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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Dubya_Scott, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    <approved by Imperial_Hammer>

    Before Luke Skywalker...

    Before the Galactic Empire...

    Before the Clone Wars...

    There was a hard-fought war against the machines from another world.

    Welcome one and all to the latest Star Wars crossover game! [b]Dubya_Scott[/b] proudly presents:

    [hl=black][color=blue][i][b]The Machine Wars[/b][/i][/color][/hl] (a Star Wars/Terminator crossover)



    [hl=black][color=green]Earth ? 2029 AD[/color][/hl]
    The war against the machines appeared to be coming to an end. But what the Human Resistance didn?t know was that the Terminators had not only built a device that allowed them to travel through time, but one that allowed them to travel through space as well as time. Fearing what the machines were up to, John Conner, the leader of the Resistance, sent a team through the portal to stop the Terminators.

    [hl=black][color=green]Tatooine - 35 BBY[/color][/hl]
    The Human Resistance arrives on an unknown planet in a galaxy far, far away. Their mission: to hunt down the Terminators and prevent them from destroying whatever civilization lives there, and help the people of this world defeat the machines.


    [b]You, the player...[/b]
    In this game, you can choose to be part of Earth?s Human Resistance or a character living in the Star Wars Universe: Jedi, bounty hunter, mercenary, almost any profession.

    [b]Me, the GM...[/b]
    I will be playing the Resistance team leader, steering the players in the right direction. Many of the Terminators and other machines will be NPC?s (so you can do whatever you want with them in battle [face_wink] ), but I will be controlling the main ?Skynet? artificial intelligence behind the machines.


    [b]Character Sheets[/b]

    [u][i]Human Resistance[/i][/u]
    Codename/Nickname: (optional)
    Specialty: (sniper, heavy weapons, demolitions, mechanics, medic, etc...)
    Appearance: (height, weight, etc...)
    Short Bio:
    Anything else to add:

    [u][i]Star Wars Character[/i][/u]
    Codename/Nickname: (optional)
    Profession/Occupation: (Jedi, bounty hunter, merc, smuggler, etc...)
    Appearance: (height, weight, etc...)
    Short Bio:
    Anything else to add:

    By the way, the machines attacked the human race in 2003 (as seen in the events in [i]Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines[/i]). So keep that in mind when creating your character?s bio. [u]The war began in 2003[/u].


    [b]The Rules[/b]
    1) PM all Character Sheets to the GM for approval.
    2) No godmoding. Though this is a ?sci-fi? game, let?s use a little common sense.
    3) No canon Star Wars nor Terminator characters please. We may encounter some throughout the game, but these should all be original characters.
    4) I don?t want to load the game up with Jedi. A few is fine, but let?s try some other characters as well. If we start to have too many Jedi, I?ll let you know.
    5) Limit two (2) characters per player.
    6) Finally, and most importantly, have FUN with it! [face_happy]


    (p.s. ? this is my 6000th post. [face_tongue] )

    [color=darkblue][b]I_H Edit: Locked at GM's request[/b][/color]
  2. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Here is your Resistance team leader:

    Human Resistance
    Name: William Fincher
    Codename/Nickname: ?Billy? or ?Finch?
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American, White (Caucasian)
    Specialty: Automatic weapons
    Appearance: 5?11?, 150 lbs, lean but strong, short dark brown hair
    Short Bio: The machines attacked the human race when Billy was a young boy. Amazingly, his family survived the nuclear attack. Over the next few years, as the Resistance was building, his family became part of it. He learned how to handle weapons at an early age. When he was 20, his parents were taken by the machines and held as prisoners. No one has heard from them since. After that, he began to ?move up the ranks? and became one of John Conner?s top strike team leaders.
    Anything else to add: Nothing.
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Because its you, I am trying to think of character(s) I can bring into this.

    You seem to have presented obstacles to block almost my entire repertoire of existing ones, not least basing the timeline five years before even your Star Wars...007 series.

    Best of luck with it, anyway.
  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Mother Test, Dubya Approved

    Name: Teek'ra Eda
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Species: Echani
    Profession/Occupation: Merc
    Appearance: 6'4, 170lb, white hair (as all echani do) 2 inches in cut, silver eyes.
    Short Bio: Teek'ra was born to the Eda Family of the Clan Mikaru in 66BBY in the Corellian households of the Clan. Like all Mikaru Clan children Teek'ra was given a clan supported education at a local academy till the age of 16. And like all Echani children he was also trained in their art of combat from the age he could walk and comprehend. After graduating from the academy Teek'ra joined CorSec, attending CorSec Academy for 5 years. At 21 he graduated and continued to work with CorSec for another 9 years. At thirty he retired from CorSec, bought a hyperdrive equipped Headhunter to travel with, and began taking jobs as a mercenary on the side to fund his travels.
    Anything else to add: As an Echani he prefers lighter weapons, his heaviest being a Type-864 ICWS. His preferred sidearm was a DC-15s sidarm blaster (not be confused with the DC-15S Blaster Carbine). As an Echani he also prefers lighter body armor, with emphasis on movement with light protection from firearms in mind.
  5. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003

