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    BIG SPOILERS - new and old NPCs in future content - possible identity of the next big threat.
    Darth Mortis (from the Dark Council) will appear in the story. Indo Zal will also return.

    There will be also some new characters - Chela Nayss, Vinn Atrius or Zera.

    All these characters will appear in some mysterious new content. Any hints?

    All npcs have their own location. For example - it could be: It means that Blizz misson was on Hoth.

    All these new npcs have "zildrog" before them.
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    Well that’s damn curious.

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    I am mostly curious about Darth Mortis and have big expectations with his return.
    It could also be Darth Vowrawn.

    From Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitior with his apperaence in the dark council from the story.
    I hope that a companion will return then to the story

    Sinrebirth Edit: Spoiler tags for datamined material please.
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    I wonder if...
    ...Zildrog is indeed some kind of dragon.
    If this is true....well, the ancient Zakuul must have been a very interesting place.
    Izax vs Zildrog was basically this!
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    They really got good ideas, but lack of budget and crew to add content.
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    I am thinking about the alliance alerts.

    Zakuul Yuun Bowdaar
    Yavin 4 Talos Dashade
    Nar Shadda Guss Tuno Rusk Skadge
    Coruscant M1-4X
    Dromuund Kaas Lt Pierce
    Ilum Xalek
    Alderaan Broonmark Dr Lokin
    Hoth Blizz Qyzen

    Where are we going to return as Keith mentioned?
    Zakuul or Hoth?
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    Nothing new on these matters.
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    Some upcoming armors:
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    SPOILERS! (why I have double spoiler tags??) EDIT: Oh, no - now it is three of them! Sinrebirth help! EDIT: ..... 8-}

    Codex Entries:

    Force-Sensitive Chiss
    Though incredibly rare, the Chiss have produced Force-sensitives among their people. There's a strong stigma against Force-sensitives among the Chiss because many believe it's an impurity or faulty genetics, and must be purged. Most Force-sensitive Chiss work hard to hide their shameful abilities.

    When a Force-sensitive is discovered in the Ascendancy, the consequences depend on the individual's social standing and family lineage. A lower-class Chiss is exiled from the Ascendancy, while a social elite may be allowed to use a combination of surgery and medication to keep their powers dormant. Any Chiss caught practicing or weaponizing the Force within Ascendancy territory is executed without question. Chiss wishing to hone their skills must leave their families behind and take their chances with the Sith or Jedi.

    The Chiss Ascendancy and the Eternal Empire
    When the Eternal Empire's violent rise to power began, the Chiss Ascendancy watched both Imperial and Republic worlds fall before the Eternal Fleet's might. Rather than see their society crumble in the face of tyranny, the Chiss decided to strike a deal: they would freely give their two richest industrial worlds to Arcann as tribute. In return, the Eternal Empire would allow the Ascendancy to retain their homeworlds.

    This deal let the Chiss remain largely untouched by the war. After the Alliance's victory, the Ascendancy easily claimed their lost worlds with the Sith Empire's help. Though the Chiss claim to be suffering a resource crisis like the rest of the galaxy, rumors circulate about secret stores they've kept hidden from the Sith.

    Aristocra Saganu
    As the Aristocra of House Miurani, Saganu served as a commander in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force and occasionally performed diplomatic duties for the Ascendancy. During the war, Saganu and his troops were stationed on Hoth to help the Sith Empire seize the planet from the Republic. Though it was scrubbed from official records, rumors indicate he also provided support for Imperial Intelligence before its disbandment.

    During the Eternal Empire's attack on known space, it was Saganu who brokered the deal between Arcann and the Ascendancy. His cool-headed negotiation tactics allowed the Chiss to retain the majority of their worlds in return for abundant production resources for the Eternal Fleet. This deal earned him a promotion to supreme commander of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, where he oversees all Chiss military campaigns.

    Copero Flashpoint objectives:
    1. Shuttle to Copero
    2. Get to the House Inrokini Stronghold
    3. Defeat the Guardian Droid
    4. Locate Syndic Zenta
    5. Defeat Syndic Zent
    6. Make Your Way Further Into The Complex
    7. Reach the Ancient Ruins
    8. Discover a Way Past the Threshold Beast
    9. Discover a Way Further Into the Temple
    10. Make your Way Through the Temple Trials
    11. Discover a Way Past the Iced Over Archway
    12. Get to Theron Shan
    13. Defeat Valss


    Our new enemy is the ORDER OF ZILDROG. If Acina is dead, Vowrawn is the new Emperor of the Sith Empire. Theron is probably not a traitor. The Emperor's Vaults might be important in the future story content.

