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Fantasy CLOSED The Final Game: A Story of Selenia

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by darthbernael , Dec 25, 2020.

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    OOC: A combo between me and @darthbernael ! Thank you for your patience!

    IC: Mieli

    "Clearly you haven't seen a dwarven axe lassie!" Mieli grinned as his weapon got free from the whip "The best craftsmanship in the world. Even better than the ones of your treehugger brethren." he chuckled and each word was punctuated by the swings and hits of his axe.

    He was about to charge the next target by some guy decided to show up. Mieli spat on the ground, he really hated those magical types and their pompousness.

    "Yeah, yeah, heard it before." he said grimly "Less yapping, more fightin..."
    The man lifted his sword, turning it so the point rested against the ground, his hand on the handle, almost at the height of his shoulders. The tip dug into the turf several inches and he leaned against it. His eyes were merry as he met those of Mieli. They held Mieli's eyes for a moment before his swept the battlefield. He seemed amused that the fairies, at least a few, were still at the far end of the clearing, just past the trees.

    One eyebrow arched and he sighed as the lich came into his view. Straightening, his hand gripped the sword's hilt before...

    A moment later the lich was laying, cleaved in half, and the sword was still embedded in the turf but the blade's outer edge was coated in the viscera of the lich. The man sighed, "Such lesser creatures are a pain, especially when those that raise them lose control."

    It had gone unnoticed but the drow priestess was crumpling to the ground, her head almost separated from her body. Not only had the recently appeared man destroyed the lich but had also decapitated the priestess without Mieli having seen more than his hand tighten on the blade.

    His amused eyes met Mieli's again, "Are you sure...Champion?" he asked lazily. "You are the only Champion here now and I do not believe you are ready to face one of my father's Captains, dwarven axes or not, god assisted or not."

    Mieli tensed a bit, the man was good, but that was not a deterrent for a stubborn dwarf like him. "You do realize you are talking to a dwarf, don't you?" he tilted his head "We don't do running away, so let us be done with this, I have some beer waiting for me." he grinned.

    The man arched an eyebrow again, "Beer, that is your motivation?" Smiling he shifted his weight, lifting the sword so the shaft rested on his shoulder, "Then why not join myself and the other Captains of our Father, help us remake this world, and you will have all the beer you can drink." He stepped forward, the sword still held casually, eyes focused on Mieli, "Or I chop you to pieces and there is one less Champion to defend the world. Either works."

    "It is as good as any." Mieli shrugged, the truth was more complex, but he preferred that the man would underestimate him, it would make it easier for him to defeat him... and all the more sweeter. "Not sure I like your methods." he snickered "It makes the beer taste sour." he grunted trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

    A deep laugh came from the man, the blade of his massive sword glinting as his shoulders rolled with the laughter. "Sometimes harsh methods are required to cleanse a world and give it what it needs." He stepped closer, eyes meeting Mieli's, hard, cold eyes that belied the humor of his expression. The blade twitched again, before he swung it, the edge impacting the head of Mieli's axe, a deep screech of metal as the two weapons collided.

    "Yeah, yeah..." Mieli grunted "I have heard about it before..." he chuckled. The dwarf was going to ask whether or not they were going to fight or just trade insults when the man attacked him. Mieli barely had time to react but managed to block the slash. "Not bad boyo..." he grunted through gritted teeth, using all his strength to push him back so that he could slash through the man's stomach and chest.

    The man fell back a step at the heave from Mieli. He grunted as the blade of Mieli's axe sliced across his torso. When the blade slashed there was an almost crystallic tone, sparks flying from the edge of the axe, the man’s form shimmering and in his place something else appeared, for several moments before he did again.


    A smile appeared, even as the man's eyes narrowed. " being has come as close to scarring me as you just did." The massive blade came up in a salute before it swept out again, the man stepping forward, in a sinuous slash, crisscrossing before Mieli before it straightened and thrust toward the dwarf's heart.

    Mieli was surprised to see sparks instead of blood and gore from that slash! The man had some sort of crystal or whatever armor, he should have anticipated that the man would have something like that. The dwarf did not have a lot of time to process all that. Mieli did not have time for anything fancy. He jumped back just before the blade tip pierced his own chainmail and he swung his axe to push the man's blade away.

    The man's smile broadened slightly at Mieli's swing, letting the axe take his blade out of line before he swept it down and around in an arc. As it slammed downward Mieli had no space to avoid the downward slash at his head.

    Yet...a wave of energy slammed into the clearing, rushing into, through, and past it. As it rushed by, a singe word was heard ringing in the air, No!.

    The man's blade and the man himself were thrown backward, causing him to roll across the turf until he slammed up against the bole of one of the massive trees, upside down. For a moment as he rolled the crystaline form seemed to take his place again, as he fought against the power of the energy that had thrown him.

    With a groan he righted himself, using his sword as a crutch to get to his feet. "I do not know how you did that, dwarf, but it will not save you." he snarled. Leaping forward, he charged Mieli before he growled deeply, "No, you damned Precursors..." came from him as suddenly he seemed to shimmer, a line of fire limning his form before, with a snap, he vanished.

    Mieli cringed expecting the killing blow when something out of the blue struck his assailant. The surprises never ceased! Beer air now magical rays taking out the more powerful opponent... He was going to start to believe that he might have been chosen for something. The thought made him grin broadly. If only some of that ale was still floating around...

    He looked around to see if the fairies were still around and if there were any enemies left...

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    OOC: A combo between @darthbernael and myself. Thank you!!

    The cave

    Nissa landed quietly in the trees, as she scanned the scene in front of her. She knew this was not going to be easy. But as she looked, she saw the place was well guarded. Ringing it was defensive positions, the outer ones filled with tall, brutish orc troops, the inner filled with smaller goblin archers. And that was not adding what might be inside the cave. The vile troops began to stir as the sound of footsteps came from the cavern. Out walked something that surprised Nissa. A human. Or perhaps an elf. Either way, nothing she would expect in such a setting. Which most likely meant, he was not what he seemed to be. Orcs and goblins appreciated power. So he must have a huge amount of both, to keep them under control.

    The man leaned against the almost sheer wall just outside the cavern entrance, nonchalantly. But suddenly she realized he was not just idly looking. He was looking for something... HOW?! How did he manage to sense her? He looked up in the area where she was hidden.

    “I know what you seek, I have sought it too and now I control possession of it. If you truly desire that which you seek, face me.” His voice seemed to whisper in her ear, across the distance, a soft, seductive tone.

    Nissa frowned. Did he control it.. or did it control him? The way he stated it...' control possession' of it, made her wonder. Now, did he truly 'see' her, or was he sensing her? Hard to say. She threw an invisibility spell on herself. One way to check. She moved herself, changing her positions to move over the opening of the cave. Her hand dripped to touch the medallion she was wearing. He might be sensing her. Or in effect, her goodness.

    "So..does that include your friends as well?" she whispered softly. If he was what she was thinking, he would have no trouble hearing her.

    A chuckle came as a rustle sounded on the air. The man held up a hand, stilling the murmurs of the orcs and goblins. "Be sharp, our guest has decided to test us." his voice coming out in a tone of command as his head tracked through the air. His eyes sparkled as his head turned upward, glancing at the lintel of the cave's entrance.

    A whisper, as though carried on the wind, reached Nissa's ears. "Friends? I see no friends here, merely those that could or would do my bidding." He smiled, the expression not reaching his eyes, "That and a minion of the Precursors who has come to take that which is mine now. Do you truly think you can wrest it from me?" the whispering wind carried to her as well.

    Nissa was in a quandary. In her, if she was to act as a normal fairy, she would either try to sneak her way in, or try to use magic to gain entrance. Of course, she would still have to fight her way out, but that is another thing.


    Nissa was not a normal fairy. She had been blessed by Mystra. Even if the gods were busy fighting their own battles, she still had her faith and her skills. But she thought about what it was she had been sent to do. To find a special weapon called the godkiller. And obviously a highly magical item. She had learned some things about magical items from the All Mother. Such weapons were powerful, and almost had a life of their own. Could she sneak such a weapon? Or must she prove herself worthy to gain it? And if this man truly 'owned' the weapon, why did he not wield it? Why would it be hidden in a cave? He stated he 'controlled possession of it'. That did not mean he owned it. ..

    Nissa leaped gracefully off from the cover of the opening and returned to the woods. She then, while hidden behind a tree, changed her size to her full elven form. Again, she whispered in response.

    "Well then, how can I refuse such a generous invitation?" she whispered in response. She still had her invisibility spell going, as she stepped out from around the trees. She might have made a mistake. But she felt, that is she was going to gain such a weapon, it was not going to be something simple. So she needed to ignore her inclination. If there was going to be a fight, she was going to give them one.

    The man remained reclining against the wall of the cliff in which the cavern was set. His head turned slowly, almost lazily tracking Nissa's movements with his eyes. The orcs and goblins stirred uneasily as they felt...something...even though they couldn't see what it was. The man's hand rose, stroking his chin as he smiled, this chess game of move and counter move was as enjoyable as the battle that was about to erupt.

    His eyes narrowed, even as his smile remained when Nissa's whisper reached his ears. His hand moved from his chin, palm placed against the rock of the cliff face. "Then, let us dance," he whispered in return. When his hand lifted from the rock there was a darkly glowing palm print left on the rock. As it faded, the ground beneath them began to rumble, rocks falling from above, making the creatures between them scramble to the sides to avoid the rocks. The ground shrieked and a crack formed, across the front of the orc troops, slowly widening as noxious vapors rose from where the fissure was opening.

    Finally pushing himself to stand, a glow almost the color of his outfit, an almost lime green, formed, turning into a vertical line of green fire, before it snapped off and a wicked-looking polearm was held loosely in his grasp. He spun it for a couple of moments before the blade dipped, pointing at Nissa, the spear tipped butt of it against the rock of the cliff. "Please, if you will, take your best shot."

    This being was different. Dangerous. If she had any thoughts otherwise, when he moved his hand from the wall of the cave, and the ground rumbled and split away, keeping the orcs back, she merely lifted an eyebrow. She watched as he watched her move. Indeed, he was not to be underestimated.

    Then the man did something that was almost as impressive as the move he had just done. He pushed0 himself to standing, a glow almost the color of his outfit, an almost lime green, formed, turning into a vertical line of green fire, before it snapped off, and a wicked-looking polearm was held loosely in his grasp. He spun it for a couple of moments before the blade dipped, pointing at Nissa, the spear tipped butt of it against the rock of the cliff. "Please, if you will, take your best shot."

    Nissa gave a dark smile, her eyes narrowing sharply. "Such a gentleman," she whispered. Now, Nissa had experience with spears as well, and she carried one as well. But right now, she was holding her sword, Bessel, her dagger in her other hand. She makes a move as if she was about to run to her right when a silvery mist surrounds her.

    She appears just past the spear tip of the man in green her sword moving to strike. A flash of blinding light comes from her sword. If she can she would prefer a disabling move, but she doubts she would be that lucky.

    The man followed Nissa's movements as he watched her prepare her attack. A low chuckle escaped his lips as the mist erupted around her. The blade of the polearm flashed as the mist formed, his hand twitching, the long shaft shifting position. When she appeared he was still moving, the shaft of the polearm slamming into her side just as her flaring sword sliced along his arm.

    He hissed, his form shimmering slightly as the power she'd embued Bessel with touched his flesh. Eyes narrowed and the polearm flared, shortening and now appearing as a curved and spiked blade, the shaft now a two-handed sword handle. "That...stung..." he said in a low tone as his blade flared that same green before it impacted the blade of her sword, screams of opposing power filling the air.

    Pushing against the wall of the cliff with the butt of the, now, sword, he caught the Bessel with one of the barbs of his sword, pushing Nissa away before he fell into a fighter's stance, dark blood dripping from where she'd slashed him. The ground below hissed and bubbled where his blood fell before he spun, slashing at Nissa's midsection.

    By the eldritch, the being was fast!! As she appeared next to the man, his arm was already moving, slamming the side of his polearm into her. But much better the side than the point. She softly grunted, as her blades came down, striking the mark.

    She noted that for a moment his form shimmered slightly. What was this? Certainly, things were not as they seemed, but she would not be deterred. But then suddenly the polearm changed into a curved spike 2-handed sword.

    "That...stung..." he said in a low tone as his blade flared that same green before it impacted the blade of her sword, screams of opposing power filling the air.

    Nissa simply growled as he pushed her away while moving into a fighter's stance. But Nissa never stopped moving, she simply rolled falling to the side, her legs under her in a crouched position, as his blade slashed at her. As her second blade moved to protect her body, she whispered a word for Bessel to cast a spell.

    "e'sha!" A word to cast a shatter spell. If the spell worked, it would do some damage to either his armor or 'weapon, But if not, she was prepared, her next swing coming up as if to strike from groin to shoulder as she waited for the next clash. But she was not going to fail.

    The blades clashed again as the spell began to work it's magic. The man's for wavered again and a deep, animalistic growl came from him. He stepped back, the spell writhing over his form, trying to penetrate and shatter his blade or armor. As it did that same green light flared at each strike of it. One hand came off the sword, the green light glowning around it, as he went to block the sword slashing up at him.

    Just as his hand connected with the blade, her magic, and his clashing, a sound was heard, a single word, No!, that seemed to roll down from the north, a shockwave of power following it. As the wave hit it impacted both Nissa and the man. He was flung against the wall of the cliff as she was thrown into the cave itself.

    As she regained her feet, the cave itself shook. Turning she'd see the man regain his feet, rushing toward the cave to stop her. The mouth of the cave began to collapse and, as it did, a sudden shocked look came over his face, there was an implosion of air, and he vanished, just before the mouth of the cave was completely blocked by the rubble. Pure darkness should have greeted her but instead, traceries of blue light ran along the walls deeper into the tunnel.


    Nissa heard the word, screamed, and it seemed to roll from all around like a wave coming from the ocean. But that was not what was her main focus. As she kept her block up, a shockwave of power slammed into them.

    As the wave hit it impacted both Nissa and the man. He was flung against the wall of the cliff as she was thrown into the cave itself. She rolled, and when she stood, she quickly saw that she was inside the cave.

    Nissa took the chance and moved to run deeper into the cave, even as the cave shook, nearly taking her off her feet. She used her wings to move quickly, for she was sure that he would quickly move to stop her. She suddenly whipped around quickly, ready to defend herself, when something amazing happened.

    The mouth of the cave began to collapse and, as it did, a sudden shocked look came over his face, there was an implosion of air, and he vanished, just before the mouth of the cave was completely blocked by the rubble. Nissa's eyes took a moment. She was about to cast a spell to bring some light in, but as her eyes adjusted, she noticed veins of light blue light that seemed to run along the walls, leading deeper into the tunnel.

    "Thank you, whoever gave aid," Nissa stated softly. She knew it was more than one deity involved, and she did not wish to insult whichever decided to step in. Nissa took a moment to pause and took a long breath. She knew that she would most likely run into something else, so now was not the time to drop her guard. She dropped her wings back and began to move forward, silently as she listed to the stillness. What other guardians lay ahead?

    Nissa thought a moment, as she remembered the map she had seen earlier. He had stated it was five chambers deep... She stopped as she suddenly remembered his last comments. She dug thru her bag, to recover the map. She carefully unrolled it, and checked where it showed she was located. Once she was satisfied, she put the map back in her bag and began to move, confidently in the direction of the bow. She would be glad to be back with the others once more..

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    Gods Realm

    Huitzilopochtli surveyed the empty chamber. The other gods had yet to return and the chamber was quiet, the only sound was faint, coming from the map still laying on the table. His eyes blazed as he considered what those who had decided to take part in his little game were doing. Some had died, some had simply played the game and were waiting to see what happened, and some…he was sure that they were actively collaborating to stop him.

