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Beyond - Legends The Rise of the Jedi (OC's)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by The_Nerf_Herder, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Going for, "A New Hope," style (OT feel)

    Title: The Rise of the Jedi

    Author: ME!!! :D

    Timeline: 300 years after ROTJ

    Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama

    Dramatic Persona: OC’s :D

    In a galaxy ruled by a Sith Emperor, where Jedi are nearly extinct, the only remaining are oppressed to not use their powers, in fear of being killed by the Imperial Guard. But from the ashes a new warrior will rise…
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    Sep 8, 2012
    Chapter 1

    On the far horizon of dessert, a shadow swayed back and forth, distorted by the waves of heat visible from a far. While the merciless sun beat down upon the already scorched terrain of Socorro, an outer rim planet. From the endless mountain ranges to the Doaba Badlands. It all had the same personality, hot. The whole planet was infected by smugglers, crime lords, and the multiple tribes that were scattered around the dessert. And ontop of the drug and prostitution issues, the planet had a strong Galactic Empire presence.

    Surprisingly enough however they didn’t interfere with gang affairs. In the capitol city of Vakeyya, crime lords still threw their weight around. Cronies having blood battles in the middle of the streets, which ended with Imperial Guard dragging bodies to morgues. It was as if they found humor in it, two morons fighting for their bosses, fighting for territory. That was entertainment for the Guard. That and going to the cantinas to watch strippers get naked, or buy cheap whores. Other than that Socorro was just another place for the Empire to say they owned, just another world for them to make their strength known.

    That is why most evenings you could usually see the dancing shadow through the heat waves, rested upon the dunes a few miles outside of Vakeyya. Just a lone soul, a young boy, Jaden Havoc, quietly watching the orange sun fall behind the seemingly endless stretch of sand dunes. Not a care in the world, not a thing to do.

    It wasn’t like he had a home life. Jaden was fifteen, and in all of his fifteen years. Not once had he ever met his father, let alone even seen a picture of him. His mother didn’t like to speak of him. But it wasn’t like she was an excellent parent either. She was never home; too busy spending her time at the cantinas. Stripping off her clothes for a few credits a night, or having sex with dirty scoundrels. “That’s my occupation!” She would say to Jaden. It was no career though, she just had no ambition. And even if she did, it would not come close to amounting as much ambition as Jaden.

    He wanted to get off Socorro, and do something with his life. Hopefully become a pilot, be able to travel the world to foreign worlds, meet new people. Jaden frequently would hang around the pilots in the capitol; listening to all the glittering tales they had to tell. Stories about beautiful woman from faraway lands, encounters with the Imperial Guard, fast ships. Some stories even about the Jedi who had long been outlawed, and talks of the mere remaining few. All of this would make Jaden’s mouth water for a better life, better than the life he had at least.

    Most recently Jaden had heard something that really interested him, a rumor about a coalition against the Empire being formed. Some new group called The Resistance, rising from the darkness, plotting to overthrow the Emperor. And restore the democracy that once ruled the galaxy.

    Rumors like that gave Jaden something to think about, or look forward to. If one day he was able to get off the dessert rock, opportunity would await. He could join The Resistance; fight the oppression of the Empire. Pilot past the stars, shoot down enemy ships. But most of that was merely just a dream Jaden had.

    So he continued to carry out his daily life. Running around the town with his friends, or hanging around the market with old man Kye. Kye was the owner of the market, he had a big bushy silver beard, and long gray locks of hair. Kye always helped Jaden out. Jaden and his mother were financially unstable, quite poor, so every week Kye would give Jaden a few bags of groceries. Jaden was very grateful for the man’s kind gifts, but no matter what Kye asked for nothing in return. “I will repay you Kye!” Jaden would say. “No, no, no. You don’t have to do that kid!” Kye would grumble.

    It was odd; Jaden had never done anything for Kye to be especially nice to him. But for as long as he could remember, the old man was there being extremely generous. Kye was more of a father to Jaden then the boy had ever known. And if there was anyone in the whole galaxy that had more knowledge then Kye, then they would have to be a certified genius. And Jaden had never met such a person, so his claims couldn’t be disputed. Kye’s philosophical analogies were unmatched, it amazed Jaden.

