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Fantasy Thriller OPEN The Calm Before the Storm - Dieselpunk, Urban Fantasy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheAdmiral, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    The King of the North, near the docks, Basileus City


    The so-called Champion of the Streets was Gazkull, an enormous orc, a former stormtrooper in the Imperial Army, dishonourably discharged, despite his numerous medals and acts of heroism. As usual for his kind he had issues with authority and that caused a lot of problems within such a rigid organization as the military.

    Since he got kicked out Gazkull had taken odd jobs here and there. Mostly as a bouncer, a bodyguard or an enforcer. There too he encountered the same problem. But one day Lady Luck smiled and winked at him. He met Mister Ozog, who recognized his talents for inflicting pain and did not care much for his attitude as long as he was loyal and did not cause too much trouble.

    Being a former stormtrooper he was used to danger, so he was sent to almost suicidal missions to persuade people to pay their debts. Those people being other crime bosses and rivals. Sometimes he was given easier tasks of interrogating and punishing, but these were just appetizers.

    When there was no one to be killed or beaten he entertained the patrons at the King, by beating the … out of some poor … (the three dots represent orcish expletives that are better left untranslated and too crude to even be written). That too generated revenue for the boss as the bookies were roaming around like vultures, taking bets and promising rewards at extravagant ratios.

    Of course, since he built up his reputation, he did not fight every night as he had explained to the boss that he won’t throw in a match in order for some people in the audience to earn money, so that they would come for more. There was some tension between Gazkull and Ozog, but they reached an agreement. The boss was a smart orc, maybe one of the smartest in their kind, and he saw an opportunity by having him on special occasions facing off against other prized fighters or patrons who did not mind their bones broken and who wanted to try their luck at winning the grand prize. A sort of an elite gladiatorial fight…

    Gazkull was circling the ring over the sprawled body of his last opponent. A human male, who managed to land a punch at his nose and even managed to draw some blood. Of course the orc punished him by almost killing him. He had gone a long way from his stormtrooper days as then he would have simply killed him, but the boss did not want such heat on him.

    Seeing the large Lizardman enter made the orc grin widely. He gave him an appraising look. One of the bookies had told him that he was going to face this volunteer. At first he had dismissed the thought, just another near-suicidal idiot, but now that he could see him he was impressed. That would be one of those rare and entertaining battles where there was a small chance of him to lose.

    “Lookie boys!” he turned towards the crowd “The boss is sending me a handbag for the Missus!” the audience loved this crude bravado so they cheered at Gazkull and booed at the Lizard.

    TAG: @Bodhran777 @Shadowsun

    IC: Morrigan
    Location: Lady Talathee’s Nobles Apartments, Basileus City

    Morrigan chuckled “Indeed...” she gave a small smile and nodded. The game the woman was playing seemed interesting. Maybe that was the point. Normally Morrigan could tell when she was being baited, but the beautiful elf was a bit more elusive. Better keep an eye on her… not only for her gorgeous exterior. “It is a sort of a national sport for the people in Basileus.”

    “Oh, I am still getting used to it all.” Morrigan chuckled again “But could not force my wife to come live in the wilderness with me.” she pursed her lips for a second “But to be honest I was getting kind of bored with the desolate plains and the swamp.” she maintained eye contact.

    “Besides, Basileus is just another type of a jungle.” she took a sip “For all its claims of civilization the people here follow the same rules as the animals in the wilds.” Morrigan shrugged. “I guess I should ask you the same question after you have spent enough time here.”

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    The Streets of Basileus

    The Ragman as he called himself breathed hard. He was prowling the streets for a victim. He was hunting sinners and temptresses. Using a sharp knife he usually mutilated the bodies of his targets carving their crimes and vices on their skins.

    His activities were so horrible that people liked to pretend that he was just another boogeyman, who did not exist. That the police had made him in order for them to keep the people in their homes.

    From the shadows he saw an elven man humming a tune, walking towards his position. Who was this unsavoury character? A criminal looking for an easy score? Or a man looking to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh from the ladies of the night? The weak gaslight revealed a rather familiar face.

    The Ragman read the papers. Some might find it surprising, but they were a good source of information about who deserved to die. He had to push back the voices in his head yelling at him to rip him, kill him there and then. The face that he recognized was of that famous detective. He had seen the sketches in the papers. So a person of the light.

    So that was why the fairy that he barely missed earlier seemed familiar. She must have been his assistant. She must have caught on his rasping breathing and low growl as she managed to evade him.

    The Ragman dissolved in the darkness. Moving swiftly through the small alleys. He saw her… a beautiful and seductive woman. A temptress… Her hips swaying in a hypnotic manner. She must die!

    It seems she could hear him walk behind her. The woman tried to evade him, but he had caught on the scent.

    “Stay back!” she turned to face him then in the faint light he could see her face pale as she took a step back “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” that was not good, he was sloppy, she had seen him, he would have to be quick.


    TAG: @Ktala @Darth_Elu - the woman pursued is Irene Adler
  2. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Ozog Grimtar
    The King of the North, near the docks, Basileus City

    Ozog gave another broad toothy grin, chuckling at the lizard’s last comment. Yes, yes, he quite liked this Lizard. He turned toward the fighting ring, catching the glance of Gazkull. Gazkull was well aware at this point that killing his opponents was strictly forbidden and would be met with harsh punishment.

    Although the orc crime boss expected his champion would have quite a bit of fun with his newfound lizard friend, he certainly looked a tough one. In all honesty Ozog did not particularly care about the money on the line, but rather how it would look to the other gangs if Gazkull lost. For quite some time Grimtar had been able to dominate the streets with the sheer amount of strength and coin at his disposal, but in truth his boys could not be in every nook and crevice at all times laying down the law.

