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Resource The Fanon Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    I'm drinking it now. It's awesome!
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  2. leiamoody

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    Nov 8, 2005 [face_shocked]

    That looks fantastic!!!!! :D

    (I didn't get the chance to thank you earlier, @Chyntuck, for making my little piece of fiction into reality. It's so amazing...I really don't know what else to say! :D).
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  3. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Time for the list again. What are you most interested in learning about this month?

    - Forceless (in general)
    - Skakoan Commandos (Skakoan mercenary sub-culture and would include some more information on the Skakoan species)
    - Kur'Ada Equalists (Force-blind Miraluka cult)
    - Races of Valkor's Forceless Collective (species that have allied with or been possessed by said Collective)
    - Sleheyron (Legends canon planet)
    - Polus (Legends canon planet)
    - Kratzar (relatively young planet and Mustafarian mining colony)
    - Krantisi (former Infinite Empire world and home to several unusual creatures, some now extinct)
    - Guaymar (perpetually night-shrouded planet and former Infinite Empire world; notable for a haunted, crashed colony ship)
    - Chilades (former Infinite Empire world; notable mutated predators, chemical-tainted water and perpetual winters)
    - Ockla Prime (former Infinite Empire world and capital of the Valkoran Empire)
    - The Valkoran Empire
  4. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I say Guayma.
  5. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Well, since that's the only vote I got...


    Located in the Vakmin System, this Mid Rim world is always shrouded in darkness despite the presence of a star due to many layers of thick clouds blocking it out and only letting light shine through periodically. Day time is defined by being mildly dark (what it looks like when it's about to rain during the day on most other worlds) and night time is really dark. Because of this, there is very little vegetation and what little plant life there is has adapted to the lack of sunlight.

    Native species

    The wildlife of Guaymar is mostly really bizarre by galactic standards. The planet's sapient species, the Guaymarans, have a humanoid body structure, but have really long and powerful legs while their incredibly flexible torsos hang down from their pelvises (for an idea, think similar to Jeremy from this VG Cats strip, except without the biological cruelty). While some Guaymarans have been spotted away from home in civilized space, the ones residing on Guaymar live a tribal-based lifestyle, hunting and feeding on local animals or sometimes, offworlders. For beings who have been to Guaymar and had close encounters with the more vicious tribes, they sometimes become wary of even the more civilized Guaymarans. Not helped by the fact that Guaymarans are carnivorous by necessity (again, due to Guaymar's shortage of plant life) and some being criminals in other regions, they suffer a stereotype of being cannibals, similar to other species such as Harchs and Karkarodons.

    Due to their homeworld's lighting conditions, Guaymarans are nocturnal and some have albinism. Offworld, this means they are mostly active at night and those in fields that require some exposure to sunlight have to wear solar eye protection or risk going blind. Albino Guaymarans, meanwhile, risk getting sunburned without protective clothing. Their nocturnal activity only adds to their unsettling appearance for a lot of other species. A lot of Guaymarans have trouble getting legal jobs because of this, but those that do usually make a successful living either taking night shifts and working in low-light worlds/regions such as the Coruscant underworld, Nar Shaddaa and Gorse. For instance, their appearance makes them intimidating security guards to potential thieves.

    Antirr Tree
    One of the few plants to have thrived on the low-light world. They are determined by their dark blue trunks and four blue leaves diverging from a purple bulb at the top of the trunk. They are notable in that a group of them has formed one of the only forests on the entire planet, appropriately dubbed Antirr Forest. However....

    Antirr Dragon
    One of the most devious predators on Guaymar has camouflage to disguise itself among the Antirr trees, and heavily present in Antirr Forest. The bulb is actually the head of the dragon, with an eye on each hemispherical jaw and an elongated tongue in between. Despite looking like classic carnivorous plants and being stationary predators, Antirr Dragons are actually animals as proven by the presence of a skeleton and organ structure, the bulk of their bodies being buried in the ground. To work around their immobility, Antirr Dragons are hermaphrodites that reproduce by having an egg travel through the soil. More than one Antirr Dragon close together is actually a multi-headed specimen, classified as an Antirr Hydra.

    Even before the Infinite Empire took over the planet, the Guaymarans practiced Stythanysm, a religion that has somehow spread across several galaxies due to the entity Stythanyx appearing before people (and this was even before Stythanyx became part of the Forceless Collective). In this religion, Stythanyx was viewed as a god of death due to not only being able to reanimate the dead with his presence alone, but cause death to some for mysterious reasons. This caused most Guaymarans to develop a nihilistic outlook on life and only fight for survival, sometimes offering sacrifices to Stythanyx (Note: Guaymaran immigrants usually dissociate themselves from Stythanysm and have come to find meaning in their lives).

    When the Rakata came to the planet looking for slave labor and to build Stythanyx - now an Archfiend in the Forceless Collective - a temple of worship and summoning, the Guaymarans were one of the few races to serve the Infinite Empire voluntarily. During their alliance, a mysterious colony ship was shot down over the planet and created a large crater. The wreckage of this ship ended up becoming Stythanyx's temple. However, the Rakata left the planet for unknown reasons years later, but the Guaymarans helped continue their masters' work, although they made no progress in summoning their god on their own.

    The conversion of the wreckage into a temple had a few side effects. First, the dead would reanimate every few years and attack the living. This meant that the Guaymarans had to burn all corpses to keep them from attacking and never made graves (however, they did make memorials).

    Second, some even stranger creatures have come to inhabit the temple.

    Warning: Due to rumors of a death curse, we would not recommend searching for other images of this specimen, or traveling to Guaymar at all after viewing this image.