    Human Resistance
    Name: Sofia Mason
    Codename/Nickname: Sparrow
    Age: 27
    Gender: female
    Nationality: Canadian/Spanish
    Specialty: Sniper/sharp shooter
    Appearance: Average height and build. Short bob of brown hair, brown eyes.
    Short Bio: Only a baby when the machines attacked, Sofia can't remember the Time Before like some of the older resistance members. All she remembers is one refugee camp after another before her parents dying when she was 10. She first picked up a gun she was 16 and had fought for the resistance ever since. Some where skeptical at first, but Sofia trained and proved to be a useful fighter. She has excellent aim and a limited first aid knowledge. She's worked with Finch several times in the past, earning her the codename "Sparrow".
    Anything else to add: Sofia has claustrophobia and panics when in tight enclosed spaces.
  6. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Hmmm... Not too much interest thus far. I'll see if I can drum up some business.
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Alright, I have thought up two characters I can bring into this. Will PM character sheets when I get the chance.
  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    Name: Agent Mitch Nifesta
    Gender: male
    Age: 200
    Species: Twi?lek. Originally. Now a Force Vampire. Exists by draining the life force from a Force Sensetive. Can eat both, but had sworn off jedi to please friends.
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Affiliation: SGIS (Secret Galactic Intelligence Service)
    ---Traits: charming to the ladies, flirtatious, patronising to anyone younger than forty
    ---Likes: humanoid females, larger than life characters, skilled martial artists
    ---Dislikes: Dark-siders
    ---Habits: Paternal, non-serious, flirty, driven
    ---Skin Color: pale white skin
    ---Hair Color: bald
    ---Eye Color: deep red eyes, changes to obsidian black when about to feed.
    ---Clothing: Loose tan cloak. Tunic and trousers underneath.
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: DC-15 plasma rifle under cloak, simple lightsabre up sleeve, can generate energy balls from own palm if sufficiently powered up.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: whatever skills were known about during the Original Trilogy, he can do. Anything exotic created for KOTOR, etcetera, he cannot do.
    ---Religion: ?
    -----Crystal(s): Yup
    -----Blade(s): One
    -----Color(s): White
    -----Handle Description(s): simple blue plastic.
    ---Force Abilities: Telekinesis, Telepathy, strength of four men if fully powered, weak as a kitten if totally drained; can run fast enough to seemingly disappear from sight; strong limitless mental bond with anyone he draws energy from but leaves alive;
    ---Force Weakness: Apart from telepathy, loses the above once he uses too much energy.
    ---Other Force Object(s): ? Impervious to energy, but vulnerable to solid objects. Blasters and lightsabres, nothing. Hit him with a chair a few times. Game over.
    ---Personal History: At some point in his younger life, he got bitten by a mysterious parasite that changed him into the being is now, and whilst normal and charming to normal mortals, he hunted both jedi and sith as they were his foodstuff.
    240 BBY, his essence was trapped in the vase for two centuries (don?t make ?em like they used to, eh?), which made its way to the cellars of the Museum of Dantooine. A criminal, known as Markus Carfax (character belongs to Livi_Wan) used the vase as an ashtray while evading museum security, and Mitch was resurrected.

    When the two met again, around 40 BBY, Markus was working for the Republic security agency, SGIS. Nifesta joined too, working his way up from Enforcer to full Agent. Only thing was, he had to forego eating jedi. Sith were okay, as long as he kept it discreet.
    ---Military History: None. Taken part in a few police actions for SGIS, but that?s about it
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Getting trapped in a vase for 200 years; dying when a gladiator droid he was trying to dismantle, exploded under him. Will only resurrect if a Force Sensitive is nearby, as he needs the life force.

    ---Unwitting guinea pig of an adversary's time travel device to go back 3,996 years for the now locked RP, 300: Last Stand of the Jedi (mm, wonder which film that was based on), has now worked out how to run it, and will drop in on this timeline on the way home.

    Featured RPF games:
    Dubya Scott's Star Wars...007 Series: On Her Majesty's Security Service
    Dubya Scott's Star Wars...007 Series: Carboneye
    Galaxy at War III: Schism of the Sith
    300: Last Stand of the Jedi

    Star Wars Character
    Name: Ewlla Iillor
    Codename/Nickname: not yet
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Corellian human
    Profession/Occupation: Ensign in the Republic Navy
    Appearance: (height, weight, etc...) Slim, caucasian, blonde hair tied in a bun, great legs.
    Short Bio: 4-7 years after Order 66, she will be the captain of the Immobiliser 418 heavy cruiser, Huntress. This game, if it runs, will be used to create some back story for her.

