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Beyond - Legends Tales of the New Republic: The Lost Year [NJO/Rogue Squadron]

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    May 15, 2008
    Title: Tales of the New Republic: The Lost Year
    Author(s): windu4
    Timeframe: 15 ABY
    Characters: Everyone and anyone you can think of from Bantam Era.
    Genre: Action-Adventure, Mystery, Romance
    Summary: It is the year 15 ABY. The New Republic has firmly entrenched itself as a galaxy wide power in the years of the Empire's fall. While the galaxy has found peace it is hardly permanent. There are conflicts lurking on the horizon. Luke Skywalker's fledgling Jedi Order continues to support the New Republic in any way it can. However, ever the ever present Jedi can't solve any problem in the galaxy. This anthology of short stories tells the tale of those who fought for freedom and equality for all in a galaxy far, far away.

    Tying Up Loose Ends
    15.1 ABY
    Nal Hutta
    The Spiced Hole

    Jaden Korr was a Jedi Knight now.

    It was a difficult concept for him to follow right now. While Jaden had lived an interesting life before his Knighthood he had still been seized with doubts about his future. He had nearly fallen to the Dark Side and murdered his fellow apprentice Rosh Penin. When Jaden had become Kyle Katarn’s apprentice he had been forced to face his own darkness in ways he hadn’t expected. Now he was here sitting across from a man whose struggles had been just as intense as his own.

    Jedi Knights Jaden Korr and Kyp Durron sat at a dusty table, in a grimy bar with a ambiguously perverse name. While they both had Corellian Ales on the table in front of them neither of them were really drinking it. In the year 15 ABY the Jedi were more than a myth. They were a very real force that was gaining power in the galaxy. Jaden and Kyp both took their oaths as Jedi seriously. Which is why they weren’t scared of sitting in the very heart of the Hutts’ criminal empire wearing Jedi Robes.

    Kyp Durron was dressed oddly and had attracted the attention of quite a few drunkards. The newly christened Jedi Knight greatly resembled the Rangers that would roam the forested outer rim planets. He wore black pants alongside a light blue tunic and a green cloak. His lightsaber and blaster were tucked neatly out of sight on his utility belt. While Kyp Durron’s connection to the Jedi wasn’t quite as obvious Jaden’s was. The twenty-year old Jedi Knight wore a dark green tunic alongside black pants. His Jedi Robes were also black and unlike Kyp he wasn’t wearing his hood. Instead he proudly displayed a topknot secured by brown leather. His lightsaber was proudly displayed on his belt. His master once told him that seeing a lightsaber was more of an incentive than igniting a lightsaber.

    “How long before the first shift ends?” Jaden questioned quietly as he popped a roasted nut into his mouth. They were the only things here worth eating. The salty-sweet treats were enough to keep any spacer going.

    Kyp’s dark emerald eyes turned towards the old, cracked chrono on his wrist. “Five minutes.” He murmured before turning back to Jaden.

    Jaden nodded and stood to his feet before he grabbed his bottle of ale and took a quick sip. “Better get in position, then.” The Korun stated before he turned and began to weave his way through the crowd, not waiting for Kyp. He felt a flash of frustration that was quickly hidden. Jaden smiled; his skills in subterfuge simply couldn’t be matched.

    It wasn’t long before Jaden wormed his way up to the smoker’s portion of the bar. He sat down and quickly ordered an eyeblaster before he reached inside his cloak and produced a death stick. He reached through the Force and determined that Kyp was also in position, outside lurking near the parked swoop bikes and speeders. Jaden lit up the death stick and watched as the bar door opened. Almost immediately men of all shapes and sizes poured into the room. They were assembly line workers who spent hours assembling machinery.

    Specifically war droids.

    You see, Jaden Korr wasn’t here for a drink. He was here on a mission to bring down Lannik Racto for the very last time. This way he can finally have peace.

    A rather disgruntled looking Corellian in his late twenties stumbled into the seat beside Jaden’s. He was dressed in a stained, grey jumpsuit and had a particular savage scar across his cheek. “Eyeblaster.” The an ordered gruffly as he ran his blackened and burnt hands over his shaved head.

    Jaden puffed on his death stick and slowly exhaled near the Corellian’s face. He didn’t inhale but instead allowed the toxic and alluring fumes to float under the man’s nose. The worker’s nose twitched. He noticed. “Wanna buy some death sticks?” He questioned, slowly wearing down the man’s will with the Force.

