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Fantasy CLOSED The Final Game: A Story of Selenia

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Samhain - GM approved

    Nyubis was right.

    He was right.

    With a deep, horrible sigh.

    He realised he had no choice.

    If he did not act now, then he would be guilty of the nepotism and abuse of power that he considered the Gods were, playing their endless games with the living, their relentless war for the sake of the balance...

    Perhaps he had thought he could weasel his way out of this; avoid having to do what in his heart of hearts of heart - if he even had a heart anymore - he knew he had to.

    The words of the dwarf reverberated around in his mind, and Samhain looked at him. "I didn't want this," Samhain said, loudly, above the sound of the waves and wind. "Any of it, and I am sorry it did. This is not my story, it is yours - the Champions of Selenia."

    He contracted his fist, and bolts of murderous energy began to rain down towards Nyubis.

    The red blasts could not kill instantly if they impacted; they merely wounded, and battered, and so it was by degrees that the reborn God of Death would be killed if struck; hammered into oblivion. It would actually take some time to kill anyone with this technique, but it was debilitating. The bolts would arc past Samhain, narrowly avoiding him and providing minimal gap, for Samhain was slender even when cloaked.

    He simply accepted he would be covered in scars and bloody wounds, embracing the physical pain if it was to come -

    For it would not transcend the emotional when his son too suffered, and died, with each and every blow.

    He closed his arms around himself as if holding himself, bent over in agony.

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    Various locales in the vicinity of the battle

    Orca was circling below the tableau, sinuous movements that allowed him to keep an eye on his new ally and the champion facing him. He’d studied the bond between the two champions that limited Samhain’s ability to attack the demigod. But he was also somewhat limited as he had to keep moving, the sea goddess who had been with the demigod was down here and trying to influence things as well.

    On the deck of the Contemptuous Rian had just taken Sarathai’s body from Xenos, making it suddenly vanish from sight. Technically it was still there but he’d hidden it away, from all that were there, keeping his promise to the man and keeping her safe. Which, of course, was when the display began in the sky. He looked up at it, shaking his head. Samhain just could not be other than what he was and that was going to cause all sorts of trouble. Closing his eyes, he was more than tempted to change the battlefield, to resolve this away from the mortals.

    On the Freedom’s Bow Seamus looked over to the other ship, felt the sadness in his master, the pain that it caused him to allow these beings to do what they were. His expression was troubled as he turned back to Malagath, “Cap’n, I’m afraid your wish not to use the cannons seems one that cannot be fulfilled. My recommendation is to aim for Samhain, but it’s only a recommendation. It’s your ship to fight.”

    Orca was getting agitated, it could feel the other beings lining up to end this battle for the heroes victory. There was one way to keep that from happening and it had to take the chance. It surged out of the water and began to chant in a language not of Selenia’s reality. It caused the air to writhe as it reached out to Xenos, slowly stripping the death tie that connected he and Nyubis from him.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: GM Approved

    IC: Nyubis

    There was a sigh as Nyubis looked to Samhain.

    "You didn't want this and yet you choose this fate"

    The god of death looked down to the seafloor, a shimmering redness coming from it as hundreds nay thousands of fish arose from the murky depths. From their eyes lurked a red glare, a look of undeath. If closer inspected one could see their broken form as they were repurposed to Nyubis's will. The red whirlwind from earlier had not just been for show, it had been a tactical one, creating an undead horde for Nyubis to summon.

    "Of all the options Samhain you choose the most self-indulgent one," To kill himself, Nyubis, and his son, that seemingly being his intention. No Nyubis would not allow such an easy 'out'. He would need to confront his son, Nyubis owed Xenos that much. Malagath too as his patron, even though he cared not for him, had been poisoned. He turned his head to Malagath in the distance, his jackal ears picking up his declaration.

    Nyubis simply smiled, it seemed the human had made assumptions of his intentions as Nyubis had made assumptions about him. Of course the words of Malagath did not make sense in Nyubis's mind, would Malagath rather than Nyubis waited delaying time for Samhain to get away and meet with the destructor? Such a move would've proved disastrous. Although he supposed the Pirate Captain thought Nyubis wanted to kill Samhain in a self-avenging manner, well he couldn't blame the man for thinking so it had been something he almost did a few hours ago.

    Still, they could discuss it later when Samhain was brought back in chains.

    Nyubis felt the connection with his owl splitting in two as he commanded the clone to follow Malagath

    Xenos would see the Owl of Nyubis split in two before him as the original stayed where it was and the second half went to fly over to find Malagath, the original looked to Xenos its head tilting as he looked to Champion of Selenia.

    "This is our first test as a team, Nyubis knows that to bring Samhain in alive he cannot do it alone, he needs you and Malagath to aid in this fight. Together the three of us can defeat him and bring him in. Xenos the time has come. Will you aid us in saving Selenia?"

    The second owl hovered to Malagath its head tilting in curiosity as it surveyed the pirate captain.

    "Nyubis is not so self-indulgent, Malagath of the Open Sea, to bring in Samhain is his current objective not to kill him, a discussion can then be held of what to do with him."

    The owl paused looking to the bright lights and the undead fish swarm.

    "But to do that our champions need to work together, your cannons, they can weaken Samhain so that Xenos and Nyubis can retrieve Samhain. Consider this an olive branch for my Master acting so brashly, he saw no other way. This is the practice match for the destructor, if we cannot cooperate here, we are done for."

    With that, the owl looked back to Malagath awaiting his response.

    As the owls spoke with each champion calling for their aide the undead fish swarm swarmed upward around Nyubis colliding with the balls of energy. Their purpose was for each of them to take the blow and not Nyubis, but in time it took for them to rise from the water the first initial waves of energy would rack both Samhain's and Nyubis's body. Xenos would feel it too, of course, the pain inflicted from his father in full knowledge of what it would do to his son. Nyubis grunted from the pain as the fish then engulfed him.

    From it he could feel the strain the Orca was putting on the bond between Xenos and Nyubis, and he knew what it meant. If the Orca was successful and severed the bond both Xenos and Nyubis would die. Which might be useful against Samhain but was problematic against an agent that wanted them both dead. A weakness that both he and Xenos shared.

    He did ensure that the fish did not engulf Samhain as it did for Nyubis so Malagath would have a clear shot. But all this magic, the owls, the whirlwind, the fish horde, the damage he had taken, the strain the Orca was putting on the bond between him and Xenos it all was pushing the limits of what Nyubis was currently capable of. Sweat ran down his forehead and began to pool into his eyes, stinging them. He grunted as looked towards where Samhain would be, the frustration mounting as he kept up his costly countermeasure against Samhain, trying to keep them both alive. Oh the irony of the god of death keeping himself and his nemesis alive. He was unable to go in and reach Samhain, bind him with his magic, and bring him in. For that, he would need Malagath and Xenos.

    The question remained would they answer his call.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Xenos
    Moment of Truth

    At first, his eyes widened in surprise as he felt the first hammer blows against his body, impacting powerfully against him quite unexpectedly. Xenos doubled over in pain, not understanding where the blows had come from, when he suddenly realized his father was attacking Nyubis, with full knowledge that he would be affected as well.

    Xenos spat blood on the deck of the ship, then braced himself, even as the impacts continued, but thankfully began to lessen, not because of anything he did, but because, ironically, Nyubis, the demi-god of Death, was attempting to save them all.

    “Is this who you truly are…father?”

    Xenos righted himself, then looked up to behold the spectacle of two gods locked in combat. Was this all that they were, all they represented, all that they inspired?

    Absently, Xenos licked the blood smeared on his lips and in that moment, a wave of clarity came to him, the type that dispelled every doubt, every apprehension he’d felt regarding what he was destined to do. In that moment, he also felt an alien force attempting to sever his connection to Nyubis, and immediately he fought against this, for there was a curious symmetry in that bond, one he wished to explore for reasons he could not readily explain.

    Xenos still did not see Ma’at’s spectral form as she maintained her position behind him, though he could feel her comforting presence, encouraging him, lending him strength and resolve.

    “Owl, take me to my father. It is time!” Xenos declared, stepping forth so the Nyubis' Red Owl could grant him what conveyance it would offer, be it wings or discs. Even now, he could feel the continued barrage by his own father, though thankfully, made lesser by Nyubis as he protected himself, alongside Taraziel, the sword of balance, which lent its strength against the attempted separation.

    A white glow shrouded the young warrior, temporarily granting him the necessary vitality to withstand Samhain’s onslaught.

    Xenos now understood his mother’s transcendental love for his father, and the deeper lesson therein. It was this gift that bolstered him in his purpose; As reason alone fulfilled only half of what was required.

    The mind and the heart needed to act as one.

    And so it was.

    “Hark! The moment is at hand.”

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    Malagath the Black
    Freedom's Bow

    Mal sucked in a breath looking to the owl with just the barest glance. The captain's hands gripped the rail watching the sea, his sea, swarm with undead fish. It turned his stomach watching the undead god's work. But, if it got the job done, that's all that mattered did it not. He raided merchant vessels, it wasn't as if his hands were clean of iniquity, though he couldn't raise an army of the dead. What he could do was fire a cannon, and it seemed the sea was pushing him towards that event.

    "There are going to be many more discussions after this trouble is behind us..." Mal hissed looking out to sea. "Tell your lord that he'd better bring back a body, and that man's spirit, soul and last breath in a jar I feel that is the only way we end this. He's escaped death once now, he'll do it again if we let him."

    Holding onto his hat he rushed down to the gun deck finding a cannon already loaded, the crew and a senior crewmen ready to fire it. They kindly stepped aside handing him the match.

    "Run it out." He ordered the crew quickly heaved on the ropes pulling the large metal beast into position. It was of dark iron with dwarven runes etched along the barrel. There was no magic in them just decoration, or asking for a blessing from the gods of the forge. Looking down the length of the gun he put the floating hooded figure in his sights. The sea wasn't calm his ship pitching and rolling with the waves, this would take a steady hand and perfect timing.

    Out of the side of his mouth he blew on the match warming the coal before he waited for the ship to rise with the wave. He touched the match to the charge and the cannon roared. Even with that one blast the ship shook tilting up the cannon itself being sent back just getting stopped by the rigging.

    The blessed shot traveled across the distance with a dread whistle. The shot was close a little high but close. It stuck something, either the god of tricks or the sea behind and burst into an amber mist surrounding the pair. Tasting sweet like rum, they would quickly feel the effects of alcohol in their system. Not enough to make them pass out, but enough to lower some defenses, maybe calm some nerves...

    It could be a blessing or a was time to find out which it was...

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Samhain
    The End

    How many plans had he laid?

    How many moments had he connected?

    How many deaths had he wrought?

    Here, in Selenia, he had acted personally, taken matters into his own hands… and had stained his soul. Crossed a line or two, and next he had been enabling what he despised. The Great Game had played him, and he was now a monster.

    Some darkness would be chuckling with some irony.

    Had he really made plans to save everyone?

    Or had he committed the ultimate self-defeating lie? Against himself?

    He had driven them into a confrontation that could only end with destruction for all. He looked at his foe, using the watery depths to protect himself, and it gave Samhain thinking time. He had made an error, had failed himself, lost his way.

    They’d all tried to tell him.

    There was a booming noise in the distant, but Samhain was too focused upon himself - and then the others.

    You were right.

    These sacrifices were wrong. I fought the wrong war, and I lost it because I had to. I accept my punishment - imprisonment, execution. I will not be forgiven, I do not deserve.

    A mental sigh.

    My friends - thank you for showing me the way. Do with me what you will, I will serve, and my eternal penance for my sin will begin.

    He released his sphere of energy, and beckoned to them.

    Please. Strike me down with the blade and stop me from being used by the Destructor ever again.

    His soul yielded; he was completely open to whatever needed to be done.

    For once, he was completely at peace.

    I love you, Xenos. You grew into the man I never was. Go in peace -

    And then the cannonball smashed into Samhain.

    The fired weapon crashed into and through his body with such force that it did not so much as hole him as evaporate him, shattering his form and exploding him -

    There was no agony, only serenity.

    This, too, he accepted.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Nyubis
    Goodbye Samhain

    As the last of the energy blasts came in and Samhain backed down Nyubis would dissipate his magic the red gleam of the school of fish disappearing as they fell to the sea. He panted, his body covered in sweat as he looked back to the ship to see Xenos stepping onto the disc and heading towards them both.

    He looked back to Samhain as he heard his voice, Nyubis's face forming an expression of disbelief. The jackal-drow had grown accustomed to the sound of lying. The sin that he refused to partake of but observed as his time as Anubis and as Nyubs... but this, what Samhain had spoken...these were not lies. They were genuine, heartfelt words.

    A single tear rolled down Nyubis's face as the memories of Isha flooded his mind. The image of her cold body curled and lost waiting to be resurrected. The images of Samhain poisoning the gods. He watched too as the cannon blast racked Samhain's body, weakening it beyond any chance of escape. Nyubis doubted he was dead, even with a divine cannonball he suspected it would take more than that to fell the Trickster God.

    Slowly he hovered over to Samhain. He would not bind or shackle the man, to do so would be unjust. Nyubis could never forgive Samhain, the damage and the pain were too great, but these final words. This confirmation of what Nyubis had been trying to tell him. Samhain had reached into the depths of his soul and found the dignity that remained and for that Nyubis would not forgive the man, but it would earn him his respect. For in his final hour he had finally, in the eyes of Nyubis, chosen to do the right thing.

    He would come to hold the battered Samhain, making sure the man would not plummet to the ocean floor. His arms under Samhain's back and legs as he looked down to where Samhain's face was.

    "I give my eternal vow, Samhain, to help guide and strengthen your Son in every capacity that is available to me. So that this feud between us is not merely an eye for an eye but can truly be laid to rest,"

    Nyubis could only trust that Samhain knew what a promise like that meant would mean. That a vow such as that was not something Anubis did with ideal thought or care. Gently he would rest his foe's body onto another red platform, Nyubis standing in front of it as he awaited Xenos to arrive.

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    IC The Northern Champions!! Thank you to @TheAdmiral @Ktala @Corellian_Outrider and the boss of course.
    There's a big hole we need to go through!

    Mieli was glad that they were going through the mines. He wanted to stay away from the open air. So far he managed to push back his agoraphobia by focusing on the mission and the combat, but the first pangs were starting to manifest. Walking through the mines and feeling the dust in the air again...

    "I will do the talking." he cautioned his companion "We get a bit skittish when tall ones want to go through our mines." after all they did not want any surface dweller to steal their gold and jewelry "It should be fine, though they might ask for a tax." he shrugged.

    The two guards, to any non-dwarves indistinguishable from male or female, but in this case one of each, stiffened, long axes crossing before Mieli as he approached the entrance. "Ho, cousin, what brings a deep mithril deliver to our humble salt mines? Not trying to steal any of our tech again to take back and improve your efficiency, are you?" one of them called out.

    "Oy, goblin-kisser!" Mieli exclaimed with enough amusement in his voice to show that he was friendly "We don't need your backwards technology thank you very much!" he made a mock-offended face "We wish to pass safely through the mines, we have an urgent mission on the other side."

    The guard laughed, deep and rolling laughter echoing around the clearing. "You hear that, add that one to the list, goblin-kisser, noice." Tapping their companion on the shoulder, "Ranger?" The other squinted their eyes, tilting their helmet back to clear their line of vision. A shrug, "Seems dressed like it." A flicker at the treeline caught their gaze and a spyglass came up, "Three more in the trees. One of those haughty elves, a female dwarf, and what looks like a wizard."

    The first turned back to Mieli, "Those the companions that make up the we? Run into any of those scum, the drow on your way here? They've been crawling all through the mountains, seeking passages but the peaks are jagged enough here the only way through are our passages."

    "So, an urgent mission? Where are you headed?"

