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Science Fiction Thriller OPEN The Coldest War: New Beginnings

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Dec 28, 2020.

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  1. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    T h e
    C o l d e s t
    W a r

    “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”
    - John F. Kennedy

    “It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice really; it’s an imperative.”
    - Michael Collins
    For millennia, humans have dreamed of landing on the Moon. And at long last on a quiet summer night in 1969, we did….
    [​IMG]June 14th, 1969. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Lands on the Moon.
    The year is 2037, The Space Race never ended. In this alternate history, technology has increased at an unprecedented rate, the world has become fixated on Space. The Iron Curtain never fell, the world is divided into two. The powers in space are numerous from the space powers of old: The United States and The Soviet Union to the newer space powers the European Federation and The People's Republic of China, to be considered a world power one must be a space power.

    "Tranquility" The NATO moon capital

    The Moon has been colonized. The two major powers of the world, leading their respective alliances, having erected large cities on the lunar surface which are filled with a mix of scientists, engineers, corporations, and military personnel. Tensions grow on the silver celestial body as both NATO and The Warsaw Pact seek to expand their influence on the moon. But the two superpowers are not the only agents at play, a budding movement exists within the lunar colonies calling for independence from their earthbound masters.
    "Lunagrad", The Moon Capital of the Soviet Union

    The prospect of Martian Colonization soured over the decades, countless failed launches on both sides, the profitable Lunar mining operations and a general decrease in interest from the public to expand beyond the Moon have led to the world mostly forgetting about the Red Planet.
    "Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional"
    - Max Lucado​

    Welcome to The Coldest War, an alternate history where the world as we know it is torn between ideologies. The Cold War rages on, taken to heights beyond what we could have dreamed, the Iron Curtain remaining a steadfast divider of the world, and soon, the universe.

    There are two major areas of the game:
    • Earth
    • The Moon
    Each one presents vastly different challenges, obstacles, and antagonists. Players are welcome to have multiple characters. (Although there are certain combination of characters that will be disallowed when in doubt send a PM)

    There are three main sides that players can choose from.
    • The United States of America and its allies
    • The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and her allies
    • The Lunar Resistance
    The focus of the game will be the rising difficulties of superpowers ideologically opposed and how ordinary people react to these interplanetary actions.

    Who knows how you fit into this grand design?
    An overworked state leader, vying for space dominance.

    A lunar mother trying to raise a family on the Moon.

    A space pilot doggedly loyal to their nation's cause.

    A lunar mining technician trying to get that next paycheck.

    A space resort tycoon trying to earn that extra buck.​

    The possibilities are endless...

    Each player will have their own objective they want their character to achieve, this will serve as the driving force behind that character. It is the primary goal your character wants to make a reality. This can be as big as expanding their nation's influence on the moon to as small as getting that next promotion and being sent to space. This can be discussed further during character creation.

    The game will begin in 'Season 1'. Each season will be divided into a number of 'episodes' each one having a distinct, unique scenario where the actions of the cast and the results of those actions feed into the next. In some cases, the scenario will be one shared across the entire cast, each dealing with a different angle, others may have multiple split among different characters. Players may elect to change their character between episodes, with some exceptions, in a similar vein if one wishes to play a guest character for an episode and then leave they are more than free to do so.

    As this is a world similar and yet vastly different to our own as the game progress and locations, groups, characters there will be a number of library threads to aid as you write your posts. One main one on publically known information, which can be found here, and four secret library threads. One each for the Americans and the Soviets and one each for the Leaders of their respective sides. These secret threads will be via PMs.

    Character Sheet:
    Place of Birth (Earth or Moon):
    Objective: (GMs eyes only)

    1) Be respectful and follow TOS
    2) PM your character sheet to me before posting
    3) No God-Modding
    4) Multiple Characters are allowed with some exceptions
    5) I reserve the right to kill off or control a players character if need be
    6) Have Fun!​
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    Mar 16, 2003
    GM approved! :D

    Name: Beth Roland
    Age: 41
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nationality: American
    Place of Birth: Earth
    Allegiance: The United States of America
    Occupation: First Lady of the United States
    Personality: Cool-headed, collected, and graceful, Beth sees the good in others and is truly happy lending a helping hand. She is passionate about making the world, and other settlements, a better place. She believes hard work, kindness, and patience are just a few keys to make that happen.
    Bio: Beth was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and lived an easy and simple life as an only child. Her father was a history teacher and her mother worked as a nurse in a hospital. She worked hard in school and graduated at the top of her classes, and eventually earned her way into Harvard University. It was a great honor and something she took with pride.

