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Unclassifiable The Omniversal Holy Order - The Realm of the Patriarch

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Dec 28, 2021.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore
    An Interval

    In short order, the meeting was adjourned in favor of some much needed rest. It would seem, too little was truly known about the Darkness to formulate an actionable strategy against it, especially after their concerted and sudden attack, which was thwarted by non-other than the Patriarch. In that moment, they had lost a potential ally to the darkness, but casualties were the natural byproduct of war. For this was war of a higher order.

    Manticore offered a curt nod to Nyx, the brash omniversal youth, before he’d departed, leaving the group in the care of a strange mechanical ‘butler’, which resembled no droid he had ever seen in his lifetime. No doubt, it too was a product of this ‘other-verse’ they now found themselves in.

    The group's marching orders were to be escorted to their respective rooms and remain there until summoned once again come morning. Leaving their quarters before morn would signify their desire to abandon their present mission and be returned to the time from whence they hailed.

    Manticore was half-listening to the strange butler droid as they walked, even as he realized that ‘leaving’ would place him in some unknown existential limbo, as he’d been caught in a strange ‘phenomenon’ before he was brought to the Citadel Outside of Time. Now he found himself here, in the City of the White Snake- wherever ‘here’ was.

    “What will you do now?” Manticore heard Lord Anguish’s familiar voice ask from just a few steps behind him.

    “If by that you mean, ‘Will I kill you now?’, then the answer is, ‘not yet’.”

    “Not if I kill you first.” The nagai retorted sourly, which caused Manticore to chuckle despite himself, before he deigned to respond with a single word:


    “You have more in common with that kaminoan, Cocytus- than you think.He has chosen his own path, he is free. You can be too.”

    “He is a traitor to the order.”

    “How so? For having ambition and striking out on his own?”

    “For betraying his Emperor.”

    “Clearly not his Emperor, not any longer, and a dead one holds no power over his subjects…last time I checked.”

    “You seem eager to join him…”

    “That’s not what I mean.”

    “Then get to the point. You’re beginning to irritate me….”

    Manticore slowed his walking pace. Immediately, Anguish slowed his pace as well, keeping himself just outside the zabrak’s striking reach.

    “You need not cling to something you’ve lost. Vassago is in the past, Insipid’s Timeline is likely obliterated by the First Darkness, along with his Sith. What does that leave you with? There are things you simply need to let g……”

    “No, why should I wait…”

    Manticore wheeled around, his visage a mask of unfettered hate, eyes blazing with fury. He stretched forth a hand in a grasping motion, seeking to choke the nagai and simultaneously break his neck with the force. Lord Anguish was barely able to mount a defense to momentarily lessen the effect, even as he was lifted off the floor.

    “Ifyouslayme, youwillincurthewrathofthe Patriarch, wearebothhisguestsandareunderhisprotection. You betray hishospitalityandgoodwillifyoudothis!!”

    Manticore’s eyes narrowed to slits, his fury cresting as the force rumbled- then came to a stop. Anguish fell to the floor and brought a hand to his neck, even as he coughed and attempted to catch his breath.

    “Fine. I can wait….”

    Manticore turned away and wordlessly marched to the room reserved for him. There was much he needed to think on, given everything that had transpired, very much so.

    As for Anguish, he remained where he was for the moment, feeling the soreness in his neck. It had taken more than he’d anticipated to ward-off the crushing attempt, but he’d managed it, just barely. However, the risk had been worth it, at least in his mind. Inside his darkened hood, a faint, yet noticeable sly smile began to blossom. He would need to be very careful not to take unnecessary risks going forward, but he was very determined to find a way to survive all this - and live again. Somehow.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike
    Interval or Intervention

    He got a break, and some alone time.

    Which was welcome because with all that stress he needed some.

    Stripping after not bothering to check for surveillance devices or magicks or whatever, he lay out on the first vaguely-bed-like thing he found.

    What was he doing?

    He was farther away from Bellorum than he'd ever been, but closer to actually helping.

    But Patriarch was as big a bad here as Wapoe was there, and he couldn't get his head around the Balance-thingy.

    If he reasoned that they were like the Darknesses, in that they could treat anyone with the connecting soul as a Successor, then perhaps it made more sense.

    The Patriarch, Azathoth, Nyx, Tobias, Vicrul...

    Balance, N'Tael, Bernael, Xundel, Atin-Kot...

    But hadn't Wapoe transgressed into another universe along the way? The one that was connected to Manticore by way of Jin Long, Anguish, and other more fantastical 'superheroes'? Ike was sure Insipid had told him about that once upon a time.

    But his memories...

    Why were they so impossible to manage.

    It was like a gaping hole in his soul.

    One that Ike usually filled with alcohol, sex, drugs and so forth.

    Insipid wasn't responsible for it.

    He probably never had any control of it.

    Absently Ike wondered if it had started out as a lie, designed to control Ike, and then when things became hot and heavy, Insipid hadn't been able to admit to it... or maybe Ike had too high an opinion of himself.

    Because if so, it implied that Insipid didn't have as much control of his own fate as he suggested...

    Ike turned on his chest, kicked his legs in the air and leaned on his hands.

    But hadn't Palpatine tried to break out of Wapoe's manipulations too? He'd attempted Changes that had made a right mess of things. The Twilight Timeline was generally, seemingly, considered to be a very bad idea. Even if a couple Darknesses had headed there, Palpatine had managed to, with the aid of a Holocron of Prophecy, completely manipulate the fate of that timeline...

    It was a complete skifter in the deck, to use the sabacc parlance of a card that changed its faces.

    Could Ike break out of the cycle?

    He was here, with a group of other like-minded individuals, in theory, but to what end? Replacing Wapoe with another demented genius overlord?

    Ike couldn't decide if what they were doing was an improvement, making things worse, or just making everything more complicated.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    The Balance

    The Balance continued to observe activities both here in the meeting of the three of them and beyond. Outside the room things were calming down, to a degree. The various beings were settling in, making schemes, deciding how they would work or react as a part of the new team that was being formed. He fully intended to speak to a couple of them, at least, before all was said and done here, as long as the Patriarch wasn’t going to be protective of those now aiding him.

    When the first device floated over to him one eyebrow arched under the cowl of his cloak. The words of the Patriarch were not as comforting as the man intended as he would have said the same if he required such a device to contact either of the other two beings. As it was, it would be…rude…to refuse such a gift.

    A trail of the dust that he’d used to form the physical being now sitting here flowed up and around the device. The dust didn’t touch it, simply enclosed it in swirls of gray before the almost egg of dust that had been created vanished, taking the watch with it. ”The gift is appreciated, and should I require it, I will use it.” he stated calmly before sipping at his tea.

    The other, true, gift was a surprise of a different sort. As the metal, glass, and living but not fully formed being floated before him he let his own energy flow around the sphere, again without touching it. This was something to consider, something to decide, in his own way, where or when it should be propagated. He operated in different ways than the Master or Patriarch and so he had many more avenues that could be used to approach this ‘problem’.

    At the warning of the Titans he smiled softly behind the teacup, he’d witnessed, existed around such primordial beings for eons and there were mutual understandings, as well as the occasional disagreement that he’d had to play the edges of so to maintain the fragile peace between such. He nodded to the Patriarch in thanks for the warning.

    ”As I exist in a different way to the both of you your gift will probably appear, be of use, somewhere unexpected, but such is the nature of existence. I do thank you for both gifts however.” he replied as the orb was covered in the same ‘shell’ of dust before it too disappeared.

    He reached out again, sensing where the other beings that had been brought were currently located, ”When we are done here, I would have a few words with…old friends…before I depart, given your leave.”

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    Time to rest.

    Darth Cocytus smiled thinly as they were all dismissed for the evening, however the time of day and night could truly be measured in an infinite city complex such as this. He eyed the strange Droid thing, leading them to their rooms and followed, no doubt with Darth Alecto following closely behind. In the mind of the Sith Master, this Sith Apprentice deserved a nice rest for much of what she has done and learned over this passing of time.

    And so has he…

    Cocytus dismissed Alecto to her own room, trusting her to take the droid's warning about wandering off seriously, and moved to his own right across from her. He looked around his own room, finding it to be more than satisfactory, before sitting down on the bed in a meditation position. With narrow eyes, the kaminoan began to reflect on the passage of events from his arrival at the In-Between Place and his escape to this endless palace of the White Snake, and to what end?

    The eventual defeat of the First Darkness.

    But what about after? What would Cocytus get out of this aside from knowledge and power to be gained along the way? And what power could replace the First Darkness, nature abhorring such a vacuum?

    Cocytus grinned and nurtured such ambitious possibilities, but only as such, that is as ‘possibilities’.

    Who knows what grand opportunities may lie in store within the future?

    Whatever they may be, Cocytus will be sure to snatch the opportunity whenever and however they occur…

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    Jun 26, 2017
    At some point, somewhere.
    Out of prying ears and eyes.

    The boy wonder looked at the large helmet like tomb, his despondent eyes measuring it with a quiet reverence. Reverence for Nyx that was. His hair was down, long, flowing and unkept almost as if he had just awoken without bothering to clean it. The only light in the central pit of the city was the ominous quiet Patriarch green glow that seemed to funnel into the mask sarcophagus that the Patriarch currently resided.


    "Are you sure that is what you want? To just let it all go? All your work crumble away? The Great Work. It has barely begun."

