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Unclassifiable The Omniversal Holy Order - The Realm of the Patriarch

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Shadowsun, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore

    Everything had changed.

    He could feel it, like the rawness of a fresh lightsaber burn against flesh.

    With the darkness gone, something had changed fundamentally within himself. The reality he knew was also gone, taking the entirety of all that was familiar to him with it. Yet, with absence also came opportunity, a chance to be filled with something new.

    Manticore remained silent as he dismantled all that was being shared. None of this was happening by chance, not in his estimation- but ‘change’ was the keyword of the moment. Adaption was the necessary reaction.

    Not only for himself, but for everyone present as well.

    And so, he listened and learned.

    These ‘Lower Sentinels’. Their very distinction assumed the existence of ‘Higher Sentinels’. A mystery to be added to the ever expanding list.

    Kardis. Kaiser. There was a symmetry to their names. Their eyes. The sheer power they emanated. Yet, it was the female which caused him to consciously guard against distraction- the kind he could ill-afford at this juncture. Expressly so.

    These ‘Titans’, seemed insurmountable. Yet, if that were true, they would not be having this meeting, this gathering. So, there was a way to deal with them- and dealing with them would instruct them on how to defeat the Darkness? The concept was at least intriguing, if only partially so.

    This new reality, these new challenges- they represented new opportunities never before imagined. True as that may be, a need for a modicum of understanding was needed. Perhaps there was something to this ‘Omniversal Alliance’ after all, despite being ‘Just a Force user’.

    Still, the last ’Titan’ shown was the one that seemed most interesting, the one with the most promise as it were. Needless to say, perhaps that was the reason it was left for last. Time would tell.

    The one called Pascale had questions about weapons; which was highly relevant considering their current situation. Cocytus was concerned with locations, quite likely for more than just obvious reasons. Indeed, opportunities did abound.

    Soliloquy was as inscrutable as he’d always been. No change there. Manticore did allow himself to chuckle at the ‘faux headline’ emblazoned upon the conjured ‘newspaper’. Millennial creatures seemed to be quite fond of their parlor tricks.

    Thankfully, the moment passed and the meeting continued, though Manticore found himself biting down on his jaw, that being the only outward sign that he was finding the robot’s manner irritating ( Butler, was it? ). Manticore’s permanent scowl was a facial fixture which never changed for anything, so that was standard fare. More talk of multiverses and clusters followed. Hmmm. He’d need to request a datafile on those which were ‘accessible’ to their organization. Yes, that might suit his own purposes as well.

    Lower Sentinel Kaiser interrupted the robot’s lively discourse ( much to the zabrak’s relief ) and focused on two worlds they would be visiting.

    Machine slavers and gigantic adversaries?

    Ike had an outburst and Manticore huffed in agreement at not wishing to be paired with the man-child. It would be for the best. As usual, he’d resorted to re-branding others with ‘pet names’, just as a child would.

    Best left ignored.

    Of interest, was Soliloquy returning a most peculiar book to the robot. Interesting, yes, but not a focus- which of course, Kaiser maintained.

    This planet, ‘Earth’ was a multiverses center point. A noteworthy distinction. However, two realities had been mentioned, EA-104 and EM-101, which meant two teams would need to be formed. Manticore’s gaze narrowed as he listened for the proposed rosters.

    A small surprise did cross his mind when it was revealed that Lower Sentinel Kardis would be leading Ike, Darth Cocytus and his sith apprentice, Alecto, to the world of giants ( Titans of that world ). Manticore could only imagine the level of treachery that would ensue. A mission rife for sith training, in more ways than one. A soft smirk tugged at his black lips at the missed opportunity to confront Cocytus- but there was no rush per se. From the sound of it, the possibility of getting crushed by a giant was a likely outcome.

    Now this ‘Matrix’ world.

    Manticore absorbed information given and found himself feeling little sympathy for the foolish humans. Clearly, they had been the architects of their own doom and deserved their fate.

    Several robots entered the chamber, carrying crates just then. Manticore briefly appraised them without humor, before he regarded those who were left to be assigned.

    Pascale, Anguish, Soliloquy, Kaiser and himself.

    Before he could form an objection, Ike made a joke involving being ‘plugged’.

    Ignore it

    Methodically, Manticore moved forward towards the robots. He felt no danger coming from them.

    "The last Titan shown, the skeletal one walking through the clouds; does it have a name?"

    The questions was for Kaiser, though his gaze remained on the crates.

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Shattered and Broken
    It is often said, among many mortal worlds, that the great constant, perhaps even the only constant, is death. A peculiarly, an ever alien thing that I will never truly be able to understand. Well, it is a constant for some worlds at least. There were many realities where death had taken form, where death was indeed knowable, and death is even reversible... and yet... it held no less fear over the mortals of those worlds. And they are not... a true death. For true, complete death is the erasure of the self. Gone from all bounds of existence.

    But while the individual may die can a group, an idea, a people? In ways, perhaps. But as a result struggle, greater than that of individuals, arises. For these things, these groups form together in opposition to death. The group seeks to survive, passing down this mission through the generations. As such ingrained in the very nature of living things is the necessity, the drive to survive. Their drive causes them to expand, to consume, to gain resources.

    But what of sentience? What of intelligence?

    Intelligence is the ultimate evolution. Allowing one to transition from the vassal of evolution into its architect. And with it comes more than the base necessity to survive. Now there is not just the drive to simply elude death but to live. To do and to be. But beings are fallible and with those failings comes conflict. Life but its very nature is conflict. Conflict in the escaping of Death, and as so that conflict comes to engender other life.

    But it was not the conflict itself that... he found so beautiful. Nor was it Death. In fact, both those things he found ugly. Unfortunate byproducts of the state of existence. For all things withered and wilted in time. Even gods. Even beings like I. At least... that is the current state of affairs.

    No beauty, true beauty was ingrained into the very fabric of every living soul's existence. Of the act of living, in its struggle to counter death despite the odds. It is not, to me at least, not death that gives things 'meaning' if one is to use such a word. It, perhaps, illuminates the meaning that was already there, but it is not... in its very essence meaning itself.



    The girl was small. Smaller than average for one of her age. Though that size was counteracted with the sheer ferocity in which she carried herself. She truly was her father's daughter. Their shared strength of will, of purpose. The cool summer air wafted gently across the quiet blonde hair of the man. Gliding along its curves and curls as if the hair was directing the air rather than the other way around. The hair also seemed to blend into the air. The soft streaks of light of the rising sun behind him made the sky and his head seem one.

    The young girl was again, frustrated. It was met quite simply with the soft kind smile of her father. It was the only thing that could get her to quell her rage. The smile drew the anger out of her as she spoke, still somewhat annoyed:

    "You said it would be easy,"

    "I did not say it would be easy, I said it usually comes swiftly to our people,"

    She gave a little frown. "That doesn't make me feel any better," Her father chuckled, hovering his hand as he tapped a place next to him. She huffed, before looking at his eyes and then resigned herself to sit next to him.

    "The soul is the very essence of magic. And the Soul is life. The fifth of five base elements," he conjured up a hand as four small spheres danced themselves around in a pattern. One of fire, earth, air, and water. In the center of the four spheres lay a fifth, a rotating, bubbly, and exciting substance. Something that was not quite an air and not quite solid or liquid. It could be felt, the four other spheres being slowly drawn into it.

    "The soul is the basis of all magic, of all life and all things. For without it there is only darkness, for darkness is nothing but the absence of life, it is our role, our people's role to safeguard against this darkness," The girl's brow furrowed as she interrupted him.

    "But how can we have light without darkness? If darkness is the absence of light then..."

    "To eliminate darkness light must be in all things, present and everywhere at each and every moment. But think not on the literally light and dark, my dear... but on death and life..."

    "Death?" she spoke questioningly.

    "We shall, hopefully, never know it, my dear... but the mortals they live in constant fear of it. For death is when the soul ends, ceases to be... imagine that one night you went to sleep and never awoke. No dreams, no nightmares... it just ends..." Her eyes widened in slight horror as she understood.

    "That is death..." he continued. "And that is why we must learn, uphold and safeguard the magic of our world. In order to move one, press forward against the allure of death. To safeguard the mortals as best we can. That is our Great Work. Do you understand that my dear?"

    "I... I think so..." she spoke, looking down as the young girl took it all in.

    "But the Aeldari... don't they look down on the mortals? I heard them calling them rubes and lesser beings not worthy of the gift of life..."

    The man gave a nod and a sigh. "The Aeldari are still young, naive to the promise of the Grand Soul..." he looked off into the distance as if considering to tell her something, and then deciding against it her looked back down at his daughter.

    "Come, come now... it is time you gave it another try,"



    The Patriarch's head tilted down as he viewed Nyx once more. The golden eyes of the Patriarch viewed him slowly, as his eyes fluttered delicately to adjust to the dark.

    "Is it truly wise to use these people for this goal?" spoke Nyx, his eyes were harsh, his body formed like a piece of steel. The Patriarch was sat atop what seemed to be a throne, sat several feet up before Nyx, a short set of stairs separating the two.

    "There are many unknowns to us. We are dealing with no less than six major threats. It is best if we do not overplay our hand" he spoke calmly.

    "Six?" Asked Nyx.

    "Six," responded the Patriarch with a knowing look.

    "Ah, I see..." he then came up the stairs, the room shifted as the Patriarch now sat at desk, overlooking some books, as Nyx pulled up a seat opposite.

    "Any intriguing realities that have come under your purview recently?" inquired Nyx.

    "Mmm... yes. A reality known as the Lands Between. I dispatched an Azathoth Aspect there. He made quick work of coming to rule that reality. 'Azathoth the Glint Moon Mage' I believe they call him,"

    "I was wondering where that new channel of memories was coming from," mused Nyx, staring down at a teacup he had conjured out of nothing.

    "Do you think Eren will actually destroy the world?" inquired Nyx.

    "You know I already know the answer to that,"

    "Peering into the future is cheating..."

    "I did not I read the physical copy,"

    "How dull," spoke Nyx, looking up at the ceiling. The both of them chuckled slightly as Patriarch took a sip of his own tea. And so it continued.


