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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

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    May 11, 2016
    (Was really going back and forth on releasing this in its current state but decided to do so just in case I have another idea I want to post in July. This post will be updated within the next couple of days adding the missing pieces I haven´t written down yet)

    Fanon Entry for June The Astelan Empire

    The Astelan empire is located in the deep southwest of the unknown regions, far away from any of the major galactic civilizations. Made up of former slaves to the Rakata who were left to their own devices after the Infinite Empire fell they build a civilization that is largely unknown to the rest of the galaxy. Once just one world amongst many similar ones in their region of space the Astelan Empire has been slowly but surely risen to become the dominant power in the region, it's also the place from which the luxury drink Hot Chocolate originates.


    When the Infinite Empire of the Rakata was destroyed by slave rebellions, plague and civil war, it left behind a broken and shattered galaxy, with countless worlds being cut off, while millions of slaves now stood in the ruins of their masters, awaiting an unknown fate in the times to come.

    One of these worlds, in the modern ages known as Astelan, located in the south of unknown regions was populated predominantly by human´s which had been brought in a slaves generations ago. Now free from their masters and left with little else but ruins of the great civilization that had been build on their backs the humans fell into an age of barbaric practices and superstition, where the knowledge of the past, the Rakata and their times as slaves would become legends and later myths, facts and fiction intermixing with each other, until the truth was fully lost to them. Eventually the planet would reunify again and make its first steps back into space, where they would meet with the population of other former Rakata colonies surrounding them who went through similar phases of regression and eventual recovery as they had. For hundreds of years these small mini realms would struggle with each other for supremacy, alliances and confederations being created and broken, war begun and ended so many that no one could comprehend all the details of the countless conflicts that occurred during this time. But despite being one of the last world in this region to reach spaceflight again the Astelan would, over many centuries become one of the strongest powers in the region, due to both their strong military and capable political leadership, eventually forming a powerfully alliance with several other worlds who came to dominate the region. Tough they did not become a major power until very recently, when their military and technology received a considerable boots, from an utterly unexpected source.

    When the galactic republic became the galactic empire many where upset by this development, both amongst the common people and the military. And especially in the first days many spontaneous revolts broke out all over the galaxy. Most of them where quickly crushed while others would eventually set the ground for the rebel alliance. In the shipyards of the recently conquered Fondor Rear Admiral Marcus Voidseeker organized a revolt amongst the republics southern fleet, helped by the fact that many ships where predominantly crewed by, mostly human, volunteers for the galactic southwest instead of clones. Being able to seize control over several capital ships the rebels where initially planning to move towards the core in an attempt to directly assault Coruscant, but the failure of most other rebellions and the sheer number of forces remaining loyal to the empire made these plans impossible, and so, gathering as many of their friends and family members before imperial reinforcements arrived in the southwest Voidseeker and his men fled into the only direction possible to the galactic west, towards the unknown regions. Their journey through these uncharted parts of space was long and difficult and their adventures could probably fill an entire series of action holobooks but eventually they came into the realm of the Astelan. Desperate for a place to stay and seeing this local power as possible ally against the empire Voidseeker offered his service to Speaker Acalan IX. , who saw the strangers himself as a valuable ally and thus welcomed them into his nation.

    With the aid of the ex republican forces the Astelan where able to, in the next ten years defeat all their remaining rivals and emerge as the ruling power in the South of the Unknown regions. Since then their dominion has continued to grow, slowly moving closer and closer towards the rest of the galaxy and establishing deeper relations with everyone else.


    The Astelan Society is rather hierarchical but also meritocratic as it allows for quite a bit of movement between the ranks depending on the deeds and skills of an individual. As a feudal society the lower casts tend to include farmers and miners who are tasked with producing the necessary good for their society, above them are craftsmen and other types of skilled workers and above them soldiers. The position of soldier however is not inherited from birth, instead the children of all casts are educated together in the first years of their lives and those who show great promise will be elevated to the rank of soldiers, taken from their families and raised together with the other young recruits. To be trained both in the ways of war but also given generally higher education. Above the soldiers are teachers, doctors, priests and officials of the nation. With a few exceptions the only way to become part of this class is a successful time of service with the military. Above even them and at the top are the nobles, who will inherit their positions to their kids but can also be stripped of their title if they are found disloyal or incompetent at their job, in this case renowned members of the warrior cast might be elevated to nobility to fill the gaps.

    Highest amongst the society sits the speaker, an individual elected from the nobility who oversee the society and speaks for it. Though the speaker is explicitly not all powerful but instead reined in by a council of nobles who serve as the ultimate ruling body of the empire.

    The Republican exiles however are not bound to this caste system, as part of the deal negotiated between Marcus Voidseeker and Speaker Acalan they keep their own society and rules, including election of their leaders by all members of their society. Voidseeker and any leaders after him where also granted a seat on the ruling council.