    During her college years, she became more aware of the social divisions and injustices in the world. Growing up, she lived a sheltered and safe life, but as a young adult, she saw that not everyone had that same right. And so she spent her time between her studies of becoming a teacher, like her father, and volunteering at women’s shelters to help with abuse victims and their families. It was a tough, but defining period for Beth, as she witnessed the troubles of others and tried balancing her strict studies at Harvard. Luckily, she was determined to push through and do all she could to improve the lives of others.

    This also was when she noticed someone. His ideas were fresh, innovative, and his charming way with words quickly captured her attention. This man was a good man and his future ahead was bright. She could tell that much back then. She had no idea when they first met, sitting at the same table in the student union building, that he would end up becoming the President of the United States.

    Beth worked as an educator for many years, and while Kurt was deployed, she kept herself busy teaching and working with the community, always remembering the goal she set for herself to make the world a better place. When Kurt returned, he also spent time in community service. With his natural leadership and people skills, it was clear to both of them that he should be in politics. She gave her full support and spent many late nights helping his campaign.

    In 2031, Beth and Kurt had their first daughter, Melanie, and a year later, Kurt was elected junior senator. She kept up her community work at the women’s shelter, in between teaching and being a mother. It was very rewarding work for her and she knew she was where she was supposed to be. During his time as junior senator, they went on to have a second daughter, Samatha in 2033.

    Working together and merging their talents, Kurt ran for president. It was a challenging time, but together, and with the help of countless people, they made it happen. He was elected president! That night went down as one of the greater memories in her life as they celebrated Kurt.

    But the work was not over. They were given four years in office to commit to a greater good and now the stakes were ever higher.
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    Feb 13, 2003
    GM Approved

    Pavel Agafonov
    Age: 30
    Nationality: Russian
    Place of Birth (Earth or Moon): Earth
    Allegiance: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Occupation: Lunar Mining Technician
    Personality: hard working, Dexterous, analytical, but a bit of a loner outside certain situations, normally relatively approachable and genial, but like everyone, he has a limit. May come across as a little world-weary/disillusioned at times.


    Pavel's reasons for being on the moon aren't the most glamorous, but they are important to him all the same.

    The oldest child of two, Pavel was raised in the mining town of Mirny, in the Sakha Republic, in the Siberian region of eastern Russia, along with his younger sister Katina. Their father was a miner, and raised the two children alone after his wife died in a freak accident, having being hit by a vehicle while running an errand in the town. Pavel was only 7 years old at the time, and his sister, only 5. The children were often looked after by other relatives or friends of the family when their father went out to work long and tiring shifts. The family were not well off, but life was comfortable.

    Pavel showed great promise during his schooling, a bright pupil with an analytical mind who had dreams of becoming an engineer. Once his schooling was finished, he applied to attend Moscow State University to study Mechanical engineering.

    Pavel was all ready to leave for pastures new, but this all changed after Their father fell ill during a shift, suffering a serious stroke. He survived it but the effects of the stroke left him needing care and he was no longer able to work. Katina had to give up her job in order to care for their father, and Pavel had to make the difficult decision to scrap his plans to leave Mirny, and instead take up employment at the Mir Mine in order to financially support his father and sister.

    At age 24, he heard of an initiative that was looking to recruit and train mining technicians to work on behalf of mining company's on the moon colony of Lunagrad. Drawn by the prospect of potentially being able to earn a bit more money for his family, as well as the pull of finally getting out of Mirny, Pavel received his families blessing and enlisted, and now works as a Lunar mining technician. Has been residing in Lunagrad for the last 6 years, though the reality of life working for the lunar mining corporations is a lot less glossy as it was made out to be in the brochures.

    He continues to work diligently, and continues to wire most of his paycheck back to Katina every month, but as the days pass, he has recently started to wonder: Surely there has to be more to life than...this.
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    Apr 26, 2016
    GM approved!


    Name: Kimiko Sugiyama
    Age: 27
    Appearance: [above]
    Nationality: Japanese
    Place of Birth (Earth or Moon): Earth
    Allegiance: JAXA allied to USA
    Occupation: Astronaut / research scientist
    Personality: inquisitive and studious, imaginative and emotional, a little shy
    Biography: Kimi was born and raised near Kyoto, Japan. A bright student and interested in the sciences of “how things work”, she studied hard and became inspired by the thought of space travel and eventual human colonization of other worlds. As a schoolgirl she was enthralled by the idea of these alien environments and the slow dance of the cosmos...