    Zinnia stood with Sagitar and Arienn in the trees, she didn't trust the guards ahead, but she had to move with this group. The power given her by Andrissa was unknown to her at this point and she wondered how she could access it; how would she use it and when would be the best time to do that? For now, she hoped that it would come to her when she needed it.

    "Yeah, yeah, write it down." Mieli rolled his eyes "I am a fountain of wisdom and so on and so on." he was getting restless "Yes, we fought some groups, they are getting more and more aggressive." he sighed then turned his head back towards his companions "Where were we heading?" he shouted.

    Zinnia sighed, she was a dwarf after all, at least everyone thought that. She walked forward, her gold sword clearly visible carried facing backward, "that depends on the level of welcome these gentlemen." Lifting the sword she jammed it into the ground and leaned on it. "Through the mountains, what say you .....gentlemen?" She attempted to flirt.

    Nissa was silent, as she listened to the others talk. They did that a lot it seems. Then she watched as the dwarf she found out was Mieli walk over to speak to some other dwarves about the passageway into the mines. Nissa hid her wings, adjusting her cloak. She didn't like caves. She looked around, wondering if the brave sprites that had been with her took off, when Airenn revealed herself. She knew that they would not like being underground either.

    She didn’t glance towards Sagitar. While she understood trying to stay out of unnecessary battles, but calling the drows actions a simple 'misunderstanding still left a vile taste on her tongue. So instead she focused on the bit of news that they had heard about.

    '....the only weapon that could possibly still be found is hidden in this Forest, a bow and magical quiver of special arrows, that was lost when the last cataclysm happened.” Airenn had spoken earlier. Yes, that was important. But this was a big forest. She wondered if she could ask the trees if they knew of anything unusual. But that would have to wait until they passed thru....the rock.

    Nissa drew up her hood, as she mused the possibilities. And she looked at the others of their group. Another dwarf, Zinnia, wandered over to where Mieli had gone, to speak with the other dwarves about their passage.

    Nissa was missing her fellow sprites already.

    The dwarven guards, the one who hadn't spoken much in particular perked up as Zinnia called out. The other dropped the back end of his pike onto that one's head. "Pay attention, fool. Don't fall for any attractive girl that wanders by." That one turned toward Mieli, "You need to traverse the mine, head to the coast, is it?" The guard turned, whistling into the mine. A larger, more heavily armed dwarf appeared, looking over both Mieli and Zinnia. To the latter he snorted, recognizing the tactic when he saw it.

    Looking past them he saw the others that were waiting. "A fairy, a wizard, and a damnable elf. That's what you're bringing? How did you ever end up with such companions, Ranger?" he asked.

    At the treeline Arienn glanced at Nissa, "Little one, this passage will be swift and then we will be back in the open. I will be with you the entire trip." she told the fairy gently.

    Sagitar stood apart from the others. His voice a whisper as he prayed, asking for the heavenly lady to give him strength to continue and to watch over them. As his lips moved, his eyes were watchful of Zinnia.

    There was something more to her than what she was projecting. He narrowed his gaze as she approached the other dwarves. There was an awkwardness about her... was she uncomfortable in her skin? Or around them?

    His gaze shifted at the flutter of Nissa’s wings and saw Arienn and Nissa converse quietly.

    Maybe it be a puzzle to solve at an appropriate time.

    "I am not sure you will believe me if I tell you hehehe..." Mieli chuckled and scratched the back of his head "The woman helped me with some drows, then the air turned into beer and..." he paused "... and yeah... I met the rest soon after." he did not think they will believe him, but the Ranger could not blame them. After all... the air to turn into beer? That sounded like a dream come true...

    Zinnia chuckled. "He ain't lying there. I swear on me mothers grave." She added hoping they'd believe them. "Maybe that Wizard can do that to the air, well, it tasted and smelled, not sure we got the full effect of it though, but we did kill plenty of them drow buggars."

    "Air beer? Pull the other one." the original guard laughed. "You sure one of these females isn't beguiling you? Of course, given the quality of at least one of your companions that isn't a bad thing." they leered at Zinnia as they spoke.

    The larger dwarf motioned, "You might as well have the rest of them join us. If I'm going to allow you to enter and pass through the mine, I do need to see them all closely."

    Zinnia snorted. "If I be doing such curses, I be picking me me better stock to beguile than him." She smiled at the first guard before winking. If they were going to get what they needed, she had to do what was needed. When he suggested they all come forward she turned? "Come friends, join us so these fine gentlemen can see you better.”

    Arienn smiled, she felt Sagitar's prayers and knew they would reach their recipient. She stepped closer to him, "You are important to her, Sagitar. She has invested much in you." she whispered.

    “Thank you, milady. It is humbling to hear.” Sagitar gave Arienn a pensive look, He paused as though unsure what to say. “I do question how wise that is for her to have done so... to continue to invest in me after all these years...” he lightly chuckled. “... though I know if she was walking amongst us, at this very moment, she would just give a knowing smile and say that the night is still young and we should continue this dance until the band retires.” His eyes went a bit misty as though he was far off in another time before blinking and then smiled. “I shall strive to not let her down... nor step on any toes.”

    Mieli glared at the dwarf woman, then grumbled "Can we get a move on?" he decided to return to the issue at hand "Or are we going to have a picnic at the entrance?"

    Sagitar looked back over to the dwarves as Miele grumbled loudly to Zinnia.

    “I suppose negotiations have concluded.” Sagitar remarked to Arienn as he shifted his hold on the staff to use as a travelling stick. “Best find out if the paths are open to us.”

    As Nissa mused at missing her other companions, Arien looked over towards her.
    "Little one, this passage will be swift and then we will be back in the open. I will be with you the entire trip," she told the fairy gently.

    Nissa nodded. "I know. With the Goddess blessing, I will make it. But I still don't like it." Nissa said softly.

    Nissa heard one of the dwarves call out. "Come friends, join us so these fine gentlemen can see you better!" Nissa tucked her wings down once more. They would be in the way underground. Nissa didn't mind buildings, but underground, was unfamiliar territory for her.

    With a sigh, Nissa turned to the others. "I best they are calling for us to come forward. Let's get this over with. After the horror that chased us in the sky, Im hoping underground is a little less .. active, since they are guarded. But, if this is the quickest way, then we best be moving on."

    With that, Nissa quickly began making her fastest way to where the dwarves were waiting for them near the entrance.

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    IC: Xenos

    He moved fluidly over the face of the waters, almost as if his movement had been predestined eons ago, even the red owl became discs which he mounted with unsurprising dexterity.

    Xenos was at a loss for words, even as his mind and his being churned inside his corporeal form, a form which pulsed with a white glow, keeping rhythm with his heartbeat.

    He could hear them both and feel them both. The things they said and meant, both Samhain and Nyubis.

    The Trickster god had performed his final trick, and in doing so, realized that he had been tricking not only others, but himself as well. Only now, he seemed to have awakened from the fog of self-deception, entering into acceptance and truth.

    The cannon shot from Malagath’s vessel had done its work, but only Samhain could put an end to Samhain, that was the truth of the matter. As Samhain's wounded body fell, Nyubis swooped down and caught him, and for a moment, the two figures framed a picture of divine grace.

    Xenos could see his father’s essence dissipating, a hand reaching out as sought to approach even closer, and in that gesture, Taraziel materialized and flew towards Samhain, pulsing in white light, reshaping itself into Ma’at.

    Ma’at looked splendorous and regal, all aglow, dressed in white, looking much like a bride. Her countenance was lit with a gracious smile as she reached Nyubis, her arms outstretched. To the godling she offered a solemn nod of appreciation, before her gaze returned to Samhain.

    “It is time to come home my love…” She said in sweet expectation, her graceful arms beckoning.

    Xenos drifted closer, silent, yet filled with sentiments no words could properly express. He watched transfixed, marveling at this single defining moment, not just for himself, but for the future of Selenia as well.

    'I love you too father, go in Peace...'

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    OOC: Apologies for this update's late arrival, it's been a busy week at home. For the Champions at sea, see the end of the Update.

    Update 15

    IC Arienn

    Once Arienn joined the group at the entrance to the mine the semi jovial, semi serious tone became more formal. Even the dwarves here knew of the High Priestess of Morrigan. She calmed the nerves of the dwarf Captain when he realized who she was, speaking quietly and calmly. The captain gave a look to one of the dwarves who had been clustered by the entrance to the mine and that one took off like a bolt from an arbalest.

    They had travelled through the mine less than a mile before a platoon of dwarven warriors appeared around a bend of the tunnel they were travelling. They dropped to one knee and Arienn smiled softly. Giving her blessing she bade them rise and they fell in alongside the champions. Intent on their mission to guard her and the champions there was little chance to discuss the why or wherefore of what was occurring or why they had come this way.

    The trip through the mine was swift, slowed only by the occasional group of dwarves who recognized her or Mieli. They would stop and talk to any of those groups for a few minutes before moving on. Six hours of travel and they reached the far side. The captain turned to Arienn, “It is night outside, I will have the platoon stay with you, at least until dawn. Those who live outside the mine tend to be lightfingered, especially with travellers at night.”

    Exiting the mine the platoon took them to the first oasis past the mine before setting up camp. A roaring fire drove the darkness of the night away. Those of the platoon not on duty sat around the fire with the four champions. A pair of male dwarves were sitting closely to Zinnia, the nearest of the two, “Hello, beautiful. What brought you out here with all these others?”

    One of the platoon was a Ranger in training and knew that Mieli was one and had cornered him, “What do you recommend I should bring for my Final Test?” Of course she wasn’t doing herself any good, not noticing that, outdoors, under the vast canopy of the night sky Mieli’s agoraphobia was beginning to rear its head.

    Another of the females in the platoon sat down next to Nissa, “Are you a fairy? We haven’t seen fairies in years. Please can I see your wings?” she asked.

    The only two that were given space, out of respect, were Sagitar and Arienn. Which gave the two of them a chance to speak further. There was a touch of sorrow on her face, that hadn’t come about until the last bit of the trip to the oasis. But she did her best to banish it, as she gestured for the wizard to join her by the fire. When he had, she smiled, softly, “Your patron and,” she glanced at Zinnia, “were two of my favorite children when they were young and both grew into fine examples of godhood.”

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    A brief and most enjoyable combo post between myself, @Sinrebirth & @darthbernael :)

    Xenos & Samhain


    How does one describe the indescribable. That which defies any utterance and trascennds description.
    Xenos found himself in awe at what he saw, what he was experiencing in that moment. All things present were for the moment, forgotten, as his senses witnessed two very distinct essences, some would even say concordantly opposing forces, conform to each other and coalesce into something entirely new.

    To see both Ma'at and Samhain in their astral glory, was truly beyond anything he had ever, or would ever again, experience.

    Samhain glowed. But he also glowered

    “Couldn’t just let me die, could ya, my boy?” His voice was amused, not quite peeved, mainly bemused.

    "Not on your life, Father." Came Xenos' response. His words were suffused by a calm inner joy. He watched as Ma'at took Samhain by his hands, guiding him ever closer, the visual spectacle of their proximity growing in radiance with every passing moment.

    "Join with me my love, let us be as one." She invited with heartfelt gladness.

    Xenos imagined he understood it. The depth of his Mother's love for his Father, especially after everything he had done. In his mind, he knew it to be something transcendental, something beyond what mere mortals could achieve; or perhaps they could, with proper guidance.

    The sensation overtook him as light and shadow swirled fiercely about. Two wills would become one, translating into something far greater, than either ever could on their own.

    Samhain sighed, but it was a happy, soft one.

    He was overwhelmed with love.

    "I always wondered, if, at the end, after everything I had done and said, if I would be forgiven. I pushed and pushed and pushed, and every time..." A smile, resigned, welcoming.

    He embraced Ma'at, and drew back so his lips could meet hers, hidden beneath the cowl of his black coat, which began to fade away, fragmenting until his face was visible as a silhouette in the Light.

    His spirit became white, and he became Ma'at, and Ma'at became him -

    Orca wailed as Samhain was stolen from his Master's, his father's, control. In one instant a valuable asset was rendered unusable to the Destructor. He began to surge from the sea, ignoring Aboleth as she was swimming nearby. As he reached the peak of his leap from the dark water, he impacted a clear barrier in the air. Confused and slightly stunned, he fell back into the sea. When he resurfaced he turned one eye toward the tableau, trying to determine what had happened.

    Unseen to him, or to Aboleth, because Death willed it so, the Progenitor had floated from the Contemptuous, into the air, and now faced the glowing and conjoined form that was Samhain and Ma'at as one. The cloak that hung there appeared empty but was filled out as though a body was present. The cowl turned toward the glowing form.

    "Life and I mourn the loss of you both, as we mourn the loss of any of our descendants. will live on, in a way. What you are, who you are and have been, they will remain, in your son. Your power, will, life, will sustain him on his own path to godhood."

    The cowl dipped for a moment and the sense of grief was suddenly palpable, for a moment before it vanished once more. "All that is left is to do what you must, join with Xenos, become that part of him that will rise and guide him on his path." One empty sleeve of the cloak lifted and swept in a gesture that ended with it pointing at Xenos.

    Samhain dedicated himself to his son.

    To his son's Godhood.


    ... Gods aren't so bad after all.

    If they represented Love.

    Maybe the Light and Darkness didn't need to be tamed.


    ... given their proper place.

    The Game, that was wrong, yes, that he should have opposed.

    But his lover? His son? Even Nyubis?


    He let go, and gave his blessing to Nyubis in the future.


    And so, the two became one; Ma’at and Samhain, both beings transcended the limits of their essences as they committed themselves to ascend their son to full godhood. Now, they fused themselves into the young warrior’s astral being, manifesting their form as Taraziel, the Twilight Sword, the blade of Equilibrium.

    Two sides of the same coin.

    In that instant, Xenos learned his new name and understood things he had not before, his mind expanding exponentially with each passing moment.

    He was now, Xenos Gnostos, once a stranger, now one who is known.

    Power unlike anything he had ever felt in his entire lifetime coursed through him, transforming him, translating him into something greater than before. The sensation was both calming and exhilarating, indeed, all at once. Th young warrior’s eyes developed a golden tint and a soft glow he was yet to be aware of, even as his mind continued to grasp new concepts and knowledge.

    Order. Chaos. Free Will. Direction. Justice. Mercy. Retribution. Compassion. Law. Balance. Power. Love. Sacrifice.

    Nuances, intricacies filled his mind, concepts that ran much deeper than he had imagined. How the ‘young races’ were much like children, willful, but in sore need of guidance. Left to their own devices they would surely perish. However, the need to learn from their own mistakes was critical, finding their rightful place in the larger scheme of things was crucial.

    It became clear to him that they did not fully understand the tides or the seasons pertaining to forces they could not readily perceive, though these affected them directly. How could they, unless someone did instruct them. That was the role of the gods, was it not? Children should not raise themselves, that would be folly. They should be guided. Moreover, they were also a reflection of their progenitors.

    As it stood, these dynamics had played their part in the history of present day Selenia, and now the season of renewal was upon her, even if some did not understand it.

    “I see, I see….” Xenos exclaimed softly as a plethora of images played in his mind, both pertaining to Ma’at and Samhain. He was learning and learning, his mind opening up to a wealth of knowledge; Martial, Academic, Worldly, Arcane and much more.

    Indeed, how little he had known before this moment, now that brand new worlds and possibilities were made available to him.

    “Thank you…..” he whispered, expressing his deep gratitude.

    A great thunderclap resounded over sky and sea, as the light of unification pulsed one last time, before receding into Xenos. It was then that the sword was finalized, then descended fully formed onto the young warrior’s hand. Taraziel’s brightness faded for the moment, even as Xenos levitated in place, taking the very spot his progenitors had been when they unified.


    Without looking, but sensing Mors Rian, and everyone who had witnessed the account, he spoke aloud, saying:

    “The deed - it is done.”


    Aboleth simply slinked away; she had a report to give...

    ... but did she want to give it anymore.