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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Soliloquy
    Morning Muster and Preparing Duster

    Soliloquy stayed sedate as the meeting wore onward. The draw of time and things flowed by as he let others voice questions and concepts so that he did not need to. One by one they chimed and then there was nothing left to ask that was not a derailing or non-pertinent to question.

    With a sigh and a tug he made sure his white gloves were settled properly into place. Inspecting for dirt or lint that was out of place as if such a thing could possibly be so with his very own personal shell. Of course that didn't stop Manticore from asking the impertinent question.

    Which merely made Soliloquy grin widely. Well, this should be illuminating after all.

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    Of Giants and Machines

    Cocytus pondered as the meeting went on, with Aeneas explaining the lore of the two worlds, one where humanity warred with giants and the other where they warred against their own droids only to become enslaved by them. The powers of those human giants intrigued the kaminoan, but considered that such power would come with the insurmountable cost of one's mind and will. A price far to great for a self-respectable Dark Lord of the Sith who values their own mind above all other things.

    So far, these worlds provided much knowledge, but as far actual power? Cocytus may have to bide his time for another world that could provide him with something more... useful. No doubt these worlds will not be the only ones they may be visiting and even so, the Kaminoan has already desired the ability to explore the omniverse at his own discretion, regardless...

    He glanced down at Darth Alecto.

    "What do you think, my apprentice?" Cocytus asked her, "Everything, everywhere and everywhen once again back into palm of our hands..."

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    Jun 26, 2017
    God-Slayer Armaments
    Aeneas watched them carefully as he nodded listening to the replies and questions of those gathered. At least none of them were stupid, that would have been quite the hassle. Pascale asked a question first.

    "So I think my main question is, is there a certain point in time we will be dropped into those places? I assume for us Matrix people it won't be right in the middle of the war we have just seen And I assume we will have to maybe try and blend in with these environments…."

    "No indeed not, you will be placed sometime after during a time when the humans are trying to rebel and break free of the Matrix, and yes ideally we are to blend in. No doubt the situation and mission will be very fluid so it shall depend on the unfolding of certain events,"

    "Yeah, I don't want to do that. Someone else can get plugged in."

    "I'm versatile, but not that versatile."

    "Yes, the thought of your mind becoming a prison to such a place is... unnerving... it did take our research team a little while to figure out a way to 'jack in' to the Matrix without the plugs within many of the human's body..."

    "The last Titan shown, the skeletal one walking through the clouds; does it have a name?"

    Aeneas smirked at this question. "A name?" He paused as if contemplating the question. "The name of a Titan is seemingly a sacred and hallowed thing. Few groups in the Omniverse know much about Titans to begin with, but it is evident that the name of a Titan holds some special significance..."

    He paused for a moment. "Which is another way of saying that the names of Titans are unknown... they are however referred to with titles, epithets, and descriptors of people that have come across one. Though none of these is its true name if they have a 'true name' at all..."

    "The skeletal being you described is known as He Who Listens, or The Compassionate Titan... which from what we know of Titans is an oxymoron... the grey Titan in the red field is known as The Crying Titan, The Titan of Despair or He Who Sins. And the final one is known as The Golden Tree of Wisps, The Life Titan, or The Mother of Yggdrasil."

    His attention then turned to the cases of weapons behind him, there were ten in total.

    "As promised we shall allow you to borrow, perhaps in time even fully own, a weapon from within our archives. Each has been taken from a reality from throughout the Omniverse and enhanced with magic from the Patriarch himself, depending on your background it might take some time getting used to your weapon so our initial time in these worlds will serve as a useful period to come to grips with your selected weapon" There was a pause as he considered something.

    "Each weapon has been inset with an Eye, these Eyes allow the weapon to ensnare and in theory combat, the power of a Titan, the property of the Eye will only active when in the presence of a Titan,"

    The eye inset into each weapon
    "It is doubtful, in fact essentially impossible that any of these weapons will truly slay a Titan, but our goal is merely apprehension... allowing OHO to research the Titan more closely,"

    The robot servants then opened the ten cases as Aeneas gave a brief description of each weapon.


    "The Buster Sword, enchanted to be lighter for the user to the wield." The sword in question was about as long as human, perhaps five or six feet long, and appeared more like a giant meat cleaver than a sword.

    "The Dragon Slayer Sword, resistant to magic as such we were unable to enchant it to lighten the load and will require a tremendous amount of physical power to wield to even a basic level," This 'sword', or perhaps more accurately a slab of metal in the vague shape of a sword, was a good foot and a half longer than the Buster sword and appeared thicker too. Even if the Buster sword had not been enchanted to make it lighter, this sword was without a doubt much heavier.

    "Ruyi Jingu Bang or Ruyi Bang for short. The staff follows the command of its user and is able to grow and shrink in size, becoming as small as a needle and grow to incredible sizes. One can even create temporary copies of the staff. The primary issue is that it weighs as much as one and a third African Elephants..." he looked to the beings "Ah right... it weighs about the same as five Rancors... though I would reason that since the staff can change shape at the user's will that it could also change it's weight, the previous user was so strong he likely had no reason to do so,"

    "Marika's Hammer, shattered slightly when it tried to destroy a great artifact of power, and was later used to restore that artifact it is imbued with holy magic, capable of sending large blasts of magical energy across an open space,"

    "Caliburn, an indestructible sword that strengths the reflexes and combat prowess of the user. Though its effects have been damped due to it being forced against its will... though if one of you prove's 'worthy' perhaps that could be undone,"

    "The Repeater Crossbow. Truly a hunter's weapon, capable of firing at a very fast rate and imbued to have it's reload in a cartridge, though this requires the cartridge to be removed and reloaded back in which can be a tedious process. Magic Resistance can be rather annoying. It is also collapsible and relatively easy to conceal"

    "The Super Shotgun, a closed ranged weapon with a thunderous and devasting fire spray, it felled many demons in its reality and well... a god as well or so I am told. The hook underneath can also be fired and then released to fling yourself closer to the enemy, and with skill be used as a means to swing around,"

    "The Bow of Apollo. A long bow. Drawing on the string automatically summons an arrow, with keen insight an arrow from this bow can travel several miles, leaving thunderous blasts of light in its wake,"

    "The Bow of Neith. As you can see it is a smaller and more compact bow than Apollo's and while it has less range and power than it can be fired and drawn far faster. It like Apollo when drawn automatically summons an arrow, but there is no light magic attached to it's properties,"

    "The Spear of Lugh. It has two incantations that when spoken have two varying effects. 'Ibar' makes the Spear never miss its target when thrown and 'Athibar' draws the spear back into the hand of the user,"

    He paused, looking to the ten mighty weapons.

    "Each of you may choose one. These weapons are not exactly the most subtle either so while you will need time to come to grips with these weapons, we do not want to draw unneeded attention to ourselves,"

    There was a small smile as Aeneas added a cavet.

    "You may also if you prefer, have your current weapon inset with an Eye, though doubtless none of you would want your weapons tampered with magic unknown to you..."

    He then cast a glance at Anguish.

    "Anguish you will not be going on this kind of mission and will receive no such weapon. Though... well... you'll see... you will have a private word with Butler once the rest are set off on their way,"

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Choose your weapon

    Pascale nodded in response. So atcleast they were not heading right in to that dreadful war. But what they would have to wear…Pascale hoped it was good. He only wore the best clothes and his suit and hat ensemble would make him stick out.

    The Titans had names now. How they fought, would there be a clue in the name? Time would only tell.

    However it was now time to choose a weapon. They would be imbued by magic, and an Eye which sounded like it could be useful in the presence of a Titan. And also they wouldn't kill them by the sounds of it, just disable.

    Each had interesting uses, and an interesting history potentially behind it. They were mythical sounding weapons after all.

    He had to have something lightweight and as the weakest of the bunch with an Echo the bigger weapons were out. He had done fencing in university so maybe the swords….

    The bows though looked interesting. He had occasionally used bows before on jungle worlds, especially when you had beasts lurking about.

    They had to not draw attention to themselves, the bigger bow whilst more powerful would be difficult to carry. The smaller one had less range, no light magic but he could draw quicker. And easier to carry.

    "I will take the The Bow of Neith" Pascale responded. "I'm guessing the bows and munition weapons only carry a certain amount of ammunition".

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore
    Selecting a worthy weapon

    The Titans. Their proper names were unknown. This fact did not come as a surprise, for he had guessed as much, despite hoping to the contrary; however, their current designations identified them well enough. That their names contained greater meaning than what was apparent was also expected, as these were beings of indescribable power, more than mere words could likely convey.

    That was food for thought and encouragement for further research. However, now was the time to choose a weapon.

    Manticore’s gaze seemed to light up, even glint with acute interest when Aeneas began to present each weapon, each within its individual crate. The zabrak Sith Lord drew ever closer to visually inspect the offered armaments.

    Again, he was not surprised when it was revealed that each weapon would have some kind of enchantment upon them. This practice seemed in accordance with what he was learning concerning these ‘overly powerful’ , ‘multiversal beings’ - influence and control was par for the course. It was good to know that these ‘embedded’ eyes would activate in the presence of a Titan- that detail would be crucial during their given mission.

    The first weapon displayed was a large sword with an attractive name. ‘The Buster Sword’. It seemed promising, but its sheer size made it less than ideal if they were to travel incognito. The fact that it was lighter than it appeared was an appealing feature. Still, he needed to consider other options first.

    ‘The Dragon Slayer Sword’ was even more attractive by name, its sheer size made it a great tool for intimidation, being even larger than the ‘Buster Sword’. The sword was as heavy as it looked, if not heavier, which was unfortunate- aside from the sheer destruction he imagined from using it. Again, this was also too conspicuous a weapon for their purposes and likely a liability in confined spaces.

    The ‘retractable staff', Ruyi Bang seemed almost perfect. It could be easily concealed and made to extend, if he understood the description correctly. He could well employ the same skills needed to wield a saber-staff quite easily, except this was a blunt weapon. No sharp edges. But why did it weigh as much as five Rancors? Well, that was easy. The additional kinetic impact was sure to devastate whatever it connected with.

    That detail made Manticore smile as he imagined it. This one he would put at the top of his list for now.