    The sound of hummingbirds darting in and out intruded on his thoughts. His little helpers filled him in on what those he suspected were doing. Standing slowly, with a grunt, worn from the battle so far, he turned to face the seal behind his seat. “You…you had to return, had to interfere…” he muttered as his eyes saw what lay beneath his seal, a sela he’d had to meticulously reapply so none would think or remember what was under his.

    Behind him there were repeated soft sounds of air imploding. Turning around his eyes hardened even more as he took in the assemblage of beings that were now lounging around the chamber, leaning on walls, slumped in chairs, leaning against tables. “And you are…?” he asked coldly.

    One, leaning over a massive sword whose tip was pressed between a pair of flagstones, smiled coldly, “Oh you should know exactly who we are. But…none of us should be here, we should have returned to our Father.” he said in a low tone.

    Huitzil’s headdress shivered as a smile crossed his face. “The Captains, I presume…”

    A second man, a blue gem rolling between his fingers, snorted and looked up at him, “Got it in one, oh Chief of the Gods.” His hand rotated, the blue gem flicked from his hand, shooting through the air. It made a distinctly metallic sound when it hit the seal behind Huitzil’s throne, a brilliant blue light encompassed the seal before the gem shot back to the man’s hand.

    The flash had stripped the shield of Huitzil’s embossed seal, revealing the true, unadulterated symbol beneath. When it did, all those who’d arrived came to their feet, eyes blazing as growls erupted from them all.


    A glowing green staff appeared in the hand of one, the tip pointed at the seal, “The Progenitors…” he hissed out.

    Huitzil held up a hand, “I have forced all the gods to either deny their existence or forget them entirely. The Champions are not prepared for you or the Destructor.” he said with a toothy, dark smile. “So…we just need to return you to the surface and the grands made a mistake sending you to this room. Simply touch the map and you’ll return.”

    The various beings glanced at the table, confusion and doubt in their features. Slowly they gathered around the table, each reaching out to the map that lay there. As they did none noticed as Huitzil stepped back from the table, moving to a distant corner of the chamber.

    Shrieks and wails rose as the beings touched the map, their human appearances vanishing like a soap bubble before each vanished in a flash of writhing black and white light.

    Huitzil chuckled, “The Grands never fail to make things interesting. The Captains did return to Selenia but I gather it will be some time before they regain the strength that was just sapped from them.”

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    Near Hephaestus’s Forge, Gods Realm

    The doors to Ma’at’s Hall opened slowly, pushed by what resolved into the heads of two massive dogs. The two heads turned to face Ma’at, Samhain, and Aboleth, eyes glowing like the heart of a forge. They padded into the Hall, smoke and heat radiating from their bodies. When they reached the dais with the thrones they squatted on their haunches, looking up at the three gods.

    A loud bark came from the larger of the two before a cough and then a weirdly modulated voice, “I have sent my guard dogs to assist you, to reach Selenia.” The voice was that of Hephaestus himself, the god of the forge. “Follow them and they will guide you to the Hidden Ways.”

    The dogs returned to their feet, heads bobbing before they turned, walking to the back of Ma’at’s Hall. One stepped on a small flagstone by the back wall, a small section of the back wall clicked and rotated open. The smaller one turned its snout to face the gods, bobbing its head again as it barked. It took a moment for the three gods to get over the initial shock of the dogs appearance and the words from their fellow god before they followed the beasts.

    The hidden exit led them into what was initially a darkened tunnel. But, once they stepped foot inside recessed torches flared to life. As they passed each torch the light flickered and went out, leaving the path behind dark, the door in the Hall closing behind. The path led through the bowels of the Realm, until the far end of the tunnel opened. A blast of heat and light assailed their senses; the tunnel having deposited them in Hephaestus’s Forge itself.

    However, the dogs continued to walk, guiding them through the Forge and out of its entrance tunnel. Leading them down a sloping path, they came to a stop before what appeared to be a section of cliff. Barking as one, the section they faced rumbled then dropped into the ground. The smooth wall behind carried the sinuous seal of Life and Death. It began to spin until the seal was a grey blur. The larger dog turned to face the gods once again, “Step through and you will find yourself on Selenia.” Its snout shifted back and forth between Ma’at and Samhain, “You two will feel the draw to where the other parts of your souls reside, so be wary of that. Visualize where on our sister the world you wish to go and you will arrive there.”

    The dogs moved out of the way, moved so the gods had clear access to enter as Hephaestus’s voice spoke once more, “Save our world, our people.”

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    Middle of Qedraerhiel, deep forests

    As Life, Death, and Aboleth vanished, Nyubis sank to the ground to consider how best to renew Isha. The shards slipped from his grasp and from the pack at his waist. Slowly they began to circle the demigod, jostling in space until they began to come together. Light, in colors reminiscent of the Goddess, flared as the shards began to fuse together. The camp around him was silent except for the occasional flutter of tent flaps as he worked.

    Silent that was, until soft footsteps began to be heard. The fusing of Isha’s soul continued as the footsteps drew closer to where Nyubis was seated. Just as the last shard fused to the body of Isha’s soul a form came into view, what looked like a man but filled with that light that defined divinity on Selenia.


    “You have done well, Nyubis, just as our forebears desired.” He reached out a hand, Isha’s soul floating over to his palm, dancing just above it. A soft smile came over the man’s face before he leaned closely, whispering to the soul, before his hand flicked and the soul soared out over the forest. “She will assist your fellow Champions but now it is time to rest.”

    He stepped closer to Nyubis, until his hand reached out, his eyes flaring with a fey light as his palm touched Nyubis’s head. Moments later a glow rose up from the ground, crystalizing around Nyubis as he lifted his hand, until Nyubis was ensconced in a crystal matrix.

    His heel tapped on the ground, a rift opening under the crystal. “Rest in the Elysian Fields until the day comes you are needed once more.” he said quietly as the crystal sank into the ground, the rift closing behind it.

    Glancing into the sky, “Grandfather, Grandmother, I have done as you requested. One more stop and then I will leave the salvation of my sister to you and your Champions.”

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    Battle at the passage between Uthium and Al Qalha

    Glancing over at shore, he felt a thought from his ‘brother’, turning back to face Malagath, “The Progenitors are on the move.” he spoke as though he was echoing another. “Let us end this so that my brothers and I can find them again, and destroy them.”

    Yub was enjoying that this battle would reduce the Champions by one. The more that were lost the higher the odds that his father’s war would be won and they would reshape Selenia. He stepped closer again, just before a wave of energy washed over the living island both were on.

    He yelled out as he heard a single word ripple in the air, No!. The strength of the energy was so much that the living island was lifted from the bay, thrown deep into the narrowing of the bay, splashing down into the waters, sinking several of his own fleet as it did.

    Even as the energy threw Yub and the island it picked up Malagath, gently depositing him on the deck of the Freedom’s Bow. As his first officer rushed over to see what had occurred the ship was rocked by the sudden departure of the huge living island. As they saw it fly through the air, back into the invasion fleet, another image caught the pirate’s eye, a man, dressed in smokey grey clothes. Or rather, a god. It had to be one as the sense of power coming from it as well as the fact that he was standing on thin air had to mean that he wasn’t mortal.

    The being floated down toward the ship, hovering closer to Malagath. His eyes met Malagath’s, “You have done well, my pirate friend. But…it is time to rest.”

    Moving back in the air, he gestured, a snap of air as a circle formed in the air before the ship. As the Bow sailed forward it entered the portal. Just before the back deck of the ship entered the portal, where Malagath stood, the man spoke once more, “The Elysian Fields have their own ocean, for you to sail to your heart’s content.”

    Once the ship vanished into the portal it snapped shut. The smoke of his garments grew, wreathing his form. Just before he vanished, “And my task is done, my grandparents. I will be here when I am needed once more.”

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    Qedraerhiel, the cave

    The blue vein of light led Nyssa deeper and deeper. Along the tunnels of the cavern were dotted smaller caverns that often opened to the larger ones. Each cavern contained powerful relics but none called to her as the power radiating from the last did. Each large cavern she passed through touched and tested the power she herself held and only when it was satisfied did the blue glow rise in the corridor beyond it.

    The sense of a newer power drifted to her from where the cavern entrance had been. As it did a glow grew behind her as well, not the sickly green glow of her most recent flow but one that seemed peaceful, loving. By the time she reached the fourth large cavern the power had caught up to her. A wavering shape, the sense of a being, filled the chamber, floated over to her.

    A voice, calm, neither male or female, spoke. “Mystra knows you need assistance, Nissa. Isha, her sister, has been remade, her power is now yours.”

    The wavering form floated closer, until it touched the elf. The sense of the divine filled Nissa until the glow of power faded, the essence of the goddess now filling her own. A murmur, the sentience of the cavern itself spoke, “Finally, one truly worthy of my treasure.”

    The blue veining expanded to cover the entire surface of the final cavern; except for the plinth in the center of it, bare of any adornment. Upon the plinth was a stand, a large bow standing on the plinth, a full quiver leaning against it. A glowing blue form, made of stone, rose beside the plinth. One hand gestured at the bow, “The power is now yours, the responsibility too. With this you could fully change the balance of power of Selenia, for good or for ill. Take it and save this world.”

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    The wind whipped around them as Zinnia flew through the ruins of E’Mathalas. Ineghis glanced around them trying to find somewhere they could disappear into so that the black dragon could not find them. Her keen eyes finally picked out a spot, directing the massive gold dragon towards it. Near to the city’s former center, an auditorium, the space that the citizens would once gather and debate, vote and choose laws, was still mostly standing.

    She whooped with delight as they landed, the structure somehow managing to stay erect as Zinnia ducked inside the structure. A shiver went through her as she felt a sudden burst of power. Moments later, she saw the black dragon fly by the structure as though he couldn’t even see that it was still there.

    Light began to dance behind her and she turned then slid off of Zinnia’s neck, to the ground. Her staff elongated once again, its end tapping on the ground as she walked to stand by Zinnia’s head. When she reached that point she knelt with her left knee touching the ground. Bowing her head slightly at the two wavering forms before her, “You honor us. Did you make us vanish from his sight?”

    Before them stood two wavering forms, roughly humanoid in shape, one a bright white and the other a shimmering black. They slowly resolved into more humanoid shapes, taking on the appearance of Rian and Arienn. Arienn smiled softly, “Rise, we do not demand worship or adulation. We simply wish to assist our children to save this world.”

    As Ineghis rose, Rian looked at Zinnia. His eyes shone, “You are doing well, Queen of the Dragons. Andrissa’s power shines brightly in you.”

    Stepping forward as one, Arienn touched Ineghis as Rian touched Zinnia, “Yes, you are safe here, unseen by your foes. All of your companions who can will join you here soon. For now, ask and we will tell you all we can of what is happening.”

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    The clearing itself was full of the dead, save for Mieli. The disappearance of his foe had brought quiet to the battlefield. A quiet that was broken several moments later. What broke the stillness was the sound of grunting and a slight clattering. When he turned to see the noise all he could see was a barrel, rolling towards him. A small head popped over the top of it, making him realise that the barrel was being pushed by a small host of fairies.

    When the barrel reached him there was more grunting before it was turned on its end, the tap cork near him. A pair of fairies flew out of the woods, carrying a flagon between them. Setting it on the barrel, one landed on the lid, “Thank you biggun!” he said cheerily.

    His tiny sword flashed, the cork being popped out of the barrel, a second fairy screwing a tap into its place. They weren’t big enough to hold the flagon as it filled but then there was a pop of displaced air and footsteps before a taller being came into the clearing from the ring of trees.


    “I ‘m Hermóðr, I was asked to guide you.” he said, the sense of divinity ringing off of him, “The Gods of Selenia have chosen to take a more active role, those of us who believe in our forebears, I mean.” he said quietly as he filled the flagon, holding it out to the dwarven ranger once it was full.

    “Drink up and I’ll tell you where to find the others.”

    TAG: @TheAdmiral (Combo with GM)


    Coastline, Bay of Qedraelhiel

    The reality of the bay shimmered into focus around Xenos. The flame and smoke of battle still filled the air. But…the sense of Malagath’s presence was gone. It was as though the pirate was no longer present upon the surface of Selenia.

    However, with the return to reality came the sensation of being able to sense the remaining champions. Not too many miles from where he stood he could feel Zinnia before the sense of her presence diminished. Further away but still not too distant were Nissa and slightly further, Mieli. Their ranks had been diminished but they were not out of the fight.

    The sense of his parents still filled his sword but it also felt that they were both present and distant at the same time. As he touched the blade a cough sounded behind him.


    The ibis head of the being standing there nodded at him. “Xenos, the time you and the others have to save Selenia is running out but…” It held up a scroll, the hieroglyphics on it turning into a map and readable text. “E’Mathalas, that is where you need to go. That is where you’ve been chosen to gather.”

    He handed the scroll to Xenos, “Chances are,” he glanced at the sword, “You will find things have changed, to a degree, and will find more there, unexpected reunions.”

    “Time is most certainly of the essence, young god, but the ends of all your stories have not yet been written, Thoth would know.”

    The being wavered and vanished as the final words were spoken.

    TAG: @greyjedi125 (Combo with GM if you want a bit of challenge on the journey there, otherwise single to arrive at E’Mathalas)
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    IC Zinnia, Ineghis and new comers.
    Somewhere out there.

    Zinnia landed, but with less joy than her passenger, battling the Black had been hard. She felt the surge of power and looking up along with her new friend she observed her enemy soaring high, yet unable to see them it seemed. Light flickering caused her to look and she saw her counterpart kneeling as two ethereal beings appeared. Instinct told her to lower her head accordingly as it was clear these beings were of the gods.

    Rising when told to and congratulated on her skills although she herself did not believe her Goddess’ power was within her. Then being told their companions would be joining them, she decided to reduce the fear, she’d return to her former dwarf form. “Please allow me to reduce their trepidation at my appearance and transform to a more pleasing shape for them.” Without waiting for an answer, she did as she said she would do. Once done she lifted her newly formed chin, “tell us please oh great ones, how have they fared against our foes?”

    Both Arienn and Rian smiled softly at her transformation, stepping back as she did so. When she had fully transformed Rian chuckled, glancing at Arienn, “I do believe the Ranger will be quite happy to reach here. I seem to recall he had a fondness for Zinnia in that form.”

    She shushed him, with a light pat to his shoulder, before she turned to face Zinnia and Ineghis. “Things have gone…both well and poorly.” She gestured out of the hall, where the black dragon was stomping through the ruins of the city, wings and feet tearing into the crumbled buildings as he sought his foes, “As with that one, who is one of our greater foe’s Captains, your fellow Champions have faced their counterparts, as it were, in the Captains.”

    Rian glanced at the ruins they stood in, his eyes flaring the same black that his form had been when he and Arienn arrived, before chairs for the four of them as well as three other, empty, chairs formed as the rubble melted, flowed, and reformed into them. He sighed as there should have been four others, but then he smiled softly and added two more.

    Arienn seated herself, gesturing for Zinnia and Ineghis to do the same. “I am sure,” she said, “You can see there are fewer chairs than Champions you knew. That doesn’t mean your companions lost or fell to their foes but that they still have..been lost to the fight.”

    Rian sat, reaching over to hold Arienn’s hand. “Perhaps, wife, we should ensure the Dragon Queen knows who we are first.” Their eyes flared, remaining a brilliant white in Arienn’s case and a burning black in Rians. “We are…Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, Life and Death. We are those our foes call the Precursors or Progenitors, the creators of this reality, among others. All who live have done so because of our creation.” he said in a calm, deep tone.

    “Our foe seeks to disrupt what we set forth, what our children and now grandchildren watch over, as Andrissa did.” Arienn took up where Rian left off. “We were present when Nyubis and Aboleth faced one Captain and, I believe, how we ended that fight affected all the others. Nyubis and Aboleth were able to retrieve and mesh back together the fragments of the goddess Isha’s soul but the effort cost Nyubis too dearly and he now slumbers in Hades.”