    These creatures stalk any living thing that enters the ship and attack from behind, wrapping their tentacle-like arms around their prey before sucking their blood out with their lamprey-like trunks. Despite being taller than the average humanoid, they are incredibly stealthy and may not be noticed until it is too late, achieved by phasing in and out of reality. Their main bodies seem to hover and they drag their limbs along the floor when not in use.

    Those that escape the ship rarely get the last laugh, as four days later, they die under mysterious circumstances. People who have seen four of them or even four different recorded images of them have died as well. Autopsies indicate the victims were suffering hallucinations and extreme fear at time of death.

    What these creatures exactly are isn't clear, but some suspect they are the tangible, hateful ghosts of the ship's original crew.

    These creatures are actually the Hands of Stythanyx, four identical entities that serve as psychic extensions of Stythanyx himself (and part of his body), so in a way, Stythanyx was present on Guaymar millenia before the Valkoran Empire summoned him during their war against the Galactic Alliance, and this may have lead to the periodic undead uprisings before the summoning (after the summoning, they would be active until Stythanyx was killed or left the planet). If any living creature sees all four of them within their life time (whether it be directly, an image, or a holo-recording), they will be afflicted with a curse that will kill them in four days while making them suffer hallucinations of being stalked by the Hands unless Stythanyx is killed. How this curse works remains a mystery.

    Despite reports of the Hands being killed by some who encountered them inside the ship, the Hands cannot truly die unless Stythanyx is killed, hence why there seem to be more than four onboard. Whether they are pummeled with blaster fire, cut apart by a blade or vaporized, their corpses will just disappear while emitting a shriek and they'll come back completely intact.


    When the Old Republic was formed, a few pioneer ships traveled to Guaymar. While the travelers had trouble with the local fauna and decided to recommend against settling on it, a number of Guaymarans that were looking for hope decided to leave with them, eventually leading to their greater presence in the galaxy. Guaymar never earned a seat in any major galaxy-spanning government due to the planet's contested nature (although it did serve as a battleground throughout some major wars), but the Guaymarans were always open to citizenship within the Old and New Republics, the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Alliance.

    Guaymar was miraculously ignored during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

    Around the time of the Valkoran War, the local Guaymarans sided with the Valkoran Empire due to a common interest in Stythanyx. Ironically, the death of Stythanyx at the hands of Zolph Vaelor led to the Guaymarans becoming more civilized and less nihilistic, suggesting they only worshipped the entity out of fear. However, they still remained loyal to the Valkoran, and some earned citizenship within their Empire. Whether they sided with Maesterus or Valkor during the Empire's division near the end of the war is unknown, but it is doubtful they were on good terms with Masochus when he came to the planet for the summoning of Stythanyx.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    I am doing a Gahmah Raan and ask what people want to me post this month:

    * A planetary culture generator system with added quirks of different kinds to already existing list.
    * A Force tradition generator system.
    * Animals from here and there in the galaxy.


    Gahmah Raan I like Guaymar, the Antirr Dragon is nicely different and the other monsters are lovecraftian in a good way.

    Regarding the Guaymaran so do I have some of my usual questions: How do they dress? How do their architecture/s look like? At what technological "level" are they? What kind of technology do they have? Is there a kind of technology/gadget/items that they don’t have/use or is unique to them? Any unique superstitions? Do they have an Force tradition of their own and if yes what is their philosophy and powers? What kind of martial tradition do they have and what arms and armour do they use? What is/are their government system/s?
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Gamiel, I'd be curious to hear about some of your animals. :D
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  8. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Whether they're the primitive or civilized ones, Guaymarans rarely wear footwear so as to take better advantage of their legs (except offworld albinos; they probably need it). The primitive ones wear very little clothing, but ones in civilized space have to wear clothing that is designed specifically for their bodies (females, due to the species' torsos usually not being positioned upright unless adjusted for sitting down, would have to wear much tighter bras to say the least). Daytime Guaymarans wear what are essentially sun-visors while daytime albinos wear what are essentially haz-mat suits. Armor-wise, the primitive ones will armor up every part of their body except their calves and their mouths. Offworld ones will try to have their pelvic-regions less pronounced since said regions are at eye-level with most other humanoids and their heads usually positioned as low as the other humanoid's pelvic region; otherwise, conversations between Guaymarans and other species could get awkward.

    On their homeworld, the Guaymarans are mostly a tribal race, but some built cities from stone and some of Guaymar's other plant-life. Some of their most elaborate buildings include minor shrines (generally considered safer than the actual temple) and sacrificial altars dedicated to Stythanyx.

    While they are primitive race and mostly use pikes (perfectly suited for their body types) and their legs as weapons, the closest they have to advanced technology are left-overs from the Rakata or stolen goods from offworlders, mostly used by scientists and Stythanyst priests.

    Aside from ones that have traveled the greater galaxy (and possibly became Jedi), the Guaymarans don't think much of the Force, and the Force sensitives that are born among the tribes typically end up as sorcerers or mystics. With the Force being connected to life and the Guaymarans worshiping a nihilistic "god" of death, even their Force-sensitives see the Jedi and their value of life as a joke and death being the only certainty. Once they die, they believe they will be bound to serve Stythanyx even in death (in actuality, it would just be their corpses until they've completely decomposed), hence their traditions of burning their dead to ensure freedom in death. (If you could imagine, a Sith Guaymaran would go insane due to their beliefs being combined with the Sith philosophy of nothingness after death).

    Martial traditions: The primitive Guaymarans are mostly concerned with survival. Either hunting food, fighting other tribes (sometimes resorting to cannibalism against their own species) or just trying to appease Stythanyx in the hope it won't kill them (ironically, Stythanyx does not think of itself as a god and views the cults centered around it with bewilderment, wondering why any living thing struggles to survive when it's going to die eventually).