    First cutscene

    • Good timing, Commander. It seems the bounty you put on Theron reached the right people.
    • The envoy claims he has a lead on where Theron went.
    • It's good to see you again, agent. Though I suppose I should call you Commander now.
    • Aristocra Saganu. I didn't expect you were our mysterious envoy.
    • A pleasure to finally meet you, Commander. Aristocra Saganu, of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.
    • You said you have information on Theron.
    • Information that will benefit us both. Theron Shan is hiding on the Chiss world of Copero.
    • He's receiving aid from Syndic Zenta of House Inrokini in exchange for Alliance secrets. With our help, you can catch them both unaware.
    • It feels like an eternity since our time together on Hoth.
    • It's been a long time since we defeated Admiral Davos on Hoth.
    • If someone's spotted Theron, that means we can reach him before he makes a huge mistake.
    • We can still save him.
    • What would Theron be after in Chiss-controlled space?
    • So he's in Chiss space.
    • Theron had better still be alive. I want to wring the life from him myself.
    • They'd better not steal my kill.
    • Every day our chances lessen. Let's hope the Chiss give us the information we need.
    • Your guess is as good as mine.
    • Only if you let me help. Here's hoping the Chiss bring us good news.
    • I do have one stipulation. I'll send a representative along to keep the Ascendancy's best interests in mind.
    • I have no reason to trust you. How do I know you're not conspiring with Theron?
    • You could lead me into a trap.
    • Zenta violated Ascendancy orders when she sheltered Theron--and now she's ignoring our communications. She's gone rogue.
    • Lieutenant Raina Temple of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force reporting.
    • I'm... relieved to see you alive, sir.
    • I've heard a lot about your tactics, Commander. I hope to prove a useful ally.
    • Temple! I didn't know if I'd ever see you again.
    • [Flirt] I can't believe it's you.
    • There's so much I want to say to you.
    • We have a lot of catching up to do.
    • But it'll have to wait until after the mission--we have a job to complete.
    • I don't need an Ascendancy watchdog keeping tabs on me.
    • This is ridiculous.
    • If there are no objections, we should get a move on. We don't know how long the Aristocra's information will be valid.
    • Get ready to take off.
    • But if a strike team were to land and take care of the problem... the Ascendancy will look the other way.
    • You said this information also benefits the Ascendancy. How?
    • What's in it for you?
    • You would really turn against one of your own to help the Alliance?
    • But she's one of yours.
    • Outsiders have never been allowed on Copero. You trust us that much?
    • She has the backing of House Inrokini, so we can't capture Theron without igniting a political war.
    • We're hoping you can take care of two traitors at once.
    • I assure you, we want a resolution to this as much as you.
    • You're also one of ours, Commander--and you deserve our help. Zenta's actions have proven her true intentions.
    • After Zenta's actions, she's no longer welcome among the Chiss.
    • I can say the same for you. I wasn't sure we would cross paths again.
    • It's good to see you.
    • Are there any more allies of mine hiding in there?
    • The surprises keep coming.
    • It's been six years, Temple. You can't have been too concerned.
    • You sure took your time.
    • Forgive me if I notice the lack of blue skin, Lieutenant.
    • You don't look Chiss.
    • I look forward to working with you, Lieutenant.
    • I'm confident you will.
    • Just me, sir. And I have plenty of stories to tell you.
    • I understand your anger, and I can explain.
    • Here's to a beneficial partnership.
    • That's a long story. I'd be happy to tell you on the way.
    • We trust your judgment, sir. I'm simply here to provide support.
    • I just approved a landing request from an unarmed shuttle from the Chiss Ascendancy.
    • Good timing, Commander. It seems the right people saw your broadcast to Theron.
    • It's time to catch a traitor.
    • Let's bring Theron home.
    • You've fought the Republic for years, and now you're offering help to their allies?
    • You'd trust a Republic ally?
    • This is a transaction, Commander. Solving your problem will also solve our own.
    • An informant landing on our doorstep? You've outdone yourself.
    • [Flirt] Nicely done, Lana.
    • It's not entirely my doing. But I'll let you thank me properly later, if his information is good.
    Second cutscene

