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Characters Discussion Star Wars - The Wheel of Time

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Delpheas, Sep 7, 2023.

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  1. Delpheas

    Delpheas Jedi Padawan star 1

    Aug 23, 2023
    Warning: Thread will contain book and tv spoilers for The Wheel of Time and spoilers for much of Star Wars.

    3000 yrs ago the galaxy enjoyed peace and prosperity. Few people knew injury, fewer still knew war. And while all knew death it came for all only in their time.
    Everyone served the Father, creator of Balance. In his service the Je'daii led research and discovery. It was their knowledge that had made war a thing so far past that no one, not even the machines, remembered what war even was. The Je'daii served the Balance as wielders of the Force, the cosmic energy that enlivened all existence. The two halves of the Force were Ashla and Bogan, all Je'daii were inherently capable of using only one or the other aspect of the Force. In this they maintained Balance.

    One day a Je'daii opened the prison of a being no one even remembered existing, Abeloth. This Je'daii, and many others, left their order and swore themselves as servants of Abeloth, Sith Lords.

    A Bogan wielding Je'daii, called the Skywalker, leader of the Army of Light, led 9,999 of his compatriots to seal Abeloth's prison. After a fierce battle the Sith Lords and the Brotherhood of Darkness were sealed away alongside Abeloth. But in the last moment before her prison was finalized, Abeloth let some of her essence out into Bogan corrupting it so that no darksider could use the Force without going mad.

    Victorious, the Skywalker and his companions returned home, unaware of the poison seeping into their connection to Bogan. Until one day in a fit of madness, Skywalker seized Bogan and ended all life on his world, where he died a valley of such depth as never before recorded came into being. Because his act marked the end of the Je'daii as they were then know, his grave is known as the Valley of the Je'daii.

    Every other Bogan wielding member of the Je'daii also lost themselves. To stymie the tied of destruction the remaining Ashla wielding Je'daii developed a ritual severing, rounded up the darksiders, and cut them off from the Force. But not before every known world was changed irrevocably. They called this the Hundred Year Darkness.

    Today the Jedi are a shadow of their former selves, playing power games from their Temple on Coruscant, unable to reach the heights of power that had made them legendary. There are no Bogan using Jedi anymore, everyone who uses Bogan is caught and cut off to prevent them from going mad. The Order lives to prepare for the prophesied return of the Skywalker, who will Destroy the Galaxy to save it.


    So, I'm brainstorming a Star Wars but it's Wheel of Time story. There's enough similarities already, that setting up the world only requires some adjustments.

    What I'm trying to figure out is, who are characters and factions. Ideally Star Wars characters and factions would be a 1-1 replacement for something in Wheel of Time.

    So Anakin Skywalker becomes the Dragon Reborn.
    And Qui-gon Jinn takes the place of Moiraine.
    The Jedi obviously replace the Aes Sedai.

    Other characters are a bit harder to figure, but here's what I have so far:

    Kanan = Lan
    Hera = Nyneave
    Ahsoka = Min
    Padmé = Elayne
    Ezra = Perrin
    Quinlan Vos = Mat
    Ventress = Liandran
    Obi-Wan = Tam al'Thor

    Maybe Maul = Logain?
    Dooku = Taim?

    I'm toying with having the New Mandalorians be the Travelers and the True Mandalorians be the Aiel.

    I'd love suggestions for who the Sith Lords are. I'd like if they can be similar to the Foresaken and be primarily ancient Sith and Jedi from the Old Republic era. They can be both Light & Dark side users, as the Forsaken do use both halves of the Force.

    This is something i've been working on for fun as I re-read Wheel of Time and read through the EU.

    All comments and thoughts welcome :)
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Hello! As per our FAQ, we don't allow independent threads for planning individual stories here in Resource. If you have specific questions you'd like to ask, you can take them over to the Scribble Pad (which I think may suit you best) or the Writer's Desk to chat. I'm going to lock this thread now, but please contact myself or any of the Fan Fic Mods if you have questions! :)
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