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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Mr. P, Jun 24, 2001.

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  1. Mr. P

    Mr. P FanFic Archive Editor, Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 1, 2000
    No... this isn't a new index; I don't have time for taht (yet). :p However, I found a copy of the old index hanging around on a year-old disk, and decided taht it deserved reposting.

    This is the link to the old index: link,

    And what follows is a repost of the old UBB fan fiction forum index! :D :D BTW, I didn't put this together... just made it work with the somewaht different UBB code that snowboards uses.

    I think that I'll add new threads (from snowboards) by request only. If you want me to add new threads (or websites, there are places for those) to the index, PM me about it with the link and I'll add them. :) If there are threads that are listed here and are still here, in Snowboards, and you know about it, PM me a link and I'll make a note in the archives.

    --Mr. P :cool:


    Last updated 3-25-2000
    (I try to update at least once a month)

    Tales from Jedi Council Cantina
    "Space For Rent - Perfect Location for a Cantina"
    The Bar where "everyone knows your name"
    A New Cantina
    200 or less cantina
    The Millennium Club Bar and Grill
    300 or less cantina.
    The Brand Spank-M...uh, "In"... New Cantina
    Tales from the Jedi Council Cantina: A Mon Calamari Sunset
    Tales from the Jedi Council Cantina: Millenial Utinni

    Hathor, StarGazer, Rogue Octopus, and Lt. Kettch'spoetry thread
    Hathor, Ton Phanan, Jeff 42, and Son of Kenobi's poetry thread
    Hathor, Jeff 42, SoK, Loopy, SoaH, SS, Maul Brady, and anyone else's poetry thread
    Hathor, Son of Kenobi, and Jeff 42's "New and Refined" Poetry Thread
    Hathor, Jeff 42, and Son of Kenobi's Shiny New Poetry Thread (Victim of Oct. 27 crash)
    Hathor, Jeff 42, and Son of Kenobi's Phoenix-Like Poetry Thread
    Hathor, Son of Kenobi, Ton, Jeff 42 official (yes JC.n approved) poetry thread

    One Letterers
    One Letter

    One Worders
    The Star Wars Millenium Party One Worder (Our goal is 2000 posts)
    Ye Ol One Worder (This link is to page 3. The other pages disappeared in the server crash of 10-27)
    Ye Old One Worder 2.0
    One Worder
    One Worder bt Stinrab, Archive repost
    one word
    One Worder on Episode I
    Special One Worder
    Revival of "worder"? Jeff42? SoaH? iamurm
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