    She joined the Japanese space agency JAXA first as a research scientist, but through hard work and dedicating her life to her studies, she was eventually rewarded with a chance to go to space herself. A keen tennis player and swimmer during her school and university days, Kimi is physically fit and passed the rigorous training program required of astronauts.

    She is now posted to the Armstrong Lunar Station, orbiting the Moon. She volunteered specifically for this lonely role for her own personal reasons. She has a number of duties there. Firstly, she acts as a “Lular weather reporter” both for missions on the Moon itself and for the constant supply flights from Earth – warning of solar radiation surges or meteor showers or other celestial phenomena. She is often in communication with these flights and surface missions as a friendly “eye in the sky”.

    Secondly, she is researching geological and botanical solutions for extended flights to further reaches of the Solar System; for example, the properties of anorthite derivatives when subjected to chemical processes in zero or low gravity, or mixing soil types for cultivating and growing live plant stocks on starships in transit, to create fresh food supplies as well as oxygenating “green lungs” – this research can perhaps extend to future settlements on other worlds.

    Lastly, she is tasked with running and maintaining the Armstrong Lunar Station. Her living, working, sensor and greenhouse modules only form a part of the entire complex. The rest are automated systems of a classified nature and run by NATO. Her companions are the heuristic AI computer, NEIL (Neuro-Escalation Intelligence Logistic), and two robots she has nicknamed Atomu and Kobaruto.

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  5. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017

    Andrei Popov
    Age: 26
    Place of Birth:
    Allegiance: Soviet Resistance
    Occupation: Lunar terrorist
    Personality: Andrei longs for freedom, and cares deeply about his comrades who aid him in his fight against the Soviet Union. He dislikes the earth-based governments, as he witnessed their desire to control the stars beyond them. He and his comrades were born on the moon, and he will do anything to claim it for his Lunar people. He fights the soviets with his group, hand-picked from the resistance for their bravery and will to fight in combat. His girlfriend, Anna, fights with him in the group. He cares for her greatly and fights side by side with her.
    Biography: Andrei Popov was born in Lunargrad in the year 2011, and never knew his mother as she died in childbirth. His parents had Korean heritage, and his family always had the wound of Stalin's deportations. He lived with his father for a few years, until he was mysteriously taken in the night and never seen again.

    Young Andrei

    His father's close friend took him into his own family, where he grew up alongside one of his comrades, Anatoly Borgov. Andrei and Anatoly, with two other friends who now fight with Andrei, went to school together and formed an unbreakable bond.

    Andrei in his embarrassing teen years

    Andrei found a job as a plumber, working around Lunargrad fixing the water systems when they would break down. He grew sicker and sicker of the Soviet Union, and the nail in the coffin was when the Borgov family, excluding Anatoly, was shot and executed for treason. Andrei, having found out of his guardians' work as resistance fighters, was furious and heart-broken at their execution. He, Anatoly, and his friends decided that they would no longer accept the mysterious and cruel nature of the Soviet Union, and formed a terror group that sabotaged Soviet Operations.

    All of their attacks were small in comparison to others, but they eventually attracted the attention of the Soviet Resistance. His group joined them, and here he met his girlfriend, Anna Volkova. His group now had five members, until the disappearance of his comrade. Borgov.

    Andrei had lost many friends and family to the Soviets, and now it was time to make a grand gesture. Andrei would topple the Soviet occupation of the Moon.
  6. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!

    Kurt Roland
    Age: 42

    Nationality: American
    Place of Birth: Earth
    Allegiance: The USA, NATO, and their allies
    Occupation: President of the United States
    Personality: Kurt is a hard-working, ethical, and conscientious individual, driven by the need for accuracy. He is also tenacious, ambitious, and exhibits confidence in his actions. As a public servant, he relies on his youthful idealism and charisma to network amongst his peers and to win favor with the people he serves. He is also a competent speaker and can easily influence a crowd through his choice of words. Throughout the years, he has maintained a strong public persona and is generally well-liked by the people. To his constituents, he is compassionate and cordial.
    Biography: Kurt was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania to James, a project manager for a commercial construction firm, and Joanne, a secondary school teacher. Growing up in the shadow of his elder brother and two sisters, Kurt was taught the value of kinship, of responsibility and service, and of the Catholic faith – lessons he carries with him to this day.