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    Update 16

    Northwest of Shelrior Holm

    Rian, Death as he allowed to still be seen by the champions in this moment, nodded solemnly. He slowly floated over to Xenos, laying a hand on the man’s shoulder. “They are and will always be with you.” He glanced down at the waters below, the empty cowl considering. The cowl turned and glanced at the Freedom’s Bow a message passed to his Coxswain. He sighed and then drifted back to the Contemptuous.

    Onboard Malagath’s ship, Seamus nodded, message received. He glanced at Malagath, “It is done. You and the Champions have free sailing for now. But...don’t expect the weather to be pleasant, Rian and Arienn can finally mourn the children they have already lost.” he said softly.

    Shaking his head, “With your permission, I will depart.” He waited, nodded at the acknowledgement, and returned to the Contemptuous.

    The next pair of days were wild ones for the crews. At times the waves were so high that the ships were vertical travelling up them or down the back of them. Sealife flung itself on deck with regularity, as if they were trying to escape the chaos of the depths.

    On the third day of this the seas began to calm, life onboard returning to normal, until a lookout on the Contemptuous called out, “Land ho!” They had reached the southern end of the Al Qalhan League. There was only a short sail to reach the point that Rian had indicated would be where they would meet the others, a day or so.

    Which, of course, was when a messenger bird dropped, exhausted from the tumultuous storm, onto the deck of the Freedom’s Bow. When the message was retrieved from around its leg it revealed that Uthium had begun their war, a new Chancellor had been chosen, the last having died days ago from “unknown causes”. They were already attacking by sea and land every land they could reach.

    As the champions gathered to discuss, those with godly energy and life would feel one last event, a call that seemed to echo in their bones, one they only felt the fringes of, Sea hag, your report is due, now!

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    IC: Aboleth
    The Depths

    Sea hag, your report is due, now!

    That was unsubtle.

    Aboleth bristled at the offence, and slid off into the depths, to reach through to the Gods Realm.

    "My Liege, I was merely ensuing I had all the information about the fate of Samhain, for I know how much you loath him."

    She genuflected, in her beautiful human form and dropping down to one knee as the water dripped from her.

    Huitzilopotchli looked down from where he sat, at Aboleth. An eyebrow rose, a hummingbird tweetling by his ear, as he crooked a finger for her to rise. “Are you certain of that?” he asked, in a flat voice. Reports had Dolphin and Orca in the area and they too were corrupted, or perhaps always had been corrupted by the Destructor.”

    He shifted in his seat, snapping his fingers and a servitor appeared, beginning to mop up the water dripping from Aboleth. “You seemed particularly friendly with the remnants of Anubis.” Leaning forward, his eyes narrowed, “What did happen with Samhain? Last I was able to see was that his soul and Ma’at’s were beginning to combine and then they were both gone, minutes later with nothing in between to explain.

    For the moment, she ignored the jab at Anubis. "I suspect Samhain and Ma'at joined with their son, and elevated him to an extent. There will soon be as many Gods at the table as there are on Selenia, at this rate."

    "The Destructor seems to be on the move though," she admitted. "I overheard the Orca offering Samhain a role within his camp - a role he had intended to accept, until he was shot by dwarf cannons."

    “Dwarven cannons, hmmm….” Huitzil mused. He glanced past where a bubble of silence surrounded the throne, to where a couple of the gods remained at the table. “So Cayden’s aid was instrumental to Samhain’s final demise.”

    He glanced down at her, “Too bad you did not disrupt Orca, in some ways he’s even more dangerous than his father. But something is happening, how, what has the power to guide these newborn gods?” He looked down at the map, a map that had shocked both himself and Morrigan when they last attempted to touch it.

    “The information is incomplete, I suspect someone here is assisting whoever it is on Selenia, and several of the gods involved here have taken a short break from the table, are off on their own. But...the answers are probably not here.” His knuckles sat under his chin, as he mused.

    Aboleth hesitated.

    "I did sense something... else, powerful, even. Nyubis seemed to be having guidance from an element that did not correspond to any of the missing Gods." A shrug. "I did not know what it meant, for I was seeking to take what information I had gathered without the others noticing me."

    Huitzil glanced up, “Hmmm, so whoever is aiding them is right under the nose of my High Priest. That does bear further investigation.” He smiled, not a pleasant sight, “Perhaps he needs a visit from you, my little spy. And, perhaps that Nyubis could be tempted to turn from his companions if they are following this other power.”

    Aboleth shook her head. "Nyubis is incorruptible. If Samhain's wiles could not reach him, my charms will have no impact but to harden his resolve." She hesitated. "We would need to lead Nyubis by the nose... or perhaps by another organ, perhaps."

    She managed a smile, but there was disquiet behind it.

    Changing tack, she pressed on. "Should not the High Priest know? How could they not?"

    Huitzil chuckled at the thought of Aboleth leading Nyubis along by...another organ. And then sighed at what she said further. “He should know, yes. What truly concerns me is that I cannot reach him. Something is preventing me from reaching him or Morrigan from reaching her High Priestess. Whatever you sensed seems to be trying to remove our pieces from our power and I suspect they are attempting to keep our representatives on Selenia from reaching us.”

    He pounded the arm of his throne, “That is unacceptable. If you must use Nyubis, gain his complete trust and his loyalty, by any means that brings him back to supporting us, to get access to my High Priest then do so. We need that information.”

    Aboleth made a scene of mulling it over, trying not to flinch at the pounded arm. "Could not Morrigan attend the Champions in person? Her power, and that proximity, would surely solve the mystery."

    She amended to ensure he did not consider her to be disagreeing. "I will of course be sure to use Nyubis to the fullest."

    Huitzil pulled a face, almost as though injured, "Do you not think that both Morrigan and I have tried to descend and speak to Rian and Arienn face to face? Even we have been brushed aside." He looked sour, "You, you have power but you often can make it seem not there, which means that we must do so the old fashioned way, in this case, you seeing if you can find yourself face to face with Rian so that you may speak with him."

    Aboleth briefly hesitated. Curious. "I can do as you say, my Lord. For you, of course. Will Lord Rian listen to me, if he faces me? I am concerned that your, ahem, summons will not go unnoticed. If they connect that I am a, as you indelicately put it, sea hag."

    Huitzil chuckled, the anger dissipating. “You know I enjoy teasing you. You are my best little spy and I know you can present yourself very well, if you choose to do so.” He paused, “They have enough on their plate that they should, perhaps, not notice your disappearance. And Rian, I’m sure, is concerned that he has not been able to contact me so he should listen to you.”

    A slow nod. "And if Rian is not concerned?"

    “If Rian is not concerned then the one who is assisting the champions is far stronger than I could believe and has taken my High Priest from me. Either way, I must know.” Huitzil replied.

    Aboleth bowed deeply. "It will be done, my Lord."

    She began to back away from him, keeping her gaze lowered.

    Huitzil chuckled as she backed away, "The act doesn't fool me, Aboleth. But yes, I look forward to your next report."

    She vanished into the water anew, becoming her fishy self and swimming away.

    The further away she was from him, the more excited she became to see Nyubis again.

    But she'd avoid Rian for as long as possible.

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    ~OOC~ Thank you again @darthbernael for this joint post. It was a lot of fun.

    ~IC~ Enya + Hephaestus
    Location: The Realm of the Gods - Upon leaving the Chambers | Before arriving at Andrissa’s Hall.

    When Enya reaches outside, she paused and closed her eyes. She took a moment to feel the warmth on her face, the breeze against her skin then breathed a sigh of relief. She really wanted to bathe, to wash away the ash and pent up stress though with the dice in her hand, there was something far more important she needed to do first.

    A small Robin fluttered over to her as she reached halfway down the summit, along the wide marble staircase. She crooked her index finger for it to perch as it chirped a few notes. She responded in kind back and it fluttered off.

    Enya followed along a winding paths around the base of the summit to the gardens. When she passed through the arched gate she was greeted by a flock of birds. They were lined up along the branch of a tree, bobbing up and down. Chirping.

    Warily, Enya glanced about to see if she way along before walking over to the roots of the tree and around to the back - there!

    A mottled drab brown-green hooded cloak nestled hidden, camouflaged against the bark and foliage. Concealing herself within and pulling the hood up to obscure her face, she left the gardens and made her way deeper and deeper.

    A series of caves ran deep through the realm. Some entrances are hidden, some are public places, some are temples, shrines, tombs.... and some are not. The one Enya sought belonged to a legendary craftsmith.

    Going deeper inside the cave, she could hear faint sounds of metal striking metal and the bellows keeping the furnaces hot and the smell of the smelting of ore.

    The hunched over god stiffened for a moment, his massive shoulders rolling as he set a hammer down on the forge, one that he was the only one in the Realm to be able to lift. Lifting his hands, he tied back his long, dark, curly hair before he looked at her. "You know I made that for you sister. What is it that brings you to my forge?" He wasn't being rude and didn't sound annoyed, he was just brusque by nature.

    “Forgive my intrusion.” Enya warily glanced to the hammer then back to Hephaestus. “I came to ask for your expertise...” she outstretched her hand. Her fingers curled, hiding what she held. “...and insight. If you have a moment to spare.”

    He glanced at the her hand, one eyebrow rising. "If you have come to me you need either a weapon, some form or defense, or something beautiful with hidden qualities like your cloak." His curiosity was raised though, she was a rare visitor to these furnace depths and that she'd ventured here meant her need was real. "What has been happening up there that means you need this?"

    Enya gently pulled back the hood so Hephaestus can see her face better under the glow of the workshop.

    “I don’t know what you might have heard though I do my best to brief you. Several of us had been selected to save Selenia from annihilation. The method is in guise of a game. A table with an artifice in form of a living map which affects the world with every interaction. Our champions are our representatives and we have to roll a set of dice to determine whether they succeed or fail at their tasks.”

    He stroked the long beard that was tucked into his apron. "A destruction game I take it? One where if you fail the world is remade, how original..."

    “Yes... though not everyone plays by the rules.” She said with disgust. “Blood had been spilt, we lost several of our kin...” her mouth twitched. “The balance... the equilibrium... is off centre.”

    He nodded. His head turned, gazing deeper into the forge in thought. Through the heat shimmers, haze, and flame the wavering outline of a shield, with a sinuous line dividing it in half hung over a pool of molten metal. One side was white and one was black. He turned back, his eyes suddenly piercing. "Any sign that the great grands have returned?"

    Enya paused as she watched him and followed his gaze. She almost jumped at his about turn. “Maybe... possibly...there are forces beyond the control of the gods at work.” She met his gaze. “This has become more than the game it intended to be by our host.”

    He sighed, his gaze softening. "There may be a chance then." he said softly. His normally grim countenance turned up a grin, "Ok good." He clapped his huge, meaty hands, "So, what would you like me to make?" he asked almost cheerily.

    “I... ah.. I don’t know. So many thoughts.” Enya upturned her hand and uncurled her fingers to show the dice. “I brought these to you to learn more about them. If this abomination that has been unchained is related to one of your titans then will have to work out a means to stop it and I miss Andrissa.” She stopped for a breath. Enya blinked then allowed a small nervous chuckle. “I apologise for that.”

    He took the dice, rolling them around in one palm, tossing them in the air and catching them. "Fate's gone, that's trouble. Makes it tougher for the heroes."

    "What was the abomination named when it was introduced?" he asked as he continued to consider the dice.

    Enya paused. Colour flushed to her cheek as she tried to remember. “Blood of Samhain’s was spilt on the map... that birthed some unnatural entities... and possibly Anubis’ blood. I’m not too sure as I had been poisoned and... I cannot recall the name.”

    Hephaestus sighed, "There is power in a name. I have not heard of movements from the Titans which makes me wonder where this foe is from." he pondered. "But godly blood introduced to the world is not good."

    “Abomination... a destructor... something of immense power...” Enya was raking her brain to remember. She shock her head. “Without a name, we won’t know what is effective against it.” She sighed. “No... Samhain wanted us all to die and for us to fail. He succeeded with Isha, Andrissa, Anubis... even Ma’at and himself. Andrissa sacrificed herself to stop him.”

    An eyebrow went up up as she spoke. He shook his head, sorrow in his expression at the named, lost gods. "I knew Samhain was disgruntled and wanted a change. But did you say the Destructor?" He slammed a fist on the anvil, hard enough that the hammer jumped. "That is truly not good. That is a a creature from outside our reality."

    “If it is from outside our reality... then that makes it more difficult for our champions.” Enya stated almost to herself. “Would our powers work on it?”

    "Possibly. I do not know if even I can make a weapon to destroy such a being. Probably one that could assist in forcing them back to their realm." He slammed the anvil once more, "Damnit I wish it were certain whether the Precursors were here or not." His eyes met hers, "Do you know why I spend my days down here, rather than in the Halls? I love my work, yes, but Hutzilopotchli knows I serve and believe in our forebears."

    Enya blinked. There was something more to what he had said. “I did not realise that there is friction between those who believe in our forebears and of Huitzilopotchi... I wonder what really is going on... and why.”

    "He...doesn't like admitting something came before him. Which is why the scrolls about them are either in personal collections or hidden, because he has them destroyed otherwise. I have my suspicions why but he has never admitted it." He rolled the dice a few more times, a small smile forming. "If these came from him it would be ironic to turn them into something to send what he released back to its home."

    “That would be poetic.” Enya smiled. “It would be grand to rekindle hope in Selenia and a means of stopping the Destructor...” An epiphany crossed Enya’s face. “Maybe Huitzilopotchi’s reasons for silencing our history is connected to why the select few of us were chosen to be in this so called game. Would it be our lineage? A game to wipe the world clean and remade anew. The sacrifices... the fires... Samhain is connected.”

    His hand reached to his chin, stroking his beard again, the other setting the dice on the forge. "Hmmm, yes, it could be he wished to remove those who remember or honor our forebears. And couldn't include me." A finger tapped the dice, "Now, what would be the best design to create from these." he mused.

    Hephaestus, tapping the dice once more, "What would be best for you, something flexible and sharp or more stiff and sharp?" he asked before pumping the bellow of the forge, the heat beginning to increase as he did.

    “I suppose it has to be something sharp.” Enya paused then pursed her lips. “Hmmm... flexible would be more my style... “

    He smiled, "You mean perhaps, like a daggertail?" He could see it in his mind's eye and that would suit her indeed.

    Enya looked up surprised at Hephaestus’ suggestion. “Taking inspiration from the Persians?” She said lightly as she considered such a weapon. From memory, the design is like a snake. A chain-whip type weapon with blades protruding from both edges. Fast and deadly with a long reach in the right hands.
    “It would be like dancing with a ribbon.”

    Hephaestus chuckled, "A very sharp and deadly ribbon." He agreed.

    “I just have to rehearse my moves.” Enya gave an impish smile.

    The Forgemaster blushed. He'd never admit it but he knew how he appeared and the goddesses and their beauty were way out of his league, even for the, physically, strongest of the gods. "''re welcome to rehearse here." He coughed, the blush deepening.

    Enya gave Hephaestus a thoughtful look as she considered the offer. His workshop was out of the way from prying eyes and afforded some privacy.

    “I suppose that might work if you have the space for me. It could also give an opportunity to stress test the weapon through development. Ah... would that conflict with your routine?”

    It took him a minute to meet her gaze, the bristles of his beard standing out with the depth of the blush still on his face. "No Enya, it certainly would not conflict." he said softly. "Besides," he glanced at the shield once more, "you may need someone with a shield to guard you as you go into battle."

    Her gaze followed his to the shield. This was starting to feel more and more real. “I-I cannot ask you to endanger your life for me.”

    He turned to look at her, his eyes crinkling in a smile, "But you didn't ask, I offered." He paused, looking down for a moment before looking in her eyes, "Besides, I cannot stay here worrying while you risk your life. I couldn't live with that."