    Not to mention for an old man, Kye was quite agile. One time a man grabbed some cooking supplies from a rack outside of Kye’s shop, and then attempted to run off with them. Although he didn’t get too far because when Kye noticed the thieving man, he dashed out of the shop, nearly appearing as a blur. Moving swiftly he tackled the man, threw a few punches, ultimately knocking the culprit unconscious. When Jaden asked Kye how he had ran so fast the old man answered, “that is a story for a later date kid!” Jaden always hoped that the later date would come a lot sooner…

    Jaden stood up, glancing behind him. He saw his small brick house, it wasn’t much but it was a roof over his head. Then a few miles behind the house was Vakeyya. A passenger transport zoomed above the buildings headed for the skies, Jaden sighed wishing he was on the ship.

    Jaden silently walked back toward his house. But he was soon surprised when he stepped through the opened wooden door entrance. He peaked around, the lousy kitchen was empty, the refresher was empty, and both bedrooms were empty. But there was only one other place to look, the living room. Which happened to not be empty, in fact a shockingly beautiful young woman was sitting on the sofa, her legs crossed. Lengthy blonde hair rested on her shoulders, deep blue eyes, her perfect curvy figure defined in the red skin tight jumper suit that squeezed against her body.

    She rose from the sofa and offered Jaden a slinky smile. “Hello Jaden…”

    Jaden’s heart began to pound. His lust for the girl increasing tenfold from when he first laid eyes on her on the sofa. “I wish you wouldn’t stay away so long.”

    They quickly moved to each other and embrace. Their bodies sinking into one another. He reached behind her back finding the zipper of her suit in his grasp, slowly sliding it downward. Revealing her smooth, flawless skin, her luscious chest.

    “I love you…” Jaden whispered in her ear, as they dropped to the sofa.

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Chapter 2

    The slightest ray of sun began to shine through the shades of a bedroom window. Jaden laid asleep in his bed, deeply tangled in the sheets and blankets of his bed. A few more beams of light crept into the room, finding their way to Jaden’s face, causing him to awake. He sat up and glanced around the room, it was quite basic. It had one window, a chair, and of course his bed. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for him and Adalin.

    Jaden felt around in next to him, hoping to find the young woman that he longed for. Although what he found was empty space. So he threw the covers back from himself, and rustled out of his bed, his feet meeting the cold touch of the wooden floor. Jaden then reached out for a shirt, ending in a fruitless search. Alas he left the room in merely his under shorts.

    Once out of the room Jaden was in a short hallway. Behind him it led to another bedroom, his mother’s, and further down was the kitchen. But Jaden decided to go forward into the living room. The living room was the nicest place in his whole house. It had a large comfortable sofa, a few lounge chairs, and the computer system for searching the HoloNet, however signal was hard to find.

    But none of that was of concern to Jaden; his eyes were rested upon Adalin Yoo. The beautiful young woman, his lover. Her bare naked body was soon covered by her red jump suit, and Jaden closely watched it as she pulled it from toe to chest. Realizing he had entered the living area, she turned to face Jaden.

    “Are you going to zip me up?” She asked.

    Jaden hesitated, not wanting to zip it up for two reasons. For one, he wouldn’t mind her to continuously walk around the house undressed, more eye candy for him. And for two, he knew exactly what, “zipping her up,” meant.

    “I suppose I could, or…” Jaden smirked.

    “Or what?” Adalin spoke in an almost annoyed tone.

    Jaden wondered what was bothering her. This was a game they played. She asked him to zip up her suit; he would reluctantly spit out remarks. And eventually after a few passionate kisses, that nearly led to more foreplay he would in fact zip her up. And the two would move on with their lives.

    “Or you could stay here with me.”

    Adalin shook her head, reaching behind her back she strained but was able to pull the zipper upward. She then slipped into her boots and moved passed Jade, bumping shoulders as she walked out. He watched her as she moved down the hallway, most likely headed out. He jogged after Adalin as she turned the corner into the next area of the home.

