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Beyond - Legends Starry Night - J/J - One-Shot/Mush

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. mayo_durron_666

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Title: Starry Night
    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 [SITH_MAYO]
    Timeframe: 44ABY
    Characters: Jagged Fel, Jaina Solo Fel
    Genre: One-Shot, Romance, Mush? …
    Keywords: Good news.
    Summary: Emperor Jagged and Empress Jaina relaxing one evening …
    Notes: Related to other fic ‘Blackened Faith’ …
    Disclaimer. Just playing with SW toys.


    Starry Night

    Across the spacious lounge she sat legs up reclining on the comfy sofa.

    Her rich chocolate coloured hair curled over her slim shoulders. Every now and then she’d delicately twirl a strand in-between her fingers.

    All the while her dark eyes read the datapad in her hand, engrossed.
    Wearing nothing but a silky chemise dress, she relaxed back into the cushions. The lovely garment dipped into an intriguing v at the chest and then cut off mid-thigh at the end revealing smooth toned legs.

    Cutely her toes wiggled whenever she found something to her humour. And a small smile would curve her lush lips as she read, completely distracted, yet perfectly at home.

    Behind her was the long window that spanned their entire star destroyer apartment. In the darkest depths of space stars glistened and winked their power. And like them Jaina did the same, though in a different way, she shone warmth and heart.

    Her royal highness looked sexy and peaceful, such a beautiful vision.

    Opposite Jagged tried hard to concentrate on his datapads but kept finding his gaze straying towards Jaina. His desk was covered with important documents. But nothing, however vital, seemed to compare to his wife’s loveliness.

    Without glancing up, she teased,
    “Staring at me won’t help that pile, ya know.”
    Keeping his expression as innocent as possible, he replied,
    “Mmm? I think it’s going down. Gradually.”
    Jaina snorted,
    “You know me … always the politician.”
    “If that were true I wouldn’t be here.” Her voice was soft and disarming, “You ready to give up?”

    Very tempting he thought silently. After-all any paperwork or documents could be done tomorrow. When he didn’t have such an appetising distraction laid out before him.

    “Should I?” Fel sighed and ruffled his usually tidy hair, “A break maybe. More caf is definitely required.”

    At last Jaina glanced up from her pad and met his gaze.
    Fel liked to appear prim and proper, even privately. But sometimes, in moments like this, when everything was on top of him, he would allow a laxer appearance.

    Tonight his shirt collar was unbuttoned low showing hints of his muscular chest. To complete the picture his sleeves were rolled up and his jacket hung over the chair carelessly.

    On the floor his shiny shoes lied abandoned near the table. His long legs stretched under the desk but she could just make out the greyish green of his socks as he moved restlessly underneath.
    And finally his normally clean shaven jawline was covered with the beginning of stubble.

    His lips twisted a touch, into a ghost of a grin, and his striking emerald eyes turned hot. The longer she stared the more she felt the heat of his absolute attention. Damn, it was almost as if he could caress her with one simple hot look.

    “Are you just gonna sit there and gaze at me all night?” Amusement rang in his words, “’Cause I could think of other things to do…”
    Turning back to her pad, Jaina smirked,
    “I’m sure…”

    Narrowing his eyes slightly, Jag spoke slowly,
    “You’ve had that suspicious smile on your face all evening. Am I missing something? Or am I in trouble?”
    Laughing she replied,
    “Maybe both.” She glimpsed at him and grinned, “What do you think?”
    “I’m not sure … you’re hiding something.”

    Unable to resist, Jaina put down her device and rose from the couch. She raised her arms and stretched gracefully, enjoying how Jag’s eyes followed her every move with a hungry observation.
    She strolled over, casually pushed his chair away from the desk and sank down onto his lap, her arms draping around his neck.

    Jag couldn’t help but smile. She was an incredible woman to behold. And in his arms, on his lap, she fit absolutely. This was where she belonged, to be held and loved by him, only him. His empress.

    Pressing close enough to place light whispering kisses along his jaw, she uttered gently,
    “Me … hiding … something?” Another peck on his chin and then at the edge of his lips, “Now … where would you get an idea like that?”

    “Tell me.” His managed to murmur before giving in to her allure. He captured her tempting mouth with such heat she gasped into his lips. Wrapping her tighter in his hold, Jag kissed her deeply, tasting, teasing over and over. It would never be enough; she was so heavenly, lush and enticing. His one weakness. His best weakness.

    Using her arms, Jaina tugged him closer and drowned in the hotness of his kiss. Every slight touch, rough brush of lips and firm exploration of his talented hands had her losing thought and breath. He was intoxicating, overwhelmingly tantalizing to her senses. She could never resist his fierce love and passion. She had to burn with him, together entwined, like their hearts.
    When they parted both were panting, eyes aglow with desire.

    Softly Jaina said,
    “You are right … I have been hiding two things from you.”
    “Two?” Jag jested, “I must be in trouble. What are they?”
    “A set.”
    “You’re gonna have to get used to late nights…” Jaina bit her bottom lip in an attempt not to giggle or kiss his handsome face.

    “You’re enjoying this way too much. Tell me.” He leaned in and stole her lips in another searing kiss and mumbled absentmindedly, “Must I resort to torture.. sweet torture?”
    Breathlessly, with her lips still on his Jaina answered,
    “Okay… you got me… you’re gonna be a father…”

    Mid-kiss Jag paused, stunned.

    He blinked his eyes open and met hers, joy radiated from them both. Staring eye to eye Jag and Jaina suddenly laughed happily. Their hearts flushed full with excitement and elation.

    Speechless with delight, Jag kissed her thoroughly as if it were the first and last kiss combined, hot, tender and full of adoration.

    Enthralled by their own tremendous giddiness, they melted into each other’s embrace and enjoyed the special moment.

    In the background, in the blackness, stars twinkled.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUEEEEEEEE! Your mush is exquisite! Hot! Like melted chocolatey caramelly goodness [face_love] !!!!!!!

    jadesabre75 -- if you're anywhere within hailing distance, you will love! love! this! It's been far! too long since I read some melt the pavement J/J kinda heat. [face_dancing]
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    Sep 2, 2012
    Ahhhhhhhh! This was perfection! You have such a writing talent! It's funny because in my fanfiction I wrote (was not published on here...or anywhere) Jaina and Jag have a set of twins. Keep up the good work!
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    Apr 29, 2005
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    Dec 14, 2005
    Love it!!
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Very nice!
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    Dec 25, 2013
    Very romantic and seductive and I didn't see the end coming - very nice.
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    Nov 26, 2005
    Nyota's Heart: Thank you! I like our sharing of mush.. soz its been awhile but I'm sure there's more mush in future ;)
    Team Padme: Glad ya liked the romance, cheers for clicking!
    ccp: Thanks!
    Flowerlady: Cheers!!! Good to see ya on boards again :)
    Jedi_Lover: Thank you :D
    Gemma: Always good to hear the romance is liked, thanks!