    Meanwhile, I've just added some more information on the "ghosts" and things to be cautious of. Namely, that they can phase in and out of the corporeal world to sneak up on prey, and that they can't really be killed even though it looks like they can (it doesn't matter how you do it; they always come back).
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Bestiarum Vocabulum

    “Crikey. Isn't she a beauty?”
    – Jacen Solo-Djo, magister iediensis animalibus


    Pegasus, Munto Codru
    Munto Codru’s pegasus are horse-like animals with three toes and large leather wings. They prefer to live in open areas or on cliff sides since they need a running start or a jump from a certain height to get into the air. In the wild do they live in harems of one stallion and two to seven mares and additional foal or in same-sex youth groups of two to ten young stallions or mares.

    They are domesticable and are often used by the codru-ji as mounts but can not carry heavier weights while in flight.


    Kaparak are social and friendly caterpillars that are usually between 5 to 10 m long and 3 to 7 cm broad. They are smart animals that can easily be trained and are usually loyal to death, even if many who are unused to them are alarmed by their need for physical contact and intimacy. In natural state they live in packs and often adopt a group as their “owner” instead of just a person.

    Having only the most basic of sight, kaparaks sense their surrounding by smell, vibration and micro changes in air density. They are protected by an armoured exoskeleton and a natural hardiness. They are also equipped with powerful mandibles that can cut through thinner steal plates and kaparaks are fully capable to use them to protect their pack.


    Kronk, Pzob
    Kronk are a species of large, woolly brontotherium-like animals that live on Pzob. The different kronk breeds only vary through their size, with the smallest being around 1.5 m tall at the shoulders and the body, and the largest around 4 m. The gamorreanscall all the different species for kronk, just adding a big, great, huge or small to differ between the different breeds.

    Smaller kronks usually live in harems of one male and two to seven females with youngs, while larger breeds live alone or in pairs.

    Females and neutered males of the smaller kronk breeds can be domesticated, if taken in at a young age but can never be said to be fully tamed and their idea of affection can kill people of less sturdy species. They are used for food and as beasts of burden by the gamorreans. Surprisingly, for outsiders, are the kronk not used for war but that’s because the beasts easily panic when wounded or surrounded by the kind of sounds and sights that exist on a battle field and begin to charge anything in its way, often laying low both sides before it stop.

    Worth mentioning is also that kronks, of all sizes are the favourite mounts for the mystical Wildriders, whose primitive mastery of the Force makes it possible for them to befriend all but the angriest kronk. With their animal mastery are the Wildriders the only one who can use a kronk in battle.


    Vulture-bat, Coruscant(now extinct there)
    Originally evolved on Coruscant the vulture-bat belongs to the same species family as the hawk-bat. They were in ancient times associated with many of the planets death gods and as such so were they transplanted to Dahrtag as part of burial rites for many highborn coruscantians. The carrion eating vulture-bats fit right in on the world that most people know as Necropolis and the species survived there when it died out on Coruscant.


    Pansár, unknown
    An evolutionary cousin or descendant to the common horse, the pansár is easily mistaken for one from a distance but close up the difference became obvious. The first difference that’s noticed is the size, with the pansár withers at 2.5 to 3 m, then as you get closer you also see that large parts of its body is protected by bone plates, giving it a natural scale mail. At this distance it is possible that you also can see its fangs and realise that you should had run when you had the chance.

    The pansár live in packs of usually 10 to 20 lead that use a high variation of techniques to bring down prey of all the sizes. Their meat diet is usually supplemented with vegetables and fruits of different kinds.

    Just like horses are the pansár’s origin world unknown but it can now a-days be found on many planets, mostly ancient human colony worlds. Among the world that have domesticated pansárs are Borleias; Byss; Onderon; Ossus; [more to come]

    They can be domesticated with a lot of hard work and if you begin at an early age, but even then they are self-willed, temperamental and aggressive and can quickly become a danger to its surrounding and rider if the rider ever lose control.

    Pansárs are mostly used in warfare and as courier carriers in dangerous areas, since most beasts think once-or-twice before attacking a pansár but on they are also considered a status symbol on more civilized and/or peaceful world. As beasts of war so are pansárs usually used alone or in packs of 10 to 20, smaller or larger groups have a tendency to be unruly and even harder to control.

    Their before mentioned nature, do that a rider need to be fully focused on his animal and can do little else. Most groups that use pansárs for battle usually also have a secondary, and some time third, rider behind the controlling rider who is then called a forman. Those secondary riders are usually armed with range weapons and/or lances and are usually called gunners or lancers depending on their main weapon.

    [Creators comment: The pansár is stolen, name and all from the Swedish post-apocalyptic game Mutant: undergångens arvtagare]


    Wyvern, Pzob
    The pzobian wyvern is a large flying reptile with a bird-of-prey like body, bull like head and a long tale that ends in a deadly, poisonous sting. If all that was not enough so are the beasts’ fang filled jaws full of infectious germs that promises a slow death to anything bitten.

    A wyvern’s hunting technique mostly resemble a bird-of-preys, taking in account the difference in size of course, but with larger prey, like greater and huge kronk, is their method to just to land on the beasts back and before it have time to react, bite down hard on its neck and give it a sting with its tale before quickly flying away, allowing the germs and poison to do their work. They then return a day or three later, guided by the carrion eaters, to the now dead kronk and begin to eat.

    Beside a predatorily cunning are the pzobian wyverns rather stupid. This combined with their inherit certainty of their place atop the food chain have meant more then one wyvern’s death, when the beast have attacked something that they see as easy prey and they just don’t accept that they could have bitten off more than they can chew.

    They are territorial and live atop cliffs, mountain sides and in nests built among the higher branches of the gigantic putunk trees.

    The pzobian wyvern can not be domesticated but befriending one and mastering it enough so can be used as a mount is considered a master-test among the Wildriders.


