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Beyond - Legends Summer Camp Shenanigans (Ilona Malek Olympics Decathlon)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Mira Grau, Jul 12, 2021.

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    May 11, 2016
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    May 11, 2016
    1. I don´t want to go...
    110 Word Hurdle: 110 words in which the name or names of your character, couple, family or friendship aren’t mentioned.

    "Dad, do I have to..?"

    "We talked about it before haven't we? And you said you wanted to try."

    "Sure but... I would rather..."

    "Spend the whole summer lazing around, reading and playing with the simulators?"

    "Not just that..."

    "As I've said, I won't force you to go. It's your decision, I just hoped you could find friends there."

    "With all those noble kids? They probably hate summer camp as much as I will."

    "Gives you already something to talk about, but there are non-nobles as well."

    "Then... then I'll give it a try. But if it's terrible I'll come home after the first week."

    "That's my girl."
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    A fathers word is often the final one. Good start.
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    May 11, 2016
    Well he let her make the ultimate descision. Or should I say he let her to believe it was her descision? ;)

    2. A new Friend
    400 Word Cross Country: 400 words about your character, couple, family or friendship with any theme.

    I´m going home, tomorrow. Ilona was set in her decision.

    She wouldn´t stay here any longer, most of the other kids had been as she feared, arrogant and more interested in their 'perfect appearance' than anything else. The forests were nice, better than the toxic ones on Eriadu itself at least, she just wished she wasn´t the only one interested.

    And now she even had to share her tent! She knew she couldn´t sleep at all if someone else was in the room. She wished whoever was it would at least be someone she knew, but being an outsider she had been left as all the other noble kids gad divided the tents amongst each other. Now she would have to share her tent with a middle class girl, she just hoped she would have at least some basic decency. She had been waiting for about an hour, laying on her back inside the tent, as the other girl finally arrived. She wore outdoors clothing and had long, dirty blonde hair.

    "Oh you are already here," she said looking down at Ilona.

    Ilona sat up, "yeah... Ilona Malek."

    The other girl grinned, "Katharina Ricter, but just call me Kat. I will say, for a moment I was afraid you were one of those fashion obsessed noble girls."

    Ilona felt how her face turned red, wearing her usual tank top and pants it seemed Kat had mistaken her... "Well matter of fact I am a noble," she said instead, hoping to salvage what she could. "And certainly care about fashion, I would never get myself get caught in silken dresses or even worse wearing makeup."

    Kat looked at her, unsure for a moment but then she gave Ilona a grin as she sat down next to her. "Well then Ilona, we could now spent the evening having a lengthy discussion about the innate superiority of tank tops. Or we have some fun with our fellow campers. Or shall I say, at their expense."

    Ilona´s smile turned into a grin. She had never been much of a prankster, but with this girl everything seemed possible. "What do you suggest?"

    "Well I suggest we wait a bit until the others have fallen asleep and meanwhile search these woods for some new 'friends' for them to play with."

    "You mean insects, worms or frogs?"

    "You´ve got it! This will be the best summer ever."
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    girl pranks; I love it and like to see what they are planning
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    May 11, 2016
    Well, we shall see. :)

    3. No Prank without Punishment
    200 Freestyle: A 200 word story about your character, family, friendship or couple with a free choice of any theme.

    "Great job getting us into this," Ilona said as she struggled in her dark clothes trying to escape the next salvo.

    "I didn't expect they would punish us in such a way." Kat admitted as the cold water hit her.

    Their prank had been a full success, at least at first. The screeching coming from the tents had been very amusing. But it turned out their fellow campers were a good deal smarter and more capable than it had seemed and so Ilona and Kat had quickly found themselves caught by them. To avoid any of the other middle class kids getting in trouble Ilona and Kat had admitted the truth. They had worried it would get them expelled from camp, but instead the noble girls had decided to punish them themselves. And so both and Ilona and Kat now found themselves tied to a tree and used as `target practice` for their water guns.

    "But you have to admit it was worth it." Kat grinned as another shoot hit her right in the stomach.

    "Can't deny that," Ilona responded shaking her head to get the water out of her hair. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad after all.

    4. A lesson learned?
    Single Sentence Shot Put: A story told in a single sentence about your character, family, friendship or couple.

