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Star Wars OPEN The Final Stand-Chapter 2- accepting new players

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Taylor Neir, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    This is it. The war was over but not the way the jedi imagined it. Order 66 had been executed and the jedi order was destroyed by all was not lost as there were still jedi left throughout the galaxy. Some joined the empire others lived in the shadows or stood up against the empire that now tore the galaxy apart. Would the jedi defeat the empire in the different sectors of the galaxy.

    What is this roleplay about?
    This roleplay is based after the fall of the jedi order and 3 years after order 66. you will play a jedi or a member of the rebel alliance. You can either work against the efforts of the empire or with it.

    1) No Godmodding
    2) Up to 2 character accepted per user. (unless given permission by GMs via PM)
    3) Follow the rules of the TOC.
    4) Have fun
    5) For this Chapter chacaters from the pre-order 66 era are now available for players to RP as, a list is down below
    6) Character sheet must be approved by GMS (@Tay Neir, @greyjedi125)

    Also here is the OOC page, The Final Stand Out of character page.

    Characters available

    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Ashoka Tano
    Kannan Jarrus
    Ezra Brider
    Luminara Undiule
    Senator Bail Oragna
    Grand inquisitor

    Chacaters Taken

    Darth Vader- @T4M1-7
    Reva (Inquisitor) - @noiamyourFADAH
    Character Sheet

    Faction: (Jedi, Rebel alliance or empire)
    Weapon: (If any)
    Physical description or Image:
    Droid: (if any)
    Star ship: (If any)

    Now let The Final Stand Chapter 2 begin.

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  2. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    I'll kick off this Chapter with Tanal Jahid.

    Name: Tanal Jahid
    Species: Nutolan
    Faction: Jedi
    Age: 24
    Weapon: N/A currently using Master Neirs saber
    Physical description or Image: Green skin, large black eyes, tall and slim and a missing head tail.
    Language: Galactic basic
    Personality: Kind, warm hearted and unpredictable
    Droid: R2-T6
    Star ship: X-wing


    IC: Tanal Jahid

    Previously in Chapter 1.

    Tanal and his party came out of hyperspace and saw the vessel before them. He could feel the pain in the sith apprentice and the presence of Master Starwalker.

    "This is it folks, Master Starwalker in within that vessel, me and Arito will push in and deal with Nammend. The rest of you will get Master Starwalker out and get him back to the main flagship. May the force be with us." Commanded Tanal it was not his first extraction and it would not be his last.

    This time in Chapter 2

    Tanal brought his ship around and they perpered to initiate the rescue when Tanal felt 2 different things happening in two different locations, the first came from below as Nammend fought Vader and Starwalker ran off. The other coming from much further away in hutt space as Safina and Farnun's plan went off the rails, but there was another with them from this distance Farnun and the other where faint but Safina's was as clear as day.

    "Arito, are you in postion?" Asked Tanal

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  3. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Character Sheet

    Name: Farnun Venat
    Species: Human
    Age: 21
    Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Vibro Shiv


    Physical description: Tall, dark and handsome
    Language: Galactic Basic, Corellian ( oh yeah, a bit of Huttese )
    Personality: Impulsive, kind. Determined, empathetic.
    Droid: None yet
    Star ship: Y-Wing ( all gone now )

    Previously in Chapter 1.

    While on the run from the Empire - and luckily remaining a few steps ahead, Farnun ran into a couple of Jedi while in hiding. That’s when he met the beautiful Jedi Safina, which unconsciously inspired him to keep fighting the ‘good fight’. Doing so meant he could stay close to the inspiring Mirialan ( and the Jedi ), but this also meant a lot more Imperial entanglements, which he had been avoiding so earnestly in the first place.
    Chapter 2, ‘Lights Out!’

    Nar Shaddaa! Likely the only place not crawling with Imperials, a place where one could do some decent trading’, if one knew how to game the gamers. To that end, Farnun and Safina travelled to the Smuggler’s Moon, on a mission to quietly obtain parts to build a lightsaber. Farnun brought Safina to an old ‘contact’, a Junker by the name of Babidi, whom he had aided some time before.

    Farnun reached Babidi’s junkyard/workshop and tried to contact the diminutive alien, who at first seemed reluctant to admit him. Once inside, Babidi welcomed the pair by displaying Farnun’s wanted holo. He wished for Farnun to work off his ‘bounty’ in return for his ‘freedom’. A deal was reached, but a Trandoshan appeared with Gamorreans, who wasted no time attempting to cart off with Safina. There was sudden movement- and then: Light’s off!!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Moff Hellyon
    Species: Human
    Faction: Empire
    Age: 54
    Weapon: Force-Pike, Holdout Blaster


    Physical description: Dashing enough to be mistaken for a Graul.
    Language: Galactic Basic, Coruscanti
    Personality: Calculating, Ambitious, Militant, Manipulative
    Droid: N/A
    Star ship: ISD Armageddon

    Previously in Chapter 1.

    A man who prides himself in the Rule of Law, Moff Hellyon finds the Jedi and the rebels to be a collective band of tragic and foolish daydreamers who must be put to rest. He’s assisted Lord Vader in several ‘peacekeeping’ campaigns already and will continue to do so. However, he does seem to have an agenda of his own in all of this.
    Chapter 2, Coruscant Bound!

    The ISD Armageddon and all vessels under Moff Hellyon’s command have been recalled to the capital. Despite this, the very vigilant man still has his intelligence network and his informants keeping him up to date on his quarry possible whereabouts.
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  4. T4M1-7

    T4M1-7 Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 30, 2022
    Name: Safina Ushali
    Species: Mirialan
    Faction: Jedi
    Age: 19
    Weapon: Lightsaber with blue blade
    Physical description or Image:
    Language: Basic, Mirialan
    Personality: Demure, quiet, but occasionally mischievous, afflicted with the impatience and lack of emotional control common to many Padawans

    * * *
    The story so far...

    Having escaped from Order 66 while on Tatooine, Safina has been on the run in the Outer Rim, stirring up minor acts of defiance against the Empire and earning herself a reputation as a stubborn trouble maker amongst the Inquisitors that pursue her.

    Then she met Tanal Jahid, and learned that a true fledging Rebellion movement was beginning - as well as perhaps the start of a new Jedi Order, bringing together other survivors.

    She also met Farnun Vanet - a handsome scoundrel for whom she has developed feelings.

    Safina has been sent on a mission by Master Jahid to collect the technical parts for a new lightsaber. She asked Farnun for help and together they travelled to Nar Shaddaa, looking to trade with its notorious black marketeers.

    After meeting Babidi it became clear the Empire was looking for them, there was a price on their heads, and then the lights went out...

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  5. T4M1-7

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    Jan 30, 2022
    *** GM APPROVED ***
    IC: Safina

    Nar Shaddaa, Gorga’s Court


    “Now, you dance!” growled Sssurk. The hefty Trandoshan shoved Safina toward one of the tables circling the hall, where the despicable patrons whooped and pawed at her. A jerk on the chain connected to the quadanium slave collar around her neck reminded the young Jedi that refusal brought consequences.

    Safina groaned. How could I have been so stupid?

    Back at Babidi’s workshop, the hostility and danger had been rippling through the Force so strongly that even a dull Padawan such as she could not mistake the signs. Sssurk and his Gamorrean henchmen were undoubtedly bad people… But she was so desperate to help Farnun, she had ignored the warnings of her instincts and gone with them willingly.

    Then, the moment… She thought she remembered turning and seeing the appearance of the armour-clad figure, but then everything had gone dark. The bruise on the back of her head told Safina that Sssurk had clubbed her unconscious.

    She had awoken in a dungeon, clad in skimpy clothes not her own, and with a slave collar around her neck. Grop and Throt, the two thuggish Gamorreans, had roughly dragged her upstairs to meet Gorga the Hutt. On the way, she had objected to her clothing. But they had simply laughed and suggested she take it all off then.

    Safina soon discovered that the giant obese slug called Gorga was not, in fact, interested in the nuances of Mirialan Animal-Spirit traditional interpretive dances. She was there to entertain the Hutt’s cronies and visitors in a different way.

    But she had one advantage over this motley crowd. None of them knew she was a Jedi. The dilemma she had now was how long to put up with her ill-treatment. How long before she had earned enough credits to secure Farnun’s freedom?

    Sssurk, who seemed to be Gorga’s chief ‘enforcer’, was strangely vague about that.

    So, reluctantly, recoiling from the leering sentients surrounding her, Safina danced. She glanced at Gorga, reclining on his voluminous throne. While she kept him happy and gave enough time to each of the tables around the court, she avoided trouble. The music played, and she danced.

    The proceedings were interrupted by a new visitor. A tall severe man in white blazer and black uniform trousers swept into the court and the music died. An Imperial security droid bent low to pass through the archway and follow the man into the court, but then took up position guarding the exit.

    Safina stopped her performance and watched. The entire court had fallen into silence, and lots of eyes followed the Imperial officer – for that was surely who this was – as he approached Gorga’s throne.

    Rasev – Gorga’s ill-tempered RA-7 protocol droid, shuffled beside its master and glared at the Imperial with huge, insect-like eyes. Gorga rumbled something in his deep voice and Rasev intoned in a grating, electronic voice.

    “You come unannounced, Commander Snyde, into Hutt space. The mighty Gorga asks why? It is too early for the tithe collection.”

    Safina slid to the side of the room, observing the confrontation. There was clearly a relationship of mutual dislike here. And Safina knew that Gorga could speak Basic. The use of the droid was a deliberate snub, an attempt to demonstrate Gorga would not lower himself to speaking the language of the Empire. But there was also a tacit acknowledgement by the Hutt that he did not wish to antagonise Snyde too much.

    The Imperial brushed an imaginary speck from his white tunic. “I come not purely for official administration matters this time.”

    Gorga rumbled incredulously. “Pleasure, then?” grunted the droid.