    “Oh, believe me buddy. You don’t want to sell me death sticks.” The Corellian muttered.

    “I want to sell you death sticks and you want to buy them.” Jaden murmured slowly under his breath. The man twitched his head and blinked as Jaden waved his fingers.

    “I want to buy some death sticks.”

    Jaden Korr smiled as he stood and slowly helped the man up. “Well, let’s conduct our business elsewhere, in the Fresher.”

    Two men strode through the hallways of bustling and busy droid factory. They were both wearing stained grey jumpsuits but they barely seemed to fit their owners. One man was a Korun who stood at roughly 6’0. Due to his dark skin and coarse hair that was pulled up into a rough topknot he looked different from most of the other workers. He walked with an almost catlike grace and seemed all to aware of his surroundings. The man walking next to him was only a couple inches taller. His dark brown hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and the sleeves to his jumpsuit rid up along his wrist. The two men whom they had stolen identicards and uniforms from were unconscious and waiting for New Republic Intelligence.

    Their mission was simple. A particle shield protected the Droid Factory that only open for authorized personnel. While it was difficult to smuggle, say….two experienced Jedi Knights into the facility you certainly couldn’t fit a whole squad of NRI agents.

    They had to deactivate the particle shield so that Rogue Squadron could break through and attack Lannik’s forces before they could mobilize and escape. Unfortunately, getting into the shield generator was the most difficult part of this mission. Luckily, the duo had inside help.


    Jaden and Kyp both slowed to a stop as a metallic voice rang out behind the.

    <Hands up!>

    Both Jaden and Kyp exchanged weary glances before they raised their hands. They then turned on their heels to face the IG assassin droid staring at them. It stood at roughly 6’3 and a dull green cloak was draped over its right shoulder. A sniper rifle was slung around the back of its back and two blaster cannons gleamed on its wrist. However, barely in sight a cylindrical tube roughly thirty centimeters in length dangled from its waist.

    <Your movement was not authorized!>

    “Oh shut it, AG-37.” Kyp said in an exasperated tone as he dropped his hands. “Do you have the access codes?”

    The Iron Knight sputtered static for a moment as a display of its disapproval before it marched towards them. <I have the access codes but I sensed a disturbance in the Force. A blight. There is someone else here who wishes to stop you.>

    “So it’s a trap.” Jaden murmured. He turned and rubbed his chin. “Perhaps we should get Daesha’cor and Octa up here.”

    Kyp shook his head. “They have to disable the slave mind so that the war droids don’t cause a slighter. Whatever AG is being cryptic about will have to deal with us.”

    Jaden frowned. “Then he’ll only be slightly outmatched.”

    Kyp smirked. “I like the way you think.”

    AG-37’s extended its left appendage and a compartment in its wrist opened. It deposited a credit chip into Kyp Durron’s hand. “May the Force be with you.” It reported before it turned and walked down the hallway rather stiffly.

    “I think I hurt his feelings.” Kyp said in mock distress.

    Jaden turned towards the door and plucked the credit chip from the man’s hand and slid it into its respective chamber. The control panel beeped and then the door slid open. “Let’s go.” He said with a nod.
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    Hi! Cool stuff here. =D= Of course I like Kyp ;) and he works well with Jaden. Jaden also seems to have had a close shave with darkness and yet been stronger for it. @};- The mission the guys are on definitely feels like one Jedi would be sent on.
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    15.1 ABY​

    Nal Hutta​

    Racto Industries​

    The robotic parts rolled down the assembly line in a jumbled mess. Miko had little interest in actually doing the work in front of him. He had already spent three days under a cover trying to get a feel of the mansion. He had gone undercover with two other Jedi. Daeshara’Cor was a Twi’Lek who had joined the Jedi Order around the same time that Kyp did. She was a skilled duelist and extraordinarily skilled with subterfuge. However, she wasn’t the one Miko was thinking about. Instead he was thinking about her apprentice Octa Ramis.​

    The sixteen-year-old apprentice had been more than thrilled when he had learned she’d be coming. However, Miko knew the requirements for his mission and he had to focus. As he stood there slowly moving his hands over the robots he finally saw the robot he was looking for. While any average worker would assume that IG-47 was a security droid Miko knew better. IG-47 was actually an Iron Knight. Iron Knights were Jedi Knights encased in a droid body. In reality these Jedi Knights were “Shards”, alien beings composed of sentient crystal silicone. IG-47 was the perfect disguise.​

