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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005
    Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

    ?Yes! I said closer! Move as close as you can and engage those Star Destroyers at point-blank range.?

    The battle rages on above the moon of Endor as Rebel ships move into engage the Imperial fleet at deadly range. Thousands of miles below on the surface of the planet, Han Solo and his strike team are failing in their mission to destroy the shield generator.

    However, little do Han and his strike team know, there chance to aid those in the space battle above by destroying the shield generator have long since passed.

    Month's before the battle of Endor, Emperor Palpatine received a vision from the Dark side of the force. In this vision he foresaw the events of the coming battle and the destruction of the space station; in addition he saw his own death at the hands of Luke Skywalker. Fuelled by his deranged ego and arrogance he believed the outcome of the vision could be altered. The Emperor pushed the engineers day and night until the Death Star was able to generate its own shields. With this in mind Palpatine allowed Bothan spies to steal an outdated version of the stations plans showing that the Death Star was not fully operational and that it was solely dependant on the generator on Endor for shields.

    Knowing that the deaths of Han Solo and Princess Leia would be a dagger through the Alliance's heart, shattering their morale to continue the Rebellion; he orders the destruction of the Endor moon. With sadistic glee, Palpatine, contacts Moff Jerjerrod with the secret order: Destroy the forest moon of Endor once the Death Stars own shields came on-line.

    During the battle above Endor

    With the Emperor?s orders ringing in his ears and the station now fully operational with its own shields , Jerjerrod turns his sights on the forest moon.

    ?Fire when ready!? He barks at the station crew.

    Meanwhile aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, Admiral Piett watches in horror as a small fighter spins out of control towards the bridge.

    ?Intensify forward fire-power!?

    ?It's too late!?

    The bridge explodes into flames causing the massive steel spear to nose dive into the Death Star. Immediately the Death Stars main reactor loses power, postponing the impending doom of the small green moon.

    ?Sir we?ve lost power to the super laser and the shields have been weakened but we can hold.?

    ?How long?? Jerjerrod asked with acid in his voice.

    ?45 minutes at the least sir.?

    The young man gritted his teeth and awaited the verbal lashing he knew was coming.

    ?That?s no good!? The Moff bellowed. ?I want this station operational ASAP ?.GET ON IT!?

    A young officer with dread in his eyes walks up to Jerjerrod and whispers the news of the Emperor and Vader?s death. Jerjerrod nods with a grim look on his face and turns to the communications console.

    ?Communications! Send the order.?

    An open channel communication comes from the Death Star. ?The Emperor and Darth Vader are dead. We are preparing to fire the main cannon at the moon below. All remaining ships move away from the planet.?

    Home One picks up the transmission. In a bold strategic move, the massive Calamarian ships block the Imperial Star Destroyers from moving out of the line of fire giving Rebel shuttles enough time to rescue the small force sent to blow up the shield generator and as many of the planets inhabitants as possible.

    45 minutes later? The Endor moon is no more

    With the small Rebel group and a few Ewoks safely aboard the shuttles, the Rebels make their escape from the system just as the planet?s left hemisphere is pulverized into flaming rock and space dust. The right hemisphere?s trajectory changes erratically as it is consumed by fire. Within minutes, the other half explodes sending large particles of terra firma into every direction?

    It has been a month since the battle of Endor and the war continues on without the Emperor or Darth Vader. It was later discovered by the Rebels that the Emperor, before his death,
  2. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    GM Approved.

    Name: Gilad Pellaeon
    Age: 55
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Colour: grey/brown
    Physical description:
    Clothing: Standard Imperial Officer clothing
    Personality: Career navy man, dedicated
    Occupation: Naval officer in the Imperial Navy
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Naval strategy
    Rank: Executive Officer

    Personal Ship
    Name: Chimaera
    Class: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
    Weapon Systems:
    ? Heavy turbolaser batteries (5)
    ? Turbolaser batteries (5)
    ? Heavy ion cannon batteries (4)
    ? Phylon Q7 tractor beam projector batteries (2)
    Crew Compliment: 37,085
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes, Class 2

    Biography ( Please include military history and traumatic experiences)
    Pellaeon's great ambition was to become a naval officer, and to that end he submitted his application to the elite Raithal Academy.[7] He was not yet of age to enter, being only fifteen years old, and had falsified the data on his application to give a suitable age. Pellaeon's academic career was above-average but not outstanding; he graduated with honors in the top third of his class. Served during the Clone Wars as a Captain. Pellaeon was present at the Battle of Endor. Pellaeon's commanding officer, likely an admiral, was second-in-command of the battle fleet and Chimaera was the designated command ship in the absence of Executor. Intended to be the trap that would destroy the rebellious Alliance to Restore the Republic, the battle was anything but successful. The Alliance Fleet proved surprisingly difficult to defeat, destroying the flagship Executor. Pellaeon watched, sickened, as the massive Super Star Destroyer plunged into the Death Star, taking thousands of the Fleet's most promising officers with it.[4] When Palpatine was killed, the fleet was thrown into chaos with Moff Jerjerrod?s order to destroy the moon. A massive communications disruption due to the fact that communications had been routed through the Death Star's communications node, and the general confusion of battle, the Imperial fleet's performance was disorganized and sloppy. Pellaeon's commanding officer was killed in the battle when Rebel force made a concerted attack on the Chimaera and Pellaeon took command of the ship. With the situation desperate and chaotic, Pellaeon decided that the situation was untenable. In the chaos, the rest of the fleet may not even have known that Pellaeon's commander was killed; with the Chimaera as the designated command ship, Pellaeon was the one to relay the order to retreat to Annaj, the nearest sector capital.

    Name: Zsinj
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: brown
    Physical description: overweight, double-chin, corpulent, handlebar moustache
    Clothing: White uniform of a Grand Admiral
    Personality: Imposing figure when he wishes, some considered him rough and piratical, others saw him as a psychopath, a few thought he was a buffoon. Zsinj didn't want anyone to have an accurate picture of his personality, and much about him remains unknown.
    Occupation: Grand Moff of the Quelii Oversector
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Proficient technician, business-savvy, expert tactician, and fluent in several non-basic languages
    Rank: Grand Moff

    Personal Ship
    Name: Iron Fist
    Class: Executor-class Star Destroyer
    Weapon Systems:
    ? Turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)
    ? Heavy turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)
    ? Assault concussion missile tubes (250)
    ? 30 missiles each
    ? Heavy ion cannons (250)
    ? Phylon Transport Q7 tractor beam projectors (40)
    ? Point-defense laser cannons (500)
    ? Crew Compliment: 279,144
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes, Class 2

    Zsinj was an Imperial officer from Fondor who rose to the rank of Admiral and Grand Moff of the Quelii Oversector, after having received accolades from Emperor Palpatine for quarantining the Force-sensitive Nightsisters on the world of Dathomir. Establishing himself as an independent warlord after the Battle of Endor, Zsinj was recognized by many
  3. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    Approved by the Master GM

    Name: Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Age: 40
    Gender: (Male or Female) Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Colour: Green
    Physical description: Tall, arrogant looking, thin
    Clothing: Standard Imperial uniform
    Personality: Arrogant, confident of his abilities, loves destruction of his enemies, ambitious
    Occupation:(Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Pilot, Smuggler, Solider.) Imperial soldier
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Administration
    Rank: Moff

    Personal Ship Lambda T-4a class shuttle
    Name: Quantum
    Class: Shuttle
    Weapon Systems: 4 forward twin cannons, 1 aft retractable twin cannon
    Crew Compliment: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 gunner
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes, Class 1.0

    Biography) Jerjerrod started his career as a desk officer within the Logistics and Supply section of the Empire and excelled within his administration capabilities. Years later he became Moff of his home sector, including his home planet of Tinnel IV, where he had his family estate. His estate included a vault of artworks which were stolen by the notorious master thief ?Tombat?. He was present on board the Executor when it arrived over Bespin to take control of Cloud City. Emperor Palpatine decided to name Jerjerrod as the new Death Star commander, in order to hide the stations construction, records were altered to indicate that Jerjerrod had been promoted to head of Imperial Energy Systems.