    These new ideas of equality being introduced by the newcomers had quite an impact on the Astelan and several, especially amongst the lower casts have begun desiring adopting their foreigners model for their own society.

    One thing that is kinda unqiue about the Astelan tough is the fact that they provide a broad education to every citizen regardless of class, which is one of the reasons their system is a bit more flexible than say the Nagai´s. Other public services provided to all citizens include public bath´s, and free health care.


    In the countless wars fought between the small realms before the arrival of the republican exiles, the Astelan developed a warrior culture in which the best of them rise into the ranks of the nobility.

    The most prominent amongst the Astelan Warriors are the famed warrior cults. The Rancors and Blood Eagles and they share the privilege to use the famed obsidian weapons that are able to parry laser or plasma based weapons and shatter armor if used with enough force, as well as personal energy shields(like the ones seen in KOTOR) which give a bit of extra protection.

    The Rancors where initially brought to Astelan by the Rakata from their own homeworld of Lehon for today unclear purposes. Adapting very well to the thick jungles they quickly became the planets new alpha predator and like all non Dathomirian Rancors are highly aggressive. Any Astelan warrior who manages to kill one of these famed beasts will be eligible to join the Rancor cult. Wearing armor made from the hide of the great beasts these give them a surprising protection against blaster fire and other simple weapons. Taking a direct and straightforward path to war the Rancor Knights take the fight to their enemies in close combat, using obsidian Maces and handblasters. The Rancor Cult is considered a very conservative and opposed to new ideas and concepts entering the Astelan society. On the flipside tough they are also extremly honorbound, so they insist on always openly declaring war and to never hurt a civilian or surrendering enemy in battle.

    The Blood Eagle Cult by comparison chooses its members from warriors who display wits and outside the box thinking in battle. Despite still occasionally using their traditional obsidian spears, most of them have adapted to the modern galaxy, using sniper rifles and other modern weaponry. Where the Rancors take the enemy head on the Eagle Knights will seek to flank the enemy and attack them from the rear. They also serve as scouts, spies and diplomats of the empire. They are not as honorable as the Rancors and generally will use any underhand tactis nessesary if it will lead them to victory.

    Both cults have a strong rivalry with each other, the Rancors seeing the Eagles as spineless cowards, while the Eagles consider the Rancors mindless brutes.

    The leaders of the cults, who are simply known as the Rancor and the Eagle respectivley often compete on all things, especially in the council. With the arrival of the republican exiles this rivarly is now something of a three sided one with the admiral of the fleet entering the fray.

    Relationships with the Outside

    Before the arrival of the republicans the Astelan had little to no interactions with the wider galaxy. Instead they were mostly focused on fighting their rivals in their part of the unknown regions. The wars between them are so numerous that it´s impossible to go into great detail about them but no side was rarely defeated completely as no world had enough strength to completely subjugate another. Instead the looser would be forced to pay tribute to the victor for a certain period of time. Alliances and rivalries would shift from each generation to the next so no single world could ever keep their advantages in the long run. Eventually tough the Astelan managed to from a more permanent alliance with two other worlds, the Twi'lek of Ciradan and the Nikto of Mercian, this alliance was very successful and able to subjugate several other worlds. Their rise being eventually hastened by the republican exiles to the point that today the Astelan are the undisputed rulers of their little corner of the galaxy.

    With the major power of the Unknown Regions, the Chiss the Astelan had contacts already in earlier times where their spiritual nature clashed quite a bit with the atheistic Chiss but at the same time the Astelan where impressed and intrigued by the Chiss modern technology, especially the Eagle Cult. The Chiss on their end where quite hesitant to seek to deep cooperation with the Astelan as they generally prefer just keeping their own home territory save. In more recent times tough the relationship has grown closer and the current Eagle has even visited the Ascendancy himself. It is clear that the Eagle cult desires their people to align with the Chiss completely, something the rest of the society is not too pleased about.

    Since the rise of the New Republic the Republican Exiles have sought for the Astelan to have a deeper connection with them. Some even returned to live in the NR again now that the empire was mostly gone, but by that time most had accepted the Astelan empire as their new home and chose to stay. The transformation of the NR into the galactic Alliance was taken with mixed feelings, some being upset about what they saw as a betrayal of the republican values while others hoped the Astelan could join this new Alliance.

    So at this point the Astelan stand at a crossroads, the Eagles seek to align with the Chiss, the Republican Exiles want to join the GA, the nobility wants to largely keep the status quo of peaceful trade and friendly relations without aligning with anyone, while the Rancors would prefer their society returning to an age of largely isolation from the rest of the galaxy.

