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Beyond the Saga Star Wars The legend of Tay Neir

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Taylor Neir, Jun 14, 2022.


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  1. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Title: The legend of Tay Neir and the Neir crystal
    Author(s): Tay Neir (DragonM4xmuis as I go by on YouTube)
    Timeframe: After the fall of the first order
    Main Characters: Tay Neir, Bolen Carlon, and Darth Manniwin
    Genre: story

    Neir Crystal:
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  2. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    I will post I am just struggling to copy and paste it at the moment. Sorry in advance.
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  3. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Here is the first chapter and please if you have any questions don't be afraid to let me know i will release one chapter every week. Chapter 2 will be released next week. May the force be with you all.

    Chapter 1- The war begins

    It was a bright day on the Capitol Planet of Takodana, There was a group of Force sensitives heading towards the main senate building. These force sensitives are the beginning of the new Jedi order, most of which would become the new Sith order known as The Galactic Order. These Jedi where heading to a meeting with the galactic senate to discuss the Jedi protecting the galaxy once more, Leading these Jedi would be Rey Skywalker as the Grandmaster and Testa Neir as the highmaster. The rest of the Jedi were Summer Neir, Shopie Nul, Lehan Stevenson, Nya Now, Rain Grinwwyn and his padawan Pooja Driet. The Jedi had arrived at the main doors to the Senate building and Rey approached Supreme chancellor Naren Barris.

    “Supreme chancellor Barris” Said Rey bowing

    “Rey, Let’s head inside and begin shall we?” Asked Naren

    Pooja was now alone with Shopie. Pooja sensed the anger building up in Summer, who was hanging on a ledge outside the window, Pooja then tried activating Summer’s yellow lightsaber but it zapped her hand making Pooja drop the saber. The lightsaber then went flying out the window into Summer's hand. Pooja then watched Summer jump back into the corridor and go to Shopie’s side. Summer then activated her lightsaber and the yellow blade stood at shopie's side. Pooja then activated her own green bladed lightsaber and another blue lightsaber activated behind her. When she turned cort starwalker was standing behind her. Cort starwalker came from an unknown species. He was a 25-year-old Jedi knight. He had a blue lightsaber with a gold hilt. He wore a padawan bride on his tan coloured tunic. This bride was from his old friend Master Yyvic. Pooja was from a new breed of Nautolan. She had a long neck and had brown skin. She didn’t wear the traditional Jedi tunic but instead an outfit much like Luke Skywalker did in episode 6. She had a lightsaber similar to her master’s lightsaber. The blade was a dark green and the hilt was Black. Summer was a 20-year-old female force-sensitive Tusken raider. She came from a long line of Jedi sentinels known as the Neirs. The Neirs where all powerful Jedi and every one of them had a yellow bladed lightsaber because of the colouration of the kyber crystals that power only a Neir lightsaber. These kyber crystals would only allow a Neir to activate the lightsaber and would zap anyone who wasn’t a Neir. Over the years the Neirs became famous for using these crystals. Summer was one of the last Neirs left in the galaxy. The names of the only Neirs left in the galaxy were, Summer, her brother, Tay Neir ,her father, Avinn Neir and her mother Testa neir. Summer wore a brown Jedi tunic and had a sliver hilt to hold the yellow blade. Shopie was a yellow skinned 25-year-old female human. She wore a tan Jedi tunic to hide her black sith tunic beneath. She had blonde hair and a Modified, sliver hilt with a black blaster on the end of it the crimson blade lit up her sith eyes that she had hid from the Jedi for so long, a hint of blue had returned to the iris.

    “Let’s” Replied Rey

    The Jedi and the chancellor entered the building unaware that a sith stood amongst them.

    As the Jedi, sith and Naren arrived on the first floor. The sith then force pulled Summer round a corner and Activated her crimson bladed lightsaber.

    “I knew I could sense the darkside in you” Exclaimed Summer activating her yellow bladed lightsaber.

    “You grow wise in your years, Summer”

    “You picked on the wrong Jedi, Shopie”

    The two lightsabers then collided sending orange sparks off the two sabers.

    Shopie and summer then came around the corner and Pooja sensed the dark side in Both Shopie and Summer. As she turned around, she saw Summer fighting Shopie. Pooja was shocked to see that her old friend had a red lightsaber. At that Moment Summer was kicked in the chest by Shopie and was sent out the window. Her Lightsaber went flying towards the grandmaster, but Pooja used the force to pull it into her hand. The Grandmaster then entered the chamber along with the rest of the Jedi and the galactic senate.

    Summer launched towards Pooja and the two blades collided. At the same time Shopie lunged towards Cort. The four Force sensitives stroke blow after blow to each other. Meanwhile inside the senate chamber the meeting had began.

    "The Jedi were the cause of the first order, who knows what could happen if they took over once more" Exclaimed Supreme chancellor Narren Barris.

    "With all do respect Chancellor, It was grandmaster Luke Skywalker that triggered the dark side within, Ben solo." Argued Rey Skywalker

    "The senate are now stating their votes" Replied Narren

    "The Naboo system want the Jedi" exclaimed the Naboo senator.

    "The Coruscant system want the Jedi" Exclaimed the Coruscant senator

    The rest of the senators decided against the Jedi.

    "Very well, the galactic senate have decided not to make the jedi lawful" Said Narren before going to end the meeting.

    Just at that moment The Sith burst into the room.

    "What the..." Said Narren before being knocked out The jedi then stood up and activated their lightsabers.

    But the Sith were prepared and knocked out almost every Jedi in the room. Rey and Testa then ignited their yellow Lightsabers. Rey went into battle with Summer and Testa went into battle with shopie. While they were fighting both Lehan and Rain awoke and grabbed their Lightsabers. Both jedi ignited their lightsabers. Rain was a 30-year-old, Male, Yellow skined Nautolan. He wore a tan Jedi tunic. He also had a gold hilted Lightsaber that emited a white blade.

    Lehan was a 32-year-old white female Wookie. She wore a Brown Jedi tunic and had a red hilted Lightsaber and yellow blade. Both Jedi then dived towards The senators of Naboo and Courasant. At that very Moment Pooja and Cort’s Lightsabers collided with the Lightsabers of the Jedi they once fought alongside. The sith and the jedi fought a voracious battle within the chamber. Objects were thrown across the room. Force lighting collided with Lightsabers or in some cases Jedi. The entire battle was contained within the chamber and the senators stood rooted to the spot afraid of being hit if they moved. Just as the battle came to an end, Lehan threw her Lightsaber towards the Naboo Senator. Pooja saw the saber but by the time she could do anything about it, the saber had stroke the Senator though the chest. Lehan then recalled her Lightsaber and the Senator fell to the floor lifeless. At that same moment, the supreme Chancellor came around in time to see his fellow Senator die in front of his eyes. Satisfied by their work Lehan, Rain, summer, shopie and Nya teleported out of the chamber. The Jedi then ran towards a different Senator. The ones that were alive then started to speak.

    “In line with recent events the senate has made the Jedi legal” said Narren

    “The Jedi temple will be constructed immediately.” Explained The Corsount Senator.

    “Very well, Chancellor” Replied Rey

    “You need help clearing this place” asked Testa

    “We could use a hand”

    “Driet and Starwalker will give you a hand, Chancellor.” Explained Testa and she and Rey left the two Jedi to assist the Senate.”

    5 hours had passed since the meeting and the 4 remaining Jedi were overlooking the construction of the jedi temple.

    “So now what” asked Pooja sitting on a table with the blueprints next to her

    “Pooja you will go to Tationne and find an old friend of the jedi”

    “Copy that, Grandmaster”

    “Testa, you will go to coursant and do the same”

    “Of course,” replied Testa heading to her A-wing

    “Cort you will go to Kassyak and find any force sensitivees you can that aren't sith”

    “I like those wookies”

    “I will remain here and search the planet for force sensitive children and keep an eye on the temple.” Finished Rey and Pooja and Cort headed to their ships.