    With construction falling behind schedule, Jerjerrod was paid a visit by Darth Vader himself, who instructed him to complete the station in time for the Emperor?s arrival. The operation was completed on time for the Battle of Endor, where Jerjerrod fulfils the last command of the Emperor. Now, with the station damaged he aims to get it back up and running again, with revenge on the Rebels on his mind for destroying many good officers and friends on board the Executor. With the Empire falling to pieces, Jerjerrod aims to bring his administrative talents into play, to bring order once again to the galaxy.
  4. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Approved by GM

    Name Samantha Irisa
    Age 32
    Gender Female
    Species Human
    Eye colour I have no idea
    Physical Description Caucasian, short shoulder-length brown hair with bangs, slim but curvy.
    Clothing Light grey flight-suit; red shimmersilk sleeveless dress, Alliance fatigues (khaki blouse and skirt)
    Personality A bit standoff-ish. Amiable enough.
    Occupation:(Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Pilot, Smuggler, Solider.) Rebel pilot
    Force sensitive: Yes/No Yes
    Area of Expertise:(What do you claim to be good at?) Flying, some padawan level telekinesis, lightsabre skills.
    Rank Lieutenant

    Personal ship
    Name: The Detective Wyms
    Class: Firespray
    Weapons systems: Twin Borstel GN-40 rotating heavy blasters, Krupx MG9 proton torpodoes
    Crew Complement: 1-3
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes

    Biography ( Please include military history and traumatic experiences)
    After escaping Order 66 as a jedi padawan, and hanging around with other survivors for four years, she was aged 15 when an Imperial blockade meant that she had to be abandoned on the leisure waterworld of Pantolomin.

    She was taken in by another Order 66 fugitive, former Secret Galactic Intelligence Service mission supervisor, Angeo Lim, who enrolled her in school on that world, and raised Irisa as her own.

    Irisa stayed there for several years, completing school, working summers in the planet's thriving tourist industry, but always harboured ambitions of being a starfighter pilot.

    Upon Lim's death from old age, Irisa was re-united with her Firespray, that she had originally stolen as a padawan, on Master Yoda's orders, and she promptly departed Pantolomin to join the Rebellion.

    She and her well-armed vessel have been put to good use, defending Telos IV Base, and in the Battle of Endor, she was assigned to the B-Wing squadron that attacked an Imperial communications ship, however, she still wants to be a starfighter pilot in one of the squadrons. A or X-wing preferably, but she really does not mind.

    She has not revealed her jedi heritage since she was fifteen.

    [b]IC: ?Samantha? Irisa (Lieutenant)[/b]
    [color=blue]Location: Telos Base, Telos IV[/color]

    She felt her knees protest as they walked the unaccustomed distance to the flight officer?s bar; she had just done a five-day shift on patrol through the Telos star system in her ship, the [i]Firespray[/i]-class patrol and attack ship, the [i]Detective Wyms[/i].

    The idea was, she do five days in her ship, since she could live on it too, then have two days shore leave while some of the starfighter squadrons took it in turns to guard the rebel base on this system?s fourth planet.

    She had volunteered, as she did for all assignments, wanting to do whatever she could to get a coveted seat in a starfighter squadron. That was all she wanted to do, her entire life.
    Well, apart from those two summers when she wanted to emulate that Crepellan octopoid bartender in the holo-romcom, [i]Cocktail[/i], tossing spinning bottles behind yourself, catching them out of the air, and mixing drinks. As Auntie Lim used to say, it all added another string to your bowcaster.

    She had saluted several dozen times between here and the ex-Imperial docking platform where she had set down. Taller than an AT-AT, six thick grey columns, a scorched landing square that could field two shuttles, not quite level.
    If you are going to divert part of your [i]fleet[/i] to pick up survivors from the Endor moon, a fleet with powerful tractors, and the planet?s gonna blow [i]anyway[/i], big things [u]are[/u] gonna go walkabout.

    Another soldier in green fatigues stood against the hewn light-grey rock of the corridor wall, and saluted her, which she of course returned. Base culture had been pretty informal on the whole saluting nonsense, and then, following the Battle, the Brass had descended on their installation, thanks to Luke?s, uh, [i]Commander Skywalker[/i]?s report that the Emp
  5. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005

    Great cs and opening post Sithy but can you hold off posting until we get some more players and I give the go ahead [face_peace]
  6. AMNDRAG_01

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    Jan 10, 2008
    stand by for a cs.
  7. KnightFr0mOssus

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Name: Racza Tolpyon
    Age: 25
    Gender: (Male or Female) male
    Species: Ongree
    Eye Colour: orange
    Physical description: 6'1, normal build,brownish birthmark on top of head, Bent-legs, hunchback, Eye-stalks, orange skin, tapering head(standard Ongree characteristics)
    Personality: He is calm and quiet and likes to read people through observation. He is very shy as well
    Occupation:(Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Pilot, Smuggler, Solider.) Jedi
    Force sensitive: Yes/No Yes
    Area of Expertise:(What do you claim to be good at?)Conflict-resolution, observation, patience, telekinesis, meditation,
    Rank: Jedi knight

    Personal Ship: X-wing
    Name: N/A
    Class: T-65
    Weapon Systems:4 laser cannons, proton torpedoes, Ion cannon
    Crew Compliment: N/A
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes

    Biography: Racza was born on Dac(Mon Calamari) to Ongree traders in 20 bby. As a boy,Racza was a very curious boy, often diving in the lagoons to observe the wildlife of the planet. Being an amphibian, he could stay down as long as he wanted to. At age 10, the Imperial occupation force discovered that Racza's parents were smuggling goods to partisan groups in hiding on the planet. Racza was away while Stormtroppers executed them. He came home to find their bodies covered in cauterized blaster wounds. Fortunately, Racza's mother was still alive and told him to go join the partisan group and help sabotage the empire's slave operations on planet.

    Racza found them eventually and managed to meet Kluzen Val, a venerable Quarren jedi master who managed to survive the purge and join the partisan group that Racza joined. Kluzen identified Racza as a force sensitive and pulled out of the partisan group to go and train Racza on a remote island. He, under Kluzen's instruction, became one with the sea and trained with the force and lightsabers( Kluzen kept the lightsaber of his padawan who fell in the clone wars). Racza learned how to understand Whaladon speech and learned from the creatures. Also Razca drew experience from wayward knowledge clams. Razca became enlightened from his experiences. The ocean and its inhabitants remain cherished to him today. In 4aby, Kluzen joined the Force in his old age. with the help of whaladons, a depressed Racza buried him in the far off knowledge bank, just north of the city of Coral Depths.

