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Star Wars CLOSED Star Wars: Ronin: The Curse of Qalydon

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    OOC: A combo with the GM

    IC: The Grand Vizier

    Meeting for very the first time

    The Grand Vizier's blue eyes swiveled round to meet the man with the straw hat. He rubbed his fingers together as he thought to himself idly. There was much he needed to do, and little time in order to do it. Now would serve a good opportunity to communicate with the admirals and communicate the change of procedures. The Grand Vizier eyed the man for a moment.

    "Good day..." he spoke. "Do I know you?

    “Undoubtedly not,” the man said with a smile. “But I’m sure you’ll become self-aware any second now, though I’m not per se here to cause you grief. I would style myself as the shadow advisor to the shadow advisor…”

    He sounded amused. “Though I’m surprised you asked to be made Regent.” A shrug. “But does it matter?”

    “I’d rather not cause you any grief whatsoever.”

    The Grand Vizier tilted his head, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes for a moment. The Emperor and himself were currently the only two, as far as he was aware, that new he was going to be made Regent. His sky blue eyes watched the man carefully.

    "Regent is an easier title to gather support than Emperor." he spoke simply. "I am cautious man afterall... the speed of change is... unnerving even if it is necessary"

    “So what’s the Change you envision, Regent?” He said politely. “The Empire is corrupt, monstrously so. Can you save it, or should it be allowed to return to the ways of Republic?”

    “I apologise for appearing crass, I forgot this is the first time we’ve met.” He bowed, deeply, over his hand. “Perhaps I could be said to have mistaken you for someone else.”

    The Grand Vizier sported a quizzical raised eyebrow as he looked to the man. "Yes I am quite sure it in my best interests to inform a stranger my plans for galactic governance..." he mused with a tilt of his head.

    "But in broad strokes... a restructuring of the Empire. A renewed focus on merit as opposed to birth. A reinvestment in the military and restructure as an apparatus to lift those poorest in our Empire up from the social and economic structures. Perhaps the establishment of a galactic council to act as a central governing body... corruption would be decimated with prejudice"

    He eyes sparkled, words, promises they meant nothing if he could seize power. "Many possibilities... so what you 'fashion yourself' as my advisor?" He spoke reflecting on the words 'shadow advisor to a shadow advisor'. "I would ask for a name, though I myself am nameless, so perhaps just a title will do, hmm?" he spoke with a head tilt and a small smile.

    “Call me the Ronin, my Lord,” another bow. “I hear many things, as you can likely tell. I am exceedingly well informed, my network is most… prescient.” He sounded rueful.

    “A stranger I may be, but I intrigue you, and, of course, I am entirely in your power.” A chuckle. “After all, what could one man do?”

    As they walked, before they could finalise their journey there stood a man in Jedi robes, his hood up. “Grand Vizier, I am the Jedi High Lord the Council has… assigned to you.”

    Ronin took a large step back so as to not interfere with the Vizier’s view.

    The Grand Vizier nodded, he did not disagree with the man. His eyes turned toward the man in Jedi robes.

    "Is that so? Assigned to keep a watchful eye on me or to protect me from threats?" he spoke with a rueful tone.

    “Whatever you consider appropriate, Grand Vizier,” the Jedi Lord bowed. He did not lower his hood; inclined his head at Ronin. “And who are you?“

    “An advisor, of course,” he said smoothly. “Even advisors need advisors.”

    “Another person with no history that I can parse?” The Jedi Lord huffed. The High Council had never truly liked that about the Grand Vizier. “The Home Fleet is an important part of the Empire’s defence apparatus. The First and Second too. When a quarter of the Imperial Navy is deployed, the Jedi Lords notice.”

    "I see..." spoke the Grand Vizier. He looked to the Ronin and then back to the Jedi.

    "I would like to get in contact with the Admiral's of each fleet. There has been an... important change to the restructuring of the Empire and we need to outmaneuver certain... individuals in order to maintain stability. I presume the High Council would prefer not to see the Empire tear itself in two?" he mused, his eyes studying the hooded Jedi Lord carefully.

    "Do you have a name Jedi?"

    "I am sure you can offer your name before I do mine," he said lightly. Clearly he didn't like the Grand Vizier.

    "I'll summon the Admirals, of course. Only Admiral Jerjerrod is out of touch, on a mission for the Lords." His smile seeped into the Force. "Did you want me to include the Admiral's of the First and Second Fleets?"

    The Grand Vizier smiled. Well weren't they an interesting, nameless trio. The Grand Vizier, the Ronin and the Jedi... he glanced back to the Ronin, a twinkle in his sky blue eyes as he nodded.

    "Yes, things we get confusing if they are not in the loop. Our goal is to reduce confusion not add to it." He gave a light chuckle.

    "Prepare my new found friends you are about to witness the birth of a new age..."

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    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Marcus Dren


    Marcus sighed in response to Tedryn's question.

    "The Dark Lord had a Leviathan," he started to answer. "So I used the dark side to take control of the Leviathan and turn it against her. Because I was afraid for my daughter's safety and angry that they had hurt her... I got carried away and nearly killed the Dark Lord before I was able to stop myself. I lost control in front of Aura and that scared her." He looked down. "I scared her. And now she doesn't feel safe around me."

    “Rightly so,” Tedryn said, carefully. “The True Jedi’s extreme is the Jedi Lords… but the extreme of the Dark Jedi is a Sith.”

    He could see Syn, bound, unconscious. “What would Marcus have us do with her?”

    “But can I go with the Jedi to Brentaal and Yn?” Aura asked.

    “That question will be determined by how your father answers,” Tedryn said, gently.

    Marcus glanced at Syn. "Do with her whatever you wish. Interrogate her for information, put her on trial for her crimes, try to redeem her..."

    He shrugged. "As for Aura going to Yn... completely out of the question. It is far, far too dangerous and I refuse to have her go anywhere near Tulak Hord." He gestured to Syn. "Unlike this so-called Dark Lord, Hord is the real deal. He would not be so easily distracted by a quick to the shin."

    “Is that so?” Tedryn asked. He looked to Aura. “My child, what say you?”

    “I don’t want to stay with Dad until he’s better.”

    The pout.

    Lehani looked at Marcus. “I can’t babysit. I need to fight. Either you’re going to have to go in my stead, or you need to disregard your daughters wishes.”

    Aura looked panicked at her. “But what if he gets mad again?”

    Marcus sighed and tried to think over his options. "Well, someone needs to watch over the captured Dark Lord," he pointed out, gesturing to the unconscious Syn. "Don't you have a holding cell or something? Maybe Aura can stay there as well while we go to Yn."

    He didn't like Aura being so close to Syn, but he liked the idea of bringing her to Tulak Hord even less.

    “You want to put me in prison?” Aura gasped.

    “More like grounding you,” Tedryn said. “But yes, we have cells aboard the light carrier. Our crew is non-Force sensitive, but I’ll be asking them back to Bonadon with Syn.”

    Lehani brightened. “So you’ll come to Yn? Or do you have somewhere else in mind?”

    Marcus nodded. "Yes, I'll go to Yn. You helped me save my daughter, it's only fair that in return I help you and your people."

    He turned to his daughter. "I'm sorry about this, but it's only temporary and for your safety."

    Aura looked ready to explode at him. "How can you do this to me!"

    Tedryn cleared his throat across the comms. "Lehani, let's give them a moment."

    Her refusal to be left alone with her father was gone, replaced with childish anger at her freedom being curtailed.

    Marcus sighed. "I'm not doing this to you, I'm doing this for you. These people are nice. They will take care of you, keep you safe until I finish my business with them. You don't want to go with me to Yn, believe me."

    Aura pouted hard. "I don't understand, but you're making me angry." Her hands began to squeeze tight into fists, the Force charged around her.

    "Don't get angry," Marcus told her. "Don't succumb to weakness like I did. You're better than that, stronger than that."

    Aura released a huff. "Fine." She opened her hands and turned off towards the grounded shuttle that had arrived from the carrier, but she wasn't dark. Just typical pre-teen frustrations.

    Marcus sighed in relief. Yes, she was frustrated. But she was safe and so was her light for the most part. He turned to the Cathar.

    "Alright, so are we off to Yn?"

    Lehani looked over. "Did you get chance to say goodbye?"

    Her fur was slightly agitated. "We'll be going deep into Imperial Space."

    Marcus nodded. "Right, goodbye." He hadn't thought of that, his mind too busy. He followed after Aura so that he could correct this.

    Lehani looked at him, surprised.

    Aura was halfway up the ramp, and sensed her father coming after her.

    Almost surly, she looked back. "What now?"

    "I just wanted to say goodbye," he told her. "I'm leaving now, but I promise that I'll be back. And... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for scaring you. You should have never seen me like that."

    Aura hesitated. Saying goodbye felt so... final. Emotions bubbled up within her, and she ran down the ramp to hug him. "Please be carefully, Dad. I don't want you to change back."

    Marcus hugged her back, embracing her tightly. "I'll be careful," he told her.

    "You best be, or I'll come after you and I'll be in danger if I do and it'll be your fault," Aura said firmly.

    Marcus smiled a little. "I love you," he told his daughter.

    "I love you too."

    Once their embrace ended, Marcus went back to Lehani. He looked over his shoulder, unsure.

    "Am I... a bad father?" he asked the Cathar worriedly.

    Lehani looked surprised. “Why would you think that? Seems to me as if you’ve managed to keep her out of trouble for most of her life.”

    "I almost forgot to say goodbye to her and I nearly killed someone in front of her," Marcus said, looking down. "I'm the reason she can't have a normal life."

    "You're also the reason she's alive at all," Lehani pointed out. "I think - no, I feel - as if you're blaming yourself for a lot. One moment you're exultant about your success, the next in the doldrums." Her tone was sympathetic as they headed back to the spare StarSabers that had been brought down from the light carrier - as was inevitable, they had more fighter craft than True Jedi.

    Marcus considered what she had said and decided that there was some truth to it. But he would have to think more on this later. Right now, they had their mission.

    Next stop: Yn.

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    IC: Nin
    The Undead

    Nin let out a sharp breath, his eyes widening in the horror that this corpses where being brought back to life in some cruel service to XoXaan or they dead bodies were mere puppets controlled by the Force. The Dark Side could be truly grotesque. Nin's sharp eyes traveled to view Akuma-Oni feeling the large imposing 'thump' that followed the arrival of an Imperial Dreadnaught.

    This was bad... very bad

    His eyes flashed with memories of Corbos, his body resisting the urge to shudder with the thoughts of that battle. Nin saw what Akuma was attempting to accomplish and Nin quickly grasped and agreed with the approach. If these bodies could fight after dying burning them was the safest and surest bet.

    The so-called 'Butterfly Warrior' let out his hand in aid as he tugged on the burning building to send it hurtling towards the seven deathless Knights.

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    IC: K4-ZU-P8489 or Kazu, Other people of various titles.
    Hyperspace, En route to Brentaal

    In the end only Kazu had made it, with Sieg and Bard. Wherever Hunter had ended up in the rush to depart, they could not say - nor could they afford to tarry. This unit's words of haste to depart had been heeded and they were once more off to somewhere new with little true direction as they had already achieved the first of their primary goals after a twenty year hibernation cycle.