    After the transformation and the comment made, Zinnia did worry the one they spoke of was being led somewhat astray. Then the beings revealed who they were, and this was eye opening to her, the very beings controlling their lives, and deaths, stood before her asking her to take a seat. Who was she to say no? Glancing out at her nemesis still clawing at stone and destruction, she approached a lower seat and placed herself on it not entirely comfortable in the position.

    Arienn smiled softly as first Zinnia and then Ineghis took their seats. “Yes, he’s been taken, as has the pirate, Malagath, after his fight. Our grandson delivered them personally, to the Elysian Fields.” Her brilliant eyes met Zinnia’s, “It was the least we could offer them after their struggles.”

    Roan shook his head. “At least Nissa, Xenos, Mieli and…” he glanced upwards, “...others are still in the fray. There have been losses but we are still sure that the Champions can prevail. Otherwise,” glancing at Arienn, “we would not be here, still helping.”

    Zinnia frowned at the mention of Mieli's name, he'd become a friend and she did not wish him harm. "Can we assist them?"

    Rian nodded at her request. “They have been given aid. As much as is directly possible.”

    Arienn sighed, “And none are far from here. Mieli and Nissa both are in the forests to the north. And she has recovered something that will help tilt the scales. Xenos is the closest, currently, at the coast of the bay to the east.”

    “This location is secure and they will each be drawn toward it.” Rian stated then turned to Ineghis, “But you can use your magic to hide them from sight once they are close enough that Captain out there could sense them.”

    The wizard nodded, beginning to mutter softly, a glow forming between her hands.

    Nissa has something, something clearly very important. Zinnia did not want to over step but felt compelled to ask as she watched the glow forming, "what did Nissa find?"

    Ineghis remained focused on her work. She had time to slowly build the magic, with the others still distant.

    Arienn faced Zinnia, “She has found a weapon, one that was stored in a sacred location, yet hidden from all but the keenest sight. It is the Godkiller Bow.”

    Rian snorted, “Powerful, yes. Whether it will kill the Destructor or not is an entirely different question.”

    "A bow?" Zinnia questioned, "am I correct in believing it is large? Who would be able to use such a weapon?"

    Rian’s black eyes seemed to sparkle a bit as he smiled, “It’s a weapon created by Hephaestus so it has special properties. It can shift size to conform to the one who has been chosen to wield it. Which is a good thing with who has, considering her ability to shift size and slightly shape.”

    Zinnia studied the expression, the smile. "And that would be?" There was no way he was implying her, was there?

    Roan chuckled and glanced at his wife. Arienn smiled softly, “I made sure the one who could wield it was guided to it. You, however,” her smile broadened slightly, “are several steps along the path to godhood, whether you realize it or not. Andrissa gave that gift.”

    Never was Zinnia more confused, the thought of being back with her offspring was so appealing now, briefly she wondered if they missed her. This was all too complicated. How was it possible for her to be on such a path? Her belief in these and more so, herself was losing momentum. This 'gift' that had been mentioned a few times now was still a mystery to her, she'd done nothing out of what she was more than capable of, so what was it? Sighing she sat back in the chair, her dwarf feet off the ground, "if you say so."

    Rian snorted, glancing at the empty chairs. “You should know you are not the only one on that path.” Shaking his head, the humor disappearing from his features for a moment, “That is what happens when gods die. Someone has to take their place and some of you have been chosen by the God who you were the Champion of to do so.”

    Levelling her gaze with him, Zinnia gave a single nod of acknowledgement, there was nothing to be said and no point in arguing.

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    OOC: I dont now how i missed this!!

    Qedraerhiel, the cave of wonders

    Nissa's wings flapped like mad, as she continued to follow the veins of light that led her thru the caves. She still stayed cautious, to make sure there were no other traps deeper within the cave. Soon, she could feel a power that seemed to be calling to her, as she traveled. As she passed other caverns, she saw other beautiful and powerful relics. Sooo tempting. But those were not for her. She noticed that every time she passed a cavern, she would feel a surge of power that made her wings flap even faster. Then it would calm down, and the next area she needed to go, it would begin to glow in the soft blue light.

    As she continued on, there was another presence. Different from the others. If felt warm and welcoming. Bless the Mother, this had to be something that Mystra would know of. Suddenly, the room filled with a warmth, and she heard a voice as a flowing shape came into view. It slowly floated over towards her.

    “Mystra knows you need assistance, Nissa. Isha, her sister, has been remade, her power is now yours.”

    Isha?? And the power was hers?? Before Nissa could even give a thought, the wavering form floated closer, until it touched Nissa. Her eyes grew wide, as she felt something...a sense of power. Maybe even divine touched Nissa until the glow of power faded.

    Nissa went to one knee. Such a gift!!! Then another voice spoke, was it in the cave..or maybe perhaps the cavern itself spoke.

    “Finally, one truly worthy of my treasure.”

    Nissa slowly rose to her feet.

    The blue veining expanded to cover the entire surface of the final cavern; except for the plinth in the center of it, bare of any adornment. Upon the plinth was a stand, a large bow standing on the plinth, a full quiver leaning against it. A glowing blue form, made of stone, rose beside the plinth. One hand gestured at the bow, “The power is now yours, the responsibility too. With this you could fully change the balance of power of Selenia, for good or for ill. Take it and save this world.”

    Nissa slowly walked over to the plinth. "I understand," she said softly, as she carefully reached over to take the bow and quiver. After she retrieved them, she spoke again softly. "Thank you."

    She carefully put her sword away, and slug the bow and quiver behind her. She then shrank to fairy size. With a gesture, she tossed up a small about of fairy dust into the air. She watched the pattern, looking for air currents. While the entrance had collapsed, there were usually some small areas that could lead to the outside. Especially since she was not worried about air. She also checked the map. It being magical, it could also show a second way out.

    But soon, she was on the move once more, until she finally came upon the opening that would take her outside of the caverns. She vaguely wondered if the magic would stay, and if it did, would it affect her other abilities?

    But that didnt matter now. Now, she moved as fast as her wings would carry her, toward the ruins of E'Mathalas. She would be happy to be with others once more!!

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    OOC: This is a combo between me and @darthbernael ! thanks!

    IC: Mieli

    Mieli's elation subsided as he watched the battlefield. There were a lot of dead enemies, but there were some of the fairies dead as well. The devastation was heartbreaking. But there was no time for mourning, he was going to use that image to fuel his righteous anger towards the enemy.

    But then the little guys and gals managed to surprise and cheer him up a notch! They were tumbling a barrel, probably not the best idea if it was ale, but he did not want to say anything as he did not want to offend them. They were doing their best.

    There was a hooded person approaching them. Mieli reached for his axe "You will forgive me for not being the trusting kind today." he grunted "But I will need more information if I am to go with you."

    Hermóðr let a thin smile cross his face. “Of course, you did recently have a runin with one of the Destructor’s Captains.” He set the flagon on the barrel, by the spigot before turning back to the dwarf. Reaching up, he pulled open one side of his cloak, revealing a sigil affixed to the leather armor he wore underneath, a circle with a sinuous dividing line, one half black, the other white.

    His eyes began to sparkle, “Does this crest appear familiar or of some beings you know?” he asked, closing his cloak again, after giving Mieli time enough to study the device.

    “It may be best to say that I was requested to come find you, to guide you through the dense forest, to mostly avoid patrols like the one you just found, to reach the ruins of the Elvish city and reconnect with your companions.”

    The crest looked familiar, but that did not prove anything. "You could have taken it from someone." he narrowed his eyes. Mieli was not the trusting sort and given what has happened recently that seemed like a good strategy to survive what was going to happen.

    Chuckling, Hermóðr nodded at the Ranger, "Touche." One hand came up, stroking his chin. "I do suppose the gods and many of this world have given little reason to trust." He snorted then looked to the South, his attention obviously far afield. Finally, he nodded. "Do you recall a being who came to you, who told you that they were sent by Arienn and Rian to show you the first steps to rejoining the others?"

    He gestured to the South, "They, your dwarven maiden, and others of the Champions await you there. The only other way to prove what you want to know is to take you directly there. However, one of the Destructor's Captains is very near where they are and our passage could reveal their location."

    Mieli thought fast, he could hear dices rolling in his mind. He needed to take a plunge into the dark and hope that he would come out of it alive. Not an easy gamble to make. But usually these things paid off handsomely. Besides if he were to be betrayed he was just going to go out fighting. "I will trust you for now." the dwarf said cautiously "But if I see anything funny you will get an axe in the spine." he grinned "It might not kill you, but it will leave you paralyzed." he grunted "So, lead the way..."

    A low, rumbling laugh escaped Hermóðr's lips. "Anything funny you say?" One of his shaggy eyebrows arched, "You do know that between here and the ruined city the Destructors forces are everywhere, right?" Reaching to his belt he pulled off a horn flagon, pouring himself a draught. Downing it in one, he let ot a belch, before turning back to Mieli. "So, keep that axe sharp, as I'm sure that you'll be needing it, but not for my spine." He turned to look south again, "Thank the sprites for the ale and we'll set off."

    Mieli shrugged "Oh don't worry about my axe." he gave chilly grin "It has this propensity to remain sharp." the dwarf turned and gave the fairies a small bow of appreciation. "Let's go."

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    A 'quick' combo with @darthbernael & @Sinrebirth [face_blush]


    Aboleth, Ma'at & Samhain

    Near Hephaestus’s Forge, Gods Realm

    Samhain held out his hand to Ma'at, so they may go across together, while Aboleth glowered at the hounds.

    "And what of myself?"

    “Lord Hephaestus….”

    Ma’at intoned with all due respect upon seeing the Lord of the Forge, then nodded at his words.

    Trust was the order of the day, without it, they were all doomed with utmost certainty. The journey would not be easy, but it would be worth it.

    And so, the three followed until they could follow no more. Ma’at noticed the seals and inclined her head momentarily in deference.

    It was now time to step through. Ma’at could not have vocalized the dire need of the hour in any clearer terms than those Hephaestus had uttered.

    ‘Save our world, our people’

    Ma’at took Samhain’s hand, which her husband had offered.

    Aboleth spoke her concern aloud.

    “We all have a part to play my dear, we are all needed at this hour. Will you not come with us and do that which is required of you, freely?”

    Ma’at held out her own lithe and jeweled hand to the other woman, a small smile of encouragement upon her features.

    “None of us need be alone, not now, not ever again.”

    Aboleth twitched. "You want to be my parents?" A slight scoff, concealing pain. "Am I the daughter you always wanted?"

    Samhain placed a palm to his forehead. "Let's just get through this crisis. I'd rather not expose my heart to anymore pain." He squeezed Ma'at's hand.

    "Yes," Aboleth said. "Let's."

    She stepped forward, clearly intending to commit to the 'family'.

    "Together, my husband."

    Ma'at's eyes were filled with an indescribable love for Samhain, the kind too few beings could understand. Not just for him, but for everyone and everything that lived and breathed upon the face of Selenia. Ma'at gracefully stepped forward, with him, in unison, on motion at a time. There was no turning back, not now, not ever. As they all now moved, the trio would disappear into the portal and fulfill their ultimate destiny.

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    Double post approved by our GM

    *combo with @darthbernael*

    IC: Xenos
    A New Destination

    Xenos had sensed the Pirate’s absence- and for the briefest moment- felt a surge of concern, which was then followed by what could only be relief, when he realized that Malagath was not dead.

    Something else had occurred, something he was not privy to, but at the very least, his friend was not overcome of his adversary.

    Xenos sighed, for he would miss the Pirate’s company and guidance- but such was the way of things. Memories threatened to flood his mind, of the time he had lost his fellow sell-swords to sudden calamity.

    The Twilight Bearer did not dwell on what he had lost, as his mind and senses expanded to perceive who else was left in the fight. Xenos would then perceive in his mind’s eye, images and names and distant locations, all connecting the remaining ( though far away) Champions of Selenia. Zinnia, Nissa, Mieli.

    That they were far was relative; that they were present was reassuring.

    Moreover, Xenos sensed that his parents were somehow back in the realm of the living, though they felt faint and very distant as well. Still, their mighty powers did course through him, filled him and manifested in the Twilight Sword.

    A polite cough drew the godling’s attention then, causing him to turn fully. Who could have approached so closely, given his abilities of perception?

    Xenos’ eyes gazed upon the form of none other than Thoth.

    His mother’s first husband.

    Xenos offered a deep respectful bow, then listened to the wisdom being imparted. He humbly accepted the gifted scroll, as he attended to every word.

    A final bow was offered as Thoth departed, at which point Xenos pondered on the message for a moment longer- for more than ever- time was truly of the essence.

    If E’Mathalas was his new destination, there is where he would go. He would welcome reunions, he would also welcome changes, for change was the only constant in the universe. However, above these, he would also welcome ‘victory’, the kind that would save Selenia.

    The ascended godling called forth his sword, Taraziel, which manifested immediately, it’s blade coruscating with both light and dark arcs of lightning.

    Xenos consulted the map he had been just given for an exact destination, while he drew on the necessary power to complete the journey. The Ibis-headed deity had clearly expressed the need for urgency. Xenos drew on his Will and understanding, causing the blade to flash and instantly transport him where he had been commanded to be.

    When Xenos reapppeared, he was on the outskirts of the formerly massive city. Before him stretched the ruins of the enven city, broken spires and homes, the elven mallorn trees seeming to have suffered more damage than the buildings themselves. A large, black form was rampaging through the ruins, the dust causing the form to be somewhat obscured until it took to wing and he could see that it was a massive black dragon.

    Throughout the ruins there were smaller, malformed creatures that scuttled and scurried, seeming to be seeking for something, as the larger creature was doing with it's random destruction. As he studied the ruins he felt a buildup of energy rising near him, centered on a small grove of ripped and burned mallorn trees. It felt similar to the energy he'd felt before from Rian, as though related to it.

    However, even as a single mental message 'Come, hurry!' reached him it seemed that various of the smaller creatures had felt it too. A cry went up from a dozen of them as they turned from their searching, beginning to scuttle on three limbs towards the grove, their fourth limb outstretched, talons curled into a fist. It would take some effort to reach the grove and, perhaps, safety.

    Xenos inhabited the moment, even as he arrived, allowing the scene to inform him of the unfolding events before him. A cataclysm had befallen the great elven city, yet terrors still remained.

    Something or someone had called out to him, but the smaller creatures had perceived as well. For the moment, the larger 'Black Dragon' was unconcerned. The caller felt familiar, which prompted Xenos' reaction, even as the creatures bounded for the grove. With an exertion of his will the Twilight Sword appeared - the flashed!

    Xenos aim was to re-appear in front of the bounding creatures, drawing their attention and immediately engaging them as efficiently as possible. He had to buy enough time to safeguard the caller, then act- before an already critical situation, turned into a lost cause.

    As Xenos reappeared, the twisted creatures again howled, in unison. Turning from their headlong flight toward the copse of trees the focused on him. Claws extended from hands, glistening as they raced across the broken ground.

    A sigh, almost a whisper on the wind, emerged from the trees before the gorund heaved in several spots ringing Xenos. Tendrils then shoots then full grown vines shot from the ground, swaying and flailing as they swept an arc in front of him clear. The same magical aura as came from the copse emanated from the vines as they lashed out, throwing creatures away from their attack.

    'Into the ring of trees, hurry, safe passage to the others...' came as another whisper on the wind; the head of the large dragon ponderously swiveling in his direction, following the scent of the magic.

    Xenos did not waste time, as he felt the magic, knowing that it was familiar and amicable towards him. His distraction had only been partially effective, as the bounding creatures focused on him, leaving them open to being temporarily disabled by the verdant magics. But doing so seemed to have drawn the attention of the Black Dragon!


    Xenos did not have to be told twice!

