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Star Wars Star Wars- The Final Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by master-of-les-pauls, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Crix Madine, Mon Mothma, Jan Dodonna.

    Location Telos base

    Crix watched as the Echani shuttle glide through into the hanger, he couldn't help but be slightly impressed how remarkably skilful the landing seemed. Even most of the newer Alliance pilots had trouble landing in Telos hangers due to there low ceilings and narrow walls compared to other hangers.

    ?Very skilfully done? Dodonna remarked to Crix.

    ?Yes, very impressive? Madine replied.

    The hiss of compressed air being released from the shuttles repulsor jets. After a few seconds of waiting the ships landing ramp extended and down came the Echani. Taking the lead Mon Mothma walked towards the landing ramp and began the introductions.

    ?Welcome to Telos? Mon said her voice full of welcoming and warmth ?My name is Mon Mothma, allow me to introduce the rest of the high council of the Alliance turning to her left she motioned to first to the white haired man directly next to her ?Allow me to introduce General Jan Dodonna?

    Dodonna smiled and nodded at the speaking of his name ?It is a pleasure for you to join us here on Telos? Jan said.

    ?Next to him is Admiral Ackbar? Mon said introducing the Mon Cal.

    The Mon Cal's expressionless face gave no hint away of his intentions.

    ?And last but not least? Mon said as she introduced the member of the council ?General Crix Madine?

    ?Its a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance? Crix said.

    Tag Khan Iceay

    Cardia and Matrix posts to come
  2. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena
    Location: Short Term Officer?s Lounge,
    Flurry (I think)

    Standing at the side of the table that Selena sat at, both sets of knuckles on the dull grey surface, Liam caught the teen?s hesitation, momentary as it was.

    ?Don?t worry about saying the wrong thing. If you have concerns, and since there are two star destroyers at the end of this trip, that would be more than normal; it is easier to accommodate and plan around them now, than once we are off the ship and committed to a dogfight.? He smiled down at her again, trying to put the young pilot at ease. ?Come on, even if its to say, ?Feed me to the fishes of Naboo; you want us to do what?!??

    ?Feed me to the fishes of Naboo; you want us to do what?!?? Echoed a muffled voice from behind one of the curtains half-visible beyond Blue Leader.

    ?Thank you, Narain.? Liam did not look away from Selena, awaiting a further response.

    ?No problem, Boss.?

    The flight leader shook his head.

    The young girl smirked at the olde man's joke. Selena thought for a moment. Then she said ?I know the importance of the assignment. That my job is to prevent tie-fighters from being launched. I just am a bit scared because I may be able to not do the job correctly. There may be evens well beyond my control. But I will do the best I can.?

    TAG: Sith

    OOC: can there be something for Sheeal to do soon?
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, Tearus Jeando, lower hangar.
    Location: Flurry, enroute to Balmorra

    Samantha headed across the lower hangar deck, the flat, wide-winged shape of the bounty-hunter?s CloakShape fighter, before her, passing the industrious orange-clad pilots of the Rogue Squadron elite.

    So they would be leading the other squadrons, would they? She had been leaning over the balcony overlooking the lower hangar, watching Luke brief the squadron he had led over Hoth.

    From her vantage point, she had seen that the meeting had attracted the attentions of other pilots and personnel, eager to hear what to expect over Balmorra. Still no more than two Star Destroyers expected.
    Certainly, Shaara and Yavscout had paused near the tail of the Detective Wyms.

    Skywalker appeared to be oblivious to general reservations of new intell? coming out of Borsk?s group. She was not as bothered as some of the Rogues; after all, the Endor information had been correct on the big points ? the Death Star was there, the Emperor was overseeing it.

    Wasn?t one of Alliance Intelligence? responsibilities to track the movement of the Imperial fleet? Hadn?t their assessment that the entire fleet was ?scattered around the galaxy in a vain effort to engage us? been slightly of the mark? If you could call, hiding behind the moon in the same system where you have taken your fleet, ?slightly??

    Irisa got close to the side of the CloakShape, and spotted a hatch at the back.
    She got close and rapped sharply on the dark grey metal, waiting.

    After a lack of response, she knocked again, then noticed a white arrow pointing round to the right.

    ?Okay, I?ll bite.? She muttered, turning and following the direction, moving round the large expanse of wing to the side of the craft, where she found one of those boarding steps that could be wheeled up to the side of a craft for those pilots without mountaineering experience.

    At the foot of the thing, Irisa remembered to turn on her comlink. She had deactivated it for her meeting with the Captain and Commander Skywalker. It chirruped as soon as she thumbed it into life.
    Samantha noted that the diode of voice-store was blinking. ?You have a two new messages. First message: Sam, if I may call you Sam. I have something I'd like to talk to you about, if your free come and meet me in the Mess hall later. Second message: If you do take up my offer I'll be in the mess hall in about one standard hour, I hope to see you there.. You have no more messages.?

    ?Sure. If I can call you Luke.? She said to it, although the channel was not open. Mm. What did Luke want?

    Ascending the seven steps, with no need to use the single railing on her right, Irisa spotted Teando leaning up out of the durasteel and transparisteel half-cylinder that bisected the craft, forming the cockpit, lounge, cargo and engine compartments.

    ?Permission to come aboard, Commander.? She asked, giving him the respect he was due as the owner of his craft.


    She put the comlink away and started to step onto the metal skin of the wide wing to reach him, when he snapped something, and put up a gloved palm; what she considered the universal hand signal for ?Stop?, so she did, the sole of her left boot hovering above the durasteel as she observed him warily.

    ?Ori'jate. Very Good,? he commended, nodding and smiling grimly with clear approval. ?You understand Mando.?

    ?Not really.? The ex-padawan stepped back until she was fully on the square of slatted metal that formed the top ?landing? of the mobile steps. ?I understood the hand. Far as what you were saying, it was either, ?how many fingers am I holding up?, or ?stop?.?

    ?A good guess, then, Lieutenant. If you wish to come aboard, you will have to remove your boots and leave them there.?

    Samantha looked down as if noticing her footwear for the first time. ?
  4. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena
    Location: Flurry, lounge.

    ?That is good. Now this isn?t our first ImpStar. We tackled one at Endor too. For some reason, the Imperials did not put much defensive weaponry on their ventral, uh, their lower hull. There are two turbolasers down there, one on either side of the main docking aperture. We will take care of those with torps before you go in close.??

    Selena jumped a little in her seat ?A Death Star is there? I didn?t hear anything about it.?