    "Those noble girls, yeah we played a prank on them, so they used us as target practice, we became fast friends after that." Ilona told her parents with a smile.
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    a prank and a punishment but great fun for the girls
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    Love the friendship between the girls. :)
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  9. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    It most certianly is, thanks for your comment. :)

    Well this is only the begining. ;)

    5. Pillow Talk
    100 Word Sprint: A 100 word drabble about your character, family, friendship or couple using any theme.

    "You know," Ilona said as they were laying next to each other in their tent. "I think the other girls here might have some coolness to them after all." "You mean because they got us for our prank?" A grin appeared on Kat´s face. "Well, that wasn´t bad I have to admit. It calls for revenge." Ilona rolled her eyes. "You´ve entered my life with the sole intent of getting me in trouble haven´t you?" "Maybe," Kat played with a strain of her hair. "And if that was my purpose?" "I wouldn´t have it any other way." Ilona responded smiling.
  10. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love those mischievous girls
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    So true! It's one of the many functions of a best friend. :p Excellent. =D=
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  12. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Glad you do, its really fun to write them as carefree girls for once.

    Oh very much so, that´s what a best friend is for. ;)

    6. ....Ah, let the band of love – be three!
    Fantastical Fencing: A story of at least a 100 words involving your character, family, friendship or couple in which something fantastical happens.

    "Heard you girls pulled quite a few pranks already,“ a good looking blonde girl looked approached Kat and Ilona who where eating breakfast in front of their tent.

    She wore her hair short, even shorter than Ilona and looked rather sporty.

    "Seems we are getting a reputation,“ Kat giggled and gave Ilona smile.

    They where at the camp for a week now, some girls had left and some new ones arrived as many noble children only spent parts of their summer here.

    "Ulrika Grau.“ The girl introduced herself, as she sat down with them and they shook hands.

    "You are a noble.“ Ilona was surprised, given her appearance she had guessed Ulrika to be a middle class kid like Kat, but she new the Grau family.

    They where minor nobles like the Maleks though much richer than them.

    "Yeah, but I‘m not like ‚those‘.“ she gestured towards the tents of the other noble girls.

    "They are not so shallow as we first thought,“ Ilona admitted.

    She couldn‘t believe it, was Ulrika truly a noble? She didn‘t act like it at all but that only made her more interesting.

    "They caught us after our prank,“ Kat explained.

    "They did?“ Ulrika looked surprised.

    With a sigh Ilona told her the entire story. Ulrika laughed once she had finished.

    "Wow, wish I had been there to hear those screeches. Wouldn‘t have them let them capture us.“

    She had a confidence that Ilona admired, even if it seemed arrogant at times. Yet in truth she wished nothing more to be like that herself.

    "So, do you have any, ideas of revenge, getting back at them?“ Ulrika asked, with a grin.

    "A few,“ Kat admitted shyly. "Are you in?“

    Ulrikas grin grew, "you can bet on that.“

    Ilona allowed herself a dark smile. A noble like her, rebellious and always ready for a prank. She couldn‘t believe that only a week ago she had been a lonely kid, but now she had found not one but two soulmates, how fantastic was that?
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  13. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    great to see her having a new friend
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    Thick as thieves already with her new friend. Love it!
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    May 11, 2016
    Yeah, now there´s three of them. Thanks both of you for commenting. ;)

    7. Knots and Volleyballs
    4x100 Relay: 4x100 words on the four types of love (affection, intimacy, friendship, and charity) as experienced by your character, family, friendship or couple in one post.


    "So what do we do today?" Ilona asked her friends that morning. They had spent much time together in the last two weeks. Yet she had to admit that she just felt so much closer to Kat and Ulrika, who felt more and more like her soul mates. "I would like to take care of the younger girls today, you know it's our duty and all," Kat said smiling. Ulrika gave her a nod, "sure, though later I would like to play some beach volleyball, have some of our fellow campers eat sand.." There was it again, the devious grin.