    Rats are a fast breeding, highly adaptable vermin that have been stowaways across the spacelanes since time unknown. On most worlds that rats get a foothold they usually stay in their original niche but on some worlds they evolve and move to other niches. Falanx is the collective term for any species that have descended from rats that have taken up an evolutionary niche comparable to the canini family.

    Bellow the spoiler is a picture of two falanx hunting
    [The falanx name, consept and picture is stolen from Dougal Dixon’s After Man: A Zoology of the Future]


    Diprot, Oradongia
    A rhinoceros-sized marsupial that resemble a wombat.


    Mihirung, Oradongia
    A family of large flightless birds, most who are plant eaters.


    Dromornis, Oradongia
    A omnivorous member of the Mihirung family of large flightless birds. The Dromornis can be over three meters tall and weight over a half a ton.


    Genyornis, Oradongia
    A member of the Mihirung family of large flightless birds that is around two to two-and-a-half meter tall. The Genyornis can be domesticated and are used as riding and pack animals and for their eggs.


    @Gahmah Raan do you know of the Sorcerers of Rhand? I think they, or at least some of their members, would be rather interested in Guaymar
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    Feb 2, 2015

    Them male pegasi and kronks are pimps if they get that many mates.

    Seeing as they are found on Onderon, I wonder if there's a connection between the panzar and the dalgo seeing as both are carnivorous horses.
  11. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    It is actually a reference to real life horses who in the wild live in harems like that :)
    I would say that they are not any connection, dalgo most likely evolved on Onderon, while the panzer was brought there by the human colonists.

    I actually did not know about the delgo before you post to tell the truth, I just thought that Onderon would be a fitting world to have domesticated pansárs on. Now I can see a cultural conflicts between the onderonians who ride on dalgos and the one who ride on pansárs. [face_thinking]
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    Jul 31, 2014
    "Jacen Solo-Djo" :D :D

    Ummm...Gamiel, you are a genius. Please, have ALL the RPGs and lamb shanks roasted with the oven door open.
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  13. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Oh thank you. :D

    I thought that since this is the fanon thread why not have my fanon idea of Jacon give the epigraph.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Something I have found helpful when I create new cultures, civilizations and similar things are the world creating tables that you can find in RPG books. Books like West End Games’ Star Wars: Planets of the Galaxy I or Wizard of the Coast’s Star Wars SAGA: The Unknown Regions. There are also non-SW books like: Deathwatch: Rites of Battle, Rogue Trader: Stars of Inequity, Serenity RPG: Big Damn Heroes Handbook, GURPS (4th ed.): Space, Mazes & Minotaurs: Maze Masters Guide and internet resources CaptainRemiVandigrath’s Xenos Empire Generator to Rogue Trader,

    The problem is that most of those tables are not that helpful when it comes to creating world cultures, or when you want to create a world/species whose technological level is above ours but below galactic standard.

    Therefore I am suggesting some methods to help people, who like me, like to use or look at tables for inspiration.

    First of: when it comes to creating the technological level of a world that is supposed to be above ours but below galactic standard so is my suggestion that you take a look at movies, games and similar stuff that takes place in a world that is more advanced then ours but less then SW’s and then model your worlds technology after that. If you can not decide which SF-world to use do I suggest making a list of the SF-worlds that you know of and then throw a dice. It is maybe also a good idea that you make a summery of what kind of tech that movie/game/other have and don’t have.

    For example Blade Runner have: advanced biodroids both in the shape of humans and animals; flying cars exist but they are vessels for the government and the elite; no internet, at least as we understand it; no mobile phones or similar devices, maybe car-phones; large space colonisation program; memory reading devices;

    Here is an example list that is my own other people probably have other SF-worlds.

    Tech Table - 1D10
    1. I, robot (the movie)
    2. Blade Runner
    3. Neuromancer
    4. Phantom 2040
    5. Twilight’s Home: the Second Empire (an Swedish’s RPG, the original title is ‘Skymnings hem: det andra imperiet’)
    6. Firefly
    7. Avatar
    8. Elysium
    9. Century Knight
    10. Demolition Man

    A summary what they have/don’t have is below the spoiler, it is not fully finished so if people see some piece of technology that I have missed, just comment.

    I, robot – humanoid robots (most without any more advanced AI) that seems to mostly have servant roles are common; non-humanoid robots for things like demolition, transportation, etc.; cars with self driving capacity, at least in the in the cities; medical cybernetics that is as good as the original, non-medical cybernetics are not seen; small holographic projectors that create holograms that appear real from the right angle; no smart phones and most people use bluetooths;

    Blade Runner – advanced biodroids both in the shape of humans and animals; flying cars exist but are vessels for the government and the elite; no internet, at least as we understand it; no mobile phones or similar devices, maybe car-phones; large space colonisation program; memory reading devices; video phones; FTL–travel;

    Neuromancer – an advanced matrix with VR function that connect at least all the big cities and companies; cybernetics are advanced with much non-medical cybertech and rather common; mnemonic curriers; mind-interface; fully liveable space stations;

    Phantom 2040 – humanoid robots that are used for guard duty, menial works and servant for the rich; fling cars and motorcycles; active camo’ both for vesicles and humans; full immersion VR-games; an advanced matrix with VR function; advanced medical cybernetics; no smart phones; fully liveable space stations; hologram, crysleep; super-smart Artificial Intelligences; no mobile phones;

    Twilight’s Home: the Second Empire – hover cars and motorcycles; no fire-weapons beside fire-lances; exo-armour; active camo-suits; smart phone like devices; interstellar communication; droids;

    Firefly – slow (generation ship) interstellar travel; easy interplanetary travel; railgun pistols; hover crafts; interplanetary internet; advanced terraformation technology; cryosleep;