    “Hardly,” muttered Snyde. “I come to offer intelligence to a business partner, as a favour.”

    Rasev translated. Gorga awaited the rest. Snyde continued. “If you are holding any Jedi, now is the time to cash in on the bounty. Are you?”

    Safina listened very hard now.

    Through the translator droid, Gorga declared that he did not hold any Jedi and knew of none on Nar Shaddaa. Rasev added comments from the Hutt, “It seems your Emperor is not so mighty that these Jedi still run free in the Galaxy.”

    Snyde waved a hand dismissively. “Not for much longer. We hold some of them and the Empire is about to spring a trap to end the Jedi forever. A prison barge awaits them, and on board our entire army of inquisitors as well as legions of Dark Troopers. This will be the last chance to claim any bounty on them.”

    Safina’s eyes widened. “Where is this trap?” she blurted out before she could help herself.

    Snyde turned slowly and glared at her. “What did you say, girl?”

    Realising her mistake, but desperate to find out where the trap would be, Safina wracked her brains for a moment. Then an idea bloomed.

    “Ryloth,” she said.

    “What?” said Snyde.

    Safina pointed at the translator droid. “He said you said Ryloth. When he translated just now.”

    Rasev grunted annoyance at Safina, but Gorga demanded an explanation in Huttese. The droid turned and spoke to the Hutt.

    “No, I did not say Ryloth,” said Snyde.

    “No, I said he said you said Ryloth,” said Safina.

    “What?” said Snyde. “You said I said Ryloth?”

    “No! I said he said you said Ryloth!”

    Rasev was having trouble keeping up with the conversation and translating it to Gorga, who was also becoming angry.

    “This trap is on Ryloth?” boomed the Hutt, in Basic.

    “Enough!” Snyde stamped a foot in frustration. “The trap is at Sullust.”

    Safina immediately bowed her head and looked away. She said in a quiet voice. “Oh, I see.”

    Though she had obtained the information she wanted, she knew it would come at a cost. As expected, Gorga pulled hard on her chain. At the same time, Sssurk grabbed her from behind and dragged to the Hutt’s throne.

    You will learn not to speak unless you are spoken to!” the reptilian hissed close to her ear.

    “I apologise for this one. She is new. She will be punished,” said Gorga, now addressing Snyde in Basic. “Was there anything else?”

    Snyde hesitated, looking Safina up and down. “The girl. Is she for sale? I will give you a good price.”

    Gorga pulled Safina in close, a flabby arm wrapping around her naked hips. She braced herself, knowing what would come next. A slimy tongue flopped out and licked her face. Safina tried hard not to vomit.

    “No,” said Gorga. “I like this one. Feisty, but she will learn her place.”

    “Then I will be on my way,” said Snyde. “The next time you hear from me, the Jedi will be but a fading memory in this Galaxy.”

    Gorga raised a goblet of wine in his free hand. “To the end of the Jedi, then.”

    Snyde turned and marched out the hall, followed by his sinister security droid. Gorga released his grip on Safina, and Grot and Throt came to aid Sssurk, taking hold of her limbs.

    “Take her to the dungeon,” said Gorga. “For discipline.”

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  6. Beskar_Whistle

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    Oct 25, 2022
    Name: Adon Haran
    Species: Human Mandalorian
    Faction: Independent Contractor (For GM: would start as a contracted Jedi hunter for the Empire, but with the ulterior motive of using the Empire’s info network to find and join forces with the Jedi in retaliation for the occupation of Mandalore. Outward indications of slain Jedi are mostly for show and reputation boosting with Imperial forces, and generally are discarded sabers he’s recovered)
    Age: 34
    Weapons: Extendable beskar gauntlet blade, beskar boot knife, wrist flamethrower, knee launchers, grapple launcher, Glie-44 blaster pistol, customized scoped slugthrower rifle (lethal, explosive, shock, and mercy rounds)
    Armor: Brown and tan beskar’gam made of beskar, matching buy’ce (helmet) with integrated comms, thermal imaging, and weapon links, jet pack (without rocket, most of the time) featuring broken lightsaber components fused to the shell, brown flight suit and tan padded kama
    Language: Basic, Mando’a, Binary, Jawaese, Rodese, Huttese
    Personality: Adon Haran keeps most of his personal history close to his chest, given his line of work as a soldier-for-hire. While many Mandalorians find work as bounty hunters, Adon’s specialty lies with a very specialized area: Force users. Accustomed to hunting down and handling Jedi and the reclusive Sith alike, Adon has put considerable expense and effort into his armor and weaponry, from full beskar construction to specialized weaponry that comes as close as possible to going toe to toe with a lightsaber and keeping his head firmly attached to his shoulders.

    With the announcement of Order 66, Adon has closely followed the progress of the Imperial Inquisition, going so far as to make contact with the Empire regarding tracking down the Jetiise. While he has so far primarily been an info gatherer, the direct confrontations have consistently been short and sweet, and tend to add broken lightsaber pieces to the collection fused onto his jetpack as a warning.

    On the job, Adon is quiet, no-nonsense, and tactically minded. With most people, his armor and trophies do much of the talking for him, as does the general reputation of Mandalorians among most as fierce fighters. However, his off the clock personality can be quite the opposite, given the chance to relax with someone he deems worth getting to know personally. He enjoys pints of ne’tra gal over a game of Sabac, a deck of which he keeps on hand in case he meets someone who wants to part with their credits in rapid fashion.
    Droid: “Droids just slow me down…or get shot.” – Adon Haran, on astromechs

    Adon typically avoids taking on droids of any type, as he believes they are a hassle to keep up with and tend to draw fire entirely too much. To date, he has taken on a total of 7 astromechs over the years, only to see every single one be blown to pieces by blaster fire, or be pulverized by a charging Reek, in one unfortunate case.

    Currently, Adon employs a specialized seeker droid nicknamed Prowler as an extension of his armor’s recon systems. The small, hovering droid is fitted with a pair of manipulator arms, scanners and sensors of various types, a small cutting torch, retracting scomp link, holoprojector, comms transceiver, and a few other recon-oriented tools. Prowler tends to shy away from combat, as the droid is not outfitted with weaponry. His role is more geared toward recon, slicing, and infil/exfil support for Adon.

    Star ship:

    Genet Galaar (“Gray Hawk”)

    Previously, in Chapter 1:
    Adon Haran encountered Safina and Farnun on the docks, unknown to them, and sent his seeker droid, Prowler, to tail them after recognizing tell-tale signs of a Jedi and learning of the bounty on Farnun's head. After tracking them to a junk yard, Adon found his way inside and came upon the pair as they were being confronted by a friend-turned-enemy and his HK droid. As Prowler cut the power to the facility, the party was sent into darkness...and chaos. What sort of situation will Farnun and Safina find themselves in when the lights return?
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  7. T4M1-7

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    Jan 30, 2022
    IC: Safina
    Nar Shaddaa, the Dungeon of Gorga


    Safina struggled as Grot and Throt dragged her down to the dungeons. Sssurk now had her legs gripped in his reptilian arms and led the way deeper down the stone steps.

    It was sweltering hot and humid down here. They reached the room. They had a machine here, a kind of frame, reaching from the low ceiling down to the flagged stone floor. Safina guessed its original purpose was to dismember old droids – pull their limbs out of their sockets ready for recycling. Now they used it for discipline.

    She had already endured an agonising session with the shock truncheons, as a warning on what would happen if she “displeased the master”.

    Sssurk turned and flashed a grin with pointed teeth. “I always enjoy this part of the job.”

    Safina decided this was the moment. Her slave collar had been uncoupled and left up above in the throne room.

    She twisted in the grip of Sssurk and her legs came momentarily free. She used the hold of the Gamorreans on her arms as leverage and lashed out with a bare-footed kick to the Trandoshan’s head, sending him reeling.

    Her skin was by now coated with a slick film of sweat in the heat, and she wriggled free one arm from her porcine captor’s grip, immediately gifting him with an elbow smash to the snout. Then, with her free hand she punched Throt in the snout, too. The Gamorreans squealed and fell backwards.

    For a moment, she was free.

    Safina struck a stance as the Throt and Grop surged back toward her. She took a breath. She knew what to do.

    Safina remembered the Battle of Utapau. She remembered the surge of Force power that she had unleashed. Then, it had been an uncontrolled outpouring of hatred. Now, she acted calmly and with clarity. She had done it before; she grasped the invisible strands of Force energy and directed them as required. Her intent now was to save them from harm, not destroy them. It made all the difference.

    She thrust out with her palms, and the invisible battering ram of the Force Strike slammed into Throt and Grop and threw them against the far wall, knocking them unconscious.

    Safina took a fraction of a moment to reflect. She had never been able to do that before. Not with any consistency. A long ago lesson from Master Qiid surfaced in her mind, from a time when she had sulkily challenged the need for a Padawan to learn to build their own lightsaber.

    “It’s just a technical procedure… how can it be so important?” she had pouted.

    “You will learn, my young Padawan,” he had replied. “It is not the physical building of the lightsaber that counts, but the spiritual journey we undertake to reach that goal.”

    For just that fraction of a moment, Safina thought she might understand what he meant. She was growing in her powers, but more importantly, in her understanding of the Force.

    The moment was broken as a movement behind her heralded the oncoming attack of Sssurk. The 'Doshan had recovered and was lunging for her. Safina span and saw he had grabbed a vibro-halberd from a rack on the wall.

    The young Mirialan stretched out a hand and another of the hafted weapons flew to her grip. She was growing in her confidence in the use of Force telekinesis, too.

    They traded blows, clashing hafts then blades in a fearsome martial display down in the dingy dungeon. Sssurk was by far the stronger opponent. The ‘Doshan towered over Safina and was at least twice her weight. But the slender girl was quick and skilful, and did not try to stop blows dead, rather diverting and counter-attacking.

    Sssurk became frustrated and reckless. The opening came. Safina pounced, falling into a crouch and slicing low with the halberd. She cut the reptilian’s right leg clean away, below the knee.

    Sssurk collapsed, dropping his weapon and clutching the wound, gasping for breath.

    Safina stood over him, the blade point of the polearm pointing to his chin. “Where are my clothes, you scumbag?”

    “My leg! My leg! You cut off my leg!” hissed the crocodilian, writhing on the ground.

    Safina shrugged. “You’re a ‘Doshan. It’ll grow back. Now, my clothes?”

    She pushed the blade so that it touched his chin. Sssurk did not answer, but his slit pupils glanced sideways, toward a locker against the far wall. Safina skipped toward it and slashed the padlock with one swipe of the halberd.

    The doors opened and she found inside a jumble of clothes and other personal items. They were women’s clothes… some looked like the dancing costume similar to that she had been forced to wear, others were more normal. She guessed they had been confiscated. As she touched them, echoes in the Force told Safina of the despair of those that had passed before her through this place. She turned and scowled at Sssurk.

    Then she found her own minidress, bundled into a corner of the closet. With a surge of relief – and some disbelief – she found her lightsaber rolled up in the folds of the skirt.

    There was no time to lose. She slipped the dress over her head and clipped the saber to her hip.

    Sssurk saw the cylinder of the saber and said, “What even is that? Some kind of alarm transmitter?”

    Safina shook her head. She should have been grateful for the stupidity of her captors, but somehow it saddened her that after only three years the galaxy was forgetting what the traditional trappings of a Jedi looked like.

    She strode toward the ‘Doshan and ignited her saber. Now the azure blue blade extended with a snap-hiss and hovered dangerously close to his chin. His eyes widened.

    “You’re… you’re a Jedi!?”

    Safina lowered her stance and looked him in the eye. “Yes. And I have a message for your master. If he, or you, or anyone here lays hands on a woman without their consent again, I and my kind will come back for you. Do not forget it.”

    Despite his astonishment, Sssurk regained some composure. “Your kind? Ha! The Empire will end your kind soon enough!”

    Safina straightened, deactivated her lightsaber and scowled down at the Trandoshan. “We shall see about that.”

    Then with a carefully judged surge of the Force she banged his head on the stone ground and knocked him out.

    It did not take her long to find an escape route out of the dungeon, and she was fortunate that only one other guard had to suffer temporary unconsciousness along her way. But when Safina emerged onto the streets of Nar Shaddaa, panic threatened to take her again. The busy avenue outside the palace could have been anywhere on the moon. All manner of sentients barged past her, paying her no attention at all.

    She had no idea where she was… or how to find Farnun.

    Or maybe she did have an idea?

    Safina had a hunch. It had come to her once before, while they were waiting outside Babidi’s workshop. She had felt something about Farnun. Was it just her own emotions for him clouding her mind, or was it an instinct?

    Her masters had always taught her that a Jedi should trust her instincts. Safina’s confidence in the Force had changed dramatically in the last few moments. Perhaps there was another step she could take?

    She closed her eyes and reached out with her senses. Then she tried one more thing that she had never achieved before. Safina issued a telepathic signal. It spread across the moon of Nar Shaddaa.

    Farnun! Hear me! Help me find you!

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    Oct 25, 2022
    OOC: Big thanks to @greyjedi125 for the fun combo! Apologies for the wait, but...*drum roll commences* it is!

    & Adon

    Red Haze at the edge of Darkness

    Babidi was betraying him for the Imperial Bounty on his head. A Trandoshan slaver and his guards were taking Safina captive. Now Red, the HK droid had a blaster rifle pointed at his chest.

    How could things have turned out so badly so quickly?

    Coming to Nar Shaddaa had been a very bad idea.

    Sweat began to bead on the scoundrel’s countenance, as the mask of his confidence began to break. Farnun kept his arms up as his mind desperately attempted to seek a solution, any angle, but there was only that red fury at the edge of his eyes, beginning to creep in, seeping in its toxic mixture of fear and anger.

    Farnun could hardly hear what was being said as his eyes darted back and forth. Once again the Empire was responsible for his troubles, this time in the form of the bounty, spurring greed, betrayal and misery.

    The scoundrel glared at Babidi and Red, then he caught sight of the armored figure. Farnun’s expression did not change. He did not know who this person was, or their intention.

    That’s when the lights suddenly went out!

    Farnun wasted not even a fraction of a second as he cartwheeled to his left, his blaster was already in his hand. He fired a series of aimed shots at Red's photoreceptors, even while he was inverted in mid motion. Farnun knew that Red had an infra-red mode upgraded to his target acquisition package.

    Red for his part was firing on Farnun, who had moved immediately, while Red had remained stationary. The HK droid was a great shot, as long as he could see. Farnun saw the sparks of his shots as he successfully took out the droid’s eyes, but he also felt a shot from Red hit him.

    Farnun fell to to floor and grunted as he gritted his teeth in pain, blinking away, and letting the red in his eyes fuel his resolve. Turning, he fired several shots where he calculated a Gamorrean might be, seeing how they were not the most fleet footed of creatures. A sudden gurgling squeal rewarded his ears, even as he rose to his feet, his vibro shiv now on his left hand. The guard fell to the ground and Farnun made sure it would harm no one else, ever again.

    Someone else was firing a weapon in the room, but the shots were not in his direction.

    Focusing for a moment, Farnun tried to follow Safina’s scent, but he had lost it. There were too many conflicting scents mixed in the darkness and he’d wasted too much time already. He couldn’t even see what exit the slavers could have taken, which only increased his despair. The throbbing pain on his side wasn’t helping him think clearly either.

    That’s when the auxiliary power generators kicked in and the lights came back!

    Farnun squinted his eyes and quickly regarded the room. Safina was gone!!

    With his weapon raised, he turned to see who was left. He had no doubt Babidi was long gone by now, but anyone else was fair game.

    While Farnun was dealing with his end of the situation, the armored figure of Adon had advanced quickly at seeing the Jedi clubbed and shots begin to ring out. As far as timing was concerned, Prowler’s had been perfect. His own, sadly had been a bit sluggish, brought on by caution due to the newer arrivals. By the time he reached the HK droid, it had fired and been fired upon. As luck would have it, the droid’s eyes had been removed by blaster fire.

    With a quick, heavy jab, the blade extending from his gauntlet took the droid in the back of the head and pushed right through to the front. As soon as the blade was retracted, the droid fell with a loud crash. There was no sign of the droid’s handler, however, even in Adon’s infrared optics.

    Looking around, he spotted the Gamorrean dropping from being hit, and quickly pulled his blaster pistol for a single shot toward the other making its way from the fight. Without a squeal, it hit the floor and remained there, but their boss and the Jedi girl had already disappeared.

    He then turned the blaster toward Farnun, and the lights suddenly snapped back on.

    In the restored light, Adon held his aim, but quickly examined the young man, noticing immediately the blaster burns on his side. Unfortunate, but luckily not critical yet. He could work with that.

    “Unless you think those things are going to help you against armor, I suggest you drop the weapons,” he said. “I won’t be asking a second time.”

    While he left Farnun to blink in the sudden light and decide on his next moves, Adon’s free hand slipped around to the back of his belt and pulled free a small canister with a spray nozzle and a blue label. He held it in plain view to further encourage Farnun to drop the weapons.

    Farnun regarded the man in armor, his eyes narrowed in suspicion as his lips tightened in distaste. Was this stranger here to collect the bounty in Babidi's stead? The man didn’t say, but the scoundrel wouldn’t put it past him. This one looked like a Mandalorian. As far as he knew, there were no ‘fake’ Mandalorians running around, just the same way there weren’t any ‘fake’ jedi. Especially now that they were being hunted by the Empire.

    This one had to be the real deal- and given Mandalorian reputation…well, the math was easy, but still unpleasant.


    Farnun agreed, but grudgingly so. The look on his face would convey as much. Precious time was being wasted while Safina was being taken who knew were, for purposes he’d rather not speculate on.

    As it was, he had a better chance in dealing with his present situation while conscious, rather than not. Slowly, Farnun crouched and placed his blaster and vibro shiv on the floor. He knew his withering glare would have no effect on the armored figure, so he glared at him just the same.

    “What do you want!?” He nearly barked at the man.

    His eyes remained on the armored figured. He ignored all else as his mind attempted to figure out how best to get to Safina, given his current predicament.

    Adon patiently waited for Farnun to disarm before tossing the canister to him. The blue label now clearly indicated bacta upon closer inspection, which would heal the blaster wound on Fanun’s side. As the man demanded answers, Adon finally lowered his own blaster, though he stopped short of holstering it.

    “First, you’re going to patch yourself up with that,” Adon replied. “You’re no good to me dead, or anyone else, for that matter. Certainly not your friend. The Jedi.”

    His helmet inclined slightly toward the holoprojector showing Farnun’s bounty, which had regained power with the rest of the building. At the same time, his eyes were watching Farnun carefully, looking for any tells or reactions. Did he know who he was traveling with? Or would this be news to him?

    “I had hoped to have both of you here, but one is better than none, for now. Once you’re fixed up, you can help me retrieve her. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find where she’s gone, and Nar Shaddaa isn’t the place for you to be running into Hutt territory alone with a bounty on your head.”

    The scoundrel clenched his jaws and bit down on his ever surging, bitter frustration. This man had him 'dead to rights', and from what he pieced together, he seemed to be some kind of bounty hunter.

    For the moment, Farnun did as he was instructed. With his free hand, he opened the side of the jacket he wore, which had been burnt through by the blaster bolt. Underneath it, he saw his ruined and blackened undershirt as well as the burnt flesh at the impact point. Farnun winced from the pain and crinkled his nose at the smell of it. Without hesitation, he sprayed the content from the canister unto the wound and couldn’t stop himself from sighing at the rush of relief he felt.

    “I guess you expect me to be a grateful prisoner?” Farnun said, frustration still evident in his voice, even as he tossed back the canister at the armored man.

