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The Future of FanForce

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Obi Anne , Sep 13, 2022.

  1. Obi Anne

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    Nov 4, 1998
    A long time ago, in a very different media landscape Star Wars fans decided it would be fun to meet each other and hang out with other fans. An organization called FanForce was built up around forums, based on location, that would help fans to come together. Soon FanForce was a global organization with local clubs and chapters all over the world, and with regional administrators that could supervise and help the local groups.

    Well the time passed and the media landscape changed. Members moved away from the forums to different social media, and the local activities dwindled. We know that there are still local groups out there and we know that there are still Star Wars fans who would love to meet other fans, it is time for FanForce to change, and we want you to be the drive behind the change.

    As of now all the regional administrators have been demoted. Many of them hadn’t even logged in for years and were not involved anymore. If you experience any trouble in your forum, or see anyone breaking the rules of the forum, you will need to use the report button and any available moderator will take care of it.

    We believe that the core of FanForce is the local community, not an overburden of administration. If you want to start up any activity in the forum we are happy to see you do that, and once there is enough activity in the forum we will be happy to select a new, active regional administrator that can be there for you.

    We have started a discussion in the FanForce communications forum where we invite everyone to join in and help create a new structure for FanForce, one that is more suited to today’s media landscape and digital habits. We hope that you will join us.