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Saga The Battle of Earth (AU)

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    May 2, 2013
    May 3rd, 2017,
    White House, Washington, DC,
    5 days before Separatist invasion...

    "Mr. President! I'm proud to announce that our new fighting spaceship, the USS Washinton, has been completed and is being launched into orbit. We will conduct weapon tests on space junk tomorrow." The Defence Advisor informed. He was very pleased with the results.

    "Very good. This is an important part of world history. Now we can protect the Earth from outside invaders... if there is an attack..." The President chuckled. 3 years before, scientist discovered a motherlode of life on a distant galaxy. With powerful telescopes, life was everywhere, and it sure was intellegent. Rumors spread that there were humans at the other galaxy, but few would realize that the galaxy was one most people saw in a famous TV/movie series...

    May 5th, 2017,
    In Earth orbit,
    Aboard the USS Washinton,
    3 days before the invasion...

    "Let's take another shot at the junk, shall we?" Admiral Rick Breckenridge said. He stood near the window and pointed at an old MIR space station. The double laser cannons pointed at the old Russian satellite and fired a quick burst. The lasers streaked towards the MIR and hit it, causing it to explode into smithereens.

    "Nice shot, Dack." Breckenridge said. Dack, the weapons officer smiled. Neither Breckenridge nor the rest of the 734 crew members on board knew that a fleet of familiar starships were heading

    May 6th, 2017,
    Aboard Separatist battleship "Invisible Hand",
    2 days before the invasion...

    Count Dooku strode to the bridge. There, a tactical droid stood waiting there, expecting commands.

    "How much time until we arrive to Earth?" The Count asked.

    "We will arrive to Earth in approximately 40 standard hours. We fully armed and ready for the invasion." The droid replied.

    "Good. This will be our first step into a new territory and a new world." Dooku rambled. He stalked off to his quarters, awaiting for the arrival...

    May 7th, 2017,
    Jacksonville, Florida, USA,
    The day before the invasion...

    The man got out of his car, arriving at the soccer field. It was empty all-around, except the few bird that stood about. The man was tall, about 6 feet and young, maybe 18. Suddenly, a bright flash of light diverted the man's attention. A ball of fire streacked from above and crashed into the nearby retention pond. The fire sizzled out and a figure leaped out, walking through the mossy water and onto the field. It was a man, dressed in a tannish brown tunic and brown boots and belt. Attached to his belt was a seemingly silver cylinder.

    'This guy looks exactly like a Jedi in my favorite TV series!' The 18 year old thought, 'He fell out of the sky. Maybe... Just maybe he really is a Jedi. That means Star Wars is real! Awesome!'

    "Who are you?" The man asked. The 'Jedi' looked at the soccer man, then answered, "I'm Terel, Jedi Master to the Republic. I've come to warn you that the Separatists, the Republic's enemy is coming to invade your planet. You must warn your government."

    "First of all, you're a Jedi!?! Many people just dress up as Jedi for fan conventions, so how do I know you're real?" Soccer man said, raising an eyebrow. Terel force-lifted Soccer man's car 10 feet in the air and made it fly around, then set it back on the parking space.

    "Okay, I believe you. But you haven't told me how you got here or when the Separatists arrive. Look, you crashed into a pond from outer space, and you used the force to make my car fly like a bird. I believe the invasion, but I don't know if the government will believe it. When do the Seps come?" Soccer man said. He looked very flustered at the moment.

    "The Separatists will arrive in 12 hours." Terel said solemnly.

    "WHAT! The government will never believe this, much less prepare for it. Oh man, we're screwed." Soccer man fell to his knees and bent his head down in shame.

    "Not to worry. I've already contacted the Republic about this. It will take two weeks for them to arrive, the distance between yours and mine galaxies is extreme. A ship in hyperspace takes that long to travel that distance." Terel explained. "Don't worry. Once the Republic arrives, they can defeat the Separatists and save your home." Terel took the cylinder from his belt, which turned out to be the lightsaber, and powered it on and flashed into the sky, illuminating it with a brilliant blue glow. Soccer man stood up. Maybe this guy really can save us. Maybe...

    See Part 2 to continue...
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    May 2, 2013
    Part 2:

    Separatist warships used,

    Munificent-class star frigate

    "Invisible Hand"

    Recusant-class light destroyer

    May 8th, 2017,
    Near the Moon,
    Invasion Day...