    Pooja’s ship was a modified Naboo N-1 starfighter. Instead of the classic Yellow and sliver paint job, it had a blue and green paint job to signify Pooja’s strong connection to the light side of the force. Cort’s Ship was a Eta-2 Jedi starfighter and it was modified so that it was large enough to house it’s own hyper drive. It was Gold and blue to signify Cort’s Lightsaber.

    Rey then Started toward the temple and entered the entrance hall (One of the only places to be built within the temple) She then activated a holo table seeing that a transmission was trying to come through. When the transmission activited Summer stood in front of Rey


    “That’s Darth Manniwn now, Skywalker” Exclaimed Summer

    “What do you want now Manniwn.” Exclaimed Rey

    “The next war has began, Skywalker THE GALACTIC ORDER has rose, and there is nothing to stop us.”

    “The galaxy still have a chance as long as the Jedi stand”

    “What ever but the Sith are way more superior than that of the Jedi.”

    Rey then ended the transmission and activated a holo map of Takonda and little red dots showing force sensitive Teens and adults appered

    “Rey” said a voice from behind her.

    When Rey turned, she saw Finn and poe standing in the doorway

    “Finn, poe what are you doing here” Said Rey with a mixture of shock and happiness in her voice.

    BB8 then came rolling towards Rey.

    “BB8” said Rey

    Meanwhile on the planet of Tationne two Neirs were training in their hut out in the desert. The name of these Neirs were Tay and Avinn. Tay was only a 7 year old Tusken Raider he was also powerful in the force. His father was Avinn Neir who was a 23 year old Jedi master. As every Neir before him Avinn had a yellow bladed Lightsaber.

    The two Neirs had fled their Home world of Lucicar when the first order made it impossible to survive on the volcanic surface as the Neirs had not evolved to withstand the sweltering heat of the atmosphere. The two Neirs heard a ship overhead when they looked up, they saw Pooja’s modified N1-Naboo star fighter.
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  4. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Force Ghost star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Nice work! It looks like Rey will have her work cut out for her, between trying to rebuild the Jedi and facing the new threat of the Sith in the Galactic Order. It's good that she has others to help, especially if they can find more Force-sensitives to increase the numbers of Jedi. Hopefully she'll also be able to prove to the galaxy that the Jedi are a good group to have around.
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  5. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Thanks i tend to try to limit my works to my own star wars knowledge and as we don't know what happens after the rise of skywalker, I decided to base the legend of Tay Neir after the rise of skywalker.
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  6. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Here is chapter 2. again if you have any questions please feel free to ask. May the force be with you

    Chapter 2- The jedi order

    Once Pooja’s ship had landed Avinn deactivated his Lightsaber and walked to Pooja’s ship with Tay next to him.

    Pooja noticed the two Neirs walking towards her ship. Pooja then jumped out her ship and waited for the Neirs to approach.

    "Master Neir, long time no see" said Pooja once the two had reached her. Pooja noticed Tay hiding behind him.

    "Sure, is good to you again young Driet. When I saw you last you were as short as Tay is now." Replied Avinn.

    Pooja then went onto her knees and looked at Tay from his own Hight.

    "Hello Tay, I'm pooja Driet I'm a Jedi padawan in the Jedi order" explained Pooja in a voice that made Tay comfortable around her.

    "You’re a jedi" Replied Tay noticing her lightsaber

    "Yes, I am, You like it don’t you?" Asked Pooja unclipping her Lightsaber and handing it to Tay

    "It's as light as yours, dad" Explained Tay looking up at his father. Tay then ignited the green blade

    Up inside the Neirs ship Tay was getting curious of his father's friendship with this jedi.

    "How do you know that Jedi dad?" Asked Tay activating the hyperdrive

    "I was the one who brought Pooja into the order son" replied Avinn as the ship jumped into hyperspace heading to Takodana.

    "Right" said Tay sitting back in his seat

    "That was the last time I took someone into the order before I came to collect you from kashyyk like I promised." Explained Avinn staring out into the hyperspace.

    “Did you ever have a padawan, dad. ” Asked Tay.

    “Yeah, once” said Avinn

    “They were a female twi’lek . She had Orange skin and she had a very unusual Lightsaber. I first met her on Ryloth during a negotiation with the leaders to use one of their hyperspace lanes. She had a curved Lightsaber with a red hilt and a bronze blade. She was my Padawan until she killed loads of Jedi. When she was put on trail by the senate, she said that she had been taken over by the dark side. The senate didn't buy it. After a discussion with me and the rest of the council the senate decided that the jedi should be elimited. The next day an elite collection of troops assembled in front of the old temple. They were made to combat the force ablites and lightsabers of the jedi. It didn't take them long to storm the temple. Very few escaped the temple that day and even then, they were injured and were the most powerful of the order." Added Avinn

    "Sure is, Tay, I helped her make it." Said Avinn. He then looked at Pooja.

    "The time has come hasn't it, Driet?"Asked Avinn. Pooja then took her lightsaber back from Tay and deactivted it.

    "Yes, Master" replied Pooja

    "Very Well" Avinn then turned to Tay

    "You'll be a Jedi, Tay" and the two Neirs Jumped in their ship and programed the nav computer. The Neirs ship was a ST-70 assault. It was a yellow colour to signify the Neirs lightsaber colour and it was also equipped with a cloaking device.

    The Neirs ship took off into the atmosphere of Tatooine. Pooja on the other hand went to Endor to see an old friend of her own, Jedi master Kanio Yyvic.

    "What happened then?" Asked Tay

    "You're not going to leave me alone, are you?"

    "Very well, The troops blew up the jedi temple and the remaining jedi knew that the order was finished so we went into hiding. Each of us went to different planet to spread the jedi thin across the galaxy. I went to kasyyak to collect you and we went to Tatooine; Master Nidor went to Kamino as he had good connections with the kaminoans. Master Skywalker, Padawan Dreit and Master Starwalker remained on takondana. Your sister also managed to survive and fled to the far reaches of space. After the first order our home world was destroyed and so she has recently turned to the dark side as the leader of a new Sith order known as the galactic order. I am taking you to the jedi temple to complete your training as a jedi. Cut the hyperdrive, Tay" Explained Avinn as he maned the controls to send them in for landing. Tay disengaged the hyperdrive and the planet of takondana loomed in front of them filling the view of the cockpit. A transmission was then patched through to the cockpit.

    "This is Takondaian airspace identity yourselves." Demanded the guy on the transmission.

    "This is Jedi Master Avinn Neir heading to the Jedi temple to meet with the rest of the Jedi" said Avinn punching in his jedi code

    "Anything else on board?" Asked space control.

    "Just my son and two droids." Replied Avinn

    "You're cleared for landing master Jedi, The grandmaster's expecting you." Explained space control

    Avinn then continued down to the planets surface. Once the Neirs were inside the atmosphere, they landed in landing bay 4. Rey had met up with the rest of the jedi when Avinn arrived with Tay.

    "Hello there, fellow Jedi, the time has come to protect the galaxy once more, this is the day that we stand up for what is right, no matter what we must remember the jedi code." Yelled Rey to her fellow Jedi

    "There is no emotion there is peace, there is no ignorance there is knowledge, there is no passion there is serenity, there is no chaos there is Harmoney and there is no death there is the force." Incanted the jedi as one.

    "Hello there" said Avinn as the jedi dispersed into the different areas of the Newley complete temple. All of the jedi council had remained in the council chambers. Avinn sat down next to Master Nidor.

    "Avinn" said Master Nidor

    "Anothny" replied Avinn. Tay was left in the middle of the chamber.

