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Beyond - Legends The Double Date (Luke/Callista & Lando/Mara)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by lukemaraben, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. lukemaraben

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Title: The Double Date
    Time frame: Callista Trilogy
    Disclaimer: Do not own anything....
    For now this is just gonna be a one-shot.

    The Double Date

    Lando Calrissian had to admit he looked quite dashing. His new mauve cape went superbly next to his silk beige suit and jet-black boots. Yes, this might be his best idea yet!

    Lando had decided to take the lovely Mara Jade to Coruscant’s newest Alderaanian restaurant (though Lando had no idea why Coruscant needed another). It so happened that after making reservations Lando had learned his good friend Luke Skywalker would be taking his date to the same restaurant. Naturally, Lando had insisted Luke and his date Callista join Lando and Mara. For what Lando was sure would be a fun filled evening.

    Lando had not even noticed the Jedi’s hesitance, but had jollily told Luke not to worry and that he, Lando, would take care of everything.

    Yes, it would definitely be a night to remember.

    Taking another look in the mirror Lando made sure that not a hair was out of place or a stain on his clothes. He absently realized that he had not informed his date of the change in plans.

    Luke Skywalker would have felt more confident facing three Palpatines at this point then he did taking Callista on a double date with Mara Jade!

    Tonight was going to be very interesting, Luke could only pray Mara had been informed, or that in the next ten minutes Lando would comm Luke and cancel. Then Luke could tell Callista some excuse and just reschedule for a later date. Like when Mara Jade is light-years off planet!!

    “You look absolutely stunning!” Lando exclaimed upon seeing the red headed vision in front of him.

    Mara Jade stood in the doorway of her apartment wearing a shimmery formfitting green gown with a modest v-neck. Her red hair was pinned in a sweeping up due with pearl pins.

    “You said we were having a refined business dinner.” She said her eyes taking Lando’s attire in with one quick up and down.

    “Yes.” Lando said. “A refined dinner to keep up appearance. I’m surprised a trained assassin forgets about her cover so easily.”

    “I haven’t. “ She said stepping into the hall and quickly walked past Lando to the turbolift that was waiting.

    Twenty minutes later Lando and Mara’s air taxi arrived at it’s destination.

    “Calrissian party.” Lando said to the awaiting waiter.

    “Aww…yes, the other couple is already waiting for you.”

    Mara’s eyes narrowed. “Other couple?” She said, her voice growing cold.

    Lando gave her his best smile. “I invited an old friend…. would of told you but business came up.”

    Lando was relieved when the waiter asked them to follow him. Lando took Mara by the arm and followed the waiter. Maybe not telling Mara wasn’t such a hot idea.

    It even seemed like a worst idea when he felt Mara go stiff next to him. Deciding that he would be better off ignoring the woman at his side for the moment he waved to Luke and the pretty woman seated next to the young Jedi.

    Luke gave Lando a tense smile as Callista leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Jedi-man, what are they doing here?”

    Luke leaned away from her in order to reply, his eyes never leaving Lando and Mara as Lando led Mara to her chair. Lando’s arm was far to low on Mara’s back as far as Luke was concerned, and that mauve cape Lando was wearing probably cost more then all of Tatooine. Sith, it was hideous. “Umm, Callie, Lando set this all up.” Luke answered.

    As soon as Callista noticed Mara, Mara was sure the body snatcher had purposely leaned just a bit closer to Luke.

    Mara had to fight the urge to vomit at the sight of Callista. The other woman was wearing a- err what was the color anyway- sleeveless gown that clearly was meant to show off her cleavage. Here I always thought Jedi were virtuous.

    “Thank you, Lando.” Mara said sweetly as he pulled a chair out for her.

    Lando beamed apparently clueless to the dirty looks being exchanged around the table. “My pleasure.” He said before taking a seat across from Callista. Turning to Luke’s lovely date Lando then said. “Callista, isn’t it?”

    As the waiter began serving the drinks, Mara took in the in her surroundings – mainly the very attractive Jedi sitting across from her.

    Luke couldn’t recall the restaurant being this hot when he and Callista had arrived. He also didn’t remember Mara being so…PERFECT! Why had he been dreading seeing her? Luke considered Mara one of his best friends after all.

    “Skywalker, your date is next to you.”

    Luke seemed to suddenly realize he’d be gaping open mouthed, and quickly turned away to say something to Lando. All Mara noticed though was bright blue eyes and the perfect set of Luke’s jaw line.

    In her daze, it took Mara a moment to realize that the body snatcher was talking to her.

    “So, how long have you and Lando been together?” Callista asked as the waiter returned with their food.

    Mara bristled at the suggestion. Her and Lando’s relationship was a job cover – period! “A few months.” She replied and couldn’t help but catch Luke’s brief moment of jealously through the force before he clamped down on it.