    The Separatist invasion force finally dropped out of hyperspace. Leading the force was the cruiser "Invisible Hand" (middle pic), followed by 4 Munificent-class star frigates (top pic) and 6 Recusant-class light destroyers (last pic). The invasion force was formidable, each ship carrying hundreds of turbolaser cannons and complements of hundreds of Vulture droid fighters and Hyena bombers. But the land troops exceded all numbers. Hundreds of thousands of droid soldiers waited in the landing ships, as well as thousands of tanks and support vehicles. Anyone who would give a thought about this would have been suprised, even scared. A few might relate this to Operation Barbarossa. The numbers according to invaders were similar. The main question all would wonder... Would all countries of Earth be able to delay the Separatists long enough for Republic rescue to arrive? Who knows? The hands of Earth rest in the world's leaders, most importantly, the US President...

    White House, Washington, D.C.

    "Mr. President! Mr. President! The whole world is under attack! Images from the International Space Station just came in before it was destroyed. Take a look." The Defence Secretary exclaimed, handing a folder containing several photos. The President took out the photos and skimmed through them. Then he gasped in alarm.

    "It's real... It's really real..." The President murmured. Then he summoned the High General of the Army, the High Admiral, and the Chief Air Marshall into his office. Three men marched inside the office and stood at attention.

    "Boys. We are in a national emer- no, scratch that, a global emergency. Apparently, the movies and books we all believed to be science fiction is real. Star Wars is real and we are being invaded by an enemy with superior technology. Now I realize that the galaxy filled with life that our top scientists discovered was none other than the Star Wars galaxy. Marshall Terry, scramble all fighters in the air to fight the Vulture droids and landings ships. Then prepare all attack craft for ground-pounding. Admiral Forrest, you also scramble all fighters and set up anti-aircraft defences across all of the oceans. General Thatch, set up anti-aircraft defence all across the country and prepare the army for battle. I will contact all other nations about the current situation. Dismissed." The President briefed, then his commanders walked out. Then he opened communications to the USS Washington. A screen popped out and Admiral Breckenridge stood at attention.

    "Mr. President! Awaiting orders." Breckenridge said. He was sweating profusely, fully aware of the Separatist invasion.

    "Breckenridge, the Separatist invaders are in several warships stationed near the moon. I want you to destroy them." The President commanded.

    "But sir! We are outnumbered 11 to 1! We can't possibly survive such an attack without outside help!" Breckenridge exclaimed.

    "Admiral Breckenridge! The USS Washington is bristled with guns on each side and from front to back. You also have better speed and algility, you could dance around those ships like a ballerina! I suggest you use you advantages to the best of your abilities." The President thundered.

    "But what about enemy fighters?" Breckenridge continued.

    "That's what your point-blank guns are there for! Haven't you studied your ship at all!?!" The President snapped.

    "Okay... We are engaging enemy fleet. Admiral Breckenridge out." Breckenridge ended the transmission. The President checked his e-mail. All of the major world powers were in panic. They, like the US, scrambled fighters and prepared for the worst. The President shut off his computer and paced back and forth in the office, deeply worried. Then he spotted a red button on the wall. The President hestitated. Then, a bright idea came to mind...

    Jacksonville, Florida, USA...

    Terel and Leo (the soccer man) watched as Separatist landing ships decended from space. Suddenly, an air-to-air missile hits one of the landing ships, causing it to plunge to the ground. It impacted on the street, exploding into a giant fireball. Then, a F-22 streaked through the sky then fired its 20mm cannon at a second landing ship. The shells rip through a wing and the ship plunged to the earth like the first. Then a swarm of Vulture droid fighters locked onto the F-22's tail. They fired their laser cannons and the F-22's engine burst into flame. The pilot ejected as his fighter exploded into oblivion. The dogfight lasted only a minute. Then, a battlion of droid soldiers appeared from the street corner. Terel, sensing the danger, activated his lightsaber and slashed through the droids. In no time, they were scrap parts.

    "Take one of the droid's guns. You need to protect yourself. We need to get to the naval base. Then we can fly to the nearest launch pad and takeoff into space. We need to help out your only star frigate." Terel said. Leo wrenched one of the laser guns out of a metal hand. Then he motioned for Terel to follow.