    Ewlla recently graduated from a Naval Academy, and is taking a well-earned
  9. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Alright. I've got at least one more person who still has to post Character Sheet(s) in here.

    So, if you are all still hanging around, I'll begin the game within a few days.

    Also, since it seems we're lacking "Human Resistance" people from Earth, I will add some NPC characters to that team.

    Anyway... We'll be starting shortly. Thanks for waiting.
  10. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008

    Star Wars Characters

    Name: Goes by the name Korr (Corr Mandine if he poses as a Corellian, which sometimes makes his smuggling businesses easier), but this isn?t his real name. Since the Firrerreo believe that when you say someone?s name it gives you power over them, he doesn?t tell others his real name
    Codename/Nickname: doesn?t respond well to attempts to give him one
    Age: 38
    Gender: male
    Species: Firrerreo
    Profession/Occupation: smuggler and, if the money is getting too tight, mercenary on occasion

    - 6? high, muscled, but in a sinewy way, since he?s very lean
    - Green eyes, with a nictitating membrane for protection
    - Like all Firrerreo he has two-toned hair: gold-blond with stripes of copper; he doesn?t wear it long anymore, as is customary amongst the Ferrerreo, but rather short, cut just above the ears, although it?s still long enough to fall annoyingly over his eyes
    - Tanned skin, which in certain lights seems to have a slightly golden glow over it; when angry his skin color pales and gets a more silvery cast
    - Highly developed canine teeth
    - Often wears black pants with a grey or white shirt, and a long, dark brown coat made of nerf hide.

    Born on Firrerre with its enormous seas, large mountains and many waterfalls, Korr lived with his wife and son in a small settlement not far from the capital city and spaceport, until raiders attacked the settlement in 44 BBY. When Korr saw them take his pregnant wife and son, he went after them and was taken prisoner as well. The raiders killed his son - deemed too young for the slave trade - in front of him and his wife, before they were taken on board. The raiders kept their prisoners heavily drugged during the journey. Korr?s wife didn?t survive this due to complications with her pregnancy, although grief and fear for the child she carried might have been factors as well.
    Korr was sold to the Offworld Mining Corporation and was probably meant for one of the corporation?s many mines. Just then the news came that Jemba the Hutt, who was in charge of Offworld at the time, was killed and in the following chaos around the battle for leadership Korr was one of those who managed to escape. He didn?t try to find a way back to his home world, but made it his mission in life to track down the raiders and kill them. Due to his fighting skills, skills that had always come natural to him and had earned him a place in law enforcement on Firrerre, he had no problem finding jobs on smuggler?s ships, or as a mercenary.

    About four years ago Korr had made enough money to buy his own ship, although his uncanny luck in gambling had something to do with it as well, a luck he only has when sufficiently drunk. The ship, called The Hawk, is a modified HWK-290, outfitted with a laser canon and a concussion missile launcher and came with a R2-B9 robot (called Benine) that, amongst other things, helps him pilot it.
    A year later he brought some passengers to the planet Gellefon. There he stumbled across one of the native wardogs, or gellbeasts, which bonded with him, much to his disgust. But when he left the planet it was on board the Hawk. Not much later he found the last of the raiders and killed her. He visited his home planet afterwards, for the first time in more than six years, and found himself a stranger amongst his own people. Especially the very rigid clan structure of the Firrerreo society was something he couldn?t abide by anymore, so he left again and hasn?t been back since.

    Korr isn?t the social type, he prefers to be left alone and has a very quick temper when that doesn?t happen. He?s a man of few words and he likes his liquor a bit too much ever since the loss of his family and home. It?s his way to try and forget for a little while, and although alcohol hasn?t been a reliable means to accomplish that, he simply can?t resist trying from time to time. Since he killed the last of the raiders he doesn?t
  11. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    The game will start soon. Anyone who still wishes to join, please do! Here's a current roster (if everyone is still willing to play):

    Human Resistance
    William Fincher - (Dubya_Scott)
    Sofia Mason - (Twinky_Stryder)
    NPC's (only used to fill in spots on the roster - all controlled by Dubya_Scott)
    - Eddie Miyano
    - Paul Dunlop
    - Michelle Thornton

    Star Wars Character
    Teek'ra Eda - (Kahn_Iceay)
    Mitch Nifesta - (Sith-I-5)
    Ewlla Iillor - (Sith-I-5)
    Korr and Wolf - (Seremela)
  12. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC:i am considering tossing a character out... maybe two, one for each side. if i do you'll be getting it in a day or so dubya.

    best of luck.

  13. Schutzstaffel

    Schutzstaffel Jedi Youngling

    Jun 13, 2009
  14. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Ahh! More people who are interested. I like it!

    I would have preferred the Character Sheets in a PM, but considering the circumstances (and the fact I see nothing wrong with it) I'll accept them.