    No, fear was their greatest tool, the feeling that his gang was omnipresent, a word even the well spoken Ozog can’t pronounce, was the crucial piece that kept him at the top. Any show of weakness, no matter how small, may give the wrong idea to his rivals. It wasn’t uncommon that some thug from small other gang came to try and take on Gazkull at some pitiful display of strength, so far all had failed, but it was only a matter of time. Still perhaps Ozog was overthinking things, this was still a front after all, as long as the fight was close and not a landslide the ripple effects would be small.

    Gazkull waved over to the referee to begin the match as soon as possible, he reached again into his cigar box, lighting his fifth for the night, he did hope the lizardmen did not disappoint.

    “Lookie boys! The boss is sending me a handbag for the Missus!”

    Grimtar chuckled at Gazkull's jest, he did enjoy good banter before a fight.

    "Now 'ittle 'izard show me what ya can do" mouthed the orc boss under his breath, sitting on the edge of his seat.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral @Bodhran777
  3. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    C: Lady Delfina, Aysha, Dr. Pascale Rouser, William Hector Godwinson
    Aysha's stall, Treasure Row

    Lady Delfina listened to Aysha's description of the chest with an inward grin, but she carefully schooled her face to an outward expression of polite bewilderment. She could see Dr. Rouser edging towards the door, with a somewhat glazed look in his eyes, and she was sympathetic, but this was her battlefield. Men had cricket, women had shopping, and Aysha was no doubt a Grand Mistress at it. Well, she wasn't getting ten golden crowns from Delfi, but certainly they'd come to an agreement, because the young noblewoman had no intention of leaving without the chest.

    The lovely shopkeeper went on, “You see a regular old trunk from outside, but when you open it you discover that it can carry much more than it appears. Must have stuck, it hasn’t been opened in some time, maybe your husband could help me out? It needs a bit of greasing and will be as good as new, I can even throw in a can of the finest grease!” She was struggling with the lid. The chest sat, dull and unmoving.

    Good boy, Chesty, thought Delfina. Before she could respond, another voice chimed in. "It's a fake." She turned to see a man standing behind them, confident, with a twinkle in his eye. Not bad looking, dark wavy hair, a neat beard.

    "Oh, do you think so?" she said. He didn't seem to be a friend of Aysha, the owner of a rival shop perhaps? She looked towards her companion. "Dr. Rouser, what do you think? Does this look Lemurian to you? You're the expert, I'm sure."

    William turned half an eye upward, giving of an atmosphere that he didn't particularly care about the situation. He gave a warm smile to the half elf, his eyes having a small glint to them.

    "Oh I don't think so my lady, I know so. It would appear most of the items in here are some kind of junk or another." He said, averting his eyes from the orc toothpick he had been inspecting, walking his way toward the couple.

    "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Charles Bodlin, a local member of the mage guild, it is a pleasure to meet you lady...?" This of course was a lie, but it would be highly unlikely they would be able to tell, he spoke it some calmly and so naturally, with that signature dashing smile of his. He paused waiting for the woman to respond.

    "How do you do? I am Lady Delfina of Parnassa. This is Dr. Pascale Rouser, a very well-known archaeologist."

    William spared a look to the doctor before continuing.

    "A pleasure to make your acquaintance Lady Delfina" He said with a slight bow, before turning to Aysha. "Anyway I was saying most of the items here are complete junk, a tourist trap for unsuspecting foreigners, but yeah, at best that box is...hmmm...a single gold crown, maybe two." He gave a quick look to Aysha reaching into his pocket, pulling out the amulet he had pocketed earlier.

    "Ah, it is none of my concern do as you will, I could be wrong.” He turned to Aysha, now speaking to her. "I would like to buy this please, how much?"

    Aysha glared at the intruder. She had been so focused on those two that she had not noticed William entering her store. Oh, he was going to pay! "Don't pay him any attention my lady." She gave an indignant look. "He is no more than a member of the Mage Guild than I am." She raised her chin. "I am afraid he is one of those poor deluded souls wandering around pretending to be an expert of sorts, but he is nothing more than a local oddity, a shame really." She gave a mock sad look. "Probably had been dropped on his head as a child and more than once, mhmmm..." Aysha nodded "You see, he can't even tell pure Imperial Gold." She pointed at the amulet. "And the Soul Stone in it. That will make it fifteen crowns." Aysha turned her head towards William and glared at him.

    William laughed as he spoke "Oh come, come now don't take my insult to heart like that, you do have the occasionally nice piece in here." Casually ignoring most of what the shopkeeper said, good get flustered, fine by him. "I make no claim to be an expert my dear, just a humble practitioner" he said, his face still held a warm, charismatic smile.

    "Now, I'll admit this little trinket is better than most of the junk in here, but fifteen crowns? Ridiculous!" He said waving his arms around. He then moved down to the chest, making a show of inspecting it, his hands pressed against the top.

    He caught the glance of Aysha, giving her a wink, indicating to follow his lead. His back was toward Delfina, ensuring that she would not be able to cast the glance that he shared with the shopkeeper. Still the question remained whether Aysha would go along with it or not. He then shifted now sideways so Delfina could view his face he raised an eyebrow as he continued to make a show of examining the box.

    "Oh my," he muttered under his breath, although the couple would be able to hear him.

    "Forget the amulet, how about seven gold crowns for this chest?" He said his face deadly serious with glint in his eye. He wanted this chest. He began to reach into his pockets, bringing out a small pouch that sounded like it was filled with coin.

    Delfina stared at him, wide-eyed with indignation and disbelief. Was this some type of trick, to run up the price? Did he not respect the serious business of Shopping? It was unpardonably rude to butt in while others were busy negotiating. She glanced towards Dr. Rouser, but didn't spot him. Had he left?

    “Excuse me," she said in a chilly voice. "The lady and I are in the middle of business. You will have to wait your turn...sir." Not that he deserved to be called sir. She looked at Aysha, considering. "Six," she said. "I'm not at all sure it's Lemurian. You can't get it open?"