    "We can take my car. NAS Jax is pretty far from here." Leo said. Both men got in the car and Leo started it. The car started and Leo backed from the parking space, and raced down the road, gaining speed as more droids appeared, fighting with the Army. Leo turned onto the interstate and raced to US 17. The interstate ahead was blocked by enemy droids. Leo pushed the pedal even further down, and Terel opened his window, took out his lightsaber, stuck it out the window, and ignited it. Leo took the blaster beside him and held it out his window. Then he fired on the droids. A couple bolts found their way to some droid, knocking them off their feet, never to get up again. Then, Leo ran straight through the droids, running most of them over. The droids standing right to the speeding car were sliced by Terel's outstretched lightsaber. Leo slowed down, then turned on the US highway. Soon, he arrived to the entrance. A guard came out and said, "Noone allowed inside. The base is under red alert. Noone is allowed in."

    Terel smiled, then wove his hand at the guard.
    "You will allow us in." Terel said.
    "I will allow you guys in." The guard said, dazed.
    "We will borrow one of your planes." Terel continued.
    "You will borrow one of our planes" The guard droned.
    "Move along."
    The guard opened the gate and motioned for the car to go in. The car raced to the tarmac. A P-8 jet sat waiting. Leo and Terel raced to it. After doing all flight checks and turning the engines on, they taxied down to the runway. Without clearance from ATC, they plane roared down the runway, lifting off like a graceful, gray goose. Terel turned the plane to the Kennedy Space Center. Hopefully, any means of going to space is there.

    In lunar orbit,
    Aboard the "Invisible Hand",

    The tactical droid marched to the wizard's tower. After exiting the elevator, the tactical droid stood at attention.

    "My lord. We have news from the front. Apparently, the Earth humans have resisted harder than we've thought. Landings at the "American" capital has failed. Enemy air defences have been causing heavy losses to our forces. My lord, this battle isn't as easy as previously thought." The droid reported. Dooku shook his head. Apparently the Earth humans are putting up a great fight. Dooku respects that. Then, turning to the tactical droid, he ordered, "Have all Hyena bombers attack then enemy's air defense. We need to get our landings through."

    "Yes sir." The droid said. Then he turned to the elevator and left.

    Aboard the P-8 jet,
    En route to Kennedy Space Center,

    Leo got up. Though the flight has just began, Leo decided to explore the plane.

    'Not much in here. Just a bunch of bor-' A loud thud interrupted Leo's thoughts. He turned quickly around and trained his blaster at the source of the noise. There, a young woman was crouching behind some boxes. She was about Leo's age; with long, straight hair; and very attractive. She turned to look Leo in the face and squeaked, "Please! Don't shoot."
    "Who are you." Leo asked tentatively, lowering the blaster slightly.
    "My name is Reagan Rogers. I fled here to escape the invaders, but I don't know how to fly a plane. So I waited here for someone to come." The woman said, looking very pale. Leo looked at Reagan, a brief flashback coming to mind. It was in 7th grade. Leo had the same class as Reagan. She looked different; with thick eyeglasses, slightly long hair with few curls, and a quiet and shy personality. Leo fell in love with her almost immediately, glancing at her at every chance he got. Leo never got around asking her to go out with him; he was much too scared. But he gave her candy at lunch, when noone was looking, as a sign he had a huge crush on her. But she never seemed to notice, and when she left for a new school 10 miles away, Leo's heart was....broken. He...just.....missed her. A hole stayed in his heart, partially filled with his new friends, but somewhere, deep inside him, he still loved Reagan. Leo got out of his flashback and motioned Reagan to follow him.

    "Where are we going?" Reagan asked, noticing the plane in flight.

    "We are going to the Kennedy Space Center. Terel here-" Leo pointed to the Jedi. "-said we need to attack the warships in space." Leo explained. Reagan sat on a seat outside the cockpit. As she was starting to fall asleep, the plane jolted forward. Then, a bunch of cockpit alarms rang out.

    "Terel, what's wrong?" Leo shouted, the engine outside gettong louder.

    "We're hit! We've lost #2 engine!" Terel stammered. "We are in for a crash-landing! Hang on!" Leo took the seat next to Reagan. He took her hand and sqeezed, bracing for impact. Reagan squeezed back, preparing for the worst...

    Terel gripped the yoke. The P-8's #2 engine was on fire and started to fall apart. 8 Vulture droids streaked past the doomed jet.

    "Blast! Hang on, you two! Is is going to be a rough landing!" Terel shouted. Ahead, the plane was falling to a suburb, with battalions of super battle droids on the small lane.