    Feeling that he should not remain hiding and should instead act, Racza seeked out the partisan group. From there, he was sent to join the Rebel Alliance the next month.

    Racza weilds a dark blue and a blue-green lightsaber.
  8. KnightFr0mOssus

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    Apr 26, 2009
    OOC: lol, i forgot to mention that I have an astromech droid as part of my X-wing crew. I have an R-3 unit.
  9. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    master-of-les-pauls Approved!

    Name:Guiy Phaux


    Gender: Male

    Species: Zeltron

    Eye Color: Gun Metal Blue

    Physical description: Medium Massed, Athletic Build.

    Clothing: Tan colored Combat Helmet with internal Communications array headgear with color change option, Midnight Blue Psuedo-Leather Flight Jacket with color change option, Tan colored Docker Pants with lots of pockets plus color change option, Military Tan flight Boots w. color change option, Mirrored skyblue shades with color change option. Also full Combat Armor when needed.

    Personality: Guiy isn't happy on his home world and thus can't live there. So he goes for an adrenalin based life style which makes for a pacifier in his life. He was born with a birth defect, (No Empathic sensitivity).

    Occupation: Mercinary Agent on behalf of the Republic (like Kyle Katarn) also a Bounty Hunter, (Part time)
    Force sensitive: No

    Area of Expertise: Top Notch Fighter Pilot.

    Rank: Not Applicable, Agent will suffice.

    Personal Ship

    Name: Dust Bunny I.

    Class: Modified Baudo Class Star Yacht.

    Weapon Systems: Four hidden hard points. 2x under the contured wings are laser Cannons the one under the nose is a tri-barrel gautling laser cannon. Also a pop up quad laser turret with full 360 degree sweep. Defencive shields Modified.

    Crew Compliment: 2-3 normally, but has two security droids to handle most issues instead.

    Hyperspace Capability: x1 plus upgraded sublight engines.

    Biography: Guiy Phaux was born with a birth defect that denied him what every other Zeltron took for granted. Empathic sensitivity. (Though he has control of his Pheromones.) Others of his kind looked pityingly upon him and because of their mild unhappiness they weren't able to stay near him for very long before it became necessary for them to move on and stay clear of him. The Social Isolation was more than he could bare and so he ultimately left his home world and joined the Imperial Star Forces as a Pilot. Though very good in a dogfight, Guiy was never really accepted by his peers in the Imperial Fleet because he was at best humanoid, but not human. After a gruesome battle with a virus he'd acquired after crash landing on Yavin (After escaping the destruction of the first Death Star.) and having been captured by the Rebels, Guiy was given a choice to switch sides and help the Rebellion's cause. After seeing how other races were treated during his convolesence he'd realised that something was here that wasn't elsewhere in the Galaxy...True commoradory. Guiy happily joined the Rebellion and hasn't looked back since.
  10. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    Name: Dr. Odius 'Oochy' Char?l Parvil
    Rank: Major General
    Age: 44
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolatarian
    Eye Colour: Black
    Physical description: Caterpillar-like being with four arms and four eyes. Dense fur fades from brown at the head, to black, and back to brown. Eight stubby legs are nearly hidden under their main body mass. Despite their awkward appearance, they are fairly fast and relatively strong when compared to humans.
    Clothing: Dark blue, gold trimmed uniform; charcoal grey suit coats when not on duty
    Personality: Quirky, but professional. Seems to be fast and loose with the rules, but knows the boundaries and always ensures the mission is accomplished. Cares about those he works with, and is often sought out by others to confide private matters. He privately adheres to a naturalistic spirituality. He also has moments where a very violent temper appears, almost without warning. However, he has managed to conceal it from all for the last two decades. He simply will vanish for a few hours until it passes, and therefore it has not affected his career.
    Affiliation: United Wolatarian Aeronautical Force
    Occupation: Executive Officer, Sensitive Operations Command (SENOPCOM) Or?rac
    Weapons: Sodium Blaster (ionizes sodium, producing a yellow bolt of energy), one curved handled lightsaber (green blade)
    Force sensitive: Yes, undeveloped
    Area of Expertise: Second tier degree in Fluid and Particle Physics; Doctorial degree in Aerospace Physics from National Academy of Aerospace Science

    Biography: Born into a noble family on Or?rac, Parvil was well educated in private academies and entered military service through the National Academy?s Officer Training Corp. He served as a liaison to Sinear Fleet Systems, where he was introduced to several key leaders in the Empire. He also has served as the head of the joint Aeronautical/Naval Intelligence Command on Woltar VIII. He is currently on his final assignment before retirement, as executive officer of the Intelligence branch of the SENOP Command, Or?rac. He is also pending a final promotion to Lieutenant General. His current assignment is as the head of a detachment set to contact the Rebellion and ensure his government?s peaceful transition if the rebellion manages to win. Part of his mission is to also have enough intelligence gathered on the upper echelons of the rebellion that if the war turns to the favor of the Empire, that it can be transferred to the Empire to appease them. Both portions of the operation are designed to ensure the sovereignty of the Wolatarian home worlds.

    He is married and has three children that live on his 3.6 square kilometer estate on Or?rac, where he restores older vessels in his spare time. He has the ability to use the Force, but has never had any formal training. His lightsaber is a traditional weapon of his command post, and is not affiliated with any Force using group. His skills with the blade are limited to basic sparing.

    Personal Ship
    : ID# V-2279-L (Call Sign: Seven-Niner-Lambda)
    Class: Vandar Naval Works YB-26 Säbel
    Weapon Systems: Two 3.1pW carbon-dioxide anti-fighter ?continuous beam? laser turrets; 5,500kg payload capacity (anti-shipping missiles and precision munitions capable platform); Electronic drone/radar/infrared countermeasure dispensers.
    Crew Compliment: Three
    Hyperspace Capability: Class 3 upgraded from Class 6 (limited range)
    YB-26 Säbel was developed for use post-Spika Wars by Vandar Naval Works, to serve as an unshielded, intermediate range strategic bomber. Antiquated by all modern standards, the restored bomber flown by General Parvil is a historic relic and his personal project.

    [b]Name[/b]: Etana Jac Oss
    [b]Age[/b]: 43
    [b]Gender[/b]: Male
    [b]Species[/b]: Wolatarian
    [b]Eye Colour[/b]: Black
    [b]Physical description[/b]: Caterpillar-like
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    Jul 6, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name:Te'Ron A. Griff
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Fondorian
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Physical description: Tall, Sturdy, with well defined arms, torso, and stomach muscles. Has dark bronze skin tone, and his hairless physical traits he inherrited from his Fondorian heritage though he is well built.
    Height:6ft 3 in
    Weight:230 lbs

    Clothing: Tight fitting cameo brown colored tunic with matching cargo pants, and combat boots. A utility belt, and two silver dog chain like neckless that has engraved on it a set of initals one for his mother, and one for his father.
    Personality: Humorous, and deep thinking though he can become slightly withdrawn when he doesn't trust his surroundings or those around him.
    Occupation: Former Imperial Army Sergeant Major/SpecForce
    Force sensitive: Yes but untrained.
    Area of Expertise:Special Missions Operations
    Rank: SpecForce Agent in the Alliance


    Te'Ron is a defected Imperial Army Sergeant around the time of the Hoth system escape of the Alliance forces. His father Admiral Amise Griff served under Vader towards the end of his tenure with the Empire during the Yavin siege before he lost his life to which Te'Ron was not made aware of til it became a joke amongst his platoon brothers. Te'Ron did not have what you would call an ideal relationship with his father though he carried the man's name throughout his life, and fought hard through his time with the Imperial Army to make a name for himself, and not lean on the reputation his father had built.

