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Beyond - Legends The Journal of A Very Married Talon Tantiss [DDC 2014] 2014 Journal Is Complete!

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    Sorry "cereal" no cordial.
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    Derek Skyrider, My theory was the cereal was stale and Valla thought toasting the cereal would bring back it's flavor and crunchiness. I had a neighbor who thought toasting any type of stale bread product made it good as new.
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    Ah. It's funny when people get embarrassed.
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    That does seem like somthing Valla would do.:)
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    That was some great quick thinking on his part.
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    Princess sounds a lot like my sister's bulldog who always tries to bite my butt whenever I visit. I can see why talon doesn't like it.
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    Ben is a man very much in love. Just like his parents are.

    Thanks! I am looking forward to writing Marcus, Mark and Kira.

    His dad is a smooth operator…at least in fanfiction.

    Talon told Ben and Zylie that there would be dire consequences if the public found out. They are pretty good at keeping secrets.

    Thanks! I will have something up today.

    You got it!

    Thanks. I have to make sure I put in more Ben and Valla into this diary.

    Talon and Princess have a hate-hate relationship going on. :p

    Thanks Ginchy! [:D]
    I hope your butt remains bite-free! Thanks for reading.

    Thanks everybody who is reading this diary! [:D]


    Entry 24

    We docked our ship at the capital city of Indupar and were met at the port by my mother. She was smiling and waving her arms all excitedly in the pedestrian debarkation waiting zone. I don’t know why she does that (and she always does that). She’s the only person within twenty meters of the ship, it’s not like we are going to overlook her if she didn’t bounce up and down like to an excited game show contestant.

    I turned to the group. “Remember, unless we are in Marcus’ private offices or quarters he should be addressed as Your Highness.” I looked to Valla for emphasis.

    “I won’t forget,” Valla promised.

    We powered down and lower the ramp. I was the first one out and was practically bowled over by my mom who ran up and gave me a huge hug while crying, “I missed my baby.”

    I really hate it when she calls me her ‘baby’. That always gets Ben snickering.

    Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek before she pulled away and gave Zylie a hug and then greeted Valla and Ben just as enthusiastically.

    It’s nice to see my mother so happy. When my parents sold their restaurant I thought Mom would get depressed and bored, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. She actually looks ten years younger. I think losing the stress of running a restaurant has made her much more relaxed and carefree. She is in her sixties but other than some laugh lines around her eyes and greying at the temples of her dark brown hair she looks just like she did when I was a teen.

    I searched for my father. “Where’s dad?”

    “He and Prince Marcus are busy and they asked me to bring you to them.”

    We locked up the ship, grabbed our luggage and followed my mother to a small shuttle that transported us to the palace. My mom then led us to the back portion of the castle that overlooked the large parade grounds. In the distance we could hear the sound of a military band playing and the shouts of marching orders. We exited onto a large balcony where I saw my father and son in similar dress blue uniforms observing the parade grounds below. Dad was still dying his hair and beard red, but I noticed he was either adding grey streaks into his hair or it was naturally greying and the dye he used did little to hide the fact.

    Marcus has grown taller since I last saw him. He was now the same height as Uncle Luke and had the same blond hair and blue eyes. I was taken aback by how much the boy looked like me when I was his age. Of course, that was the reason I’ve been actively discouraged from visiting my son as often as I would like…at least until his coronation. We definitely have a strong family resemblance.

    My dad turned and smiled broadly upon seeing us. “Come on over,” he called out while motioning us to the balcony’s stone balustrade. My dad pulled me into a hug as I drew closer while my son gave me a small smile and nod of his head acknowledging my presence. I looked over the terrace railing and was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the military formation below. There was at least of division of Indupar Army troopers in combat uniform and armor conducting a pass-and-review while a military band played marching music to keep them in step.

    I looked over to my father. “That’s a huge military parade. What’s the occasion?”

    My father leaned closer to me so he could be heard over the raucous music. “It is just a dress rehearsal for the coronation festivities that will occur in a few months. This is only a small percentage of the expected parade participants. We will have dozens and dozens of battalions from military bases throughout the Crown Worlds attending.”

    “Wow.” I was awestruck by the pomp and ceremony designed to honor my son’s crowning.

