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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth Cyn, Jul 20, 2014.

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    Apr 8, 2014
    A long time ago in a far away galaxy...

    Dark Vader sit on his throne in space. He looks at teh stars, and sees rebells. He stands up and gos to the captan. Hello Captan Zorg, he says to Captan Zorg, how is it? Its good Captan Zorg says to Dark Bader. Did u see the rebels yet? No says Captan Zorg to Dark Vader. Find me all of the rebels, okay. Dark Vader wacked away. Did u find Skywacker yet said the Emperer noi didn't, okay look for him, okay say Dark Vader to the Emperer. I sense the dark side, said OB1 to Luke on the ship. Dark Vader is looking for u,hide Luke, ok, Luke said to OB1 shoud I still train? Yes, OB1 ever since ur father took ur hand u have been fighting. Can u still find Yoda again on the swamp planet, OB1 said. No, I half to stay with my friends Leya and Chewbaka and C 3 P O and R 2 D 2 and Han Solo's freind and I have to save Han Dolo from Jaba the Hut. Also Dark Vader is sending Captan Zorg after u, do be careful, ok, said Luke as he got off the Milemiam Falcon and went in the rebel base.

    Just then, Captan Starkiller fell down. He was dead. "Ur not good at ur job" said Dark Vader, "I need to some one who is good at there job". Then Luke went to his freind Ruby, but her full name was Ruby Darkside Crazy Crowpath, but every one just called her Ruby, becuz that was shorter. Ruby had strong powers in the force, but she was against the bad side, becuze she was good and was against the empire and the emperer and the bad side and the sith. She coud do alot of cool force stuff so Luke wanted her help and she said yes becuz they were freinds. So they got in the space ship to escape Captan Zorg (Luke new it was Zorg becuz he met him b4).

    "Luke wasn't at the rebel planet" said Zorg. Dark Vader was mad "find him or I'll get mad and kill u, don't mess up again". Zorg was smart and new that Luke would go to the ice planet next to fight the yetis and becuz he could hide there and he met OB1's ghost there to. Dark Vader tried to see Luke using the force but he couldn't.

    Then Luke and Ruby landed on water planet Lukes mom came from to find another freind and the Milemiam Falcon was coming later. "Hi jar jar" (jar jar is an alien) Jar Jar said hi and they talked. "I'm glad we're good friends" "I'm glad too" then the Milemiam Falcon went on the planet and everyone ate dinner and Luke was looking at Ruby but he liked Leya. Then jar Jar said "I'll help u get away from Dark Vader, he was ur father (jar jar knows becuz he was Luke's mom's freind) but now he's evil and not a jedi" Luke said ok and everyone went to sleep but Luke had bad dreams and they took the Milemium Falcon to the ice planet to meet OB1 there so Luke could meet his ghost again...

    Zorg was smart, he knew Luke would be at Ice Planet and he went there when he saw the ship.

    When Luke got to Ice Planet he was sad becuz he missed Han becuz Han was his freind and Jar Jar knew so he asked him if he was ok and Luke said yea but Jar Jar new he was lying so he made him tell the truth and he said he missed Han so Jar Jar told him it's ok and freinds always come back but Luke was scared becuz Jaba had Han so Jar Jar said they would get Han. When they were on the Ice Planet Luke wanted to talk to OB1 but couldn't so he new it was Dark Vader fault and he said father please stop but Dark Vader said no. So Luke went to Leya to see if she was ok and she said she missed Han and they kissed but Luke also liked Ruby so he walked away.

    Then Luke's freinds got captured so he want to save them but he got capture to. Then Luke was on the Star Killer and saw Dark Vader. Befor that Captan Zorg came in and made Captan Xizir beat him up and he did and Luke was mad but jedi don't get mad so he stop being mad. Then a fight happen and everyone escaped but Dark Vader blocked the way...

    Luke pulled out his light saber and fought his dad, butVader was too strong and Ruby used the force to save luke so Luke loved Ruby, then they ran to the Milemiam Flacon but Captan Zorg chased them so Jar Jar got in his way and was shot and died and they flew off the Star Killer and then the rebels came and blew it up but Dark Vaderand Captan Zorg were alive and wanted revenge but Dark Vader secretly loved Luke becuz he was his dad.

    Luke was sad that JarJar died so they shot JarJar body into space and had a fewnarel and Luke loved Ruby and Leya was sad but remembered that she loved Han and OB1 told her Luke was her brother so it washrooms and they broke up. Then they all got ready to save Han from Jar Jar and the Emperer.

    To be continued...
  2. Darth Cyn

    Darth Cyn Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 8, 2014
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