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Before - Legends Star Wars: Underworld (Owen Lars, Quinlan Vos, Jaina Solo)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by windu4, Sep 23, 2014.

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    May 15, 2008
    Title: Star Wars: Underworld
    Author: The Boy
    Timeframe: Golden Age of the Republic, 45 BBY
    Characters: Owen Lars, Quinlan Vos, Jaina Solo, a variety of characters from the Star Wars Mythos
    Genre: Adventure, Mystery
    Summary: A Jedi Knight finds himself stranded in Hutt Space with a mysterious item that could be the key to ending a great conflict….


    The room was on fire.

    This was the first thing he realized when he came to consciousness. The distinct smell of charred flesh and the thick smoke that filled the room nearly to the brim were his first clues. He had just made this realization when a sharp thud of pain spiked through his brain. He grimaced and touched the back of his head and felt a thick knot, his fingers came away bloody. The boy suddenly realized how lucky he was that he had awoken in the first place. This relief melted into fear when he suddenly realized that he didn't know where he was, how he had gotten here or what his own name was. He blinked away tears as the stinging smoke continued to swirl about the room. His anxiety was growing as more oxygen was burned up by flame and for the next moment he was paralyzed with fear. Then he slowly realized something. A piece of advice that a man very important to him had once said. Fear is power. Your body is more tense and alert…do not let fear paralyzed you, instead use it to your advantage.

    He blinked again and slowly craned his neck upwards, noting that he was bound by several thick ropes that kept him suspended in the air. His hands were unbound and he had some limited dexterity in his arms and upper torso. He inhaled sharply and came aware of the piercing pain in his lungs, a rib had to be bruised if not broken. He twisted his body around and found that while he was aching from pain he wasn't fully immobilized. Feeling a sense of relief he allowed his body to relax and as he did he felt his fingers brush against the dusty ground and a warm cylindrical object. He did not know its name but he knew its purpose. He reached further and his back ignited with pain. He then realized that he couldn't reach his lightsaber. For a moment he was at a loss but suddenly he remembered something that the same man had told him. Be patient…use your surroundings.

    The boy closed his eyes and willed the weapon to reach his hand. For a moment he felt nothing than a surge of energy rushed through his body and he felt revived. Somehow the weapon was in his hand and with supernatural reflexes he reached upwards and ignited his weapon. With a snap-hiss the white green blade cut through the smoke and through the bindings surrounding his ankle. He crashed onto his back with a grunt and he nearly let go of his weapon in the process. Now that he was at the bottom of the room he inhaled sharply and his lungs thanked him for the stale air. He lifted his legs and tapped his weapon against the cords that bound his ankles and suddenly he was free. He scrambled to his feet, adrenaline rushing through his pores and as he did he felt a sudden warning of danger.

    Without thinking he spun on his feet and raised the weapon just in time to deflect a series of orange blasts. He squinted through the smoke and saw a dull turret pointed at his direction. He felt that danger sense again and somehow knew that his kidneys would be burned through if he didn't act quickly. He twitched his lightsaber down and deflected the blasts into the ceiling where the turret protruded from. With a crash the ceiling collapsed and the turret crashed into the deck. The building suddenly trembled and he knew that it would soon collapse on its own support frame.

    He spun on his heel and subconsciously closed his eyes, reaching out to find the safest exit. Viewport. He sprinted across the room and threw his elbows across his face and crashed through the viewport, shattering the glass. Firestairs. He reached out with his hand and grabbed the bottom rung of stairs just within his reach. His shoulder cracked in protest and he gasped in pain. Still, he pushed forward. The momentum from his fall allowed him to swing across the alleyway and crash elbows and knees into the gravely roof across from the burning building. He staggered to his feet sore and bleeding but still alive. It took him a moment to find his next route of escape but that same sense of danger that had been tugging at the back of his brain came back in ferocity. He heard the whine of repulsers and the roar of a jetpack before he saw it and as he turned he saw a fully armored figure flying towards him with a long-rifle blaster pointed straight at him. His lightsaber came to life again as green turbo lasers streaked towards him. He shifted his blade and sent the plasma ricocheting back at the figure and the jet packed stranger evaded them with ease.

    It didn't take his danger sense to know to run.

    The boy turned on his heel and sprinted across the length of the building. He didn't take the time to observe his surroundings or how far the length was. He knew the jet packed stranger was coming around for another pass and he couldn't afford to look back. Relief began to spill across his body as he approached the ledge, he primed himself to jump again hoping to pull the same trick he had moments before. He never got a chance to. Right when he was about to jump a massive disc shaped freighter pulled out of seemingly nowhere and came to a stop directly in front of him. How the grey ship had managed to squeeze between two buildings and pull out so abruptly and quickly was beyond his understanding. The neon blue flare from the engine nearly blinded him but he could see that the landing ramp was lowered. A broad-shouldered man gripped one of the supports and held out his hand gesturing for him to jump. The Boy didn't even hesitate. He trusted in the same senses that had allowed him to escape and jumped. The stranger extended his hand and before he could plummet to his death was pulled to safety.

    "Get on deck!" He yelled as he reached to his knee holster and pulled out an unwieldily ray gun. The Boy looked over his shoulder and saw that the jet packed vigilante was coming again and this time he held two massive blaster rifles in his hands.

    "How are you going to hit him?!" The Boy spoke for the first time, his throat ached with the effort but somehow he made his voice heard over the howling turbo engines.

    Before either of them could respond orange blaster fire streaked from the belly of the hip and knocked the helmeted man out of the sky. He plummeted straight to the roof of the building and moved no more.

    The sandy-haired stranger turned and grinned down at him. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!"

    Author's Note: Lemme know what you think!
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    Nov 30, 2005
    Great action! Love the first line. Excellent way to catch my attention. I wonder who we are watching here!
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    Jun 7, 2014
    Great start! Interested to see how it plays out.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    I was going through older stories I bookmarked this morning and I found this one. I know it's a bit late for me to comment [face_blush] but this is really an intriguing story that had me hooked from the first line. I hope you're planning to continue it!
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    I am doomed. While most EU books turn me off, I find more and more brilliant fanfic authors in here who carry on the SW that I used to love. I hope I can be a regular reader, when you put me on the update list!

    Your usage of the sith code intrigued me a lot here...