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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    GM Approved for quality assurances

    Name: Vukasin Warhammer
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: light blue, very intense
    Physical description: Towering 78 inches, pure brawn
    Clothing: Signature black armor based on the scout trooper's light armor, enhanced with a coating of an advanced polymer called reflec, which deflected light and sensor energy. It included a small generator that created a sound-dampening field, numerous concealed weapons, and a thermal detonator that a commando could detonate if faced with capture. They were sometimes known to make use of Evasive-226-R field disruptors which were built into the suit.
    Personality: dry sense of humor, warrior sense, honorable (minority trait in the Empire), loves a good drink
    Occupation: Solider, Special Forces
    Force sensitive: No
    Area of Expertise: unparalleled senses in battle, sniper-like accuracy with all weapons, an expert in unconventional warfare
    Rank: Lieutenant

    Personal Ship
    Name: Prowler
    Class: Kappa-class shuttle
    Weapon Systems:
    ? Double blaster cannons (2)
    ? Forward repeating blaster cannons (2)
    Crew Compliment: 40, 50 metric ton cargo capacity
    Hyperspace Capability: Class 2 Hyperdrive

    A member of the elite Storm Commandos, Warhammer was involved in many counter-insurgency operations against the Alliance before the battle at Endor. While away on an operation to further disrupt the Rebel Special Forces, Vukasin found himself with a small cadre of other commandos in the Outer Rim without orders when Endor was destroyed by the Death Star. During the height of the Empire, Vukasin had performed operations for various Moffs and other high-ranking officials. He lives for the battle and welcomes death. Unlike most Imperial personnel, he does not have an aversion for non-humans and carries around a sense of honor in his work. His chief function is to restore order for the Empire in out-lying worlds. He gives guidance and direction for other Imperials who need help or assistance in their military objectives. He is the defender and back up for the main Imperial army.

    1. Ravenloft
    2. Cross

    OOC: This is my 4th and final character all others are NRC or better known as cannon fodder for you Rebel scumbags![face_skull]
  2. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: Hold up please, I will post tomarrow
  3. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Gm OCC A small mistake on my part, there are Six T-47s that have been loaded onto the Flurry not four. Thanks for pointing that one to me Sithy :)

    Ic The Shadow

    Location Darkness

    His anger flared up at the sound of such an insolent greeting, Thrawn may have been his choice to lead his forces but even a Grand Admiral , even one as talented as Thrawn, had to know there place.

    ?Do you forget who you serve, Admiral?? He asked.

    Thrawn was not one to wither under his gaze or crumble with just an unsaid threat but he knew he was no match for the power of the Darkside. Even now as the Grand Admiral was faced with the master of the Darkside, and he knew that was more than enough to subdue anyone. He took great pleasure as he watched Thrawn stiffen ever so slightly, then he knew his unspoken threat was enough.

    ?Now Admiral, I have two errands you will under take for me? As he stood in the hollo projector, his face and features were almost hidden beneath his dark hooded robes. ?First you will contact the high Visor and order him to give what ever funds and man power he needs to Moff Jerjerrod immediately ?

    Now he pulled back his hood slightly so show his long, pulled back white hair and now youthful features. ?I want the Death Star back in working order before I return the Galaxy, Moff Jerjerrod maybe a fool but he will be a useful ally? Now he pulled back his dark hood back fully and his burning orange eyes were now fully fixed on Thrawn ?My second errand, the first step in you gain control of the Imperial navy will be to head to a Rebel out post on Kejim.?

    A thin tight smile formed on his lips ? Once there you will obliterate the Rebel Scum there, leave no one standing? His anger blossomed at just at the mere mention the Rebels ?And for good measure be sure to destroy part of the local space port?

    He could feel the power of the Darkside flowing through him, soon he would be fully healed and fully able to command power beyond anything he had before. Power enough to crush Skywalker and his insignificant Rebellion.

    ?Wipe out anything that stands in your way Admiral, I have foreseen your victory on Kejim will send a message to the rest of the fleet and then they will unite under your command? The corner of his lips almost changed from a wicked looking grin to what almost looked like a snarl ?Then you shall ready the Empire for my return.?

    With that Darth Sidious, better known and Emperor Palpatine, folded his arms before him and let Dark energy's wash over him invigorating his body and kept that thin smile. Soon he would begin his second rule over the galaxy and this time no one would stand in his way.

    Tag Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    Ic Luke Skywalker, Captain Manchisco

    Location The Flurry.

    Luke could not help but smile, Irsa may have been star stuck like the Captain but for some reason with Sam it was very endearing.

    ?At your service, Lieutenant? Tessa said offering a smile and a brisk salute ?Welcome on board the Flurry?

    Both Skywalker and Manchisco paid attention as Sam told them that T-47 air speeders needed not just pilots but gunners as well. Luke was a little surprised by her request, it was, as far as he knew, common knowledge that the Speeders needed a gunner but he gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    ?I don't think that will be a problem do you Captain?? Luke asked

    ?No not at all Jedi Skywalker,? The Captain said looking from Luke to Irsa ?I'll have the six gunners sent to the hanger bay ASAP?

    Before anyone else could say another word Luke's com link began to vibrate, he quickly answered it ?Ahh good I'll inform the Captain, Skywalker out?

    Smiling he turned to the Captain ?General Solo has just boarded Captain, it seems everyone is now on board?

