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Saga The end and the beginning

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Aaronaman, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Mar 12, 2013
    Hello there.....This is my first ever attempt at fan-fiction so I apologise in advance for grammer/spelling ;)
    I've always liked the idea of Boba being a character who is replaceable and always wondered how his 'death' in ROTJ would be heres my take on it.

    Chapter One - The end and the beginning

    Kamino has a reputation as one of the wettest systems throughout the galaxy but in a small secluded docking bay the weight of more than water is bothering its sole occupant. The rain seemingly gravitates towards the solitary figure, pelting him over and over again, each falling drop echoes like machine gun fire inside the most recognizable helmet ever worn. Boba Fett, the man of legend, bends down and with a deep groan lifts a sturdy metal box and carries it into 'Slave One'. Once this last box has been safely set down in his ships cargo hold Boba slumps onto the gang plank and removes his helmet in hopes of silencing the ringing in his ears. The old bounty hunter looks out into the darkness and contemplates his life amongst the stars, the planets he's seen, the money he's earned and yes the many, many beings he's killed. Suddenly this moment of serenity is interrupted as Boba convulses into a violent coughing fit, with every strained growl the gang plank is splattered with more and more blood.

    "That's a nasty cough you have there you have my friend"

    Boba leaps to his feet and in one fluid motion raises his blaster while taking cover just inside his ship. Through the rain he sees the only person who is arrogant enough to feel that this vicious killer would never dare strike him down, Vikko Mos the self proclaimed King of the Mandalore, he is wearing similar armor to Boba except it carries not one scratch or blemish. His helmet is adorned with the six golden horns that are reserved for the Mandalorian elite, the rain bounces off his ornate breast plate armour and makes it glisten even more, his long deep purple cape bellows in the wind and even the mighty Boba Fett himself is momentary in awe of his imposing visitor.

    "Well if it isn't Vikko Mos.....I see you haven't lost your knack of showing up where you're not wanted"

    Boba lowers his weapon and strides down towards Vikko, he tries to regain his composure while scanning the landing bay for any other unwanted guests. Reaching a refueling outlet Boba casually leans up against it and tosses his blaster and helmet onto a mechanics work bench. Vikko also moves forward and shields himself from the rain beside Boba's trusted ship.

    "I felt a more personable approach was in order seeing as you've ignored every attempt I've made to contact you Boba"

    Vikko raises his hands and removes his elegant helmet, he places it down carefully on the ships gang plank. He's a lot younger than the weathered outlaw he addresses and much like his armour his features are clean and attractive except for a large scar running down the right side of his face.

    "I see you still have the little 'coronation' gift I gave you last time we met"

    For the first time in along time a smile spreads across Boba's face as Vikko runs his hand down his scar.

    "Yes.....yes....I've kept your little 'gift' as a reminder to never trust anyone again, not even one who proclaims to be a loyal servant of Mandalore"

    Boba's smile quickly vanishes as he takes a step closer to Vikko and points his favoured trigger finger directly at him.

    "I'm a loyal servant of Mandalore alright, just as my Father was....what I'll never do though is bow down to a faux 'King' who dishonours the very ideals my people stood for!"

    Unlike every other being in the galaxy Vikko doesn't appear to be threatened in anyway by his aggressive adversary or his reputation.

    "Your Father.....your people"

    Vikko breaks out into laughter.

    "hahahaha, you're no ones son and you have no're nothing more than a science experiment.....a clone....a piece of equipment. You're no more Jango's son than that little brat he had for a pet here on Kamino those many years ago. Do not tarnish the 'immortal' Jango Fetts legacy by claiming to be his offspring. You see Jango, like myself, was an individual and a proud member of the Mandalorian order, you on the other hand are nothing more than one of the hundreds of thousands of identical vermin that fell under the control of the Empire......."

    Boba has heard this type of talk many times before and he's learnt not to let his emotions take over even when every fibre of his being is screaming for him to take his blaster and cut down his smug brethren.