    Te'Ron became one of the youngest serving Sergeants within the Imperial Army due to his physical strength (his instincts always seeming a little to sharp to be considered natural credit that to his Force Sensitivity though he has never had any training nor any relatives he knew that were Force users), and more importantly his intelligence something he can credit to his Fondorian heritage though his father warned him not to reveal it to any. His platoon a special missions outfit were responsible for many successful operations against the Rebel Alliance, and Te'Ron was part of the small infliltration outfit sent onto Alderran a week before it's destruction to locate the rebel nest group there.

    His skills make him an assist in a battle, and his mind a tool for war yet Te'Ron defected for the lone reason that it made no more sense for him to be fighting on a side that promoted mass human genocide for insubstantial reasoning. Te'Ron's defection came as a costly blow not only to his platoon, but also to his father's family who are stunch supporters of the Empire even after what had happened to Amise Griff. Alienated from both sides of his heritage one by his choices, and other by his father Te'Ron is just hoping to give his life some direction, and meaning something that every warrior throughout history seeks.

  12. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Looks like I've been recruited to play Han again. :p

    And here we go...

    [b][color=royalblue]MOLP Approved![/color][/b]

    [b]Name:[/b] Han Solo
    [b]Age:[/b] 33
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Species:[/b] Human
    [b]Eye Color:[/b] Hazel
    [b]Physical description:[/b] Tall and lanky, Han's rugged features and trademark lopsided grin make him quite the lady charmer. His dark hair is unkempt and shaggy the majority of the time and a thin scar runs diagonally across his chin.
    [b]Clothing:[/b] Typical spacer's garb (tunic with vest or jacket, trousers with the Corellian Bloodstripe running along the seam, black spacer's boots and gun rig and holster)
    [b]Personality:[/b] Han always shoots first and asks questions later. He can be cocky and arrogant, making him a very difficult person to be around, but underneath the tough facade, he has a heart of gold.
    [b]Occupation:[/b] Smuggler turned Rebel Officer
    [b]Force sensitive:[/b] No
    [b]Area of Expertise:[/b] Han has exceptional skills as both a pilot and mechanic, proving himself several times over when the going got tough. He is also known for his fast draw and he has quite the affinity for gambling games, such as Sabacc.
    [b]Rank:[/b] General

    [b][i]Personal Ship[/b][/i]
    [b]Name:[/b] [i]Millennium Falcon[/i]
    [b]Class:[/b] Heavily-modified YT-1300 light freighter
    [b]Weapon Systems:[/b]
    -2 Modified CEC AG-2G quad laser cannons
    -BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" blaster cannon
    -2 Arakyd ST2 concussion missile tubes (4 missiles each)
    [b]Crew Compliment:[/b] 8 (pilot, co-pilot, 2 gunners, 6 passengers); 100 metric tons
    [b]Hyperspace Capability:[/b] Class 0.5; Backup Class 10

    [b]Biography:[/b] [link=]Han Solo Bio[/link]
  13. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005
    OCC: In the words of Biggs Darklighter I think it was, "Here goes nothing!" The game is now open!

    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location Telo IV Rebel base

    It had been about an hour or so ago since he had gotten the summons to head to the high command chambers. The message had given no clue whatsoever to why Luke Skywalker was being brought before the leadership of the Alliance, and to be honest it bothered him slightly. Luke had spent the last few days trying to build some sort of relationship with Leia but alas every attempt had been spurned. The woman he had known to be the strongest person he had ever met, had now locked herself away and was only allowing Han Solo to see her.

    In the brief times Luke had been able to talk to Han about her, Solo had told him his Sister was struggling with survivor?s guilt and with the news that Darth Vader was in fact her Father. Luke had loved Leia from the moment he laid eyes on her, even from that holo projection from R2 all those years ago he'd known there was something special between them, a bond that was later discovered on Dagobah. And now it was looking like he wouldn't be around to help her through the depression for quite some time.

    Striding through the darkened corridor the over head lights flickered on and off as Luke made his way towards the high command. Still feeling slightly agitated Luke stopped outside the huge doors, pausing for a second the young Jedi calmed his mind using Jedi meditative techniques and walked into the main hall. The main chamber was a long narrow room that had, in Luke's mind, unnecessarily huge bright lights, and today the room also had a slight smell of damp about it. Looking around the room he could see all the heads of the Alliance sat before him behind a huge semi circular table.

    There were five seats behind the huge table and sat that from left to right were the Mon Cal Admiral Ackbar, who's features were unreadable as normal. Next, Jan Dodonna, the man who had led the attack on the first Death Star. Then there was Crix Madine, the supreme Commander of Special Forces and also the man who had led the Rebels on Hoth. Then there was the supreme leader of the Alliance Mon Mothma, her lean features looking as regal as ever and then besides her was an empty chair, clearly meant for Leia.

    Standing calm in his black Jedi robes Luke stood with his arms folded behind his back and waited to learn why he had been summoned.

    It was Mon Mothma who spoke first.

    ?Commander Skywalker, I'm sure you are wondering why you have been summoned before the high council.?

    Luke offered her a slight nod of the head to confirm what she had asked.

    ?Through the Bothan spies we have discovered that on the Imperial world of Balmorra, construction of a new form of shielding is underway.?

    Balmorra, that name rang a bell in Luke's mind. ?Balmorra, wasn't that once an AT-ST construction facility that the Rogues hit back before Hoth?? The Jedi knight asked.

    ?Yes the very same one, master Jedi.? Ackbar chimed in.

    Luke had led the Rogues on a mission years ago to the very same planet, were their mission was a hit and run attack on a AT-ST construction facility. Using the cover of night to attack the base the mission had been a resounding success.

    I'm going to have to get used to that title Luke thought to himself after the Admirals words.

    ?This technology must either be destroyed or become our own.? The Mon Cal Admiral continued.

    ?If I may ask, just what is this new shielding technology?? Luke asked.

    ?It?s a shield capable of resisting an ion blast.? Came a slightly gruff reply from General Madine.

    Knowing full well the implications of mass produced Imperial cruisers with this type of shielding Luke simply asked, ?Understood sir. Where do I fit into the operation??

    ?Well we have also come upon further information,? Jan Dodonna said taking his turn to speak ?We have learnt that Governor Beltane has joined forces with Grand Admiral Zsinj and a portion of his fleet is guarding the planet. We have word t
  14. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:
    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha'lil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    07:14 local time
    Planet Or?rac, 168km NE of Sanna City
    Parvil Estate, Aeroport Terminal

    Music: From the Western Woods

    ?Parvil Traffic, Parvil Traffic; military flight of three, eight out, inbound from the southwest; straight-in runway one-two. Parvil Traffic.?

    ?Military flight inbound to Parvil, visibility three klicks. No reported traffic. See you on the ground, Colonel.? Major General Odious Parvil said into the comm?s mike, and then promptly hung it back on its holder. He turned to the caf pot sitting on the counter and poured a cup. He pushed the door open and stepped out of the tiny terminal building onto the tarmac.

