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Saga Sunrise Diary challenge 2012

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Falcon, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Feb 7, 2002
    Note: This is a continuation from last year's diary. Dawn of Darkness

    Title: Sunrise Early rise of the Rebellion
    Author: JediFalcon
    Characters: OCs: Jess Shern, Fress Colias, others
    Genre: Diary
    Summary: Six months after the downfall of the Jedi, Fress Colias helps Mon Mothma and Bail Organa with the assistance of her boyfriend Jess Shern setup early rebellion resistance cells while avoiding Vader and Palpatine.

    Entry One

    Six months later

    I looked into Jess?s eyes as he stared into mine as I ran my hand along the back of his neck. He gently closed his lips over mine as I sighed in contentment. The twin suns were just beginning to set causing the sky to turn a beautiful mixture of red and orange. I deepened the kiss teasingly then pulled back as his brown eyes narrowed in suspicion. I gave a sly smile as he ran his hand through my red hair. I dyed it to cover up my blond hair. We planned on heading out soon to meet up with Mon Mothma and Bail. It?s been six months since the fall of the Republic. Jess and I got out with our lives, but not as many Jedi survived what the underground was now calling the day of the Jedi Purges. ?I love you.?

    ?I love you,? Jess repeated back as we lay down on the cooling sand as we watched the suns finish setting. Baby Luke was just adorable and we saw images of Leia on the holonet. I smiled to myself. The twins were definitely going to be holonet news for their entire lives. Leia was beginning to look more and more like her mother which had me concerned. I wondered if leaving her with Bail was the correct action or not. I guess we would have to wait to see how things progressed.

    I felt Jess wrap an arm around me as I snuggled my head into his chest. The twin suns were sure beautiful but harsh on the planet. Water was scarce and we planned on bringing water back with us just before returning to the planet.

    ?You?re quiet,? Jess commented softly as I glanced at him with a frown.

    ?Just thinking of a list of supplies we?ll need before returning here,? I answered without looking at him. I sat up as I felt Obi-Wan make contact with me over the Force bond causing me to frown. His sense felt troubled to me. Something was wrong.

    ?Come on, Obi-Wan needs to speak with us,? I said as Jess stood up and held out his hand to me. I grabbed his hand as he helped me to my feet.

    We walked back to our small dwelling as Obi-Wan waved to us but he wasn?t smiling. Something was terribly wrong. I glanced at Jess as he looked back at me. Recently I felt darker then usual stirrings in the Force making me aware that something was a foot. I gave Obi-Wan a quick hug then stepped back gauging his expression. Something was seriously wrong. ?How have you been??

    ?It?s good to see both of you again,? Obi-Wan answered as he hugged Jess diverting my question. ?We have to talk. Something unexpected happened.?

    I glanced at Jess as he frowned. ?What happened??

    Obi-Wan didn?t say a word as Jess led the way into our small dwelling as Obi-Wan went to the holo projector and hooked up his recorder. A news flash crossed the screen. Lord Vader named as the Right Hand of Emperor Palpatine. I felt chills run down my back as they showed Palpatine standing beside a man dressed in a black suit with a skull like helmet. I shuddered as I looked at Palpatine biting back a smirk.

    ?What?s so funny?? Jess questioned with a serious expression.

    ?Looks like Palpatine was hit by a land speeder and they couldn?t save his face,? I answered, causing Jess to chuckle nervously. He nodded in agreement.

    ?I, Emperor Palpatine have an announcement to make. This is my right hand, Lord Vader. He will be in command of the newest Super Star Destroyer the Executer. Lord Vader will travel amongst the fleet carrying out my commands. And he will be hunting down the remaining of the Jedi.?

    ?And there you have it, Emperor Palpatine has named his right hand man. We wish Lord Vader good luck in his new endeavor. Here is the list of Je
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great start; I can see how Jess has the opinion he does, but also Fress's, but Obi-Wan's right; any peace/redemption will be a long time coming.

    Wonderful setup for more adventures.

