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Resource The Fanon Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Jun 3, 2003

    Hmmm, because I like the odd tattoo? Not into full body/arm/leg stuff....but I like suggestive stuff, tribal maybe that leads.........places. ;) I have a few tattoos and they are not the cliche ones you see (wolves, eagles, flags, kids names/faces) And I'm proud of them so maybe thats where it came in?
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Hapes Consortium
    Some fanon regarding the Hapes Consortium

    Political organisation
    * The old noble families, including the royal one, are the decedents of the original pirate families and each control an area of the Consortium, usually their own ancestral area and then some - often a continent or even a whole system. Many of the younger noble families also have areas that they control but not all. The noble families live of (or more often, try to) what their lands can produce and gain or lose land by buying/selling it or as the queen wills. This means that many times are a noble family the ruling group of a planet or system.
    * Not all continents/planets/systems/other have an established owner or belongs to the crown and who gets control, or are denied control, of those areas are important parts of the Consortium's political game.
    * Not all noble families are old, and not all old noble families are important or powerful.
    * each planets/systems is it's own area with it's own culture, costumes and laws (similar to the States in USA, or the Bundesländer in Germany) - this means that some planets treat their menfolk similar to Saudi Arabia (or possibly worse), while on other planets the males have a social standing comparable to women in 1980's USA (more or less). Also male members of the nobility many times have more freedom than non-noble males.
    * I have not any idea if the Consortium have a one chamber, or a two/more chambers parliament but it has a parliament of some kind; made up by representatives of the noble families, planetary governments, large/important organisations, oligarchs, native species, and/or similar.


    Teneniel Djo's effect on the Consortium
    * Teneniel Djo took an entourage of Dathomirians with her to Hapes, in a way do they function as her Varangian Guard.
    * The whole CoPL adventure, which ended with the Consortium's most after sought bachelor coming back with a barbarian witch-princess as his new fiancée + she had other Dathomirians with her, and Dathomir become a protectorate of the Consortium (with a station there), lead to a new fashion trend inspired by Dathomir fashion (or rather the Hapans idea of Dathomir fashion). This trend, which also included a fashion for outdoor lifestyles, have waxed and waned but never gone away.
    * I can see a trend among nobles in trying to be accepted among Dathomir clans (or at least live "the Dathomir lifestyle" for a period), get their own rancorn, and or witch advisor after CoPL, etcetera.
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    May 11, 2016
    Now its getting insane, one of my current Fanon projetcs is focused on Hapes(specifically Hapan Rebel/Pirate Groups) as well. Seems you where right a couple weeks back, @Gamiel we truly think alike. :)
    Was debating wich of the two projects I´m currently working on would be the first to go up, but now that´s settled, it will be the Hapan one.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    My way of thinking is that since each clan seems to be about a town's worth of people so would everybody know everybody, if not really by name so by face and/or kinship, so would everybody have a knowledge which male belonged to which women, either by kinship or ownership and new faces would quickly be known since people would wonder who the new guy is. All this would mean that slave markings would just not be needed, if you ask me. But you ain't, I'm just explaining my thinking and you can ignore it.

    The thing for me is that ‘clan’ and ‘tribe’ declare a kind of kinship, usually by blood and marriage, and a kind of kinship organisation, while what you describe don't really feels like that to me. I would probably use 'coven', 'circle', 'society' or similar instead of clan or tribe, but that's just me.

    Unless it was established in NJO, FotJ or ETC., do I think it’s fanon.

    Based on that we see in RL that, in male-chauvinistic societies, men can treat their womenfolk in different ways and that you had different ways of treating slaves in slave societies without it being seen as wrong (up to a point, in both cases).

    Based on that you can have people loving each other in RL societies where the gender roles are highly unequal, and there are such things like the Normalmtorgs/Stockholm Syndrome so can I see love exist.



    Aha, okey.

    Do you have any examples of this post-CoPL?

    *looks up the Raining Leaves clan* Okey… Yea, that don’t really work with my fanon, neither all the men-folks rising up to kill all the women, neither the retaliation. My reading of CoPL is that while the men are property are they still family (like how, in RL, women in some parts of the world are the (de facto if not de Juro) property of their husband or oldest male relative) and if the men would do something like that would they have to agree on that their mothers, daughters, sisters, and/or wives all had to be put to the blade, I just can’t see that.
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    May 11, 2016
    Hm, I think you overestimate the memory here when it comes to slaves. At least to me most witches don´t really care for them, see them as clearly beneath them, so they wouldn´t know where they belong to. Also its in a sense a protection for the slave as being claimed by a witch in a sense protects them from the others.
    Also could come into playy with runaway slaves being found by other tribes.

    Disagree on that, tribe in my opinion is not nesessary blood bound, its more about kinship wich the warlocks who live in tribes usually share.

    Behind closed doors maybe, but they would get in trouble when their slaves act against the rules publicily or in front of clan leaders. Like sure, Marie could have treated Adrian better in her home, but have him run errands in the city or go hunting with her, or talk back to her mother the clan matriarch? Doubt that, that would work without any backlash. Again it would give other slaves ideas.

    Sure but is Stockholm Syndrome real love? Cause if you follow that argument you are basically only one step away from "its no rape if the victim took pleasure from it," which is defenetly a place I don´t wnat to go to.

    Not sure problem is after courtship we rarely see people other than the Skysolos and their friends visit, who aren´t strangers. Thing is tough it is in Courtship and never disproven anywhere else.

    Would they really care? I mean in a true sense not a stockholm syndrom coloured way? Cause why would they care, consider their abusers, the people who keep them as slaves, sell them to be raped, as family? Especially in like an ultra conservative clan like the Raining Leaves who probably mistreat them even worse than most others. If they saw an opening I think they would take it. Also consider that this told from teh Raining Leaves perspective, maybe the men just wanted to be free/escape and the witches reacted with a pruge, only later trying to justifiy it as self defense.
    Tough I agree and in my opinion most witches are not this cruel, they wouldn´t kill their slaves for little reason, individuals maybe but never all males in their tribe over a certian age.
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Sock here, popping in for a quick update. @Gamiel has a new post on the Hapes Consortium (which is his May post—the one about the Mukdar, announced earlier this year, was actually technically his April post).

    And as always, I’m open to ideas for discussions, challenges, or both; I think it’s high time for one or the other and would love to hear your ideas! :D
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    May 11, 2016
    Fanon Entry for May 2020 Pirates of the Galaxy

    Finally I keep my years old promise to @Gamiel to talk about pirates.
    These are some pirate groups I´ve come up with over the years, was inthially thinking makeing this just about Hapes but eventually decided to include others as well. More are probably to come in the future.

    The Crimson Dragons

    The Crimson Dragons are a Hapan pirate/rebel group who operate anywhere in the Consortium and even beyond. In contrast to many other pirates the Dragons are a very well trained and disciplined fighting force as they were originally the personal elite guard of queen Carina over a thousand years ago. Carina was a very incredibly liberal Queen Mother who planned to instate many social reforms into Hapes and end a lot of the injustices in the Consortium, amongst others allowing males to serve in her personal guard but this naturally made her very hated by the rest of the nobility who eventually launched a coup against her in which she was killed. Her remaining guard tough managed to escape and fought their way out of the ambush, going into hiding in the deeper Transitory Mists, from which they then proceeded to launch their own war against the Hapans. They still retain Carina´s revolutionary ideals to this day with their end goal being to utterly reform the Hapan society and removing the injustices against men and non nobles in general, a goal that has gained them quite a lot of support from the lower classes and even a few minor noble families. It's impossible to say how far their connections reach but it is clear that the Crimson Dragons are a force to be reckoned with, excellent pilots who know the outer regions of Hapes much better than the Hapan military who attack in quick surgical strikes against their targets often military installations or noble property. Due to their professional roots they always attempt to minimize causalities on both sides and will treat civilians and even surrendering soldiers politely. They also see themselves still as Hapans and will aid their nation in times of need, for example during the second galactic civil war they did attack GA forces to aid the Hapan military.

    The Golden Dawn

    The Golden Dawn is another Hapes based group. Compared to the Crimson Dragons they are a pretty new group as they only really came into existence after Hapes had slowly begun to open itself to the rest of the galaxy. Seeing how in the rest of the galaxy men can be leaders of worlds, concerns and even entire nations many young Hapan males began to speak up and demand greater rights if not total equality, creating the Golden Dawn movement, which took hold especially amongst the male nobility. The government crackdown on the, so far peaceful, movement was brutal and many members were arrested or murdered and the organization itself outlawed. This caused a radicalization of many members who fled to continue their struggle in a violent way. They are loosely allied to the Crimson Dragons with the former hoping to halt the growing radicalization of the GD.