    Maldael had the news of the fall of Thustra, yes, but also the cartographical hooks from which the Shadow Sith had struck; from Taris and Ambria. All data that could be possibly collected and annotated to existing databases of knowledge were scoured whenever this unit could gain access. Discreetly.

    Brentaal was the presence of a mighty Imperial cordon; a blockade which inspected all ships that arrived, without the requisite passes. But reaching the Core would take a little while, especially the jumps from Kijimi to the Perlemian, so they had a moment to regroup, and recoup...

    Kazu's choice was to become acquainted with the ship, accessible databases, current specs and regs for droids, and his new upgrades. Socialization was not especially important unless another individual so wished to intrude.

    Slipping by the broken Star Destroyer and the Dreadknaught had been simpler than Maldael had thought it would be. The Captain’s Medallion had probably been what had assisted with that, not to mention the cloaking that Xenly and the Verpine had installed. As it was, they had made it out of the Kajimi system and were on their way to Brentaal.

    As they flew, he digested the information that the ship had on recent events. A quiet moment passed as he thought about Thustra, his people, and his martyred king. He was sure that the Sith hadn’t taken prisoners and that King Alaric had certainly been on their hit list. What he wasn’t sure of was whether they believed him dead or fled. The first would aid him in his mission, the latter…he was more sure they believed that than the first.

    What was of note though, was that attacks had come in from Taris and Ambria. He didn’t know the significance of that but there had to be something. And the information could prove useful to completing his current mission. His long fingers stroked both message cylinders, only he knowing which was the true one his King had given him.

    As they flew, he tucked the cylinders into his cloak, in separate spots. Wandering the corridors of the ship, he heard the droid before he saw it. Clearing his throat as he stepped forward, ”So, what do you think of the Krayt Dragon? I know she’s a bit unusual but she’s a great bird.”

    Kazu spun it's head to aim it's main photoreceptor toward the Jedi. Currently programming choice trees prevented Kazu from initiating a battle stance, yet that option was always kept ready. "Error - It is a ship. Bird identifier does not match name or vessel. It is better than my Master's previous vessel that was destroyed at the port." Kazu stated in stricter, simpler terms. It was better not to tax it's processes at this junction.

    Maldael chuckled, ”Apologies, I forgot how literal droids can be.” He ran a hand over the wall of the corridor. ”I know it is a machine but it feels almost alive to me, after all these years.” He glanced into the droid’s photoreceptor, ”I am surprised that, back at the shop, you didn’t recognize me, I’d have thought,” he sighed, ”after Corbos, the Grandmaster would have put a bounty on my head, not for betraying the Order, but because I became something else.”

    Kazu tilted his head and turned more to face this man straight on. "Information systems are twenty cycles out of date. Operating on judgmental inferences and plotting operational success. This unit would. . .appreciate updates to system files."

    Rubbing the tips of his pointed ears, Maldael’s eyes glazed in memory, ”I was one of the Jedi Lords who helped win the Battle of Corbos. But…because I found myself in possession of and used certain powers during the battle, the Grandmaster all but cast me out of the Order.” He leaned against the corridor wall, ”Now, I’m no Sith, but I have found something…that feels more correct than strict adherence to either the Dark or Light, and that is something neither the Jedi nor Sith want broadcast, would shake both sides to their cores.”

    A wry smile crossed his face as he turned back toward the droid, ”Ironic then, that my King, my old friend, chose me to bring his message to the Emperor.”

    "Irony is probable, but uncertain." Kazu stated as it settled back. An exile Jedi was a Sith that had not been born, and according to records 'new paths' were often slippery slopes that led exiles to the Sith. "If you would be willing, this unit could record your findings and broadcast in limited settings at later periods."

    Maldael nodded, ”If even for posterity and that such findings aren’t lost or destroyed if I am, yes, I would be so willing. Knowledge lost is knowledge that others must find again to be of use and the finding is almost harder than learning and growing from developed knowledge.”

    He sighed once more, ”The Jedi and Sith would both love to silence me if they knew of me fully. Of course…” his smile was lopsided, ”I do tend to not leave Sith alive if they bother me.”

    "A wise precaution for one of your status. This unit stands ready." Kazu stated as it brought a few more photoreceptors to bear upon the Jedi.

    Salu and Xenly were having far too much fun being technocrats, and Sieg and Bard had been more humanoid about it and caught some sleep. The ship was quiet otherwise, and if you looked at it, they were two veterans swapping war stories… just one happened to be a murderbot.

    Maldael nodded, one hand brushing back his hair. He looked into the photoreceptors, clearing his throat. “This is, perhaps, the first of at least several recordings. I am Maldael Fesh, Sephi force user and, most likely considered, former Jedi Lord. I was one of many of us that fought the Dark Jedi that became the Sith. I was involved in many battles, culminating in the Battle of Corbos.”

    He sighed, ”That battle was one of intense struggle and I found myself angered, not just at the Sith, but at the Jedi as well, by all the bloodshed and destruction that had occurred. Yet the Sith couldn’t see, nor could the Jedi, that they were perpetuating the cycle. My anger, during the battle, grew until I found myself utilizing Force Lightning, a dark side technique, and knowing I could harness it. I used what I was given to help win the battle…’

    Rubbing the tips of his ears again his eyes were sorrowful as he looked into the droid’s ‘eyes’. ”I found myself almost buried in the sands as the battle ended. The Grandmaster came to me and told me he couldn’t take me with him and the Jedi because of what I’d demonstrated, that I could use the Dark Side. I was left on Corbos, where my fellow Sephi found me.”

    Kazu softly buzzed and whirred as his joints settled and adjusted to a more stable position while recording the information. The noted points of parallel were duly noted, such things were immaterial. So it mattered little. "Please, continue. As this point your journey has not yet qualified as a statistical divergence from apparent norms for patterns of altering behaviors and abilities."

    The corner of Mal’s mouth turned up in a fractional smile, ”Of course. Where divergence comes in was…later.”

    He shifted his stance slightly, his golden eyes seeming to dim in their intensity. ”There are things, beings, in the wider universe that have their own views on how the universe should be. And clues to their existence are out there.”

    “When I was returned to Thustra, Alaric opened and had our people find any treatise on the Force, to me. And…I found…’
    His eyes seemed to be silver, if silver were flowing, shifting, swirling. ”Or it found me…”

    Kazu 'blinked' a couple of photoreceptors. Zooming in for the detail of the eyes to be recorded in quality definition. This was the first sign of an alternate path being explored that bore any correlation. Yellow eyes, orange eyes, red eyes - these were the spectrum's edges that the dark side powers drove one's iris' to augment to. Silver was not associated with any known path.

    "Fascinating. Vague and uninformative, yet should trigger the listeners desire or curiosity to deepen. Please continue." Kazu stated as a couple eyes kept close recordings of the others.

    The mercurial eyes stared into the photoreceptors of the droid, ”One moment, I was alone in my study, scrolls, holo records, and books strewn around as I attempted to correlate the information I had read with any other record and the next…I was most definitely not alone.” Mal smiled softly, ”I do not know how to explain the sensation to a droid but it was as though the entire study, perhaps my entire home, was suffused with Being. I knew it not but it was as described in the records, both Light and Dark and something else but, at the same time, neither. And then…knowledge pierced my mind. Oh…such knowledge…” the swirling eyes closed at the memory before opening once more, the swirls now blazing in their various shades.

    "Fascinating. Are you intimating that your alternate path is a symbiosis with a multidimensional being?" Kazu asked as he continued to monitor those altering eyes as they swirled.

    Maldael let out a slight chuckle, ”That is, perhaps, the best explanation that could be made from that information.”

    He reached up, rubbing the tip of one ear, ”Before it appeared I was at odds with my own Jedi training, frustrated with my former comrades. My dislike, distaste, for the Sith was that strong as well. Now, well, the being has shown me many things, including the fact both sides have fallen far from what they were intended to be.”

    Kazu's photoreceptors flickered as it digested this information. A deeper analysis of any scanned information on this person would need review later. "Understood. Although current records presently state that the Sith are an offshoot of the Jedi. Your phrasing suggests both sides previously existing for designated purposes, and states so in a manner more concrete than either group would currently protest beyond vague ideologies. Further illumination may prove helpful." Kazu intoned as it adjusted it's position slightly.

    Mal let his hand fall from his ear, his palm placed against the bulkhead he was leaning upon, ”I do have as much of my research and library as could be rescued before…I kept the Sith from taking my home. And such data does reside in those records. But I won’t deny that neither the Jedi or Sith want the past known, given that their ideologies are not compatible in any way anymore.”

    He could feel the hum of the ship, under his hand and it was a refreshing sensation, ”Unfortunately, at least for them,” he opened one side of his cloak, letting a variety of kyber crystals, red, green, yellow, blue, and others, before letting it fall closed once more. ”every Jedi or Sith I’ve encountered and attempted to see if they were willing to consider this other way were completely against the notion.”

    "A suitable display of power, illumination is. . .glimmering. At best. Please continue." Kazu stated. His own sensors having catalogued the number and array of kyber crystals to create a possible kill tally for this 'rogue' being.

    Mal’s lips quirked in a half smile, ”Have you ever gathered enough data on a specific subject to be able to scan a being and their initial actions, determining simply from that how they would act or react? In the last twenty years, I have reached that point in my dealings with Force users. Of course, war polarizes beings and the philosophy I ascribe to, the being I am melded with, has little room for error in either direction, so my path has been particularly bloody, for others, as of late.”

    "As the old axiom states - 'The Rancor cares not the vole that it tramples, it cares only for it's needs.' Or perhaps, 'The heedless attacker is soon the headless'?" There was not much to interject here and now, but still Kazu had felt the pause in the tale that seemed to require some response. Anecdotes were not this unit's strong suit, but death was another matter altogether.

    Mal nodded, the axioms were true in that regard. ”That initial experience with the being took place,” He stroked his chin in thought, ”about eight years after Corbos. Since that time I had been the protector of Thustra, for my people and my friend the king. Which also meant chasing down threats to the peace, Sith and Jedi alike. But darkness is spreading, the two Sith Empires are expanding, hence the ‘death’ of Thustra and my current mission to the Emperor, regardless of the fact that the Jedi will possibly stand in my way.”

    "Merely more to fill out your collection?" Then a stray probability generator algorithm ran into a problem that quirked it's chassis to consider. "Is your companion ill aware or prepared for what you walk into?" Kazu asked, remembering how the Verpine had addressed them and defended the present speaker as a Jedi.

    Mal’s silvery eyes glittered as they swirled. ”Yes…” his hand rose to where the kyber crystals were, ”perhaps some will be here rather than in my other collection, these are the most worthy I have faced.” he said in a low murmur.

    Clearing his throat, ”The Verpine have a long memory, a shared hive mind, as it were. And they remember very far back in the past. You may say it is better to pronounce how they see me as the ancient Je'daii, that Order I mentioned earlier, the fusion of Light and Dark. But they fear not the Dark in me, it does not rule me. And I have done great service to the Verpine, the Sephi as well, so they are protective of their protector.”

