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RJ Trilogy The Rian Johnson Trilogy: Why It Will Finally Make Star Wars Worth Watching

Discussion in 'Archive: New Films Gusher's Paradise' started by PymParticles , Mar 24, 2018.


Will the RJ trilogy finally make Star Wars worth watching?

  1. Absolutely

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  1. Herald of Mandos

    Herald of Mandos Jedi Knight star 3

    Apr 1, 2018
    Hey guys... Newbie here, so please bear with me if I've broken any rules, like not gushing hard enough. TLJ is just such a unique experience, I actually find it hard to put my feelings about it into words.

    Now look, I don't know how to break this to you, but I'm afraid we might have to wait a while for the trilogy. Rian's going to be busy in the near future. You probably haven't seen the news yet, but as I'm the one who penned the exclusive article in the first place, I can vouch for its accuracy

    Middle-earth TV series director announced! Exclusive interview!

    Amazon today revealed its choice of director for its upcoming "Lord of the Rings" prequel series, predicted to be the most expensive TV production in history. "We're very excited by this development," stated Amazon's Chief Executive, Jeff Bezos. "This is the perfect opportunity to breathe much-needed new life into this classic franchise."

    In an exclusive interview from his underground concrete bunker, surrounded by crowds of sweaty, out-of-shape middle-aged men waving plastic lightsabers and chanting appreciative slogans such as "NO WAY RJ", "DOWN WITH JAKE" and "COME OUT RJ WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE", director Rian Johnson outlined his bold new vision of Middle-earth to San Seriffe Variety.

    Johnson, who will also write the series, intends to re-invigorate Tolkien's world via the groundbreaking deconstructionist approach he recently brought to "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (2017) which many lifelong fans rate among the top ten movies in the "Skywalker Saga" (as the Binks Saga is known internationally).

    Rian Johnson: The most difficult question I had to ask myself was, "These characters we've looked up to as heroic rĂ´le models for decades- how can I show their grey, conflicted, human side?"

    SS Variety: Or Elf side?

    Rian Johnson: Or Elf side. Wizard side. Oh, and whatever those funny little guys are. You know the ones (laughs). My characters will have real psychological depth, greyness and conflict. Like teenage Arwen as she struggles with bulimia and the fallout from her childhood abuse at the hands of her brutal father. It'll all be part of moving the story into the real world- making it have an emotional impact. At last. We'll finally get to relate to a young, conflicted Aragorn as he deals with learning his true heritage.

    SS Variety: You mean that he's Isildur's heir?

    Rian Johnson: Er... no, actually. Here's a spoiler for you- I might have changed some minor things around, for more conflict and relatability. Nothing that will undermine the existing story, of course. Pretty sure.

    But I wouldn't want you to think my series is all gritty realism. There's a lot of really great comedy. Like the bit with Gandalf and the oliphaunt. In the brothel. Ha, ha, ha, so funny! I laugh whenever I think of it (laughs). Ian [MacKellen] is going to love what we're done with his character. Gandalf has a fantastic arc, with amazing conflict and greyness.

    SS Variety: Sounds appropriate. Is there any one character that you particularly enjoy writing?

    Rian Johnson: Glad you asked. As I watched the "15-minute Lord of the Rings Highlights Mix" by way of research, I found myself wondering, "So why is this thing called 'The Lord of the Rings', anyway?" And it- you know, it suddenly clicked with me that we were only being shown one side of the picture, that Sauron was the real protagonist. You've got this person- this grey, complex, conflicted person- who wants to do the right thing by ruling Middle-earth, but all he gets is rejection and criticism. It's only when Tauriel-

    SS Variety: Wait, Tauriel is in this?

    Rian Johnson: Naturally, she's one of my favourite "Lord of the Rings" characters. Anyway Tauriel with her compassion and feminine energy reaches out to Sauron, because she can sense the wounded, conflicted human being behind the mask. It's going to a really moving story, completely in the spirit of Tolkien.

    Besides, it's all in the Appendices. Somewhere.

    SS Variety: You haven't been talking to Peter Jackson by any chance, have you?

    Rian Johnson: ...Yeah, how did you know that? Anyway, as I was saying, the whole concept is to challenge the characters, and the audience. Take them to an unexpected place.

    SS Variety: Your last movie certainly had a very passionate reception from the fanbase. Is it possible some less sophisticated Tolkien fans might find your version just a bit too challenging and unexpected?

    Rian Johnson: Well, you know what they say...

    SS Variety: It never rains but it pours?

    Rian Johnson: No, I was thinking of, "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs".

    SS Variety: Spoken like a true Seriffean. We're going to have to wind this up now, so thank you for your time. Sounds like your series will be a big hit in San Serriffe.

    Rian Johnson: Thanks. See you at the Festival of the Well-Made Film!
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  2. Darth Chiznuk

    Darth Chiznuk Superninja of Future Films star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 31, 2012
    @Artoo-Dion @EHT [:D]=D=^:)^

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for playing along. The Thomas Kinkade thing was a low blow though! :p
  3. JeeediMoriah

    JeeediMoriah Jedi Master star 1

    Apr 23, 2014
    This thread was like Moderator Big Brother only wayyyyyy better.
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  4. Artoo-Dion

    Artoo-Dion Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 9, 2009
    Had to really sell the derangement factor. [face_laugh]
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  5. Strongbow

    Strongbow Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 6, 2014
    No offense, but you guys suck as actors. ;) it was leeeettle over the top. ;)
  6. Darth Chiznuk

    Darth Chiznuk Superninja of Future Films star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 31, 2012
    It was meant to be over the top. :p
  7. TCF-1138

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    Sep 20, 2002
    That's what you think. Even though this was clearly a joke, we really are that nuts. :p
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