    "I know that, son... but even I at times feel..." The pride of the Patriarch could not let him quite say the word out loud. But Nyx knew what he meant. 'inadequate'. There was silence that hung in the words as the green glow flickered in the wind like smoke.

    "What are you thinking Nyx?" spoke his 'Father' after awhile, the voice was calm, even perhaps somewhat distant. But Nyx found that understandable.

    "You know what I am thinking. You see it all..." he spoke without a tinge of annoyance. Indeed many of the Aspects, even those of the more 'inner circle' did not know that the Patriarch could see their every thought, memory and whim.

    "You know I do not play back seat to your mind Nyx. You are free..." to anyway one else the Patriarch would sound as clear, even and calculated as he often was, but Nyx could feel it. The slight tinge of sadness that graced the parts of the Patriarch's words. Like the subtle movements of a current, building slowly to a greater, more devastating wave.

    "I...I know..." spoke Nyx, hesitating slightly. "But you cannot just throw it all away. Think of your children spread across the Omniverse are you not..."

    "I do not need to be reminded of why I started the Great Work in the first place. My Son." spoke the Patriarch. The soft presence of annoyance clear in his voice.

    "But that does not take away from the immensity of the task yet to perform. Of the trials and tribulations that are presented before us. Of the road of blood, and sacrifice that I...that we will have to undergo... part of me wants to end it all. Yes. Snuff out the threads of my deceit, of my machinations..." Nyx interrupted him.

    "Are you truly this pathetic? That you of all people are doubting your plan,"

    "All beings doubt themselves. That or they are fools." responded the Patriarch quickly, more pleased than agitated at Nyx's retort.

    "I understand that Our Friend in Yellow paid a visit to..."

    "Do not speak his name..."

    "Mmm... well is that what unnerves you? That a Titan has already begun cruising along the edges of the M-Cluster?"

    "A concern but no that is not it. It is quite simply that the drive... my conviction has been drawn out of me with this Wapoe, Balance, Darkness nonsense," he sounded bored. Nyx's brow furrowed.

    "You have got to be joking. That's why? You what feel intimidated by those three?"

    The Patriarch chuckled at Nyx's stab.

    "Intimidated? Mmm... not the word I would use. Frustrated would be more apt. Balance is arrogant. Which given his role in that reality never ceases to bemuse me. The 'Balace' antagonizing everyone with their self-righteousness..."

    "Are we any better?"

    "Mildly, maybe. It is tempered by my overcautiousness. What I withhold is for their own good. Though the Azathoths in their focused arrogance have likely marred that perception of me."

    "Well you barely speak in all honesty. And you are different to..."

    "Yes I know that... but back to what we were discussing. The Master is... well... I see him as another side of the same coin as myself. No doubt of that. But he is older... and been doing this for longer..."

    "So you are intimidated..." responded Nyx, the Azathoth part of him leaking through as smug look rested onto his face. There was a pause as the Patriarch looked to Nyx with a look that simple communicated 'really? stop that'

    "Yes, not intimidated... frustrated... what do you mean by two sides of the same coin..." went on Nyx.

    "I wore a mask for much of my time, he wears a hood. We both are schemers at heart. And we both, in our own way, wish to make a set of realities better,"

    "I still think Wapoe is planning to absorb the First Darkness to achieve power like that of a Titan..."

    "Perhaps... I have not ruled out that possibility... but you recall the first reason I sought out the Master. How I went hunting from the surrounding realities of the M-Cluster, searching for the Prime variation..."

    "All too well it is why the Great Work has been so delayed," responded Nyx, a quizzical brow raised, wondering what Father was getting at.

    "I cannot help but feel that he is... the only one that could truly grasp what I am trying to do. Understand the experience of my state of being..."

    "And not Balance?"

    "The Balance does not operate like the Master and I do... but think of it my son... think of what I have had to do to get us here... how few would understand what needed to be done, the Master would be one..."

    "Are you trying to convince yourself into making the Master an actual friend?"

    There was a silence.

    "Father you do not get the luxury of friendship. I have never seen you like this... so... pathetic..."

    The Patriarch's eyes narrowed.

    "Watch your tongue, boy"

    "When, not if but when, Wapoe finds out what the Great Work is he'll likely want to kill you...and quickly..."

    "You think it not possible he would understand? That he could see the light of the goal?"

    "There are doubts and then there is just pure foolishness Father... I understand that the strain...that... Vox dying has left a wound in your soul... but we, you cannot be turn away from this path now. We must move forward."

    "Or we could end it all now, live an infinite life in some small corner of the Omniverse, quiet and peaceful..."

    "Our Friend in Yellow would find us and consume our souls..." Nyx tilted his head.

    "But more importantly there is too much blood on our hands. We have no other option than to see it through..."

    "And see it through we shall..." The Patriarch moved down, patting Nyx on the shoulder.

    "We rest now, in due time we shall move forward with the Great Work... but now..."


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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master of Many Names

    He had a visit to make.


    He made it.

    While there was downtime, and all that.

    He didn't say May the Force be with you, there, no.


    He said May your heart be your guiding Key.

    It was just as misleading.

    Manipulative? No, not at all.

    But he needed to speak to another Chosen One - chosen by him, of course, to be his obligatory Dark Man.

    All in the pursuit of a realm without Darkness.

    He would find it.

    He knew he would.

    This Fake Light that was happy to puppet the people of all realities to maintain an abhorrent balance.

    He hated it.

    He hated Balance.

    He hated anyone who sought power over others.

    And so, he finished his little meeting, putting aside for a moment the intrigues of this place, returned to his Great Work, and then turned his head.

    His variant in the Twilight Timeline...

    ... he'd lost himself to Darkness.

    That was...

    A problem.

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    Footage of his meeting in another worldline, closing linked to the one of Star Wars and Marvel...
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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Nature of Titans
    The butler looked to Soliloquy its stoic a contrast to its jolly and upbeat tone.

    "S-S-SIR! An inquiring mind! That serves well in the Omniversal Holy Order..." It then spun and did a twirl as it took of its tophat and offered the contents to Soliloquy.

    "I am afraid recombinants are not a possibility. SIR!" The Butler shouted sit with an energetic enthusiasm. "However..." Soliloquy would then notice a book in the hat of the Butler.

    "You SIR! have been paged in for our Upper Tier premium package of skill and ability... which is to say you have great possibilites before you... however as part of your plight, SIR!, you have only possible been exposed to knowledge within your own reality. There is infinities and infinites within infinites of knowledge that exist beyond may this serve as a small token, and gift of what is to come. SIR!"

    The book seemed to hum the air with a dark aura, not dissimilar to that of the Dark Side of the Force, but also distinctly different in a number of ways. It felt old, and dangerous.

    "A copy of a version of the Necronomicon... try not to go insane! SIR!" spoke the Butler as he flipped his hat the book spilling out in a twirl toward Soliloquy, before he then settled into his seat. The others had all gone into their rooms as had been asked of them and so their slumber, or lack there of would pass.

    The Patriarch listened to the words of Balance with a measured grace, his twin golden eyes sparkling as the Master went to deal with business elsewhere, presumably taking his gifts with him without a word. The Patriarch did not mind the abrupt departure he was not so petty as to be offend by such a thing... in fact he understood.

    Perhaps better than anyone.

    "Yes that is quite agreeable Balance," he said with a nod, before his eyes drifted to the stack of books on his desk. He needed a conversation with Nyx, he had time and then...

    Well he would fade into the background for now.

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    The 'Morning' After

    Hours had passed since the Butler had spoken to them all. A soft knock resounded on each of their doorways, food as had been known before was provided again through the unknown magical means of just appearing on a desk in their room. Whatever they wanted to eat.

    And once they were brought together two figures would greet them in the large general lobby area. A man and a woman. The excited Butler speaking loudly.

    "Fine Folks! Allow me to introduce Lower Sentinels Three and Eight, the fine Kardis Talathee and the tactful Aeneas Kaiser!"

    Kardis Talathee
    Lower Sentinel Two

    Aeneas Kaiser
    Lower Sentinel Eight
    The man who had just been named leaned forward as he inspected the odd gaggle of Force Users pulled from timelines across the M-Cluster.

    "They really are all just Force Users..." he mused... tilting his head in interest. He looked to Kardis, knowing that he was the one to give the briefing while Kardis wished to observe the various members there.

    "So you all agreed to help defeat the Darknesses... we have an initial strategy though it is in a round about manner. The Master of Masters will be sealing the Six Darkness and then seemingly drawing out the First Darkness, while we are going to seek a way to permanently destroying these darkness... to accomplish this we are going to travel across realities in search of Titans and capture them..."

    He let out a sigh as he looked over them. Right...

    "Butler explain what Titans are..." The Butler perked up with interest.

    "SIR! Titans are a special family of beings that travel the Omniverse creating and destroying realities whether that be multiverses or singular universes. They are also characterized by their indifference of almost all non-Titan beings with the most notable exceptions being those that interfere with the flow of time in a multiverse, causing a cancerous spread of realities within the delicate structure of the Omniverse. They are best thought of as forces of nature as opposed to beings that are rational, sentient beings that form societies. While not incapable of being reasoned with it would be akin to reasoning with the clouds to stop raining,"

    The Butler finished its ramble as Aeneas turned back to view them all.