    "Fascinating. Please continue." Kazu simply stated as his question was answered. As well as enough information that his internal database was believed to be sufficiently updated for the threat assessment of this person.

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    IC: The Dark Lord
    The Unknowns

    He had moved on from Kijimi, of course, and more besides.

    Tracing the connections between the Sith and the Empire, those that should not exist.

    He didn't care for Princes and Lords, nor did the Dark Lord have interest in the consequences of his actions. Freedom? That required action.

    He was also no fool; for so many Sith and former Sith to arrive at Kijimi, someone was playing a game. Removing loose ends from the board before the grand war began. The Fallen Worlds were becoming the playground of the Shadow Sith, led by those five who had seized Thrones in the territory the Empire had neglected...

    ... but he had not been careful enough.

    He had been tracked; he knew it.

    And so, when the immense Imperial Dreadnought arrived commanded by Admiral Jerjerrod, he regarded the ship from his private craft. A comm line was opened. "I surrender."

    The Jedi Lord was surprised.

    "It's him."

    The tiny vessel paled in comparison to the vast Roadblock.

    "Kill him. Fire everything we have, launch every fighter."

    Captain Antilles looked alarmed. "My Lord, he has surrendered. Where is our honour?"

    "To Sith with your honour," the Jedi Lord pointed at the tiny black-triangular starship, "that ship piloted by the most dangerous person in the galaxy."

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    The Imperial Dreadnought did not linger; it tunnelled into hyperspace, surprising the citizens of Kijimi perhaps.

    The two Sith, Nin and Akuma-Oni, they had to get moving, not just because the Black Knights stood again, resurrected by an innate spell of Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut. A truly terrifying feat, and not the first time the Dark Jedi and Sith had used it, but XoXaan had clearly mastered it. The fiery debris crashed into them, crushing them for a moment.

    And yet, the rubble continued to stir, indicating that the Seven intended to rise again… even if slowly.

    But more worrisome was the arrival of twenty Imperial Star Destroyers and hundreds of escorts...

    ... and then another similar sized task force...

    The Imperial First Fleet, commanded by the Crown Prince, and the Imperial Second Fleet, commanded by the younger Prince, they were here. Dozens of fighters and transports began to flow down from orbit, a full occupation force for the burning City...

    Now what would they do?

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    En route

    The Admirals gathered; eleven of them, save for Admiral Jerjerrod, who was on a personal errant for the Emperor himself, rumour had it. The Emperor was not summoned; why would he be? The affairs of state belonged to the Regent now, and it was time he made himself known...

    The Admirals of the First and Second Fleet, Ozzel and Needa, were in the field, communicating with the Grand Vizier separately from the Princes, for the Emperor's representative had precedence over even the princes.





    The others, well -


    Takel, of the Third Fleet


    Tigellinus of the Fourth Fleet


    Teshik of the Fifth Fleet


    Wermis of the Sixth Fleet


    Tagge of the Seventh Fleet


    Holt of the Eighth Fleet


    Motti of the Ninth Fleet


    Yularen of the Tenth Fleet


    Dodonna of the Eleventh Fleet

    Jerjerrod of the Twelfth Fleet was, as aforementioned, absent.

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    IC: Lehani


    They arrived to the Grand Imperial Line.

    Considered the divide between the Empire Proper and the Fallen Worlds, the Corsin Run and Brentaal/Denon Route acting as a great border. The Perlemian lead deep into the Fallen Worlds, and the natural need for the Imperial Navy to reinforce the routes meant Brentaal a key location.

    Thus it made sense to deploy warships there; large ones. Specialised ones. Had the True Jedi advanced from distant Bonadan to Brentaal on their way to Yn a mere day ago, the security had been lax. But with the news that there were Sith on Kijimi, rumours of attacks on the Mid Rim Alliance and even the hushed whispers about piracy near Yag’Dhul… the Jedi Lords gave orders for the Fleet to be put at high status.

    And so that meant Interdictors.


    The ten True Jedi sent to Yn were thus caught up in a processing line, unable to get any further without risking being caught, and barely able to get a message to the Jedi at Sigil. They needed a distraction to take their light carrier forward.

    At the very end of the line, the ship of Maldael arrived, confronted by a convoy of freighters, yachts and personal vessels. Bard was leaning at a viewport. “Well that’s a surprise. Do you think your big-old medal will get us through.”

    Salu laughed. “It should.” Xenly clacked his mandibles in accord.

    Sieg gave a meaningful look at Kazu as she joined them, and looked even more meaningfully at the medal, settled in the data-port in the cockpit. If this went sideways, Sieg and Kazu would need that.

    Maldael would be at least part-distracted by the presence of Jedi in the convoy ahead, and even moreso when another six arrived in StarSabers - Lehani, Marcus and the other survivors of the attack on Sigil. They were the most distant, and perhaps Marcus and Maldael would recognise each other, and perhaps not.

    In the far distance, the crews of the far-off Interdictors seemed to becoming active - dangerously so.

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  6. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    Arriving at Brentaal

    As they approached the end of the queue, the bridge of the Krayt Dragon was crowded, everyone wanted to be here when they’d arrived. The conversation with the droid had been interesting and refreshing, he’d not had a chance to speak with anyone, save King Alaric, about all he’d learned before that, at least not for any length of time. His right hand rubbed his left forearm, an unconscious gesture, as he thought about other times he’d tried to discuss it with others.

    Almost lost in memory, he caught a glance from Seig. Following the other’s eyes, the corner of his lips twitched. Of course, the others weren’t here out of any sense of loyalty to him, he was simply their ride for now as they all needed the Medallion to get where they were headed.

    He felt other Force presences in the system, and more…’Hmmmm….’ he thought as more presences entered the system, including one that felt familiar. It took a moment to realize why, it felt like the one of the being that had held a blaster in his face on Kajimi. Closing his eyes for a moment, he focused on reducing his presence in the Force. It could, potentially, hazard the mission if he needed to defend himself here, before the array of vessels that could blot them from the ‘sky’.

    Opening his eyes again, he looked over the others, ”The Medallion should grant us safe passage through the entirety of the Empire, and avoid queues such as these.’

    One hand gestured out of the forward viewscreen, ”The way the defensive line is powering up, not to mention the Force users I sense ahead, is one concern.” Gesturing behind them, ”The others that have just arrived are another concern.”

    He moved forward, one hand touching the Medallion. The other pressed a stud beside where the port it was socketed into. With that, the signal that would accompany the Medallion when in use was broadcast to the system controllers. They should have an answer from the defensive line quickly, as to whether they could skip the queue and continue their flight.

    Turning back to the others, ”Now we will see if that was worth all the trouble on Kajimi.”

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  7. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: IDr Roadblock

    It wasn't long before they arrived in the Unknowns. And Janus was just getting used to commanding a bigger ship…

    But he got quite a surprise when the Roadblock arrived. The Dark Lord was surrendering? Janus like Veers wanted to blow him to kingdom come straight away but Captain Antillie's statement…

    "Hold"Janus said, raising his hand "Keep the cannons trained on him. He makes one false move, he dies. Let's see why he surrendered so easily".

    He took the comm "This is Admiral Janus Jerjerrod of the Imperial Dreadnaught Roadblock. You are under the sights of my guns. I'm not sure why you have surrendered but it has been currently accepted".

    "So I advise you start talking before the Jedi Lord next to me thinks twice and blows you up".

    “You’re hunting Sith,” he said simply. “I’m the first one - the Jedi Lord who turned against the Empire.” The man’s words were short, and to the point. “There is no point my running; you have found me, and so I may as well save the lives that will be lost fighting until my defeat.”

    Lord Veers seethed. “He cannot be trusted.”

    Captain Antilles shook his head. “We are the Empire. We don’t murder prisoners.”

    Now Lord Veers and Captain Antillies were shooting arguments behind him. Which was alright for now but could get messy.

    "Let's say I believe you for a moment. If you did come aboard what use would you be to us? Why should I believe you? I've already nearly lost one ship today, what's to say that you don't want to blow us up ?"

    “You stand at the impasse of your own morality,” the Sith soothed. “Do you fire upon me, or do you accept me? Or do you simply let me go?”

    “Absolutely not,” the Jedi Lord said.

    “Or perhaps I should suggest a neutral location, where we may sit and talk like adults?”

    Antilles scrunched up his face. “I don’t like that, either.”

    Janus agreed on that.

    "And you haven't answered my question. What use would you be to us? Why should I believe your surrender?"

    “I know where Admiral Dreypa is right now.”

    Well that was an interesting tidbit. Nothing from the others.

    "So you give us that, what's in it for you? What do you want in return?"

    "Preferably his death, would be my wish," the Dark Lord said firmly. "If the rumours I've heard are correct, he has been harassing Imperial convoys near Yag'Dhul. I don't want a war, I want to be left alone."

    His tone was serene. "Independence from your Empire is all I ask for. I am not naive enough to think that simply demanding it will achieve it; I must kill the warmongers. There are five Sith that are leading the galaxy to war. I will leave the Jedi Lords and politicians that seek such a thing to your own justice." A sniff.

    "The Empire is right personified, Sith scum," spat the Jedi Lord.

    "But if we can avoid a war, and can prove we have... profiteers among our ranks, surely we should stop them?" The ever naive and wistful Antilles.

    "You want to be left alone" Janus scoffed "Really? So you can carve out another enclave? To create more Sith so you can kill us all?"

    Janus folded his arms "If you lead us to Dreypa then I will decide if you are still useful. If I see you betray us in any way, or if the Jedi Lord next to me gets a whiff of anything wrong, you die. Understood?"

    He turned to Antillies "Launch fighters, don't bring him aboard. They can escort him while this Dark Lord is with us".

    The Dark Lord sounded nonchalant. "Is the galaxy truly too large for us to co-exist, with the Unknowns between us?"

    "But I accede to your suggestion." He cut the line. Coordinates appeared; a system in the Inner Rim; Yn.

    Lord Veers glared. "This is treachery."

    Antilles gave the order, sending out hyperdrive equipped fighters to escort the Dark Lord.

    Janus spun on his heel and strode up to Lord Veers "Let me be clear milord. My mission was to find Dreypa by the command of the Emperor. We have a chance to eliminate a traitor".

    "Once the Dark Lord has given us what we want, then you get your wish and he will be eliminated. Besides if he betrays us, which no doubt he will then we kill him. Either way he dies, even if we have to go and chase him down".

    He looked at Antillies "Jump once ready. I want to see if this Dark Lord does keep his word".

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  8. CosmoHender

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Marcus Dren


    The former Dark Jedi looked at the line that greeted them and commed his Cathar partner Lehani.

    "It appears that our friends got caught in the processing line," he told Lehani. "And it seems like a distraction is in order."

    He waited to hear Lehani's response, since these were her people. He knew that he would do best to follow her lead.

    Then he felt something that gave him pause. It wasn't the True Jedi in the convoy, no it was something else and it took him a moment to realize just what. He groaned.

    Somehow that arrogant Jedi from Kijimi was here, the one who had almost exposed him and his daughter.

    "Karabast," Marcus swore. He might like Lehani and the other True Jedi right now, but that certainly didn't extend to the rest of the Jedi. He just hoped that this Jedi didn't stick his nose in business where it didn't belong again.