    The droid approached Miko and he steeled itself.​

    <Your work progress has decreased on a sliding scale since your shift began.> The robot said as it stepped behind Miko. <Your pay will be docked and you will be moved to compactor duty.>​

    Compactor duty meant you went and checked every trash compactor in the building for Dianogas. It was a nasty business that could end with missing appendages. “But I didn’t do anything!” Miko put in a whining edge to his voice, a whine that came all too easily. He’d have to fix that later.​

    The robot let out a metallic snarl and stepped forward, grabbing Miko’s elbow. <You will come with me, citizen!> IG-47 screeched. <Or suffer the consequences!>​

    “Alright! Alright!” Miko finally said. He turned to follow IG-47 and as it pulled him closer he slipped a hand inside its robe and pulled out a loose lightsaber. As IG-47 and Miko began to walk through the assembly lines Miko could sense Kyp and Jaden through the Force. It was almost time.​

    Then the klaxons in the warehouse began to blare and Miko knew it was time. The place immediately swept into panic and he realized that he needed to get to the communication station now. Octa and Daesha’Cor were due to shut down the slave mind any moment now. If not then the dozens of droids inside the assembly room alone would turn against Miko, IG-47 and all the workers. Regardless of their implications in the Invisible Market.​

    The droids weren’t the only things Miko had to worry about. He realized this when a Rodian male dressed in dark clothes turned to face him. The first thing Miko noticed was a stun baton and the second thing he noticed was the comm the man was speaking into. Miko brought out his lightsaber but instead of igniting it simply swung it as hard as he could against the Rodian’s temple. The thug didn’t even get a chance to strike as he fell to his knees. Miko turned and kicked the Rodian in the temple before he used the Force to grab the guard’s comm. “Stay here and spray anything that moves with stun bolts.”​

    Miko didn’t wait to here IG-47's response as he turned and began to sprint through the facility. He burst outside of the assembly room and began to run to the communications room. As he began to move he saw three B1 droids marching down towards him. Miko frowned as he saw the archaic insect-like robots clacking towards him. Apparently Racto Industries had a thing for nostalgia. It was no matter.​

    Miko ignited his blue lightsaber and sweapt it upwards right as the droids began to follow. He deflected the blasts right back at his attackers. One droid was hit in the head and crashed to the ground. The other was struck in the knee and as it went down it fired yet again. Miko span on his heel to avoid the first orange bolt and as he pivoted around knocked the second blast wide. Then he lowered his blade and raised his left hand, summoning a vicious force wave that sent both droids flying down the hall. Miko lowered his blade feeling winded. He continued to move, his blade still held in his hand as he cautiously advanced down the hallway. Finally he found himself standing in front of a viewport that showed what looked to be thousands credits worth of equipment.​

    This was the communications room. All Miko needed to do was send a special recognition code to Rogue Squadron so they could move in. The code was highly secretive and very specific to their mission. The Rogues didn’t want to fly into a trap. Although that was clearly inevitable. Miko quickly turned towards the door that clearly led to the Communications Room and jammed his blade through the control panel. He burnt through the locking mechanism and the door slid open. As Miko stepped through he heard the sharp report of a blaster and intense pain as the beam shot past him and seared his shoulder blades.​

    Miko quickly stepped inside and turned around and hastily waved his left hand through the air. The door slid open and Miko manually locked the door from the inside. He then hurriedly sprinted towards the largest broadcasting system and began to log in with the code AG-37 gave him.​

    “C’mon.” Miko muttered as he heard the single door leading to the Communications room being assailed with blaster fire. “Finally!” Miko hissed as the broadcasting station loaded. Miko hurriedly began to load the code as the door began to grow red hot. By the time the broadcaster “pinged” indicating that the message had been sent the assassin droid burst inside. Like AG-37 it was IG series and it also wielded an electro-staff. However, it lacked the goodwill that AG-37 had for the Jedi.​

    The robot immediately began to scan the room for a sign of Miko. As it’s thermal gaze swept behind every cabinet, computer and desk it neglected to look above. As it finished its rotation Miko let out a suicidal yell and jumped out of a panel in the roof! As he swung downwards he gripped the inside of the crack he was dangling from and kicked the droid in the chest. It stumbled backwards and Miko landed, igniting his lightsaber. He swung the blade upwards just in time to block a slash from the droid’s electrostaff.​