    Next was Marika’s Hammer. This was quite the curious weapon as it seemed broken, though re-fused. As he understood it, it was filled with the lightside of the force, which immediately discounted it for use. Manticore would not presume to wield such a weapon. He would be quite surprised if anyone in the room could.

    His fiery gaze fell on the next weapon, Caliburn, and something inside of him stirred. The weapon, despite its ‘aged-look' seemed well-balanced. The size was perfect, should he choose to carry it strapped to his back. Moreover, it enhanced combat abilities…? That is, despite having other effects dampened? What secrets could such a weapon hold? What would he need to do to unlock them?

    Manticore came up next to the sword, even as he glanced towards Pascale, who had now chosen the more compact of the two bows.

    “I shalll take this sword called Caliburn.” Manticore rasped, the edge in his voice was a warning to any other who might dare claim the weapon he had chosen.

    His eyes did narrow as he heard Anaeas mention that ‘Anguish’ would not be going on either mission. Suspicion welled within the zabrak almost instantly, but he managed to keep his own counsel on this, at least for the moment.

    “An indestructible sword would suit my combat needs perfectly.” He said after a moment.

    There was a small tug at the corners of his black lips.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Soliloquy
    Choices of the cutting kind

    The answers to the questions was interesting. Most interesting was the facts about Titan names. Or rather the lack thereof. Perhaps Soliloquy needed to figure out how to go about cultivating a name like they had, but what would it be? Speaker of slow death. Cordial entropy. The Fungi tender? Hmm. That might need a few centuries to work out something better.

    Soliloquy sighed slightly looking at the weapons that were given as tribute and inwardly seethed at the notion that they would only be allowed to choose one! One! With so many realities out there surely they had stolen multiples of the weapons?!? Not to mention it was a rare occurrence for there not to be a least a limited production run of weapons of a kind. So offering only one of each kind was their way of controlling the group dynamics and further collecting them into a set of well defined roles.

    The ten weapons were all interesting in their own right. Although perhaps not the descriptions. Buster Sword? Sounded like a meat slabs dream weapon. The Dragon Slayer Sword all the more so! Soliloquy had to fight laughing at the names! The anti magical properties though were more interesting. That made the second something Soliloquy would actually be interested in having, if only to study how this affect was imbued into the weapon. Ruyi Bang was one that made his short list of weapons to take. The variable size and weight possibilities were an awesome versatility to have access to not to mention the research potential if that could be applied to other items. Marika's Hammer also had a solid research and use application. The fact the weapon considered itself to be 'Holy' magic didn't concern Soliloquy in the least. It was amazing what could be considered holy if looked at from the right angle. Similar to Jedi Force Lightning verses Sith Lightning verses cosmic lightning, often there were many roads to the same destination for final results, in this example lightning, but each were differing strengths and weakness' to their usages. Caliburn came up for review and Soliloquy made a small distasteful noise at the back of his throat at the weapon. A weapon that enhanced how you fought with it was a weapon that made you predictable, or crippled you to rely on it. That was the end of blunt weapons that could work for hand to hand combat situations.

    The Repeater Crossbow was given a good lauding, but ultimately seemed feeble compared to rotary blaster. The Super Shotgun was the most tempting item to date, with that pedigree it was the most intriguing item to Soliloquy's eyes and that was saying something with this selection. Ultimately the grapple was an unnecessary item as the Force could allow him to do all the things it did and more without relying on a piece of technology. The only drawback that stood out was ammo. You had to carry ammo. The Bow of Apollo whomever that was was obviously careless with it for it to be here. Yet the range and infinite ammo with a visual connection was fascinatingly useful. The question was what other properties this weapon entailed. The Bow of Neith, another careless namesake, also had the infinite ammo, was smaller and shorter range, but had the infinite ammo property again. Let him grab a Night Sister light bow and he probably would be more happy than with that trinket. The Spear of Lugh was the last, but not the least. It came with words of sending and returning! Now that was a spear with some versatility when it came to usages! It would require some experimentation for range and cover though, as what happens if someone steps beyond a portal or closes a door fast behind them for cover? Will it penetrate? Magically appear beyond it? Hmm.

    Thinking these through two others stepped forward and chose weapons, removing them from the potential pool of weapons to choose. Luckily or perhaps unluckily they both chose weapons that Soliloquy had dismissed and disdained to even consider worthy of taking. It was curious and made him wonder if Manticore had some inner failing or weakness that his choice demonstrated? Or perhaps he was feeling feeble after his prior poor showing the day prior?

    Sniffing away the notion he stood more erect and began to walk forward for his own choice now that he had made it before another could snatch it out from under him. That was when he was hit. It was not a felling blow by any means, but it was a blow - right betwixt the synapses. Stumbling as he walked he began limping and dragging a leg as his suit darkened in color, as his skin began to ripple and shift, as his eyes began to flicker and shimmer and vanish into voids of baseless pools within hollow sockets, and tendrils snapped and waved from his right shoulder and head. Pulsing and dancing greens with shifting patterns of lime green and neon oranges and pinks danced upon them. Out of his right side small snake heads peered and writhed in a hissing conflagration towards any near his form, several markedly were of Yuuzhan Vong breeds. Out of his mouth long pointed fangs developed as it forced his jaw to gape and a thin line of drool to cascade down to his shoes where the drool was taken up once more before a long forked tongue unfurled from his mouth and became the source of the drool. The memories and lives were bubbling out of his shell as he processed what was being given to him, only his own sheer age and accumulated knowledge from others saved him from being overloaded by the inundated knowledge completely.

    Still, acting as if nothing was amiss he stepped forward and reached in for Marika's Hammer. A crafting weapon of legendary items and attacks of a kind none would rightly expect from him drew him to the item. Perhaps it would allow him to forge and more unique items of his own in his spare time? Still, looking up he spoke clearly despite the malformations, "Thank you. Although that we are limited to one weapon is a travesty. Especially for those of us that could use more than one." The lack of another's involvement went completely ignored in the moment.

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    A Lost Reality
    One Soul Shattered into Seven
    An Era of Ceaseless War
    Ceaseless Conflict
    Of Tragedies and Slaughter
    Begetting vile acts
    Forming desperation to mend a Broken World
    And He consumed by the Flame of Ambition
    Masked as the Flame of Righteousness
    Broken, by the Broken World
    An origin enshrouded in mystery
    In a World known only in memory
    Such is the nature of Father
    Such is the nature of all things
    Destined to be forgotten
    To be lost
    Only to be found once more
    You will begin to understand
    And not understand at all
    Questions answered
    And dozens more fathomed into being
    From the Beginning cometh the End
    Before you know it
    In time there will be no more
    The Saga will cease and Shadow will fall into Light
    For perhaps only a grand Sin can stop the delusion of Perfection
    The Nativity of Transgression and the Gloomlight
    Entwined in the Omniversal struggle

    Thou must Stop it
    So it Ends, so it Begins

    You should bear witness
    Those of the Central Weave
    @Sinrebirth @darthbernael @greyjedi125
    And those on the Precipice of the Omniverse
    @Darth Cocytus @Mitth_Fisto @Jerjerrod-Lennox
    Those along the Path of Yellow
    @Lady Belligerent @HanSolo29
    And one yet unintegrated, but perhaps will be in time
    @The Jedi in the Pumas
    Oh, and how could one forget? You who saw his first true form
    Still unknown to the rest

    It will do you all good for the future
    I would be honored if you did me the courtesy of reading the start of my Great Work
    For it requires more than just myself to come to fruition
    For it to be fully realized

    I ask only for your patience
    and some of your time
    That is all...

    The Lost Reality
    Sometime before The Felling of the Nocard

    The girl was small. Smaller than average for one of her age. Though that size was counteracted with the sheer ferocity in which she carried herself. She truly was her father's daughter. Their shared strength of will, of purpose. The cool summer air wafted gently across the quiet blonde hair of the man. Gliding along its curves and curls as if the hair was directing the air rather than the other way around. The hair also seemed to blend into the air. The soft streaks of light of the rising sun behind him made the sky and his head seem one.

    The young girl was again, frustrated. It was met quite simply with the soft kind smile of her father. It was the only thing that could get her to quell her rage. The smile drew the anger out of her as she spoke, still somewhat annoyed:

    "You said it would be easy,"

    "I did not say it would be easy, I said it usually comes swiftly to our people,"

    She gave a little frown. "That doesn't make me feel any better," Her father chuckled, as he tapped a place next to him. She huffed, before looking at his eyes and then resigned herself to sit next to him.

    "The soul is the very essence of magic. And the Soul is life. The fifth of the five base elements," he conjured up a hand as four small spheres danced themselves around in a pattern. One of fire, earth, air, and water. In the center of the four spheres lay a fifth, a rotating, bubbly, and exciting substance. Something that was not quite an air and not quite solid or liquid. It could be felt, the four other spheres being slowly drawn into it.

    "The soul is the basis of all magic, of all life and all things. For without it there is only darkness, for darkness is nothing but the absence of life, it is our role, our people's role to safeguard against this darkness," The girl's brow furrowed as she interrupted him.

    "But how can we have light without darkness? If darkness is the absence of light then..."

    "To eliminate darkness light must be in all things, present and everywhere at each and every moment. But think not on the literally light and dark, my dear... but on death and life..."

    "Death?" she spoke questioningly.

    "We shall, hopefully, never know it, my dear... but the mortals they live in constant fear of it. For death is when the soul ends, ceases to be... imagine that one night you went to sleep and never awoke. No dreams, no nightmares... it just ends..." Her eyes widened in slight horror as she understood.

    "That is death..." he continued. "And that is why we must learn, uphold and safeguard the magic of our world. In order to move one, press forward against the allure of death. To safeguard the mortals as best we can. That is our Great Work. Do you understand that my dear?"

    "I... I think so..." she spoke, looking down as the young girl took it all in.

    "But the Aeldari... don't they look down on the mortals? I heard them calling them rubes and lesser beings not worthy of the gift of life..."

    The man gave a nod and a sigh. "The Aeldari are still young, naive to the promise of The Grand Soul..." he looked off into the distance as if considering to tell her something, and then deciding against it her looked back down at his daughter.