    "Tay Avinn George Neir, you have been brought to us so that we can decide who will be your Master." Said Rey

    "We've already seen what you are capable of" added Master Ashat Marcow

    "Have a personality, to match you 3 masters, you do" Said Avinn lar.

    "To propley match you up we are going to have to put you through 3 tests. Test 1 will test how you deal in different situations. Test 2 will put you face to face with each of the 3 masters. Test 3 will test your force ablites against other jedi younglings in the order." Explained Rey

    "Me and Master Lar will take you down to the chamber and test you in each of these tests," said Master Nidor rising up from his seat at the same time as Master Lar. The two Jedi masters and Tay then headed down towards the chamber. Rey then turned to Avinn N.

    “So, Master Avinn. How was your training?” She asked.

    “It went to plan and now I can become one with the force and speak to those who have already become one with the force” Explained Avinn N.

    “Including those killed during order 66?” Asked Cort.

    “I should be able to, Master starwalker.” Replied Avinn N.

    “I think Jedi Knight Nightengale is waiting to see one of us,” Said Ben.

    "Noah" said Rey.

    "Sorry to interrupt grandmaster, but the senators of kasyyk are here to see you." Replied Noah.

    "Excuse me a moment" said Rey and she stood up and left the room.
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  7. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    I've decided to upload one chapter every 2 weeks as to give people more time to respond to each chapter and thank you all in advance.

    :):greensaber: ;):bluesaber: :cool::redsaber: [face_skull]:kylosaber:
  8. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Force Ghost star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Nice job! It looks like a lot of changes are ahead for Tay as he begins training with the Jedi. I'm curious to see how the different trials will go and who his master will be. I imagine some things might be difficult for him in the future with his sister now leading the Galactic Order and being an enemy of the Jedi. Good work! :)
  9. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Thank you. I have completed this first book and am currently working on the second one.
  10. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    This is Chapter 3. Again if you want to ask any questions feel free to do so, either here for via PM. May the force be with you.

    Chapter 3- Master Nidor

    Meanwhile down in the test chamber, Avinn L and Anothny were starting the first test. Tay was down in the centre of the chamber with Anothny’s Lightsaber in his hand. Anothny’s Lightsaber had a curved sliver hilt and it emitted a green blade. Tay ignited the blade as he could sense the training droids behind him. The droids then opened fire upon the young Jedi. Tay then rebounded the blaster bolts back at the droids. Only a couple seconds had passed and the droids fell to the floor as one.

    “Very good, now time for the second test” Explained Anothny activieing the second test. Tay ignited Anothny’s Lightsaber once more as Jedi master Ashat Marcow entered the room. Ashat Marcow was a blonde haired, yellow skined, female Human being. She was a 32 year old Jedi council member. She wore a Brown Jedi tunic and she had her Lightsaber in her hand. It was a double hilt and it was black with sliver details and red power buttons. Ashat Marcow had already ignited her lightsaber. The Lightsaber white blades. Tay and Ashat stood opposite each other both their faces bathed in the light of their Lightsaber blades. Ashat launched towards Tay. Just as Ashat swung her lightsaber Tay rolled behind her and knocked her off her feet.
    Ashat then stumbled forwards. She then spun around and cut Tay’s cheek open.

    “Ouch!” Cried Tay. Tay then felt a powerful anger surge through him. Tay then backfliped over Ashat and the two blades collided. Ashat could see the yellow in his eyes and knew that she had to let him win so, she swung her Lightsaber upwards and Tay disarmed her and her Lightsaber went flying into his hand. Ashat then went to her knees and Tay put a Lightsaber either side of her head forming an x. Anothny and Avinn L set both Lightsabers to training mode from the command centre.

    “Good Neir, good. Kill her, kill her now” Exclaimed Anothny

    “I shouldn’t” replied Tay extinguishing all three Lightsaber blades. Tay then helped Master Marcow back to her feet and handed her back her Lightsaber. Her Lightsaber had been set back to regular status. Once she had left, another Master entered by the name of Master Ashlyn Sinin. She was a second female master. She was a 42 year old Green skined Nautolan. She wore a black Jedi tunic. She had a Red hilted crossguard Lightsaber (A Lightsaber design forbidden by the jedi code). Once she reached Tay, she activated her crossguard Lightsaber. Her face was instantly swallowed by the blue glow of her Lightsaber. Tay then ignited Anothny’s green bladed Lightsaber (A Lightsaber colour he would later take on in his own lightsaber)
    It took Tay a whole hour to beat Ashlyn. After she had been beaten Tay gave Anothny back his Lightsaber and Tay took on a Jedi temple guards Lightsaber.

    Anothny was a yellow skinned male human being. He had Ginger hair and wore a Jedi tunic extally the same as Anakin Skywalker’s. He activated his Lightsaber and Tay ignited the temple guards red hilted and red bladed Lightsaber. Tay and Anothny fought for 2 hours before Tay was finally defeated. The two Jedi then left the chamber and went to the council chamber. Tay was sent to the outside training area. Just after Tay entered, he saw a black Human male training with his Lightsaber. Tay approached the boy and the boy exsiquised his Lightsaber. The boy turned towards Tay. The boy was wearing a cream tunic.

    “Hello there” said the boy clipping his Lightsaber to his belt.

    “You alright?” Asked Tay

    “All good, you new around here?” Replied Bolen

    “Yeah” Said Tay leaning against a tree.

    “So who are you then?” Asked Bolen


    “Tay who”

    “Tay Neir”

    “You’re the son of Master Avinn and Master Testa?” Asked Bolen. A look of shock on his face

    “You sound surprised, so who are you then?” Asked Tay

    “Bolen Carlon, Jedi Padawan of Ashlyn Sinin.” Explained Bolen

    “Nice to meet you, Bolen.”

    “You too, Tay.”

    “Say you wouldn't happen to know Form 2 would you?” Asked Bolen

    “Ah, yeah. I can show you if you like” Replied Tay

    “Sure.” Said Bolen unclippeing his Lightsaber and handing it to Tay, after noticing he didn’t have one of his own yet.

    “Thanks” Said Tay. Tay then ignited Bolen’s Lightsaber and his face was swallowed by a blue glow. Tay then went through everything he knew of form 2 Lightsaber combat. After an hour of Tay and Bolen going through Form 2 Lightsaber combat, Noah approached the two. Tay handed Bolen back his lightsaber

    “Come with me” He said to Tay. The two then went to the council chamber. Tay entered the chamber to be surrounded by the most powerful Jedi of the order.

    “Welcome back, Tay.” Said Rey

    “We have decided make you the Padawn of Master Nidor.” Said Rey

    “I can see this becoming a good relationship.” Said Anothny

    “We are going to leave you two alone so you can get the basics" Explained Ben

    Both Anothny and Tay left the chamber and went to a workshop.

    “Before we begin your training you must construct your own personal Lightsaber. This weapon will reflect your personality and will be with you for life.” Explained Anothny

    “Yes, Master” Said Tay

    “Do you need inspiration for your Lightsaber?” Asked Anothny

    “Please Master” Replied Tay

    “Very well” said Anothny activating a holocron and past and present Lightsabers appeared from the holocron.

    “I’ll need some time to construct my lightsaber, Master.” Said Tay

    “Very well, Bolen will be waiting in the training ground when you are done” Explained Anothny before he left the room.