    ?I have a question.? Narain put in, loud enough to grab attention.

    Liam turned and glared towards the two curtains where his men were. ?If it is the one about where babies come from-?

    Selena rolled her eyes at the, in her words, ridiculous question.

    ?Selena. What kind of stealth has your X-Wing got? When you switch it on, will it vanish from sight, or just from ours and their sensors??

    ?Wellll?It has a sensor mask and jamming systems?I...I know that sounds a lot but I also work in Intelligence.?

    TAG: Sith
  5. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Coming out of Hyperspace towards Caridia

    The small fleet of Star Destroyers under the command of Thrawn decanted from hyperspace into the Barma Sector. Moving forward and around the planet?s surface, the Death Star came into view. Moff Jerjerrod was not over-exaggerating the damage she sustained at Endor.

    Captain Pellaeon?s facial expression did not change. He remembered vividly as the Executor nose-dived into the surface of the massive super-weapon causing severe damage. ?Give the code clearance. Inform Moff Jerjerrod we are here.?

    ?Yes Captain. Shall I hail the Grand Admiral and let him know we have arrived??

    ?No thank you. He probably already knows we are here.?

    ?Indeed I do Captain.? Thrawn?s cool voice came from the doors of the bridge. The men in the pits below straightened up immediately at the blue visitor?s appearance. ?As you were gentlemen.? His relaxed tone took the edge out of the air on the bridge.

    Pellaeon saluted the Grand Admiral as he approached. ?What an honor sir.? He turned to look at the view port. ?There she is sir.?

    Grand Admiral Thrawn strolled over to the view port for a closer look, hands behind his back, Rhuk in tow. ?As you can see sir,? Pellaeon continued, ?She has sustained quite a bit of damage.?

    ?Yes. Amazing it is still intact. Moff Jerjerrod must have a fine crew of engineers.? Thrawn stated with pride in the Moff?s ability.

    ?Where do you expect to get the funding and resources to assist him sir?? Pellaeon asked. For the Captain knew there were not enough resources available from their fleet without having to run on skeleton crews.

    ?I have arranged for Lt. Warhammer to bring Sate Prestage to me. We will get the necessary resources from the bureaucrat, I can assure you.? Thrawn turned his red gaze on the communications console. ?Launch Lt. Warhammer and get me a link to Moff Jerjerrod.

    Warhammer sat at the controls of his shuttle awaiting the order to launch for Coruscant. It had been ages since he was in the Imperial City and was looking forward to the return visit. If his contacts on the planet were still alive and chances were they would be, this should be a simple snatch and grab operation. He was double and triple-checking his gear when the comm. officer came through on the shuttle?s frequency.

    Manticore, you are cleared for launch. Good hunting.

    ?Roger that.?

    A small shuttle with the proper codes to enter Imperial City shot from the belly of the Chimaera and jumped to hyperspace.

    TAG: Moff Jerjerrod
  6. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004

    Revive me when you all get to Balmorra!
  7. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    A while later, in which Tiaan managed to get a drink and something to eat, and making sure that the work crews took a quick rest break, he was back in the control room of the Death Star, awaiting Grand Admiral Thrawn?s arrival.

    Jerjerrod considered this forthcoming meeting as a mix of formal and informal banter. Formal of the sense of getting down to business about the current state of the Empire and the superweapon and what they could do about it. It was also informal in the fact that they could possibly have a chat about other things, more casual conversation although the Grand Admiral didn?t really seem the type of bloke for more casual stuff.

    Jerjerrod had only met the man briefly on Coruscant a couple of times, and it was only at formal dinners the Emperor held for high ranking officers and sector governors such as himself. As far as Tiaan was concerned the man was an enigma, difficult to read and difficult to challenge, if you dared that was. His tactical prowess was well known as well as his love for art. Those red eyes concealed secrets and intelligence far beyond reckoning, rumours even flew about that he was invincible.

    Jerjerrod stood behind the control room officers watching them work. Thrawn could be either the making or the breaking of this station and this crew, and who knew what was going to happen. No doubt the crews would have ro work faster and harder, Tiaan knew they were stretched already but he was just going to have to work them harder.

    I?ll regret it later, he thought but sacrifices must be made in order for the bigger picture to be brighter.

    Lieutenant Endicott returned, walking smartly into the control room and snapping a salute in Jerjerrod?s direction.

    ?Yes Lieutenant?? Jerjerrod asked gently.

    ?The honour guard has been arranged and are awaiting the Grand Admirals arrival in bay 271?

    ?Good, they should be here any minute. Proceed to bay 271 and await my arrival. I?ll direct him there when he arrives with the fleet?

    ?Understood sir? Endicott replied with a slight smile and walked back out again.

    As if on cue, a dozen small blips appeared on the edge of the senor officer?s screen, turning blue for friendlies as they were verified by the sensor officer.

    ?Contact sir, several Star Destroyers and cruisers. Lead ship verified as the Chimaera. Code clearance has been verified?

    Jerjerrod nodded silently thanking the stars that they were here.

    ?Good? he responded after a few moments thought ?Welcome them and tell them to remain where they are. Acknowledge we are ready to receive the Grand Admiral and his entourage when he is ready?

    ?Yes sir?

    Tiaan nodded in satisfaction and walked back to his command chair, settling himself down to wait. He watched out the viewscreen as the mighty fleet of the Imperial Navy spread itself out in the space above the planet Carida. Plenty enough to put even a hardened Rebel off from attacking.

    Well he hoped so anyway.

    The comm. officer spoke up from his station.

    ?Sir, Grand Admiral Thrawn wishes to speak with you?

    Good, time for some business talk. Inside though, even though he did?nt show it, he felt slightly nervous.

    ?Patch it through to the viewscreen, I feel you all need to see this?

    ?Yes sir?

    As soon as the comm. officer gave the thumbs up, Jerjerrod fixed his emerald green stare into the screen with a welcoming smile on his features.

    ?Welcome to Carida Grand Admiral Thrawn. On behalf of myself and my crew here, we welcome you to our sanctuary for now. As you can see, we have sustained major damage but are holding up as vest we can as shown by the fact we managed to limp here. You would honur us by gracing this station with your presence. I will meet you in bay 271 where a special honour guard has been set out for your arrival. I await your imminent arrival?