    “That’s enough for now,” I heard Marcus tell a highly decorated military officer standing by his side. “I am extremely impressed with the men. Please tell your commanders I am very pleased.”

    The officer brought his right hand, clenched in a fist, over his heart and made a bowing motion with his head. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

    Prince Marcus turned and ushered us off the balcony. “Please, let’s go to my chambers, where we can talk in private.” He took a couple steps into the corridor when he realized he didn’t know all in our group. “I’m sorry. We haven’t officially met.” He offered Valla his hand in greeting. “I am Prince Marcus of the Indupar Crown Worlds.” He looked at Ben and back to Valla. “And unless I am mistaken, you are Jedi Skywalker’s beautiful bride, Valla.”

    I chuckled when I noticed Valla was flustered. “Yes, Your Highness.”

    He smiled brightly as he brought her hand up to his lips for a quick kiss. “I can see the resemblance between you and Zylie. Obviously great beauty runs in your family.”

    I stifled a groan. Who is teaching him these sappy lines?

    “Please let me show you around. Everybody else has been to the palace previously.” He beckoned for us to follow him down the marble passageway. He brought us to his training area where my father taught him how to use a lightsaber. “Here is where Master Tantiss trains me in the way of the Force and how to handle weapons.” We stood there long enough for Valla to get a look inside before continuing down the hall. “Over here is our library.” He pointed through the open doorway, but continued after a brief pause. “There is a ballroom, and a number of staterooms in this corridor.” He motioned to a closed door to his right. “In there is the Royal Harem.”

    I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard that. “A Royal Harem?” I choked out in disbelief.

    My son turned and gave me an innocuous expression. “One must have a place for the Royal concubines to congregate.”

    I looked at him speechless. I quickly turned and flung the door open…only to find a large storage closet. I could hear my son and dad laughing boisterously.

    “Jedi Tantiss. I’m surprised that you are looking for the Royal Harem,” my son managed to say between bouts of laughter. “You’re a married man.”

    I groaned as my face heated up. “That was a good joke Your Highness.”

    A wide grin crossed his face. “Made you look.”

    “I told you he’d fall for that.” I heard my father chuckle as he gave Marcus as friendly slap on the back.

    I can’t believe an eleven-year-old duped me. I can see my father’s influence on my son already. He’s becoming a practical joker.

    We continued down the large ornate corridor until we came to Marcus’ private quarters. After we secured the doors behind us my son turned and gave me a big hug. “Its good to see you father.” After a few seconds we broke contact and he greeted Ben, Valla and Zylie in a more informal manner with hugs. “I’m glad you can stop by.” He led us to a sitting area and motioned for us to be seated as he lowered himself into a large cushioned settee. “What brings you to my small corner of the Galaxy?”

    I sat down on a couch next to Zylie. “We were on Sullust and have a few days to spare before the next shipment run.”

    Marcus nodded. “And how are you doing as roving Jedi?”

    “Good,” I said. “We were assigned to search for a missing girl on Vandelhelm. She’s the daughter of a Baron.”

    My son nodded. “It is nice that you found her.”

    Ben and I looked at each other wondering how he would know that.

    “We never said we found her,” Ben pointed out to Marcus.

    He winced before a guilty look crossed his face. His gaze traversed to my parents sitting diagonally from him before he looked down to the floor. “My mistake. I assumed you would continue your search until she was found.”

    I shook my head in frustration. “More likely your creepy Seers have been keeping tabs on me.” I have never liked the H’drachi Seers who lived within the royal palace. They are soothsayers that use the Force to peer into something they call the time stream. It is believed they can see the galaxy’s various possible futures. Since the future is always in motion, they can never positively know which future would come to fruition, but their prognostications have been fairly accurate so far.

    I saw my father tense when I made a disparaging comment about the seers, but Marcus remained relaxed. “Dad, I must remind you I have been training with the seers for a couple years now and I am well on my way to becoming one of those creepy Seers.”

    “So, were you keeping tabs on me?” My voice raised a notch. I really didn’t like the idea of my son spying on my possible futures.

    He averted his eyes, appearing very uncomfortable. “I occasionally take a peek.” He looked over to my parents. “My grandparents worry about you.”