    Aysha still glared at him, but understood what he was playing at. The thing was that she was willing to fall to seven, though now that he had added himself in the mix she would have to give him at least two for his efforts. Still not bad, but seven was a bigger number than five. She stifled a sigh. Well five was better than nothing, that was for sure.

    "You offend me my lady!" she put a hand on her heart, pretending to be insulted "It is Lemurian! The old woman would never lie to me!" she exclaimed "Eight and I throw in the carpet!"

    Delfina cast a suspicious glance towards the man. She pursed her lips. If it wasn't for him, she could have got it for seven. "Eight, but that brass bowl, not the carpet." The bowl wasn't magical (as near as she could tell) but it was large and deep, and would not only be pretty (when it was polished up), but it would be a nice washbowl on the journey. She dipped into her handbag and held out a small handful of gold coins, mentally reminding herself to stop in at a bank on the way home. Bunky was supposed to have transferred funds for her, and she'd need more cash.

    William raised an eyebrow at the lady.

    "Business?" He said in almost disbelief. "I'm not sure what happens wherever you came from but in my experience the highest bidder always wins, 'shopping isn't some frivolous game it's business!' This was only half an act, it wasn't Charles Bodlin that was confused and annoyed, it was William Hector Godwinson, it was always the wealthy that had this kind of attitude, never having to scrap by on the streets with a couple bronze coins that was all to their name. Shopping, business, it was a brutal war game where the wealthy didn't care about the little guy.

    His eyes narrowed as he reached into the money pouch, and got out eight gold crowns. He wasn't exactly poor anymore he did have to admit that. He began to play with the coins in his fingers. Aysha then made her counter offer, he stood there remaining silent, he contemplated getting out a ninth gold crown, but decided that might be a breaking point for Delfina.

    Delfina spared him a withering glance. Not so charming now. Mentally she scolded herself for making an introduction. Granny and Miss Malwort had cautioned her against talking to strange men in random places. This was what happened. She had been the first person to spot Chesty, she had made the first offer, and now this random man wandered in off the street and was trying to steal it off her for no reason that she could see. She returned her attention to Aysha, and waited, expectantly.

    Aysha was not sure that the lady was buying the act. She could see it in her eyes that she was way shrewder than she had initially thought and of course William had decided to come in like a bull in a china shop... Though she would be glad to take his last eight crowns, she was sure that he did not have more, though then she would not hear the end of it. They had played each other into a corner...

    "How about we leave it to chance?" she tried to sound mystical "A flip of a coin?" Aysha hoped that William would take the hint and make sure that the Lady wins or they won't get any money.

    Williams eyes narrowed, casting a glance toward Aysha, he reached into the pouch pulling out a silver coin.

    "Fine" he grunted. Positioning the coin on his thumb as he gave a glance up toward Delfina. His mood shifted, what done was done. A smile flashed on his face as the mask came on once more.

    "Heads or Tails? My lady." He said somewhat smugly.

    Delfina arched an eyebrow. "I'm not sure I'd trust one of his coins," she said. She looked at Aysha. "It was your idea, you supply the coin."

    "Look, it is perfectly normal." He handed the coin to Delfina. The coin would indeed have two distinct sides, a false coin only stupid conmen used.

    Aysha simply nodded, William was good at this sort of thing, she begrudgingly admitted to herself. "It is not a problem, I can supply the coin." Hopefully the Lady would win, the girl was ready to sell the stupid thing at a loss, just to get rid of it and of these three. The simple haggling turned into a nuisance.

    “Fine, whatever" he muttered grabbing the coin from Aysha. He then looked to Delfina, the coin loaded on his thumb ready to flip.

    "Heads or Tails?"

    Delfina took the coin from him and looked at it closely. It wasn't magical, it seemed normal. She handed it to Aysha. "You toss," she said. "I'll call tails."

    Aysha restrained a smirk directed to William and simply shrugged. She hoped that she would not scam herself and her "helper" in the process, but it was too late for such considerations. With a swift motion she flipped the piece of metal. In her mind the round thing was moving in a slow motion, her heart skipping a beat, not daring to look when it landed in her palm and showed it. A wave of relief washed over her. "It seems it is your lucky day my lady!" she grinned.

    Thank goodness, thought William to himself, not being in control was always an unpleasant feeling. A small somber smile formed on his face, followed by a slow nod as he turned to face Delfina.

    "Seems you win" he muttered as he pocketed away his coin pieces, stowing his pouch. He picked up the amulet he had tossed aside earlier, toying with it as he watched the transaction.

    Delfina had been trying to be cool and composed but she couldn't hold in a sigh of relief. "Thank you," she said, handing the coins to Aysha. "And the brass bowl too, right? I'd like a written receipt please." She looked around, but there was no sign of Dr. Rouser. He must have gone outside, and right when she could use his help. "And can you take one handle and help me get this outside? I'll hail one of those --what do you call them, rickshaws?-- to get this back to the hotel." The chest was still unmoving. <<Just play it cool a little longer,>> she whispered in Elven. Even though it was now rightfully hers she still didn't want everyone to know how special it really was. She patted the lid. A good cleaning, some sweet oil, some brass would be beautiful. And very useful.
  4. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @TheAdmiral :)

    IC: Milos Terric, Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: Macklenburg

    Terric rejoined the Prince after changing into something a bit more casual looking.

    His gun was holstered in his jacket and he had packed his sword just in case. Terric hoped he would never have to use it whilst here. This was supposed to be a rest break after all.

    "I think it should be for love not for political necessity" Terric said, continuing their conversation and then snorted "Politicians always sticking their noses in. And no I definitely will not be taking the Aquila for a spin, that would be most unwise".