    [face_laugh] Fress is daunting is she with that "I'm right" look; "don't argue with me!" [face_laugh] ;)

  3. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    ?You don?t know that for sure. Anakin is being manipulated like he was a slave. I?m almost positive Palpatine used Padme in the equation. He?s just as much as a victim as the next person Palpatine?s dragged through the mud.?

    ?That may be true,? Jess answered slowly with caution. ?But it?s unhealthy to dwell in the past. We have a future to fight for.?

    Amazing, right here, that she hit the nail on the head and he's telling her not to dwell on it. She's right! Palpy did do exactly that... not that Fress has any way of knowing she's correct at the moment, but she is.

    Good start. :)
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    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback :)

    Entry Two

    Bail stood up and greeted each of us with a hug. I felt excited about seeing both again since everything happened. He was a true friend. Bail took out a holo cube and turned it on as he showed us the development holos of Leia. She looked like a healthy happy baby in the holos. ?You?re doing a wonderful job, Bail. She?s beginning to look more and more like her mother.?

    ?I know,? Bail beamed with fatherly pride. ?When the time comes, we plan to get her a play mate. One that will look like Leia we can use as a decoy to prevent suspicion from Palpatine and Vader.?

    ?Most likely for the best,? I agreed as Mon looked a little confused.

    ?Who are the child?s birth parents?? Mon Mothma questioned with a frown as suspicion creased her forehead.

    ?Padme and Anakin Skywalker,? Bail answered with a hardened expression. ?They failed to tell us about the marriage.?

    ?With good reason,? I answered with a frown. ?If the holo press caught wind of it, it would?ve ruined Padme?s career and Anakin?s. According to the old Jedi code, their love was forbidden. We decided that rule would no longer be in effect.?

    ?Just like yours?? Bail pointed out with a frown.

    ?Yeah, we were eventually caught but Yoda told any master who brought it up to leave it be,? I explained with a grin.

    ?Ah, I see,? Bail answered with a small smile then he turned it serious. ?Mon, please for Leia?s sake and mine. Never mention about Leia?s true heritage, besides these two, there are only a small handful of people who know the truth.?

    ?I promise, Bail,? Mon Mothma said with a smile. ?I was beginning to wonder about Padme when she started buying much larger clothing. I know you will raise Leia the way Padme would?ve wanted her daughter to be raised.?

    ?We couldn?t agree more,? I said as Jess reached for my hand. ?What?s the first step?? I quickly changed the subject as Bail glanced at both of us.

    ?We have a small group of people on Chandrilla willing to set up a resistance cell. We need you and Jess to help them set up the cell. Here are the codes for them to transmit, the frequencies are secure,? Bail explained as he handed over a data card and pad. ?Please be careful. We will need you both in the future.?

    I nodded accepting the card and pad. ?We will be don?t worry,? I said as Jess nodded in agreement.

    ?What are their names?? Jess questioned with a frown as Bail handed him a data card. ?I imagine their descriptions of what they look like are on here??

    Bail nodded. ?This could be a trap, please be cautious.?

    ?Don?t worry, Bail,? Jess reassured with a smile. ?We are already aware there is a risk involved.?

    Bail nodded as their meals arrived. I slowly ate the delicious meal. As the night wore on, Jess took me to a small lake where there was only the two of us. He wrapped his arms around me as we watched the sun set. The waves gently washed up on shore with a soothing sound. Tomorrow we planned to head out in the morning. I began to suspect our lives would always be on the run until the day they took Palpatine and Vader out of the holo. The sooner the better.
    Thoughts comments feedback
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Nice conversation and confiding and unwinding beforehand at a lovely lake with the sunset. :D
  6. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    ?I was beginning to wonder about Padme when she started buying much larger clothing. I know you will raise Leia the way Padme would?ve wanted her daughter to be raised.?

    Ah, so no one in the Senate was blind to the over-sized clothing...
  7. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback [:D]

    Entry Three

    I kept the hood up around my head as Jess and I entered a seedy looking bar. We decided to arrive an hour early to get some food while we were here. I frowned as we made our way to the back of the bar towards a low-lighted booth. The smoke was thick in the air and this was not exactly my first choice, on the other hand it was in the open public and it would allow us to get away if we had to by creating a diversion. I sat down as I glanced around noticing the amount of beings, drinking, smoking, and gambling games going on. I glanced at Jess as he looked around taking note of any emergency exit routes near by. I spotted an exit not too far away from us.