    Their weapons locked for a long moment before Miko forcibly disengaged and jumped away. The droid stalked forward and swung its elbows back before jabbing at Miko’s kidney! Miko swung his lightsaber down and knocked the staff away but the blow was strong enough to send him stumbling back a few steps! Miko quickly swung up his hand to summon another Force-Wave but the droid closed distance between them rapidly and knocked his hand away. Miko let out a grunt as the robot’s pincer cracked against bone. His hand crashed into a computer monitor behind him as Miko swung his right blade up and severed the droid’s hand.​

    Miko’s hand sparked with pain but he ignored it as he forcibly wrapped his hands around his lightsaber hilt. He then brought his blade up and cleaved through the robot’s other arm, forcing it to drop the elctro staff. The robot wasn’t quite done fighting yet and kicked Miko in the leg. “Ouch!” Miko made a criminal mistake of reaching for his leg with his injured hand. He lowered his lightsaber and the robot swung its stumped right arm and struck Miko on the side of the head.​

    Miko twisted away and stumbled before he managed to spin and slash his lightsaber through the robot’s chest; disabling its servomotors. The robot paused, stumbled and the fell to the ground. Miko sighed in relief as he deactivated his lightsaber. As he did three more IG Series droid marched into the room, holding electrostaffs. Miko sighed wearily and raised his blade again but as he did the robots also paused, stumbled and then shut down; although they didn’t fall to the ground. Miko cocked his head curiously and reached out with the Force.​

    There he felt Kirana Ti's triumphant presence and the calming and pleasing presence of Octa Ramis. Miko dipped his head and smiled. They had done it.​

    The Disciples of Ragnos had fallen.​
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    =D= =D= Excellent timing although I thought Miko was history for a minute there Octa and Daeshara came through for sure. :)
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    I love that your using relatively unknown characters…makes this a fun story!
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    Author's Note: Thank you for the feedback, guys! The idea of this fanfic is to explore the adventures of many characters who simply didn't have anything to do in 15 ABY. If there are any requests for characters to use in this story feel free to name them! As a heads up, there was a bit of a continuity error. Daeshara'Cor is actually going to be Kirana Ti. As you'll see in this upcoming chapter. ;)

    15.1 ABY​
    Nal Hutta​
    Racto Industries​
    Rostik Industries was protected by a droid army that was easily a hundred strong. It wasn’t unusual for most security warehouses to be so heavily protected. Luckily the security droids were almost always spread throughout the massive factory. Their communication synapses were perfect and as a result they could receive warnings and cries for help almost simultaneously. However, it took time for them to reach the source of danger. Despite this; Kirana Ti and her apprentice Octa Ramis were in quite the hurry. The particle shield generator was the most heavily protected room in the building. However, if the particle shield generator was the best protected the chief security room was the most heavily armed.

    The room that held the slave mind machine wasn’t far from the storage room. And the storage room held all the deactivated droids.

    Kirana’s yellow lightsaber blazed with intensity as she sprinted down the hallway, juking her blade left and right as she did. The squad of B1 Battle Droids showed no sign of stopping as they continued down to march the hallway before them. The metallic clack of their feet was only drowned out by the sound of energy blasts flying through the air, striking walls and bouncing off of lightsabers. This would be a simple conflict if there wasn’t another squad of B2 Super Battle Droids standing stationary behind the B1 battle droids as they continued to fire.

    “Are these the droids that the Jedi of old fought during the Clone Wars?” Octa Ramis slowly advanced down the hallway as she picked off every blaster bolt with a casual shift of her blade. The woman was staying true to her Soresu form and as a result had no fear of being shot down. However, her progress was slow and her Master had to do most of the work.

    “I wouldn’t know.” Kirana’s black hair was kept in a tight black braid so that it couldn’t swing in her eyes. “My home planet was not invaded by the Confederacy. They feared the Nightsisters.”

    Kirana ducked low as orange blaster bolts nearly skewered her torso. As she ducked she twisted the handle of her polished blade. The yellow weapon expanded into a beam of silver energy twice in length of its normal size. As she ducked the B1 Droids fell prey to the weapon. The four droids closest to her fell to pieces. Kirana jumped to her feet and twisted the handle of her weapon yet again. The solid beam of energy extended even longer into a light-whip. She cracked the weapon behind her and as she did raised her left hand and absorbed the blaster bolt. She snapped the weapon downwards and the Super Battle Droid in front of her found its canon entangled in her reach.