    TAG: G. A. Thrawn.
  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Shaara Dawnstrider, Blue Leader / Liam, Narain Karthakeyan, Samantha Irisa

    Standing within earshot of Luke?s briefing to Rogue Squadron, Shaara had heard the jedi master banter with one about A-Wings, and assumed the other person to be the Captain Celchu whom she had been assigned to talk to.

    Turning to Yavscout, she asked, would you excuse me for a moment, sir??

    The thin-armed humanoid inclined his head to give permission. ?By all means, Lieutenant.?

    She smiled her thanks and crossed quickly to the line of parked Incom T-65s, before sidling up to her fellow pilot.

    ?Captain Celchu, sir?? She enquired, looking up at his shoulder. ?Lieutenant Dawnstrider.? Her own green flightsuit went quite well with his orange one, she was surprised to find.

    Tag: Captain Celchu / Corellian Outrider

    * * * *

    Short Term Officer?s Lounge

    ?A Death Star is there? I didn?t hear anything about it.? Selena had responded to Liam?s mention of an ImpStar.

    Blue Leader?s eyes widened slightly, at her confusion. Plus the fact that she had actually jumped. This was going to be a long night. He filed her comment away to deal with later.
    ?Riiight. Our B-Wings will be too big to follow your snub-ship up into the bay, so we will try to arrange for a fighter or two from the other squadrons to accompany you inside. We will be right outside, hovering underneath, waiting for you to get clear. Also, I believe Lieutenant Irisa is talking to that bounty hunter to see what he is bring to the party.? In a lower tone, as if talking to himself, the flight leader continued, ?Something about boarding the destroyer??

    He looked over his shoulder towards the sleeping compartments. ?Narain??


    ?Pop next door and get some blue milk and cookies for Selena, and if there are enough for the whole squad, go for it.?

    ?I wanted to hear her answer.? Narain grumbled as his boots appeared through the curtain, and he extricated himself from the rest alcove.

    As he slothed his way past Blue Leader to the door, Selena eventually responded: ?Wellll?It has a sensor mask and jamming systems?I...I know that sounds a lot but I also work in Intelligence.?

    ?You work in Intelligence, and they never told you about Impstars?? Liam furrowed his eyebrows at her, curious. ?You might want to take notes here, rookie; Alliance pilots have jargon, er, short ways of saying things, to quickly identify threats. An ?ImpStar? is how we refer to an Imperial Star Destroyer, either generically, or the Mark One version. If we come across a Mark II, we would call it an ?ImpStar Duece?. Clear??

    He glanced at her hands, silently thinking that she should perhaps take some notes; there were a few more to tell.

    Tag: Selena

    * * * *

    Officer's Mess, forward section - some time later.

    Irisa settled onto one of the long white tables, the tray of hot food before her. Meat and vegetables. Yummy.

    She had had a good chat with Jeando, exchanging ideas on how he was to board the SD, and doing it in such a way that it both
    complemented Blue Flight's attack, and made use of Selena's assault on the bay, which would be his new entry point. Sort of.

    This made his plan to attack the bridge impractical, but once he was onboard, it was of no concern to her what he did.

    With her utensils, the former padawan sawed into the blue slab that was the Spiced Aric Tongue, and with the words, ?Alas poor Aric; I knew him well,? popped the dripping morsel into her mouth and chewed slowly, savouring the flavour.

    She hoped Luke was running late. She could see herself liking this plate, and she was embarrassed enough as it was.

    Tag: Luke Skywalker
  9. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Captain Tesa Manchiso

    Location The Flurry en route to Balmorra

    Tesa stood tall and proud watching the crew of the Flurry guiding the ship through hyperspace, if her chrono was right there was about twenty more hours until they reached there destination. Watching the blue lines of stars stretching past the view port Tesa took a deep breath, she was now full of trepidation but also confidence. Her crew and ship could handle anything the Imperials threw at them! And with the pilots and legends that were on board the Flurry, victory was assured.

    Manchiso had been ecstatic that commander Skywalker had come to the bridge to meet with her, even though she had managed to keep her composure inside she felt like a nervous school girl. Now thinking back on the meeting Luke had been nothing like she had imagined, it was when she had first looked into his eyes that she noticed something was off. The commanders eyes were a bright blue but there was something behind them something not quite right, Tesa had not been able to put her finger on what was wrong but what ever it was it made Skywalker a good ten years old then her was.

    Tesa had to admit she had been hoping that General Solo would have joined Skywalker to the bridge, everyone in the Alliance knew about his relationship with Princess Leia but there was something Tesa had never mentioned to anyone. She had a crush on Han Solo. But that was just school girl fantasy, it was now time to put her focus back were it belonged. Balmorra and the battle to come.

    She ordered the ships shields to be raised and for all turbo lasers to be full charged and to be ready to fire the moment they exited hyperspace. Tesa knew they would be going in hot, the moment they came into real space they would have to launch there attack, there would be no time for fussing or waiting. The second the Imperials realized a Rebel vessel was in there space they would go all out to destroy it. That was why timing was of the utmost importance.

    The high command had briefed her that the Flurry's roll was to sit back and provide cover fire for the fighters as there was no way the cruiser could take on two Imperial class but that wasn't the point of this mission. Her job, and that of the Rogues, was to buy time for Solo's ground strike team to destroy the facility housing secret Imperial technology. This was going to be a simple hit and run fight, similar to those the early Rebels under took.

    The second ensign informed Tesa that the ships weapons were at full power and more importantly that the Flurry's Ion cannons were full charged and ready for battle. Those two Ion cannons were going to be there opening salvo, the Flurry would fire two electro magnetic charges at both Destroyers disabling them. The time it would take for the Destroyers to get back operational would be more then enough time for the fighters to depart and swarm the Destroyers for at least one wave.

    Captaian Manchiso was beginning to relish the battle, checking her chrono again she was right. There was twenty hours until they reached Balmorra.

    Tag Everyone on the Flurry.

    We are nearing our destination, so everyone get ready to fight

  10. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    IC: Selena
    Location: Flurrry

    ?You work in Intelligence, and they never told you about Impstars?? Liam furrowed his eyebrows at her, curious. ?You might want to take notes here, rookie; Alliance pilots have jargon, er, short ways of saying things, to quickly identify threats. An ?ImpStar? is how we refer to an Imperial Star Destroyer, either generically, or the Mark One version. If we come across a Mark II, we would call it an ?ImpStar Duece?. Clear??

    Selena nodded as she grabbed a piece of paper and writing utensil. ?Sorry for the confusion, In intelligence we say things how it is amongst ourselves?and? Selena hesitated, she doesn?t want to say this but to answer some future questions. ?This is my first assighnment in six months?