    "Aim for that battalion! We can crash land on to them!" Leo shouted. Terel shifted the plane and lined up with the lane. Then, with a terrifying jolt, the plane crash-landed on the lane. The wreckage slid through the battle droids, leaving a couple still standing. Terel activated his lightsaber, cut a hole on top of the cockpit, then Force-leaped out of the wreck. He sliced the droids arms off and slashed at their chestplates. Both droid fell. Leo unbuckled his seat belt and stood up. Reagan was was next to him, terrified as ever. Leo picked up an arm from the battle droids and pulled the wires and gadgets out. Leo turned the arm into a glove with rapid-fire blasters. Leo put it on and found a trigger. He pointed it at a nearby car and fired. Multiple laser bolt shot out like a machine gun. The power of the guns set the car on fire, then exploded.

    "Impressive." Terel said. "Do you tinker with machines?"

    "No. I saw this in a movie and I thought I could copy that." Leo replied. Then, he took another severed arm, pulled out the insides, and gave it to Reagan.

    "It's for protection. America is at war, so we must destroy anything that gets in our way." Leo said. Reagan nodded, understanding, and pointed to another car.

    "We can take that car. I don't know where we are, but we need a form of transportation." Reagan said. 'Smart girl.' Leo thought. Dirty thoughts crossed his mind. 'No! Not now.' Leo dismissed the thoughts. He and the others got inside the car. Leo opened a small panel underneath the steering wheel and pulled the red and blue wires out. Then he touched them together and the car started. Leo then opened the sunroof of the car.

    "Take the wheel, Reagan. I'll stand through the sunroof and shoot at the battle droids." Leo said. Reagan again nodded and pushed the gas. The car jolted forward and raced down the street. After several twists and turns, the group reached I-95, the interstate. Reagan turned the car onto the interstate and sped on the highway, going at 175kmph. A sign ahead said the next exit was Kennedy. But, ahead, a large battalion of battle droids were ahead, accompanied by a tank!

    "KEEP GOING, REAGAN! AVOID THE TANK AND RUN THE DROIDS OVER!" Leo shouted over the rushing wind as he prepared his arm-blaster. Reagan nodded again and pushed the gas further. The laser cannon on the tank slowly turned to the car. Leo fired the blaster at the cannon as it was firing. The barrel exploded, disabling the tank's main gun. Leo then fired at the droids next to the tank. Many were shot. The car finally sped past the tank, running over the remaining droids. The exit ramp was getting closer and closer. The car slowed down and turned on the ramp.

    'So far so good.' Leo thought.

    White House, Washington, DC

    The president looked at the red button on the wall. This was to launch America's arsenal of nuclear weapons. He pushed to button. A small panel popped from the wall. The president looked at the touchscreen. He moved the screen to space and found the Separatist fleet. He set the target on a Recusant and pressed "Nuke". 56 miles away, a missile launch from the site and rocketed to space. When it reached there, it sped to its target. Then, in a brilliant explosion, the missile impacted the destroyer. The destroyer absorbed the blast, but a gigantic hole appeared, sucking droid crew members into space. Nearby, the USS Washington sped to the wounded ship. On board, Admiral Breckenridge ordered the weapons officer to open fire. The side turbolasers opened up. The laser fire flew into the Recusant's gaping hole. The Recusant's middle exploded, ripping the ship in half. The front end, caught in the moon's gravity, lumbered to the surface, crashing then exploding. The rear end flew into space, then exploded. On board, the crew erupted into cheers.

    "One down! Ten to go!" Breckenridge yelled. Then he contacted the President, saying that they destroyed one of the Separatist warships.

    "Way to go, Admiral! See, I told you you can do it!" The President said, very happy.

    "Send another one! Those can help us defeat the invasion fleet!" Breckenridge said. "Those nukes seriously damages the warships. Once they hit, we can fire on the damaged parts and destroy the ships."

    "All right! Be careful not to get hit." The president said. The turned to the panel and chose another target...

    White House, Washington DC,

    The President selected another target, this time a Munificent-class star frigate. He pressed the nuke button again and another nuclear missile launched into space. The missile approached the Munificent and hit it on the bridge. The bridge exploded, blasting it into space. With it's bridge gone, the frigate nosed down, then crashed into the moon, alongside the remains of the Recusant.