    "Come, come now... it is time you gave it another try,"

    The Tear of Pages
    The Corruption of Data
    The Ashes of War
    What Happened From Before to After?
    Hints, Glimpses, Fragments
    But ultimately only nestled within his memory
    But the story must press forward
    Incomplete though it may be

    Sometime after The Felling of the Nocard

    The Lair of the Nocard

    The grand central lair of the Nocard was as cavernous and mysterious as it had been when he was last here. Half an age had passed since that time, and when, a mere decade ago he heard of the destruction of his people… it had broken him to his core.

    He looked down at the patch of flowers growing delicately in the corner, they were bent and misshapen, wilting in their struggle to grow. The nameless man bent down beside the flowers, a hand delicately hovering in the air above them as the flowers began to grow, becoming healthy, their flower blooming with bright and vigorous color. He looked down at the flowers, the soft tinge of sadness inscribed into the lines around his eyes as he made his way inside the lair.

    It felt just as empty as when he had discovered the massacre. After the endless, echoing steps the man arrived at the central pit. He was there, with his large, menacing grin.

    Patriarch of the Nocard

    “So the White Snake lives… after his long journey. I never would have guessed that we would be the final two of our kind,” spoke the large red dragon in his booming, ancient voice.

    Patriarch of the Nocard, Soulbearer of the Fire Soul I invoke my right as the Serpent of White and Gold to raise a challenge against you,”

    “Such formality, very well then foolish fledgli–”

    Within a single movement, the man had rushed forward his body transforming into that of a great, white serpent coiled around the being and dove its great fangs into the red dragon’s neck who gave a great wail of pain.

    The White Snake
    No... not his true form

    The great wings of the beast flapped as it tried to gain height, but the white snake just bit down harder, a twist as it ripped out a chunk of flesh the size of a house and spat it on the ground. There was a gurgling sound of blood as the dragon clawed at the back of the white scaled serpent, the grand blue eyes of the snake hardened as it pressed forward toward the rest of the neck. Its maw clamping down like that of an immense vise, cleaving through the final part of the dragon as the great red beast fell to the floor slain.

    The White Snake transformed back into that of a man, great lacerations were across his back and a silent gasp of pain as he weaved his magic to heal the wound. Next, he would walk to the now decapitated head of the beast and phased his hand through it, withdrawing a bright, palm-sized glowing object encased in fire, which he consumed.

    There was a quiet muttering of formless words that echoed in the cavern as they slowly died away.

    “A cheap battle... so you will be the last. The Final Patriarch...

    The Fifth War of Lionel and Orc and the Rise of the Holy Order

    It was said in the beginning times of the world that war between the proud, noble Lionel and the ferocious, bold Orcs was inevitable. Set forever in motion when the first Praetor of the Lionel enacted a cruel magic against the race of Orcs. Once of great and noble stature, their bodies were now encased in sharp-toothed, hunched-over forms. How the bold race of Orcs looked in their forgotten past has been lost. One story tells of them being a twin race of the Aeldari or even just some Aeldari cast to this fate. Other stories tell of a wholly unique race that was twisted and malformed as a result of this curse.

    As such the history of these peoples is one of conflict, mistrust, and bloodshed. And as such, it was a golden opportunity for one in The Patriarch’s decision. This conflict indeed had been one he had tried to fix himself long ago during his journey throughout the world. But they did not pay the heed of a Nocard. Even despite how wise and respected they were. No, their hatred for each other ran too deep, too marred in the cycle of hatred and revenge.

    It was also between the period of The Felling of the Nocard and The Fifth War of Lionel and Orc that The Holy Order came into being. An Order that took in the weak of society and ingenious members of society, slowly growing over time as it established itself in each and every Kingdom of the World.

    The Doom of Summerset Village

    Summerset Village

    The village was one of the poorer villages within the realm of the Orcs. As a border city it had been subjected to destruction time after time, frequently caught between the crosshairs of the raging Lionel and Orc factions. The Fourth, and previous, Great War of Lionel and Orc had ended one hundred years ago. So the little village had healed much of its old wounds.

    Orc children were idly playing along the grassy windswept plain that surrounded the village. A father stood with two of his children grinning as they played their games, reminding him of simpler times as a child.

    The innocent sparks

    As he watched the two Orc children, he heard a movement in the distance. His head turned to view a figure approaching the village.

    The Nameless White Lionel

    There was a quiet grace about them, their golden armor shimmering with the sunlight. His brilliant white fur, danced along the cool breeze as he approached the Orc father. There was a brow of caution and mild anger on the Orc’s face, rising to stand as the figure stood several meters away. Far away enough that it would take at least a few seconds of running before he cleared the distance to the Orc.

    “Lionel are not allowed this side of the border, not without express business to do so, be gone whitemane,”

    The white Lionel took off a twin-bladed axe from his back as he viewed the Orc carefully, who at the moment gave a motion to the children hiding behind his legs to go back to the village.


    “Is this Summerset village?” spoke the Lionel regally.

    The Orc moved slightly back reaching for his throwing axe. “It is… I’ll say this again stranger, what business do you have here?”

    The Lionel gave a solemn nod, as he moved into a battle stance. “My business will never be understood by you, noble Orc, only by the release of your blood will you be able to know the truth,”

    With that, the Orc went to throw his axe, but in the instantaneous moment, he released the throw the white Lionel was standing beside him. The Orc’s head gave a quiet flop to the ground as his body collapsed to his knees. The White Lionel’s head moved by a few degrees in the direction of a heart-wrenching scream and the clamor of fear that now penetrated the village.

    And within a single day, The Fifth Great War of Lionel and Orc began.

    The Second Grand War

    The War had lasted seven years. Seven years of toil, bloodshed, and torment. Within that time The Holy Order had grown its presence in both the Orc and Lionel Kingdoms, worming its way toward the very core of both governments and militaries and supplying them with magic, weapons, and means of war. The war should have ended four, five, perhaps even six years ago, but unlike all the other wars between Lionel and Orc this one had escalated beyond what either side thought was possible.

    Millions were dead, battles lasted for weeks. Villages, towns, cities starved and were all twisted toward the vile war machines. The war had been exasperated recently with the recent assassination of Photia, High King of the Aeldari. The Orc and Lionel nations ran split across East and West while the Aeldari Kingdom sat nestled above them like a crown with the mountainous chasm of the Daemons forming across the side and into the Orc domain. A twin set of casualties caused the Aeldari to blame both the Orcs and Daemons for this crime, and worse still that they had stolen The Water Soul, the treasured heirloom of the Aeldari Royal family. The delicate, dying world would only plunge further into chaos. The Aeldari and Lionel, pitted against the Daemon and Orc.

    Never before, since The Shattering of the Grand Soul had such a conflict been seen, and so it came to be known as The Second Grand War. Only the Fae, distant and cold as they ever were, remained isolated from the war. The dead race of the Nocard, but a mere forgotten memory.

    The Seven Souls of The World
    Fire of the Nocard
    Wind of the Fae
    Water of the Aeldari
    Earth of the Orc
    Light of the Lionel
    Dark of the Daemon
    And the Grand Soul
    That of Life, Space and Time

    The Battle of the Elden Tree

    The Elden Tree stood wizzled and broken. The shards of glory, of something once majestic, stood as fragments embedded its roots. Darkened by the corpses that hung from its leafless, dead branches. It had been here, in The Lost Age that The Grand Soul had first been split into seven. And it was here now, in the very center of the world that the ultimate battle between the four great kingdoms now raged.

    The Elden Tree

    It had been rumored that within the central gate of the mystical tree lay the remains of The Fire Soul that had once belonged to The Patriarch of the Nocard. Both sides, in their desperation, had charged headlong into this battle, pouring all their resources so that they may claim this prize, for if they had the power of two Souls… their side would be unstoppable.

    Thus Mork the Fell Omen and Leonidas the Golden would lead their armies headlong into the conflict, wishing to seize The Fire Soul for themselves.

    Warlord Mork the Fell Omen

    Praetor Leondias the Golden​

    The battlefield was nothing but sheer chaos, battle tactics and strategy had lost their course in the sheer brutality, the sheer desperation of the conflict. Praetor and Warlord rallying and forming themselves ever closer to The Elden Tree in the center of the battlefield. Swathes of enemies, of Orcs, Lionel, Daemon, Aeldari died and bleed on the ground. Whatever sicks gods watched or reveled in carnage would be delighted by the spectacle they would have witnessed on this day. Leonidas and Mork in time would come to square off at each other, each seeing The Elden Tree as they rushed towards it and the gateway that had opened in its cavity.

    They could see it, each of them, the swirling yellow mist that promised them the power to ascend. To win… they only needed to reach it… several Orcs and Lionel were also trying to rush into the swirling mist, the first of them only just reaching the very precipice of the doorway before…

    Mist-like tendrils flared out from within the portal way, knocking all but Mork and Leonidas away. Coiling around the two leaders it dragged them in, the mist vanishing in a blip as they tumbled across the hard stone ground of this new place they found themselves in.

    The Floating Isles

    They were atop a central spire and all around them stood a broken chain of floating islands, a single figure sat before them. His white hair hung by his side, his eyes almost glazed over in thought.

    The Final Patriarch of the Nocard

    “Ah so you finally made it, I was beginning to get concerned…”

    Mork and Leonidas looked equally confused, this was not what either of them had expected in the slightest.

    “Where is The Fire Soul?” spoke Mork first in his gruff, deep tone. Leonidas looked toward the Orc with a majestic fury, only held back by being caught off guard by the presence of this other man here.

    The Fire Soul?” spoke the man questioningly. “This?” he murmured holding up a hand as a small, red object encased in fire appeared softly above his hand, brimming with power and purpose.

    “You can have it if you want, and even The Water Soul too…” he spoke, a second orb floated above his hand, a swirl of water surrounding it. Both beings looked back in shock at this… The Water Soul had gone missing ever since the mysterious assassination of High King Photia…where had this man? Aeldari? Daemon? Person… gotten it from?

    “... all you have to do is answer one simple question…”

    The brows of the Orc and Lionel furrowed in a rare moment of unique joint anger, their respective weapons clenched as they ignored the words of the man, insulted by his calm, dismissive manner. Both rushing towards him with their weapons drawn, leaping high into the air to cut the man down. There was a wave of fire and water, paradoxically coupled that blasted at each of them. The twisting torrent bounding the two Soulbearers into place and kneeling in the ground. They both stammered, shock reaching both of their faces as sweat beaded across their forms. Leonidas spoke first.