    The Heirs of Lorell

    Where both the CD and GD see their piracy actions as means to achieve a political goal the Heirs of Lorell are less interested in politics but more in the piracy itself. Being possibly the largest pirate organization in the Hapan space they are proud of their heritage towards the Lorell Raiders and see them as the glorious old days of Hapes, where they would raid the entire galaxy. Though in contrast to the raiders of old the Heirs of Lorell are equal when it comes genders and most of their leaders have in fact been women, many of them former nobles who got exiled or simply younger daughters who seek adventure and riches. The group tends to raid both inside and outside the Hapan borders, making little difference in the choosing of their targets. Tough it is known that they are still in contact with several Hapan families and will occasionally work as mercenaries for them to get rid of rival nobles or other political opponents. In truth tough the higher ranks of the Heirs harbor an even darker connection as they are in many ways connected to if not, these days the, outright successors to the Ni'Korish faction as they share their hatred of the Jedi for what they did to the raiders. This has also made them sworn enemies of the Djo family and often work for their political opponents.

    Tarkis Marauders

    Tarkis Damon was once a Jedi of the Old Republic who became an Imperial Inquisitor after the fall. As one of the largest and physically strongest humans of his age he was also a decent tactical and the emperor used him as a terror tool that made even Darth Vader's approach look subtle. During this time Tarkis gathered a following of likeminded soldiers around him, becoming the first of his Marauders. After the battle of Endor Tarkis refused the emperors summon to Byss but instead deserted with his men, making their way to the Teris sector. Conquering the sector in only a few years Tarkis made a deal with the Hutts to sell slaves and artifacts to them, while the ranks of his marauders grew as mercenaries and pirates from all over the galaxy joined his ranks. His rule would last for three long decades during which the fallen Jedi would sake his own battle lust and sadism at the population of the sector. Eventually a rebellion rose in the sector against him but it was only in 36 ABY when Tarkis, now in his late sixties was finally slain. After his death his band was shattered, with most survivors fleeing to the Huttspace and joining other pirate groups. Tarkis dark legacy however remains the man who came closer than anyone else at breaking the Terians.

    Pirates of Serian

    Long ago the world of Serian was a ruled by an Aristocracy and a part of the Galactic Republic, tough all of this changed in 965 BBY when the nobles where overthrown in a bloody civil war. They would eventually flee to the Teris Sector where they would colonize a world they called Serian as well, after their lost homeworld. Said homeworld tough became a free world, leaving the Republic and opening its borders. This lawlessness made it a magnet for all sorts of unsavory and shady people, including many pirates and thus Serian became a pirate nest, helped by its location between the Corellian run and Hydian way that allowed to raid two of the most frequented trade lines of the galaxy. Of course the republic would eventually discover the planet had turned into a pirate nest but with Serian´s status as a independent world, which the republic had granted them it was hard to do something and even the times they did occupy the planet the pirates would just hide in the various fogs surrounding the planet until the republican garrison would become weak enough to be overthrown.
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    Awesome @Anedon!

    Wonderful worldbuilding.

    I can see piracy existing in wild space on the edges of major hyperlanes, or where the law is non existent but trade is rich.

    As for the Crimson Dragons and Golden Dawn strike me as being potentially co opted though. As in they are pawns of various Hapan elites to press for concessions or to protect their own economic interests-as many RL insurgencies are co opted either by the government or various provincial, corporate, and notable power brokers. And so serve said interests. Given their ties with the nobility-I would think them being co-opted would be very likely.
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  9. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Thanks [face_blush]

    Sure, I could also see a rise of piracy once the Interdictor technology becomes more widespread through the galaxy.

    Sure, tough also just to clarify I think there are several other Hapan pirate groups with much stronger connections to the various noble houses. But certianly in the case of the Golden Dawn, they are used by various Hapan factions over time, not too hard to manipulate them into doing your bidding, just spread stories about the cruelties of your rival nobles and there is a good chance the Dawn might attack them. Also due to not having many connections they tend to be often short on cash so they tend to work quite a bit a mercenaries for anyone willing to hire them, be that other pirates or nobles.

    As for the Crimson Dragons its a bit more complicated, while they also on occasion do some mercenary work(though mostly against people they would have fought on their own accord anyway), they can kind of avoid being used because of their own connections to certian noble families, usually smaller, more liberal ones. But these relationships tend to be more equal than what the other Hapan pirates have going. So while they do aid the economic and political intrests of said families, the families also aid them, with money, resources, safe landing places and even on the political side of things. Also the Dragons are willing to work with generally any liberal Hapan nobles, and in the early days had a pretty okay relationship with the Djos to the point that during Allana´s reign they actually had a peace agrement with her and where hunting down some of her enemies for her. Though when, in my headcanon, Allana´s liberal reforms where taken back again by her successors that alliance broke.
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    Fanon Entry for May 2020

    Note: all the material presented in this thread is based on a rather massive spreadsheet I made assigning labels to all 5127 levels. The following post is a summary based on that data.

    The Structure of the Coruscant Underworld


    The cityscape of Coruscant is a construction of almost unimaginable scope. It extends fifty-one kilometers out from the oceanic crust of the planet, not counting the spires of Galactic City above, and has a volume of over 24 billion cubic kilometers. For reference this means its total volume is over 11,000 times that of the first Death Star. This mammoth megastructure is far larger than that of any equivalent ecumenopolis in the galaxy.

    Coruscant is divided into two regions: Galactic City and the Underworld. Galactic City occupies level 5127 of Corsucant. This is the only level open to the external atmosphere, and the structures of Galactic City rise as much as 6000 meters above the surface of that level. While most of the level is much smaller in scope, the average height of Galactic City structures is nevertheless nearly 300 meters, making it the size of fully thirty underworld levels.

    Galactic City is considerably more populous and prosperous than the underworld, mostly due to the proximity to interstellar trade and to the centers of galactic power that occupy this surface region. It holds roughly one trillion permanent residents and a sizable transient population that reaches into the hundreds of billions during peak periods. Many visitors to Coruscant believe, falsely, that Galactic City is essentially the whole of the planet, and that the levels beneath merely provide essential infrastructure to support it.

    This is very much not the case. The underworld represents an entire world of its own below the surface. In fact, many worlds, for scattered across the 5126 levels of the underworld are culturally and environmentally distinct regions that offer stark differences not just from Galactic City, but also from their neighbors above and below. This region is also, notably, heavily populated. While a full census of the underworld has never been conducted, reliable estimates suggest the resident population is between 500 and 700 billion. It should not be neglected.

    The Level System

    Officially Coruscant's vast underworld is organized by means of levels. Each level covers the entirety of Corsucant's planetary surface. To get a sense of how this works, imagine taking a globe and stretching a sheet of plastic across the full surface. Then repeat the process just over five thousand times.

    The levels are both a real and illusory means of organizing the underworld. They are principally a structural component, a layer cake of horizontal planes laid out across the planetary surface as the megastructure ascended ever further upwards. Each level is roughly ten meters in height, with only minor variations based mostly of slight differences in construction regimes over time. This overall structure can be observed by descending one of the vast underworld portals of Coruscant, as the levels will be marked off in sequence on the walls, rather like geological strata in an impossibly deep canyon.

    At the same time, the actual internal structure of the underworld tends to regularly discard levels by building across their bounds or by knocking away barriers to create vast internal open spaces. This is not universal or properly organized in any way, and the levels remain the only official recognition of position in terms of height, but unofficially most portions of the underworld represent regions that conglomerate anything from a handful to over one hundred levels worth of territory into a coherent unit.

    This sort of variance renders the bureaucracy of underworld governance a nightmare.

    Regional Divisions

    As mentioned, the underworld is largely divided into regions that conglomerate some number of levels. This is almost always done by joining adjacent areas to a single purpose. While much of the underworld is indeed formed of the chaotic sprawling cityscapes commonly portrayed in media, a huge portion is used for other needs, and the majority of it is not in fact designed for habitation at all. In fact only 1594 levels, or just over 30%, represent cityscape. A plurality of levels, 2243, or 44%, are used for some industrial or infrastructural purpose. A final 1290 levels, or 25%, are used for basic storage and support purposes or have been somehow abandoned.

    Type divisions can be broke down considerably further, into approximately 40 major categories.

    Cityscapes mostly represent variations based on quality, density, and habitability: Aquatic; Degraded Industrial; Degraded Low-Density; Degraded Mixed; Degraded Residential; Industrial; Low-Density; Mixed; Parkland; and Residential.