    "And that's how you tie a proper knot, see she can't get out of it." The young girls smiled at Kat's compliment while Ilona raised her tied hands. "Why do I have to be the practice object again?" As some of the older girls they were tasked with teaching the younger ones in the camp the one or other lesson about wilderness survival skills. "You drew the shortest stick," Ulrika reminded her with a grin. "And it's a privilege to assist in teaching the younglings. Besides be grateful it's just knotting and not knife throwing we are teaching them today."


    "Ready for this?" Ulrika asked. Ilona and Kat nodded, throwing only a quick glance at the three girls on the other side of the next. "We will give them a lesson they won't forget so quickly," Kat agreed. "Keep in mind this is a pride match, I don´t want them gloating over us for the rest of summer," Ulrika continued. "You can rely upon us," Ilona said confidently. "We will have them crushed into the sand before they can even get their hands on the ball." "Well then, girls let's do this." The three friends high fived and game began.


    Ilona jumped into the air, her hand hit the ball just right and slammed it to the ground behind their opponents goal. The deciding point. Cheering she turned towards her friends and pulled both Kat and Ulrika into a hug. The game had been closer than they had been comfortable with but in the end they had won. Cheering Ilona leaned forward and gave both of her friends a quick kiss on the cheek. Ulrika gave her a winning grin and returned the gesture while Kat´s face turned utterly scarlet and her entire body began to shiver for a moment.
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  16. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    a great way to help and to play and win the game
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  17. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    I saw in the challenge thread that you described this as a "more lighthearted" set of stories than what you usually right, and it definitely is! This is such a joyful series of ficlets, with first one friend, then two, and who knows where it might go? I had a great time reading about Ilona's shenanigans and seeing her grow to enjoy the summer camp. At the same time, there's this more serious aspect of the social classes of Eriadu translating into the relationships between teenagers and how they find their place in this isolated and temporary community – but I'm assuming that this will spill over when they eventually go home, and these three mischief-makers are probably making a name for themselves without really being aware of it.
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  18. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Well done!=D= Definitely enjoying reading this lighthearted collection of stories. :)
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  19. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Thanks :)

    Yeah this is more lighthearted than what I usually do. Part of the appeal even was to show Kat and Ilona in this younger state, at a point where they are still just largley carefree kids and haven´t gone through all the things that would shape them later in life. And yeah the class difference between them is certianly there, even if its not as big as it might have been with Kat being part of the upper middle class while Ilona is a really low noble. And they have similar backgrounds in both their parents being ex military so there is that. But the friendship they form is going to last.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Thanks, I enjoy writing them. :)

    8. They don´t like Sand...
    1500 Word Dash: A 1500 word story about your character, family, friendship or couple with any theme.

    "It's your turn," Ulrika whispered into Kat's ear, while handing her an empty bottle.

    She nodded and slowly got up. A week had passed since the Beach Volley Ball match and now that the summer camp was slowly moving towards its end the girls had decided to pull of their final prank. It was quiet day, and like the other girls the three friends spent the afternoon lazing around at the beach sunning themselves, while talking and joking. Or at least that was what they pretended to do, instead they watched their fellow campers, waiting for an opportunity so one of them could sneak back to the camp and continue their devious scheme. Almost casually Kat picked up the small bag she had been filling and headed back to the camp, the empty bottle in her other hand.

    As she quickly moved through the woodland she came across the trees she and Ilona had been tied to after their first prank and wondered if this time it would end similar. If she was honest with herself she wouldn´t even mind, as paying for a prank seemed just to her. But both Ulrika and Ilona hoped that they would be able to shift the blame this time.

    Given that they were hardly the only girls who had played pranks in the last few weeks they might even stood a chance.

    When she reached the camp she quickly headed for one of the richer girls tents, Ilona and Ulrika had told here where they had been already so she knew where to go. She looked around but could see no one else in her vicinity.

    Quickly getting inside Kat poured the sand she had kept in her small bag into the sleeping bags inside before quickly getting out and closing the tent just as it had been.

    She allowed herself a little smile as she headed towards the cooking tent, where she filled the flask with a cold drink and the bag with a couple of sweets before heading back towards the beach.