    “Who… what are you?”

    “Who I am is immaterial to why you are,” spoke the man as he watched both beings carefully.

    “Now as promised my question, and whoever gives me a satisfactory answer I shall grant my twin set of Souls,” He had not moved since they had arrived here. His legs crossed atop a large rock as he began, his captive audience having no real other option.

    “What does it mean to live a good life?” he spoke, like that of a curious child or teen asking their parents.

    The Lionel and Orc looked confused. Mork audibly stated a ‘What?’ as they stared blankly at the man. What kind of question was that?

    “I am not in the habit of repeating myself…” began the man again calmly. “What does it mean to live a good life?”

    The two bound enemy Soulbearers looked to each other, as they then attempted to rip free of their binds, their towering strength that had felled armies and beasts proving utterly ineffective against these bounds. After a struggle, and some thinking Leonidas was the first to answer.

    “To live in accordance with The Grand Soul?” he asked, Mork audibly scoffing at the notion, how childish.

    “To live in accordance with The Grand Soul…” repeated the man. It was a common saying, an almost infamous saying across the land. What is exactly meant had altered and shifted over centuries and over regions, which led the man to his next question.

    “And what does that mean to you?”

    “To strive to protect one’s people, to bring them a prosperous kingdom, to keep them safe… to give them hope and a path to the future…”

    “I see,” said the man dismissively as his head tilted towards Mork. “And you?”

    “I live by my warrior’s oath,” The man nodded his head as if expecting that response. “The Warrior’s Oath of the Orc… and is it truly any different from what Leonidas just said? To protect one’s people, to give them hope and a future?” Mork’s eyes narrowed not understanding what point the man was trying to make.

    “Your core ideals, of what you truly want are the same… it is even noble that neither of you want to expand, to become more powerful for your own sake, make your kingdom the greatest in the World,”

    He paused for a moment.

    “Ah… but why did you come here? It was for these correct?” he indicated the twin Souls that he hovered yet again in his open palm. “Power… that is what you wanted even if it was not for yourselves, to protect those you care for…such a trait is rare amongst leaders. Your forefathers were greedy, selfish leaders that wanted to enslave and subjugate the opposing side, but you two… you two just wanted to live peacefully, perhaps that is why the last peace was so long… but then…”

    Mork interrupted, fury boiling beneath his skin. “But then his people murdered an innocent village. None of them were spared, even the children massacred. It was unforgivable…”

    The Lionel could not help but retort “No Lionel would ever commit such a heinous act,”

    “It was you all that cursed the Orcs to begin with,”

    “And it was the Orcs that have instigated the Great Wars before that point,”

    “That is not-”

    The Patriarch waved a hand as their binds became tighter.

    “Even you two, the most promising leaders for lasting peace could not achieve it, the hatred and blood of your peoples run too deep… no?”

    “So it would seem,” spoke Leonidas.

    “So it would seem,” repeated the man. “So there is no solution, not until the other side dies out, but until then caught in this endless loop,”

    “This broken world, it had so much potential…” spoke the man distantly. “I thank you both, and neither of you are truly utterly at fault, after all you were born into this broken world, and even with all your strength, you could not fix it. I know all too well how that feels… all too well,”

    He began to stand up, a finality now edging into his voice.

    “I am sorry that the village had to die, Mork… The Holy Order needed to see it through…” Mork looked more confused.

    “What? What are you talking about?”

    “You asked me who I was? I am the leader of The Holy Order, it is I who have been aiding you both in this war, though you have not known it. And it was I that was responsible for the very start of this war,”

    “It was you?” spoke Leonidas, his resoluteness breaking as he looked toward The Water Soul. “The Holy Order killed Photia…”


    Mork heard enough, repeating the words of Leonidas with infinite fury. “It was you!”. His monstrous strength erupted as he shattered the water/fire chains. His hand extended as he summoned his greatsword. In the same moment, Leonidas pieced together who this person was.

    “Mork wait! He is the last Nocard-” It was too late, the Warlord Orc had leaped to cleave his sword through the man before a series of spikes of water came clamoring toward the figure. He flexed his wrist as small shards of earth came up to meet each of them as fast as he could, but also required him to move out of his planned trajectory. Several water spikes made their way through the Orc’s defenses slicing through his thick armor. He landed with his blade to his side, beads of sweat dripping down his face.

    Leonidas himself had broken free of the Nocard’s chains and had begun to weave his halberd to form a ring of lances formed out of light, each of them hurtling towards the Nocard. He remained standing, arm’s behind his back an almost bored look on his face a sword of bright, immense flame erupted before him, dancing in the air as it deflected the lances of light. In a momentary gap to Leonidas’s attack Mork had plunged his sword into the ground, the stone shaking as it erupted like a wave towards the Nocard, who hopped and skipped lightly between the pieces of debris before landing gracefully slightly further back. His arms still remained by his sides.

    “I am not going to drag this out, I owe you both the courtesy of a swift death. You have committed no sin unexpected of mortals, merely incapable of progressing further in this cruel world,”

    He raised his hand to the sky as a dragon head formed itself above them, a building mass of red energy forming in its maw as the both of them tried to rush to the Nocard before he could unleash it.


    They were doomed the moment they were born.

    The Wind Soul

    “So it was you this entire time?” spoke a soft female voice.

    Faya, Queen of the Fae

    She looked toward the masked doctor that had served within her court for nearly two centuries his mask covering the lower part of his face as he inspected a poison needle.

    Rimir, Court Physician

    “My gracious Queen, whatever do you mean?” spoke the man, his tone sounded like he was genuinely confused but his posture and movement ran against this. His hands idled further with his work, fiddling like that of a child.

    “You will fool me no longer, Patriarch of the Nocard, last of your kind I know precisely who you are,”

    There was no outward reaction from the man. Just as expected, though he was mildly surprised that The Fae Queen had not discovered this fact sooner.

    “And what if I am? What difference would it make?” He spoke as if he was actually curious.

    The Fae Queen’s hands clenched, a sharp outtake of breath as she weaved her hands, her questions target and more focused.

    “The war of the Lionel and Orcs… it was you wasn’t it? You started that war,” she spoke, there was an edge of fear in the otherwise tranquil voice.

    “Now what started that war? A savage Lionel slaughtering a village full of innocent Orc children… it had to be the work of those proud and insufferable Lionel, right? After all who else could it have been? There are no more shapeshifters in the world, the Nocard are all dead…” his voice dripped with facetiousness.

    “Except you,” she responded, realizing the horror of what he had done.

    “Except me,” he confirmed, putting down the needle.

    “And Leonidas and Mork… their duel where they both died…”

    “There was no duel, merely an execution”

    The Fae Queen took a step closer. “You… you’ve been going after the Soulbearers. The assassination of Photia that was…”

    “That was quite unfortunate,”

    “I will not allow you to have your sick revenge for The Felling of the Nocard. To burn the rest of the world down,”

    “Burn the rest of the world down? No, Faya you have it backward, this is not about The Felling of the Nocard, it is much larger than that. You see I am here to fix the world, take the power away from Soulbearers like you that grow so comfortable with your kingdoms and dominions, spreading war and destruction but doing nothing good with your god-like powers…”

    There was a pregnant pause as Faya began to move.

    “It ends now,” he spoke, a single sharp movement up from his arm as it came crashing across the magical barrier that Faya was only just able to cast. The resulting force and shockwave sent The Fae Queen crashing through the palace.

    The Patriarch took several steps upward through the rubble. Small platforms of earth formed themselves underneath each of his feet, forming a weightless staircase with each movement he took.

    “Come, come now Faya is that all you are capable of? All The Wind Soul is capable of? I thought the great Fae were supposed to rival the Nocard..."

    Faya picked herself up from the rubble, a gasp of air as she flexed her fingers and began to weave several spells in the air.

    "You are using Four Souls to my One, not precisely fair," she rubbed against the side of her mouth feeling some internal bleeding.

    "Four? You underestimate me still," he spoke with a shift of his hand, the shadows of the room twisting and turning to his whim. Each of the tendrils of darkness seeking to bind Faya.

    He has the Dark Soul too? When did he defeat The Daemon Queen? Was all she was able to think before needing to dart to the opposite to the tendrils. She controlled the currents of the air to dodge and weave the striking darkness, narrowing missing time and again. The Patriarch gave another sweep of his hand as he radiated a blast of earth, cleaving the surrounding castle area in two, and then with another twist of his hand hurtling the upper areas of the castle down on Faya.

    The Fae conjured up a gust of wind to uphold much of the falling debris, chucking it to one side as it fell to the ground hundreds of feet below them. Now stood a relatively flat, open area. She realized he never intended for the rubble to kill her... he had just wanted to clear all the obstacles between them so he could hurtle projectile after projectile.

    Around his head formed a lance of light, a boulder of earth, a sword of fire, a trident of water, with tendrils of darkness forming out of his back.

    "This grows tiresome... cease your pointless struggle," he unleashed the elemental attacks at her, all hurtling with tremendous speed, each lethal on their own. It took all of Faya's magic to conjure a large defensive dome of Wind Magic, unable to move in time. She stood no chance. The cascade of blasts rocked through the dome, and toward her body, piercing her to the ground as the calm and placid Patriarch moved towards her on his earth platforms. She was prone, coughing up blood as he stood over her. Her eyes looked up in fear at the man.

    "You did far better than Leonidas and Mork, though they never had their Souls for very long, did they? You, on the other hand, have no such excuse," he knelt down beside her, his hand phasing through her to retrieve the small orb surrounded by invisible wisps of wind. This too he consumed.

    "I thank you for your sacrifice,"

    The Grand Soul

    Ah... yes this was it. What he had waited for eons, to finally gaze upon its wonder. To see The Grand Soul. Turning away from the corpse of Faya, the Patriarch weaved his hands as he aligned The Wind Soul into his very being. He had done this six times now, each becoming easier to integrate than the last. Normally he would take some time to train, to practice with the newfound Soul. But even he, patient as he was, could not help himself. He needed to realize his self-imposed mission.