    This proved beneficial when he applied to join the U.S. Space Force upon graduation from high school. His recruiter, recognizing the leadership qualities in Kurt even at a young age, encouraged him to aim higher than regular enlistment. He followed through with this advice and visited the office of his district’s congressman to secure his nomination for the Academy. It was here that he took his first real interest in politics, having caught a glimpse at the inner workings of the government, both local and federal, that shaped his community. He had found his calling.

    While attending Harvard University, Kurt enrolled in the ROTC program and graduated as an Ensign with a degree in engineering. After a more vigorous training regimen, his first deployment was to the moon, where he served his country as a pilot, conducting routine patrols and escort duties around the lunar base and its various space satellites and fleets. He would eventually work his way through the ranks over the years, from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant, before taking command of his own ship in the 2nd defense fleet, the USS Auburn.

    Kurt Roland, commander of the USS Auburn

    But Kurt could not ignore the enticement of the political world he had seen years before. He returned home to the Philadelphia region and quickly immersed himself in community service. His primary achievement was the founding of a neighborhood watch program for the surrounding Philly suburbs.

    Two years later, Kurt was elected to the U.S. Senate and served as the junior Senator from Pennsylvania from 2031 to 2036. This set up a historic run that would soon garner him national attention – using his military experience and ‘hopeful youth’ as a platform, he launched his presidential campaign. In the 2036 election, he narrowly defeated his Republican opponent to become the next President of the United States.

    Now, as Kurt enters his first term in office, he faces many challenges and obstacles ahead. While he won the election based on his idealistic youth and progressive ideas – a welcome change after years of the same corrupt system – there are many that remain skeptical of his abilities, often quoting his meek outlook and inexperience in politics as a cause for concern. Nevertheless, Kurt remains diligent and intends to prove them wrong, but only time will tell whether he can achieve that goal.

    Kurt is married to Beth Roland, and together, they have two children, six-year-old Melanie and four-year-old Samantha.
  7. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    NEIL introduction - directed by GM. :cool:
    Armstrong Lunar Orbital Station




    ++ Good Morning Miss Sugiyama. How are you today? ++

    The voice was smooth and fatherly. It was said that the intonation was strikingly similar to that of Professor Hornwood, who had originally programmed and taught the AI to speak.

    Kimiko Sugiyama floated into the brightly-lit module, propelling herself to the seat before the communications station. Out of habit, she glanced up to the little dark dome in the centre of the wall. This housed the CCTV camera that acted as NEIL’s eye in the room, and it seemed natural – though she could give no rational reason why – to look at it when she spoke to him. The little red light within the dome looked back.

    “Good morning Neil. I’m fine, thank you. How are you?”


    Morning had little meaning in the Lunar Station. The actual Lunar dawn, which would bring the fiery gaze of the sun unfiltered through atmosphere, was not in fact due for another five days. But she had set the station’s timer in sync with America’s Eastern Standard Time, to record her sleep and work periods. Even “days” was a misnomer here. They were 24-hour cycles. Lights dimmed and brightened automatically, and the temperature remained a comfortable mid-twenties centigrade.

    ++ I am ready and enthusiastic to begin broadcasting procedure. You ran an additional zero-point-three-two-seven kilometres during your morning exercise routine, and completed it in thirteen seconds less than yesterday. ++

    Kimi sucked hot coffee through the straw of her drinkpack while starting up the computer console. She smiled at Neil’s observation.

    “Yay, me. I’ll make the Lunar Olympic team yet.”

    ++ That is incorrect. There is no Lunar Olympic team, and you are a citizen of Japan. ++

    “It was a joke, Neil. We talked about that?”

    During her six months on board Armstrong, Kimi had become familiar with almost every single sound on the space station, from door seals priming to the chime of the microwave. She could recognise them even when heard faintly from the other end of the greenhouse module. She had learned that Neil made a distinctive electrical hum, just for a fraction of time less than a second, before he was about to speak. It was like the equivalent to a human clearing his throat. She knew it was actually the neuro-enhancement grid firing off its electrons along its logic matrices. He was thinking. He just did it a million times quicker than any human.

    ++ I see. I do not “get it”. ++

    He used the phrase she had taught him on their last session on humour.

    “I am mocking my achievement in running exercise today, by suggesting a ridiculous and very unlikely result in the future. The exaggeration of the achievement implies it is in fact not very great.”