    "In short they are very similar to the First Darkness in a number of ways, if one can find a way to destroy a Titan it would be reasonable to think one could destroy the First Darkness... and if not... well then... know that there are threats like the First Darkness everywhere in the Omniverse... keeping track of these Titans and studying them is one of the major goals of OHO,"

    He tilted his head, looking to Kardis and then back to the others.

    "Questions before we proceed?"

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike
    Oh yeah, a million

    He folded his arms, sitting in the chair, it balanced precariously. He'd asked for one, because he wanted to play into the surly student role, complete with lollipop. "I mean, sure, yeah."

    "Any, like, pictures of these Titans? You speak to them in the same way we speak about Darknesses. So I guess they've made attempts to cross into our 'verse and a few others?"

    Ike rolled his eyes.

    "And what about the Balance's world-line. Do we have to handle ones from there, too?"

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Waiting……

    After having a relatively good sleep, Pascale was up with the others.

    And a man and a woman greeted them. Sentinels? What were they? Although the Echo picked the man up talking about Force users which made Pascale wonder a little if these people were unaware of Echos.

    He wasn't a Force user, not per se. Pascale was limited in using the spirit, any prolonged use would mean a massive energy drain. And he was limited in what he could do unlike the Sith.

    Basically the mission was this: timeline hop and capture beings called Titans. Simple? Definitely not.

    Ike must have known something Pascale didn't because he talked about balance but…

    "Ike raises a good point" Pascale responded "We should see what we are up against".

    "And would convential weapons, say in this case lightsabers work against them? Also Force powers? Or in my case the Echo".

    "And since my esteemed Sith colleagues carry weapons and I do not, is it possible for me to have a weapon?"

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  10. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Balance
    The OHO, various locales

    Balance nodded to the Patriarch, ”Appreciated, until the next time we find ourselves face to face…” He’d have said his farewells to the Master but, as usual, he’d simply departed.

    He slowly drifted into the currents of the air, his form disappearing into the dust he’d used in the moment to create this physical shell. The true Balance, not physical or necessarily spirit, drifted from the Patriarch’s inner sanctum. He could and did have the Patriarch’s permission to travel throughout this world and he had the layout to be able to do so.

    It was time to visit at least a couple of the ones who had come here.


    Several conversations later…

    Balance had decided to listen in to the meeting that was said to describe the Titans to the others and it was not disappointing him. Some of what the Patriarch knew and was passing on to the others was information he already had access to, others…well, it was not his place to disagree when this other omniversal being was getting this diverse cast of characters to work together.

    When Ike spoke up, Balance decided to enjoy himself for a moment before leaving. He drifted close to Ike, the man would feel the voice that emerged to have come from just over his right shoulder.

    ”First, dear Ike, that would require that any of you know my world-line. Not that it’s needed. The First Darkness, First Light, and I have an agreement. They are, in themselves, barred from entering my worldline. Each has a set number of shards they were allowed, only at the start of it, to seed that universe.”

    There was a breath of a chuckle, ”You, all of you, would probably love that worldline, not that I’d allow entry without some serious negotiations. You, in particular, Ike never were and still are not an agent of the Master, Wapoe, whatever name he uses. You never lost your memories, or had them suppressed. And live a happy, fulfilling life.”

    Another chuckle, ”I won’t say it’s paradise, there is still strife and struggle but nothing like what the M-Cluster undergoes. And all four sides of the pantheon that exist there do actually attempt to keep things harmonious.”

    The cowl formed for a moment, nodding at the gathering, ”I’d listen to what he says about the Titans though. There is more out there about them, but what has been shared is the least of what you need to know.”

    He sighed, ”I’ve spent too much time corporeal here as it is, time to return to wandering the threads of the Omniverse, checking on each of my agents and shards. If I am needed simply call out. No matter the universe.”

    With that, his presence vanished, gone from the brilliantly white city and headquarters of the OHO.

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    The Next Day

    Standing among the others, Darth Cocytus narrowed his eyes with a blink at the male sentinel.

    'Just' Force users? He thought, taking the sentinel's words as insult. Fool. The Force is power. Power that will lead us to victory.

    However, as Aeneas went on speaking, explaining what they were to do, the kaminoan's curiosity was ultimately hooked. For to cross realities, seeking out Multiverse creating Titans seemed like a most ripe opportunity to seek out what he craved most: power and knowledge.

    "I have questions." Cocytus spoke up, "What sort of realities will we be going to? Will we be going beyond the M-Cluster, as you call it? And of these Titans, I am of like mind of the others..."

    His yellow-orange eyes glowed in ambition to learn what learning of these Titans may provide.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Kardis Talathee
    Titan Business

    A soft and pleasant smile graced her lips as Kardis walked besides Kaiser. Not only did she enjoy his company, he happened to keep their conversation genuinely interesting, which was not necessarily an easy feat, given the gap in rank between them. Then again, these things did not come as a surprise to those who understood the dynamics involved in continuing advancement.

    As an acknowledgement to Kaiser’s statement about the new recruits being all ‘just Force Users’, she simply nodded slowly. That was not necessarily a terrible limitation in her estimation, not at all. The question would be, if they had sufficient imagination to go beyond their present preconceptions. Kardis chose to believe this group had been recruited, because they possessed a modicum of potential, at the very least.

    All in all, Kardis looked forward to meeting the new recruits to the Omniversal Holy Order, as this was not an everyday occurrence. Nyx had given no preliminary reports in regards to these individuals, which meant that she’d have to conduct her own evaluation; apparently Nyx recalled this was exactly how she preferred to go about such things. Kardis needed to see things for herself.

    As they arrived, Kardis slowed her pace slightly, allowing Kaiser to take point and greet everyone first. Kardis maintained an easy gait to her pace as she allowed her platinum colored eyes to scan the gathered individuals, one by one. A slight nod of her head was given once she silently greeted The Butler. She gave a small amused chuckle, feeling his excitement as it radiated across the entire lobby.

    The objective here was to deal with the First Darkness, but such a feat was not as simple as it sounded, mostly due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Both Kaiser and the Butler introduced the concept of ‘Titans’ to better illustrate what was truly necessary in order to face the Darkness.

    Two of the new recruits spoke their concerns, one being the seemingly youthful Ike followed by the stoic Pascale, if she was reading their auras correctly. They wanted to see what a Titan looked like, as if mere visual representation could actually convey the entirety of what a Titan truly was. Still, there was no harm in indulging them.

    Before she could even take a step forward to explain, Kardis’ platinum eyes shimmered as a presence manifested itself to Ike. She respectfully inclined her head in acknowledgement of the Balance and offered a small smile, waiting for their exchange to conclude. Once this was so, she moved forward, her shimmering silver dress glinting as she moved with preternatural grace.

    “Please allow me to illustrate how your minds may visually interpret a Titan.”

    Kardis’ voice was sonorous, like a melody, yet full of confidence, calming and strong. Her tattoos glowed for a brief moment as she gestured with her hand, filling the room with an oversize image that was not distinguishable, not until she reduced it and brought it into proper perspective and focus. The group would feel the illusion with all their senses, making it nigh indistinguishable from reality, in essence, allowing them to feel the size and magnitude of the these Titans in the environments where they had been encountered.




    Kardis knew these visuals could not accurately relate the magnitude of what they were seeing, but understood that stepping stones were needed to arrive at a greater understanding of such concepts.

    As the new recruits viewed the images, Kardis would take a moment to gauge their reactions. More questions were very likely, which she and Kaiser would welcome, for they were here to answer them all. It was imperative that each single one understood exactly what they would be up against, and what was needed to accomplish their mission. Anything less would result in unspeakable disaster for billions of souls.

    That’s why failure was not an option.

    Thus, after the question regarding Titans was fully addressed, only then could they proceed to discuss the question of weapons, powers and the like. That would be followed by the issue of which paths they would take, which was a point of great interest to the kaminoan, the one named Cocytus.

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    *( Thank you Shadowsun for providing the Titan images )
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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Still waiting...

    Cocytus it seemed had raised a good point. Where would they be going? To other timelines? To other universes?

    As a historian it would be interesting to see what other universes looked like. Their history and what they contained. But if they were going Titan hunting there would probably be no time for a quick peek.

    The woman who was speaking...she seemed beautiful and intelligent. The type of woman Pascale liked. But he had to focus on the mission at hand. Besides she seemed a woman who was focused on her mission too.

    The woman showed them images of the Titans. Big, nasty beasts was Pascale's deducement. They would need some serious firepower or weapons to beat them.

    "Thank you" he responded "and it seems my question regarding weapons seems even more relevant as does the case for me carrying one whereas the Sith already do".

    "So please, answer mine and the others questions" Pascale's tone was polite but there was a hint of steel there. That to not answer his or the others questions was bordering on inpolite.

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    OOC: Fun combo with @Mitth_Fisto, keeping in mind that all Balance tells Soliloquy is what that Omniversal being believes of knows through the experience of his agents or vessels.

    IC: Soliloquy & The Balance
    Preparing for an unearned nap - The night before the meeting about the Titans

    Taking in the room he set out the book in its place of contention upon the low table. Careful to never actually touch the thing. It felt dark and dark things were liable to bite, and for the moment that did seem like a bedtime practice he felt like indulging in.

    "Interesting fellows all around, names a plenty, even a Balance for the sake of inclusivity. But what of these plans? Hmm..." He muttered softly to himself, well himself and whatever spy equipment was yet about the room. He had yet to see about such things, but then again if he didn't do anything that needed an extra layer of hiding what did it matter that they were there or watching this particular shell?