    " Father saw the need to fill your head with lies about being Mandalorian to try to give you a sense of loyalty and if it wasn't for him you'd still be wandering around the galaxy hiring out your services to any third rate gangster who could rub two credits together instead of being looked upon as one of the most feared bounty hunters this or any other galaxy has ever seen. My Father gave you everything 'Boba' and now I'm here to take it back!"

    Boba turns and lifts his 'dented helmet' off the work bench, he stares at it for a few seconds before placing it back down and turning to face Vikko Mos once again.

    "Your Father gave me an opportunity, nothing more.....I earned this helmet, this armor, and the right to be called Boba Fett and while I might not be the first to bare that name it is mine now"

    Without gaining Boba's attention Vikko motions towards the darkness and singles some one forward.

    "While I freely admit there aren't a lot of men alive who could have killed that Sarlacc on Tatooine and retrieved the armour you now wear I must stress that one act didn't give you the right to claim the Fett name as your own. You had to know you had a limited life span just as the Fett did who became that desert slugs've gotten old and slow Boba and there's no hiding from that...."

    Vikko directs Boba's attention to a corner of the docking bay hidden in the shadows, Boba is stunned to see a Mandalorian Warrior come into view as the man confidently makes his way over Boba is well aware that this just isn't any 'normal' Mandalorian because he is wearing armour identical to his own except, like his Kings, it shows no wear. The 'new' Boba Fett stops at his Masters side, salutes and removes his perfect helmet.

    "....and just as you took the original Boba's place in history it is now time for you to hand over the mantle to the new Boba Fett, my Boba Fett. You served my Father well and you should be proud of the way you made the name more infamous than your predecessor could ever have dreamt possible but as every year passes your strengths diminish as does the fear you instill in the bounties you apprehend"

    A thousand thoughts are flying through Boba's head as he is confronted by this new 'version' of himself. After what seems like an eternity, but is in actual fact only a few seconds, he quickly regathers his clear thinking.

    "Well what if I'm not ready to just stroll off into the sunset and retire"

    Vikko steps away from his protégé.

    "Retirement isn't an option at this point my old friend, the last thing I need is for two 'Boba Fetts' appearing around the galaxy at the same time because it would kill off the name forever. Unfortunately for you there can be only Father used the trial on Tatooine as a way for you to prove your worthiness to carry on the original Fetts name and I must set a similar task for my own incarnation"

    A tense cloud falls over the three men as each one tries to contemplate what the other will do. The older of the Fett is the first to speak.

    "Well it looks like we've hit a slight snag because even though my eyes aren't what they used to be I can't see a Sarlacc Pit anywhere here for your imposter to jump head first into"

    Vikko slips his helmet back over his head.

    "No you had to slay the Sarlacc because the original Fett was dead inside Fett, the true Fett, just has to complete one task.....kill you"

    The older Boba quickly grabs his blaster turns and fires one shot directly at Vikko's head but just as fast the younger Fett anticipates his every move and hurls his helmet towards his Master, the helmet explodes into a thousand pieces as it intercepts the deadly bolt which would have surely ended Vikko's life. The blast knocks the Mandalorian 'King' unconscious onto his back. The younger Fett seeing his Master is still alive turns back to his rival only to find himself facing down the same blaster.

    "I never took you for a coward.....I guess that's something I can change once I take over"

    Again the older Boba cracks a smile.

    "I must say I'm quite impressed how you saved your Masters life there young one but it'll take more than a good arm to replace me I am however interested to see what else you're capable of"

    Boba throws his blaster to the floor and the noise of the steel bouncing off the concrete reverberates around the docking bay. The two men circle around as they both wait for the other to make the first move. The younger Fett pushes forward and just as Vikko stated the older Fett is much to slow to move his head...CRACK...the first shot shatters Boba's jaw. The old man stumbles backwards as blood flows from his mouth the young lion sensing a quick victory reels back to deliver another blow but this time all his fist meets is it's the younger Fett who feels the full force of Boba's strength as he takes a shot to the mid-section, the punch drops him to his knees. Boba stands above him and murmurs through a mouthful of blood and bone.