    Hot Chocolate

    The most famed export of the Astelan Empire into the rest of the galaxy is without question Hot Chocolate, the first seeds being brought to the galaxy by smugglers and adventurers who long before the unification of their realm visited the Astelan, exchanging this luxury drink for pieces of modern technology. Somewhat of a rarity the cacao plant was only able to grow on seven planets aside from Astelan itself making the drink quite a rarity. Even more so, when maybe through fate all seven other planets where re-shaped by the Vong during the Vong War, making it impossible for the plant to grow there. This fact, alongside the growing interest in the drink across the galaxy lead to the Astelan empires exports exploding in the times since the Vong War. Large parts of their planet have now been dedicated to the farming of cacao and currently the export earns enough that even lowly farmhands can live in relative luxury.

    That said the Astelan version of the drink is quite a bit different from the one in the rest of the galaxy as they do not include any milk in the drink but instead spicy powders. Their version of the drink is considered far to bitter and spicy by the rest of the galaxy, while the Astelan themselves often poke fun at the "weakness" of other people for being only able to drink it with lots of milk and sweetener.

    If you want to try their version of the drink at home here is the version of the Recipe to do it on Earth:
    100 ml of Water
    20 Gram of 100 percent chocolate
    Chili powder

    Melt the chocolate with a little of the water in a small pot over medium heat. Whisk in the remaining water and the chili. Add the chili pepper to the pot and bring the pot almost to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for 10 mins. Enjoy ;)


    The religion of the Astelan is very much based on their past as slaves to the Rakata, with their gods being known by the titles their distant slave master may have held thousands of years ago. These Include: the Master, the Overseer, the Warrior, the Teacher and the Predor. All these gods are seen as all powerful and in many ways cruel on their mortal subjects, creating a need to placate them with sacrifices. In ancient times it is believed that the Astelan did indeed sacrifice humans to their gods tough these rituals have long since changed. These days the sacrifices are more symbolic in nature and include the burning of trophies taken from enemies or the products of the land itself.

    Given that death was seen as a release from their suffering by their slave ancestors the Astelan believe that after being tested in various perils by the cruel gods in life true peace and redemption will be found in the afterlife. As such members of their society don´t fear death as much as many other cultures do, which also lead to their warlike, bloodthirsty nature as they consider dying in battle as an act of salvation, which also applied to their enemies so they have no qualms about killing them.
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    Popped in here, page one, to look up my own entries, for a moments assistance with my own roleplaying.

    Must have scrolled too far, as I found myself within @Gamiel 's spacer slang list.

    I'll be using "Entoban" (The “name” given to any original homeworld that is lost) for an npc TIE pilot's callsign within Paradoxical Echoes: An Original Trilogy Game
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Hey everyone! Just a brief post at mid-month to share announcements and updates, as usual. At present there's just one: @Anedon has a new post: The Astelan Empire.

    Also, anyone game for a challenge at any point soon? I'm open to ideas, and I have a list of some somewhere (though I'd have to dig it out). Do let me know! :D
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    Thanks, @FanonSock a challenge would be nice, might be able to come up with a few ideas in time myself. :)

    Also finally got the Astelan post to a point its somewhat complete recently. Sorry for putting up only about the first half earlier, but I wanted to keep the July open just in case.
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    I would totally be up for a new challenge! I think i had some ideas before that I can't find anymore, but one of them was boring office plants, stuff people buy but don't need and we definitely need more updates related to ANGRY MACE products. I therefore propose its lesser known sister company, WINDU Less Angry™ products. 100% guarantee or you can toss it out the windu! (okay, I'm shutting up now [face_laugh])
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    Mandolorian Language fanon

    Some new words in mando'a

    Acykoya'lakyr'am = ca. undead.
    Alor = master
    Dar'agol = ca. ghost
    Runi = soul
    Siit = Sith
    Ures'tal = ca. vampire
    te Vhors = the Force

    Marvel comic's Mando’a accent
    'g':s at the end of words are dropped.

    Alright = awright
    And = an’
    Before = ‘efore
    Coming = comin’
    Cyborg = ‘borg
    Doing = doin’
    Don’t know = dunno
    Fitting = fittin’
    For = fer
    Friend = chum
    Got to = gotta
    Have to = hafta
    Her = ‘er
    Him = ‘im
    Himself = hisself
    Into = inta
    Keeping = keepin’
    Man = lad
    Miss = missy
    My = me
    Myself = meself
    Nothing = nothin’
    Of = o’
    Protecting = protectin’
    Rather = right
    Tomorrow = t’morrow
    Who had = Who’d
    Waiting = a-waitin’
    Yes = aye
    You = ya
    You’re = yer
    You will = ya’ll
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    Dec 21, 2016
    The Mando'a Accent words sound like a combination of Irish and Southern US.
  8. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
    Also Australian. Basically really lazy English...
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  9. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012

    I would say since you think the accent is not from one area but a combination of areas make it a good "space" accent.
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    May 11, 2016
    So I´ve got a question, could an overview over an AU universe also make for a fanon article?
    Like a general take on what exactly went different and how the universe looks, what the major players/factions are, what parallels and changes exist. Nothing too detailed of course, just an overview.