    A soft sigh, just a whisper of sound, drifted through the room. A small stream of dust and other particles that filled the air, usually unseen, slipped under the door, settling into a form, the same that the Balance had worn when seen by the others. It nodded at Soliloquy as the head and cowl formed, for a moment the shape of his ‘cousin’s’ face was seen. ”Good evening, the one who currently calls themselves Soliloquy.” the figure said, standing calmly, its cloak drifting on unseen air currents.

    "Yes. A fine good evening to you as well, the one that borrows the face of a friend. You'll get a bad reputation if you keep that up you know." Soliloquy added with a bit of wink. Although the words of Balance did bring up a question that Soliloquy had not yet fully began to consider. What was in a name and what should he be if no longer defined by what he had been defined for thousands of years? Hmm. That was a question.

    Balance chuckled and shrugged, ”Many have been my agents and vessels over the eons, in those timelines, including your friend. Although,” it glanced out of the room for a moment, ”unlike how others choose to do so, all my agents or vessels have voluntarily accepted being so. Even the shards of Darkness or Light take what they wish and not allow the mortals to choose.”

    "An interesting point of distinction, but a mild one. Much like the one I currently am in, in the end how much choice actually was there? Between coming, speeches, and darkness attacking? Hmm? Free will is nice to label for the choosers of a deal, but rare is one that actually knows what they are signing up when given the choice to begin with." Soliloquy stated with a flippant wave at the other. Was he going off on a tangent? Maybe, actually, "Why are you here? Do you have a choice for me as well?"

    Another chuckle, ”Oh, ancient one, would you even accept, if I did so? You have seen the effects of those shards as well as how mine own influence affected your friend.”

    Balance took in the room, a slight arch to an eyebrow as he saw the book, ”I’d ask myself, in your position, whether the Patriarch is truly that different from the Master. Both offer gifts, have even offered them to me, while planning their own expansion across the omniverse.”

    "Gifts are interesting things. One cannot know whether they are earnest treats for the hope of future alliance or friendship, or if they are the barbed hooks to control." Sitting down on the fluffy bed he began undoing the buttons of his waist-coat.

    "But no. You are right. I would not accept yours. I have already a shard of darkness within me that I have no memory of ever accepting. Unless it was given to me by The Master when he contributed a few pieces that used to build my holocron. Although he professes to stand against the darkness', always has even in the memories of Dunkeel." Soliloquy stated with a sigh as he leaned back. The last had been his own expression of a gift to Balance. A piece of knowledge and an intimation. Anything more from him at this time would be crass.

    "Ah, Dunkeel, would that he and the shard I fostered in that timeline, when it merged with the first Zas'tel, had met." the Balance offered his own tidbit in return.

    "Those shards of darkness, if kept from rejoining, if the hosts keep them well caged, will prevent the First Darkness's emergence in a timeline. Conversely, it can use them to keep track of and influence events as well." he said flatly.

    "Interesting. Now would you have any words of wisdom as to how one hosting a shard could, for the sake of argument, consume it? Turn the tables as it were and grow in power themselves in turn?" Rubbing his chest at these words, as if the memory was painful instead of a thing of beauty to be treasure of the Darkness trying to emerge from within him. "I don't know if you have noticed, but apparently - here - I am what is considered weak. Although in turn those here seem to be concerned, very much so, by a thing called a Titan." It was a question with a leading tail, and Soliloquy was oh so hoping to catch a nibble before sating himself on rest.

    Balance smiled at the questions, "The First Darkness needs all those shards to come together so destroying one would, theoretically cause that to become impossible. The hazard lies in how thoroughly you would subsume the shard into yourself, not enough and it could still get free." He sighed, "To destroy one would take a supreme act of will, to break it down to it's component particles. You, and only a few others might be able to do so."

    He reached up, stroking his chin, "As to the Titans, they exist, I won't deny. Hmmm, the Patriarch must have grand plans if the Titans are involved. I'm sure he or his people will explain more but those type of beings are as far beyond a Chosen One as a Chosen One is beyond an insect or a grain of sand."

    "Wonderful, a new scale will have to be made. Now when you say a supreme act of will. . .you are talking about the all or nothing gambit. Hmm. Not ready to try that personally. Give me a few more eons or a moment of desperation." he stated with a wink.

    "So. . .why did you come to my room in the late hours? This shell is not that inviting." he stated with a smile as he let the skin bubble and churn to tempt the mind with the possibilities of what or rather whom the other might wish to see.

    Balance chuckled once more, ”Yes, it takes that deep an effort. But you, I believe, have time.” He sighed, ”Part of why I came…someone is disrupting my access to my own shard, in your timeline. I’d ask that you keep a weather eye out for it and if you come across it, either destroy it or inform your friend.”

    "You'll have to excuse the impertinence. Many would call themselves my friend that I would call acquaintances, allies, or disposable. So a name might be good to share if you have a someone in mind. Not to mention, this shard mobile or are we taking of the face you wear?" this was getting interesting. How he was supposed to have any affect in a timeline that he was no longer traversing was an interesting proposition in and of itself. Then again many things were being taken for granted at this present turn of realities, and so was being given the gallantry of hand wave excuse.

    The cowl fell back, revealing Bernael’s face once again. ”This friend, ancient one. My ‘self’ there, once was tied to him, still has a bond with him but is free, able to be found in any being it decides to inhabit if needed. You’d recognize the swirl of gray that comes to such a being's eyes when the shard comes to the surface.”

    He looked around, thinking how much he should reveal to this Soliloquy. A sigh, a roll of his shoulders, and the swirling gray of ‘Bernael’s’ eyes gazed at the wavering form before him. ”Have you, perhaps, noticed the ease with which the Patriarch and his people send people from here? The…’walls’ of reality are always thin, else versions of you or others would never be able to interact with each other. You here should be able to pass something to any other version of yourself that needs the knowledge, something I have a feeling your host may explain later or why would they want a group that has ‘others’ of themselves spread across the timelines they wish to affect?”

    Now that was what Soliloquy called a gift! Although Soliloquy had never understood the expression of not looking a gift faloompaset in the mouth, how else where you supposed to know the quality of the gift?!? "I had wondered if that was just a display of power, but this adds layers of intrigue." Hmm.

    Reaching up and tousling his bodies hair as it settled back again into Mr Barrow for now he gave a little sigh, "Now the humdinger of a question is that that begs to be asked, can I draw knowledge from those connected to me as well?" Being able to share knowledge was good and well, well and good, but not being able to whom or if they were ready was an issue. After all it might distract in a life and death situation to have new knowledge pop into your head that was entirely unrelated to the life or death fight you were having. The slight off angle question of course was that of gaining knowledge for himself from the others that he was connected to. Growing from experiences and lives without having to suffer through the existential experience of living them.

    Balance smiled, ”There are moments when such can happen, yes. But, whether such knowledge is applicable or not is an entirely different thing. After all, there could be threats you face or another you have that have absolutely no bearing on your reality.” He shrugged, a soft chuckle at the form that Soliloquy took. ”Of course, I do have a feeling that a being like you sees knowledge as a commodity, whether it can assist you at the moment or not.”

    "Well, as the old saying goes," he retorted with a shrug, " 'Knowledge is power, by power tranquility is bought, with tranquility the garden grows, by laziness the bounty rots, and by the rot the harvest of the soul is bourne.' One can never be sure what knowledge will apply in the length of a life, but one can imagine what the lack might cost." with a self satisfied grin he relaxed into a recline upon his bed.

    "Will you tell me how to notice these moments?" he asked as he pulled down a pillow.

    Balance chuckled as Soliloquy laid down. ”There are multiple ways this could be possible. Any sufficiently strong event, in the Force, at least in those timelines, can weaken the walls of reality, as can beings trying to or actually breaching the walls. Those events weaken the walls across at least those realities. Whether you notice the moments or not, or take advantage of them, is another thing entirely.”

    "Just when you think you have developed enough eyes, you learn you need a new set. Well ain't that just life." Soliloquy said in a melancholy fashion. Pulling out a newspaper from nowhere he snapped the paper smooth with a shuffle and a tug. The headline was about Wapoe's Manipulations and The Patriarchs Condensations! Extra extra read all about it!

    "Anything else before my evening constitutional fair balance? You have shared boons and asked prices I shall aim to pay if able. Do the scales need any other alterations?" he asked in all seriousness as he folded down the corner to peer at the dust bust that yet haunted his chambers.

    Balance knew it was time to move on to other locales. ”That is all I ask. I do have other rounds to make before I depart. I cannot guarantee that the Patriarch is not another Master of Masters but he’s done well to gather this group. I shall be…available…should you desire to discuss things, in any reality.”

    With that the unseen wind picked up and his form wavered, the particles that he’d used returning to their default state as his essence drifted in the air for a moment before departing.

    “Balance. Enriches the mind, dirties the carpets. Should have known.” With a sigh Soliloquy folded the newspaper and snapping it under his arm it vanished as if never there. Cozying back he settled in for an odd short rest.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Aeneas Kaiser
    Worlds, upon Worlds

    Aeneas looked at the Balance with a measured interest before the being disappeared.

    "Does he really know about Titans?" he looked to the Butler as he said that. "SIR! We do not know!"