    “Fantastic!” Callista said. Clearly relived to know Mara was no threat to Callista’s man.

    Without knowing it Mara had unconsciously moved her right hand towards her hold-out blaster. “It’s pure bliss.” She bit out flashing a fake smile Lando’s way. Her hand had now found the trigger. One wrong move…

    “Well, Luke and I couldn’t be happier for you two.” Callista continued.

    “We feel the same. Luke deserves someone sweet like you.” Lando said. Suddenly grasping a hold of Mara’s hand and pulling it away from the blaster.

    “Thank you, Lando.” Luke said. Luke wished dinner would hurry up and get over with. There was too much tension, and even though Mara had her shields up high some of her intense dislike was still pouring through the Force.

    What was it about Callista that Mara did not like? Mara’s with Lando for Force sake!!! Is it wrong for me to be with someone…even though she can be? Luke could practically hear Yoda screaming, “Jealousy leads to the Darkside!”

    Though Luke was sure he couldn’t possible be jealous of Lando. He was in love with Callista! Yet you described Mara as “Perfect” earlier…

    “So, Luke, when can we expect to hear wedding bells?” Lando asked breaking through Luke’s thoughts. “Callie here is quite smitten with her Jedi-man.”

    Then again the Darkside didn’t seem like such a bad option.

    “Oh, you’ve given Skywalker has a pet name? What does her call you?” Mara asked inoccently.

    Mara Jade wasn’t perfect; no “perfect” didn’t describe Mara Jade. Because Luke was fairly certain the adjective was more along the lines of “demonic”.

    Was it really only dessert?

    “Oh, she’s right Luke! You need a pet name for me…”

    Mara rolled her eyes. It wasn’t enough that Luke wait hand and foot on her. No, Callista felt she needed a pet name too. Luke, trust me! You can do better.

    “I call you Callie.” Luke stammered.

    Mara noted, happily that Callista looked rather put out by this. Oh, I’ve got a pet name! Body –Snatcher!

    “That’s not very creative.” Callista said.

    Come on Luke, tell her to get over herself… Send her back to the Eye of Palpatine so she can haunt the computers. Mara kept her face passive as she glanced back and forth from Callista to Luke

    Luke sighed. “Well…it’s just…”

    Mara couldn’t help but notice that Luke looked rather ill. Once again Mara’s right hand reached for the blaster. Or, Farmboy…just allow me…

    Callista looked expectantly at Luke.

    “I like Callie.”

    “If I may…” Lando cut in, only to receive withering glares from both Luke and Callista.

    “But it’s so dull.”

    “At least it’s better then Jedi-man.” Mara heard Luke mumble.

    So did Callista. Steel grey eyes flashed with icy anger. “What’s wrong with me calling you Jedi-man?”

    “Uhh…cause and it makes me uncomfortable.”

    Come on, Callie wake up! You’ve only been dating what… six months!!! Don’t you know Luke at all?

    Hero of the Rebellion and Jedi Master Luke might be, but at heart he’s still a humble and naive farmboy. Mara was now sure, Callista thought she was dating Jedi royalty. It was enough to make Mara’s blood boil.

    “Waiter check.” Lando said. Glancing from Mara to Luke to Callista wondering who was going to snap first.

    Lando had come to realize, this double date was the worst idea he had ever come up with! In his defense though, how was he supposed to know that Mara liked Luke?
    But on the bright side…Lando felt fairly confidant placing any future bets.

    Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade were going to get together at some point. Tonight proved that even if it had been the most awkward double date Lando had ever been on.
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    Nov 1, 2004
    LOL! Obviously I have found a writer who dislikes Callista as much as I do. :p I love the idea of a double date. Very nice!
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  3. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Lol! I am a Callie hater as well. I expected the date to end with SOMEONE ripping off someone else's head. Nice job.
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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    It's up!!! :* :* [face_dancing] [face_rofl] And it's as fun as I knew it would be! Super characterizations!!! [face_dancing] [:D] !!!
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    Feb 4, 2012
    [face_laugh] This was great! The idea of a double date is hilarious.

    “We feel the same. Luke deserves someone sweet like you.” Lando said. Suddenly grasping a hold of Mara’s hand and pulling it away from the blaster.

    Good thing Lando was there! [face_rofl]
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    This was so in character for all the date participants. Excellent story!
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    Feb 23, 2012
    Funny thing, when I read this sentence...I read a "nightmare to remember", cause that's basically what it was going to be bringing Mara within 100 feet of Callista
  8. mayo_durron_666

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    Nov 26, 2005
    This is precious!!! :D
    And so funny! ;)
    Love how Mara is itching to shoot Callista..
    Lovely writing.. More coming? If so I'd luv to be tagged..
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    Apr 29, 2005
    Lando is a good friend.