    A waitress walked up to our table as Jess put in an order for the both of us. I sat back as I kept my senses open just enough to sense trouble but not enough to alert any Force users nearby. I glanced at Jess as he shot a reassuring smile my way. This planet was supposed to be neutral territory according to the Imperials. It was decided to set up a resistance cell here.

    ?Is something on your mind, Keila?? Jess questioned with a concerned expression.

    ?Just thinking of an escape route just encase this goes south, but it doesn?t feel like that,? I answered with a slight smile as Jess nodded in agreement. I decided to use my mother?s name due to mine being too well known in the galaxy. Jess went by James Colling just to avoid any suspicion. We brought in a different fully loaded ship with room enough for one fighter. If we had to shoot back, it was better to have two shooting back instead of one.

    I watched as the waitress brought our food over and sat the plates in front of us. I smiled noting it was one my favorites. ?Thanks James,? I said before I dug in.

    ?Your welcome, sweetheart,? Jess answered as he started to eat his dinner.

    After we were finished eating, I glanced at my wrist chrono noting we still had another fifteen minutes to kill before our contact arrived. A man who wreaked of booze and death sticks slid in beside me. I had to keep from gagging from the smell of unwashed body odor. ?Did you need help with something?? I questioned with a frown.

    The man looked at me with a smirk on his face as he grabbed my hand. I felt Jess?s jealousy take hold as he glared at the man. ?How much do you want for her??

    Jess glowered at the man as I twisted my wrist out of his grasp. ?Excuse me??

    ?She?s a slave right?? The man questioned with a leer as he grabbed my hand again. This boy was asking for a trip to the med ward if he kept this up for much longer. ?She?s a beautiful one at that, how much are you asking for her??

    ?Firstly,? I quickly answered before Jess could get a word in as I twisted my wrist out of his hand again. I quickly grabbed his wrist and twisted hard causing the man to gasp in shock and pain. ?I am no one?s slave, and secondly, he?s my boyfriend. Get your hands off me before I hand you your arse on a silver platter.?

    I twisted my body and slammed his body out of the booth. He hit the floor with an undeniable thump as he looked up with a surprised expression. ?Get out of here,? the man stood up and made a hasty retreat towards another table where some of his buddies were watching and started jabbing each other from the scene that was just made.

    Jess sat back with a satisfied smile as I sat back down in the booth. ?I keep forgetting who trained you.?

    I shook my head sadly as I glanced around then turned my attention back to Jess with a disbelief expression on my face. ?You?re kidding me, right??

    ?Just for a split second,? Jess answered as another figure sat down in the booth with us. ?My protectiveness tends to make my mind go blank.?

    I shook my head as I glanced at the new comer as I noticed the hood up. ?Are you Gresha Ranko??

    ?Yes, you must be Keila Giles and James Colling,? Gresha answered as she pushed her hood back a little to reveal something I wasn?t expecting. I grinned catching sight of familiar markings.

    ?Ahsoka?? I whispered feeling excitement as Ahs
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great to see Ahsoka again :cool:

    Fress is awesome to have when things get rough apparently ;)
  9. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    Jess sat back with a satisfied smile as I sat back down in the booth. ?I keep forgetting who trained you.?

    I shook my head sadly as I glanced around then turned my attention back to Jess with a disbelief expression on my face. ?You?re kidding me, right??

    ?Just for a split second,? Jess answered as another figure sat down in the booth with us. ?My protectiveness tends to make my mind go blank.?

    Much needed humor. Love it. :)
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    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the positive feedback [:D]

    Entry Four

    I climbed out of the speeder as Jess did the same. Ahsoka hopped down then turned her attention to a Senator waiting for our return. I glanced at Jess with a soft smile recognizing the Senator from Pandora, Chu Chi. We walked towards the Senator as Jess reached for the disks inside his belt. The base was underground and I spotted several Naboo fighters sitting off to the side with personal bustling about performing maintenance on them. The smell of oil and some fuel permeated the air. I turned my attention to Chu Chi. ?Senator Chu Chi, it?s good to see you again.?