    During her walk her thoughts once more returned to Ilona. Especially the image of her in her bikini that made Kat's face turn scarlet whenever she thought of it. She knew she was into women for a while now, had even harbored a crush on a few female celebrities, but since she had meet Ilona all those women paled by comparison. With her short black hair, her toned stomach, her long and muscular arms and legs Ilona truly looked like one of the warrior women inside her favorite novels. But it was not just her looks, also just how well they got along, despite their differing backgrounds. They seemed to almost be able to read each other's thoughts at times.

    Kat liked Ulrika a lot, but Ilona it seemed was her soul mate. The woman destined to be with her for the rest of their lives. But did Ilona feel the same?

    From their talk about crushes Kat knew that Ilona was into boys, but neither she nor Ulrika had made any suggestive comments when Kat revealed to them she was a lesbian. Instead they talked to her about her celebrity crushes and even suggested a few other girls in the camp for her which had embarrassed Kat to no end. For a moment she touched her cheek where Ilona had kissed her in jubilation. For Ilona it had been a gesture of friendship and triumph, but for Kat it had been so much more. She drove it from her thoughts for now.

    Maybe tonight, if their prank was successful she would breach the topic directly. But in her mind she already heard Ilona's sad but gentle words, sorry Kat, you are a good friend and all. But I don't feel the same way.... She shook her head to get it out of her thoughts and gave her friends a smile as she sat down with them again.

    "It's done."


    Ulrika gave her a smile. "Sand like that, its itchy, gets everywhere... will give them quite a rough night."

    "Who did this?" Sarah asked.

    The rich noble girl was angry, yet in-between her yelling Kat also believed she could see a hint of regret not having had the idea herself. The other girls had gathered in a circle for dinner and now questioning looks flew back and forth. Some threw dark gazes at herself Ilona and Kat but it seemed others were also viewed with suspicion.

    "Could have been anyone," another girl said. "I've seen many go back and forth between the camp and beach today."

    "Got get fresh drinks and snacks," someone else reminded her.

    The atmosphere was still relaxed and Kat was glad their prank clearly hadn´t gone too far. She had decided to tell them the truth though, as she didn't want anyone else to take a fall for them.

    But just as she gathered up the courage to open her mouth and let out the truth Ulrika stood up. "I think I've seen some boys in the forest today, first thought they wanted to peep at us bathing but maybe they had other aims."

    Kat knew that there was a boy camp not too far away from them. The two camps didn't interact with each other much, but on occasion Kat had seen some of the boys in the woods from a distance.

    Sarah chewed on her lip, "there have been cross camp pranks in the last few years, was actually surprised this year nothing happened."

    A few other girls now also mentioned having seen boys in the forest recently and Kat began to wonder if there was a greater plan behind this?

    Or had Ulrika's words just been a really lucky lie?

    But whatever the case, the consensus quickly moved towards it having been a prank from the other camp, which had Kat squirm a little, but she also didn't want to turn her friends in, now that no other girl would take the fall for them. But then Ulrika stood up and climbed upon a large tree stump. Standing upright she looked almost like a general addressing her troops as she said loudly: "Girls, we can't let this slight against our camp go unpunished. There is still a week of camp ahead, and I say we use it to show those sneaky boys who truly rules this forest. Let's make them regret even thinking about pranking us ever again."

    "I am," Ilona said, giving Ulrika a playful salute.

    "Me too," Sarah agreed and more girls followed.

    Kat felt how her conscience tried to compel her into saying the truth, but she didn´t want to disappoint her friends and so she got up and joined the cheering.


    "We should have told the truth," she said, later as she Ilona and Ulrika sat in front of their tent.

    Ulrika gave her a reassuring smile. "Relax Kat, it's all good. We just play the boys a prank, they take their revenge and in the end we all have a good laugh at it."

    Ilona gave Kat a nod but in her eyes Kat could see a sliver of doubt as well.

    "Still, we shouldn't have lied about it."

    Ulrika rolled her eyes. "This is all a game Kat, relax, nothing bad is going to happen. Yeah sometimes the true prankster gets away, but that´s something to be proud of, not ashamed." She gave her a mischievous twinkle.

    "Would you have preferred being used for target practice again?" Ilona asked.

    Kat shook her head, "if you say it that way." She cursed herself for her inability to disagree with Ilona. She looked up as she felt Ilona's hand on her shoulder as their gazes meet.