    My mother blushed profusely. “Don’t blame him. I sometimes ask him to consult the time stream and see if any of your futures hold danger.” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Your brother Jaden and his family are safe on Coruscant. As Jedi Healers it is unlikely that they will face danger, but you two…” She motioned toward Ben and me. “You two are Jedi warriors. I can’t help but worry.”

    I gritted my teeth, but I really couldn’t blame my mother for fretting over me. That’s her job as a parent. “I still don’t like it, but…I understand.”

    The tension drained out from Marcus’ posture. “Dad, I want to reassure you…” he hesitated with a blush as he squirmed in his seat. “I um…I want to assure you that I always safeguard your privacy…you and Zylie’s. If…ahh…umm…if that’s your concern.”

    As soon as I grasped what he was saying I blanched. Could my son and those voyeuristic seers view my most private moments?

    Force! Could they have watched my reunion between Zylie and me in the last few days?

    I know I was staring at Marcus slack jawed, horrified at the thought of what the seers might see. “I wasn’t concerned about it before, but I am now!” I said heatedly.

    Marcus’ face burned red. “Please father, believe me when I say, seeing my father and stepmother having…doing stuff is the last thing a child wants to see.” He dropped his head in his hands. “Please, can we change the subject to one less disturbing.” He quickly stood as his gaze fell over the group.

    I could see my father biting his lower lip in an effort to contain his laughter. My mother appeared embarrassed. Zylie was wide-eyed while her sister and Ben were doing their best not to snicker.

    Marcus pulled out a comlink and talked to somebody quickly. “Why don’t I get everybody settled into their rooms and we can meet up for lunch.” He took a deep calming breath. “The guard outside will guide your to your chambers and I’ll have a porter bring any luggage from the shuttle to your quarters.”

    “Sure,” I mumbled as I stood. That sounded good to me. Marcus was right, this entire conversation was way too disturbing.
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    Poor Marcus. No one would want to look in on their dad and stepmom "doing things." [face_laugh]
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    Marcus is so freaking adorable!!!!
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    For one brief moment (before I read ahead) I imagined Ben actually bursting out laughing. And Talon wanting to kill him because he didn't think it was funny.

    On another note, it would be nice to see more of Ben and Valle, but this is the Journal of a Very married talon tantis....

    Not Ben and Talon's Excellent Adventure.. (grins)
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    =D= and [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Marcus is a fascinating blend of royal dignity and playful, sincere youngling. I wish those Seers would just ... they've been giving me the creeps; I can only imagine what they do to Talon :rolleyes: Zylie's probably having an internal fit too. :p
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    The Royal Harem. [face_rofl] [face_rofl] Poor Talon. He's got his father and son conspiring against him!! LOL Great to see Mark and Kira again!! [face_love]
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    Poor Talon, everyone is watching him and father and son playing pranks on him

    Great update
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    [face_laugh] I loved that 'His Highness' is a prankster. Certainly takes after Grandpa.
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    I agree. [face_worried] Gross.

    Thank you. I have a feeling he is going to be as much trouble to Talon as Talon was to his father. I think it is in the DNA.

    Well, they do live on a ship together so they are forced together quite a bit.

    Yes, she is. [face_laugh]

    I miss writing Mark and Kira. My NaNo story is about them, but I am still working out the kinks.

    Thank you. I just thought that would be something Mark would convince Marcus to say…even if he had to explain what concubine and harem meant.

    Thanks. Mark has mellowed in his old age, but I think being around a youngster has brought back some of his mischief making.

    I would think anybody that looks into the future would be weird to be around. Can you imagine saying, "See you later" and then them responding. "No you won't."

    Sorry for the long delay in an update. My kids have kept me busy with scouts and school events. I also am trying not to write so much. Talon's first journal was over 100K words. I'd like to keep this to 50K words if possible. So I need to post less often.

    Thanks for reading!


    Entry 25

    As the palace attendant guided us to our room I could tell Zylie was upset over the conversation with my son. I just hoped we could get into our quarters before she said something that could possibly compromise my son’s claim to the throne.

    The middle-aged, graying attendant stopped in front of a large door and waved a key fob in front of a sensor. We could hear the locking mechanism click prior to him opening the door and ushering us inside. “Here are your key fobs.” He handed us the keyless electronic entry devices. “A porter will be along with your luggage.”