    But he definitely had a bad feeling about this.

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  9. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: K4-ZU-P8489 or Kazu
    Arriving at Brentaal

    They had arrived. It was decidedly a much more defensible blockade than this unit had been expecting. It was glad that they had not tried to traverse such a thing without the access to a medalion to hopefully ease their passage. There was no telling how true Jedi would respond to a Sith War Droid.

    They were at the very end of the line, the ship of Maldael arrived, confronted by a convoy of freighters, yachts and personal vessels. Bard was leaning at a viewport questioning if they would make it. Salu was surrety along with Xenly, the two who had installed it.

    Sieg gave a meaningful look at Kazu as she joined them, and looked even more meaningfully at the medal, settled in the data-port in the cockpit. If this went sideways, Sieg and Kazu would need that. Kazu focused and refocused his photoreceptors at her and at the medallion to show his understanding without making a noise based scene.

    In the far distance, the crews of the far-off Interdictors seemed to becoming active - dangerously so.

    Maldael spoke and gave further words of assurance and forcing the issue to make sure the medallion was active to see if it work to get them through this blockade line. The possibility of retrieving the medallion for a possible retreat was now a moot point, there would be no try with that man's cohabitated hand next to it.

    With nothing to add, Kazu waited for what would happen.

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  10. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lehani
    Blockade, Brentaal system

    The Interdictors had deployed fighters.

    The Force tensed, but they ships passed their Jedi comrades further up the queue and headed towards them.

    "Um, Marcus -"

    And then they passed by them!

    The fighter craft moved towards a ship at the very end of the queue!

    Aboard that self-same ship, Sieg swore profusely, pulled her blaster -

    "Kazu! Kill them all!"

    Salu held up his hands in horror, Xenly moved to protect the little nonhuman -

    Surprised, Bard leapt for the medallion -

    And then the fighters looped by.

    "Wait!" Sieg said, as they formed up on them.

    It was an honour guard.

    The medallion had worked.

    How much attention Maldael would be paying was another thing. The Jedi near the front of the queue, and others slightly ahead of them, they were reaching out with the Force, curious, clearly.

    The comms crackled. "This is Captain Darklighter of Rose Squadron," came the voice. "Permission to escort you through the blockade, Lord Maldael?" Xenly clicked his mandibles in amusement. Salu laughed. They'd clearly given Maldael a very high rank. The officer, his nervousness pouring into the Force, spoke on. "Do you have other retainers due to join you, or is the sole ship in your... um, retinue?"

    Clearly the man had never dealt with an Imperial Lord.

    That gave Maldael an opportunity to ask for whatever he wanted.

    Sieg absently wondered if using his real name was such a good idea -

    Behind them, more and more freighters and traffic joined the queue, and it became apparent in excess of a hundred ships had been caught up in this traffic snarl.

    And then.

    Aboard the Roadblock

    Jedi Lord Veers was furious, but he acknowledged the escort for the Dark Lord.

    "I want this done quickly," he had snapped, and headed to his quarters.

    Antilles dutifully plotted the quickest route to Yn, taking the hyperroutes into the Core and around it. The longest stretch of the journey would be the leap from the Unknowns back to the nearest hyperlane, but they'd not made it that much further than Corbos into the region, so the Empire knew the ways. He was somewhat relieved, to be honest, that they'd found a Sith so early on, because to go much further into the Unknowns, even with an Imperial Dreadnought, well, that was going to be dangerous, and moreso the further they went.

    Let alone the Sith, the Taung, the Zygerrians, the Trianii - there were plenty of threats in that pocket of wild territory. Deeper there were rumours of an aquatic race that built incredibly powerful cruisers of lumpy design, and red-skinned sorcerors that commanded magicks. He shuddered, before refocusing.

    They took the journey to the Core swiftly, arriving at the Brentaal Node -

    The Blockade

    Antilles didn't see the need to raise a concern with Admiral Jerjerrod, the blockade here was official Imperial Naval business, so he knew it would be a matter of him requesting clearance and the projectors being lowered and they'd carry on.

    The immense diamond shaped Imperial Dreadnought joining the very rear of the queue, well, that would undoubtedly raise eyebrows in the Jedi, with Lehani, Marcus, Sieg, Kazu, Salu, Bard and Maldael...

    Meanwhile the presence of a Jedi Lord in-system only caught the eye of Antilles. He directed the crew to check-in, firstly that the Dark Lord was still here - he was, escorted by hyperdrive-equipped fighters - and secondly on the Lord.

    "Hang on," he said aloud. He produced his comlink, tuned it to Jerjerrod and Veers, who were in their respective chambers as it was technically night-time by the ship's chrono. "There's a Jedi Lord Maldael here, Admiral, but I'm pretty sure that ship escaped us at Kijimi -."

    "There's a Sith here," the Dark Lord said, pouring his aggression into the Force.

    It was if a thunderstorm had arrived in the Brentaal system, and it would slam into the Force users present. Even Kazu, curiously, would feel a coldness in his processors...

    "You promised to cooperate!"

    The black-winged ship of the Dark Lord shot forward and rushed into the blockade -

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  11. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: IDr Roadblock, Brentaal

    Janus had managed to get some rest, but was woken up by the comm call by Antillies. They had reached Brentaal where there was a blockade so they just had to go through.

    It seemed another Jedi Lord was here, but the ship was at Kijimi? That seemed wrong….that would be one for Veers to investigate.

    After he had gotten dressed and secured his sword and blaster back on his belt the Dark Lord interjected. A Sith was here...and he decided to do a runner thanks to a report from the bridge.

    "Where does he think he's going" Janus growled quickly picking up his comlink and quickly heading towards the bridge.

    "Captain Antillies, inform Brentaal to top ships coming through. Any that do, blast them. That Dark Lord is NOT escaping".

    "Do a check on that ship that left Kijimi again. Lord Veers, you might want to have a chat with your fellow Lord. I want to see who this Maldael really is, if he is a Lord or not and why if they knew we were at Kijimi they did not communicate with us".

    "I'll be on the bridge shortly".

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  12. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh

    Maldael stiffened, his hand still by the medallion, as the fighters swooped closely, as he heard the cry to fire upon them from one of those that had come with him. He almost…almost opened himself back up to the Force, almost let his power be felt. But then relaxed and sighed as the craft identified themselves and formed up around the Krayt Dragon.

    "This is Captain Darklighter of Rose Squadron. Permission to escort you through the blockade, Lord Maldael? Do you have other retainers due to join you, or is the sole ship in your... um, retinue?"

    Reaching up with his free hand, Maldael rubbed the tip of one pointed ear, sighing. Of course the flight leader had called over the open comms. He could feel the Jedi, both before and after him, reaching out in the Force trying to see who he was and that call would have them scrambling to check the current roster of the Order.

    His expression was neutral as he turned back to glance at Sieg, Xenly, Bard, Kazu, and Salu. ”I’d prefer not letting all of creation know how many are here so quiet please.”

    Turning back, he pressed the comm stud, ”This is Lord Maldael. Switching to,” He paused, thinking about which frequencies were still in use by the Empire. ”frequency X-Ray 1.” That frequency was encrypted and if those who he sensed, including a dark presence, reacted to what he had to say then he would know how deep the rot went.

    On the encrypted frequency, ”Captain Darklighter, the Sith have gone on the offensive and I am on an urgent mission, hence traveling mostly incognito on a single fast ship.”

    He glanced at the others again, ”What I require is an escort through the blockade and onto the next hyper route toward the Core. I do suspect, however, some in the queue would prefer I not do so.”

    Taking his finger off of the stud to wait for a response he wondered who else would attempt to call them, now that this Captain had shouted his name across the system.

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  13. CosmoHender

    CosmoHender Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Marcus Dren

    Blockade, Brentaal system

    Marcus tensed slightly when the fighters headed towards them, but relaxed when they passed by him.

    As he saw the fighters formed up around another ship, Marcus had a suspicion of who was on said ship.

    He commed Lehani.

    "I believe those fighters are escorting a Jedi Lord," he told the Cathar. "And I think it's the same Jedi Lord as the one that I encountered on Kijimi. He nearly exposed me and my daughter, so he is an issue."

    Of that much he was certain.

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  14. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: K4-ZU-P8489 or Kazu
    Arriving at Brentaal

    The Interdictors had deployed fighters. The fighters were headed towards them.

    Aboard that self-same ship, Sieg swore profusely, pulled her blaster -

    "Kazu! Kill them all!"

    Salu held up his hands in horror, Xenly moved to protect the little nonhuman -

    Kazu drew his Beskar sword and brought it up into a ready position, stepping forward -

    Surprised, Bard leapt for the medallion -

    And then the fighters looped by.

    "Wait!" Sieg said, as they formed up on them.

    Kazu froze and paused where it stood. As the implications of what was happening became clear to all of them. It was an honour guard. Indicating that the medallion had worked.

    The official leader of their band took to the comms in response to the comms crackling with the words of what was assumed the fighter pilot lead. The comms crackled. "This is Captain Darklighter of Rose Squadron," came the voice. "Permission to escort you through the blockade, Lord Maldael?" Xenly clicked his mandibles in amusement. Salu laughed. They'd clearly given Maldael a very high rank. The officer, his nervousness pouring vocal patterns, spoke on. "Do you have other retainers due to join you, or is the sole ship in your... um, retinue?"

    Behind them, more and more freighters and traffic joined the queue, and it became apparent in excess of a hundred ships had been caught up in this traffic snarl.

    The conversation went forwards from there. Resheathing his sword with a little twist spin flourish before re-securing it, Kazu waited to see what would happen next. Currently it was not worth wasting processing power on predictive algorithms. Better to wait and save power.

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  15. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Captain Darklighter
    Walking the line

    The Imperial escort flew by Lehani and Marcus's ship, and the Cathar stiffened. "We really can't afford to be caught out. If that 'Lord Maldael' is a problem, we'll have to handle it later. There was a truly immense pressure on the Force; a dark so dark it slammed into them. Their Jedi colleagues winced in the Force, a shared bond of sorts impacting them.

    But the appearance of the Imperial Dreadnought, and the subsequent orders cut across the channels.

    "Captain Antillies, inform Brentaal to stop ships coming through. Any that do, blast them. That Dark Lord is NOT escaping".

    "Do a check on that ship that left Kijimi again. Lord Veers, you might want to have a chat with your fellow Lord. I want to see who this Maldael really is, if he is a Lord or not and why if they knew we were at Kijimi they did not communicate with us".

    By the time Jerjerrod and Lord Veers were at the bridge, the Dark Lord's fighter was rushing forward, pursed by Imperial fighters.

    Maldael's ship, with Sieg, Bard, Xenly and Kazu aboard was suddenly confronted by the gravity-well's being dropped by one Interdictor of the two present, the other shifting generators to cover the traffic only, creating an edge that Rose Squadron drove towards -

    The other Interdictor appeared in-front of Maldael's ship, hundreds of meters.

    A micro-jump.

    "Firing -"

    The Interdictor's auto-cannons burst with blasts, a moment before the rear of Maldael's ship buckled hard.