    Tay then gathered an image of each Lightsaber type. Tay held each of the Lightsaber types. He started with Count Dooku’s curved Lightsaber and ignited the holograms blade he then swung the Lightsaber around a bit and decided that it was not a Lightsaber type for him. Tay then put Dooku’s Lightsaber back and grabbed Kylo Ren’s crossguard Lightsaber. He then did the same as he did with Dooku’s. He decided that it was also not a Lightsaber type for him he then grabbed Darth Maul’s double bladed Lightsaber. He activated it and swung it around a bit and knew he could make it work for him. He then put the hologram to one side. Tay then grabbed an inquisitor's Lightsaber and instantly put it back as it was too heavy for his liking. Tay finally grabbed a single bladed Lightsaber. He swung it around and put it to one side along with Darth Maul’s Lightsaber. Tay then closed the holocron and re-activated it but this time it only showed all the double bladed and single bladed Lightsabers. Tay then picked out both Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber and Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber for his two inspiration for the single design and he grabbed both Darth Maul’s and Master Jaro Tapal’s Lightsaber as the inspiration for the double design. Tay then messed around with ways he could integrate both types of Lightsabers into his Lightsaber. In the end Tay ended up decideing to have two single bladed Lightsabers that could combine into one double bladed Lightsaber. Tay then set to work on his Lightsaber he also messed around with different colours for the hilt to accommodate different colour blades. Tay then put the two kyber crystals he had gathered from illum when he was 5. Tay then activated the Lightsabers and both blades were green so Tay deactivated the blades and took the crystals out so his Lightsabers wouldn’t activate when he was painting the hilts. As the blades were green he painted the hilts a shiny sliver and the power buttons he painted black. Tay then put the crystals back into the Lightsabers and he activated his completed Lightsabers. Tay had also been given cream Jedi robes. Tay put the robes on and put a brown belt on as well. Tay then clipped both his Lightsabers to his belt. Tay then left the room and headed to the training ground. Once he arrived he noticed Bolen was waiting for him.

    “You look great” Said Bolen leaning against a tree

    “Thank you” Said Tay

    “Can I see that?” Asked Bolen pointing at Tay’s Lightsaber. Tay then unclipped one of his Lightsabers and handed it to Bolen

    “Wow that is light, Tay” exclaimed Bolen

    “Thank you”

    Bolen then activated the Lightsaber and his face was swallowed by the green light of the weapon.

    “That’s a good design Tay” Explained Bolen handing Tay his Lightsaber.

    “I knew you’d like it” Said Tay clipping his Lightsaber back to his belt just then Anothny entered the training ground.

    “How’d you do?” Asked Anothny

    “Here you go” Said Tay handing his Lightsabers to his master.

    “Light and durable, easy to maneuver.” Explained Anothny before he ignited the blades.

    I see you took on my lightsaber colour, like Master, like Padawan.” Said Anothny handing Tay back his Lightsabers.
    The three had a happy time together for that day.
  11. Darth Starwalker

    Darth Starwalker Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 8, 2022
    Nice book it seems that Tay or you more like have their work cut out for them
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  12. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    thank you.
  13. Darth Starwalker

    Darth Starwalker Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 8, 2022
    I noticed there is a character called Cort Starwalker it matches my profile's last name
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  14. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
  15. Darth Starwalker

    Darth Starwalker Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 8, 2022
  16. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    That's a lot of Ashokas.
  17. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Force Ghost star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Good work! The tests showed that Tay is definitely a skilled fighter, and the versatile design he chose for his own lightsaber reflects that combat skill. It looks like his parents are also pretty well-known in the Order. I'm curious to see what he'll learn as Anothny's padawan. Nice job!
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  18. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
  19. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    Here is chapter 4

    Chapter 4-The journey Begins

    It had been 7 years since Tay had joined the order and Tay was training with Bolen. Tay had the same Lightsabers he created 7 years before. Tay was always confident when fighting his best friend Bolen.

    “Ready?” Asked Tay with one Lightsaber in hand.

    “Yeah” Replied Bolen activating his Blue bladed Lightsaber. Bolen was now wearing a set of brown jedi robes. Tay then activated one of his Light green bladed Lightsabers. Bolen then ran towards Tay and the two blades collided the two Lightsabers then formed an upside down x. Tay then pushed Bolen backwards and Bolen balanced himself and Tay ignited his second Lightsaber and combined the two Lightsabers forming a double bladed green Lightsaber. Bolen then launched towards Tay and both Lightsabers collided. Tay then jumped over Bolen and the two Lightsabers collided yet again once Tay had landed. Tay then kicked Bolen and Bolen’s Lightsaber went flying out of his hand. When Bolen had hit the floor Tay ran over and held his Lightsaber to Bolen’s throat.

    “It’s not fair you got two Lightsabers and I got one” Bolen said as he got up from the ground, he also used the force to grab his Lightsaber and Tay un-Combined his Lightsaber and deactivated the blades and the two then clipped their Lightsabers to their belts and left the area. Meanwhile in the council chamber Anothny Nidor was finishing a conversation with one of the jedi younglings.

    “Yes, young one, now go on you don’t want to be late for your next class”

    “Yes Master Nidor” Said the young one as Darth Manniwn landed behind Master Nidor.

    “Let’s get this over with.” Said Anothny as he unclipped his curved grey Lightsaber.

    Maniwin took off her cape and threw her Lightsaber into the air and caught it with her right hand. At the same time, she ignited her crimson blade. Anothny also ignited his green blade. The two then broke into battle and both lightsabers collided. Anothny used the force to push Manniwin backwards into Rey's chair When Manniwin landed her lightsaber went flying out of her hand. Manniwin also shot a surge of force lightning towards Anothny. Anothny blocked the lightning with his lightsaber. Manniwin then force-grabbed her lightsaber and leaped over Anothny, who blocked Manniwin's lightsaber as she landed behind him. Manniwin then grabbed an overhead pipe and brought it crashing down on Anothny. Anothny's lightsaber then flew to the other side of the room as the pipe landed on top of him. Outside the council chamber, jedi Master Avinn Neir heard the crash and rushed in to assist Master Nidor. Master Avinn ignited his yellow bladed lightsaber as he entered the room Master Avinn grabbed Master Nidor's lightsaber and also ignited it. Manniwin also turned to face Avinn.

    "Hold it right there, Darth Manniwin" Exclaimed Avinn

    "Nice of you to join us, Father" Replied Manniwin unclipping a second lightsaber and igniting a yellow blade. The two then launched towards each other and Manniwin pushed Avinn backwards, Avinn used His and Master Nidor's lightsabers to stop himslef, He also pushed a button on the wall. The temple was then filled with a flashing red light. The two then went back into battle. Meanwhile in the medition chamber Jedi master Avinn lar was meditating with Jedi padawans Tay Neir and Bolen Carlon.

    "Padawan Neir, good it feels?"Asked Avinn lar

    Avinn lar was a female member of Yoda's species. She wore a yellow cape with cream and orange jedi robes. She had a brown hilted lightsaber clipped it her belt.

    "Yes Master Lar" replied Tay

    "See, what do you, Padawan Neir" Asked Master lar

    "I see, peace, light, hope and freedom." Replied Tay

    "And you Padawan Carlon?" Asked Master lar

    "Joy, freedom, honesty and compassion" Replied Bolen

    "In common, what do these things have?" Asked Master Lar

    "Being connected to the light side of the force" Exclaimed the two padawans.
    "The force as a whole, they are connected to, The dark or the light, not just" Replied Master Lar correcting the jedi padawans. Just then the room was filled with a bright red light. All three jedi snapped open their eyes.

    "You two stay here, I'll be back shortly." Commanded Master Lar.

    "What's going on?" Asked Tay jumping up from his seat and handing Master Lar his necklace.

    "Breached, the council chamber has been" Replied Master Lar putting on his necklace.

    "By whom?" Asked Bolen

    "Tell you, if I knew, I would." explained Master Lar and with that he left for the council chamber.

    "Who do you reckon it is?" Asked Bolen

    "Sith most probably" Replied Tay

    "Shall we go take a look?" Asked Bolen

    "Yeah, I believe my father might be involved" and the two Padawans left for the council chambers. As they approached the 3rd floor, A member of the disaster legion currently led by Master Avinn, came around the corner. The trooper was the commanding officer of the legion and wore Sith Tropper armor but in blue and grey. This Tropper's name was Storm.