    Another flutter of his hands as the six orbs transitioned out of his body, forming a ring that began to twirl, spinning faster and faster until it formed a golden gate. A nexus to an alternate space... and with a quiet breath, he stepped through.

    He found himself in a boundless waste. Grey. Empty. Lifeless. The only defining feature was a set of twin peaks in front of him. That seemed to form a pair of fangs reaching out to the sky. In their center was a large spherical orb, not dissimilar to the Six Souls the Patriarch had collected. The very space around the orb was weightless, debris and rocks were suspended in midair forming what seemed to be two loose chains that connected the fangs to the orb.


    As the Patriarch marveled at what stood before him, it began to shift. The very ground beneath him began to rumble as the fangs arose from the grey rock below, the Patriarch darting back far to avoid the cascade of debris and rock as the being continued to rise. Its weight and height were beyond what the Patriarch could have possibly suspected. What he had seen before was merely a crown that sat atop its head, but now... now he could see its full form.

    The Grand Soul
    The Patriarch's mouth hung slightly open, the awe filling him once more as he then clenched his teeth. Very air around the being began to shimmer... and then... was it being sucked into the being somehow? No that was not it, the air around it was disappearing... ceasing to exist altogether. Then from the orb atop its 'head' formed a mass of energy, formed from what it had displaced around it that then barreled toward the Patriarch, only narrowing missing the beam of intense destruction. In its wake bore a whole two kilometers into the ground... such a being was just beyond the Patriarch's current comprehension, indeed when he viewed the being he felt his head begin to swoon, unable to truly fathom what he was beholding. Any mortal that viewed this being with their naked eyes would lose their mind, he was sure of it.

    It had been what he had always known. That he and he alone could achieve this mission, fix the world from this broken thing. Within the next instant, he transformed into his White Snake Form, still only as large as The Grand Soul's forearm. With a single breath, he formed the ring of six orbs around himself, allowing him to use their full potential as he continued to dodge and weave around the blasts of pure, intense energy that the being continued to blast at him. The Patriarch in turn unleashed the same volley of attacks he had used to kill Faya, only adding a scythe of wind into the mix. He focused on the being's left arm, aiming for what he perceived to be one of its weak spots. With the full torrent of the Six Souls he was able to---

    A beam of energy rocked against his being, cleaving him in two as the lower half of his forming was eviscerated into nothingness. His shriek of pain was followed by the clatter of The Grand Soul's arm. A trade. One that the Patriarch had lost more on. He imbued the light magic throughout his being as he began to accelerate his natural healing. But a wound this large, it would take him a full minute to achieve, that and he was crashing to the ground, unable to fly with half a body. He focused the Wind Soul to glide his body along so that he would not tumble and crash into the ground, flowing himself along the current's of the Wind.

    Phroom. Phroom. Phroom.

    Three more blasts of 'void' energy as the Patriarch continued to maneuver himself through the air. Was that the only move the 'Grand' Soul knew how to do? As the Patriarch healed he then dove around the being coming across its back as unleashed a second torrent of his elemental weapons towards the second arm, it two clattering to the ground

    The Patriarch felt pained in his heart... he knew that this needed to be done. Despite it's devasting attacks, they were lumbering, and the being seemed to be crumbling before the Patriarch could even land a hit. Whatever this being truly was, it was past its prime... The Patriarch suspected that it was greatly weakened due to The Shattering of the Grand Soul in The Lost Age. He that there was simply no other way... but having to defeat, to destroy something so majestic... and that was far past it's prime.

    The Grand Soul let out a loud sound that sounded like a groan... was it in pain? And then within an instant, it vanished... to the other side of the Patriarch. It now faced him a dark, black mass formed in front of its 'face'. It was empty, with no sense of depth or roundness to the sphere at all, looking more like a circle to the naked eye. It made no sound as it darted through the sky, The Patriarch having only a moment to teleport himself, becoming air itself as he spilt and reformed himself on the other side of the orb. Hundreds of his scales had peeled off before the moment he teleported. He gave a roar of pain. The orb then crashed into the ground, sucking in the surrounding area. With each piece of mass that it consumed it would grow. Sensing this, and feeling the pull of the object that he had to resist the White Snake knew that he needed to end the fight.

    The twin spectral hands began to move towards him as he flew straight for the orb above that sat atop the being's crown. He misjudged had fast the spectral hands would be as they clamped down around the lower part of his body, squeezing and crushing his draconic spine. With a roar he summoned his fire sword and wind scythe, the two acting in tandem to cleave through his own body, the pain unfathomable as he then darted toward the round floating sphere. Command of his from growing him yet again in size as his great maw came round to consume the final Soul...



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    Jun 26, 2017
  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Alecto

    Trust her Master to think and know such things. “I think that it will be most enjoyable to -“

    Then there were the weapons. She regarded them. Swords, bows, axes, spears.

    Alecto regarded the speaker, and Cocytus. Her words were curious. “Do I get one?”

    “Do you even have a soul?” Ike jibed. The bow, Caliburn and the flaming axe thing were taken. Alecto sneered at Ike.

    Ike shrugged.

    “I can tell you I ain’t carrying rancors, let alone five of em. Not that I couldn’t if I wanted to,” he peeved, but he looked at the spear. “But it never misses and it comes right back to me? I’m a simple man, I like laziness.” He grinned. “Pity I have to speak the words. I was hoping I could whistle.”

    “Imagine that!” He grinned. “Wolf whistling a guy and he looks confused as if you’re flirting with him and stab stab stab.”

    A chortle.

    “I crack me up.”

    His gaze become more serious. “An Eye, eh?”

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  12. Darth Cocytus

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    Weapons of choice

    Darth Cocytus's eyes glowed at the selection of weapons before him and they glistened at the sight of the swords. The kaminoan was more of swordsman than a marksman, finding blasters and such to be most uncivilized, much like a certain jedi he took fancy on in his studies. One blade in particular that caught his eyes most was Calicurn, but they suddenly went dark and a cold flame of anger rose up as Manticore took it first before he could lay claim to the sword. Cocytus made sneer at the zabrak, but decided to simply choose his battles wisely and look at what other weapons were left.

    There were two swords remaining, but, considering their bulky size, both seemed to have been made by people who were likely... overcompensating for something

    The kaminoan reached out his hand and, calling upon the Force while regarding his apprentice's question, summoned both Ruyi Bang and the the Spear Lugh.

    "The Ruyi Bang would do, although not a proper sword." Cocytus proclaimed as he gave the spear to Alecto, "My apprentice shall have this one. It fits her well, I believe."

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  13. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike
    Um no

    Ike’s hand was already on the spear.

    “Um, no.”

    He glared at Cocytus.

    “Mine, I’ve already said. Don’t think I’ve forgiven you for killing my husband once.” He glowered at the Kaminoan, tall as he was. “I can add a few more scars to your throat if you’d like.”

    Alecto hissed, an almost reptilian response. “You should speak to the True Dark Lord of the Sith with more respect.”

    “Hun, there’s like three of those at any one time,” Ike rolled his eyes. “You can’t just claim the title and not kill everyone else who has it.”

    She ignited her blade. “I can kill you, if that’ll help.”

    “Uh-huh,” Ike said, eying the others. “Try it, and we’ll see how short the shortest offensive of all time can be.”

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  14. Darth Cocytus

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    Irksome Ike

    Darth Cocytus barely noticed that Ike first laid claim to the spear. In fact, the kaminoan barely took any notice of him at all, aside from exceptions. After all, Ike seemed like someone of very little worth and importance to be worth such attention. However, now he was within Cocytus's ire and he glared intensely at him

    He smirked thinly as Alecto and Ike traded blows of words, before his eyes blinked at something the latter said. Ike and Insipid were… together? It wasn't exactly something Cocytus expected, nor he minded such relationships, not really caring about, nor desiring such things like sex and romance. However it was just something about Insipid that… surprised the Kaminoan, especially that he was with this no account being.

    Cocytus shrugged off such thoughts and decided to intervene in case something bad happens to his inexperienced apprentice.

    After all, it was he who took the spear from him in the first place.

    With great speed he suddenly stood between Alecto and Ike, standing like a tall, cold, and dark shadow of malice before the opponent.

    "You may prove well against an inexperienced peon like Alecto, Ike." Cocytus spoke with cold calmness as one of his crimson blades ignited with a snap hiss within the palm of his hand, "But would you dare match against a Dark Lord of the Sith? Who do you think you are? You're not Sith, nor Jedi, nor any sort of warrior of known. What or who are you?"

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    The Precipice of the Omniverse

    Aeneas watched as each of the Omniversal Warriors selected and obtained their weapons, his eyes watching carefully as Ike selected the Spear and there was a clash of wills between Ike and that of Alecto, Coctyus naturally acting on Alecto's behalf. Aeneas would also note Cocytus's usage of the Force which would have felt... noticeably more difficult to use than normal for reasons Aeneas had yet to explain.

    But just as Cocytus had forgotten that Ike had existed, so too had Aeneas forgotten of Alecto's existence. Aeneas moved a step closer toward the calm, sith-like Cocytus and the flamboyant trickster Ike.

    "Gentlemen, I am sure that you would not do the disservice to the gracious host that is the Patriarch who has in turn gifted you these weapons by doing something so foolish as fighting over them now would you?" he spoke this with a calm, even tone watching the two men carefully. The Sith were truly as The Patriarch had described: fierce, individualistic, proud, power-hungry... he could see now why the history he had learned of the Sith had led to one of constant self-destruction. Though this was his first time actually meeting a Sith proper. Though perhaps some would even contest if any of the Sith here were true Sith... such was the nature of these dogmatic dark-siders.

    "I am sure of the remaining selection that Alecto would be quite pleased with the power of some of these weapons, let us try not to lose sight of the end goal here,"

    As each of them took ahold of their weapons they would feel the imbued energies within... that of glories past, of a mythic history lost through the sands of time. They would feel that there were latent energies within their weapon, power that would take time to harness, or perhaps corrupt to their will. Their full potential was not something, any of them would be able fully access from the beginning, such was the nature of forming or using a new skill.

    Aeneas did cast a glance to Pascale as he asked a question.