    This was home for the nearly retired Wolatarian General. A light mist hung around the facility, and visibility was limited this spring morning. He glanced over the facility he had constructed with a hint of pride. The warm glow of the rising sun illuminated the mist, and reflected off the silver panels of the YB-26 bomber, parked just inside the hanger to his left. The amber-red fueling facility across the apron from him even looked serene in the morning glow.

    Odious looked south and could just begin to make out the shaped of the three craft inbound for landing. The two heavy, winged fighter-bombers were painted a light slate colour; while the sleek shuttle was a vivid white, with blue, decorative trim. The engine roar became louder as the craft neared, and slowed dramatically. The Executive Flyer touched down first, just past the end of the runway at less than forty knots, slowed while rolling, turning onto the middle taxiway and rolled back towards the apron. The two Rb-260s came in at the end of the runway, turning their repulsors on with a whine audible over the roar of their engines, flared their nose up and touched down side-by-side at a near stop. The repulsors turned off and the engines throttled back to an idle. Odious motioned for the Executive Flyer to roll up close to the terminal/hanger building, while the two Rb-260s taxied over and rolled to a stop near the fueling facilities, their engines winding down. The Executive Flyers engines began to power down as well, and the side boarding ramp cracked open and began to lower.

    General Parvil rounded the nose of the transport, and Dr. Lovespirals made her way down the ramp. Mira was a civilian intelligence analyst, who had just recently been attached to his command. He had only spoken with her briefly in the last couple of weeks, and only knew a bit of her background. She carried a datapad case in one hand, with a oversized collection of flimplast folders under her other arm. She set the case down and as readjusting her holdings as Parvil approached.

    ?Dr. Lovespirals, welcome.? He said, politely, nodding his head to the side in a customary greeting.

    ?General, good morning.? She said, nodding her head as well. ?This really is a lovely place you have; the lake view was gorgeous coming in.?

    ?Thank you. I really enjoy it here. Let me help you with that.? He said, and picked the datapad case up. The General turned towards the fighters, where Colonel Oss and Captain Cha?lil were disembarking and making their way across the apron towards him. When within four meters they rendered a salute, with their left arms across their chest. Odious and Etana went back decades, but he had yet to met his new wing mate.

    ?General, how are we this morning?? Etana said, shaking hands with Odious.

    ?Doing most excellent, actually. How was the flight down?? He said, gesturing with the cup, asking non-verbally if the Colonel wanted any caf.

    ?Not bad. Winds were smooth, only took us about fifteen minutes once we got off the ground. Caught up with the Ex. Flyer about three minutes before I called you. And yes, I will take some.? Etana said and turned to the Captain. ?General, this is Captain Isira Cha?lil. Hundred-forty-seventh fighte
  15. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    With Approval from the GM
    Name: Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Eye Colour: red
    Physical description: Medium build
    Clothing: Gleaming white uniform
    Personality: Cool, calm, ice in veins, composite of various historical and fictional personalities, including Erwin Rommel, Robert E. Lee, Hannibal Barca, Alexander the Great, and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few
    Occupation: Grand Admiral of the Empire
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Military tactics, attention to small details
    Rank: Grand Admiral

    Personal Ship
    Name: soon to be Chimaera
    Class: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
    Weapon Systems:
    ? Heavy turbolaser batteries (5)
    ? Turbolaser batteries (5)
    ? Heavy ion cannon batteries (4)
    ? Phylon Q7 tractor beam projector batteries (2)
    Crew Compliment: 37,085
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes, Class 2

    Biography ( Please include military history and traumatic experiences)
    Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known by his core name Thrawn, was a male Chiss who served in the Imperial Navy and became the only non-Human Grand Admiral. He was regarded as the best military strategist in the navy, and despite the Empire's strict non-Human policies, rose to a position of power.
    Thrawn served as an officer in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force for many years, where he demonstrated his brilliance. However, many of Thrawn's ways were contrary to that of Chiss society at large, and so he was exiled. Thrawn was discovered by Imperial Navy officer Voss Parck, who brought him to Palpatine. Palpatine had already learned of Thrawn in 27 BBY, and knew his command skills.
    Over time, Thrawn climbed the Imperial ladder, and in 2 ABY became the 13th Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Shortly after, Thrawn left on a secret mission to pacify the Unknown Regions. He remained there until after the Battle of Endor, which saw the death of Palpatine. Now, he ready to make a return with the Nogrhi race in his corner.
  16. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tilaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, orbiting Carida

    The Death Star had finally limped into Carida, after several painstaking hours of at least getting the hyperdrive back up and working. It was frustrating how such a powerful weapon that could deal out such death and destruction could become so weak an instant later.

    Jerjerrod stood near the viewscreen in the control centre of the Death Star, contemplating what to do next with this powerful weapon. Foremost on his mind was destruction of the enemy that still existed, this blasted Rebellion that suddenly knew how to fight back, like all fighters could.

    Not being a military tactician himself, Jerjerrod knew somehow, he could hopefully bring his administrative talents to bear on this rebellious filth, and maybe also try to stop the maelstrom which had probably enveloped the Empire since the Emperor?s death. He was never a fan of Palpatine nor his crony Lord Vader, but at least they had authority. Now there was none.

    ?Status report? he said sharply to one of his technicians who were nearby.

    ?Our hyperspace jump damaged the hyperdrives, we won?t be able to jump again until they are properly fixed. Shielding is still offline, our damage has worsened? the technician flinched, he could see by the look on Jerjerrod?s face that he was angry.

    Tilaan waved away the technicians words like he was swatting a nasty insect that was bugging him.

    ?I?m not interested in those insignificant details, I?m more interested in our weapons, are they still operational?. And what about the damaged section where the Executor hit??

    The technician flinched again, more bad news to report Jerjerrod reflected.

    ?Most of the weapons systems are still online, the superlaser is still functional. The damage we took when the ship hit unfortunately caused significant damage to our operating systems and deaths of much of the crew. It will sadly sir, take some time to rebuild all the damage we took?

    Jerjerrod whirled on the technician, fire in his green eyes.

    ?Then do not waste my time, get on with it! The Rebels, if they find out this station is damaged, could strike at any moment and finish what they started. And if they do come, we need to be ready for them and show the rest of the Empire that this weapon is still to be feared?.

    ?Y?y?yes sir? stammered the technician who stumbled out the door in his haste to get on with the repair work.

    Tilaan Jerjerrod turned and resumed contemplating the starry void beyond. One thing he did regret about the battle over Endor was the deaths of so many of his friends and comrades, especially on board the Executor. He knew he could be classed as a murderer, destroying so many of his comrade?s lives on that lush, green forest moon.

    But he would just have to live with it.

    An officer came up to him, ?Sir we have another transmission waiting from Sate Pestage?

    At least the comm. system hasn?t shorted out Jerjerrod thought. He had ignored the transmissions from one of Palpatine?s most hideous toady?s because he wanted to make sure that this man knew what Jerjerrod could do with this weapon of mass destruction, plus this man was not the leader of the Empire, no-one was until a clear chain of command was restored, not the pointless in fighting that was probably going on. All trying to get one over the other to pick up all the spoils.

    It was Jerjerrod?s time now to act.

    ?Put him through onto the viewscreen? he responded, and waited until he saw the hideous face appear on the screen before him.

