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Beyond - Legends Star Wars: Fate of the Force

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by darthnoob123, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Star Wars: Fate of the Force

    “The force binds the threads of the galaxy together. Woven together like crisscross patterns that determine the fate of all of us.”

    Time Period: 12,000 years after Battle of Endor

    Characters: OC’s

    Background: After the Sith and Jedi raged war over a period of 100 years, both orders became extinct. The force lost all balance and disrupted the structure of the galaxy, more so then its disciples had done. The entire population was wiped out by catastrophic natural disasters caused by the eruption of the force. Slowly overtime the infrastructure that once existed corroded away and there was nothing left. The force once again gave birth to inhabitants of the galaxy on the planet Kami. Tucked away in the far reaches of the outer rim, Kami had never once been discovered. It’s terrain of grassy plains, thick foresters, and rocky cliff sides made it the perfect breeding ground for the force. Spawned on this were a race of human like creatures who were unified with the force and strived to learn all of its teachings. Two tribes were formed from; they were the Hikari (light) and the Kurai (dark). They were the new disciples of the force, and they lived primitively on Kami.

    Premise: During a time of celebration for the Hikari and Kurai tribe’s lines are drawn and hostility arises when questionable activity takes place and Hikari crops are destroyed just before the harvesting period. The Hikari confront the Kurai out of suspicion and the tribes are thrown into a feud and new powers of the force are discovered, as the Hikari and Kurai fight for control of Kami.