    "Okay?" Ilona asked softly.

    Kat nodded again. "Yeah, I'm okay."

    "Honestly, just kiss you two," Ulrika said, the vicious grin returning to her face.

    Ilona laughed at this, clearly seeing it as nothing but a joke but Kat´s face became scarlet again. How much was she wishing for this. What would she do to feel Ilona's lips on hers? To lose herself in these strong arms.

    "Then its decided?" Ilona asked.

    Ulrika nodded slowly, "we help the girls get some, 'sweet revenge' on our dear neighboring camp."

    "So you want to sneak in and put sand into their sleeping bags?" Ilona continued.

    Ulrika laughed, "nah, that would be boring. These boys are the other half of Eriadu's future best and brightest, just as us they might one day be politicians, generals, scientists, some may even one day sit on the Quintad. We owe them so much more than putting a bit of sand inside their sleeping bags."

    "So you suggest something more?" Ilona asked and once more Kat could feel an ounce of doubt at her words.

    Ulrika's grin turned dark, as she placed a hand on Ilona's shoulder and the other on Kat´s. "oh, yes my dear friends. That is exactly what I am suggesting. I already have a plan."
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    great to play that prank but with the boys? Eager to see what they come up with
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    Of course she already has a plan. :p Looking forward to seeing what these mischievous girls do to the boys.
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    May 11, 2016
    Yeah the classic, girls vs boys trope. ;)
    Defentely something that could come up in every summer camp. Glad you like it.

    9. Gone too far
    Prime Time Coverage: 500+ words of action, adventure, or excitement with your chosen character, friendship, family or couple as the star.

    "We went too far," Ilona muttered as she was running back through the woods, having long since lost any sense of direction in the dark night. Her heart was racing, filled with both fear and guilt.

    A part of her wanted to go back, to apologize, or even better, go back in time and say the truth to her fellow campers as to not get them riled up into doing this. For a moment she leaned herself against a tree to catch her breath while looking around. The fires seemed to have faded, thank the goddess, but she could only prey no one had been seriously hurt. Yet the screams she had heard. Ilona shook her head.

    She should have protested, done something to prevent this. But Ulrika had reassured her that nothing terrible would happen.

    But of course it had.

    The girls had planned to quickly storm into the boys camp at night, carrying torches, and yelling. Causing fear and confusion while stealing all they could before leaving. Instead it had turned into a brawl and several tents had caught fire. It had been then that Ilona had turned around and fled, horrified at the sight of it.

    Not wanting to have anything to do with this. She cursed herself for her cowardice of not having stayed and tried to help, but then again, staying would have left her at the mercy of the boys who's camp they had just set on fire. She knew several of them came from powerful families and would probably have a desire to take vengeance, to the point that it could not just endanger her but also her own parents, her family.

    Then she heard it, pained screams.

    Without even thinking Ilona turned into their direction and ran. Someone was getting hurt and she felt that after everything that had gone wrong tonight she needed to help. Quickly moving through the dark trees she quickly reached a small clearing, were someone, a boy, was laying on the ground, clutching his face. Behind him Ilona saw someone leave in the opposite direction and noticed short light blonde hair.

    Ulrika? But she had no eyes for her now as she approached the boy and knelt down next to him to see if he was okay. At first the darkness made it impossible for her to see but as she pulled out her datapad to get a bit of light she drew in a sharp breath. Blood was running all over the left side of the boys face, getting into his black hair and clothes. He pressed one of his hands over his left eye, while he kept the other around something he held clutched to his chest.

    "Go away," he yelled at Ilona as she approached him.

    "You need help," she said firmly.

    "Now you are offering help? After what your friend did?"

    Ilona looked around and saw a tree branch lying close to him, its tip covered in blood.

    "Ilona!" Turning around she saw how Kat entered the clearing. She looked disheveled but was unhurt. The boy looked up to both of them and clutched the object in his left hand harder to his chest.

    "You are not getting it." Ilona had a closer look, it seemed to be an old coat, rolled up and in the colors of the ORSF.

    "We don´t want it," she reassured him. "Please, let me have a look at your eye."

    Kat knelt down next to them as well. "Please, I... we didn't want it to go this way. Let us help you."