    "Hmm" Aeneas eyes held a questioning thought as he looked toward Ike. "No we will not be traveling to his 'worldline' we have that area covered already," he tilted his head to Pascale, watching as Kardis displayed the images of a trio of Titans. Encountering one finally would be...

    "Yes you will all need weapons, and weapons shall be provided. We'll cover that in a few moments..." he tilted his head to Cocytus.

    "Many kinds of realities ones with magic, and power and others of technology... ones were the populace are but like flies and are weak and others where the standards of power shake the very fabric of their realms, as for where initially we will be traveling..."

    He tilted his head looking to them all.

    "There are a twin set of realities. Not twins in that they are connected in any particularly historical fashion, but both are connected in that they are alternate versions of Earth," He murmured for a moment.

    "Butler," He glanced toward the metallic man.

    "SIR! Earth is planet that is tied to many, many realties and ranging greatly in form, technology, and power systems. It is commonly and almost always populated by the beings known as 'Humans' who are thought to be, after the Titans themselves, to be the oldest beings in the Omniverse to exist, though the variations in humans and their capabilities vary greatly..."

    "Yes," spoke Aeneas looking back to them all. "Earth forms the largest cluster of realities in the entire Omniverse, it's so large that we don't give it's own designation..."

    "Indeed SIR! The Omniversal Holy Order has given many Multiverses and Universes a code designation to identify and speak of the reality such as M-1011 being the famous 'M-Cluster' from where you are from, but there are many more such as M-616, P-347, B-080..."

    Aeneas interrupted Butler again. "We can get to those at some later point, but the important focus is that we are going to a set of two single universes. EA-104 and EM-101..."

    Two images appeared before them as Butler displayed an image hovering in air not dissimilar to a hologram.

    "One where humanity is enslaved by machines..."

    "And the other where humanity is enslaved by itself..."

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    IC: Ike
    Oh boi

    Those Titans looked... gnarly.

    Those places sounded... messed up.

    Ike swallowed, held up a hand. "I'm going to need some alcohol to sustain me. And please don't pair me with moody guts."

    He pointed at Manticore.

    "So Patty is running the show here, and BallBoy is running his own shows, and MoM is running another." He shrugged. "Nice."

    "The Big Three," Ike joked, scratched at his chin. "I'm happy to be paired with Cocty. Not a massive fan of Insipid either, myself."

    Not after what he did to Bellorum.

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    IC: Soliloquy
    Greeting a new day!

    Stepping out of his room Soliloquy made of show of pulling out a comb and making sure his hair was coifed just so. That settled he walked over with the rest of the group and settled in for story time. Granted after the night he had had, well this was a delightful case of simpletons go to school and for the sake of equality and end of class assignments the genius that studied ahead of time gets held back. So a bird course with pretty pictures.

    The others had their questions and comments, but he stayed out of it. Nobody liked a showoff and to showoff would undoubtedly merely show what he did not know in the broader course of things. So far better to sit back, imperiously so and simply nod away the lesson as he catalogued anything new that these three might share with all of them 'mere Force users'.

    When it came to finally seeing where they would be going and getting some information Soliloquy nodded. Stepping forward he sighed out with a raised hand to gather their attentions. Granted such a thing as decorum was not needed since no one else was observing it, but Soliloquy in the form of Mister Barrow felt an undeniable desire to show some tact at the very least. "Thank you for what you have shared so far, sirs and madam. There is an Earth in the M-cluster as well, and is a mildly populated backwater. Last I knew the world had only a single spaceport, in the most rugged fashion. I would be curious if this then is still linked?"

    Remembering himself he pulled out a pillowcase that full of black dust from his inside jacket. "Also, Butler. Terribly sorry to return the book in such a state, but it was most educational while it lasted. I'll do my best not to scare the next one to death." with that he floated the pillowcase over to the mechanical butler. Giving an apologetic nod before taking his place once more in the back.

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    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Getting some answers…

    So at least they would receive some weapons to tackle these beasts. Hopefully they would be useful.

    Pascale detested violence, and if there was violence to be meted out he usually got others to do it. But it seemed to stop these Titans, Pascale would have to dish it out himself.

    But they were heading to a place called….Earth? Fascinating. This place could potentially have a rich history given that the people there were one of the oldest beings about.

    The two realities they were going to sounded ghastly though. One where humans were enslaved by machines and one where humanity was enslaved by itself. How could that be?

    Throught the history of the galaxy machines had bern revered in some cultures, others hated them. But what had made machines want to enslave humans? At what point in history did they decide to do that? Or humans enslave themselves?

    Wherever he would be sent, it would be an interesting trip.

    Ike meanwhile had decided to take it upon himself to decide who he wanted to go with. Seemed Cocytus was his choice. Pascale was secretly glad not to be paired with him, the man was insufferable already.

    So that left either the man with the posh accent or Manticore. The posh man seemed to not choose so Pascale guessed that would be decided by the bosses, which was better in his opinion. But he had destroyed a book? Was nothing sacred?

    No doubt the Sith would see him as weak and the runt of the litter as he did not have all powerful Force powers and was just an archeologist. But his rivals underestimated him before and had paid the price.

    These Sith would get a surprise, that was to be sure…….

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    OOC: Combo one of two with the inestimable @greyjedi125

    IC Balance and Manticore
    Manticore’s quarters, the White City

    The team that had been gathered had been released to their rooms, suggested that they remain there overnight or be lost or sent home. A Power, however, seemed to ‘stalk’ the halls. The sense of it grew stronger as it drew nearer Manticore’s door. It entered his room, ignoring the door. A chuckle sounded before the air shimmered, just inside the door.

    And then the air began to whirl in that space. It thickened, turning into a whirl of grays, before calming and settling into the shape of a taller being, clothed in a cloak that continued to swirl with gray, the hood pushed back, revealing a familiar face. ”Good evening, my battle brother.” the man said, in a voice not his own.

    There was much that occupied Manticore's mind, much that troubled him. On a regular day, he would find himself engaged in some form of sparring or combat to help 'clear' his mind, but here, his only recourse was to exercise. Thus, when the figure entered the room, he would find the Sith Lord inverted, that is to say, 'standing' on one hand, or more specifically, doing a long series of one-handed standing push-ups.

    The slight variation in 'air pressure' was detected and Manticore flipped to his feet in a blink of an eye; He called the Force to his entire body, but focused it on his feet and fists. Maybe he'd get that 'work-out' after all. It would come as no surprise that the zabrak did not take kindly to 'intruders'. However, before he could launch an attack, the figure spoke with a very familiar voice.

    Manticore rose from his stance, shaking his head, a dry chuckle escaping his lips as he dissipated the gathered energy for combat.

    "Only you would be so bold, brother..." Manticore noted, a knowing smile on his black lips. Seeing his battle-brother was far more pleasing than he dare admit, which only underscored his present situation. He was alone. With a clasp of arms, he greeted 'Bernael' or rather, the Balance. Manticore knew this was the 'greater being', but to him, they were one and the same.

    "You bring news?" He asked, curious as to his brother's presence.

    ‘Bernael’ chuckled, ”It was said you’d enjoy the surprise and you did.”, arm still in the clasp.

    Releasing the clasp, he nodded, ”My presence, direct presence, here is disruptive to what the Patriarch is attempting to do.” Another chuckle, ”Of course, I won’t say that one is altruistic but when more than one being such as he or I am are present at high strength in any one reality it tends to draw…even more powerful beings.”

    He sighed, ”So I decided to touch base with those I know best, or have the most in common, and you are certainly one such, before I reduce my presence here.”

    Manticore nodded slowly, taking-in his battle-brother's words. Once again, immutable and universal dynamics of 'strength' were at play: Strength attracted the Strong. But Bernael, or rather, Balance would be 'exiting' the scene, or more accurately, receding in influence. That was bound to have an effect at a fundamental level. The natural response to such fluctuation was 'adaption', which was another subset of strength and survival.

    Indeed. Survival. Facing the First Darkness was fundamentally about their collective survival on a grand scale.

    But there was something else on the zabrak's mind.

    "At least you have somewhere to return to..." Manticore mused aloud, his expression hardening once again.

    "I was pulled from a state of Limbo." He declared, as if finally accepting this as fact. "...But I will not return there."

    "The bonds that anchor me, that sustain me, they are too few and far too distant, for there are only two. I now realize I must find a new anchor."

    The displaced Sith Lord began to pace as he spoke his thoughts aloud for his battle-brother's benefit, thereby inviting his wisdom should he find himself inclined to do so.

    "Ironic..." he rasped, then chuckled without mirth. "In this hour, I find myself understanding Darth Bane and our kaminoan friend, Darth Cocytus."

    Manticore stops his pacing and emits a long sigh, before shaking his head slightly.

    "When this - business- is finished. Somewhere, some- when, I must hunt for a worthy Apprentice. It's the only way."

    ”Anchors keep one tied to one reality. That is, unless you can tie yourself to various anchors in multiple realities. Which would further garner you the attention of beings such as myself, the Master, or the Patriarch, as you evolve to being a multiversal being.” Balance mused.

    He summoned the chalice of his own, glancing around the room for one for Manticore, filling it with a clear liquid that would become his battle brother’s drink of choice when taken. He let it float over to the zabrak, as his eyes met Manticore’s, shaking his head wryly. ”I really should go back and have Bernael of that time smack Bane in the head for misinterpreting Revan’s texts.” the quiet voice had a tone of humor in it.