    “I appreciate that and it helps knowing I won’t be completely alone with all this.” She stepped forward and gave his cheek a small kiss to express her gratitude. “Thank you.”

    He touched his cheek with one hand, before picking her up in an abrupt, but gentle, hug. "Your welcome, any time, sweet goddess."

    Setting her back down, blushing even more at his actions, he turned toward the forge. "Sorry, Enya, got carried away." he muttered before taking the dice and setting them in the forge to get them ready to draw out.

    The hug caught her off guard though it wasn’t unwelcome. As he set her back down, she noticed his awkwardness.

    “Do not apologise for a cheerful and comforting emotion.” She assured him. “There needs to be more cheer in the world...” She smiled and nodded to his work. “... I best take my leave for now and let you focus on your work. Thank you again. I shall be back later though there are errands that must be done and answers to seek.”

    He nodded, smiling at her. "It should be ready when you return."

    Enya inclined her head and then brought the hood back in place and the cloak more about herself as she left. There was a lot to ponder, especially regarding Huitzilopotchi’s leadership and the state of Selenia. She best return and prepare herself for meeting with the others. If only Andrissa was still here...

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    OOC: A combo with @greyjedi125, @galactic-vagabond422, @Sinrebirth and @darthbernael

    IC: Nyubis, Xenos, Malagath, and Aboleth

    Nyubis had kept mainly to himself in the following days of Samhain's defeat. He had been focusing on unlocking the rest of his divine energy and thinking on their next move. He had also been meaning to speak to Malagath as had been promised, but with all the chaos of the ocean, there had not been a particularly suitable time.

    It seemed they had finally found land however as the jackal-drow made a movement to find the Pirate Captain. With that news, and the sea now calm he assumed it now a good time as ever to converse with the man. A nod to Xenos to come with, his thoughts drifting to the man.

    Nyubis did not regret what had transpired, but it had been more bittersweet then he had thought it would be. The knowledge that it did not need to end up the way it did, if circumstances had been different... alas such pathways of thinking would only lead to further sadness.

    Thus he would come to Malagath. Nyubis's eyes quiet with a soft sadness, but a deepness of purpose coupled within.

    "Well as I promised let us speak"

    For the most part, Xenos seemed....distracted and only half aware of his present location. The young warrior would look all around him, as if seeing things for the first time or regarding something unseen far off in the distance. Now and again, the Twilight Sword of his Legacy would appear and float about him, only to disappear in a flash.

    Xenos was growing in much knowledge, learning; experiencing events he was now inheriting, at a rate which would have driven any normal being mad.

    At seeing Nyubis approach, Xenos rose from his place of contemplation and nodded in return, understanding what was required of him. His eyes appraised the jackal-elf in an entirely new manner.

    "Lead the way...." He uttered simply, his voice sounded heavy and strained as if caught between choosing which register to speak in.

    And so he followed, his own mind coming more to the fore as his attention would be needed for what came next. Upon seeing the pirate captain Malagath, Xenos would afford the man a deep nod in greeting.

    Aboleth slinked back up to the ship, troubled by events, and concerned as to what was to come. Nyubis was so conflicted and she didn’t want to stoke that. Quite the opposite.

    Nor did she want to earn her death at the hands of the Destructor or Rian or the Gods…

    … she was not a God. She had been, once, before, well, this. It happened, but the Wheel was never really broken. It was just suffering, and Aboleth had long stopped wishing to cause that.

    She had to unburden herself to someone. But who? She was careful to stay hidden behind the natural ripples of the ocean, in-case the Orca was about.

    Rian felt a presence as it returned to the sea near the ships. He shook his head, this time he was sure that she was who he suspected. But, hmmm, how to reach out to her. He drummed his fingers on the desk in his cabin for a few moments. A smile came to his face as a plan came to mind. Whistling a two-toned whistle he waited until Seamus appeared. "I've got something that needs doing. You've got to be me for a bit." His finger reached out and Seamus's form shifted until it was a mirror image of Rian.

    Rian himself let a portion of his power flow into the simulacrum of himself before he seemed to disappear. One of the windows at the rear of the cabin opened and there was a small sound in the water. As he entered the water, away from the others and their ability to sense, he formed a bubble in the water of silence so that none could sense his true power, an apparently empty dark cloak floating through the water until it came up to the form of Aboleth, "Hello child..." whispered through the water.

    She had expected Rian would detect her the second time she arrived, especially when her master had so brazenly demanded her presence. Aboleth had to play this carefully.

    According she dropped to one knee. “My Lord,” Aboleth whispered.

    She hadn't noticed, Death thought, as he hovered there. "You expected another and I came in his stead....great granddaughter." he said quietly. She expected who he was masking himself as right now but that part of him as currently draped as a mantle over Seamus. "You expect the Keeper of the Sea Dead, Rian. He is engaged above so I decided to take the chance to see you instead. It pains me to see you having fallen so far. Who took your power?"

    She nearly spluttered. Death?

    “The God who plays this game, he and his whore of a woman drained my power, made me a servant of the Wheel rather the mistress of chaos…” she lamented slightly. “But I repent for my sins, and I have found solace… even companionship.”

    She hesitated. “As you well know, this is what I sought for those long millennia. To be kept from my family, it was maddening.”

    The captain as ever was never far from the helm, checking their heading. And as had been his custom a bottle of rum in his hand. He took a hardy swig looking out into the distance as the two approached him. His gaze narrowed at the new god of death.

    So he dains to talk to the human. a fleeting thought through his head. Took his sweet time. It had been days since the conflict though one could hardly blame the crew, they were busy trying not to capsize against the storms that swept across them. But the Bow was a fighter, she wouldn't go down without a fight. A few men gave prayer to the sea gods. Mal did no such thing. His patron supposedly blessed his cannons yet it was all the mundane shot that killed the god of chaos. Whatever blessing put upon it was useless. Gods were of no use to him. At least, the Gods above.

    "Yes, let's have a council..." He said taking another swing and walking below decks to his cabin. Not as large as Rain's but, well appointed with all the stolen treasures he could get his hands on. Dwarven takards, Elvish decanters, a table made from fine oak, and a drawven drawing of something called a Hand Cannon.

    "Come take a seat." He said stationing himself at the head of the table. "We are still a few days out from our destination. And if this map that Our Lord of Darkness has granted me is correct we are still far away from our point of interception with the other group." His eyes fell on Nyubis letting out a breath. "Any plans I should be made aware of? Or will I find them out when you leap from my deck?" He took another swig of rum... "And how are you holding up lad?" He looked to Xenos, "You've been through the storm?"

    Nyubis allowed a small, warm smile to spread across his face as he listened to the snide remarks of Malagath, allowing them to roil off him. They were not without merit, but delving into the gritty details of why there had been no time, about why decisions needed to be made then and now, all of that was not worth the effort. Sometimes it was best to apologize and move forward, after all Nyubis saw no reason why this should strain their relationship.

    "That is splendid news and no, no plans you do not already know about. I trust you are not going to get hung up on what has happened and we can move forward with renewed, unified purpose?"

    He gave a nod of his head to Xenos.

    "Afterall we all want the same thing, to save Selenia. That is were our shared destiny lies,"

    Nyubis jackal ears twitched slightly as he felt the aura of Aboleth on the ship. By the gods... had he not told her to leave? Ah, perhaps it would be for the best, despite his...mistakes... allies were few and far between. He did not want to hurt her feelings but...well that was a bridge to cross at another time.

    Xenos gazed about Captain Malagath’s cabin and visibly appreciated his acquired appointments, some which he recognized readily, others he did not- or at least not consciously. His mind was still receiving other knowledge which he had inherited.

    In amiable fashion, he accepted the good captain’s hospitality and took his place at the table. For the most part, the young warrior remained silent during the exchange between Malagath and Nyubis, for he understood it was for these two to find common ground if their expedition was to succeed.

    Xenos found himself smiling at Malagath’s colorful expressions, they always seemed to amuse him for some reason. Mal’s clever jabs were always so expertly delivered, one would think he had spent some time at court.

    When asked how he was doing, Xenos offered a solid nod.

    “I seem to have recovered more than what I’ve lost.” Xenos answered easily, then allowed the conversation to resume its natural course.

    Despite all that was being said, it was true that they all wished for the same; to save Selenia. Indeed, everything that had transpired thus far underscored their unified purpose. However, in that moment, Xenos saw Nyubis’ ears twitched- even as he perceived an alien aura suffused in the ether around them. The warrior’s eyes narrowed slightly as his head turned to peer deeper in a certain direction.

    Death sighed softly. "Yes I do know the pain you felt. Life and I have been away for too long and some of our children have suffered under the rule of that one. I do know of what you have found recently. I would ask..."

    The empty cowl cocked to the side for a moment, "It seems the champions do realize you have returned....But, as I was saying, I can offer you a return to your power, to have what you seek. Have the relationship you hope for, all I ask is that you do not mention to the one who sent you that your great grandmother and I have returned."

    Aboleth thought of Nyubis for merely a moment and nodded wolfishly. "I won't. But he is suspicious of why he cannot detect what is happening aboard the ship. Knowing him, he'll send something destructive rather than play the game. If he wonders for a moment that he has lost control, he will come for the Champions in person."

    She wanted to see Nyubis again; to be open, to reveal herself fully.

    A sigh came from the empty cowl, "He will, yes. He has never been one for subtlety. But, I also know things that he does not. And will know the moment he makes a move." The cloak drifted closer to Aboleth, until an invisible, cold, skeletal hand wrapped around one of her wrists. A pulse touched her essence, "Begin to regain yourself, descendent mine. Go now, go to your jackal god as he comes into himself as well. Give them your aid."

    As Death turned away, he seemed to draw something from her. The cowl turned back, just before he departed for good, "Your compulsion to serve Huitzilopochtli is now gone. Be well and know I am around should you or the others have need again." With that Death vanished once more.

    Mal took another swig of rum feeling the effects wash over him giving him the pleasant warm feeling that always relaxed him. He regarded the other two men a slight smile at his lips. He wasn't about to press the subject, he'd said his peace and Nyubis was keeping to himself. It was something at the very least, they would go their separate ways once the current crisis was averted, and that would be the end of it.

    "That's good to hear lad," He clapped Xenos on the shoulder, "We're going to need all that we have to take on this challenge." Looking up the skies he returned his gaze to the others with him. "With half the gods now sat at this table I don't know how much help we'll be getting from them, not that we need it. So I guess I question is, do we collect the other heroes and head for the Destroyer or do we make an attempt to collect what remains of Isha's essence? Do we have the time to waste seems the world is already tearing itself apart."

    "Both." Xenos declared immediately, his expression waxing severe for a brief moment, then softening.

    "We will need their help." He asserted. " The other heroes deserve a chance to save Selenia. It's their world too." He finished by way of explanation.

    His gaze, however, kept searching about, as if something unseen was approaching.

    Nyubis narrowed his eyes... it did not escape him that Malagath chose to basically ignore his olive branch. Something that would irritate the Jackal-Drow but would not voice it. His frustration was compounded further with the way in which Mal framed what they were going to achieve next.

    "Saving Isha is no waste of time!" he snapped, his eyes then darting away as he realized he was being more aggressive than he meant to be, his ears continuing to twitch as he felt the continual presence of Aboleth. He was annoyed with himself that he was acting so irrationally... he was a being of deathly order, not some love-struck teen... perhaps Nyuerl's relative youth was more of an effect than Anubis realized it would be. He was no longer the eternal, almost always cool-headed figure he had once been... all save up until his death.

    After a moment where he allowed himself to cool, he spoke once more, his eyes diverted from them both, looking off to the side of the room.

    "That being said... it would be the more logical course to save Selenia first... thus compounding the need to find the champions...on the other hand... if we are down even one champion are we able to stop the threat? We still have the Sarathai's body do we not? Her connection to the goddess plunging her into a slumber... If we want the full set of champions we must accomplish both tasks... the question remains which to accomplish first..."

    Nyubis did not have an immediate answer to that question... he himself was conflicted and required further thought on the matter.

    "We work simultaneously...." Xenos put in, not relenting in his earnestness.

    "You, Nyubis, are duty bound to save Isha, if I'm reading things correctly." He persisted. "I can go gather the remaining heroes. Therefore, we accomplish both objectives at relatively the same time, barring any delays as we focus on saving Selenia."

    The eyes of the demi-god warrior blazed with unwavering determination.

    "What say you?" He asked, now gazing between Captain Malagath and the Jackal eared Drow.

    Aboleth had of course recognised that compulsion, but it had not enabled her to do much about it. But now she was free?

    Buoyed, Aboleth headed towards Nyubis. She wanted to see him - to be introduced to his fellows, to offer what she knew, or could say. It was time that she lived in the light.

    Nyubis's ears continued to twitch as Aboleth drew ever close, but his facial expression remained natural. He gave a nod to wise Xenos as he eyed the Pirate Captain.

    "Yes, I find this agreeable if you two wish to go on and find the champions... I have my own means of transportation. And our bond Xenos..." he looked back to the demi-god. "We shall both be able to find each other if need be... perhaps with the revitalization of Isha I can obtain the strength needed to safely untangle the bond between us..."

    The Jackal-Drow then turned his head back to Malagath, a slight nod of his head as he spoke to the human.

    "That is... if you find this agreeable... I would not want to overstep my bounds..." Nyubis spoke this with a certain sincerity in his voice, despite how petty the wording would sound.

    Mal finished off his rum, letting the warmth wash over him. Seemed they were an industrious little group trying to do everything at once. While that was good and all it did leave the question of if they could? On the one hand having everything they could bring to bare in this fight was the best option but he had know why of know if the Destroyer was going to give them the time they needed.

    Splitting seemed like the best option to get everything and Nyubis was eager to save Isha nearly sworn to do so. If Mal was to deny the request, which he wasn't planning on, there was little doubt in his mind that Nyubis would just go on his own.

    "I have a question, this bond you two share," he started, "do you feel each other's pain...if one falls you both fall something of that nature?" This would be very important to know.

    Nyubis gave a sigh, his head bowed in what almost could be described as shame. His eyes glinted to that of Xenos, before looking back to Mal.

    "Indeed, that would be the case. It extends only to pain it would seem, our souls are linked. If one of us should do, so will the other,"

    He looked to Xenos, a small, sad smile protruding from his face.

    "I am sorry for putting you in this position, or rather... that Anubis did."

    "Well, that's a complication. If we lose you on your task, we lose you both and I'm left fighting my way to meet up with our new friends on my own. Not that it couldn't be done, but, you say we need everything we can get. I feel this puts a major hole in that plan." He was being a little callous, worrying more about the mission than the life that would be lost but, when it was the fate of the world stacked against one life...He shook his head. It wasn't right. "If you'd rather work together, watch each other's backs, and come back to me quick as a flash, I'm sure I can figure my way on my own."

    Nyubis took no offense to the perhaps callous nature of Mal. In fact it reflected how Nyubis usually acted, being the logical being that he was. For that he respected Mal's suggestion and where it was rooted from. His gut reaction was to leave it to Xenos to make the decision, but there were other factors at play. His ears twitched again as he looked to Mal.

    "I respect the proposal it is a logical one, however, I think it is best if I go alone. The problem you stated remains the same if I or Xenos die there."

    He glanced to Xenos before looking back to Malagath.

    "Not to mention that if either of us feels pain from the other, well it can serve as a means of long-distance communication. That is...what do you think Xenos?"

    Xenos had been studying his two companions in silence as they spoke, himself perceiving a deeper layer to their discourse. Fortunately, no real objections had been voiced or made apparent, meaning, their plan should proceed as delineated. They were all on the same page, after all.

    As for their 'bond' being a hindrance...

    "Pain is a well enough means of communication, yes." Xenos nodded in agreement, as he decided to choose his words carefully. His now supernatural perceptions allowed him to glean certain things that were normally unseen. Nyubis' aura was controlled, as expected, but it still reacted ever so slightly to whoever was approaching- at least in Xenos' estimation.

    "I trust you will not get yourself killed - or become consumed with some other form of stimulation." The dark-haired demi-god observed soberly. He recalled how all three of them had eyed Sarathai with deferring levels of interest.

    "I'll endeavor to do the same, at least until we have accomplished our mission."

    Xenos nods firmly as he gives his word.

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    ~IC~ Sagitar, Nissa, Zinnia, Mieli, and Arienn
    Further north from E’mthalas, Qedraerhiel

    Zinnia was leaning forward, warming her dwarf hands and gazing longingly into the fire, the flames dancing in a timeless ballet she’d always been drawn too, her fake blue eyes reflecting the flames, and bringing out their true colour to anyone looking, she heard a voice. Someone was looking. She blinked a few times to clear the exotic gold colour before slowly turning to face the voice. “Destiny.” She answered simply.

    The eyes of both dwarves sparkles, "Aye...destiny, such a beast that can be. Could it be destiny that brought you to our platoon where we could meet you?" one slurringly asked as the other took a long pull from his stein of beer. It was obvious they were both drunk but that wasn't stopping them from their interest in her, nor was her curt response.

    Zinnia studied them both, dwarfs seemed so fond of the drink that set their minds to addle, she looked back to the fire and smiled. "Possibly." She answered knowing if things with these two got out of hand she knew what her next move would be.

    "Oh?" The bigger of the two asked, leaning close. "Why? You are the most beautiful, capable dwarven maiden I've ever seen." He slurred slightly.

    Zinnia closed her eyes, the rage was below the surface but the smell of this males breath and his obvious leering was disgusting to her. When she opened her eyes, she'd calmed. "Ye don't know how capable or not I be, don't be makin' assumptions. As for me beauty, ye minds are addled right now, I not be believing one word." She said in a cool voice as she picked up a stick and prodded the fire, its delicious flames sparking and spitting as she did so.

    The larger of the two dwarves rocked back as he laughed, "My, you have fire, have spirit, lass." he chocked out around the laughter. The shorter one leaned closer, "Why, why can we not enjoy this time and your company by the fire?" he said softly, his tankard tipping over slightly.

    "Enjoy me company? I not be looking for company, elst I'd be asking for it." Zinnia stared at the fire, it entranced and excited her. They'd just said she had fire, spirit, that amused her, they had no idea how much. "I do fear that you could well cause the fire to be burning hotter with ye breath!" Why couldn't this pair just leave her alone?

    The smaller dwarf rocked back, laughing, "Gorg, watch out, she's gonna burn ye!" he chortled. He leaned forward again, "We live in the heat and depths of the mine, digging out the crystals, heat is our bosom companion."

    Zinnia gave her head a slow shake, were they not listening to her? "That be nice for you." She muttered, "I not be the 'heat' you seek."

    Mieli did not follow the conversations, though there was a faint sensation that the two of his cousin were hitting on his girl. Not that there was anything between them, but he still felt a tad jealous. After all this beautiful maiden appeared to him while those two were just standing guard!

    He just sat there and played with a stick and the fire. "Would be good if we had some more ale..." he sighed resignedly.

    The gentle crackle of the fire and warmth it provided was inviting. Sagitar looked to Arienn as she mentioned Enya and Andrissa. The thought of the Lady Enya as a child brought a smile to his face.

    “I never had the pleasure of meeting Andrissa...” Sagitar reflected. “...though it would have been a cherishing memory to watch the two of them grow up.”

    Arienn smiled softly. Her eyes were slightly distant. "Both were inquisitive little girls, always getting into things. Different pursuits but I never knew if Andrissa would have changed her bedroom to a swamp or if Enya would have brought home a 'pet' Griffin."

    “A swamp for a bedroom? That is creative. And if anyone could tame a Griffin, I have no doubt it would be her.” There was something about that moment which Sagitar recognised about the two. “It sounds as the two compliment each other. Andrissa with nature and Enya certainly has an affinity for animals.”

    Arienn nodded, a soft smile on her face. "Yes, that they did. They were always close..." She shook her head. "I can't go to Enya to comfort her, it would reveal too much, too soon. I can only hope she is coping with losing her sister." Sadness tinged her words through and through.

    Sagitar nodded in understanding and gently prodded the fire. He whispered a few words and the colour shifted to a more dreamy hue of golds and purple. “There is a place, between sleep and awake... where I hear her voice the strongest.” He states as the flickering flame resembled that of a female figure. “Her music... her voice has been a great comfort to me over the years. How I’ve been blessed by her, it amazes me after all this time... I don’t understand how or why though I have grown to accept it and I’ve learn that she is strong and kind despite carrying the weight of the past on her shoulders. She knows I’ve put my faith in her and I hope that is enough for her. I do believe she will persevere.”

    Arienn's smile lifted a fraction, "She is strong, very strong. And she believes in what is right. I'm sure she will find a way. And will watch over you through all the trials to come."

    The flame figure danced like a ballerina. There was something about the way it moved which triggered a treasured memory from long ago. “Is it selfish to have her guidance during such a time?” Sagitar asked, there was a tone of concern in his voice. “Would it interfere with what she needs to do? I know she tells me not to be concerned about such things and yet...” he gave a wistful smile. “...I sometimes do.”

    This time, Arienn's smile lit the fire a brighter color. "If she says she will do so she will. That is her nature and she has shown capable of taking on many tasks at once." She glanced at Zinnia for a moment, "I'm more concerned that there could be more treachery in that realm. But...there is one I trust who would protect her."

    Sagitar pursed his lips at the mention of treachery. It was a reminder that all is not well in the realm of the gods and that Enya was in as much danger as they find themselves. “I am glad that she is not alone in all of this. I am powerless to protect her directly though to serve her, I suppose I better play my role to the best of my abilities and have faith everything else falls into place.”

    Arienn reached over, laying one long fingered hand on Sagitar's arm. "That is the best idea. And yes, her protector, poor child, has cared for her for years, from a distance. Partially because of the marriage he was put into." She smiled softly, "He loves his wife but she often leaves him alone and, unfortunately, I believe part of why they were married is because he does follow the ways of Rian and I."

    The young, female Ranger in training bounded to her feet, returning to Mieli with a full tankard of ale. She handed it to him with a smile. "Here, sir. Please tell me anything you can about the Ranger Trials."

    The shorter of the two dwarves smiled, a tipsy smile, "But you are the heat we want to spend time with, lass." The larger dropped a fist on the smaller one's head, making him slump to the ground, "Mine, I want to spend time with her."

    The small female dwarf smiled up at Nissa, "There haven't been fairies around here in decades, is it true you all can do magic?"

    Arienn was observing it all, a small smile on her face. Glancing at Sagitar, "You may find things, shortly, to be more revealing than you expected." she said mysteriously.

    It was night. There was a roaring bonfire about them. The dwarves not on duty, we lounging about, giving small talk with the various members of the group.

    So why were alarm bells ringing in Nissa's head??

    From what she had heard and seen of dwarves, these seemed... awfuly friendly. They were even asking her about magic.

    But something just keep nagging at her. Something felt off.

    The dwarf next to her asked if she could do magic..

    Nissa stood up, looking around. "Sometimes." she answered, as she began to walk around the perimeter.

    It should be safe. After all, Arienn was here, wasnt she? Nissa reached under her shirt and wrapped her fingers around the totem Arienn had given her earlier. She used her shadow sight to check the area.

    "How long till daylight?" she asked outloud, as she walked around the encampment.

    Sagitar arched his brow questioningly at the cryptic message Arienn had given him.

    “Hopefully it is not the frightful kind.” He responded in a light humorous tone.

    He glanced briefly to Nissa, who had curiously left the glow of the fire to pace about the area. Something has her anxious... was it the location or something far off? Something unseen?

    They are a larger group now. It be hard to believe that goblins would trouble them on what should be a protective path... but then again, these are strange times. He glanced to the dwarves. Maybe she just felt uncomfortable at the present company.

    “The night is still young.” Sagitar answered Nissa’s question and gestured to a spot to where Arienn and himself sat. “Come, you are welcome to sit with us,” he said assuringly as he brought up his satchel and opened the clasp. He pulled out a case of shortbread. “We’ll have some supper and then work out the schedule for who shall keep the first watch.”

    Arienn smiled softly at Sagitar's response, and at his encouragement of Nissa. She glanced over at the dwarves bothering Zinnia and a thought touched their minds, dropping them off to sleep, "They will bother you no more, little one." she told the dwarf woman. Glancing around, she too encouraged Nissa to rejoin the light of the fires. "I suggest everyone take the time to rest, the trip to the sea will be energy draining, the desert is unforgiving."

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    Update 17

    Al Qahla, west of the mountains

    The night was quiet, allowing all in the encampment to sleep. There were no warnings from the guards on patrol, no noises that warned of any danger. The morning came was as peaceful as it seemed.. As Zinnia, Mieli, Sagitar, and Nissa woke, the noises of the camp picked up around them. Arienn greeted them as they emerged. “The path ahead has been scouted and it appears that the desert has it’s usual share of heat and lack of water. The dwarves have already filled several large barrels with water from the oasis and we are prepared.”

    The company of dwarves, several nursing hangovers, quickly struck camp and the march into the desert began. The sun rose and as it was higher in the sky the heat was radiating into everything. The bright light drowned out the ability to see more than a kilometer in the distance. Which turned out to be a problem, considering the dunes rose and fell, leaving many low spots where foes could hide.

    Halfway through the day, when the heat had burned into and through all present, was the moment shrieking war cries and high growls of what seemed to be rather large dogs or wolves sounded in the air.


    The wargs tore through the band, dwarves falling right and left. The attackers came from three separate sides at the same time. The attack came from the front, left, and right of the band. Within minutes, half the company of dwarves were laying motionless on the sands, blood draining into the water starved soil.

    Arienn shook her head, there had been a sense of foreboding in the air for some time and this was it. An abomination, similar to the one that had destroyed the elven city appeared in the sky and she could not drop the guise that she wore as it attacked the band. attacked her directly, not the others of the group. And she had to keep its attention on her, so that the others could deal with the other threat.

    She sent a thought to the four champions, a suggestion as it were, “Zinnia, please deal with the intruders to the right, Mieli, please take charge of the band and deal with those attacking from the front, Sagitar and Nissa, the intruders from the left.” As the champions went about their business, she refocused on the abomination. If she could draw it away from the others she could remove it from the ‘game’.


    Sagitar and Nissa, following Arienn’s suggestion, took after the warband that had disappeared into the dunes again, to the left of their band. The trail was easy to follow, the wargs had not tried to hide their backtrail. It was only a few minutes until they found those they were following. However, what they hadn’t expected was the dome of dark energy covering the encampment. A dark chuckle sounded from the dome before a figure strode out of it. “Hello Sagitar, you have chosen the wrong side in this battle, but perhaps that can be changed. And I brought me a gift, in the little fairy.” the dark wizard said, in a low, gravelly tone.



    As Zinnia took off after the right warband, the trail disappeared off into the deep desert. In moments she was away from the band, out of their sight. It offered her the opportunity to revert to her normal form, if she wished. She followed a similar trail as Sagitar and Nissa had, their foes weren’t even bothering to cover their tracks. Which meant that their foes didn’t care that the champions may be after them.

    Her trail took her further than the others had followed. When she finally reached the deep wadi that the goblin band returned to, it was filled with laughing, joking, and blood covered goblins and wargs. But that was not all. In the middle of the group there was a solitary figure, in a blood red suit. It appeared human, until she got a glimpse of his eyes. It was as though looking into the void.


    “Ahhhh, the last golden dragon, the last queen of the dragons. Why have you taken up with these mortal beasts? What can they offer you that a cousin of yours cannot? Yes, the dragons are related to the Destructor, in a distant way, and he would offer you dominion and power.” The figure smiled, sharp teeth evident in the grin, as he looked upon her, at her approach.


    The warband from the front redoubled its efforts to destroy the dwarves as the other two bands disappeared off to the right and left sides of their band. This one was twice the size of the two that had attacked from the sides and the dwarves began to make their stand, following Mieli’s orders, defending the band, pulling in closely and beating away the various attacks. However, things took a turn. Even as the dwarves felled wargs and goblins, the bodies began to rise once more, undead beasts and goblins rejoining the fight.

    From the back of the warband high chanting was coming. It began to come closer until a figure came into view. The eyes drifted over the dwarves until they alighted on Mieli, as though it knew that he was the leader of the group, and more.


    “Fool of a dwarf. This attack is doing exactly what it was meant to do. All of you have been separated, my master is now doing what he does best, sowing discord and doubt, preparing the way for your defeat. I am supposed to offer you the chance to serve the Destructor but I do not see you worthy of that honor. However, his will means I must, before I wipe this pathetic little band from existence and raise you to serve me. What say you, little dwarf?” The goblin warlock said, malice deep in his tone.

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    Deep in the Middle Sea

    Nyubis had taken his leave of Xenos and Malagath, returning to his quarters. Rian had appeared as Aboleth had, seemingly, meekly entered the cabin. Rian smiled softly, “Nyubis, Aboleth, together I believe you can accomplish what you are setting out to do. This time will also allow you both to understand and possibly deepen what exists between you.” His hand moved in a small gesture and a shimmering sphere was suddenly present.

    “I will take you to the shore, where you can follow the trail of Isha’s essence. This sphere holds all that was left with Sarathai before Samhain took her.”

    He waited while Nyubis prepared, Aboleth only had what she wore and was. Once all three had returned to the Contemptuous he sent a signal to Malagath and the larger ship split off.

    It was a couple days later that they reached the shore, south of the mountains, in the Al Qalha League. Before the two set out, in one of the ship’s longboats, Rian approached as they settled the last of their gear in the longboat. “I can only tell you, generally, where Isha ‘landed’ on the planet’s surface.” He handed the pair a map, pointing east of the league, into the forests of Qedraerhiel. “She seems somewhat spread through this area but I am sure the two of you can recover her, at least what is left that can be used to help you, Nyubis, and Xenos.”

    He stepped back as they stepped into the longboat and began to row to shore. “We shall remain here until you return.”

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    Deep in the Middle Sea

    Seamus entered the cabin where both Malagath and Xenos were still ensconced. He leaned against the bulkhead. “Cap’n said I should tell you that he’s taking the Death God to find Isha. Oh, and his girlfriend. So the Contemptuous will be away.”

    He pushed off from the wall, walking over to a map of the region. One hand came down, finger pointing at a stretch of coast west of the spine of mountains that split the eastern continent. “Cap’n said that the others should be there within a week. So you have that long to reach that location. Enjoy the seas, they’ve been churned up by the Destructor and his minions.” He turned to leave before turning, with a smile. “Oh and if you want, there’s rumors that a Uthium convoy is headed toward Al Qalha, full of troops, to intercept the other champions before you do, a fat target, but that is your choice.”

    TAGS: @galactic-vagabond422, @greyjedi125 (could be a combo or, if not, I’d ask that Malagath go first and then Xenos.)
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    IC Zinnia - Thanks to our Game Master for the Combo!
    Jundland Wastes....wait...........Just a desert.

    Zinnia needed to get out of the Dwarf body, and away from these two who thought they had a chance with her. Thankfully the hour got late and eventually there was sleep, for most. She’d lain awake for many hours, her thoughts with her offspring.

    Dawn had brought sore heads and once it was clear their path had been set, she silently trudged with her companions, avoiding all the male dwarfs as best she could.

    The attack was sudden, and more than violent, she was impressed how hard the dwarfs fought but sadly they were outnumbered and it was a slaughter. Zinnia was angry, she’d not wanted their attention, but she’d not wanted them dead either. She was hunting now, moving faster than most dwarfs were known to move and soon she was a long way from the party, it mattered little, she’d find her way back.

    Finally, she came to a ravine where she could hear laughter and celebration, soon she found the monsters who’d committed the murders she’d witnessed. Her rage almost palatable, as she could fathom no reason for their attack and subsequent slaughter of her companions, she was about to transform into her true form when a man appeared. Dressed entirely in Red, his eyes bottomless pits he spoke to her like he knew her.

    His words were cold and cruel. She looked up at the man, how did he know she was a dragon? Who was this man?

    “Who ye be? Why ye concern yeself with me choices?” She tilted her head, her blonde locks slipping to the side. “Why would I be needing power?” Zinnia had chosen to stay in her dwarf form, for now.

    The man in Red smiled coldly, cruelly. "You may have clothed yourself a dwarf, my distant cousin, but I can smell your true self on you." His mouth opened wide for a moment, long, sucker covered tentacles emerging from it, before he closed it again, leaving pearly white teeth in the tentacles place. "I am one of the Destructor's children. And I come to offer you a place among us. You and any left of your kind will be spared if you do so, if you turn against your companions."

    Zinnia narrowed her currently blue eyes, "I find ye rude and ye be a little disgusting, smellin' a lady be a foul way to introduce yeself." She stalled as her mind assessed the area. "I care not who's child ye be, ye dirty goblins here murdered me what end, I not know, and yes, ye heard me, they be my friends, they be of the good and they be worthy of living, unlike yeself and ye filth." She glanced at the now silent goblins who were listening now.

    The man in Red smiled, "These? They are cannon fodder and they know it. They want their freedom from all the other races, as they are usually slaves and willingly gave themselves to the Destructors cause because he said he'd give them what is being offered to you as well." He snapped his fingers and the entire encampment dropped to the ground, unconscious. "You are not the only one being made this offer, Queen of the Dragons. Who knows, we may have all the champions here join our cause." He said with a sneer.

    Zinnia watched his action but did not react, he was clearly a power being, but she'd been led to believe, so was she now. "What be ye cause? Death and destruction? Hardly a cause, more an action." She tried to sound like he was boring her.

    Chuckling, the man looked at her, "Why do you react as a fool? You are clearly no fool." He sighed lightly, shifting his cuffs. Looking back at her, "Death and destruction are required when change occurs. And that is what this is, changing the order of Selenia, freeing it from the oppression of the gods."

    Zinnia eyed him, she decided to drop the accent. "How does killing everyone be of benefit to them? Death in destruction? The Order of Selenia is fine as it is, it’s not perfect, but I don't imagine any world is. You are wasting your time with me evil one."

    The man smiled, "That is a start, the accent. Sometimes one must nearly clear the board in order to rebuild." He gestured at the goblins behind him. "These...things, are considered a minor race upon this planet, treated as cattle, but as you saw, give them a chance and they will stand up for themselves. The humans and others have almost wiped your kind from existence, yet you are aiding them. Why do you want to sustain an order that will eventually erase dragonkind?"

    He made a good point, those she now supported had murdered her partner. She was sure the exact beings she was with were not at fault. "I am the last of my kind, I see no benefit in destroying them or their lives. Who are you or your master to decide these things? What gives you the right?"

    He smiled, coldly. "It is our holy task, to save every world that we can." He gestured around the desert, in a way encompassing all of Selenia. "World after world has been left to the children of the Precursors. The Precursors, our ancestors, they are absent parents as it were and, in their absence, we must save those worlds that are under the iron grip of the gods. They have let their power go to their heads. Those days are done. This world will be saved as well."

    “We don’t want to be saved, did that thought cross you tiny mind? I don’t care who you think you are working for or why you think its best, you’re just wrong!” Zinnia was angry. “You have no right.”

    The smile remained in place upon his face. "The world is already in the process of being saved, whether you or those champions can affect it or not." He glanced over his shoulder, then his void filled eyes met hers again, "Imagine these wretches surviving when the mighty dragons disappear. A shame."

    Zinnia's logic was there but his reasoning was wrong, she knew that. This form was becoming uncomfortable anyway. In a spiraling swirl of gold and sparkle Zinnia took her true form, towering over the evil one. Looking down at him she spoke. "I can deal with this kind, and yours."

    The red clothed man smiled, "Oh, is that so?" He asked calmly. His form shimmered and grew until a black dragon, of a size equal to her, tendrils of icy breath dripping from his jaws, stood before her. "Cousin I said and cousin I meant."


    Zinnia wanted to step back, she wanted to get her distance but her common sense told her that would give the clearly evil and dark one an advantage. "You don't scare me." She thundered in a lie.

    The black dragon's mouth opened in a wide and sharp toothed smile. "I have met many of our kind, on world after world, and you know how many refused my offer?" He hissed out, the desert sands below him freezing, in a radiating circle. "Lies do not become us. Why do you think it was I who was chosen to speak to you?"

    It was a rare thing for Zinnia to be challenged, so it took a few seconds for her regain her composure. “I have no idea.” She looked down at the circle around him, “you have the coldest …………heart?” she responded.

    A deep chuckle reverberated in the chest of the black dragon. "Has it truly been that long since my kind were among dragon kind here?" He asked, his long tail waved, several of the unconscious goblins and wargs were tossed around simply by the wind the movement created. "It is true I care not for most beings but you are a dragon, a Queen among beings, and you have been made subservient to these humans, dwarves, even the foul gods."

    Zinnia adjusted her footing, giving herself a strong base of support as her own tail whipped around and her wings extended. “We’re posturing now? I serve myself; I do what I do for me……not for anyone else. I do not see myself as a Queen, but if I were, you would bow to me.”

    The black dragon chuckled once more, "So you work with those that killed off the dragons for your own end? What end would that be, willingly putting your neck on the chopping block when this ends?" His wings unfurled, spreading wide, "Your response does tell me it's been too long since my kind have been here, our loyalty is earned, not demanded by rulers."

    “Your kind is not welcome here!” She bellowed, “I choose to fight for my home, good or bad it is mine…and I will not have someone evil decide who is to be saved and who is to be destroyed! You and who you serve have no right and I will defend those who cannot do so themselves.” She didn’t like the facts he was sprucing, but she liked his manner and solution much less. “You do not know me, nor do you know my power.” She threatened, still wondering what exactly Andrissa had gifted her.

    The black dragon's eyes flared. "So, you choose destruction of dragonkind on this world. So be it." He reared back, a roar shattering the air, reverberating out across the desert. As his head came back down, he seemed to sneer, "Then no queen of dragons you are, simply the last." His head snaked back and forth, eyes running over the armor of her scales.

    To be continued..........
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    ~IC~ Enya
    Location: The Realm of the Gods - Preparing for Andrissa’s Hall

    It was dark, save for the glow of bioluminescence emitting from the hollows of the rocky grotto. A thin wall of water cascaded from the opening in the ceiling and struck the surface of the pool, creating an indoor waterfall. The burbling sound it produced was calming and inviting.

    Enya stood at the edge and dipped her toe into the water. It was warm, as to be expected from the geothermal springs. She stepped into the water and wade over to the centre. Lowering herself deeper, she closed her eyes and felt the warmth wash over and soothe her aching muscles.

    It was a necessity... but it could also be a trap if she was not careful. All it takes is a single thread for her mind to wander and at a time like this, she dare not allow her thoughts to be lost in the tumultuous state of the Selenia and the rest of the drama brought upon them by Huitzilopotchi’s game and Samhain’s actions.

    Enya’s head slipped under the water to jolt herself out of losing herself and brought her focus back to her present surroundings. She rose and washed herself free of the grime of the day before reluctantly leaving the waters to change and prepare for what is to come.

    She wore a gown of pure white. Gilded jewellery adorned her hair, neck and wrists and waist. It was opulent yet fitting for a deity of her position... even though right now, she felt like leaving it all behind. She reminded herself that she still has a part to play in all of this. To keep up appearances.

    Making her way to the entrance of Andrissa’s Hall... she paused at the entrance. She half hoped to see Andrissa there, awaiting her presence... that the last several hours had been a dream... though in her heart, Enya knew that was not to be. The grand doors opened disappointingly to a dark hall. Once a place that was full of life and energy has become a shell of its former glory.

    As Enya moved deeper inside, she used her energy to bring light to her surrounding. In turn, Andrissa’s home reacted to her presence. Swirls of colour and light sparked up with each step Enya took and spread about the surfaces. Images formed along the walls creating a mural. Pursing her lips, she recognised the imagery... of memories. Some were life lessons from when they were younger... such faded memories...

    “Never be so kind... you forget to be clever...”

    She started a verse. She did not know why but she felt compelled to sing and the swirl of colours reacted to her voice.

    “Never be so clever... you forget to be kind...”​

    The colours shifted and developed in scale and complexity. It showed the game for Selena played out at the central chamber of the gods.

    “And if I didn’t know better... I’d think you were talking to me now...”​

    Then came the bloody scene at the central chamber of the gods. She felt like turning away, yet she did not. There was a reason she was shown this.

    “If I didn’t know better... I’d think you were still around...”​

    A single spark floated off the rendition of Andrissa and transitioned to Selenia and the mountains tops.

    “What died didn’t stay dead.
    What died didn’t stay dead.
    You’re alive... so alive in my head...”​

    Rising up from the mountain peaks was a fierce golden dragon. It unfurled their wings as the creature glowed and roared.

    “Never be so polite... you forget your power...
    Never wield such power... you forget to be polite...”​

    The swirl of colours danced across to the other side of the room and formed a tree. A branching path presented itself with different imagery flowering at the ends. Of possible futures...? The hope of all and the doom of time...

    “And if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were listening to me now...”​

    She recognised a pattern amongst some of the outcomes. Twin figures of black and white... like those Hephaestus had spoken off... something familiar about them.

    “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were still around...”​

    A flash of light and the tree split apart.. the flowering realities burst into particles of colour. Spinning about the room. Spinning about Enya at dizzying speeds. She thought she felt as though a secondary voice had joined in harmony with hers.

    “What died didn’t stay dead.
    What died didn’t stay dead.
    You’re alive. You’re alive in my head.”​

    The colours of light returned to white.
    “What died didn’t stay dead...”​

    Spinning faster...

    “What died didn’t stay dead...”​

    And faster...
    ”You’re alive... so alive-”​

    Then Darkness.

    When Enya opened her eyes. She felt light headed. As she regarded her surroundings, she found herself seated upon a throne. Andrissa’s throne. She had no memory of moving to the throne. Something felt different, as though some of the fog had lifted in part of her mind.

    Her fair skin radiated a faint glow and in turn, the chamber reacted to her power. A golden light illuminated the space via the sun stones. The plant life had grown more lush and vibrant. It’s flowers all faced in her direction.

    Enya was still piecing together the threads of what was unveiled when the grand doors at the entrance of the hall groaned and opened.

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    Mentions for @Adalia-Durron @greyjedi125 @Shadowsun @Sinrebirth

    ~OOC~ Lyrics sourced from Marjorie - Evermore - Taylor Swift. It just felt fitting for the moment.
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    IC: Mieli Hartsson

    What was that commotion!? Mieli opened one eye and quickly regretted that decision. If only he could close it until his hangover was… well, over. At least he was going to fight some uglies.

    Rising with a sigh and a grunt, pushing back a retch and only giving a loud burp. “Now you did it.” he murmured “I am gonna kill ya all for waking me!” he roared.

    Picking up the axe he started moving forward slowly picking up speed. Dwarves were excellent sprinters at short distances. Charging with his waraxes they were a formidable force, despite their short stature.

    His anger was building up, pushing back the headache (though after that he was sure he wished he had not done it). The ugly hooded figure seemed to be asking for a trim with the axe.

    “Well let us be done with it, so that I can go and help my companions.” he grunted and charged.

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    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth and @darthbernael

    IC: Aboleth and Nyubis

    The coast and moving in-land

    For the moment, Aboleth was quiet. In the presence of Rian she was unsure how to be around Nyubis. She sought to steal glances and sneak moments, but by and large the journey was what it was. In the end she busied herself with digging for Orca with her senses, but she found nothing.

    Two days later, it was a relief that Rian stayed behind.

    Stepping forward, she was unsure what to say, because all she could think of was the rather morbid well it's a good thing she's spiritually and not physically scattered across the general area...

    Which was, well, pretty black humour.

    Nyubis bid his farewell to Malagath and Xenos before leaving, his promise made that he would return as soon as he was capable. His mind then wandered as he spent the next two days primarily by himself as was his nature. He spent much of it in a meditative state, attempting to finalize the alignment of his godly power within him. He had yet to truly ascend to the level he had once been.

    The jackal-drow gave a nod Rian his face filled with purpose.

    "You have my deepest thanks," he spoke softly.

    With the gear in the longboat, he created two red spectral oars from his own energy, they movements flowing as they would row themselves. It would serve as good practice to strengthen his ability to keep his constructs manifested for longer periods of time. Plus it was easier on his will than conjuring his disc continuously, he was still not quite up to traveling for extended periods of time with it. He remained silent with his companion, they had spoken only very briefly during the two-day gap between her arriving on board and them setting out. He did not know what to say, he did not know what he even wanted to say.

    After a while of silent searching, Aboleth spoke up. “So.”

    "So..." echoed Nyubis, fidgeting slightly as he continued to command the oars to row, glancing to her every so often.

    "I assume you no longer serve as an agent of the Destructor..." he stated, all that he was able to think of to talk about. Not exactly the smoothest way to begin a conversation between the two of them.

    Aboleth hesitated, panicked, and calmed. "No, I'm not," she sounded almost wistful. "I've been a tool for longer than I care to admit. To others, or to my emotions."

    A hand softly laid on her shoulder. "Do you think less of me for that?"

    Nyubis smiled softly, looking off to the side, feeling the hum of a piece of Isha close.

    "No... no, I do not" he stated simply, thinking quietly to himself. Nyubis was a rather introspective person, his mind wandering away as he then brought himself back to the present.

    "So what do you desire to do now? Save Selenia? Or some other purpose?" he asked softly, still looking off to the side.

    Aboleth hesitated. "I could want that, but I've had other people's purposes for a while now." Her voice dragged slightly. "I'd like to be free agent for a bit, really. Do my bit, but build my corner of the world, too."

    "What about you?" Her voice was slightly coy, but lightly.

    "I can understand and respect that," he stated leaning over the edge of the boat, reaching with his hand to find the quiet glow of green, and a piece of Isha was found. He doubted greatly that it would be that simple to find all of them.

    "I live to protect this world, as an unspoken vow to Isha. We... complete each other, as does life and death," he stated rather simply his eyes looking off to the side as the boat continued to row itself.

    "My pride is great I know that. Nyruel and Anubis were both proud beings after all, but now more than ever I yearn for peace... for order... even if that costs me everything..."

    He wondered how much like Samhain he sounded at that moment. A slight smile came onto his face, replaying the last moments of Samhain in his head. Oh how he wished it could have gone differently, but he knew there was no other possible outcome.

    Aboleth looked at Nyubis as if he had caught a kind of madness. "Order, yeah, alright," she cut an amused smile across her face. "That's always something to dedicate towards. No potential for tyranny or corruption." Aboleth leaned closer, placed a hand on his cheek to draw his face to look gently back at her. "Can't you set yourself a more manageable goal? Rather than something as soul-consuming as order? It's a nebulous target. Like to be happy. You need to break it down, or it'll break you chasing a perfect word, when we're imperfect people."

    For a moment she was upset.

    "Even Gods."

    Nyubis smiled, a rare warm, genuine smile as he turned to her, his eyes filled with joy as they met hers. But from where and how was known only to him.

    "We are imperfect beings... as are mortals... but does that mean we should not strive for it? Even if we fail over and over we shall do as the mortals do, pick ourselves up and try again. For that is the best we can do. Pursue happiness, order, and peace.

    For these things seem only impossible if you believe them to be. Just because we are imperfect does not mean we can't try to be better Aboleth...even Samhain, in his own strange way, knew this as he came to the end... For Samhain taught me something very important, something I did not know was possible in all my time as Nyurel or Anubis... that people can change for the better.. which is why when this is all over and I am truly the God of Death... I am going to bring him back..."

