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Before the Saga The continuing, continuing, continuing saga of the Ultra-Stressed Jedi Students

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    So ladies and gentlemen, this is hopefully going to be a round-robin prequel to the original Ultra-stressed Jedi students saga (and it was a saga. Set 10 years before, the Master are younger, some knights and still padawans and Obi-wan is still in diapers BUT it should still be drama filled, delightful angst. Basically imagine that the Jedi Temple is allowing students to enter and study at the temple. It's a everyone pitch in, do what you want writing fest and it should be fun (the other two iterations - 20 and 10 years ago respectively certainly were!)

    As it's a round-robin feel free to create your own character or borrow an existing one. You can write as often or as infrequently as you feel like. You may borrow other people's creations (interaction is awesome) but just please let them know if you are going to do something radical to their character.

    Then have at it. I've written two little bits below to maybe get people started and I'm trying to make a dedicated time per week to write.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the original series there is a thread in the Resource board with all the original threads linked there.
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    Master Namia Zahalin stepped out into the dust speckled sunlight of the council chambers foyer and took a deep breath. She had an inkling of what awaited her on the other side of those doors but she wasn’t sure entirely what she was in for.

    It had begun half an hour ago as she’d sat meditating in the room of a thousand waterfalls. First the burst of pleasure wrapped excitement from her padawan, then a spike of panic followed by a spear of pain and then silence. The silence worried her. Her padawan only shut off the bond if she was in trouble, was unconscious or dead. Zahalin had probed the link and met shielded pain. So not dead then. That left unconscious – unlikely when there was so much physical pain at the end of the link. Trouble it was then. With a roll of her eyes, she rose to her feet and made her way towards the turbo lifts. If it was trouble and pain then her best bet to find her padawan was to head to the healer’s hall. She was almost there when she spotted Kirsh’of hurrying towards her. The young padawan seemed worried and was frowning at her as he almost ran to meet her.

    “Master Zahalin,” he called catching up to her, “have you seen Kit?”

    Well that cut out of one of the usual co-conspirators. If Kirsh’of didn’t know where she was then it didn’t bode well for the type of trouble her padawan had probably gotten herself into.

    “No.” Zahalin answered patting the boy’s massive forearm and looking up into his earnest face. Kirsh’of towered above her but that wasn’t saying much. Kirsh’of Aleski towered above everyone. The boy was only just sixteen but almost rivalled Master Jinn for height. “She’s not down at the healer’s?”

    He shook his head. “I’ve checked with my Master but An-Paj hasn’t seen her.”

    So, it was the Council where Zahalin would be heading. She repressed a sigh. She loved her padawan more than anything but she wished sometimes that she didn’t have such a propensity to get herself into trouble. Actually, she took that back, she wished that the council could see past the sometimes impulsive behaviour, the constant need to move and the self-depreciating jokes into the heart beneath. For an order that apparently accepted that the living force ran through all, they were, she mused, sometimes incredibly narrow minded.

    She shook her head and pulled herself out of her reverie. “If she’s not with you and she’s not at the healers, then I’m going to bet that she’s at the council chambers.” She gave Kirsh’of a defeated half smile at his increasingly worried look. As if on cue her message pad beeped. She glanced down to see. “Requested … council chambers – padawan behaviour”. She smiled reassuringly again at Kirsh’of as she tucked it into her belt.

    “I think I might need your help padawan. Both your strength and your healing abilities will come in handy I think.”


    The doors swished open and Zahalin took in the scene. There was her padawan in the middle of the council floor, kneeling with one hand on her bent knee, the other arm held off the floor at slightly odd angle. She took in her padawan’s sweat drenched and messy hair, the short stuttering breaths and bruise that she could see forming on her side of her cheek. Kirsh’of made a noise and went to go forward but Zahalin stopped him with her hand.

    “Not yet, padawan although your diligence gives you credit.”

    She strode forward to her padawan’s side. Kit didn’t move her eyes fixed rigidly on the ground. Master Zahalin fought the urge to gather the girl into her arms and run from the room but instead she dropped her hand so that her fingers brushed the back of her padawan’s head.

    //Padawan// she sent inquiringly.

    //Master// came the short reply. //I’m so sorry. I…//

    //Hush now. Head up. Don’t let them see your pain. Let’s fix this mess and then, if you need to apologise, you can//

    Her padawan straightened her body and shuddered in pain as her shoulder moved. Zahalin fought the brief flicker of anger at the girl’s hurt. Instead she too raised her head and looked around the room making sure she greeted each Master in turn. It must have been an impromptu meeting. There were only four masters seated in their chairs and a rather irate Initiate Master standing to one side. On the other side of the chambers was Qui-Gon Jinn and Kirsti Lien, his padawan. Well that would help explain a lot. Qui-Gon nodded his head at her and his padawan shot her an anxious pleading glance.

    “Your padawan was just explaining what happened with the initiates this morning,” Mace Windu explained his cool brown eyes regarding the girl on the floor. “Continue Padawan Rinani.”

    “Then-“ Kithera started but she was cut off by the Initiate Master. Master Pynde-gard was a short rotund woman who looked like she would gather small children into her arms and kiss their boo-boos better. This was a lie. Anyone who had ever come into contact with Lyntal Pynde-gard knew she took no prisoners and expected both Jedi Masters and initiates alike to fall into line at her command.

    “She should start again.” Pynde-gard commanded. “Her Master should hear of her trespasses so that she too can decide an appropriate punishment.”

    Zahalin brushed the back of her padawan’s head gently with her fingers.


    //Start again Padawan. You can do this. I want to hear it all too.//

    “I was practicing sabre techniques with Kir- I mean Padawan Lien in the training hall. We decided that we should extend our skills by having a no holds barred match.” She paused before adding, “We had the training sabres on Master, so no-one would get hurt. I’m not silly.”

    Master Pynde-gard humphed in the corner. “Silly. Huh. You’ve been silly since the day you were born. A complete trouble maker. If I had my way I would-“

    She looked like she was about to scold the young padawan when Master Windu cleared his throat and gave her a rather pointed look.

    “Continue Padawan Rinani.” He said quietly. There was a moment’s silence where Kithera swayed gently as if the Initiate Master’s verbal attack hurt as much as her physical injuries.

    “We fought to the top of the stairs near the library. K- Padawan Lein thought she had me pinned so I jumped up on the bannister. I thought I’d be okay but then I slipped and I started sliding backwards and…”

    “She almost killed my initiates,” Pynde-gard grumbled interrupting again.

    “and?” Zahalin prompted ignoring the interjection. She was using the time her padawan talked to take stock of her injuries. Broken ribs – probably. Dislocated shoulder – most certainly. A set of bruises including a black eye and bruised cheek bone - definitely. It was an impressive collection and even more impressive was the fact that her padawan was still upright and not curled into a ball howling in pain.

    “I didn’t fall though. I slid. Master, I slid upright all the way down the bannister. I still had my lightsabre on and everything.” Caught up in the moment she turned her head towards where her friend Kirsti was standing. Kirsti was grinning at the recollection. The movement must have jolted her injuries because Kit gasped and went paler. Zahalin saw Kirsh’of move again out of the corner of her eye but the boy stopped himself. Instead her held his hands open, palms towards his friend and closed his eyes. Zahalin felt Kithera sway and then her breathing became more regular as the young padawan healer worked his craft. After a moment of silence Kithera looked up at her Master, her face still pale and her eyes pained. Zahalin smiled at her and then looked across at Jinn’s padawan whose own eyes were anguished.

    “I did it Master though. I balanced all the way down the bannister. I used the force to steady myself. I didn’t lose my focus. I did it.”

    Zahalin smiled at her feeling momentarily proud.

    “And then?” she prompted again. Kithera dropped her face back towards the floor her eyes closed tight, swaying slightly.

    “And then…and then I saw the initiates. They were moving across the floor and I realised that they would still be there when I came off the end of the bannister.”

    “See! Foolishness personified. She needs to be punished so that next time some silly flight of fancy crosses her mind she thinks twice.” Pynde-gard interjected again. Zahalin clenched her jaw and forced herself to smile.

    “So, what did you do?” she asked quietly and comfortingly ignoring the rest of the room. There was a long, drawn out pause and when the girl spoke again it was soft and almost slurred.

    “I jumped them master. I worked out where I needed to land. I used the force and jumped them…” she trailed away. “But the little ones screamed. One ran right towards where I was going to land and so…and so…and so I had to change what I was going to do…” she came to a rambling stop her good hand now clenched as it rested on the top of her knee.

    “I didn’t hit them master. I didn’t. I made sure I hit the pole instead. I didn’t want you to be disappointed master so I made sure I missed them.” Her padawan was breathing in short ragged gasps. Zahalin closed her eyes and took a long breath. She felt Kithera shudder again. The petite teen turned her face towards Zahalin again, her eyes somewhat glazed.

    “Can we go home now Master?” she asked faintly, “I’m tired and my head and arm hurts.”

    Zahalin smiled at her and stroked the top of her head. “Soon little Kit.” She glanced up at Kirsten standing with her master.

    “Padawan Lien is everything she’s said true?” she asked gently. The girl nodded vigorously.

    “It’s all true Master Zahalin. She avoided the initiates in her jump at the end but she must have miscalculated and she hit the poll. She came down hard and then Master Pynde-gard appeared and I thought she was going to send us both to the Healer’s but instead she ordered us to come up here. She was really angry. She kept making Kit walk faster even when she said she felt dizzy…” Kirsten trailed away and then glanced up at her own Master’s face. “I’m sorry Master, we got carried away.” Qui-Gon smiled reassuringly down at his padawan and squeezed her shoulders gently.

    Zahalin straightened. To her left she could see Pynde-gard opening her mouth as if her to add her own account but Zahalin was faster. She turned and addressed the council. “Masters Koon, Poof, Windu and Rancisis, if you are satisfied that this little charade has gone on long enough I would like to take my padawan to the healers.” She smiled at them but it did not reach her eyes.

    “No.” Came the stern voice of Master Pynde-gard in the silence that followed, “she must answer for what she’s done. She’s nothing but a trouble ma-“

    “Stop talking.” Zahalin’s voice of ice and steel cut across the irate tones of the other master. For once in her life the initiate Master fell silent. Zahalin rolled her shoulders back and smiling slightly. She had learned long ago that it was hard to argue with someone who smiled as they cut you down with their words. “With no due respect, Master Pynde-gard, it’s not your place to judge or reprimand my padawan. You have overstepped your bounds. You brought an injured padawan in front of the council instead of doing your diligence and sending her to the healers. She is obviously badly injured but you decided that you would undermine my authority as a Master and waste the council’s time on a petty incident in which no-one was, if you think about it logically, really ever in danger except Kithera herself. You decided to act on a petty vendetta, a misplaced reputation, and your own fears that you did not do enough to protect your own charges.”

    She looked at the other Master’s slightly open mouth and then across at the council and gave another wolfish, humourless smile. She continued as if the Initiate Master was no longer in the room. “While Master Pynde-gard saw an act of recklessness, I see no such travesty. I see two young padawans who were extending their training.” Master Pynde-gard made a grumbled but she could also see Jinn trying to hide a smile. “And, while I grant you, they may have gotten overly exuberant, this is not enough to warrant even a partial council meeting. I imagine that had it been almost any other padawan in the temple then the matter would have been instantly dismissed and the students, because that’s what they are, sent to the healers where they belong.” She paused to let the underling rebuke sink in and spent a few second staring at the view through the windows as she carefully considered her next words. “What I see, is not, as Master Pynde-gard tried to imply, an act of a trouble maker, but instead a student who used the force in an expert manner far above her years. I see a student who put her body on the line to save others. Who followed a Master’s orders even though she was badly hurt. I see a student who should be commended for her actions not forced to kneel on the floor and explain a moment of youthful exuberance.” Another pause. Another moment to gather her feelings. She smiled again, wolf-like and raised her eyebrows. She waved a hand towards her padawan before continuing, “So, this is what’s going to happen now. Padawan Aleski is going to take my padawan down to the healers where she will receive An-Paj’s expert care.”

    Below her Kithera murmured in protest even as she swayed. Zahalin ignored her and flicked her wrist towards the teenaged boy who had been standing silently in the corner. In three gigantic steps Kirsh’of was there gently picking Kithera up from the floor. The girl’s head lolled slightly and there were tears on her face as she struggled not to cry out. Zahalin patted her hair softly and motioned Kirsh’of towards the door. Zahalin took her comms pad from her pocket and typed a brief message to An-Paj while she deliberately ignored the other Jedi in the room until she heard the council door click closed behind her. She smiled once again at the still and silent council. Mace Windu was regarding her with undisguised amusement and a small amount of irritation.

    “Are you done yet, Master Zahalin?” He inquired.

    “Not quite Master Windu, but thank you for the indulgence.” She glanced around the room until her eyes settled on the irate form of Master Pynde-gard. “She is my padawan and thus it is I, and I alone, who get to decide her punishment. Seeing as my padawan hates to be still, going to the healers will be her punishment if you like. To have to sit still and be treated. Then, if you demand more of her Master Pynde-gard perhaps she can help you with the initiates once she is healed.”

    Pynde-gard looked horrified for a second. “No, I was thinking more of scrubbing the floors.”

    “Ahh,” Zahalin smiled but again there was no mirth. “The good old ‘scrub the floors punishment’. I’ve always wondered what exactly it was that students were supposed to learn from that. Was it the exact chemical ratios needed to get a section of the floor clean?”

    “No, of course not. It’s to act as a warning not to do it again.” Pynde-gard spluttered her face now crimson and ample bosom heaving.

    “Not to do it again? Or not to get caught?” Zahalin asked. She smiled at the still protesting Pynde-gard and then the council. Windu’s face was now nothing but barely concealed amusement. “As we are done I will take my leave of you. I believe you have had enough of your time wasted this morning. As you know this is a rather momentous day for the temple and I do not want to miss what Master Yoda and I have worked so hard to create. I also have a duty to see that my padawan is well enough to undertake the duties that are expected of her. Therefore, I shall leave you to your deliberations. Thank you Padawan Lien for your honesty about the incident this morning. If the council decides that having to be on bed rest and being administered to by the healers isn’t enough punishment for my padawan, given her ‘unique’ temperament, then I’m sure we’ll meet in here again. Once, of course, she is well enough to do so. Good day distinguished council members, Master Jinn, Padawan Lien and, of course, Pynde-gard.” She bowed low wondering briefly if you could make a bow sarcastic and then swept from the room without a backwards glance.

    Once outside she slowed to steady her breathing. There was no-one in the foyer and Zahalin watched the turbo lift numbers count down as Kirsh carried her padawan to the healers. She pressed the button to recall the lift and stood breathing quietly and slowly trying to regain her composure. A minute later the doors to the council room opened again and Qui-Gon and Kirsti joined her. She smiled properly at them as they reached her. Above them the numbers began ticking over again as the lift came up to meet them.

    “Did I go too far, Qui-Gon?” she asked with a wry smile. The young Master shook his head.

    “Never let it be said that you are anything but a formidable woman, Namia.” He returned, “I think that Master Pynde-gast is still collecting her jaw from the floor.”

    “She should be collecting a lot more than that,” Zahalin said, “She’s an insufferable, uncaring, unconscionable old fool. How in all sith hells she still manages to be an initiate master I’ll never know.” She smiled down at Kirsti, “you spoke very well Padawan Lien, you will make a fine diplomat one day.”

    The door pinged open.

    “Unlike my padawan,” Zahalin added shooting another wry grin at Qui-Gon, “I swear one day she will be the death of me.”
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    Master Zahalin stood on the balcony watching the traffic outside the temple’s main doors. There had been just enough time to make sure that Kithera was safely tucked away in a bacta pod, shower, change and gather the last of the documents she would need for the arriving students. Today would be momentous. For the first time in what seemed like forever the Jedi were throwing their doors open to the general public – or rather to a select few students. It had been Master Yoda’s idea and then hers to work through it, make sure the students selected were appropriate, make sure that they would be able to cope with life in the Jedi temple. It had been a long process but worth it. She finished plaiting her hair and stood watching the line of hovercars grow as she heard the tap, tap, tap of the ancient Jedi’s walking stick. The teenagers getting out of the cars were being escorted by nervous parents while journalists stuck holovid recorders in their faces.

    “Inviting the media I remember not. Hmmmmmm.”

    Zahalin smiled at the diminutive green Master. “I don’t remember you telling me not to invite them Master Yoda. Besides, the Jedi could always use good press releases and this is certainly one of them.”

    “Heard about your padawan, I did. Glad she is alright, I am.”

    “A dislocated shoulder, five broken ribs, a concussion, deep bruising and a fractured hand isn’t exactly what I would call alright. But I’m sure with An-Paj’s masterful healing she’ll make a fast recovery.” She watched over Yoda’s head as Mace Windu and a handful of other Masters rounded the corner and headed towards her.

    “I don’t see why you insisted on making us wear our formal robes,” Mace complained as soon as he was in earshot, “or the medals.”

    Zahalin smiled and leaned forward to adjust one of the medals on his chest.

    “The formal robes look much better than the ones you like to lounge around in Mace, and the medals are to remind the public and the media that we are the ones that protect them when they need us.”

    He glared at her but it wasn’t serious. “I would swear that you are simply getting us back for the incident earlier today.”

    “If you remember I sent the message about this weeks ago Mace. Besides if I really wanted to punish you for this morning I believe Master Pynde-gard believes a good floor scrubbing should cure any ills.” She moved through the group handing out folders and data pads.

    “Alright ladies and gentlemen,” she said at the front, “this is it. The temple is about to be open to the public for the first time in a hundred years. Let’s hope it all goes smoothly shall we?”

    She turned and lead the group of Master down the stairs and out towards the waiting parents.


    Alright! Over to you. If you would like to introduce a character here's your chance. IF you come later that's cool too!
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    I would love feedback as it's been a long, long, long, long time since I've written anything.

    Eena Plum stared out of the window of the plush hovercar and tried not to throw up. Her brothers were screaming and punching each other beside her but she didn’t pay them any attention, all her mind could focus on was the giant building in front of them.

    “Eenie!” Her mother’s voice cut across her thoughts, “don’t look so worried. You’ll have a ball. You’ll fit right in.” She patted Eena’s leg before focusing on the rest of the children. “E-tan! Stop hitting your brother, Etta stop pulling your sister’s hair. Edan, if I have to speak to you one more time I’m stopping this hovercar and tossing you out. I don’t care how high we are.”

    Eena almost smiled although the nausea and fear were threatening to overcome her again. The hovercar was slowing now. She could see the crowds at the temple entrance.

    “There are reporters,” she whispered nervously gripping the hovercar’s arm rest.

    “There are reporters?” her sisters shrieked. There was suddenly a flurry of movement in the car as dresses were straightened, faces checked. Her younger brothers were seeing who could pull the strangest face and poking each other in excitement. Eena looked across to see even her mum was tugging on her top and smoothing baby Ela’s hair. She caught Eena’s worried eye and gave a self-conscious chuckle.

    “You’ll be right love, you’ll have a great time,” she said reassuringly as the hovercar came to a slow stop. Eena closed her eyes. She hadn’t expected this when she applied. She thought it would be a quiet thing, a couple of days at the temple, a way of trying something new. Everyone at home said all the best schools were at Coruscant and Eena had seen the exchange as the only way she was ever going to get to access them. She hadn’t expected the fuss, the holovid recorders and all the…people.

    The holocar driver was opening the door for her. Eena took a deep breath and wiped her sweaty palms on her tunic top. Maybe her mum was right. Maybe she could do this. She shut her eyes again and took another breath hoping that the hovercar seat would swallow her.

    “If she’s not going I am!” Etta shrieked and dove for the door fighting her other sister Etala to be the first one out. Her brothers followed her sisters in a tumbling disarray of limbs and voices. Eena swallowed and gave her mum a look of panic.

    “I’m not like them mum. What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t fit in. What if I-“

    “What if a volcano erupts tomorrow and wipes out the world? What if you step out and a lightning bolt kills you dead.” Her mother moved across the now empty seat and hugged her tight. Eena breathed in the warm, comforting scent and felt herself relax. After a moment her mum pushed her back so that she could hold her at arms lengths, “What if my chikchik you have a great time? What if you learn everything your heart desires?” Her mother gave a pretend gasp of shock. “What if you meet a boy!”


    “Chikchik, I don’t mind what happens because I’ll be proud of you no matter what.” Her mother smiled, “But if we don’t get out of this car then I can tell you two things that will happen.”

    Eena raised an eyebrow as her mother grinned.

    “One of your brothers will kill someone and your sisters will make right royal fools of themselves.” She patted Eena’s shoulder and moved past her out of the car. Eena took one more deep breath and squared her shoulders. Over the hubhub of the crowd outside she could hear her brothers shrieking. She had this. Eena tugged her own tunic down once more and then followed her family out and into the crowd.
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    Anybody can join this thing, right?

    Once I get my girl properly introduced here, y'all are welcome to use her. Just please don't kill her. Put her in the hospital, if you're feeling evil, but don't kill her.

    Kellmaura "Kells" Solo ( no relation to our buddy Han. I'm assuming here that Solo is a relatively common Correllian surname.)

    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 18

    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Athletic

    Homeworld: Correllia. Currently lives on Coruscant.

    Other: Attends Chancellor Badlesmere Public School, AKA Battle Smear. Has studied fencing since age 6. Is mechanically inclined and good at fixing stuff. Likes to draw. (Is Battle Smear something that somebody made up for the first USJS, or was it already a thing? If it was somebody's invention, I hope it's okay if I use it, because it saves me thinking up another school.)

    Kellmaura had to admit to herself that she was a little bit nervous about staying at the Jedi temple, but there was no way in the Nine Hells she was going to let anyone else see it. Straightening her sword and blaster on her hips and adjusting the strap of her duffel bag, she took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and swaggered up the stairs and through the front door like she owned the place.

    She approached the desk in the lobby with a decisive stride, and without waiting for the woman there to ask, announced her business. "Kellmaura Solo. I'm here for the exchange program." She pulled a paper from her back pants pocket and unfolded it. "It says here I'm supposed to be staying with Master Kit Fisto?"

    The woman glanced at a datapad on the desk. "That would be correct. I'll let him know you're here. By the way, you are late."

    "I know, and I apologize. The 'rents are both working today, and I don't have my own ride, so I had to take public transportation."

    The woman smiled a little. "In that case, I'm sure your tardiness will be forgiven."
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    Anyone can definitely join Cowgirl! Welcome :D
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    Apologies for the delay but marking is a creativity killer. Feedback most welcome and appreciated.

    Eena watched the swell of people on the hoverpad and bit her bottom lip in apprehension. This had been a mistake. The hoverpad was filled with different people of many different species – mostly happy, excited teens standing in small family groups while journalists snapped holos and asked questions. Amongst the family groups Jedi strode, looking tall and calm and so, so certain of their place in the world. Even her own family, normally loud and tumultuous had come to an uneasy standstill at the site of the milling crowd in front of them.

    “There’s so many people here. Look at the Jedi, they’re everywhere.” Eena’s sister Etta whispered grasping Eena’s hand. Eena shot her a look. She didn’t understand why her younger sister was so nervous, it wasn’t like she was the one about the spend the next month in the temple away from her family.

    A journalist spotted the newcomers and jogged towards them heading for her sister Etta. Etta was only younger than Eena by a year but she was already taller and looked for all the world like one of the models you saw on trashy holovid movies. Etta flipped her hair over her shoulder and gave the reporter a confident smile her nerves apparently forgotten.

    “You excited to be here?” The reporter asked ignoring the rest of the family.

    “Of course, it’s just so amazing,” Etta said breathlessly, twirling a long strand of hair around her fingers. Eena shot her what she hoped was a scathing look. It was just like her sister to make everything about her.

    “What are you looking forward to learning from the Jedi?”

    “Well, I am-“ Etta’s reply was cut off by a yelp as one of the smaller brothers kicked her in the shins. Three identical faces were suddenly staring up at the reporter.

    “She’s not the one going,” Edan assured him.

    “Nope, not her.” His brother, E-tan, chimed in jostling his sibling.

    “Eena’s going.” Eja, the smallest of the three boys added as if imparting great wisdom. He grabbed onto Eena’s leg. She smiled down at him and ruffled his hair, momentarily forgetting the crowd. “And she’s taking us.” He told the reporter with a nod of his head as if it was all decided.

    The reported frowned. Eja let go of his sister’s leg and straightened up to show the tiny jedi tunic that Eena had made him. The moment that they had heard she was going they had wanted to be Jedi so badly that she’d ended up spending hours hunting for pictures of the Jedi so that she could make them their own outfits.

    “Yeah, and we’ve got lightswords,” Edan added pulling out the badly painted wooden rods, “see. They go vrmmmm, vrmmmm.” He made a series of excited humming noises and waved the stick in the air while the holovids snapped pictures and the journalist looked on in amusement. The next second E-tan and Eja had pulled out their own sticks and the boys were suddenly engaged in a mock battle. Eena winced and went to go after them to make sure they didn’t accidently kill anyone or knock each other off the hoverpad but her mother grabbed her arm and motioned towards her sisters instead.

    “Etta, Etalia, go make sure your brothers don’t kill each other or themselves.”

    The girls left grumbling under their breath. Suddenly Eena realised she was now the journalist’s sole focus. She swallowed hard, wishing for all the world that the ground would open up and swallow her or that the volcano her mum had mentioned would suddenly appear and end it all.

    “What do you think about your brother’s joining you?” The journalist asked a twinkle in his eye.

    “I…um…I…um…I…” Eena stumbled at the question feeling her face go hot. She came to a rambling halt and just stared at the man. From behind him she suddenly saw a shape moving towards her through the crowd. It was one of the Jedi. The woman was tall with long hair done up in an immaculate looking bun. She was smiling at Eena, her perfectly made up face showing obvious amusement.

    “Eena!” She exclaimed as if they were life long friends. Eena tried to keep the puzzlement off her face. How did this lady know who she was? She had, of course, heard that Jedi could read minds, but wouldn’t she feel it if they were doing so?

    “Um yes?” she heard herself say as her mum pushed her gently forward and towards the Jedi.

    “I’m Master Zahalin, we’ve been waiting for you. How good of you, Tre-blin to find her for me,” the second comment was most definitely aimed at the reporter. He smiled his own bemused smile at the tall, well-groomed lady.

    “Glad to be of service,” he said still smiling, “Is Miss Eena going to be your padawan for this little exercise, Namia?”

    “Of course! I only choose the best and brightest.” The Jedi returned as she smiled down at Eena. Eena felt her heart drop futher. This was going to be the lady she was staying with? But she was so poised, so graceful and Eena was anything but that. Just as she was debating as to whether she could call the whole thing off her sisters reappeared dragging the triplets behind them. Eena noticed E-tan’s fat lip and the red welt on Eja’s face. They were grumbling at their sisters and still pushing each other. As they came to a stop E-tan stamped on his brother’s foot. Eja shoved him and it looked like there was going to be a scuffle but her mother clicked her fingers and the boys stopped moving, their eyes dropping towards the ground.

    “Mistress Plum,” Master Zahalin smiled at Eena’s mother, “that is a skill many Jedi would die to have. You are a very lucky girl Miss Eena to have such a wonderful mother.” The Jedi dropped to one knee, “and these must be some of your many siblings. I see they’ve also come to join the temple.”

    At her words all three boys perked up again beaming.

    “Eenie made us these outfits.”

    “I would make the best Jedi Knight ever.”
    “No, I would.”
    “No, I’d beat you and then you’d fall to the darkside.”
    “I would never do that. You would do it because you do mean things.”
    “Like what?”
    “Like stinky farts. Only people who do stinky farts fall to the darkside.”
    “Your farts are stinkier.”
    “Are not! You –“

    “Boys.” Master Zahalin’s voice cut through the debate. Eena felt like her face was on fire. If that volcano appeared now she’d throw herself in. She motioned towards where Eena was standing, trying desperately to disappear. “Only Eena is coming. Maybe when you come to pick her up at the end of her stay I can show you around the Jedi temple.”

    Three tiny faces beamed with joy literally squirming with excitement. Master Zahalin held up one finger and the squirming stopped. “But only if you promise to act like proper Jedi in the meantime. That means doing what your sister’s tell you and listening to your teachers…”

    “We promise.” Three nodding heads. Three faces now trying to be solemn.

    “And no stinky farts.” Zahalin warned. Beside her Eena could feel her mother laughing. Even the reporter was giggling. “That’s a surefire way to the darkside.” Master Zahalin stood up again and motioned to Eena.

    “We should go inside. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to say goodbye to your family and then we should head in with the rest.” Eena looked over the Jedi’s shoulder to see other teens hugging people or following a Jedi inside. She nodded, still speechless. Zahalin turned and started to talk to the reporter as Eena’s family swept her up in a gigantic hug. Their advice came thick and fast, a cacophony of love and noise.

    “Be good.”
    “Talk to lots of boys. I saw a really hot looking one before.”
    “See if you can use a real lightsabre.”
    “Don’t get hurt.”
    “Can you bring home a lightsabre?”
    “I’m going to miss you.”
    “I’ll miss her more.”
    “Will you write to us?”
    “Can you get us all blasters?”
    “Make sure you eat properly.”
    “See if you can learn how to mind trick people.”
    “Maybe she could mindtrick me so that I act like a nerf.”
    “You don’t need any help to act like a nerf.”
    “Find out what that Jedi uses on her hair. That looks so amazing.”

    Eena closed her eyes trying to remember the feeling and sound of all of them. When she opened them again it was only her mum standing before her. She wrapped her arms around her mother.

    “Oh, my little Eenie-chika, I’m so proud of you.”

    “What if I can’t do this?” Eena asked feeling tears well up in her eyes, “What if I fail?”

    “What if you do?” her mother shrugged, “Your father and I will still be proud of you. Your brothers and sisters will still love you, no matter what.” She patted Eena’s arm. “You need to go inside now Eena and trust in yourself. I’m sure Master Zahalin will take great care of you.”

    Eena nodded quickly and wiped her eyes. Her mother smiled one last time at her and turned and started ushering the rest of the family away. Eena watched them go, her brothers bouncing along jostling one another and her sisters trying their best sashay walk to try and attract the attention of the few remaining reporters. Then Eena turned and looked up at the Jedi temple and swallowed.

    This was it. There was no going back now.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Master Zahalin would be such a great mom. No wonder Kithera never really gets over losing her.

    Also, wasn't Kirsten's maiden name Lien?
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    Thank you! I knew I had it wrong but couldn’t remember and couldn’t find it. I will edit the story tomorrow!

    Yeah, Zahalin was everything to Kithera so losing her was like losing part of her soul. The island of calm disappeared for a kid who struggled to find any calm at all.

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    As always any feedback is most appreciated. I realise the story isn't the normal fast action paced ones but it should pick up at some stage. Also apologies for writing so slow - have a lot less free time now then I did 20 years go :p

    Eena followed Master Zahalin through the temple corridors only half listening as her brain processed everything around her. The Jedi Master pointed out the numerous rooms as they passed them but Eena knew she was already lost. All she could manage was to politely nod and smile as the Master reeled off what seemed like an impossibly long list of names. Eena thought for a second that Master Zahalin had actually said there was a room of a thousand waterfalls but that couldn’t possibly be real. They rounded a corner and saw a line of students and what Eena had come to recognise as padawans given their weird haircuts.

    “So, this is the outfitters room,” Master Zahalin said pointing at the distant doorway. “Make sure you get at least two robes, both types of boots and a belt. I won’t be heading in there with you. Master Fisto seems to have misplaced his exchange student so I will need to track her down. Once you’re finished there meet me at the cafeteria.”

    “Not without a map you won’t,” Eena heard herself say. Her hands flew to her mouth and she felt her face flush. She winced waiting for the inevitable scolding.

    “She speaks!” Master Zahalin said laughing, “I was worried for a while there.”

    “I’m so sorry Mistress Zahalin,” Eena said not sure why she was suddenly so amusing, “I didn’t mean to speak out of turn.”

    The older woman frowned slightly, “That wasn’t out of turn Eena. I forgot how big this temple is if you aren’t used to it. I’ll try and make sure that the datapads for all the students have a map on them.”

    “Thank you.” She managed to mumble.

    “You can talk to me Eena, I’m not going to bite your head off. Despite the rumours, Jedi don’t eat children.”

    Eena felt herself blush again. This was becoming a bad habit. She had heard the rumour. In prep school, there was lots of games where the Jedi were monsters, or heroes – it really depended on which holovid they’d all just watched.

    “At school we aren’t allowed to talk out of turn,” Eena volunteered, “I would have been in serious trouble if I’d talked to my teacher how I just talked to you.”

    “Ah. Well, this isn’t your school and I’m not your teacher. I’m your Master for the next four weeks or so. If you do something you shouldn’t I’ll let you know but I’m not a harsh Master Eena, I don’t think people learn that way.”

    Eena nodded. Her brain was going a million miles an hour. There was just so much to take in. All she wanted to do was to find a quiet place and think for a while. Master Zahalin stared at her like she was considering something and Eena wondered again whether the Jedi master was reading her mind. Then Master Zahalin smiled again and called out to a dark haired, slender padawan who was walking by.

    “Jazz, are you doing anything today?”

    The young padawan gave a very graceful and dramatic bow and winked at Eenie. His eyes were slitted like a cat’s and he smiled at her shock showing sharp canine teeth.

    “For you, Master Zahalin, I’m eternally free. That is until I have intergalactic cuisine in an hour.” He grinned languidly at her.

    “In that case can you make sure that Eena gets the right robes please and ends up at the cafeteria with all the other students?” Zahalin asked, “I need to track down and errant exchange student.”

    The young padawan smiled at Eena showing his sharp teeth again and then up at Master Zahalin, “it would be my pleasure. I would be delighted to show Eena around.” He proffered an arm to her, “Shall we?” Eena stood stock still for a moment unsure of what to make of the young padawan. By her estimates, he would have to be about the same age as her but had all the cockiness and self-assuredness of someone much older. Tentatively she took his arm. Zahalin smiled at them both.

    “I shall see you later tonight Eena, in the meantime stick close to Jazz. He can be your guide for the rest of the day.”

    “’Twould be my honour.” Jazz said and Eena wondered if he was being sarcastic but Master Zahalin merely raised an eyebrow, nodded her head, pulled a commpad from a pocket and walked away down the corridor tapping as she went.

    “So, my lady Eena,” Jazz said resting his hand on top of hers. “you are going to be Master Zahalin’s exchange student. Lucky you.” He turned, Eena trailing behind him and they joined the rest of the queue. They stood in companionable silence for a minute or two as Eena plucked up the courage to talk to him.

    “You’re a Felacatian, aren’t you?” she asked eventually. He turned to her and grinned in delight and amusement.

    “Well done! Not many people get that on the first try. I’m a half-felacatian to be correct. I can’t change the entire way, I lack the fur – for which I’m eternally grateful - but I get the funky eyes and the teeth and some of the better attributes. How did you guess that?”

    Eena felt the now almost constant heat start in her face again.

    “There was a book in the library – “Species of the galaxy”. Our library in my town is very small so I’ve read it a couple of times. Felacatians were in there and I’ve always wanted to meet one…and…” She stammered to a stop.

    “And now you have,” Jazz said stepping back and bowing, “I hope I do not disappoint.”

    Eena, whose face already felt like it was burning with the heat of a thousand suns, flushed even more. “I don’t think you could disappoint anyone…I mean you…You are…I…um…I.”

    Jazz laughed and several other padawans and exchange students turned. Eena shut her eyes and wished she could melt into the ground. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes. She had stuffed this up. First she couldn’t talk and now she was talking too much and a Jedi was laughing at her. Laughing! Why was she such a screw-up?

    “Lady Eena, I’ve upset you.” It was Jazz again, his hand taking hers. For a second Eena felt a wave of calm break over her. She opened her eyes to look straight into two gorgeous grey ones and the calm was gone again. Jazz’s face wasn’t amused anymore but simply concerned.

    “Let’s go somewhere quiet, shall we?” Jazz said quietly.

    “What about the line?” Eena asked motioning at the groups of students and padawans. Jazz made a face.

    “Eh, it can wait. It isn’t moving quickly and we aren’t going far. Come on.” He guided her away and to a small room marked “meditation”. Eena glanced inside almost hearing her sister’s teasing voices about being alone with a boy, a cute boy, on her first day in the temple. She felt the heat rising in her face.

    “We really should go back,” Eena said again glancing at the door and the end of the long snaking line as Jazz sat down on the carpet and rested his back on the wall. He looked up at her another puzzled expression on his face.

    “If you like.” He said, “But I would like to teach you a Jedi trick before we go.” He patted the carpet opposite himself and then leaned back and watched her expectantly. Eena gave one more worried glance at the end of the slow-moving line and then back at Jazz. If he seemed unconcerned about waiting then maybe she should be too. Finally she sat down opposite him and frowned again as she bit her lip in apprehension. She glanced around the almost bare room. Soft light came from somewhere above but other than that and the deep, plush carpet the room was bare.

    “It won’t hurt,” Jazz said watching her with his head on the side, “but it might help you get your feelings under control. It’s something all Jedi learn and trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of this over the next couple of weeks. Particularly with Zahalin as your Master you will need to find all the peace and calm you can.”

    “I thought you said I was lucky to have Master Zahalin,” Eena said feeling lost again.

    “You are. It’s not the Master you need to worry about, it’s the padawan.”

    “Master Zahalin has a padawan? But she didn’t say anything about them.” The feeling of being totally out of her depth was only getting worse. Jazz laughed.

    “That’s because Kit had an altercation with a pole this morning.”

    Eena regarded him with a frown, wanting the young padawan to stop speaking in riddles.

    “Who is Kit and how exactly do you have an altercation with a pole?”

    Jazz smiled that languid smile again, “Kit is Master Zahalin’s rather exuberant padawan. She’s nice and kind and gentle but she’s also bouncy and the most unjedi Jedi you’re ever going to meet. I don’t think Kit still understands the concept of calm and she’s been practicing it since she was two years old.”

    “And the pole?”

    “Knowing Kit it would have been at speed, involved a bannister rail and given the amount of whisperings amongst the padawans ended up in the council rooms and then the healers.” He waved a hand at her look of total incomprehension and the next time he spoke it was in a thin, reedy voice that sounded like a bad version of whomever he was trying to impersonate. “Much to learn you have young padawan. Time it will take, hmmm? Be your guide Jazz will…” He trailed away and then waved a hand at her as she stared at him. “Okay, so that’ll make a lot more sense in a couple of days… Um… close your eyes and follow along with what I say. I promise you’ll feel better by the end of it and then we’ll get your robes and I’ll take you to the cafeteria for lunch.”

    Eena nodded closing her eyes slowly. As silence settled over the room she wondered for the hundredth time today if she’d made the right choice. So far she’d embarrassed herself, got stuck alone in a room with a very cute and very confusing boy and ended up with a Master who had a padawan who fought poles and came off second best. Eena took a big breath and sighed as Jazz started talking again – more slow and measured this time. She would be alright – she had to be for the sake of her family and all their futures.
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    @Cowgirl Jedi 1701 - tried to introduce Kells right at the end.

    Would love to know if there are any lurkers hanging around out there. Would love to know who you are and what you think. Love any feedback good or bad :D


    “Feeling better?”

    Eena took a deep breath and opened her eyes. It had been so simple - close your eyes and follow Jazz’ instructions to breath and not follow your thoughts. She took another deep, long breath and smiled.

    “Thanks. I feel a lot better.” It was true. For the first time all day her thoughts weren’t swirling like tiny dust devils in her head.

    “My lady smiles at me!” Jazz grinned and Eena grinned back. He stood brushing down his tunic and then held out his hand to help her up. Eena took it and felt her face blush for what she decided was the fifteenth thousandth time today as butterflies churned in her stomach.

    //He’s just being nice to you because he’s a Jedi and Master Zahalin told him too// her brain sneered. It was true, Eena decided. Boy’s on her homeworld were nice to her sisters and flirted with them but never with her. She was one of them, just a mate who you could call on when you needed another player, or something fixed or made or a shoulder to cry on when you got dumped. You didn’t flirt with Eena because she was just part of the furniture. But here, in the temple, looking up at the kind, cute boy with the grey eyes and curly black hair made her wish to be more like her sisters who fell in and out of love with the rise and fall of the sun. She felt her brain start to swirl again and the butterflies creep back into her stomach and breathed in and held it for a few moments like Jazz had just taught her and then breathed out again. She realised Jazz was staring at her with a quizzical expression.

    “We need to get back to the line,” Eena said trying to cover her thoughts. She could see the line over Jazz’s shoulder, the last few padawans and students making their way inside the door.

    “So we do,” Jazz said smiling again, “after you my lady.” He turned and offered his arm again. Eena took it, noticing none of the other padawans in the far distant line were doing the same for their students.

    “Can Jedi really read your mind?” She asked. It had been bugging her since the hoverpad. If Jedi could read minds she was going to be in a lot of trouble. Jazz laughed.

    “Sort of but it’s not really what we do.” He said and then continued seeing her confused expression, “we are good at body language and quickly connecting the dots in a situation. We train at using the force to help us but we also train to read people and situations as that’s often more helpful.“ There was a pause as the line slowly moved forward. They were almost at the door now. “I suppose you can say mind-tricks are a type of mind reading and some Jedi like padawans and Masters share close bonds and can share their thoughts over that. If you aren’t force sensitive then I can influence your behaviour, to a point, but I can’t make you do something you weren’t inclined to do already and I can’t, or rather I would never, read your thoughts without your permission. Why do you ask?”

    “Master Zahalin greeted me by name on the hoverpad,” Eena offered, “I wondered if she’d read my thoughts.” She didn’t mention the fact she’d been worried that Jazz could have read what she was thinking only a minute ago.

    “She had probably just looked at your holopic a couple of seconds before,” Jazz pointed out. Eena winced at the obviousness of the answer. Of course that was it. No magic powers, just a good memory for matching faces to photos.

    “We’re here.” Jazz said as they came through the door. There was a long open window in front of them where padawans and droids were bringing out bundles of clothing. There were only a few students and padawans left. Jazz smiled at Eena and led her over to the young Twi’lek standing behind the counter who was flicking his fingers over the datapad in front of him.

    “Student name?” He asked eventually looking up at Eena. He eyed Eena up and down in a way that made her feel instantly uncomfortable. There was almost a sneer on his face as stared at her and then down at his data pad again.

    “Eena Plum.”

    “Size?” There was an instant hush across the room and all eyes turned on Eena.

    Eena swallowed. Size? She had to give her size aloud? In a room full of strangers? Her hands instantly flew to the bottom of her tunic pulling the fabric down while her face flamed again. The twi’lek was giving her another snide, nasty look as he waited for her answer. Jazz must have seen the look of horror on her face.

    “Look Rujeno,” He said leaning forward on the countertop that separated the milling students his voice low and steady but still carrying as Eena fought not to either cry or run from the room, “you will get her the robes that Master Zahalin has already requested on the data pad. Plus two pairs of boots, a trainee lightsabre and a cloak. The robes will not be rough spun.” Jazz stood up, rolling his shoulders slightly, the smile which had gone an instant ago already back.

    The other boy glared at him and then at Eena.

    “Fine. I figure that’s fair enough given that she’s already got to deal with Master Zahalin’s idiot of a padawan.”

    “Drop it, Ruj.” Jazz’s smile had gone again. The twi’lek just grinned nastily at him.

    “Touched a nerve have I, Jaxon?” he sneered, “do you want to go kissy-kissy with Rinani, Jaxon?” Eena could see Jazz’s eye twitch everytime Rujeno used his name. “Suppose you always do run after the crazy ones, don’t you Jaxonnnn.”

    Eena could have sworn that Jazz literally shifted through the countertop. One second he’d been two steps in front of her and the next her was on the otherside of the counter holding the other padawan up by his tunic so that his feet barely scraped the ground.

    “You’ll get the nice young lady her clothes without the insults. You won’t talk trash about Kithera either. Otherwise the next time I have lightsabre practice with you I’ll make sure to trounce you in the most embarrassing way I can think of. I will also make it hurt until you learn your manners. Do I make myself clear?”

    Eena stood frozen in shock. She couldn’t quite combine the idea of the calm, polite padawan she’d been talking to a minute ago and the threatening young man who now stood behind the counter.

    The two were still glaring at each other when there was a noise at the door.

    “What exactly is going on here?” Eena turned to see a Jedi knight at the doorway staring at the two boys. Behind him stood what Eena assumed was another student. The young lady had long red hair tied up in a ponytail and what looked to Eena’s untrained eye like a sword on one hip and a blaster on the other. On seeing the older Jedi Jazz unceremoniously dropped the twi’lek and straightened his robes. “Well?” The Jedi master continued as neither boy said anything, “I’m waiting for an explanation.”

    “Nothing Master Fisto,” Rujeno eventually offered, “just friendly banter between friends.” He glanced at Jazz who was trying to surreptitiously straighten his robes, “I’ll get Master Zahalin’s request right away Padawan My-ran. I’ll get your students’ stuff too Master Fisto. I won’t be a minute.”

    The Twi’lek almost scurried away gathering a pile of clothes as he went. The older Jedi moved towards Jazz who was studiously trying to remove a fleck of dust from the bottom of his shirt.

    “Just friendly banter Jazz?” He asked. Jazz nodded uncomfortably.

    “Just banter sir. You know how it is between padawans.”

    “That I do Jazz. It wasn’t so long ago that I was a padawan myself.” Master Fisto smiled but Eena noticed that it didn’t reach his eyes and then motioned for the girl to come closer. “What have you got this afternoon?” He asked Jazz. Jazz’s smile returned but it wasn’t the easy, happy smile of earlier.

    “Intergalactic cuisine Master Fisto. Plus Master Zahalin has asked me to show Eena around too.”

    “Good. Then another student won’t be too much of a burden. I’ll see you at the cafeteria after your class Miss Solo.” The Jedi had turned from Jazz and was speaking to the girl behind him. “Jazz here will look after you until then, won’t you Jazz.”

    “It would be my honour sir.” Jazz bowed slightly. Eena frowned wondering why the Padawan, so cheeky to Master Zahalin, was suddenly so formal around Master Fisto.

    “The clothes are ready Master Fisto, Padawan My-ran.” Two packages were placed neatly on the top of the counter by a rather contrite looking Rujeno. Eena picked up the neat bag and looked at the trio standing before her.

    “Is there a change room?” she asked quietly.

    “Just around there,” Master Fisto motioned towards a curtained off section of the room. “I’ll take your things Miss Solo to our quarters. I’m afraid you won’t need a blaster in the temple or the sword for the time being, although I’m looking forward to seeing what Baldesmere Public school has taught you later.” The Jedi Master nodded to Jazz and the two girls before turning and striding from the room.

    “I’ll just be out here.” Jazz said, “call me if you get stuck but it should be pretty simple.”

    Eena nodded at him biting the inside of her bottom lip. She was getting the feeling the Jedi used the term simple when it was anything but. She gave what she hoped was a calm smile to the girl as they both made their way towards the change room. The red-head looked a lot more calm and confident then Eena felt.

    “I’m Kellmaura Solo,” the other girl said sticking out her hand as they moved through the curtained off area. “You can call me Kells though.”

    “Eena Plum.” Eena ventured, “I’m very pleased to meet you.”

    “These Jedi are really weird.” Kells said glancing back to where Jazz was lounging against the wall flipping a data pad over and over in his hands.

    Eena thought about the meeting on the hoverpad, the meditation room, Jazz’s description of Master Zahalin and her padawan and then Rujeno’s insults and the other padawan’s reaction. She looked at the red-headed girl and smiled.

    “You don’t know the half of it.”
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    Cool. I'll write a bit of something soon, though it may be a while before I can post it, because DRL reasons.
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    It was cold and dark and she was alone. Far above her she could hear voices but they seemed faint and far away.

    Concussion worse…

    …bacta tank…

    …bone knitters…

    …be here a while…

    Kit tried to scream. To let them know that she was here. So that they could find her. She screamed until her throat ached but the voices merely faded into nothingness.

    She was alone again.

    Kit tried to meditate but it didn’t work. Meditation had never been her strong suit. Combat and dance was the way she found calm but there was no music here and no lightsabre to push back the ever-creeping darkness.

    The darkness closed in and she shut her eyes in an effort to turn invisible. To make it not see her but it swallowed her whole.


    When she opened her eyes again there was a garden. Neat rows of vegetables led up towards a tiny cottage. At the door of a cottage was an older woman with long, dark blonde hair swept up into a pig-tail. She was wearing simple work clothes but the man she was talking to was dressed like a Jedi. Kit went to move closer, but every action felt like she was trying to swim through mud. She looked down and saw a chain on each wrist. Kit pulled desperately on each chain but they refused to budge, the ends of them hidden somewhere in the undergrowth. She strained at them trying to get a closer look at the people – feeling it was important but not knowing why.

    “We need you,” the tall man was saying. He was dressed like a Jedi in formal robes. A huge man with neat cut, short blonde hair. She could hear the desperation in his voice.

    “It is not my war. I left a long time ago and I will not go back.” The woman this time. Hand on her hip, her head cocked to one side.

    “We are losing. We need more fighters, more Jedi. Someone must stop the separatists before they destroy the Republic and everything it stands for.”

    “I felt her die you know. Felt her pain through our bond. What did her death achieve? What did it bring the order?”

    “I felt it too. I’m sorry. But we must win, everything depends on it.”

    “I can’t.” She was shaking her head at him now her hand on the door edge. “You must know what you ask of me. They took everything from me. My lover, my child and now my padawan. I want nothing to do with the order. I am done with that life.”

    The man reached out towards her but the older woman shook her head, took a step back inside and closed the door. The man’s shoulder’s slumped.

    Kit became aware of the darkness slithering across the garden towards her, winding its own way across the vegetables. She strained at the chains again fighting desperately to get away, screaming at the figure as the darkness wrapped its tendrils around her ankles. Kit sobbed begging for help but neither one turned as the darkness swallowed her again.


    She resurfaced in a busy transport hub. People ebbed and flowed not quite touching her. They seemed to look right through her as she passed. Ahead of her and a little to the left she could see a younger version of the woman from the dream before talking to a young female Jedi with the haircut of a newly made Jedi Knight. The woman seemed happy, smiling and bouncing softly from one foot to the other. The younger one more serious and still.

    “Are you sure of this Master?” The girl was asking. The older woman smiled.

    “I’ve never been so sure of anything Quijia. You are my lasting achievement. A Jedi Knight who will do the Order proud in a way her Master never could.”

    The girl frowned and pursed her lips. The older woman smiled at her.

    “I will miss you Quijia. I am proud of you.”

    “I will miss you too.”

    Kit was so engrossed in the scene that she barely registered the rising dark until it was slithering across her face.

    Suffocating her.

    Drowning her.

    Eating her.


    The images came thick and fast now.

    A girl her face a mask of blood and dirt. Her eyes were closed, a large gash running from her ear and across her cheek. Blood matted her short brown hair into long jagged spikes that stuck up around her face like a warped kind of halo. Kit stood looking down at the broken body. Then she glanced up and saw Jedi searching the room, the bear of a man, a tiny girl and the blonde-haired woman from the last two visions. She realised that they were looking for the girl beneath her feet.

    “She’s here.” She shouted. But they ignored her.

    The darkness consumed her again.


    The flickering flames of a funeral pyre. Hushed music and robed Jedi with their hoods up. There were more than just Jedi there. A small tow-headed child, a princess, and what looked to some sort of amphibious hominid with long flopped ears. Kit spotted the blonde haired woman standing at the back of the rows of Jedi. Her hood was up but tear marks trailed gently down her face, her hands resting on the shoulders of a very young padawan.

    The darkness crept from the funeral pyre, snaking between feet until it reached her. Kit knew they couldn't see her but she reached out for the nearest Jedi, her hands brushed through their robes.

    Then the darkness fed.


    A ripple of pain. The blonde-haired woman sweat covered and pale faced lying on a healer’s bed.

    “One more push, you can do it.”

    A final moan and then the wail of an infant.

    “Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

    “My daughter. My baby. My little Zallie.”

    Once more. Darkness.


    Dancing Jedi. A floor strewn with balloons and decorations. Laughter and three bottles of Corelian rum.



    The woman was much younger now. Her hair shorn in the style of a new knight, her face pressed down into the pillow in a darkened room, empty except for a single sleeper mat. Sobbing.

    Kit fought hard against the darkness this time. Fought to stay, to comfort the young knight. To tell her that it would get better. That the Jedi would protect her. Would love her. That she would be fine. But the darkness came anyway, hungry and silent.



    A cold, damp battlefield. Twisted black trees and holes filled with water and mud. Carrion birds circling in the sky and everywhere the stench of mud and death. In the distance a dirty, broken space cruiser lumbering to life. Two Jedi in a little bomb crater. The younger one, hooded, crouched above, the older one lying prone below her. Kit realised with a gasp that the older one was Master Zahalin. The younger Jedi’s back was turned but they seemed to be talking long and low – a conversation she could not hear. The younger Jedi took the Master’s lightsabre and added it to her bag. She bent low over the older Jedi once more and then unhooked her own lightsabre. The blade sprang to life, its long green beam the only brightness in the battlefield.

    Kit screamed and heaved at the chains. She had to make it. Had to save her Master before the younger one killed her.

    She could not move.

    The blade seemed to hang in the air for a minute and then it plunged down towards’ her Master’s chest. Master Zahalin’s back arched for a second and then she went limp.

    Kithera stood still, tears running down her face. The younger Jedi stood up and trudged through the mud towards the waiting ship as Master Zahalin’s body shimmered into nothingness. She wanted to scream, wanted to hurl herself at the betrayer, at the one who murdered her master but the chains held her fast and all she could do was weep.

    The darkness crept towards and this time she welcomed the embrace.

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    Dang! That was intense!
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    Thanks I was really worried I’d end up going a bit over the top and it ending up being too melodramatic.

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    Please let me know if you are reading this - it's nice to be writing for someone :)


    “So, my young padawans, here are your ingredients today.” The Jedi Master who’d introduced himself as Master Samukay motioned with his fingers and a trolley of various looking ingredients rumbled towards them. He smiled at the perplexed faces in front of him. “Often times a Jedi will find him or herself having to rely on local produce to get themselves through. I figured that today I would set you a challenge to see what you can make with what you’ve got.”

    Eena looked around at the rather horrified faces. Kels leaned over towards her and whispered, “I thought this would be tasting food not making it.”

    “Oh you will be tasting the food,” Master Samukay said with a smile, “at the end we’ll have a taste test of everyone’s dishes. That will be your lunch.” The smile widened. There were groans from around the class. The Jedi Master ignored them and instead started picking up foods from the nearest trolley, “You’ve crash landed on an uninhabited planet. You scrounge through the ship and manage to find pepper oil, a selection of spices, some flour and some very old stock cubes which are,” he sniffed one, “some sort of meat flavoured. You also manage to catch some eels from the local water way and decide to make yourself dinner while you wait for rescue.” He held up an eel, it long grey shape wriggling in his hand.

    “Can’t I just wait for rescue?” Jazz asked, “I’m pretty sure I can go hungry for a bit.”

    “Sure padawan My-ran, but you’ll get dizzy and weak if you don’t eat and it’s not like the rescuers are going to bring you a hot meal whenever they arrive. This is the cooking class you’ve been looking for after all. Tell you what though, given that we have so many guests joining us today I’ll split you into pairs. That should take less time and you’ll have someone else to blame if it all goes wrong.”

    Eenie felt Jazz shift closer to her and the temperature rose in her face again. “You can cook right?” Jazz asked quietly.

    “Oh no, padawan My-ran, it’s not that simple. I’ll act as the council and choose the pairings.”

    The Jedi Master moved through the class taping students and padawans on the shoulders and motioning them together. Eena watched for a bit and then moved to one of the trays and carefully peeled off the lids to sniff the spices underneath. She watched the still live eels wriggling in the buckets a vague plan slowly forming in her mind. The eels were similar to the ones her brothers brought home from the creek and she could guess at the recipe her mother used on the big, fat wriggling monsters – maybe that would work here as well. She felt a light touch on her shoulder and spun around almost dropping the spice bottle in her hand. The older Jedi gave her a quizzical look.

    “You looked deep in thought,” he said quietly, “name?” Eena smiled shyly and bit her bottom lip.

    “Eena Plum sir,”

    “Well Eena Plum, I am going to pair you with Master Aleski over there.” Now she could see him close up she noticed the small tattoos that covered his face. Master Samukay motioned towards a huge, blonde-haired Jedi standing awkwardly to one side. He gave her a nod and she smiled shyly at him which he returned. The Jedi Master raised his eyebrows at some inner thought and went to move on towards Jazz who was fiddling with a communications pad.

    “Are there vegetables?” The words were out of Eena’s mouth before she could stop herself. The Master turned to her.

    “I beg your pardon.” Caught between a rock and a wriggling eel Eena couldn’t help but blurt out the rest of her thought.

    “Well, sir, I mean if there are eels then it’s wet which means plant life. If we can catch eels can we not also forage for vegetables?”

    The smile was now bemused and Eena found herself wondering if the Jedi ever did anything but smile bemusedly.

    “That is something I hadn’t considered,” Master Samukay mused. “The vegetable bins are over there. Shall we say that if you can identify it then you can use it.”

    Eena nodded the plan for the eels now forming a crisp shape in her mind. The Jedi Master moved on and as he did so the padawan he’d introduced as padawan Aleski, no first name, moved closer. He held out one giant hand towards her and the she shook it expecting her fingers to be broken. Instead the grasp was warm and rather soft. She found herself craning her neck back to look into a pair of bright blue eyes framed by white, blonde hair. Eena wondered if there was some sort of criteria that Jedi needed to be attractive and if they weren’t were they immediately expelled from the temple.

    “I’m Kirsh’of but you can call me Kirsh,” he said his voice deep and equally as gentle.

    “I’m Eena.” She smiled at him and he returned it again looking awkward and uncomfortable.

    “I’m not a great cook,” Kirsh said. Eena thought of all the time she’s cooked for her siblings and watched her mother cook. She went to reply but was interrupted by an ahem from the front of the class.

    “One last thing,” Master Samukay said grinning as he looked around the room, “The loser of the challenge, the one with the worst dish will need to stay and wash the dishes from today’s lessons. While the winner…” he paused as he dug around in his voluminous robes for a second until he found what he was looking for. He held two golden, shiny balls up so that the class could see them, “the winner will get two chocolate oranges to call their very own.”

    There was an electric buzz of excitement from around the room. Eena felt perplexed. What was a chocolate orange and why was everyone so excited all of a sudden?

    “You have one hour,” Master Samukay reminded them, “you may begin!”
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    'Twould really love any sort of feedback or anything really to let me know that someone out there is reading this...
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    Not my favourite post by any means but hopefully it'll do...


    “No, like this.” Eena was in her element. The events of that day had floated away five minutes after the Master Samukay had given them their ingredients. She took the knife out of Kirsh’s hand and diced a few of the vegetables into small, neat pieces. “See, little up and down movements. Not bit wavy hand ones.” She looked up into the slightly startled face of the other padawan and flushed with embarrassment, “sorry…I…ah…I get carried away when I cook.”

    “When you eat too by the look of things,” the quiet, snide comment came from somewhere to her left. Not loud enough for anyone except herself and Kirsh to hear Eena stiffened clutching the handle of the knife hard.

    “Not cool Rujeno,” Kirsh’s warm baritone voice warned, “apologise…now.”

    “Sorry.” The word was there but the sentiment wasn’t. Eena felt her face burning. She hadn’t seen the twi’lek join the class but now she felt as if everyone was staring at her. She dropped the knife which clanged off the countertop.

    “Careful Eena, we don’t need missing fingers on your first day,” Master Samukay’s voice drifted from the other side of the room. Eena felt her face burn with embarrassment. She closed her eyes both hands curling into tight fists as she simultaneously bit her bottom lip and tried to remember the breathing exercises Jazz had taught her. There was a movement to her other side and then the same calming waves she’d felt before from Jazz but slightly different in some way she couldn’t quite identify.

    “Show me again,” Kirsh’s deep voice asked softly. She opened her eyes to see him looking at her intently and proffering the knife, handle first.

    “Um. You chop them like this so it’s all uniform. The way you were doing it before makes big, chunky pieces which cook slowly and don’t taste as good.”

    “Ahh! That’d be why my Master doesn’t allow me near dinner,” Kirsh said with a smile while taking the knife back off her. “So like this?” He asked after a minute of concentrated vegetable chopping. Eena noticed the way he stuck his tongue between his lips as he concentrated. Realising she was staring at his face she quickly looked down at the mess of vegetables before them.

    “Yeah, that’s better. It just takes practice that’s all.”

    “And you get lots of practice?”

    “When you live in a family as big as mine there is always plenty of food being prepared at home.”

    “How big is big?”

    Eena scrunched up her nose, chopping momentarily forgotten, “I have thirteen siblings.”

    “You’re one of fourteen?” She could hear the incredulousness in his voice. She looked at him and frowned slightly before going back to the simple dressing she was making for the eels. She gave herself a moment to taste the liquid before answering. How did you explain your family without giving the whole thing away?

    “In my culture children are really important. Only girls can inherit so to make sure that the family line keeps going you need to produce a girl child. My parents had seven boys before they had me.”

    “So you are the first girl?”

    “No, I’m the second girl. You need a girl child who lives to adulthood. My parents had my sister, me and then two more girls and then the triplets.”

    “That’s a lot of mouths to feed.”

    Eena shrugged. “It’s a blessing of Tiviali, big families are blessed by the goddess. She provides. You?”

    “I don’t know,” the big Jedi shrugged, “all Jedi children are adopted by the temple before the age of three. I might have siblings, I might not but I don’t remember them and I don’t remember my parents.”

    “Oh. I’m sorry.” Eena didn’t know what to say. She knew the Jedi took children, it had been one thing the Grandmothers had used to try to stop her going on the exchange at all, but she had always thought they would at least know their families.

    “It’s okay,” Kirsh smiled and grabbed another Kibla green and tried chopping again, tongue occasionally sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on mimicking Eena’s skills. They worked in silence for a few minutes. Kirsh chopping veggies and Eena prepping sauce and then the eels.

    “It’s mostly just my Master and I,” Kirsh said by way of explanation for a question Eena hadn’t asked, “we spend most of our time on outerrim planets doing healing jobs and outreach stuff. We only come back once or twice a year. I mean there are always the village kids to play with when I was younger but I have wondered what it would be like to grow up with siblings. Is it fun?”

    “Sometimes,” Eena answered before she had really thought about it. She looked up and saw Kirsh watching her again, his eyes almost hopeful. “I mean it’s okay. There is a lot of teasing and being silly. They take your things and they can be really annoying but…” she broke off as one of the eels made a gallant effort to slither off the table, she realised Kirsh was still watching her, his head cocked to one side. She shrugged. “I guess at the end of the day you know they’ve got your back. You might fight with them one day but if anyone outside the family disses you then you know your siblings will stand next to you when you get them back.” She frowned. “Don’t you have that with the other padawan’s here?”

    “I suppose. But we are always being told to be mindful of the force. To concentrate on the here and now. Stepping outside the box is kinda forbidden.”

    Eena tried to keep the frown off her face. Maybe her plan wasn’t going to work as well as she’d hoped if the Jedi were as bound by the rules as her own village was.

    “I think I need more eels,” she said looking down at the mess in front of her and then across as the vegetables, “I think I might have gone a bit overboard with the veggies.”

    “I’ll see if Jazz has some spare.” Kirsh offered.

    Eena looked over to where the Felacatian padawan was working next to Kels. There seemed to be a lot of movement and things being taken from one spot to another but not a lot was actually getting made. Even Kels seemed perplexed as she occasionally heading towards their trolley of ingredients before turning and heading back to where her partner stood.

    “Jazz hasn’t done anything,” Eena said worriedly grabbing Kirsh’s sleeve before the bigger padawan could move, “isn’t he going to get into trouble for that?”

    “Jazz?” Kirsh laughed, “Jazz will have a plan of some description. He’ll be alright. Just wait and see.” He left and returned in a moment with a bucketful of Jazz and Kel’s batch of eels.

    “What are they doing?” Eena asked suddenly, the anxiety that had been swept away by the cooking returning.

    “I asked him but he won’t tell me. Said he’ll pull something out of the bag.” Kirsh shrugged and put the eels down. “Seriously Eena I wouldn’t worry. It’s Jazz’s bed to lie on if he stuffs up and you can’t save everyone from their own stupid mistakes.”

    // But saving people from their stupid mistakes is why I’m here in the first place//

    She kept half and eye on Jazz and Kels as she sautéed the eels in the chilli dressing she’d made and then stirfried the vegetables trying to explain to Kirsh about how not to burn everything he touched. She watched Jazz check his Comm for what seemed like the 100th time in the last fifteen minutes and then raise his hand.

    “May I go to the ‘fresher please sir?” he asked. Master Samukay frowned at him.

    “Sure Jazz, although I’m hoping that you aren’t planning on producing something as terrible as last time. Particularly as you only have five minutes left before you present your dishes.”

    “It’ll be a culinary delight, I can promise you.” The young Jedi dashed off leaving Kels to stand by her station. Eena frowned as she stirred. Kirsh might think that it wasn’t her place to rescue people but she was damned if she was going to see Kels go down in flames on her first day. She passed the spoon to Kirsh who’d been staring over her shoulder.

    “You stir, I’ll be back.”

    She headed across to where Kel’s stood awkwardly next to the bench. As she neared the table Eena’s suspicions were confirmed. They hadn’t made anything.

    “What are you two doing?” Eena whispered when she got close enough. Kels shrugged anxiously.

    “I don’t know. Jazz said he had a plan and he’s been telling me to look like I was making something while he fiddled around with that blasted comms unit. I think he’s disappeared so he doesn’t take the fall or something.”

    “Two minutes.” Master Samukay’s voice rang out of the class. “Get your stuff on a plate and ready to taste. Let’s see how hungry you are going to be when the transport arrives to rescue you.”

    Eena bounced on her toes. She felt she needed to do something for Kel’s but she wasn’t sure what.

    “Eena?” Kirsh’s voice rang out, “I don’t want to burn this!”

    “If you lose I’ll help you wash up. I promise.” She whispered patting Kel’s arm, “I’m sorry.”

    She skittered back over to a wide-eyed Kirsh and looked down at the meal. It was still okay.

    “You did great.” She said and then frowned as she recognised her mother’s voice coming from her own mouth. She winced as she glanced up at Kirsh, “Sorry. That came out wrong.”

    “That’s okay,” Kirsh grinned at her, “that’s the first compliment I think I’ve ever gotten when I am in the kitchen.”

    Eena laughed and slid the meal out and onto the largest plate that Kirsh could find. They had definitely gone overboard. What should have been a simple meal for two and turned into a family sized dinner. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Jazz return to the room. He seemed to be fishing around in her voluminous robes as he talked quietly to Kels who had produced two bowls. Eena was distracted by Master Samukay and the rest of the class counting down as the timer neared the end. The Jedi Master rang a tiny bell and a hush fell over the class.

    “Alright, my young padawans? Who thinks their plate is worthy of a chocolate orange?”
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    Wow! over three hundred views! Woohoo if your one of the readers thank you for sticking with it so far!

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    Just caught up -- this is really fun and I'm loving the cooking class! :)
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    Thanks Kahara! Much appreciated and I'm glad you're all caught up. Lovely to have you along for the ride and that you're enjoying the cooking class :D
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    The cooking class nears its end. I'll probably edit this tomorrow for grammar/punctuation/insults as I wanted to get it up but I didn't realise it was so late!


    “That’s quite an extraordinary dish you’ve got there Miss Plum, padawan Aleski,” Master Samukay said with a smile as he came up to their table, “how many Jedi were you thinking of stranding on this particular planet?”

    “I…um…we…” Eena started but Kirsh bass voice rumbled beside her interrupting her stammer.

    “We figured that the crew on their way to rescue us would be sick of their frozen, reheated space meals Master, so we’ve got food enough for everyone. Besides if the planet is cold and wet like you implied then we’d need a nice hot, filling meal to tide us over.”

    “Good answer padawan, nice cover.” Master Samukay gave Kirsha look of what Eena thought was approval and amusement combined and then the Master picked up the fork they’d carefully put next to their plate, “shall we taste it?”

    Eena closed her eyes tight. So far Master Samukay had tasted every plate but their’s and whatever it was Jazz and Kells now had steaming in the two bowls on their table. Most of the dishes the tall brown haired Jedi had pronounced as either decent, passable or yoda stew level. Eena had no idea what the last category meant but considering it had been met at least once with Master Samukay delicately spitting the food out into a napkin she was taking it wasn’t very good. In fact, there had only been one dish he’d really praised so far which had belonged to Rujeno. The rather smug looking twi’lek had high fived his partner and was now leaning back against a kitchen bench his arms folded and a rather pleased expression on his face. Eena felt a large warm hand slide over a fist she hadn’t realised she’d clenched and opened her eyes to look up into Kirsh’s equally anxious blue ones.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure if it’s terrible Kirsh will still eat it,” a voice called out from the class, “he will eat anything.”

    “Looks like she will too.” Eena knew without looking around that the comment had come from Rujeno’s mouth. Kirsh squeezed her hand.

    “I know it’s not terrible.” He said squeezing her shoulders, “in fact I will wager that it’s the best dish here.”

    “Huh. Hardly.” Rujeno again, “you can’t cook for bantha poodoo Kirsh. But you’re really good at scrubbing dishes given all the practice you’ve had.”

    Master Samukay stopped with the food half way to his mouth.

    “Half of a good dinner is having pleasant dinner companions,” the Jedi Master chided, “and that competitive nature and unkind words do not become a Jedi, padawan Rujeno. Now if you will excuse me I’d like to taste this plentiful dish I see before me.”

    Silence fell over the class. Eena bit her top lip until it hurt. All of a sudden she needed to win. To wipe that self-satisfied smirk of Rujeno’s face. She watched Master Samukay put the food in his mouth and chew thoughtfully his eyes closed like he was considering the fate of the world. All Eena was glad for in that minute was that he hadn’t spat it out. Eventually he opened his eyes and smiled at Eena and then at Kirsh.

    “Good work padawan. Good work Miss Plum. The eels almost got lost in the vegetables although you seem to have more eels than you ought to but overall its delicious. ” He took another forkful of food and then smiled more broadly at Eena, “I think I’ll have to pair you with padawan Aleski more often Eena. It seems you have made something of a cook of him. For once he didn’t burn the water.”

    Eena smiled at the Master and nodded her head. Master Samukay gave them both a slight bow and headed towards Jazz and Kells. Eena let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding. Beneath the table Kirsh squeezed her hand then let it go.

    “That’s big praise,” Kirsh whispered as Master Samukay looked at Jazz’s dish, “he never takes more than one forkful of food.”

    Eena only half heard him. She was trying to work out where Jazz and Kel’s dishes had come from. There certainly hadn’t been any food or even any real prep for the food until the bell had been about to ring. How did he all of a sudden have two bowls of what looked like eel soup?

    “So Jazz, how did you come up with this particular dish?” Master Samukay asked an odd expression on his face.

    “Well, it’s a mixture of eels, chilli oil and stock, sir.” Jazz tried, “I think you’ll find it quite delightful.”

    “And what made you think that this combination would be a good one?”

    “Would you believe the living force led me to it” Jazz said and even though she had no idea what he was saying Eena winced. It sounded so flippant. There was the sound of giggles from the rest of the class. Beside her Kirsh groaned and buried his face in his hands.

    “Ahh. The living force.” Master Samukay had skewered an eel and was turning it over and over with his fork. “The living force is a miraculous thing then as it managed to turn the fresh-water eels that I had brought into these salt-water fleek eels.”

    Eena caught the sudden widening of Jazz’s eyes but it was only there for a moment. Beside and slightly behind him Kells looked like she was either going to hit her partner or burst into tears.

    “Surely not sir. That is a miracle indeed.” Jazz said, “I mean my Master is always telling me that the force will provide.”

    “Does he.” Master Samukay was playing along but even Eena could see small sparks of irritation. “The force then must have managed to provide you with the number of Dex’s Diner and the six credits that you would have needed to both purchase it and have it delivered.”

    “I’m sorry Master Samukay,” it was Kells who spoke up glaring at Jazz as she did so. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

    “Oh I know it probably wasn’t your idea,” the old Jedi intoned, “I know exactly who is to blame here.” Jazz now had a sickly smile plastered on his face. The Jedi Master leaned across and peered into their eel tubs, “but I would like to know what you did with the rest of your eels.”

    “I gave them to Eena and Kirsh. Kirsh asked if we had any spare and so I figured they could have them.” Kells pointed towards where Eena and Kirsh were standing, “but they didn’t know about the plan.”

    “I see, I see. Well, at least that makes deciding who will wash the dishes much easier.” Master Samukay said with a sigh, “which I guess would make Eena and Kirsh the winners. Congratulations”

    “That’s not fair!” Rujeno said loudly moving towards Kirsh and Eena's table. “If Jaxon and his partner get disqualified for using extra things then Kirsh and Eena should too because they used extra eels. That means they had an unfair advantage.”

    “That is true,” Master Samukay paused and eyed Eena and Kirsh where they stood. Eena felt frozen to the spot but there was a small bubble of anger growing deep in her belly. Just because Jazz had cheated didn’t mean that they should be punished too. All of Rujeno’s taunts from the previous hour came back and the bubble swelled and grew. Master Samukay was watching her intently.

    “No, it’s not.” The words were out of Eena’s mouth before she could help herself. The bubble of anger was driving her now. How dare he try and take this victory away from her!

    “Yes it is.” Rujeno stalked over to their plate of food and jabbed his finger at it, “the fact that you had more eels is an automatic advantage. Otherwise yours is nothing but a plate of vegetables. Let’s face it, if you crash landed on a deserted planet you wouldn’t know the first thing about how to survive because you aren’t, and never will be, a Jedi.”

    Eena found her breath quickening at his tone. She rolled her shoulders back and stared at him like she did when her older brothers’ had gone too far. Kirsh leant forward as if he was about to say something but Eena held up a hand. Then, without speaking, she stalked over to where the bucket of left over eels were on Jazz and Kell’s table and picked it up and brought it back to where her and Kirsh’s rapidly cooling lunch lay.

    “No,” she said her voice low and soft, “although you may look and act like an eel you don’t understand how they think. An eel is easy to catch once you have something to lure it with.” She picked up a long leafy vegetable from the table and thrust it into the bucket. There was a thrashing sound and the next minute she was pulling what was left of the vegetable out of the bucket, a long slimy eel firmly attached to the end. Eena resisted the urge to flick the eel at the boy. She smiled and dropped the eel back down. Behind Rujeno Master Samukay gave a small round of applause. Kirsh was grinning from ear to ear.

    “Nicely demonstrated Eena. Maybe Rujeno you’d give some thought about who you’d actually rather be stuck with on a deserted planet. I’d probably take the girl who knows how to catch eels.”

    Rujeno scowled at Kirsh and gave Eena a long hard stare. He looked like he was going to say something more but Master Samukay interrupted again by tossing the two golden orbs to Kirsh.

    “Congratulations padawan Aleski and Miss Plum. The rest of you may now eat your lunch. Could I suggest that if yours was on par with Master Yoda’s gruel that perhaps you make friends with Kirsh and Eena. They seem to have more than enough to go around.”

    With that the Jedi Master turned and headed back towards where Kells and Jazz were standing. The felacatian padawan was looking rather deflated.

    “Padawan My-ran, may I have a word please.”

    Eena couldn’t hear anything that was said over the hubbub of conversation and the groups of students and padawans suddenly gathering around asking for a try. She looked over to where Kel’s was standing looking at the two bowls in front of her and then glanced up at Kirsh. He grinned at her and shook the little golden orange ball in the air like it was a tiny trophy.

    “If you serve I’ll go get Kells. I’ll tell her to bring the soup. I kind of want to try something that’s worth six credit and gets you expelled from the competition.”

    She nodded and went to find some plates to portion up the meal. Just as she was about to leave Kirsh reached out and grabbed the sleeve of her tunic.

    "Before you go I need to know...How did you do that?" He asked quietly, "I mean with the eels. They weren't doing that before."

    Eena grinned, the bubble of anger was fading now but it hadn't quite gone. She knew it would be soon though and then the worry of whether she'd done the right thing would replace it but for the moment it was sustaining her. "Everything will bite if you poke it hard enough."
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    [face_laugh] Really, the only food rating system you need. Am now trying to remember the last true Yoda stew level I've been responsible for -- maybe that time that I thought it was a good idea to put cheddar cheese on storebought mac salad. (Who'da thought that would be such a terrible combo? [face_sick])

    BUSTED! Well, I'd say there's one in every classroom but there is probably only one Jazz in the whole Jedi Temple. It was... worth a try, I guess. :p

    :p Beware the (usually) quiet ones.
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    Glad you are enjoying it @Kahara There is definitely a Jazz in every class. Or at least a kid who thinks they are a Jazz. I think I have three in one of my year 9 classes at the moment! I think the last Yoda's gruel food I made was probably, weirdly, a strawberry milkshake. You know it's bad when even the one year old who will eat anything doesn't want a bar of it.

    A big thank you to @Healer_Leona for letting me ask her random questions about a 20 year old character.

    Excuse the having to break up the post below. The server did not like me when I tried to make it all one post.
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    Kirsh felt like he was walking on air. The turbo lift to the healer’s ward binged and he storde out into the brightly lit hallways, the small container of what was left of the meal that he and Eena had made held almost reverently in front of him. He had never even come close to winning the chocolate oranges that Master Samukay prided as the ultimate gift of praise. The halls were their normal busy selves, full of healers talking amongst themselves, following hovercarts of medical supplies or helping a variety of walking wounded Jedi. Kirsh smiled at people, bowed to a couple of Masters and slipped slideways into a room. Healer Leona was standing next to a bed where a sleeping Kit lay. Kirsh grinned at Leona.

    “What’s that you’ve got in your hands?” She asked adjusting a dial on one the small machines that hummed next to the bed.

    “Lunch for Kit,” Kirsh straightened and grinned at Leona and then gently tapped the container, “that I made.”

    “She’s already been through enough today,” Leona said her tone teasing, “I’m not sure she needs to add your cooking to the mix.”

    “I thought you might say that.” Kirsh used his free hand to dig through his pockets and pulled out the little golden wrapped orange which he waggled in front of Leona who raised her eyebrows.

    “Impressive. How did you manage that?”

    “Eena, she’s Master Zahalin’s new exchange student padawan whatever. She’s a great cook.”

    “Just a great cook? Nothing else?” Master Leona had an odd look on her face that Kirsh couldn’t quite work out.

    “Well she basically meant we won. We cooked way too much but she showed me how to chop vegetables and she basically saved us from eating raw eels.”

    “I meant does she do anything else but cook.” Leona said chuckling,

    “Yeah!” Kirsh felt his face flush, “she’s nice and kind. She put Ruj in his place. She’s kind of pretty too…” he trailed away realising what he’d just said. The next part came out as a mumble. “You’d really like her.”

    “I’m sure I would. You’ll have to introduce us.” Leona smiled at him and went back to fiddling with the dials. She glanced at Kirsh after a moment and then sighed.

    “She’s in and out of consciousness Kirsh. Even if she does wake up long enough to talk to you it’s not going to make a lot of sense.”

    “It’s all good I’ve got half an hour before my shift starts anyway,” Kirsh said folding his body into one of the chairs, “I’ll wait here.”

    “Okay, but if you’re going to be here then maybe now is a good time to practice your projected healing.” Leona finished whatever it was she’d been doing and headed towards the door tousling Kirsh’s hair on the way out.

    “I’m not five anymore,” Kirsh growled patting his hair back down.

    “When you’re seated is the only time I can reach your hair. Plus you will always be that little youngling to me Kirsh’of,” Leona teased and then pointed to the box of food, “want me to put that in the conservator for you?”

    “That’d be great, thanks.” Kirsh tossed the box towards her and she caught it with ease. Leona lifted the lid slightly.

    “Mmm, smells great.”

    “Don’t you eat that,” Kirsh warned, “I know how much is in there. I’ll check. Tell everyone else not to eat it either.”

    Leona grinned at him as she sauntered out the door, “Don’t worry Kirsh, I doubt anyone would dare eat it once I tell them who made it”
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