    “Thank you.” Zylie started digging into her pocket for a credit chip for a tip. The attendant obviously knew what she was doing and raised a hand in a halting motion. “Guests do not tip within the palace.” He gave Zylie a warm smile. “We are well paid within the royal court.”

    As soon as the doors closed she turned to me wide-eyed. “Do you think he spies on us!?” She didn’t look mad as much as embarrassed at the prospect.

    “No, at least not at our private lives. I think he may look when I am on missions, not when I’m home with you,” I reassured her. “Besides, he wasn’t lying when he said watching us together was the last thing he wanted to see.” I chuckled. “I could feel his embarrassment reverberate through the Force.”

    “Maybe he doesn’t want to see you, but how do I know he’s not scrutinizing the time stream now to observe any long showers I might take in the future?”

    I had to laugh. “If the kid harbored any adolescent voyeuristic fantasies I’m sure he’d pick someone else to fulfill that particular craving.”

    Zylie scowled at me as she put her hands on her hips. “What is that supposed to mean? I’m too old and ugly to be the object of a pre-teen male’s fantasy?”

    Oh great! I have fallen into one of those conversations where nothing I say is right. I wrapped Zylie into my arms and kissed the top of her head warmly. “Honey, you’re beautiful. I just meant that Marcus would probably have a crush on young Holo-starlets like Nina Swifthawk who, at fifteen, is much closer to his age. I hate to tell you, but to him we are as ancient as my Uncle Han.” I leaned down and nibbled on her ear. “Maybe I can get him to teach me to be a seer and then I can look in on your long, hot future showers.”

    She reached her arms around my neck and gazed up at me with a smirk. “You don’t need to do that, you can just join me in the ‘fresher.”

    I grinned. “Maybe after lunch we can freshen up from our long journey.”

    Her hazel eyes flashed with mischief. “That sounds wonderful Jedi Tantiss.”

    ENTRY 26

    We ate lunch in a small dining area off of Marcus’ private quarters. He told me the room was secure and private so we should feel free to talk.

    My parents were there, along with, Ben and Valla. I noticed the queen and her sister Ema didn’t show up. Whenever Zylie accompanied me on these visits the two women limited their interactions with me. I guess they thought my ex-lover being in the same room as my wife would be uncomfortable…and they’re probably right.

    Mom was talking to Zylie and Valla about them going on a girl’s night out. I choked on my drink as I remembered the night of Anakin Solo’s bachelor party. A group of us discovered the location of Tahiri’s bachelorette party and decided to crash it…only to discover that not only were the young women from the Jedi Academy in attendance, but also our mothers! And it was male revue night! Seeing my mom, Mara, Leia and Mirax Horn all screaming for a particular dancer to ‘Take it off’ scarred me for life. Okay, maybe I’m being a little overly dramatic, but it was a disturbing sight for a teenage boy.

    “I hope you're not bringing them to some place risqué,” I joked with my mother.

    She glanced over and gave me her most innocent look. “Risqué? No, I’m still cataloging the digital holos from Zylie and Valla’s bachelorette party. Now that was risqué.”

    “What?!” Ben and I both cried out simultaneously. I looked over to Zylie and Valla who bushed deeply. “What did you all do?”

    My mother laughed and waved me off. “All the ladies went out and saw the troop called, The Galaxy Men.”

    “They claim to have the best male dancers from every humanoid species,” Zylie explained while trying to contain a smirk.

    Valla laughed. “But we didn’t realized that Humanoid included species like Duros and Wookiees.”

    “That Wookiee could dance.” Zylie admitted. “But that Zabrak was amazing.”

    “Oh, yeah, amazing,” my mother agreed with a grin.

    “Hey,” my dad protested with a pout.

    My mother turned and kissed him. “You have nothing to worry about, honey. Nobody can ‘Do the Tantiss’ better than you.” My dad blushed deeply. I decided not to ask what she meant by that; I probably don’t want to know.

    I dragged my hand through my hair in frustration. “Mom, dad, can we not talk about this topic around an eleven-year-old boy?”

    My dad scoffed. “You mean the eleven-year-old that had you convinced he had a harem full of concubines?”

    Marcus muffled a laugh with his hand trying to pass it off as a cough.

    Mom shrugged. “You’re the one who brought it up, but to answer your question, our ladies night out will be to a spa.”