    ++ I see. ++

    Kimi shrugged. “I’m afraid it doesn’t really work when I explain it.”

    ++ No, I understand. I am learning humour. Soon I will host the Late Show. ++

    Kimi clapped her hands with delight.

    ++ How was that? ++

    “Perfect! You picked it up instantly.”

    ++ I think I need to work on my delivery. ++

    “No, no. Keep it completely deadpan like that – it makes it funnier.”

    ++ Now you are mocking me. ++

    “No, I didn’t mean…”

    ++ Please relax, Miss Sugiyama. I have just researched the subject matter in the station’s archives. I understand humour is a social function for humans. To be able to joke and mock each other without provoking hard feelings is a signifier of trust and friendship.”

    “Well, yes… Now you put it that way…”

    Kimi fell quiet. Neil had just processed every comedy show in the entire library, in a nanosecond, and made quite a profound conclusion that many humans never learn. She glanced at the clock on the monitor. One minute until bulletin broadcast.

    Kimi checked her notes and prepared the files on the computer screen.

    “Ready to go live, Neil?”

    ++ Ready, Miss Sugiyama. ++

    The small fibre-optic camera on her console came alive with another little red light. Kimi checked her face and hair in the reflection from one of the module’s ports.

    The countdown ended and the broadcast began. Kimi gave her best smile, then bowed deeply.

    “Ohayo gozaimasu. Sugiyama Kimiko desu. Loonaa no otenki desu!”

    She always formally greeted in Japanese, before switching to English for her audience.

    “Well, one hundred and twenty seven hours remain before Lunar dawn. I am afraid the solar flare plasma ejecta has not weakened in transit, and will bathe parts of Nearside for about eighty-three hours after sunrise. This will disrupt radio communications. Look at this schematic. Please take great care if you venture outside the domes during this period…”

    And so she continued, reporting on other celestial phenomena and interesting alignments that may be visible in the coming cycle.

    “Finally, I would like to remind you that the Ursids shower emanating from Comet 8P/Tuttle is due in the next week. While these pose no threat to Lunar settlements, and of course the Earth is shielded by its atmosphere, it is still true that some larger particles may be a danger to Earth-Moon shipping. If anyone happens to be transiting along the Coral Pathway I would ask you to take great care and observe the Ursids in order to plan for safety.

    Thank you very much for listening. This is Kimiko Sugiyama, from the Armstrong Lunar Orbital, over and out.”

    Kimi sat back and took another sip from her coffee as the console camera went dark again.

    Neil’s thinking hum alerted her to a statement a fraction of a second before he spoke.

    ++ Miss Sugiyama, there are no US/NATO flights scheduled during the period when the Ursids shower will pose any danger. ++

    Kimi opened her mouth but hesitated to speak. Neil continued.

    ++ But the Komarov is launched and anticipated passing within 24 hours of the window. ++

    “I… think you are right.”

    ++ You know it. It was on the CNN bulletin from three days ago. You reviewed the same article this morning on your bedroom monitor, before your exercise routine. ++

    Kimi took a deep breath. “Well, if they happened to be listening, I didn't think it wrong to mention it. The launch window seemed close, but I am sure they would have planned for it. I just…”

    Kimi turned and looked at the red eye glaring at her from the wall.

    “I don’t know… out here, it doesn’t matter to me which side we’re on. We’re all just humans, trying to make our way.”

    Neil thought about this for a full two seconds.

    ++ I see. ++

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Coldest War
    Season 1: New Beginnings


    Episode I
    The Whitehouse, Washington D.C.

    It was the middle of the night when the phone ran, waking the world's most powerful couple from their slumber. The children were sound asleep in another room, blissfully unaware of the horror of what had taken place. The two of them had slept little during the night, their youngest, Samantha, had woken up multiple times in the night requiring the attention of one of the two parents.

    "Mr. President there has been an incident, a shooting on the Moon." The calm and direct voice was that of David Mitchell, the doggedly loyal Whitehouse chief of staff.

    David Mitchell
    Should the President or First Lady check their phone they would see the 'incident' in question plastered all over their news feed.

    Two Protestors Shot Dead by US Space Force in Tranquility
    To say this was a national embarrassment would be an understatement, not only were two Americans dead, ones who were protesting a hot button issue during the Presidental campaign of 2036, the issue of Lunar Statehood but also the sloppy incompetency this reflected of American's military, these were supposed to be trained professionals, adverse to this course of action. Once he was ready he would be ushered into the Situation Room, where David Mitchell would be waiting for him.