    Cause I have a few I wouldn´t mind sharing and I know some other fanfic authors have their own "verse" as well that are quite different from the OTL, so they might be intrested in this as well. And it would make this easier for readers of stories said in AU universe if there was a fanon article giving an overview over whats different.
  11. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    @FanonSock has the last word in this but to me would it be okej.
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    May 11, 2016
    Okay so while still waiting for an answer to the question above I did update my Eriadu (on Marriage and Differences from baseline Humans) and Dathomir (on Relationships and Lifemates as well as Shadows Eve)Fanon posts.
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    Hi there, sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I think it would depend on what you mean by an AU universe in this case. The rules in the OP state that "Story lines developed in fics are not eligible for this thread," so this thread wouldn't really be the place for telling the overall, overarching story of your AU. However, posts about fanon locations or fanon technology or similar that appears in your AU stories would be completely fine.

    Hope that helps, and if you have other questions, let me know! :)
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    I see, does that include, nations/goverments that only exist in AUs?
  15. FanonSock

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Yes, that would be perfectly fine, too.
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    Dec 16, 2012

    The Nighted Haunds: a large swoop gang that travels all-over the place, from location to location, from world to world. Seems to fancy themselves as some kind of dark knights on a quest for something... or somethings. This might explain why the sometime just stay days on a planet while other time they don't leave a world until years after first landing. They are led by the, self-proclaimed, lord Kato* Shuck, who is never seen outside of his black, formfitting, armoured voidsuit and claim to be from a sunless world, deep in the Unknown Regions.
    The Nighted Haunds usually keep their activities to the night hours or do them in dark places, generally they destroy larger or stronger light projectors while they drive around. They seem to have a code of honour (if a twisted one) and are known to always keep their given word, to letter of it if not always to the spirit.
    * pronounced the same way as Astrid Lindgren's Knight Kato, not as Green Hornet's valet and partner-in-crime-fighting.

    Mega G; The Pills; MC Kan; Lotus Chief; and Ghoul Geishas: those named swoop gangs are just the most notable of the coruscantian swoop gangs. Seemingly living only for showing of their over-pimped swoops and doing daring races with them, they take money wherever they can get it and if it’s easier to get it by theft, threat or violence they will use that.
    The swoops used by those gangers are usually painted in bright and/or reflective colours, covered in decorations and blinking lights. Inbuilt stereo-system and back-banners are common.

    The Coming Storm: swoop riding neo-barbarians, prefer to use as primitive tech as possible (ignoring their swoops) – lots of swords, axes, spears and lances, bows and arrows. Most of them look like background characters from 80’s Sword & Sorcery movies.
    Can be hired for mercenary jobs and are known to keep to their end of the bargain (and do “what’s best in life” on anybody who don’t uphold their end).

    Fire Drakes: a violent gang that style itself after dragons, with lots of lizard skins and flame patterns, sculpted or painted details to make their swoops resemble dragons, etcetera. Have a preference for flame-weapons and many of them have sharp blades attached to their swoops (sometime expandable) and know how to use them against prey or enemies. Are only interesting in continuing their lifestyle and having a good time.

    Chaos Riders: created by former Imperial military men from all backgrounds (and some Clone Troopers) after finding it impossible to reintegrate into normal society after service. Deal mostly in smalltime crime, short time employments and odd jobs to keep themselves and their swoops afloat. Even though they are lawbreakers and see themselves as outcasts from a thankless society so are they still Imperial patriots and will beat-up people showing disrespect toward the Empire or its symbols. Can possibly be used to help against criminals that are worse than them, since they are really damaging what the Chaos Riders fought for.
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    May 11, 2016
    So I´m currently looking to do a proper Dathomir Fanon article, to get things a bit more in order. Of course I did post some bits of fanon lore on Dathomir in my post about the warlocks. So would it be okay if I intergate those in the new article and leave the whole warlock lore in the warlock thread, to make it revolve really only around them?
  18. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I would say that's ok, I have after all done the same already.
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    May 11, 2016
    Witches of Dathomir

    Okay, here it is. Will say I changed a few aspects what I had established beforehand and also took some inspiration from @Gamiel s Dathomir Fanon article.
    Originally I also wanted to add lore on the Nightsisters but then this one became so long I decided to integrate it into my Warlock one once I wrote it down. Also as always I pretty much ignore the entire Filoni, NEU take on Dathomir. Will also add a few links after posting.