    “What’s wrong?” He questioned.

    She opened the door and stepped outside, Jaden followed.

    “Only the fact that I’m going away and won’t see you for months.” She said as she stopped at her sleek, shiny swoop-bike.

    “Then don’t go!” Jaden pleaded as he stepped up to her and place his hand on Adalin’s shoulder.

    “And what leave the Empire? You know what happens when people try to leave…” Her voice trailed off.

    Jaden knew exactly what she was referring to. Adalin was a pilot for the Imperial Guard. A very highly popular rookie, Jaden had known her since they were kids. But she always had the money to afford higher education and she chose to go to the Imperial Academy and learn to be a pilot. And she accomplished that. However once you were in the Empire, getting out was a delicate situation. The Emperor didn’t like to have any loose ends, and having people defect from his military would open a lot of them. So it was essentially an unspoken rule, that if you were to leave the Empire, death would be inevitable.

    “I know…” Jaden sighed. “I just wish things were different! I wish you never would have joined the Empire! You know the Resistance is forming!”

    “I’ve heard talk of The Resistance, before too long it will be my job to shoot them out of the skies.” She turned around and stared deep into Jaden’s eyes. “Can we not argue my life decisions right now?”

    “As you wish my love.” Jaden chuckled.

    The two leaned in close, tilting their heads in opposite directions. It was as if time and space froze for minutes, their lips nearly touching. The both of them could feel the lust coursing through their veins, just awaiting the connection. Then they touched, lips colliding. The sunk into each other and held the kiss for seconds, before breaking away softly. Jaden moved back a few steps and stared at the ground as Adalin mounted her swoop bike.

    “My transport leaves Vakeyya in a half hour, I must be going.” She started up the engines up her bike and the thrusters stirred up sand into the wind. “Good-bye Jaden…” She smiled before pressing down on the throttle and zooming off toward the capitol city of Socorro.
    “Good-bye Adalin…”


    Jaden flopped down onto the sofa in his living room, the image of Adalin racing through his head. He would dread the next few months, knowing she was gone. Not having someone to care for, or to love. Love was a word that was mysterious to Jaden. He offend thought he loved Adalin, even since they were kids. But dealing with a relationship was a strenuous task, that Jaden frequently considered letting go of. It would at least make things easier for him. He could live freely. But nothing would be the same without Adalin, she completed him, he needed her.

    However Jaden now had six months of pure boredom ahead of him. Sure he could shrug around the city, getting into trouble with his buddies. But nothing compared to Adalin, but her latest stay had been an odd one. Something unknown bothered her, it wasn’t just that she had to go away like usual; it was something different, something truly disturbing. But Jaden couldn’t fully comprehend it. He only had the slightest sense of it. Senses of that kind were normal for Jaden. All the time he could feel things before they happened, it was an unexplainable power that he never spoke of…

    Now nearly falling asleep Jaden was almost enjoying the silence. But the quiet atmosphere was soon broken by an obnoxious laugh. A horrendous sound that got closer and closer, coming from outside of Jaden’s house. Seconds later his mother came stumbling into the living room, the smell of alcohol on her breath, holding her blue robe tight to her. Jaden knew what was under her robe; her usual attire for her job, must had been a late night.

    “Mother…” Jaden said quietly.

    “Something wrong!” Her eyes widen in a sarcastic manner.

    He despised everything about the woman. Despite being pretty and giving birth to Jaden, there was nothing else that she was useful for. Just one mention of her name, Hellena Havoc, would spark smiles of the dirty scoundrels that walked the streets of Vakeyya.

    “Nothing mother…”

    “Don’t lie! Its Adalin isn’t it? She left didn’t she? Your whore is gone!” Hellena chuckled.

    Jaden felt his blood begin to flow intensely, and his heart started to race in anger. Clenching his fist, Jaden rose from the sofa, standing face to face with his mother, inches away.

    “Don’t you ever call Adalin that!” Jaden shouted. “She is twice the woman you will ever be you disgusting little!” Jaden almost finished his insult until being cut off, by the greeting of his mother’s hand, motioning a hard slap to his cheek.