    My dad grinned. “Don’t worry, us guys can do something together.” He looked over to Marcus. “We like going to the shooting range, the pool or the gym, whatever you like.”

    “The gym,” Ben chimed in. “I miss going to the gym.”

    “The gym it is.” Dad said before he started bragging about Marcus’ training like the proud grandfather that he is. “He’s only been training for a couple years and already he is as good as some of Luke’s fourth or fifth year students! It would be interesting to see how he would do against Jedi Academy students his age.”

    “Maybe we can have Marcus visit the academy,” Ben offered.

    “I would like that,” Marcus said as serving droids delivered our food. He looked over to Ben questioningly. “There is something I would like to discuss with you about the Jedi Academy, Jedi Skywalker.”

    “Ben, just call me Ben. We're family.”

    Marcus smiled bashfully. “Sorry. You told me that last time you were here. Ben, I would like your opinion about Jedi Knights.”

    “Which is?”

    “I’m thinking about establishing my own version of Jedi Knights here on Indupar,” he announced.

    Ben and I looked at each other before returning our gaze to my son. “Why is that?”

    “The Empire has the Imperial Knights. Hapes has the Hapan Knights. The Galactic Alliance has the Jedi Knights. Indupar is not affiliated with any of these governments. Shouldn’t they have their own Force-strong fighting corps?”

    Ben shrugged. “I’m sure if there was a need for Jedi my father would send Knights to assist Indupar.”

    Marcus made a face. “The Jedi Knights come under the command of the Galactic Alliance. What if the Alliance refuses to help or we’re attacked by the Alliance? What then?”

    I felt a cold chill run down my spine. Every time Marcus says, ‘what if’ I am reminded that he is a Seer and might actually have seen the events in the time stream. Was he now simply spouting paranoid conjecture or prognosticating a possible future? “Why would you think the Galactic Alliance would ever attack Indupar?”

    My son’s expression grew solemn. “Governments go to war to forcefully acquire the possessions of others. Indupar and Ec Pand are fertile planets with extensive natural resources.” He hesitated for a moment before continuing with a hushed voice. “And the planets Jabor and Medth wish to join the Indupar Crown Worlds. They are not part of the Galactic Alliance, but I don’t know how your chief-of-state will react to more worlds coming under my control.”

    “Oh,” I murmured. I wasn’t sure if this would cause a reaction from the Alliance or not. “Why do they want to become part of the Crown Worlds?”

    Marcus smiled. “Because the Crown worlds have an awesome ruler.” He chuckled at his own joke, but then blushed when nobody laughed. “Seriously, it’s because the Crown Worlds have a very low rate of poverty and government programs to help educate the population and assist entrepreneurs set up businesses. The small unorganized governments of those two planets are more than willing to give up leadership in exchange for a civilized and profitable society.”

    As my son spoke I had to remind myself he was only a child, he sounded so much older and articulate for a boy his age. My father claims Marcus spends most of his days in training and tutoring. He was raised to be king since birth.

    Ben shook his head at Marcus’ words. “I doubt the Alliance would attack Indupar to stop you from annexing planets into your kingdom. Hapes has sixty-three worlds under Tenel Ka’s rule and the Chief-of-State hasn't made a move against her.”

    “But the Hapes Consortium is aligned with the Galactic Alliance,” Marcus pointed out.

    “I certainly wouldn’t support the government if they tried to interfere with your sovereignty,” I assured my son. “I would stand by you and my father.”

    Marcus smiled warmly. “I know you would.” He turned to Ben. “How do you think the Grand Master would react to me starting my own group of knights?”

    Ben shrugged. “He didn’t appear concerned that the Empire and Hapes has their own version. As long as all groups adhere to similar tenets to do no evil and stay on the light side of the Force, he shouldn’t have a problem with it.”

    “Good,” Marcus took a bite out of his steak. He waited until he swallowed the meat before continuing. “I have a few prospects for training. Maybe the next time you're here I'll have some young students to spar with.”

    With that comment I began to relax. I have a feeling Marcus’ desire to start a Jedi training academy had less to do with a foreseeable threat to him and Indupar, and more about wanting young people around him in the palace--young people whom he could trust. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any younglings in the palace other than Marcus. I’m sure there are some sons and daughters of servants within the grounds, but they must stay out of the areas Marcus frequents.

