids, switched to conserve their energy. They were very few in number now - just T’ra Saa, K’Kruhk, Tirran, Ennic, Zeseem and Atin-Kot. Tirran’s ship was the nearest, and, as fate would have it, the closest to being repaired. The Jedi TwinTails that had survived the initial engagement were absent, Zekk had lead them to distance themselves from the battle, to conserve energy - they’d not seen them, and they didn’t know how many had survived the first wave fighting. From the tent came Poe, and Chewbacca too, a med-pack in hand; their last one.

    He growled at the parting skies, and looked for Tirran. “I know you’ve no hyperdrive, but we need to go for it, now. Attack the Temple and use your ship for it.”


    He looked at Ennic. “Convince him, would ya, I don’t even know where the Falcon is anymore and Rey is going to kill me when she finds out I lost Han’s ship.”


    Chewbacca headed towards Barriss, producing a water canteen and rumbling softly to her that she could let Trace down. He eyed Atin-Kot to support the women; they were both in as bad a state as the other.

    Unsaid was that Rey and Finn should have been here, but they weren’t.

    K’Kruhk peered into the distance, and narrowed his eyes. He could sense it too. “They’re coming. Speeders, five of them, First Order Stormtroopers.”


    They wouldn’t have long.

    Poe checked his blaster gas; he had a handful of shots left, and that was basically all of the Tibanna they had. Their lightsabers were all fine, but soon Poe would be merely pretty and useful. He wasn’t a commando like Trigger, who had natural ways to be a killer, though a grey-furred nonhuman stood out against the sand… Poe indicated to the Hassk to get in position, to prop up by the nearest sand dune and get ready to shoot things.

    Speaking of sand, Poe had sand in places he didn’t even know he had, and he didn’t want to think about the last time any of them had been able to shower.

    Setting his lips hard, he glowered.

    “How long do we have?”

    “Not long,” T’ra Saa said, exhaustion in her voice.


    Then, a surprise; their comms crackled to life.

    TAG: @Mistress_Renata, @CosmoHender, @Mitth_Fisto, @darthbernael, @Sgt.Matt

    (See second TAG too please)

    In the distance


    Jakku was of course inhabited, by a continuous wave of spacers, dregs of society and those sponging a living off the wreckage of the Empire and later First Order that had crashed on-world. A Resurgent-class battlecruiser had gone down here fifteen years ago, and a Super Star Destroyer and hundreds of Imperial destroyers thirty years before that; there was plenty.

    Precisely how a young Neti made it here was a question for the ages, but Niima outpost existed and it still included those in society who wanted to lay low. Legends had it that this Neti had been fathered by a Sith Lord, had been Hapan nobility, and abandoned by his parents, poisoned by Snoke, and fought in the Tapani Wars. What was true and what was false was anyone’s guess.

    But they’d been stuck here for six months like everyone else, and the First Order had shot down anyone who tried to escape. Niima outpost was at least well supplied with a near infinite supply of Imperial era portions, but things were getting tight - even with all the new salvage dropping from the skies.

    Indeed, among that potential salvage was the personal craft of a certain former Mortis Knight, who had been forced to put to ground to conserve fuel four months ago and forced to pick wreckage to make ends meet. It was an anonymising life, and the First Order was too busy with the battle in orbit or by Carbon Ridge to check through the junk dealers for Jedi or Resistance spies…


    Now the fighting was only a few klicks to the south, and the sandstorm had passed, Niima outpost expected the rebels to retreat towards them and destruction would sweep them. Everyone was in a rush to take their salvage in and get their portions and hide out, and even a Neti had to eat, conspicuous in the queue - and in the Force to said Mortis Knight. A fight was about to break out, it looked, because the criminals who controlled the ration packs were debating precisely when to shut up shop and the queue was still dozens in length -

    It was the exact same place that Talia Kestis was at that time. Talia had been on Jakku when the galaxy suddenly came to visit. For whatever reason she had been passing through Jakku - staying away from the Core and it’s war, avoiding the Outer Rim and the chaos of civilisation collapse, whichever it was - she’d been caught here. Six months on-world had suddenly happened, and she’d have chewed through savings and supplies… the violence in the queue for rations would catch her attention -

    Of course, the comms crackled to life just then, for the first time in half a year -

    TAG: @darthhelinith, @TheAdmiral, @TheSilentInfluence

    (See second TAG).
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    IC: Darth Krayt

    Aboard the Megador, bridge ready room

    The orbital situation had changed over the six months. The Tho Yor had slowly but surely reoriented around their prey, allowing the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer to slink out-system.

    They’d kept the jamming up, kept tractors on ships as need be to keep them in the cordon, kept gravity well generators up. While in theory one or two small ships could sneak out the system, it was not an easy task, and sneaking in was much easier than getting out.

    Eventually, the entirety of the fleets gathered here were backed on to Jakku, their quadrants of the upper hemisphere. None were above the Sith Temple, but still, they had their backs against the wall.

    The Megador; the various ships headed by a sole surviving Onager-class Star Destroyer; the Scythe and the listing Errant Venture; the two One Sith Dragons XoXaan and Omen. Missing were Jedi TwinTails, hidden somewhere, systems of and the Force drawn close. Interspersed among them were minimal hulks; whenever a ship fell behind it was promptly consumed by the Tho Yor, and converted into mass for the monoliths or more TIE Daggers, that periodically raided the Resistance fighters.

    That, and the minefield.

    The Tho Yor had surrounded the planet in an immense minefield and drawn back, placing Jakku and its moon in that line. While couriers could carry messages between the jamming between the craft, TIE Daggers had thus far intercepted and shot down each and every single one.