    TAG: MOLP.
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    IC: Samantha Irisa
    , ?The Tallon Manouvre? flight officer?s bar.
    Location: Telos IV

    Irisa had made it to the bar, and engaged the person serving, busily towelling out a small, hexagonal-sided glass, in conversation. He was either standing on a box behind the bar, or really was that tall.

    ?The Tallon Manoeuvre?? She echoed, querying the establishment's new name, cozying up to the grey-topped counter, wary of getting anything sticky on her khaki uniform blouson, ?Isn?t that what sand panthers are famous for??

    ??Adar Tallon?, two Leths,? He said, giving the Aurabesh for ?L?, and glancing down her chest to her rank plaque with it?s single blue spot, ?Lieutenant. As in the legendary starfighter pilot? Not, ?talon? with one Leth, referring to the reason Corellians don?t tickle sand panthers behind their ears. No matter how much they beg.? He finished wistfully, then brightened and looked back up at her. ?So, enough about feline appreciation. What can I get you??.

    Samantha had a good idea of what she wanted to chase five days stuck on her spaceship with, but was drowned out by a whine of electronic feedback overhead and behind her, and then a call from the public address system echoed throughout the bar and the corridor beyond: Rogue Squadron and all available pilots assemble in the main hanger bay and wait for my further instructions.

    Irisa closed her mouth. ?Bugger.? She sighed and turned to head after the other pilots, then hesitated, frowning up at the tannoy. ?Hold on, ?my instructions'. Who are ya??

    ?You don?t know the voice??

    She shrugged while the room emptied behind her. ?I?ve been on-base for like eight days over the last month. Did I miss a lecture??

    The ?tender gestured to the P.A. system with his clean glass. ?That was Luke Skywalker. He killed the Emperor. Vader too.?

    ?Chas?? She blurted, surprised by the long forgotten moniker. Her unc-...rather, a person that she had known in her childhood, had constantly referred to the senior Skywalker as ?CHAS? ? meaning, ?Course He?s A Sith!?

    She hesitated. This could be a problem. If the rumour mill about Skywalker junior being a jedi master were true, there was a risk that he might try to block her fighter ace ambitions, for the good of the galaxy or something.

    ?You alright, Lieutenant??

    ?What?? Samantha looked at the concerned bartender, and managed a weak smile for him. ?Yes. I?m okay, thanks. Well, I better not keep Master Skywalker waiting.?

    Getting out of the bar was easier than getting in had been, with most of the clientele heading into the corridor. Irisa pulled her comlink from the flap pocket of her khaki combat skirt.
    ?Maintenance? This is Lieutenant Irisa. You hear the announcement? Sounds like I?ll be needing the ?Wyms sooner than I thought, so if you can leave her on the landing platform, that would be cool. Thanks. Irisa out.?

    Tag: anyone enroute to the main hangar bay
  18. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Captain Pellaeon and other NRCs
    Location: Chimaera, with the remaining fleet (Judicator, Relentless, The Requiem, Toreador) at Annaj

    The Lieutenants of the remaining Star Destroyers sat in the officer?s mess aboard the Chimaera awaiting the arrival of Captain Pellaeon. His sudden promotion to senior commander was due to the death of his superior at Endor. And since the Chimaera was second in command of the battle above Endor, the other officers kept with the chain of command and presented Pellaeon authority over the fleet.

    The current state of the Empire was chaotic at best. Many of the remaining lieutenants of Star Destroyers were ready to split up and claim their territories before the Alliance moved in to stop them. News was spreading around the Empire that the infighting had already begun between the Moffs.

    Pellaeon sat in his office aboard the Chimaera taking in all the communications that were currently being received aboard the ship. The Empire was indeed chaotic at the moment. Only strong leadership, dedication to the Imperial Navy, honor and a steal resolve would bring them through this mess. Sipping the last of his java, he stood and straightened his uniform.

    Upon arriving into the mess hall, the Chief Petty Officer hollered, ?Attention on Deck!?

    The lieutenants, some begrudgingly stood as Captain Pellaeon entered the room.

    ?At ease gentlemen.? Pellaeon said with his hands raised.

    He sat at the head of the table and took in a deep breath.

    ?As you may know, the Empire is in disorder. Numerous officers and Moffs are turning on each other like ravenous animals in a feeding frenzy.? He made sure to emphasize the word ?animals? with disgust.

    ?If this bedlam continues, the Alliance will easily pick us apart and the Empire will cease to exist.?

    Lieutenant Brandei nodded in agreement. He was in charge of the Judicator.

    Dorja, commander of the ISD Relentless stewed in his seat. He felt that he should be in charge of the remaining fleet not Pellaeon. ?Before we decide what to do with our ships, Captain, I would like to take this time to say I would be a better Commander of this fleet. As you can tell, my ship was unscathed during the battle with the Rebels.?

    Brandei guffawed at Dorja?s offer. ?You were unscathed because you were a coward! You held back while my ISD was pounded by Rebel ships! You should be demoted, NOT promoted.?

    Dorja stood to contest the allegations of cowardice but was ordered to sit down by Pellaeon.

    ?No. For now, I am in charge of the fleet. The Chimaera was second-in-command and now is the flag ship of this fleet.?

    He looked around at the faces of his lieutenants, each one non-verbally agreeing to his order. ?It is settled then. Get back to your commands and repair your ships. TIE fighters will run patrols around the fleet until we are ready to get under way for Annaj. If you have any further questions you can give them to my XO Zumirez and I will answer you shortly. You are dismissed.?

    Walking along the corridors of the Chimaera with his XO a communications officer approached and handing a data pad to Pellaeon. Pellaeon stopped to read it and waved his hand to dismiss the comm. officer.

    Zumirez waited patiently and saw the Captain?s eyebrows furrow upon further reading. ?What is it sir??

    Pellaeon continued looking down at the pad and answered, ?We are to head to Honoghr near Kessel and pick up a package. These orders come from the very echelons of the Empire.?

    He looked up at Zumirez, ?Ready the fleet, we are leaving.?

    ?Yes sir!?

    TAG: No one yet but Thrawn will be introduced soon
  19. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Zinj, NRC Lt. Harker and Sgt. Bane
    Location: Dathomir

    In the one month since the death of the Emperor had reached Zinj on Dathomir, his minions were busy murdering the political prisoners of Palpatine. There would be no one left to oppose his power in the Quelli sector. Zinj would have all the neutronium, lommite and zersium to build an armada to oppose any force both friendly and aggressive.

    Sgt. Bane strode casually through the prison block whistling a particular tune that all the prisoners knew too well. Stopping in front of a cell, he inserted his security card and opened the door. Immediately the male prisoner cowered in the corner with his hands across his face to protect himself from the beating that was sure to be unleashed by Bane.

    Bane gave the gaunt and weak prisoner an evil smile and stated with sarcasm. ?Good news! We are setting you free!?

    ?Really?? The prisoner said with weak hope.

    ?Yes! I?m going to free you from the rest of your BODY!?

    Bane grabbed the prisoner by the ankle and dragged him from his cell screaming. He turned around and kicked the man in the face with his boot, breaking his jaw bone with a resounding CRACK!

    The man stopped struggling, knocked unconscious with the blow to the face. Bane continued this walk down the corridor of the cell, whistling. Two larger men met the sergeant at the gate lock and let him pass. Before he dropped the leg, he held up the foot in front of his buddies and proceeded to stomp down directly at the knee joint twisting the hinge joint out laterally.