    TAG: Sith

    IC: Sheeal

    Sheeal swore colorfully when Fusset, one of his trandoshan laughed as he gathered the sabbacc chips.

    ?Want to play again?? grinned Fusset.

    Sheeal grumbled. They were playing this for the fourth time in a row and he hated it. He was bored. And impatent.

    TAG: Any
  11. Ominous

    Ominous Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon
    Location: Chimaera, Caridia

    ?Welcome to Caridia Grand Admiral Thrawn. On behalf of myself and my crew here, we welcome you to our sanctuary for now. As you can see, we have sustained major damage but are holding up as vest we can as shown by the fact we managed to limp here. You would honor us by gracing this station with your presence. I will meet you in bay 271 where a special honor guard has been set out for your arrival. I await your imminent arrival?

    The holo image faded out in his command room. Thrawn turned his glowing ruby eyes on Rhuk, ?You are to remain on the ship.?

    Ruhk straightened up and hissed, ?But Master I am your personal protection. I insist on going with you.?

    The Nogrhi was loyal to the Chiss, to protect and in many cases kill for his Master. ?There are many Imperials that believe non-humans are subcreatures, that they are the master species. I would hate for you to slaughter the entire crew of the Death Star, my loyal protector.?

    Ruhk hissed with satisfaction at the observation Thrawn made of his prowess. ?All the more reason to come with you.?

    ?No.? Thrawn did not want continue the discussion although in the back of his mind he agreed that Ruhk should be at his side. ?I am here to assist them, not take over. I am sure they will be more than hospitable to me.?

    He walked back to the command console and pressed the green light on his keyboard. ?Captain Pelleaon??

    The familiar voice of the commander came through clearly, ?Yes Grand Admiral Thrawn??

    ?Prepare my shuttle. You and I are going over to the Death Star.?

    ?Yes sir.?

    Ruhk followed Thrawn through the passage ways of the ship to the hangar. Many Imperials stepped aside and let the creature pass, avoiding eye contact. Pellaeon stood outside the ramp of the Lambda Class T4a. The glistening white uniform appeared in the hangar on schedule. Pellaeon checked his uniform for creases and stood a little taller as the Chiss approached. ?Are we ready Captain?? The cool voice asked.

    ?Yes sir. Everything is prepared.

    ?Good. Thrawn turned back to Ruhk and nodded.The Nogrhi smilled through his rows of razor sharp teeth and boarded.

    The trip across the space from his fleet to the massive weapon was short.

    Docking bay 271, this is GA-alpha we are preparing to come aboard. The security confirmation codes have been transmitted.

    ?Roger that GA-Alpha. You are cleared to land. Welcome aboard.?

    The shuttle slowing approached the hangar opening as the wing flaps came up. With a sharp hiss, the shuttle touched down in the hangar.

    ?Ruhk, you will stay here for now. When I am ready for you, I will call.?

    ?Yes sir.? Hissed the Nogrhi.

    Thrawn nodded at Captain Pellaeon who stood up and headed to the ramp as it was lowering.

    TAG: Moff Jerjerrod

    OOC: I will be on holiday starting tomorrow.
  12. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Tycho Celchu
    Location: 'Flurry'- Lower Hanger

    As the Rogues were being dismissed, Tycho had to go to his assigned quarters. The amount of preparation to do is a lot: To make sure that pilots will return home in one piece and to work out a viable backup plan incase things fall through. Tycho didn't waste any time waving over a technician to get Dex down from his X-Wing. The sooner it gets done, the sooner he could get some much needed rest and clear his head before they arrive at Balmorra.

    While he watch the little droid as he was lowered to the hanger deck, a voice came from beside him.

    ?Captain Celchu, sir? Lieutenant Dawnstrider.?

    Tycho didn't turn around as Dex was securely on the deck.

    "What seems to be the matter Lieutenant? I am sorry as time is short for me as there are preparations that needs to be done." He wearily apologised and no intention of offending. "If whatever it is you want me for can wait and isn't important, then frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

    He waved 'thanks' to the technician and motioned for the droid to follow him. Dex tooted happily and rolled along behind him as he walked away.


    TAG: Those onboard the 'Flurry'
  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod
    Location: Death Star II, Carida

    Tiaan was still at his place behind the controllers when the sensor officer reported a launch from the lead Star Destroyer the Chimeara.

    ?This must be the Grand Admiral finally coming to visit? Jerjerrod mused aloud ?Wait for verification code before allowing him in?

    ?Yes sir? replied the comm. officer watching his screen intently, waiting for the shuttle to make contact.

    The wait wasn?t long.

    Docking bay 271, this is GA-alpha we are preparing to come aboard. The security confirmation codes have been transmitted.

    The senor officer quickly checked the codes against his list, verified them and gave the comm. officer the thumbs up, Jerjerrod watching silently behind.

    ?Roger that GA-Alpha. You are cleared to land. Welcome aboard.?

    Whislt the shuttle was no doubt making preparations to land and landing itself within bay 271, Jerjerrod had a small amount of time to reach the hangar bay.

    ?Keep an eye on things, if anything urgent arises, comm. me. Alert the work crews they may have a visitor?

    ?Yes sir?

    A few minutes later Tiaan had arrived outside bay 271 and looked at his reflection in the mirrored wall. He made sure his posture was ramrod straight, his uniform was snug and smart against his body and that he looked a picture of perfection. He rubbed his hand over his face, he was looking a little tired but as they said there was no rest for the wicked.

    He cast a glance outside, the honour guard had been assembled well by Lieutenant Endicott. The guard was made up of stormtroopers and scout troopers, officers and even some of the work crews who were off duty for the moment but had been no doubt asked to join the presentation. Two rows of higher ranking officers stood to either side of where the ramp was going to be lowered, looking straight ahead, faces expressionless.

    Jerjerrod hoped the Grand Admiral at least would be impressed with this.

    Tiaan took a few deep breaths, let them out. And then with a purposeful stride, neither quick nor slow, he strode into the hangar. Immediately bodies snapped to attention like elastic snapping taut a crisp salute to their commanding officer.

    Jerjerrod waited at the end of the line, awaiting where the ramp would be lowered. As it was lowered Jerjerrod composed himself.

    Tiaan executed a smart military bow before Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    ?Welcome aboard sir. I am Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod, commanding officer of this station. I?m sure we have much to discuss, and indeed much to show you?