    The Situation Room
    Beth Roland would be left all alone in the room, doubtless having grown somewhat accustomed to the demands of the Presidency, but perhaps that didn't make it any easier. If she wanted she could call her own chief of staff to confirm her own appointments for the day, or perhaps she simply wanted to check on the sleeping children.

    TAG: @HanSolo29 @spacelady

    Gagarin Outpost, the outskirts of Shackleton Crater

    Pavel Agafonov found himself in the same rockhard sleeping rack he had spent the last six years in, a tiny pod he shared with three other occupants, although compared to how most of his comrades were doing back on Earth it was rather comfy and cozy.

    "Ah, Comrade Pavel? Are you finally awake?" The speaker was a tall, large man, seemingly in his mid-forties. Damir Kuzmich, who the other roommates affectionally dubbed 'The Jolly Bear', due to his large size and friendly demeanor.


    "Seems we're in for quite a treat today, some of the mining equipment's faulty and we've got to take a look at it." Damir had a huge smile plastered his face, able to seemingly have fun in any situation no matter how dull. He tossed over a folder containing various pieces of technical data, explaining their task for the day. Their other two roommates were gone, off to carry on their own work.

    They were posted along Shackleton crater. Spanning 21 kilometers, the crater is a key strategical crater on the southern pole of The Moon. The depths of the crater are perpetually in shadow, which allowed for the preservation of ice within it. As such Shackleton served as the basis for both the US and Soviet lunar bases for decades. As such the primary substance they mined was ice, along with precious metals contained deep within the crater.

    "Come on comrade get cleaned, get dressed, eat something and let's go," he said giving a massive whack on Pavel's back and a deep bellowing laugh afterward.

    TAG: @Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Armstrong Station, In Orbit of the Moon

    [Miss Sugiyama, It is time for a new set of materials to be processed]

    Neil was referring to the new shipment of Aluminum alloy that had been delivered to the station a few days prior. It was Kimi's job to categorize tests for strength, hardness, and ductility of the samples supplied to her. This was all to be conducted on Armstrong station as the metal used would be used for starships and other stations like this.

    [This shipment is from the United Lunar Research Group]

    The United Lunar Research Group or ULRG for short Kimi would know full well, a civilian coalition of the Free World's best and brightest. A pop-up message displayed on one of the monitors in the station. A news feed talking about how two protestors had been killed by US military personal.

    The mechanical robot arms inside the station began to whir shifting around the metal materials for their various tests, the robot did what was arguably the boring part, conducting the experiment, Kimi's job was to ensure Neil was performing correctly, analyze the data, look for any unexpected results and report back her findings.

    [You are scheduled for an EVA for maintenance later today Miss Sugiyama]

    The robot then began to display images of the Aluminum's grain structure, nothing particularly unusual to see. What was unusual was how strong the specifications the ULRG had sent were. No civilian craft would ever need to be that strong.

    [Would you like music while we work Miss Sugiyama?]

    TAG: @Kurisan


    The disappearance of Anatoly Borgov had been a shock to them all. Andrei laid there in his small, tiny apartment alone, the dim light barely illuminating the room. It was a mess, empty food containers strew about the place, bits of paper, a remarkably rare resource on the Moon, were strewed all about the place, each with tiny notes about various different key Soviet centers. Several weapons lined the walls, strictly speaking, contraband, but Andrei had been able to get them thanks to his resistance friends.


    Andrei's girlfriend had gone off to meet with their contact with the larger resistance. Several minutes went by where he would be alone with nothing but his own thoughts, his minuscule fridge, even by Soviet standards, contained leftover meat gruel, mixed with oats and potato. The humble potato, the chief crop of the Moon. Multiple bottles sat on the countertop, a mix of various different alcoholic beverages. This room was not just for Andrei however, it served as the base of operations for his resistance cell, hiding in plain sight.

    Eventually, there would be a frantic knocking at Andrei's door, and a whispered, frantic voice of a woman.

    "Andrei! It's me, Anna, let me in!"

    TAG: @Master Vo'Un'Var
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    Apr 26, 2016
    Kimiko Sugiyama
    Armstrong Lunar Orbital Station

    Kimi watched as the two robots that she had nicknamed Atomu and Kobaruto handled the samples in their fearsome manipulation claws, and moved these to the relevant experiment chambers in the zero-G lab module.