    Industrial and Infrastructure Regions are mostly purpose based: Airflow Base Grid; Airflow Support Grid; Aquafarming; Atmosphere Reprocessing; Bulk Processing; Chemical Processing; Electronic Infrastructure; Filtration; Gas Exchange; Heat Dissipation; Hydroponics; Industrial Processing; Misc Infrastructure; Power Distribution; Power Generation; Reclaimed Workers Barracks; Remnant Infrastructure; Secondary Power Grid; Waste Processing; and Workers Barracks.

    Support and Abandoned Regions are mostly grouped by what occupies them: Chemical Storage; Derelict Ancient Cityscape; Modern Foundation; Ruined Infrastructural Area; Structural Base; Structural Storage; Structural Support; and Water Storage.

    Some of these regions occur only once throughout the underworld, such as the Power Generation region of the planet's principle power grid, but others repeat regularly. There are numerous distinct and different Mixed Cityscapes found through the varied strata of the underworld.

    It should also be mentioned that while the industrial and abandoned sections of the underworld are not intended to be inhabited, a great many of do in fact have resident populations. Generally so long as some level of atmosphere is sustained, a level will serve as the home for someone, even if only in tiny pockets. After all, each level covers an area the size of a planetary surface and has ten meters of height (keep in mind that on most planets all inhabited structures would not even come close to filling such a volume once redistributed accordingly), so it is easy for small pockets to harbor settlements or even cities with millions of people scattered about unofficial and disregarded. This hidden population does not represent a significant portion of the underworld's overall populace, but it considerably outnumbers that of the average planet in the galaxy.

    Further, while a huge number of infrastructure levels are not able to host permanent inhabitants due to the absence of breathable atmospheres, reasonable temperatures, or some other suitably deadly impediment, many regularly allow access by huge numbers of maintenance workers and construction crews who insure their essential functions continue to operate. Also, of course, there are droids everywhere throughout the underworld. They outnumber organic sapient beings several times over.

    Brief Type Descriptions

    An aquatic cityscape is just what it sounds like, a city designed for habitation by aquatic peoples, whether fully marine or just amphibious. Such regions are flooded and have limited areas of open air. Specialized structural designs are used to provide access to modern industrial lifestyles within the aquatic context.
    Degraded Industrial
    A degraded industrial cityscape is one intended primarily for the manufacture of goods rather than residence. These regions tend to deal with dangerous or low-value commodities and feature deleterious environmental conditions due to highly toxic and poorly monitored operations. They are primarily found in the lower half of the underworld.
    Degraded Low-Density
    A cityscape of this type is intended for low-density occupation, but has lost quality due to poor maintenance, poverty, or some other factor. These regions tend to feature fortified shantytowns held by various united groups near critical junctions and wide areas of largely abandoned territory left to squatters.
    Degraded Mixed
    These are generalized cityscapes intended to operate any and all possible functions, but that have become reduced in quality over time through a combination of failure to maintain infrastructure properly, overcrowding, and poverty. This is a very common type of region in the underworld.
    Degraded Residential
    Cityscapes of this type are designed primarily for habitation, but feature decaying systems, low-quality housing, and general poverty. They tend to feature packed slums, numberless squatters, and a significant homeless population (homelessness is very common in the underworld as the ambient temperature essentially eliminates exposure as a risk factor).
    These are cityscapes dedicated primarily to manufacturing or other industrial processes. Coruscant is actually an industrial powerhouse, though it is not commonly thought of as such, and these regions are primarily responsible that. Population is lower here, but there are still large numbers of people who live in close proximity to their workplaces.
    Designed to house people but with considerably more space per person, these regions are some of the more prosperous ones found in the underworld. They also tend to feature different species mixes compared to more common cityscapes as they accommodate species that struggle with high-density habitats.
    This type represents the generalized underworld cityscape, a dense environment filled with many people of countless species conducting all possible forms of city business. The general portrayal of the Coruscant Underworld features areas similar to this, or their degraded counterparts. Mixed cityscapes are also similar to the non-skyscraper portions of Galactic City in many ways, only slightly less prosperous and lacking a sky.
    Found only in the upper sections of the underworld, Parkland cityscapes are regions deliberately designed to serve as parks, though in fact they more closely resemble gigantic atria. These are large and open areas with considerable amounts of vegetation build into the superstructure. They do have some residents and represent the most expensive real estate in the underworld.
    These are cityscapes intended to provide habitation, but with considerably less emphasis on commercial or industrial functions. The residents of these regions typically work elsewhere, often forming the labor force that maintains the many nominally uninhabited levels of the underworld. These regions feature very dense conditions, but are otherwise fairly comfortable.

    Industrial and Infrastructural
    Airflow Base Grid
    This is the system that initiates airflow throughout the underworld. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function. Deeply hostile due to a lack of resources, it features only a tiny number of squatters.
    Airflow Support Grid
    These regions are found scattered throughout the underworld in order to promote proper airflow through the various environments. Very hostile due to the presence of perpetual hurricane force winds in most areas, they feature very small squatter populations.
    Only one region dedicated to this purpose exists. It produces seafood, most of which is consumed by the elite and the residents of galactic city. The environment features a considerable population of resident workers and hidden squatters within its entirely aquatic confines.
    Atmospheric Refining
    This regions generates, maintains, and resupplies the Underworld, and Galactic City, with necessary atmospheric components. It is not habitable. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function.
    Bulk Processing
    Regions of this nature are responsible for the production of critical bulk commodities whose production tends to be measured in cubic kilometers. This primarily applies to structural materials like duracrete and plastoid, but also to certain feed-stocks for more complex manufacturing processes. These regions usually lack any atmosphere and are not inhabited.
    Chemical Processing
    These regions are used in mass chemical processing. They primarily develop precursors for industrial processes or structural components. They are also a major final destination for reprocessed solid wastes. Largely without atmosphere they are uninhabited.
    Electronic Infrastructure
    Scattered throughout the underworld, these usually small regions provide the electronic backbone necessarily to both sustain the functioning of a city planet and to provide essential network services to the population. Due to limited atmosphere they do not host permanent inhabitants.
    These regions are used for the filtration and redistribution of liquids. They are most common near aquatic cityscapes, but are scattered throughout the underworld. Due to a lack of consistent atmosphere they are uninhabited.
    Gas Exchange
    These generally small regions are used to re-calibrate the gas mix in the air in order to provide a suitable atmosphere for adjacent regions. They are generally adjoined to areas that accommodate populations that do not naturally breathe the typical oxygen-nitrogen mix common to humans and their relatives. As inhabiting a region with a continually fluctuating atmosphere is extremely hazardous, they are uninhabited.
    Heat Dissipation
    The underworld and galactic city produce vast levels of waste energy in the form of heat. This accumulates at a rate far beyond what the planet can naturally radiate into space. Advanced heat management technologies are therefore necessary to keep the ecumenopolis from melting. While all inhabited levels feature infrastructure of this nature, dedicated heat management regions are found scattered throughout the underworld.
    Coruscant actually produces a food surplus under normal conditions. This is largely attributable to the over six hundred levels dedicated to hydroponic farming. While the food produced in this fashion tends to be texture-less and unappetizing, it does provide for the nutritional needs of the immense population. Hydroponic regions feature a small number of residents individually, but this becomes fairly substantial when considered in aggregate.
    Industrial Processing
    This region recycles separated industrial wastes back into their base elemental materials. This is an extremely high energy process. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function. This region is uninhabited.
    Misc Infrastructure
    Regions with this label are dedicated to a specific exotic industrial purpose not otherwise easily defined. These include gravity control, force field generation, and other major technologies requiring dedicated areas for large scale deployment. As such functions are extremely high energy in nature these regions are uninhabited.
    Power Distribution
    This is the primary power transmission network located adjacent to the main planetary power grid. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function. This region is uninhabited.
    Power Generation
    This region is Coruscant's primary planetary power grid, a series massive generators of incredible capacity. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function. This region is uninhabited.
    Reclaimed Workers Barracks
    These are small regions designed for the purpose of housing large numbers of industrial workers on temporary dockets for heavy industrial work. Located in the very low levels they have been reclaimed from regions once used for something else. These regions do have a small number of permanent inhabitants who mostly provide services for their more transient charges.
    Remnant Infrastructure
    The original plan for the Coruscant ecumenopolis was produced and developed by the Gree. At that point in time their industry vastly outstripped that of humans. This region contains remnant Gree infrastructure devices necessary to sustain the planet. Their purpose is not entirely understood, but the Coruscanti maintain them as best they can. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function.
    Secondary Power Grid
    These are small regions scattered throughout the underworld both designed to provide redundancy in power generation and to support additional localized demand. They are uninhabited due to the extreme charge gradients.
    Waste Processing
    Coruscant's many inhabitants and even larger number of droids produce immense quantities of waste of all types. Many dedicated waste processing regions, tailored to local needs, have been created as a result. Waste processing regions tend to have small numbers of scrambling squatter populations, varying in size depending on local conditions.
    Worker Barracks
    These are small regions designed for the purpose of housing large numbers of industrial workers on temporary dockets for heavy industrial work. They have been specifically designed and built for this purpose. These regions do have a small number of permanent inhabitants who mostly provide services for their more transient charges.