    The Twilight Sword flashed again- and in a proverbial blink, Xenos was inside the safety of verdant ring of trees, where he certainly hoped he would indeed get passage to the other champions.

    Emerging into the ring of mallorn, a hole opened before him, sloping in a spiral. Behind him the roots and vines made a tumultuous sound as they thrashed and kept the creatures at bay. The voice came from the darkness below, a glowing light rising before a sphere hung just below the lip of the void, 'Inside, follow the globe.'

    “May your leaves be always green…” Xenos found himself saying in a votive whisper to the ring of trees that came to his defense, even as they allowed him safe passage in their guardianship.

    Without hesitation did the Warrior-Protector jump into the darkened spiral, spying at once the only source of light some distance below.

    A luminous globe of light would be his guide. This fact alone brought him much needed comfort.

    “I hear and I follow.” Was his answer as he landed, and did as he was bid.

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    The Ruined Amphitheatre, E'Mathalas

    Events began to rapidly develop as chaos reigned in the ruined city and beyond. As they did the sky began to darken beyond the amphitheater, virulent green lightning crackling across the sky. The great black dragon had flattened most of the fractured landscape from where Zinnia, Ineghis, Roan, and Arienn were able to see him.

    Ineghis was sweating, turning slightly pale, as the energy writhed in her hands. The ground trembled by her palm, before it opened up, a series of steps forming in the slope of it. A bobbing light shed its glow on the walls of the opening before it came into view. Behind the light strode a figure, imposing, and giving off an aura that Zinnia did not even realize she herself was giving off, a sign of divinity.

    When he strode up the steps, reaching the floor of the amphitheater, he was revealed to be the warrior Xenos. He had changed since the last time Zinna had seen him, had evolved physically as much as he had gained that divinity. Roan rose from his seat, walking with an even stride over to the figure. Even though, in the form he wore, when he approached he was physically shorter than Xenos, the impression from their presences was that he was taller by several inches.

    “Greetings, Xenos. It has been some time since last we met.” He gestured at one of the stone seats that had been formed from the rubble. “Please, take a seat, there are others soon to join us.”

    Even as he spoke, the tunnel collapsed, Ineghis breathing a sigh before her eyes went distant. “My Lord…” she all but whispered, “more approach…” She seemed weary, her face lined as though the vibrant woman with the appearance of being in her mid thirties had aged three decades. A look passed between Rian and Arienn before Arienn stood, softly approaching the wizard, touching her shoulders. The mortal woman’s back straightened, the wrinkles and lines slowly fading, “My life for yours, my Lady.” she said reverently as she reached out again.

    A blue-green light formed, several feet beyond where her hand was outstretched. It widened until it was an oval almost as tall as Xenos. From the oval came the sounds of cursing, in a guttural tone. The sound of dragging and complaints of where the beer had gone emerged from the oval of light. The oval darkened for a moment before a figure emerged, a cloak covering him, the hood up. As soon as he had he moved to the side, dropping to a knee, head bowed toward Rian and Arienn, “Ancestors mine, I have brought the one you desired me to deliver.”

    Arienn’s smile banished a portion of the darkness that had been creeping into the amphitheatre, nodding at the figure, “Hermóðr, come sit by me, rest for now.” Rubble shifted and formed a seat beside the two she and Rian had recently held. The figure rose, crossing the distance, and quietly taking his place. As the sound of his footsteps faded, the sound of cursing and dragging feet grew louder, until Mieli was pulled, as though by an invisible rope, through the oval.

    Rian chuckled at the continued cursing, reaching out his hand, as a flagon, foam topped, formed in his grip. “Ranger, if you stop complaining, you will see that the tipple is here in my hand, that you are likewise among friends.” A grin crossed his face, “And the dwarven maid you favor has already arrived.”

    The latter statement, more than the former, was what closed Mieli’s mouth with a clomp. The light filled oval closed and vanished as Rian handed Mieli the flagon, guiding him to the seat beside Zinnia, in her transformed state. With a cheeky grin, Rian glanced at her, “Don’t heat him up too much, Golden Queen, he’s of no use as a cinder.” was his, to the dwarven Ranger at least, cryptic comment to her.

    His head and Arienn’s turned suddenly, facing toward an empty space outside the circle of chairs. Hermóðr had come to his feet, his cloak thrown back, a gleaming sword suddenly in his hand as he moved to beside Arienn. A rumbling chuckle came from out of almost thin air before the scent of soot and the wavering light of a fire bloomed in the darkness where they peered. A squat, broad figure stepped out into the light, the rubble bouncing on the floor with each step.

    “I made you that sword, Hermóðr, you know it wouldn’t cause me any damage.” Hephaestus rumbled before he bowed to Rian and Arienn. “Long have I awaited your return, Grandmother and Grandfather.” Shrugging his shoulders, there was a massive thump behind him, his anvil impacting the ground. He rolled his shoulders, “Huitzil is an idiot, he had no idea that wherever I take my anvil is where my forge is located. Oh and,” the air shook as he clapped his hands. The echoes rebounded around the space, before the was a pop of displaced air. “I brought guests.” The impish grin faded and he sounded almost accusing “You knew!!”

    Not that distant from him three figures appeared where the air had been displaced. With an almost disgruntled tone Hephaestus spoke again, “Ma’at, Samhain, your son is already here, and welcome Aboleth. The grands already knew you were coming, even though I didn’t tell them.” The three figures emerged into the light and Roan chuckled, “You two look hale and whole, even though I know you’re tied to the blade your son carries.”

    Hermóðr sheathed his blade, guiding the trio to sit beside Xenos before he walked back over to the God of the Forge, their hands and forearms clasping in a warrior’s grasp, “Good to see you again, Forgem’ster.”

    Returning to the seat that had been created, Hephaestus followed, picking up a large boulder. He set it down with a thump beside Hermóðr, sitting and chuckling as Rian and Arienn gave quiet greetings to the new arrivals.

    Ineghis smiled and her hand reached out, roars and screeches coming from the ruined city outside. A small ball of light flitted through the air of the city, back and forth, well away from the amphitheatre. Ineghis leaned heavily on her staff as she poured energy out in a pinpoint effort. Rian stepped closer, supporting her, before the ball of light vanished. When it reappeared, it hovered over Arienn’s open palm.

    She smiled at the ball, “I believe full sized is the correct option, tired fairy.” she whispered. With a breath on the ball, she let her hand fall to her side, the ball growing, until a female form, almost elvish in appearance, stood there, a bow slung over her back. “You are the last to join us Nissa, but not the least, and I bid you welcome. Please take a seat and we shall begin.”

    The transformed fairy made her way to the last available seat as Rian and Arienn sat side by side, facing the champions.”Welcome all, I am glad to see you all present and well.” Rian said, his tone solemn. “Not all survived to reach this point but I am sure you all have questions. Which we will answer.”

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    The Ruined Amphitheatre, E'Mathalas

    They crossed the threshold, and were suddenly there.

    Samhain, cloaked as ever, Aboleth, beautiful and ethereal, not at all aqualine save for the tapering of her nose, they had different reactions to the area they arrived in.

    For his part, Samhain squeezed the hand of his wife, saddened that so much had been lost for less of a reason than not. His resurrection would come as no surprise, perhaps, because it was oft hard to kill a God, but he was sure that many of them would react poorly to his survival. As such, he examined the others more than his surroundings.

    With an almost disgruntled tone Hephaestus spoke again, “Ma’at, Samhain, your son is already here, and welcome Aboleth. The grands already knew you were coming, even though I didn’t tell them.” The three figures emerged into the light and Roan chuckled, “You two look hale and whole, even though I know you’re tied to the blade your son carries.”

    Aboleth narrowed her eyes. The Grands... ah yes, a whole broken and battered family. She kept her words to herself, while Samhain nodded a greeting to Hephaestus.

    ”Welcome all, I am glad to see you all present and well.” Rian said, his tone solemn. “Not all survived to reach this point but I am sure you all have questions. Which we will answer.”

    Samhain, who had done enough harm than good, opted to remain silent for the moment.

    His time would come.

    Zinnia sat in the chair she'd been assigned, her feet not touching the floor. On some level that amused her, as in her true form, she'd crush the seat and those around her. She was pleased to see her 'dwarf' counterpart had survived to this point and turning to him she offered an honest smile, she was genuinely pleased he'd survived but was unsure as to why. Listening, she understood, they all had questions, but from what she could tell, these were warriors and knew why they were there. Zinnia did not. She still did not understand why she'd been pulled into this, nor what these so called 'gifted powers' she had were or how to use them. In her mind the best she could do would be to remain silent, listen and learn. So that is what she did.

    The silence dragged out as the Champions took their places. Rian and Arienn sat calmly, watching the gathered beings and the gods that had chosen to step into the mortal realm to assist. An eyebrow arched as Rian’s head turned, eyes meeting Aboleth’s, the corner of his lips turning up in a fractional smile.

    Arienn’s smile was broad as she looked over them all, one hand rising, a clear energy emanating from her palm. It settled over all gathered, mortal, demigod, and god alike, soothing their pain, healing their injuries. “There, that should help you all.” her calm, even tone filling the air.

    Turning away from Aboleth, Rian chuckled lightly as he noticed the transformed Zinnia and Mieli sitting beside her. From there, his head turned, seeing the young fairy, wings hidden, the wonder in her eyes at the bow that was slung across her back. “Nissa, why don’t you tell us about the bow, how you acquired it.” he suggested.

    Aboleth's eyes cut to Nissa, while Samhain squeezed his partners hand.

    Mieli's mind was still processing what had just happened. Dwarves did not deal very well with magic and all that mumbo jumbo. He had to resist the urge to reach for his axe, but did not want to look like the savage berserkers of his people. After all he was a Ranger, one who traveled the open world and even dealt with other races.

    His eyes widened as he saw Zinnia. He had not expected her to be here. And being called Golden Queen? What was that all about? "At least I have good company." he grinned at her as he took his place.

    Mieli was not sure who the others were and what did they want. And that unnerved him. Having to face an unfamiliar situation with unknown actors with unknown powers and abilities, that usually meant certain death, so he would try not to be too rowdy and try not to attract too much attention.

    But that mug of ale... his mouth was filling up with saliva...

    What can go wrong if he drunk one or two?

    She sat in her seat, feeling for all the world like a liar and fake. Few knew the truth and when Mieli spoke to her, his grin warm and welcoming, her guilt rose. He was a good man, an honest man, and to be deceived by her so felt wrong. She gave him a short nod as she shifted the body of the female dwarf form she'd taken, wishing for all the worlds that this nightmare would be over and she could return to her children.

    Her children.

    Zinnia missed them horribly, and had to trust they were safe as she did not know now. And this talk of her 'gifts' left to her by her Goddess Andrissa, she knew nothing of and feared they'd been wasted on her.

    Looking around at those there, she was uncomfortable as there were so many unknowns before her. Mieli was the very least of the concerns threat wise, but by the same token the most important by the deception terms.

    Nissa was a bit startled when she suddenly had appeared where it seemed all the others were meeting. It was interesting, as she had been in her smaller form when she had arrived. With a nod of her head, she quicky grew to elfin sized, and moved to take a place areoung the area the others had gathered. She did not sit down, as she can the area. Some people she did not know. Others she did. To say that they all had questions was possibly the most understated statement in history.

    Suddenly one of the others spoke to her...

    “Nissa, why don’t you tell us about the bow, how you acquired it.” he suggested.

    At her name being called out, Nissa simply nodded her head.

    "My path took me to the mountains. I was guided towards a cave. A, this being was not a man. Not a normal one at least challenged me. He was covered in an aura of green, .. I have no other words to describe it." Nissa shrugged slightly, then continued. "He spoke odly too, calling me "the minion of the Precursors" and challenged me. But suddenly, in the middle of the battle, there was a force. A scream so strong, that it collapsed the cavern opening. But I managed to duck inside before the other being could, with the help of the Blessed Mother."

    Nissa moved behind the chair. But before I could move further within the chamber, a presence appeared, and stated that power had been given to me, so that I could retrieve the bow, and then come here as quickly as I could."

    Nissa looked down for a moment and sighed deeply. "It's words were quite... profound" she stated softly, and then looked back up at the others. And the name of the bow did not help. Maybe in elf it would sound better.

    With another small shrug of her shoulders, she then looked back over the one who had spoke to her.

    To Zinnia, it felt like the young woman was as confused about all this as she was, she may well be wrong, but she did say she'd been given a power. Something they had in common, she wondered if at least one of them knew how to tap into such a power and use it.

    For his part and for the present moment, Xenos allowed himself to experience a temporary respite from combat and the trials of his journey thus far. It was good to find himself amongst his fellow champions- heartening really, despite the losses suffered along the way.

    Absently, he noticed how everything looked now that he was ’taller’, thanks to his recent ascension. That was a nice distraction from the ache he bore within, while he wrestled to subdue the pangs of emotion. He couldn’t have guess that the would miss them so fiercely: Sarathai, Nyubis, Malagath. He had bonded with these beings over a short time - and now their absence was had left him with a palpable emptiness he’d have to navigate. Silently, Xenos vowed to exact payment from those responsible for this loss.

    But at least, he still had his parents with him- inside himself, manifested in his sword, as this was at least a comfort for his heart.

    Xenos willed himself away from such maudlin thoughts, as he regarded the champions in whose presence he found himself counted amongst. He wondered as to the stories and their experiences, what foes and trials had they conquered thus far.

    His roving eyes fell upon the mighty Dwarven warriors and marvelled at the magnificence of their auras. He knew not their names, but he was confident that would change in due time.

    The one presently speaking, Nissa as she was called. Xenos found her demeanor refreshing and quite charming- mostly because he had not expected it. Courage and potency were not predetermined by appearance - which was a life lesson he had learned well.

    Her tale was both intriguing and inspiring. Had they all faced opposing ‘champions’ as well? Xenos wondered silently, many questions forming in his mind.

    He was tempted to speak, and was about to utter a word, when a sensation, a nearly overwhelming feeling, came over him, nearly overtaking his senses. Xenos steadied himself, as he looked to one side, his eyes growing large with surprise.


    A singular joy unlike any other swelled within him.


    The young godling did not hesitate as he rushed to embrace his parents, holding them close for several heartbeats.

    “By the Great Ones! I thought I’d never….”

    Words failed him as he searched their faces. At once he felt enshrouded by his mother’s undying love and devotion, for it was unending like the sea. Looking into his Father’s face, he realized that it was his own image he saw, a reflection- but scarless.

    “Sorry, I did not mean…..”

    “It's quite alright my dear. We should sit together, yes?” Ma’at suggested in a gentle voice, her gaze indicating Aboleth.

    “Oh!” Xenos intoned, taken by surprise, but quickly recovered.

    “Greetings.” He said, offering a curt bow to the newcomer.

    Without further ado, Ma’at led them to their seats, taking hers in a graceful motion. Xenos for his part, opted to stand behind them, for he was not only their son, but also a warrior and protector.

    Hephaestus grinned at the reunion of the family, nodding to Xenos as he took a stance behind Ma’at and Samhain. His attention then turned to scan the room once again, thinking about what he could sense from these champions.

    Feeling his compatriot shift, Hermóðr glanced at Hephaestus before he turned his attention back to the room at large. His eyes finally settled on Nissa. “Little sister, I b’lieve you have taken in more than you know.” His cloak shifted and he held up one hand, fingers pointing toward her. As he did, a light green glow began at her breast. “Yes…Isha has come to you, fairy. She will guide you.”

    Rian had a small smile on his face as he watched the interaction between Zinnia and Mieli, the two of them so different yet there was a bond. At least for the dwarf, that was. He glanced back outside the ruined amphitheatre to watch the massive black dragon turning what was left of the city to rubble.

    Shaking his head, he turned back, “As you all might have surmised, you have each faced one of the Destructor’s Captains. They did not face you on their master’s orders but rather each on their own, to test you, to see whether they truly had the power to stop you before you could stop their master.”