    Just putting the finishing touches on the opening post, and then we'll begin. :)

    Human Resistance
    William Fincher - (Dubya_Scott)
    Sofia Mason - (Twinky_Stryder)
    Andrew Eastwood - (Schutzstaffel)
    NPC's (only used to fill in spots on the roster - all controlled by Dubya_Scott)
    - Eddie Miyano
    - Paul Dunlop
    - Michelle Thornton

    Star Wars Character
    Teek'ra Eda - (Kahn_Iceay)
    Mitch Nifesta - (Sith-I-5)
    Ewlla Iillor - (Sith-I-5)
    Korr and Wolf - (Seremela)
    Andhu Antor - (Schutzstaffel)
  15. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Alright, gang. Let's see how this goes...

    [b]IC: William Fincher, John Conner
    Year: 2029 AD
    Location: Underground Skynet base - near Phoenix, Arizona - Earth[/b]

    John Conner, the leader of the Human Resistance, had successfully infiltrated a hidden Skynet base with a team of his most trusted soldiers. Skynet is the "artificial intelligence" that controls the Machines. It is unknown whether Skynet is an actual robot, a computer program, or something else entirely. All that's known is that Skynet, and all the different Terminator robots it controls, is the enemy.

    Now, in the heart of the base, the team marched down the corridor of metal walls. It was very dimly lit. The only light source came from behind a door at the end of the hall.

    John Conner cautiously approached the door, assault rifle in hand. The rest of the team waited. [b]William Fincher[/b], [b]Sofia Mason[/b], [b]Andrew Eastwood[/b], all high-ranking soldiers in the war, along with the Japanese-American [b]Eddie Miyano[/b], the "old man" (as he has come to be known) [b]Paul Dunlop[/b], and the young, tough (but beautiful) [b]Michelle Thornton[/b].

    Conner slowly pushed on the door, half expecting some Machine to jump out at him. But...there was nothing. All there was in the large, empty room was a computer the size of a refrigerator and a white platform on the floor.

    Hesitating, Conner said, "Oh, no..." He knew exactly what it was. "It's a transporter." Conner ran over to the computer and keyed in some commands. He swore. Looking back at his team, he said, "It looks like this thing not only sends Terminators through time, but probably across great distances as well."

    "Are you sure?" Finch asked. "This doesn't look like any of the other time-displacement things we've come across."

    "It's not only got a time-code on here," Conner responded, pointing at the monitor, "but also coordinates. Except it's all in some kinda binary, something I can't read. Probably encoded by Skynet to keep us from understanding it."

    Finch paused. "Does that mean one of us will have to go through there? Like Kyle Reece did a while back?" He glanced back toward his teammates. The idea of traveling through space and time, and possibly never returning home, scared the hell out of him.

    [b]TAG: Human Resistance...[/b]

    [b]IC: Bartender, drunken patron
    Year: 35 BBY
    Location: Cantina - Mos Eisley - Tatooine[/b]

    The ugly human behind the bar was wiping the crud out of a glass when he heard someone approach the counter behind him. "Hello, pal. What can I get you?" he said, spinning around.

    The drunken twi'lek pounded his open fist on the countertop and said with a smile, "S'prise me."

    The bartender could tell he was drunk already. The twi'lek's eyes were rolling all around and his body was swaying back and forth...not to mention that his speech was slurred. "Okay, pal. If you say so."

    "Hey," the twi'lek spoke again. "You hear 'bout that moisture farmer last week? Apparently somebody slaughtered his family and razed the whole farm."

    "I heard it was some rogue droid that malfunctioned," the bartender said with his back turned while he mixed the drink.

    "That musta been some droid..." the drunken twi'lek responded. "Word is they're sendin' Jedi out to investigate. Not to mention bounty hunters lookin' to collect. I guess the farmer had some rich family on Courscant."

    The bartender turned back around and slid the glass over to the twi'lek. Then the bartender added, "I'm glad we don't allow droids in here..."

    (ooc: You could have heard the talk at the bar, or heard some rumors going around. You may jump in wherever you'd like.)

    [b]TAG: All Star Wars characters...[/b]
  16. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: First time i've ever used this character so it may take some time to get a hold of his personality.

    Teek'ra Eda

    Teek'ra sat alone, in an empty booth in the corner farthest from the cantina's entrance. In front of him sat 3 empty glasses of Corellian Spiced ale, and the fourth was half gone. The Spiced ale was the closest thing this backwater planet had to Echani Wine, and by close he meant from one end of a star cruiser to the other. But honestly he wasn't drinking for the drink, but because he sometimes liked to test a little theory of his.

    By some fluke of genetics starting back 3000 years ago, every member of the Eda and Mikaru clans had been Force Sensitive to some degree. Teek'ra included. Honestly he could barely be considered Force Sensitive, the most he ever got was gut feelings and they were few and far between, and more often then not, useless. But like most in the family, he'd been cursed with this nagging little feeling in the back of his head, the ?connection? that all other Eda's had with each other. He was currently testing to see how many he needed to drink so he couldn't feel it any more.