    "Hit on the Dark Lord's ship -"

    "Hit on the Jedi Lord's ship -"

    "Moving to steer -"

    Rose Squadron, consummate professionals, bracketed Maldael's ship and began to physically steer it with the bodies of their ships into the hangar bay of the Interdictor. Behind them, the Dark Lord's fighter craft spun out, slightly aflame, and all but headed on a collision course with Lehani and Marcus's ship!

    Sith, Sith, Sith -

    The Dark Lord's thoughts curled, and then found Marcus -

    The engines sparked as the ship purposely headed their way -

    Two Sith!

    The bridge crew of the Roadblock watched the anticipated crash, and Captain Antilles barked orders. "All ships between us and the anticipated impact, move! Tractor beams -"

    The traffic line collapsed into chaos, everyone rushing, even those ahead of Marcus in the line - and the Jedi team that had been pinned here! Taking advantage, they rushed for the edge of the line -

    Lord Veers began to curse. "What idiot micro-jumps an Interdictor into traffic lane -" He waved a hand and clicked an open channel. "Detain Lord Maldael the moment he lands aboard the..." He looked to an officer, who mouthed the answer. "Sentinel. All other ships apart from as indicated are to be allowed to flee."

    The Jedi Lord looked at Jerjerrod. "Admiral Jerjerrod will verify my comments, and we shall shortly be aboard the Sentinel."

    Snide, much?
    Antilles thought. The line cut briefly, and Veers spoke up. "The last 'Maldael' on the Jedi rolls was from before Corbos. If that's your Kijimi ship, then that's our Sith, too."

    The Krayt Dragon was bereft of engines, and captured. Sieg swore, Bard swore, Xenly chittered in panic, Salu actively scurried around the ship. There were already Storm Corps officers forming up in the hangar, complete with medics and other crew and staff.

    The Dark Lord fired altitude thrusters and landed on Marcus's ship.

    Lehani blanched. "We need to get in our fighters and run."

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  16. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: IDr Roadblock, Brentaal

    Things started going wrong when the Interdictor decided it was going to jump right in front of the ship which had escaped from Kijimi.

    A foolhardy move, but they had damaged the ship and brought it aboard. One bonus.

    However they had also hit the Dark Lords ship and he was about to crash, which sent the other ships into a panic. Not good. But...where was the explosion of a crash?

    Veers took charge which made Janus frown. And he cut the line before Janus could get a word in.

    "I concur regarding the ship from Kijimi, however concerning the Dark Lord's ship I saw no explosion. Ergo he is hiding or may possibly have escaped in the confusion. And since he is supposed to be helping us, we need him back. Or I will personally blow him to atoms".

    He looked to Captain Antillies "Inform Sentinal that myself and Lord Veers are on the way, prepare my shuttle Quantum for departure. Oh and whomever ordered that foolhardy manoeuvre? Demote them".

    He opened the line again "Belay last order on the ships being allowed to leave. Brentaal remains closed. All ships are to be searched for a person of interest and his ship. Failure to comply will result in imprisonment. Details to come".

    Janus looked to Antillies "Send details over of the Dark Lords ship. I want to know if he is really dead and not pulling a fast one".

    He nodded to Veers "Shall we greet our new guest?"

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  17. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Maldael Fesh
    Brentaal, disabled

    The escort began as Maldael had expected, given the Captain’s Medallion. Which was a momentary relief as chaos suddenly erupted. The dark presence that he’d felt filling the system was on a direct course toward the Krayt Dragon which turned out to almost be the lesser of his worries. As the others on the ship began to erupt emotionally or, in one case physically as Salu began running around the ship, he began to curse in fluent Sephi.

    The curses began as one of the Interdictors suddenly microjumped directly in front of the small formation of fighters and his ship. They grew in volume and vehemence as the Krayt Dragon bucked and the sound of his engines dropped off. He had a backup hyperdrive but without the actual output of the engines that did no good except ensure they had power.

    As the fighters physically bracketed his ship, he ground his teeth, hearing and feeling the stresses it put on the craft. Using some of the power left in the current drive, he folded in the sails, while protesting the violation of the supposedly reproach proof Medallion. The one rushing about his ship was annoying him more than Xenly and how he was currently acting. A press of a button and all but the bridge was flooded with a swift acting, just as swiftly dissipating, knockout gas, a defense system he had in case anyone got aboard. He didn’t need that one damaging anything else, either accidentally or deliberately, as he ran around almost mindlessly it seemed. Turning to the others, ”Prepare yourselves, I do not believe they are going to be friendly, even after acknowledging my position. Otherwise calm down or I will calm you.”

    He could see out of the viewscreen the formation of beings standing in the hangar. As the fighters set down his crippled ship he pressed the external speaker button, ”I must protest, I was fired upon by a dark side presence and yet I, and my people, are the ones it seems are being detained, all while flying under the seal of a Captain’s Medallion.”

    Pressing another button, waiting while it read his signature, a drawer opened. Reaching into his robe, he pulled free the kyber crystals, in one strip, rolling the strip so they were bundled before setting them in the drawer and setting the security on it to what it had been, that only he could open it.

    Turning back to the others. ”Well…? I made the formal protest and I am sure their hangar cameras picked up the message. I will not have them damage my ship more so I will greet them at the hatch, regardless of their intent.” With that, he pushed past the others, heading off the bridge, into the now clear air of the corridor, until he reached the hatch, inputting the code to open it.

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  18. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: A combo with Sinre with wide reaching implications. So worth a read for everyone in the game ;)

    IC: The Regent


    The Grand Vizier, now The Regent looked to the eleven admirals gathered, his eyes taking them all in as he began his speech. His tone soft, but commanding. The undercurrent of strength filled his lungs, he had waited long for this day.

    "Admirals of the Empire! The Emperor has declared that I, The Grand Vizier be appointed as Regent over the Empire. The two princes are, as many of you in your hearts know, unfit at this time to rule in their Father's stead. We are surrounded by threats, a twin opposition of Empires that threaten to swallow and consume us whole. Now cannot be the time for division, for internal strife... for if we bicker amongst ourselves, if we allow two boys marred by only self-interest and decadence to do as they wished, this Empire, everything built from it and the citizens that live with in it will crumple, suffer and die."

    He paused for a moment as he took in each and everyone of the Admirals faces, his eyes piercing each of them gauging each of their reactions.

    "I am the leader of the Empire now. I will bring strength, stability and total victory over our enemies, then and only then can we even consider a transition back to the royal family... the princes are to be ignored." he viewed the admirals again carefully.

    "Do I make myself clear gentlemen?"

    The admirals of the First and Second Fleets looked to each other, but it was Teshik, bullish as ever, who spoke up first, cybernetics earned in the war whirring loudly. “To what end? What do you intend to do with your newfound power? The Shadow Empire seemingly rules the Fallen Worlds; the Sith Empire occupies the Unknowns, but we know not where.”

    “So I ask you - what is your goal? War, albeit of a different kind, or an end to our violent ways?” A metallic, guttural laugh, joined by five of the Admirals present.

    The Regent's eyes remained steely as he took in Teshik.

    "Stability and peace are not worthy enough goals for you admiral?" replied the Regent, his eyes carefully observing his response but more importantly how the other admirals reacted. He knew that was not what the admiral meant.

    "Our goal is to crush the Shadow and Sith Empires, only with a united galaxy can there be peace... stratagems on how to achieve this goal I will listen and formulate with, but my more immediate thought is that our current strength cannot oppose both Empires at once... to pit them against each other will undoubtedly put us in a more favorable position."

    That split them cleanly. Teshik and his allies wanted a straight up fight, but had no interest in underscoring a new tyranny. The others were less clear, they simply wanted an end to the instability, especially Ozzel and Needa, though Dodnna voiced that they should cease this practice of Empire and focus on peace. That being said, there was a general consensus that fighting more than one foe at a time was folly.

    The Jedi Lord huffed besides him. "You think to make policy alone I see."

    "Better that than by committee, no?"

    The Regent looked to the Jedi Lord. A soft smile forming on his lips.

    "We cannot truly live in peace if the Shadow and Sith remain lurking out in depths of space. To deny that fact is cowardice or foolishness, only united in this goal can we survive," He was speaking to the Admirals as much as he was speaking to the Jedi Lord.

    "The how and when is what lies before us, if this effort takes us five months, five years or five decades so be it but we will achieve it..." But this was all long term planning. There was the immediate, the now that was of greater concern to the Regent.

    "Admiral Ozzel and Needa give me the latest report of Kijimi and if we have been able to verify the presence of any Sith..."

    The two looked at each other again, but Ozzel blustered a reply. "Grand... Regent, um, the fleet has been positioned so that we can deliver a full broadside at the planet."

    "And so we may more accurately target each other," Needa said, also apologetic.

    "We have reports of several Sith having escaped Admiral Jerjerrod, for Bonadan, the Unknowns, and then for Brentaal. The Admiral alerted the Line forces at Brentaal, so their gravity well generators will undoubtedly snag the enemy." A slight twist of his moustache. "Admiral Jerjerrod, well -"

    "He headed into the Unknowns," the Jedi Lord finished. "To pursue the Dark Lord of the Sith."

    A murmur of worry. The Jedi Lord who had turned against them during the war, and reinvigorated the Rebel forces. He'd recently stoked the tensions between the Princes by destroying the Imperial Dreadnought of a Jedi Lord - on his own.

    "The Princes have yet to contact each other, I suspect they are waiting to see if their flights clash, or find any Sith left."

    "A shame Jerjerrod didn't stop them himself..." Teshik said drily.

    The Regent nodded his head softly as he took in the various reports.

    "I trust you understand Admirals, each of you that if the Princes attempt to exercise command that they are to be relieved of it, chaos is our enemy in this moment, we can not allow their childish bickering to weaken the Empire," he had touched on this earlier but wanted to ensure that this was fully and completely understood. His own interests and that of the Admirals were aligned in this moment.

    Multiple possibilities entered the Regent's mind in this moment.

    "Are the fleets capable of forming a blockade around Kiijmi? If we are capable of preventing any ships from entering or leaving that should give us time to investigate and pinpoint and Sith on the planet..." so early into his reign shooting onto a planet that could kill civilians... it was not how he wanted to begin things, even if it was more efficient.

    "I want all systems on the border with the Shadow Empire to be on high alert, if we catch even the whiff of a fleet we need to be aware... but entering a conflict while we are unprepared is undesirable."

    His eyes turned to the Ronin.

    "An Executive Council will be formed to ensure stability until this crisis, until these Empires that threaten our way of life are defeated. Future Orders are to come forthwith Admirals, this meeting was to prepare you all for the swathe of changes to come,"

    His sky blue eyes sparkled.

    "Those loyal will be greatly rewarded and those disloyal... well... I do not like to be disappointed,"

    He waited to hear the conformation of the Admirals on both the blockade on Kijimi and that they understood the new direction of the Empire.

    "The High Lord of the Jedi will be offered a position on this Council..." his eyes swung to the unnamed Jedi Lord suspecting that this was indeed the High Lord, but perhaps not.

    "And perhaps you too Ronin if you prove yourself useful... I would like to meet with the Jedi Council as well as the Princes, though I should speak to the Princes likely first, as they safely outmaneuvered..."

    His eyes looked to them both.

