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Before - Legends The All Consuming War | Part One

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    Oct 22, 2013
    Title: The All Consuming War
    Author: The Star Wars Archivist
    Timeframe: The Great Galactic War
    Genre: Action


    The lightsaber entered Zallow's torso. Many Jedi lost hope at his death, the last thing he ever heard...

    "It's all going to burn," the fire within all Jedi that made them fight for those who couldn't, had been cruelly snuffed. It began far before this point, however...

    The Great Galactic War, one of the worst wars ever to befall the peaceful Republic. It started far before any had realised. Three centuries before this outcome, the Sith Emperor had prepared, and strategised. For 2 and a half centuries, an army was built. Massive starships and battle cruisers were forged, troops recruited, and secret alliances formed. (namely the Empire with the Chiss Ascendency). The Emperor installed puppets in locations he wanted to control. Before anybody knew of him, he had seized the Ruuria, Sernpidal and Belkadan systems of the Dalonbian sector. All proving to be assets to the Sith in the early days of the war. With his fleet amassed, and soldiers at his beck and call, conquest was at the Emperor's front door. He ordered his invasion on the Republic. "Go forth my armies!" he bellowed, "and destroy those who oppose my power!"
    It started with Korriban. The desolate planet formerly occupied by the Sith species, it was a place of darkness, filled with terrible secrets. It had been secured by the Republic. But the Sith Emperor wanted Korriban's mysteries for himself. It was the first place they attacked, the Republic barely able to react. Over 30 Harrower-class dreadnoughts surrounded the planet, dispensing dropships for their land troops. The battle raged on for hours, eventually two Sith had decided to intervene. Boarding a Republic orbital station commanded by Jedi master Kao Cen Darach, along with his padawan, Satele Shan. The two Sith walked out of their ship, seeing the company of the two Jedi as they entered the station. There was an apprentice and a master. "Let us dispense of these Jedi quickly, Malgus!" barked the first Sith.​
    "As you wish, Lord Vindican." Replied the other.​
    "If you think you will take us easily, you are mistaken!" Yelled Shan, as she hurtled toward Malgus with her blue saberstaff. Darach and Vindican battled it out in the hangar, until Malgus managed to distract Kao. Allowing Vindican to blast a flurry of lightning at Darach, until he was so weak, he was easily decapitated.. Shan fled the battle, teary eyed and fearful. She entered her star fighter and headed toward the Republic capital, Coruscant. She decided to report to the Jedi Council. "Korriban is lost!" and my master... she paused, "Is dead..."​
    "That is most troubling..." Grand master Zym said, his voice grim.​
    This was only the beginning.​
    Chapter 3 Coming Soon

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