    The answer was three, mostly. Most of the way through that third glass he'd felt that little tingle go numb. It was actually a small relief to be rid of that sensation, to feel even mildly, other members of your family, was uncomfortable. Honestly he knew it would come back sooner than later, and he didn't really want a hangover later, so he simply sat the glass down and leaned back. He'd been stranded on Tatooin for a few days now, the hyperdrive on his ship, had gone and died on him, and the port engine had burned out on the long sublight trip to the sandball.

    Admittedly, He was bored. Two suns and virtually no women there was nothing on the planet to do but drink and get a sun tan. And Echani were for the most part naturally pale, they didn't tan, least of all him. And when he heard the barkeep and the drunkard talking about some sorta droid bounty he was interested. Better than getting drunk, better than baking your brains dry, sure as hell better than nothing. So Teek'ra got up, and slipped his way over to the bar and took a seat near the tender and the Twi'lek. ?This Droid bounty. Tell me more...?

    Tag: Anyone in the cantina, Dubya
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Special Agent Mitch Nifesta, Last Bolt artificial intelligence, bridge of the Darth Unlucky Consular-class space cruiser
    Location: Tatooine System

    The pale twi?lek held the black canister of the portable fire extinguisher in both of his large hands, and aimed the nozzle towards the yellow fire belching heat and smoke out of the auxiliary control panels, making it hard to see on the vessel?s command deck.
    He added foamy fire retardant to the gaseous mess!

    ?I?m guessing we had a burnout!? Mitch Nifesta yelled to the computer intelligence inhabiting his ship. They had tried using XANA?s Time Cannon to transport them three millennia forwards, back to their own timeline, from that of the Great Sith War, where the psychotic genius had sent them.

    Affirmative. Another temporal device is in operation, and interfered with ours.

    Mitch narrowed his eyes. His ship?s sensors were not designed to detect that kind of thing! ?How do you even know?? He demanded, shutting off the extinguisher and dropping back into his pilots? chair, pausing before kicking up the environmental unit to clear the air.

    It is in XANA?s manual. Operation of the Time Cannon can only be interrupted by complete loss of power, such as someone kicking the plug out; operation of an alternate temporal device in the same galactic sector; or someone on board using a hair-dryer. I was able to discount the first and third options almost immediately.

    ?What do you mean, almost?? The hairless twi?lek enquired archly.

    Unusual for an A.I., the Last Bolt knew not to answer that one.

    ?Alright, give us a damage report.?

    Time cannon burned out. Hyperdrive off-line. Fridge too.

    ?Aww, Man! All that ice cream! Okay, with the hyperdrive out, how far are we from the nearest planet with a breathable atmosphere.?

    Tatooine. And it is right beneath us. Not a problem reaching it. Oh, aren?t you going to ask?

    ?Ask what??

    Did we make it back to our own timeline.

    Nifesta slapped himself on the forehead. Not hard. ?Sorry, the bridge being on fire distracted me. Did we.?

    Not quite, Agent. Going by stellar alignment, we fell some years short. Certainly before you joined the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service.

    ?Bugger.? Sighing heavily, Mitch poked about in his voluminous tan robes for his identification wallet, flipping it open to gaze at the metal SGIS badge confirming his authority as a defender of the Galactic Republic. After several moments, he snapped it shut and tossed it into one of the supply drawers beneath the flight panel. ?Guess I?m on holiday, then.?

    To be continued?
  18. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    Spaceship hangars - Mos Eisley - Tatooine

    Curse all Hutts to the cold beyond. And especially Jabba, that Kriffin piece of slug poodoo.

    Korr hit the brakes with force, the speeder coming to an abrupt halt just before it would crash into his ship and jumped off. He ignored Wolf?s indignant yelp and didn?t check if the wardog followed him out of the speeder. He looked up at the Hawk, hesitated, then turned and strode away. The last thing he needed was more time alone, doing nothing, his thoughts and memories trying to crowd his head.

    He needed a decent load, blast it, so he could leave this place. Be on the move again, with plans, schedules, hopefully dangers to avoid. Anything to distract him. He pushed his hair back from his eyes with one hand and squinted up at the twin suns, blinking the protective membrane in place over his eyes.

    They were low, evening was coming. And he needed a drink, badly, to wash away the taste of his last encounter with Jabba. The ugly slug knew he was low on money and couldn?t afford to leave without a load. He was just trying to push things, so Korr would lower his price. Which he wasn?t about to do. If someone wanted him to smuggle spice or other drugs, Korr meant to make them pay in full for it.

    He loathed this. He loathed the Hutts, with their slaves and slave trades and he loathed this planet with slaves everywhere, reminding him how ugly the galaxy really was. It made him want to lash out.

    He needed to leave, badly. And to never come back here.

    A shaggy head pushed itself underneath his hand, but he pulled away without giving the asked for scratching. ?I ain?t in the mood, Wolf,? he told the wardog. ?You wanna come with me, you keep to yourself.?