    TAG: G. A. Thrawn
  14. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic Darth Sidious

    Location Byss

    Things were going just as he had foreseen, with Thrawn about to take control of the Imperial fleet the Rebel's would soon be wiped out and then once more the galaxy would be his. The Emperor had spent the last few moment contemplating this, each time a dark satisfaction rose in his chest like raging fire. Even death would not ease the strangle hold he had placed over the galaxy and with the Jedi now virtually gone, there was only one obstacle standing in his way. One last Jedi Knight but as always Sidious had a plan in place and Luke Skywalker would either be converted or die, just as he had foreseen it.

    The Emperor sat on throne that was raised slightly above the normal level of the floor, his throne room on Byss had a very sparse d├ęcor and was barely lit by two lights at either end of the room. The throne room had in recent weeks become Sidious's place of meditation, it had been here that he had spent most of his time recuperating from transferring his essence into his new clone body. Due to this the room now reeked of darkside energy as did the entire palace.

    A lone man knelt before Sidious, the man who knelt was the head of a group which Darth Sidious had named The Dark Side Elite. Before him was Sedriss QL, a powerful tool and one who would spear head Skywalkers fate.

    ?My master? Sedriss said.

    ?I have an errand for your group, my servant? Darth Sidious hissed.

    ?I live to serve, my master? Came the reply.

    ?I have foreseen that the Rebels will soon launch an attack on the Death Star and that it shall be led by Skywalker? He didn't need to even look into Sedriss eyes to see the spark of excitement within them, his servant longed to claim the life of the last Jedi. ?You will send one of your men to Cardia, to serve as protection against the Jedi's treachery?

    ?I shall go myself my master and I shall bring you back Skywalkers lifeless body as gift to you?

    The Dark Lord of the Sith smiled, Sedriss no matter how powerful he thought he was did not posses the power to become his true apprentice.

    ?Your thoughts betray you Sedriss,? Sidious said his voice becoming harder ?If I wanted to you to go to Cardia I would have said so, would I have not?? The hidden threat in his words was not missed by either man.

    ?Of course master, forgive me? Was Sedriss reply.

    Sidious snorted a reply to his puppets apology ?You have your orders now full fill them and I shall teach you the true power of the Dark Side?

    ?Your will shall be done, my master? With that Sedriss rose and quickly exited the throne room.

    Darth Sidious the true Dark lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Galaxy smiled to himself. He knew no matter who Sedriss sent to Cardia, they would fall to Skywalkers blade but that wasn't the reasoning behind this plan. Skywalker had to be tested, if the boy was truly as powerful as his Father. If not the Skywalker boy would not be worth his effort but, if he was. The Sidious would mould the last Jedi into a fearsome Sith. It would all go as he had foreseen it.

    Tag No one.

    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location The Flurry

    The meeting with the other Rogues had gone just how Luke had expected it, smoothly and by the numbers. During the meeting he had received a reply from Irisa who had excepted his invitation to meet in the mess hall.

    With that in mind Luke hurriedly made his towards the mess hall hall, hoping that he wasn't to late and also wondering just what the hell he was going to say or how he was going to say it. All Luke knew was the Force had guided him here and this was something he had to do.

    It didn't take Luke too long to make his way to the mess halls and when he was there Luke saw Irisa sat in a booth happily eating some sort of exotic looking dish. Clearly she hadn't noticed him enter the room, Luke then walked over to her booth and spoke.

    ?Forgive my lateness? Luke said ?May I join you Samantha??

    Tag Sithy

  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Samantha Irisa, the main mess, the Flurry.
    Location: Hyperspace

    Shaara had been thinking about licking the plate, the meal having tasted that good, but the combined benefits of the Force, and having an aunt who loved watching holo-soaps, where it was practically in every character's contract to walk in on a male friend and the twi'lek girl down the hall - it was always a twi'lek - doing something they shouldn't.

    Didn't the people have wedges they could put under the doors? Had no-one heard of knocking?

    "Forgive my lateness." Luke said, "May I join you Samantha?"

    The lieutenant licked her lips and glanced innocently up at the robe-clad commander. "Luke." Saying his name, to him, sounded odd, but now that she was a flight leader, and as long as she survived the engagement, and did not screw up, she could now. Also, she sensed that he desired peers or friends who would just think of him as Luke. "Of course you can join me; you requested it."

    She expected she would have a chance to discuss Blue Flight's role in the battle, as well as Dancer's, but the fact that he had not done the briefing back in the rear module, like he had done with the Rogues, she felt there was more going on.

    "What do you want to talk about?" Torn between smiling and looking serious, she settled for the former.

    Tag: Luke
  16. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: Sorry for the shortness, been racking my brain trying to think of a way to make this longer. Kinda failed

    Muri Mikaru
    Telose, Hanger

    Muri had quite expected to be greeted by a Proxy. An officer or group of officers trained to greet and escort delegates back and forth from places. It was arguably what he'd have done, but he wasn't exactly the most personable Echani in history, not after the Lining went up in a ball of light. But to his surprise, he was not greeted by a proxy but by the High Council itself.

    They went about in a round of introductions, to each of which Muri gave a nod. Introductions done on their end, he took to his. He bowed slightly, "I thank you for your greetings. I am Admiral Muri Mikaru, Commander of the Echani Armed Forces and representative of our government in these proceedings. I apologize for arriving here as I have myself and not the agreed upon envoy. However I believed it more appropriate to show you the seriousness of our commitment in the form of our greatest military achievement."

    Tag: MOLP
  17. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Shaara Dawnstrider, the lower hangar.

    The lieutenant stayed by Tycho?s X-Wing, letting his curt dismissal roll over her, and contemplated giving him another two hours before bothering him again.

    Then there was a gap in the crowd of orange flightsuits, and she met Yavscout?s gaze, though the medtech was far back on the walkway, beyond the row of parked X-Wings.
    He actually waved at her!

    In somje fashion, that spurred the pilot along to catch up with Celchu, scooting round the astromech that trailed after it?s master until she was trotting beside the captain.

    ?Sorry, sir; I need a quick answer. Delta Leader asks if, after the initial attack on the star destroyers, you will volunteer to join our snowspeeder flight to provide cover for General Solo?s ground assault??