    ?It is good to see you again, Padawan Colias,? Chu Chi responded with a smile. ?With your knowledge and experience, I?m sure you will have no trouble helping us set up.?

    ?No we shouldn?t,? I agreed with a smile. ?It?s Knight now. Before Master Yoda went into hiding, Master Yoda and Master Kenobi agreed that I should be knighted. I was knighted a week ago.?

    ?Congratulations,? Chu Chi said with a smile as we headed towards a small office. ?It?s good to see some of the Jedi Knight survivors getting involved with the resistance cells. Who is your companion??

    ?This is Knight Shern,? I introduced with a small smile. ?I?m not entirely sure if you two met before.?

    ?No we have not,? Chu Chi answered honestly as she turned her attention to Jess. ?I have heard of you. The youngest Padawan to be knighted at age sixteen, you made quite a name for yourself early on. It?s nice to finally make your acquaintance.?

    ?The pleasure is mine, Senator,? Jess agreed with a small smile as we stepped inside the office. ?We would like to meet with everyone. I?m sure if we did have a spy amongst us, Ahsoka would?ve picked that up by now.?

    ?I haven?t had a chance to meet with anyone, but I would welcome the company in meeting everyone,? Ahsoka explained with a frown.

    ?We also have codes and channels to transmit on,? Jess explained as he handed the disks over to Chu Chi. ?Senator Organa and Senator Mothma sent them with us.?

    ?Thank you,? Chu Chi answered as she accepted the disks. ?If you would like to meet with everyone, this is a good time considering everyone is on base.?

    ?Sounds like a plan to me,? I agreed as we followed Ahsoka out of the office towards what looked like a door leading further into the base.

    ?The sleeping quarters are just beyond those doors,? Ahsoka pointed to another door. ?This door leads to what is now being called the war room,? she explained as she punched in her codes. The door swished to the side as we stepped inside. ?I?ll show you to your quarters after we meet with everyone. Not unless you feel the need to rest now??

    ?No, it can wait,? I answered as Jess nodded in agreement as the door opened and several individuals filed in. I turned my attention to those who were eyeing us with apprehension and curiosity. Either they didn?t recognize us or were not telling the truth. Time would tell in the next couple of minutes.

    ?Ahsoka, who are these two new comers?? One of the apprehensive men asked as he eyed me wearily. ?And can they be trusted??

    I shook my head, he was being precautious and there was nothing wrong with that. I glanced at Ahsoka as she smiled warmly.

    ?I would like to introduce a couple of friends of mine,? Ahsoka spoke with a smile. ?This is Jedi Knights, Fress Colias, and Jess Shern. They were sent here by Senators Organa and Mothma. They have brought us codes to transmit on and they will help us set up the resistance cell here.?

    Murmurs of excitement burst through the Force as I smiled softly. ?We will also like to set up flight simulators to see how well you handle star fighters and improve on any weaknesses that you have. Most of your time will be spent either in space or on the ground. We will also run through hand-to-hand combat maneuvers. Make sure you have comfortable clothing to wear. Are there any questions??

    A young woman raised her hand and I noted she was in her mid twenties, far older then I. When it came down to it, as Rex quot
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Enjoyed the meeting with Chu Chi :) and the briefing went well *relief* except for those antsy couple of guys who might be spies [face_worried]

    Liked the closing bit there ;)

    Yummy to think they'll get some alone time :D - no interruptions please [face_laugh]

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    May 15, 2005
    Not sure what to say about this meeting, here, but I liked it. :)
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    Entry Five

    I told Jess I needed to check up on something but I wasn?t quite sure why I told him that. And by the look on Jess?s face, I could tell he wasn?t too convinced. As I neared the communication room I could hear the hiss of a familiar respirator. I reached for my saber hilt as I heard someone speak.

    ?Mi Lord, I have made contact with those in charge. Jedi Knights, Ahsoka Tano, Jess Shern, and Fress Colias are setting up the resistance cell under the watchful eye of Senator Chu Chi,? the man reported as I silently leaned against the door listening in.