    Support and Abandoned
    Chemical Storage
    These regions store huge quantities of bulk chemical as reservoirs to meet various needs. They are usually small and are uninhabited due to the dangers of extreme toxicity.
    Derelict Ancient Cityscape
    This is not the first iteration of Coruscant as an ecumenopolis. Lost levels that contain the remains of cities that once stood in the same place as the current one lie scattered across the lower regions. Most of their capabilities are forgotten and non-functional, but significant squatter populations camp among such forbidding ruins.
    Modern Foundation
    This is the foundation level that serves as the anchor to the entirety of the planetary cityscape. It is one of several industrial regions located near the very bottom with a singular essential function. Completely airless, it is uninhabited.
    Ruined Infrastructural Area
    Coruscant's underworld contains several regions, quite large in size, where the population has lost control of the ambient infrastructure and abandoned it to maddened processes, feral droids, and desperate squatters. Though the populations that survive within them have low densities, they are surprisingly numerous overall.
    Structural Base
    The first three levels of the underworld are the almost impossibly solid structural base, formed of ancient materials no longer understood that serve to anchor the megastructure to the heart of the planet.
    Structural Support
    The largest single regional type in the underworld, at nearly seven hundred levels, is dedicated simply to the act of holding the megastructure itself together. Airless and uninhabited, these massive solid regions are patrolled by rare droids but are otherwise inert monuments to engineering.
    Water Storage
    Coruscant's oceans were long ago eaten by the city, but the water itself did not vanish. While a considerable portion is held in aquatic cityscapes, hydroponics, and other regions, some of it is simply stored in scattered regions designed for the purpose. These reservoirs host tiny squatter populations, but these waters are extremely hostile to organic life.

    Named Regions
    Most of the regions of the underworld that host any significant habitation, or even a particularly notable industry, have acquired colloquial nomenclature. The following regional descriptions denote regions of interest throughout the underworld.

    Remnant – Levels 4-10 – Derelict Ancient Cityscape

    This fragmentary cityscape of ancient unknown origin lies just above the very base of the underworld, and below the modern foundations that buried it. Archaeological interest in this region is strong, but the damage to the ruins makes discovery rare. A significant number of Coruscanti take an interest in reaching 'the bottom' of their world, and a modest tourist industry has carved itself into existence on these lowest levels near the handful of accessible portals. Total Population: 5 thousand.

    Gree Clutter – Levels 216 – 275 – Remnant Infrastructure

    The Gree Clutter is filled with poorly understood technologies propagated by that mysterious and complex species. Though the region is incredibly deadly due to a combination of erratic computation and merciless droids, the daring regularly probe this region in search of lost technologies. Dedicated workers patrol here doing their best to insure the machinery maintains its poorly understood but essential functions, though in truth it defends itself better than they can. Total Population: 500 thousand.

    Droid Ranges – Levels 276 – 295 – Derelict Ancient Cityscape

    This region of city was built by droids, for droids. It completely lacks many of the features, like water, utilized by organic life. Precisely whose droids manufactured it, and when, has been lost to history as rogue machines from countless cultures have come to this region to compete with each other and the desperate squatter communities that seek to forge lives here. Many seeking the lost secrets of droids travel to this place. Total Population: 2 million.

    Hell Stage – Levels 296 – 300 – Reclaimed Worker Barracks

    The droid city below them surrendered these levels to organic life, though only just, and they often try to take it back. This is the lowest staging point for workers in the underworld and the deepest levels to feature a population above five figures. Workers do not volunteer to come here, and most are assigned to these levels as punitive labor. Total Population: 50 million.

    Purge Stage – Levels 786 – 790 – Worker Barracks

    These barracks were crafted to house the immense number of workers needed to maintain the critical infrastructure of the first thousand levels. Worker population in these barracks generally hovers above one billion per level, in two or three week rotations. The worker base here is drawn from throughout the underworld according to specialty. To 'survive a purge' is a badge of honor among the blue collar communities of the underworld and cross-region work here builds a great deal of underworld solidarity. Total Population: 50 million.

    Erosionland – Levels 1091 – 1100 – Derelict Ancient Cityscape

    The city now known as Erosionland was once a shining place of towers and metal, but millennia above a major portion of the air flow grid have literally ground it down into a nearly formless mass. The floors here are coated with meters of metallic dust and sand and the hostile squatter populations huddle in protective suits and prey upon those who would come seeking lost riches among those few bunkers that remain. Total Population: 5 million.

    The Works – Levels 1176 – 1275 – Ruined Infrastructural Area

    This region should not be confused with the ruined portion of Galactic City with the same name, though there are many similarities between them, and most observers believe one was named for the other, though no one can agree as to which one. The Works consists of a region of abandoned industrial machinery, feral droids, and deep-dwelling monstrosities. However, there are also pockets of largely functional systems that host communities of surprising size. Many are found nowhere else on Coruscant. Total Population: 100 million.

    The Forgotten – Levels 1276 – 1290 – Derelict Ancient Cityscape

    No one can recall the name of this lost alien city, and strangely many who visit it find they lose their way and can no longer remember why they came in the first place. Strange trace molecules in the atmosphere are usually attributed as responsible. Species resistant to this effect make their home among the ruins here. The strange city seems to be designed to accommodate many-legged or serpentine frames, a departure from the built environment elsewhere. The mystery behind this remains unsolved. Total Population: 150 million.

    The Bucket – Levels 1311 – 1335 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    The Bucket represents, in a very practical sense, the 'bottom' of the ecumenopolis. This is as far down as inhabited city truly goes, with the population of even a single Bucket level absolutely dwarfing that of the entire thirteen hundred levels beneath. At the edge of Corsucant's attention, government, and prosperity, this is a notoriously criminal region filled with fugitives, syndicates, and zealots. All of the bad stereotypes of the underworld are found here in abundance, but so are a great many unexpected surprises that have chosen this particularly remote place in the heart of the galaxy to make their home. Total Population: 20 billion.

    The Fumes – Levels 1371 – 1392 – Degraded Residential Cityscape

    Buried near the bottom of the underworld is a region on Coruscant designed to properly accommodate the galaxy's methane-breathers. This area is in major decline due to failure to prioritize maintenance by the human-dominated City Municipal Authority and the population has been dropping due to emigration for centuries. Despite this the methane-breathers have an important role in the underworld due to their penchant for specific industrial processes and ability to operate without an independent air supply in gas-flooded zones. This region is highly insular and outside visitors, easily recognized by their masks, are looked upon with suspicion. Total Population: 5.5 billion.

    The Yards – Levels 1421 – 1455 – Degraded Industrial Cityscape

    Lowest of the industrial cityscapes of Coruscant, The Yards is actually a surprisingly prosperous region. With priority access to the massive assemblers, recycling operations, and raw materials provided by the immense industry of the first thousand levels it is a high output region specializing in the production of products needed to maintain the cityscape itself. The Yards produces huge numbers of machine tools, simple droids, and construction vehicles that circulate throughout the underworld. The resident population has considerable solidarity backed by powerful labor unions and brushes off threats through the power of cleaning droid gathered blackmail material. Total Population: 875 million.

    Brimstone – Levels 1456 – 1480 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    The region known as Brimstone is fairly literally named, for it is occupied by those species who utilize sulfur-mediated metabolic processes and respiration. As such species are deeply exotic in nature, with many unable to vocalize in any way, this is a highly insular region that has little contact with the rest of the underworld. Sulfur-breathers are important for their knowledge of the chemosynthetic lifeforms that haunt the underworld's superstructure and are most commonly seen outside of Brimstone as part of cleaning and extermination crews. The region has a reputation as a notorious refuge for fugitives, but in fact the locals have a surprisingly good relationship with the Municipal Authority and tend to turn such people in quickly. Total Population: 3.75 billion.

    Treaders – Levels 1501 – 1520 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    Treaders is a region with an altered built environment. The entire region is designed to accommodate species with alternative locomotive forms, specifically quadruped or serpentine motions that struggle mightily with a common feature of the human built environment: stairs. There are no stairs in Treaders, only ramps of varying grade. This leads to some peculiar construction choices and a local populace distinctly shifted from the galactic baseline. Nevertheless this is an extremely cosmopolitan region featuring numerous resident species. Total Population: 15 billion.