    "Nice shot, Mr. President." Breckenridge remarked. Then, the "Invisible Hand" fired several shots at the surface. The explosive bolts raced to the surface and hit the missile launch site. It exploded, rendering it useless. Luckily, the nuclear bombs inside the missiles did not explode, saving the lives of hundreds. At the White House, the panel suddenly turned black and the words "Disconnected" appeared. Then, the telephone on the president's desk rang. A technician reported that the Separatists destroyed the launch site and they are evacuating all people nearby. The president sighed, then hung up. His only weapon to defeat the Separatist fleet was gone. 'Wait! I wonder if Russia has some nuclear weapons left?' The President thought. Then he dialed the number for Russia. Three rings, then a man picks up.

    "Vladimir Putin speaking." The voice said.

    "Hello, this is the US President speaking. Do you have any nuclear weapons left?" The president said.

    "Yes we do. Why?" Putin said.

    "You need to fire your nuclear missiles at the Separatist fleet. They get damaged by the weapons and my missile launch site has been destroyed. You must fire the missiles." The president said.

    "We can't! The Separatists already destroyed mine. I have multiple sites, but all are offline. I'm sorry, but you are on your own." Putin replied, then hung up.

    The president hung his head. Now it's up to the Washington to finish the job.

    Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida,

    The car raced on to the tarmac. Then, resting in the grass, were two flying wings. They were sleek, black, and tiny: no bigger than a Me-163. In the wings, 4 guns, by the shapes laser cannons, stuck out. 'Those things look like B-2s. But these are way smaller.' Leo thought. Then, he spotted spacesuits in the cockpit of one of the fighters. It looked thin, less bulky than the ones years earlier. Leo put it on and climbed in the fighter. The suit, as expected, was lightweight, and had a mask attached. "Man, there have been real improvements. The helmet is now a mask.' Leo thought again. He found a green button. He pushed it and the plane started. It lifted off the ground and hovered a couple of feet over the ground.

    "What are you doing!?! Get back here! It's unsafe!" Terel yelled. But over the roar of the engines, Leo didn't hear him. Reagan rushed to the other aircraft, put on the space suit, and turned her fighter's engine on. She too hovered over the ground. Terel facepalmed himself. 'Typical kids.' He thought. Just then, a group of destroyer droids rolled to the Jedi. They unfolded and fired their blasters at the Jedi. Terel ignited the lightsaber and started deflecting the bolts. Meanwhile, Leo found a trigger on the stick, he pressed it and a bright blue energy bolt hit the destroyers. They exploded as Leo fired again. Terel looked back and waved. Leo found the power controls and lifted off into space. Reagan, not wanting to be left behind, shot up after Leo. Leo put a headset on, and tested it.

    "I can hear you loud and clear." Reagan said. "Can you?"

    "Yep. Radio's in perfect order." Leo replied. He looked at the instrument panel. Though it looked complicated, Leo understood everything shown. As he and Reagan reached space, they found the Separatist fleet, exchanging fire with the USS Washington.

    "Here we go." Leo said, as the pair approached the space battle...

    In moon orbit,
    Aboard the USS Washington,

    Admiral Breckenridge was determined. He will not let a bunch of weak robots defeat Earth. Besides, the combined strength of all military forces around the world numbers to almost 1 billion soldiers, pilots, sailors, and other personel. Thousands of aircraft, ships, and armor support the infantry; the Separatists have less than that. The Washington approached a Munificent and started preparing for the use of it's main weapons, the double megalasers, capable of seriously damaging a warship. Ships similar or smaller than a ballistic missile in size would be destroyed, the power of the double megalasers too much to absorb.

    "You may fire when ready." Breckenridge ordered. Dack fired a salvo at the Munificent frigate and hit it. The frigate's left wing and the conning tower atop exploded, the remnants floating into space. The Munificent, now with an uneven weight difference, careened right, colliding with a Recusant light destroyer in the process. Both warships flashed a bright, brilliant light as they disintergrated from the force of the collision. Seconds later, the two ships were reduced to floating masses of scorched metal, some crashing into the moon's surface. Breckenridge, Dack, and the rest of the bridge watched the "fireworks", dazzled and amazed at the victory scored.

    "Dack, you might as well be my second-in-command, because this all goes for you." Breckenridge said. Dack was speechless. He just got promoted to one of the top positions on the ship.

    "Sir, I can't thank you enough for this. I can't." Dack stuttered.

    "No need, my boy." Said Breckenridge. "There is no need..."

    Near space battle,
    Aboard the Earth starfighter prototype,

    Leo and Reagan watched the Washington destroy two ships at once, amazed by the beauty of the many-colored fire of the explosion. Leo snapped out of it and prepared for attack.

    "Reagan, prepare to strafe the Munificent ahead with our laser cannons." Leo said.

