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Lit The Gardener and the Witch: The unrealized Dyad of Legends

Discussion in 'Literature' started by ColeFardreamer, Nov 9, 2023.

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  1. ColeFardreamer

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    Nov 24, 2013
    Wait, Legends had a dyad that was cut short, Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila as per Ikrits prophecy, unless you believe that they realized a Dyad still post mortem bridging the realms of living and dead. True, Legends had several potential Dyads. But this is about another.
    Legends also had a strong Twinbond of several twins... last but not least Jaina and Jacen Solo. But they were no Dyad either, despite resembling one at first glance.

    But lets go back to the beginning, Chosen Ones and Dyads. The Mortis family was a trinity, a Chosen One / Father, and balanced Dyad-ic siblings in Daughter and Son. When in harmony/symbiosis, both aligned and through each ones specialties maintained the balance, literally gardening by removing the weed (through the Son/Fanged God) and sowing new seeds and nurturing them to grow (through the Daughter/Winged Goddess). The Father, the Chosen One, kept the balance between the two so they could work together.

    Now our Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, had twins, but both served the light for when the Father falls, both children align to keep him in check and bring him back to the Light. Which is why Luke and Leia served their purpose and saved Anakin, but did not become a Dyad.
    Now the next generation has another set of twins. But as Luke has a child, too and rebirths the Jedi, it is Leia who as the Mother is the next true Chosen One (as per Lucas), keeping the balance of her twins for a time. The servants of the Dark Side tried to pit the twins against each other all the time, kidnapping them, training them, preparing them. Always they defied them despite a looming future shining through already.

    Jacen Solo rose during the NJO to become a hero, an avatar, a Chosen One kinda one may think. What people did not see though is his true role in the Force's plan. Jaina Solo was in his shadow despite her own heroic rise to goddess. And for a time it seemd as if her Dark Journey and his clinging to the Light would cement their roles. But she instead became a champion of the Light, a Sword of the Jedi, as he embraced a path that knew no sides, merely the Force. He was, by Vergere, proclaimed a gardener, and fans debated for ages if this meant he is destined to weed out like Sith do, or save and sow seeds like Jedi might. The answer was right there, but unseen.

    As Jacen left, Jaina took it upon herself to fight for what is right, to weed out priates and nurture the Light. Taking the side of those that have no champion, freeing slaves, JOINING a symbiosis when finally the Killiks and destiny caught up with her. But one alone can't do the job of two, of a Dyad, for long.
    Meanwhile Jacen, too, sought to solve problems alone, learn, and sojourn. The core precept of a Dyad, of the Light, of Harmony, forgotten. Unity, community, to seek people and stay with them, not leave on one's own quests. Thus came it to be that Jaina got drowned in her connections and symbionts as Jacen sought the other extreme, loneliness and the removal of all bonds that separate him from his goal, the Force, while actually they would have kept and brought him closer to it.

    What happened next, would add tradegy to tenacity. With the emergence of the Joiner King and the threat of the Swarm War, fate forced the twins back together yet each remained entrapped in their choices and failed to reconnect properly cementing the end of a bond that from now on could only detoriate till desperate deadly resolution later.

    But this brings us to the most important yet overlooked point. The Unseen Queen! The road not taken, and the choices that too late could not save what might have been. Erenada Tenel Ka Djo chume, childhood love of Jacen had waited long, too long. And war had separated them, then peace had still kept them apart. But now, she claimed him and born from a moment of love, they had a child. What seemed to finally turn to good though complicated boths lives at this and future moments in time considerably adding to the detoriation of everyones fates to the point that, when any return to a better path seemed lost, a new vision would announce a new Chosen One in Allana, their daughter for a future time and another turn of the wheel, another attempt to restore, maintain and keep balance.

    But back to the Dyad and the Mortis family: The siblings together in harmonic symbiosis maintained balance and gardened. Both Protectors to fight Destructor forces. Had he not detoriated from his path, Jacen might have in union with his witch queenmother despite odds and forces against them formed a Dyad and maintained balance. Their error was, to run from these problems that seemed unsurmounteable instead of tackling them headon. Reforms in the Cluster were overdue, forces against them would always be regardless of what they did. But they chose to appease them instead of face them with a stronger hand. To cover up their love, child and more, sealing their fate.
    What might have been, had they faced these risks, might have strengthened the galaxy and despite struggle overcome it. Yet their fear won out and fear leads to the Dark Side...

    Thus another Dyad went unrealized, and with Allana prophecised to be a Chosen One, maybe others will form a Dyad. Ben and Vestara? Dead Anakin and Tahiri?

    The Patriarchy and the Father are dead. The Son has fallen. The Daughter sought a new avatar.

    With Chosen One Leia alive or Allana following in her footsteps the trinity will be reborn. Will she be the Mother, the Maiden or the Crone? As the Force Trinity makes way for a Force Triquetra and a new age of Matriarchy, who will join Allana and/or Leia? We didn't learn, but later we saw that the power of Three still remained strong in Ania Solo, Marasiah Fel and Cade Skywalker.
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    what even-

    Ceiran this is out there even for one of your threads.
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