    Rancors, at least on Dathomir are empathetic creatures and usually require a bond between themselves and their rider. Most witches get a baby Rancor they have to raise from a young age thus creating a strong bond, while Rancors living in the wilderness are much harder to tame. A person can still develop a bond with a grown Rancor if they tend to them, feed them regularly and such things. It's not necessary to be a force user to ride them, but more important to have a kind hearth(at least when it comes to them). Due to many warlocks struggles with the dark side Rancors find it hard to trust them. Though there is another way to ride a Rancor as darksiders can break their will and turn them into slaves. This is seen as a great offence on Dathomir by the Witches.


    As per Dathomirian law all males born within the tribes are destined to become slaves. They are usually raised primarily by their father, if possible, or other older slaves if not. Tough usually the mothers do take some insight into the rising of her sons as well. Living usually with their family until they come of age boys are taught to obey and not to contradict their female family members, as well as older males usually. They are usually made to work in the household once they are able to do so, and later during their teen years taught field work or other slaves labors. In addition to their duties tough they are still considered a part of the family, not property and Dathomirian mothers and sisters will usually show affection and even kindness to their kids/siblings as long as they know their place.

    Once they come of age(which depends from clan to clan but is usually considered between 14-16) they are, usually, separated from their families and become property of the clan itself. Living in slave quarters and now used primarily for physical labor in the fields or mines of the tribe.

    A slave who is in the property of the clan can then be 'claimed' by a witch either by buying him from the community, or by capturing him from another tribe or if he runs away. As taking men from other tribes is a common Dathomirian way of preventing inbreeding, buying a slave is usually seen as less desirable than capturing one.

    When a slave is claimed, he will from now on live with his owner, ideally becoming a part of her family in many ways. Tough not completely absent, rape is considerably more uncommon amongst claimed slaves than one might think, as witches will usually try to win the slaves affection by showing them kindness or at least treating them better than he would have been while he belonged to the community. On the other side most slaves consider being claimed preferable to not as well, thus often leading to 'arrangements' between them and their owners that can blossom into real affection or even outright love. If a witch utterly fails to win over a slaves affection she might decide to relinquish her ownership. An 'amicable divorce' in this context would be her selling him to one of her sisters in hopes they will get along better, while a crueler mistress might simply send him back to the communal slaves.

    In regards as to which slaves are claimed it of course depends on the witches in question, but in general healthy, good looking slaves are preferred, especially when they have some spirit in them.

    A witch might take in a communal slave for a few days to do her housework and fulfill her sexual desires if she so chooses without outright claiming him. Sometimes these brief interactions then lead her to claim him.

    Tough pretty rare a witch might directly own more than one slave, or two witches might share ownership over one.

    Young slaves usually wear little more than tigh long leather shorts outside of winter(during which they will be given a cloak and boots). While older ones tend to wear full tunics and pants. Claimed slaves might bear some kind of token from their owner, cut be a piece of clothing, jewelry, a piercing, a few colored strains of hair or a tattoo.

    For most witches their treatment of males is only natural, reasoning that they couldn´t survive in the wilderness of Dathomir on their own anyway as they don´t possess the gift. So many see their treatment as 'tough love' and are disgusted by outright abuse. Which is why Jedi perceive them as lightsiders.

    While the Witches consider men beneath them they generally don´t think they should be killed without reason, massacres thus as the one committed by the Raining Leaves clan tend to disgust even conservative witches, leading to clans like them being shunned and in some cases even declared to be Nightsisters. Also the practice of feeding men who conceive sons to Rancors has been abolished in pretty much all clans, with some historians even doubting it ever existed(tough to the horror and disgust of pretty much all witches alive today that particular story would later be proven to be at least partially true).

    If a slave saves the life of a witch(which is pretty rare) they will be freed and become full members of the tribe. Tough in many cases due to having little to no knowledge of fighting/hunting, these freed slaves will stay at what they did before, i.e.: working in the fields or living with a lifemate.

    Relationships and Lifemates
    In the old days of Dathomir deep romantic relationships between witches and slaves were a bit more common than one would have tought. Where they did existed, particularly in case of 'claimed' slaves, these slaves would sometimes be called "lifemates" if the bond between them and their owner was particulary strong. More conservative witches where often opposed to these unions, worrying the witch in question might get a bit too close to her lifemate. In some cases this mistrust led to the couple being forced to flee the tribe.

    In the modern times the term lifemate has stayed in Dathomirian culture, but is now referring to an equal couple, often symbolized by both members getting a similar tattoo/facepaint/hairstyle...

    There is actually quite a bit of homosexual love found on Dathomir, as there is often little love between the slaves and the witches, so several witches, slaves and warlocks find love in same sex relationships instead. Most Witch clans ignore the relationships between their slaves as long as it doesn´t interfere with their work.