    Shaking his head, ”But I will agree, one such as you needs someone to pass your knowledge and teaching to. And,” ‘Bernael’s’ eyes turned sorrowful for a moment, ”You will find though, that when that final day comes, you will not be alone when your essence returns to the greater essence.”

    The sorrow washed from his face as he took a sip from his chalice, ”I would, however, be disappointed to find myself standing over you in that moment if your essence must not dig out from under a mountain of your foes to find me.”

    Manticore's fiery gaze fell on the chalice being levitated by the balances he correctly interpreted the intent.

    "Gorog's Blood." He intoned with a dark rasp of self amusement.

    The drink would not be the literal blood of the creature, far from it, though its coloration did resemble it. Generally speaking, the drink was named so for its 'strength', which was several times more potent than Sith Bloodline. It was the kind that rivaled the infamous 'Pangal-Blaster' which was served in criminal undergrounds. It would seem that the zabrak was in a particular mood for strong drink.

    A chuckle escaped Manticore's black lips upon hearing the 'Balance' toy with the idea of sending Bernael back to 'smack Bane in the head'. The scene he presently visualized was quite comical, as the event would quickly degenerate into a pitch battle and glorious battle. Manticore took a gulp of the drink and felt it 'burn' its way down his insides. It was quite the invigorating sensation.

    "Ahhh, that's very good." He commented, sparing only a brief look at the content of the chalice.

    "I'll start with one anchor, then we'll see what happens afterward." he nodded as his decision was also made in that regard.

    "But - finding a 'worthy apprentice'- that might take some time."

    A shadow seemed to pass over the zabrak's fiery gaze as memories of his past and failed attempts at forging a successful apprentice surfaced, only to be cast out. By and large, Manticore did not allow his past to dominate him, with the exception of certain key formative events, which were intrinsic to his core being.

    "Perhaps I should take a page from the Patriarch's play book and 'make' my own, hmmm?" Manticore half-joked.It wasn't a new idea.

    "As for my eventual death..." he began, giving a sly smirk and a mirthless chuckle. " you well know, I do not fear it, never have and been there already." A flash of memory came to mind, of himself piloting a vessel in sacrifice for what he believed in.

    "We both have."

    Another gulp of the drink is taken.

    "You will find me atop the mountain, not beneath it- never beneath it." he mused aloud. "...and here I thought Green Blade would be an adversary worth defeating. But after vanquishing Snoke together, then encountering beings like Anubis and The Patriarch..."

    Manticore almost laughed as he regarded his battle-brother, seeing how his amusement was very palpable. "It'll be sometime before my bruised ego can recover."

    A thoughtful pause follows as amusement flows out of him. No, he was never one for lingering mirth.

    "Wherever this path leads, whenever I find myself, there I shall be - and by default, so will the Sith."

    In the final analysis, that is what he truly was.

    The chalice is raised. A gesture. A toast.

    "To the Sith."

    ‘Bernael’ smiled softly as he listened to his battle brother. It truly was Manticore, both the bit of essence that was he as well as the Omniversal being that he was a part of could sense that. Which gave them both a hope for the future. Big changes often began with small actions, even by the strongest of beings.

    Balance nodded, raising his own chalice, ”As you said, to the Sith.” he murmured. Then smiled, ”Of course you are right, atop the pile. But,” the swirling eyes sped up, seemingly unfocused for a moment, ”many years in the future.”

    He sipped from the chalice, eyes refocused as they gazed at Manticore. So much had occurred as Bernael and the zabrak had fought together, so much since, but whether the zabrak knew or not he was tied to Balance through that bond. He would turn up for the man, when needed, whether an agent or not, he owed that much to one who had served him for eons, served various of his shards.

    ”You have a long road ahead, Battlemaster. This path, this plan, will require your all, with no guarantee of success.” another small smile, ”Quite like when you and Bernael hunted down Snoke but on a grander stage.”

    "But, should the need arise, advise, guidance, whatever you should need, I shall be near, one of my shards at the least."

    Manticore nodded in solemn agreement to what was being said.The concept of 'easy' was repugnant to the zabrak. 'Fish in a bucket' had it easy, as did animals being made fat for the slaughter. Only through hardships and challenges did one become ever stronger. Of course, on the other hand, he was a darksider, and yet still, he very well understood a universal and fundamental truth, an inexorable principle of their existence: In all things, there must be Balance.

    Well, maybe not all things.

    A dark chuckle.

    "Until we meet again, brother. To Balance!"

    With that, Manticore took the chalice to his lips and emptied its content in one full swig.

    Balance chuckled, ”A little arrogant for me to toast to me so I toast you, brother. To Manticore!” he replied before downing the chalice. A slight nod of respect before his form began to shimmer, slowly fading from sight once more. Bernael’s silver eyes the last that Manticore saw of him, this time.

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    A most enjoyable combo with my inspiring battle-brother, @darthbernael [face_dancing]

    IC Balance and Vyn’dal
    Vyn’dal’s quarters, the White City

    The evening was growing late when there was a disturbance in the air of Vyn’dal’s room. A form began to appear in the swirling air, a cloaked being distilling from the emptiness. It looked around, seeking Vyn’dal. ”Are you here, old friend?” came from beneath the cowl, resonant tones of Tarkin’s voice in the harmonics of the voice.

    Vy'ndall had been sitting in lotus position, eyes closed, legs crossed, hands on knees and hood down, his scarred visage exposed to no one, or anyone who peered inside his room- he cared not which. He had dismissed any surfacing thoughts of events that had taken place so long ago, for he was more focused on the potential future that could be realized in his present circumstance.

    A stirring in the air drew his attention, yet he did not move from his meditative position. Not only did he have very powerful assurances concerning his safety, he did not sense any danger- though a shadow of the past did cross his mind, despite his best effort. A guest had been murdered while under secret scrutiny- and that, without a trace of the perpetrator.

    A steading breath was taken, even as he heard a familiar voice. A ghost of a smile creased his lips. It was 'Tarkin', or rather the 'Higher Being' who had worked through the only being he could call 'friend'.

    "I am indeed." Vy'ndall responded easily, his eyes slowly opening and seeing the cowled figure.

    "It is always good to see you." He confessed.

    The figure raised the long fingered hands that had been hidden by the cloak, pulling back the hood to reveal Tarkin’s face. ”Apologies if this otherwise disturbs you, I chose to come to you so because he is a part of me and it does please him as well to see you.” Balance said in Tarkin’s voice.

    He sighed, ”When omniversal beings meet the results are often not exactly as any of them would desire. We each have our own way of seeing and knowing the galaxy. I do know the Patriarch believes me arrogant and, possibly, in a way I am, given my role in the vast expanse of the omniverse.”

    He was drawling on but perhaps that was a function of the vessel as well, Tarkin often had, in life. ”I am…pleased that you are assisting this venture, old friend. I wish time had been kinder to you but life is often unfair, it cares not for our wishes.”

    Vy'ndall slowly rose to his feet and offered a welcoming bow as 'Tarkin' spoke. The nagai listened intently as was his wont, for words carried much meaning. He had to admit that the concept of omniversal beings was an intriguing one, though daunting to fully understand. However, despite knowing very little about the Patriarch, Vy'ndall found himself withholding a chuckle at the notion that such a mighty being would find 'Tarkin' arrogant. In his experience, such views often stemmed from some level of insecurity. Many in his past had found his own confidence intimidating and labeled it as arrogance. The notion was a curious one, yet he did not allow it to linger.

    The words spoken, 'kinder time', unfair life, care for wishes', these all triggered a sequence of thoughts and musings within the nagai's mind.

    "I must confess that I'm endeavoring to fully understand why I am here in the first place. I presume it must be due to my connection to my former apprentice, yes?"

    Vy'ndall allowed himself a soft chuckle. It was most curious. Every time he found himself back among the 'living' it was because of him.

    "Had I known that 'he' was the vessel for such Darkness all along, things may have turned out differently...." the Lord of Anguish mused aloud. At this point, there was nothing to be done about the past. "...However..."

    "If we are successful in stopping this 'First Darkness', I would very much like to be allowed to 'live' as a result of that success. It is only 'fair' wouldn't you agree?"

    Balance sighed, ”I believe that only partially were you involved due to your apprentice. You and he are part of a line, a long line, stretching back almost thirty-six millennia. And you are not the only one.” He let a chalice appear in his hand and he took a sip. ”I’d offer you some but I am basically drinking my own essence.”

    He reached up, stroking his long chin in this form, eyes meeting Vyn’dall’s. ”That is the hope of every living being. To survive. This battle, should it occur, will tax each and every one of you. Should you fall, however,” Balance smiled softly, ”you will be reunited with your old friend.”

    Vy'ndall rose a ruined eyebrow at the mention of thirty-six millennia, for that was definitely news to him. Did that mean he'd had the same 'Darkness' all that time without ever realizing he'd possessed such a resource? Had the Professor known? The nagai was merely curious in an academic sense, since the past could not be changed. Still, despite his curiosity, he opted not to squander this unique opportunity by rehashing past events he had no control over, especially when the future itself was being critically threatened.

    Again, despite his morose disposition, the Balance caused Vy'ndall to chuckle out loud ( a strange alien sound for sure ) when he revealed he was drinking his own essence. Vy'ndall found some dark humor in the revelation and appreciated it. He'd also wouldn't mind imbibing some of that essence, for the sake of experimentation. It was not everyday one had the potential to drink omniversal essence, however, none had been offered, so he would not press the issue.