    • He's gone. It seems Theron Shan has betrayed us both. He wasn't seeking refuge on Copero--he was after the Chiss relic hidden here.
    • Let's see where you're hiding.
    • There it is. Of all the planets in the galaxy...
    • Then our objective is clear?
    • Yeah.
    • Shan? I sense hesitation in you.
    • It's nothing. Get ready to move.
    • Does she mean... the holomap?
    • I'm going to need an explanation.
    • Long ago, Chiss agents stole a holomap from the Sith Emperor, in case our deal with the Empire went sour. The map shows the coordinates to the Emperor's Vaults.
    • It's been hidden here on Copero for centuries and only the highest-ranking Chiss can access it. Shan knew this... and he used me.
    • He sliced into my personal logs to steal the map's location. Once he had what he needed, Shan took my best fighters and abandoned me.
    • You took in a known traitor. What did you expect would happen?
    • Serves you right.
    • Commander... Shan wants to destroy the major powers of the galaxy. The Republic, the Empire... even the Alliance.
    • It seems we now have a mutual enemy. I've sent you the coordinates to Shan's location. If you hurry, you can stop him.
    • One moment, Commander. As you know, Syndic Zenta is a traitor to the Chiss. Officially, we can't act on this... but you can.
    • The Syndic bought Alliance secrets. At the very least, her actions warrant imprisonment.
    • If Zenta lives, we have no deal. The choice is yours, Commander.
    • Lana, we need a prisoner extraction. Take her back to Odessen.
    • She'll be imprisoned.
    • I look forward to our partnership, Aristocra.
    • Death it is.
    • I suppose I should be grateful.
    • That is... disappointing.
    • The Ascendancy thanks you.
    • Let's go. We're not letting Theron escape again.
    • How did Theron convince your own people to leave you?
    • Your own people left you?
    • Theron must have told you what he plans to do with the holomap.
    • Tell me his plans.
    • I don't know the details. But my spies picked up enough to tell me we're all in danger.
    • And that holomap will lead him straight to the weapon he needs.
    • My brother Valss needed a cause to believe in, and Shan gave him one. Valss can't see the danger we're in.
    • Trust me when I say I had no idea what devastation he was truly planning.
    • If you disposed of Zenta, you would have the gratitude of the Ascendancy. I may even be able to broker an alliance.
    • You wouldn't dare.
    • I'm no executioner. If you want Zenta's head, you'll have to claim it yourself.
    • This isn't justice.
    • I'm the Commander of the Alliance. I won't stoop to doing your dirty work.
    • I'm not a Chiss lackey.
    • The Chiss aren't the only ones she betrayed, Commander.
    • You also stand to benefit from her elimination.
    • I'm a member of the Ascendancy. I thought we already had an alliance.
    • I'm already an ally.
    • Unofficially, yes. But think what you could do with the Expansionary Defense Force on your side.
    • Right away.
    • I've received Zenta's map coordinates, Commander.
    • You have a deal, Aristocra.
    • Consider it done.
    • I see you've met our traitor. Have you secured yours?
    • I did it to help my people--to keep House Inrokini safe. Would the Alliance not do the same?
    • Lana, send an officer to wipe any Alliance data. And send Zenta back to House Inrokini.
    • Let her go.
    • I... thank you.
    • We will both come to regret that.
    • I'll see it done.
    • My brother Valss said he had a vision of Shan's victory. I hope to the stars that isn't true.
    • Commander, Shan has joined a group searching for a powerful weapon--one capable of destroying entire civilizations.
    • Trust in my vision, Shan. You will not fail.
    • I hope you're right. For all our sakes.
    • They want to use it against you and the Alliance. That map will lead Theron straight to it.
    • Long ago, Chiss agents stole a holomap from the Sith Emperor, in case our deal with the Empire went sour. It shows the coordinates to the Emperor's greatest secrets.
    Third cutscene