    As they prepared to disembark….there was a whole welcoming committee waiting for them. Of course the Aquila was famous for being the flagship but for once Terric wished there was'nt one.

    Terric spoke quietly back to the Prince "You know for once, just once I would not like someone to bring out the welcome mat. It would be nice to just slip off and not be a royal in your case or a celebrity in mine".

    He shook his head "The Lizards are definitely going to know you are here now….".

    The Prince smiled at the Captain. "Good to know." he grinned "Though I am sure the ladies would enjoy taking the ship for a spin." he chuckled softly.

    "That is the idea, them to know that I am here." he sighed "Hopefully that will deter them from doing anything stupid." the Prince shrugged slightly "Let me do the talking, I am sure you and the other officers will get some free time." he looked down "Alas I am sure they will try to rope me into a tour of the city or something like that."

    Terric frowned "We'd better, because if me or the officers don't get rest there will be guaranteed riots. And this could embolden the traitors".

    Then he smiled a little "Perhaps you could respectfully decline their offer and go on a tour with me instead. Much more friendlier and a lot less stuffy company. Plus we can have a more casual chat about things and not about traitors or arranged marriages".

    The Prince chuckled "Relax Captain..." he grinned "You are fixating too much on the traitors." then sighed "Unfortunately I can't." he shrugged and moved towards the welcoming committee. All the people present there bowed deeply to him. Something that annoyed him a lot, but it was inevitable.

    "Your Majesty, we are honored that you are visiting us." started the most pompous looking one "The House of Magnus, along with the citizens of this great city welcomes you!" that must be the head of the aforementioned household. "We received word of your arrival by cable."

    The Prince nodded, that was to be expected "I am looking forward to enjoying my stay here." he gave a diplomatic smile "I hope you have arranged the accommodation for the high ranking officers of the ship as well?"

    "Oh yes, yes, they are also our esteemed guests." the man nodded emphatically "They, along with the crew of this work of the engineering art are also welcome and I am sure that they are going to enjoy their stay with us."

    Terric frowned as the Prince thought he was getting fixated on the traitors. At least he had his eye on the ball.

    The pompous looking man in front of him was of course spouting off the usual niceties and of course marveled at the Aquila having arrived. It was a work of engineering art but it was built more in Terric's view to intimidate.

    Terric smiled and nodded back at the offer of accommodation. Of course being the head of the Navy meant you usually slept in a very opulent room, Terric preferred something a little more basic but he supposed he might as well enjoy himself while he could.

    He continued to let the Prince do the talking.

    TBC, TAG: @TheAdmiral
  5. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lady Eleanor
    Location: Her estate, Basileus City

    She observed her husband for a second more then spun on her heel gesturing for him to follow her. Taldeer, her real name, led him to the next room where a table was beautifully set. “We will not be disturbed.” she gave a small smile “I know how you don’t like the rubes, as our people like to call them.” her smile widened revealing a sharp set of teeth.

    “By the way, our daughter will be joining us.” her features reverted back to her human form. The two of them were Dragons. Plain and simple. Their wedding was done during the Winter Solstice, so many centuries ago. Back when their species ruled the world.

    They were not high in the Dragon hierarchy, but the demise of their people elevated them in their society. Their opposing views in regards to the lesser races and magic drove a wedge between them.

    Eleanor had accepted their new position and surrounded herself in mystery, creating this Al’Meera household. An exceptionally difficult task, but over the years she had gone better. She believed that the age of the Dragons was over and that their job was to guide the younger races not to repeat their mistakes.

    Miir, her husband, chose a different path. That angered Taldeer at first, but now she felt only sadness. He too had forged an enigmatic persona, though for darker purposes.

    “You can relax, if I wanted to hurt you, you know that I could have done it pretty easily.” she smirked, that was the truth, out of the two of them she used to be of the warrior caste and he of the magical-scientific one.

    “Hello daddy...” came a soft voice from behind. It was Lirena, their daughter.


    TAG: @Shadowsun

    The dark corners of Aleyas

    The Jester used an ancient and lost ability, Shadowtravel, to transport himself to Aleyas. “Greetings brother.” came another hooded personage known as the Clown “What brings you in this part of the world?” the voice sounded amused “Is it the comet?” the figure tilted its head.

    TAG: @Sinrebirth

    IC: Mibasa
    Location: the streets of Orlais

    Mibasa was not sure he understood what the Little Brother told him about his title. How can you be a Doctor and not be able to heal people? These foreigners were so strange. “So you are a Keeper?” he tilted his head. “You communicate with the spirits of the animals then?”

    “The Archeops is taking a liking to you!” he exclaimed “You are a Keeper then!” Mibasa beamed and gave a wide grin.

    “They are everywhere in these lands.” Mibasa smiled “Though they mostly live in the jungles. It is safer there for them.” he nodded “But they are a curious bunch, keep them away from shiny things.” he chuckled “They will steal it and take it to their mates!”

    Then he remembered about his mission “Yes, yes, I am to find that old shaman at the docks.”

    TAG: @Darth_Elu
  6. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Andrath Inageiros IC:
    ~Night Time Streets of Terror, Basileus City~

    As he made his way back to Mind's Rest, his home, Andrath eventually noted a form heading there as well from the opposite direction. With a slight narrowing of his eyes, he was able to tell by their movement and size that it was...


    Excellent! He had found her after all and nearly arriving back home at the same time. It would appear she'd likely arrive just a little ahead of him...a scream caught his attention. And it wasn't exactly far from his friend and assistant. He knew that form too, that voice. Irene!

    This was no game, not this time. Not that kind of scream. A form of a man was advancing from afar. Andrath gritted his teeth and began to run toward them, reaching into his breast pocket for his hidden handgun that he pulled out. But he couldn't shoot yet, he would risk hitting the women from here. He needed to be closer and have better positioning first! Especially if they could capture him alive instead.