    Slowly, after looking from one to the other the boy removed his left hand and Ilona gasped again. His eye was covered with blood, and from what little she knew, she instantly recognized that the damage was probably too great to fix.

    "That bad?" he asked and Ilona felt he tried to sound braver than he was.

    "It's not as..." Kat began.

    But Ilona decided to say the truth. "Yes, maybe even worse."

    The boy nodded slowly, as if he appreciated her honesty. "Hurts like hell," he pressed through his teeth.

    "We need to get him to a doctor." Kat said but both she and Ilona knew it wouldn't be easy.

    "There is an auto doc in our camp," Ilona pointed out. "Guess yours has one as well?"

    The boy nodded clenching his teeth against the pain. "It's probably closer."

    Without even a second thought Ilona offered him her hand and pulled him to his feet. Placing an arm around her shoulder he slowly managed to walk, while Kat headed ahead to find the easiest way for them to go.

    It seemed like an endless journey to them the boy laying against her shoulder, stumbling several times as the pain shot through his boy. Ilona was amazed that he was still moving at all, even more as he kept himself from screaming other than the occasional muttered curse. Some of the blood run into her own clothes but that didn't matter to her now.

    The only important thing was to get him to help. During their walk both Kat and Ilona apologized several times to him.

    He only nodded and muttered, "doesn't matter now."

    As they saw the boys camp a few hundred meters away Ilona felt how he slipped from her shoulder and took a few steps without her help.

    "Best I go alone from here," he said turning towards them. "Thanks for getting me this far."

    "We can help you further."

    "Better not, I don't want you to get in trouble," he said slowly.

    As Ilona now saw him, in the light of the camp, she couldn't help but notice that even with half of his face covered in blood he was a handsome young man, but there was a sadness to him, something she couldn't quite place.

    "If that's what you want," she said slowly. "But we've come this far and don't even know each other's names."

    "Might be for the best," the boy replied. "But I feel currently the best is if both groups return to their own camps, let the heads cool. Sort things out in the light."

    With that he turned around and slowly walked back towards his own camp. Staying in the shadows Ilona and Kat silently watched as he made his way there to ensure he didn't collapse. Only when several other boys approached him and helped him towards the largest tent did they finally turn around and made their way to their own camp.

    "Ilona, Kat, thank the goddess you made it." Ulrika said as she approached them, a bright smile on her face.

    Then she saw the blood on Ilona's clothing. "Did they get you?"

    "No... no, I'm okay." Ilona said coldly, disgusted at how happy with herself Ulrika seemed to be.

    The blondes grin grew, "glad to hear. Have you seen their faces? That was a shook they will never forget again in their lives." She chuckled.

    "Ulrika, people were seriously injured," Kat said, her voice giving away her barely repressed anger.

    "So what? A few burned tents that their rich parents can replace no problem and a burn wounds? There is bacta for that, tomorrow already no one will see anything." Ulrika continued in her cheerful voice.

    "A boy has lost an eye!" Ilona was almost shouting now.

    "So I did get him, that guy was insane, how he tried to get that old army coat back, as if it had gold plates inside or something. Relax Ilona he gets a shiny cybernetic replacement for his eye, it's no big deal."

    Ilona's fist slammed into Ulrika's stomach before her thoughts had even processed the sentence fully. "No big deal? Do you even listen to yourself? Is your amusement all you care about, no matter who gets hurt by it? Your little 'prank' went too far!"

    She yelled at her. Ulrika looked up to both of them anger filling her eyes, then she got up and spat at Kat and Ilona's feet.

    "I thought you two where cool, but you are just like them," she gestured towards the tents of the rich girls. "Cowards, pathetic." She stood up and turned away from them, towards her own tent.

    Ilona and Kat stood quietly next to each other for a while, both being too shocked to say something.

    "She is the one who is pathetic, we did the right thing." Kat muttered after a while.

    Ilona nodded, "yeah. Guess we have made ourselves an enemy tonight. But with her it's probably better this way."