    "Magic bows are rather nice, it forms the bow from the air and material around it, condensing it into a tight, powerful projectile,"

    Pascale would feel the lightness of the Bow of Neith, an eagerness for its bow's string to be pulled back and fired. A quick, fast energy wafting over him.

    Caliburn would feel hefty, not from bulk or weight but an aura. The heftiness of an aura of a king, waiting to be claimed and pronounced. The air around the blade bowing to the very sovereignty of the sword.

    Marika's Hammer, with its floating shards and pieces suspended in air, held together by the fragments of a so-called 'holy power'. Soliloquy would feel that this 'holy power' was perhaps more accurately thought of as condensed light energy. Though it was unlike the light side of the Force. It did not have a will or moral inclination it just was. If anything it was what the Sith always dreamed of. Pure, raw power nothing more, nothing less.

    As Ike gripped the spear and the floated the idea of a whistle being able to call it back and forth the runes on the spear would glow before shifting in form and function to accompany the wishes of its new master.

    Cocytus as he first gripped the staff, it would feel near impossible to lift before it quickly shifted in weight to that which Cocytus would be able to swiftly move without issue.

    That would be a running theme for all the weapons, they were slowly from the moment they were touched becoming attuned to that of their newfound user, an almost willingness, a desire to be implemented, tried out, taken to see what they were capable of.

    "Now to reclarify, myself, Pascale, and Manticore shall journey to the realm of the Matrix whereas Kardis will lead Cocytus, Ike, and Alecto along. Both teams will have one additional Holy Order member to round out the teams that you have yet to meet, they exist to support you, I am sure you will find them quite agreeable,"

    He cast a half glance to Soliloquy. "As the Patriarch perhaps indicated your mission, your path will be revealed to you momentarily I am sure the details of that will be made known to you once the rest of us are on our way," a glance to Anguish. "The same, but different circumstances apply to you as well,"

    "Within each reality our mere presence there will already set small ripples throughout the Omniverse that Titans will become to detect, the more we act in that world, the more we cause a fracture in time of our reality the greater our chances of attracting a Titan are... that and the timelines and versions we are selecting have a chance that a Titan crashed into that timeline creating a fractured, alternate path where they are slumbering, waiting for us to find. In either case our end goal is to capture a Titan,"

    He gave a pause, looking to them all as he recalled an important detail.

    "There is one last, crucial detail that you Force-Users will need to keep in mind. Within your reality, the Force permeates all living things, and it is the manipulation of this energy allows you to achieve your 'Force Powers' for some time we believed that as the Force simply, does not exist outside many realities... yes I am sure that will take some time for you all to wrap head around... but as such we thought that it would be completely unusable in realities without the Force..."

    He paused. "thankfully for you that is not the case, it would seem that as you a living being from a Force reality carry the Force within yourself you bring a small part of that energy field with allowing you to still use Force abilities... however..." he paused again.

    "it will be significantly more difficult for you to use due to greater amounts of energy needed and exhaust you much faster than you are used to hence the other reason we gave you these weapons,"

    "So while I strongly encourage you to avoid using the Force as much as possible so as not to attract unwanted attention from the locals of this world, but it will also wear you at much faster than you are used to, I recommend using it only as a last resort. That and potentially picking up the skills, weapons, and powers of other worlds will prove of even greater interest to you," This would certainly begin to explain why the members of OHO had been weird about the Force and Force Users. It wasn't that they viewed them as inherently weak, just weakened.

    No doubt it would prove a source of mild to great frustration for them, but it was a problem that had workarounds and with the prospect of newfound powers and abilities beyond what their own reality could ever promise them... well their imaginations could grow quite wild.

    "And with that, if there are any questions, concerns or comments voice them now, because we are ready at last, to move into these realities,"

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto, @greyjedi125 , @Sinrebirth , @Jerjerrod-Lennox . @Darth Cocytus

    Note: This will be the last tag before the vast majority of the characters are moved into the new realities and the new associated threads that will be generated with them. Character sheets will not be needed, the game will functional continue the same. The update, like that of Outside Time to OHO will be spilt apart the threads. If you have OOC questions let me know I am always open to ideas, criticism, opinions, etc, etc.

    There will be many twists and turns, and your character's goals will likely shift depending on how you respond to the varying circumstances. Communication is always key, if I don't know you don't like something I can't do anything about it. I'm human I'll make mistakes but I am always willing to work through it. Again thank you all for joining this wild bandwagon and I look forward to weaving this next stage of the Saga with you all.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore
    Way of the Sith, Ad Infinitum

    Things were getting interesting between Darth Cocytus, Ike and Alecto, concerning possession of the Spear of Lugh.

    Manticore eyed all three individuals as he claimed Caliburn, grasping it by the pummel, then testing the sword’s balance in his hand. He could also feel an undercurrent of power subtly energizing the Sword. Indeed, Caliburn was an exceptionally well crafted weapon, one which he noted Cocytus had eyed as well. For the moment however, the zabrak Sith Lord directed his attention to the developing drama.

    Technically, Ike had been the first one to speak his interest concerning the Spear, but it would seem Cocytus hadn’t noticed, as he claim two weapons, instead of one. The Staff for himself and the Spear for his apprentice. It was interesting to note that he had not given Alecto a chance to choose for herself.

    As for Ike, that one was a curious creature.

    Did Insipid’s paramour intend to avenge the late Sith Emperor? Manticore was intrigued by that notion. The zabrak found it a matter of honor as a fellow Sith Lord to avenge Darth Insipid, but Ike would have a stronger claim to such an act, all things considered. How curious…

    As for his following statement, the need to ‘kill’ anyone else who claimed the title of ‘Dark Lord’...well, then. Manticore smirked at that, but withheld a dark chuckle. It stood to reason that Ike’s guile was probably a trait Insipid had found appealing.

    Alecto ignited her lightsaber, which only served to complicate matters. Manticore had already resolved not to involve himself in this specific exchange. Ike had already expressed or hinted at his dislike for the zabrak Sith Lord, repeatedly, so that was that. Besides, such bravado could only come from a place of strength?

    A strength Darth Cocytus was intending to test, if his posturing was any indication.

    Manticore doubted that anyone else would intervene, that is, aside from their hosts, Kaiser and Kardis, especially given the fact that Ike, Cocytus and Alecto were on the same team. Still, a bit of entertainment was not unwelcome before the start of a mission.


    But, right when things were getting truly interesting, it was Kaiser who intervened.

    Oh, well. It was likely for the best. Angering a Multiversal Monarch was never a good idea.

    As he listened, Kaiser went on to reveal the groupings once again. Manticore gave Pascale a nod, as they would be in the same group. The man did not seem to posses a contraire disposition, which translated into effective teamwork. Kaiser also went on to explain the shortcomings of using the Force in realities where it did not exist. Indeed, that was a problematic concept, philosophically speaking, but not functionally so.

    Once again, curiosity stirred within the zabrak when it was mentioned that Anguish would be sent on a different path. The same was true for Soliloquy.

    Manticore did not trust the nagai, but resolved to let the matter rest. OHO was well aware of what the nagai was capable of and were most certainly able to deal with any ambitions contrary to their goals.

    …And now, it was time to prepare for the hunt.

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    *( First portion was written before the update )
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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Preparing for the off

    The others chose their weapons. It was fascinating as to who chose what. But a little argument broke out between Ike, Cocytus and Alecto.

    He had to shake his head. Typical Sith. Fighting amongst themselves. Testosterone flying about like crazy. Pascale chose to ignore what was going on, it didn't concern him.

    Thankfully the argument got shut down before a proper fight ensued. He did slightly wonder if they would get into a fight in the Titan world. No matter if it did, maybe it would teach them a lesson.

    Now it was time to feel his weapon. Gold, brown, a little bit of green colouring. Light to hold and as was explained could fire tight and powerful projectiles.

    The Echo seemed to approve as well, a weapon fit for him. An energy that was…intoxicating and Pascale breathed it in. It wanted to be fired but Pascale resisted for now. No need to get too excited.

    He pulled the bow over his head so he could carry it on his back. Good weight, wouldn't make him fouble over.

    The groups were revealed again and Pascale responded to Manticore's nod with one of his own. This one seemed unlikely to get in a fight with him, they could work well so long as Manticore refrained from doing typical Sith stuff.

    All in all a good pairing, with another from the Order joining to assist. The posh accented man who seemed to have a little bit of a bonkers moment when choosing the hammer was off somewhere else. Intriguing.

    Then an interesting titbit. Basically use the Force and receive a mega drain in response. And don't use it as it will attract attention. He wondered how the Sith would react to this revelation. But picking up abilities from other worlds….fascinating.

    Pascale nodded "I assume the rules are the same for my Echo. As I cannot use the Force like my Sith friends but I can use Force related abilities. So I assume that using it is out as well?"

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Soliloquy
    Forming new connections

    The little tit-for-tat that Ike and Cocytus' Apprentice were having was rather droll. Nothing new and far too much old for him to care about it one way or another. Soon enough it was put to rest by one of their hosts in as diplomatic a manner as the poor man was able to put forward. As was Soliloquy was holding his hammer.

    It was shattered and broken and yet somehow still whole. Looking at the floating, yet connected, pieces he felt his mind and his focus drawn down and into the hammer. Marika's Hammer had something, something that tingled him to his very soul. It was a theory of errors made manifest and real. There was no mind, no judgement, no greater than though complex imprint upon the Hammer nor upon the light within. The light was like a new version, a new form of the Force. One without thought, will, or feelings! Just, just raw power.

    Feeling the influx of memories and knowledge slow and cease Soliloquy slowly began to pull himself back together again. Back, back, back down the alien pieces slowly sank and subsumed once more. Down until Mister Barrow once more stood resplendent in his suit and tie. Hand holding onto the head of the hammer as the handle rested upon the top of his foot as he looked with a concerned yet concentratingly curious air at what it was that was within his grasp.

