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Beyond - Legends The Chronicles of Starkiller: The Star Wars

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Sly_Solo, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Nov 26, 2012
    This is a new fan fiction that I will be writining alongside a Galaxy Divided. Don't worry I can handle the work load. This story is roughly based on the original plans for the Star Wars Saga. If you don't know about those plans you really need to look them up, just search the Adventures of Starkiller. Some pretty crazy stuff and would have made great films (not that the regular Star Wars films were not great, because they were). Anyway here we go!!!!!
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    Nov 26, 2012
    The Chronicles of Starkiller
    The Star Wars

    Ancient History

    In the begining of time their lived a holy man named Starkiller. Starkiller discovered a powerful energy field, an energy that influenced the destiny of all living creatures. It binded the galaxy together. After much study Starkiller discovered that this energy field was called the Force.

    Starkiller expanded the small galaxy in which he lived and created new beings and new planets by using the Force. He also gave birth to a new religion called the Ashla (good, Jedi). He searched the galaxy for beings who could use the Force, and he trained them in the ways of Ashla.

    However many dissagreed with the teachings and broke away from the Ashla ways to form the Boga (bad, Sith) religion. The Boga and Ashla then were engulfed into a war against each other. Both trying to destroy the opposing religion.

    Recent History

    Roughly 25 years in the past the Jedi have the Sith on the run, and the brink of extinction. However bad goes to worse when the Grand Senate of the Republic Galactica has grown to staggering proportions. They become so power hungry that they no longer pay attention to the needs of the citizens. They only focus on their agenda.

    After a rigged election for Galactica Chancellor goes in the favor of a senator from the planet Corellia, Sage Moonfell the Jedi soon discover a conspiracy. Sage Moonfell and the Grand Senate plan to form an Empire and destroy the Republic Galactica. The Jedi become very outspoken on this matter and attempt to take back the government but are sadly defeated. Many Jedi are executed while the others flee to different planets and become scattered across the galaxy.

    The Republic Galactica soon falls and transforms into the Empire, under the rule of Emperor Sage Moonfell. And knowing the Jedi still exist, and possibly could rebel again Sage becomes involved with the Sith. Calling upon the powerful dark lord of the Sith, Lucifare to join forces with him, and the Sith become guardians of the Empire.

    The Present

    As a revolt against the Empire the Grand Resistance forms, an alliance of ten solar systems on the outer rim under the rule of Cale Rane a Jedi. The Grand Resistance begins to win battles against the Empire, and actually grow to a threat against Sage Moonfell. In fear of more solar systems joining the Resistance, Emperor Moonfell knows he has to act quickly, but how?

    The Star Wars

    On the planet Utapau a boy named Anakin Starkiller is born and raised. Anakin has a very powerful sense of the Force, but he doesn’t know of it. No one on Utapau knows of it, except for his mother. But the Jedi and the Sith both sense the boys power in the force. Both religions want to find Anakin and train him in the ways of their teachings as he is a distant descendant of The Starkiller. The power he possesses is so extreme that he could be used as a deadly weapon if used in the Bogan ways of the force. This is an intense journey.

    Hang on for the ride…
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    Cool stuff. I was introduced to Ashla and Bogan through Lady_Misty various fics. So this looks to be a grand adventure and nice to have two major stories going at once =D= @};-
  4. Sly_Solo

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Jade_eyes thanks for the reply. What I plan to do in this fan fiction is really focus on the religious aspects of the Force. George Lucas kind of hinted at religion in the OT but not alot in the PT. However I feel like that was what he originally planned to do throughout the whole saga was to really ingulf in religion. I would also like this story to be slightly darker then my other fan fiction, so hopefully I can deliver that. Glad your on board for this grand adventure! :D
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    Nov 26, 2012

    A dark figure hidden by the shadows of the throne room sat in a tall jeweled chair, elevated by a small steel platform that stemmed from the floor. Only small amounts of light escaped into the room from the single viewport when lighting would flash in the outside world of Kamino. The world they called Planet of Storms.

    The figure began to impatiently tap his fingers on one of the armrests of his chair. The noise echoing through the near silent room, it was a scary noise. Sounded like long untrimmed nails screeching against the metal armrest. Utterly sickening to the stomach of a normal being, although this being was not normal.