    Tag: Captain Tycho Celchu

    [b]IC: Surgeon-Commander Debgate, Chief Surgeon Ny Brun, Captain Eliforp Risk[/b], the attack hangar, the [i]Ambivalence[/i] Imperial Star Destroyer.
    [color=red]Location: Balmorra orbit[/color]

    [b]Debgate[/b] was up in the attack hangar rafters where the automated conveyance system brought docked TIE fighters and interceptors to be maintained and stored till it was time for launch.
    Around her was a maze of vertiginous catwalks and balconies, punctuated by the shallow black domes of the TIE cockpits, their bi-valved hatches open or closed.

    As usual there was a patrol out, doing a sweep of the star system, in case of surprises.

    Everyone knew that the Rebellion had gotten out of Endor largely intact, and would be looking around for new targets soon.

    Imperial security was good, so it was doubtful that they knew of the Balmorra operation, but the Rebels had struck here once before, so who knew?

    * * * *

    [b]Ny Brun[/b] settled onto one of the plush armchairs in the recreation lounge, and cupped his hands round the hot beverage he had just bought; a milky coffiene before bed.

    A couple of the soldiers that he had treated recently, nodded in the Chief Surgeon?s direction. He inclined his head at them, then turned his attention to a pair of techs discussing next week?s mouse droid races, specifically, if they built a loop-the-loop section of track, what sort of speed would a Rebaxan-Columni MSE-6 droid have to achieve to make it through the full 360?

    * * * *

    In his quarters, [b]Captain Risk[/b] moved a white chess-piece on the computer-operated four-tier board before him.

    Behind him, in the centre of the cabin, and to low music, a female Balmorra citizen gyrated erotically for him, running well-manicured hands over the hips of her dress.
    The abbreviated snow-white outfit was literally all she was wearing. That and some lipstick.

    The rest had been confiscated by Security, on his orders. Right now, there was a stormtrooper in the corridor, wondering what the hell to do with her knickers and shoes.

    ?You could at least watch.? Kristie pouted.

    ?Shut up and keep dancing.? Risk retorted without turning.

    [b]19 hours to go.

    Tag: no-one[/b]>
  18. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    Name: Telamarcus Esevial Stryker (Stryker for short)
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Species: Epicanthix
    Eye Colour: Clear dark blue
    Physical description: Athletic build, Short black hair with the front flipped up.
    Clothing: Black cloth trench coat, long crimson colored scarf, Black ubese armor shirt, matte black tactical belt, tactical cargo pants (black) and knee high black traveling boots.
    Personality: Reserved, smart but curious, likes to listen rather than talk.
    Occupation: Formerly a member of the Emperors Hand
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Stealth and Melee, Various Force Techniques (strength in Force Speed and Telekinesis.)
    Rank: N/A

    Personal Ship
    Name: N/A
    Class: N/A
    Weapon Systems: N/A
    Crew Compliment: N/A
    Hyperspace Capability: N/A

    Biography: Telamarcus Esevial Stryker was born into the newly formed Empire. Because of his sensitivity to the Force, the Empire immediately killed his entire family and spirited the infant away to raise as a tool for their own twisted purposes. He grew up in a cold and harsh environment of abuse. Skill and discipline was expected, not rewarded. If you didn?t show your prowess, you died. It was that simple.

    Stryker proved to be one of the few sensitives who survived the training and actually exceeded expectations. He was one of the lucky individuals who developed a natural affinity for certain areas of the training, and took it to a new level. Because of his talents, Stryker was elevated to Agent status as one of the infamous ?Emperors Hand.?

    Even though he has been bred for service to the Empire, one thing that the training could not stamp out of him was his natural curiosity about his heritage. Stryker never had a thought about his birth family. The heritage he sought was more about the Force than anything else. He knew that he was not the only person who had talent with the Universal Energy, and also that the Jedi had been practitioners of the Force before the Empire had destroyed them, but aside from that, Styker knew nothing about his potential and it had begun to bother him. He has researched other Force Cults and most of them seemed like nothing more than fanatics chanting to the moon.

    On one visit to the past via research, Stryker found a copy of an old holovid entitled ?Jedi!? on the black market. He watched the drama all the way through and found that it had depicted the traitorous Grand Master Yoda as nothing short than a hero. The holovid was made back in the time of the Republic. Since seeing the holodrama, Stryker has been finding hidden clues and pieces of history that the Empire failed to bury. It was at a point where he had found enough to outline that everything the Imperial?s had taught him about the Jedi was a lie. At that time, he began feeling like he was being watched constantly, and on more than one occasion, ghosted Imperial agents, tailing him to see if he was defecting. Unfortunately for the Agent?s, they hadn?t been trained as well as Stryker had, and he found it a simple task to slip behind his pursuers unnoticed, effectively putting them under the eyes of scrutiny, instead of him.

    When Stryker learnt of the Emperor?s death, he realized it was time to leave the fold. He sent a smart bug into the Imperial network and siphoned off tiny amounts of credits from hundreds of accounts, gaining him a healthy sum to live off of for a little while. He wasn?t rich, but Stryker had also grown up never wanting for anything, he is a man of few possessions and uses his new ?retirement fund? simply to survive from place to place. Truly, very few outside of the Emperor himself knew about the Black ops members of The Hand, and so he found it easy to simply walk away.

    Since then, Stryker has been blissfully neutral in the whole conflict, seeing life for what it was for the first time, viewing both sides from afar to see who was in the right. Though he had heard that the Emperor had been killed by a Jedi, rumors seem to hit a dead end there. Stryker has been living life easily, as nothing but a citizen, using his skills to passively search for leads to
  19. Friedebarth

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    Nov 26, 2009
    ~GM Approved~

    Name: Darth Vicious
    Age: 1'348 standard years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gen'Dai
    Eye Colour: Red
    Physical description: 2.6 metres tall, apart from that
    Clothing: A bordeaux cortosis-fiber cloak with hood, below black cortosis armor and a special bordeaux-painted cortosis mask, which includes a scanner unit and connectable computer terminal that can be telepathically accessed by Darth Vicious. This enables him to see people that use force cloak and other normally hidden objects, if wanted; and also to access information from a certain database the mask is connected with without having to use a computer terminal. This comes in handy when he is not aboard a ship but wants to see a map or overhead can of the area he is in, like a topographical map or a live heat map taken by the ship's scanners. Also wears black gloves.
    Personality: impatient, agressive, greedy, stubborn, vile, proud, egocentric
    Occupation: Sith
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Combat using the lightsaber and the force.
    Rank: Sith Lord

    Personal Ship
    Name: Firehawk of Doom
    Class: Unique
    Weapon Systems: 5 Quickfire Turboblaster Turrets, 10 Nanonmissile Launchers, 15 Ultralaser Banks.
    Crew Compliment: 200
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes

    Biography: Darth Vicious (actually called Larrn), was born on the Gen'Dai home planet, Tatako'V'Ski in 1'342 BBY. In his youth, he was already noticed as very vile and aggressive, and the Gen'Dai council exiled him and his family to Coruscant. Upon arrival there, Larrn coincidentally met the Jedi Master Martio Rendar, who discovered his force sensitivity. In fact, it was even more unusual due to the fact that Gen'Dai are usually not force sensitive. Anyhow, Rendar asked his parents for permission to educate Larrn in the Jedi Arts. His parents agreed, fled, and could not have been any happier about getting rid of their child.