    Wolf huffed, followed by a high yip.

    ?And don?t laugh either. Nothing about this is funny. Come on, let?s find a busy cantina and see if I can pick some info up about a possible job. Preferably not for Jabba, that slimeball.?

    Wouldn?t that piss Jabba off if he left with someone else?s load?

    Wolf gave a low bark and went in front, nose to the ground, occasionally steering to the left or right, but never too far. The busy street miraculously cleared around him, leaving Korr a lull to walk in, the endless sand of Tatooine giving way beneath his boots.

    Korr didn?t go to the cantina he usually hung out in, a small, silent thing that suited his need for solitude. This time he wanted a bigger place, one with a lot of customers. The largest cantina near the spaceship hangers fit his requirements to a teeth and he quickly walked toward it, leaving Wolf bewildered for a second when they didn?t take their usual route. Ignoring him, Korr opened the cantina door and stepped inside the gloom, blinking his membranes out of the way. He took in his surroundings, searching for something, anything, that might lead to a bit of money.

    ?This Droid bounty. Tell me more...? he heard someone at the bar say.

    The word ?bounty? immediately got his attention and he stepped closer to the bar. Just as he did, Wolf slunk inside, head low, trying in vain to look inconspicuous. The bartender, one of the ugliest humans Korr had ever seen, looked up, stared at Wolf with wide eyes and opened his mouth to say something, but Korr beat him to it.

    ?Corellian brandy,? he said, spinning a coin towards the man. ?The good stuff. And a bowl of water for Wolf here, make sure it?s a huge bowl. You got a problem with that?? he asked, his hand hovering over his blaster, his eyebrows raised.

    Not waiting for an answer he leaned against the bar and turned to the two who had been talking bounty stuff, a Twi?lek and a pale, white haired man who looked human at first glance, until Korr saw the silver eyes.

    ?Please, do go on,? he told them. ?Seems to me you stopped just when the story got interesting.?

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  19. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    Sofia "Sparrow" Mason
    Underground Skynet base - near Phoenix, Arizona - Earth

    Sofia looked at the machine. It was huge and ugly and intimidating, like all of the constructions they had seen from the enemy.
    A shiver went down her spine. If this was a travel machine to somewhere else in time and space, that meant that the machines were going to other places to kill people and make more machines. They couldn't let that happen.
    "Ayúdeme Dios." She muttered to herself before raising her arm.
    "Sir," She called to John Connor, "I'll go through."
    She wasn't stupid, she knew the risks. They'd all seen Kyle Reese's face before he left on the mission from which he never returned.
    But if she went through to scout, there was no way to report back. There wasn't a way back.

    TAG: John Connor, others
  20. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Fincher, John Conner
    Skynet base - Earth

    Conner turned to look at Sofia when she spoke.

    Finch ran through different scenarios in his mind...all the different infinite amount of possibilities...of what they might find on the other end of this transporter.

    "This could be more than just one Terminator," Conner said. "Look at the size of this platform on the floor. Who knows what they've been teleporting."

    Finch hesitated, then asked, "We're gonna need to send a whole team through, aren't we?"

    "You read my mind," Conner said, looking back at the monitors.

    Finch looked back at the team that was with them. "We should all go. We'll be safer in larger numbers."

    "I can't force you guys to go. You may not be able to return. It's a decision each one of you will have to make." Conner looked over his team. He knew he had Finch and Sparrow.

    Miyano, Thornton, and Dunlop all affirmed that they would be willing to go.

    Finch turned to address the team. "Who else is in?"

    (ooc: we'll make the jump in another couple of posts. So if there's anything else anyone wants to say or do before then, now's the time.)

    TAG: Human Resistance...

    [b]IC: Barkeep, drunken Twi'lek
    Mos Eisley cantina[/b]

    Suddenly they seemed to be attracting a small crowd.

    The bartender slid one of the newcomers his drink and a large bowl for the animal that was with him. "I highly doubt there's a bounty. It was a fragging droid that was on the fritz. This guys had a few too many. He doesn't know what he's talkin' about."

    The green-skinned twi'lek, ignoring the bartender, turned to the other two fellas. "Ya want more, eh?" Even though he was drunk, he was able to realize this sudden...opportunity...

    The twi'lek grinned, revealing a row of bad teeth...a few of which were missing. "It'll cost ya 500 creds."

    [b]TAG: cantina people...[/b]
  21. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Teek'ra Eda

    Competition? Teek'ra was looking for excitement, not competition, but honestly, he could probably turn competition into partnership if he played his cards right. The question was, could he, he obviously smelled of alcohol, that generally didn't bode well for business negotiations. But hell, he could try. He noticed the man glance at him and he nodded, no need to not be friendly.