    Miscellaneous stuff on Dathomir

    Many tribes of Witches have their own style of appearance, from tribal face paint, to specific ways of dyeing/styling their hair to elaborate tattoos. The latter being mainly connected with the Misty Falls clan who´s tattoo artists skill is unrivaled on Dathomir. Tattoos of people close to each other often resemble each other, while the tattoos of slaves usually consists of a small part of their owners tattoo as a form of marking. The clan keep their tattoo art closely guarded and the current tattoo artists is usually as much respected as the matriarch by the clan. Some warlocks hailing from their clan also show similar tattoos, usually expanded to erase their old slave markings and are able to read them as well.

    Wars between clans of witches are fought regularly over territory, artifacts, slaves or simply prestige. They tend to be somewhat ritualized and generally don´t claim many lives, though on occasion they can escalate. Usually loosers of these fightsm if they can´t escape, are taken captive and ransomed back to their tribe.

    Shadows Eve
    The Shadows Eve stands in the midst of the Dathomirian autumn it's an old festival, remembering dark years in the future where Dathomir was covered in darkness and the Nightsisters terrorized the tribes. Back in those days many tribes would, at this day in autumn present gifts or sacrifices to the Night Sisters, ranging from food, over weapons and tools to slaves. A tribute paid to ensure the tribes safety.

    When the power of the Nightsisters waned more and more the day instead became one of remembrance of the danger the Nightsisters had once posed and of the dangers the dark side held for every witch of the tribe. It would usually closed by a feast where the tribe celebrated the overcoming of their darkside brethren.

    In the modern day with, slavery being abolished, Dathomir becoming more and more liberal and the Nightsisters being reduced to boogey(wo)men, the celebration has taken yet another new incarnation. Young girls of the tribe will dress up as Nightsisters and chase down the boys, in a playful remembrance of the old witches hunting for slaves. The captured boys are tied up and paraded through the tribal villages before being "auctioned" of for sweets, back to their parents or family members.

    Outside Relations

    The New Jedi Orders perspective, and with that by extension that of the NR and wider galaxy, is strongly colored by the Singing Mountain clan, who are generally one of the most "by the book(of Allya)" clans on Dathomir and thus leading to the Jedi, especially in the early years believing many of the common sayings about Nightsisters and Warlocks. This ways changed over time but lead to some lingering mistrust of Jedi by many Dathomirians.

    The Witches of Dathomir tend of have good relationship with the Jedi, often considering male Jedi as "male witches" instead of Warlocks, though how deep these interactions are depends on the individual. This quasi friendship often leads to other Dathomirians mistrusting Jedi.

    Despite being on paper a member of the New Republic or even a Hapan protectorate, all of these relations primarily revolved around the Singing Mountain Clan only. Eventually this discrepancy lead to conflicts between them and the other tribes who did not want their fate to be decided by a single clan. The result of these debates was eventually, around the time after the Vong War a joint declaration by most clans that Dathomir was an open Independent world and thus would not join the galactic Alliance with their foreign policy being one of (isolationist) neutrality. Tough at the same time individual Dathomirians, and tribes, where allowed to have political connections to the outside worlds, as long as they did not compromise the planets independence. On that note the Jedi enclave on the world was considered as property privately owned by the order(rented to them by the Singing Mountain Clan) and not a GA military base(tough the enclave itself would be largely abandoned again after the Second Galactic Civil war).

    During the Vong War the planet came under attack by the extragalactic aliens, who quickly managed to destroy many tribal villages... only to find out it won them little to nothing as the witches and their people simply fled into the wilderness from which they began a merciless guerilla campaign against the Invaders that not only cost the Vong considerable manpower but also provided many witches with new and exciting hunting targets(it was also during this war that the first tribes began organizing males in combat units to fight of the invaders).

    In the years after the Vong war more outsiders came to Dathomir, but it where never much. Hapans in particular where intrigued by the world for a long time and due to somewhat similar culture got along with the natives on several occasions. Some young and adventurous Hapans even forming or taking over tribes.

    At the same time Dathomirian women, and in time even men, would leave their homeworld to explore the galaxy and work as force using mercenaries, while some even joined other force using groups like the Jedi and later the imperial knights.


    Singing Mountain Clan(Canon Clan)

    Along with the Misty Falls Clan the Singing Mountain Clan is generally considered the most "vanilla" of all clan on Dathomir, even after establishing outside ties. They follow the code of Allya by the letter and are proud in doing so, generally having a low opinion of tribes that deviate from the rules considerably. Their relationships with the Hapans and Jedi have waxed and waned but generally remain in place. As her last direct kin had moved to Hapes, in around 40 ABY Matriarch Augwynne, feeling her death by old age drawing closer, held a great contest for the witches of her tribe to determine her successor.

    Misty Falls Clan(Canon Clan)

    The other main 'by the book(of Allya)' clan, located not too far away from the Singing Mountain and having a friendly rivalry with said clan as both claim to descent from Allya's oldest and most skilled daughters. Both tribes hold regular contests amongst each other. They also place a great emphasis on tattoos when it comes to their members. Liberalizes around 45 ABY and establishing ties to Eriadu around that time due to their new matriarchs lifemate hailing from there.