    "What are you two doing up here then?" Asked Storm as she spotted the two padawans. Storm had met Tay and Bolen during one of their missions together.

    "We are heading to our quarters" Replied Bolen

    "Very well, hurry along now." Said Storm and she left the two padawans to do what they were doing.

    "We won't be able to enter the chamber from the main entrance." Explained Bolen

    "Why don't we use that vent up there?" Explained Tay

    "Can do I'll give you a boost" Replied Bolen Going down on all 4s for Tay to reach the vent. Tay then climbed onto Bolen's back and used the force to undo the screws holding the vent cover in place. Tay then pushed the cover into the vent. He then pulled himself into the vent and helped Bolen into it as well. Tay then started to crawl through the vent and Bolen replaced the cover and the screws and started to follow Tay. Back inside the chamber The jedi council had arrived. There were 12 jedi council members in total. Each member of the council had ignited his/her/their lightsaber and had surrounded Darth Manniwin. Manniwin then cloned herself 11 times. Each Manniwin ran out of the council chamber and to a separate part of the jedi temple. Each member of the jedi council followed a different Manniwin. Master's Avinn and Nidor were left in the council chamber with Manniwin Tay and Bolen had entered the chamber and were hidden on some of the overhead pipes that ran through the temple. Avinn then used the force to lift the pipe off Master Nidor. Master Nidor then got to his feet and got his lightsaber off Avinn. Anothny then ignited his lightsaber.

    "Two against one, I like those odds" Exclaimed Manniwin. Manniwin then attacked both jedi masters. The three had many blows to each other, when Manniwin kicked master Nidor backwards and pulnged her yellow lightsaber through her father's chest.

    "You always were weak" Whispered Manniwin into Avinn Neir's ear before deactivting her lightsaber. Master Avinn then fell to the floor, Lifeless. Tay had witnessed his father's death and jumped down from the overhead pipes to land behind his sister.

    "Hello there" said Tay. Manniwin then turned to face Tay having her crimson lightsaber still ignited.

    "About time we met, Brother" She repiled holding her lightsaber out in front of her. Tay then unclipped his Green bladed lightsabers and ignited them both.

    "What fun" exclaimed Manniwin. The two then pushed towards eachother. The three lightsabers then collided and Tay clipped them together. Tay used the force to push his sister back. He then started to spin his lightsaber so fast it took Manniwin by surpise and Tay sliced her lightsaber in half. Manniwin then pushed Tay back against a wall and fore-grabbed her fathers lightsaber and ignited it. Tay's green bladed lightsabers had flown out of the room, so when he got up he force-grabbed Manniwin's yellow bladed lightsaber and ignited it. Both Neirs now had a yellow lightsaber in hand. Anothny and Bolen stood on one side of the chamber not wanting to get involved between to two Neirs. Tay and Manniwin then went into battle once more. The battle ended up destorying most of the council chamber when finally Tay managed to disarm his sister and he held a Neir lightsaber either side of her neck.

    "Darth Manniwin, in the name of the galactic senate of the republic, you are under arrest." Explained Tay Deatcivteing both lightsabers as the council walked into the room. Jedi master's Marcow and Lar took Manniwin by the arms

    "The senate will decide your fate" Finished Tay Clipping his father's lightsaber to his belt and handing Manniwin's to Jedi master Avinn Lar. The two jedi masters then took Manniwin out of the chamber. The members of the council then turned to face both Tay and Bolen (Who had now taken to stand at Tay's side.). None of them looked happy. It was Rey who spoke.

    "What did you think you were doing" she said angerily.

    "I don't know, Grandmaster" replied Tay

    "We are not going to punish you" Explained Rey

    "What? why not?" Replied Tay. Tay was very close with the jedi code and did everything according to the book.

    "To locate Your Neir crystal, we are sending you" Replied Avinn Lar

    "Go to the holocron vault and Jedi Master Dylan wood will help you" Explained Master Nidor now clipping his lightsaber to his belt.

    "Thank you Masters" Replied Tay. He and Bolen then left the chamber

    "Trust them, do you?" Asked Avinn Lar

    "We have no choice, Master lar" Replied Rey as, she and the rest of the council, set to work repairing the council chamber
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    Nice job! That was quite a day for Tay. I imagine it was very hard for him to see his sister kill their father and then have to fight her and arrest her. The fights showed how powerful both Tay and Manniwin are, even though they're following different paths. I'm curious to see what the crystal is that he'll be searching for.
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    Let's just say that it's not that common in the galaxy
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    Here is Chapter 5. Sorry that it's a little late.

    Chapter 5- Jedi mater Kanio Yyvic

    Inside the holocron vault. Jedi master Dylan wood, was watching a class of jedi younglings being taught by Jedi Padawan Pooja Driet, who had recently taken up a brown hilted and blue bladed lightsaber. He then heard the door to the vault open. Dylan then unclipped his lightsaber and ignited the purple blade. The hilt was a curved sliver. Jedi master Wood wore a set of white and brown jedi robes and was the only force-sensitive droid in the jedi order. Jedi master Wood had a sliver paint job, Red cape and hood. He also had light blue eyes. When he turned he saw jedi padawans Tay Neir and Bolen Carlon.

    "Padawan Neir, padawan Carlon, what can I do for you?" Asked Dylan deactivating his lightaber and clipping it back onto his belt.

    "We were told you could help us find a Neir crystal." Explained Tay

    "A Neir crystal, I have records in my database but after entry 4 the trail goes cold" Explained Dylan

    "Where's the last place you have recorded?" Asked Bolen

    "The forest moon of endor with Jedi Master Kanio Yyvic." Replied

    "Master Yyvic?" Asked Tay

    "He's a male Chiss, He has a double bladed lightsaber with one blue blade and one green blade, He has red eyes, brown hair and blue skin." Explained master Dylan.

    "Tell me more about this Master Yyvic" Said Tay

    "Jedi master Yyvic, was born around the year 4ABY making him currently 52 years of age, he became the jedi padawan of Jedi master Avinn lar at the age of 15 and later became a jedi knight at the age of 23. Jedi master Yyvic became a jedi master at the age of 32 and took on a padawan named George kanio at the age of 33. He later lost his padawan while on a supply run to the planet Gorse. Both jedi had been attacked as they entered the capital and Yyvic's padawan died shortly after being taken back to this here temple. After Yyvic lost his padawan, Yyvic took on his padawan's last name as his first changing his name from Daniel Yyvic to Kanio Yyvic as respect to his fallen padawan. Shortly after your father's padawan turned to the dark side, he left his position on the jedi council and his rank in the jedi order and went into exile on the forest moon of endor." Explained Master Dylan.

    "Very well, should we head the forest moon of endor then master?" Asked Tay

    "That's were the trail went cold." Replied Master Dylan. Just then Jedi Knight Cort starwalker entered the room. Cort had changed since he was a Jedi padawan. He still wore a tan coloured jedi tunic and had Jedi master Yyvic's Padawan braid. Cort now had a gold hilted and green bladed lightsaber with a gold spike on the end of the weapon.

    "The jedi council want to see you Master." Explained Cort

    "Of course young Starwalker." Replied Dylan before leaving the room. Tay and Bolen then also left the room and headed to the landing bays. Tay went to docking bay 7 and Bolen went to docking bay 18. Tay's ship was a T-65 X-wing starfighter.
    Tay's astromech was R9-D9, the droid was already waiting for Tay. Tay then jumped into his X-wing and started a transmission with Bolen. Bolen's ship was also an x-wing . Bolen's droid was E4-E4 and was also ready for Bolen. Bolen jumped into his x-wing and accepted Tay's transmission.

    "The best place to search for Master Yyvic would be near the great temple" Explained Tay taking off into the astomaphere of takondana.