    • End of the line, Theron!
    • Go! I'll hold them off!
    • Until next time, Commander.
    • No! You'll never win!
    • Victory isn't my fate, Theron. It's yours.
    • Theron!
    • Sir, I've received an update from Aristocra Saganu.
    • The Ascendancy has announced they are mourning Syndic Zenta's untimely death. Officially, they condemn the Alliance for her assassination.
    • But Saganu is grateful for how you handled the matter. Should you need it, the Expansionary Defense Force stands ready to aid you--privately.
    • Saganu had to save face somehow. As long as I have their support, let them say what they want.
    • I'm willing to take the blame.
    • The Aristocra appreciates your understanding.
    • Does that mean they'll lend a hand in the hunt for Theron?
    • What about Theron?
    • Saganu has eyes on every major Chiss world. If Theron shows his face, you'll be the first to know.
    • I couldn't care less about political schemes. It's time we focus on Theron.
    • Enough Chiss politics.
    • Of course. Lana's tracking him down as we speak.
    • House Inrokini has already used a diplomatic loophole to free Syndic Zenta. They're calling for retribution against the Aristocra.
    • At this rate, a political war among the Chiss is inevitable.
    • Saganu took a risk telling us about Theron. If we have any extra resources, send them his way.
    • Send them help.
    • I'll see it done. The Ascendancy will be grateful.
    • Theron's my only concern now. Does Zenta know where he went?
    • And Theron?
    • We've been combing through her terminal data, but it seems unlikely.
    • I don't care what happens to Saganu. Zenta is a prisoner of the Alliance--get her back.
    • That prisoner is mine.
    • Of course. I'll see what I can do.
    • It's... good to be working with you again, sir.
    • I ran into Kaliyo earlier. She told me about the... incident with SCORPIO.
    • I heard about the incident with SCORPIO... and Kaliyo.
    • A lot has happened, Temple. It's been a long time.
    • I spent years looking for you. I even re-enlisted with the Ascendancy so I could use their spies.
    • Even then, my resources were limited. You taught me to keep my guard up, so I didn't know who I could trust.
    • But the thought of returning to your side kept me going. Despite everything, I've never stopped loving you.
    • Perhaps, after all this time, you still feel the same way about me...
    • I'll always love you. Nothing will ever change that.
    • Of course I do.
    • I always worried I was just... temporary. Like everyone else.
    • You know me better than that. I'm yours, Raina. Forever.
    • Now that I have you back, I'm never letting you out of my sight. I'm here to stay.
    • Too much time has passed, Raina. We're not the same people we used to be.
    • I'm sorry. I've moved on.
    • I... I understand. Deep down, I always knew I was temporary. The danger of falling for an agent, I suppose.
    • I apologize for taking so long to find you. Maybe I'm not the skilled agent you trained me to be.
    • You tried. That's more than anyone else did.
    • You're too hard on yourself.
    • Not Vector. He ran himself ragged searching for you, before he disappeared entirely.
    • Vector?
    • I already have people looking for him. If I find anything, I'll let you know.
    • I appreciate that, sir.
    • I guess your training will have to continue, then.
    • We'll work on it.
    • I look forward to it, sir.
    • I expected that level of incompetence from the others, Temple, but not you.
    • You failed me.
    • I'm sorry, sir. I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you.
    • In any case, I'd like to stay and continue working with the Alliance. I believe my connection to the Ascendancy could be valuable here.
    • Good. We'll need the extra hands to capture Theron.
    • Theron wants to destroy the Alliance--he won't pull any punches. We need to be careful.
    • We should be cautious.
    • Don't worry. I won't let him play us for fools again.
    • I know there's good in him. We just need to bring him back from the edge.
    • We'll bring him back.
    • For the sake of the galaxy, I hope you're right.
    • Then I can finally wipe that condescending smirk from his face.
    • And I can end him.
    • When we're through, he'll wish he had disappeared.
    • We're close to finding what he's after. Then the real hunt begins.
    • Look out, Theron. You can't hide for long.
    • Hold on, Theron. We're coming.
    • Zenta told House Inrokini everything. They're calling for retribution against the Aristocra.
    • Saganu lost my support when he asked me to kill for him. The Chiss can tear themselves apart for all I care.
    • Not my concern.
    • I thought you'd want to help your people. But I understand your reasons.
    • Let's hope your enemies don't rush to their aid instead.
    • We managed to recover fragments of the holomap he destroyed. I'm personally overseeing a team of engineers to piece them back together.
    • I assure you, Commander: no one sleeps until we discover where the traitor's headed.
    • I want to catch Theron as much as you, but you're working everyone too hard--including yourself.
    • Go easy on yourself.
    • I can't just let him get away with this. Not after what he did.
    • I'll rest when that treacherous scum is begging for mercy at your feet.
    • On Umbara, Theron said he wanted to restore peace. Why would he be after a superweapon?
    • Something doesn't add up.
    • Good. We'll need the extra hands to capture Theron, and find this mysterious group he's allied with.
    • Another lie, perhaps. We can't trust anything he says.
    • We're close to uncovering the next step in his plan. Then the real hunt begins.
    • We received the coordinates. You've proven yourself useful, Theron.
    • I held up my end of the bargain. Now it's your turn. Will this really work?
    • You have no need to worry. The Eternal Alliance and its Commander will be destroyed.
    • The Order of Zildrog will prevail.
    • House Inrokini is furious at the Aristocra for handing Zenta to an outsider. They're calling for retribution.
    • In any case, I'd like to stay and continue working with the Alliance. I believe my connection to the Ascendancy could be valuable here.
    • Theron's actions don't add up, Lana. He's still be on our side--it's the only answer.
    • He's not a traitor.
    • I know a double agent when I see one, Lana. Theron is still on our side.
    • He's not a traitor.
    • I understand you have experience with this, but... be careful.
    • I can understand you wanting to trust him... but you're playing a dangerous game.
    Boss barks