    As soon as Luke had passed on the news of Solo being on board, he Captain quickly gave the order for the Flurry to make the jump to Balmorra. In no time at all, the pin pricks of darkness that were the stars in space pulled back into white lines as The Flurry made the jump to hypers
  4. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Te'Ron A. Griff
    Flurry En route to Balmorra

    It had taken Te'Ron a while to adjust to the fact that the Alliance were more proned to doing things on the fly including mission prep, and attendance something that caused the former imperial serviceman mild stress. General Solo managed to show up with his wookie side kick both known throughout the galaxy, and Te'Ron managed to lose his small amount of anxiety due to the fact that Solo and the wookie were respected for the fact that they were great in a fight. Grillo was to the side of him as the Flurry made the jump to hyperspace, and Te'Ron took a moment to survey the rest of their strike team many of the faces where new to him, yet Te'Ron managed an encouraging smile to a few who caught his eye. War was unpredicatable an affair as there could be, and Te'Ron had learned that even the smallest actions mattered especially when your life was on the line.

    "Any idea where exactly on Balmorra we'll be dropped off?", Te'Ron posed his question to Sergeant Grillo as he brought his attention back to the moment while he pulled out his hunting knife going over it's edge once again to pass the time. "I haven't heard any new intel since Jedi Skywalker briefed everyone earlier in the hangar back at base", he added as an after thought wondering if Solo would pull the ground in for any operations details.

    His brow's pinching together slightly Te'Ron awaited what his fellow ground trooper's answer while his hands occupied themselves with a task he had been performing ever since the age of nine. With all around him dimmed to nothing more then a light buzz Te'Ron's focus was split between his blade working the file in his left hand, and Sergeant Grillo beside him who no doubtedly would provide some kind of commentary.

    Tags:Sith, and Solo (if he feels the need)
  5. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Chimaera, (Fleet includes Death?s Head, Inexorable, Judicator, Stormhawk), Rinn

    Thrawn allowed the holo to fade into blackness on the command console inside his quarters. He glanced over at Pellaeon who was still standing at attention, eyes focused on the console where the holo was just projecting. Thrawn did not forget who he served but it did not mean that he agreed with the past strategies of the Emperor. The Grand Admiral believed that all options should be heard when it came to military operations and strategy. He did not agree with complete and utter destruction of the space port, or partial destruction for that matter.

    In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good.

    Therefore this Kejim mission should be performed on the ground and not from space.

    ?Captain Pellaeon.? Thrawn said coolly. ?You can relax now.?

    Pellaeon relaxed his shoulders not realizing that he was still at attention. The mysteries of the Force were something he never understood. How could an organic being live again after complete disintegration inside the massive power generator of the Death Star?

    ?Sorry sir. It is just?well it is shocking to see?? Pellaeon struggled with the right words.

    ?I know Captain. Amazing isn?t it?? Thrawn stated without surprise. ?However instead of discussing the many mysteries of the Force, let us focus rather on the mission that was given to us.? He stood from his chair and walked to the console. Breezing his fingers over the computer, a rush of information appeared on the screen.

    ?This Kejim operation will require personnel with extraordinary skills in black operations.? Thrawn said without looking up at Pellaeon.

    The Captain stepped forward to the console across from Thrawn tried to focus on all the information coming up from the computer. ?Why not just bomb it from space? Our crews are more than capable of pinpoint accuracy sir.?

    ?No Captain. There may be equipment down there that can be used against the Rebellion, plans, lists of contacts, and coordinates to other Rebel outposts. If we completely destroy the base, we will only continue to blind ourselves. Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.?

    Thrawn continued to scroll through screens of information. Pellaeon watched with amazement at the Grand Admiral?s ability to read and comprehend information coming across the screen at high speed.

    ?What are you looking for sir?? Pellaeon asked.

    ?These files are personnel records. There is a man that I am looking for who has done work for me in the past. He is very good at his job.? He stopped at the name, ?Ah! Here it is. Lt. Warhammer.?

    ?I have never heard of him sir.?

    Thrawn looked up and gazed with his red eyes at Pellaeon. ?Not many people have either. He is attached to Special Operations. He is not one of your regular soldiers. He is much bigger and stronger than your standard stormtrooper and deadly accurate with a blaster.?

    Pellaeon did not take offense to the comment made about stormtroopers. There had always been a rivalry between the Navy and Army.

    Thrawn pulled a data pad from the console and handed it to Pellaeon. ?Contact him. Give him our coordinates and have him come to me.?

    Pellaeon saluted Thrawn, ?Yes sir.?

    The Grand Admiral let a small smile cross his face, ?We have much to accomplish before the Emperor makes his return.?

    TAG: No one yet, Warhammer post coming next, Jerjerrod will be my next contact
  6. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: Sorry for the lateness, college, yea know. Any way this post is for catch up

    ?Private Serena Andersia? Sorry about the welcome. I will show you to the pilot lounge, and Lieutenant Irisa.?

    Selena nodded, ?That?s fine I?m used to it.?

    ?Dawnstrider. I have Private Andersia here, lieutenant. Or at least a ?Selena?. How many Selena?s did we have on Telos. She did arrive by X-Wing.?

    Selena noticed the older woman hold out her hand to be quiet. She did so and waited for the communication to get done.

    TAG: Shaara ?Braze? Dawnstrider, any

    OOC: P.S. I don?t mean any disrespect Sith but please pm me back from the pm I gave you a while ago.
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Sergeant Grillo, Medtech Yavscout, lower hangar.
    Location: hyperspace, enroute to Balmorra

    ?Any idea where exactly on Balmorra we'll be dropped off?
    ? Te?ron enquired, coming up behind the sergeant.

    ?No idea. Hopefully within walking distance of the shield facility.? Grillo returned. ?This won?t be like Endor, where we creep up on them by night, taking in the scenery. The alarm will have been raised before we hit the atmosphere.?

    ?I haven't heard any new intel since Jedi Skywalker briefed everyone earlier in the hangar back at base.?

    Neither had the non-com, but he put a brave face on it.