    "I guess you're not as strong as Vikko can walk away now kid you don't have to die just because your 'King' made a bad decision"

    Boba wipes the blood from his face and doesn't realise his younger opponent has picked up a wrench that had fallen off the mechanics work bench. With one quick lunge the wrench is buried in Boba's chest knocking him back several meters. The younger Fett rears back and while regaining his feet delivers a second blow to the side of the staggering Boba's head.....he is shocked to see that Boba is still standing after being hit so without hesitation he drives his knee squarely into Boba's face, this has the desired affect as the older Fett drops to the wet concrete in a dead heap.

    "Get you hear me old man.....get to your feet"

    The younger Boba stomps hard down onto his fallen foes neck before turning back to his Master, Vikko has managed to pull himself up to his knees and smiles as he sees his Boba walking towards him and the former Boba laying 'dead' on the docking bay floor. His happiness soon disappears as he watches the arm of the supposedly 'dead' Fett lift from the ground and fire a rope from his gauntlet.

    "Boba look out behind you!"

    Before the younger Fett can react the rope entangles both of his ankles and he crashes to the hard concrete. Now its the older Fett who has the wrench in hand, as his victim struggles to free himself Boba slowly regathers his feet....blood is now flowing from his broken jaw and nose but not even that can mask the joy on his face.

    "Are you watching this Mos....your Father picked me because he knew I was the best, better than the Fett before me and certainly better than the one you said yourself than can be only one and for once I totally agree with you"

    Boba makes his way over to his frantic 'younger self' and taking the wrench in both hands raises it high above his head to deliver what will surely be a fatal blow, he pauses for a moment while his victim begs for his life, it's something he's heard a million times before, his face strains as he prepares to swing.....BOOM.....before he can move a blaster bolt rips through his chest followed quickly by three more, the wrench falls from his hands and then Boba Fett, the most revered bounty hunter who has ever lived, takes in his last breath before falling dead to the floor. The young Fett looks back and sees Vikko Mos, with blaster in hand, standing above him. He finally frees his legs and stands again beside his Master.

    "My Lord, we did it........Boba Fett is dead"

    Vikko Mos turns and looks at his loyal and obedient subject.

    "No.....Boba Fett is not dead.....YOU ARE BOBA FETT!"

    The Mandalorian King then makes his way to the body of the one time Fett, Vikko reaches down and closes Boba's eyes while saying a generations old Mandalorian prayer for the dead. Both he and his Boba Fett stay silent for a few minutes out of respect for their fallen comrade.

    "Sir, what shall we do with the body....we can't just leave it here, he'd be identified by someone in no time"

    Knowing this isn't the first time someone thought they'd killed the legendary Boba Fett only to see him rise from the dead Vikko fires ten more shots into the lifeless body.

    "We'll take the body with us and bury him on Mandalore....although I don't see him as one of us I gave my word to my Father that I would do it, put him in the temperature controlled cargo hold on 'Slave One' and take that armour off him so we can burn it"

    Boba lifts the dead body onto his shoulders and makes his way into 'Slave One' he reemerges a short time later to inform his King that he has completed his wishes. The two men take a final look around the docking bay before both walking up the gang plank. Half way up Vikko stops and walks back towards the refueling outlet, bending down he picks up Boba Fetts 'dented helmet'.

    "'ll be needing this"

    He throws the helmet to the new Boba Fett who takes it and for the first time places the iconic lid over his head and while he had worn his new version of the helmet before it was destroyed it's not until this moment that both men feel that this Boba Fett is now the true Boba Fett. The two men again enter 'Slave One' as the cargo door closes, soon after the engines whine into life and the ship fires into the dark Kamino sky.
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    Interesting concept. So Boba Fett really died in the sarlacc and another clone killed the sarlacc, took his armor and replaced him? That is a cool twist. Nice job at your first fanfic!
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    Mar 12, 2013
    Ive always been a bit 'iffy' with the whole idea of Boba blasting his way out of the Sarlacc and thought seeing theres so many clones running around the galaxy that surely different ones could be trained the same way the original Boba was.

    Thanks for saying my first ff was ok :D I'm halfway through Chapter two now so hopefully thats a bit better
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