    "I believe the room offers its own libations...."

    Lord Anguish glanced towards a table and found a chalice filled with bloodline, exactly as he had imagined it. With a simple gesture of his hand, he bid the container to float over to his waiting grasp, at which point he bid a small toast to the Balance, 'cheers', before taking a small sip himself.

    To survive.

    He could not agree more on the matter. Vy'ndall vowed within himself to do everything possible, within his ability and hopefully 'beyond', to defeat the Darkness. However, he once again raised a quizzical brow.

    "Reunited with my 'old friend'?" He echoed, not sparing his apparent sarcasm. Vy'ndall had 'no friends', that was a known fact, so the Balance probably meant something else. This time around the nagai needed clarification and sought it immediately. He'd done enough assuming for several lifetimes.

    "Could you be more specific as to who do you mean?"

    Balance watched, a slightly amused look on his face, as Vy’ndall poured himself a drink. Raising the chalice for a moment, he sipped again. His free hand, the long fingers held stiffly in a gesture, rose and pointed up at the face he currently wore. ”While Tarkin was a vessel he, I believe, saw you as a friend regardless of what the future held in store for you both.”

    "He did look for you but you had changed so much and,” a wry look crossed ‘Tarkin’s’ face, "he was not prepared to see you as you became, in life.”

    The nagai remained silent, contemplating the words that had been spoken, but not just that; within himself, for all those years, he'd personally considered 'Tarkin' as the closest being he could call a friend. It was good to have conformation, even these many years after the fact.

    "That's quite the consolation prize for failure..." Vy'ndall exclaimed with a chuckle. "Now I'm not so sure which outcome is best." he half-joked. Another rarity for the nagai. "But, have a second chance at life: there is no greater bargain."

    The chalice touch the nagai's scarred lips briefly as he takes a quick sip of the Bloodwine, his mind now looking to the future.

    "I must point out however, that none of us are nearly as mighty as this...Patriarch." Vy'ndall noted with discernible envy mixed with some apprehension, not wishing to draw the being's attention by the mere mention of his name. "I cannot imagine what his son expects of us." He shrugged. "We couldn't even contend with the Darkness when it attacked. If it weren't for the Patriarch himself....well, you already know what happened."

    A sly chuckle.

    "Are you sure you won't part with some of that essence? We already share some compatability you and I, besides, I could certainly use some...'boosting'. Not to mention, I could also be your agent, just like Tarkin was back then, your eyes and ears in the evolving situation."

    The chalice is raised as a sign that his words were true.

    Balance arched an eyebrow at the question, as well as the reasoning. He sipped from the chalice once again as he thought. ”You would willingly be tied to Balance? Admittedly, most universes could use a touch more darkness, but you know that times may come that you would need to act against your own darker interests to ensure there is balance.”

    “Of course, seeing the Patriarch’s or the Master’s expression if you do so would be most satisfactory.” he murmured.

    The chalice lifted from his hand, gently floating across the space between them, his swirling gray eyes met Vy’ndall’s, ”If that agrees then drink and become an agent.”

    "I have always been an independent agent....despite serving my own interests." Vy'ndall reminded casually. "However, I understand the fundamental dynamics at play in the greater scheme of things and find that I much rather prefer being somewhere in the middle of the two extremes."

    With that said, the nagai did not hesitate as he drank from his own chalice. In his mind, he had no preconceptions of what should happen next, but only that he was making a pact with a greater being, one that would help him transform beyond his present limitations -in one way or another. One that would give him new purpose.

    "To the future."

    Balance’s swirling eyes glowed as he observed Vy’ndall. The corner of his mouth, Tarkin’s mouth, turned up in a smile. The chalice floated back to his hand where he sipped from it once more.

    ”Being my agent entails quite a bit more independence than serving most beings such as I or the other two. But, I agree…To the future.” He returned the toast.

    He could sense, feel the nagai even more than he had a few moments before. But the future, even if he was not as present, with the team that had been gathered was now more promising.

    ”Advice, knowledge, such as you may need, simply think of me and I will respond.”

    Vy'ndall could feel the connection as it formed, his eyes widened for a few second as the sensation washed over him. There. His 'awareness' was expanding, but he arrested the flow, this was uncharted territory and he did not wish to lose himself in a current he did not yet know. This - 'increase' - had to occur in measured doses.

    "I am in your debt and grateful beyond my ability to express." The nagai confessed to 'Tarkin'. "I will be meditating on our connection for the remaining time; for this- my new role."

    A soft smile creased his lips then.

    "I have no illusions regarding myself. Only through your guidance and knowledge will I stand a chance, so expect me to seek you out- often."

    Vy'ndall was sounding, feeling, more confident already, thanks to his connection to Balance. His inquisitive mind was already reaching out, probing at the knowledge hovering at the very edge of his consciousness.

    "Until we meet again, my friend." he intoned with a bow of respect.

    Balance nodded in respect, slowly starting to fade from sight. Just before he disappeared, a familiar voice reached Vy’ndall’s ears, ”Until we meet again, old friend.”

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    Darth Cocytus
    To where no Sith have gone before.

    Darth Cocytus stared at the images of the titans and the two worlds before him thoughtfully and curiously. If he was to be honest, the machine world seemed much more interesting than the world of giants. As for the titans, well, the wheels of his mind were turning, fueling his ever growing ambitions. These Titans and their ability to create and destroy entire universes and multiverses.

    Imagine him having such great power to forge reality in his own image...

    His eyes shifted towards Ike, his eyes glowing at being called "Cocty" and he made a thin, yet evil smirk. Since when were they on nicknames all of a sudden?

    "Indeed." Cocytus would spoke in his cold demeanor before glancing at Manticore. "Speaking of which, how is Insipid? Heard he left a part of himself behind to survive his destruction on Kamino. He truly is a Cockroach, isn't he? How I envy his achievement of cheating death far more than any Sith before."

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    IC: Soliloquy - A Combo with Shadowsun the Varied.
    Retiring for the night

    After a brief meditative repast Soliloquy came to the conclusion that it was as it often was. Darkness was the easier path to find and the easier path to descend. He had half hoped that he was to be exposed to some sort of celestial knowledge first, but such was the way of things.

    Rising he advanced on the book that sat upon the table betwixt the loveseats of his rooms roomy interior. Walking up to it he stopped and began a Nightsister chant as he spread out white powder around the book. When the circle completed the powder vanished in a green flame that danced around the book, shrouding it in a green glow as Soliloquy sought to contain and constrain the dark magiks of the book before he reached out. . .

    With a tugging wave of his hand the cover was called to lift and turn.

    The cover would open, revealing pages upon pages of archaic and broken text.

    Much of it would be unreadable to Soliloquy at first, but the text even if it were a meager copy of something far more powerful, was alive, the invisible tendrils of darkness reaching out to speak with the man. To whisper the secrets of the ancient text. Names of beings, ancient and terrible though akin to horrors Soliloquy already knew. Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth, Cthulu, Hastur, Azathoth...

    Azathoth? That would certainly be a name Soliloquy would recognize.

    The text also had many images of creatures and monsters from whatever reality this thing existed within. The octopus head creature on one of the pages was very similar to two of the three people that had come to take away the Darkness of Vicrul earlier in the Patriarch's hall.

    One of them even slightly reminded him of himself when he had first hatched and was coated with the birthing ooze. It was adorable! Letting the witch fire tame down he pressed onward, letting the book unlock itself to his mind step by step, taking what it wanted to give.

    Whispers on the Fire. Visions of worlds beyond that the of sum of realities of the Star Wars. Whispers of the Old Gods, beings that existed within a branched set of realities. They wanted to be free, they wanted to spread outward, beyond the immaterial material in which they dwelt.

    "What is it that you seek traveler through the Void?"

    "To be the understanding of the void and the things that exist in it. To expand and become as to a Titan as a Titan is to me now." he simply stated as he began to gently pull upon the minds within the book with hunger.

    The symbols within the book began to glow.

    "Titan?" The book seemed to shiver in fear as the yellow symbol glowed prominently, it's mark burning into the pages as the others, the other beings connections to the book whimpered and withered. As he would read he would see that the Void was thought of as the intangible ether that connected each reality. It was by passing through this Void or redirecting it that beings were able to travel through. But whether the Void was a creation or self-generated even this book did not know. What a Titan was precisely well... The yellow symbol continued to glow, burning brightly as engrained itself into the very fabric of the book before igniting the book aflame.

    "The Necronomicon was very close to finding out many of the secrets of the beyond..." spoke a voice as the room flickered, before being taken to a large, cold open space. A helmet like construction showing itself before Soliloquy.

    "But even it had its limits..."

    "Soliloquy... of the three primary Omniversal beings you have encountered we have interacted the least, and yet I sense..." went of the voice.

    "What is it that you desire Soliloquy, what motivates you, what makes you tick, what makes you move forward?"

    Leaning forward he had hungrily taken what knowledge he could as the book destroyed itself. Or at least seemed to. It was hard to verify that when you were whisked away to a private meeting with the 'head' of this whole place. The fact that such a thing might not actually be figurative was mind was finding a tickling notion.

    Quirking a brow at the change of venue he raised a finger. Lowered it. Held out a hand. "I would like it noted that I did not leave my room of any preconceived volitionary choice, and so do not wish to leave this city just yet." Raising his other hand he made a weighing motion. "As for right now. I am most curious about what you sense...but that is not what you really want to know."