    "hasn't that been abonadened for years?" Asked Bolen as the two jumped to hyperspace to endor.

    "Yeah but it's the best lead we have" Replied Tay. Just then he had a big signature appear on his tracker.

    "We've got company Tay" Yelled Bolen as the two exited hyperspace. When they exited not only were they in Endor space but the galactic order had also engaged in battle with the Jedi order.

    "This is green leader standing by" Said Tay

    "This is blue leader standing by" Said Bolen

    "This is red leader responding" Replied A jedi knight by the name of Laim starwalker.

    "R9, E4 lock s folds in attack position." Said Tay

    Both droids then locked the s folds in attack position and Tay and Bolen joined the fight. Tay went directly towards the main ship and destroyed the shields on one of hanger door forcing the doors to close cutting off the forces from that hanger. Bolen went ahead and Helped some of the troops of Red squadron. Next minute 2 squadrons jumped out of hyperspace.

    "This is Yellow squadron standing by" Replied a familer voice to Tay and Bolen.

    "This is blue squadron standing by" Said a trooper. This trooper was the commander of the weather legion. The troopers ct number was CT-2376, however he went by the name of commander rain. He wore sith trooper armor in light blue and dark blue.

    "Welcome to the fight yellow squadron" Exclaimed Tay.

    "It feels good to fight alongside you Commander Neir." Replied Storm

    "Then let's blow up some Galactic Order Ships then shall we?" Asked Tay Turning around and joining his squadron

    "We're right behind you Commander." Said storm. The squadron then broke formation and joined the fight Bolen's squadron had already started blowing up ships.

    "Yellow five, Yellow two on my wing" Commanded Tay

    "Copy that Commander" Replied Storm and another trooper called Volcano. Volcano wore normal Sith trooper armor but replace any black with brown. Tay then started heading to the main Destroyer.

    "We aren’t going to take down this destroyer, not with the three of us" Exclaimed Volcano

    "Just like back at the academy, Volcano" Explained Storm.

    "Don't worry, Volcano we'll let the force guide us." Replied Tay as more Mandolorian ships headed towards them. Just then a republic crusier also jumped out of hyper space.

    "This is Neir central to green leader do you copy?" Asked The captain

    "I read you loud and clear captain" replied Tay

    "We request you come to us right away" Explained the captain.

    "This is green leader to all wings report back to the crusier that's an order" Exclaimed Tay breaking off from the destroyer with Storm and Volcano on either side of him. All of yellow squadron then returned to the crusier and blue squadron also went to the crusier. Tay and Bolen then flew alongside the crusier. The crusier then opened fire on the destroyer. The destroyer then turned away from the crusier. The crusier then hit one of the engines and it blew up. The destroyer then jumped to hyperspace and the mandolorian ships were left stranded. The ships then turned their attention on Tay and Bolen. The cruiser however launched heat seeking missals that hit almost every one of the ships. The remaining ships then also jumped to hyperspace.

    "You good green and blue leader?" Asked the captain

    "All good Admiral, Return to tokadana and wait for further orders from either me or the council" Explained Tay. The crusier then ended the transmission and jumped the hyperspace. Tay and Bolen then continued down to Endor's surface. When they landed Both jedi jumped out of their ships and their feet hit the forest floor. The two then took in the area they had landed in. They had landed in one of the old temple hangers. This temple was from one of the old wars. The walls of the old temple had crumbled and the ceiling had become the floor, it was a grey colour. The walls were white and vines had grown over the old bricks. There was a gap in the south wall were the old hanger shield door used to be. Just then Tay heard a rushelin the bushes and both padawans sensed it was a humanoid species. Both Tay and Bolen unclipped and ignited their lightsabers. Tay had constructed two blue balded lightsabers that could combine into a double bladed lightsaber much like his two original lightsabers. Just then Tay and Bolen were surrounded by 4 force sensitives. Each of them had a lightsaber in hand. They appeared to be Jedi. There were 4 different species around Tay and Bolen. There was a male green skinned Nautolan. He wore green mandolorian armor and had a gold hilted and blue bladed lightsaber in hand. There was also a blue skinned female twi'lek. She wore a set of tan jedi robes and black gloves. She had a curved hilted and green bladed lightsaber in her hand. There was also a male Iktotchi. He wore first order stromtropper armor and had a brown hilted and bladed purple lightsaber. There was a black human male, who wore an x-wing pilot outfit and held a gold hilted and pink bladed lightsaber he was the leader. Tay and Bolen held their lightsabers in front of them now.

    "Who are you?" Asked the Nutolan.

    "We are jedi padawans Tay Neir and Bolen Carlon of the jedi order" Replied Tay

    "Jedi?" asked the twi'lek

    "That's what I said, yeah" replied Tay

    "We haven't seen jedi since that Yyvic person." Explained The human.

    "You look like jedi to me" Exclaimed Bolen

    "We were jedi, each of us." Replied the human.

    "Very well." Said Tay as a horn sounded in the distance.

    "We need to get to a safe location, I'd hide your ships if I were you and bring the droids." Explained the human.

    "R9, E4 hide the ships and come with us." Commanded Bolen. Both droids then activated the invisibility devices. They then jumped out of the droid socket to go by their owners side. All 6 force sensitives and the droids then left the abandoned temple. The 8 of them traveled through the vast forest of endor, The unknown 4 still had their lightsabers ignited. Tay and Bolen on the other hand deactivated their lightsabers and clipped them to their belts. After a couple of minutes they had reached a small hole in a tree each of them had entered it and gone down a ladder. When they left the ladder they were in a room that was light only by a fire in the center of the room. The room was square. The walls were black, the floor was red and the ceiling was green. There were 4 chairs in the room. Tay and Bolen sat on two of them by the fire and the human and the nutolan sat on the other ones.

    "So how long have you been here on Endor?" Asked Tay as R9 joined him by his side.

    "We don't know anymore, I've been here since the end of the clone wars." Replied the human.

    "So what do we call you?" Asked Bolen.

    "I'm Jack, the nautolan is Frack, the twi'lek is suo, and the Ikotichi is Dannie." Replied the human.

    "Okay, so how did each of you get here" said Tay

    "I was in a space battle above the planet when my master's clones turned on me and my master. Something about order 66. They went and killed my master and I witnessed it. I then flew towards the planet's surface, the clones chased me, they managed to catch up with me and opened fire I out maneuvered them for a little while until they shoot me down. I crashed near where you landed, my ship was ablaze, I was badly injured, there was nothing for it, I popped open the cockpit and seeing the clones were on to me I ran, I didn't look back I just ran and ran and ran. The next couple of years is a blur" Explained Jack

    "The rest of us are pretty much the same to one another, we were on missions to the planet our ships malfunctioned and we crashed to the surface and we were found by Jack." Explained Dannie. Just then a trooper jumped down into the room and they ignited a red lightsaber. They were wearing Orange mandolorian armor.

    "It's no longer safe, Run, both of you" Said Jack going into combat with the trooper Tay and Bolen fled the scene as 3 more troopers jumped down. Tay and Bolen had sensed were to find Master Yyvic and set off at once. They had traveled for almost 20 minutes and they had finally come across a house raised on stilts. The stilts were black. The base was a mix of both grey and light grey. There was a balcony and a set of stairs. The walls had a purple trim and the walls were yellow. Tay and Bolen took to climbing the stairs, unaware that they were being watched by jedi master Yyvic. They reached the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal a Male chiss. He was wearing an outfit to suit the jungle.

    "You know your stuff, Tay" Replied The man.

    "I know, I am a jedi after all." Said Tay

    "How long do you plan on staying, jedi?" Asked the man

    "A max of two weeks"Said Tay

    "That will be 32 credits" Said the man. Tay then handed the man his credits and 10 more.