    His wife’s hand reached over from where she sat, the long fingered hand laying on his arm. She smiled softly, “And they came away from the encounters still unsure whether they could individually destroy you or not. As well, their attempts did not draw us out to face any of them, save the one that Aboleth met.”

    Rian leaned back in his seat, putting his hand over hers, “We can tell you this…Uthium is key. That human kingdom has fallen under the sway of the Destructor and his Captains lead their army and navy. What does that tell you of how we must advance to face this foe?”

    Aboleth snorted, so Samhain replied. “We should take the sky?”

    Xenos remained silent for a moment longer as he considered what could very well be their last crucible. Had Malagath been present, he would have considered the Pirate Captain as the perfect candidate to buy them time against the Uthium Navy. If Nyubis were present, perhaps they could have enlisted the aid of the Drow. With Sarathai, nature itself would have proven a powerful ally, but alas, neither of them were here. Furthermore, he knew not of how these newly acquainted Champions performed in battle - what he did know, was that they were not only brave, but they had also triumphed against their respective enemy Captains.

    Perhaps there were still a few options left on the table, as they could no longer afford a protracted campaign. Collectively, they'd lost too much already.

    "I say we storm the city." Xenos offered simply, as a matter of fact.

    The Warrior-Protector knew well that this wasn't the 'only' option, but the very suggestion would certainly open up the matter to a deeper discussion. He needed to hear their thoughts and ideas to better understand how to integrate them together in order to achieve the only result available to them: Victory.

    Her experience with the Black Dragon had told Zinnia he was both a determined but a violent foe. He'd have no issue with burning whatever was on the ground that he considered a problem, and utterly no problem dispatching those in the room around her. She wondered how many here were aware of her true form, a glance at the man beside her told Zinnia that at least he was not aware, yet. "I doubt the 'Sky assault' is viable for all those present." She said gazing at Aboleth, "And I feel we need to know that strengths and weakness' of individual opponents if we want to defeat them as a whole." Turning to their hosts, she addressed them, "we are only as strong as our weakest link, as is our enemy. We must find that link."

    Xenos nodded to emphasize his agreement with the words the Dwarven maiden had spoken, and though he wished to know more, within himself, he felt he knew what to do to coax the necessary information. To that end, he took as step forward so he would be seen plainly, rather than standing behind his own progenitors.

    "The foe I faced, he called himself, 'Nug: Father go Ghouls'. He possesses great martial prowess as well as magics to match. I also believe he has command over a host of lesser creatures."

    The Warrior-Protector paused briefly, remembering the encounter in hindsight.

    "I know not of the enemy which Captain Malagath faced, but I do know they arrived on a mighty naval vessel. During battle, I was transported to an alternate space- and have not seen the good Captain since then, nor can I sense him."

    Xenos closed his eyes for the briefest moment, as if offering a silent votive.

    "We must plan carefully and strategize to the utmost of our capabilities, if we are to succeed." He said, now holding his silence once again.

    Mieli was not sure why the lass seemed nervous when he sat next to her. Did he do something? He even smelled his own armpits to check if he stunk too much, after all he had been in combat until recently. Besides, dwarves were not known for their good aroma, unlike the elves and the fey. But still he had to check...

    The black dragon was enough to distract him from these thoughts. What was that thing!? Were they supposed to face it? He heard something about a test, but his heart was filled by hatred for the dark creature. The dragons and dwarves were natural enemies, so it will be a great pleasure to take one out!

    On of the people looked over at her.

    Little sister, I b’lieve you have taken in more than you know.” His cloak shifted and he held up one hand, fingers pointing toward her. As he did, a light green glow began at her breast. “Yes…Isha has come to you, fairy. She will guide you.”

    Nissa eyebrow went up, as she tilted her head, but she stayed silent. Surely, is the all Mother allowed it, it must be a good thing. But she was confused listening to the stories. It seemed that many of them knew so much more than she Then one spoke.

    “As you all might have surmised, you have each faced one of the Destructor’s Captains. They did not face you on their master’s orders but rather each on their own, to test you, to see whether they truly had the power to stop you before you could stop their master.”.. There was a pause and a look.

    "And they came away from the encounters still unsure whether they could individually destroy you or not. As well, their attempts did not draw us out to face any of them, save the one that Aboleth met.”

    Rian leaned back in his seat, putting his hand over hers, “We can tell you this…Uthium is key. That human kingdom has fallen under the sway of the Destructor and his Captains lead their army and navy. What does that tell you of how we must advance to face this foe?”

    Someone suggested, taking to the skies. As Nissa frowned slightly, another talked about figuring out this cities 'weak link'. Well, cities all had weak links. And how did the populace feel about it. Would the Humans even care?

    "We must plan carefully and strategize to the utmost of our capabilities if we are to succeed." was suggested.

    Nissa flapped her wings slowly before she spoke. "Im sorry. I don't know most of what you all seem to know. The mage I was with, fell with the Abomination, and I have not seen anyone from the party until I recovered the bow." Nissa made a face, "So I don't know of what you speak of. But it seems to me, that if this city is the key, then we need to know more about it. But if those Destructors are there.. will they not be able to sense us?" Nissa looked around the table. "The being I was up against, even while I was using my fae magics, was able to track me. And if we indeed now carry some umm. extra energy, will they not sense us." Nissa shrugged. Besides, we cant just 'attack a city'. But maybe we could find a way to sneak in, and gain some information. Or if we can just take out the leader perhaps?"

    Nissa stop flapping her wings, and pinned them around her. "Unless we have a hidden army or two someplace."

    Sitting back, his hand in Arienn’s, Rian listened to the Champions discuss what he had just suggested. A soft smile touched his face, knowing that those who had been chosen for this task were the correct ones to save this daughter of his and Arienn’s, Selenia itself.

    Glancing at his wife when Nissa asked about hidden armies, he sighed. Squeezing her hand for a moment, he stood. Letting his gaze travel across all that had been gathered here, he took their measure. “Unfortunately there are no armies to be called upon.” He raised a hand, to forestall any arguments, “However, I am certain that, as you advance upon the Destructor and his Captains, the miasma that covers Selenia will fade, that the races that live on this world will rise behind you to aid you in your fight.”

    Arienn stood, her arm going around her husband’s waist. “Beings find courage in the courage of others. When the beings who live on this world see, feel, your efforts to save the world, they will do all they can to aid you.” agreeing with her husband.

    Rian let his gaze take them all in once more. “There have been several suggestions and they are all fair and all have merit. If it has not been noticed, each of you have your own strengths or ways to battle. Therefore,” he turned to face those who were the Gods of Selenia, “Each of us will aid one of you, to getting as close to Uthium and its capital as possible.”

    Pointing to the couple, Samhain and Ma’at, “You and Aboleth will take the sea route, assisting Aboleth to rouse the creatures of the deep to swamp the naval forces of the foe.”

    Turning and gesturing at Hephaestus, “The dwarven Ranger, Mieli, has the most affinity with you, you will use the secret ways of the earth and your affinity for such to shield him as he infiltrates the capital.”

    To Hermóðr, “You and Xenos complement each other, therefore the warrior and the messenger and spy will take the land approaches, gathering those they can, then shuttling them across the narrow straight to the west of Uthium and advance on the capital from there.”

    Arienn spoke up, “I will aid and guide the bearer of the Godkiller. I knew Isha well and can assist Nissa in her learning how and when to wield it.”

    Turning to face Zinnia, “Which leave you and I, golden one. Ineghis will accompany us but your fight may be the most difficult, trying to convince as many of the Captains of the Destructor to focus on us, rather than searching for your fellow Champions.”

    Smiling again, “We will assist you to leave this place without being disturbed by the Captain outside.”

    Aboleth's tentacle fronds flailed a little at the idea of visiting the ocean, while Samhain squeezed Ma'at's hand hard.

    They would be together, and he simply nodded to Rian in agreement, and cast a little salute of toodles to them.

    There seemed to be a lot of wishful thinking, expecting the people to rise up and join them... that was a bit of a stretch. Some might join, but most will try to stay away. He grimaced as he sipped his ale in silence. Better not to spoil the mood. Morale was important, especially when they were to embark on a suicide mission.

    He simply nodded to Hephaestus "Let me finish my drink and we are good to go." he grinned. Then noticed that their host was addressing the dwarven lass and calling her golden one "What does he mean by that?" he cocked an eyebrow, there was a gnawing feeling in his gut that there was something that he had not been told...

    Xenos found himself filled with a sensation he could not easily describe with mere words. He felt purpose, finality, peace, strength, assurance. He felt a calm he hadn’t ever quite experienced. He also understood, that this was the moment for which he was born.

    Xenos felt he understood the mind of Captain Malagath more now, than he had before.

    Selenia was worth everything he had, everything he was - therefore, everything is what he would give.

    Calmly, he walked to his Mother and Father. Xenos smiled at them and noted that he was taller, though framed in their image. He kissed them both, devotionally so. He knew that whatever happened, they would always be together, in some form or another. Turning, he looked upon Aboleth and saw the image of a familiar figure momentarily superimposed upon her.


    The tall godling offered a respectful bow of farewell, before turning again to face the Older gods.

    “May death take those who’s time has come to know rest, May life shine upon those who have her favor.”

    To Arienn and Rain he bowed deferentially, for they were certainly the greatest amongst them.

    “We fight not for ourselves, but for our sister, Selenia and all the souls that dwell upon her.”

    This he stated to the other gathered godlings, as a means to encourage them to go beyond their limits.

    Xenos understood the subtle dynamic which Arienn had spoken of. The people of Selenia, those who still had hope, would be inspired by what they gleaned with their hearts and minds. How then could they, godlings, perform feats to inspire, if they themselves did not hold fast to hope in their own victory?

    Aye. Within himself, Xenos vowed to give his all for the sake of Selenia and her inhabitants. Woe to the forces of Darkness and its minions. The Sword of Twilight would bring forth the ultimate reckoning on that day.

    With these thoughts in his mind, did Xenos join Hermodr.


    Ma’at accepted her son’s kiss and returned it in kind. Her heart swelled with joy and her eyes misted, even as she looked upon him. So tall and handsome was he, full of conviction and purpose. Her smile widened as she saw him kiss Samhain, the Father he’d never known; yet Ma’at knew that Xenos loved his Father, because she had loved Samhain first, and had taught her son to love him as well, if even just a little.

    Her little warrior was no longer a little demi-human, but a full demi-god, if only for a short season.

    Lovingly she looked at him go, even as she squeezed her husband’s hand. It was likely they would not see him again, but they would be together still.

    Like her son before her, Ma’at offered a respectful bow to the Preeminences. Her decorated head turned just so to her left.

    “Are you ready….daughter?” She inquired of Aboleth.

    Indeed, between the four of them, there was a kind of symmetry.

    Zinnia nodded only once, the words were true enough but the words made her glance at the dwarf beside her. Did he catch the reference? She hoped not as she did like the man, but she knew the moment he knew the truth, any friendship would be done with. Getting up, she stood quietly to wait.

    They were being seperated again? Nissa frowned slightly as she listed to what was being stated. While she was glad that there would be others who might join them, she felt very much out of the loop. She flapped her wings slowly when she heard the next idea of the plan...

    Arienn spoke up, “I will aid and guide the bearer of the Godkiller. I knew Isha well and can assist Nissa in her learning how and when to wield it.”

    How and when to use the bow? Her wings flapped again, after hearing that. She had used a bow all of her life. What was the difference of this bow? Then again, this bow was called Godkiller. And its arrows? She had not really had a chance to look at the thing. And then as soon as they were all together once more, with some she had never seen, they were to be split again. The last time they were split, it had not gone well. And she was not even sure who 'it' was that she was to attack once this grand scheme.

    Nissa just looked at the others, as they talked with each other or embraced. She knew the importance of the mission, and she understand that the old mother had selected her for this to help save blessed Selenia. But still, after wandering around for so long by herself...

    Nissa just sighed softly but waited to see what was next.

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    The massive black dragon outside the ruined amphitheater continued his destruction paused, snout rising into the air, mouth pulled back in what could only generously be called a smile as teeth the size of houses were revealed. The sense, the feeling of an implosion of air filled the rubble choked streets of the former elven city and when it finished the dragon was gone. In its place was a giant of a man, ears slightly pointed, covered from the neck down in undulating and glistening black armor, the armor made of overlapping scales of some sort. In his hand, the blade of which was resting on one shoulder, was an ugly looking sword as long as his almost three meters of height.

    He snorted, sniffing the air again as a half circle of ovals appeared before him, several being stepping through. To those in the ruins they each would recognize one of the beings, having each faced that one not too long ago. One, a male in a grey suit, took a lounging perch on one of the larger pieces of rubble. After sipping from the glass in his hand, he let his gaze look up and down the figure of the warrior. “Shaurash-ho…dear cousin…really?” His arms swept out, one hand careful not to spill his drink, “All this bashing about and you still have not found the Champions?”

    The figure of the warrior flickered, shifted and something else stood in his place for a moment.


    In a growling tone, around the mouthful of razor sharp teeth, “Zoth-Ommog…some of us…” his voice becoming a deep baritone as the figure shimmered and the massive warrior’s form returned, “...some of us did not have the benefit of having the hated grands blow us out of combat.” he finally got out.

    There were a variety of laughs and chuckles from the others at his response. Nug’s hand moved like a swooping falcon, snatching his blue gem from the air as he looked up, into the eyes of the giant almost meter taller than he, “Shaurash-ho, we have received word…the Champions are moving, it is time for us all to take our places, to prepare for their attempt to injure our Father.”

    “As long as I get to kill the damned dragon I will be happy enough.” The warrior said, nodding then, before walking up to and joining the others. There was a short, quiet conference and then several snap hisses of sound before the clearing was empty once again, the Captains of the Destructor gone.

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    Spine of Selenia

    As Rian walked toward Ineghis and Zinnia a darkness began to flare out around him, making all the others who were in the space disappear from sight. Soon it was only he, a light having formed in his palm to light the darkness, Ineghis, and Zinnia to be seen. When he reached the two, sitting next to each other, the light leapt to his right shoulder, his hands reaching out. Taking one of their hands each, he pulled them to their feet as though they were the weight of human infants. The moment they came to their feet fully the darkness dropped, light, smell, and sound reaching their awarenesses all at once.

    In the instant that it did Zinnia would immediately realize where they were. In point of fact, they were standing on a mountain trail, just next to a circular building of sorts beside the trail where the door had just been pulled open to reveal a pair of Einherjar who burst through before they skidded to a stop, dropping to one knee and bowing their heads. “L’rd Deth…we dinna ken ut wuz you.”

    Rian snorted, “Stand, my warriors. I have brought the golden queen to have an opportunity to see her children before the final campaign begins.”

    The two warriors stood, nodding respectfully to the two apparent women and Rian before returning to the guardhouse. Rian looked over at Zinnia, “Your children will know you by scent and feel, regardless the form so I leave it up to you whether you wish to remain in the shape of a dwarf or your natural form, although I would enjoy the walk.”

    Ineghis coughed, a light blush touching her cheek. “Forgiveness, Lord Death, but I do know how protective dragons are of their homes. I would not intrude on Zinnia’s home without her permission.”

    Chuckling, amused at the stiffness, the propriety, Rian looked back over to Zinnia, “Well, golden one, is your magical assistant allowed to meet your children or would you rather she not?”

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    Continent of Klemea

    Hermóðr glanced at the warrior god beside him with a small smile. This one, in his opinion, was not the same as many of the warrior gods that existed, he seemed intelligent and strategic in his outlook. Which, the messenger god nodded deeply to Rian and Arienn, deeply and respectfully.