    Bluetown – Levels 1551 – 1600 – Degraded Residential Cityscape

    Most Coruscant Underworld regions have rather literal names in the vernacular, and Bluetown is no exception. Unlike most of the underworld, where the overhead lighting has a generalized set of yellow shades, the lights in Bluetown are blue. While the population here includes members of all species, it is dominated by those who naturally have blue-shifted light on their homeworlds. This includes a great variety, but in particular a large number of insectoid species seem to find this lighting regime accommodating. Total Population: 50 billion.

    The Slopes – Levels 1641 – 1675 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    The Slopes takes pride in being 'only most of the way down.' This peculiar mentality seems to motivate its hard-working and distinctly aspiration-directed society. The Slopes hosts a greater proportion of migratory workforce – those citizens who regularly take long turbolift rides to workplaces in uninhabitable levels – than any other region. It also has a strong tendency towards various vices, particularly gambling, and the syndicates have strong influence over the guilds and labor unions headquartered here. Total Population: 35 billion.

    The Breaks – Levels 1726 – 1775 – Degraded Industrial Cityscape

    The industrial region known as The Breaks mostly produces electrical and power equipment. Everything from glow rod batteries to starship reactors churns out of its factories. The work done here has a reputation for low-quality mass-market properties and few wise persons trust such items, but they remain ubiquitous throughout the underworld and much of the Core Worlds all the same. One reason for this deficient production is a variety of money-laundering schemes by the major crime syndicates, which forces the workers to cut corners at every stage of production. Total Population: 1.25 billion.

    Shardlock – Levels 1931 – 1975 – Misc Infrastructure

    One of the underworld’s mysterious infrastructure zones, Shardlock contains the specialized constructions necessary for the operation of the millions of Underworld Portals that connect the surface with the world below and serve as the primary means of large-scale transfer between underworld regions (while internal turbolifts carry most traffic within region, portals are needed to move around inter-region boundaries and sealed structural support regions). This requires extremely powerful high-energy machines to manage the complex arrays of overlapping repulsor fields that both prevent gravity and pressure from collapsing the portals, and allow countless transport barges, ships, and vehicles to move up and down in the portal column. The machinery here is of Columi manufacture, representing some of the most complex technology produced by that species that is publically known. This area is maintained by a workforce that utilizes the Shard Stage barracks immediately above. They must keep to safe paths, as the incredibly powerful fields here rip bodies apart at the atomic level. Total population: None.

    Compacting – Levels 1991 – 2040 – Industrial Cityscape

    The region of Compacting blurs the line between industry and waste processing. It is primarily engaged in the scrap business, the destruction, compression, and re-purposing of large items into smaller pieces that are then recycled and sent for processing elsewhere. This is where Coruscant’s trillions of droids, speeders, and large appliances come at the end of their lifespan. The residents of this region have a solid relationship with complex machines and undertake their work with a nearly religious reverence. They consider their role in weighing refurbishment versus recycling to be of great importance. Total Population: 500 million.

    New Iokath – Levels 2116 – 2120 – Derelict Ancient Cityscape

    The region known as New Iokath was once far larger, the center of a massive reconstruction effort in the underworld following the discovery of Iokath and the assimilation of its megastructure production technologies. This knowledge is now used throughout the underworld and these few levels preserve the only remains of a long-ago era in construction. Squatter populations hide among ruins that harbor still dangerous droids thousands of years old and treasure hunters interested in the legacy of the Sith Wars Era lead endless expeditions here. Some of them even return. Total Population: 50 million.

    Middlestrat – Levels 2121 – 2170 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    Middlestrat has a boring name and is widely considered one of the underworld’s most boring regions. It is a region of typical cosmopolitan poverty, high crime, and corrupt government, but lacks any particular distinction. Easily forgettable, most of the residents seem to prefer in that way. They’ve borrowed into the depths to avoid change and can no longer imagine much else. Total Population: 25 billion.

    The Boilers – Levels 2241 – 2290 – Industrial Cityscape

    Half of the boilers is devoted to the atmospheric needs of methane breathers, while the other half fields exotic atmospheres for the needs of a wide range of species. In addition to making just about any substance that comes in a bottle or jar, this region serves as important housing for species with exotic atmospheric needs such as Geranites and Kel Dor. There are many specialized pocket environments, and the internal gaseous mixture requires essentially everyone to wear a mask as a result. As discharging a blaster or even a slugthrower in this atmospheric mix can be very hazardous, this region is often used by the syndicates for negotiations. Total population: 1.25 billion.

    Scattertown – Levels 2351 – 2450 – Degraded Residential Cityscape

    The single most populous region of the underworld is the one hundred level slum known as Scattertown. As its name implies, it is an anarchic region, riven by intense factionalism. Perhaps surprisingly these rifts are not usually based on species, but rather based on powerful labor guilds that control an immense aspect of the workers lives, including sports affiliations, after work hangouts, and even beverage choices. Even nominally impartial government agencies are not immune to the constant displays of affiliation. Total Population: 100 billion.

    The Broils – Levels 2476 – 2525 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    The Broils is a cityscape that, by human standards, is deadly toxic. It is not a matter of atmosphere, as the usual oxygen-nitrogen mix remains in place, but of countless trace substances that have infiltrated the superstructure and rendered this region suitable only for species with an extraordinary toxin tolerance. There are in fact a great many of these and they offer considerable utility to the underworld in their ability to survive hostile industrial and infrastructure spaces. Outsiders are usually limited to short visits with decontamination afterwards. Total Population: 10 billion.

    The Aquarium – Levels 2646 – 2690 – Aquatic Cityscape

    Most of the sapient beings who live in the Aquarium refer to it by some other name, finding the appellation disparaging. It has, however, stuck. The region is fairly self-contained, as the water breathing population within dislikes the labor intensive process of suiting up to go elsewhere. Visitation is fairly common, however, as this region requires support that is often best conducted outside an aquatic environment, so there is a complete inter-regional trade with this zone. Total Population: 22.5 billion.

    False Sky – Levels 2696 – 2705 – Parkland Cityscape

    False Sky’s name is well-earned, for the roof of this region is modified in such a fashion at to produce a reasonable facsimile of a planetary sky. This parkland region is mostly open, aside from a few region-spanning towers home to the underworld rich, and is a widely visited region for outings by countless people from levels below and above. For many underworld residents born and bred below this is the only sky they’ve ever seen. Total Population: 100 million.

    Packaging – Levels 2706 – 2731 – Industrial Cityscape

    Packaging produces packaging, in nearly infinite forms. This is then distributed throughout the underworld and up to Galactic City, where it is used to coat the immense quantities of commerce that transit Coruscant in appropriate wrapping. Life here is associated with drudgery, and the inhabitants are a glum lot. Total Population: 250 million.

    The Vapors – Levels 2761 – 2795 – Residential Cityscape

    This region hosts the homes of exotic atmosphere breathing species. They are packed in to tight environments with self-contained air mixes. These self-contained archologies often function as worlds of their own and conduct trade with each other accordingly. There are a considerable number of species found here who are not otherwise known outside of their homeworlds, making it an important source of unique cultural products. Total Population: 10 billion.

    Driptown – Levels 2926 – 2970 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    Whether some long-ago maintenance failure or deliberate manipulation resulted in the massive increase in internal humidity – it even rains at times – that characterizes Driptown is unknown. What is firmly established is that this region is muggy and wet constantly. It attracts a population that either enjoys this or is simply willing to tolerate conditions in return for reduced rents. The conditions breed disease, rampant in the region, and also provide refuge for much of Coruscant’s urban wildlife when other regions are purged. Total Population: 22.5 billion.

    The Dens – Levels 2976 – 3000 – Degraded Mixed Cityscape

    The built environment of the Dens has been altered to accommodate burrowing, asteroid dwelling, and otherwise subterranean species. It is tightly enclosed, with limited lighting, and endless tunnels. Those who dwell in the Dens tend to be insular, and the region features many species that live in large family groups with mixed housing, such as Jennets. Total Population: 12.5 billion.

    Undercity – Levels 3101 – 3350 – Degraded Low-Density Cityscape

    At two hundred and fifty level in depth, the Undercity is the largest single region in the underworld, and dwarfs most other inhabited regions in overall size (most other large regions are infrastructure based, such as the immense hydroponic regions). This region epitomizes the degraded nature of much of the underworld, with huge tracks crumbled past habitability and abandoned to the squatters. Resulting community, commerce, and industry is scattered about, with whole levels often almost completely empty. Total Population: 75 billion.

    The Midden – Levels 3411 – 3425 – Waste Processing

    This region processes mostly organic waste, making it significantly more habitable, if less palatable, than many other similar regions. The squatter population is consequently fairly large and manages to make a decent living by cobbling together their own hydroponics in sheltered areas. This region is the final repository of most unclaimed dead bodies (organic remains are always recycled in some manner on Coruscant, but this is usually done within local communities, the Midden serves as an informal mass grave), and sometimes people come looking for them. Total Population: 200 million.