    However, Larrn found that the Jedi Codex didn't suit him, and, as soon as having manufactured his own lightsaber, he killed his master while asleep and fled to Korriban in a small, stolen hyperspace jumper. There, he was educated by the Sith, but not pushed into the War Effort, instead, they had him remain at Korriban for continuous study and practice. In 1'157 BBY, he was promoted to the rank of Darth and spend the entire rest of the war as a teacher in the Academy at Korriban. Then, in 1'000 BBY, the New Sith Wars were over. Darth Vicious, and a few other Sith academy students and teachers, were left over. All but Darth Vicious left and submitted to the Galactic Republic - not telling them of the left over Sith Lord and neither of the Academy. So, since Korriban was a desolate, resource-less desert planet, no one even took the time to scan it for life forms or building structure; in 958 years no ship ventured even close to Korriban.

    But then, in 42 BBY, Darth Sidious secretly travelled to Korriban. He discovered, to his amazement, the allegedly missing Darth Vicious, who had been hibernating there since 1'000 BBY, since Gen'Dai do not need food at all, or even water when hibernating. Palpatine obtained information from his fellow senator Goseg, the Senator for Tatako'V'Ski, on how to end a Gen'Dai hibernation, and used it to re-awake Darth Vicious, who promptly joined the new Sith, this time as head of the Academy and Supervisor for Combat and Tactical training of Sith and Imperial forces. He manufactured a new lightsaber, a detachable double-bladed lightsaber, with the use of the very rare Korybite crystal, which made the lightsaber have a black blade with a red glow. The hilt is made of an alloy of cortosis and electrum.

    In 32 BBY Vicious gave up his position as Head of Academy and concentrated on planning and fighting in Battles and duels. He was one of the greatest executors of the Order 66, having killed 17 Jedi on the day it was issued. He is now underway with the "Firehawk" to the Death Star II.

    [b]IC: Darth Vicious[/b]

    [b]"Out of my way!"[/b] Darth Vicious growled in a very annoyed demeanor, as he hastily cantered through the labyrinthal corridors of the second Death >
  20. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Telamarcus Esevial Stryker


    All part of the plan.

    Right, keep telling yourself that Stryker, you slipped and the Inquisition caught you. Now you are under arrest in an Imperial Facility and will probably be executed before sunrise.

    Very few people could best Stryker in individual combat with sheer skill alone. He had been one of the best. Skilled and deadly. The man was simply good at what he did. The problem was that as far as Imperial Agent's went, The Hand of the Emperor was a medium level. He had been one of the best of a lower class. The Inquisition was the highest there was. And it had been one of their numbers that had finally captured the Rogue Agent.

    So now, there he was, sitting in a small black room with nothing to comfort him except a flickering light that was already starting to drive him mad. He hadn't exactly made it difficult to be honest. He had only come to this system in search for a better hiding spot. He had known that the Empire was sending someone after him, he had been a fool to think he could just slip away unnoticed.

    At least, that was what the individual probing his mind with the Force from the other side of the wall was understanding. Because Strkyer was a fool, a second rate Agent, compared to the Inquisition.

    He was stuck in his cell now, none of his Force talents could get him out, especially since there was a talented Dark Sider no more than ten feet behind him. They honestly thought that he couldn't sense them though. His former standing in the Empire was advantageous, at least to a strategic standpoint. For all the good it did him now of course, being stuck in prison with no way out.

    Hours passed, the light continued to flicker uncontrollably. But Stryker knew the game. This was all a method to make him crack. Psychological torture. It was all he could do to keep a smirk off of his face. Who did they think trained him?

    They had confiscated his coat, and with it, his lightsaber and gear. His gloves were gone, and he was left barefoot and shirtless in the cold prison. All the while, the Inquisitor was trying to probe his mind for useful information before they executed him.

    Finally, he felt the tickle in his mind subside. He looked up as he heard heavy boots coming down the hall and he stood slowly as the first stormtroopers stood before his cell, they were flanking the man that had brought him in. He didn't recognize the man, but he could spot one of the Inquisition a parsec away. Their clothing gave them away. Regal in nature but loose enough to allow free combat movement. They looked more like politicians than anything else. Most of them anyway.

    ?Telamarcus Esevial Stryker, come with me... I have.... Questions.?

    Stryker remained silent and allowed himself to be dragged by both arms from his Cell. His body was limp in the grasp of the stormtroopers, as if he had lost all hope of life. They dragged him into a small interrogation room. Both guards stood outside while the Inquisitor sat across the table from him.

    ?Let us cut to the chase. You are a Rogue member of the Hand. There is only one punishment for desertion, as you well know. So tell me why you chose to hop a civilian transport en route to a system so dangerously close to Imperial controlled space.?

    Stryker remained silent and stared at the table, hunched in his chair.

    ?Do not play games with me Stryker. Answer the question so I can go home.?

    Stryker looked up and blinked slowly at the man, still, saying nothing.

    The Inquisitor leaned across the table, boring into Stryker's brain with his eyes.

    Ah. Here it is at last, the moment of truth. Let's see if the training pays off

    He felt pressure on his mind.

    ?You will tell me what I want to know...?

    He had to drop the charade to concentrate. A smirk tugged at his mouth as he looked up daringly to the Inquisitor.

    ?You won't get anything from me, Inquisitor. I have nothing to tell, just a simple man making his way in the galaxy.?

    Now was his chance, while the man was off balance. As quickly as he could, Stryker reache
  21. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Brenta Star System.