    ?Just the way I like it, Son. It does not pay to put too much faith in intelligence during an operation, as it catches you out all the more if the circumstances have changed.? Although THREE Star Destroyers would be a bit of a bugger. he added silently. ?Hopefully there will be time for another briefing after we get underway.?

    ?We are underway.? Yavscout pointed out, nodding over Grillo?s shoulder.

    The sergeant turned to look past the squad of men still on the boarding ramp, to see the blue-grey maelstrom of hyperspace beyond the shield barrier fronting the hangar.
    ?Now how did I miss that??

    Yavscout laughed at his friend?s surprise. ?They must have the acceleration compensator dialled up to the max. Considerate of them.? The skinny fellow leaned past his mate, and extended a hand in greeting towards Griff. ?Yavscout. Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. A pleasure.?

    Tag: Te?ron Griff
  8. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Te'Ron A. Griff
    Lower Hangar, Flurry

    ?No idea. Hopefully within walking distance of the shield facility.? Grillo returned. ?This won?t be like Endor, where we creep up on them by night, taking in the scenery. The alarm will have been raised before we hit the atmosphere.?

    Te'Ron's features tensed momentarily as he acknowledged what the sergeant was hinting at, and it caused the SpecForce operative pause as he processed Grillo's words. Endor had been a near fiasco for the rebel's that ended up as deadly blow for the imperials, yet Endor was nowhere as difficult an operation as a heavily armed weapons manufacturing world such as Balmorra, and having spent his earlier days patrolling there Te'Ron could fully understand the weight behind Grillo's words.

    "That's going to be a tough order even with the delta squadron running cover for us", Te'Ron answered with a hint of somberness in his voice his brown eyes sweeping the hangar bay locating a few pilots who seemed to be oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. "It would be nice enough if we could run this operation under night cover", the former imperial added his memory banks flashing images of the large factories his mind trying to gather as much information his memories could recall in hopes that it might better their chances.

    ?Just the way I like it, Son. It does not pay to put too much faith in intelligence during an operation, as it catches you out all the more if the circumstances have changed.? Although THREE Star Destroyers would be a bit of a bugger. he added silently. ?Hopefully there will be time for another briefing after we get underway.?

    Te'Ron's eyes possessed a slight twinkle as he caught the subtle content of humor in Grillo's reply, and before he could reply another joined them one who Te'Ron had seen the sergeant with earlier back at the base.

    ?Yavscout. Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. A pleasure.?

    Taking the extended hand Te'Ron returned the handshake with a firm, but comforting grip noting that Yavscout was a Medtech something that always made a soildier pleased to see.

    "A little heads up is always welcomed though seargeant", Te'Ron replied before formally indroducing himself to the newcomer on the other side of Grillo. "Glad to meet you Yavscout I am Te'Ron Griff just another soildier along for the ride", Te'Ron replied in a light tone a brief smile aligning his lips.

    "Any idea which admiral might be in control of the SD's over Balmorra", Te'Ron asked focusing to keep his tone controlled as his mind wondered if his father where still alive would the former imperial admirmal be amongst those standing at the bridge.

  9. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Vukasin Warhammer, NRC Cross and Ravenloft
    Location: Ord Mantell

    The planet was a popular stop for traveling ships; ships flown by smugglers, pirates and other malcontents. Ord Mantell was one of various planets used as a weapons storage facility, clone trooper barracks and fleet support by the Grand Army of the Republic and Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. Now, the left over supplies from that era were under the control of Warhammer. Whispers had made their way to his ears that the Empire was in disarray and everyone was hording weapons and materials for their own personal conquests of star systems. Money did not matter to Warhammer, nor did the conquests of other planets. Vukasin was a pure-bred warrior, meant for one thing and one thing only, WAR.

    War was a well-played symphony in his ears. The sounds of blaster fire were the horn section and the heavy cannons were the percussions. The scent of burning carbon during battle made him ravenous for more fighting much like the smell of fresh baked bread made one?s mouth water. It was ironic that his name contained the word ?war? in it. Yes, Vukasin loved a good fight and he could normally find one on Ord Mantell when pilots came into town.

    Cross, Ravenloft and Warhammer were sitting at their usual table inside the cantina enjoying a drink and smoke. The cigar was full-bodied with a fragrant cedar. The aromatic smoke danced above their heads as they sipped whiskey. Like any sleazy bar found across space ports this one had its share of Twi?lek female dancers and only the prettiest ones were in the laps of Warhammer himself and his men. The bar was busier than usual since the last stalemate between the Rebel Alliance and Empire. Rumors flew wildly around the bar that the Empire?s super weapon was destroyed, that the Emperor was dead, that Vader still lived. Fortunately for Warhammer, seeing was believing and not the other way around. The men were in their regular civilian clothing, with no visible markings of the Empire. A set of dark, wrap around frames covered the intense azure gaze of Warhammer from the regular customers.

    A rather belligerent space pilot staggered into the bar. Already inebriated, he stumbled over to the barman demanding another drink. The bartender was only to eager to take his credits and allowing the pilot to further pickle his liver. The drunkard turned to face the crowd and spotted the three beautiful Twi?lek girls on the laps the Imperials. The other girls were on the stage bending and twisting suggestively for the other patrons. Smiling with a hiccup, he wobbled precariously between tables to the stage.

    ?Hey sweetheart, why don?t you come over and sit in my lap for a while??

    She ignored the drunk and continued dancing. Tugging at her leg, he tried to pull her from the stage. With a swift kick to the face, the pilot fell back on his butt with a bloody nose. The pilot picked up his glass from the floor and looked around. Many of the other patrons were looking at him to see what he would do next. Only Warhammer and his men ignored the scene. Looking back at the men with dancers on their laps, he puffed out his chest and walked over.