    • Did I hear correctly earlier? You're a lieutenant now?
    • In return for shelter from the Eternal Empire, I agreed to train the Aristocra's soldiers in Imperial espionage.
    • I was cut off from the outside, for the most part. Then... they showed me your broadcast to Theron.
    • I've never requested a transfer so quickly in my life.
    • How did someone like you end up working with the Chiss?
    • I was an Imperial fugitive as a child. The Ascendancy kept me safe--all they asked in return was my dedication.
    • A fugitive? What did you do?
    • That's... classified.
    • I read Theron's dossier before arriving. It said he was one of your closest advisers.
    • We've been through a lot together. I'm not giving up on him.
    • And then he tried to kill me. It's time I return the favor.
    • Theron shouldn't have been able to access that relic on his own. He's more dangerous than we anticipated.
    • I underestimated him, too. We all did.

    • We were nearly there... How did he slip away again?
    • My informants tell me Zenta's been gathering Alliance and Ascendancy secrets for some time.
    • If you slice House Inrokini's terminals, we can find out what they know.
    • My sensors are picking up communications relays nearby. Theron may be receiving outside help.
    • Plant listening devices on the terminals and I can analyze the data.
    • Those supplies belong to the Ascendancy...
    • I assume you want them back.
    • Destroying them would send a more potent message. I'd appreciate your help with that.
    • Commander, the Chiss ensured this holomap would be difficult to reach. Only the worthy may access it, after all.
    • Expect to be tested. There will be trials to pass. I'll try to provide assistance.
    • I've seen this trial before--a test of logic. Be careful. A wrong move will spring one of Copero's many traps.
    • Commander, this is a test of strategy. You'll need to disable these lasers to safely pass. But the way forward is not always what you expect.
    • This looks familiar. You're being asked to see beyond your capabilities. I believe your macro-binoculars will show you a way to proceed.
    • The Chiss use these beasts to guard their valuable secrets, and to access them. You'll need to earn this one's trust in order to cross.
    • Commander, I'm coming in for extraction. Let's get out of here.
    • Commander, I must warn you: Syndic Zenta's brother is a powerful Force-sensitive.
    • The Chiss consider Force-users to be contaminated, impure. Without Zenta's support, Valss would be banished--or worse.
    • You know how to make me feel welcome.
    • So he'll protect her to the end.
    • Valss is unstable, and fights to the death for what he believes in. Expect a formidable enemy.
    • You're an exception, Commander. You've made the Chiss proud. But Valss is dangerous--expect a formidable enemy.
    • Commander, this is Aristocra Saganu of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.
    • Intel says Theron Shan has taken refuge in the Inrokini Camp. Infiltrate the camp, and you'll find your traitor.
    • Commander, it would seem Theron has moved on. I'm sending you his current location in the Chiss ruins. If you hurry, you can cut him off.
    • This is one of our oldest rituals. That's a relic from long before we discovered spaceflight. Look down, and you'll find a light to guide you.
    • Commander, I must warn you: years ago, Zenta risked her status to adopt a powerful Force-sensitive into her family.
    News hologram

    Reeling from Chancellor Madon's resignation and the loss of Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, the Republic has entered a state of political stagnation.
    In the wake of Sith Empress Acina's sudden death, former Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn has announced his ascension to the throne.
    Many speculate Sith Empress Acina will use this moment of weakness to push for the capture of the resource world known as Iokath.
    Radicals within the Senate urge Interim Chancellor Galena Rans to retaliate, but the complicated nature of current elections has slowed any progress.
    Meanwhile, more than two dozen Republic colonies have reported a raw materials crisis, halting the production of weapons and defense systems.
    The new Emperor Vowrawn has already issued controversial orders to halt any progress on the resource world of Iokath, prompting public outcry.
    Insiders say he might be using this time to gather strength for an attack on the Republic and its Eternal Alliance partner, but those rumors are not confirmed.
    Whether the Emperor's methods will prove beneficial to the two dozen Imperial worlds in a resource crisis remains to be seen.
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    Still, why did Arcann want so much resources from the other factions?
  11. Malachi108

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    Aug 8, 2009
    We know they planted some story threads in KOTFE which they had to abandon when they cut KOTET story from two expansions and ~30 Chapters to one expansion and 9 Chapters in order to improve the flow of the main Valkorion-related drama. It appears that they are slowly picking them back now: Iokath explained Zakuulan Old Gods and the origin of the Eternal Throne and brought back Scions (still not sure about their role in all this). Now with Copero, we're picking the plot thread of Zildrog, which can potentiall lead to other stuff. I am okay with that.