    Hivehome – Levels 3426 – 3440 – Residential Cityscape

    Hivehome serves as housing for the members of communal and eusocial species living on Coruscant, insectoid and otherwise. These beings require extraordinarily dense conditions that others cannot tolerate, and this extremely compact zone with some of the highest populations per level in the underworld is the result. Populations would no doubt be even higher, save that much of this region is in disrepair and the Municipal Authority is extremely leery of allowing these alien populations additional room to expand. Total Population: 22.5 billion.

    The Grime – Levels 3486 – 3500 – Degraded Industrial Cityscape

    The Grime is aptly named. This region produces bioactive compounds, often made by the hive species dwelling below, including fertilizers, cleansers, and other varied materials. It is a miserable place, where every surface acquires a coating within minutes if not deliberately protected. Those who live here wall themselves off behind sealed airlocks with self-contained filtration systems. It only partly works. Total Population: 750 million.

    The Smelter – Levels 3581 – 3600 – Degraded Industrial Cityscape

    The Smelter manufactures metal, in a dizzying array of forms. The largest single commodity is durasteel, an essential component of the superstructure with endless additional uses, but there are huge amounts of other metals as well. Generally no raw ore is processed here, instead the feedstock is scrap, often pre-compacted and purified elsewhere in the underworld. This includes imports, as pieces of city taken from planets across the galaxy may be broken down here by the expert re-processors. Total Population: 1 billion.

    The Sweats – Levels 3601 – 3630 – Mixed Cityscape

    In most ways the Sweats is an otherwise innocuous cityscape. The only significant difference is that the ambient temperature ranges anywhere from ten to thirty degrees above standard. This is a deliberate design to accommodate the needs of species from high temperature worlds. This includes a generally lower density to prevent out-of-control heat accumulation. Many of those who live here work in the Smelter or other major industrial environments. Total Population: 6 billion.

    The Frost – Levels 3671 – 3720 – Mixed Cityscape

    The ambient temperature of the Frost has been lowered considerably compared to that of standard in order to accommodate species native to cold environments and worlds. This region’s comparatively high position in the strata is due to the relatively high proportion wealth of such cultures (because cold environments tend to reduce total population relative to mineral resources). The Frost is not particularly difficult for outsiders to visit – heated garments are easily acquired – and therefore its interaction with other regions is only moderately depressed from standard levels. Total Population: 25 billion.

    Darkmeld and Darkhole – Levels 3756 – 3800 – Industrial and Mixed Cityscape

    These two regions, which generally function in tandem, represent the portion of the underworld where the lights are deliberately turned off. They serve species adjusted to low-light conditions, of nocturnal habit, or otherwise sensitive to standard illumination. Perhaps unexpectedly, this region is not a high crime area at all and is actually quite orderly and even welcomes outsiders. The police, aided by their light-enhancing optics, patrol this region easily. Distrust does manifest in limited external interactions and consequently poverty and neglect. Total Population: 6.3 billion.

    Upper-Lows – Levels 3826 – 3825 – Mixed Cityscape

    The Upper-Lows lies at the boundary between the impoverished and neglected sections of the underworld of the lower 4000 levels and the somewhat more prosperous regions further up that maintain closer links to Galactic City. In particular they hold a substantially greater human majority than most levels below them. Despite this, and a slightly more white-collar labor force, the people of the Upper-Lows retain a great deal of solidarity with those below them due to links of business, sport, and skepticism of the Municipal Authority. Total Population: 50 billion.

    The Spaces – Levels 4101 – 4125 – Low-Density Cityscape

    The Spaces are a high-end residential zone filled with the towers of the underworld elite, the ‘slum-homes’ of youthful scions from galactic city, and the actual residences of those who serve and support their habits. The visual differences between these tend to be obvious. The region also hosts a considerable quantity of high-priced tourism and event management, with weddings in the Spaces fashionable among the wealthier fraction of the underworld populace. Total Population: 2.5 billion.

    The Forges – Levels 4126 – 4200 – Industrial Cityscape

    While the Forges do indeed produce a great many metal products, they in fact make almost anything. This region is the most productive industrial zone in the underworld as a whole, and churns out a huge amount of product. Most of which feeds the rest of the underworld rather than Galactic City or the offworld market. The population here is mixed, and while their wages are high, so is their exposure to pollutants. Total Population: 7.5 billion.

    The Furrows – Levels 4221 – 4310 – Ruined Infrastructural Area

    The Furrows used to be a hydroponics region, but its productivity was destroyed during a massive contamination event centuries earlier. Now it lies abandoned, full of radiated agricultural equipment in a strange, undulating landscape. Squatters hole up in the least contaminated areas to make lives out of sight. Total Population: 90 million.

    High Waters – Levels 4401 – 4425 – Aquatic Cityscape

    Relatively prosperous, the aquatic levels of High Waters house a low density population of aquatic and, more commonly, amphibious beings who take advantage of this region’s relatively low density and functional infrastructure to make reasonably pleasant lives by underworld standards. A considerable portion of the population here has direct links to Galactic City, as aquatic housing options there are very limited. Total Population: 5 billion.

    The Tanks – Levels 4426 – 4461 – Aquaculture

    The only region in the underworld devoted to its purpose, the Tanks is a specialized farming region that mostly converts vast quantities of algal nutrition into seafood. Actual animal protein is a luxury product throughout Coruscant, where raising animals is extremely difficult, and the overwhelming majority of that which is available is produced in the Tanks (while extensive off-world imports of luxury foodstuffs do supply Galactic City, they cannot match the output of this internal high-productivity artificial ocean). The workers are mostly members of aquatic species who live in the region and zealously guard their livelihood. Total Population: 350 million.

    Rumbles – Levels 4551 – 4650 – Industrial Cityscape

    The industrial region known as Rumbles is famous for producing vehicles and vehicle parts. These are mostly hovertrucks, skimmers, speeders, and other atmospheric vehicles, mostly for industrial use as favored consumer brands are usually imported. Components for starships are also common, usually not the critical pieces that come from specialized factory worlds, but instead internal fixtures such as bunks, food processors, refreshers, seats, and storage. Total Population: 10 billion.

    The Plates – Levels 4651 – 4690 – Ruined Infrastructural Area

    As one descends from Galactic City the first ruined area contacted is The Plates. This region is so named because it represents a stalled redevelopment effort. The levels exist, floors every ten meters, but they have been scoured almost entirely empty by demolisher droids. Only a handful of structures remain in the otherwise blank wastelands. The Plates remains abandoned due to the presence of an extremely dangerous rogue droid intelligence that has embedded itself within the conducting infrastructure and hijacks any droids that enter the region. Squatters here live almost entirely without advanced technology as a consequence. Total Population: 50 million.

    The Hub – Levels 4701 – 4750 – Industrial Cityscape

    The Hub produces electronics in countless forms, mostly industrial grade materials for use in infrastructure, large machinery, and appliances. While the processing technologies used here are advanced for the underworld, they remain, like most everything else, below proper Republic standards. Considerable skimming, traceable both to the Syndicates below and the Senate above also afflicts production here. Total Population: 5 billion.

    Undersky – Levels 4781 – 4795 – Parkland Cityscape

    The wide open landscape of Undersky is considered a preserve. The region was conceived of in an attempt to restore a facsimile of Coruscant’s original ecology, as best the scientists and archaeologists of the Republic could reconstruct. While this effort failed and the region was divided up into estates of the rich, it is perhaps the only region in the underworld to feature animals and plants living in something resembling a natural environment. Total Population: 150 million.

    Hive Containment – Levels 4796 – 4800 – Misc Infrastructure

    This small fifty-meter slice of the underworld has an extremely specialized function. Specialized machinery here is used to survey and eliminate hive organisms that have infested the superstructure of the underworld before they can compromise its overall integrity. The small number of workers who live here and operate these curious devices of unknown provenance are mysterious and cloistered. Most people try not to think about this presence. Total Population: 5 million.

    Upper Stage – Levels 4911 – 4915 – Worker Barracks

    Upper Stage is perhaps the ultimate symbol of wealth stratification by depth in the underworld. It brings huge numbers of workers from far below to labor in the critical infrastructure of the uppermost regions, and in some cases even in Galactic City itself. The billions who earn their living in staged labor here are some of the most radical and resentful members of the whole populace. Total Population: 50 million.