    Seconds later a door that was not visible in the darkness slid open. In the open way stood a towering figure, his identity concealed by blood red cloaks. More light entered the room from the brightly lit corridor behind the doorway, and now two guards inside the door dressed in similar robes were visible.

    The towering figure began a swift stride into the room the door sliding shut loudly behind him. He made his way toward the chair as another bolt of lightning flashed and thunder shook the structure slightly. The red cloak figure knelt before the chair and the being seated.

    “Kismet...” The voice of the seated being was slow and methodical.

    The red cloaked figure, Kismet took a deep breath. “Your will is my command, oh great Lord.”

    “Rise my servant.” The Lord replied.

    Kismet rose slowly, his breathing still very long and deep. His devilish yellow eyes closely watching the un-seeable eyes of his master.

    “I sense such power on this fateful day.” The Lord paused. “Do you know what day this is my servant?”

    “Primeday of the fourth month in the third year of the recently adopted calendar.” Kismet answered.

    “You are correct my servant. And do you know what has happened on this day?”

    “Today my Lord is a day of birth.”

    “Correct again. Today The Starkiller descendant has been born. The prophecy is in motion.”

    “But the question of which prophecy is in favor still remains.” Kismet said softly.

    “What?” The Lord’s harsh voice was raised from its previous tone. “Do you lack faith in the Bogan Prophecy?”

    “I do not.” Kismet lamented.

    “Good, because lack of faith in our religion leads to defeat my servant. And defeat is never an option.”

    “I know my Lord.”

    “I’m glad you have understanding.” The Lord’s voice trailed off. “Let us remember this day and use it as one for deep meditation. Because the time will come when we take that descendant and we teach him the ways of the Boga. And he will become the most valuable weapon that the Empire has ever witnessed.”

    “Yes… my Lord.”

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wow! =D= The intensity begins. @};- But "sith" are nothing if not that :p
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    Nov 26, 2012
    @Jade_eyes I took the liberty of tagging you since you seemed interested in this story :D
    Chapter One

    Above Nal Hutta, Y’Toub System

    “Form up.” General Domas’s voice came through the comm systems of all of Red Squadron.

    The squadron dropped away from the MC120 Star Cruiser, The Diamond. The squadron consisted of five BTO-M2 Y-wing starfighters and an YT-3000 light freighter. All around them was black space dotted with silver stars. And below them the yellow and black hued glow of the planet Nal Hutta.

    The YT-3000 led the squadron as they moved into a v-formation away from the Grand Resistance fleet, pressing on toward the Imperial fleet that was before them. Then from a Destructor-class star destroyer a squadron of Protector-class starfighters dropped from the hangar and zipped out toward Red Squadron.

    Battle raged all around them as laser cannons were fired from each star cruiser and destroyer. Each side trying to take down the bigger ships of their enemies. While the starfighters waged their own war.

    As they neared collision the Protector’s broke their y-formation to avoid the crash with the Resistance squadron. The Protectors banked in opposite directions then circled back around behind Red Squadron.

    “Here we go!” Said a pilot of Red Squadron.

    General Domas, a human, sat focused in the pilot seat of his saucer shape light freighter, the YT-3000, Fallen Angel. “Gunners ready?” He called out loudly toward the back half of his ship.

    “Ready sir!” A loud unison answer was replied from the three gunner stations.
    “This is it.” Domas said as he shot his co-pilot, Klek a Rodian man, a worried look.

    The Protectors opened fire on Red Squadron, and the Resistance ships soon answered with their own laser cannons. Ducking and dodging enemy attacks Red Squadron maneuvered up and over a star destroyer.

    “That destroyer far out, it’s my destination!” Domas shouted through the comm system.

    “Destination sir?” A pilot asked.

    Yes destination!” Domas paused. “Protecting the Y’Toub system is merely our secondary mission. Our primary goal is for me and my men to infiltrate that ship. Find and steal certain war plans from the archive and get the hell out!”

    “So that’s the reason the Imperials are actually in the Y’Toub system? To hide plans?” Another pilot questioned.

    “Correct.” Domas answered.

    “Would have been nice to be debriefed on that factor!” The pilot sarcastically remarked.

    “Pipe down kid and protect the rear!” Domas clicked his comm system off.

    Domas then flew the Fall Angel past some Protectors as a laser blast from one behind him struck a satellite off the top of his ship. The Angel then dropped down below as the rest of the squadron zoomed over the enemy ship. The Angel dodged a few blast from the destroyers lower cannons, and ended up behind its rear thrusters, as the rest of Red Squadron formed up in front of the YT-3000.