    Sit Rep: The Convoy had arrived and was checked for its cargo at the junction of the Empire's two most heavily traveled trade routes, the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route. That had been six hours before but there had been no sign of the convoy breaking up and continuing onward towards the Fondor Shipyards. Something was up and Guiy had been wondering whether or not to bail into the trash and make his way towards the Caridia system. But whatever it was, it was the same for all convoys. They were all staying put as though there had been an invisible hand holding them all in position until released. Guiy bided his time by sampling the local communications traffic amongst the military shipping. It was all coded but not a problem as he had been working with his software packages from the Rebel Alliance boys at the "Software Skunk Works". The new addition to his family of droids having digested that software was happily crunching out communications translations for Guiy to check out.

    IC: As Guiy Phaux on board the Dust Bunny I with Foo-Foo, Thumper and R4 N8 aka "Chirppy".

    "Ok we've got Devistator, Terror and Reaper-Imperator Class-Star Destroyers. These are teamed up with two Tecta Class Star Destroyers, the Savage and the Executioner," said Guiy as he watched through the eyes of his remote widget while it floated outside of the hull of his ship's host, the Devistator.

    Foo-Foo was busying herself with data entries for sending back to the Alliance for speculation and review in case it was needed, in strict accordance with Crix Madine's order to report back anything. R4 N8 or "Chirppy" as he'd come to be called, chirpped his readiness to report completion of part of the code cracking. Foo-Foo routed the information through to her screen display and vocalized for Guiy what had been translated thus far.




    "R4 N8 is still working on the other one right now, Guiy. It seems to be shaping up to something similar from Grand Viseer Sate Pestage. Do you think there is an imminent civil war coming between the Grand Viseer and the Grand Admiral?" she asked.

    Guiy rolled his eyes upward, sighed, then answered.

    "If that politician thinks he can hold out against Grande Admiral Thrawn then he isn't long for this life," he said. "Thrawn is said to be a genius at strategic combat. If it weren't for a fall from grace he had earlier in his carreer with the Emperor, he probably would have been the one commanding the Imperial Fleet throughout most of the war against the Alliance. This is not good for our side if he comes out on top, simply because he's said to be that good at Naval Engagements. This could be one of those developements that should be reported back immediately to the Alliance Council," said Guiy. "Let's see the message said That their files would be opened remotely...right?"

    Guiy, Chirppy and Foo-Foo got to work and began checking to see who was complying with Thrawn's orders. Then they installed some interesting softwar
  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Narain ?Buzzer? Karthakeyan, Blue Leader, Short Term Officer?s Lounge.

    Narain bustled in with a tray, placing blue ceramic plates with cookies on, in front of Selena, and on the table in general, where anyone in the room could pick at them.

    Transparent plastic glasses of blue milk, had been brought in too, along with something the pilot had been pretty pleased, in an evil sort of way, to find.

    A blue toddler?s beaker cup, with top sealed with one of those perforated ?beak? things to suck the liquid through, was placed before the teenager. It bore the cartoon figure of Aka the Aak Dog, down the side.

    Narain had been quite surprised to find it on board the bulk carrier. Aka was quite the famous brand in the Core Systems, and several members of the Alliance, from many corners of the Empire, had fond memories of the canine ?Galactic Explorer?.
    Still, that it had spread to Virgil, Virgillia, wherever Virgillians came from, anyway, was a revelation.

    If ?Buzzer? was expecting any type of reaction from the girl, or his superior, he was to be disappointed for the time being.

    Selena was writing furiously on a scrap of flimsi, and talking: ?In Intelligence, we always say things in full amongst ourselves.? She seemed to hesitate, as if to mull over what she wanted to say next. ?This is my first assignment in six months.?

    Liam sighed, and showed his new, if temporary, team member, a small smile. ?Thank you. See, that is the sort of thing we need to hear from you now, rather than when we are flying up to a target. That must have been hard to say. I think you are a very brave girl, and I look forward to flying with you.? He paused, then returned to the previous subject.
    ?Starfighter pilots do not have the luxury sometime, Selena, of saying things by their full names. In the time it took to say, ?oh look, there is an Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer over there, Narain here could be a rapidly dissipating, incandescent cloud of debris.?

    ?So, General Solo,? Narain started to embellish, standing at the end of the table nearest the corridor, and putting the empty tray on the table. ?hosted the first ?This-Guano-Is-Taking-Too-Long-To Say? Symposium.?

    ?So the other star destroyers follow the same pattern. VenStars for Venator Star Destroyer. Same with Victory and anything smaller than a Super Star Destroyer.?

    ?That, we just call, a Big Bit-? Karthakeyan started.

    ?An Es-Es-Dee.? Liam glared up at his friend. ?I do not want her learning any of your bad language, Narain. I?ll not have her school comm me up at home to tell me...? His face flushed, Blue Leader closed his mouth, the chair leg making a loud noise on the deck as he pushed back from the table. I am going to check on those snowspeeders.?

    Narain looked after his boss. ?Y-4 Raptor-class-?

    ?I know where they are!?

    Liam disappeared into the corridor, leaving the other pilot to shrug apologetically down at Selena.?I guess we know now why he?s fighting the Empire. He never told us. We don?t normally work with kids, so I couldn?t have anticipated that he would react like that.?

    Tag: Selena
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    OOC: I'm a bit confused now. Sidious and Vader are dead, so who's in charge now? And, especially, who's going to give Orders to Vicious?
  24. Friedebarth

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    Greetings, everyone! I am surely new to posting here, so please help me along! Thanks.

    Name: Ace Lionheart
    Age: 52
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Bright Blue
    Physical description: His is very strong, with a long neck and strong, buff arms.
    Clothing: He wears different clothing, but when in hiding he wears Jedi robes.
    Personality: He is very kind, and loves everyone.
    Occupation: Former Jedi, Republic Spy
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: The Force
    Rank: Jedi Master

    Personal Ship
    Name: The Weeping Warrior
    Class: Star Yacht
    Weapon Systems: Destructive Fire Power
    Crew Compliment: 2-4
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes


    Personal Life

    His earlier years were the worst of his life. He, as a Jedi, was restricted against having a relationship. He had a relationship though, and had a secret child. He grew to train to two apprentices, both dying.

    When Order 66 began, he sailed away in a secret Jedi taskforce. When they crashed landed on Togrunta, and then Tatooine, he was separated from his daughter and friends. He hid on Naboo for his life, trying to bring peace.

    He joined the Rebels in secret, only a special group actually knowing he was there, helping them know about the Empire. When he heard of the Empire?s tragic deaths of the Emperor and Darth Vader, he decided to help the Jedi. While secretly stealing a ship, he made his way toward Balmorra, where he had been told to travel.

    OOC: I am hoping I will have a starting post first, but if I don't expect me to post!
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