    I know, right? It's one of those bits that were never properly explained, like the Dark Sanctuary. Some say the riches were all on the Gilded Star, but that was not it - they mostly collected raw materials as Tribute, not just the precious metals. Wish we could just ask Arcann about that now...
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    I assume he did it just to spite the Republic and Empire.

    I quite like this resource point. Ideologically neither side is giving ground; practicalities need to come into the fore now.

    I am assuming that the plot will resolve Malcolm and Acina somehow, otherwise we still have a split plot.

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    Who will replace Jace if you kill him?
  14. Charlemagne19

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    I assumed all the massive amount of resources was to sustain the Eternal Fleet and without it, you're basically doomed.
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    To be fair the galaxy has been at war, or building up for war, or being forced to pay tribute, for fifty years straight. It’s the first true galactic war in civilised history by this point and it’s been devastating.

    Even the modern era had periods of relative calm in comparison to this, and a democracy bent on peace not war. Even the Clone Wars-Imperial-Civil War period was just over thirty years, and the aftermath of Byss was punctuated by as much peace as conflict - and hadn’t been started by a Sith Empire turning a much larger Wild Space into food for its war machine for a millennium.

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    It seems that Lt Raina Temple do not have any opinions about how the agent did with Zakuul and the decision with the Republic or Empire.
    Not so much as Elara Dorne did for the trooper.

    My Chiss agent have a romance with her and still with the Empire.
    My 2nd rattataki agent have a romance with Kaliyo and choosed to be with the Republic.
    It seems no worry about it.

    I am wondering how Kira and Lord Scourge are going to say if the Jedi Knight choosed to be with the Empire.
    Even also from Ashara and Andronikos.

    The alert missions Corso and Risha returns and Pirates Life. Are they going to be released for 5.6 or later?
  17. RafSwi7

    RafSwi7 Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 3, 2011
    Speculation about the upcoming planet that we will return to in the future story content.
    I think that the Emperor's Vaults narrow the number of the potential planets. In my opinion it can be only one of these:
    Dromund Kaas - One of the Emperor's Vaults can still be here, still undiscovered by the Dark Council. It might explain the presence of Darth Mortis (nice to see him back) in the future content.
    Korriban - The same case as Dromund Kaas.
    Zakuul - I know, that we should not expect to return there (Zakuul is quite obvious choice), but according to the Zakuulan legends the Great Swamps were nothing less but Zildrog's resting place.
    Ziost - Another planet tied to the Emperor. The Vault could easly also be here. It is dead world, so we should not expect to return there.
    Nathema - The same case as Ziost. Still, I am not sure if the Emperor would place more of his Vaults on the same planet. On the other hand Nathema was always more isolated from the Galaxy than Ziost.
    Yavin IV - The Imperial Guard had its headquarters here. What is more, Yavin IV was the place for the Emperor's resurrection if he had lost his body. We know that Vitate visited the planet not so long after the defeat of Exar Kun. Recent tweets about Kun would explain this planet.
    We don't know. It was mined in 5.6 PTS patch but there is no guarantee that it will be released with the proper patch.

    No idea.
  18. Kyle K

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    Mar 5, 2017
    It might be Korriban again from KOTOR and KOTOR II.

    Darth Malgus - Finally Korriban is ours again. Welcome home!

    On a second thought instead it is Yavin IV (The Battle of Yavin) for this year with 40th anniversary with the 1st Star Wars movie.
    The next story should be released earlier with the remaining Gods of machines but it will be next year.

    Many classes can visit Yavin IV but not Korriban and not either DK except KOTET.

    Nathema is like Iokath to go back there again.
  19. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    I'm really conflicted now. I was going to let my subscription lapse when it runs out at the end of November, but some of this stuff–finally getting proper Jedi robes, the return of more companions–has me wanting to keep playing. But for money's sake, I'd really prefer to let my sub lapse, especially since I haven't touched SWTOR since early in September. I can't justify the $70 for something I've played once, for a few minutes, in the past two months. But the upcoming content makes me think I'd probably get back into the game when it's released. Ugh.
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    Nov 15, 2004
    Why speculating on the Emperors Vaults, Raf?

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  21. RafSwi7

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    Oct 3, 2011
    The weapon the Order of Zildrog is searching for is in one of the Emperor's Vaults. On Copero Shan steals the holomap with the Vault's location. So, in the next update we will return to the planet where this Vault is located.