    He looked to the sky, the same smile on his face as the boat continued to move along. He laughed out loud, a warm gracious laugh, unlike usually cold Nyubis.

    "I suppose that is a very odd thing for a God of Death to say"

    Abeloth liked his laugh, it was warm, and soft, like she knew his heart to be. He could not have touched her so, before, otherwise.

    "It's a very God of Death thing to say, I'd say. I'm sure all Gods have a good reason to become what they become, at least initially," Aboleth smiled back. "Samhain will be surprised, no doubt - by the sounds of him, he does not believe he deserves forgiveness." She turned her head slightly. "I think there is another fragment over there."

    Nyubis was beginning to soften, relax, as his eyes darted to where she indicated. Creating a small cup of red magic to scoop up the fragment as he added it to the first.

    "Oh yes, I'm sure he will be very surprised... but well... if we cannot forgive, grow and become better... or rather at least try... then we deserve to be destroyed by the Destructor." He said simply, his eyes becoming sharp as he sensed a movement around them. It stood to reason they would not stay alone forever... what monsters would the Destructor send their way.

    Aboleth nodded. "They do deserve it... the Gods who became principles, rather than individuals, lost their humanity and became monsters." The air noticeably cooled, and she hesitated. "Speaking of monsters..."

    She turned to face what she had sensed, but was unsure what it was. Nyubis seemed slightly ahead of her, anticipating a flow in the narrative -

    A serpent, head larger than either of theirs, poked it's forked snout from the foliage. Eyes that were filled with intelligence regarded them as its tongue flicked out, tasting them in the air. The sense of a mental chuckle filled the air. "Ssssso thissss isss what wassss sssent to recover what issss left of that little goddessss."

    It's head swiveled from side to side, then whipped back toward them, "And jussst you two, delightful. Kill them my children." It said as it disappeared. Moments later the trees filled with small serpents, spiders, and chittering insects, all bearing down on Nyubis and Aboleth.

    Aboleth recoiled at the sight of all manner of creatures, and began reaching out to the self-same trees, awakening the threads within that bespoke carnivorous intent -

    She'd done this before, turned a place of trees and flesh into a cruel inversion of itself -

    A tree yawed a mouth and crushed a rhumba of snakes, a clutter of spiders, and a rabble of insects -

    Aboleth flicked out a limb of tentacle and smote a tangle of threats -

    Nyubis eyes the numerous bugs, his expression neutral as he opened his mouth. A gale of red smoke erupting from it as they came towards the bugs. A poisonous red cloud of death. He then flicked his arm out, a red sword materializing in the air as he swung at anything that drew too close.

    A snake it seemed leaped to Aboleth, aimed and primed for her neck as Nyubis moved in a split second, slicing the head off the creature and giving a warm smile to the chaos god, before resuming his attack against the creatures.

    The area around the two was filled with the sounds of screeches and wails, the various bugs, reptiles, and snakes exploding, dying, trying to reach them both. The massive serpent head poked back out toward them, "How annoying..." it hissed out before it disappeared again.

    Another, larger, wave of creatures appeared, these glowing an eerie green color raced toward them. Spiders spat venom and webbing, lizards spat acid, and, as the two gods began to react, the forest floor began to rumble. Something was coming...

    Aboleth grinned at Nyubis and pivoted around him to unleash a storm of swatting tentacles upon the next hail of attack, frowning at whatever was approaching.

    “Can you feel that?”

    Nyubis cast out a great curved red shield to block the venom and acid from hitting them both, the same red smoke of death he breathed toward the creatures, flowing through his shield as he looked to Aboleth. Due to his positioning and reaction he was quite close to Aboleth, their cheeks practically touching.

    "Yes I can,"

    Aboleth gathered energy to her reshapen hand and prepared to hurl it at whatever emerged -

    They were quite the team.

    Which, of course, was the moment there was a massive cracking sound and the ground split, directly between them. In a matter of seconds Aboleth was a dozen meters higher in the air, the section of ground she'd been on thrust up, by some unknown means. From a thousand small burrows, underground insects burst forth, almost directly in Nyubis's face as Aboleth teetered on the edge of a dropoff.

    Aboleth thrashed in the air, panicked -

    Nyubis allowed the bugs to hit him in the face, eating away at him as he breathed the same toxic gas, in the time he save he leaped up directly to Aboleth, clasping her in his arms as a wave of red energy erupted from him in all directions to knock away any foes.

    The serpent's head poked out once more, "Ugh, you two are boring..." Turning away, "Fine, find the little bit of Isha here, I'll let my big sister deal with you."

    Aboleth accepted the save, and reached out with her hands, unleashing her held bolt of energy into the forest at the voice -

    Nyubis's eyes grew in anger as he looked to the voice, A sharp red flash arcing and complementing the bolt as it granted it with greater speed and power. His eyes softened looking to Aboleth.

    "Are you alright?" he spoke, floating down back onto the boat as a small ethereal red cup scooped up Isha's next shard.

    She blushed slightly, her momentary anger forgotten. “I’m fine - I just don’t like being surprised.” Their faces were close, and she sought an escape from her feelings for the moment; she wasn’t ready yet. “Do we know how many fragments of Isha there are to hunt?”

    Nyubis placed her down again so she could stand, a soft smile on his face.

    "I am not wholly sure, but I believe there are seven or so in total," He spoke with a nod, his jackal ears twitching as he inspected the three pieces they had collected thus far. He sat back down in the boat, commanding the magical oars to row once more as they resumed their somewhat peaceful journey.

    Aboleth found herself unable to form the words to break the peaceful, idyllic, silence.

    "Do you..." she hesitated, and then felt more stupid stopping than starting.

    "Do you think of our time together?"

    Nyubis's eyes traveled softly to Aboleth feeling the hesitation in her voice, the nervousness inherent within it. Rejection, and the fear of it, even for gods was not a pleasant experience.

    "I do," he answered simply. His head tilting in thought. "Do you?"

    "I do," admitted Aboleth freely. "Often, and at length."

    Her smile revealed just what she revisited of their tryst.

    "It's not as good as the real thing, but a memory is a start," she looked at him, the distance between them suddenly smaller though she had not really moved.

    Nyubis gave a nod, his face was neutral, it would likely be difficult to read how he was feeling. Perhaps infuriatingly so, but it was not cold, not callous... just... obscure.

    "I...see," he stated looking off to the side, was his mind distant? Or just guarded...?

    Aboleth wasn't sure what to make of that. "You... don't know? Is the Mission that important to you, that you can't... relax? Are you too..." Her tongue sought out the word. "Radicalised not to?"

    Her tone grew teasing.

    "Perhaps," he spoke with a slight grin, eyeing her for a moment before looking back to the path before them

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    A combo post between myself and the incomparable and enigmatic @galactic-vagabond422

    IC: Malagath the Black ( & Xenos Gnostos )
    Freedom's Bow

    With Nyubis moving away and heading off on his own adventure it just left Mal and his crew to head up to the east. They had a week, and with a strong wind, they could make it simply. Though the dangers of the sea were nothing to an experienced sailor like Mal, even if they were churned up by the darkness.

    "Well, I might have to see if I still have some friends in the Uthium military." He said with a smirk noting down his heading. "And see if they still have that treasury I am owed." With another devilish smile he bounded up the steps to the helm quickly taking it and setting their course, North east. The wind slightly bent the brim of his wide hat as it caught in the sails carrying them to their destination.

    "Keep sharp eyes, the seas might hide some new friends for us to play with." He called out to his crew. With a nod they took to their posts tacking and sheeting to the wind. The proud bow of the Bow sliced her way through the waves undaunted by anything in her path.

    "Breach, Starboard side!" The call came down from the Crows nest. Corydon was quick to Mal's side, a spyglass in hand. Mal took it up looking down the glass and seeing what was breaking through the waves...a tentacle curling and smashing into the waves.

    "You saw it too." His half elven friend replied his green eyes needing no enhancement to see was assailed them.

    "That I did." Mal replied. "We run but keep the cannons armed."

    "You think we can outrun it?"

    "We've beaten back one of these things, but we have a place to be, and I don't want to risk my ship against that thing."

    "It is your choice." Cory turned to the crew. "To your stations." He called out.

    A tense stalemate held for a moment Mal looking off to the distance, then to his side, watching the dark patch of sea move ever closer, and closer.

    The closer it moved the harder his heart beat, he could outrun it he was sure, he was so sure…

    That was until a might appendage slammed into the deck of the Bow. A scream was heard as it wrapped around a crew member. Beginning to drag him to his watery grave...though Xenos was near maybe he could do something?

    Much had transpired in such a short time; so many things in fact, that he was still processing them all. These continually evolving circumstances; they had all changed Xenos in ways he was still discovering. But, in his own estimation, he was become more himself, more complete, if that made any sense. One would think he had lost everything, but the opposite was true. He had gained more than he could ever have imagined.

    Xenos remained at his present post, letting the rushing winds wash over him. He was now a temporary 'fixture' aboard the Freedom’s Bow and he felt exactly that: Free! in more ways than he could express, for it was a feeling almost beyond description.

    Dressed in vestments that now marked him as one of the crew members belonging to Captain Malagath, Xenos payed keen attention to everything around him. He listened and watched and learned. This was who and what he was now, that and much more, even now at the supposed 'End of the World'. He could feel Nyubis receding in the distance through their strange bond, just as the stoic demi-god could feel him in return- and so it was.

    The young warrior turned demi-god, was pledged to see this mission through to the very end.

    So much so that when the tentacles appeared, Xenos felt himself tense in preparation to take action. He nodded to himself, understanding that Captain Malagath intended to outrun the sea creature, yet he would be ready just the same- just in case.

    Without a word, yet holding a focused intensity in his gaze, Xenos flexed the fingers of his weapon hand. A shimmering glow coalesced into the sword of his inheritance. A gift of power and magic endowed through the union of his dying parents.

    Xenos was unsure if it was fate or prescience which caused him to summon Taraziel, but no sooner had he done so, that a tentacle appeared, grasping one of Malagath's crew members.

    Without even giving his actions a second thought, Xenos sprang upon it, the shimmering sword slashing with decided accuracy and near-judicial fury, even as he became a blur of motion. With his freehand, the newly minted ‘freedom fighter’ grabbed the threatened crew member and wrested him away from danger, even as he sliced down, fully intent on cutting-off the offending tentacle.

    "Not on my watch!" He said in rebuke.

    A muffled cry came from below, the severed appendage flopped around on the deck wrapping around Xenos's leg the suckers latching onto his calf, the barbed tip of the tentacle burrowing into his leg. Two more writhing arms pierced through the choppy sea sweeping across the main deck taking the legs out from under sailors and barreling towards the hero.

    "Keep it's grubby hands of my deck." Mal called out from the helm stationed upon the aftcastle of the Bow. Three arrows loosed with impossible precision pin one arm to the deck leaving it to thrash about as the crew descended upon it hacking at it with cutlasses and axes.

    That still left another reaching out to gather up the demi god and drag him down below.

    Xenos winced at the pain the moment the barbed tip pierced his flesh, but it was more reflex than anything else. He then understood what was happening: the thrill of battle was surging through him, as it always did, as it always would. In a blink on an eye, Taraziel vibrated, and the offending tentacle was cut into a thousand pieces. Thin ribbons of ichor covered tentacle meat slid off of Xenos' calf, the warrior's attention now moving towards the real problem at hand.

    Xenos allowed the other tentacle to grab him, he did not resist it, but he did smirk. He would be pulled into the water, the creature would bring him closer, perilously so. He would meet this creature and face it in its own element. Nothing would keep them from their mission. They would save Selenia and that would be the end of it.

    Therefore, Xenos allowed himself to be taken into the cold unforgiving sea, even as Taraziel followed, streaking after him.

    "What's that fool..." Mal exclaimed as Xenos was dragged beneath the waves, the sword following after him. "Weigh anchor." He called out. "And reef the sails." They weren't going to leave Xenos behind, or at the very least they were going to give him a chance.

    The Beast dragged the warrior lower and lower into the darkness it's toothy maw opened ready to swallow him whole. The malice and evil rolled off him, the light of the blessed blade trailed behind lighting up the mess of tentacles and teeth, the true size of the monster hidden by the dark waters that swirled around.

    Xenos didn't have time to notice how the frigid sea waters seemed more like a cool breeze to him now, how his metabolism was so transformed, that he could hold his breath far longer than he had ever imagined. No, in this moment, he was focused solely on the terrible Beast that threatened Mal and his crew.

    Indeed, he would not give any indication yet, or struggle as he allowed himself to be dragged deeper and closer to the monstrous maw. This creature did not know what he now knew to be true. Taraziel, the Twilight Sword of Balance, imbued with the power of two gods, grew brighter and more powerful as it drew closer to the creature. It responded in kind to the evil that roiled off from the monster, it matched its intensity and ferocity diametrically. The sword was equal parts light and dark and could resonate with either polarity naturally.

    Xenos remained steadfast in his purpose, steeling himself for the moment he would need to act. Should he be swallowed whole, all the better. Selenia finally had its champions, it was time they acted and started to turn the tide.

    The beast pulled him close and closer believing it had captured a prize, a hero of Selena. The tentacle threw the fledgling god towards it's mouth, the sharp teeth shining in the ever glowing light of the blade of balance. As they started to close, now would be the time to act...or not.

    Intent. It revealed just as much as spoken words or actions, maybe more in some cases. This creature of the deep had not attempted to speak, communicate or mock. No, it had made clear its intentions through its actions, that it only intended to devour and destroy, to fulfill the abyssal will of its master, for why else would it attack the Freedom's Bow?

    The sword now glowed brightly, illuminating the deep enough for Xenos to see the creature for what it was. An enormous monstrosity of writhing tentacles, its maw ringed with long razor sharp teeth, eager to devour its prize. The critical moment was now upon them.

    Xenos opened his hand as the maw began to close. Suddenly, the sword that had been above, now appeared in his hand, bathing him in light, yet it did not blind him. The warrior felt strangely at peace as he grasped the weapon in both hands and plunged it into the beast. Light to dispell darkness, the will to protect versus the lust for destruction.

    Would his ploy work?

    Xenos acted without hesitation, without doubts. He would act in the manner that was true to himself, for the benefit of Selenia, against all odds. He had vowed to do so, each and every time. That's all that mattered.

    A cry of pain, a burst of light pushed back the darkness that threatened to swallow the demigod. Mighty appendages fought and flailed in the water, the death throes of a being of destruction. The dark ichor of the beast was spilled into the sea, floating towards the surface, the monster itself, no longer able to stay afloat began to sink, and sink deeper and deeper into the darkness from which it came.

    Xenos began to feel a burning sensation inside of himself, his lungs, his muscles. He knew exactly what that meant.

    Taraziel had gone dark, now that the terrifying sea monster had been slain, one could argue, by its own evil potency, turned against itself in the form of Light. Now, Xenos found himself surrounded by absolute darkness. His ability to see auras marked the Freedom's Bow and those aboard it, far above his location.

    The warrior exerted a titanic surge of strength and burst through the 'falling' creature's slacking maw. Xenos winced as razor sharp teeth cut his flesh open and used the pain as motivational fuel. For the briefest second, he wondered if Nyubis had felt his wound, but the thought vanished as he swam upward, though he was still surrounded by darkness. The creatures blood tainted the waters and sought to impact his progress, to defeat him even after it had been slain.

    'Father, guide me. Mother, give me strength.' Xenos found himself issuing a silent votive.

    Thus it came to pass, that the sword sped past him and remained several meters ahead of him, moving ever upward. Xenos could clearly see the sword's aura, even in the darkness and made reaching for it his focus, used it as his guide to reach the surface.