    "I am not foolish enough to refuse good advice, if you have it speak freely. I am not going to surround myself with yes men and sheep..."

    The Admirals over Kijimi nodded. A blockade could be swiftly arranged, and without directly opposing Princes. "Are you coming to Kijimi?" Ozzel said, carefully.

    The High Lord Jedi had huffed, and the Ronin had bowed. The Admirals tittered at the latter.

    Takel spoke up. "The Ronin? Is that not what the Dark Lord called himself, wandering the Fallen Worlds?"

    "I am not he," the Ronin said drily.

    "How do we know?" Dodonna challenged.

    "Well for one the Dark Lord has a name, and I don't."

    "That's ridiculous," Needa said.

    "What the Regent says is ridiculous?" The Jedi High Lord said mildly.

    "Well, of course not, if his claim is real -" Takel huffed.

    "Real or not, the Grand Vizier is making a play, and he has the supported of the Jedi Lords." A finger held up. "For now." That finger took in Ozzel and Needa. "And I truly doubt that you two want to start shooting at each other."

    "Well, no, not really," said a pale Ozzel. "But duty -"

    "The Emperor is not yet dead. He can vary his successor any time he wishes. Unless you intend to stand up to him, you will obey," the Jedi High Lord was firm on that.

    Needa pressed his lips together. "And after the Emperor is dead?"

    "Even after," the Ronin said. "So, the blockade?"

    Ozzel and Needa looked to each other. "We shall divert various lesser vessels to cover approaches. The Princes will notice the Star Destroyers," Ozzel replied. "If the Regent is to enforce his will, it may be appropriate if he did so in person."

    The Regent was quite pleased to see the effectiveness of his two new found nameless allies. They would prove quite useful indeed it seemed.

    He tilted his head as he thought for a moment.

    "Yes I would have to agree, and if we can arrange so I can physically meet with the Princes that would be desirable.." he smirked for a moment.

    "I am sure they can be convinced to meet with each other if they are told the 'Grand Vizier' is arriving to name the successor." His eyes mused, for a moment... the sooner the Princes were taken out of the picture the better.

    The Admirals glanced at each other. “I imagine that will bring them together,” Needa said drily. Ozzel’s moustache twitched.

    The Jedi High Lord turned his head slightly to look at the Regent, the Ronin too.

    The Admirals stirred, as if they expected to be dismissed. They stood at attention, Takel last to do so.

    The Regent gave a nod. "Then make it so..."

    "I look forward to reviewing all of your progress, you are dismissed..." he spoke at last ending the call.

    The Jedi Lord and the Ronin Master looked to their Regent.

    "That went well," the Ronin quipped.

    "About as well as expected," replied the Jedi Lord. "The Home Fleet can't beat the First and Second."

    "So we divide and conquer," the Ronin shrugged. "Simple enough."

    The Jedi Lord demurred. "Any specific orders for us... or the Jedi?" He looked at the absent holograms. "Not all of them are on-side, so to speak... I could assign Jedi to look after Takel and his bunch?"

    "And if you're caught," the Ronin pointed out. "You'll accelerate our issues."

    "Takel strikes me as a man that respects strength above all else... as long as we maintain a position of strength I do not seem him being an issue,"

    He paused for a moment.

    "I do not see anyone but the Princes wanting a Civil War afterall, they all know that we will get consumed if that happens... though in time he will need to be dealt with in one fashion or another..."

    He tilted his head in thought.

    "What would you say to a Jedi being assigned to each Admiral, ones you trust and count on?"

    The Jedi Lord was quick to reply. “I agree. It will provide instant control as need be. An advisor is both asset and spy. I can assemble a team of eleven.”

    “Eleven, why not twelve?” The Ronin Master asked the obvious.

    “A Jedi Lord is already with Admiral Jerjerrod - High Lord Veers. They’re due to check-in shortly… they were to leave Kijimi in pursuit of the Dark Lord.”

    The Ronin Master looked to the Vizier. “Is that so.”

    The Regent took in the look from the Ronin, his hand brought up to his chin in thought.

    "Do you anticipate Admiral Jerjerrod resisting us in any capacity?"

    “Admiral Jerjerrod?” The Jedi Lord gave a haughty chuckle. “Obstinate but effective, though he just lost a Star Destroyer to a saboteur… but the Emperor personally promoted him to command of an Imperial Dreadnaught.”

    “So I couldn’t say his place in things.” A slight shrug. “But what’s one Admiral of twelve?”

    "The slow slip into stagnation is all it takes for ruin..." responded the Regent, though he was not particularly worried about Jerjerrod. Takel would be the larger issue of the Admirals.

    "Is there anything else that I need to be informed or should we simply make our way to Kijimi?"

    The Jedi Lord checked in with a comlink.

    And his surprise crashed into the Force.

    “The Brentaal interdiction line has been tested - Jerjerrod’s Imperial Dreadnought has turned up - the Dark Lord has just gone rogue to target a Sith among the freighters… there’s apparently a Jedi Lord among the civilians…”

    “Well that’s a change,” the Ronin Master drawled. “So now what?”

    The Regent eyed the Jedi Lord musing for a moment.

    "A Jedi Lord is on world with civilians?" asked the Regent asking for clarification. If there was a Jedi on Kijimi that would prove an issue with a possible bombardment.

    "The sooner we arrive there, the better," there were missing details, he needed a clearer sense of the whole picture.

    “On Brentaal, at the Hydian and Perlemian junction,” the Ronin Master clarified. He gestured to the datapad, it levitated, and he triggered a projector.

    A world in the Core showed up, far from Kijimi. “Two problems, it means.” The Ronin Master looked at the Jedi Lord who was glaring at him.

    “You used the Force.”

    “Yes,” he said, blankly.

    “Are you Jedi, or Sith,” the Jedi Lord said, angrily.

    “Yes,” he replied again, and looked to the Regent.

    "Ah..." he spoke tilting his head.

    The Regent smirked softly at the discourse between the two.

    "It does make things more convenient," he mused. "And as long as you are being just as secretive my friend you have right to be angry," he spoke with a measured tone.

    "Kijimi is more urgent, my attention is required there, though sending a fleet to support Admiral Jerjerrod...?" he questioned out loud tilting his head.

    "Takel he may have his... issues... but that him more easily controlled, that and he is still and effective commander despite his proclivities, Dondonna will in time come in discord with the new direction of the Empire. Or at least that is my initial sense,"

    He flexed his fingers as he inspected them.

    "Send one of two men I still do not know, though who I am growing fond of? No, Takel alone should be sufficent,"

    The Jedi Lord made a noise of amusement. “Takel it is.”

    “None of us, noted,” said the Ronin Master, similarly amused. “Shall we go to Kijimi now?”

    "Yes, let us depart," he intoned.

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    IC: Akuma-Oni & Nin


    XoXaan’s Undying Black Knights were living up to expectation. Despite their combined efforts, that of Akuma-Oni and Nin joining forces, quite literally throwing the remains of an entire burning building at the undead, their only reward would be to witness as all seven Knights slowly began to rise once again. It was something quite incredible, such that one could say the sight was 'chilling'.

    Now, add the arrival of the entire Imperial First Fleet, over two score Imperial Star Destroyers, the Imperial Second Fleet and countless support craft- already descending upon the planet. In the flow of the force, he could feel it quite clearly. The sheer impossibility of what was to come. There would be no 'fluctuating favor in combat’ here, for favor was decidedly one-sided in their current situation.

    Knowing when, how and what to fight, was just as critical as knowing when not to- 'fleeing' was still an acceptable option, though highly unpalatable.

    Akuma-Oni was many things. Stubborn, Arrogant, Ill-Tempered, a Relic…but he was no fool.

    A quick glance revealed that the undying Knights were still recovering from their collective attack, but they could not be vanquished this way, not today.

    “We must acquire a transport off this world….” Akuma-Oni growled toward Nin, even as he extinguished his weapons for strategic purposes.

    “To remain here any longer would be a grievous error.” He declared.

    Nin's eyes traveled to meet that of Akuma-Oni. He was not fundamentally opposed to traveling with the man, but his abrasive demeanor would be... well it would what it would be.

    Nin offered a nod in response as the deathless bodies continued their march.

    "That would be most wise," he said as he began to move as far from the onslaught of bodies as possible. The Empire was not exactly any more of a friend then the Sith were. Even more so if they discovered who Nin once was. He, they, needed to get off world as soon as possible.

    As if to suit action to the words, a wave of SIE Fighters flew past, the elites buzzing the City, clearly hoping to reveal targets.

    The immense Star Destroyers were already turning, looking at each other, allowing them to launch a devastating broadside at the planet if need be... and target each other.

    The locus of threat was not specific upon them in the Force, and there were dangerous whirls and shatterpoints for the future that both Akuma-Oni and Nin would recognise.


    Akuma-Oni nearly shouted at Nin. He'd already turned in that direction and began to move. Their window of opportunity was fast closing and escape would become literally impossible. By now, the most capable ships would have fled the planet and whatever was left....well, they hadn't much choice in the matter. The force surged like tidal waves within the Dark Retainer as he enhanced his every move and took off like a shot. He would not be stopped by any force or obstacle in his bid to acquire a serviceable enough starcraft on which they could make their escape, not as long as the darkside lent him strength.

    "On it..." spoke Nin in surprise, his swift graceful movements barreling from one point to the next. His eyes scanned in front of them, matching to Akuma-Oni's desire to find a ship as soon as possible. Unlikely allies though they were Akuma-Oni's strength and speed could not be denied. It had to be, his soul was shattered and tormented, any one that began to use the Dark Side that was true for.

    Nin was no exception. He knew that.

    But now was not the time philosophy.

    There was one; a converted Star courier, but it was presently being besieged by a group of two dozen rough-and-ready looking civilians; smugglers, thief’s, spice-runners….

    A Duros with a sonic blaster was holding them off as his droids works on releasing the landing clamp from the ship. Seemingly the only reason his ship was still here was that he’d not paid his berthing fees!

    One glance, that's all he needed to read the scene to some degree. In a swift and smooth motion, he threw his ignited weapon like an unerring crimson boomerang, aimed at the sonic blaster as he sought to slice it to pieces, even as he surprised the Duros and those rough looking sentients he held at gun point.

    "Not fond of blasters..." Akuma-Oni announced with detectable menace and distaste, even as he landed next to the Duros, his spinning lightsaber returning to his hand. "We'll get you another." The death-mask turned to the Duros for a moment as if to say, 'I could have killed you if I wanted to', before he regarded the gathered ruffians.

    "The sooner he finishes with those clamps, the sooner we all leave."

    Akuma-Oni let his words scorch the space between them all, as his weapon was still ignited and ready for use, should they give him the slightest provocation. The Dark Retainer was in no mood for foolishness, not with the level of impending danger he sensed in the Force.

    Nin hesitated as he viewed the rough manner in which Akuma-Oni demanded the ship, and was worried that he would take it merely for himself and leave these only people stranded.

    He was thankful then that was not the case. Though he was still concerned that the man would strike them down without a second though.

    "Come on now, there should be room for us all, step back and I am sure we can all get off world," his tone was calm and kind, trying to strike a balance to the menacing and death filled tone of his unlikely comrade.