    As it was, judging by distance and where everyone on the street was...Zanna was closer to Irene than he was and would likely get there first. Still, from here, his voice should carry.


    Now it was all a matter of reflex and timing.

    Tag: Irene, Zanna, & Ragman @TheAdmiral @Ktala
  7. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Zanna Wai'leena
    The night time streets of Basileus City

    Zanna was making her way quickly back to Mind's rest. But she was now acutely aware of the growing shadows around her. As she moved quickly, she saw another form appear from the opposite. Sharp fae eyes quickly noticed a now-familiar form...


    But before she could give a greeting, a scream suddenly pierced the air.

    “Stay back!” ... “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

    Zanna paused, as her head turned in the direction of the scream. The voice sounded familiar. Zanna frowned, as she whirled about. She could hear Andrath's voice cut through the night air..


    Zanna rolled her eyes. ME? STOP HIM??!! Oh well. Zanna saw the woman facing a figure that was advancing on her. Irene? Not that it really mattered, it was still somebody being threatened. Her wings spread open wide as she took off, moving quickly to intercept the figure making his way towards Irene. Zanna yanked down her goggles. Normally, Zanna hated to use any sort of weapon, unless extreme circumstances. Besides, she didn't want to risk hitting Irene. So Zanna flew straight towards Irene and the mysterious man. Though he was a rather strange-looking fellow, he had not actually DONE anything to Irene, outside of stalking. So instead of using a weapon, Zanna moved between Irene and the strange fellow and threw a small ball at him.

    If it hit him, or he batted it away, it would explode in a flash and fluttery of bright lights and something glittery looking. Hopefully, that would cause the man to back off. If he insisted on his attack, she had her crossbow pistol ready to go, hidden under her sleeves if the man insisted on causing trouble.

    "Stop." Zanna ordered

    TAG: @TheAdmiral, @Darth_Elu
  8. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    Miir the Magnificent, The Patriarch, Father of the Holy Order
    Miir followed Taldeer into the other room, examining the table laid before them. He nodded briefly in approval, his wife remembered his fondness for the theatrical that included mundane things such as dinner. He frowned, however, upon Taldeer's display of her dragon origin. Her recklessness was unwelcome, he had always been intensely private about his true identity. He knew all too well there were other dragon's dwelling within the city, but where they were he did not know. He had always been fearful that one of his kin would discover him and let it out, that is why he created the armor, to hide his draconic powers.

    He knew that Taldeer in pure combat was the more powerful of the two, as impressive as his powers are his chief weapon was and always will be his mind and tongue. He wandered over to one head of the table, standing over it to take his seat when a young woman greeted him.

    “Hello daddy...”

    He turned to face his daughter, his eyes growing wide in shock. He whipped round to Taldeer his face in a snarl. Fire exploded off his hair, swirling like a brilliant flame, illuminating his face. The ground began to shake violently, although localized only to this room, three jagged spikes spurt up around Taldeer. She would feel a chill on her back as ice slowly began to form around her. Doubtless she could break free, but that was not the point.

    "You brought our daughter to Basileus!?! What if the Primarch finds her!?! or one of the other dragons roaming about, not everyone is as soft and kind as you are dear wife" he spat out the last word, his disdain evident. He gazed into his wife's eyes for a few moments the anger in his eyes clear. He then turned back to his daughter, he took a deep breath and then expelled the air. His temper cooled as swayed his hands to 'release' his wife.

    "It is a pleasure as always to see you Lirena, I do hope your mother has been schooling you well"

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2020
  9. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Aysha
    Location: Treasure Row, Orleis

    Aysha gestured with her head to William to help the lady. There was a faint amused twinkle in her eyes and a small, innocent smile on her lips. She won’t be carrying that old and heavy thing nuh-uh. “There are a lot passing by, so it should be easy.” the girl addressed the beautiful elven buyer.

    Of course she omitted the fact that the ones who operated in this area of town will charge them extra, after all saving the tourists money was not part of her job description.

    She tried not to look too giddy when William went back in and almost sighed relieved when she saw that her clients were having the chest loaded on a rickshaw and moving away. “You almost ruined everything!” she hissed and left his share on the counter.

    It was then when the door opened with a ring from the bell hanging on top. Another client, or maybe the couple were returning?

    Aysha’s face was crestfallen when she saw that it was one of the local wizards. They were stingy and rarely bought anything from her. Hopefully this was not one of those inspections of magical items. She would have to bribe him too if so as she did not have any certificate or document for half of the junk she had in her store.

    The girl opened her mouth to say something, but the wizard ignored her and turned to William “The old lady...” he meant the Old Hag “... said that I could find you here. This is for you.” he reached for his pocket and fished an envelope. There lied the orders that he was to join a certain expedition going deeper into the continent. It also said where, when and who to contact when he got there “Have a good day.” the man smirked and spun on his heels, still ignoring Aysha.

    TAG: @Shadowsun @Mistress_Renata @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Once the chest was taken away, by an actually reputable orc, the pair continued on their way. The street had a lot to offer. The smells of exotic spices and of the street food offered by vendors. The cacophony of voices, sounds and music. Cloths, attires, jewellery, carpets, trinkets, books, everything was being sold.

    Fortune tellers trying to get their attention, some missing the mark, some saying some very well said fortunes, but it was all a scam.

    Navigating through this maze lead them to a side street, a much calmer one, with fewer people and even fewer vendors. Though a tall and blue skinned figure caught their attention. It was standing in front of a very familiar Felinoid, who had a small and colourful bird on his finger.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu @Mistress_Renata @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    The Odeon Theatre

    The Boy that the Ranger requested did indeed frequent the square in front of the cinema. He liked it there. Selling tabloids to people coming out of a screening so that they could read some juicy gossip about the stars or the director.

    He also liked to steal some candies, but not too much as not to get caught, from the stand where Mister Ivhof was selling such things for the viewers to munch, as liked to say, on during the films.