    "I highly doubt there's a bounty.? the barkeep started up, Teek couldn't bear to look the man in the face, it hurt to much. He just watched his hand as he handed over the new guys drink, and the bowl for his dog. ?It was a fragging droid that was on the fritz. This guys had a few too many. He doesn't know what he's talkin' about."

    ?Been bounties on droids before ya know. Have for years, specially those that go on the fritz and go rampagin'. Oh, and I'll take some Blue Milk, gotta be sure not ta drink to much.? Teek was sure he could drink a few more, he was just more interested in not having the chance for the hang over, and to keep his mind straight.

    "Ya want more, eh?" Ah ha! There it was, though dulled and glossed over Teek'ra saw that little glint. He'd seen it dozens of times, on dozens of worlds, people trying to make a profit on something for much more than it was worth, or get it for less than it was worth. You get that when you sell your services to most anyone. In fact it'd happened so many times he'd started setting up standards for employers to meet, though sometimes he let them slide

    ?Five hundred credits eh?? That was a bit more than unreasonable in Teek's mind. Fifty credits sure, hundred credits maybe, but five hundred? For that he'd better have had a tracking device on the damn thing so he could find it. And Teek somehow doubted that. ?Hows about this. Fifty credits, twenty five from me, twenty five from my friend here. Take that deal, and I'll be very very nice and not show you why the Mandalorians had a rivalry with my people for a very very long time.?

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  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    GM approved

    IC: Kibeena Lite (nrc)
    , cantina booth.
    Location: Tatooine

    The Kiffar jedi knight sat in the darkness of a corner booth in the cantina, as the place started to fill up. Or at least, what passed for ?filling up? in this one dewback township.

    One drunken twi?lek, an unfamiliar humanoid, a spacer and his? his? Lite stared at the wardog. What on Oseon is that thing? He thought to himself.

    Kiffar were a Near-Human, dread-locked species that hailed from the twin planets Kiffu and Kiffex. Their orbits occasionally brought the two worlds so close to each other as to create violent electrical storms, that the population, following fast on the heels of their invention of lightning rods, decided to use to provide electrical energy.

    The knight had been despatched here to, well, the Council?s reasoning had been a bit dressy, but loosely translated, something was about to go down.

    He wished they could be a bit more sure, but his mission was to put flesh on the bones of their bad feeling.

    What concerned him was that he had shared his inbound transport with a young woman who had turned out to have a talent for learning non-human languages, and had greeted him in Kiffu. They had struck up enough of a friendship, that the conversation he was overhearing from the bar about a moisture farmer and his family being slaughtered, was causing him some concern.

    A recent graduate from the Republic fleet academy on Raithal, Ewlla Illor was here visiting a friend, a fellow cadet whose family operated a moisture farm, before accepting a posting to the Judicial Forces.

    Kibeena stood from booth?s curved red seating, then settled back into the gloom, choosing instead to use the Force to augment his senses so he could overhear just what was being said.

    Ah, this indecision will be the death of me! He self-berated silently as he rose once more and came forward into the light.

    ?And I too would hear of this,? He said to those at the bar, ?particularly the name and location of the family that were killed.?

    His bare muscled arms glistened in the cantina?s weak lighting, as did the tatoo?d crimson strip across the bridge of his nose, but his earth-coloured belted tunic, trousers, and lightsabre, would all serve to identify what his affiliation was.

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  23. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Korr
    Cantina ? Mos Eisley ? Tatooine

    Wolf finished the water in the bowl quickly, sat down on his haunches and put his huge head on the bar without any consideration for what Korr might want, blinking his eyes in a way that told Korr the wardog was planning to get completely comfortable in that position. ?Get down,? he hissed at the animal, annoyed. He wanted to hear more before any yelling at his large companion started and he had to turn his attention away from the Twi?lek and silver eyes.

    With a snort Wolf complied and lowered his head to the floor. The wardog might be very small in comparison to his brethren, but he still was a lot bigger than most beings were comfortable with, his shoulder reaching easily to Korr?s chest. The times Wolf sent a barkeeper or some of the patrons screaming just by getting close to them had finally made Korr lay down a simple ground rule. If Wolf wanted to stay near him, even indoors, he better behave. It had let to Wolf?s laughable attempts at trying to look smaller than he was, but at least the big oaf tried.

    Korr turned his attention back to the Twi?lek and the pale man, who, of all things, gave him a small nod. Korr ignored the gesture and simply listened, his thumb caressing his glass, spreading the moisture beads on it. He did clench his fingers around it when the Twi?lek demanded a ridiculous amount of money for his information.

    That was when silver eyes dragged him right into the conversation. ?Hows about this. Fifty credits, twenty five from me, twenty five from my friend here. Take that deal, and I'll be very very nice and not show you why the Mandalorians had a rivalry with my people for a very very long time.?