    Red Hills Clan(Canon Clan)

    As the name suggest a hill tribe. They are said to have a higher number of male slaves than most other tribes. Treating them better as they don´t have communal slaves, in their tribes males stay within their families for as long as they, and their mothers, want. To claim them a witch has to defeat the slaves mother or sister in a duel. Are considered a bit weird by the other tribes.

    Great Canyon Clan(Canon Clan)

    Once possibly the most liberal clan on all of Dathomir. The Great Canyon Clan did practiced slavery only to an almost symbolic degree and did even, to some extend train their boys in warfare. Considered outcasts and borderline Nightsisters by the other clans the Great Canyon Clan was driven into darkness by desperation, when their warriors stepped into dark powers to protect their loved ones. Got worsened by the tribe taking in survivors of Gethzerion´s Nightsisters who quickly and utterly corrupted it, leading it into an alliance with the Second Imperium and the Shadow Academy. Many clan members were killed in that conflict and after the end of the second Imperium the tribe itself was attacked by the more traditionalist ones. Many members, including the females, where enslaved by the victors and made to work hard to "redeem themselves for their crimes". Tough in time, with the other tribes learning the background of the Great Canyon Clan as well as Dathomir's own liberalization that attitude changed and the clan was restored, its members released. Today many tribes consider their actions towards them a time of shame. Since then the Great Canyon Clan also took in some other Shadow Academy survivors(including some former members of the Lost Ones). They are a proud clan for having to through so much suffering, but are very resentful towards the Jedi to the point that so far at least they have rejected all attempts by the order to apologize for what had happened.

    Fallen Stars Clan

    Living a region that in the distant past had been hit by various meteorite showers the Fallen Stars Clan crafts elaborate weapons from the meteorites metal. One of the most warlike and competitive clans. Often engaged in ritual conflicts with other tribes. Capturing a member of the tribe during these, usually non lethal, battles is seen as a great feat amongst the other clans as not only would the captive likely be in possession of such an elaborate weapon but could also be ransomed for more back to her tribe. Train their men as apprentices/assistances, those who are not fit for the job are sold to other clan or even allowed to escape.

    Crimson Thornes Clan

    One of the most traditionalistic and harsh clans. In their minds males are only really usable for breeding and hard labor and affection between witches and slaves is viewed as weakness. Many other clans threaten their slaves with them("If you do not behave we might sell you to the Crimson Thornes!"). That said as harsh as the tribe is towards their slaves they are also to themselves and any warrior woman who fails can´t expect getting much aid from her clan sisters. This however does make them some of the best warriors amongst the clans. Used to be the closest ally to the Raining Leaves Clan but eventually even the Crimson Thornes felt the Raining Leaves went too far. Since then they have, slowly begun to rethink their attitudes, tough at the same time the influx of more traditionalist members from other tribes(who were either exiled or left on their own volition as the tribes became more liberal) also pushes them into a more conservative direction.

    Roaring Dragons Clan

    One of the newest Clans on Dathomir, formed by young Hapan nobles(usually second/third... daughters). They are more adventurous than most other clans and see live on Dathomir mainly as exotic fun. But where several similar clans failed or where dissolved after a short time the Roaring Dragons are successful, ironically due to some of their new male 'slaves'. For while some Hapan males accompanied the women(often their boyfriends/brothers), these men originally from Dathomir where either bought or captured by the clan but quickly became advisors to their owners when it came to life on this world. Despite being essentially equal when it comes to gender the clan still symbolically practices slavery in an almost role-play esque way. The Clan is seen is very eccentric by the rest of Dathomir and the object of no small amount of jokes, yet in time the Roaring Dragons determination and adaptability won them the respect of several clans, including, of course, the Singing Mountain Clan and fellow liberals from the Misty Falls and Red Hills Clan. Also due to having rich families back home on Hapes a preferred target for hostage taking by other tribes.
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    Hello, y'all. I'm still alive and kicking.

    After listening to the audio book of Thrawn Ascendancy, I've decided to update my entry for purple-eyed Chiss once more. This time, I've added a section for their naming system and taken inspiration from that book.
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    Dathomir (Geography/Notable Places)

    Where my pervious posts on Dathomir focus on its people(specifically the Warlocks and Witches) this one focuses more on the planet itself and its geography. Also tried to bring the Filoni/TCW Dathomirians into this as well as offer a potential explanation to their power being different. Plan on going more in debth on that and Nightsister in general at some point in the future. This list will likley also see expansion as time goes on.