    The middle aged man had brought an interesting machine, a box on wheels, the top half made of glass, where you could see a container that was being heated. In that container Mister Ivhof poured in dry corn kernels and sunflower oil. And then as if by magic small, puffy things started to… pop. Truly magical! And that smell…

    The Boy sighed and checked his pockets, there were some coins, he had saved the one given to him by the scary guy, hopefully he could get one of the cheap seats in the cinema. The moving pictures were his passion. They provided a doorway to a better place, where heroes beat villains, where love and friendship triumphed. A fair world, unlike the one he was living in…

    There were no papers to sell today, so he headed towards the booth where the surly Mister Marric was selling tickets. “Ah, boy, no papers today?” the dwarf gave him a sardonic smile and the Boy shook his head “Coming to see the film again, eh?”

    The Boy nodded “Well...” the dwarf started “Tough luck…” he chuckled nastily “It seems there is some work for you today.” that was new. “Some fancy looking guy came by and said that you’ve got his coin and that he needs your services.” the dwarf fixed him with a gaze “Say, you ain’t doing anything illegal?” he leaned forward as the boy took a step back “If there’s money to be earned, you will get me into the game, right?” Marric asked, whispering.

    Great, that’s just great, the Boy was hoping never to see the scary man again and only a day after he was being called. Yeah, life’s unfair, unlike the one in the movies…

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  10. Ava G.

    Ava G. Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 7, 2016
    GM Seal of Approval

    : Lavinia Vargas
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Physical description :
    • Height: 5' 7"
    • Weight: 120
    • Skin color: White
    • Hair color: Dark reddish brown
    • Eye color: Green
    • Quirks: Flirty, sometimes dramatic. Histrionic
    • Likes/dislikes: Likes adrenaline, action, sensuality, fashion, style, art. Dislikes formality, rigidity, social norms she considers restrictive
    • Strengths/weaknesses: Resilient. Some narcissistic tendencies that complicate relationships
    Weapons: Small knives, vials of liquid poison. Lightning.

    Short Bio: Youngest of a large family, Lavinia spent her childhood on farms and small settlements. She was an active girl who climbed, ran, and wrestled.

    When her family lost their farm, they moved to Greenflower colony. Here her beloved father fell ill and died. Daunted by urban life, she found comfort in reading about magic, and refining her physique.

    In her late teens, her good looks were noticed by a talent agent. She signed a contract with a motion picture company and moved to Basileus.

    The road to stardom was rocky. The first phase of her career was defined by walk on roles in throw-away flicks, and her private life by two short and failed marriages. But when she starred as a femme fatale in Kill Me Sweetly, the industry finally took notice. And in the shadows, actress and character became one.

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  11. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Prince Arturias Atreus
    Location: The city of Macklenburg

    It was clear that Aquila's arrival was not unexpected. A fact that posed a potential threat as the potential enemy had time to prepare the terrain to their benefit. Also the element of surprise has probably been lost.

    The Prince tried not to voice his worries about these things while listening to the dignitaries’ diatribes. They were dronning on and on about how honored they felt by his presence. Making some subtle and not so subtle hints that they would be glad if his Imperial Majesty were to visit them.

    Arturias was as non-committal as possible, given the situation. A young girl approached him carrying a bouquet of exotic looking flowers. The child has been drilled what to say, a heartfelt declaration of her love for the Empire. The Prince felt a pang of guilt, but accepted the flowers.

    That was part of the tradition. The pompous speeches, the handing over of bouquets, the orchestra, all part of it.

    There was a crowd standing in the back. Most were waving flags and cheering. But there were those who were glaring at this young Prince. Not everyone was an Imperial patriot. There were those who believed that Macklenburg should be an open city, not belonging to anyone, but being free to choose its own fate and policies.

    There was an even smaller group, but very influential and dangerous. They believed that the Lizards provided a better alternative to Imperial rule. With their coldhearted logic, not prone to excess violence, with a strict but clear societal structure.

    They were led by chameleons, Lizardmen with the properties to change their image for a set amount of time. They were the spies and infiltrators that the Great Nest was using in their dealings with the warm-bloods.

    In the crowd, one such human zealot was glaring at the Prince, waiting, biding his time, until he was in range to strike. Ironically that operation was not sanctioned by his Lizard masters. But came from the whispers in the dark, saying that he will become a hero, that he will change the status quo.

    That he will reshape the future…

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    IC: Princess Jori Atreus
    Secret rendezvous

    Jori was drumming her fingers on the table. Cinna, in his usual fairy manner, was fashionably late. Though she could not really fault him for that. They needed to take precautions as not to be discovered.

    The whole situation was exasperating. All the pretending and make-believe. It was exhausting. But Jori was the Princess of the Empire. That meant that she was to be handed over to a very prospective House that will bring lots of benefits.

    In that regard she felt kind of glad that she was in Arturias’ place of being the heir to the Throne. He had even less leeway in the matters of the heart.

    Jori had always snorted in derision upon hearing some girl wishing being a Princess. If they knew what it entailed they would be running far away. Though there was something that she enjoyed in regards to her position - the power and the influence.

    Arturias did not appreciate the opportunity, so she had taken upon herself to nudge him in the right direction. The shadows provided some measure of freedom.

    Of course she was not as adept as her mother in these machinations. The Empress was her role model in that regard and an inspiration…

    The door opened and closed.