    Avatar – mini-mechas; railgun pistols; advanced biotechnology (not cheap), ex. the avatars; deep sleep chambers; hologram interface; slow FTL travel; flying drones;

    Elysium – highly advanced medical technology; quick surface-to-space spaceships and missiles; enhancing cybernetics; cyber-linked exoskeletons; humanoid robots that are used for policing, guard duty and servant for the rich; flying drones; fully liveable space stations;

    Century Knight – exo-armour; nano-based 3d printers; expensive interstellar flight with little room for spaces with life support; advanced medical cybernetic, brain transplant into a full ‘borg body is actually the usual way many do interstellar travel; mind-interface; non-sapient robots in many different shapes, internet; mind uploaded media;

    Demolition Man –self-driving cars with auto inflation wheels; internet; anti-graphite systems; tracking chips; stun batons; video phones; cryosleep; memory implants when in cryosleep; “quick freeze seeds”; tablet computer;

    For culture creation I suggest the creation of a numbered list of cultures/countries/eras that you know – you don’t need to really know the culture/country/era that you write down but you should have a bit more knowledge about it then just from Hollywood movies and anime – and then roll on the list a couple of times, each time representing a different cultural point (architecture, fashion, belief system, youth fashion, painting style, government, etc) to create an fascinating mix. You can also roll twice or more for the same thing to create an interesting combination or represent cultural ideas from different ages.

    You should have a ground concept for your culture before you begin to roll, if you don’t already have one or can decide on one do I provide an example list of ground concepts and also an example list of cultures.

    When it comes to ground concepts can you take a real culture a sub cultures and/or ideas we have about some cultures that in reality are not really true, like the chivalric middle age that we see in Disney movies and read about in Prince Valiant. Other suggestions are something that is more of a genre, like the Wild West, or Film Noir.

    Remember this is my lists given as examples, anybody else that is using this method should make their own using the cultures and concepts they know and are interested in

    Concepts table - 1T12
    1. Chivalric middle age
    2. Goth (the music and fashion style) *
    3. Tsarist Russia
    4. Hammer Horror
    5. Rom as the beckon and bastion of civilization.
    6. Heavy Metal **
    7. Cyberpunk
    8. 19th-century Russia
    9. Samurai Japan
    10. Hippies
    11. Cavalier France
    12. Rom the decadent where the elite keep the rabble in line with bread and deadly circuses.

    * See the comic Doll & Creature for example how it can be done.
    ** See the video game Brütal Legend for example how it can be done.

    Cultures table - 2D6
    2. Imperial Russia
    3.Tsarist Russia
    4. Jazz age U.S.A.
    5. Soviet Union
    6. Victorian Brittan
    7. Calmar union Scandinavia
    8. Early Edo period Japan
    9. Edo period Japan
    10. Vikings
    11. 1890’s & 1900’s Sweden
    12. Pic something really different from all the other results.

    Something that is worth to remember is that the environment of their homeplanet also effect a culture/civilizations development. Two civilizations with the same concept, technological level and the same results on the roles on the cultures table will still be different if one exist on a world covered by 90% water and all the landmass are mountains, while the other exist on a world with large tracts of savannah and is in the middle of its ice age.

    There is also that that different species also develop things different, a dug civilization will be different from a twi’lek one even if they both had the same concept, technological level and the same results on the roles on the cultures table.

    Also as inspiration to diversifying the planet/culture/civilization more so do I present some quirks of different kinds. I have not provided a table since the quirk list is still growing.

    Social quirks
    True Matriarchate – only women who are mothers are allowed into positions of true political power.

    The state first – high officers are not allowed to have or had family, their loyalty is to be to the state not their family.

    Death cult – the society have a strong fascination on death. Symbols associated with death are commonplace, the remains of the dead may be paraded around at holy days and even made part of their relatives home or the city buildings.

    Let no thinking machine exist – the society have a strong aversion against artificial intelligences and possibly even to advance computers. This means that droids are outlawed in their territories and if the culture is aggressive enough there is a possibility for a Butlerian Jihad. If even advance computers are outlawed so is possible the roles that can not be done by a normal sentient, like astrogation, is filled by special trained (possible Force using) groups; some kind of specialised bio-computers or is actually done by advanced computers which existence is hidden from public knowledge.

    By this blade – the society put a lot of prestige and importance on an, in practise, obsolete fighting style – ex. fencing, archery, flintlock pistols, etc. – and more or less all military and political persons are at least trained in the fighting style and it is possible that it is though to all citizens in school.

    War – the society is made up by 1d6+1 fractions that are at war with each other. The reason for the war can be political, economical, nationalism, religious, some other reason or simply forgotten.

    Transhumanism – the society is imbued with belief that its citizens should enhance their capability through the use of cybernetics. People lacking cybernetics will be looked upon as strange at best and be looked down on as lesser at worst.

    Two societies – the society is actually made up by two different societies that share the same space. The two societies are similar enough that outsiders easily can miss that they are not the same but the two groups follow different rules and have different traditions.

    Armed and proud – every member of this society put their pride in a type of weapon (ex. dagger, sword, pistol). This weapon is its carrier’s badge of honour and the sword and shield she defend it with. It is likely that duels are common.

    Clubs and societies – there are exist countless of clubs and societies for all different interest (sport, food, knitting, fine wine, ) and with different membership criteria, ex. only accepting people belonging to a specific job, haling from a certain place, having a yearly earning that is disgustingly high enough,

    It is about the hair – hair styles show the personas social statues, outsider either have to hide their hair, fix their hair so it correspond to their social statues or wear a wig.

    One with nature – Pollution is consider a capital crime and all things are made to either last for a long time, to be renewable or can be broken-down by nature. Expect a lot of greenery all over the place.

    Unusual weapons – the civilizations weapon technology is a bit unusual. Maybe all weapons are electricity/lighting based; there are no personal firearms; the main ammunition for range weapons are harpoons; all weapons deliver poison, etc.