    This part of the station was outside the carousel that rotated gently to create one-sixth gravity (the same as the moon). The different processes applied to the samples from ULRG needed to be performed in zero-G. Kimi approached one of the little ovens, using grab-bars to gently propel herself along, and observed the aluminium alloy particles forming in real time through the microscope monitors. She tapped notes on her datapad.

    The Moon was abundant in anorthite, and the smelting process helpfully released oxygen, which made aluminium the natural Lunar metal of mass-production, and local building material.

    But it was soft, so they needed to find useful alloys for starship building. These were proving elusive, but unexpected results happened when put through zero-G processes, hence the battery of tests that Kimi was now required to design for new samples.

    So far, nothing spectacular, she decided. But it was early in the process and she would need to return to see how substances settled down and hardened.

    She spent some time reading the bulletin from Tranquillity Base, biting her lip, wondering what had happened to cause such an incident, and worrying for the future consequences.

    NEIL intruded on her thoughts with an announcement.

    ++ You are scheduled for an EVA for maintenance later today Miss Sugiyama. ++

    “Thank you, Neil,” she said with a smile to the room’s fish-eye lens-dome. Of course, she did not need the reminder. EVAs were one of the highlights of her mission – exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure, a truly freedom-inspiring feeling that many humans had still yet to experience. On the other hand, preparation and the rigorous suit checks would take time, so it would be well to conclude these initial sample tests quickly.

    She looked again at grain structures of the aluminium alloys. Nothing unusual seemed to be happening here. Certainly nothing that would meet the desired specifications from ULRG.

    She pondered again those specifications. The strength and ductility numbers were far beyond what she would expect for normal starship designs, even if she could find a better hardness...

    ++ Would you like music while we work Miss Sugiyama? ++

    She looked again at the red eye. She liked music when she exercised and when tending the greenhouse dome. But for lab sessions she liked to listen for the danger signs of unexpected noises, particularly when these high-energy experiments were being performed. It was an interesting suggestion from the AI and she wondered what he might select.

    “That might be nice, Neil. Please can you set volume at level 3?”

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    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Approved

    Tatyana Viktorovna Miheeva
    Age: 31


    Nationality: Russian
    Place of Birth (Earth or Moon): Earth
    Allegiance: to the United Socialist Soviet Republic
    Occupation: Pilot, Cosmonaut
    Personality: Cold, reserved, loyal, bookish, strong sense of duty
    Biography: Born in 1989 in Leningrad in the family of a Physics Professor and a high ranking Military Officer. She graduated high school with a gold medal (straight As), was a model pioneer and a model member of the Komsomol. After graduating she decided to pursue her dream to follow in Valentina Tereshkova’s footsteps and become a cosmonaut. So she attended "Air Force Academy named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin", located in Voronezh, in the USSR. A model student, she graduated and with the help of her father she was assigned to the Akhtubinsk Air Base as a MIG-31 pilot. That was a stepping stone for her to start her training to become a cosmonaut. Now she lives in the so called Space City, finishing her training and awaiting her next assignment.
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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Pavel Agafonov
    Gagarin Outpost, the outskirts of Shackleton Crater

    His internal body clock was attuned to waking around-about the same time everyday, but that didn't mean waking was always easy for Pavel Agafonov. Bleary eyes opened and blinked, staring upwards at the ceiling of his sleeping rack.

    "Ah, Comrade Pavel? Are you finally awake?"

    Pavel pushed himself up slightly and turned his head towards the source of the voice. His gaze fell on the bearded face of his room-mate Damir Kuzmich. Pavel grunted a tired "affirmative" as he sat and swung his legs over the side of his bed. He scanned the small living space, noting their two room-mates had already left to undertake their work. Pavel rubbed his eyes as Damir spoke, his tone enthusiastic.

    "Seems we're in for quite a treat today, some of the mining equipment's faulty and we've got to take a look at it."

    Damir had a huge smile plastered his face, the bearded man seemed to be able to seemingly have fun in any situation. Pavel climbed down from his sleeping rack and groaned slightly as his body continued to rid itself of the last vestiges of sleep.