    “Get the hell out of my house!” She growled.

    Jaden rubbed his now beat red cheek. “Gladly…” He stormed off.

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    Nov 13, 2001
    I like the premise of the story. A dystopian Star Wars future, so to speak. I wonder who the Emperor is?
    Looking forward to seeing where you go with this. :)

    Would you tag me when you update?
  5. The_Nerf_Herder

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Ceillean I will surely put you on my tag list :D and thank you for the kind comments. The people in this galaxy do live fearful lives :D and as for the Emperor you will have to wait and see who that is ;)
  6. The_Nerf_Herder

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    I have a lot of this story written, so I’m just going to post it when I have time. However I have a cool story idea I’ve been brewing up for the past week and you will hear more about that soon! :D

    Tag List: @Ceillean
    Chapter 3

    Jaden stormed out of his house, shaking in fury. He was so displeased with his mother. She wasted all her time sleeping around Vakeyya. And she had the nerve to call Adalin a whore. It disgusted the boy extremely; he wanted so badly to just smack his mother back. But he knew that was wrong, Jaden would just let her suffer in her pathetic life.

    Jaden decided there was no use hanging around his house so he began to tread through the sand toward the city. The thought of his long lost father crossed his mind. Jaden wondered where the man had gone, why the man had gone. Was Jaden not good enough for him? He always wanted to meet the man, that way he could ask that question. But after that he wouldn’t want anything to do with the worthless parents. In fact he didn’t want anything to do with parent’s period. Jaden didn’t need his mother or his father. He could do just fine without them.

    He reached the edge of the city and stopped for a moment. Deciding where he would go. Jaden remembered that Kye opened at sunrise, so he would head over to the market. The market was in the middle of the city, and Jaden knew all the shortcuts to it, without walking to the long streets.

    Jaden cut through an alleyway, then climbed over a fence that into the backyard of the house. He crouched low, moving past the windows, hoping not to wake the sleeping inhabitants. Jaden then turned into another long alleyway, having to climb over the turned over dumpsters, narrowly avoiding the potent trash scattered around.

    Finally at the end of the alleyway he had reached his destination. Jammed between to apartment complexes across the street, was a small stone building, with a sign above the door that read, “Kye’s Marketplace.” In front of the shop were racks of cooking supply and good eats. Jaden made his way across the street and stepped onto the wooden deck of the shop, before knocking.

    “Come in.” A voice from within the building said.

    Jaden turned the handle; the worn rusted hinges creaked as the door opened. The interior walls of the building were chipped and cracked, but besides that the rest of the store was very clean. The floor was swept of all dust, the shelves of supplies were all organized, and the refrigerators appeared to be running perfectly.

    Sitting behind a large counter on the back wall was Kye, his tunic pressed and large beard combed and straightened. Sitting in one of the three high chairs in front of the counter was a middle aged Chiss man. He wore a black vest over a white under-tunic, and his red trousers had yellow stripes down the sides. Both men looked over at Jaden who was standing in the doorway.

    “I will be going.” The Chiss rose from his chair and shook hands with Kye before walking toward the doorway. Jaden stepped out of the way and nodded at the man as he walked out.

    Jaden didn’t recognize the Chiss, but for some reason Jaden felt really calm by him.

    “What brings you here so early kid?” Kye motioned for the boy to sit down.

    “The usual…” Jaden groaned.

    Jaden walked up to the counter and sat down. He looked over the counter, and on one of the inset shelves he noticed an unfamiliar object. Something shiny, but Kye quickly pushed it further back. Jaden raised an eyebrow, but decided not to worry about it.

    “That bad huh?” The old man asked.

    “Mom told me to leave again… typical.”

    Well I may have something to cheer you up!” Kye got a big smile on his face.

    “What’s that?”

    “I got more word of The Resistance.”

    “Really?” Jaden’s eyes lit up.

    Kye nodded, “sure did! Heard a pilot talking over at the cantina last night. He said he’s flying some hot shot senator out to Corellia for a big meeting with some other government officials. They are defecting from the Imperial Senate to join The Resistance!”