    Stepping forward to get a closer look at and feel of this thing in the Force and through arcane and mundane means, Soliloquy nodded a few times. "Well, if you really want to know, really really want to know. I'll tell you, I'll tell ya...ooh! Don'cha wanna be. . .sorry sidelane." With a slight tick of his face resetting he continued, "It boils down to the basics of a content life. I want security and understanding. And I want it from the biggest and baddest things in the universe, then the M-Cluster, and now. Well now apparently from Titans. That means I either have to become that insect to the giant that scares the bejeebers out of them, or I have to become their equals. Or become them." he shrugged at this his simple words and desires. "After all, how else can one enjoy being lazy?"

    "I see..." spoke the Patriarch, sounding almost disappointed. He thought for a moment.

    "And of one that seeks to change the very scales of reality, such as the Master does within his set of realities, trillions dying as a result... how does that make you feel?"

    A non-committal shrug. "Unless I'm one of them what does it matter? Trillions die every day, and for all I know every minute in the M-cluster. If he wants to cause a heavy flow day, whatever. Ending a reality, so long as it has purpose and isn't just for sport - then whatever."

    The Patriarch was silent for several moments before there was a wisp of the green smoke magic.

    "And of loyalty... if one were to give you what you seek... even if the path for such a power was harrowing, would you repay it?"

    A dip of the head as he paused in thought. "Depends. If I like where I end up or if I consent to it knowing any drawbacks and limitations it might put upon me a forehand. Yes. I would be loyal and pay it back as able, short of my existence of course. Otherwise I gain desires forsaking fulfillment. Although I have been rather busy in my studies to understand everything for the last ten thousand years, I'm not sure I could actually stop working now even if I did achieve my goals." Well that was a depressing thought. Hmm. That was the trouble with picking at the cave moss of your own inner thoughts, you never knew when you might discover something underneath, even your own veneer.

    The room flickered once more as Soliloquy found himself in his room again.

    "Can one know all without also being all?" asked the Patriarch, his tone calm.

    "You'll be on a different path to the others, one you'll prefer I imagine... if you are not too proud," And with the final faint whispers of green magic, there was silence.

    Soliloquy smirked, letting out a small little "Heh." as he heard the question that now left him in his own quarters. "Well isn't that the foundling question, of course I imagine I seem somewhat like one to you. Hmm. I know everything about the biological process of the human body. I know them down to the interplay between subatomic structures. That means I can make a 'shell' that fools even the best medical grade scanners. That makes me no more a human than it does you. Knowing merely means the known become malleable to your touch, for you know how to touch. That is not to say one cannot become lost in the knowing. That is the struggle of the shells. Know a thing too well, inhabit it too well, and you might forget you are anything but what you know."

    With that his final soliloquy of the evening, Soliloquy heard a chime and saw a tray of food best to his shells liking appear. With a projected thought and a rap on the table a small crumb of black mold appeared next to it. Resting his hand upon it he began eating from the tray the sausage and gravy with a side of Nuna egg that was soft boiled. Once he finished he would have to go out, go out and face the world that he had already seen the master of. For the world was waiting no matter who was orchestrating the music. The song still had to be played.

    Lifting his hand to grab the napkin and dab at his lips he soon revealed a clean tray and a clean table. Rising he stepped toward the door as his visage reset. It was time to face the day.

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    OOC: Major Spoilers for AOT as well as the Matrix. Some videos below have moments that are rather graphic. Much more so than the Matrix movies so keep that in mind.

    IC: Aeneas Kasier

    "Thank you for what you have shared so far, sirs and madam. There is an Earth in the M-cluster as well, and is a mildly populated backwater. Last I knew the world had only a single spaceport, in the most rugged fashion. I would be curious if this then is still linked? Also, Butler. Terribly sorry to return the book in such a state, but it was most educational while it lasted. I'll do my best not to scare the next one to death." spoke the shrewd Soliloquy.

    "Oh dear, oh dear..." responded Butler he spoke in mock frustration. "well that is the issue about forbidden knowledge, it tends to like to stay that way..." Vyn'dall and Manticore continued to observe for now though doubtless were forming many opinions and questions about the unfolding truth of their new path. Ike himself made a statement that he was fine to work with Cocytus, which worked out with what Aeneas and Kardis and planned previously.

    "Yes there is an Earth within each time, or most times, within the M-Cluster," responded Aeneas to Solilquy. "Earth forms much of a locus point..." he mused as he watched Cocytus ask Ike a question.

    "We were thinking that Lady Talathee would journey with Cocytus, Ike and Alecto to this reality," he spoke pointing at a series of images that showed the world of giants.

    "This reality is cursed with being known as Titans... no not the Titans that we are hunting the two are unconnected," an image nine titans then occupied the space.

    "Some humans have the ability to shift into Titans, giants of incredible power, strength, and speed. There are, at most, nine of these Titan Shifters at any given time and each has a unique ability attached to them. Beyond the Nine humans could also be transformed into 'mindless' Titans with the injection of a particular serum injected into their bloodstream..."


    "These Titans were driven by a compulsion to consume other humans, continuing to do so until they consumed a Titan Shifter in which case they would inherit their powers and transform back into a human. This is how the power of the Nine was transferred through their history. The power of these Titans was used as engines of war for a kingdom known as Eldia, in fact, only humans of the Eldian bloodline could inherit these Titan powers or be transformed into mindless Titans... they subjected and enslaved a kingdom named Marley and much of their world..."

    He paused for a moment as he tilted his head. "In time however the great houses of the Eldian Empire would become embroiled in Civil War, fighting over for control of the Nine Titans. Until the current King, Karl Fritz, becoming ashamed of the sins of Eldia concocted a scheme that resulted in an uprising of Marley... who then captured Seven of the Nine Titans and destroyed the Eldian Empire. Karl Fritz, with some of his people, fled to a small island in the distant corner of his Empire and using the Royal Titan, one of the Nine known as the Founding Titan, erected a series of three giant walls that housed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of immense Titans... and bound himself and his bloodline to vow to renounce war and threatening the rest of the world that if they tried to invade he would use the power of the Founding Titan to activate the horde of these Wall Titans in an act known as the Rumbling and destroy the rest of the world.


    "A hundred years of peace passed. Karl Fritz using the power of the Founding Titan wiped the memories of the Eldians within the walls to forgot about the outside world and the truth of the Titans, believing instead that humanity outside the walls had perished to the Titans. Marley itself using the powers of the seven Titan Shifters they had captured continued to expand and gain power for themselves becoming a great power... in the process subjugating the Eldians that did not flee with Karl Fritz, kept in concentration camps as lesser citizens, and used in warrior programs to select and pass down the powers of Titan Shifters in the unending war machine..."

    Aeneas stopped speaking, Butler offered a glass of water towards him which he took and took a deep drink of. "I am sure you have questions, and I am willing to answer a few of them before we proceed for both this reality and the other. At the point in time you will be entering that reality much will have transpired beyond what I have described. As for the other reality..." he gave a gesture as an image came up that began to move with a voice playing not dissimilar to a hologram that they would all be familiar with except it was not purely blue.

    "This video will do a better job of describing the world and history of the Matrix than I could..."

    "As you can see... humans of earth can be rather foolish..." he then gave a gesture as several robot beings began to move to carry large crates as they began to settle them down and move them into position. The weapons they had been promised. Though he hovered waiting for questions before he went over to the weapons.

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    OOC: Decided to cut the update in half as there is a lot to unpack and digest here, particularly if you unfamiliar with one or both of these worlds. Weapons next week. ;)
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    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Getting to know the worlds

    Well this looked bloody horrible…

    Both worlds looked decidedly grotesque. It seemed the team heading to the Titan world had been chosen. Which then left Pascale supposed the rest of them to head to the Matrix world, including himself.

    Manticore hadn't spoken up in a while, Cocytus was now ribbing Ike. He supposed them two would be continuing to verbally joust in the Titan world.

    So perhaps he was destined to go to a world where machines enslaved humans. Where they fought a bloody war and the humans essentially lost.

    Unfortunately it seemed this history of the Matrix was one involving a lot of war. A bit like the galaxy he had been pulled from.

    But he supposed if they had to destroy these darknesses they had to dive into deep and horrible places. Just like him diving into tombs and caves.

    "So I think my main question is, is there a certain point in time we will be dropped into those places? I assume for us Matrix people it won't be right in the middle of the war we have just seen".

    "And I assume we will have to maybe try and blend in with these environments…."

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    IC: Ike

    The man snorted in amusement at Cocytus.

    "Speaking of which, how is Insipid? Heard he left a part of himself behind to survive his destruction on Kamino. He truly is a Cockroach, isn't he? How I envy his achievement of cheating death far more than any Sith before."

    He was interrupted like a naughty school boy before he could speak.

    Aeneas Kasier gave them a presentation.

    He was going to be paired with the neck twins? Ew.

    Better than Horns.

    He shrugged.

    The Titans... Eldian... Marley... the Nine; Fritz.


    So if he became a Titan, he could eat a Nine, and acquire it's powers? Curious.

    The Matrix... the human ages... the war... Neo; Smith.

    Those chords look mighty uncomfortable.

    He rolled his shoulders as if trying not to imagine getting stabbed in the head by one.

    "Yeah, I don't want to do that. Someone else can get plugged in."

    A grin.

    "I'm versatile, but not that versatile."

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