    And yet, despite being sure to have done the right thing, Ilona couldn't help feel sadness over the loss of their friend.
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    Ulrika is nasty. Great riddance of that friend. I hope the boy will be alright
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    OMG, Ulrika is horrible! Some friend. Glad to see she is gone, but I have a feeling it's not for good.:( Sure hope the boy will be okay.
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    Yeah Ulrika is a darker character than it first seemed. The boy will be alright, and just like Ulrika still have a role to play in Ilona´s future life...
    Thank you for commenting. :)

    10. What could have been (combo with @Adalia-Durron)
    AU Archery: A story of at least 100 words set in an alternate universe with your character, family, friendship, or couple.

    Adrian looked at his crono, they would soon be here, if they came in time, but he could never be sure of that with his sister. He looked over to his Squad Leader," sorry again for this. But, she is still my sister." Growing up alongside Ilona had never been easy, given how inconsiderate she had been about everything and when Ulrika was there it was even worse.

    Adalia glanced at him. "Time is credits, what rank did you say she was?" Her arms were folded as she waited, already pre prepared to be annoyed.

    "A major, she could be higher, even line a colonel, but with her attitude,“ Adrian let out a sigh.

    Adalia gave a sage nod, "a key quality, having the right one that is."

    "She hasn't," Adrian said darkly. "My parents say she used to be a sweet girl, but then, after she went to that summer camp one year, she became a jerk."

    Adalia gave another nod. "So she's easily influenced then? Cause that's what causes that."

    "She is, clinging to that ‚friend‘ of hers, Colonel Grau, the squad leader."

    "Just friends, I think at least. Doubt she has a boy or girlfriend. There are rumors she killed a man who abused her during the Vong War, not that she speaks of it.“ Adrian said slowly. He had never believed these stories but...

    A frown creased Adalia's forehead. "She murdered someone instead of seeking justice?" That revealed a temper, possibly a very dangerous one.

    "Not sure if it was her, could have been Ulrika herself." Adrian explained.

    He looked up as he saw the ships approaching. And then Ilona and Ulrika climbed out.

    His sister looked even worse than last he had seen her. Her hair was cut even shorter and she wore her uniform in a casual mocking way.

    "There you are little brother, I‘m glad you are okay.“ She said with apparently the last shred of decency she had.

    Adalia watched the women approach, noting the one who'd spoken and her rank as she herself straightened her back. "Superior Officer on deck." She stated simply, unable to see the other woman's rank as yet.

    Ilona was hesitant but then she looked at Ulrika who shook her head for a second.

    The blonde woman approached Adalia. "Colonel Tehanis? Colonel Grau from the ORSF."

    "Colonel." Adalia gave a nod. "Seems you have little or no control over the respect of your subordinates, or was that by design?"

    "We are not part of the GA military, so we don‘t owe you anything. Plus,“ she fixated Adrian. "You don‘t seem to have more anyway.“

    Only now did Adrian realize the situation, but he had been so focused on Ilona that he hadn‘t thought of it. So he now gave Ulrika a salute while his face turned red.

    Adalia shot him a glare, "mine at least know when respect is earned, and Military is Military, regardless of who we serve." She narrowed her eyes, "unless we're enemies. Is that what you are presenting as..........Colonel Grau?"

    "You are the one antagonizing us," Ulrika said sounding almost bored by the situation. "But if it stops you from crying, Ilona.“

    Ilona gave Adalia a salute, "Colonel.“

    Adalia snorted as she locked her hands behind her back. "I find your lack of respect disgusting Colonel. Here are my terms, you either shape up, or ship out." Her cold green eyes awaited the response.

    Ulrika rolled her eyes, "fine Colonel, this is your base.“ She straightened herself a bit.

    "You are correct, this is my base, and while on it I expect respect from both of you. If you can't, you may turn around now and get back in those overly heavy and slow ships and take them right back where you came from. I can easily tell your own superiors that you were 'difficult' to deal with and that is why no accord was reached, we clear?" Her voice was almost a growl as she glanced at Adrian's sister. She wanted see if she was 'feeling' this right.

    Ilona gulped and said nothing while Ulrika got heated, "its your side who needs us. Not the other way around. I could leave, sure but then would tell my superiors that I only met an incompetent commander here who clearly isn‘t worth our time.“

    Adalia smiled, she'd been right. "I think my record speaks for itself, can you say the same?" It was abundantly clear there was still a good woman inside Ilona, the influence was the issue and this woman must have a record of disrespect and rule breaking that would make her own look tame by comparison.