    Domas flipped his comm system back on. “Alright almost there, let’s just make sure I get their safely!”

    Red Squadron continued to rain fire down upon Protectors, and the enemy did the same. One of the Y-wings collided with a Protector, and another Y-wing was shot down by an enemy fighter.

    “Wop and Dop have both been lost!” A pilot shouted about the pilots of the two exploded Y-wings.

    “For a good cause!” Another pilot said.

    Domas flew the Angel up under the belly of the target destroyer. “Alright boys get the hell out of here. Contact The Diamond tell them to move the fleet out!”

    “Are you sure General?” A pilot asked.

    “Damn right I’m sure!” Domas once again shut his comm off.

    The Fallen Angel flew right up into the open hangar bay of the destroyer. The hangar was bare of all ships, only equipment and Imperial Troopers inhabited the bay. The Fallen Angel sat down gently on the steel floor as troopers worriedly began to panic at sight of an enemy ship in their hangar.

    Domas sat up out of his chair, shutting the engines of the Angel down. “Let’s go!” He said to Klek as him and his co-pilot left the cock-pit of the ship.

    They made their way through a dimly lit corridor into a wide open area of the Angel. Seconds after standing there in silence the rest of the ship’s crew came running into the open area from different parts of the ship.

    All of the crew including Domas and Klek were dressed in Resistance attire, the long sleeved blue tunic and grey trouser, with heavy black boots. The crew was made up of four men not including Domas and Klek. There was a Gungan, Duke, another Rodian, Tane, a Twi’Lek, Vess, and another human Yule. All of them with blasters in hand, except Domas.

    Alright here’s the deal men, we got one goal and one goal only. Get to the archive room of the ship, download the war plans onto our record-device then get out and escape to HQ.” Domas spoke quickly.

    The crew looked worried; this was nearly a suicide mission. The chances of them actually retrieving the plans and getting off the ship alive were very slim. There were outnumbered greatly, but hopefully their determination would win out.

    “Ready?” Domas asked.

    “Sir yes sir!” The crew replied.

    “Okay then here we go!”

    Domas took off down a corridor leading toward the back end of the Angel, his crew mates following close behind. The reached a dead end of the metallic corridor and on the wall was a small control panel illuminated with a blue light. Domas pressed a button on the panel and just a few feet behind him the docking ramp of the ship lowered to the hangar floor. He nodded to his crew then ran down the ramp.

    Troopers opened fire on the crew of the Angel as they ran for cover behind a large stack of crates. Outside of the destroyer the war of space continued. Domas slid across the floor about a foot and a half, getting behind a large steel crate, the rest of his crew forming up around the other equipment boxes.

    “Okay, according to Resistance intel the archive room should be through that door.” Domas pointed to a far door across the hangar. “Then down a corridor, then to the right, then to the left.”

    Around the crates blaster fire from the troopers zipped by.

    “And what about a code to get in the archive room, surely we won’t be able to just walk in?” Duke questioned.

    “Don’t worry about that, I’ll have it under control.” Klek replied, who then looked down at Domas. “Are you going to get your weapon out now?” The Rodian smirked.

    “Thanks for the reminder.” Domas smiled, he reached into his trouser pocked and pulled out a lightsaber, a shiny silver hilt.

    The crew members then rushed out from behind the crates, shooting toward the troopers and narrowly avoiding contact with enemy fire. Domas ignited his lightsaber, snap hiss, it emitted a bright yellow light. As the crew dashed for the door on the far side of the hangar Domas deflected enemy fire with his saber.

    The group finally reached the door and it slide open, they dived in as troopers approached their rear end. The highest ranking trooper pulled out a comm link and shouted a warning into the device. They did not continue pursuit though.

    “Quickly! We need to move quickly!” Domas shouted, as his crew rushed down the corridor.

    As they turned right down another corridor two Sapien Assault droids stepped out at the end of the corridor. They raised their steel arms and fired a heavy laser blast from their hand mounted guns. The crew of the Angel dove for the walls, separating from each other, except Domas. The General confronted the Sapiens head on, and the assault droids focused all of their fire on the man.

    Domas flawlessly deflected the attacks from his enemies, sending the laser blast into the walls behind the droids, scorching them black. Domas then summersaulted between the two droids, slice a head off one, then stabbed another one in the back. The now powerless droids fell to the floor. Domas glanced back at his crew.