    ?Your dancers; give them to me!? He demanded with a slight slur in his voice. Alcohol truly made some people invincible in their own mind.

    Warhammer didn?t even look up when he responded, ?Go sleep it off buddy. You don?t want to mess with me.? The warning was genuine.
    The pilot slammed his hands on their table only to find himself a split second later with his face pounded into the table. The pilot fell to the ground once again on his back with more blood dripping from his nose. The pilot reached for his blaster to kill Warhammer but found his hand pinned down by Vukasin?s boot. Warhammer was standing over the drunken pilot with a much nastier weapon pointing at his nose.

    ?Big mistake friend.? Warhammer gently squeezed back the trigger until the weapon silently discharged its slug into the forehead of the pilot, splitting it open. A commlink began to buzz on his hip alerting him to an incoming t
  10. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    IC: Lieutenant Irisa, bridge of the Flurry.
    Location: Hyperspace

    "I don't think that will be a problem do you Captain?" Luke asked, in response to Irisa's request.

    Irisa found herself looking between the vessel's captain, and her commander, as she waited upon a response.

    "No not at all Jedi Skywalker. I'll have the six gunners sent to the hanger bay ASAP."

    The pilot inhaled to gush forth her thanks, such was the tension, but she was interrupted by the warbling of Luke's comlink, which he quietly answered, while she turned to Manchisco. "Thank you, Captain. That would be perfect."
    Neither Spec-Force, nor the Telos' command centre, had gotten back to her over her gunners request

    Luke looked up with a satisfied smile. "General Solo has just boarded Captain, it seems everyone is now on board."

    Manchisco immediately ordered the jump to lightspeed, her people following her command with practiced ease, though Samantha, to use her adoptive forename, overheard a worried query from one of her men, looking along the line at his fellows at Tractor Control:
    "Uh, did those X-Wings all land?"

    Luke, unwittingly talking over the crewman, announced, "Well I guess I better get myself and my fighter ready. I bid you both farewell, come on Artoo."

    Delta Leader saluted him, then dropped her hand.

    The blue and white astromech whistled something as it and it's master reached the hatch, and something, perhaps the Force, perhaps not, made the lieutenant a mite apprehensive.

    Oh, here we go, She thought.

    "Thanks for reminding me about that."

    Yes. Thanks. Even without knowing the reason why, she glared at Artoo with a look, that if they could kill, would have melted his outer shell.

    Luke, oblivious, "Oh yes Irsa, your squad is no longer named Delta."

    It's Irisa. I-ree-sa.

    He paused for moment as a wide smile broke out on his face, "Your squads' call sign is now Dancer Squadron."

    Oh great!

    Lukes smile grew even wider still, you could park a snowspeeder in there; "And you're Dancer One." He finished with a flourish.

    Irisa stared at him, blushing furiously. This was because of her happy dance, it was obvious. It had been planned for when she finally got assigned a starfighter, so it had not even been used for it's intended purpose! Not that a flight of airspeeders was not a cause of celebration.
    And generations of new pilots, asking after the name of her team, would learn of her embarrasing several moments of gyrations.

    "Thank you, Commander. I don't know what to say..." ...that is printable. "Actually, I had better follow you." Irisa turned to the Virgillian commander. "Captain."

    She started after Skywalker.

    Tag: Luke, Manchisco
  11. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    OCC A joint post by myself and Ominous

    IC: Sate Pestage

    Location Caridia

    This time no anger flared up in Sate, after Jerjerrod?s first refusal he had expected this fool to turn down his generous offer as well. And it was more than a generous offer but he gained something almost as useful, information. Leaning back Pestage knew he was, at this moment, in no position to threaten Tiaan. But that would soon change.

    ?Tiaan, you disappoint me.? Sate said softly, he clenched the arm rests of his chair so tight that his knuckles turned white. But what he was about to say made the acid from his stomach come forward into his mouth. ?But I respect your choice. I depart for the capital this evening, if you by chance happen to change your mind contact me at any time.? Sate said through gritted teeth. He knew there was no chance that Jerjerrod would change his mind and to further antagonize the man, especially the man in command of a Death Star, was suicide.

    Sate shut the transmission down with a violent slam to the console. It was time to report back to the High Council. Even the Grand Vizier had to answer to someone and with the Emperor gone he had to respond to the High Council.

    Opening another channel Sate set a direct line to the council chambers and, even though he was the nominal head of the council they still had the power to overrule him in certain matters. Which was why in the aftermath of Endor he had moved quickly to strengthen his hold, Sate had done so by ordering assassinations on those on the council who didn't share his vision for the Empire.

    As the channel came to life he could see the other members of the council sitting and waiting for his update.

    ?Good evening gentlemen.? Sate spoke with a regal and clear voice.

    The council was made up of old men, all human. The most trusted advisor's of the Emperor during his reign. Now they were a quarrelling group of geriatric bureaucrats. They nodded at the holographic image of Sate Prestage. Most found the vizier repulsive and untrustworthy but did not say such things out loud for fear of losing their position on the council or far worse, their very lives!

    The eldest and second in line to the Empire spoke for the group, ?Were you able to convince Moff Jerjerrod to our side??

    ?Alas no.? Sate was loathe to admit any sort of failure to these parasites, ?But I have gained something else.?

    ?And what might that be?? Came the slightly sarcastic reply.

    Sate could not see who it was clearly taking enjoyment in his failure, he was however sure it would be Tria'la Forysk, a overweight mass of blubbering idiocy. If it hadn't been for the fact that Tria'la was a well known business man who had, under his Imperial majesty's approval, taken over Black Sun?s operations from the late Prince Xizor; he would have been executed. The Emperor had ordered the death of the crime syndicate?s boss, after he became angry with their attempts on the Skywalker boy's life. Sate had never understood why his Imperial highness had done this, he understood the need to reign in the crime lords and let them know just who was boss but still that was a job for someone with cunning not a overweight thug like Forysk.

    ?I have learned the Death Star is possibly beyond saving.? Sate said forcing his annoyance from his voice ?The damage suffered when the Executor crashed into the station has caused more damage than first thought.?

    He heard the intakes of breath from the other council members, he knew that they thought the Death Star was there chance to make a grab for power.

    ?Moff Jerjerrod is also gambling his life and that of the Empire on the military uniting again into a cohesive unit.? he said trying not to let any hint of frustration show.

    ?That?s absurd. Doesn't he know the military can't function without our say so??

    Grumblings passed through the conference room. The feeling turned grim as most of the council realized their grip on the Empire was slipping.

    ?We must unite the forces here on this planet and go after those th
  12. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Lt. Warhammer
    Location: Ord Mantell

    Attn: Lt. Warhammer
    RE: Classified

    Your presence is requested by Grand Admiral Thrawn. The coordinates are attached.


    Vukasin loaded the coordinates into his personal flexipad, a much more robust and indestructible military version of the datapad. His comrades disappeared into the shadows of the building knowing that they would stay behind and guard their supply stores. Warhammer quickly put together his duffle bag and assortment of weapons for future operations or the one forthcoming.

    The Prowler stood in the dark hangar that opened up from the roof. Powering up the engines and punching the coordinates that were given to him by the Chimaera, the roof opened up to reveal the night sky above. Warhammer punched the throttle and the ship responded with a sudden burst of power. He kept the ship lower to the ground and moved away from the prying eyes of the space port and out into no-man?s land. Finally clear from any populated areas, he pulled the stick back against his seat and shot up into the night sky. The trip would take a few days which would give him time to change into his standard Imperial uniform and clean up.

    For the sake of the plot, moving forward?

    Two days later?
    IC: Thrawn, Pellaeon, Warhammer

    The Prowler decanted from hyperspace into the AO of the Chimaera?s fleet. Immediately his ship was surrounded by scout ships and forced away from the main fleet. Warhammer took evasive maneuvers to avoid colliding with the TIE fighters.

    ?That son of a ...? He mumbled to himself but was cut off by a voice transmission.

    ?We have you on our screen, identify yourself.? came the voice from the Chimaera.

    ?This is Lt. Warhammer. Grand Admiral Thrawn has summoned me.? There was a long pause on the other end.

    ?You are cleared to land. Report to Captain Pellaeon?s quarters when you are secured. Chimaera out.?

    The transmission was cut before he could respond. The pucker factor around here must be high, he thought to himself.

    Secured away in the hangar, Warhammer stepped out of his shuttle to an awaiting officer. He was middle aged, with graying hair. He recognized the naval rank and dropped his dufflebag on the ground next to him and saluted.

    ?Lt. Vukasin Warhammer reporting Captain.?

    Pellaeon looked up and down at the rather muscular and tall warrior. The intense blue irises of Vukasin were difficult to avoid. ?You?re not the typical soldier lieutenant.?

    ?No sir, Captain.? Warhammer grinned. ?Storm Commandos sir. Force multipliers sir.?

    Pellaeon relaxed his brow, ?Well then lieutenant are you hungry??

    ?No sir but thank you.? He looked around at all the faces in the hangar. ?Mind if I ask sir, but the stress here is a little thick. What?s going on?? They continued to walk out of the hangar.

    Pellaeon put his hands behind his back as they strolled down the hall of the Chimaera. ?Things are a little dicey in the Empire as I am sure you have heard.? Warhammer nodded but did not interrupt with what he knew about the condition of the Imperial government and military.

    Pellaeon stopped as they approached the doors to Thrawn?s quarters and put his hand across Warhammer?s chest to stop him as well. ?I?ll warn you Lieutenant, the Grand Admiral has a body guard inside the room that likes to sneak up on people and scare them.? Looking up and down the large soldier once again and realizing that Warhammer could hold his own and possibly kill Rhuk. ?Don?t kill it.?

    Vukasin grinned, ?Sure thing Captain.?

    The doors to Thrawn?s large command room opened revealing once again, total darkness. The Grand Admiral must spend many hours meditating, Pellaeon thought. They stepped through into the main foyer of the quarters. Vukasin?s acute vision immediately adjusted to the darkness. His eyes, like Thrawn?s burning red gaze, glowed bright sapphire in the dark. ?Rhuk??

    The alien hissed his displeasure of being detected so easily by this human. Pellaeon grinned to himself and realized that he shou
  13. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Eliforp Risk, Surgeon-Commander Debgate (npcs), Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Ambivalence
    Location: Balmorra orbit

    Captain Risk stood on his bridge, at the windows, grey uniform neatly pressed, boots polished to a shine, looking down upon the world he was helping to guard, but thinking about Zinj.

    The Moff had made a wise decision, changing his title to ?Warlord? in the wake of the Emperor?s demise, and the debacle at Endor.
    People sniffed at Moffs, but Warlord held a certain panache. What it said about the bearer was, ?Don?t mess with me. Try it, and you?ll be taking your crew home in an ashtray.?

    Behind him, and he could see her reflection in the windows as she towered over him, ?his girl?, Debgate.

    He had found her on some backwards planet, and talked her into accepting him as this ?Tribunal? that she followed religiously, and joining his crew.

    He had put her through medical school on Coruscant, and given her the title of Surgeon Commander aboard his ship. A mere administrative fudge so that she would not get hassle from officers.

    She was, to some extent, and innocent, and he jealously guarded the tall blonde?s safety.