    She jerked down hard, calling upon the Force as she did. The Super Battle Droid began to misfire and began to cut down its companion. Pure confusion ensued and Octa struggled forward and dismantled the droids swiftly with her lightsaber.

    “And they feared my clan.” Kirana cracked her weapon idly against the wall besides her and the weapon retracted back into her hilt. “The Singing Mountain Clan.”

    Octa turned her expansive brown eyes to the smoking heap around her. “I think I understand why….Master.”

    Kirana sighed and walked towards the door that led to the slave droid control unit. “One thing that my people still don’t seem to understand is machinery.” Kirana tapped her bottom lip as she prepared to activate her lightsaber again.

    “Master, wait!” Octa said suddenly as she stepped next to her. “I managed to get the access code from the supervisor who tried to feel me up.”

    The superior was currently recovering from a broke arm.

    Kirana had already plunged her blade into the control panel before Octa could manage to finish her question. The weapon quickly pierced the locking mechanism and the door slid open. Kirana turned and glanced at Octa before she vanished into the dark room. Octa followed her.

    The two were silent as they navigated the dark and cluttered room. Hard-drives roughly two meters high covered in blinking lights and twists and dials were erected around the room. Kirana could hardly squeeze through the hard drives without brushing a shoulder against the warm metal. “Where is the slave droid circuit?” Kirana questioned as she held her lightsaber loosely in her hand….she felt danger.

    She wasn’t entirely sure what it was or even if it was in this room. However, she could feel danger crawling around the edge of her skull. There was someone here to stop them and whomever it was…it was familiar. “Octa, where is the circuit switch?” Kirana murmured as she scanned the room; she could hardly see anything but the glowing lights that populated the dark room. Then the danger that Kirana was feeling manifested when something hot, draining and deadly struck her between the shoulder blades.

    The crackling hiss of electricity filled the narrow corridor between the disk drives and stuck Kirana in the back. The Dathomiri woman was driven to her knees as pain quickly filled her existence. She struggled to ignite her lightsaber but the pain made it nearly impossible for her to focus on the switch. As the woman fell to her knees she quickly felt through the Force for her apprentice, fearing for her safety. She quickly surmised that Octa had been handily force thrown across the room and while she had many bumps and bruises but she would be fine.

    Kirana cursed herself. In all of her arrogance and haste she had failed to use her Danger Sense and as a result her apprentice had been hurt. She would have to do better. Yet, Kirana wasn’t even sure if she was capable doing any better than she was now. One left hand was planted firmly on the cold wall as Kirana’s right hand flexed and dropped her lightsaber. She was nearing unconsciousness and her brain was having difficulty sending commands to the rest of her body due to the Force Lightning. Yet she didn’t have any difficulty taking command of the Force. Kirana closed her eyes and nudged one of the many data-cubicles that surrounded them. The object groaned in protest but began to fall over and Kirana heard a shriek as the pain subsided in her body.

    Once the Force Lightning faded Kirana jumped to her feet and ignited her lightsaber. Not long afterwards Octa Ramis joined her, her own crystal blue lightsaber engaged. Kirana swiftly looked over her apprentice. A purplish bruise was beginning to form on her forehead and Kirana could feel the aching pain in the Force. If she was not careful, Octa would become just as much of a hindrance as a help. “Find the circuit breaker.” Kirana hissed as Octa stepped by her side. “You will draw your attacker out and I will end her.”

    Kirana knew this had to be a woman; specifically a certain Night Sister who had taken a significant amount of interest in the Jedi and their relationship to the Underworld. Perhaps they could catch her and make this easier for everyone now. Kirana exhaled slowly and reached through her Force bond with Octa and reassured the woman that nothing would happen to her. Kirana than pulled her hood above her head and slipped into the darkness in hope of finding their attacker.
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    Ooh, gripping action Windu [face_nail_biting] Now Octa and Kirana are in a tight spot. :eek:
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    Interesting stories. Nice to see more about Jaden and Kyp
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    Thanks for the positive reception! I'm about to use a character I'm pretty certain we're all familiar with. ;)
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    windu4 -- Wasn't there an update with Corran yesterday afternoon? Or did I dream it? :confused:
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    That was a dream. >_>
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    OOC: I hope everyone like this chapter! It might be my most action packed one yet.