    Intrigue filled – the civilization is filled with intrigues on many, if not all, levels. Those intrigues my just be friendly competitions or they may be deadly and infernal where death or ruin is an all too common end.

    Masked – every member of this society is masked and you only show your face to your famly members and most trusted friends if that. The mask may be simple cloth and papier-maché or highly advanced pieces of technology.

    Marked – the members of this society are all marked by tattoos and/or scarification. The markings may be to show clan affiliation, protections against evil spirits, what cast you belong to, your life history, etc. The Markings can be something small or cover the whole body but everybody have them.

    Arcology – for one reason or another so do at least 90% of the population live in one, or more, gigantic, enclosed, self-sufficient city.

    Urbs Mobilis – more or less all larger settlements are mobile, either moving from place to place, settling down for a time and then moving again or in constant motion.

    Steampunk – for one reason or another so is all technology that can be made to function without the power of electricity, even if it makes them ten times (or more) larger, made in that way. Steam engines, of one kind or another (preferably using solid fuel), is the main source of energy. Air travel should be by airship, not plain.

    Depopulated – For one reason or another (war, famine, plague, off-world migration, etc.) so was the planet notably depopulated in relatively resent history, leaving large parts of cities and towns abounded to be taken back by nature.

    Wasteland – A catastrophe of some kind have ravage this world, leaving still visible scars. High-technology only exist in hidden enclaves and/or fortified city states, the rest of the word survive with help of pre-industrial technology and what artefacts from the begun age they can get their hands on.

    Polluted – The world is heavily polluted and most outside areas are damaging, if not deadly, to the lifeforms not adapted to this new environment. The populated areas are built on the few clean areas and/or equipped with protections and filtrations systems against the pollution.

    Ancient remains – The current civilisation is not the first on the planet. An earlier, now fallen, civilisation existed long before the current one and left still notable remains. Either chose or create your own remains or roll on the Ancient remains table below.

    Marked – the members of this society are all marked by tattoos and/or scarification. The markings may be to show clan allegiance; there to protect against evil spirits; show what cast you belong to; your life history; etc. The Markings can be something small or cover the whole body but everybody have them.

    Mundane luxury – something most of the galaxy consider common is considered a luxury on this planet. Some examples: sugar, salt, textile colours, clean air, spices, etc.

    Ancient remains
    Before rolling on the table you should decide or roll on if the remains are 1) unknown, 2) taboo, 3) known, 4) harnessed. If the remains are unknown so do the current civilization for on reason or another not know about them; if they are taboo so do the current civilization know about the remains, or at least that there is something were they lay, but consider them forbidden. The reason for this could be ancient superstition, old tradition or maybe the remains, or something in them, are dangerous; if the remains are known to the current civilization, most likely also mapped and excavated. If the remains are harnessed they are used, either for their original function or in some alternative way, this dose not mean that they do know how the remains work just what it takes to make them work.

    Cyclopean ruins – [working on it]

    Hypergate – The lost civilization travelled between worlds through a network of hypergates that linked their worlds together and some of those ‘gates are still functional. Can exist both planet-side or floating in space, in the later case they are usually large enough for even larger space-ships to fly through them. If the civilization know about the warp gates so is it possible that their interstellar expansion was done using the gates instead of FTL-travel.

    Trapp filled temples – large temples or temple complex that are filled with still functional traps.

    Artificial behemoths – Ancient, gigantic machines or biodroids, created for some long forgotten reason, that are somehow still functional walk the land. They may follow a pattern, never straying from their well worn path, or they could be changing their way as their fancy (or whatever they have) strikes them.

    Underground complex – [working on it]

    Space Station – [working on it]


    Two questions -
    1) FanonSock dose this count as my fanon post for this month?
    2) Do people want me to provide some examples on how to use the tables?

    Also I am open for any suggestions on more quirks or other things from people.
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  15. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014

    2) Yes, please. If you want, I can provide a favour in return and, say, proof-read. :)

    I need to proofread my own and post it, too. Things written on an international night bus rarely ever make sense, and I wrote three - the June fanon post and my RR entries. XD

    There hasn't been much interaction, either so...will try to think of questions for others, too.
  16. leiamoody

    leiamoody Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 8, 2005
    I would appreciate a demonstration of how to use the tables. I almost feel like I'm getting the basic core concept but definitely missing the nuances. It would be helpful for me because I already have a cultural mix influenced by Blade Runner when it comes to the capital city and French chateaus for the aristocracy who live far, far away from the capital. I've got the countryside culture established, but I'll admit I'm stuck on how to incorporate the hyper-urban culture of the capital (and other, smaller cities on the planet) with the culture in the countryside.
  17. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Okej, I will create three worlds using three different books and then use my technology and culture creation tables on them. I will post each world creation separately

    First of lets create the world on which this civilization have developed on. For this I use WotC’s Star Wars RPG: Galactic Campaign Guide.

    I will not bore you with the rolls but the results were a ‘temperate world’ “between one and three-quarters of the surface covered in water” which main terrain types are verdant forests, wooded hills, swamps, snow-topped mountains.

