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Saga The Diary of Mer-Fi Laa (Diary Challenge 2013)

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  1. Volund Starfire

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    Sep 5, 2012
    TITLE: The Diary of Mer-Fi Laa
    AUTHOR: Volund Starfire
    TIMEFRAME: Clone Wars
    CHARACTERS: Mer-Fi Laa (OC-Main)
    GENRE: Diary
    SUMMARY: The journal of a Gungan Jedi as they take part in the Clone Wars.
    DISCLAIMER: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.


    Meesa called Mer-Fi Laa. Meesa Jedy Knight o da Republic. Itsa meesa duty to protect da citizensa and peoples o da galaxy. Meesa master, Master Lee-Roy learned meesa many tings dat da Gungans o meesa planet Naboo coundn’t. Dats why meesa be a grand Jedy. One a da tings he learned me was ta log whatsa meesa be doin. So dats what dis log is.

    Back when meesa was just a paddy-wan, da mekanics of da federation traders invaded meesa worldhome. Master Lee-Roy n me was sent to help wit da cleanin a’ter dey broked. It was berry good to see meesa home again a’ter learnin in da galaxy. But, weesa could no stay. A’ter Oota Gunga was fixed, meesa Master and me went.

    Meesa was trialed by da Council. It was da toughest ting meesa ever havin to do. But, meesa passed it n was titled a Knight. Meesa first dudy as a Knight was to be learnin youngolings. Meesa was bery, bery humble as meesa learned dem ta trow tings wit da Force. Most o da time, de youngolings true dem at meesa.

    Den, Master Windy sed over the all-tell-o for every Knight and Master to assemble in da grand hall. I went dat a way wit much haste and fastness. He speked about da Federation Traders and der mekanic army. How dey napped a Jedy and was holdin his. We was goin ta spring his.

    It was a longo way ta da Geonos system. I was signed ta stay wit da ships and make sure no bodies takes dem. Der wer a couple oder Jedy wit me, but one o dem ran off to help Master Windy. Dats when it happened.

    Meesa was just standin der wif a Calimon, spekin bout water, when da mekanics started shootin. Dey wanted to take da ships. Well, da Calimon and meesa was ready for em. Weesa took out da mekanics right quick. Den, more came. But dem was bigger and stronger. Da Calimon was shot and meesa was habin a tougho time keepin up with da blasts. Meesa thought meesa was a gonner until Master Yod showed up!

    Master Yod came wit bunches and bunches o troopas. Meesa was bery happy ta see dem. Der Lavies flew down n crunched da mekanics. Den, dey jumped out n one speked to meesa about meesa bein der general. Meesa weren’t a general, meesa a knight. But dey were insistin so meesa was der general.

    We ran and ran to da arena. Dats where Master Windy went. When weesa arriven, Master Windy was a leavin. Egads n his left bunches o dem big mekanics behind. So, weesa attacked dem.

    Da rest o da battle is a longo tello, but weesa won. Tho, meesa been made a general o da Republic. And now ders a war wit da separats. So, meesa going to be a bombad general for da Republic.