    ?Drain his blood for medical, then burn the body.?

    ?Yes Sergeant!?

    The men carried the broken body away to drain the crimson fluid. Bane took in a deep breath and smiled.

    A smoky haze filled the air; it carried the stench of death and charred organic flesh.

    Lt. Harker the medical officer was sitting at his desk when Bane?s men entered carrying the weakened and emaciated body of the detainee. Harker had slicked back hair and a lean, pale face. He was well known for his grotesque and often disturbing experiments on prisoners. He believed that if you drank the blood of your enemies you would gain some of their powers and intelligence. It was not uncommon to find a goblet of sanguine fluid sitting at his desk for consumption.

    ?Put him on the table.? He ordered the guards without looking up.

    He slowly rose from his desk and swiftly moved to hover over the body. He moved with ease to insert the tube into the jugular vein on the left side of the neck. Soon the prisoner?s blood was running through the tube and into a collection bag. All color left the body signaling the end of the procedure.

    ?You may take the body away for disposal.?

    As the body was carried out, Zinj crossed the threshold of the good doctor?s office.

    ?How is everything Lt. Harker??

    Harker met the gaze of the round-faced Zinj and grinned, ?Very well sir. We are ahead of schedule. Extermination procedures are going well. How are things on your end??

    Zinj sat down in front of the doctor?s desk and grabbed the goblet of blood, swirling the glass with his hand. He never understood Harker?s taste for blood but let his eccentric habit go since he was the only one with extensive medical training in his group. ?The situation is calm at the moment. Though I expect some half-witted Moff will come after our military assets for their own gain. There is already word from our sources that the in-fighting has begun on Coruscant.? He stood and frowned at the glass as he smelled the contents. It smelled of salt and other metals. ?We will have to be cunning, gamble if you will with the powers of the Empire. I did not work so hard to lose what I have gained.?

    The doctor chewed on Zinj?s words. Indeed they had a formidable force that could take on any aggressor but how many Imperials would come to their door?

    Zinj waddled toward the door, ?Keep up the good work Harker. We shall have to have dinner soon. Yes??

    Harker bowed respectfully to Zinj, ?Of course sir. It would be an honor.?

    TAG: More to come
  20. LordPullus

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    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Te'Ron Griff
    Rebel Base

    Standing by the hangar bay doors Te'Ron allowed his shawdow to cast a elonged darkened shape to the areas of light surrounding him as his brown eyes remained on the moving personnel throughout the hangar bay. He stood with the rigidness of one having been trained rigorously in the imperial army though Te'Ron found that he was comfortable in the strength he felt in such a stance. His body seemed to welcome the brief moment of rest though a small part of him yearned to be out again in the field something he noted was constantly a part of his being ever since he entered military life. His pants possessed the center crease down each pant leg that was customary of Imperial standards, and the rest of appearance measured up to the same elite standards though he was no longer a serving citizen of the Empire. Such characteristics marked Te'Ron amongst his companions as a turned imperialist, and while most alliance members try to overlook these differences between them Te'Ron had been part of some rather disatorous missions for the Empire, and he was always uneasy after running into someone who knew beings now deceased in result to his handiwork.

    The hangar bay was one of the few places where beings would treat him without much prejedice for he stayed out of their way on most part, and so Te'Ron found himself there whenever he wasn't on a SpecForce operation. Whistling to himself as he watched a pair of Wookies load a new hyperdrive on a Y wing shuttle Te'Ron heard a announcement alerting certain personel to meet in the hangar bay with Jedi Skywalker. While Te'Ron didn't have any hard feelings towards Skywalker he still was raised on the belief that the jedi were the scum of the universe though, and his natural reaction to anything jedi was ignorant dislike though his time with the rebels was beginning to turn the tide in that particular battle. Opting to wait, and find out what the specifics would be on the upcoming meeting Te'Ron moved himself up onto a few stacked cargo holds enabling him to view the hangar bay in it's entirety while allowing him to still be close enough to hear the essentials.

    Tags:Any going to the meeting
  21. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    IC: Guiy Phaux:

    Guiy Phaux had been finishing up his post flight safety inspection when footsteps came down his ship's access ramp.

    "Sir?", called a melodious voice.

    "Yes, Foo-Foo. What's up?" he called back.

    "Message from high command. Senator Mothma wants you ASAP at the assignment room," said Foo-Foo.

    Guiy looked heavanward then answered.

    "Tell them I'm on my way. Be there in 3. Prep the ship with fuel, etc. ASAP.

    "On it, sir," Foo-Foo responded.

    Guiy sprinted to the Meeting Room.

    Something had to be up!

    Tag: master-of-les-pauls

    OOC: MOLP feel free to use Guiy like you did Luke for the Assignment briefing. Thnx! Van.
  22. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Sate Pestage

    Location Carida

    Finally! Sate thought to himself as the view screen finally flickered to life presenting Tilaan Jejerrod to him. Coming into this meeting Pestage chided himself over the fact he had only dealt with Jejerrod a handful of times, in the times they had been in each others company Sate had come to think of Tilann as being someone utterly out of there depth as a Moff but now looking upon him now something had clearly changed.

    It looked like the strain and stress of being the controller of the Death Star and what happened at Endor. It looked like all of these things had aged Tilaan some ten years.

    ?Moff Tilann Jejerrod, I bring greetings from the high council and Courscant? Sate said trying to be both warm and welcoming but also struggling to keep the frustrations of sitting around for hours out of his voice.

    ?As Grand Vizier of the Empire I come requesting an update on the damage that the Death Star took at Endor? He then paused for a moment and let those words hang in the air for a few moments ?And to request your help.?

    Taking a deep breath Sate carried on ?As I'm sure your aware, since the death of his Imperial highness a huge void as emerged in the chain of command?

    Leaning back in his chair Pestage licked his thin lips and found his throat becoming dry ?This void has created an opened wound and its one I would like you to help me heal?

    Yes that was the only reason for him to be here on this blasted planet, Sate hated being away from the capital and he definitely hated being surrounded by rookie troopers sicked him. Being among those who were that far bellow his stature turned his stomach but this was unfortunately a necessary evil if he was to take take control of the Death Star and bring the Empire under his control.

    ?Your fellow Moffs and the Grand Admirals have started fighting between themselves and are tearing the Empire apart? Sate said in a firm and flat tone ?They are leaving us open for the Rebel's to take advantage of there childish squabbles and take all that we hold dear?

    Looking Jejerrod square in the eyes Sate asked something he never thought he would ever here himself say ?Moff Tilaan Jejerrod, I am asking for your help to restore order to the Empire and with us bringing about that order we can then crush the Rebel scum!?

    Tag Jejerrod-Lennox
  23. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:
    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Col. Etana Oss, UWAF
    Cpt. Isira Cha'lil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    07:27 local time
    Planet Or?rac, 168km NE of Sanna City
    Parvil Estate, Parvil Home

    Music: A Drone Song for Alienor

    The four entered the house, directly into the kitchen area. It was a large open room, with a gas-flame cooking area, and pans hanging from suspended cabinets; finished in dark wood, gray-black stone and copper accents. Saana, Odious? wife, was just coming down the stairs from the upper levels in a rush.