    "You mean the one crawling with Vulture droids?" Reagan joked. Leo and her aimed at the group of Vultures and fired. Laser bolts from both starfighters hit the droids, blowing them into smithreens. Almost immediately, the frigates point-defence turbolasers opened up on the pair. Reagan and Leo avoided the fire easliy. Then, one of the turbolasers hits Leo's starfighter. One would expect that Leo would've blown up, but instead, the starfighter deflects the shot back at the Munificent, destroying the offending battery.

    "Woah! Did you see that!?! You got hit, but the laser deflected back at the ship. You know what that means..." Reagan said.

    "...we're invincible." Leo finished. Then he smiled devilishly.

    "Reagan, if we can't be destroyed, we'll give 'em hell." Leo said.

    "Let's kick their robot, metallic arses, shall we?" Reagan said, smiling just as devilishly.

    "With pleasure." Leo replied. Then the couple started their next attack run...

    In lunar orbit,
    The Space Battle over Earth,

    Reagan and Leo banked to the Munificent again. Leo noticed in his cockpit a red button beside the trigger. He pressed it. Two large explosives shot out, and hit the frigate's engines. The frigate's rear end exploded, then the engines ripped off. Without engines, the frigate dove for the moon, out of action. Meanwhile, Breckenridge saw the destruction of the Munificent. He took out binocular's and saw two small starfighters. The admiral radioed to them.

    "Unidentified flying wing starfighters. Please identify yourself and your intentions." Breckenridge commanded. Leo heard the voice and replied.

    "This is...Blue Pair. I'm Blue Leader and this is my wingman next to me-" Reagan greeted herself. "-and our intentions are to help the Washington to destroy the enemy. We proved it by destroying an enemy frigate. I advise you not to fire on us." Leo gave the Washington a code, and the Washington's bridge soon marked Leo's and Reagan's starfighters as friendlies.

    "All right, Blue Flight. You may continued." Admiral Breckenridge said. Leo and Reagan smiled. Then, Leo spotted droid fighters heading their way.

    "Look alive, Reagan. 20 marks at 09." Leo said. 20 Vulture droids came in from the left, firing laser cannon at the pair. The lasers bounced harmlessly off Leo's craft and soon he was blasting the fighters out of the sky. The dogfight continued, Leo and Reagan against hordes of Separatist fighters.

    Kennedy Space Center,
    Cape Canaveral, Florida,

    Terel was annoyed at the two Earthlings. They had senselessly boarded fighter prototypes and blasted off into space, probably to get shot down. Terel reached with the Force and sensed that Reagan and Leo were doing fine up there. 'Hmm... They seem to be good pilots. I wonder how?' Terel thought. Suddenly, a large group of destroyers rolled in.

    'Blast! There too many of them. Time to go.' Terel thought. But as he went the other way, another squad of destroyers arrived. They surrounded the Jedi. Seeing no hope of escape, Terel raised his hands in surrender...

    In lunar orbit,
    Space Battle,

    Leo fired everywhere. Multiple droids got hit and exploded. Then a voice inside him spoke up.

    "Leo. Leo can you hear me?" The voice said. Leo looked around. It sure didn't sound like Reagan.

    "Leo. It's me, Terel. I'm using the force to speak inside your head. Can you hear me?" Terel said.

    'Yeah.' Leo thought.

    "I've been captured. The Separatists are taking me to the 'Invisible Hand'. I need you to come and rescue me. I'm being held at the top of the tower on the ship." Terel said.

    'All right. We're coming.' Leo thought, then he said, "Reagan, Terel has been captured by the Separatists. We need to rescue him."

    "All right. Let's go." Reagan said. The pair pointed their fighters at the "Invisible Hand's" hangar and flew in for a rescue...

    In lunar orbit,
    Space battle,

    The couple approached the "Invisible Hand's" hangar. Reagan noticed that a blue tinge was around the edges of the hangar and realized those were ray shields.

    "Leo, the shields are still up. If we're going in, we need to destroy them." She said.

    "Oh yeah... Alright." Leo said. He barrel-rolled and opened fire on the side of the ship. The bolts hit that part, causing the section to explode. The blue tinge disappeared, but then the blast doors started to close. Both Leo and Reagan made the hangar and landed, battle droids surrounding the starfighters. Putting on his trusty glove-blaster, Leo opened his canopy and machine-gunned the droids down. Reagan did the same. Leo spotted an elevator to the right and ran to it. Years of playing on a virtual Invisible Hand made him know the ship like the back of his hand.