    His lungs were now burning fiercely, he could now feel the icy waters, his body aching, but he refused to give up. He kicked with all his might and continued to undulate after the sword, which seemed to be increasing speed with each passing moment. He had to keep up, if it was the last thing he did.

    Xenos pressed his focus and his will with every exertion. His body was trying to slow down, to give in to fatigue. He ignored cramps that were beginning to set themselves in places they had no business doing so. He was certain he had a gash going down the length of his arm, but that was not important, for it would heal...but only if he lived.

    Within moments, the warrior could feel the oceanic pressure lessening all around him, but was still engulfed in darkness. Was he getting any closer to the surface? He could not tell. He even thought to have imagined the sound of splashing waters. No , he could not let himself be distracted or allow his mind to wander. He would follow the sword, focus on swimming, fight encroaching unconsciousness and the deadness that began to creep into his flesh and bones.

    As the darkness closed in around the young hero there was the sound of something entering the water. It was hard to see much of anything in the darkened water. As his vison went dark arms wrapped around him.

    The next time his eyes opened he was looking up at Mal, hair wet, and lacking a shirt.

    "You alright lad? That's twice I've saved you from the water." With a smirk Mal took Xeno's hand and pulled him to his feet. "To your post. We have a long way yet to go."

    Xenos opened his mouth, as he tried to respond, but before he could form any words, he found himself coughing vehemently, as if he were having a chocking fit. The young warrior coughed and coughed his 'lungs out', until he finally managed to get himself sorted.

    "Uhhh....." He wiped his face absently, then forced a weak smile. "Thank you, Captain..."

    Xenos took Mal's offered hand and grunted as he rose to his feet. "That's two I owe you." He said with a grin, after glancing at the blackened waters. At least the present threat had been dealt with.

    Upon been given his new orders, Xenos offered the captain a crisp salute. He was already feeling some of his strength returning.

    "Aye, aye! Captain, back to my post I go."

    Without another word, he began to move out, finding his place in the rhythm of the Freedom's Bow.

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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to @Ktala and @darthbernael for this joint post together :)

    ~IC~ Sagitar + Nissa
    Location: Al Qahla, west of the mountains

    Sagitar halted. He cautiously lowered the tip of his sword while he tightening his grip on his staff. His brow furrowed upon hearing his own name being used by the dark figure. This was unexpected. He took a step forward to shield Nissa from the figure. He hoped the faerie would use the opportunity to nock her bow.

    “It is discourteous to use one’s name in greeting without exchanging one’s own in return.” He remarked dryly. “How shall we address thee?”

    The dark wizard smiled, coldly and cruelly. "You wish to know how to address me? That is the start, the start to what I desire of you. We will reach what that is soon enough. You may call me Nyarlathotep though." He stated flatly.

    Glancing once more at the fairy, "And the little one, what use is she to you? You are stronger and more capable yet you shelter her here."

    ‘No, no no!' Nissa thought to herself, as she had grown to her full size. She hated this! This was a trap for sure! Having everyone separate was never a good idea. But Sagitar had already started moving, under Arienn's words, so she followed him. When they came upon the dark dome in the middle of the forest, Nissa could practically feel the evil coming from it. As they examined the dome, A dark chuckle sounded from the dome before a figure strode out of it.

    “Hello Sagitar, you have chosen the wrong side in this battle, but perhaps that can be changed. And I brought me a gift, in the little fairy.” the dark wizard said, in a low, gravelly tone.

    Nissa frowned. Why did this thing know Sagitar? Her frown deepened as the thing called her 'a gift.' She would show him, a gift, all right. As an arrow came fixed to her bow, Sagitar had stepped in front of her.

    “It is discourteous to use one’s name in greeting without exchanging one’s own in return.” He remarked dryly. “How shall we address thee?

    The dark being smiled, coldly and cruelly. "You wish to know how to address me? That is the start, the start to what I desire of you. We will reach what that is soon enough. You may call me Nyarlathotep though." He stated flatly.

    Dark domes. Dark men. What was he hiding behind the dome? Nissa started to move her lips sightly. The thing looked at her. "And the little one, what use is she to you? You are stronger and more capable yet you shelter her here."

    "Nothing that a worm like you needs to know." Nissa snapped back, waiting on her arrow. She held her arrow...for now.

    Sagitar narrowed his gaze, his mouth drooped to a frown. That name struck a chord for he had have heard of such a name before... if it was indeed the one and only. Slowly he raised his staff upright and gently leaned onto it, giving the impression of age and tiredness.

    As Nissa spoke, Sagitar whispered under his breath to the crystal within the head of the staff. It started to emit a faint light.

    “Maybe we have chosen the wrong side for this particular battle...” he gave a perplexed look. “...though I am certain we took a right turn in getting here. No matter, we’re here now none the less...”

    He took a step forward. “...Since you have given advice, I shall do so in return....” The wizard straightened up, appearing taller and his voice projecting deeper. “If it is power you seek... power above all. Turn back. That path is folly. It will only bring you pain.”

    Tapping the base of the staff onto the ground, a flash of blue light erupted from the crystal and engulfed both Sagitar and Nissa. As the flash subsided, a faint glow of translucent blue light shimmered over both Nissa and Sagitar’s form. A protective barrier. A second skin.

    A cold, mocking smile crossed Nyarlathotep's face as the two champions responded. He remained silent, his eyes flitting to the fairy and a dark chuckle sounding as he could see the edge of her bow and knew she had an arrow strung. He watched, one eyebrow arching, as the protective spell went into place around both of them.

    "A worm you say, thank you..." He replied, sarcasm dripping from his tone. As Sagitar had done, the base of his staff tapped the desert sands. The dunes trembled and rocked. In just a few moments the sands surrounding the glowing champions began to swirl. And then large mandibles and teeth emerged from the sand, the head continuing to surface, Nyarlathotep disappearing from sight as the teeth began to close over their heads.


    The dark wizard's voice could still be heard, echoing around them, "You wanted a worm, little fairy, enjoy my pet, if you can."

    “Were-wyrms...” Sagitar said as he sized up the monstrosities that breached the sands. They are creatures from an older time. What madness was Nyarlathotep playing at by waking them up?

    A giant wyrm breached before them, rising up like a tower. Rivers of sand gushed about its armoured hide and rained down upon them. The overbearing head turned in their direction with its gapping maw enlarging... it’s serrated mandibles twitching.

    Looking up, Sagitar took a step back. The diameter of the maw could swallow a building whole. No way to out run... but to fight-

    “Flee!” He shouted to Nyssa as the wyrm’s head rushed down. With a flick of his wrist, he brought the end of his staff up and with his power, pushed Nyssa away from him.

    He closed his eyes and held his sword and staff close... as darkness claims him.

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    Update 18

    Al Qahla, west of the mountains

    The dark wizard turned away, as his wyrm swallowed both champions, or so he believed. His staff touched the desert floor and the raiders that had been sent to draw both champions to his location were stripped of their memories of the event, sent back to their tribes. He cocked his head, sending his thoughts out, to his Master. Mental communion passed for several long moments before he nodded. The staff twirled, a dark gateway opening in the air. With one last glance around the desert sands, the wizard disappeared, headed to a location unknown to the champions.

    As the gateway closed, the sands and pressure of the darkness receded, allowing the Nissa to see around her. Before her, the shield still shimmering around her although it was fading slowly, the tail of the mighty wyrm swayed as it drove deeper into the sands, a ridge of sand beginning to form, in a line in the general direction of the coast. The other champions were away and the dark forces still abroad in the night kept her from sensing them. The only thing she could sense was that the wyrm, with a small spark of Sagitar, fading as the shield did even as the wyrm moved, was headed where she needed to be, and that the essence of Arienn was also headed in that direction.

    In the distance, as she took flight, a dark, flying being could be seen. Apparently the dark wizard had not been her test, she’d quickly realize as the dark form moved to reach her flight path halfway to the coast.

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    Forests at the border of Al Qalha and Qedraerhiel

    “You two ssshould get a room. Ignore the quessst to find Isssha’sss essssencesss and jussst take your relationssship further.” came with hissing laughter, from deeper in the woods. The serpent still lived and was apparently keeping track of both Nyubis and Aboleth. “But, I do recall I wasss going to let my big sssissster deal with you. Ssshe is waiting, with ssseveral of Isssha’sss essssencesss, approximately a hundred leaguesss into the foressstsss of Qedraerhiel.”

    The sound of the mighty serpent moving could be heard in the distance. “I’ll let you both travel, but I’m going to enjoy obssserving you encountering her petsss.”

    The map that Rian had given them began to glow, letting them see the best routes to find the remain shards of Isha’s essence, there were sullen glows upon it as well, giving them general reference as to where pockets of their foes were located but, the further from their current location, the fewer there seemed to be, indicating that a dark presence was affecting the map itself.

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    Al Qahla, west of the mountains

    The warlock’s head fell back in a rolling laugh as Mieli charged forward. His troops raced forward, shielding the warlock and his lesser mages. Dark, twisted magic rose even as his troops died, their souls fueling his magics. “So, the easy death is what you desire, so be it. One less champion for my Master to have to face later.”

    A wave of pulsating magic rolled out from his staff, even the fallen dwarves now rising in undeath, turning on their companions, wreaking havoc as they rose behind the lines of the dwarves even now battling the wargs and goblins. The warlock laughed again, high pitched, mocking, “Keep trying to reach me or cut down your brothers and sisters I’ve just resurrected, kill them again. It matters not, you’re not leaving this battle before the others are resolved.”

    With his last words, his staff struck the desert floor and a deep dome of sickly green light sprung into existence, cutting off this battle from any other battle now occurring. “Come now, which is more pressing, killing me, joining me, or killing your kin?” the warlock taunted Mieli.

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    Approaching the passage between Uthium and Al Qalha

    Xenos had healed rapidly, the cuts and bruises beginning to fade from his encounter with the minion of the Destructor. Rumors and fact had spread among Malagath’s crew that the young man had allowed himself to be dragged into the abyss and killed the creature singlehanded. It caused a mixture of respect and loathing among the crew, some admiring him deeply and others wondering why they were even needed if a being like he was involved.

    Malagath would have his hands full with those on both sides of that divide about Xenos over the next few days, that they didn’t suffer another such attack was a relief because the crew needed to be united and, while Xenos had certainly saved them, it had divided them to a degree. At the dawning of the third day of the attack the Freedom’s Bow approached the narrowing of the Middle Sea, the passage between Uthium and Al Qalha.

    But...things had changed. Now a massive chain seemed to cross the passage, stretching to the smudge on the horizon that was Uthium to the west, and to the smudge that was the edge of Al Qalhan territorial waters to the east. Along the length, the lookout could see Uthium Naval ships patrolling the length of the chain, docking by massive buoys that held it up, checking the trailing chains that descended from it into the water.

    What was even more disturbing...creatures similar to the one Xenos had killed seemed to be patrolling between the Uthium vessels, as though they too were part of that nation’s attempt to take control of the passage, that that nation had joined with their foe.

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    IC Zinnia and The Big Black Bad Dragon….
    Thank you to our Game Master for this romp!

    Zinnia lowered her head, narrowed her eyes and dug her claws into the ground. "I never was a queen, but compared to you, I am a goddess." She breathed.

    The massive black dragon snorted, "You taste of a goddess, one who would have been a good addition to our ranks, but no goddess are you." His breath flared out and the sands around them froze.

    The warmth began to build in her chest, he'd frozen the sands, she began to wonder if he'd be able to stand on glass? She breathed in slowly. "Says you." With that she released a ball of fire, blazing and white hot, at his feet. Instantly melting the frozen sand and melting it to a shiny reflective glass layer.

    A smile split the reptilian maw of the black dragon; large, razor-sharp talons crunched through the glassed sands. "Heat to cold, predictable..." he hissed out. One foot kicked up the sharded glassed sands, his breath spinning it into a towering whirlwind that drove toward Zinnia.

    The moment he broke the glass, she knew his intentions and instantly wrapped her powerful wings around her, they were not as fragile as they appeared, more likened to a shield of steel. Their expanse covered her, protected her from the blast, she felt it but it was inconsequential. Parting them ever so slightly she looked with one eye to observe his next move while she considered her options and tried to figure out what her Goddess given gift was.

    As the whirlwind advanced, so too did Zinnia's foe. He advanced, his wings wrapping around the golden dragon, wing claws raking at her wings, his taloned feet reaching one at a time to claw at her legs. His muzzle was close to hers, his frigid breath pressing against the warmth coming from hers, thunderstorms gathering just over their heads from the temperature differential.

    A voice came to Zinnia's mind, Arienn's. My child, I wish I could have taught you more before this. Wait, find the moment that he seems to have won, to have defeated you. When that moment comes, touch the power Andrissa gave you. Touch it and will it to be otherwise, bend that moment to your will.

    The voice caught Zinnia off guard and she was unprepared when he attacked, and he really did attack. His close presence caused her to shiver, his body was ice cold. The power, where was it? How did she ‘touch’ it? She wondered as a sense of panic began to set it, his claws slashing at her legs. Storm clouds gathered, the power, it was in her. She closed her gold eyes and called in her mind to the gift, to give her the power she needed to do what she needed to so. Calling upon the swirling storm clouds she urged them to strike at her enemy.

    The twisting clouds blackened, thickening and growling with thunderous roars, then they struck. Thick blazing bolts, three in all, erupted from the clouds, aiming at the back of the blackened dragon’s neck.

    The massive foe bellowed as the lightning struck, his head whipped forward from the impact, snout crunching against Zinnia's. He woozily recovered, a deep growl emanating from his chest. Backing off, he raised his maw, belching frigid breath into the clouds, freezing portions of them, massive chunks of ice beginning to fall. "Tricky little gold, someone's been helping you." He spat out.

    Stumbling backward gaining distance between them she said nothing. Zinnia had found the power and as he froze the clouds to ice, she unfurled her wings, flapping them in massive swings and successfully changing the direction of the ice. She noted his head facing skyward and, in a heartbeat, poured white hot fire at his neck, the very source of his cold power.

    His wings snapped up, encircling him, as she attacked. Icy wind rose with his wings movement and, even as his wings singed at the attack, his head snaked down, red eyes meeting hers. His breath blew a gale and an explosion of power erupted between them as his frigid breath met her fiery one. Both were thrown backward further, the ice impacting the sands. He rolled, coming up, wings cupping the air to bring him to his claws. "You should have chosen to support us, whether this battle solves anything or not, your champions will fail."

    Stepping back, Zinnia maintained her balance, she'd somehow been prepared for his response. Was this her gift now, she knew his reaction? He spoke again, goading her once again, and once again she intentionally chose to not respond, instead she flapped her massive power wings and rose, delivering another burst of fire at him.

    His wings blasted air toward her as the flapped, lifting him from his feet, into the air, the trail of fire from her breath following on his heels. He circled and wheeled, letting her exhaust her flame production. As he twirled and dove, he shot burst after burst of icy breath at her, trying to distract her. Eventually they found themselves facing each other, both all but having exhausted their power. "We are stalemated, little gold, for now." His head cocked to the side for a moment as though listening to a faraway voice. As his attention turned back to her, "We shall meet again, and you will meet your cousins, be stripped of your friends and face us all, alone."

    Zinnia listened, she was not totally spent, now with her new found control of 'fate'. Rising up on her hind legs she towered over him. "You talk too much; be gone you blow heart and tell your pathetic story to someone who believes it!" She roared.

    The black dragon laughed, a teakettle hissing sound. "You think I battled you to simply kill you here and now? How funny. No, your band is scattered, your patron seems gone, I have done my job." His wings flared and suddenly he shot like a bolt, screaming across the sands, disappearing to the north and west, out toward the coast of the continent.
    Zinnia lowered herself to the sand, he was merely a distraction, but she had faith in those she travelled with. In the short time she'd seen them prove themselves and she knew in her heart, his words were nothing more than a way to torment her. She watched his departure for a hand full of seconds before turning to listen. She'd go now where she was needed most.