    Jori grinned and stood up. “Indeed my love.” she replied to Cinna’s greeting and wrapped her hands around him, giving him a soft kiss. “What’s this?” she cocked an eyebrow when she pulled back a bit, seeing the book “You want to play a reversal of the Nights of Araby? You being Sheherazade and I the Prince?” it was a famous tale from the mythical land of Araby, somewhere beyond the ocean, where vast seas of sands covered the land, and a slavegirl telling tales to her master every night, in exchange of her life.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu
  12. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Lady Delfina of Parnassa
    The streets of Orleis

    Delfi had enjoyed looking at the items on the stalls, but she didn't stop. Chesty was the treasure. It was interesting to see what was on offer. A lot of what seemed to be tourist tat, mostly. As they moved out of treasure row and into the main part of the city, the shops changed. There were proper storefronts, bowed windows of multiple panes painted in bright colors, displaying various goods. She did slow a little as they passed a window full of hats. The styles were a few years old. Already outdated in Basileus, although she did have a rather cute straw cloche much like the pink one on the stand in the front. The food shops had barrows and crates outside the door, showing ripe, brightly-colored fruits, and a pastry shop had a selection of intriguing cream-filled things that made Delfina's mouth water. It was well past time for luncheon. She wondered if she could persuade Dr. Rouser to stop for a cup of tea?

    He was still walking briskly, and hadn't said much to her. She wondered if he was annoyed with her for stopping to haggle. If he knew what Chesty really was, what it could do... But ahead she could see a tall, blue-skinned person talking earnestly to another man in an elegant robe. Her face lit up.

    "Dr. J'andra!" she said happily. "There you are! And...oh, you've made a friend! How beautiful." She admired the small bird perched on the scientist's paw. It looked like a small, flying jewel. She didn't approach, not wanting to frighten it, and smiled at the tall, blue man standing nearby, a little warily. After her experience with the...person in the shop, she wasn't going to just introduce herself all over the place again.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: And with this I would like to formally welcome @Ava G. into our fold!

    IC: Mark Pablius
    Location: IFA Studio 7, outskirts of Basileus


    Mark Pablius, the heir of a minor noble house, walked briskly through the corridor of the studio. He was the director, the star and the producer of the latest flicks Maison Blanche. The film was about a club owner at an exotic locale, who also doubled as a secret agent for the Imperial Intelligence, trying to flush out a Dragon in disguise. The villain of the story was trying to overthrow the Empire and restore the rule of the tyrannical lizards of old.

    He was competing with that hack Franz Lang and his The Synthetic Man VS the Golem: Dawn of the New Age. That man surely loved to dabble in such ludicrous stories taken from the so called pulp fiction, or as Mark liked to call it - trash. Lowering the collective intelligence of the viewers, there was no nuance, no symbolism, no depth… Utterly distasteful.

    Only crowns mattered to Franz…

    Mark shook his head, no need in getting angry at such trivialities. He was the bearer of good news and he wanted to share them with his co-star, the lovely Lavinia. Mark straightened his jacket, took a deep breath, ran his fingers through his hair and knocked “Lavinia, I hope you are proper.” he smirked as he really hoped for the opposite and opened the door.

    That were the perks of being the director and the money man, it allowed for him to enter without asking for permission. “I have great news for us, my dear.” he grinned boyishly “It seems we were invited to the Palace for the Founding Day!” he produced an ornately decorated envelope “It specifically asks for me and you.” a sly smile formed on his lips “You have a fan there.”

    That was a great honour, being invited in the Palace for Founding Day, which will be in two days, Take that Franz!

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  14. Ava G.

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    Jul 7, 2016
    OOC: Thank you very much. My heart did a happy flip when I saw your post above. Mark Pablius there was an excellent way to welcome me!

    IC: Lavinia Vargas
    Location: IFA Studio 7, outskirts of Basileus

    The woman rested in a tub filled with steaming hot water, bubbles thickly layering the surface. A little pillow cushioned the back of her head on the rim. An eye mask blinded her to flickering candles on a table.

    Life was busy these days. Her career could be so demanding of her mind, her emotions, and her body. Too much for too long, and a woman might lose the inner peace at her core. The modern age tried caging and controlling the feminine quality, the things that rooted her firmly to creation and nature.

    While the men put their technical minds to work and battered their hardened bodies for the sake of accomplishment . . . she preferred delicate calm. Loose and soft and flowing.

    Treat yourself, baby. She often felt called to sit back, comfortably, and enjoy the present. This state of being went well with friendly conversation and laughter. Special time with lovers.

    And some women liked to hide and wait patiently for a 'bold boy' to happen by.

    Footsteps preceded the door of her room opening and a familiar voice.

    "Lavinia, I hope you are proper." When Mark Pablius entered, he would be washed in the aroma of flower petals. To the side, a decorative room divider gave the bath area some privacy.

    A makeup table was set across from the door, where once in a while she would powder her face or run a comb through her hair. Next to that a sink. To the right, a walk-in closet housed her dresses and outfits. There was a dressing area with mirrors and shelves of supplies, and a restroom. A couch and coffee table occupied the space to the far left.

    She took off the face mask and blinked. Going by the candles, she'd gotten lost for a couple of hours. Water droplets made the flames hiss as she stepped dripping onto a mat and dried with a towel. Mark explained that they had been invited to the palace for Founding Day.

    "No kidding? We smote the royals?" She slid into a short, silken, pink robe and tied it at the waist. Returning his smile, she stepped out and took the fancy envelope. "You'll finally be famous, Mark!"

    Oh, he had already more than flirted with celebrity status. The noble man in front of her was her teenage heartthrob. And these days . . . her boss!

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  15. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    William Hector Godwinson
    Treasure Row, Orleis

    William gave a slow nod to Aysha in return as he helped Delfina move the chest out of the shop, putting on an act of being grumpy that he had lost the coin toss but remained silent. Once his back was turned a huge grin sprung upon his face.

    “You almost ruined everything!”

    William gave a hearty laugh as she said this, picking up his coins from the counter. "Yes, well, she was a smart cookie that's for sure but it isn't a big deal, nobles are all the same hey love to spend money on utter junk."