    In General

    Even in modern times the vast majority of Dathomir is largely unexplored wilderness, ranging through various climate zones, from deserts and savannas over tropical forests to colder climates in the regions closer to the worlds poles. Many of these regions are very hostile towards life and so life on Dathomir is a constant struggle for many of its inhabitants be they human or wildlife. Due to the planets rich past having seen the Kwa and Rakata come and go, been used as a place to exile Jedi and for a few years housing an academy of the Brotherhood of Darkness Dathomir is filled with the remnants of its former inhabitants and houses many sights of historical or cultural significance.

    Special Locations:

    The Temple of Allya

    While the first witch of Dathomir is not worshipped as a goddess by the tribes she is nevertheless seen as possibly the greatest human to have ever lived by most tribes and thus still revered. During the high of her rule she had a fortress build in the mountain close to the Singing Mountain and Misty Falls Clans, where she lived while her daughters spread out with their clans. After her death, according to Dathomirian stories she was murdered by her last lover in her sleep, it was here that her daughters avenged their mother before leaving the place forever. Today it`s a ruin and considered sacred ground by the tribes, with everyone being forbidden to enter it.

    The Black Fortress

    Like the Temple of Allya the Academy once build by the Brotherhood of darkness, over four hundred years before Allya arrived on Dathomir, became little more than a ruin in the centuries after the New Sith Wars. The place is still haunted by the dark side and it is said that the ghosts of those apprentices who died there can still be felt in the area. Being build in the mountains overlooking one of the planets great deserts the place sits in a strong defensive location and thus was chosen by some witches in the century after Allya's passing as a place to live. Using slave labor they fortified the ruins and turned them into a fortress. But possibly through the darkness lurking in this place or due to corruption in their own hearts they eventually became Nightsisters and began to raid the other tribes. In a long, bitter conflict the other tribes eventually conquered and sacked the fortress, scattering the Nightsisters residing there to the Winds. Since then the witches stay away from the ruins but Nightsisters and Warlocks occasionally explore them.

    The Forest of Woe

    Said to have been the place of the very first battle between the Witches and Nightsisters this large, deep forest has seen countless battles over the centuries, with some even speculating that it had been a battlefield long before the modern times. Relics of multiple wars can be found here, from the Rakata and Kwa to the failed Yuzzan Vong invasion of Dathomir. The forest is darker than most forests on Dathomir, the trees larger and older but possibly most unnerving, it's much more quiet as wildlife seems to shy away from it. Dathomirian legends say all the blood spilled there made the ground fertile and allowed the trees to grow to such height, some witches even believe that the forest itself is a sentient being, the having gained the ability to think from all those who died beneath them. Despite this the witches still consider the place a great hiding spot in times of need and will occasionally venture there to honor those witches who died fighting there.

    The Plateau of Bones

    Located in the Northern Mountains of Dathomir the Plateau of Bones is a place where young Dathomirian warriors occasionally travel to prove their strength. Each year members of each tribe go there near the end of summer to battle each other and the dangerous creatures who live on the plateau, hoping to gain trophies of their bravery. It's a bleak and desolate place, home to now plants but only the bleached bones of the creatures slain there by the witches. In addition to fighting creatures it's also a place for young warriors from different tribes to met, share experiences discuss diplomatic agreements and trade, as well as engage in, usually non lethal combat, with each other.

    The Blighted Peninsular

    Dathomir is home to many dark places but few if any can rival the infamy of the Blighted Peninsular. The land there seems to be dead, there is no wildlife and even the trees seem little else than burned out husks, the rivers are slow muddy and seem to glow in the dark, with the only living things being thorny vines and tendrils as well as a short reddish grass. Most Dathomirians won´t speak about the place, nor its history. But in hushed whisperers warlocks and nightsisters might speak of the Outcast, the Forgotten, the Son of Allya. According to the story, while Allya made slaves out of most of her sons, one of them was an exception. As he was skilled in the force unlike his brothers his mother would teach him alongside her daughters, but he became corrupted by jealousy and hunger for power and began using the darkest of arts. It was said that he consorted with evil spirits from the ancient past and even learned how to raise the dead. The young man, whose very name is lost to history was said to have lived on the Peninsular with a tribe of his own with the darkness in him corrupting both them and the land. Eventually his mother called upon his sisters to end his dark reign. It was said to have been a bloody war in which the tribe was destroyed, but as they had been cut down the fallen warriors would raise again to fight the witches. No one knows Allya´s sons final fate, some say he was killed by his mother, while others claim he still wanders the Blighted Peninsular, an undying husk of a man, accompanied by the undead corpses of the people who died there. The Witches for their part never speak about him as they claim even thinking of him darkens the light of their days. Sometimes young adventurous witches journey to the Peninsular but they either return insane or not at all. (It is however believed that the tribes of Zabrak hybrids who adopted the Dathomirian culture and later formed their own tribe of Nightsisters(tough some of them also joined the witch tribes) learned the skill of rising the dead, and possibly more as well, in this place but no one knows for sure how or from whom.
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