    No response.


    Corran Horn sighed and shifted uncomfortable in his cockpit. He had been sitting in the crammed confines of his ship for hours now and he was beginning to lose track of time. “What is it, 4?” The newly christened Rogue Leader questioned.

    “I have to pee.” Rogue 4 stated.

    “You have life-support systems for that express purpose.” Corran pointed out as he glanced down at the chrono on his wrist. Durron’s apprentice was supposed to have sent that signal five minutes ago. What was taking him so long?

    “I didn’t bring it, Sir. You said essentials only. I didn’t think I’d be sitting in here all day.” Rogue 4 replied.

    “Maybe if you have to focus on holding your bladder you’ll stay in a tighter formation.” Corran replied dryly.

    “It’s not my fault. Princess is always trying to show me up on our attack runs. I can’t let her make me look bad.” Rogue 4’s voice took on a whining tone. “Imagine trying to get a clean target when she keeps barrel-rolling all across my viewport.”

    “Keep me out of this.” Plourr’s authoratative voice cut through Corran’s speakers. He winced. “He’s got a point though, boss. We all have to pee. How long is it going to take your Jedi friends?”

    “They’re your friends too.” Corran responded. “If I remember you were quite excited to hear that Durron was joining the Rogues.”

    “That does not detract from my point.”

    The comm unit on Corran’s dashboard began to blip and he grinned. “Showtime. Remember the plan, this warehouse is practically a fortress so don’t make yourselves easy targets. We have to take out their external armaments to make sure NRI can get in safely.”

    “Copy, Rogue Leader.” Hobbie said over the comm. “Blow the hatch, Rogue 3.”

    Corran Horn had been given command of Rogue Squadron during the perilous Battle of Korriban. Luke Skywalker had been forced to recall the Jedi for a desperate attempt to end the Disciples of Ragnos at their very door. They had succeeded against all odds and partially because Corran had been able to rally the Rogues with his military connections. Unfortunately, Corran’s young apprentice Raltharan had died during the battle. Since then Corran had found himself flying amongst the Rogues and now leading them; not even bothering to set foot on the Praxeum. He was a Jedi, but he was a Corellian one and that and he didn’t want to be reminded of his past failure.

    Today’s Rogue Squadron was composed of six pilots while two other pilots were operating as commandos in the factory. It had been extraordinarily tricky to figure out exactly how the Rogues could hide in plain sight. Nal Hutta was the place where people went to vanish but you couldn’t hide six X-Wings quite so easily. This was until Corran had realized that the Hutts rarely took out the trash. They literally gathered all the compost and waste once a month with gigantic air speeders with trash compactors bigger than your average star freighter. Corran had been forced to approach Mara-Jade (who then approached Talon Kaarde) to get his hands on these compactors.

    Corran had managed to get his hands on one and now there were six X-Wings crammed into the dull-grey speeder as it floated listlessly around Lannik’s factory. Somehow they had managed to evade detection.

    The “hatch” or wall of the storage compartment of the trash-speeder blew open moments after Hobbie gave the order. Corran’s ship shook and he felt his X-Wing begin to slide out of the compactor! There were no grav-mags, restraints or anything of the like to keep the X-Wings stuck in place. There had only been that wall. As Corran’s X-Wing dropped into the air lane the engines and automated weapon systems triggered automatically. Corran grinned as he kicked his X-Wing into high gear and directed the starfighter towards the Warehouse.

    Even as he did this his fellow Rogues formed up behind him and they began their approach. The X-Wings were a fundamental part of the plan. They were the show of force, a demonstration of the dangers that Lannik and his men faced. They were also bait. If the two-dozen automated turrets that decorated the warehouse focused on the Rogues than they wouldn’t focus on the small force of NRI officers storming the facility.

    Corran knew his plan was a success when a concussive turret locked onto his X-Wing and began to fire. Whistler began to shriek warnings and Corran juked his X-Wing to the left. Shrapnel exploded to his right and a grin crossed Corran’s face. “Alright, people. We don’t want to collapse the factory, just take out its automated defenses.” Corran paused. “No proton torpedoes, Rogue 3.” An audible groan crackled through Corran’s speakers.