    He must be a very lonely boy.

    The conversation during the remainder of the meal consisted of family talk and plans for a big surprise party for Ben’s parents for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary next year. I don’t know if it is possible to surprise two Jedi Masters, but my mother is determined to do so.

    Maybe she can pull it off with a lot of stealth and ysalamiri.
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    I don’t know if it is possible to surprise two Jedi Masters, but my mother is determined to do so.
    Maybe she can pull it off with a lot of stealth and ysalamiri.

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    The conversation during the remainder of the meal consisted of family talk and plans for a big surprise party for Ben’s parents for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary next year. I don’t know if it is possible to surprise two Jedi Masters, but my mother is determined to do so.

    This'll be good.

    Great update.
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    Entry 25: SQUEEE! Talon shows his smoothness yet again :*

    #26: Marcus shows astuteness but also a wistful desire to have others his age around who are trustworthy [face_thinking] LOL at the talk about the ladies night ;) Ben's parents' 35th anniversary -- lovely ... Just the sound of it is wonderful! [face_dancing]
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    I don’t know if it is possible to surprise two Jedi Masters, but my mother is determined to do so.

    Maybe she can pull it off with a lot of stealth and ysalamiri.

    Trying to pull off a suprise party for two Jedi Masters would be a trick in itself :p

    Mara, Leia and Mirax Horn all screaming for a particular dancer to ‘Take it off’ scarred me for life. Okay, maybe I’m being a little overly dramatic, but it was a disturbing sight for a teenage boy [face_laugh]

    Oh my things that the kids don't need to hear :p
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    Great entries with the discussions about the Jedi, the parties and the surprise planning. Fun and serious things combined
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    Nibbles to the rescue!!! :p [face_laugh]

    That was fun!
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    A bit behind on this but that entry was very good. I was thinking when Marcus asked if Luke had a problem with it, why would he?

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    Thanks for reading!

    It was ginchy's idea. She said I should find a way to get everybody together. She wanted to see Mara and Luke.

    Thanks. I would think it would be difficult to grow up as royalty. Especially when your mother worries that you will let it slip that you are not the son of the king. I would think they would keep him on a short leash. I didn't talk about Valla and Zylie's bachelorette party in the last journal. I assume they told the guys to go to their bachelor party and have fun and then Kira, Zara (the girls' mother) Mara, Leia and Mirax would have grabbed the sisters and whisked them off to their own party. :p

    I would think it would be dangerous. Don't jump out and scream "SURPRISE" to two people with lightsabers.

    Thanks. I like to balance things out.

    Nibbles is getting old. Her last litter of kids will have to be recruited.

    I thought about this for a while about how would Luke react and I wasn't sure if he would like this happening. I would think he would be a little wary about other schools popping up. First of all, he is the man who brought the Jedi back from the brink of extinction. At one point he possibly was the last Jedi. Kam was working with the Sith. Mara wasn't really a Jedi. So he built a school and trains Jedi. He is the grand master and responsible for the actions of his students. He knows their training and probably feels confident that they are trained well enough not to go darkside. The next thing he knows, Jacen is starting his own Force-strong security team for his wife and the Empire is training their own. Even though Luke has no control over them…he did train the people who are training the students. If the standards he set up are not followed and a student falls to the darkside and goes all Sithy and killing people will Luke feel responsible?

    More importantly will the general public look at him and blame him for letting his former knights start their own schools? We do know that in the profics Luke is blamed for the actions of his knights and former knights. Jedi Knights are powerful weapons. If a government taught a scientist to build nukes, they probably wouldn't like it if he left and decided to build nukes for another country. Since the GA is payrolling Luke's academy they may be a bit irritated that his knights are going off to other worlds outside the GA control and training Jedi. Like a corporate company they may want to control who gets the training and may consider it their intellectual property. So the GA may put pressure on Luke to stop his students from training people not loyal to the GA. Perhaps they will ask him to have his knights sign a non-compete agreement.

    Of course, Luke can't stop Marcus. Also, Luke doesn't know Marcus is his great-nephew, but Marcus knows. I think he wanted to run it by Ben to see if he was going to cause problems for the Grand Master.

    Thanks everybody for reading!
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    I've always hated the whole idea of the GA thinking Luke and the jedi I are beholden to them

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