    Darth Krayt found he and the motley uncoordinated forces opposing Snoke were completely and utterly enveloped and isolated. No supplies, no comms, no reinforcements, notwithstanding that the Adumari had captured the moon from a small enemy garrison.

    Krayt looked to Poinard and Remal. After the initial confrontation, Aryan had been retired to his chambers, Lyz was in the medbay, and Daala was in the brig. Krayt had been forced to work with Poinard and Remal or risk a mutiny, but eventually Aryan would re-emerge, or Lyz would recover, or Daala would… well, Krayt had no idea what she would be when she woke. But he also knew moving against her would incite Remal against him, and moving against Aryan would do the same. The Turbulent-class and Maw motley Star Destroyers had been long repaired, not that Krayt knew which warship had the metal crystal phase superweapon aboard it - Remal had blocked his every move to find them.

    Aryan had spent most of these six months in his room conversing with his ancient Holocron. Sistros. Apparently the little AI was thirty-five thousand years old and had been overlain over a Holocron of Prophecy contained therein, which told Aryan about everything that had happened millennia ago on Nouane, Dwartii, and other worlds before the Twilight Wars, including how Aryan’s ancestors had commanded Celestial designs and the Graul family tree ran from there, and that the Sages of Dwartii were key to the founding of the galaxy. Memories not being told but unlocked within Aryan, seemingly.

    Lyz had collapsed after her contact with Abeloth. Krayt could sense Abeloth’s touch upon Lyz, as if Abeloth had driven the woman’s personality deep inside her. It was concerning, but he considered Lyz leverage.

    Abeloth, or, rather, Daala, was in the brig. The medbay wasn’t secure enough, and they didn’t want her near Lyz anyway. But after the Refrain had been injected in Daala, Abeloth had literally thrown a wobble, all of her extensions of Daala’s body vibrating violently and withdrawing into Daala. Krayt didn’t entirely understand it, but he suspected Daala’s body had nearly died, and her psyche had been trapped in her memories - taking Abeloth with her.

    A psychological vault that Krayt couldn’t trust.

    Indeed, Natasi had just spent the last six months in her childhood memories, at the orphanage she’d been left at, but thoughts that she’d lost had bubbled up from her mind; Natasi hadn’t thought herself old enough to remember who dropped her at the orphanage, after all.

    But now she remembered a Black Coated man taking her hand, when she was barely old enough to waddle, and leading her to the nuns on Botajef. He’d taken her from Renatasia in a strange ship, what seems to be a miniature Tho Yor with no controls on the inside. She’d been in shock at the time, her parents were on the floor, unmoving, and her child mind had been unable to comprehend what had happened. The Black Coat had simply stepped into the carnage of the room and sagged his shoulders. “My sweet red headed girl, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it would happen this soon.” He’d held out a gloved hand, and she’d taken it, and couldn’t yet remember what had happened… not yet.

    Krayt was suddenly surprised by a crackle of a comlink. The same would be for Daala, who would suddenly be awoken by her comlink buzzing to life, and Aryan’s Holocron stopped regaling an almost fantastical story about the Change, a concept that Palpatine and Darth Caedus had manipulated and ultimately released Abeloth.

    It spoke with a female’s voice.

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    IC: Eleodie

    Aboard the Sunder, bridge sleeping quarters

    The orbital situation had changed over the six months. The Tho Yor had slowly but surely reoriented around their prey, allowing the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer to slink out-system.

    They’d kept the jamming up, kept tractors on ships as need be to keep them in the cordon, kept gravity well generators up. While in theory one or two small ships could sneak out the system, it was not an easy task, and sneaking in was much easier than getting out.

    Eventually, the entirety of the fleets gathered here were backed on to Jakku, their quadrants of the upper hemisphere. None were above the Sith Temple, but still, they had their backs against the wall.

    The Megador; the various ships headed by a sole surviving Onager-class Star Destroyer; the Scythe and the listing Errant Venture; the two One Sith Dragons XoXaan and Omen. Missing were Jedi TwinTails, hidden somewhere, systems of and the Force drawn close. Interspersed among them were minimal hulks; whenever a ship fell behind it was promptly consumed by the Tho Yor, and converted into mass for the monoliths or more TIE Daggers, that periodically raided the Resistance fighters.

    That, and the minefield.

    The Tho Yor had surrounded the planet in an immense minefield and drawn back, placing Jakku and its moon in that line. While couriers could carry messages between the jamming between the craft, TIE Daggers had thus far intercepted and shot down each and every single one.



    Eleodie woke, and zhe was conscious that zhe wasn’t alone in zher room. Zhe wasn’t overly concerned though, as zhe’d invited Decimus in.

    It had been an almost natural evolution of the protective relationship he’d established, and zhe didn’t mind as long as he understood that zhe didn’t need his protection. His assistance zhe’d accept, what with the loss of three of their Onagers and decimation of their support ships.

    Six months was a long time to be on deployment, and the First Order hadn’t given them an inch… something was going to give, and apparently being trapped in these confines had caused what may not have happened to happen.

    Zhe absently wondered what zher ‘uncle’ Sabel would say about this. But likely he was too busy with the tactical and strategic situation to care about zher personal situation. Decimus might have an issue now it had happened, but it wasn’t incompatible with his vows, unless of course Sabel had warned him off…

    At which point zhe’d deal with Sabel.

    But then the comlink activated, and zhe went from zher post-coital glow to immediately awake, and zhe threw on zher clothes to head to the bridge of the Sunder.

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