    “Well….thanks, I guess.”

    That was supposed to be sarcasm.

    Moving his arm in a circular motion, Farnun found the pain had greatly diminished, much to his surprise. A bacta spray was not something he encountered very often.

    “We need to find my…friend.” he now stated, his voice tight and controlled. It did not escape his notice that the armored man had referred to Safina as a Jedi, but he was not about to confirm it. At least not yet. But the armored man was right. Nar Shaddaa was a dangerous place - a very dangerous place to any who didn’t understand the unspoken rules.

    As he waited for the man to respond, Farnun went over and turned-off the holo projector displaying his image and bounty.With a few keystrokes, he deleted the message. Dark thoughts were now clouding his mind.

    He was worried about Safina. Not knowing if she was safe or if she had been sold-off was inwardly excruciating. But this…Mandalorian….was he a better option? The 'Mando would turn her over to the Empire to be executed just for profit. Would it be better for him not to know her fate, rather than ‘guarantee’ her capture if they came looking for her? Was that selfish of him?

    Farnun made a fist and grunted, feeling himself boiling inside at the predicament. They were wasting time.

    In that moment, Farnun was about to make a demand of the ‘Mando, when he heard a familiar voice, one only he could hear. Despite himself, his eyes bulged in surprise.

    Farnun looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, his expression perplexed.


    He realized he had spoken her name aloud only after the fact, as if she could hear him. Farnun was suddenly unsure how to proceed, especially with his latest ‘captor’ in the room. But maybe, just maybe, there was an opportunity here.

    Adon caught the bacta canister as it was thrown back and quickly stuffed it back in its spot on his belt. As Farnun walked around the room, he made no motion to stop him, and instead walked over to where Farnun had dropped his weapons. Scooping up the blaster, Adon looked it over, then did the same with the shiv.

    He wasn’t oblivious to Farnun’s efforts to hide who the Jedi was, but he stopped and looked around as soon as the man muttered the name ‘Safina’. Aside from the two of them, there was no one with them for his helmet’s audio receptors to detect. If his suspicions were correct about the girl being Jedi, maybe this was some trick of hers. Until he could be certain, Adon tuned his helmet for lower audio frequencies, just to be safe. It was thanks to this that he heard the hum of Prowler’s repulsors as the droid floated into the room.

    The droid gave a look at Farnun before bleeping low sounds at Adon, who nodded.

    “Find us a ride. We’ll need to be quick, and make sure it has three seats,” he commanded to Prowler, who beeped and flew off again.

    He turned back to Farnun, still holding onto the blaster he had dropped as he thought. Eventually, he tossed it over to him with a sigh.

    “If you want to find your friend, you may need this,” Adon said. “But if I see the barrel aimed anywhere near me, I will drop you. I’m not generally in the habit of handing blaster to people with bounties, so don’t make me regret it.” He paused to let Farnun catch the blaster, and for the threat to sink in. “Maybe you’re just lucky I think the charges are a heap of garbage…” he added, under his breath. “In any case, neither of us is going to help her alone, so we go together. Once your Jedi friend is out of trouble, we’ll figure out…what comes next.”

    A moment later, Adon’s gauntlet screen lit up with a message from Prowler. Their ride was here.

    Farnun regarded this bounty hunter with a hard look, even as he caught his blaster back, then holstered it himself. He was no fool, nor did he wish to have himself killed foolishly. This was no time to be reckless, no matter how tempting it seemed.

    It was curious: This 'Mando was returning his blaster instead of putting restraints on him. This was perplexing behavior for a 'captor'. Still, he couldn't bring himself to trust the man, there were always more layers to someone's motivations, that lesson he'd learned all too well. However, something the 'Mando said struck him.

    'Once your Jedi friend is out of trouble, we'll figure out...what comes next.'

    Farnun wasn't sure what exactly to make out of that, but it was certainly an unexpected thing to say, as opposed to: 'I'll be filthy rich after I turn you in'.

    As it was, he didn't have much of a choice in the matter anyway. This was Nar Shaddaa after all, and he needed to find Safina as soon as possible.

    'We're coming to find you.' Farnun thought to himself, completely unaware that his thoughts might be received.

    Walking up to the 'Mando, he put his hand out.

    "The shiv. I'll need that too." He said simply, fully expecting the weapon to be returned.

    After a pause, Farnun flared his nose and made an expression of distaste. "Bet you the Hutts have her." The very idea galled him to the core.

    For the first time, his gaze came up to meet that of the 'Mando's helmet. He looked at him squarely and with singular determination.

    "Just help me find her." He declared.

    That's when the 'Mando's gauntlet suddenly lit up.

    Adon almost chuckled when Farnun walked up and demanded his shiv back. The man had guts, that was for sure, but handing him a shiv was more of a gamble than the blaster. Blaster bolts would skip off beskar, but knives could be wedged between armor plates into soft spots. Considering the obvious and understandable distrust between them currently, Adon wondered if Farnun would take his chances at close range and go after the Jedi solo. Not that he doubted his own close-range skills, but it was far more even footing there, and Adon preferred his fights slanted in his favor.

    “One step at a time,” he replied, keeping the shiv on his belt. “I returned your blaster, but that doesn’t mean we’re on the same page yet. Work with me here and you’ll get it back. With any luck, you won’t need it.”

    At the mention of the Hutts, Adon’s skin crawled as he imagined Farnun’s did at the idea. Hutts were slimy, their morals as much as their skin.

    “Let’s get to your friend before they harass her too much. Follow me.”

    Adon jerked his head toward the door and led Farnun out to where Prowler was waiting with a Metrocab landspeeder. When the door slid open, Adon sighed and shook his head at seeing Prowler plugged into the droid socket.

    “I told you something quick. Besides, the droid in this is going to be a problem,” he said with some irritation.

    Prowler beeped back at him as his scomp link arm rotated.

    “What do you mean you overrode the droid module? Those things are on a municipal network. And yes, the XJ-6 was only a two-seater, but it was much faster, and it can fly at altitude.”

    More beeps of various pitches.

    “Blocked the data stream…”, Adon gave another irritated sigh, but finally waved Farnun onto the speeder. “Better hope you didn’t block the traffic database too.”

    He climbed into the speeder and looked at Farnun again.

    “Do you have any idea which of the Hutts has your friend? We’re going to be here until we’re both old and gray if we have to go calling on every Hutt on this rock.”

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    Jul 8, 2022
    IC: Gerald Starwalker

    Gerald watched as the sith apprentice was killed. She was no match for Darth Vader. He ran away from the fight just as her body hit the cold marble floor of the ship. Lucky for Gerald Nammend had handed him his lightsaber before her death. He ran away until he came across an inquisitor. Gerald stopped short of running into the inquisitor. The inquisitor turned to face Gerald and he was surprised to see his former padawan. He had survived after all.

    "Master Starwalker you survived, it's a long time no see" Said the inquisitor as he ignited his desc saber.

    "I see you survived, but why have you joined the empire?" Asked Gerald as he ignited his own green bladed lightsaber.

    "It's a way of life now, i hunt down the jedi, i survive, it's how things are now master" Replied the inquisitor.

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    May 26, 2022
    IC: Avinn Neir

    Avinn had healed a lot since Tanal and the others had left. He was still weak at times but nothing major. He feared whether Tanal would be able to pull off the rescue, considering the size of the empire compared to the rebel alliance. Avinn entered the bridge of one of the newer ships. It was pretty big. Bigger than the scarlet vessel had been. The Tantive 4 was leia organa's personal ship and this was its twin sister in a way. Makes sense as to why they called it the Tantive 8. The rebel alliance had a few ships but they really lacked names sometimes. After all there were about 6 different twilights. Avinn sat down in the poilet's seat and it felt natural like he had flown the ship many times before, Which of course he hadn't. That's when it dawned on him. Some of the elements of this vessel were taken from other starships. In this case all the seats in the bridge were taken from ships just like the ghost. Which had also been what the Scarlet Vessel had been. That would explain why Avinn felt at home in it. Avinn ran his hands over the controls. Avinn then looked out of the view port and saw another ship that looked like the scarlet vessel. It was beautiful. Avinn then started to question why Falcon Squadron even had a flagship if they had a crew like the ghost. Avinn then got up and left the vessel and entered the scarlet vessel's sister. The scarlet Falcon. The original ship of Falcon Squadron before Tanal and Avinn went looking for more members of their crew. Memories then returned to the jedi master when Avinn had continued Tanal's training. Tanal was Avinn's padawan for a short time before Tanal ended it short by forming Falcon Squadron. That's when Avinn thought, if Tanal was training Safina, why couldn't Avinn train Tanal at the same time. He then fired up the Scarlet Falcon. oh how Avinn loved the sound of the Scarlet Falcon firing up. It reminded him of a lothcat in a way. Tanal then decided to try to get through to Safina and Farnun. Afterall it was about time someone checked in with the two.

    "Specter 3, Specter 4, This is specter 2 how is your mission going?" Asked Avinn and he sat back patently waiting for a response.

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  11. T4M1-7

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    Jan 30, 2022
    IC: Safina
    Nar Shaddaa... ships in the void


    Safina's eyes widened as she felt the response from Farnun. The touch of his soul was unmistakable.

    "Yes, yes! It's me!" she said out loud. "I'm alright... I'm... Where are...?"

    But at this point she realised the connection had broken. She had become too excited - too elated - and lost track of her control of the Force. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and tried again.

    Farnun! Where are you?

    Nothing this time. Safina sighed. Whatever steps she was taking in her understanding of the Force, it was still just beginnings. It would usually be about now that Master Qiid would lecture her on patience and order her to meditate for several hours before trying again.

    Safina knew what the problem was. She was too emotional. Too excited. She had sensed something special in Farnun and it was clouding her thoughts. But knowing the problem and fixing it were two different things.

    "There!" shouted a voice from behind her and the young Padawan turned. Some brutal looking sentients had emerged from the gates of Gorga's palace, heavily armed. Sssurk and the two Gamorreans had no doubt been discovered. It was time to get out of here.

    Safina sprinted away and lost herself in the maze-like back-alleys of Nar Shaddaa. Using the Force to enhance her leaps, she easily avoided obstructions and soon put a healthy distance between herself and her pursuers.

    Finally, panting in the heat, she found a dark corner and stopped to recover her strength.

    "Farnun, where are you?" she said aloud, frustrated and bewildered by the strange city in which she found herself.

    "Eh, you!" said a voice. Safina turned, startled to find another being in the alley where she had paused. It was a man clad in several layers of threadbare robes. The stink told her he had not washed for some time. He lumbered toward her and she backed away.

    "Wait," he said. "I can help you!"

    Safina paused and looked him up and down. A human, advancing years, with an unkempt beard. She put her hands on her hips. "Can you help me find my way through this city? I am looking for a friend. I'm... lost."

    "Sure, sure!" he said without hesitation. "Old Lanny can help you. I know every street in this place."

    Then he stopped and squinted at her. "You got any money?"

    Safina bit her lip. "Well, I've got Republic credits."

    The man laughed; a cruel bark. "No good, sweetheart." He looked her up and down. "But you know what? Someone looks like you, can make credits here easy. This is a stopover for long-haul pilots and crews. What these men crave is entertainment, get me? With those legs you could earn well as a dancer. And Old Lanny knows just who to introduce you to! Just promise me a percentage, do your thing, then I'll help you."

    Safina made a sour face. "No thanks, I've tried that."

    Somehow Lanny seemed to know what she meant. "The Hutts don't do business fair, eh? Yeah, I know all about that. Look, you seem like a nice kid. Where are you getting to?"

    Safina sighed with frustration. "I don't know! I lost a friend..."

    Lanny laughed again, but this time less harshly. "Don't know where you are, and don't know where you're going? Not sure anyone can help you with that, Sweetheart. My advice... start at the beginning."

    Safina thought about that. The landing pad! She remembered the number from their descent and Farnun's negotiations over the comlink. She could start there and maybe find her way to Babidi's again. Maybe.

    It was a start, at least.

    She smiled at Lanny. "Thanks. That does actually help."

    "Yeah, no problem, Sweetheart. Next time you come my way, maybe you can drop Old Lanny a few creds, eh?"

    He stumbled off into the alley and Safina got the impression this was his home. She thought for a moment.

    "Hey, wait, Lanny," she called and he turned. She ran up to him. As well as her exotic underwear, Sssurk had put several decorative bangles on her wrists while she was unconscious. Safina had not taken the time to remove them yet. They were hardly fine dress jewellery, but the metal at least might be worth something. She slid the bracelets off now and handed them to the old man.

    "It's not much, but it's all I have," she said.

    He appraised them and his eyes told Safina that she was correct - not much value at all. But perhaps a little.

    "Yeah maybe a meal or two in these. Thank you, Sweetheart, and good luck. Main street is that way - there are signs for the main sectors."

    They said their goodbyes and parted. Safina wondered if she would ever see him again. It was amazing how the Force worked sometimes, bringing together two souls, both lost in a hostile city, both able to show a little random kindness to one another before parting.

    Like starships in the void.

    She ran toward the main strip and saw the neon lights beckoning her out into the crowds again. She had another starship to find, and a big city to search for it.

    And they were running out of time. She needed to find Master Jahid and warn him of the intelligence that she had heard. They were all walking into a trap!

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    Jul 8, 2022
    IC: Gerald Starwalker

    The inquisitor launched at his former master raising hi saber towards his master's chest. Gerald leapt to the side and beraly managed to dodge the attack.

    "Lopez, its not to Late to join us, you can help us bring down the empire that destroyed the jedi order." Gerald said hopeing to get through to his Padawan just as he had Nammend.

    "It is too late for me, Gerald. Mu fate is sealed. I am an Inquisitor now. It may not give me much joy killing my former master but I have orders to kill you on sight. I serve many new masters now, Lord Vader, The grand Inquisitor even the emperor. I am a part of the empire's military and the things I have done there is no turning back. I hope you become one with the force my former master." Replied The inquisitor. Lopez was a male Zabrak. His skin was that black that Zabrak always were and he had gotten rid of his blue face paint only for it to be replaced by his natural red. He was pretty skilled with a lightsaber and with the force. Gerald knew as he was the one who used to train the boy. Gerald knew that Lopez had gone too far to turn. If Gerald died, he knew that he would become one with the force and join some of the greatest Jedi of their era, Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker included. Lopez swung his saber towards Gerald's head and Gerald managed to duck underneath it. His green blade crackled by his side. Gerald swung upwards from his position but his blade was ciaght by the blade of Lopez. The two engaged eachother in a Lightsaber lock. The two blade crackled against eachother. Gerald sensed a familiar presence nearby and know that they had come for him. Gerald was not leaving with Lopez.

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    Mar 19, 2017
    GM Approved

    Name: August
    Species: Human
    Faction: Unaffiliated, with sympathies towards the Jedi
    Age: 26
    Weapon: Blaster pistol
    Physical description or Image:
    Language: Galactic basic
    Personality: Dirt broke, trying to make some money in Nar Shaddaa while trying to avoid some bounty hunters who are hunting him for debt. He searches for anyone to help him.
    Droid: None
    Star ship: None
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  14. Darth Starwalker

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    Jul 8, 2022
    A combo with @Tay Neir

    IC: Tanal Jahid, Lopez and Gerald Starwalker.

    Tanal could sense the battle going on beneath him and decided he could not wait anymore. He ignited Avinn's lightsaber and jumped down into the hallway to see Master Starwalker engaged in combat with an inquisitor. Tanal rushed forward to assist his fellow jedi master. Tanal brought the yellow blade towards the inquisitors leg, hoping to try and bring him off-balance. Gerald sensed his fellow master jump down into the hallway and was not surprised when the yellow blade ignited and went for the inquisitor. The blade only just missed Lopez's leg.

    "you have guts jedi." Said Lopez in response. He then one blade to bear on Gerald's right shoulder whilst bringing the other towards the other Jedi's waist. Gerald's green blade collided with Lopez's red blade. Gerald then turned to Tanal.

    "'bout time, Master Jahid" Said Gerald irritated. The red blade of Lopez of his own green blade crackled right in the jedi master's ear. Tanal stepped back to dodge the blade of the inquisitor. He then turned to his irritated friend.

    "Yeah, sorry about making you wait." Said Tanal sarcastically. Tanal then brought Avinn's blade to bear on the inquisitor's own shoulder. Lopez brought his blade to block Master Jahid's when they could hear coming up the hallway. Gerald's green saber then disabled the inquisitor's weapon an Gerald knocked t his former padawan The trap had been sprung. They wern't getting out of this. They just had to hope that the rebels knew about.
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  15. noiamyourFADAH

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    Jan 30, 2023

    Name: Ash Qir
    Species: Gungan
    Faction: Jedi
    Age: 21
    Weapon: Silver-hilted lightsaber with Blue Blade
    Physical description or Image: Long ears, wears a brown robe
    Language: Gunganese, basic
    Personality: Quiet
    Droid: none
    Star ship: Jedi Scout Fighter
  16. T4M1-7

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    Jan 30, 2022
    OOC: combo with @greyjedi125 & @Beskar_Whistle

    Adon, Farnun & Safina


    He was only half-paying attention to the armored bounty hunter- which was a mistake- but he was past caring at this point. That feeling was welling up inside of him again, after all these years. He thought he had conquered it- until now.


    Just like when his parents had gone out early and left him alone in their bunk. They had gone out to fight, there had been enemy movement overnight, he would be told later. But that morning, he’d woken up with no one around. He could hear the fighting in the distance, weapons fire and explosions. He had no way of knowing who was alive or who had died. In that moment, he’d been engulfed by a single sensation, a deep terror unlike any he had ever felt.


    But not any loss, not the kind felt for a misplaced article of clothing or accessory. No, this was the loss of one’s world, one’s reason for living, of something indescribably dear and loved- the loss of one’s soul. Farnun had to endure and navigate cruel uncertainty for hours, unsure if he should grieve. Worse, he had to ignore his youthful and overactive imagination. With a strength he was unaware he could have, Farnun gripped his communicator for dear life and would not let it go. Any news would be better than no news.

    That had been a particularly excruciating experience, one he would never care to repeat again. Ever.

    But now....

    SAFINA!!!!” The scoundrel yelled into the vastness of an indifferent city, his voice carrying and echoing as if trying to locate her, even as he vented his frustration. His hands were balled into fists as he squeezed them tight. He hated this feeling, he hated not knowing. He simply had to find her.

    “Where are you….?” he whispered almost plaintively, before forcing himself to exhale as he composed himself. He had to keep it together.

    She’d better be alive. She’d better be… He thought bitterly as he walked to join the Mandalorian.

    Where are you? the scoundrel couldn’t help but ask the universe- when suddenly, a tingling sensation came over him. Farnun stopped in his tracks and his body turned almost on its own accord, his eyes searching frantically.

    * * *​

    Safina slipped through the crowds at the bazaars along the main strip. A thousand aromas competed for attention from her nostrils. A thousand voices, a thousand different languages, from a thousand different species.

    Nar Shaddaa was, in a way, beautiful in its chaotic diversity.

    But also dangerous. The Padawan had come to recognise those working for the Hutts, gangs loitering at junctions and armed with heavy-bladed halberds as well as blasters. The traders and shoppers avoided them. Safina tried to get round them with as much distance as possible. She had no idea how far the grip of Gorga the Hutt could reach. Any of these men may be looking for her.

    She saw a holo-sign pointing toward the docking bays and sighed. Slowly, she was making progress in this strange maze. She took the turn and found herself in another neighbourhood. It was quieter here, but figures in dark robes skulked in the recessed doorways to industrial-looking units.

    She felt their stares following her steps.

    Safina suddenly halted. She had sensed something.

    “Where are you….?”

    The plaintive cry echoed in the back of her mind. Though there was no sound to the voice, she knew the soul that had cried out.

    It was Farnun! Somehow, the contact through the Force was there again.

    Safina tried to control her excitement and emotion. She knew it could not last long. She just had to get a message back to him, as quickly as possible. She had to tell him where she was going, so they could meet.

    The Padawan concentrated for all her worth on two words.

    Docking bay.

    She thought hard and long, her eyes closed, trying to visualise the location and transmit it telepathically.

    The moment passed. The connection faded. Safina opened her eyes. As she set off again, there was a renewed bounce in her step - a renewed sense of purpose in her increased speed.

    She was sure that Farnun had just heard her message...

    * * *​

    Adon was watching Farnun, realizing the man was hardly paying him any mind at this point. He knew Farnun cared about the girl, given his insistence on going after her back inside the compound. Just how far did this care go exactly? The whole situation had Adon’s mind working. He had to keep himself attached to this pair, but the understandable distrust was going to be an issue, and the only leverage Adon currently had was disproportionate firepower over Farnun and Farnun’s own need to find the Jedi Safina. For a simple grocery run to Hutt space, this trip had become complicated.

    When Farnun suddenly shouted out the name into the cityscape, Adon nearly jumped, having gone into his own thoughts briefly. Instead, he waved Farnun into the cab and finally shut the door.

    “Come on. We aren’t getting any closer by yelling into the wind,” he said matter-of-factly.

    He knew he was being a bit direct, but deep down he could sympathize with Farnun in a way. As far as his own clan was concerned, Adon was on his own too, in more ways than one. Not that he was about to spill his life story to Farnun here, but the two were similar in several ways, he suspected. In a different situation, Adon suspected they’d be on better terms. That, however, was a topic for later, when they weren’t hunting this moon for a lost Jedi.

    Once they were loaded, the cab began moving forward. Annoyingly to Adon, the cab began playing music over the cab vocoder. Only in Nar Shaddaa would Hutt music dominate the airwaves.

    “Prowler, monitor local comms for anything out of the ordinary. Traffic disruptions, large groups of speeders moving together, anything weird. And find a way to shut off this music.”

    Prowler beeped in affirmation before an electronic voice sounded over the cab’s vocoder.

    “User access not verified. Please relinquish control immediately and exit the transport.”

    The music kept playing.

    “I thought you said you locked out the computer,” Adon huffed at Prowler, who only beeped back a message saying it was just the personality module butting in, and that the cab was completely theirs, aside from the radio it seemed.

    Adon shook his head and looked around the cab, noting the windows and doors. He hoped they wouldn’t have to worry about shooting on the run, but if they scooped up Safina and she was already being chased, he wanted to know what he had available. The front of the cab was a sealed compartment with nothing but computers surrounded by the transparisteel canopy, while the large back end was dominated by the engine and fuel tank. Not the ideal speeder, but inconspicuous for sure.

    Then he noticed Farnun had gone quiet and was searching out beyond the cab windows.

    “What did you hear?” he asked simply.

    "Viaje!" Farnun blurted out suddenly. A sharp image of the ship burned in his mind's eye. His gaze shifted from the moving cityscape to the Mando. It took a moment for him to realize that the man had no idea what he was talking about.


    "It's the ship we came in. It's on a landing pad, south west of here!!" He explained hurriedly.

    The scoundrel couldn't see past the man's face plate, outside of his own earnest reflection, taking the momentary pause as a sign of 'doubt'.

    "She's going there!! Tell your droid to go in that direction!" he half-demanded, finding himself somewhere between feeling anxious and frustrated.

    The word “Viaje” certainly had no meaning to Adon, in Basic, Mando’a, or anything else he knew. Thankfully, Farnun had an explanation. He hadn’t bothered investigating the ship the man came in on, but that was no matter. However Farnun had gotten the direction, Adon didn’t doubt the conviction behind the statement.

    “Prowler, back to the ship, double time,” Adon said without hesitation.

    At his command, the droid bleeped, and the cab turned and lurched forward as the thrusters kicked into high gear.

    Transport velocity is exceeding maximum recommended speed. Please reduce speed to avoid-“

    The vocoder suddenly erupted in sparks and the droid voice and music finally shut off, leaving a scorched mark where the speaker had been. Adon simply holstered his blaster pistol, which had quickly been drawn from his belt, and sighed in relief. He then looked to Farnun.

    “Before we get to the docks, I must ask. What did you really do to make the Empire put a bounty on your head?” His question was straightforward, and his T-visor leveled directly at Farnun as he expected an honest answer. “I’ve read the bounty posting, but given the number of charges they put on there, I’d be lying if I said I was skeptical of them. Running around with a Jedi would be enough, sure, but is there more?”

    Farnun's attention was ripped from visually scouring the speeding cityscape by the question posed by his captor. He was well aware of the bounty of his head; but as for the details? Well, what was true and what was false did not matter to him. The Empire was the enemy regardless, however; he was unsure as to how much he should reveal to this man, since the plan, as he suspected, was to collect his bounty and turn in Safina for imperial credits.

    The very thought made him taste bile in his mouth.

    Still, what harm would it do to reveal that he’d infiltrated an Imperial Shipyard as a mechanic and carried out a successful sabotage after many, many months of planning and 'ground work' . He didn’t know if any personnel had perished in the wake of the destruction he had caused, but could only imagine that some may have- much to his innermost regret.

    For all that it was worth, he’d resolved to carry that guilt, the burden of those actions, for the rest of his days.

    And what of his deception?

    No, he couldn’t bear to speak about that.

    About any of it.

    At least not to this man.

    A bounty hunter was just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

    “More? What does it matter….” Farnun finally answered, sounding more bitter than he’d intended to. Despite himself, he needed this bounty hunter’s aid to rescue Safina. He would have to test his luck ‘afterwards’, because right now, he did not trust this man.

    “Help me find her first and maybe then we can talk - afterwards.” He stated with no small measure of finality on the subject.

    * * *​

    Adon could sense the hesitancy from Farnun at the question and was not surprised at the refusal to answer. He had grown accustomed to bounties not being willing to speak, especially if they had done something that was looming over their head like an axe. Farnun was no grizzled warrior, at least that Adon could perceive, and didn’t come off as an underworld scum type, so whatever he had done…it bothered him. In itself, that answered part of his question, Adon believed.

    “What does it matter? A bit more than you realize,” he replied, his tone notably more plain and casual compared to the overall seriousness he’d spoken with until now. “There’s more going on here than a simple bounty at play.”

    Adon considered how much he was willing to let on, given the level of trust he currently held with Farnun. Would he even believe him if he told him everything? Maybe a bit of information was what Farnun needed to finally trust, even if a tiny bit.

    “Let’s be honest, your bounty is high enough that I could turn you in now, forget your friend, and never lose a minute of sleep over it. The notion that your friend is a Jedi, which you have failed to deny so far, makes her a very valuable catch, but also a very risky one at that. There’s a chance she’ll see you with me and decide you’re the one needing rescue, and then I have a lightsaber to deal with. If I were smart, I’d take what I’ve got and leave the Hutts to struggle with her. Yet here we are, in a hijacked speeder, going to find her while agreeing to not shoot each other in the back. Hardly the usual bounty catch.”

    Adon looked out the window to see how close they were getting to the docking bay. They didn’t have too far to go, and he didn’t have much time to explain. With a sigh, he just decided to let it out and let Farnun make use of it how he wanted.

    “Honestly, I don’t care much for your bounty, or Safina’s. At least not the money, assuming whatever you did was against the Empire. If you blew up some TIEs, good for you. The less, the better. If you robbed a bank on some planet and stole innocent people’s credits, then we have a problem. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re that kind of criminal, at least from what I’ve observed, so I’m offering you a chance to disappear, in a way. Get the hunters off your back and give you and your friend some room to breathe. I can’t give too much info here yet, but if you’re willing to give me a little trust, I can promise not to turn you into a bounty office, and maybe give you a bit better of a deal with some friends, if you’re interested.”

    It was the truth, but it was not the entire picture, Adon knew. It was already more than he was usually willing to let on at this point, but the situation was more complicated than normal, and he had to adjust his tactics.

    Before Adon could say more, Prowler halted the cab and the door slid open to reveal the docking bays.

    “Let’s go find her,” he said, stepping out and scanning around carefully.

    With how urgent Farnun had made the last message from his friend sound, he half expected a crowd of thugs to already be here, but it seemed it was business as usual still. After waiting for Farnun and Prowler to exit, and watching the droid-driven cab make a hasty getaway from its former captors, Adon led them into the bay. As he went, he pulled the rifle slung on his back free and checked the magazine. The weapon was an old slugthrower and had been clearly modified heavily.

    Once in the main bay, Adon spotted the ships. The Viaje sat in its berth, and not far away sat Adon’s gray and orange ship, the Genet Galaar.

    “Prowler,” Adon said. “Get onboard and start up the systems. If we have trouble with someone other than the Jedi, be ready to get us out of it.”

    Prowler zipped off to the Galaar, where the ramp dropped and the small droid disappeared inside. Meanwhile, Adon led Farnun over to the Viaje, where he figured Safina would look first for her friend.

    * * *​

    With a thrill of anticipation, Safina finally reached the docking bay where they had parked the Viaje. It seemed so long ago.

    The young Mirialan had to keep from sprinting as she passed through the gates to the starship docking area. The Dug in the watchroom waved to her with an enigmatic grin. She remembered how bad-tempered he had been when Farnun had negotiated their landing “tithe”. His expression was odd now, like he knew something she did not.

    She continued on. The platform stretched ahead, suspended above the greater depths of Nar Shaddaa. The bay was a key-shaped walkway, with spokes leading off to the left and right. All manner of starships crouched at docking ports along the spokes on each side, from sleek yachts to blocky, brutally utilitarian transports and freighters.

    Safina saw the Viaje, at the end of the bay, and her heart leapt. For that was not all she saw. Farnun was there, waiting for her! Her heart flipped a somersault. She skipped forward several steps, then hesitated.

    Another person was there; a large imposing stranger in brown and tan armour and carrying an ominous rifle. Safina frowned. Something was wrong. The stranger was close enough to Farnun to obviously be involved. Her senses screamed danger. It was not just instinct, the Force clouded like a tormented sky in her mind. Safina knew danger was here.

    The Padawan bit her lip. But what could she do? If Farnun was in danger, she could not turn away.

    She began at a brisk trot, that soon broke into a run, as she dashed toward Farnun.

    Then, ahead of her, from one of the spokes, two beings emerged that had been hidden before by the bulbous nose of a large freighter. Safina recognised them instantly. Throt and Grot, the Gamorreans from Gorga’s palace. They were recovered and blocked her way, menacing her with vibro-halberds.

    Safina skidded to a halt. Four more beings stepped out to follow the porcine thugs. A Weequay, two Klaatus and a hulking Besalisk. All armed with brutal hafted weapons. Safina became aware of movement behind her and turned to see more gangsters from Gorga’s palace move into position. Over a dozen of the thugs quickly surrounded her.

    A chuckle echoed from the side of the platform and Safina turned to see Sssurk. The Trandoshan balanced on what looked like a 3PO droid’s lower leg segment under his knee, where she had previously cut his leg, like some kind of temporary prosthetic. It would take time for the reptilian’s physiology to regrow that leg. Safina scowled at the Hutt’s chief enforcer.

    Sssurk grinned like crocodilian in return. “Hello, girlee… You seem to forget, you are owned by Gorga now. And Gorga wants his dancer back.”

    Safina pulled her lightsaber from her belt and brandished it as the circle of thugs all closed a step closer. “I am warning you!” she announced. “I am a Jedi. I do not want to hurt you!”

    Sssurk guffawed. “Oh, please do resist, girlee. I really want to hurt you.”

    He massaged his knee just below where Safina’s lightsaber had cut him.

    Safina turned to the ‘Doshan. “You will regret this. You think if I cut your head off it will grow back? I am telling you, pull back your men. I am a Jedi!”

    “Yes… about that,” said Sssurk. “We did not know it before. You will not be aware that Master Gorga has certain precautions when dealing with your kind…”

    A shrivelled creature cloaked in dark robes shuffled into view from behind the mighty reptilian. Safina peered. She could only make out a hooked nose and greenish features beneath the shadows of its hood. Its gangly arms ended in gnarled hands with long fingers.

    “Let me introduce you to Malika,” said Sssurk.

    The goblin-like being stretched out one of its fingers, ending in a long black nail like a claw, and gabbled something in a dark language.

    Instantly, Safina felt the touch of the Dark Side of the Force.

    “Unnngh, what is this?”

    She fell to her knees, a pressure erupting inside her head. Pain exploded in her mind. Her sinuses ached. Her vision was blurred with tears. The blood in her ears rushed deafeningly, but beyond it she could hear the Trandoshan chuckling.

    “Take her!” she heard his bellowed command to his minions.

    Safina fought to rise to her feet again. The first thugs reached her. She ignited the lightsaber and the azure blade extended with a snap-hiss. But she could not concentrate, so debilitating was the pain from the goblin witch. Safina felt like she could hear its chanting in her ringing ears, and each sinister, untranslatable word pierced her body with fresh daggers of pain. She swung wildly, trying to defend herself. All of her martial training and discipline were of no use now. She felt despair close in, as the circle of thugs closed tighter.

    “Farnun!” she tried to call out, her throat strangled with pain.

    One of the thugs got behind her and rammed a stun-baton into Safina’s ribs. She fell again. Her lightsaber tumbled from her grip. Another electric jolt snapped through her leg. Safina tried to fight with her fists, but her wrists were soon grabbed by hands far more powerful than her own. A hand smashed her across her face and she felt the taste of blood in her mouth.

    Nearby, one of the Gamorreans – Throt – turned and saw Farnun and Adon at the far end of the platform. He bared his thick molars as a warning.

    “This Hutt business, nothing do with you. Be on your way!”

    * * *​

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  17. Master Vo

    Master Vo Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Nar Shaddaa

    Dank Farrik.

    Five minutes ago, August had been smoking cigarras, taking glitterstim, and had two beautiful Twi'Lek ladies on either side of him in a very nice casino.

    Now? He was running at breakneck speeds to get away from those damned hunters. His bounty was small, posted maybe less than a week ago. But it didn't take long for a pack of credit-hungry scumbags to beginning kicking up a fuss in the middle of a game. He'd secured a nice bag of credits too! But, in the heat of the moment, he'd left the damn things on the table! He could picture the grubby Rodian hands taking away his precious winnings.

    He crashed through a market, knocking down stalls as he parkoured his way through. He was nimble and fast, weaving in-between obstacles with ease.

    He'd irked some Hutt, Groggy or Gorgo, if he remembered correctly. There was no way he was going to allow the Hutt to get in the way of things. No chance.

    He kept running until he saw the turn towards the docking bay.

    That was his ticket out of this mess.

    He slipped past a corner, turning his head to see if the bounty hunters were still pursuing him. Luckily, the coast was clear.

    What a mess... He thought to himself, before he began to catch his breath and slowly stepping towards the bay.

    He ran a hand through his hair, sighing in relief. He began processing a long list of thoughts. What was he supposed to do now? He had a swathe of thugs chasing him like a cat to a mouse through the city, making his life a lot more difficult.

    As he walked through the bay with his head down, the sound of a snap-hiss stopped him dead in his tracks. He raised his head slowly, and couldn't believe his eyes.

    That wasn't... a Jedi..?

    And one in quite a bit of trouble too, it seemed. He noticed the thugs around her too.

    More Hutt lackeys...

    He paused, making sure to keep a suitable distance away. They hadn't seemed to have noticed him yet.

    He took a frustrated breath, bouncing the idea around in his head.

    Do I really wanna go down that route?

    He scratched his brow, sighing, before he took out his blaster pistol.

    Eenie meenie miney moe...

    Trandoshan. That's the first shot.

    August cleared his throat, raised the pistol, and fired at the lizard's head.

    "Let's leave the lady alone, boys." He called out with a smirk, tilting his head to one side.

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  18. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Moff Hellyon
    Aboard the ISD Armageddon

    There was something curious about hyperspace tunnels. Perhaps they were calming, or rather, helped to clear the mind of clutter, in doing so, they aided in sharpening one’s focus. Although the Armageddon had official business back on Coruscant, that didn’t mean it was cut off from the rest of the galaxy and all it's happenings.

    The Moff’s momentary ‘star gazing’ was interrupted once again by the approach of footsteps, a re-occurring scenario he was well accustomed to - and by now he even expected.

    “Pardon the interruption Moff Hellyon, intelligence has come across some reports that may be of interest to you.”

    “Is that so?” The grey haired man said, his words calm, yet sharp. His form turned smoothly from the bridge's ample viewport, his eyes now scrutinizing the crewman.

    “How many?”

    “At least two.”


    Lord Vader, Sir.”

    There was a brief pause.

    “Go on.”

    “And your target, sir.”

    “Of course.” The Moff intoned in a knowing fashion.

    “It thinks it can outwit me, slip through my grasp. But my reach is long. Imperially so.”

    “Yes, Lord Hellyon.”

    “Double its bounty." He stated firmly. "I will attend to these reports."

    “As you command, my lord.”

    With a subtle gesture of his hand, the crewman was dismissed. Moff Hellyon’s expression remained inscrutable as he readied himself to receive intelligence from his own branch. The hunt would continue.

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  19. Taylor Neir

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    May 26, 2022
    A fun combo with @noiamyourFADAH and @Darth Starwalker

    IC: Tanal Jahid, Ash Gir and Gerald Starwalker

    Tanal had Avinn's blade ignited as they could hear footsteps coming from all around them. Unbeknown to the nutolan jedi master it was yet another order 66 survivor. On one side of them a battalion of stromtroopers came around the corner led by the grand inquisitor. On the other another battalion came around the corner chasing another being. Tanal could sense something different about the being, he was force sensitive that was clear. Tanal raised Avinn's saber a little higher just in case. The yellow blade hummed in his ear. The other Order 66 Survivor, Ash, was kind enough to help the other survivors challenge the stormtroopers. His blue-bladed lightsaber ignited *Kwishuu*, and they faced the stormtroopers together.

    After they have successfully defeated the stormtroopers, the Inquisitor retreated.

    "Don't think I helped you for the sake of your lives, I did it because it was the Jedi way." said Ash. Tanal deactivated Avinn's lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. Tanal grew cautious of the newcomer and so procedded with caution.

    "Your a jedi you say. I was once too. How did you come to be on this stardestroyer?" Asked Tanal throwing a look at his fellow jedi master Gerald Starwalker

    "I'm a Jedi- hang on, I hear something" *lightsaber ignites*

    Another army of Stormtroopers appeared, along with the Inquisitor from earlier. Ash, Gerald, and Tanal defeated the stormtrooper army, but it wasn't over yet. The Inquisitor challenged them.

    The Inquisitor ignited his double-bladed lightsaber. Ash got in his Form II stance.

    The trio fought the Inquisitor, with one on the first blade, while 2 on the second blade. The Inquisitor was outnumbered, Ash went for the final blow, resulting in cutting his hand off. "That's good. That's another survivor of order 66." Said Tanal as he made the killing blow to the inquisitor. Just then yet another 4 battalions came out. 2 on the left and two in the right with 4 more inquisitors including Lopez. Tanal reignited Avinn's yellow blade with a *snap-hiss* and launched himself towards the two in the right leaving the 2 on the left for the newcomer and Gerald. This was not gonna be easy getting out of here. Gerald what as Tanal killed the inquisitor as the 4 new batllions came around the corner with 4 inquisitors and one of them was Lopez again. Tanal had launched himself towards the 2 on the right if them and so Gerald launched himself towards one of the ones on the left leaving the other for their new friend. Gerald ignited his green saber and the blade extended from the Hilt with a *snap-hiss*. Gerald noticed that one of the other inquisitors had his other saber. Ash fought the last Inquisitor and came out victoriously. It was a piece of cake, according to him.

