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Saga The Protector AU (A/P) Prologue 9/5/12

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by darksideyesplease, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Note: Going back to my Star Wars FF roots here with some good ole A/P Alternate Universe


    The Sun had risen but it was still early in the morning on Coruscant. Padmé Amidala sat up in her bed as one of her handmaiden’s opened the curtains. As usual her attire was already picked out for her and was on hangers across the room.

    “Your father wishes a word, Milady.”

    Padmé nodded and tossed the comforter from her lower body and shifted to the edge of the bed and stood. She rubbed her eyes and yawned as she headed towards her private fresher. After a few minutes of making herself presentable, which was much less work now that she was not a Queen or a Senator, she got dressed.

    She walked into the sitting area where her father was sitting on a crimson sofa, sipping a hot beverage from an expensive cup. He was surrounded by his personal security team, which consisted of six men, all highly trained in different martial skills. Two stood at either end of the couch, both looking in different directions. Two more stood at the front door, facing the room, watching every movement. The last two were at the windows of the sky rise apartment, pacing back and forth.

    “I didn’t expect you this morning, father.” Padmé said, as she walked across the room.

    Her father’s thin lips smiled as she stood and embraced her with a light hug.

    “Come,” he said. “Sit my darling.”

    Padmé took a step past him and sat next to him on the sofa. Her handmaiden’s rushed quickly to give Padmé a beverage of her own and they sat it on the small table in front of the sofa.

    “Is something wrong?” Padmé asked.

    He shook his head, “No, nothing is wrong.”

    “I thought you would be working. This is just unexpected.”

    “I’m not inconveniencing you, am I?”

    “Of course not father. I always enjoy your company but you have to admit, this is rather odd.” Padmé explained.

    He nodded and took another sip of his drink before setting it down on the table.

    “Indeed, but these are odd times.” He turned to look at her.

    His grey eyes penetrated hers. Another thin smile came over his wrinkled face and he reached out to take her hands in comfort.

    “Eventually there will be on attack on Coruscant and I don’t want you to be here any longer.” He said.

    Padmé looked at him, her face filled with confusion.

    “You know this?”

    “Intelligence has... uncovered things. I just can’t take any chances. You are all I have left of your beloved mother. I can’t lose you too, Padmé.” He explained.

    Padmé shook her head; she was too stubborn to accept this outright. She freed her hands from his and stood up.

    “I remained on Coruscant to help you. Leaving now would…”

    “Padmé,” he interrupted. “You have no responsibilities here anymore. You did your duty at home on Naboo. You went above and beyond when you served a term as Senator for our planet.”

    “You are here. You are my responsibility too.” She argued.

    “I am the parent here, not you. The responsibility lies with me. I have to protect you.”

    Padmé shook her head. “I’m only leaving if you are. You can do your work from a private, undisclosed location.”

    “My job is here,” he said, standing from the sofa. “My place is here.”

    Padmé stopped her pacing and sternly looked her father in the eyes. She would not budge on this.

    “I will not go.” Padmé said, putting her foot down on the subject.

    “Stubborn girl.” He laughed.

    “I’m not a girl. I haven’t been for a sometime.”

    “But of course, you are right. You grew up much too fast. I am sorry for that.”

    “You needed me.” Padmé said, her eyes fleeting from his now as she looked at the ground.

    “And I always will.” He said, walking towards the door.

    His security team was close behind, as paranoid as ever.

    “If you are to stay, we must look into upgrading your security.” He pointed out.

    Padmé looked up and walked towards him. “I don’t think that’s necessary. I have plenty…”

    “But I do. Now I am putting my foot down, Padmé. You can stay on Coruscant but unfortunately you will have to accommodate even less privacy than you have now. That is my compromise.”

    Padmé nodded, “Yes, Father.”

    “Good then. Shall we sit down for a proper dinner next week then?” He said, following two security guards out the door.

    “I look forward to it,” Padmé responded, not sure if he had heard her.

    She turned to look at two of her trusted handmaidens and sighed.

    "Breakfast, Milady?"

    "Yes, that sounds good. But you two sit down. I'm frustrated, I want to cook. I need to be busy."
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    good start!! :)
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    Very good start. :)