    An almost joyous smile crossed his face as one arm reached over, laying over the warrior god’s forearm. Delight glittered in his deepset eyes. “Zwift ve travel.” he murmured. If anything…that was an understatement. One moment they were standing within the ruin of the elven city the next they were airborne, the wind shrieking around them as they passed over the waters of the middle sea. The distant continent came into focus in moments, growing closer, weeks of travel by boat was done in a matter of seconds. The messenger god faded from view as they descended towards the main square of Dhag Boram, the capital of the dwarven Awhurg Union.

    With Hermóðr’s encouragement Xenos gave an impassioned speech, inciting the crowds, emphasizing that there was a dwarven champion who he stood with. When the people were on his side, the messenger god, dozens of minor messenger deities crowding the sky above him appeared, telling the crowds that his brethren would assist their flight north toward the narrow channel between this continent and Uthium.

    The scene was repeated in the human Principalities of Gaumia and Abe, the passage between the capitals of the three nations even faster than it had been between the ruined city and Dhag Boram. By the time the messenger god brought Xenos down at the gates of Edocaster, the capital of the mage nation of Preilia, less than a day had passed but even Hermóðr was weary.

    The massive gates opened silently, a small crowd of cloaked figures paced through it, coming to a halt before the two gods. The lead one pulled back its cowl revealing the unmistakable countenance of a female drow. “Lord Hermóðr, Lord Xenos, the scryers told of your imminent arrival. We are aware of the forces heading here and I as well as the heads of the other orders, save for Ineghis’s order which is already pledged to your cause, have prepared our orders for the journey.” She gestured through the gates, “Please, we would be honored if you will join us for a meal while we wait.”

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    The Howling Isle

    ’Come, child, let us travel’ reached Nissa’s mind as Arienn smiled at her. Their eyes met and there was no sense of travel, but similarly to how one moment Rian, Zinnia, and Ineghis were in the ruins and then half a world away so too were Arienn and Nissa away from the ruins and in the rolling hills of an island whose winds shrieked over the dales. “We are at the Howling Isle. Here I will give you instruction on what Isha can do to assist you, her soul that is, as well as what that bow can do.”

    Kneeling, her hand pressed to the ground below. A quiet murmur, in a language only one other being knew the words to yet to one touched by a gods elusively familiar, Arienn spoke, eyes glowing. There was a rumble from the island before she smiled, patting the grass and soil. When she rose, so too did the land around them, the island reshaping to create a large cavern that stretched almost from one end of the isle to the other, with the two of them at the midpoint.

    Light flickered through the vaults of the long cavern, veins of crystal that dotted the entire space, pulsing in slow, long pulses, as though the heartbeat of a vast being. Arienn’s smile remained. “I know you are proficient with a bow but this…is different.” Her hand waved at where it was slung. Her hand waved again, at the quiver. “If you were not worthy you would not be able to lift even one of the arrows, let alone the quiverful or the bow itself.”

    “But…perhaps we should begin with what the soul of the goddess of light and life can assist you with.” Her tone was slightly mysterious before a light and airy laugh escaped her. “Apologies, being mysterious is sometimes too hard to pass up. But discuss her assistance we must.”

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    Hephaestus had sat, an almost amused expression on his face as he watched the others depart and the dwarf continued to drink. Part of his amusement was because he knew what the messenger god had done and that the flagon the dwarf drank from would not empty anytime soon. Not unless he himself touched it, as Hermóðr had told him he’d changed the enchantment on the flagon so it would. First to depart, which was an interesting sight in his eyes, was his grandfather, the wizard, and the shapechanged dragon. Then the messenger god did so with a grin at him, the warrior Xenos with him. His grandmother and the fairy had then left, which left only the two of them and the parents of Xenos, with their charge.

    Sighing, the creaking sound he made as he stood almost the sound of continents grinding together, Hephaestus stood. For such a massive being he made no sound as he crossed the space from his seat to the dwarf. “Take the last swallows, Ranger, it is time.” he rumbled as one finger touched the flagon, the ale inside draining down.

    Letting the dwarf set the flagon in his pack Hephaestus took his arm, “You know the way of your people as I taught them. However, we do not have centuries to tunnel under the seas so we must take another way.” His deepset eyes met Mieli’s, a grin crossed his face, and then they sank into the rock of the ground itself. Descending, Mieli’s eyes would see and he would feel himself being shifted between the most miniscule of spaces between the rocks, until they reached a cavern or massive space that stretched away out of sight. Out of sight was quite the distance, given that the center of the tube, leaving only a narrow strip on either side, was a racing mass of magma.

    Hephaestus had walked over to the flowing magna and had simply reached into it. He spoke a pair of words before he pulled his arm free, uninjured, not even reddened from the heat. A short time later he smiled as a boat raced into sight before pulling beside where they stood. Climbing aboard, he reached over, picking the dwarf up by his pack, and placed him in the boat itself. “You may want to start drinking again.” he suggested, “My uncle let me borrow his ferryman for this trip. But, contrary to myths Charon is talkative and might be informative, if you give him a chance.” He went on, chuckling, then leaning against the side of the boat as it reentered the stream of magma and began to race along it, headed toward the island nation where their foe had made his base. Seconds later he was apparently snoring.

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    They were the last three left in the ruins. Outside the amphitheater it was as quiet now as it was inside, the silence only occasionally broken by the distant crash of some loose piece of debris. The sense of death and destruction hung in the air, something that had little effect on at least two of the three gods that remained. But…they were a part of this, Aboleth had been accepted by Life and Death or perhaps chosen by them when they usurped the deal that Huitzilopochtli had tried to make.

    When they departed, the instant they departed the amphitheater, it collapsed behind them as though years of neglect suddenly caught up to it, the bubble of protection Rian and Arienn had created vanishing as soon as the last of them stepped outside of it. Not too far from where they stood was the sounds of the bay’s waters pounding against what remained of the docks of the ruined elven city.

    That sound began to change, a musical note growing in the air, the tidal sounds becoming muted. Drawn to the sound, recognizing something divine in it, the three of them reached the docks in a few minutes.

    Lounging against, or more accurately the top half of the being leaned over the edge of the dock, the remaining half was still in the waters below, was a roughly humanoid figure. A sharply toothy smile lit up when the being saw Aboleth, “Too long have you been gone from the waters, the creatures of the deeps have missed your tales and company.”

    As she spoke, she rose from the water. In the process a change washed over her, her features running as though water until, from the surface of the water up, a beautiful, pale woman stood. Below the water was another story though, the briny dark waters hiding what moved below their surface.


    “But…the grands asked that I assist to make your passage more swift.” Her fey looking eyes suddenly glinted in mischief. “Why you…why I…they know us both yet…” she shook her head, “I’m sure we can discover more as we do as they request.”

    With that, she held out her hand as though inviting all three to join her in the water.

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    IC Zinnia, Rian and Ineghis - thank you for GM @darthbernael for this epic joint!
    Spine of Selenia

    As Rian walked toward Ineghis and Zinnia a darkness began to flare out around him, making all the others who were in the space disappear from sight. Soon it was only he, a light having formed in his palm to light the darkness, Ineghis, and Zinnia to be seen. When he reached the two, sitting next to each other, the light leapt to his right shoulder, his hands reaching out. Taking one of their hands each, he pulled them to their feet as though they were the weight of human infants. The moment they came to their feet fully the darkness dropped, light, smell, and sound reaching their awareness's all at once.

    In the instant that it did Zinnia would immediately realize where they were. In point of fact, they were standing on a mountain trail, just next to a circular building of sorts beside the trail where the door had just been pulled open to reveal a pair of Einherjar who burst through before they skidded to a stop, dropping to one knee and bowing their heads. “L’rd Deth…we dinna ken ut wuz you.”

    Rian snorted, “Stand, my warriors. I have brought the golden queen to have an opportunity to see her children before the final campaign begins.”

    The two warriors stood, nodding respectfully to the two apparent women and Rian before returning to the guardhouse. Rian looked over at Zinnia, “Your children will know you by scent and feel, regardless the form so I leave it up to you whether you wish to remain in the shape of a dwarf or your natural form, although I would enjoy the walk.”

    Ineghis coughed, a light blush touching her cheek. “Forgiveness, Lord Death, but I do know how protective dragons are of their homes. I would not intrude on Zinnia’s home without her permission.”

    Chuckling, amused at the stiffness, the propriety, Rian looked back over to Zinnia, “Well, golden one, is your magical assistant allowed to meet your children or would you rather she not?”

    Zinnia knew where she was, she had missed her offspring so very desperately but hidden it well. When offered the opportunity to return to her form, she did not think twice and without a word closed her gold eyes and transformed herself in a swirl of gold and sparkle. In moments she was a magnificent dragon again, stretching her wings out. His next question didn't phase her either. "Of course, if I am to trust I must first trust myself. Please, Ineghis, join me and meet my children, the future we are fighting for."

    Smiling, Ineghis reached up to lay a hand on Zinnia's long, broad neck. "Thank you, Zinnia. I hope to remain worthy of your trust. And the secret of your children and the survival of the dragons will remain with me." She paced alongside Zinnia and Rian as they approached the waterfall and the cavern beyond.

    The Einherjar nearer the cavern had been warned by their compatriots that the trio was approaching. A row of them were waiting as Rian led the other two up the path, dropping to one knee, heads bowed. "Lady Drag'n, ur kidz r vell. Ved en hap'y. Mizz zer moeder but ken dat ye muzt away te protect all." the senior warrior said, lifting his head to meet Zinnia's eye.

    Zinnia lowered her head in respect to the man, "I and my offspring thank you." She said graciously before turning to Ineghis, "trust is a two-way street my friend, you have shown me such already, and to work as a team, it is essential for us to trust each other." She began to walk, large lumbering steps into the darkened cave.

    Rian was the last to enter the cave behind the falls, staying behind to have a couple words with the warriors guarding Zinnia's home. Ineghis followed as closely as she could to the large golden dragon. She was also slightly nervous about meeting the young dragons, whether they'd be fierce or kind.

    Inside the cave there was sounds of rough housing and play, little bursts of flame and growls. "Sounds like your children are learning fight play, Zinnia." the wizard said, in what she hoped was a calm tone.

    "They're siblings, no doubt they are establishing their own boundaries." The large gold dragon said with warmth. In a moment the three babies saw their mother, and with whoops of joy and roars of happiness, they bounded toward her. Zinnia was happy, they'd grown, they were healthy and she was so very pleased to see them all as she hung her head low allowing the children to hug and lick her face.

    Ineghis smiled, seeing the young dragons as they greeted their mother. As an elf she'd lived for millennia and remembered the eons past when dragons of all hues had flown the skies of Selenia. She approached slowly, letting the young sense her and decide how they would react to her presence. She was slightly stiff, tense, still worried if the young dragons would be less than pleased to see her.

    Behind them, Rian had finally joined them. He was inside the cave, leaning against the wall, observing everything and waiting for the initial moments of reunion to be done before they could speak further.

    Speaking in her native tongue, Zinnia told her children of her journey briefly, told them of those she'd encountered, both good and bad and then went on to introduce her guest. Telling the brood to be gentle and friendly as this elf was a friend.

    Ineghis edged towards the young dragons. She'd caught several of the words that Zinnia had used, had picked up words of the dragon's tongue in the past but didn't know all she'd said. "Hello, my name is Ineghis. Your mother is very brave, strong." she said calmly.

    The two boys and one girl dragon babies began to babble in their native language, allowing their mother to translate.

    "They understand you, but do not yet speak the words of man and woman." Zinnia listened, "they are pleased to meet an Elf, my daughter says you are beautiful, oh, as does my eldest son." She laughed deeply, "the middle boy thinks the eldest has a crush on you already, Maya is telling them to stop embarrassing her. I apologise, Maya is my girl, Kelva is my eldest and Azron is my younger son."

    Ineghis smiled softly, "It is my pleasure to meet you all, Maya, Kelva, and Azron." She glanced at Zinnia, "If Kelva does feel that way then I better survive the battle or he'd be unhappy." she said, the smile broadening. "And, thank you, Maya. You are a beautiful young dragon as well." she said, turning back to the children.

    Rian pushed off of the wall, walking quietly to the group, on the opposite side of Zinnia's head from Ineghis. "Golden Lady, your children are growing well and quickly." he said, the words coming from him in both the human tongue and the draconic.

    "I want them to have a future and I pray to the gods that somewhere, there will be partners or mates for them. If these are the last, it will be a very sad thing indeed." Zinnia placed a wing over her jumping and wiggling offspring.

    Rian sighed, the sound coming from one of the Creators was not entirely promising, but then he took a breath, "That is what you and the others are fighting for, Zinnia. So your children and all the children of this world can grow and have a future."

    Ineghis nodded, patting Zinnia's neck, "I've seen you in action Zinnia, we will make sure your children have that future." she said, then chuckled as she felt what had to be Kelva's snout bump her back.

    The not so small baby dragons had accepted their visitor, due to the fact their mother had approved the woman. Zinnia watched as Kelva nudged Ineghis, "he likes you, and wants to play." She said evenly as she turned to Rian. "I do worry to what world I am bringing them too, as if all dragons are gone, they will be doomed." Her voice saddened.

    Ineghis smiled at the mention of play. She saw Zinnia turn to talk to Rian and decided it was best to take the children further away so they wouldn't hear what she was sure would be their mother's pain. As she walked, she began juggling balls of light, letting them touch the snouts of Kelva and the other two before they bounced back to her hands.

    Rian's eyes hooded, a touch of sadness in them. "This world has not been kind to your people, Zinnia. If we succeed then I and Arienn will try to bring some of your people from other worlds where they still live, if they are willing, so you and your children are not alone." He realized how that could be taken, raising a hand to forestall her from speaking yet, "No, I am not trying to bribe you to continue to fight, merely offering you a chance, should we win the day."

    She watched as Ineghis entertained her children, nodding sagely at Rian's words. "I believe a decision like that needs to be made when and if this war is won." She turned back, "know this, if I believe we will not win and that Selenia will fall. I will abandon the battle and spend my last hours with my children. I will not leave them to face death alone."

    Rian nodded, in acknowledgement, "No one would ask that you abandon the final moments, if they come, with your children, Zinnia." He sighed, "I have seen far too many of my children fall, over the eons."

    "I thank you for your understanding great one." She bowed her head before returning to watching the younglings play happily, their knowledge of what was to come completely non existent.

    Following her gaze, the sense of darkness around Rian dissipated to a degree. "The things we do for our children, things they often do not understand or appreciate, at least until they reach maturity." he murmured. "Even the Destructor was not as he is now, in his youth."

    "That would be a weakness to exploit, to remind the dark one of the joys of childhood, the dreams, the plans, the love of a parent." Zinnia sounded almost wistful. "If I could, I would."

    Glancing at the dragon, meeting the saucer sized eye beside him, Rian's lips quivered in a smile. "Of all the Champions, you are the one who could. Remember, you are the bearer of Andrissa's power."

    Turning to face him, her golden eyes sparkling, "but would such a creature hell bent on destruction even listen to one as myself?"

    "There are exactly two beings in all of existence who cannot be touched by your power, Zinnia." Rian replied calmly. "The power that Andrissa granted you, to be able to change, to adjust, or to outright alter fate." His eyes glittered, a soft smile on his face. "And you are speaking to one of those two beings right now."

    Her gold eyes narrowed, "who is the other?" She asked honestly.

    "It should be obvious, dear lady dragon. If I am one then the other must be my dearest mate." he replied. "Ahhh...." one finger touched his lips for a moment, "you feared I meant the Destructor."

    Lifting her large head to watch her children again, Zinnia nodded. "I did." She confessed, "so.....the odds are in our favour by your assessments?"

    Following her gaze, Rian reached up, to scratch along the line of her jaw. "You deserve honesty, Zinnia. Right now, the Champions and the Destructor and his forces are near equal. The outcome could hinge on decisions made in coming days, by you, by the others, by your foes." he admitted.

    Another nod, "I understand." She said quietly.