    "Are you sure you know where you are going? I'm not sure if this is the right direction." Reagan muttered tentatively.

    "Don't worry. I've played on a virtual ship likw this and I know every shortcut and paths. This is the way to the Wizard's Tower, where Terel is being held. Trust me." Leo said.

    "Well, lets find out."

    Leo and Reagan waited for the elevator to arrive. When it opened, a group of battle droids stood waiting there. Before they could say a word, Leo and Reagan opened fire on the droids. They all fell into scrap piles of metal. Leo pushed a button and the elevator doors closed. The elevator shot up, catching the pair off guard. Both looked at each other, then, as suddenly as it started, the elevator stopped abruptly. This caused Leo and Reagan to jump. As they exited the elevator, they found Terel, sitting in a seat, with his hands bolted to the armrests.

    "Quickly! Quickly! The sooner we get out, the better." Terel wispered quickly. Leo pointed the blaster at the bolts and fired on them, breaking their hold. Reagan followed suit. Terel rubbed his wrist and grabbed his lightsaber off the nearby table. The trio entered the elevator. After a couple of seconds in the elevator, the group stepped out. Stood waiting there, was Count Dooku.

    "Well, well, well. If it isn't my old friend Dooku. Or should I say, Lord Tyranus." Terel sneered. He activated his lightsaber, ready to duel The Count.

    "Well, I should've known. You helped the Earth people to defend against us and score many victories. Their measly ship should've been destroyed long ago, but you helped them weak Earthlings with the force. Shame on you." Dooku said.

    "The only shame I'll ever get is when Earth falls. I'm not going to let that happen." Terel snapped.

    "Then, my old friend, I have no choice but to kill you. You will not stand in our way of colonization of a new galaxy." Dooku said. He ignited his red lightsaber. Both men lunged at each other, Leo and Reagan watching...

    Terel and Dooku clashed, lightsabers crackling. Terel swung to the left, Dooku parrying it easily. The duel went for minutes. Both Reagan and Leo stepped back to stay out of the way. Leo pointed the blaster at Dooku. 'I wonder if he can deflect bolts while dueling.' He thought. Then he fired on Dooku. Dooku force-pushed Terel to a nearby wall and deflected the bolts. Leo, realizing he can't stick around, ran away and hid behind his starfighter. Terel lunged at Dooku again and they left off where they started. The several droids that surrounded the ring watched, waiting for a winner. Leo fired on the droids, taking them by surprise. They fell quick, not knowing what hit them. Then, the unthinkable happened. Dooku kicked Terel in the jaw. Dazed, Terel stumbled backward. Taking advantage of his distracted state, Dooku stabbed Terel in the stomach with the lightsaber. Terel gave a small groan, fell on his knees, then crumpled on the floor.

    "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Leo yelled. He raced to Terel, not caring if Dooku struck him down or not, and kneeled to his side. Terel coughed lightly.

    "Leo.....You lightsaber....Keep it...And" Terel rasped.

    Then, at Leo's hands, he died. Leo picked up the lightsaber and put it in his suit. Then, feeling a tingle in his head, Leo thrust his hand out to Count Dooku, causing him to fly to the wall. Slamming on it, he fell unconscious. Leo gingerly picked up Terel's body and carried it to his fighter.

    "C'mon Reagan. Let's go home." Leo said. Though he now should feel happy that he can use the Force, Leo was distraught at Terel's death. Before Reagan entered her fighter, Leo touched her forehead. A blue tinge flowed from Leo to Reagan. She Force-lifted the remains of the droids Leo shot earlier and threw them into space. Just to make sure he still had the Force, Leo Force-lifted his fighter. The Force still works, so Leo set the starfighter down. He put Terel's body behind his seat, and took off, Reagan close behind. Suddenly, 4 wedge-shaped cruisers dropped out of hyperspace.

    "It's the Republic! They have come to save Earth. Look, they're already firing at the rest of the Separatist fleet." Reagan exclaimed.

    "Let's go to them. They should feel our presence in the Force." Leo said, still depressed. The two fighters sped to the Republic fleet, to negotiate an alliance and to arrange Terel's funeral...

    Leo and Reagan contacted the lead cruiser for landing. The cruiser acknowledged and opened the long, red doors on the deck. Leo and Reagan came in and landed in a hangar. There, Anakin Skywalker and a few other Jedi came to greet them.

    "Hello, Skywalker. Thanks for coming in our time of need." Reagan said.