    The air lane that Rogue Squadron had suddenly occupied was filled with fire. Corran could hardly turn his head left or right without seeing shrapnel or turbolaser fire. Fortunately, none of his squad had been hit. Corran turned his attention back to his controls once he was certain that his team was doing okay. As the Jedi Knight continued to evade fire his targeting computer locked onto a concussive missile turret. The turret was still priming but once it fired Corran knew that things would end poorly for the Rogues. All the piloting skills in the galaxy could do very little against a series of concussive missiles in a cramped air lane.

    “I’m beginning my first attack run.” Corran said. Instead of dancing around the firepower he was going to dive right in the midst of it and take out that concussive missile. He was certain that his X-Wing could survive the barrage. He didn’t intend to be stuck in there for long. The Corellian feared that his own turbolasers would fail to strike the turret in the midst of all the chaos and he wasn’t about to fire off a proton torpedo. So he was going to take that thing out Rogue style.

    “Cover me, Hobbie.” Corran reported as he opened up his thrusters and soon found himself literally surrounded by enemy fire. Corran pointed his X-Wing’s nose down and began to fly towards the concussive missile turret. The turret was twisting and circling around in an attempt to find the most suitable target. As Corran continued to fly through the laser fire and shrapnel he saw the turret turn towards him. “I guess I’m as good a target as any.” He muttered as he cycled through his weapon phases and settled on quad fire.

    Then Corran felt a warning in the Force so loud and colorful that for the briefest moment he thought he was dead. “Pull up, Hobbie!” Corran barely had time to yell into his mic moments before his very controlled dive turned into an out-of-control spin. Corran turned towards his left and saw that both of his engines were currently on fire. He wasn’t sure what had hit him or how it had managed to damage him but he was going down. As Corran frantically tried to fix the problem he remembered one of the first things Wedge Antilles had said to him. You’re good but you’re no Skywalker. Corran pushed that thought out of his mind. His starfighter was of no use to him but he still had something to contribute.

    Corran decided to ignore his own advice to his Squadron and jerked his stick to the right, steering into his uncontrolled dive. As he did he jammed his foot on his left rudder and somehow managed to angle his ship with the concussive turret that had been worrying him so much. He wasn’t sure what had damaged his ship exactly but he knew that this turret could only cause more damage.

    <Warning! You are putting yourself on a suicide collision course.>

    “I’m not worried, Whistler.” Corran responded as he gripped his flight stick with one hand and reached for the ejection handle with the other.

    <You should be worried about me!>

    “You’ll be fine.” Corran responded to his droid before he opened a channel with Hobbie. “Hobbie! I’ve been hit! Take command of the Squadron and make sure they stay out of the range of fire.”

    “Like how you did?” Hobbie’s voice could barely be heard over the klaxons and alarms going off in Corran’s cockpit.

    “Very funny.” Corran responded moments before he pulled the ejection lever. For a moment time seemed to stop and then Corran was flying through the air so quickly he could barely see. Everything was a blur but what the Jedi Knight did see was his green-and-white droid hurtling past him. It was times like these that Corran wished that he had telekinesis because he had no way of preventing his astromech from going “splat” against something very hard.

    Corran had barely ejected when his X-Wing struck the concussion turret and the Force flashed another warning. This time Corran was ready. The heatwave that followed the explosion would have killed any other being but Corran was no normal being. The Jedi Knight ignited his silver blade and in one quick swipe cut himself loose from his chair. As he continued to soar to what could be almost certain death he managed to twist through the air and extended his hand. The overwhelming heat and energy could have killed him but Corran used it to safe his life.

    The sheer amount of energy brought great pain to Corran but it also gave him the strength he needed to recall the art that the Jedi in his family had failed to master. Corran reached through the Force and grabbed Whistler moments before he flew over the lip of the roof and found himself falling down to the very platform where NRI and Lannik’s rogues were exchanging blaster fire. Corran angled his body to the right and called upon the last of the energy he had absorbed to land on the walkway that separated Lannik’s forces and the NRI agents.

    Corran landed hard on his heels and pain rushed up his legs but he pushed it away. He instead turned his awkward landing into a graceful roll and sprang to his feet as he reignited his lightsaber. He then took advantage of the temporary confusion to stroll down the walkway almost casually, as he deflected the blaster bolts that came his way.

    Corran was good…but he was no Skywalker.
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