    The crowd looked at each other but the rumbling of SIE fighters meant their hesitation was overwhelmed with fear. They began to press forward, boarding swiftly.

    The Duros hitched a thumb on the edge of his hat. “Thanks? Did I say I wanted to be a patsy for refugees?”

    He regarded his blaster. “But sure, you do what you want,” he said sheepishly.

    A nod is given to the Duros, before Akuma-Oni switched-off his weapon and made it disappear within his cloak with a smooth motion. He then turned to Nin, even as he began to board the ship.

    "It is up to you now." the masked warrior declared firmly, before explaining his meaning. "I must enter a trance and reduce my signature in the Force to a negligible degree..." In that moment, he allowed his gaze to look skyward, then back in the direction from whence they had come. XoXaan's undead had only been delayed after all, and should they remain a moment longer, affecting an escape from Imperial Forces would become impossible.

    "I care not where we go, as long as we go."

    With that, Akuma-Oni marched himself towards the back of the ship, where he sat himself down crosslegged and became very still. Deathly so.

    Nin's eyes hovered taking in Akuma-Oni's statement, a simple nod of his head was all he offered in response. He then glanced to the side as he watched the people board, making sure they all did so before stepping into the craft himself.

    He looked to the Duros.

    "Kind Sir, just get us off-world we can figure out the when and where later," he said with a nod his head, overviewing the people packed in the small shuttle.

    The Duros saluted. "I'll get us out of harms way."

    Akuma-Oni was going down, and the ship soared into orbit.

    There were all manner of other vessels there, erecting a blockade with some slowness, as if hesitant to cross paths. Nin would recognize two differing formations, and sensors picked up a wild range of encrypted messages being thrown at each of the capital ships of the paired fleets.

    The Duro looked back to Nin. "Here we go."

    The moment they hit atmosphere, he didn't even consult with the Imperials.

    They were gone.

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    IC: Marcus Dren


    Everything was suddenly going out of control... and Marcus had nothing to do with it.

    First, they were all hit by a dark presence in the Force that caused Marcus to wince. He only realized what that dark presence was when a fighter craft headed toward them on a deliberate collision course.

    Sith. The Sith were here.

    The traffic line, meanwhile, collapsed into chaos which at least gave their Jedi friends the opportunity that they needed.

    But Marcus couldn't think about that. Instead, he listened to Lehani and ran for his fighter.

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    IC: K4-ZU-P8489 or Kazu
    Arriving at Brentaal

    The choice not to waste power nor computing resources on predictive algorithms was proven a sound decision. As any attempt to follow or predict the following sequencing of events would of proven most improbable and severely taxing on ones systems.

    Instead they were merely observed as this unit braced into a corner and clamped down as much as this unit was able. Riding out the eventual crash onto the enemy vessel that was briefly ID'd as the Sentinel. The Krayt Dragon was bereft of engines, and captured. Sieg swore, Bard swore, Xenly chittered in panic, Salu actively scurried around the ship. There were already Storm Corps officers forming up in the hangar, complete with medics and other crew and staff. Considering the nature of meat bags this was a most appropriate response and indicated they wanted their quarry captured alive if at all possible. This in turn indicated a desire for questioning.

    The fighter vessel fired altitude thrusters and landed on Marcus's ship.

    This last action indicated a potential problem. Escape had been deemed a priority and now had been complicated by the extra vessel on top of the blockade and present predicament. The owner of this vessel appeared not to acknowledge this altering situation, although perhaps the earlier explicative barrage had been in recognition? Still they seemed set to go outside and talk.

    "This unit is ill suited for the present situation unless a state of open violence is attained. If you have a secret compartment this unit can be stored it would be appreciated, otherwise this unit will remain here. In low power status." With that this units lights dimmed as it entered a form of standby mode. Awaiting orders or conflict. Whichever came, it was as ready as it could be without influencing which one was greeted.

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    IC: The Dark Lord
    The ship

    The scream of damage.

    The Dark Lord leapt free of his vessel before it slammed into the small carrier of Marcus and Lehani, a set of Jedi deaths filling the Force; as well as the a surge as the gap he had blown into the ship was replaced by him keeping himself alive when he cold-shirt his way aboard, and then drew the ship closed.

    The decompression would send Marcus flying back into the cockpit, the door slamming shut as an emergency measure kicked in. Lehani reached for him, helping him back up, as the light above the door switched off to indicate a vacuum seal had been re-completed.

    They’d been boarded.

    Lehani drew her lightsaber and ignited it. Fear filled her, and then was a crimson blade already hacking at the cockpit door.

    The power was insane.

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    Aboard the Interdictor

    The disabled ship of Maldael and his motley crew of Kazu, Sieg, Bard, Salu and Xenly were brought aboard the Interdictor. It’s fighter craft had been launched, but there was a shuttle there just fine. Maldael was already on his way to the airlock…

    So too where some five dozen Storm Corps soldiers, the white armour elite holding sonic blasters, fingerprint-activating grenades, wearing full helmets to prevent eye-contact, which included periodic shocks to prevent mind-tricks; there was even alternately magnetised armour plates to resist telekinesis.

    In essence, the perfect anti-Sith troops, created over the century of war, and kept to rigorous standards by the Empire. They knew there were Sith aboard, and they were not playing.

    Sieg looked to Kazu. “Weapon up; all the way. Every gun we have.” Sieg checked her blaster, her grenades. Xenly revealed a specially forged weapon for his claw from a sac in his chest, and Salu pulled a tiny pistol from his robes. Bard glanced over to Maldael, waving his personal rifle, which telescoped from a small weapon to a larger one. “We going all in, boss? Take the shuttle?“ He pointed at a massive mechanical construct to the left side of the hangar - the opposite one to the shuttle. “Capacitor. Knock it out, no tractor beam.” He grinned. “I served on one of these in the war.”

    Salu let out a cheer.

    They had a plan!

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    Aboard the Roadblock, blockade rear

    A set of ships to the front of the traffic set off, tunnelling into hyperspace, and Antilles reported to them as they made their way to the hangar. “We’ve confirmation the escaped ships are heading to the Yn system, Admiral.” And then, belatedly. “My Lord.”

    Veers wrinkled his nose aboard that shuttle. “Yn. Isn’t that inside Imperial space proper? Why would Sith be -“

    He eyed Jerjerrod. “I knew if I stuck with you long enough we’d find Dreypa’s hiding place.” A smirk, and he regarded the displays. “So let’s have the Sentinel reel in the Dark Lord and get this over and done with.” The Interdictor could take in the small freighter/carrier that the Dark Lord had rammed, and the Jedi Lord hadn’t felt the man die. “And when the drama is over we can simply take custody of them all.”

    There was, however, a sudden reversion behind them, as the gravity well generators lit back up and locked down the immediate area.

    The Duros had kept to himself as they fled Kijimi and the fleets there, tending to injured civilians. Almost all of them had a connection to crime, what with it being the only economic choice on the world, but they were mostly good people. Even the Sith, he reflected, and everyone knew without their aid, they’d still be trapped. Though a wide berth was given to the room that the Duros assigned them, several of the refugees left offerings, medical packs, even baubles of value, outside the door to the room of Akuma-Oni and Nin. The projected arrival time was some hours from now, so the captain asked them to keep an eye out for any problems with the Force when they were ready. They were on their way to Duros, because the captain had family who could keep them hidden - even from the Empire.

    However that problem crashed into them suddenly - the Interdictors had shut down, but then reactivated at the Admiral’s behest - meaning the Force had no chance to warn them before they hit the Brentaal blockade line.

    And the surge of pure venomous malice that filled the system.

    The Dark Lord of the Sith was here.

    Their leader; the one that had abandoned the cause before Corbos, before Maldael, Akuma-Oni, Marcus, and Nin had been met him. The only Sith among those who had been at Corbos - the one who had survived the attack on Rei’izu that had shattered the Rebellion - had been their leader - Ajunta Pall.

    But there was no mistaking this power.

    It gripped the system, and the new arrivals.

    As too did a rapidly activated tractor beam, launched from an immense Imperial Dreadnought, between them and a detained line of freighters and civilians. A murmur of dismay filled the ship - they were caught.

    Captain Antilles reported as much; the crew had been on high alert, and the First and Second Fleet at Kijimi had been happy to notify the Core of what was en route.

    Nin and Akuma-Oni hadn’t wanted to know where they were going… but here they were.

    Veers looked to Jerjerrod. “Shall we entertain guests here, or there? It seems we have several Sith here, and the High Council will be most pleased that this is coming together so neatly.”

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    IC: The Nameless Jedi High Lord

    Kijimi orbit

    Three fleets.

    Sixth Star Destroyers.

    Hundreds of escorts.

    Thousands of fighter craft.

    An immense showing inside the Fallen Worlds likely to send shockwaves throughout the region.

    Within minutes the Regent’s flagship was being hailed. “My Lords, we have a shuttle each launching from the First and Second Fleets,” an aide nervously reported to them.

    The Ronin Master chuckled. “A guess who is aboard?”

    “It’s the Crown Prince and Second Prince. They’re coming to meet with the Grand Vizier,” the Jedi Lord replied drily. “Their words, not mine.” He regarded the Regent. “I can have a room set up, unless you want to separate them first?”

    “I mean, they’re not exactly Force users.” Ronin Master said carefully. “I could stall one of them for you?”

    “I’d rather keep them and you together,” said the Jedi Lord rather tightly. “Together?”

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    IC: The Emperor
    The Imperial Palace of Coruscant

    It was happening.

    He sagged in his chair somewhat as the snap-hiss of lightsabers sounded at the door.

    His guards would fight, and they would die.

    Of course they would.

    The double doors opened and four Jedi Lords stepped through.

    "In the name of the Galactic Senate, you are under arrest."

    The Emperor folded his leg and leaned on his arm, closed his eyes as if seeing something else at work.


    "I am the Senate."

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    IC: Janus Jerjerrod
    Location: IDr Roadblock, Brentaal

    Too bloody slow.

    That was Janus's thought as Antillies reported that some ships had escaped. If they had gotten the projectors back up quicker then nobody would have.

    Veers meanwhile was getting rather excited that there were Sith here, well his version of excited. And they were supposed to be heading to the Sentinel already but it seemed them picking up another ship had slowed things down a bit.

    "We were supposed to be heading to Sentinel anyway to meet this Jedi Lord who escaped Kijimi. And the last time I brought someone aboard I nearly lost the Electrostar''.

    "So let's head off. Quantum is already prepped and ready to go".

    "Did you want me to send borders to the new arrivals?" The Captain sounded quizzical. "Or just disable them?"

    The Jedi Lord snorted. "The Admiral just said he doesn't want anyone aboard the Roadblock. We're going to the Sentinel."

    "Yes, sir." Antilles sounded vexed.

    The pilot called out. "We're launching, Admiral, my Lord - are you strapped in?"

    Janus was strapped in, his personal shuttle Quantum was all that he had tying him to his old ship Electrostar. And was a gift to him from his house as well.

    "Make sure the new arrivals have been disabled. They try anything, make sure they pay for it".

    "Take us away pilot".

    Antilles nodded, and signed off, ordering ion cannons to fire.