    ?Oh, Ooch. I pulled the pastries you put in, out about five minutes ago. I had a call, and I?m going to need to go in this morning.? Saana said, and clasped her hands together, saying to others, ?I do apologize. My partner is ill so, I?m going to have to take over today. I do wish I could stay and chat.. You?ll be back tomorrow afternoon, right?? She asked.

    ?Yes, we will. We?ll have dinner, then. Take care today.? He said.

    ?Oh, I will. Oota is picking Sage and Isabel up from school this afternoon, and Sage is going to be spending tomorrow night over at the Chirpa?s. Give me a call when you get back in the sector, alright?? She said, as she picked her tote off the counter and headed for the door.

    ?Will do. Love you.?

    ?Love you too. Everyone, take care out there. And Etana, watch Ooch for me.?

    ?Roger that. Take care, Sanna.? Etana reply with a chuckle.

    ?Will do. Bye.? She said, and closed the door behind her, leaving the original party to themselves once more.

    ?She seems nice. What does your wife do?? Mira asked.

    ?Neuropathology. She has a private practice in A?thor.?

    ?Interesting, how?d you meet??

    ?Had my head examined. Sixteen years ago, I was nearly discharged for physiological issues.? The General began, to the surprise of the two female Wolatarians. ?I was hearing, seeing things and it was getting worse. The doctors on base said it was schizophrenia, so I went for a second opinion. Apparently, it?s just an attuned sense to natural energies..?

    ?Force sensitivity..? Mira said, relaxing. ?Most curious. Have you explored it much??

    ?That?s a bit forward, Doctor.? Said Isira, speaking up for the first time since arriving at the house.

    ?No, it?s fine.. I really haven?t. It?s.. You know, once I learned to dampen it, it?s really nothing that special. Anyways, so I met Sanna when she worked at the clinic on Wolatar Seven. It went from there.. So.. Let?s eat before things get cold??


    Two Hours Later
    Parvil Aerospace Port

    Two ?pops? and the engines on the Executive Flyer began to spin up. Inside, Mira and Odious were strapping themselves in for the flight. The two Re-260s had already powered up and moved to the end of the runway. The executive finished starting up, and the droid brain began moving the aircraft towards the runway.

    ?Parvil Traffic. Cit?o Flight, taking active one-two, climbing out to the south. Parvil Traffic.? Etana said over the comm. The two fighter-bombers? engines flared to life and the repulsors launched them into the air, rapidly accelerating into the mid-morning sky.

    ?Parvil Traffic, Executive Flyer Two-One-Sigma taxing to runway one-two for departure. Parvil Traffic.? The automated voice of the Executive Flyer droid came over the comm. The Ex. Flyer hit the runway rolling and within a second was airborne, taking off after the rapidly vanishing Re-260s.

    Twenty minutes later, they had cleared the atmosphere and gravity well, spun up their hyperdrives and vanished into hyperspace. Three hours later they exited near the hyperspace waypoint that served as an entrance to the Wolatarian Systems, often known as the bottleneck. They linked up with a refueling liner from the United Naval Forces, and refueled their hyperdrives and sublights to ensure they were maxed out on fuel. After fueling, the three vessels vanished into hyperspace once aga
  24. Mr-Fett

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    Mar 11, 2009

    Name: Tearus Jeando
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Physical description: Standing at 5'10 Tearus Jeando is the epitomy of physical condition. His body is extremely well built and conditioned. He has a short mohawk running down the center of his head and the rest of his body is covered with scars. The most notable of which he received from a light saber blow stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip, inflicted by Darth Vader.
    Clothing: Beskar'gam. Modifications include personal shielding, reinforced armor to withstand more damage.
    Personality: Tearus Jeando is a ruthless man. He is very quiet and shows now mercy to his victems. He has made a very well known reputation as being an effective bounty hunter along with his squad of commandos.
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: Tearus is a very good bounty hunter and is an exceptional hand to hand fighter.
    Rank: Commander

    Personal Ship
    Name: Burska's Revenge
    Class: CloakShape fighter
    Weapon Systems:
    * Turbo-Laser cannons (2)
    * Proton torpedo launchers (2)
    o 6 Torpedos each

    Crew Compliment: 1 pilot
    Hyperspace Capability: Capable

    Biography: Tearus Jeando and his group of commandos blasted onto the scene 10 BBY and quickly gained notoriety for taking on impossible jobs. Not much is known about Tearus other than the fact that his family was killed when he was young and it was after that event that he went into the killing business. His commando squad is rumored to have even taken a bounty on Darth Vader in 5BBY. It was after this rumor started going around that Tearus was seen alone. His squad has never been seen again after that and Tearus's beskar'gam is slightly different carrying pieces that are believed to be from his fallen commandos. Underneath the beskar'gam Tearus has a large scar going from his left shoulder to his right hip.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Tearus Jeando- Tallons Manoeuvre

    Life's been hard... First Mom and Pop died. I thought it was all over then, sixteen years old an ice ball planet no family. Most people would have given up... I did. It was about a year later that I tried to rob a group of Mando bounty hunters, I figured they were wannabees. Boy was I wrong... I actually managed to break ones arm before they beat me into a black out. I woke up on their ship and since then I had been a part of their culture. I had a family again, a strong one, one that would not be killed by a few pirates looking for an easy coin. We were tough... The toughest there was. Me, Mag, Carson, Sunny and Grosh a motley crew against the universe. We took on the highest bounties, everybody feared us. Criminals, merchants, bounty hunters, imperials, rebels... all of them. Then we received an anonymous bounty paid half before half after to get Vader... We had taken down many force users before even some older jedi in the early days but never such a powerful being. We got in alright and then everything went wrong. Vader got the drop on us and within seconds I was alone again... My whole squad was cut to pieces before I could manage to squeeze off more than three shots. Vader was on me in the blink of an eye and it was only through sheer luck that I managed to damage his breathing aparatus when he slammed into me. I woke up three days later in a dump. My dead brethren around me and a massive light saber burn going from my shoulder to my hip. That was a long time ago... I will never have another family. I carry mine on my armor and across my chest. I will have my vengence on the empire...

    These thoughts often washed through Tearus when he had nothing to do. He sat in a cantina which was just like every other cantina in the galaxy. Dingy, low lit, smoky, shady and cheap. He sipped away at whatever strong beverage he had watching the comings and goings of those around him.

    A particularly good looking woman came up to the bar next to him and started to make small talk with the bartender. He had recognized her from her voice because it seemed that whenever he came or went it was always her getting his authorization. He picked her as a loner like himself... Pity

    Rogue Squadron and all available pilots assemble in the main hanger bay and wait for my further instructions.

    All the pilots including this woman stood and left the cantina immediately. The bar tender finished cleaning the mug he had and set it down. Slowly walking over to Tearus he sighed and said "Aint you one of them pilots there mando... I've seen you around here enough to know that your a reb. You should get goin, if Skywalker is calling for pilots its gonna be a tough mission."

    "Let them go on their grandious missions of valor and good deeds. The rebellion knows that if they want me to get off my ass and do something then all they have to do is bring me a nice pile of credits. Besides I would rather die than fly with a jedi..."

    "Ok meant no harm... just making small talk" The bartender went back to his mug as Tearus drained his glass. Standing up Tearus put on his helmet and began making his way back to the hanger where his ship Burksa's Revenge sat waiting for him.

    Tag: anybody on the way to the meeting
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