    The civilization’s technological level is comparable to the movie I, Robot, this means that there exist -
    * humanoid robots (most without any more advanced AI) that seems to mostly have servant roles are common
    * non-humanoid robots for things like demolition, transportation, etc.
    * cars with self driving capacity, at least in the in the cities
    * medical cybernetics that is as good as the original, non-medical cybernetics are not seen
    * small holographic projectors that create holograms that appear real from the right angle
    * no smart phones and most people use bluetooths;

    As for concept I roll ’19th-century Russia’, this to me means a powerful monarchy, a strong aristocracy, a large peasant class that are nearly or fully serfs, that the countryside is very uneducated and technological backward, people have lots of different nicknames depending on who they are speaking to, tea drunk from samovars, etc. […]

    After that I roll for cultural points [I can not come up with a better term, do any suggestions?] for this world I now call Gjorgji. My results are:

    City architecture – 19th-century Russia
    Countryside architecture – Victorian Brittan
    City fashion – Vikings
    Countryside fashion – Old tsarist Russia
    Youth fashion – Jazz age U.S.A.
    Food – Jazz age U.S.A.
    Belief system – Early Edo period Japan
    Painting style – Early Edo period Japan

    The lost chiss colony world Gjorgji is a world of contrasts, the cites are technological advanced with skyscrapers in Russian revival and Modernstyle [1] where self-driving electrical automobiles transport people and goods along the city roads. Every middle-class-and-upward household have at least one robot servant, beside their chiss ones, and most modern houses have voice-controlled light, sound and TV systems.[2]

    Once you get out in the countryside things quickly change; the architecture resemble the Victorian countryside[3] and is often well worn and the machines used by the farmers and villages look more at home in 1950’s-‘60’s with little electronically parts, maybe a radio, and little terms of comfort either. They are also driven by alcohol instead of electricity. A countryside household probably have little in the way of modern technology, probably noting more then a radio, refrigerator, electric stove and light, and sometime not even all that.[4]

    Gjorgji is an autocratic monarchy with a just as autocratic aristocracy that control large amount of lands on which they have in practise near total power over both the land and the people on it.[4] The religion – which is a combination of pantheonism, animism and ancestor worship[5] – is in bead with the state, the monarch is actually the head of the ‘church’ in theory and is considered a kid of demigod.[4 & 5]

    In theory, Gjorgji has free speech but there are a lot of laws, technicalities and taxes making it hard for anybody who is not state-sponsored to get any kind of large share when it comes to newspapers, radio or TV. This makes it hard to get to objective sources of information outside of the cities, since the only sources available are the state-controlled radio, newspapers and the sermons from the clergy. On the other hand, people in the city can get to proper information if they want to and there are many discussion groups and societies trying to change the current situation. Of course, the government tries to keep tabs on all those groups. [4]

    When it comes to clothing so do the modern city people dress like better of Viking,[6] (just google 'Viking clothing' for an good idea) while the country people dress like old school Russian peasants.[7] The in-fashion among the youth resembles the flapper style, this for both genders, and is worn with or without trousers depending on weather and taste.[8]

    The Gjorgji food resemble the one you could find on tables in 20’s-30’s U.S.A. even if it is sunk down with tea from samovars or Gjorgji’s counterpart to vodka.[9 & 4]

    The dominant art style on Gjorgji resemble japans the Rinpa school; apart from the style used for religious motives, which is highly artistic and similar to techniques used in creation of orthodox icons. Many people carry around small icon painting as religious talismans. [4 & 10]

    Gjorgji’s armed forces are made up by normal soldier and robots. The robots, that come in many shapes from humanoid to different attack crafts, are usually lead by a chiss officer since they are not known to take initiative on their own. They have a tendency to relying on their forces quantity then quality.

    The planet lack any real space-defences but after some space pirates attacks so are they working hard to develop better defences.

    They lack force fields and energy weapons and their technology have no defences against ion attacks.[2 & 4]

    [1] City architecture – 19th-century Russia
    [2] Technology – I, Robot
    [3] Countryside architecture – Victorian Brittan
    [4] Concept – 19th-centery Russia
    [5] Belief system – Early Edo period Japan
    [6] City fashion – Vikings
    [7] Countryside fashion – Old tsarist Russia
    [8] Youth fashion – Jazz age U.S.A.
    [9] Food – Jazz age U.S.A.
    [10] Painting style – Early Edo period Japan


    I hope that this are of some help in understanding my system :)
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    Aug 21, 2006
    My entry for this month is about sports


    Circleball is a rough but fair game with players respecting each other.
    It has a circular playground that can be set up anywhere
    Grass is preferred but any terrain will do
    There are rules that permit to carry the ball, use hands to throw and feet to kick the ball and almost all means to get the ball
    Nine players are in each team and one of them is the keeper

    A picture of circleball

  19. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Have added a new animal to my Bestiarum Vocabulum post, some new information to my weapon post (Chyntuck may be interested in the new stuff regarding ‘bolt thrower’), and have added a ‘Wardens of the sky’ section to my Force traditions post.


    Gahmah Raan did the purple-eyed chiss react to the apperance of Thrawn and if so what was their reaction?


    Chyntuck regarding your 'Funeral rites and traditions' post so may you be interested in reading about the planet Dahrtag if you have not already done that. I think the corps transporter ship the Pale Sepulchre from Dark Heresy RPG could also be of interest.

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  20. Gahmah Raan

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    Feb 2, 2015
    I think the only reaction they would have had is surprise that there's a high-ranking non-human in the Empire/Imperial Remnant and that red-eyed Chiss are making themselves highly known again for the first time in 3,000 years. By that point in time (in which pure-blooded purple-eyed Chiss are almost extinct), I don't think they would have thought much of him (and the red-eyed Chiss would have gotten over their ancestors' grudge by then).

    As for Thrawn himself, I wouldn't think he would have ever met any puple-eyed Chiss (or expected to meet any), but he most likely would have heard of them from history files.