    I let my sub expire near the end of September (I was subscriber since the beginning of the Forged Alliances storyline). I was playing too little (I does not help, that I still need to ginisht MGSV, Mad Max, XCOM2 and Shadow of War) so buying another two months would be like throwning money at BioWare. Still, I will most probably resub for Copero update.
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    Oh fudge. That’s cool.

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Dialogue from Andronikos mission:
    Andronikos Revel - Keep your stinking paws off me. I'm not in the talking mood.
    Hylo Visz - The tough guy act won't work on me.
    Andronikos Revel - Yeah? Let me talk to the son of a Hutt in charge and you'll see how tough I really am.
    Player - You're looking at her.
    Player - You're looking at him.
    Andronikos Revel - Thought I'd seen enough ghosts to last me a lifetime. But this...
    Option - It's good to see you.Player - I never thought I'd be so happy to see my fleet's assailant.
    Andronikos Revel - Trust me, I'm as surprised as you are.
    Option - [Flirt] I missed my pirate.Player - Plundering my ships, harassing my admiral... that's the Andronikos I missed.
    Andronikos Revel - We have a lot of catching up to do.
    Option - Surprised?Player - I take it you're surprised to see me.
    Andronikos Revel - Couldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my face welded to the floor.
    Option - Explain yourself.Player - I trust you have a fascinating reason for harrassing my ships.
    Andronikos Revel - Your ships? I must be missing something here.
    Andronikos Revel - Last I heard, the Eternal Fleet belonged to some psycho empress determined to take over the galaxy. Killed a lot of good people. Almost killed me.
    Andronikos Revel - So I fought back only way I knew how--by raiding the ships. Made a stack of credits on the side.
    Andronikos Revel - If I knew the psycho empress was you, I would've brought flowers.
    Andronikos Revel - Had no idea the fleet was under new management. Shows how much I've paid attention.
    Player - I can handle it from here, Hylo.
    Hylo Visz - You sure?
    Andronikos Revel - I lied. I didn't hijack all those Eternal Fleet ships for the credits.
    Andronikos Revel - Six years ago, I got a tip from a Zakuulan refugee that you'd been hauled away on an Eternal Fleet ship.
    Andronikos Revel - Been tearing the fleet apart looking for you ever since. Nobody steals my girl and lives.
    Player - Andronikos...
    Andronikos Revel - I told you a long time ago, we're in each other's orbits until the stars go cold.
    Andronikos Revel - I never abandoned you, and I never will. You and me, we're forever.
    Option - You're damn right we are.Player - I love you, you sentimental lunk-head.
    Andronikos Revel - I love you too, crazy Sith.
    Andronikos Revel - Don't know what's in store for us. But we'll face it together.
    Option - We can't rekindle this.Player - You can't expect me to wait around forever. I've moved on.
    Andronikos Revel - So I'm the only one with feelings here, huh? Fine.
    Andronikos Revel - But you still have to put up with me joining your Alliance. Can't get rid of me that easy.
    Andronikos Revel - I heard the Eternal Fleet hauled you away and figured I owed you a rescue. Been looking for you ever since.
    Andronikos Revel - Don't get me wrong--I liked the credits. But you and me had a nice set-up. Best job I ever had.
    Andronikos Revel - And... well, I guess I found you. So, what do you say, Sith? Are we a team again?
    Option - Welcome back.Player - My crew wasn't the same without its pilot.
    Andronikos Revel - 'Course it wasn't. I'm the best there is.
    Option - You do owe me.Player - You'll work for free, to make up for the damages to my fleet.
    Andronikos Revel - Should've seen that coming.
    Andronikos Revel - It'll be just like the good old days, Sith. The future is looking up.
    Option - No. You're staying here.Player - You think I'll open my arms after you destroyed my property?
    Andronikos Revel - You can't be serious.
    Player - You'll be rotting in this cell for a long time, Andronikos.
    Andronikos Revel - Wait. Come on, Sith. Sith!
    About Kira and Scourge:
    They will both return in in the same mission.
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  25. RafSwi7

    RafSwi7 Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 3, 2011
    It also seems, that Kira/Scourge mission will be a little longer (there are 3 scenes at the moment) than Andronikos or Risha/Corso missions (both have only one scene).

    Small summary of the upcoming "alert" missions:
    Andronikos - mission located on Odessen. Mission has its name - "Pirate's Life". Full dialogue is in files. "Companions and Contacts" tab is updated.
    Corso/Risha - mission located on Nar Shaddaa. Mission has its name (WIP?) - "Corso And Risha Return". Full dialogue is in files.
    Vector - mission located on Alderaan. The rest is still missing.
    Ashara - mission located on Voss. Full dialogue is in files. The rest is still missing.
    Kira/Scourge - everything is missing.