    Arrowloop – Levels 4946 – 4955 – Mixed Cityscape

    The region known as Arrowloop is a relatively unremarkable cityscape save for its demographics. Almost everyone who lives here traces their ancestry to elsewhere in the core, predominantly to the so-called ‘Arrowhead’ that represents the heart of the early republic. While the people here are still very much underworlders, the greater civic mindedness drawn from this heritage consciousness results in a disproportionate level of government participation. Total Population: 10 billion.

    Oldtop – Levels 4991 – 5010 – Mixed Cityscape

    One thousand years ago, when Coruscant was last drastically restructured, level 5000 was the apex. All levels above this accreted into being in the centuries since. Oldtop forms the remnants of what was once the surface. The cityscape represents all that was once shiny and new dropped into prolonged gloom, and despite its proximity to the surface is impoverished and lacking in dynamism. Total Population: 15 billion.

    Factory City – Levels 5076 – 5100 – Industrial Cityscape

    A generalized industrial region, Factory City conducts initial processing of most materials imported onto Coruscant for permanent use and final processing on those readied for export out to the rest of the galaxy. A region of great commercial interchange, it is also a center of massive corruption, with most of the businesses here hiding their true nature behind a facade. Total Population: 12.5 billion.

    Near City – Levels 5101 – 5126 – Mixed Cityscape

    The levels immediately below Galactic City are in some sense a direct extension of the vast ecumenopolis above them. The Near City is the unseen city beneath that supports the shining spaces above. It is deeply aspirational but immensely resentful at once, for even though the physical barriers to the surface are quite porous at this point, everyone here understands that they are stuck in the basement. Near City is notable for having an extremely skewed droid : organics ratio, as a huge portion of the far more populous Galactic City’s droids spend their non-working hours here. Total Population: 39 billion.
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  11. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    @Anedon nice pirate bands, here are some comments. Sorry if I'm a bit to editorial, I just have that kind of mindset:

    Suggest having all the names of the different pirate factions in bold or italic, and putting some kind line or similar between each entry. Makes it easier to read

    Suggest making that a shorter time, a thousend years are a really long time for the Hapes fleet to be embaresed for their contiued existance without them spending all the available reasoures to take them out. And it's a long time for the Crimson Dragons to stay the same.

    sugges making this into a link

    Think "republic" should be with a capital R and I don't think the Imperial Inquisitors was Sith.

    Suggest changin into "becoming the first of what would became his Marauders", since they are not his Marauders yet at that point, or have I misunderstood that

    sugges making "Teris sector" into a link

    Suggest having "Took over" instead of "Conquering", since the later suggest to me a kind of take over that's also administrative, and that don't feel like that's what you mean based on your earlier post about the Teris sector

    I think the first letters of "galactic republic" are usually capitlised

    What do you mean with "free world"? Feels to me that "non-member world" might be a better term

    Suggest mening when this rise is just after the comma.

    Have a comment about my way of thinking regarding this but right now I don't have the time to write it right now, without taking even more time to post this overall replay. So I'm doing that later.

    We will just have to have different fanons here.

    Don't know, but to my understanding (which I admit can be wrong) that people that has been classified with Stockholm Syndrome at least think they are feeling some kind of love. And that's the disturbing/interesting part, since that affect how they act.

    Based on that we don't really have any stories* about "all women in a village/town/tribe rise up and kill their menfolk" no matter how male-chauvinistic the culture do it seem likely that they would care. We know of single women doing it but not village or larger sized groups.
    * that I know of.
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    Thing is that the Hapans just can´t simply root them out, infact I consider the Dragons hardly the only long lasting pirate group in Hapes. The lore says that they are plagued by pirates all the time, that there are many who rebel again or are driven into exile by the Hapan society. So the Dragons live on, sure after a particulary daring action they might get hunted considerably more by the goverment for a time, maybe even loose a few bases but in the end that doesn´t destroy the moment, double so with the Dragons who have many members who live inside Hapan society, so even if all pirates would be killed the movement would continue. Keep in mind they have even some nobles supporting them and having been bodyguards previously they know the ways of Hapan politics and how to use them for their own ends. In addition Queen mother Carina had a spy network, like every queen, and just like her bodyguard many of its members joined the Dragons, this network exsits until today and has grown quite a bit, keep in mind there is no aristocracy without thousands of servants, or dozens of rebellious younger sons/daughters. Also each time the Hapan goverment attempts a crackdown on the pirates usually all pirate groups will unite and thus make it even harder for the navy to get them. As for humiliating the Hapan navy well, many in said fleet don´t really know the Dragons are a thing, the goverment doesn´t really recognize them because that would give their movment credibility, they claim they are just run of the mill pirates.

    As for the Dragons staying the same, first keep in mind Hapes stays pretty much exactly the same since its creation, as do various other SW worlds and cultures. But secondly is that they actually did change. Inthially they wanted just to bring back Carina´s line into power and continue her reforms. Now they go a few steps further and want to get rid of the aristocracy completly and instead turn Hapes into a liberal democracy.

    I think conquered is the right word. He came into the sector, killed everyone who tried to resist and demanded tribute. Yes some Terians, most the unsavory kind did join him but the majority clearly wanted him dead. Takeing over sounds as if the Terians allowed him to rule and if he had inherited his position from someone else wich is of course not the case.

    To that I´m saying Independent World is the best therm. ;)

    They where already called that while in service of the empire, not by themselves of course but the rebels called them that and the name stuck.


    Sure, I just feel you are attempting to withewash slavery, or at least the Dathomirian version.

    Again to me that is clearly not real, healthy love in any way. Again this is dangerously close to "its no rape if the victim enjoyed it".

    Well there is the Raining Leaves tribe so there is at least one story of that. But keep in mind I mentioned that even other witches found that messed up. Also keep in mind that slaves have a monetary value to their owner, my guess is the witches usually don´t kill them because if they are dead they would have to do all the hard work themselves, if they care than probably more in a the way a pet owner cares rather than affection between equals.
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  14. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    This is a head fanon I have regarding how The Dark Crystal fits in with the Star Wars universe. I'm a little nervous about posting this because I've never posted here before. I spent a lot of time on this, so please enjoy:

    The Grysk-Skeksis Connection: A mini-essay
    Having given some thought to my head canon the Grysks from the Nu!Canon are in actually Skekses, I wanted to further elaborate my point in this essay. Warning: This essay contains spoilers for not only the film, but the prequel series on Netflix. Happy reading!

    From what we see in both the film and novel versions of The Dark Crystal, both the UrRu (Mystics) and Skekses draw on the powers of the titular Dark Crystal for balance, guidance and sustenance. Taking that point further, I argue both species represent the extreme ends of the Force; the UrRu represent the extreme of the Light, the Skekses the Dark Side.

    At the onset of the film, we learn that both are dying and the UrRu elder confesses that at some point in the far past, the Crystal shattered, creating both the UrRu and the Skekses species. Besides setting Jen up for his quest, this backstory seems to parallel the beginnings of the Sith conflict with the Jedi. At the beginning of galactic exploration, the Jedi banished their fellow Knights for straying from the true path (aka the Light Side) to a far away planet. To the Jedi's peril, the ones they cast aside allowed their grudges to fester. Embracing the Dark Side, they created a shadow society to combat the wrongs brought upon them by their holier than thou brethren. They also saw themselves as superior, the galaxy was theirs for the taking. They would right the wrongs of the Jedi and shape the galaxy as they saw fit.

    Even after all the millenia of wars, the Sith bid their time and it paid off, eventually. The machinations of Darth Sidious led to everything that happened between The Phantom Menace and The Rise of Skywalker. After the UrSkeks decided to purge themselves of their impure parts (denying the fact they are a triune species), they are spilt into two distinct species: the UrRu and the Skekses. The UrRu are the light; wisdom and thought, nothing else. The Skekses: passion, greed, ego. Without the third part of their makeup, there is no soul. In other words, there is no middle ground, which explains the lack of middle ground. Because the Skekses are cunning and the UrRu prone to inaction and meditation, this is what leads to Thra's long decline and the destruction of the Gefling race following their armed resistance by the Skekses, save for Jen and Kira. The prophecy regarding their downfall is motivated by fear, anger and hate.

    Within the movie itself, we see more signs of this. When the UrRu elder dies, he fades away in a cloud of sparkles and the death is gentle. I argue he became one with the Force. In the Star Wars films, we see this only with Jedi, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke. Because they obtained souls by representing the extreme end of the Light Side, the UrRu returned to their spiritual state. As Yoda said himself, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." The Skeksis Emperor, on the other hand, goes out a much more violent way. Instead of becoming a spirit, the Skeksis Emperor slowly turns to stone and erodes away. Lack of soul equals crumbling away, or rather eroding away as stone.