    The gap between the Roadblock and the Sentinel was not precisely a large one, but a squadron of fighters were nonetheless launched to cover the divide. The violence was dying down, and a tractor beam - multiple - had seized the light carrier that the Dark Lord had crashed into.

    Jedi Lord Veers eyed the Admiral. "So you received your orders from the Emperor yourself, you say?" He sounded thoughtful. "What are your thoughts about him, at present? The nobles are worried that he's senile. He is in his early nineties, after all."

    This was clearly a test here…

    "I am loyal to the Emperor until he dies and then my loyalty will stay with his successor. Whatever I think about him is irrelevant, what matters is that we protect our territory from the Sith menace".

    "I am not interested in petty squabbling like the Princes seem to be doing".

    "So whichever Prince takes the throne, you'll follow? Even though the Second Prince is not the first born?" Lord Veers sounded curious more than anything. "The law does state the eldest child would take the throne..."

    Janus shrugged "The Emperor decides who shall rule, I don't know who he has chosen. It could be the first or the second one".

    "I have my own job to do, I don't get involved with politics".

    “Politics, yes,” Lord Veers opined. “But the law? Do you follow that, whatever it is said, or do you aspire to the Rule of Law?”

    “The Emperor in his benevolence may represent both, but do the Princes? If called upon by throwing down the other, would you? What if the next Emperor is more malevolent than benevolent?” The Jedi Lord’s tone was surprisingly neutral.

    Veers was really testing him now and it was beginning to annoy Janus. He had said what he had needed to say and yet Veers wanted to still press his buttons.

    "I do my job, simple as that. I'm sure you and your Jedi Lords are more concerned about what goes on behind the scenes with the way it affects the Force and all that".

    "Now your line of questioning is beginning to test my patience. If you are testing my loyalty I am loyal until the end. If people want to squabble because one leader is better than the other then all it will do is bring us down".

    "I am more concerned about the Sith menace and so should you"

    "I am not testing your loyalty to the Empire," the Jedi Lord said drolly. "I am testing your loyalty to your principles. An Imperial Civil War will be considerably more destructive to the common folk than even the Sith Rebellion." His gaze took in Jerjerrod. "Neither faction will care for such things; your loyalty to common decency will be tested, let alone your loyalty to the Emperor; whomever that may be."

    "I will protect the citizens as much as I can" replied Janus not looking at Veers "If people above me don't want to do that then that is on them".

    The Jedi looked bemused again. "So you are more loyal to Empirethan Emperor?" His eyes took in Janus as they steered into the hangar of the Interdictor. "Or will you simply obey orders, and blame those above you for the consequences?"

    Veers was really hacking Janus off now.

    "I have said what I have needed to say and your line of questioning is becoming tiresome. Make of my loyalty what you will but I will do what I can to protect the citizens of this great Empire".

    "I have but one mission right now, we should be focusing on what we need to do now than in the future. And cross that bridge when we come to it".

    "You seemed focused on questioning my loyalty and thinking. And that is not what we need right now. The Emperor if he saw this would no doubt be displeased that one of his Jedi Lords seems fit to question one of his Admirals about whether he would tow the line or not".

    The Jedi Lord snorted.

    "The Emperor, eh?"

    He nodded, seemingly to himself.

    The shuttle was settling down; their brief interlude was over.

    Janus gave Veers a side glance. Something was definitely off here. Why would a Jedi Lord keep poking him about his loyalty?

    Those Lords must have known that he was loyal to the Empire. And the fact that one of those Lords or in this case a Lady was from his own house attested to that.

    But the way Veers spoke about the Emperor…..

    Keep your wits about you Janus. A game seems to be afoot…..

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    IC: The Regent

    Kijimi orbit

    He regarded both the men as he responded near-instantly to their question.

    "Together," he began to settle into a chair, his plain and simple 'throne' for now as he contemplated. Other than the Princes what other threats were there to the throne? Those that would try and either undermine the Regent or the Emperor. The Regent recognized that his power, that his authority was built greatly on the Emperor's at this current moment. But that would change, in due course.

    The Lord and the Ronin Master bowed, and within a short time, a room was set up.

    The Princes brought with them a gaggle of their closest supporters, advisors, and bodyguards.

    The paired Admirals were evident, merely armed with their side-arms, and ceremonial sword of office.

    The event required full regalia.

    The Jedi Lord made clear that only the Princes, Admirals and Regent were to attend. There was an argument, but the Admirals being present meant the Princes were mollified they would have protection. They were deeply unhappy that there was even a Regent.

    The Crown Prince then insisted on arriving first, and that caused another set of arguments.

    By the end of it all, no parties were allowed weapons, and the two princes would arrive simultaneously, and their Admirals thereafter.

    The chamber was set up, a gray-white monotone of a room.


    After a good hour, they were evident.

    The Crown Prince, the Second Prince, the two Admirals.

    The Ronin Master cleared his throat to interrupt the glaring between the two siblings. "The Regent."

    "And the Jedi Lord."

    The Crown Prince frowned. "The Grand Vizier."

    "Yes," agreed the Second Prince.

    The Ronin Master glanced to the Regent.

    "I'll let you field that one," he said rather drily. A look back at the Princes. "Your Majesties."

    The Regent sat within the grand seat, a seat no doubt usually reserved for the Emperor. There was a soft, calm perhaps even smug smile that rested on his face. The two princes had seen that same smile their whole lives. In fact, they likely wondered why the man did not seem to age from when they were children to now. That smile never meant anything good.

    "I see you continue to squabble as you have since you were children," he began, his eyes watching them carefully.

    "You see young princes it is your uncouth behavior that has led your father unto an impossible situation. How can he safely pass down the Empire to his Sons if they are going to behave like children, bickering, and fighting until we are destroyed by powers beyond our borders?" He paused for a moment as if waiting for an answer but resuming just before they had time to respond.

    "Simply put if you are going to act like children you shall be treated as children. Until one of you has matured and is deemed suitable to rule..." he let that settle for a moment. " where does that leave you now? You could run off and try and command your fleets to oppose the home fleet and try and overthrow your father once and for all, but unfortunately for you, that plan is dead in the water. Your admiral's allegiance is to the Emperor and ergo, whatever scrap of authority you had is now gone,"

    His eyes watched them carefully.

    "Which leaves you with only one real option. Which is for you both to serve on my side as members of the new Executive Council. There at least you can prove yourselves worthy of becoming Emperor,"

    The Jedi Lord twitched.

    The princes were in outrage.

    The Admirals stiffened.

    The Ronin Master suppressed a chuckle.

    The Jedi Lord spoke up. "Would the High Jedi have a seat?"

    "I believed I already spoke on that being so on our last meeting," he mused as his eyes watched the princes. Waiting for them to speak.

    "And what if... more is required?"

    The Jedi Lord's words were exceedingly careful.

    Everyone was looking at him.

    Well, almost.

    The Ronin Master wasn't. He was examining his gloves.

    The Jedi Lord's face continued to be obscured.

    The Regent studied the man closer. Perhaps he had underestimated this random Jedi Lord... no there was nothing random about it. It was odd really... mainly because he was wondering why he was making it a point now in front of the princes and not before when they had spoken before.

    "It is not like a Jedi to seek power in this way," he mused not really answering the man's question.

    "But yet," the Jedi Lord said, "we have shared power with you... politicians, for many years. The Empire does not need more Viziers, Princes, and Admirals. It needs order."

    The Ronin-Master coughed into his hand.

    "Don't worry about me, the air is feeling a bit..." He hesitated. "Thick."

    The Jedi Lord nodded.

    "Indeed it is."

    The Regent in his heart agreed with what the man was saying, but it was blind to the fact that simply taking power away from those that had it swiftly would lead to the very chaos that the Jedi Lord was warning against. These Princes would be dealt with in time, but he could hardly say that here and now... unless.

    "It does need Viziers, Admirals, or Princes you say?" he spoke eyeing the Princes carefully, before giving the Jedi Lord a knowing look. The Regent never liked rash actions. His experience had taught him dramatic change led to disorder, to the very thing that both he had the Jedi Lord were trying to prevent.

    But failure to capitalize on opportunities was also a grave sin. He took a few steps forward, eyeing the two of them that had failed to speak. Failed to seize the opportunity that the Regent had so graciously offered them. He looked to them, his face utterly devoid of emotion.

    "And what is the price you would pay for such order then Jedi? Would you do what is necessary? If you could prove it to me, then do so,"

    “Let’s…” the Jedi Lord placed a mask upon his face.


    The Ronin-Master flopped to the floor.

    As did the Admirals.


    The Crown Prince began tugging medal from his chest and clicking them together with an intense expression.

    The Second Prince stood and ran to the door, slamming at it. It was sealed.

    The Force. The Regent had always found it a wonderous thing, and had always pitied those that had not been blessed with it. He darted as he controlled his breath, reserving the air in his lungs for an extended period of time as he blocked simultaneously blocked his nasal passages and held his mouth clutched tightly like a blast door.

    Within a moment he was upon the Jedi Lord, lightsaber drawn in a hidden quick movement as it ignited in an effort to pierce through the Lord's stomach.

    The Lord blocked, of course, with his own blade as it ignited.

    He raised a hand, and a colossal Force crashed down on the Regent as he did so from above, intending to slam the man into the floor. The Jedi Lord was powerful. Very powerful.

    His hood fell back from the exertion.

    The secret Jedi Lord was Grand Lord Ductavis.


    The Regent gave a grunt as he was slammed into the ground. This... this was all far beyond what he had expected. He knew that his dealings with the Jedi would be messy and complicated and likely a constant thorn in his side, but for them to attempt this? Were they trying to take over the government?

    He then swore silently in his mind as he realized that he had ordered a Jedi to be assigned to every Admiral. At the time this had been a precaution against the admirals, who were in his mind the more immediate issue than the Jedi. But he had just handed them a clean sweep to wipe out the entire cadre of admirals.

    The reveal that the Jedi Lord was Ductavis did not surprise him, in fact, he had suspected as much from the beginning, but that made the situation no less dire.

    He had been outplayed, beaten before he had even the remotest chance to build his new government. Even if he could beat Ductavis in combat, which was not going to happen, that left the question of the Jedi Order as a whole. Were they rebelling against the whole empire? In which case he was doomed no matter what he did, and even if they were not (which was highly, highly unlikely) they would never accept someone that had killed their Grand Lord.

    No, the Jedi Order were rebelling. If there had been any other Jedi there would have been the possibility that they had simply been a rogue element. But it was Ductavis, that and his words before indicated strongly that the Jedi were going to eradicate the Admirals, himself, the Emperor, and the Princes.

    But the Regent had no allies, it was too early in his tenure as ruler, he had no secret backup plan or program established. For all, he knew other the Admirals were already dead.

    The Regent lay on the ground his body broken. Perhaps his spine had broken, or maybe it was just a few cracked ribs. It had taken all his concentration to not gasp for air in fear of the poison. His calm, smug facade shattered. He was no warrior, only when he needed to be. If only it had been any other Jedi.

    He began to cough up blood, no longer caring about the gas. He hated how pathetic he must look in this moment.

    Time. It had taken him so long to get to this moment. Only for it to be ripped away before it could even begin.

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