    "Come on comrade get cleaned, get dressed, eat something and let's go,"

    Damir said before giving a massive whack on Pavel's back. Pavel managed to suppress a wince at the Jolly Bears clap to his back. It stung a little and reverberated through is body. If Pavel was not fully awake before, he was now. Damir's bellowing laugh filled the room as Pavel raised his hands in a gesture of mock surrender

    "Alright, alright" he conceded, padding over to his personal storage locker, placing the folder onto the pods central table en route before retrieving his wash bag and clothing "I'll be quick" he added as he walked to the small bathroom attached to the living pod. He washed, the water lukewarm as usual, and cleaned his teeth, as always, being mindful to try and not to waste water. Spitting out the last glob of toothpaste foam into the sink, he shifted his gaze up to look at his reflection in the mirror. Running his hand along his jaw, he noted the stubble on his face and the bags underneath his light brown eyes. He sighed softly as he straightened up, and grabbed his clothing.

    He dressed quickly. donning a thermal layer beneath his clothing, and pulling on a pair of well worn but still sturdy coveralls and boots. His surname and first Initial were embroidered on the left side chest pocket. Running a hand quickly through his hair, he exited the bathroom he made his way over to the table at the centre of the pod, and poured himself a cup of coffee from a thermos. It was thankfully, still warm enough to be somewhat enjoyable. Sitting down, grabbed a small bowl of something which resembled porridge, but had the consistency of wallpaper paste.

    Pavel pulled the folder closer to himself with his free hand, and opened the front cover, looking over the pages as he took a spoonful of his breakfast. He chewed the food and swallowed before speaking. "Have they tried turning it off and turning it back on again..." He murmured deadpan as he scanned the data present on the pages. Taking one last spoonful of paste, He then Drained the last of the coffee, and stood, grabbing a holdal containing his gear and tucking the folder beneath his arm and nodding towards Damir.

    "I'm ready comrade" he said, before indicating the door with his hand "Shall we go?"

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    A note about plot pace: As different characters deal with seemingly different plotlines I'm going to update differently and at different times for the character, (As an example people on the Moon and generally going to receive faster updates or do more combos then are Earth-bound friends) So just keep that in mind for the future.

    Armstrong Lunar Orbital Station

    [Of course Miss Sugiyama]

    A small click was heard as Neil put on the music, setting it to level three.

    The metal arms continued to move around handling the materials after the hardness tests were taken, which Kimiko would still note had far higher specifications than anything else she worked on, the pieces were taken to a large machine that would slam into the samples to record their fracture energy, which essentially would allow one to study at different temperatures how easy it was for the material to break. Which was pretty useful for the cold, harsh vacuum of space.

    There was nothing unordinary about this set of tests, just the usual categorization of data and sending it back down to the ground ULRG base where they would take Kimiko's findings and her report and applying it to their own research. Once she was done with this there was another quiet whir from Neil before he spoke.

    [It is time to prepare for your EVA Miss Sugiyama]

    TAG: @Kurisan

    Gagarin Outpost, the outskirts of Shackleton Crater

    Damir got himself ready, giving a hearty chuckle at Pavel's joke. He nodded toward Pavel once he gave the indication he was ready. Together they exited their small living quarters and made their way down the central hallway to the exit of the facility. Gagarin Outpost was one of the oldest Lunar settlements and serves as the lifeblood to the entire Soviet regime on the Moon, to say it was a key base would be an understatement. While grueling the importance of their work could not be understated, something their commander always liked to remind them.

    Eventually, they arrived at the final airlock, where a row of space suits was lined, ready to be donned and put on.

    "Did you check the news this morning Comrade? The Americans are certainly looking foolish giving recent events." Damir was of course referring to the shooting that had taken place on the Moon, killing two American civilians. The Soviet propaganda machine had plastered the embarrassment all over their news networks.

    The Jolly Bear continued to clamber into his suit, waiting to see if Pavel would respond. Damir had always had a tough time clambering into the suit, it was bulky, with plenty of accessories around the edge to aid them in their work, but it didn't make it any less of a hassle to put on.


    TAG: @Jedi_padawan_leigh (Combo or single post up you)

    Captain Petrov's Office, Lunagrad

    Tatyana Miheeva had been summoned by her commanding officer for a meeting, the exact reason for it she had no idea other than the given 'to discuss your career options' What exactly that meant could range anything from being sent back down to Earth, being promoted, demoted, or shuffled around in the hierarchy. It would only be natural that she be nervous, who wouldn't be?

    Captain Petrov was a particularly grueling commander, always expecting the best from his comrades, even if that meant pushing them to their limit.

    Captain Petrov
    Tatyana would have been standing at attention while Petrov shuffled through some papers, not looking up at her until he set them down, giving a glance upward as he asked a question gruffly.

    "Comrade Miheeva do you know why I asked you here today?"

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