    So distracted was Soliloquy by this raw power and the thoughts it provoked it wasn't until his name was called that he looked up slowly. Paying attention to what else was going on right now as his fingers lightly tapped his 'weapon'. The man cast a half glance to Soliloquy. "As the Patriarch perhaps indicated your mission, your path will be revealed to you momentarily I am sure the details of that will be made known to you once the rest of us are on our way," a glance to Anguish. "The same, but different circumstances apply to you as well,"

    Soliloquy inclined his head towards Anguish in a sign of acknowledgement before drifting down once more. The words about the Force echoed in his ears, but more strongly yet, the words of adding other abilities to their repertoire. Hmm. This was going to be interesting. Yes. Yes, it would.

    TAG: @Shadowsun , et al
  19. darthbernael

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    OOC: :D[face_rofl]


    The White City - OHO HQ

    Nearby the group of beings, as they chose their weapons, the brilliant white light that seemed to be everpresent in this city flickered, just in one locale. The flickering sped up, only remotely similar to how dust would rise and form into the shape that the Balance would take whenever he chose to show up. And then there was a silent ‘pop’ of displaced air and the flickering vanished. In its place stood a being, close to two meters tall. He was in a costume that may appear odd to many of those there, with a tall ornate hat and collar combined.


    ”Hello shining city, which of you two hearted cowboys are rea…” He trailed off, looking around. ”Wait….this isn’t Gallifrey.” He shook himself and suddenly there was a completely different sight standing and uncaringly drawing attention to himself.


    ”Hmmm, not sure this is better but feels more appropriate.” He looked around, sniffing dismissively at the wide variety of weapons most of the beings had to hand, ”Really, you need those toys?”

    Aeneas at the head of the room caught his attention, an even broader smile crossing Tracel’s face, ”Oy, vampiric looking businessman, you look like a bossman around here. Where in the omniverse is this insanely white place? And why does it seem…familiar?”

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  20. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: A non-update update

    IC: Aeneas

    As he waited for the others to ask their final questions, Aeneas' eyes swiveled to that of the being that had arrived. How had they arrived on board so easily, he knew that the City of the White Snake was currently shrouded above that of the planet Gallifrey... but that still did not answer, to Aeneas as to how he had arrived on board.

    What was more puzzling was that the man had the aura of an Aspect. Which put Aeneas in an awkward position.

    Technically speaking Aeneas, and all Sentinels, were to follow the commands and answer all questions of the Patriarch's Aspects.

    Unless explicitly told that the Aspect was illegitimate, which this one had not been. And so Aeneas, felt compelled by custom to answer the strange man.

    "This is the City of the White Snake... as to why it may feel familiar it would seem that you are..." his brow furrowed as he looked to Butler. No, such a prospect might confuse the others, if his report was correct they did not know about the Patriarch's Aspects. It was best kept that way.

    "Butler would you be so good as to show our guest here to some good food, I am sure... the Patriarch would be intrigued, perhaps to meet with him,"

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  21. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Tracel
    City of the White Snake

    A wider grin spread across Tracel face at the reply, ”City of the White Snake, nope…doesn’t ring a bell. Sounds like the title of a bad metal album.”

    At the mention of food he chortled, ignoring the others that were also there, probably as confused as the one speaking was. ”Food is never turned down, especially when freel…”

    The smile faded, ”Wait…did you say the Patriarch…?” he asked in a low, flat tone, his eyes narrowing slightly.

    Shaking his head he sighed before looking around the room, his interest in the others suddenly heightened. He studied them, one at a time. The points of his horns swung up and down as his head tilted back and forth. Some of the faces there, if his memory served, he’d heard of before, making him wonder why they were there. Others he knew not at all.

    He turned back, ”Doesn’t matter,’ he said, waving off his own question, ”So…Butler was it, the vampire looking one here said something about food, so lead on Jeeves.”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Ike
    Glowering, as ever

    The older iteration of Ike glared at Cocytus. “I can stab in a lot of ways, fish-for-brains.” His eyes yellowed. “One persons Dark Lord of the Sith is another persons patsy. I think we know which one you’ve been for a long time, hun.”

    “How dare you -“ Alecto snarled.

    Ike glared at her and she hesitated; for the merest instant, but her master would undoubtedly notice it. But before Ike could capitalise, their host interrupted.

    Taking the opportunity to step back with a smirk plastered to his face, he accepted the arbitration without too much gloating (aloud), inviting the Kaminoans to escalate and cause a scene with the other Protectors or to just let it go.

    For now, anyway.

    Ike was under no illusions that if he dropped his guard a sudden surprise stabbing would follow.

    And not the good kind.

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  23. Darth Cocytus

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    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    Picking Battles

    Cocytus stared back at Ike's retorted and smiled thinly, not impressed by the other's threat. He glanced at his apprentice though, noticing her hesitancy, before his attention went to Aeneas's words. The kaminoan stared at Ike one last time before his shadow of malice gave way to stand down.

    "Another lesson, Darth Alecto." Cocytus pointed out, "Pick your battles. There’s a time to fight for the short term and a time to make compromise for the long term till we find a... bigger fish. There's always a bigger fish. Now is the time to make due long term. Go and pick your weapon as you see fit."

    His eyes went back to Aeneas again in thought, considering his words on the Force. "Yes. Question on our power over the Force have stumped on me since learning that we'd be going to worlds beyond our own." Cocytus noted, recalling how tiring he found using the Force in this world already already, "I'll have to make due till I find means of... remedying that draw back."

    @Sinrebirth, @Shadowsun

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  24. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Parting of the Ways

    "I assume the rules are the same for my Echo. As I cannot use the Force like my Sith friends but I can use Force related abilities. So I assume that using it is out as well?"

    "Echo?" inquired Aeneas as he looked to Butler. "A force-related form of Psychometry, SIR!" spoke Butler before moving toward Tracel. "Follow me SIR! Follow me,"

    Aeneas thought about if for a moment as he looked to Pascale. "Yes, if it is a special case of the Force I would presume that it would be affected by the natural lack of the Force in other realms, usable but more costly,"

    After answering Lennox's question Aeneas gave a nod as he noted something, reaching into his clothing as he retrieved three small objects and handed one to Alecto, Cocytus, and Manticore.

    "Only humans exist where we are going, we will attract unwanted attention if you appear in your current forms, these rings will disguise you into a human form," spoke Aeneas. As the three of them would try to put them on the ring would adjust in size to fit whichever finger they choose to put it on. Kardis would already have such a ring, which would be easier than casting an illusionary spell constantly.

    A door opened towards the back of the room as two figures stepped out. "Ah, these are the two that will be traveling with each group. They will be responsible for handling all Titan-related material, and general navigation"

    "Victoria Nelson, she will be traveling with Kardis, Cocytus, Ike, and Alecto..." she gave a gesture of her hand upward in greeting but did not say anything.

    "And Wilhelm Kruger, traveling to the realm of the Matrix..." Two portals of gold then appeared beside Aeneas. "Right on cue..." he spoke with a smile, walking towards his own portal. "Well, with that all out of the way...time to go..." he spoke stepping through his own portal.

    As they stepped through it would feel just the same as when they had stepped through the Patriarch's portals when escaping the First Darkness. And then...



    TAG: @Sinrebirth @Darth Cocytus @Jerjerrod-Lennox @greyjedi125

    IC: ???

    There would just be Anguish and Soliloquy the room empty and quiet as the portals closed behind the last members to leave. The movements of shifting rooms and sounds of people scurrying around the immense city flowed through the room as in time the set of double doors opened. In walked a being that shined with a metallic quality, long trailing attachments flowed around it as it was surrounded by a series of attendants.


    Attendant 1

    Attendant 2
    "Hello, Soliloquy, Anguish... I'm sure you are both wondering why you are not accompanying the others. Though the paths we are going to present to you both are quite different," began the droid-like being his voice seemingly human, but with the edge of a robotic quality to it. A deep, almost raspy voice that seemed to carry age and experience with it. "I'm Cognito so-called 'Upper Sentinel Six'" He being paused for a moment.

    "I am head of all technological discoveries and research, barring that of Titan Research itself, of OHO,"

    The horned metallic being then tilted his head toward Anguish.

    "I offer you a chance Anguish, you who should be dead. In fact, technically you are dead... An opportunity for you and you alone. We can give you a chance to be reincarnated. Your body will be stripped of its soul, taken to be forged in a new body, in a new world..."

    Cognito then moved his horned head to Soliloquy.

    "Soliloquy, I offer you an accord, but before I speak on what I offer I would like to show you something," Cognito turned holding, pulling out a key with winged serpents coiled around it as he tilted his head back towards Anguish.

    "My attendants will be able to work through any questions you may have," There was a twist of the key and the same golden portal opened itself as Cognito stepped through, the portal hanging open waiting for Soliloquy to step through.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto [Combo] @greyjedi125 [Single]

    IC: Butler

    As Butler escorted Tracel away from the others on their mission they would come across a long oak table filled to the brim with all kinds food, and the possibility of food appearing of whatever Tracel desired. He simply had to look down at his plate, think of the food and then...

    ... it appeared.

    "I am sure this will be all to your satisfaction...SIR!" spoke Butler who then cluttered away with the same giddy energy as before. Tracel would then have several minutes alone... nothing to do but eat and drink to his heart's content... and then after a while...

    A faint whisp of the winds behind him, nothing more to detect as a young man looked over Tracel from the side. His sky blue eyes mirrored that of Tracel's base form.

    "Another brother, how delightful... a sister would be nice... though Father gets angry whenever I bring up the idea..." It was Nyx, not that Tracel would know who that was, but would feel an energy akin to his own.

    "Well... what do you want? Broke and in need of some money from your old man?"

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser (Twilight version and now clone)
    Location: Exit stage left….

    So the answer to the question was yes. The Echo would have to remain quiet and hopefully not pop up again unless in a dire emergency.

    Ike and Cocytus were still going at it, and it was taking all of Pascale's patient to not go over and knock their heads together.

    The non humans were given rings to disguise them. What form of human would they choose? Since Manticore would be going with Pascale it would be interesting to see what his mission partner would choose.

    And he noted, all the members of the party heading to the Matrix were all male. No women. What a shame.

    He gave a nod to Wilhelm who was joining them. No doubt his knowledge would be useful, he seemed an intelligent type.

    Now it was time to go. He politely tipped his hat to the rest of the Sith "Until the next time we meet, adieu".

    Time for a new adventure….

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