    ?There are people on the surface who could do with my help, Captain.? She was saying.

    Risk wondered if she were finally having doubts about what he claimed to be. His decisions used to be final, not subject to this negotiation.

    Either that or it was a matter of them working too closely for too long. Familiarity breeding contempt and all that.

    ?Surgeon-Commander. Warlord Zinj has the Ambivalence here to protect Governor Beltane?s manufacturing facility, not play ?hearts and minds? with the general populace. Permission to go planet-side is denied.? He finally turned to look up at her. She was in uniform for once, an olive-green tunic and regulation-length wrap-skirt, which given her height, had the appearance of a mini-skirt on her.

    Her face was pale under her flowing yellow hair, and she had a no-nonsense expression that the non-medical crew had learned not to mess with.

    ?Is that understood.?

    ?Yes, sir.?

    ?Good. Now run along.? He smiled fatherly up at her, to show her there were no hard feelings, and watched as she headed back along the command walkway to depart the bridge, between the two black-clad naval troopers guarding the doors.

    Tag: no-one
  14. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Shaara Dawnstrider, Liam - Blue Leader, ship hangar.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Shaara took charge of the young girl that was Selena Andersia, and carefully guided and herded her between the groups of loud men, that were debarking fighters and shuttles.

    Out through one of three doors at the back of the hangar, she pointed out the repair bays in case there were something wrong with her X-Wing.

    Her X-Wing?

    ?Oh, I am sorry,? she apologised belatedly, realising she had missed something. ?did you have an astromech??

    Dawnstrider sashayed along the bare corridor, pointing out the well-equipped kitchen.
    ?Not really adequate for the number of pilots and troops we have back here, but it is really for if you get up in the night with the munchies. There are better galleys in the forward section. Ah, here we are.? She ducked through the hatch into the spacious six-walled room that was the ?Short Term Officer?s Lounge? expecting Andersia to follow.

    Inside, rising from a chair before a simple silver picnic table, a much taller gentle being, also clad in a dark green flight suit, extended a hand of greeting towards the Private.

    ?This is Blue Leader.? Shaara explained, standing aside so that her superior, and the teenager could size each other up.

    ?Welcome, Selena.? He said, smiling affably down at her. His most notable feature was his hair, a veritable scouring pad, perched up there.

    Beyond him, several sets of purple velour curtains concealed parts of the bulkhead at waist and head height.

    Tag: Selena
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Shaara Dawnstrider, Liam - Blue Leader, ship hangar.
    Location: Hyperspace

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    Get better soon. And thank you for letting us know.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Shaara, Grillo, Yavscout, the Flurry?s hangar.

    Leaving Andersia in Blue Leader?s capable hands, Shaara made her way back to the hangar.
    She still had to waylay, politely of course, Medtech Yavscout and Captain Celchu.

    Compared to the serenity and quiet of the corridors, the hangar itself was still buzzing with conversation from the gathered personnel.

    After a month of licking their wounds, everyone was glad to be involved in this operation against the Empire.

    Of course, it would be nice to have more information, rather than Command simply pointing them at the enemy and saying, ?Fetch.?

    Shaara paused by the ramp of a dorsal-finned Sentinel-class shuttle, which together with the ?Falcon, and that oversized CloakShape, made it quite crowded in here for the rest of them.
    She pursed her lips, feeling that the Powers That Be had not made any attempt to see how big the hangar would be, before throwing ships at it.

    The lieutenant was unsure whether to wait down here and hope to run into one of her guests, or head back up to her previous perch beside her B-Wing.

    ?That's going to be a tough order even with the Delta squadron running cover for us.?

    Lt. Dawnstrider?s ears perked up at the mention of the airspeeder flight that she had volunteered for, and saw the speaker was a trooper bearing the division patches of the elite SpecForces, standing by the shuttle?s ramp with Sergeant Grillo, and a thin fellow with pointed ears.

    She was surprised to see the sergeant off the Doom 2. For once.

    The first trooper swept his gaze at the gathered personnel along the deck. ? It would be nice enough if we could run this operation under night cover.?

    ?Just the way I like it, Son. It does not pay to put too much faith in intelligence during an operation, as it catches you out all the more if the circumstances have changed. Hopefully there will be time for another briefing after we get underway.?

    The skinny guy leaned in to shake hands. ?Yavscout. Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. A pleasure. ?

    Yavscout! She echoed silently, giving the trio her full attention now.

    The trooper returned the handshake, but was still talking to Grillo. ?A little heads up is always welcomed though seargeant.? Then his attention switched. ?Glad to meet you Yavscout; I am Te'Ron Griff just another soildier along for the ride. Any idea which admiral might be in control of the SD's over Balmorra?

    ?In short, no.? Grillo admitted, then looked round from facing the atmospheric shield, to facing her! ?But perhaps we should ask the lieutenant here, since we seem to have attracted her attention! Lieutenant??

    ?Uh,? The pilot gaped, caught unawares. She waved vaguely at the combat medic. ?I have orders to meet Medtech Yavscout, Sergeant. I did not mean to interrupt you.?

    Grillo nodded at her, then did a round of introductions. ?Lieutenant Shaara Dawnstrider, one of our brave B-Wing pilots. Te?ron Griff. Medtech Yavscout, one of SGIS? finest. Carry on, lieutenant.?

    ?Uh, sir?? She looked at the medtech. ?If you will follow me please. Lieutenant Irisa gave me instructions to pass on to you.?

    ?Who am I to refuse a charming lady? Lead the way.? Yav?s eyes twinkled as he looked back at Griff and Grillo. ?Gotta go.?

    He stepped after her, his attention cheekily taking in her swaying rear.