    His hand still scratching her scales, "I want my daughter, this gem of a world to survive, and I do hope you and the others can do so. Your abilities and theirs may be the deciding factor, the Captains..." he paused, thinking, "they often are at odds with each other as much as against you. Which may be a breaking point you could use your twist of fate on."

    She still did not understand how her 'gift' could be used, or how she'd be able to change anything at all. Zinnia nodded, "I understand." She repeated, but this time she did not.

    Shaking his head, Rian could hear the doubt in her voice. "Tell me, Zinnia, have you tried to use the gifts Andrissa gave you?"

    "I would not know how, even if I tried. How does one use the gift of a goddess when one doesn't know exactly what that gift is?" She asked.

    "It is a unique gift." Rian admitted. He pursed his lips, thinking for a moment. Glancing over at Ineghis, the color seemed to drain from his form, almost becoming that humanoid black shape as he studied the wizard. The shape's head turned back to Zinnia, "Look at Ineghis, focus upon her, tell me what you see when you look past the physical."

    She stared at the Elf, not seeing it at first but then, a black almost vine like thread, tendrils curling around the woman defying the obvious joy she currently found. "There is a black vine, it encircles her." She turned back to him, "is it the dark one?"

    Rian sighed, "Of a sort. What you are seeing is her fate closing around her." he said in a tone only Zinnia could hear. "She...she isn't meant to survive the coming struggle." he went on. Looking over at the dragon, " could change that."

    This news horrified her, Zinnia knew nothing of this power of hers. "How?" She hissed, "I know not, otherwise I'd fix it now!"

    "Concentrate on the darkness. Will it to unravel, to dissipate from around her." Rian suggested, eyes focused on Ineghis and the vine of darkness still tightening on her.

    Zinnia's large gold eyes swung back, focusing on the dark vine as it curled and twisted. Her mind demanding it be gone, insisting it had no place there.

    "Yes...." Rian whispered, watching as the vine trembled. It fought against Zinnia's power, against her ability to change fate. For a moment that was all that happened before it began to loosen, to release its grasp on the elf. "Almost there, Zinnia." he murmured, "You are changing her fate, and if you succeed, she will survive what is to come."

    She intensified her focus, "Go." She growled, "leave her be."

    Rian sighed again, touching Zinnia's side. The vine gave one last, desperate shudder as it tried to fight and then it whipped away, vanishing. "You did it, golden one." He said softly. His eyes narrowed for a moment and then he chuckled. "And more...look at her essence, does it seem slightly draconic now, to you?"

    The effort had been difficult and Zinnia slumped her head duly so. "I do not." Her voice almost silent, "may I rest with my children for a while." She asked.

    Rian nodded, "Rest, Queen of the resurrected dragons." he knew the comment was mysterious but she'd done even more than simply save Ineghis, something that he'd have to ponder, to wonder what the result would be.

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    IC: Mieli

    Mieli was enjoying this neverending flagon but was aware that the drinking will have to stop for now. He was still confused about Zinnia's behavior. Did he do something wrong? Or maybe he smelled bad? Mieli restrained the urge to sniff his armpits. Though who could blame him? He got recruited just as he was finishing a tough fight.

    Women... who can tell exactly what is on their minds?

    He followed Hephaestus with a grunt "I thought Branka was the one who taught them?" he asked confused "Also, I can dig pretty fast, we'll get there in a couple of years or so..." he grinned "That is if we stumble upon some of the abandoned corridors."

    The journey down has left him dizzy as his mind had been dulled by the alcohol "Remind me not to drink before we do that again." the dwarf grunted as he steadied himself. He winced as Hephaestus dipped his hand into the magma and almost turned his head away from the sight, but was astonished to find it unharmed. "That is nifty..." he sniffed and wiped his mouth.

    "Does he drink?" he asked hopefully.

    Cracking an eye open from his supposed slumber, Hephaestus let a small smile cross his face. “Charon?” he asked before glancing back at the ferryman. A snort escaped him, “Normally no but he can drink most beings under the table. If you get a chance, if you ever meet him, ask Hades how that drinking battle went for him.”

    He shifted in his seat, sitting up more. “Oh and yes, Branka taught your people much but who do you think taught him the ways of the forge and the music of rock?” He sighed, looking at the river of magma as they traveled down it.

    A thought occurred as he felt how far they’d already traveled and how much further they needed to go. “Tell me, Ranger, why do you think your people and the dragons hate each other?”

    "I bet he can't outdrink a dwarf." Mieli smirked "I guess I should put him to a test then!" he chuckled at his own cleverness. He turned silent at what Hephaestus said about Branka. It made sense. Branka was a Paragon, so he must have learned all that from somewhere, but dwarven pride would not allow for such a notion. Best not mention it to the elders or he might end up in the Book of Grudges.

    The next question caught him off-guard. "I suppose it is because the dragons are a greedy bunch who want to come and claim all our hard earned riches." he shrugged. The truth was that he had never considered the question things were just like that way. It was natural for a dwarf and a dragon to hate each other...

    Hephaestus snorted at the response. "I am sure that dragons would probably say that the dwarves are stinking under surface dwellers who tend to steal the hoards that they amass." Sighing with a shake of his head, "To be honest those who your kind and their worship encouraged that, as they often do. Division among races is often a mirror of the gods own divisions." he admitted. "You're on the path to divinity it seems so you need to learn these things."

    Behind them, Charon's cowl had risen as the head beneath had lifted. An almost eerie, hollow voice came from beneath the cowl. "Alcohol?" it asked before a similarly hollow sounding chuckle followed.

    "Well it doesn't matter what they say, the fact is we have always been underground." Mieli crossed his arms in front of his chest. He was not sure what he meant about the division between the races. Then his eyes widened at the mention of his own path to divinity. "What did you say!?" he asked incredulously. He was so shocked by this sudden revelation that he did not register Charon's question about alcohol.

    Shifting in his seat, Hephaestus glanced over at the dwarf. "I see Branka did not tell you." He sighed, letting a hand drape over the side of the boat, fingers trailing through the magma of the river. "Did you think that being chosen was just a whim of the gods? Or do you have that faith that the gods would not choose poorly." His hand cupped, lifting a handful of molten rock from the river. "Look at this, fluid and viscous. Yet, when it cools it becomes the building blocks of the world, creates new lands. It is the same with the Chosen. You cannot remain the same, a dwarf who carries the same prejudices of the world that were instilled in your people. None of the Champions can, not if you hope to win."

    Mieli crooked and eyebrow "Tell me what?" he tilted his head "I haven't spoken to him ever." he snorted "Must have been drunk at the time." he gave a toothy grin. It faded quickly and he gave an involuntary wince when Hephaestus scooped some magma with his bare hand. "And why have I been chosen?" he asked trying to mask his annoyance. If people stopped being cryptic for a moment it would have been great!

    Shifting his hand, Hephaestus let the magma drip through his fingers, back into the river. "Typical, that you were not even told." He sighed, shifting his mass, the boat rocking slightly as he did so. His eyes met those of the dwarf. "There is upheaval in the realm of the gods. You have met Life and Death, the Progenitors. The current King of the gods has forbidden any mention of them, which isn't entirely relevant but shows the troubles there. He appears to have started what he called a game, which I think was a deal he made with the Destructor, to kill the gods and destroy Selenia. It's often hard to be sure, having been all but exiled to my Forge."

    Shifting in the seat again, "The gods chose champions, you among them, from the mortal races. But what neither the current godly ruler or your patrons could know was that when they did so a portion of their divinity was imbued in you lot. Some of the godly patrons still live but others have passed, during the 'game'. And those have passed the full measure of their power to their Champion. You, like several of the others, have that initial measure of power, which has you on that path to divinity. But, unless you win this battle, it will not matter."

    Mieli was a simple ranger and all that information caused a major headache. He gingerly reached for the flask and opened it, his wrist slightly shaking as he took a swig. "I see." was all he managed to say. "So what comes next?" he asked uncharacteristically cautiously "I mean on my path?"

    Hephaestus grinned, "That all depends on how the battle with the Destructor pans out." he quipped. Rubbing a token on the chest of his armor, the sinuous symbol of Life and Death, he sighed, "We all have choices, you can accept what is to come, after. Or you could return to your life, give up the power you may otherwise embrace. But it will be your choice."

    Behind them the dirgy voice of Charon came, "Doom...doom...doom...doom..." before the sound of the ferrryman swallowing, obviously drinking as well, and the dirgelike chorus repeated.

    Mieli grinned at the mention of the coming battle. Now, that was more to his liking! "Oh, I am not backing from a good fight." he chuckled and took a swig and looked back at Charon "I have something better, will improve your mood greatly!"

    Hephaestus chuckled as Mieli seemed to adjust to what he'd been told. He peered ahead, seeing through the miasma of fumes, before nodding, their destination was not much further along this liquid rock river.

    Charon let out a low, rumbling chuckle. Holding out his flask with one bony hand his voice came from deep within the hood he wore, "A trade, godling. I will try yours if you try mine. From the privae stock of Dionysus himself."

    "Now you are talking!" Mieli half-turned towards Charon "I hope your drink does not make me say doom, doom, doom?" he grinned and handed over his flask to the hooded figure.

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    The Sea and the Sea-Witch

    They were the last to leave, but Samhain didn't take the opportunity to share anymore with the others.

    Xenos, he would speak to, but otherwise he and Ma'at and Aboleth had their mission, and their enemy commanders to beat. The Dark Masters; Dukes of Misery; Hazardous Foes. Whatever puerile title they gave to themselves.

    He shrugged, comfortable in his Black-Coat for the first time in a long while.

    He was no longer lying.

    Indeed, Aboleth seemed positively eager to meet the ocean and swim again, to become the water-borne deity that she had leant into all these years.

    Samhain took off his black glove and squeezed Ma'at's hand before moving towards the waters' edge.

    And then... the woman who aptly called others the grands.

    Samhain beetled his brow beneath his cloaked visage, and Aboleth ran to embrace the woman, as human-form as possible, with grey eyes and blonde hair -


    E’Mathalas had been beautiful - and its breathtaking beauty would forever live in her memory. But like all things, nothing was forever. The bright side was, that certain things could be remade.

    Indeed, Ma’at would remember.

    Soon after their departure, they found themselves by the bay. There was music in the air, seemingly ethereal in nature. They were drawn to it. To the docks.

    There was a being there, waiting for them. Her lower half was submerged, while her upper half remained in plain view. She seemed a human woman, at least in part- but her aura bespoke of so much more.

    Ma’at side glanced her husband before returning her attention to the pale skinned being, whom she did not recognize, which was quite a surprise, given her erudition.

    She did have the presence of mind to nod in greeting- seeing how the being addressed Abeloth on sight. Within herself, Ma’at was awash with an unspoken joy at feeling her husband’s gloveless hand. He had removed a barrier.

    Both Aboleth and the Sea Woman took on more defined human forms and embraced. A curious, but heart-warming sight just the same.

    Ma’at spoke a spell of protection about herself and her husband, Samhain. She was old enough to recognize mischief in its myriad forms, both subtle and overt whenever she saw it. They all had a mission to carry out, no matter what obstacles they faced.

    “Into the water we go, my husband.” She intoned with a kind smile, though her eyes were set with measurable caution.

    Thetis began to submerge herself, her form almost turning translucent as she did so. She smiled at the way that Ma’at and Samhain protected themselves, even as she and Aboleth, still in the embrace, sank beneath the waves. Her own energy reached out, taking the bubble around the other pair, drawing them with the pair of goddesses.

    He sea blue eyes glanced at the older couple, “Hold tight, this is not a short journey but faster than it would be by ship.” A watery chuckle escaped her, seeming to breathe normally even underwater. She seemed to gather herself in the water, before a haze of bubbles formed around them, streaming away behind them as she set them in motion, speeding through the waters of the bay and out into the darker waters of the ocean.

    Her voice seemed to carry as normal as well, “Be prepared though, not all creatures here have stayed faithful. The krakens war amongst themselves, the cephalopods are split between the grands and the destructor as well, the dolphins and orca though are all on our side.”

    She led them into the deep and, if anything, their passage sped up. In the distance the sounds of titanic struggle began to filter through the water. “Oh no…the krakens…they’ve taken their battle to right where we need to pass.”

    Samhain felt Ma'at's relief and gave her hand another squeeze, but then separated so as to divide them as targets. He'd rather be the target of an attack than cause Ma'at to be struck. But the moment passed, and the energy was passive, merely protective.

    Aboleth for her part became even more aquiline, not needing even a bubble. She was part of the seas, no matter her form and shape, and gills spring up along her arms and neck. Her hair became unfurled, flowing in the water-light.

    But then the Krakens were before them, brawling, tussling. Aboleth grew angular in her features, and hissed, bubbles rising up.

    Samhain re-gloved a scarred hand and regarded the fight. "Do we intercede to end the fight, or end them?" His tone was light.

    Swiftly weaving her fingers and chanting almost musically, Ma’at cast a spell of ‘imperceptibility’ around them, which should negate any form of detection. Her original intention was to move past undisturbed and leave the Krakens to their war, however, it did not sit well with her to abandon anyone who would ally themselves with the Great Ones.

    “Thetis, Aboleth, how can you distinguish the ones on our side from those allied to the Destructor?”

    Ma’at understood that to truly save Selenia, they would need allies in the air, land and sea.

    Thetis studied the ongoing battle between the titans. There was very little to discriminate between the two sides. "It is not easy." she admitted, "All I can see, and it is taking a small fraction of my own power to do so, is that if you can see the ones who are allied with the Destructor, their eyes often gleam with a red color." She sighed, shaking her head, a small headache having formed from focusing so hard. "I am not sure, save for Aboleth, either of you can see, unless close to them, that small telltale."

    Ma'at took in the information given and considered it fully, her mind working all the while. Fights between factions were common and nothing new, but this felt different. Despite having her mind made up, Ma'at glanced at the others before speaking.

    "I wish to assist those who would be our allies, but what say you? What are your thoughts?"

    Within herself, Ma'at understood how critical it was that they act in concert- doing so was key to the very survival of Selenia.

    Aboleth simply grinned, all teeth. "I just don't discriminate."

    Samhain facepalmed. "Seriously."

    "I listen to my predator instincts."

    "Well for those of us who aren't more reptile than mammal..."

    "Follow me?" She dove forward -

    Thetis giggled, "Typical Abby." As she spoke her form shifed slightly, skin seeming to toughen and her teeth becoming as sharp as Aboleth's teeth. Claws appeared on the ends of her fingers, before she nodded to the pair still in their bubble of protection. "Do not forget, look for the red glint in their eyes, if they don't have it, don't kill them." she said before she rocketed off after Aboleth.

    Aboleth surged, and as she leered over a Kraken, waited for it to turn towards her before she saw the red in its eyes and then she struck it with her tentacles, curling around limbs and yanking apart -

    Samhain knew a good defense of Ma'at would be a good offence, and moved forward, closing upon a Kraken swifter than even Aboleth, lifting a hand, and then, failing to see the red in the eyes, swung the palm down to leapfrog over, pulling in his knees as he went towards the next one, looked for the red -

    There -

    His feet shot out and through it's skull -

    Ma'at did not relish taking life, but all the encounters present and following would be decisive, for most being had made a final choice -one they would literally die for, including herself.

    Indeed, Ma'at followed, but did something slightly different. Once she was able to identify the Kraken with the red eyes, she moved towards the one it fought- and confirmed the blue glint in its eyes. The same spells of protection that protected Samhain were also upon her, so she acted in confidence when she assisted the blue-eyed Kraken, bolstering it strength, regenerating it as it fought- boosting its prowess. She'd grant it additional favor, however, she would let it deal with its wayward brethren as it saw fit.

    Upon success of the her first encounter, she would move on to the next.