    "No problem. The message from Terel was received just after we spotted the Separatist jump into hyperspace." Skywalker said. "By the way, where is Terel?"

    Leo walked slowly back to the fighter and picked up the body.

    "I'm sorry, Master Skywalker. Terel was killed in action. He was dueling with Dooku, but Dooku beat him and stabbed him. Just before he died, he gave he powers of the Force to me and Reagan." Leo said solemnly. He placed the body down.

    "Oh no..." One of the Jedi said. Then, a clone trooper entered the hangar and reported to Skywalker.

    "General Skywalker. The Separatist fleet is on the run. They have made the jump to hyperspace. The planet is secured." He said.

    "Nice work, Commander. Get the shuttle ready. We are landing on the planet." Skywalker ordered.

    "Yes sir." The clone said, then marched off.

    2 hours later...


    Terel's funeral

    The group of Jedi (Leo and Reagan included) and the high-ranking clones, stood around the fire, silent. Terel's body burned, as part of the traditional Jedi funeral. As fire died, Leo whispered to the table.

    "Good-bye, Master Terel. May the Force be with you. Always..."


    A huge celebration raged all across the world. The Separatists' flight had immediately ended the war, in favor of Earth. In the US, firework boomed and exploded as people below danced. In Germany, an Oktoberfest-like celebration reigned, with the Germans drinking beer and and wine. Many countries had their own form of celebrating victory. It was a time of peace and happiness.

    Meanwhile, back on Jacksonville, the group of Jedi along with Leo and Reagan met up at Leo's house. There, they partied late into the night. One of the Jedi told Leo their culture is very exciting and fun. Other compliments came too. Soon, the Jedi got wore out and fell asleep in Leo's living room. Reagan, who was still awake, pulled Leo aside.

    "I want to thank you for saving the world, Leo. You are a great hero to all of the world and will save it in its time of need." Reagan said.

    "I couldn't have done it without you, Reagan. Thank you." Leo said. Feeling like his 7th grade self, he leaned down and kissed Reagan on the lips. Reagan returned the favor, and the couple stood there, together forever.

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    May 2, 2013

    Leo and Reagan joined the Jedi Order after the Battle of Earth. Both insisted of not being seperated, so they were given the joint command of leading a clone battalion into battle. But, both Leo and Reagan did not trust the clones (for they have watched Star Wars Episode 3) and knew what would happen once Order 66 was issued, so the Republic allowed the couple to take some troops from their home planet. Leo, being an expert on the world military, handpicked his battalion himself. It included the British SAS, the US's famed Green Berets, the German Jaeger X (the German battalion specialized in speed, accuracy, and teamwork), and the Musketeers (French sepcial forces that formed in 2014 and famous for assassinating top Taliban officers in Afganistan). This force of elite soldiers formed Task Force 9. The battalion was famous among the Republic, taking out entire droid armies with few or no losses. Not even the ARC troopers could beat them in a practice firefight, the teamwork of Task Force 9 going in circles around the ARCs. In fact, Task Force 9 single-handedly took the planet of Bastion when the Separatists took it over. But, the day after the Battle of Corusaunt, Leo and Reagan resigned from the Jedi Order, knowing full well that the Great Jedi Purge draws closer. Since Task Force 9 was attached to Leo and Reagan, they went with them. They took a single Republic cruiser with them (staffed entirely by Earth humans) and returned to Earth. With the Jedi Codes off their backs, Leo and Reagan married, one year after the Battle of Earth. They were soon to be fighting the Galactic Empire soon, but that's in another story.

    Earth meamwhile, changed alot. All of the countries of the world combined into one giagantic country. Then, they joined the Republic, providing Task Force 9. When the Republic was replaced by the Empire, Earth promptly left. For 15 years Earth was left alone. Leo prompted the country's leader, the former US President, to build up the space navy and prepare for war with the Empire. Before the Empire arrived to punish Earth for leaving, the Earth Space Navy or ESN had built 78 warships, equipped with hyperdrive technology from the Republic cruiser. They were stationed all across the Solar System, waiting for an attack...

    Coming soon...

    The Second Battle of Earth!

    Earth vs. Galactic Empire...
  4. Venator77

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    Note: If you copy a part of the story and google search it, there will be a result that leads to a WW2 what-if planes site. The author of the story there, Einfeld11, is me. I'm Einfeld11, so don't be accusing me of plagiarism.
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    You are amazing at this Venny!