    Tag: Griff, ground troops, hangar people
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    IC:Te'Ron A. Griff
    Flurry, Hangar

    It wasn't long before their conversation was interrupted as Yavscout was needed else where under the form of one Lieutenet Dawnstrider who Grillo had informed Te'Ron as a B-wing pilot who would be part of the delta squadron flying cover for the strike team. A brief nod was all Te'Ron could spare when Grillo introduced them, and the SpecForce operative could not help but spare a lingering glance at the retreating figure of the Lieutenet as she walked away with Yavscout who spared them a rougish wink. A small smile of appreciation for Dawnstrider's physical attributes covered Te'Ron's lips before it was wiped away with lightening quickness as he found his focus once again though he could not completely remove the image from the confines of his mind.

    "I'm sure Yavscout will determine this an ample oppurtunity to dig for some intel", Te'Ron mused his eyes glancing in the direction of the Intelligence agent, and the B-wing pilot. "I just hope he'll be able to find some time to dig up some information in regards to our mission", he added with a slight chuckle allowing the base in his voice to be prevelent.

    He wasn't known for being a person of comedic talent, yet Te'Ron did have his moments, and he found that his trait for conveying his brand of quiet humor was a great aide during times of duress. Pocketing his short knife in his right boot Te'Ron allowed himself to relax a tad bit knowing that he was prepared as best he could be, and now it was just remaining focused till it was time to begin their strike on Balmorra. Grillo was every bit the savvy veteran that Te'Ron had encountered throughout his military career, and he always managed to find calm in their experience. He hoped to be able to immulate such a characteristic someday, and it was something Te'Ron looked forward to obtaining.

    "So Sergeant where were you assigned before this mission?", Te'Ron posed his question casually with hopes that a little conversation could distract his mind from what lay ahead waiting for them on Balmorra.

  20. AMNDRAG_01

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    OOC: Cs approved

    Name: Sheeal Barzak
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kaleesh
    Eye Colour: yellow
    Physical description: standard kaleesh
    Clothing: battle armor (mandaladorian iron), kaleesh mask and cape (like Grievous)
    Personality: honorable, arrogant at times, loyal, has a temper at times, charismatic, somewhat aggressive, smart, you can call him noble-hearted
    Occupation: soldier, fleet/army commander
    Force sensitive: no
    Area of Expertise: hand to hand combat, public speaking, politics, military tactics and strategy, blaster combat, swordplay, alliance making
    Rank: Brigadier General on space/planet

    Personal Ship
    Name: The Annihilator
    Class: Subjuagator-class heavy cruiser
    Weapon Systems:
    Ion pulse cannons (2)
    Heavy turbolaser batteries (5)
    Medium turbolaser batteries (2)
    Point-defense light laser cannon batteries (5)
    Tractor beam batteries (2)

    Crew Compliment: 25,350
    Hyperspace Capability: yes,
    Class 2
    Backup: Class 12

    Biography: ( Please include military history and traumatic experiences)

    Sheeal Barzak is one of the surviving grandchildren of the once feared General Grievous. Raised by his parents to honor his ancestors and hold them in high esteem, Sheeal lived and breathed those words until he believed he was an exact reincarnation of Qymaen jai Sheelal or better known to the galaxy as General Grievous. By his father, he was trained with the weapons of the kaleesh. When the Kaleesh Resistance took place, Sheeal Barzak was among the kaleesh fighting. His skills with the Czerka Outland rifle, Lig sword, and the Shoni spear were put to the test, and he slew many imperials. Such was his skill on the battle field, that he was placed in charge of a company of kaleesh warriors called a blackarm. At one time, he lured the Imperials into a canyon. Using the natural terrain to his advantage, he placed his best marksmen on the top of the canyon. At a prearranged signal, his marksmen open fired on the Imperials. As the Imperials were being pelted, Sheeal Barzak led a head-on charge with his veterans on the Imperial army. The rest of the army fell on the back and this destroyed the Imperial army.
    Sheeal was greatly known and praised throughout the Kaleesh Resistance after that. He was so well known that the Khagan (leader) of the Kaleesh Bentilais san Sk'ar, promoted him to be a baatar, which is a leader of a brigade. Although it stirred a little bit of a murmur because he was considered just a boy and leading an army. He won their trust by leading a spectacular defense of the Shrupak where he was outnumbered 3 to 1. The battle turned into a massacre in the Kaleesh?s favor, but it wound not have been possible if Sheeal Barzak hadn?t inspired their loyalty saying that he would rather die defending the same temple that his grandfather defended years before then desecrate the name of his ancestors. Crying out in the name of his ancestors, he charged towards the Imperial army followed by the rest of his army, completely won over by their young commander. This decisive move stayed with Sheeal Barzak for a long time; he will always be the first in every desperate charge and the last in every desperate retreat. After this battle, a Kaleesh Holy Man came to him and gave him a blessing, calling him the reincarnation of Qymaen jai Sheelal and the gods and ancestors were with him for eternity. That same day, he was made an Izvoshra, or elite, by Bentilais san Sk'ar himself.
    But at the peak of his successes, the Kaleesh Resistance came to an end. After a terrible bombardment, which took the lives of many kaleesh including Sheeal?s family and a lot of his friends, and Bentilais san Sk'ar offered his services to the Galactic Empire, the kaleesh were left leaderless and fighting to defend what remains of their once proud civilization. Calling together the remaining leaders; politically, religiously, and militarily to a council, Sheeal proposed that a new Khagan should be chosen. Despite him wanting to achieve the title of his ancestor and his support, the title was given
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    My plan is to have a post up by the end of the night.

    My apologies, again.
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    OOC: I saw some people reference the Falcon in their posts and I just want to make it clear that the Falcon is not along for this mission. I went into detail about that in my last post as to why. Sorry if that was confusing in any way.