    He began to open his mouth to sweet talk Aysha, he enjoyed how easy it was to get her all flustered and annoyed. But before he could another person entered the shop. He turned round to see a wizard, great, what did he want?

    “The old lady...said that I could find you here. This is for you.”

    William read over the piece of paper quickly, his eyes scanning in disbelief. While he was a free spirit as it were he was technically employed by the mage guild. A rather annoying affair where they would bug him to do things from time to time. It wasn't a bad gig he was compensated well and enjoyed the adventure, but did get annoying every so often

    "Well Aysha I guess this is goodbye, I was hoping to..." he paused, giving her a look up and down "catch up, perhaps another time" he winked and then turned for the door.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lady Eleanor
    Location: Her estate, Basileus City

    Lady Eleanor was not impressed by her husband’s theatrics. He always had the flair for the dramatic. Her lips curved into a slight smirk. “Is the Primarch still playing the moustache twirling villain that he likes to present himself as?” she chuckled softly “So, you two are still hatching ludicrous plots and cackling maniacally in the dark of the night?” she gave him an innocent look and giggled. Taldeer loved to tease her husband. “Try not to ruin my dress with the ice.” her voice was equally chilly.

    “Also, good of you to show some concern for our daughter.” her face turned serious. “Don’t worry, she is perfectly safe.”

    Lirena nodded emphatically “I have been studying with Master Khaine.” one of the few remaining elder dragons, who preferred to stay away from worldly affairs “He taught me how to conceal myself.” she grinned. “Isha is studying with me!” the latter was the daughter of another dragon family and Lirena’s best friend.

    She stepped forward and tentatively wrapped her hands around her father in an embrace.

    TAG: @Shadowsun

    IC: Mark Pablius
    Location: IFA Studio 7, outskirts of Basileus

    “Babe, I am already famous.” he smirked and leaned on the side of the door admiring her. Mark masked the pin prick that she had delivered right into his heart with those words, with an air of aloofness. Though she was right, this was the key to the big leagues. He could see the articles in the tabloids.

    “So pick your best dress, I want my date to outshine even the Princess herself.” he grinned smugly.

    Mark then stepped forward “If you need anything extra...” he smirked “You can ask nicely and I will see what I can do about it.” he needed to keep his star pampered, though she had cost him enough crowns as it was, but the return of his investment in her was worth it.

    “By the way, the invitation says that we will be close to the Emperor’s stand.” that was a relative term, but saying it like that sounded grander than it was. Though there was some truth in the claim.

    TAG: @Ava G.
  17. Ava G.

    Ava G. Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 7, 2016
    IC: Lavinia Vargas
    Location: IFA Studio 7, outskirts of Basileus

    Outshine the Princess.

    Lavinia intended to. For her own fame and career, for Mark Pablius, and for this project.

    The film held serious potential. She respected the message of the story, and the quality of the script. She had had to argue very few changes or corrections with Mr. Pablius. Her character was a challenge to play sometimes, while a natural enough fit. Jaded to romance, yet secretly longing for it. The best part was when she could give the leading man a tough time of it, and rattle his tough exterior.

    "You take such wonderful care of me." She stepped closer to Mark and took his hand, smiling up at him. "Don't let the Emperor or his fancy stand make you feel small when the big dinner gets here. Just say to yourself, 'I'm a god damn legend, and all these ladies would leave their lords to get with me.' In your head, not aloud."

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  18. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Teirvonel
    Walking the streets of Basileus

    The lights of the Odeon Theatre were behind Teirvonel as he continued on his way back to the Palace. People gave looks, as they often did, as he walked. It wasn’t often that one of the higher nobles of the land simply walked the streets. Not just because it could be dangerous but because many saw the regular citizens as beneath them. As a former Ranger he was worried about neither of those thoughts, having seen worse in the boondocks of the land.

    He did not know when the dwarf would see the child next but, with the comet in the sky, getting things organized would be important. The timeline was certainly going to need to be accelerated, which could often lead to trouble as people would not always be ready to do so or it could also spook them in such circumstances and bring the entire house down. But that was the price one paid when playing the game they did.

    A small, but not entirely happy, smile crossed his face as he walked and he tipped his hat to those that met his eyes, although, quite often, after they glanced into his eyes they looked away or crossed the street entirely. The glowing streetlamps cast pools of light upon the ground and he made himself a game of walking just outside their reach, which led to even more startlement by passersby as he strolled, when he suddenly would appear before them.

    The closer he got to the Palace, the more brightly lit it was and he could no longer play that game so he simply walked in as straight a line as possible. Things were about to get very interesting.

    "Are you sure you are not losing your mind, ranger?" came the ghostly voice again "Checking out cinemas, looking for things that may or may not be there?" a mocking chuckle "That is the problem with what we are doing..." a ghostly sigh "There is the risk of reading too much into something." a short pause "Then again, there is also the risk of not reading enough..."

    Teirvonel paused in his walking, considering the words. A chuckle, ’Ahhh so succinct and transparent, as usual...One can only follow the clues one is given. And, I must admit, for such a pedestrian activity as the moving pictures, that was a clue.’

    The mental conversation, however, did remind him that he’d chosen to go find the IFA and discuss the origins of that picture, so he turned from his course home, reluctantly, to head in the direction that the dwarf had told him it lay.

    'Tsk, tsk, tsk' the voice said in a mock disapproval 'We have to keep up with the times.' a soft chuckle 'You are aware of course that the studio is outside of the city. Do you plan to walk there? Also then what? You will barge in and start asking ludicrous questions? I will give you a hint, check the invitation list to the Founding Day celebration, you will find familiar names there.'

    Teirvonel chuckled, but his almost constant intruder companion had a point. Better to mingle and find those he needed to speak to at the celebration. ’Infuriatingly so, you seem to be correct there.’ he thought to it.

    Turning in his tracks he made his way back onto a path to lead him back to the Palace once more.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral