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Saga - ST The First Knights of Ren (Speculation fic; canon characters) A/N (5.13.17)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediMaster_Jen, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Title: The First Knights of Ren

    Summary: Luke’s meets the first Knights of Ren. And becomes one of them?

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to the Walt Disney Co.. No infringement is intended.



    Kaamor VI
    4 Years ABY

    Shortly after the rebel celebration on Endor had finished, Luke had given his sister and Han a quick goodbye and flown off in his X-wing. He’d had no real idea where he was going. He just knew that the Force was guiding him, and he was going to listen.

    Now, weeks later he found himself on Kaamor VI. He was cautiously wandering the capital city when he felt them; other force users. His hand fell subtly to the lightsaber at his waist. But before he could even grasp it, he was approached.

    “No need for the saber, Skywalker,” a deep voice said from behind him.

    Luke spun and saw two men standing before him. Both had dark hoods over their faces, obscuring their features. He could make out two pairs of blue eyes, but that was all.

    “Who are you?” Luke questioned.

    He senses told him that while they were both extremely force sensitive, neither man was a Jedi.

    Simultaneously the men lifted their hoods and revealed their faces as they spoke.

    “I am Kazic,” the first, older man spoke in a deep voice.

    “I am Elar,” said the younger of the two.

    The together came their final reply; the reply that would change the course of Luke Skywalker’s life once more.

    “We are the Knights of Ren.”
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  2. Jedi_Tyler

    Jedi_Tyler Jedi Master star 1

    Apr 11, 2005
    Are you telling me that Luke is/was a Knight of Ren??:eek: No, that can't be right. Right? I'm curious about Kazic and Elar, but I think I have an idea as to who they really are.

    Great start!=D= I'm definitely intrigued.
  3. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    I guess you're gonna have to wait to find out.;) Thanks for reading and replying.


    Chapter One

    “The Knights of…who or what is Ren?” Luke asked.

    Kazic held out his hand and Luke hesitantly took it. “Ren is the sun god of this planet. He’s worshiped above all else. The people on this world believe that when the sun is shining, they are safe from all evil.”

    “But when the sun goes down, or when it’s cloudy or raining, they become vulnerable,” Elar took over. “Evil takes over then and bad things happen.”

    Luke chuckled. “Well, it’s not the most outlandish theory I’ve ever heard.”

    “They take it very seriously here,” Elar informed Luke. “When we first came here, they…”

    “How did you get here?” Luke interrupted. “You’re both force sensitive. How is that you escaped the notice of Vader and the Emperor all these years?”

    Kazic and Elar shared a look before Kazic spoke. “Perhaps we should go somewhere else for that discussion. Too many ears listening out here.”


    “What is this place?” Luke asked several hours later as they were climbing massive steps towards the entrance to a temple.

    “It’s the Temple of Ren,” Elar said. “It’s where the ancients used to come and worship the sun god. It’s been here for millennia.”

    Luke looked around when they got inside. The Force called deeply to him. He could feel it’s vibrations.

    “I’ve never…the Force is so strong in here,” he commented.

    “Yes, it is,” Kazic agreed. “This temple drew Elar and I here…years ago. We came to investigate and…never left.”

    Luke turned to face them. “Why stay here and not join the Rebellion? We could have used your help.”

    Kazic smiled. “We knew the moment would come when we would meet. The Force urged us to wait, so we did. Now, here you are.”

    Luke nodded. “Yeah, here I am, but for what purpose?”

    The sliding open of a door behind them made Luke turn to face whoever was coming. He saw a female Togruta walking towards him. She was tall and sported white montrals and lekku with blue stripes. She was powerful in the Force.

    “I am Azalyn Ren,” she introduced herself. “We’ve been waiting for you, Luke Skywalker.”

    Luke looked around again. His eyes caught sight of many old paintings on the walls, relics tucked in corners and sitting pedestals.

    “Why me?” he wondered. “Who are the three of you, and why am I here?”

    Azalyn invited Luke to a table where the four of them sat down together.

    “Let me tell you a story,” Azalyn began. “You asked earlier why we did not join the Rebellion. The short answer, is we did. Almost a decade ago, when you were still tucked safely away on Tatooine, the three of us were fighting in the beginnings of what would become the Rebel Alliance.”

    Luke was skeptical, but h continued to listen.

    “I was not known as Azalyn then, neither were Kazic or Elar known by those names,” she continued. “When we came here, when we learned of Ren, the sun god of Kaamor VI, we unlocked the power of this temple. A power beyond…imagination, even for us.”

    “Well then, I’ll ask again, who are you?” Luke repeated.

    “I was once a Jedi, like you,” she revealed. “My name is, was Ahsoka Tano. Your father, Anakin Skywalker was my master for a time, before…”

    Luke was shocked. He’d never met anyone, other than Ben Kenobi who had known his father.

    He swallowed. “Before he became Vader?”

    Ahsoka nodded once. “Yes, but also before the Jedi betrayed me; before I left the Order. Kazic was also a Jedi, a student at the time of the purges.”

    Luke turned his gaze to Kazic, taking in the unusual look of his blue eyes.

    Kazic smiled, having sensed Luke’s thoughts. “Ocular implants. I was blinded years ago in a duel. I was born Caleb Dume. I managed to escape the purges and became Kanan Jarrus.”

    Elar grinned. “I guess that leaves me. I was born on Lothal and my parents named me Ezra, Ezra Bridger. That was Empire Day. I met Kanan when I was fourteen and Ahsoka shortly thereafter. They both trained me as a Jedi.”

    Luke was feeling overwhelmed. Three Jedi sitting before him who had survived the purge. It was amazing. He figured there might be more as well. Were they all here?

    “You mentioned the power of this temple,” Luke said. “What did you mean?”

    Ahsoka smiled. “This temple has nothing to do with the sun god of this planet. It shares the name, but that is all. You are actually sitting in an ancient Sith temple, Luke Skywalker. Its energy is drawn from several large, extremely powerful kyber crystals, powered just like your lightsaber.”

    The word Sith was not one Luke knew. When he questioned, Kanan shrugged. “Just another group of force users. It…it called to us. When we came here, we found many relics and artifacts. When some of the local settlers learned that we had arrived, they came in search of us.”

    Ezra picked up the story. “Our arrival had been foretold years before. Three knights would come as defenders and protectors of this world. It was us. They called us the Knights of Ren; anointed us with new names.”

    “Is that what you do?” Luke questioned. “Defend and protect?”

    “Yes, it is,” Ahsoka answered. “But we’ve been waiting for you before venturing out into the galaxy. It was also foretold here in this temple that one man would come, a man with the power to save the galaxy. That is you, Luke Skywalker. You’ve done what your father could not. You’ve brought balance to the Force. You are the next leader of the Knights of Ren.”
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  4. Child_of_a_Jedi

    Child_of_a_Jedi Jedi Knight

    May 11, 2015
    :eek::eek: Luke is a Knight of Ren?!?! :eek::eek: I love the Rebels tie-in with Kanan and Ezra. I can't wait to find out how this shakes out. If Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra and Luke are the first Knights of Ren, I'm super excited to see how it goes from that to Ben Solo becoming Kylo Ren and....yeah, I just can't wait!!=D= Hurry up and post more, Mom!
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  5. divapilot

    divapilot Force Ghost star 4

    Nov 30, 2005
    Well, this is intriguing. The Knights of Ren as the acolytes and servants of a person called Ren. [face_thinking] Interesting! I had thought of "Ren" as an order or a community of sorts, not an individual.

    The idea that Ashoka and Ezra and Kanan wind up as the first KoR and that they have become followers of the Sith. Didn't see that one coming.

    I'll be following this for sure! Can't wait to see where this goes.
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  6. Jedi_Tyler

    Jedi_Tyler Jedi Master star 1

    Apr 11, 2005
    Is Ren really a person, or just a mythological figure, like Zeus? I think it's an interesting idea that they have become followers of anything so opposite of the Jedi. [face_thinking] I find it plausible that Luke might not immediately recognize the word "Sith". I don't believe that Yoda or Obi-Wan ever uttered that word in the OT, so he might not associate it with the dark side yet.

    If Luke becomes a KoR, does that mean he's the one who introduces his nephew to them as well? Does he sow the seeds of the downfall of his new Jedi Order by bringing Ben to this planet? :p

    So many questions!! Answers, please!!
  7. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Author Note

    Well, to everyone who is still interested in this story, it will be continued soon. I've been working on other projects as well as renewing my teaching credentials, so RL has weighed heavy the last few months. Hopefully soon I will post the next chapter.

    huge thanks to everyone who continues to read!!:)
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  8. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Well, it took much, much longer than I anticipated to get the next chapter of this done. I started and stopped at least a dozen times. I wasn't happy with anything I'd written. :( Still not completely happy with it, but if I don't post now, I never will.

    Of course, by now TLJ has come and gone, and we've seen the end of Rebels :(:_|). This story is now absolutely 100% AU (it pretty much was anyway despite my labeling it speculation fic), which is really where my heart lies in terms of writing SW fiction, so...:) I'm sort of in my happy place now with this fic. I make no promises, but my current plan is to finish it by next week.

    Please enjoy! I won't be tagging people, so if you want to keep up with updates, please just add the thread to your watch list. Thanks so much to my readers, and lurkers alike. I appreciate all of you. :D


    Chapter Two

    Luke was sure his shock was written all over his face. “What do you…I can’t be your leader. You’ve…all three of you have been Jedi far longer than I have.”

