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Beyond - Legends The Last of A Legacy (100 Years A.B.Y)

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    Hey everyone this is just the proluge of my new fan fiction. More info and chapters to come in the future!

    The cantina was smoke filled and reeked of alcohol and sweat. A mixture of fumes that was not pleasing to the sinuses. But that stench was common for this place, a small, stuffy cantina in a mining town. Miners always came here to relax after a shift. It was a place they could call home, because their real home for most miners meant a dysfunctional family. Abuse, affairs, fights, sometimes even murders if things got to serious. There was just something about being a miner, it really changed people. Maybe it’s all of the toxic waste they inhale from the mining plants that messed with their minds… Or maybe people just got frustrated that the only thing they could do with their life’s was just swing an axe against a rock and make a few coins each day. Life was essentially miserable if you were a miner on the Kambania, and twice as miserable if you lived in small town Krux.

    At least the miner life was miserable to Bray Starkiller … Bray was a seventeen year old who had lived in Krux his whole pathetic life. Nothing had ever gone right for Bray. It didn’t help that he was adopted; he didn’t even know his real parents. When he was little his father Doug a miner, would always come home drunk and beat his mother, and eventually started beating him. And after years of it, his mother killed herself, and Doug drank himself to death. That all happened when Bray was only thirteen years old. Without anything else to do Bray picked up his father’s shift at the mining plant, and ever since he had been living the same life that all the other men of the town did, a miserable one. Fortunately for Bray the miners accepted him, unlike his father. His father Doug was always an outcast, but Bray he was different then his father. Different in the sense that he wasn’t a low life drunk, who beat women.

    Bray had aspirations, dreams, and hopes. He wanted to get out of Krux, off of Kambania. He wanted to travel to the inner core. To planets like Coruscant, the great capital planet of the Galaxy. The home place of the government. The home place of the Jedi, Bray had never met a Jedi. But he always thought it would be interesting. And something in Bray was telling him he was going to get off the planet sooner then he thought. That offend happened to Bray, he was get feelings about stuff before they happened. It was “mystical” his mother would always say, of course that would only anger Doug and he would beat her.

    Bray peered around the room, and then his eyes met with his good friend Dax Tumolt. Dax was only a few years older than Bray, also a miner. They were always told they looked like brothers growing up. They both had shaggy blonde hair and light blue eyes. Only Dax was quite tall where Bray was on the shorter side, not scrawny but just built smaller, but the similarities were there. Noting the eye contact Dax rose from the table he was sitting at and left the conversation between two drunken old men who weren’t speaking coherently. He made his way over to the Bray’s table and sat down, placing his drink down before him.

    “Can I buy you a drink Bray?” Dax asked.

    “A drink? Dax you know I don’t drink!” Bray replied, speaking as if the fact was obvious.

    “Oh yea I forgot, because of…” Dax trailed off and Bray interrupted.

    “Because of my father, I don’t want to end up like that.”

    “Then what in the hell do you come here for kid?” Dax always called him kid, even though he was only three and a half years older.

    “I don’t know; figure out what is going on. Get the latest news.” Bray spoke confidently in his statement, but instantly Dax crushed that confidence.

    “News, kid you know nothing new ever happens in this dump. We don’t have news. So why is it kid, why do you come here?”

    “I don’t know Dax… I don’t know…”

    “Huh you don’t know, come on kid,” Dax burped, he was getting buzzed Bray could tell, “tell me kid, come on!”

    “I said I don’t know Dax!” Bray slammed the table with his fist and Dax looked shocked and peered at Bray with confusion. “Sorry… now tell me who is that man back their?” Bray nodded his head toward the back of the cantina. In the dimly lit corner, sitting alone at a table, a man who appeared to be anywhere between twenty five and thirty, was tapping his left hand fingers on the table, a drink in his right hand. He had a slight amount of stubble on his chin, and his short messy hair was a light brown.

    “Oh I don’t know his name but he is some hot shot pilot. Only here for the night though, he’s leaving tomorrow morning. Just passing through.” Dax burped again, which slurred the last words of his sentence.

    “You don’t see that offend,” Bray paused, “I’m going to go talk to him.”

    “For what?” Dax looked surprised.

    “I’m getting the hell off this planet!” Bray smiled and began to walk across the cantina toward the mysterious man. Meanwhile behind him Dax shouted off some unpleasant name about Bray, and what Bray thought sounded like, “good luck.”

    When Bray reached the table the man peered up at him. His eyes dark, dark as the night sky. And when he spoke his voice was cold like a blizzard on Hoth.

    “Problem?” He questioned.

    “Problem… Ummm… No, no problem… Just um came to talk.” Bray uttered nervously, he was almost afraid of this guy.

    “Look bud I’m not much for making friends…” The man leaned back in his chair relaxing.

    “Me too! I’m hate making friends!” Bray pulled out a chair and sat down at the table. He could tell the man was upset about that.

    “Who was that guy then?” The man motioned toward Dax who was now on top of the table dancing.

    “He was trying to sell me death sticks, he bothers everyone!” Bray was lying, and his nervousness gave that away.

    “Is there actually a reason your over here. Because if not your just wasting your time.” The man leaned forward.

    “I want to get off this planet. Im sick of this life. I want to go to the big city, Coruscant to be exact!” Bray said excitedly.

    “Another one of those types huh?”

    “One of those types?” Bray looked confused, “what do you mean?”

    “What I mean is another young kid who wants to run away from home to chase some crazy dream. But let me tell you kid the big city isn’t the place to be for someone like you.”
    The man smirked, he was trying to get a rise from Bray, and it worked.

    “Someone like me! Sir I have been fending for myself since I was thirteen! I can handle myself, I just need someone to get me to where I want to be.”

    “Even if I did give you a ride, could you pay me?”

    “Pay you! I could pay you! I have five hundred coins.”

    “Coins? Are you kidding me, coins are no good in the core planets! I can’t help you.”

    “Please, there is nothing for me here. My mom killed herself; my dad drank himself to death. Please help me. I just want to leave!” Bray begged.

    “I’ll tell you what, just because you have a slight likeability factor… I’ll take you to Coruscant. But no further. I’ll even give you a few credits to get you started.” The man smiled.

    “Oh thank you sir! Thank you so much!” Bray’s face lit up.

    “Yea don’t get all mushy on me now kid. By the way my names Jansen.” He extended his hand toward Bray.

    “Last name?” Bray asked.

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    “Well I’m Bray… Bray Starkiller!” Bray met Jansen’s hand and shook back.

    “Oh my…” Jansen seemed floored by the mention of the name… He seemed miles away.

    “Something wrong?”

    “No! No! No! Just, we leave tomorrow.” Jansen released the hand shake and swallowed hard. Something was bothering him.

    Bray turned and walked away, rushing over to Dax. When Dax heard the news him and Bray embraced like two old pals would. Meanwhile Jansen just stared at Bray, like he knew something about the kid that even Bray didn’t know, about himself.
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    Sep 6, 2012