    Korr narrowed his eyes at the man. So he was a ?friend? now? Was the guy hoping for a partnership here? Korr didn?t like partnerships. It wasn?t the working together he had a problem with, except when it turned out he had teamed up with idiots, but it was the other things partnerships invariable led up to that he hated. The ?small talk? part. Or even worse, the need to get personal, to bond, most beings seemed to have.

    He had no patience for such nonsense, not anymore, not after the hell he had lived through and survived nine years ago. Alone.

    ?Wolf,? he said. The wardog knew that tone of voice and he was at Korr?s side immediately, no longer trying to look harmless, but with his head held to full height, lips curled back to show his teeth. Ignoring silver eyes, Korr looked at the Twi?lek. He wanted to get him alone somewhere, just with him and Wolf. He was sure the drunk would spill his most inner secrets without hesitation the moment Wolf yawned in his face. No need to part with money he could ill afford to lose and no need for ?partners? either. He straightened up to put his plan into action, when someone spoke up behind him.

    ?And I too would hear of this, particularly the name and location of the family that were killed.?

    Korr turned with studied nonchalance and sighed when he saw who had spoken.

    ?A Jedi,? he said to silver eyes, not hiding his disgust with this new turn of events. ?That?s it for any possible bounties I?m afraid. If there?s something to his,? he gave a curt sideways nod to the Twi?lek, ?story, then he,? Korr lifted his chin to the Jedi, ?will probably go after that rogue droid, or whatever it is out there, for free.?

    TAG: anyone in the cantina

  24. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005

    GM Approved
    Human Resistance
    Name:Harper Marie Howlen
    Specialty: mechanics, electrician, pilot
    Appearance:Short (about 4'10"), slim but toned (about 95 lbs), blonde hair (shoulder lenght but usually held back in a messy bun or braid), blue eyes, pale skin, usually wears a brown jump suit with a black t-shirt under the jacket, there's a black belt that hangs from her hips (it's a little large) with her tools and weapons.
    Short Bio:Harper was born after Jugdment day so has no memory of anything before. Her life consisted of running from machines, being frightened of machins, and hating machines before her parents found the Human Resistance. It was amoung other soldiers that Harper discovered her talent for understanding how things worked. At age 11 she could take apart just about anything and put it back together, by age 14 she could fix just about anything that didn't work, and at 17 she could pilot any vechicle that the Resistance encountered. Harper's parents were killed when she was 15 and it created a harder edge to the girl which allowed her to become a soldier. Though Harper has gone on missions she is not a talented shot. At close range she can hit something but she is no sniper. John Connor noticed Harper's talents before her parents were killed but never put them to use in the feild because he thought the child too soft for combat. He gave her the nickname 'Sparky' when she was 12 and it stuck, becoming her codename once she did go on missions.
    Anything else to add:Secretly, Harper is afraid of guns and blood.Though she has no phobias, Harper tends to panic when restainted/when she feels helpless. She believes that she understands the workings of the Terminators (this is the main reason she was selected for the mission).

    Location:Underground Skynet Base-Arizona

    Harper hung back from the rest of the team. This machine was huge and ugly but it was just a machine;Harper knew machines. This was, as Connor said, a teleportation device but it's magnitude was something the young resistance fighter had never encountered. It wasn't just built to go back in time, but to transport things through space as well. Harper, for all of her apptitude and unoffical training, had no idea how it actually worked. It was that fact, along with the prospect of being thrown into a place she didn't know, that caused the girl to falter when Connor asked his team to go through the portal.

    Finally, after weighing her options as carefully and logically as she could, Harper stepped forward. "I'll go." she offered.

    Even as she spoke, Harper felt the nervous sweat break out on the back of her neck. Her jumpsuit was already dirty so she used the sleeve to wipe the mostiure away. It didn't matter if the team knew she was nervous, she was not a warrior, but she did have the trust of John Connor. As that crossed her mind, Harper felt much better. Suddenly, her certain death didn't feel as important as making a dent in the war.

    Tag:Human Resistance

  25. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Teek'ra Eda

    Honestly, when he saw the lightsaber, he had the urge put his face right into his palm and sigh. Jedi were never good news on backwater planets, and even worse news when they got their attention into something like a Bounty. That?s it for any possible bounties I?m afraid. If there?s something to his,? the other guy, who appeared to be a Firrerreoan or however it was pronounced, nodded towards the twi'lek, ?story, then he,? Korr lifted his chin to the Jedi, ?will probably go after that rogue droid, or whatever it is out there, for free.?

    The guy was right, and that was the annoying part, jedi were notorious 'bleeding hearts' and it more often then not pissed off people trying to make their life in the galaxy. Teek let out an annoyed sigh, ?Honestly Jedi, leave this sorta thing to the people who need to make a living. I'm sure you got some babies you need to go claim in the name of your order or something. Let us take care of the crazy droids.? Maybe it was a stupid thing to say that to a Jedi, but honestly he didn't care, he wanted to go after this droid, and no Jedi was going to take away his chance of doing something mildly interesting on this dustball.

    Cantina People
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