    Ahsoka smiled. “Yes, you can, Luke. It is your destiny. Together, with you in the lead, we will cleanse the galaxy of what remains of the Empire. You brought balance. We will all bring peace.”

    Luke could feel the vibrations of power in the temple. “What secrets does this place hold?”

    Kanan grinned. “it holds many secrets, Luke Skywalker. Venture deeper into the temple. Let the Force surround you. I promise, you’ll come out with greater understanding of the galaxy than you ever thought possible.”

    While still highly skeptical, Luke began his journey into the inner confines of the temple. He rested his hand on his lightsaber, not willing to be separated from it. His mind clearly recalled the cave on Dagobah as he descended into the lower levels.


    “Will he stay?” Ezra questioned. “He seems…he’s not what I expected. Snoke said…”

    Ahsoka glared at the young man. “I know what Snoke said, Ezra. I…I know he’s not what we expected him to be. Snoke promised us an eager leader. But one thing is certain, Luke Skywalker’s destiny runs alongside the Knights of Ren.”

    Kanan took a deep breath before he spoke. “What is…Snoke is wrong? What if Skywalker isn’t the one we’ve been waiting for?”

    “He destroyed Vader,” Ahsoka reminded them both. “He helped destroy the Emperor and bring the Empire to its knees. Who else could be the one?”

    Neither Kanan nor Ezra had an answer for her.


    It was dark. Luke could barely see where he was headed. The ground beneath his feet was uneven.

    “Ah, Skywalker, I’ve been waiting for you.”

    Luke’s green lightsaber was in his hand and ignited within seconds.

    “Who are you?” he demanded of the shadowy figure he could barely make out.

    A deep laugh followed the question. Slowly the figure stepped closer and into the glow of the saber.

    Luke could see a harshly disfigured creature before him.

    “This is my temple,” the figure stated. “I am Ren, the Sun God of Kaamor VI. I am Jedi. I am Sith. I am teacher. I am student. But you may call me…Snoke.”


    Kanan could hear an infant crying; a newborn. Flashes of a man and woman came and went. He saw dark hair and eyes, but nothing else.

    “There’s…I see a child,” he whispered. “He’s young and…powerful? Not yet, but…he will be.”

    “Who is he?” Ahsoka questioned. “Is it the future you see?”

    Kanan opened his eyes as the vision faded. “I don’t know, Ahsoka. I can’t really see him. It’s all just…impressions. But I get the feeling the boy is related to Skywalker somehow.”

    “A relative?” she wanted to know.

    Kanan shook his head. “I can’t tell. Maybe? But, not yet. It didn’t feel like he existed yet.”

    Ahsoka nodded. “Alert me when Skywalker returns.”

    Kanan and Ezra both nodded as Ahsoka pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and left the temple.

    “What if you’re right, Kanan?” Ezra asked softly. “What if Skywalker isn’t the one? What do we do then?”

    Kanan breathed deeply and let his breath out slowly.

    “Then we keep waiting.”
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  9. Child_of_a_Jedi

    Child_of_a_Jedi Jedi Knight

    May 11, 2015
    I didn't really care for the Rebels ending, so...I like this! Great job, Mom. Glad you decided to go back to it. =D=
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  10. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    This is such a fascinating look at who the Knights of Ren might have been! I love that you weave in other characters from the SW universe.
    Have the older Jedi been influenced by the dark side? Is Snoke different than we know? Were they really looking for Luke? So many questions! I'm really interested in seeing where this goes!
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  11. Findswoman

    Findswoman Force Ghost star 5

    Feb 27, 2014
    I’m so glad I checked this out! Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra as the first Knights of Ren—what a very, very intriguing AU you’ve set up here, and what a cool way to bring the TV Force lore together with the film Force lore! And naturally Luke—and this unnamed child related to him (I have a guess, of course)—are right in the middle of it, right at the focal point of this order’s continued existence. And this is setting up to be a more interesting Snoke than I’ve ever seen before, too! Keep it coming—very glad you signed this up for WIPuary, and very eager to see where this will go. =D=
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  12. devilinthedetails

    devilinthedetails Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2019
    A very interesting story idea! I was always intrigued by the Knights of Ren and what made them different from the Sith in the ST. I was kind of disappointed that the ST never explored that much, so it was fascinating to see you delve into what makes the Knights of Ren unique in this story.

    Making Ren a sun god and the Knights his servants was very creative. I was somewhat reminded of the Ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, in fact.

    I also love how you revealed the identities of these Knights of Ren, and the idea of Luke being able to meet Ahsoka, his father's Padawan, was so awesome.

    Thanks for a very creative and original take on the Knights of Ren! I love how you took the concept of the Knights of Ren from the ST and spun it into this story. Thank you for sharing it:)
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