    That amazed Jaden. To know that people actually were brave enough to leave the Imperial Senate and join The Resistance was shocking. They would be taking a huge risk. At least it was for a good cause.

    “Wow, I wonder if they can get away with it.” Jaden shrugged.

    “I sure hope so! The Emperor needs to go; his reign has been long enough!”

    Kye smashed his fist onto the counter.

    “You can say that again.”


    Jaden made his way out of Kye’s, waving good-bye to the elder man. He made his way down the dusty street, passing a few passed out drunks in front of a cantina, and some children playing. Jaden continued to walk in complete silence, staring down at the sandy street, until he heard his name called.

    “Jaden!” The voice of a young boy cried out.

    Jaden glanced around for the source, and soon found it. A Rodian boy, who looked about seven years old, was dressed in tattered garments. The boy charged out of an alleyway up to Jaden, it was Cate.

    “What’s wrong Cate?” Jaden curiously asked, as the young Rodian bent over catching his breath.

    “Jaden!” Cate gasped for air, “it’s Nuke… Tyim is beating him! Three streets down!”

    “Dammit!” Jaden exclaimed.

    Jaden took off down the alleyway that the young Rodian had come out of. Moving as fast as he could, he hoped not too much damaged had been done. Nuke was a good friend of Jaden, he was a Gran orphan. He wasn’t very tough and typically other kids picked on him, particularly Tyim, a chubby human the same age as Jaden and Nuke.

    As Jaden approached the street he began to hear shouts and hollers. Then he turned the corner out of the alleyway and sure enough he saw what he expected. A crowd of kids circled around two other kids, Nuke and Tyim. Jaden began to push through the crowd, until reaching the inner edge of the circle. He watched as Nuke was kneeling on the ground heaving for air, but Tyim was ruthless and kicked him in the stomach, forcing Nuke to fall to the ground.

    “Hey!” Jaden shouted.

    Tyim turned around to face Jaden. His belly hanging out from under his greasy stained tunic, Tyim was about an inch shorter than Jaden, But easily had fifty pounds on him.

    “Jaden Havoc! You really should let this wimp Nuke fight his own battles!” Tyim snorted.

    “If you mess with Nuke, you mess with me. That’s the way it works chubby!” Jaden spat out.

    Tyim growled in anger at Jaden’s insult. “At least my mom isn’t a whore!”

    At least mine is a decent weight!” Jaden laughed, the whole crowd joining in.

    Tyim winced in fury and then charged Jaden, releasing a hard right punch to the boy’s nose. Jaden’s head whipped back as the shock of the punch brought on a wave of pain. He felt blood trickle from his nose and smiled.

    Jaden then turned around and threw a punch, which Tyim blocked. However the overweight boy left his body open, and Jaden kicked him hard in the stomach. The impact pushed Tyim back, Jaden then charged full speed, colliding with Tyim and tackling him to the ground. Now with the upper-hand Jaden began to unleash a flurry of right and left hands to Tyim’s face, busting open his lip, nose, and bruising his right eye.

    But suddenly the crowd started to disperse, as two Imperial Guards came running onto the scene. Their blue uniforms shining bright in the sun. The two towering guards broke up the fight pulling Tyim and Jaden away from each other, and checking on Nuke.

    “All three of you are in big trouble! You’re going to have to explain this to Defon Tourn, Moff of Socorro!” One of the guards spoke firmly as they hauled the three boys down the street.

    Jaden knew there would be consequences for what he had done. But he had helped a friend, and when he looked at Tyim. Seeing his bloody face, Jaden knew it was worth it.
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    Oh boy...I hope the Resistance to that Empire forms quickly...what a mess. I like the inclusion of Socorro as well, as it was supposed to be a pit when Lando grew up there as well.

    It should be interesting between Jaden and his girlfriend if/when this Resistance gets going.
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    Hi there. I like Jaden and am :) about the resistance growing. Hope he and his lady can stay on the same side of things.

    You have two fantab authors following this story @};- Anakin Fan being a virtuoso with the Saga-esque AU :D [face_party] Tag me please when this updates. I'm gonna look at your other thread. :D