    "I said 32 not 42" The man explained

    "I know, the extra 10 is for you to look after my droid" Replied Tay

    "Oh, sure I'll take care of him and you might wanna cover your lightsabers" Replied The man. Handing Tay a cloak.

    "Thanks" replied Tay

    "Anything for a jedi" Said the man as Tay left the space port without his droid.

    Tay then met up with Yyvic and Bolen.

    "You 'right?" Asked Bolen

    "Yeah" Replied Tay. Tay then turned to Yyvic.

    "Were do we begin?" Asked Tay.

    "There was two places we looked. In outa gunga city and theed." Explained Yyvic.

    "We'll begin in Outa Gunga city, what about you.?" Asked Tay

    "I'm still not a jedi so I'm gonna become a citizen of Naboo." Explained Yyvic.

    "Very well" Said Tay as the he and Bolen turned away from Yyvic who started to walk in the other direction. Tay then turned back to face Yyvic.

    "Yyvic" Cried Tay. Yyvic then turned to face him.

    "May the force be with you, always" Said Tay

    "May the force be with you too, Tay Neir of the jedi order." Replied Yyvic as the two groups turned away once more. Both Tay and Bolen then headed towards Outa Gunga City. When Tay and Bolen got lake gunga, both of them walked into the water. As they arrived a Gungan walked towards the two padawans. This gungan was jedi master Lar Lar Hinks. He wore brown jedi robes and had his arms behind his back. Master Hinks was a member of the jedi council and did not have a padawan of his own. He was a 45-year-old. He also had a red hilted lightsaber clipped to his belt. When he reached the two padawans he greeted them both.

    "Heyo-dalee, mesa culled Lar Lar Hinks mesa a jedi masteren." He said to the two padawans.

    "Greetings Master Hinks, I am jedi padawan Bolen carlon, and this is my best friend Tay neir." Replied Bolen

    "Mesa'll take yousa tada boss" Said

    The three jedi then started heading to the boss.

    Meanwhile back at the jedi temple things were getting out of hand. The jedi temple has seen a full scale assault by the galactic order. All the jedi left at the temple had gotten involved including the Jedi guard legions. The distaor and weather Legions had taken to Takondana space to combat the galactic order with Jedi generals Anothny Nidor and Avinn lar in the main cruiser. On the ground The rest of the jedi guard legions were being lead by their jedi generals and Jedi commanders. There were many jedi already killed and many more injured and with only 350 jedi in at the temple, the jedi were losing rapidly. The jedi council had called upon all the jedi they could and as they had no choice anyone who could assist the jedi in their battle against the sith.

    Chapter 6 in 2 weeks. Keep an eye out and may the force be with you
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    Nice work! Tay and Bolen have a starting point for their crystal search, and they were also able to encounter four others who might become allies. Between the orbital battle they came upon when arriving and the battle at the Jedi Temple, it looks like the Galactic Order is throwing everything they have at the Jedi, which doesn't bode well. Good job!
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    Here is Chapter 6

    Chapter 6- the duel of the force

    "Is there anyone we haven't contacted, Master?" Shouted Jedi padawan Laim Starwalker

    "There's only Master Hinks and Jedi padawans Bolen Carlon and Tay Neir that aren’t busy in battle or on a mission." Replied Rey skywalker rebounding a blaster bolt from one Darth Nul's lightsaber with her own Yellow bladed lightsaber.

    "Why don't we send a transmission to one of them, Master?" Suggested Laim

    "They've blocked all transmissions off world, my young Padawan learner." Replied Rey

    "Send someone to go get them," Said Laim

    "I'll do it," Shouted a Jedi Knight. This jedi knight was called Adorn Kronn. He was a male Dathormorion. He wore tan jedi robes and had a double ended green bladed lightsaber in hand, which he was using the force to spin it so he could protect him, Laim and Rey all at the same time.

    "Are you sure, Adorn?" Asked Rey.

    "Yes grandmaster." Replied Adorn.

    "Very well, take yellow and blue sqaudron with you." Commanded Rey. Adorn then called his lightsaber and ran towards his ship. Meanwhile up in the air above, Master Nidor and Master Lar were being heavily outnumbered.

    "Storm try to get that cruiser." Shouted Anothny

    "Copy that general." Replied Storm as her squadron lined up behind her. Blue squadron were defending Yellow squadron as they made their run. Yellow squadron then released Proton torpedoes at the cruiser. The cruiser went down. Just then Adorn came to collect Yellow and Blue squadrons.

    "I'll take yellow and blue squadrons, Master Nidor" said Adorn. Green, gold, brown and purple Squadrons then replaced Yellow and blue squadron.

    "May the force be with you, Adorn" Said Master Nidor as yellow and blue squadrons and Adorn made the jump to hyperspace. Back down on Naboo, Tay and Bolen had come fac e to face with the boss.

    "Why do yousa comin hair, jedi?" Asked the boss.

    "We only wish for any information regarding a Neir crystal." Explained Tay

    "Wesa know noth of disa neir crystal, dat yousa spake of" Exclaimed The boss

    "If mesa may boss, mesa believe another jedi came look for directions about 20 21 years ago" Replied Lar Lar

    "Are yousa palos with jedi master Avinn Neir?" Asked the boss

    "He's my father but what has he got to do with anything?" Asked Tay

    "Yous father is a member of yous jedi council is hesa not, young neir?" Replied the boss

    "Not anymore as he was killed only a week ago." Replied Tay.

    "Mesa so sorry for loss, padawan Neir" Exclaimed The boss

    "Thank you, Boss." Replied Tay. Just then Tay saw his wristcom flashing. He activated it and Adorn appeared

    "Padawan Neir" Cried Adorn

    "Adorn, What is it?" Asked Tay

    "You are required to return to the jedi temple immediately along with Bolen with Master Hinks." Explained Adorn

    "Right away, Adorn" Said Tay ending the transmission.

    "Yousa will find more directions to yous neir crystal on tatooine, may da forcen besa wit yousa, jedi always welcomen hair at otha gunga city" Said the boss as Tay, Bolen and lar lar hinks ran for there ships as they arrived, they all jumped into their ships and took off for takodana. As they entered the atmosphere more ships joined them.

    "This is Pink leader standing by." Said one of the ships

    "Welcomen tada fight, commander wolf," Said Lar Lar Hinks as yellow and blue squadrons joined them. All four jedi and the three squadrons made the jump to hyperspace. Meanwhile in one of the galactic orders crusiers, Darth Manniwin watches the success not only on the ground but also in space above takondana.

    "The jedi are falling to our numbers, we should advance onto the inside of the temple." Said Manniwin to one of her commanding officers. The commanding officer wore green Mandalorian armor and was a 34-year-old female human. The galactic order helped rebuild Mandolore and won the Mandalorian favor. The commanding officer also was the new leader of mandolore having won the darksaber.

    "Yes, my lord, I'll have our troops advance right away." Replied the commanding officer

    Just then a Sith general reached the cruiser via hologram.

    "We have taken the Senate building, my lord" Said the Sith. This Sith was Darth Lean.

    "Very good, and the senators of the republic?" Asked Manniwin.

    "In galactic order custody, my lord" Replied Darth Lean.

    "You have done well my Lean, Have your apperntice defend the postion and take half of your men to assit the capture of the jedi temple. Manniwin's commanding officer then ignited a holograpic darksaber to block a holograpic blue lightsaber.

    "My lord, your brothers arrived." Exclaimed The officer.

    "Don't let him escape, I'm on my way" Replied Manniwin ending both transmissions. Manniwin then turned to one of her crusier staff.

    "Prepare my ship, Kio" She demanded

    "Yes, my lord" Said The staff member. Kio was a 43-year-old Female trandosian.

    "How did we not track them coming out of hyperspace, Uva?" Asked Manniwin turning to a 21-year-old black human male.

    "They must have exited hypersace in the astmospere my lord" Replied Uva.