    "Is that the last of them? We should try getting to the escape pod or something. This is getting annoying." said Ash

    Tanal was still busy with the inquisitors and the two batllions of stormtroopers when he heard the young jedi's question. He swung Avinn's yellow blade to block the two inquisitor ones and sent one flying towards the newcomer as he seemed to be good at handleing them. Tanal then knocked back the other one.

    "Me and master Starwalker are both members of the rebel alliance and we are both Jedi. Not only that but I am the leader of a rebel squadron know as Falcon Squadron and I am waiting for them to arrive..." Said Tanal before he had to block the blade of the inquisitor once more. The red blade crackled against the yellow one. Tanal exchanged a few blows with the inquisitor before the yellow blade sliced through the middle of the inquisitors disc saber. Tanal then turned back to the young Jedi.

    "And not only that but as long as we live the empire will not rest until the rebel alliance and the jedi are eradicated from the galaxy. They will hunt is down to our dying breath. Also I never cuaght your name, young one" Said Tanal speaking like he knew what the hell he was doing. He had picked up the tone of voice from his master many moons ago. Tanal then began to rebound the stormtroopers blaster bolts back at them as they opened fore on the jedi master. Tanal even made one go through the inquisitors chest. Tanal knew that it was against the jedi code to kill an unarmed being, but with the jedi order almost completely destroyed there was no other way if he wanted to live. Tanal then heard a cry in the force and knew who it had come from...

    "Safina" Said Tanal out loud as he deactivated Avinn's saber. The stormtroopers lay dead in font of him. Gerald was busy with his own enemy battalion. As he sent his green saber to collide with the inquisitors own red one he had one thought go through his head. It was his fault that Falcon Squadron would fall into a trap. Gerald then swept the thought out of his head as the inquisitor's blade came towards the jedi master's head. Gerald ducked under the blade before sending his blade through the Inquisitor's stomagh. The inquisitor's blade then deactivated and landed in Gerald outstretched hand as the stormtroopers opened fire on the jedi master. Gerald ignited the disc weapon of the fallen inquisitor. Gerald then threw the saber towards the troopers of the empire and killed many. He then rebounded the bolts of the remaining troopers back at them. One blaster bolt hit his right shoulder, which was also the arm he held his Lightsaber with. Gerald then pushed through the pain and killed the remaining troopers. The pain searing through Gerald's right shoulder was unbearable for the jedi master and he dropped his saber whilst also bringing his hand up to his shoulder. That was the same moment that Tanal say his Padawan's name. He also heard the deactivation of Avinn's lightsaber. Gerald then turned to the young Jedi.

    "I am master Starwalker, going off what my fellow master said just now what is your name and how did you end up in this situation." Asked Gerald as he went over and patted the Nutolan Jedi on the back. Gerald knew how much Tanal cared for his Padawan. Gerald knew what it was like as he thought since order 66 that he had lost his Padawan until today. Lopez was a great Jedi. Ash looked at the Master, and said,

    "I'm Ash Qir, Jedi Knight. Pleased to meet you, Master Starwalker. It was a pleasure serving you. Apologies for my behavior earlier today. I'm not one of those goofy Gungans who mess around, so don't underestimate me. Now, where should we head now?"

    Tanal smiled at master starwalker and then replied to ash.

    "There is no need to apologize Mister Gir After all these are dark times for everyone. Let's head to the main hanger bay we can await the arrival of my squadron there." Said Tanal turning away from the young jedi knight and running down the corridor. His headtails boobing up and down as he ran.

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  20. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Deveraux Bombardier

    Species: Human (Corellian)

    Faction: Rebel Alliance

    Age: 26

    Weapon: Blaster pistol

    Physical description or Image:

    Language: Basic

    Personality: Cocky, brash and arrogant, typical Corellian traits.

    Droid: R2 Q6 "Q"

    Star ship: Y wing
  21. Taylor Neir

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    May 26, 2022
    IC: Avinn Neir
    Rebel Flagship - Tokadana

    Avinn was still awaiting a response from the rest of Falcon Squadron and decided to try again.

    "This is specter 2 to specter 3, Specter 4 and Specter 1, how are your missions going?" Said Avinn. Avinn was growing worried with the increasing amount silence from the squadron. Tanal then responded. Avinn the answered Tanal.

    "I'm on my way, I'll try to get Specters 3 and 4 to your location." Said Avinn as he ended his connection with Tanal.

    "Specters 3 and 4, This is specter 2 I am on my way to help Specter 1 with his rescue mission but he needs all the help he can get. I need you two to finish up whatever is going on and get to Specter 1 ASAP. Specter 2 out." Avinn said and he ended his connection with Farnun and Safina and started up the vessel he was in. It was a ship that resembled the original Scarlet Vessel. He then left the hanger bay and he made his way to Tanal's location.

    IC: Tanal Jahid
    the Executor - Mustafar

    Tanal ran into the main hanger and he was instantly filled with a cold feeling. He felt the hate and anger come up to the surface. What he saw next was the reason why. Darth Vader was right ahead of them. His balck armour made the sight even more terrifying. Tanal ignited the yellow blade of Master Neir's saner and the yellow blade extended from the Hilt with a *snap-hiss*. Tanal then stood in his form 4 stance. Tanal may have used Form 4 as his main but he was trained to use forms 1-4. Tanal knew that vader once used Form 3 but now Tanal has no clue. Tanal was the second most trained Jedi in the room with Master Starwalker being the most.

    "Ash, whatever you do you can not engage Vader. He is by far the most powerful person I have come across during the reign of the empire." Tanal explained to Ash as he was still pretty young compared to the two Jedi masters. Just then two inquisitors entered the room and stood by Vader's side. Master Neir's voice also then came through Tanal's Comlink.

    "This is Specter 2 to Specter 3, Specter 4 and Specter 1, how are your missions going?" He said.
    Tanal then brought his comlink up to his face.

    "This is Specter 1 to Specter 2, we are kinda about to get ourselves killed by Darth Vader, a hand would be nice." Said Tanal.

    "I'm on my way and I'll try and get Specters 3 and 4 to your location." Said Avinn and Tanal's com fell silent.

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  22. Darth Starwalker

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    Jul 8, 2022
    IC: Gerald Starwalker
    Vader's Stardestoyer- Mustafar space

    Gerald ran into the hanger behind Master Jahid and instantly felt that cold feeling, the hate, the anger. Gerald assumed that Tanal could too as Tanal ignited his Lightsaber. Gerald then saw Vader and unclipped and ignited both of his green lightsabers and stood in his jar Kai stance. He held his right saber with a reverse grip and the other with a requler grip. Gerald then listened to Tanal as he spoke towards Ash and when his com came alive and Master Neir's voice came through. It was a surprise that the signal was not blocked.

    TAG: @Tay Neir, @noiamyourFADAH, @T4M1-7 (for Vader)
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  23. noiamyourFADAH

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    Jan 30, 2023
    IC: Reva
    Vader's Stardestroyer

    One of the two Inquisitors that were beside Vader was Reva. She ignited her double-bladed lightsaber.

    "Don't worry, Lord Vader. I'll take care of them. Come at me, you Jedi scum!" said Reva

    Reva got into her Form 7 stance. Ash was brave enough to challenge her.

    "Ha! A Gungan, challenging me? Unbelievable!"


    IC: Ash Qir
    Vader's Stardestroyer

    Ash heard the advice of Master Jahid. He felt like he was underestimated, but he knew it was for good.

    "Yes, Master Jahid. I'll challenge the Inquisitors instead."

    Ash challenged Reva. He got into his Form 2 stance, the only one he knows. His style was elegant, he thought he could defeat Reva easily.

    "You, I may be a Gungan, but I'll be glad to see you in your funeral."

    Ash still fought Reva even if she basically had two sabers. Unfortunately, he got wounded in his right arm. He needed help.

    "Help! Someone!" screamed Ash

    "What did you say about seeing me in your funeral? Ha! In your dreams, Gungan!" said Reva

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  24. Taylor Neir

    Taylor Neir Jedi Master star 4

    May 26, 2022
    IC: Tanal Jahid

    Tanal didn't want to fight vader again so instead launched at the other inquisitor. Tanal exchanged a few blows with the inquisitor before a cry for help came from the gungan jedi. Tanal launched the inquisitor backwards before going to help Ash. Tanal's blade collided with Reva's. Tanal then aimed a force push towards Reva fueled by the darkside. Tanal then turned to Ash.

    "Form 2 isn't exactly the best form to use against form 7." He said as he shifted into his Form 4 stance. He then awaited the response from Reva.

    TAG: @noiamyourFADAH

    OOC: Maybe a combo would be best here
  25. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Deveraux "Dev Bombardier
    Location: On the way to a crazy mission…

    It was strange the call that had come through from Command. Someone had asked for a lone Y wing on a mission.

    Usually Y wings flew as part of a squadron, they were slow fighters so it was best if they were together. Y wings very rarely went out on solo missions. And his bosses would never have sanctioned this unless they were sure he could do this and that it wasn't wasting valuable time and resources.

    But Dev as he was nicknamed was up for anything, it didn't matter what it was, just so long as hre could take the fight to the Imperials he didn't care. He was a Corellian and like all Corellians they liked to do two things: fly and fight.

    It didn't take him long to get ready. His Y wing as ever was refueled and ready with his droid R2-Q6 known as Q waiting in the socket. Checks complete it was time to head off and meet the person who had ordered him to come out on his own….

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