    ?Colias and that boy toy of hers still live. There was rumor they died during Order sixty-six. Colias is not that easy to kill. I trained her well,? Vader sounded almost triumph making me cringe. Anakin, what have you gotten yourself into? ?If I get there before they run, you will be well rewarded. You will keep me informed.?

    ?Of course, Mi Lord,? the man said with a slight bow sounding pleased with himself.

    I stepped around the corner unhooking my lightsaber now knowing why the Force guided me to this room. ?Hello Anakin. You?ve changed, not for the better I see.?

    The man turned around as I ignited my saber holding the blade against his throat. ?If I were you, you will not move.?

    ?That name no longer has any meaning to me,? Vader growled out angrily. ?Join me Fress, and we will kill Palpatine and take over the Empire.?

    ?No thanks, especially after you referred Jess as a boy toy.? I answered with a frown. ?I?m pretty he?ll be interested to hear what you think of him. Something tells me he won?t care,? I turned my attention to the man with a serious expression. ?You?re under arrest for treason,? I glanced at the holo. ?Give Palpatine a kiss for me on the lips if you dare.?

    ?I do not swing that way and you know it,? Vader growled angrily.

    ?That?s not what Padme said,? I pointed out knowing that was a little mean but this man was not the same man I knew or viewed as a father. I felt my heart sink with that thought. ?You?re out of your mind, Ani.?

    ?You insolent child,? Vader snapped angrily. ?Time to grow up and realize we?re no longer on the same side. Never call me that again.?

    I didn?t plan to give up that easily and I was still working on my come back to the light side speech. I wasn?t ready to give it yet considering Vader was angry and not in the mood to listen. I knew it would be useless at this point. ?I know. You?re no longer the man I knew or cared about. The man I saw and loved as a father and brother is dead to me,? I could feel Jess?s concern over the bond as I sent back reassurance even though I didn?t feel okay at the moment. I felt like crying. ?One day, I know you will find peace again. When that day comes, I hope for your sake it?s not too late.?

    Vader terminated the call as Jess and Ahsoka rushed in as I glanced at both with a weary frown. ?We?ve been sold out. We have to evacuate the base.?

    Ahsoka nodded as she placed a pair of stun cuffs on the man?s hand as I deactivated my blade. Jess placed his arms around my shoulders as I rested my head against his chest breathing in Jess?s musky scent. ?Oh Jess. He?s no longer there.?

    No matter how hard I fought them, the tears came regardless. It was difficult facing Anakin after everything happened. I felt Jess send reassurance and calming thoughts as I broke down in his arms.

    ?Shhh, it?s all right. I?m here for you,? Jess whispered as he held me in his strong arms.

    After a few minutes I sniffed, as I pulled away from Jess grateful he didn?t say anything. ?He called you a boy toy. We have to go.?

    Jess nodded as I felt him bristle through the Force to being referred to as a sex object and nothing more. Jess was much more then that to me. He was my best friend, soul mate and light.
    Thoughts comments feedback
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    May 15, 2005
    Hmmm... this explains a lot for why they have such rough and tumble conversations later on...
  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] I adore Fress! Her snark is boundless! [face_dancing]

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    Thanks for the comments

    Entry Six

    I walked up behind Ahsoka as she talked with someone who looked very familiar. What really caught my attention was the way they spoke with each other. It reminded me of a pair of star crossed lovers that wanted to be with each other but couldn?t.

    ?Lux, I?m thrilled you?re helping out,? Ahsoka commented with a smile as she hugged him. ?I missed you.?

    ?I missed you too, Ahsoka,? Lux answered as he took a step back and started rubbing the side of his face.

    It looked like it was bruising. ?What happened?? I questioned as Ahsoka turned in my direction. ?You didn?t hit him, did you??

    ?Lux Bonteri, this is Fress Colias,? Ahsoka quickly introduced with a smile. ?I met him when his mother supported the separatists.?