    "Don't let it happen again, Uva, Your life depends on it" Said Manniwin leaving the bridge and entering a hanger. Down on Takodana's surface, The jedi were still in battle with the Sith. Tay, Bolen, Master Hinks and their squadrons had arrived on the surface of Takondana to assist their fellow jedi by exiting hyperspace inside the astmosphere. Tay was now in battle with one of the commanding officers.

    "You're too late Neir, The republic is finished." Said the Commanding Officer.

    "That won't stop me from trying to defend it, Darth Green." Replied Tay as his two blue lightsabers collided with the darksaber that Darth Green was weilding. Darth Green then force pushed Tay backwards, almost into a wall, Tay managed to use his lightsabers to stop himslef. Tay then combined his lightsabers into their double bladed counterpart as Darth Green came at him once more.

    "You are weak Young Neir, But Manniwin can train you just turn to the dark side." Exclaimed Darth Green

    "It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it." Replied Tay, quoting an old jedi from the holocrons that he knew only as Kenobi.

    "You dare Imitate Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi?" Asked Darth Green.

    "Yeah, I guess I do." Replied Tay holding his double bladed lightsaber much like Darth Maul did in EPISODE I THE PHANTOM MENACE.

    "Only a sith shall Imitate a sith." Shouted Manniwin approching her brother.

    "How did you escape?" Asked Tay, shocked at seeing his sister before him.

    "Let's just say I have friends." Replied Mannwin

    "Juwi Akriwi nothing compared Yua Tiwih dark side. Huat's why we choose Yua join Tiwih galactik order over Tiwih Ja'bo'ba order. [You Are nothing compared To The dark side. That's why we choose To join The galactic order over The Jedi order.]" Exclaimed a force sensitive Jawa igniting a red shoto lightsaber.

    "Yeah well at least I am not being hunted down by the jedi" Replied Tay

    "Juwi understand us? [You understand us?}" Asked the Jawa

    "Ikee Uiuokka Gomjam been able Yua speak jawa-ese. [I Have Always been able To speak jawa-ese]" Replied Tay

    "Enough, I'll deal you brother" Said Manniwin. She then turned to her Jawa friends.

    "Ashuna. [Go]" Said Manniwin turning to face her brother.

    "This is it. Civil war between the force" Said Manniwin

    "I suppose it is, sis" Replied Tay Still holding his lightsaber like darth maul.

    "Then let's get this over with." Said Manniwin igniting her red bladed and black hilted lightsaber.

    "Gladley" Exclaimed Tay lunging at his sister with his double bladed blue lightsaber. Manniwin used her red bladed lightsaber to block her brother's lightsaber. Tay crouched low; his lightsaber ignited. His blade pointed down to the right and hand were raised high to the left. He watched as Manniwin, assumed her own en guard stance. In the blink of an eye Manniwin launched her attack. She came from the left and brought her blade down to bear on Tay's left shoulder. Tay anticipated the move and rolled to the right while he swung his own blade to intercept his sister's. In a second he was back up. Manniwin struck again, low right sweeping stroke. Tay went to block low, but it was only a feign. Midswing Manniwin changed rotational direction. She swung the other way in an attempt to slice her brother's midriff. Tay dropped to the ground, raised his foot and kicked Manniwin in the chest, sending her flying. Manniwin then jumped to her feet. She used the force to call her lightsaber and ignited it. The crimson blade swallowed her face once more. Manniwin then lunged at Tay with incredible speed that tay could not stop her from slicing the connecter on his lightsabers. Tay's lightsabers then became duel yield. Manniwin cricled Tay and lunged at her brother. Tay anticipated the move and rolled left while bringing his left lightsaber up to clash with his sister's crimson blade. Tay's lightsaber hit it's target.
    Manniwin then force pushed her brother backwards. Tay almost went into a deep hole, but force back flipped just in time, so he landed on the other side of the hole. Manniwin then used the force to jump behind her brother and get him from behind. Tay however knew his sister too well. And so spun and blocked his sister's lightsaber with both of his own. Tay then force pushed his sister backwards. Tay then felt a sting in his arm. Tay looked at his arm and saw that Manniwin managed to cut open his arm when she went over him. Tay then deactivated one of his lightsabers and clipped it to his belt as to not cause strain to his right arm. Tay then ran at his sister and both blue and red collided. Both force sensitives pushed towards their oppenet attempting to disarm them. It was Manniwin that managed to disarm Tay. Tay's lightsaber then went flying and landed in the hole. Tay was also thrown of his feet. Manniwin ran at Tay, lightsaber by her left hand side. Manniwin swung down with her crimson bladed lightsaber. Tay ignited his second blue bladed lightsaber and blocked his sister's red one. Just then someone force pushed Manniwin backwards. Someone then stood above Tay looking down at him.

    "What are you doing down there?" Asked Bolen. Bolen then offered Tay his hand.

    "It's a long story, Bolen" Replied Tay taking Bolen's hand. Once Tay got up Manniwin stood before Tay and Bolen. Bolen then unclipped and ignited his lightsaber. Manniwin had a smile on her face and held her crimson bladed lightsaber at her side. Manniwin then had a message come through her commlink.

    "My lord the capital has been reclaimed and our forces have been heavily depleted across the planet we must fall back." Explained her commanding officer.

    "What how? We had the jedi outnumbered." Just then the answer flew over head. One of the mandolorian ships had opened fire upon Manniwin. But Manniwin managed to take down the ship by frying the controls with force lighting. Just then someone jumped out of the ship. They wore a black sith robe and cloak. They had their hood swung up. They then ignited a Pink bladed lightsaber.

    "Jack" Shouted Tay. Manniwin then deactivted her lightsaber and ran. Manniwin was picked up by one of her mandolorian ships and was taken back to her stardestroyer. Jack then approched Tay and Bolen.

    "I thought you could use a hand." Said jack deactivting his lightsaber and clipping it to his belt.

    "You arrived just in time jack." Replied Tay as he took his lightsaber from Bolen who had grabbed it with the force.

    "I see" Replied Jack. Just then the three looked up to see the galactic order make the jump to hyperspace. The three also returned to the jedi temple that somehow managed to survive the attack. When they entered the main training facility, The three saw hundreds of jedi laid in rows. Some dead others injured. Amoung these jedi there was one that was sorrounded by fellow jedi. The three headed towards this jedi. Once they caught sight of the jedi all three of them were shocked. Laying down dead infront of them was none other than Rey Skwalker. Rey's lightsaber was on the floor next to her. Tay then heard a cough and went to investaget. When Tay found the source, he saw his mother. Testa Neir was missing her left arm and had a blaster wound.

    "Mother" Cried Tay kneeling down beside his mother.

    "Tay, My son" Replied Testa

    "Are you alright?" Asked Tay putting a hand on his mother's chest.

    "I'll be fine. It is up to the force what happens." Replied Testa as she grabbed her son's hand.

    "Yeah." Replied Tay

    "Everything will work out, My son. I promise." Explained Testa as Bolen called Tay. Tay and Bolen then left the training area. Tay had taken the kybercrystal out of one of the jedi's lightsabers to repair his second lightsaber. Tay went and repaired his hilt and put his fallen jedi's kyber crstyal in the lightsaber. Tay also added a new conncter onto his lightsaber so that they could combine into a double bladed lightsaber. Tay then ignited the lightsaber, and a white blade was emitted from Tay's lightsaber hilt.

    Chapter 7 will be out soon for now enjoy chapter 6 and may the force be with you
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    Good work! That was definitely an action-packed battle, both in space and on the ground. It'll probably take a lot for the Jedi, the Senate, and the Galactic Order to recover from it. It'll be even harder for the Jedi since Rey has been killed. I imagine Tay and his group have a lot ahead of them, including finding more clues about the Neir Crystal. Nice job!