    Thetis let Aboleth take the left flank of the battle as she surged to the right. Weaving between the titans that were making the seas pulse with every swing of their massive appendages, she sought out the ones that had the red eyes she'd mentioned. Her claws raked one as she passed, tearing it's throat out, before burrowing through the chest of another and out of its back.

    Passing out of the far side of the battle, she arced in the water, turning to see how the others were faring. Abby, as usual, was turning the sea cloudy with the chum of the ones she fought. Samhain, he was as violent but also was being careful with the kraken that were not enthralled. Ma'at...her approach was intiguing, her abilities less for combat and more for assistance or defense. She was bolstering the efforts of those kraken and her efforts were paying off. The battle had been more or less even before they arrived and with the assistance their arrival had given the tide was turning in their favor.

    Breathing in deeply, her gills fluttering, she opened her mouth, a wave of sound emitting from deep within her. She'd modulated the wave to not harm her companions and hoped that it would not affect the kraken they were assisting, but there was no guarantee. The sea itself churned as the wave of sound rolled over the underwater battlefield. The unexpected consequence was that all the affected kraken's eyes blazed red and a viciously dark thought rebounded from them. Little beings...not even the gods will save this world.

    With that, the ones enthralled began to battle with an insane frenzy, as though no longer caring whether they lived or died.

    Ma'at shifted to a support role, as she was want to, but Samhain was distracted from good-naturedly chiding her when Thetis handed the opposition a win; she turned them all red -

    Samhain was deep among them, as was Aboleth -

    He kicked away from his thrashing Kraken towards Ma'at, hands reaching for his ears -

    Aboleth dove down, for the sea was omnidirectional, but was a bevy of tentacles unable to discern between the voice and not -


    The Black-Coat released a pulse of energy, trying to clear space around himself, he was no way near to helping their adopted daughter -

    At the sound of the Destructor’s ‘voice’, Ma’at engulfed herself within a sphere of purifying Light! No taint of Darkness could influence her while she was thus imbued, for darkness fled in the presence of light. It was this principle which she counted on as the sphere grew around her, becoming larger and larger as she reached out, attempting to engulf everything around here.

    Her hope was to ablate the Destructors influence in the area. She recognized that it would rather sacrifice all things, rather than spare its very own- for such was the will of one and all Destructors.

    Ma’at hoped,If nothing else, that perhaps the blue eyed Krakens would be restored to their senses.

    Thetis ended her song with a shake of her head, what she'd attempted had not worked as she'd hoped and the kraken that had been fighting the others that had turned had been turned themselves. At the massive, rolling darkness that had come with the voice of their true foe, she'd shaken in the water, fighting the influence of that voice.

    Her form shifted as she arrowed back toward the fray, becoming more dolphin like. She twisted and turned, drawing the kraken into as tight a ball of fight as she could, as near to the sphere of light that Ma'at had created. The effects of that Light were affecting the kraken, she could see, hoping they also caused those kraken to keep the enthralled ones from harming Aboleth or Samhain.

    As they were freed, kraken moved out of the Light, their blue eyes shining with their freedom, turning and tentacles whipping around to pull enthralled ones into the sphere. The darkness that had come began to fade, the enthralled ones fighting even harder now that they too felt the effects of Ma'at's power. These left had willingly accepted the Destructor and now wanted nothing more than to escape the fight, causing them to attack anything around them, including their allies, in their attempts to remain as they were.

    Samhain turned away from Ma'at, seeing she had it in-hand, and kicked, heading down to Aboleth, who was unconscious.

    "Well that went well," he said ruefully, not quite able to imagine himself speaking drily when underwater.

    Ma’at continued to emanate Light and sustain it.

    Where great Darkness, Great Light.

    Such concordant principles were the very foundation of their existence; immutable. The only true variable in the equation was choice. Therefore, it saddened her to see the Kraken that had allied themselves with the Destructor- for they had made their choice.

    'So be it'

    A sense of relief came over her as she spied her husband darting through the water to secure their adopted daughter, who was for the moment unconscious and vulnerable. Certainly such an act would reverse a few of his disfiguring scars; still her love for him would remain undiminished. She knew him for who he truly was.

    Ma’at felt a tinge of guilt at not being able to act more expediently to secure Aboleth herself, yet she let the thought flow out of her and evanesce, so that only Light remained shinning forth.

    The battle against darkness was far from over and she would not relent in her efforts - for the sake of Selenia.

    The cleansing of the kraken the Light that Me'et was emitting, took time that delayed their travels longer than they'd want it to. However, these leviathans of the deep were creatures that could make or break the battle for Selenia in the oceans of their world. Soon enough though the last of the krakens that the Destructor had taken as his, save the very few that had been killed in the prosecution of their battle, had been redeemed by Ma'at's light.

    Thetis was quite drained as she drifted toward the family. Her eyes shone with a weary light as she leaned over Aboleth, singing softly, trying to heal and rejuvenate her sister, regardless of her own weariness. Looking up at Ma'at and Samhain as she sang, she nodded. The song finally ended and she slumped, "When Abby is awake...we'll continue..." she said softly.

    Samhain watched for a moment, and then went to check on Ma'at. "Hun, are you okay?"

    The fight left him disquiet. He whispered while Thetis clucked over Aboleth. "The entirety of Selenia is picking sides in this war. I worry for it. The Gods..." He hesitated. He didn't want to get into his fears about them puppetting everything.

    She watched him approach and smiled as he did so, noticing how effortlessly he moved through the aqueous environment. In truth, they all did. She just happened to enjoy watching him.

    The way he asked if she was alright, she recognized the tone of genuine concern. It made her smile the more.

    “I’m am.” Ma’at responded truthfully.

    She was feeling a bit fatigued from the battle against the Krakens and was certain that he was as well. For they had not only fought against the legendary creatures, their powers were also sustaining their son. But they were all committed to give everything in this war against the Destructor, so a bit fatigue was the least of their worries in the greater scheme of things.

    Turning her head just so, Ma’at glanced over to where Thetis nursed Aboleth and wondered if perhaps they were more than simply kin, perhaps Mother and Daughter - if not literally- then in all the ways that counted. It was impossible to miss. Tethis dotted on Aboleth the way she would over her own son. Ma’at also noticed that Thetis' seeing was soothing, even to herself, which helped to bolstered her, which helped in keeping the Light lit.

    “Let us see if we can assist. Sadly, we cannot afford to linger, not even in a placid moment such as this.”

    Ma’at moved fluidly, first giving her husband a quick peck on the cheek, then maneuvering herself to move next to Thetis. She closed her eyes as she engaged her aura vision, so that she could see all the more clearly, the world beyond and things unseen - but more specifically the nature of Aboleth’s condition. Ma’at lips moved, but no sound came, as she would not interfere with Thetis’ soothing song. Vibrant evergreen healing energy began to pour from her fingertips, before enveloping Aboleth, as she set herself to assist in her restoration.

    Aboleth's eyes fluttered open, and for a brief moment she was no different than a babe, innocent in her moment of wakefulness. How long had it been since she closed her eyelids and slept? Since she'd refused to, consuming the Force to keep her going without end and fail. Looking for betrayal, for knifes, for pain and fear and loneliness.

    The woman sat up, and placed a hand - a hand, not a tentacle - upon Thetis' own, smiling softly, no edge to her glittering teeth. "Thank you." Her eyes, pinpricks still but emotion shining through, turned to Samhain and Ma'at. "And to you, too."

    Samhain squeezed Ma'at's hand, overwhelmed by the feelings of it all.

    Thetis smiled down at Aboleth, "You're welcome dear sister..."

    For only a flash of a moment, as Aboleth turned away, as Ma'at and Samhain were lost in each other's eyes, Thetis seemed to grow larger, still green-blue-green, but with a more motherly expression as she watch Aboleth. The instant passed and, with a flash of needle teeth, she released the goddess, floating over toward the godly couple.

    "We're close but I am sure this battle was set up to slow us and drain us. There is enough time," she gestured into the distance, "to rest and regain our strength before we reach our destination."

    Samhain squatted down to Aboleth and helped her up, still holding Ma’at’s hand. “I think, Thetis, I’m speaking for us all that we want to get this over and done with. My family has suffered enough for this game.” He swallowed. “I’ve made them suffer.”

    “We are going to end this, and we’re going to live happily forever after.” He leaned in to kiss Ma’at, and ready themselves for what needed to be done.

    Ma’at lovingly squeezed her husband’s hand in return, even as she felt a surge swell inside of her, her light intensifying, lensed by the hope which he had spoken to them. For he, Samhain, was the head of their household: a husband, a father, and as such, his words carried authority, for better or worse.

    “We shall finish this- together.” She found herself saying now, a luminous loving grace emanating from her visage - a concordant opposite radiance from that of the destructor.

    When all things were in balance, life, death, hope , strife, strength, weakness, when all things served their intended purpose, as ordained from the beginning, only then could existence move forward. The destructor sought to end all things in his hubris - and that could not be allowed to come to pass - even if it cost them the ultimate sacrifice.

    Selenia MUST live

    “Yes. Let’s finish this.”

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    A combo between Nissa and Arienn ** Thank you!!

    The Howling Isle

    ’Come, child, let us travel’ reached Nissa’s mind as Arienn smiled at her. Their eyes met and there was no sense of travel, but similarly to how one moment Rian, Zinnia, and Ineghis were in the ruins and then half a world away so too were Arienn and Nissa away from the ruins and in the rolling hills of an island whose winds shrieked over the dales. “We are at the Howling Isle. Here I will give you instructions on what Isha can do to assist you, her soul that is, as well as what that bow can do.”

    Kneeling, her hand pressed to the ground below. A quiet murmur, in a language only one other being knew the words to yet to one touched by a god elusively familiar, Arienn spoke, eyes glowing. There was a rumble from the island before she smiled, patting the grass and soil. When she rose, so too did the land around them, the island reshaping to create a large cavern that stretched almost from one end of the isle to the other, with the two of them at the midpoint.

    Light flickered through the vaults of the long cavern, veins of crystal that dotted the entire space, pulsing in slow, long pulses, as though the heartbeat of a vast being. Arienn’s smile remained. “I know you are proficient with a bow but this…is different.” Her hand waved at where it was slung. Her hand waved again, at the quiver. “If you were not worthy you would not be able to lift even one of the arrows, let alone the quiverful or the bow itself.”

    “But…perhaps we should begin with what the soul of the goddess of light and life can assist you with.” Her tone was slightly mysterious before a light and airy laugh escaped her. “Apologies, being mysterious is sometimes too hard to pass up. But discuss her assistance we must.”

    Even though Nissa has been teleported several times already, it was still a bit jarring whenever it happened. But at least now, Nissa enjoyed where she was being sent. Rolling hills and winds called out to her as she looked around.

    Nissa slowly nodded as she watched Arieen as she knelt down. The ground rumbled and a cavern came into view. She stayed silent, following as they entered the caves. Arienn’s smile remained. “I know you are proficient with a bow but this…is different.” Her hand waved at where it was slung. Her hand waved again, at the quiver. “If you were not worthy you would not be able to lift even one of the arrows, let alone the quiverful or the bow itself.”

    Nissa nodded her head. She remembered being told that. And that she knew that the bow was sentient. But the arrows too? That could be interesting. "Well", Nissa began slowly, "I know that I needed assistance to even pick up the bow. I heard it speak. And I assume it will only allow itself to be used in a certain way. The cause and reasons must be right. But what else is different about the bow?" she asked, now curious.

    Arienn smiled softly at the question, “You haven’t noticed, have you?” she asked, gesturing at the young being. “It’s in your hand already, as though it desires to be tested.”

    Wha? Nissa thought as she suddenly felt the lightest of touches to her hand. Like Arien had just stated, the bow was indeed in her hand. Nissa had not felt a thing! It had the lightest of touch and was light and balanced. As Nissa marveled at the bow, gently handling is, she heard as Arieen continued to speak, as she conjured up a testing range. Her eyebrows went up as she noted the targets. Arieen's voice drifted over to her.

    “I can feel that it knows this is a time to learn and meld more with you. Part of that, I suspect, is that Isha was one of the gods responsible for it’s creation. It must feel her inside you, recognize her essence. And, it knows that such a god would not choose who to meld with it any sort of irresponsible way.”

    The bow was touched and created by the gods. No wonder it was so much more than simply intelligent. It was a scary thought also. So much responsibility. And purpose. Nissa and the others could not afford to fail. As Nissa looked up towards the targets.

    Nissa brought the bow up arm's length and felt the weight of the bow. Not taking her eyes off the targets, Nissa asked Arienn, "Do you even have to draw the bow? Or do you just touch the string?" she asked, as she began to wonder if the arrows were special as well.

    Turning back to face Nissa, Arienn smiled an almost matronly smile. Her eyes glittered, pleased that Nissa had such a quick mind. "Think of the target you wish to hit. But, more than that, think of what effect you wish to have the arrow release when it impacts. For example, if you wish it engulfed in the drowning waters of the deepest ocean then imagine the arrow doing that." She glanced back at the targets, "This practice area is safe enough so feel free to let your imagination run wild." Turning to face Nissa again, "When you wish to loose the arrow just think it and the bow will nock on its own and then fire the arrow where your mind directs it. So, if you will, dear one, try to fire four arrows, with differing effects."

    Nissa could not keep the look of surprise off of her face. These were more than simple arrows, to be sure. To also have any arrow have an effect all of its own was something Nissa had not thought of. As Arienn continued to explain how to use the bow, Nissa looked at the targets. Four targets... different effects? So all she had to do was concentrate and hold on to the bow, it would do the rest.

    This was going to be interesting!

    Nissa slowly nodded, as she turned and looked at the targets once more. 'Maybe I should start with the basic elements first." Nissa thought to herself as she looked at the target. She also wanted to see how fast the bow could move. Nissa had a plan..

    Bringing the bow up quickly, she started with the first target, and moved down the line. As she looked at each target, she imagined engulfing them:

    Fireball... tornado.... earthquake .... monsoon..

    She moved the bow from target to target, looking to see any reaction.

    Arienn had a slight smile on her face as she watched Nissa test the bow. The fairy was picking up all she was instructing her in quickly. In short order Nissa had the bow out and arrows lined up. Arienn could feel as Nissa decided how she would attack. As the arrows streaked towards the target Arienn turned to watch them. The first target burst into flames and then detonated, leaving only the stump of the post it had occupied. The second began to spin, pieces of it flying off before it was ripped to shreds in a burst of wind. The third shuddered before the ground opened up underneath it, slamming shut the moment the target disappeared under the surface. And last, she let out a low chuckle as it was inundated by water, a swirling column of water.

    Clapping her hands, delight on her face, she turned back to the fairy, "Well done. As you can see even simple thoughts as to how you wish the target to be affected are magnified by your connection to the bow. It senses your intent and applies that to the target. Admittedly these are semi-static targets but even area of effect intentions can add to what you desire."

    Nissa watched as the targets reacted as each arrow reached its target. It was hard not to be amazed at the power of the arrows. But even as she watched the reactions, she looked down at the bow, thinking to herself. She heard Arieen chuckle and clap her hands.

    Nissa nodded slowly. "I was wondering about that. The area of effect. I see you can narrow it down to a single target, but does the damage decrease when you widen the area?" she asked slowly. "Especially if you are aiming at a large but fast target...." Nissa went silent, as the memory of the creature she had met at the beginning of their adventures came to mind. Nissa's fingers ran across the bow. The woman did say let her imagination run wild...

    With a quick motion, she aimed at the area where the column of water had appeared. IF it was still going she would launch an arrow at it, but this time she thought one thought.... Stone. If it was gone, she would launch 2 arrows. One at the target that burst into flames, and think water..and then quickly followed with stone to see if there was any delay between the arrows. She then leaped, notched another arrow, and at the remains of another target, she thought... shrink. After that, she would look back over at Arienn. "So, do we know what we are going up against?"


    Nissa waited for the impending response.
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