    As for Thrawn's impact on others' perception of the Chiss species, most are initially wary until they notice the purple eyes, assuming them to be an entirely different species (there are plenty of other blue-skinned near-human species such as Wroonians and Pantorans, after all, and most people aren't even aware that purple-eyed Chiss existed at all).
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Hello all :) I know that I owe this thread a mountain of work, but DRL hasn't been too kind to me recently. I promise I'll be on it asap.
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    Nov 8, 2005
    Don't worry, ma'am. We've got daily proof that your current DRL is extra Sithly. Take care of yourself. @};-
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    Feb 27, 2014
    At the behest of my esteemed and prolific fellow fanonista Gamiel, I threw together this list of the plant and animal life that appears in my Book of Gand (linked below), culled from old notes and mentions in both early and current drafts. Most of what’s here will eventually figure in The Book of Gand if it hasn’t already, and of course I’ll be adding to the list as I go along.

    As with so many of my Gand fanon elements, I am greatly indebted to my friend Beedo for his instrumental role in helping develop the flora and fauna of my favorite ammoniac world. @};-

    Flora and Fauna of Gand

    Some General Notes

    Naturally, Gand’s ammoniac atmosphere is the single biggest influence of the physiology of everything on this list, and probbaly none of these plants or animals would be able to survive on planets with Earth-like atmospheres. For plants in particular, Beedo and I reasoned that the ammoniac atmosphere would probably result in the production of photosynthesizing chemicals other than the chlorophyll so typical on Earth-like planets, which is why their leaves are almost any color but green. (Most are various flavors of purple, ranging from reddish to bluish in shade, but there are a few others too.)

    Piggybacking on the statement in the Wook and other reference guides that the Gand are “believed to have evolved from an insect genus” native to their home planet, Beedo and I further reasoned that arthropod and insectoid lifeforms ended up becoming dominant on Gand the way mammalian lifeforms became dominant on Earth (and presumably other Earth-like planets). Thus most of the animals listed here are of that general type. I do have a few avians on the list, but I imagine Gand avians as being more like pinioned arthropods than like birds in the Earth sense.


    djel: red-leafed aromatic herb with white-pink flowers; both leaves (cured and dried) and flowers (fresh) are used in the traditional preparation of djelatha (see my fanon post “Food and Beverages: Gand”).

    gwa-rho: a low-growing red-orange shrub native to the mountains of R’Kalýma.

    ighll: Prolific red bush often used as a border. Produces green berries whose extract is often used in sacred inks.

    kru-taa: Tough, bristly, waterproof fiber from the plant of the same name, used in Findsmen’s rain and rough weather gear.

    lulan: a tree whose large white flowers have long, floppy petals and a sweet, heady scent.

    moonbow orchid: Fragrant orchidaceous plant occurring on several ammoniac planets, including Gand. Its pistils and stamens glow golden in low light to attract nocturnal pollinators. (Originally devised by Beedo.)

    quink-rho: small purple-leaved, ground-covering herb, similar in size and growth habit to the Earth coleus.

    rheblek: ornamental fruit tree thriving in urban environments.

    togu: Edible drupe native to Gand, ranging from blue to purple in color. Easily bruised when dropped.

    triik-rho: Fernlike (pteridophytic) plant with slender, blue-purple fronds.
    urgyllia: yellow-leaved annual with small orange flowers. It is pretty but not hardy, and susceptible to certain fungal infections. (Name derived from Earth plant names like bougainvillea, brugmansia, forsythia, etc., memorializing the botanists who discovered them.)

    vryth: a large, light pink flower with blue-purple leaves, growing on a bush that can become quite large. Not particularly fragrant (except for a few specialized varieties), but often used in bouquets.

    zgaat: squat, gnarled shrub native to Gand’s most mountainous pocket colony, R’Kalýma.


    chesl-krumm: small, multi-legged arthropod scavenger. It is native to the Surface of Gand but is also frequently encountered in dark, dank environments in the pocket colonies. (Name derived from Devonshire dialect chestlecrumb ‘dormouse’, a word introduced to me by Beedo, who is a native of that region.)

    gree-graak: avian native to Gand, whose long, spinelike feathers are used to make quill pens.

    gryckle: squat, plump avian native to Gand, with similarities to the earth quail. Nests on the ground and hunches over when sitting on its eggs.

    trs’kak: One of a species of very large, carnivorous, land-dwelling crustaceans inhabiting the Surface of Gand (i.e., below the pocket colonies). They immobilize their prey with poisons secreted by their claws; nesting females are fiercely protective of their eggs (which are about the size of a basketball). (Concept originally provided tongue-in-cheek by the Findshusband as “a large lobster”; named by Beedo.)

    trs’kin: A crustacean related to the trs’kak, though much smaller, not poisonous, and able to be at least partially tamed. Has a loud, unpleasant screaming cry when hungry, distressed, or in heat. Looks something like a cross between a lobster and an isopod (Bathynomus giganteus), and is about the size of a rabbit.

    weg: One of Gand's relatively few mammals; the size of an Earth opossum, it has thick, lush fur that comes in various shades of gray and brown. Weg fur is an oft-used material in the more high-end Findsmen's cold-weather gear.
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  24. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Nice list Findswoman :). A question and a suggestion -

    Question: I am not certain what do you mean with 'pinioned arthropods' regarding Gand's avians. Can you explain a bit more?

    Suggestion: I would put flora and fauna in different lists since it, for me at least, would be easier to navigate.

    Also, have you seen the speculative documentary series the Future is Wild? The episodes taking place 100 an 200 million years in the future could be of some inspiration. You can find some of the episodes on YouTube if you are interested. Another work that could be of inspiration is the manga Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind which has a lot of large, strange insects.


    I have also updated my Bestiarum Vocabulum post
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  25. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thanks for all those tips, Gamiel. I just edited the post to organize the flora and fauna into separate lists—that's a good idea.

    By a "pinioned arthropod," I just meant an arthropodal creature (invertebrate, exoskeleton, segmented body) that also has feather- and wing-like strictures like an avian ("pinion" is mainly just a fancy word for "feather").

    I don't suppose you can provide me with images of any of the large insects from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind? Those sound cool. [face_batting]