    ?I see,? I smiled as I shook his hand. So that?s why he looked familiar, he was elected senator shortly after his mother died. ?Didn?t you run instead of trying to come back to the Republic?? I questioned as I suddenly remembered what happened. Lux kidnapped Ahsoka and took her with him when he joined up with Death Watch.

    ?Yes, something about choking on my own stupidity,? Lux answered causing Ahsoka to grin as if it was an inside joke between them.

    ?We can use all the support we can get at this point,? I pointed out as Ahsoka took Lux?s hand into her own.

    I winked at Ahsoka causing her to frown. //Well, well, what do we have here?//

    //Fress, can we discuss this later?// Ahsoka questioned over the Force bond as a blush touched her cheeks.

    //Sure we can, you shouldn?t have let this one get away. You?re cute together,// I teased as Ahsoka turned her attention to Lux with an expression I recognized between a pair of individuals interested in each other.

    ?You said you were getting ready to leave?? Lux questioned turning the conversation to our evacuation of the base.

    ?Someone has betrayed the resistance cell. We plan on relocating to Sullust,? Ahsoka answered quickly with a frown.

    ?I see,? Lux glanced at me as I frowned. We planned on going to Pandora. Ahsoka didn?t trust Lux. Maybe there was more to this relationship then at first glance.

    I pulled Ahsoka aside out of listening distance. ?You don?t trust him, do you??

    ?Please, later Fress. I told him he could ride with me,? Ahsoka answered with a frown. ?He did something.?

    ?It?s not about the kidnapping was it?? I questioned, as Ahsoka shook her head no. ?What is it??

    ?I don?t know,? Ahsoka answered honestly as she gave me a pleading expression to drop it.

    I gave a short nod feeling frustration well up in me. I was concerned about Ahsoka. Something did happen between the two but Ahsoka didn?t seem too eager to discuss it. ?We?re running out of time and we should go. ?I nodded in agreement as I deliberately looked Lux from head to toe deliberately trying to get a rise out of Ahsoka. ?Not bad.?

    ?Fress, you have a boyfriend, remember,? Ahsoka quickly reminded me with a jealous expression.

    ?Jealous much?? I quickly teased as we headed towards the underground ship bay.

    ?Please, of Shern?? Ahsoka quickly questioned with a serious expression. ?He?s not my type.?

    ?No, but apparently this one is,? I teased causing Ahsoka to blush again. ?My my, what am I going to do with a blushing Togruta?? Which in turn only caused Ahsoka to glare.

    I grinned as we entered the bay where Jess was anxiously waiting for us. ?We?re ready to go??

    ?Everyone is out except us,? Jess answered as he walked forward and kissed me in greeting. ?Who is this?? He questioned taking a quick step back.

    ?Jess Shern, meet Lux Bonterie,? I introduced with a smile as Jess held out his hand in greeting. ?Lux, this is Jedi Knight, Jess Shern.?

    ?I?ve heard of you, nice to meet you,? Lux said with a slight smile as he looked me up and down in turn which only caused Jess to glare.

    Ahsoka shook her head as she steered Lux away before an incident could happen. ?I believe we were planning on going??

    ?No one is going anywhere,? someone spoke up followed by a hiss of air.

    I froze as I turned towards o
  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi: LOL on Ahsoka and Lux ;) Great to have more back story stuff on Ahsoka, always.

    :( about Anakin sorta kinda still there but mostly not.

    SQUEE on the F/J bit at the end.

  18. DaenaBenjen42

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    May 15, 2005
    ?Anakin?s still kind of there but mostly not,? I answered honestly. ?I can still feel a piece of him that?s buried beneath the darkness. And don?t you dare tell me it?s the grief talking. I felt it.?

    ?I know,? Jess admitted with a frown. ?Other wise he wouldn?t have let us go,? he paused for a second as the ship broke free of the atmosphere. ?I still think it?s foolish to pursue this. He may change his mind and kill you,? he looked at me with a pleading expression. ?I need you in my life. I wouldn?t know what to do without you.?

    Was and still is my favorite part of post. :) She knows he's in there somewhere!!!!! And Jess is simply awesome in his support and wanting her alive.
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    Sep 16, 2005
    Golly - Anakin let them leave? I'm :eek: .