    On that note, I should have a post up soon. Stay tuned!
  23. master-of-les-pauls

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    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Flint Tilm

    Location Telos IV

    One of the reason Flint had joined the rebellion wasn't for any grand hope of saving the galaxy, but was in fact for adventure. He was a young lad and dreamed of flying in battle and blasting Imps, Flint had no interest in galactic politics but was a thrill seeker. So if he had known that he would be given a job watching the skies, he would have run a mile. If Flint was totally honest with himself he would have known that 130 lbs man who struggled to lift himself out of bed wasn't going to help anyone on any sort of battle field.

    Taking another sip of his caff Flint could feel his eye lids becoming heavy, it was coming towards the end of another long day sat on his butt and he could not wait to get back to his bunk.

    And then a red light began to flash on his control board. A ship of unknown origins had entered the Telo's system and was sending out a call, a call for the Alliance.

    Opening a channel to the ship Flint spoke into the microphone ?Unidentified ship, please state business?

    Flint that was enough to open up a channel to who ever this was coming into the system.

    Tag Kahn_Iceay
  24. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character:
    Major Gen. Odious Parvil, UWAF
    Dr. Mira Lovespirals, UNF Civilian

    IY 807.12.5 (4 ABY)
    22:41 local time
    Operation Testing Waters
    Radacia Space Docks
    Vicinity of Planet Vendara, Kwymar Sector

    Music: [link=]Bar Music[/link]

    The situation was a bit dicy now. He was being offered a perfect chance to meet with the high command, yet there was a catch.

    "If this is not to much a disruption for you, I can have my shuttle ready for take off when ever your ready to leave." The contact said. This was a bit problematic. He realized at this point he wasn't going to be allowed to follow in his own craft, he would have to ride with the contact, meaning he had no easy means of escape, and no back-up from Etana. Regardless, he had to go with this being and see the Alliance high command and he would work out the bugs as he went.

    "We would love to meet with your command," he began. "And we can be ready to depart at once." He would have to discretely contact Etana and give him updates as they went.

    TAG: Game Master

    OOC: Okay, back in the game. My little break might work out fine, as it is advancing the timeline for arrival. Still would like a contact report based on my scan of the area I conducted last post.
  25. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Lt. Warhammer, Capt. Pellaeon, GA Thrawn
    Location: Chimaera, moving towards Kejim

    Warhammer spent most of the trip drawing up the operational plan for the attack on Kejim. Before arriving, Warhammer had given Captain Pellaeon and Thrawn a detailed presentation of his attack on Kejim. Thrawn listened intently as the fierce warrior explained his objectives. To Captain Pellaeon it was not as interesting as listening to naval strategy and tactics but nonetheless it was intriguing to hear the battle plans of the army. Maybe just maybe similar tactics could be used with battleships in space.

    Down inside the hangar, Warhammer and his carefully selected team were prepping their shuttle for the DZ. They would not land but rather under the cover of night, drop in on top of the base and take it out. Captain Pellaeon made his way down to the hangar from the bridge where Zumirez was given the conn. Men ran around performing their battle station duties. Each man had a specific role aboard the Chimaera and each role was drilled repeatedly until it was reflexive.

    The Chimaera banked to the starboard side towards the dark side of the planet, far away enough to avoid detection but within striking distance. Scout ships immediately deployed from the under belly of the massive Destroyer?s hull.

    The loud speaker in the hangar blared out the time. ?Five minutes to launch. The base will be under the cover of darkness in five minutes.?

    Pellaeon approached Warhammer who was applying the finishing touches to his black grease paint. No helmets on this mission. The men would need their peripheral vision for this op. Stopping in front of the massive soldier, Pellaeon stuck out his hand. ?Good luck soldier.?

    Warhammer massive grip covered the Captain?s hand completely. ?Thank you Captain. Keep the java hot, we?ll be back before you know it.?

    10 minutes later?

    A small, onyx-colored shuttle was hurtling towards the planet. The inside of the transport was bathed in red light and filled with SpecWar operators. Upon entering the atmosphere, the pilot cut all power from the engines. The turbulence inside the shuttle was enough to jar your teeth loose. The pilot turned his head back to the CO of the small group and gave him thumbs up. The man blacked out from head to toe, smiled through his teeth guard and nodded.

    ?STAND UP!?

    In unison, each of the five men stood and faced the back of the shuttle where the ramp was lowering. A rush of frigid air slammed into the men and whipped around the shuttle causing her to bank left and right as the pilot attempted to compensate. One by one they jumped out into the darkness of the night, 32 kilometers above the planet surface. Hurtling towards the ground at 196km/hr, all equipment was packed away inside the suit to reduce drag. The combination of downward high speeds, and minimal metal and forward air-speed served to defeat radar, enabling a stealthy insertion. At the very last second, small chutes were deployed slowing the decent of the operators.

    Two minutes.

    It was all the time these highly-trained individuals needed to unpack their weapons and slap the bolt into firing position. The timing was impeccable as two-man teams hit the ground simultaneously taking up position around the drop zone for the others. No words were said, only hand signals were used. Once the entire 6-man fire team was on the ground, the small black chutes were buried into the hard ground. All signs of their presence were wiped clean like a broom to a dirty floor.

    The Rebel base was five klicks from their current position. With an 18kg rucksack on their backs, the team ran a 5 minute kilometer. If there were no delays on the way, the team would reach the facility on-time in 25 minutes, putting them right on schedule for contact. The terrain was rocky hills and barren landscape.

    The base was reached putting their position above and behind the main entrance into the mountain with the enclosed walkways wrapping around the canyon it sat in. The men immediately spread out into their 2-man fire
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