    "Her record is a series of smaller and lesser screw ups, disobedience and rule breaking.“ Adrian said firmly

    "Adrian!“ Ilona looked at her brother. "How can you say that?“

    "Because its true?“

    Adalia turned to Adrian. "Thank you, whilst I appreciate your candor, I don't appreciate you speaking out of turn." She turned to Ilona. "Nor you, as I am more than capable of finding out that information myself." She turned back to the young Colonel. "Would that assessment be close to the truth? Like I said, it won't be a problem to find out."

    „I...“ Ulrika looked from one to the other. „Fine colonel, we do it your way. You just needed to ask nicely.“

    "I think I have. Now, Major?" She turned to Adrian, "would you be so kind as to guide the Colonel here to the meeting room, Colonel Lyons will be there shortly." She turned to Ilona, "would you be good enough to help me with something in my office?" She just wanted a few minutes with the older Malek, for her cousins former wingman's sake.

    Ilona sat down in Adalia´s office and looked up to her. "What is it you need colonel?"

    Adalia turned and frowned, "I don't recall offering you a seat Major Malek."

    Sheepishly Ilona stood up. „Sorry Colonel.“

    Turning she closed the door and then walked around her desk, stopping to face Ilona. "Ok, ranks off the table, I'm going to talk to you as Adrian's friend and mentor. Nothing you say will leave this room and I would hope the same will be extended to me. Do you understand?"

    Ilona shrugged, what was this about? "Sure, go on then."

    Adalia leaned forward, putting her hands on the desk. "Are you happy under your current command? Do you feel inclined to break the rules under threat of intimidation?"

    „I... I‘m okay, thanks for your concern colonel,“ Ilona said after a pause.

    "Sit down." She herself sat down and pulled her chair in. "Look, Adrian is worried about you, and NO he has not said a word, I just know. Don't ask." She leaned on the desk, "I have seen your record and when you are under the not so pleasant colonel out there, it goes sideways, almost every time." She looked down, "I'm only going to offer this once." Raising her eyes to hers. "Would you like to transfer to my team? And before you answer, I can make it look like you had nothing to do with it."

    „To... to your team?“ Ilona looked at Adalia in disbelief. „I... I‘m honored by the offer but I‘m Ulrikas XO, she needs me.“ Ulrika was her best friend, she couldn‘t turn her back on her.

    "Hmmm. Ok. If you find yourself in a position wishing to change your mind, send a message to Vixen, I'll get it." She stood, "just so you know, I am Force sensitive and I can read your feelings. You may wish to continue to lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to me. This discussion is over and will remain in this room. We clear?"

    Ilona took a deep breath, "well, I should..." she made a pause. "With Adrian in your squad, due to the war and all. Someone should look after him. I... I think it might be for the best if I join your squad, at least during this crisis."

    Adalia allowed a slight smile. "Consider it done, give me a week." She turned and picked up a pile of data pads. "Here, carry these for me, gotta make you earn your keep."

    "Ilona you would never act like that, nor become a follower." Adrian said as he looked back to his sister.

    Ilona didn't feel so sure, "we can't say that. If I hadn't stood up to Ulrika that day at camp, I might have never become who I am today. I could see her turning me into that."

    "Nor would I have," she looked over at her husband. His stylized eye prosthetic only contributed to his good looks.

    Tobin gave his wife a smile. After that night they hadn't seen each other for many years, but that fateful day they had met again at the veterans gathering they had instantly recognized each other.

    Adalia smiled, "like I have always said, a bad influence needs to be stood up too, glad you did so, where is she now, do you know?"

    "She is still a squad leader," Ilona let with a sigh. "Say what you want about her but she is an ace pilot."

    "We had a few run ins with her over the years," Tobin added. In the debths of Coruscants underworld, during the Vong War, his cybernetic eye had saved his life countless times. So in a sense Ulrika was the reason he was sitting here now. "She caused us now small amount of trouble."

    "But occasionally it probably was for the better she was there, as much as it pains me to say," Ilona said, thinking of their last meeting and the mess her rival had made.
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