    Remaining companions which return still haven't been announced or datamined:
    • BH: Mako.
    • SW: Jaesa.
    • SI: Khem.
    • JK: Doc.
    • S: Akaavi.
    • JC: Theran, Nadia, Zenith and Iresso.
    Poor Consular...

    Both Troopers and (soon) Imperial Agents have all their original companions back.
    EDIT - Dialogue from Ashara mission:
    Ashara Zavros - It's you...
    Ashara Zavros - I always knew you'd find me. We... have a lot to talk about, don't we?
    Option - I was so worried,Player - I spent the last six years wondering if I'd ever see you again.
    Ashara Zavros - I'm sorry. It hasn't been easy for me, either.
    Option - I'm glad you're safe.Player - When I didn't hear from you, I assumed the worst. I'm glad to see I was wrong.
    Ashara Zavros - I'm sorry I didn't contact you.
    Option - What are you doing here?Player - Voss is the last place I expected you to be hiding.
    Ashara Zavros - I wasn't hiding. Well, perhaps I was, in a way.
    Option - That's an understatement.Player - You can start by explaining where you've been all this time.
    Ashara Zavros - That's a little complicated.
    Ashara Zavros - When you disappeared, I didn't know where to turn. The Jedi condemned me a long time ago, and I couldn't trust the Sith. I was lost.
    Ashara Zavros - It made me realize how much I relied on others. I needed to forge my own path, away from you, from the council, and everyone else who tried to influence me.
    Ashara Zavros - So I traveled across the galaxy, helping those who needed it most. I never stayed in one place too long. It taught me a lot about myself.
    Option - I see the change.Player - You've come a long way from the stubborn apprentice who challenged me on the Sith code.
    Ashara Zavros - You taught me so much about the Force, which is why I needed to stay away from you.
    Option - But why didn't you come back?Player - You must have heard about my return. Why did I have to track you across the galaxy to speak with you?
    Ashara Zavros - I... couldn't face you. Not until I knew I was strong enough.
    Option - So you abandoned me.Player - You left me frozen in carbonite for five years so you could find yourself?
    Ashara Zavros - I spent years searching for you. When you finally came back... so much had changed.
    Ashara Zavros - I was afraid that if I returned to you, I would fall into my old ways. I'd become a follower again, instead of a leader.
    Player - Do you still believe that?
    Ashara Zavros - No. Now that you're here, I realize how much stronger I've become. And... how much I still love you.
    Ashara Zavros - I spent so many nights missing you, wondering if we were looking at the same stars. You gave me the strength to keep going.
    Ashara Zavros - I'm not the wide-eyed apprentice you fell for. But I'll stand by your side and love you as an equal.
    Ashara Zavros - So... what do you say? Can we start over?
    Option - I would love nothing more.Player - I loved you then, and I love you now. Nothing will ever change that.
    Ashara Zavros - Good. If you'd said no, I'd have to use my new moves on you.
    Player - There's the attitude I missed.
    Ashara Zavros - We've got our whole future ahead of us. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
    Option - No. We can't go back.Player - You left me when I needed you most. There's no coming back from that.
    Ashara Zavros - I... understand. I wouldn't forgive me either.
    Ashara Zavros - I can still make a difference in the Alliance. We can help a lot of people.
    Ashara Zavros - But when I see you, I don't feel like a frightened child in need of guidance anymore.
    Ashara Zavros - With this new strength, I can finally come back--not as your apprentice, but as your equal.
    Option - I would like that.Player - The Alliance would be lucky to have you.
    Ashara Zavros - We're going to do great things together.
    Option - No. I don't need you.Player - I have no use for someone who doesn't follow my command.
    Ashara Zavros - I should've expected that. You Sith never change, do you?
    Option - No. You're better on your own.Player - Look at what you've accomplished alone. You're stronger without me holding you back.
    Ashara Zavros - I... see your point. I can serve better here, where I'm needed.
    Ashara Zavros - Then we'll part ways. If you ever need an ally, you know where to find me. Good luck.
    Option - Just remember who's in charge.Player - You may not be my apprentice, but you'll still follow my orders.
    Ashara Zavros - I can manage that. As long as I agree with them.
    Ashara Zavros - Whatever the future brings, I'll help you face it.
    Option - You will submit. [Shock her]Player - No. You still belong to me.
    Ashara Zavros - I should've known you wouldn't change--but I have. I won't tolerate your cruelty anymore.
    Ashara Zavros - We're done here.
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