    “Time to move on!” He chuckled.

    The crew dashed to the left down the last corridor of their journey. At the end of it was the door to the archive room. On the white wall next to the entrance was a key panel with number one through ten. Klek clicking began to type in a code, one, three, seven, and nine. The door slide open.

    The crew entered into the circular archive room. The walls were lined with computer systems and screens that stretched to the ceiling. Crouched behind a desk was an Imperial officer, an elderly man. His whole body shaking as the crew approached his desk. Domas stretched his lightsaber out to the man’s neck.

    “We want the new Imperial war plans now, code name Operation Z!” Domas ordered. “Do this for us as fast as possible and you shall not be harmed!”

    “Yes… yes sir!” The elderly man stuttered.

    He stepped out from behind the desk and rushed over to a grey computer system built into the wall. He turned on the screen, and an the Imperial logo appeared for a few seconds before changing to a green screen with one square icon. The elderly man pressed the icon, revealing that it was in fact the plans the Resistance was looking for.

    “Here.” Klek handed the tiny grey recording device to the old officer.

    The man plugged the device into a port on the side of the computer and a downloading icon appeared and the loading bar quickly reached one hundred percent.

    “It’s done!” The man shouted, as he pulled the device out and handed it to Klek.

    “Alright move out!” Domas dashed out of the room.

    They went down both corridors as fast as they could. Then they reached the door to the hangar. The door slid open and the troopers were all lined toward the far side of the hangar. But a few meters from the door stood two Sith Guards, their long orange robes removed and on the ground, wearing only their white tabard and trousers.

    “I’ll handle them, get to the ship and prepare take off.” Domas commanded his crew and the crew did as told.

    The troopers must have had severe confidence in the Sith Guards because they did not fire upon Domas or his men. They let the crew get right back on the ship. Domas figured the guards would not be a problem; Sith Guards were just weaker Sith. Not powerful enough to be a Bogan Knight, and not even close to being a Dark Lord.

    Domas lowered his lightsaber to his waste and took a battle stance as the Sith Guards approached him, drawing their red lightsabers. The guards both swung heavily at Domas’s head, he raised his saber however and blocked the blow. One guard then leaped over Domas as the other swung toward the General’s legs. Domas defended the attack, and then spun around quickly to block the attack from the other guard.

    Domas then took a few steps away from the guards and flicked his hand toward a steel crate, the crate when flying and struck one of the Sith in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Domas then charged the other guard and ferociously swung at his waste, blocked, legs, blocked, head blocked, jab to the chest, hit. Domas’s saber plunged into the heart of the Sith Guard, and the alien creature fell to the ground.

    The other Sith Guard who was still on the ground glanced around for his lightsaber. When he saw it he reached out his hand and using the force began to pull it toward him. But Domas sliced it with his saber in mid-air. The General then plunged his weapon into the stomach of the human guard.

    His foes were defeated…

    Domas could now hear the engines of the Angel as he watched the troopers become restless at sight of the Guard being killed. They knew they had to act quickly, but they were out of time. Domas took off for his ship and reached the lowered docking ramp that closed shortly after he made his way into the ship.

    The General passed the gunner stations where Duke and Tane were. Then pass the mechanics station where Yule and Vess were. Domas finally reached the cock-pit where Klek impatiently waited. Domas to his seat after shutting off his weapon and putting it in his pocket. He grabbed the controls of the ship and flew out of the destroyer.

    The Fallen Angel quickly zoomed away from the enemy ship. They maneuvered through the other destroyers, and protectors taking multiple blasts of enemy fire on their way. The Angel reached the space where the Resistance had once been before making a jump into hyperspace back to headquarters.

    “Mission accomplished! Now off to HQ” Domas shouted with a smile on his face. “Prepare for jump into hyperspace!”

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Update: Okay this is kinda different but I'm literally making this as a re-visioning of the Star Wars Saga. I'm still running my AU of the OT, started with A Galaxy Divided. But this is a completely seperate AU, and when I say AU I really mean AU! As in this is a complete and utter rebuilt story of Star Wars loosely based on plans for the original Star Wars. With that being said and this new path for the story being created, now familiar characters will appear just in different roles!!!!
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    =d= =D= Gripping and nicely detailed action. I like the crisp writing style you have for this chapter. :cool: