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Beyond - Legends The Dark Side Comes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by scooper121s, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. scooper121s

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Chapter One
    [140 years before Present, 10 years after the Return of the Jedi and the Destruction of the Empire]
    “NO!” yelled the Padawan, one of the Dozen being trained by Luke Skywalker as his lightsabre was taken by Luke.​
    “I'm sorry young one, but the hate runs through you greatly, you cannot be trained any further I have tried to negate the hate inside you, but it only becomes greater” replied Luke, a great shadow of sorrow briefly passing across his face.​
    The boy looked enraged, grey eyes flashing with anger his dark hair standing on end, turning his back on Luke he stalked off. As he reached the horizon he turned back and snarled: “You will pay for this.”​
    [Present day, 150 years after the Return of the Jedi and the Destruction of the Empire]
    Jedi Master Gre-On Yerti, stalked the halls of the Jedi base on Corusant, his light, cropped blond hair shining in the lighting of the halls and his Goatee looked darker than his hair as his beard didn't reflect the same way in the light. Going to the holdings of the Grand Council, new Padawan recruits shuffled past him, avoiding the revered Jedi Master.​
    As he reached the council he overheard Master Jori, another of the Mysterious species which the ancient master Yoda had belonged to, however Master Jori was only 143 and was one of the first found by Skywalker.​
    “...Some still know how to make clones, take this opportunity we should. Programmed by the Sith, they will not be” said the Grand Master.​
    “Is there any candidates?” replied the Human Jedi master Jei, a 45 year old master that was found as a slave when he was young.​
    “One. Great grandson of Han and Leia Solo, grandson of the one that didn't become a Jedi” replied the Third master on the council, Nirma a grey skinned hairless Alien which large bulbous eyes could easily scan around a room in mere seconds.​
    Due to the fact the Jedi order was still quite small, only three were on the council, however with over a hundred Padawans being trained gave hope. With only thirty Jedi who wished to be masters and were experienced out of the sixty Jedi though some had a five or six students. After ten or eleven years the old rule of one master and one padawan was hoped to be re-instated.​
    Gre-On stormed in, rage held in check only from decades of training.​
    “You can't seriously be thinking of creating a new clone army! Remember what happened last time! The dark side won!” exclaimed the Master Jedi.​
    “Held in check, your temper should be, Gre-On” said Master Jori.​
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    Jan 11, 2011
    Good start, interesting premise
  3. scooper121s

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Thanks, the next chapter should come out on Saturday (Australian Time, GMT +10:00)
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    Sounds like history is going to repeat itself. Interesting style you've got. :)
  5. scooper121s

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Thanks Cushing, maybe... maybe...

    You'll see why they decided to do it next chapter, but remember the past parts are just as important :p look at the whole picture each chapter and you may gain an insight of what is to happen :p

    Rest assured, this story's only yet beggining
  6. scooper121s

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    Mar 4, 2014
    [140 years before present day, 10 years after the return of the Jedi]
    They cannot do this to me! Not to me. It is my destiny! They will all pay!” fervently wishpered the fallen apprentice to Skywalker.​
    It is an outrage that he would abandon one so powerful; he fears your power. But no I, I can help you learn to become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. More powerful than GODS all you have to do is give into me”​
    [Present Day, 150 years after the Return of the Jedi]
    “Master, surely you can see the insanity of which you speak, these clones will destroy us again. You must see this!” argued Gre-On.​
    “Anger, clouds your connection to the force, it does. Quieten your mind, see you will” said Master Jori.​
    Gre-On sighed, but Master Jori's Green skin crinkled and has blue eyes focused on the Jedi master, clearing his mind, he looked to the future and saw a great war coming... a great darkness. His head snapping up Master Jei looked down in sorrow, his greying chocolate brown hair falling unto his face, then looked up as a his training took over and his brown eyes hardened, the most distinctive feature of his plain, but tan face.​
    “As you can see, my old friend, we have no other choice than to do this, the mercenary Cherna Solo. Great-Grand-nephew of master Luke” said Jei.​
    “Special precautions will be taken so history doesn’t repeat” stated Nirma.​
    “Very well, but I have a feeling you did not call me here to talk about the clone army you wish to create, masters” intoned Gre-On.​
    “Right, you are. Brought you here for your opinion on the clones, we did not. A padawan, you must take on, a candidate, chosen he has been” said Jori.​
    “I do not need a Padawan” replied Gre-On.​
    “You let your fear consume you, the fear of getting attached, and then having that attachment destroyed; either by them betraying the order, or by you not being strong enough to protect them. You must not give in to the dark side” said Jei.​
    “Optional, this is not” continued Jori.​
    “Very well, masters” sighed Gre-On. ​