    We get the same treatment with the film's soundtrack, as well. The music that plays for the Skeksis funeral is opulent; we get an organ, harpsichord, strings and horn. The feeling is strident, regal, and dark as befitting beings atuned with the Dark Side. Comparatively speaking, the UrRu's funeral tune is a simple flute melody, as befitting their simpler way of life.

    It certainly does not help that Thra is littered with crystals scattered about the planet that happen to be in tune with the mother Crystal the Skeksis use for their daily ritual. Like the Sith, their will to bend Thra to their will is sapping the life from the planet. Bending it to their will for eternity is their end game. It makes sense to argue these are Kyber Crystals. Since the Skeksis are Force sensitive, their Dark Side energies are enhanced by them.

    In conclusion, my theory stands the UrRu and Skeksis from The Dark Crystal represent the extreme ends of both the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force.
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    Wow, that's one long post @Mechalich
    Took me some time to read through

    "Mega blocks. Mega highways. Mega City One."

    I can see many places deemed as lacking breathable atmospheres and/or reasonable temperatures having a population of beings that can breath there and/or consider the temperature comfortable, or have to wear environmental suits anyway.

    May I suggest that you change the subtitle to being in italics and take a way the space between the subtitle and the text below, so it looks like this:

    An aquatic cityscape is just what it sounds like, a city designed for habitation by aquatic peoples, whether fully marine or just amphibious. Such regions are flooded and have limited areas of open air. Specialized structural designs are used to provide access to modern industrial lifestyles within the aquatic context."

    Or from many water breathers perspective: normal structural designs :p

    Why just one region?

    The lost name is Leng, right? It's built upon the Plateau of Leng, that's what's going on, right?

    That sentence feels wrong to me for what you are meaning. Suggest using other terms, maybe "non bipedal species"

    Suggest making "lokath" into a link.

    So there are no amphibious species?

    Suggest making "jennets" into a link.

    That sentence make is seems that the local police don't recruit from the local population, is that so?


    Suggest making this into bold

    Suggest making "grysks" into a link.

    Suggest making "skekses" into a link.
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    I don’t know how to make links.

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    You mark word/sentence you want to make into a link and then click on the link button (it's the one that looks like a chain-link) in the menu for the reply box, then insert the address of the page you want to link to in the "link adress box" (have no idea what it's called) that will appear and the click OK.
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    Okay, I have updated.
  19. Mechalich

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    Most levels host either squatter populations or regular shift workers, those levels with 'None' listed in the population column in the spreadsheet are basically structural support levels, which are for all intents and purposes solid masses of super-hard material with no air. The 'Workers Only' levels represent those levels where people have to wear environment suits more or less full time. There's quite a lot of them. I'm of the general opinion that if you're in an environment suit full time, your habitat is the suit, so even if you were permanently on some level in that way, you're not actually 'living' there.

    Also, there are probably are a handful of people holed up in tiny pockets in the structural levels and elsewhere, but at this scale, at some point you hit a number that is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

    Certain essential industrial processes simply do not function in an aquatic environment naturally, the chemistry just doesn't work in the medium. So if you want an advanced industrial civilization that is simultaneously aquatic you have to do some special engineering. This is a thing that fantasy tends to ignore, like in Aquaman, but it's a worldbuilding issue I actually care about so that's why that line is in there.

    There's only one aquafarming region because it's a luxury product (in the underworld any food source more complex than a fungus is a luxury, most people are living on refined algae) and therefore needs to be higher up, where the money is. However, water is heavy and structural considerations prohibit having a lot of water higher up. The Tanks are the highest elevated fully aquatic or semi-aquatic region, and they're still almost a thousand levels down.

    Maaaaybe? I mostly wrote up the regions RPG-prompt style, so I really didn't commit to anything specific.

    The Underworld Police appear to be human dominated. There's only one existing character model and it certainly appears to fit a human. There is no doubt some recruitment from the local population is non-standard regions, but the number of members from exotic species with low population levels would naturally be very small.

    More broadly, it's a plot point in my 'Nemaverse' upon which this post is built that the Underworld as a whole has essentially no direct democratic representation. The bureaucracy, including the police, is controlled by the Municipal Authority, whose lead commission is appointed by the Senate. This leads to homogenization of roles across species lines due to bureaucratic inertia and, well, nepotism. The human plurality therefore ends up dominating a number of institutions, with the police being one of them.
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    @Nehru_Amidala, I'll gladly add your recent post to our index, but per the thread rules (see specifically "Specific Rules of this Thread," item 2), I would ask that you please PM the link of that post to this sock. Everyone is asked to do that each time they make a new fanon post or update one, because it helps me keep proper records. Thanks so much! :)
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    Just wondering, has that actually been established?

    I blame the TOR-games for that :p

    We seems to have different word associations since to me "taking over" don't sounds like that to me. But it's your fanon post and you use the words that you think fits best.


    Aha, had not understood that.

    Never said it was.

    Sorry, I meant in RL.

    Not really. We just seems to have different ideas how strict and harsh the females treat the males/slaves, and just because my idea/fanon is lighter when it comes to that don't mean that they males are not property, something that can be bought and sold, and have little to no say about who gets to copulate with them.

    But why only one region? Coruscant is a plane,t should there not be many of them spread out all over it?

    Can you expand what you mean with the bold part? Also, don't TCW show us that 3-0's beat cops seems to be droids?
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  22. Mira Grau

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    Well as far as I know its at the very least never said they did change much. I mean men are clearly still treated as second class citizes for what the Lorell Raiders did thousands of years ago.

    Sure, but they are part of the Ledgends canon so there is that.

    Not really sure where you see things being lighter when you yourself admit that men are property and effectivley raped.
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    My thinking is built around that as presented in CoPL and YJK so was the clans not that large, around a medieval town in population (if that), making it so that while everybody don't personally know everybody else so do is it still a small community where everybody knows everybody by look, to somebody that you have not seen before is notable. There is also that males, while property, are to few be some nameless mass. Meaning that people know which male/s, belongs to which household, be it as workers, husbands, or sons. That's why I was thinking that ownership marks was not really needed. There is also that my idea/fanon regarding males on Dathomir is based on many RL cultures where females are considered property of their male and in most of them so do the males care (in one way or another) about their wives, daughters, sisters and other female kin.

    Now, this is my thinking and I just wanted to explain it but I'm not in anyway trying to say that you should follow it.

    Well, you said that you "generally follow the idea that the witches don´t like it if some of them treat males better," which don't appear in my fanon, and some of the other comments your made regarding your idea/fanon how the witches treat their males are a bit harsher then mine.

    True but the way they are considered second class citizens can have highly changed, just look on how many different ways women's rights/lack-of-rights changed through out the European history while always considered second class citizens to men.
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  24. Mira Grau

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    I actually don´t think there is a RL culture Dathomir can be compared to. I think RL mysoginistic cultures are closer to Hapes, while Dathomir seems to take its inspiration more from the Amazons of myths. Keep in mind its not just sex, its also mentioned that on Dathomir the male slaves have to do all the hard labor, something that isn´t really to be found in RL sexist cultures, cause in those working in the fields, building houses and other structures and things like that is generally done by the men.

    Sure but the general concept hasn´t changed. Also as mentioned the Crimson Dragons did change over time, they went from just wanting to put their prefered nobles back in power to rejecting the idea of nobility in general and now seeking a liberal society.
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    I'm using 'region' here in the sense of a conglomerated section of the underworld stratum consisting of multiple adjacent levels. The Tanks, for instance, is a 36 level conglomeration, meaning it is a 360 meter thick (for reference this is 150 meters deeper than the average depth of the Caspian Sea) hollow sphere stretched across the entire planetary surface filled entirely with a dedicated aquafarming operation. This wasn't something someone idly decided to start up as a business one day, it, like pretty much all the other structures, was mandated into being by a Senate committee during a major rebuild (in this case probably the one surrounding the Ruusan Reformation), and physically formed by giant construction machines the size of stadiums. So while there are certainly other people running 'mom & pop' style aquafarming operations elsewhere, and even straight up regular enclosed farming of things like nerf, this was the only region of the underworld specifically formed for the purpose - probably the pet project of the Mon Calamari Senator at the time.

    The Underworld Police are these guys, they are distinct from the division of the Coruscant Security Forces that patrols Galactic City (those are the ones primarily using police droids). While upwards of a dozen individual officers take part in the pursuit of Ahsoka Tano during 'To Catch a Jedi' they all look exactly the same, with no variant helmets to accommodate Twi'lek lekku or Zabrak horns, for instance. While out-of-universe this is obviously an animation cost-saver, it implies that in-universe the Underworld Police are not particularly diverse. This makes sense given their uniforms - if the members of law enforcement are wearing face coverings to conceal their identity that implies a considerable level of hostility between them and the population they are policing.
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